little mandi

Thanks for the advice guys.

Today something weird happened. I was sitting on the couch when I got a normal urge to go poop. No cramps just a few farts and a slight stomach gurgle. I went up and say on the toilet. A small piece rushed out then two medium sized ones came. Didn't take long to get out. I looked in the bowl and was shocked to see the water in the bowl turned red. The poop itself was normal brown but the water was red. Not bright red deep red. The same color as the red velvet water ice I'd eaten earlier. Im sure hoping that turned the water red and it was nothing else.


Morning poo with my wife

I've been living with my girlfriend, Stephanie, for quite a while, but we finally got married a few months ago. (Well technically it's a "civil union", but that's an entirely different issue...) Both of us feel the need to poo in the morning, after having our coffee. When we first moved in together, we discovered that we both have to go at basically the same time. Our house has two bathrooms, but it was just inconvenient for one of us to have to use the guest bathroom to have a poo, and then return to the master bathroom where our stuff is to finish getting ready. Being that we're not inhibited about being seen on the toilet, the simplest solution was just to install a second toilet in our bathroom, so that's what we did.

I'd like to take a moment to describe what Stephanie and I look like before I share my story. I'm about 5 foot 5 and am probably a bit overweight, but not really fat. I try to stay in shape and eat well though. I have hazel eyes and curly blonde hair. My hair comes down about to my shoulders.

Stephanie is about 5 foot 9 and pretty skinny. She is really health conscious and definitely watches what she eats, much more so than I do anyway. Her eyes are kinda bluish-green, and she has long straight brown hair. She usually wears it in a bun or a ponytail, but if she lets it hang loose, it comes halfway down to her butt.

So, on to the story. Today is Wednesday. After finishing our coffee, it was time for our morning poos, so we went to the bathroom. Stephanie lowered her pink panties and sat on the toilet. I lifted my black tee-shirt and also sat, a moment later. I let off a few quiet farts and then there was a splash as she dropped a turd. I felt a good-sized turd begin to worm out of my hole and it eased out as I heard two more small splashes from her. My turd broke off and came to rest in the water making almost no noise at all. She farted loudly soon after. Silence for a while, then there was a flump from her.

I felt like I had more in me but it wasn't coming out so I sat for a bit. After a bit, another turd emerged from me. It wasn't as long as my first and it dropped making a good splash. I was done, so I wiped and examined my poo. My poo was two light brown medium-length turds. After that I flushed and then washed my hands. Stephanie was still sitting on the toilet. I began to put on my make-up and after a little bit, she let out a sigh and then wiped herself. As she stood up, I caught a glimpse of her poo before she flushed it away. She had let out three very short turds, a slightly longer one, and then a really long snake-like turd coiled up so that it almost came around and touched itself.

Well, that's my story today. Hope everybody enjoyed reading about it. Bye.

Mr. Clogs

Respond to a anonymous question posted

I'll do my best to answer, but if I were you, take your first advise and look around the internet for that. There are plenty of evidence from websites to videos of women pooping and peeing. You can dig in the previous posts about women debunking the myth that they pee and poop, some case pee more in terms of a mega bladder then men and poop more then men. It maybe that the woman's anatomy is different than a man's. For some of the men we find it interesting and exciting to hear, read and see women peeing and pooping. I have to give credit to the moderator of this site for breaking down those social taboos and myths. I was curious like any other men who like to hear, read, and see a woman answering the call of nature. It's curious for both sexes to be curious about one another bathroom habits. Sites like this one allows one to express themselves.

People need to grow up and mature and accept this is a part of life. We need to ex-spell our waste from our bodies in order to remain healthy and balanced. If we don't we would be living much longer. Poop and pee is not good to hold in the body for extended periods of time. Why people hold it in so long, I don't know, but to each is own. Again to the anonymous poster, go and do your research and see what you can find. There are people both men and women debunking this silly myth. That woman who said that fairy's come and take it away, wow talk about grown alright. I hope this helps and let us know what you think based on your research. You can start on this site as a base.


Mr. Clogs

Frank- My old school friend had a sister like yours. She was a little older than us and once or twice when I went round to his house after school she would go into the bathroom and be in there for 15 or 20 minutes taking her poo. I went in after her once because I needed to wee and sure enough I could smell her poo still. She was about 15 at the time too.

PN- The library at my university is similar in that each floor has two single-occupancy toilets but they are not gender-designated. I have used them a few times to take care of peeing and pooing, and I've heard other guys and quite a few girls doing the same!

Desperate to poop- Great story about your visit to M&S and your long wait to get on a toilet. I had a similar wait today.

Today I drove back up to university for the summer semester. It was raining quite heavily so it took a bit longer than I expected. By the time I arrived it was dinner time so I headed to the edge of town where there are a cluster of restaurants. I fancied something a bit better than just a takeaway. I parked up and went in to the restaurant I had chosen. I really needed to go for a pee before I sat down. I had to wait for a table anyway, so once I'd let the waitress know that I was there and she'd told me I would be called, I headed for the toilets in the corner. Upon entering I was a little confused. There was the outer door and ahead of me I saw a door with a disabled sign on and one with the ladies sign on. I assumed the gents was to the left so I turned but saw there were numerous similar doors. Confused I walked down there, seeing the gents sign on the door at the end. Turns out there was one disabled loo, three ladies and then two mens next to them; single-occupancy toilets all accessed from the main corridor, set out like a row of cubicles and with gaps under the doors even! There were no urinals so the only option was to use a cubicle for my pee, ironically given the topic of my last post!

All of the toilets were occupied and there were two women waiting their turn. Luckily one of the mens opened up right away so I went in and emptied my bladder.
After eating my dinner I was really needing to go back to the toilets to take care of an urgent need to poo and also pee again because I'd been drinking quite a lot of coke. I could see there was a queue coming out of the door, but it was women only so I assumed I would be able to go right in. Nope! Both men's toilets were taken and there were two young boys waiting. There were five women waiting to go- one was about 60, two were about 30 and there was one pretty girl of about 16 and a young girl who looked about 10. It seemed like eating had got everyone's bowels moving, because standing there waiting I could hear plenty of plops and farts coming from the toilets! Standing in line behind the boys I was level with the last ladies cubicle and I could hear plenty of plops coming from whoever was in there. My food had certainly got my bowles moving and I was becoming very desperate to get on a toilet. I leaned against the wall to help disguise my need. After a minute or two one man came out and one of the boys went in and started pooing. At about the same time the older woman and one of the 30-year olds got in. Then a minute later the cubicle I was standing by opened and a woman of about 30 came out and was replaced by the 10 year old girl who was next in line. The 16 year old girl moved along and was standing behind me. She looked like she was desperate too- judging by the expression on her face, the hand on her stomach and the fact that her legs were pressed tightly together. I heard what sounded like her letting out a quiet fart at one point! I really needed to let off some gas too to help me hold it. I did, but mine was silent!
The other boy went in now. He was pooing too, and so was the 10-year old girl. I could hear her farting a few times from in her 'cubicle.' After five more minutes I was really close to going in my pants. The pressure was very strong and I had my hand on my stomach now too. The girl was looking worried too and she was bouncing around a bit, clearly needing a poo very badly. A few more minutes passed and then the 10 year old girl came out. I saw the 16 year old hurry in gratefully. I heard her lock it, lower her jeans and underwear and then she blasted her first few logs into the bowl within seconds. She farted a few times and I heard more logs start to drop. The first boy in came out now, of the cubicke next to hers. I quickly went in and locked the door and sat on the toilet. My poo exploded into the bowl too, a few soft logs coming out immediately. I could hear the girl making more plops as I joined in. She really needed to go, and so did I. I sat pooing for three or four minutes and all that time I could hear her dropping some poo every thirty seconds or so. I finished going, although my stomach still felt a bit off, and I wiped plenty of times and left. While I was paying my bill I saw her come out looking very embarrassed but very relieved!

When I got to uni twenty minutes later I was desperate to poo again! I took my stuff to my room and opened the bathroom door, already undoing my belt. But there was no paper! I had brought some with me but I'd forgotten where I'd packed it. I took off my jeans and quickly looked for the paper. Luckily I quickly found it! I sat on the loo and let out a long fart and four more small, urgent soft logs. I have a feeling my meal tonight will upset my poos tomorrow too, so I'll try and report back on them.

Middle age man

Oh that smell...

Ever since I was a kid I have been smelling my toilet paper after I wipe. Does anybody else like to take a nice intimate whiff of there used toilet paper???

Desperate to poop

Longest wait for the toilet

I wondered how long people have waited for the toilet with no queue

I remember one time a few years back that I had to wait for ages.

I had been walking and really needed a pooh, I came to a set of toilets next to a small supermarket in a town. When I went in, it was one cucible only and when I went in, it was engaged.

I remember it clearly as I waited over 40 minutes. I prob could have gone elsewhere but I had no idea where the toilets where and was actually enjoying listening to the lady pooping. It was quite clear she was having diarreoh as she would keep producing intermittent gushes.

I think the lady could see I was there as there was a gap under the stall and she apologised for taking so long. I just assured no probs and to take her time.

I was getting more and more desperate admittedly (and turned on I must admit). But the lady just kept gushing, with the occasional courtesy flush.

I was starting to get more desperate and remember been quite desperate about half way through.

The lady just kept gushing though it sounded awful. Finally after 35 mins she was finished and I heard her wiping up. She finally flushed a final time and a lady in her early thirties came out. She apologised and I said no probs. but I remember it was just in time and I was mightly relieved to get in and on the pot

I was in five minutes when someone else came in. I was in the middle of getting a large log out and doing something else. I took a further five minutes as two more logs came out and then I was finished and wiped and left mightly relieved and very happy

Hi everyone! Hopefully this post will work today!

Abbie- Great to see you posting again! I'm still here but I've been having trouble posting my stories recently! Hope to hear more form you soon.

Disha- Welcome to the site! I'm sorry to hear you had an accident in your lecture- I've come close myself a few times so I can sympathise! I can't believe the college (which I assume you mean in the American sense, i.e. a university) rang your parents to tell them you'd had an accident! That's crazy! I also can't believe that the lecturer stopped teaching and went round the room examining everyone's bottoms, or that people let her do it! I don't know how your lectures are run but at my university we can leave at any time; people frequently do, sometimes to answer their phones, for a wee or sometimes a poo, and once because someone had to catch a train! I often need the toilet during my lectures, especially two-hour ones, but like you I would be embarrassed to get up and leave and come back after taking a while for a poo so I hold it and so far I have managed to do so successfully!

Today I went shopping to get a few things before I drive back to uni tomorrow. I grabbed some lunch in the big food court and while I was eating I started to get the feeling I had to do a poo. By the time I'd finished eating I really had to go, and could feel my poo pushing hard. As I walked to the toilets I let out a few silent farts. As I was walking up to the entrance I let out one that wasn't as silent as planned! Embarrassingly mother standing near the entrance with a pushchair heard it and looked up! I went in and took a cubicle and sat down. Quickly two soft logs slid out. With a little pushing I got three more out and a few quiet farts and I was done.


The Follow Up

So, a page or two ago I recounted having an enormous poo in my shorts while some friends and I were heading to the bars.

After numerous washes I managed to get the stain out of my suspender shorts! Well, mostly. The outside doesn't seem to have any visible stain, but it looks like the seat still has some staining on the inside.

My underpants were ruined, no two ways about it. They were tossed.

We all met up again tonight, and guess what... my friends bought me a pack of adult diapers! Ha, I guess they're not done teasing me about it. They said anytime we're heading to the bars I should wear one.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I may post a few other stories in the future.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Frank great stories about your sister Ericas pooping habits it sounds like has a pretty healthy and regular which is good and please share anymore stories about her you may have thanks.

To: Disha first welcome to the site and great story about your accident that sounded beyond embbarassing but it taught you a lesson go to the bathroom before class and that teacher shouldve been more understanding and please post anymore atories you may have thanks.

To: Katy great story about your massive dump you took lucky yo were on the toilet and didnt have am accident from the sound of it would have been pretty messy and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan From Calgary first welcome back we missed reading you and Sarahs stories hopefully she will return to and it sounds like you and your friend Victoria both had very bad days her having an accident but your your day was alot worse but at least your friend Steph was there to help you out and that was good and I guese you just had a day from hell it happens to everyone and I guese it was your turn to have it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shortie as always another great story and great live reporting from the toilet and great poop by poop coverage as usual to and it sounds like you had a really big and really good poop and as always I look forward to your next pos thanks.

To: PN great story about that girl peeing on the boat.

To: Nicola as alway another great story and thats the best kinda diarrhea even though it sucks its better having it all come out at once instead constanly going to the toilet and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mega Girl as always another great story and it sounds like you really had to go and got to see that other woman go to outside and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Stall vs urinal

One additional answer: people have been known to wear jogging pants which have no fly, and I suspect they'd rather not have to drop them in front of people...

misty ( not real name )
srry my internet was down so i couldn't post but i have something i would like to know is it wierd that i rearly get constipated becouse every time i go to take a poop it comes out quickly and with hardly any effort

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Right to choose

Martin. I use a cubicle (stall) to pee and I also sit to pee and have done so for decades now. I will not use urinals for a number of reasons. Firstly they are usually dirty smelly and unhygenic and you can get your shoes wet with another man's urine. Also there can be splashback onto your clothes and standing to pee you are in a vulnerable position as regards muggers and also sexual assault. There is also the chance of an ambush motion when the pressure of peeing can push out a poo into your pants.

For all of these reasons and for the sake of privacy I prefer to use a urinal, bolt the door and sit in comfort to urinate. I decide who I would want to witness me either peeing or doing a poo. It's my choice, I have the right to do so and I am not responsible for your excretory problems.

Adrian etc, I will post about some more interesting recent experiences of myself and Anne later today.

Artiss came over by me for a visit and had another round of the "Oh lords", needed to use my toilet in a hurry. She sat for about 20 minutes. When she came out, I presented her with a suprise-an extra key that I had gotten made for my apartment so that she can get in if she needs to in an emergency or has an accident and needs to clean up. I live right off of downtown, and would be close for her if she would be out shopping and find herself in a situation-she would have the privacy of my bathroom so as not to have to deal with the embarrassment of everybody knowing about her situation. I also have a guest bedroom that she can lie down in if she's REALLY not feeling good and needs to stay in the immediate vicinity of my toilet or just needs to rest. I told her to feel free to leave some extra clothing or whatever with me-she can keep it right in the guest bedroom's closet or dresser drawers. She asked if I minded if she kept an extra nightgown for laying down in, to which I told her absolutely not. She's also going to keep a package of diapers on hand in addition to the extra clothing-even a couple extra pairs of pantyhose which she likes to wear under her slacks on really bad days as an extra protection for anything which might leak out of the diaper. My place is her place, She gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek for my kindness. Tears were rolling down her face. It made me feel REALLY good inside.

By the way, I forgot to mention that the bathroom in my apartment is situated right between the two bedrooms, with a door connecting from either side. This will give Artiss quick and easy access to the toilet during a bad bout of the "Oh lords". I'm glad that I'm able to help this sweet lady who is swiftly becoming like a grandmother to me-I live alone, a long way from family, and it's nice to have someone like this to talk and be friends with. She gets lonely too, she's been a widow for 7 years now, and although her daughter, her husband, and their little boy (who was with her the day she had her accident at Dollar General) live fairly close-in a town about 20 miles away, they're busy with lives of their own, and she's glad for someone to talk and share life's experiences with, even if the "Oh lords" are a part of that. She really appreciates my understanding of that, she says that in the past, she's had people point and snigger at her when she's had accidents, one time she had had a very bad episode, and although she made it to the toilet in time, the door and the walls of the bathroom were very thin, and people outside in the store could hear her agony. When she came out, someone said "Oh lord-UUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!" under their breath and made farting noises with their mouth. And the store clerk, who was a REAL bitch, had told her "Ma'am, if you're not feeling well, then you need to be at home, we can't have you causing disruptions here-everyone out here could hear you." She had gone back to her car and started crying at that point. When I walked in on her with her accident at Dollar General, she was TOTALLY mortified, to say the least-she was expecting another round of ridicule and shame for something that's not her fault. Instead, she got caring and sympathy,nobody had ever offered to help her with clean clothes before. And there was nobody laughing at her when she came out of the bathroom, because nobody knew. She cried that day, but tears of appreciation, rather than embarrasment and sadness, and she thanks me for that from the bottom of her heart.

i am sorry if this question is better for google, but.... where did the illusion girls don't poop or pee come from? also, whats the most funny story of what happens to girls waste?

for me, i had one lady tell me fairys come and take it all away (a grown women mind you)


reply to martins post

replying to your post about guys using a cubicle for a number one, when someone will need a number 2, what if there is some people who cant for mental or physical health issues, this can happen

Hi everyone. I'm a 19 year old boy and I have a story about my 15 year old sister, Erica. She poops a lot, at least twice every day and sometimes a third time. Her poops are always quite stinky and anyone who goes in the bathroom within about twenty minutes after knows it. In the mornings, she poops before her shower and she usually forgets to flush, so then I go in right after for my shower and I get to peek at her poop. Then she always comes home from school and rushes to the bathroom and has another poop. On the weekends she poops earlier, suggesting that she holds it instead of going at school. Then sometimes she has a third poop after dinner, but that doesn't happen every day.

Yesterday (Sunday April 22nd) began much like any other day. Erica went in to shower and came out, then I went in. I could smell her poop smell and lifted the lid. I saw three long dark brown turds in the toilet all coiled together and a tiny turd resting off to one side. I then took my shower and flushed the toilet after I finished.

We normally go to the early service at church, but my 7 year old brother was being difficult, and we ended up going to the later service. Before we left, Erica said she needed to go to the bathroom. The rest of us went to the car and she came out about ten minutes later, confirming my suspicion that she had to poop.

She didn't have to poop that evening, but I still really wonder how she poops so much. We eat mostly the same foods, but she definitely poops way more than I do. Some days her morning poop looks bigger than my once-daily poop, plus she always has to go at least once more during the day.


Accident in college lecture

Hi all,
This is my first post on this site. I am a 21 year old girl. Height 5 foot 7 inches, and quite attractive. I'm really glad to have found this site as I've a really embarrassing story to tell. I have had quite a few accidents in my life, but some of them have been really very embarrassing. I'll start with one that happened to me 3 years ago.

I was 18 then. I'm a student of software courses. I usually poop in the morning before going to college. On this particular day however, I had a lecture at 830 in the morning, and living in a hostel, I woke up very late, at around 840. Having got late for the lecture, I woke up in a rush, brushed my teeth, quickly put on clothes and ran for the lecture. I forgot my regular morning poop habit, but there was no time for that! I was wearing dark, navy blue, tight fitting jeans. Even in that state,I wanted to look attractive.

I got to the lecture 25 minutes late, and did get reprimanded by the prof for that. However, she let me in the class. I had lectures and practicals scheduled for the entire day. I picked up a corner seat and sat there, took out my books and started scribbling the stuff being dictated. 30 minutes into the lecture, I started getting a dull pain in my stomach, that is when I realized that I hadn't pooped that morning. I had had a heavy meal the previous night, followed by 3 bananas. I was getting uncomfortable during the lecture, but no big deal, slowly the pain subsided. As soon as the lecture ended, the new prof came in for the next lecture. Now this was a 2 hour lecture on Language Processing, a subject i love! This was to be followed by a 1/2 hour recess break. At the beginning of this 2nd lecture, another girl who was running late came and sat beside me as no other seat was empty. I had never talked to this girl before, but had noticed her. 15 minutes into this 2nd lecture, the pain returned. This time however, it was a strong pain. Two girls were sitting on the bench behind me. I wanted to fart, but I realized that the people around me could smell it,so I tried to control the fart. 5 more minutes, I couldn't control it, and I let out a silent, pungent smelling fart. The people around me smelt it and immediately covered their noses. I also covered mine, so they didn't realize who was the culprit.

This went on for around 45 minutes. Silent farts that I couldn't hold back. Then came a rude shock. The prof asked me a question and I was supposed to stand and answer. I stood, I knew the answer. However, I fumbled a little as I was helplessly farting while answering. I answered and sat down. I was getting really embarrassed by my own farts, an 18 year old girl in college. 10 minutes later, the poop started edging it's way out. I shut the lecture out of my mind and turned all my attention towards not soiling my jeans. The pressure, however was too much. The battle with my shit went on, but when around 45 minutes were left for the lecture, some shit started oozing out into my panties. I was mortified, but I acted as if nothing was happening. I had to remain calm and not let anybody find out what was happening. I held a straight face.

The pressure started building up, and more and more soft cream like poop rolled into my jeans seat and spreading across my bum. I could feel the sticky warmth and semi-wetness. It had now started to smell. It was not a strong smell. It was dull, but it lingered. With a fart, the smell goes away, but poop smell stays on in the air. My heart was pounding. I come from a very good family, I score decent grades and for god's sake, I was 18. This shouldn't be happening to me. But I remained calm nevertheless. People around me got a whiff of my poop and were looking confusedly at each other. They didn't realize who was 'farting'. The fact that somebody had done it in their pants did not occur to anyone. Soon the prof got the smell. She went on teaching,but then suddenly got annoyed. She says, "People, please use the toilets before coming for the lecture". But the smell never went and she realized that someone had done it in their pants. The girl next to me was giving me a weird look which I didn't understand. The prof then asked, "has anybody shit their pants?". Dead silence. "Please own up. This is college, not kindergarten". I remained silent with my sticky mess in my pants.

The teacher could not go on teaching because the smell was now really strong and lingered everywhere. She repeated the same question,asking if anybody had shit their pants. Suddenly, the girl next to me announces, "Miss, I think it's around this area of the class. I can smell it really strong here". I was really really scared and wanted to hit this girl hard across her face. The teacher came near my area and started following the smell. She asked some girls to get up and checked their backsides. They were clean.

I did not want to own up that I had soiled my pants. I still somehow thought that I could escape the embarrassment, the lecture had only 15 more minutes left. I was very scared though, like I was watching a horror movie all alone in darkness. The fear must have shown on my face, because then, the teacher asked me to stand up. I hesitated. The fact that I was 18 years old still rang in my head. I didn't know what to do. She asked me to stand up yet again. I slowly lifted myself up. I heard the girl behind me give a loud gasp as she must have seen my backside. The teacher bent and checked my pants with her hand. Surely enough, she must have felt a bulge and there was a dull yellow stain visible on the outside. To make things worse I let out the first noisy fart of the whole episode, It was just a small , abrupt "purrr", but was enough to solve the mystery of "Who pooped their pants?"

She started scolding me, telling me I should be ashamed of myself for doing what I did. After 5 minutes of incessant rambling, I did something worse. As I was standing listening to her, I slowly started wetting my jeans. My bladder started leaking. She heard the noise of my pee hitting the floor and suddenly realized that I should be asked to leave. I waddled out slowly. I touched my backside to feel my pants. Yes, there was that warm bulge. It was flattened however, as I was sitting on it. I walked with my legs slightly apart.

In the toilet, I inspected the damage. And now, I finally cried my eyes out. I threw my panties and tried to clean my jeans as much as possible. Having done enough, I went back to my class to collect my belongings , so I could leave. There was an eerie silence in the class. I wished that people would talk and acted normal. But no, they were silent. The silence was more embarrassing, because I knew they were all thinking about what I had done in class. I collected my bag and went shamefully back to my hostel room.

I had to return to college the same day though, there was some test to be given which I could not miss. I changed into fresh pants and underwear in my room and went back 3 hours later for the test. It was really hard to face those people in college again. A few of my closer friends however consoled me and that made me feel a little better.

The college staff also called my home and informed what happened. My parents understood the problem and were very understanding. Life in college however is still a little embarrassing. Whenever someone farts, people look at me. Teachers frequently check on my pants to check if I hadn't had an accident. I wished that I had the common sense to go to some toilet or the other before the lecture. I wished that I had the courage to stand up and ask the prof to let em take a small toilet break, but nothing changes the fact that I pooped in class when I was 18.

It's been a difficult college life since then. But thankfully, my friends have been really understanding and helpful. Some day I hope to be able to laugh the whole incident off.

Some other time, I'll reveal my other stories. Thanks for reading all this, it feels good finally to actually own up to what I did that day.
Has anybody else had such embarrassing moments? Please share, it feels great to open up..

misty ( not real name )
srry my internet was down so i couldn't post but i have something i would like to know is it wierd that i rearly get constipated becouse every time i go to take a poop it comes out quickly and with hardly any effort

Need help IDing a show again

So I was going through the archive when I found this post on page 214 by Sandra:

"Several posters have been trying to think of films or TV shows which have shown people using toilets. I remember when I was in England about 6 or 7 years ago I watched this gritty, realistic "kitchen sink" drama / TV movie about this single mother and her out-of-control kids. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of it. Anyway, at one point, when the mother has had enough of her kids' rowdiness, she takes a magazine and heads for the bathroom. We see her go into the bathroom, close the door and sit on the toilet. It's all shot from the waist up. Here comes the good bit - everything is silent and the woman is flipping through a magazine and then suddenly we hear her pooing!! I swear...genuine plops, splashes and ker-splonks! Then one of her kids bangs on the door and she shouts "go away...mums's 'aving a poo!" Then she gets up, flushes and leaves"

Can anyone help me find this or give me a push in the right direction?


Flax Seeds

Has anyone tried this wonderful product? I was at Whole Foods and I noticed a display for ground flax seed. I figured what the hell, so I bought it. I sprinkled about a heaping teaspoon on my yogurt and mixed it with granola (my daily breakfast). I noticed that within a day or two my bowel movements were positively wonderful. The urge was strong but not overpowering, and upon sitting on the toilet, with a slight push, wonderful, well formed logs slip out with the slightest effort. It seems the logs are coated in silicone, because they slip out and leave the slightest residue making clean up a snap. I used to have sticky and messy movements, which required lots of toilet paper and inevitably skid marks. Now, with my daily dose of flax seeds, I usually wipe maybe twice at the most, and there's very little on the paper. Skid marks are a thing of the past, no lingering and embarrassing odor, and my hemorrhoids are gone. There is no excess gas either, which can come with fiber supplements. This is a great product and I recommend it highly.

Martin-I agree with you in theory, but I can also be pee-shy and sometimes I have to use the stall because otherwise, I won't be able to go. If no one is using a urinal though, I will go ahead and use one. I've been trying to get myself accustomed to the urinals and I do much better now. As long as I have already started my pee flow, I'm ok if someone else comes in.

I don't remember how we got on the subject, but I was talking to a buddy of mine and he mentioned how he was able to pee anywhere. I said I was sorta pee-shy but I could take a dump without any door or even walls. He could never do that! Funny how we have these different senses of modesty.

Took a crap in a doorless stall at a Home Depot today. One of the stalls had the door missing and since the other 2 were in use, I jumped right in. A few guys walked by on the way to the handicapped stall. I was standing to wipe when the last guy stopped in front of my door to try the adjacent stall door. This isn't the Home Depot I usually go to, so I wonder if I would be as bold when I know a lot of the employees that would be coming in.

I used to dump in a Montgomery Wards restroom and I know the employees also had to use the doorless stalls as well. One time I saw the optometrist guy in there taking a dump. He had his tie tossed over his shoulder to keep it out of the way. He had his white briefs and dark slacks bunched up at his ankles. He was a good-looking redhead and I was surprised to see him in there.

This morning I had a very strong urge to poop. My roommate was in the shower already so I couldn't use the toilet. I left my dorm and headed to the gym to drop my load off there. It was an excruciating pain holding it back and I struggled to make it to the toilet. I reached the men's change room which was fortunately empty since it was still quite early. I dropped my bag on a bench and hurried over to the single handicapped toilet stall in the middle of the room. I closed the stall door but didn't bother wasting time to fiddle to get it to lock, which allowed the door to swing back open about half a foot.

As soon as I sat down I relaxed and farted quite a lot. I let go and a substantial turd passed out of me rather quickly. I farted again and dropped a load of soft shit that filled the entire bowl up quickly. All the dried fruit I had eaten the previous day was acting as a massive laxative. I plopped out a few more piles before getting up to see a very full toilet. I had left a big mess in the toilet. I locked the door and spent the next 10 minutes wiping. When I was almost done someone came in. I heard them go to the showers around the corner from the toilet. I quickly finished up and flushed twice to get everything down before washing up and heading out for my workout.

a 25 year old


is there anyone here that has a big love for pooping, well i do, my most favorite things to do is poop, i will poop almost anywhere and have the best feeling over it, i have pooped on my floor on purpose also in my pants many times, one time i was driving down the road and had to poop really bad so i just pull over and go right in the middle of the road,
(it was in the middle of the night and out in the country) one time i am so addicted to a video game so i grabbed a towel and pooped right off the side of my bed, i even pooped while in the shower, there is no greater thing i like doing other than pooping, so that's about it

b.t.w i am pooping in a bowel as i type this

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Andrea as always another great peeing story it sounds like you had a great outdoor pee in the park and as always I look forward to your nex post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great set of stories your firsrt one it sounds like you had a pretty desperate dump and I bet you felt pretty good afterward and it sounds like your friend Sarah was having a very bad time at least you were there to help her out like a true friend and im sure she would do the same for you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Warren great story about you hearing your girlfriend Tracy pooping in that bucket it sounds like she really had to go to bad you didnt get to see it happen only hear it.

To: Shortie as always another great live report and great poop by poop coverage to and you gave a double feature and I bet you felt really great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Just A Girl as always another great story it sounds like you had the day from hell and lucky you were always near a bathroom other wise you wouldve in messy trouble and probaly next time you feel like that best idea is to stay home and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Millie great story about your 2 poops at school and it sounds like you were lucky you didnt have an accident from the sound of them and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop as alway another great story it sounds like you got quite the show from those other women and at least you werent desperate which is good and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pooper Mom as always another great set of stories your first one it sounds like felt really great letting out that big poop and not forcing it just letting it happen and great story about you and your freind buddy dumping together it sounds like you were having a good time and felt pretty good afterwards and finaly it sounds like you had the dump from hell outside at least most of it ended up in the hole and it sounds like you probaly felt pretty great afterward and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: PN great story about that regular girl it could be bad if her scheduelchanged and she couldnt go at that time if her bodys gotten used to it it may result in an accident and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pat as always another great story about your friend it sounds like she had a rough day at least you were there for her and thats a true friend and she knows it and is lucky that your so carring and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Victoria as always another great story about that massive dump you took and it siunds like you felt like heaven when you were done and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


A couple of replies

Nicola. Thanks for sharing your close call at the office. It sounds as though your colleague Emma is another one for unloading at the end of the day. I get the distinct impression she really had to do a lot and probably hadn't emptied out for a day or two. My bowel habits vary a bit but a 'teatime poo' is fairly common and sometimes I have it before leaving work. That was the case today. As I like a bit of privacy I left it, as is my wont, until my colleague had gone home for the day. Oh boy, it felt good! Thanks also for sharing the story about Sarah. If you were out in the countryside, maybe it would have been an idea to find a clearing or simply a quiet lane and deal with what was brewing there. Anyhow I'm pleased to hear that she's now over her stomach upset and fully recovered.

Martin. I can't fathom why some guys choose to pee in a stall rather than a urinal. Maybe it's a privacy thing for some people. I tell you one thing, if I've got the choice I use a urinal any day! On occasions when I haven't been desperate to pee, I've been known to turn round and walk straight out of so called 'gents' loos which have only consisted of a cubicle. I guess it's a case of each unto their own!

I was walking home from class one day when the Feces Fairy a visit did pay a visit. The hoagie I'd eaten, though it tasted great began to tear at my bowels with hate.
I walked a mile faster, to make some time. Just then, rumbling sounds made my belly whine. While clutching my gut and pinching my cheeks I recalled with dismay: no dumps had been taken all last week.
I sweated and regretted each bite of that cursed Breakfast Burrito.
Finally I raced up to my apartment, passing my roommate on the way to the beloved toilet. I had no time to warn her of the impending shit storm. I fumbled with my zipper and all too tight jeans and belt over the toilet.
As a feeling of terror inside of me rose the smell of wet farts penetrated my nose. I sat down on the commode and got ready for the dump of the century.
My dilated rectum gave up in to them demands of my filled bowels as they spilled their foul contents into the drink below. The farts they did fly and the shit it did splatter all round that poor porcelain seat.
When the damage was done, I let out a sigh of relief. My butt was aching but I could revel in the satisfaction that I would wipe the sweat off my brow, dump well taken.
Then I remembered I'd eaten a whole pumpkin pie. More waste was produced from the pie I had eaten and the bowl below became just a little more full and a lot more rank.
The last of the turds splashed into the bowl And I thankfully wiped my stretched out anal hole. I examined the product I'd struggled to squeeze And observed corn, poppy seeds, and some kind of cheese.
And with that, one final whiff of the stink in the bathroom and the job was done.

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