Loud farts

So recently I've been going to the bathroom at the gym seems like when all the other ladies are too !! I've noticed that a lot of ladies takes dumps b4 working out ? I've been getting turned on by the sounds of their farts while shitting , does this happen to any other ladies?


Earth Day

Since today is Earth Day, I thought I'd share with you people something that puzzles me.

I was in a public washroom stall downtown. There was a notice on the toilet paper holder saying that the toilet paper was produced using environmentally friendly means. That's fine - I agree with helping the environment. But if the people in charge of the washroom care about the environment, then why do they have automatically-flushing toilets? I swear, that toilet flushed itself four or five times when I was in the stall! It was a big waste of water.

Megan from Calgary

Recent Diarrhea Accidents - A Very Bad Day

Hi everyone,

It has been a very long time since my last post. A lot has happened since my last post. For example, my very good friend and my sister's best friend Sarah (aka Sarah from Calgary), has moved back to Ontario with her husband. They now live in London, Ontario, which is closer to where Sarah's family now lives.

The Thursday before the Easter long weekend (April 5th), my co-workers, Allison and Victoria, and I went out for lunch. We went to a pub a few blocks from our office. We ordered some appetizers and Allison had some soup. Victoria and I had chilli, which was really good.

After lunch, we decided to go to Starbucks on our way back to the office. Victoria was walking behind us, but I didn't think much of it. We got into Starbucks and had to wait in line. While we were waiting, we were deciding what to order. Allison turned to Victoria and asked her what she wanted and Victoria said that she wasn't feeling that great and that she didn't want anything. She said that she had cramps and Allison said, "Oh, I hate having my period over a long weekend." Victoria said "Yeah, I know" and then left the line and waited by the door.

Allison and I got our drinks and met Victoria at the door then walked back to our office. In the elevator of our building, Victoria let out a few moans from her cramps. She looked in her purse and muttered "Damn it!" I asked her what was wrong and she said that she didn't have any supplies with her. I rummaged around in mine, found a pad for her and offered it to her. I said, "Will this do?" She looked at it and said, "Uhh, yeah, sure." She took it and slipped it into her purse just as the elevator stopped at our floor. Allison and I headed to our office and Victoria headed to the ladies room.

After about 15 minutes, Victoria came back. I looked at her and her face was red. It looked like she had been crying. I asked her what was wrong. She said, "I'm sick, is it okay if I go home?" I said, "Sure… What's wrong?" Allison walked over and Victoria said, "I didn't make it. I went in my pants." I misheard her and said, "WHAT??? You WET your pants?" She said, "No. I wasn't having period cramps. I have diarrhea. I couldn't hold it and started going on our way to Starbucks. I completely messed my pants while you were getting your drinks." We just looked at her in disbelief. She continued, "I tried cleaning myself in the ladies room, but it's just too much. And I don't have anything to change into." Allison said, "Oh honey. It's okay, just go home. It's the long weekend now anyway." Victoria started crying again and said "Thanks". She then turned off her computer, packed up her stuff and left. She had a very noticeable stain on the bum of her jeans as she walked away and I told her that she should wrap her jacket around her waist.

That all happened at around 1:30 in the afternoon. Allison and I stuck around until 3pm. I then headed over to my good friend Stephanie's place. Her place is close to our office and it only takes about 20 minutes to walk there. We were getting together with our other girlfriends for a night out, so I left my car at the office since where we were going was close by.

As Allison and I were waiting for the elevator, my stomach let out an audible rumble. Allison looked at me and said, "Oh no! Not you too (ha ha!)". I said, "God no!", and chuckled.

I had worn my "evening out" clothes to work, so I didn't have to worry about a change of clothes. I was wearing a pair of blue jeans that made my butt look awesome, and a pink blouse. Underneath I was wearing white bikini underwear and a pink bra that matched my blouse. It was very nice that day, so I decided not to wear a coat.

As I was walking to Steph's place, I started getting an uneasy feeling in my stomach. About halfway to Steph's, a really sharp cramp hit me and I could feel my bowels shift downward. I had to stop suddenly and clench my butt cheeks together to avoid pooping my pants. I was trying to make it look like I wasn't having an emergency by appearing to window shop outside of an old record shop. The cramp eased off, but it was very apparent that I needed a toilet right away.

There was a Tim Horton's that I frequent about two blocks away, and I knew that I could go in there and use their ladies room. It was on the other side of the street, kiddie corner to where I was standing. I had to wait for the light to change before crossing the street. As I was waiting for the light to change, I had to cross my legs to help clamp my butt cheeks together. Another bad cramp hit me just as the light changed. I stepped onto the road, but when I did, my butt cheeks opened slightly and a wet fart of diarrhea slipped into my underwear. I moaned to myself as this happened, but with each step across the street, more diarrhea was slipping into my underwear. I finally got across the street, but had to wait again to cross over to Tim Horton's. As I was waiting, another sharp cramp hit me and I started pooping my pants uncontrollably. I stood there in complete shock as the diarrhea spread all over my butt cheeks and up my back. It felt like the diarrhea was cupping my butt cheeks.

There were people around my by this point, but no one said anything, although they probably couldn't tell that I had just pooped my pants badly. I crossed the street with everyone once the light turned green. I decided to skip Tim Horton's and went directly to Steph's place which was still about 10 minutes walk away.

I still had to "go" several more times as I was walking. I finally got to Steph's building and went inside to buzz her suite. She answered and said, "Hey! Come in." I heard the door buzz and went inside to where the elevators are.

I got to the elevator and pushed the "up" button. As I was waiting, I could hear a little girl and her mother talking as they came around the corner. My heart sank. I knew that Steph would be able to help me, but I just wanted to be alone at that moment. The little girl was about seven or eight years old. She and her mother both went silent when they came up and stood behind me. The elevator doors finally opened. I went in and pushed the button to Steph's floor then turned around. Both the little girl and her mother came in after me and pushed the button to their floor. The little girl turned around and looked up at me. The mother said in a quiet, yet firm voice, "Lisa, no!" At this moment, another cramp was starting and I started pooping my pants again. By now the diarrhea had leaked out of my underwear and was leaking down the backs of my legs. Then "Lisa" turned around quickly and asked, "Did you poop your pants?" The mom said in a loud, horrified voice, "LISA NO!!!" My heart sank again and I said, in a defeated voice, "Yes I did." Lisa said, "Oh, wow! I'm sorry." A few seconds later, "My mom pooped her pants a few weeks ago too." Again the mom said, "LISA! Stop!!!" The mom looked up at me and said, "I'm really sorry about my daughter. And don't worry, these things happen." I said, "Yeah, I know." The elevator stopped and they both got off. As the door was closing, I could hear Lisa say to her mom, "Wow mom! She pooped her pants too!"

When the door was completely closed, I started crying really hard. I got off on Steph's floor and as I walked to her suite, I started going in my pants again. I knocked a few times and she opened the door excitedly and said, "HEY GIRL!!!" Then she saw that I was crying and said in a much quieter voice, "Hey, what's wrong?" I stepped into her place and I think she could tell right away. I said, "I got sick on my way over here and pooped my pants so badly. It's… everywhere." She said, "Okay, okay. Let's get you into my guest bathroom and get you cleaned up."

I slipped off my shoes and put my purse down, then went to her quest bathroom. I took off my blouse and stepped into the bathtub. I undid my jeans as Steph walked in. I then started pulling my jeans down. Actually, it was more like peeling them down. The sight and smell were both horrific. I mean, I have pooped my pants before, but it had been a while since I had an accident this bad. I had gone diarrhea so badly that it was down to my knees, well up my back and yes, up my front as well. My once white bikini underwear was soaked through with diarrhea. The only parts that were still white were the hips.

Steph turned on the water for me as I was getting my jeans and underwear off. She helped me rinse them out and then took them to her on-suite washing machine. As I was showering, she brought in a clean pair of her bikini underwear and a pair of gray yoga pants for me to wear while my clothes were being washed. She said, "Here are some clothes for you to wear. Don't mind the stains in the panties. They ARE clean." I said "Okay, thanks" and asked her to bring me a pad from my purse in case I had to go again and didn't make it to the toilet. A few minutes later she came back and said, "Okay, so, you are out of pads, but you can my last one. I'm not due to start until Monday anyway. I can pick up some more tomorrow." I thanked her again and finished up in the shower.

I dried myself off and started getting dressed. Like my sister Melanie, Stephanie is taller than me, so her bikini underwear fit me more like full-cuts. I wasn't going to complain at at all. As I was putting on her underwear, I did see a noticeable poop stain in the crotch and bum area of her underwear. The pad she gave me was an Always Maximum Protection Ultra Thin, the same that I use since my periods are heavy. I pulled everything up and put on her yoga pants. Luckily, they had a drawstring so I was able to pull them tighter around my waist. I rolled up the legs into cuffs so I wouldn't trip. I had already put my bra on so then I put my blouse back on and went to sit with her in her living room. She also gave me an Immodium, so I drank it down with some water.

We sat there and talked for a while. I told her about Victoria's accident earlier in the day. She told me about the one she had in the underwear she gave me to wear. Stephanie is a grade three teacher and got sick a few weeks ago while teaching. She said that she had diarrhea just after lunch and called for assistance while she went to use the ladies room. She didn't make it and made a terrible mess of her underwear and work pants in the middle of the empty hallway. She had to go to the front office and ask someone to get her things for her so she could go home. She said that happened on a Wednesday and called off sick for the rest of the week.

Anyway, the washing machine finished with my jeans and underwear. Steph and I went to check them out. My underwear was still stained really badly. My jeans made out okay though. We put them in the dryer and Steph went to use her washroom.

A few minutes later she came out in a rush and checked her purse. She muttered, "Shit!" I asked her what was wrong. She said, "My period just started and I am bleeding everywhere." It was true. She had bled through her jeans. I didn't have any pads because I gave my last one to Victoria which she didn't need, but forgot to give back to me. I said to Steph, "Wait…" I went into her guest bathroom, pulled down the yoga pants and underwear she gave me and carefully pulled out the pad she gave me. I went out and said, "Here, use this." She said "Thanks" and went to her room, grabbed clean underwear and jeans then went to her washroom to get herself sorted out.

She came out and said, "I need to go to the drug store. My period is really heavy and I need to get some pads right away. Are you okay to walk with me?" I said that I was and we went to Shoppers Drug Mart.

We got to Shoppers and Steph headed right to the maxi pad isle. She grabbed a 24 pack of Always Maximum Protection Ultra Thins. While she was doing this, the cramps started for me again. Steph noticed that something was the matter and asked if I was okay. I said, "I need a toilet, like, right now!" She said, okay, let's find someone here. We walked around the store and couldn't find anyone who worked there. We then went to the checkout to ask, but by the time we got there, I started pooping my pants again. Well, in Steph's pants that is. I looked at Steph in panic and said "Ohhh!" Then, "I'm sorry…" And then the unmistakable sound of one pooping her pants, the farting and squelching, happened and I filled the underwear that Steph let me borrow. I wasn't wearing a pad either as I had given it to Steph since her period had started early.

Steph paid for her pads and we walked back to her place. I had to go a few more times during our walk. When we got to her place, I went back to her shower to clean myself up. My clothes were dried by this point, so Steph grabbed them for me and put them in the washroom. She took her clothes that I messed in and washed them with her period soaked underwear and jeans. My white bikini underwear was stained very badly, but at least they were clean and dry.

Steph gave me another Immodium and a pad to put in my underwear. I finally started feeling better, so we decided to meet up with our girlfriends at the restaurant we had reservations at.

I still had more diarrhea that night and at one point went on my pad. I went to the ladies room and cleaned myself up. The pad was ruined, so I had to remove it from my underwear. Steph came in as I was washing my hands and asked if I was okay. I told her that I had gone on my pad, so she gave me a new one to wear. She went into one of the stalls to change her pad. We left together and went back to our table. The rest of the night went okay for me, luckily.

Well, sorry for the super long post!

Bye for now.


Im about to live poop. My poop feels like it'll be big. Havent pooped since my double pooping experience of 48 hours ago. So here goes. Im undoing my combats button and zip and pulling my thong. Im getting myself comfortable by completely removing my trousers and thong, leaving my legs free. I want to see this drop out as i feel it'll be good so my legs are spread. Now im comfortable. And i shall begin whilst leaning forward and looking in the toilet. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhh. And relax. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhh. This is taking more effort than i thought. My real need to go made me think this would be easy. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhh. Wow i think its stuck. Need to push harder. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, (eaning on my toes now), UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHH. Its emerging. Really grunting and straining. UHHHHHHHHHH. Its coming without aid. WOW. Its massive as i thought. PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP. 4 mahosive logs. Uhhhhhhhh. PLOP, PLOP, PLOP. And relax. WOW. 7 logs in total. Now im done. Bye.


Boat pee story

This is a second-hand hand story a friend of mine told once. Warren's fishing trip story reminded me of it. Anyway, this friend who was my roommate's girlfriend at the time (now they're married) told this story about needing to pee while she was out on a small sailboat with several other people. She got pretty desperate and there was no way to get back to land in time, so she ended up hanging her bum over the edge of the boat and peeing in the water while it was moving (I guess she couldn't do it standing up like Warren's girlfriend). But she said the problem was that she had a hard time knowing when she was finished, because there was too much sound from the boat moving through the water and she normally relies on the sound to tell her when she's done. It hadn't ever occurred to me that the sound would be an important signal that way--- It seems to me as if you can feel when you're done, but maybe that's not always true.

And this is a reply to Sarah when you said a while ago that your farts weren't very good: sometimes I'm not very satisfied with mine either, but sometimes I get good ones. Oh, well.
And before I started reading this forum I thought it was probably more often men who did bigger poops, just the opposite of what you said. Or maybe just noisier. Certainly, in my family when I was growing up it was my dad who was the noisiest. And I imagine otherwise I've probably just experienced more noisy guy poops because of being in men's rooms and not women's. But of course noisy isn't the same as big.


Morning diarrhoea

When I got up this morning I felt a big cramp in my stomach and I knew I couldn't ignore it because I would probably end up pooing myself if I did. I went straight to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and blasted it with a huge load of diarrhoea. When it stopped I felt fine and relieved but worried there might be some more later on but I felt ok so I went to work. I was fine all day and felt really good, as if I'd been cleansed of all my body's toxins. At the end of the day, I went to the toilet as a precaution but I only needed to pee so I left and got got on the bus to go home.I got home but still no cramps and no diarrhoea. I must have eaten something last night that didn't agree with me and my body had manage to get rid of it all this morning. I felt quite jammy about that but I'm not complaining about it!

Brandon T.-I DID INDEED make a new friend-or more like a new grandmother. Her name is Artiss and she's 74 years old. And we have a new name for her episodes of watery diarrhea-we call them the "Oh lords". She laughed when I suggested that, but then she added "Oh lord, it doesn't seem so funny when you're hunkered over on the toilet or cleaning yourself up after making a big mess. But oh lord, I wouldn't know Artiss now if it weren't for this.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012



During the past week or so I've been doing some really large and, at times, explosive poos. I can't say that I've particularly eaten more than I would normally or, indeed, much differently. However on Tuesday I was visiting a city in the North of England and, at lunchtime, decided to indulge in some fish & chips. They're cooked in lard "up north" and, for that reason, tend to be especially good. However arriving at the restaurant attached to the chippy in question I discovered that onion rings were available as a starter. Unable to resist and thinking it would only be a small portion served with a bit of dipping sauce, I ????ed for the onion ring starter. Bad idea. When the starter arrived it was a huge plate of very greasy onion rings with a dip. Although I knew it spelt trouble, I decided to forge ahead and eat the lot as I'd paid for them and don't like wasting food. I then had the fish & chips as well which were rather greasy. Although I wasn't sick and managed not to poo myself, I felt rather nauseus for the rest of the afternoon. When I got home I had a major poo and for the next couple of days it felt like I was clearing an oil slick from my system. I'll not make that mistake again!

Nicola, I enjoyed reading about your shed poo. In view of the rain I think it was wise rather than going outside. In my part of England we're supposedly in a drought although you wouldn't think it given the amount of rain we've had during the past fortnight!

Anne & David. Hope you're keeping well - and regular.


Mega Girl

Parades an Parties

Hello everyone, I'm back with a few more stories. On earth day they had a parade so I thought it would be fun to go, wrong. A few days ago i had some of the best tasting burritos ever and they were about to come out again so I had to go! I ran into an ally and squatted behind a dumpster letting out a coiling long turd. Dry without smell which is unusual for me. I ran out the other side of the ally and coninued watching the parade.

A while ago my friend had a birthday party so me and all our friends came and had a bon-fire. Arround 5:00 am i woke up to an intense urge to let out some diarrhea! I found a secluded spot in the trees and let it rip only to see that my friend hosting the party was right behind me. She was shocked but admitingly said she had to go too and squatted next to me farted, ped, and let out one thick turd.

That is all bye now!!!

Today I was out and felt my stomach churning. I knew I'd need to go for a number 2 soon, so I found a nearby shopping centre and headed for the toilets. This set had 2 urinals and 2 cubicles. I entered the cubicles and a guy about 12 years old had entered the other just before. I hoped that he was just having a wee (sorry to the poster who hates that!!) as I wanted peace before letting go. I pulled my trousers and pants down and sat on the loo. I could see that he had done the same and sure enough after a short while there was a fart, followed by a grunting sound. The guy grunted a bit and then relaxed. By this time there was severe pressure on me and I was holding very tightly to stop anything coming out. Anyways the other guy grunted, then pushed again, and I could hear a large poo crackling slowly out. I didn't want to start until he left as I knew it would be a massive unleashing. He finished pooing and started to wipe. I was still desperately trying to contain the eruption. I started to fail and very slowly a small amount of poo leaked out. Finally, finally he washed and left the toilets. The moment the door closed, I let rip. Phew!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


question for all females

Hi every one I have a question for all the females in here sometimes when Iam using the bathroom n going poop sometimes I still hav had to dig before cause my poop was to hard or big to come out n I wana kno if Im the only female who has had to or still does dig any females that had to or still do let me kno ...



Peeing again.

Hi guys,sorry i haven't been on recently,but here goes with another story.Just last week on the way back from a shopping trip in town,i was sitting on the bus when i started to need to pee.It came on really quick, and i knew i would have to do it soon or i would end up wetting myself.Thankfully my stop was coming up,so i carefully stood up and made my way to the door.As i stepped off the bus i was relieved to see i was the only one.Clutching my two bags i looked around for somewhere.
Not too far away there is a park,so i crossed the road and went in there.In one corner there is some thick bushes and trees.I headed over and was checking to see if anyone was around,thankfully not.By now i was desperate,so i pushed my way through the bushes and then dropped my bags.I pulled my jeans and knickers down and immediately squatted and a torrent of pee started gushing out.A big puddle formed,i really did need to go!
After about a minute i was finished,what a great pee.I shook myself,then pulled up my things,picked up my bags and made my way out into the park and went home.No one saw me and i felt relieved.Thanks for reading

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Karen as always another great story that candy bar trick also works with the chocalate payday bar and great puke story and as always I look to your great pooping stories thanks.

To: The Listening Ear as always another great story it sounds like that woman really had to pee and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shortie as always another great pooping story it sounds like you got a pretty good show and I bet that one woman felt pretty good after pushing that beast out and congrats to your friend Laura and as alway I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pat thats good it sounds like you made a new friend.

To: Pooper Mom first welcome to the site and great set of stories your first one it sounds like you had a pretty good outdoor dump and felt pretty good afterward and great story about you and your daugther havig nasty dumps it sounds like you really had to go and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Close call at work

I hadn't pood since Sunday and by Wednesday afternoon I was dying to go. I was at work at the time and I had to wait untill 5 o'clock before I could go to the toilet. By then I was nearly pooing myself and when I got to the toilet it was occupied as usual. I had to wait outside listening to the sound effects of Emma pooing for England. She was in there for 20 minutes and by the time she came out I was having big problems holding it. It stank in there and judging by all the skid marks in the toilet Emma really had to go. She wasn't the only one! The seat was warm and as soon as I sat down my bowels pushed without my control. It was lucky I was sitting on the toilet at the time because I had an explosion of mushy poo. It was such a relief and I was so glad I'd made it in time because the mess would've been a very embarrassing nightmare to have to deal with at work. I wiped a lot before flushing and washing my hands and leaving for home.

To the person who posted about the pencil effect. I sometimes have the same problem. It happens because you still have some poo stuck inside you and you need to get it all out before you will have any chance of a proper clean up. I strain to push the last bit out and that usually does the trick. Mind you it can take a while so if you're at work or there's someone waiting to use the toilet then you might have a problem.

Anyway, to my latest story.
Well actually it's about Sarah. We went out for a drive in the country but after a few miles Sarah started complaining her stomach ached and she felt a major poo coming on very soon. She was gasping in pain every few seconds and it was clear she had a stomach upset. We were miles from anywhere and there was nowhere to pull over. Sarah had to keep driving in the hope of finding a place with a toilet but it wasn't long before she started to get really desperate. She was sweating and was white as a sheet so I knew she wasn't well. We drove for ages and Sarah began to let jet out a few farts. At least that's what I thought they were; but it turned out she was losing control of her bowels. Sarah turned the car round and drove home while she battled to control her diarrhoea. When we got home Sarah jumped out of the car and ran up to her front door but it was too late. She had a big brown stain in the back of her jeans and she just stood there while it spread rapidly down her legs and into her trainers. It it was a real mess but the look of relief on Sarah's face was a picture. She went straight up to the bathroom and took a long hot shower to clean up. When she came downstairs she stopped and turned round to run back to the bathroom for another bout of diarrhoea. I stayed with her for the weekend while Sarah recovered and by Sunday she was fine.


Girlfriend poops during a fishing trip

Quite a few years ago, my girlfriend Tracy and I went on a fishing trip. We took my boat out quite a ways to get to the spot, it took close to 45 minutes from the moment we left the dock before we got there. We began in the morning and planned to stay for several hours, so we packed a meal. Things went well but I realized too late I hadn't made a plan for if either of us needed the bathroom.

I figured that I would just pull out my equipment and pee off the side of the boat, but I hadn't planned anything for Tracy. Thinking on the fly, I found a bucket that she could probably have sat on. It turns out she had mastered peeing standing up and just aimed her stream much like a guy would, just with different equipment. The big problem of the day came later on when Tracy came to me and said she had to do a number two.

The only options I could see were for her to either go in the water or use the bucket, neither of which was exactly spectacular. She chose the bucket and went over to one side of the boat and I turned away to give her at least a little privacy. I didn't plan this scenario on purpose, but it really was absolutely fantastic to be able to hear and smell my girlfriend pooping.

It was awkward at first and there was a long silence followed by her telling me I could turn around, that she couldn't actually go. I offered to cut out trip short and return to shore if she could hold it, and she thought she could. I started up the boat and began driving, but after only about 20 minutes, Tracy told me she couldn't hold it and so I stopped. Again, I continued facing forward so I wouldn't see her and she sat on the bucket.

This time nearly immediately, there was a thud sound as her poop hit the bucket and a rich earthy, but not awful, smell emanated outwards. This was followed by two more large thuds and then kind of a splat. I think her last turd landed on the pile she had already made rather than hitting the bucket like her first three. I had no toilet paper for her to wipe with, so she just pulled up her panties and dumped the bucket overboard, and then we resumed our journey home.

Overall the trip was amazing. I would have loved to actually see her going or even see her productions, but I'll just consider myself lucky to have even gotten the experience that I did at all.

Didnt think id be writing in again today after my poop story this morning but here i am needing to poop again. About to poop live for all you people. Im in the bathroom and im unzipping my jeans. My frilly underwear is being pulled down. Im sitting my bare butt on the seat and now getting comfortable. I may need to push but i'll wait and see does it come out. No not coming. Will need to push. So uhhhhhhh. Again uhhhhhhh. Nope not coming. Could have sworn i needed to poop again. Dont usually go more than once a day. Its only happened a few times that i poop twice. Ah well i'll try again. Uhhhhhhhh. Might be coming. Uhhhhhh. Here it comes. PLOP, PLOP, PLOP. Ah relief. More. Uhhhhhhhh, uhhhhh. PLOP, PLOP. Done this time and no Matt to hear me. Two massive dumps today. Got be cleared out now. A footnote-we havent been successful this time with getting pregnant. Another footnote-i said i was embarrassed with Matt last night. Meant at lunch today. Anyway, hopefully im done pooping today. Speak soon. Bye Bye.


Couple of replies

Postman, RE: "Pencil effect:" that happens to me sometimes, but usually it just gradually diminishes and eventually I just decide it's good enough.

Skylar: hang in there. Just wondering, can you at least pee in the shower?

Just occurred to me because I just had a good pee in the shower, which I sort of like doing. I didn't have that habit until a former girlfriend kind of shared it with me and encouraged me to try it. She liked to show me her pee and poo, but at the time I wasn't quite comfortable admitting that that was something I was interested in, at least the poo. But we did sort of have fun peeing together in the shower and other places. Unfortunately, in the long run that relationship didn't end up working out very well for other reasons.

Brandon T

daily dump

I just took a good size dump it was a log about 6 inches long and 1 1/2 inches thick and 2 small nuggets they were a mix of dark and light brown and it felt great to push out.

Just a girl...


My IBS has been acting up horribly for the last few days. It started on Tuesday. My first trip to the bathroom in the morning was fine. It was soft but solid and came out easily. I felt ok. About a half hour later I had to go again. I went and to my surprise, I had explosive diarrhea! I exploded into the toilet 5 times. The entire white part of the bowl was covered. I still felt pretty much okay. I had a slight stomachache. For the next half hour or so my stomachache was getting worse. I was really uncomfortable. Finally, I needed to go again. I was feeling sick to my stomach. I sat and had a really bad case of diarrhea. I finished up and wasn't feeling well at all. I needed to lie down for a while. My stomach was making very loud noises. I was afraid to leave the bathroom since I knew my diarrhea was nowhere near over, so I decided to lie down in the tub. I stripped and got into the tub and was rubbing my belly. I felt so sick. I'm not sure how long I was there before the urge hit again. I decided to just go in the tub since it was going to be liquid anyway. It gushed out of me. I lay there with liquid pouring out of my ass, with my stomach gurgling so loudly the neighbors could probably hear it. I cleaned myself up but I decided to stay in the tub since I was still feeling lousy. It was a little while of misery before I could get more out of me. Suddenly I got a strong stomach cramp, doubled over, and exploded into the tub. About a gallon of mostly liquid diarrhea rushed down the drain. A few seconds later I exploded again, and again, the stomach cramps were terrible. Finally after a few big explosions, I was done. I had diarrhea two more times in the early afternoon, and then finally I was empty.
Wednesday I woke up and had an attack within a half hour of being awake. My stomach was hurting. I went two more times before I left for work. I didn't feel well most of the day at work. My entire stomach was upset on and off. I ended up eating light and just trying to take care of myself. In the afternoon I was feeling a little unwell again. I went to the bathroom and had diarrhea. An hour later I went again, and then again. I made 6 trips to the toilet with diarrhea throughout the day.
Thursday I woke up around 2:30am with a really bad stomachache. It woke me from a deep sleep. I was rubbing it and just feeling terrible. If I weren't worried about waking my husband I probably would have tried to go to the bathroom. I didn't have to 'go' yet so I eventually fell back to sleep. I woke up again around 5:30 my stomach was still hurting and upset. I didn't have to go, but I was so uncomfortable. Finally I decided to try and make myself go. My stomach was making the loudest noises! I was able to force out a few tiny pieces and a few wet farts, but that's it. I felt lousy so I went to lie down. I was tossing and turning for an hour or so before I had to go. This time I could only pass a little bit of diarrhea. I went back to bed. My stomach was groaning and bloated and just feeling terrible. I kept rubbing it and just trying to get comfortable. I'm not sure what time it was that I had to go again, but it hit me urgently. The diarrhea continued. It felt good to get it out. I couldn't eat breakfast I had no appetite. I did eat lunch and within a half hour of eating it I started to get indigestion and an upset stomach. I spent most of the afternoon in the bathroom (I had diarrhea 4 times between 1 and 3). I had one more attack before dinner. After dinner my stomach was gurgling and making horrible noises. Finally around 7 I had to go again. I exploded into the toilet twice and then finally I was done.

This morning I'm feeling a bit better. My stomach was hurting and I thought I was going to have diarrhea again this morning, but when I went it was sticky and mostly solid. I still don't feel 100%, but I haven't had diarrhea yet today.

Abbie- thanks for your advice and help!
I've gone through the first week back at school, and only had 2 poos there, and they were both today! The first one I had was during first lesson, and was really mushy! It was like Mr Woopy ice cream! It took 9 wipes, and it still stained my knickers. The second poo was a 'Finnish off' of the first one. It was dinner time and thank god there wernt any other girls in there too! I just got bored of wiping after 2 wipes and just stuffed some tp um my bum. For the rest of the day the tp felt nice up there and myshed up the poo even more!
Will post more about my school poos!
Millie x

Shits of the past

Since I've had diarrhea the last few days, I started thinking about some of my other attacks from the past. Here are a couple of stories:

Several years ago I worked in the city and had to take the bus into work. I was at work for about an hour when my stomach started to hurt like crazy. It hurt all morning. Finally, around 11:00, I started to feel sick to my stomach too. I would have gone home, but there weren't any busses for an hour. I was in so much pain and so uncomfortable. Suddenly my stomach made this low gurgle and I could feel my stomach start to cramp and turn at the same time. I knew I needed to go to the bathroom. I prayed that no one would be in there since I had the feeling this was going to take a while. Thankfully, no one was. I picked the cubical next to the wall, and sat for a minute rubbing my stomach. A sharp cramp hit and then the diarrhea started. Wave after wave of diarrhea kept on coming. I couldn't stop going. Just when I thought I was empty a cramp would hit and another wave would come. I must have been in there a half hour shitting my brains out. I was really hoping no one in the office noticed that I was gone all that time. When I finally felt done, I cleaned up and went back to work. My stomach was hurting really badly still and I still felt sick to my stomach. I went back to work and tried my best to get a few things done. 15 minutes later my stomach gurgled and I knew I had to go again. I was embarrassed to walk back to the bathrooms and by my coworkers. I didn't want anyone to know what was going on. I barely made it, sat down, and the hugest wave of diarrhea I've ever had rushed into the toilet. It didn't stop there. For the next 5 minutes my stomach purged itself of everything I've ever eaten. I was weak, shaky and dehydrated. I went back to my desk feeling horrible but empty. I skipped lunch and decided just to have water instead. I was in pain all afternoon. I decided that I would do some work in the area near the bathrooms so that I could slip in easily without anyone noticing. Thank God I did that. Around 2:30 I was back on the toilet. This time it didn't last long. There wasn't much left in my body, 4 waves and I was done. After that, my stomachache was still there and I kept passing foul gas. I felt sick all day long. I got on the bus to go home that afternoon and my stomach started to turn and I started to sweat. The cramps were horrible. I was really afraid that I was going to shit myself. I managed to survive the ride back to my car, I'm not sure how. I got in my car and drove home as fast as I could. I ran in my house, up the stairs, threw myself onto the toilet without even closing the door and exploded. I had the most violent case of diarrhea I've ever had. For the next hour I could not get off the toilet. After the last wave left my body, I suddenly felt okay. I have no idea what I ate that day but it seriously upset my stomach. I was fine after that.

When I was a kid, my mother used to take my grandma and I to play Bingo at this church. I was playing when I started to get an uncomfortable feeling in my bowels. It kept churning. I needed to go to the bathroom. I excused myself and went into the little church bathroom. There were two stalls, I took the first one and sat down quickly. Right away chunky diarrhea went into the toilet. Then more. Then more. I shifted on the toilet and another wave came out. I waited a few minutes since I still didn't feel done. I shifted around had some more. A few more waves came out after that. Finally I was done. Later in the night I felt like I needed to go again, so I went back to the bathroom. One small wave came out and then I was fine for the rest of the night.

This morning i felt the rumblings of a poop. I was in the shopping centre were there was loos. No one was around and i went into the middle cubicle. I undid my zip and pulled down my underwear. Sat my bare bottom down on the seat and relaxed. I began to feel it coming when my mobile rang. It was Matt. I told him i couldnt talk as i waiting for the loos but he said i could talk until i headed in. By now i really felt it coming and i wasnt needing to push. I tried to hold it until he got off the phone but it continued to come. I could feel it edging ever closer to dropping out and i tried to get it to stop. Matt asked if i was in yet and i said yeah now. He said he'd hang on as he'd heard me pee before. I gave in and told him that i was already in and i needed to poop. I couldnt hold it anymore and i pushed and grunted. It moved down and Matt couldnt hang up as we were talking. It dropped out. He heard 2 further plops. I was embarrassed with Matt last night as im usually private except when i was pregnant.

Desperate to poop

Long wait for the toilet

Hi all

Well this isn't quite a severe desperation story, but I had an interesting wait today in town. I was at M&S and I needed a pee and I felt a small poop. M&S has a few floors and on one floor it has it's main toilets and on another floor 1 toilet each M & F next to one of the cafe's they have.

I was enjoying a coffee and cake and having finished decide to head to the ladies as I needed a pee and felt I might be able to get a poo out too. The 1 cucible one was the closest to so I went there. Partly coz it's closest and partly because I expected to see a line :). And I wasn't wrong this time it was very busy and there was a line of 6. Interestingly the gents was engaged but no bloke waiting. I wondered what would happen.

In front where 2 ladies in their 40's, 1 lady in their late 30's with a little lad, a lady in her 50's and two young girls prob 18 or 19 or knew each other.

I wondered as we waited if they would use the gents when the chap came out, but just as he did come out a gent arrived and went in.

A few mintues later the first lady went in and she was out in a few minutes, allowing the next lady to go in. She was a pooper and she spent five minutes in their. The lady with the young lad was getting a little impatient and looking a little desperate. After 5 mins the 40yr old came out and she managed to get in, you could hear her telling the lad to go first and then mommy needed to go. The lad did a tinkle then the mommy got to go. By now a few more had joined the queue and one the young girls looked pretty desperate, she was holding her stomach.

A few minutes passed and then the mommy and the lad came out and the 50yr old went in. She took 3-4 mintues then came out letting the desperate girl in. She had been getting ever more desperate and it was clear she had a bad ????. She was quite a cutey too. She took a while and there was now the young girl, me and 5 others behind me. I wondered how many knew there were other toilets? I did but I was quite happy watching the goings on in the queue. Finally after 7 minutes she came out looking a bit red faced, her friend went in and only had to pee.

I wasn't desperate but the wait had made my pee more urgent. I was glad to get. There was an aroma in there of some heavy poopings. I got my jeans down did a nice relieving tinkle and then felt I could get a poop out. The watching and waiting was also quite arousing and I couldn't resist .. whilst I pinched of my poop.

I was in about 4 mins and came out relieved and very satisfied

Happy Pooping

Pooper Mom

3 stories


So today I had one of the most massive poos in my life. I was sitting in bed reading a book my stomach started gurgling. I hadn't pooed in 9 some odd days, so I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. The family was out on a trip that I couldn't make so I had all the time in the world. I stepped in and picked up my nat-geo magazine. I started the tub becouse usually when I'm constipated I soak my bottom to get things moving. While it was filling, I dropped my shorts to my anckles and kept my panties just up to my theighs. I sat down and farted immidiatly. I started to push and nothing stirred. My anus was throbbing already. My dog walked in and I pet him while I tried to pass this unrelenting poo. The bath was finally full so I got up and put my bottom over the edge into the warm water. I made sure that my cheeks were open so I could get some water in there. I farted, producing some bubbles that came up all around me. I lifted my bottom out of the tub and sat back down, opening my magazine for the first time. I sat there and read for 30 minuets until it plopped out.

My second story happened in my college years. Me and my friend loved hAving buddy poos and this is a story of one. Me and my friend both sat studying one night, when she told me she had to poo. I myself needed one too, so we stepped into our apartment bathroom. When we got in, we shut the door behind us and she stood over the toilet undoing he belt, I sat up on the sink counter. She turned facing her bottom towards the toilet and pulled her pants down to her theighs. She sat down and leaned into a large fart. I heard her pee and her poo come out. She wiped and got up. She took my place at the counter and smiled. She hadn't flushed so there was a large log sitting in the bowl. I pulled down my pants and as I was bending over to sit down a huge turd dropped out of my bottom and splattered on the floor I looked up at my friend who started laughing histarically. I laughed too and we both picked it up.

My final story is also during my college years and the same friend. We were going camping together, and we had a designated spot to go poo and pee. We got there and it wasn't until three days that either of us had to poo. So we grabbed a roll of toilet paper and went to our spot. We had already dug a good hole and she squatted over it first. Peeing into it first. I stood behind her and crossed my legs becouse I had to pee really bad. ( we agreed to only go to the bathroom in that hole) She farted really noisily and I watched her anus flex as the fart came rippling out. She started to grunt and push as I watched her butt crack slowly disappear and her anus widen to a monster crap. Her butt blossomed as her poo crept out. It plopped out and her butt took its original form again, by then I was bursting to both pee and poo. As she got up, my bladder forced out the pee. It spread across my pants, and just as I was relaxing, my poo dropped into my panties. I stood in disbelief as my pee slowly came to a close. I dropped my shorts and my underwear sagged under the wait of my poo. Unluckily, I had diarhea and another load filled my underwear followed by a wet fart and some more poo. My friend smiled as she wiped her bottom, throwIng it into her pile. I lowered my underwear as my third wave of poo blasted out of my bottom. I squatted over the hole as my fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth waves blasted out my anus. My anus burned horribly as hour after hour passed as I made the biggest pile of human poo you could imagine. After two or three hours I finally started to slow down. My underwear was already under the pile of poo and my pants were plattered with poo. So I made my way back to the campground, bare bottomed with a messy bottom. My friend had never left my side.

Hope you guys enjoyed my poo stories. I would enjoy if you guys commented. Has anyone ever seen another persons anus blossom as a poo came out? Please post about the story.

Bye, bye for now,
Pooper Mom

I've had a few instances where I've been out and needed to sit on a toilet but found the cubicles occupied by men who have only been in there to pee. Anyone else encountered this. or anyone who does this? I can accept it if there is a lot of traffic at the urinals and they're always 'fully booked,' so to speak, or if there are many cubicles and you're not going to deprive someone else of one if you use it, but that's about it. If I'm going to use a cubicle it's because I need a number two, which means I NEED a cubicle. If I'm going in there for a pee, that's what the urinals are there for! Most of the time it's only mildly irritating having to wait, but if I'm desperate for a poo then it's very annoying and it might make the difference between getting to a toilet and having an accident! I don't mind waiting for a cubicle to open up if it's being used for a poo, it's annoying but if you have to poo then you need to take a cubicle, but if you need to pee then, for men at least, there's somewhere else to do it designed for that purpose!
Today, for instance, I was out and I found myself urgently needing a toilet to take care of both activities. In the toilets were two cubicles, both taken, and a young guy waiting. Someone was having a fairly explosive poo in one cubicle so I assumed he would be there for a while. From the other cubicle I could hear a loud stream of piss. When he finished and came out the young guy went in and proceeded to do the same, even though there were four or five urinals right there, unused! I held on and when he came out I went in and unloaded my bladder and bowels into the toilet with great relief!

I know some guys are 'pee shy' at the urinals, but if there are only a couple of cubicles perhaps you should reconsider in case someone comes in needing a poo!


A regular girl

DNA's post about grad school from a while ago reminded me of a time when I was a student. Some of the stack floors in the library where I would study had pairs of gender-designated but single capacity bathrooms. When you locked the door a red "Occupied" sign would show. The doors weren't soundproof and they were reasonably close to study carrels. Anyway, there was this woman who I sometimes would see studying at the same time. She was Asian-American (or maybe some kind of mixed ethnicity) with long dark hair and a not-too- obtrusive eyebrow ring, fairly tall but still a bit curvy. I began to notice after a while that some of her habits were like clockwork. She was always in the library on certain days of the week, and she always had a BM at almost exactly the same time every evening, I think it was 8:30pm. She was usually pretty quiet--- I very rarely heard any actual plops, just a series of slow soft trickles of pee stretching out over a leisurely 10-15 minutes or so. I figured I knew what that meant. One time I heard her at a different time of day when she just had to pee, and that was also a nice sound but definitely different, much more all at once. Her schedule seemed so regular that I remember being curious how the change to daylight savings would affect it. I don't think I got to the library for the first few days after the time changed, but then around a week or two later I think she went at her regular time again, according to the new clock time.


I'm Now the Loser

I pooped my pants... Its still weird saying that.

I had met some friends of mine who live downtown for a movie and crawling the city. Except, the second part got cut short.

We met up at a Thai restaurant to grab some dinner (which I believe is the culprit in all of this!) before watching a movie and then maybe hitting the bars. I had just found this pair of high-waisted khaki suspender shorts. Thought they were totally cool and had to try them out. They were a touch on the small side and I was dealing with a bit of a suspender wedgie, but I was still really happy and my friends thought they were adorable.

Anyway, we grab some dinner and then head back to my friends place to watch a movie. We decided on Inception, basically to be film dorks and spend the whole movie talking about how bad a movie it was.

So, the shoddy movie ends and its time to go out on the town, except, about halfway through the movie my stomach felt a little off. Not sick, not crampy, just a little off. But, I'm shy about bodily functions, so I didn't say anything. By the end of the movie the feeling had moved down to my lower gut, but, we wanted to get out on the town. My friends wanted to take me to this bar on the other end of the central downtown area, it was 9 or 10 blocks, short enough to just walk rather than grab a cab or anything. We start on our way while my guts get progressively more upset. After about five blocks I was doing the awkward "I need a poo" sort of walk as I could feel something wanted out, and soon. Friend A (I hate using names online) noticed and asked me if I was okay. I told them I was I fine and for us to keep going. Every step was becoming agony though trying to keep whatever angry menace wanted out. We, by now, were about 2 blocks away from the bar.

And then, within sight of the bar I realized it was the point of no return. I stood there, dumbfounded and frozen, and could only muster a quiet "I'm about to poop my pants." Friend A stopped, and said, "What?" And at that point I felt a warm, sticky mess start filling my shorts. All was silent among us for a moment, except for the tell-tale squelching, burbly sound of someone filling their underoos with mushy, semi-soft poop. Then the smell hit, "Holy cow, who ripped one?" Asked friend B. I just whimpered "can we go home?" I was still filling my shorts, and Friend B asked, "Why, are you gonna' be sick?" "I was sick, already." Another period of silence...

"Did you poop your pants?"

And without hesitation my friend grabbed me by one of my suspender straps and turned me around. I must have been 20 shades of read, but, I didn't even try to stop them, I was still kind of in shock of everything.

"Oh, X, lets get you back to our place." said friend B.

"Is it that bad?"

"Yes." they said.

But, that wasn't the end of it. Oh no, things were just getting started. See, my friends and I have always dealt with bad situations through joking or poking fun at each other. This was not any different.

"X had a fudgie!"

So, for 9 blocks walking back I had the enjoyment of being razzed and taunted for pooping my pants. "Next time you have to potty, say something!" They thought it was particularly funny to say it in terms you'd use with a little kid. "We don't do poo-poo in our pants, X!" Walking though, with pooped pants, only made the suspender wedgie worse. And when you poop your pants, you can't pick it out!

But, in all truth, their jokes made the whole ordeal more bearable. I knew that they weren't doing it to be mean, but, to let me know, through thick and thin, clean underwear and not-so-clean undewear, they'd be by my side.

We got back and I cleaned up and took a long, long, loooooong shower.

And was made fun of for the rest of the night.

Lesson here: don't be shy about using the toilet, because, it just might save you the shame of a basketball sized poo stain on your shorts.

I did get back and contact that lady, she invited me over for coffee (she brewed decaf for obvious reasons)and a visit and wants me back for dinner soon. We had a very nice visit for a good 2-plus hours. Once again, she thanked me for by discreet and sypathetic behaviour during her accident at Dollar General, she said that the urge to move bowels came on so suddenly and strongly that it nearly took her breath away,it literally bent her over double with the force of the cramps,nothing she could do except hold that position with her arms folded across her stomach and teeth clenched while the diarrhea filled her diaper-said it came out in a solid 5 second or so river.

She told me how the diapers help in order to keep the mess from going down her legs and giving away her embarrasment, the only thing she can't hide is the smell, at least not until she gets to the bathroom. Then she can use the big can of deoderant that she keeps in her purse, along with a couple of extra diapers. She normally carries wet-wipes as well, but the day that I "discovered" her, she had ran out and was going to purchase some more, and besides, the volume of poop was so great that she needed paper towels.

While we were talking, she suddenly sucked in her breath, leaned forward, cleched her teeth, squinted her eyes, and held her stomach. She said "Oh lord, now you get to see what I mean, here we go again" With that, she quickly got up from her chair and rushed into her bathroom, which was right off the kitchen where we were sitting. This bathroom just had one of those cheap imitation-wood folding doors, which she threw shut quickly, leaving a small space between the door and the jamb. I couldn't help looking over, I heard the toilet lid go up, the quick rustle of clothing as she pulled down her pants and got out of her diaper. Then through the crack, I saw her ???? bottom settle itself on the seat as she leaned forward, then a HUGE watery, gushing sound like Niagara Falls as she released her bowels, ending with a LOUD fart like a trumpet blast. She let out a HUGE groan-"UUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH" then said "Oh Lord" again.

She straightened up for a second before leaning forward with another "Oh lord" and another 5-second river came out of smelly, watery mess came out. She then straightened up on the seat, then made eye contact with me through the crack. "You see, this is what I mean" she said, making no attempt to close the door the rest of the way as she conversed with me. "If you don't mind waiting for me, I need to sit for a little bit. Oh lord, here comes some more!!!" Another violent rush of diarrhea. Then she released her bladder, and a medium trickle of pee came out. Then another "Oh lord" and her bowels convulsed again.

At this point, I decided it would be best to excuse myself to leave, but she said "Patrick, please stay. This will be over soon, and I'll feel better"-at this point she paused-"for a while. You are so kind for understanding this sort of thing-"oh lor, uuuuugggghhhhh!!!"

Finally, hey bowels settled down,and she commenced wiping her dirty bottom-sheet after sheet of toilet paper. Then he stood up, put her diaper back on, and pulled up her slacks and washing her hands. She didn't flush though. First she sprayed the inside of the bathroom heavily with deoderant, the she opened the door.

"Patrick, come here. I want you to see how bad this really is for me, if you can stomach it. I told her I could, and came over.

The whole inside of the bowl was sprayed brown with the water clouded to a deep brown, with small bits of solid turd floating in it's midst. And of course the TP from her wipe. "It's terrible, Patrick, but I have to live with it. You are as kind as a grandson to this old lady who goes around shitting her pants like a child. Thank you." With that, she took my hand again and squeezed it in hers again, and I flushed the toilet with the other one. Had to flush twice.


Story from the past & answering questions

Hello again. Today I'm going to begin by answering some questions I've seen asked on the forum, and then I'll share a story from when I was younger.

An anonymous poster asked:
"I have a few questions for you - if you care to answer them. What is the familiar feeling you get that makes you realise you want to poo? Is it increasing pressure in your bottom - which is what I get. Or is it something else - perhaps cramping in your stomach? Also, was it painful or uncomfortable when the first log came out due to it stretching your bottom or did it slide out quite easily? I just wondered because that really did sound like an enormous load you needed to release - do you eat a high fibre diet?"

I don't know if I can really describe the sensations I feel when I need to poop. It's just sort of something that I just know, I guess. Sorry I can't be more descriptive. For the second question, when I begin pooping, my first log sometimes is a bit uncomfortable, but I wouldn't say it hurts. After passing two or three my hole becomes accustomed to it and it starts to feel really amazing. Finally, concerning my fiber intake, I don't really monitor that, so I probably get the usual amount.

Also, Just a Guy asked:
"You said you don't poop very often - I know you mentioned this was 6 days, but what is normal for you?"

I very often go four or five days without pooping, so I'd say that's my regular. As a little kid I never wanted to poop and I'd hold it as long as I could. Then over time, only going once or twice a week became the norm.

Now for the story portion of my post. I was seventeen when this story happened. I had just left school and realized I really had to take a dump, and I hadn't been in a little over a week. I knew there was no way I could hold it for the twenty minute walk home and had to think about where to go. I was still embarrassed then about having such gigantic dumps that I couldn't face going at school. But then inspiration hit me.

The sports stadium was much closer than my house and I figured there shouldn't be anyone there as there was no game that night. The doors would be locked, but earlier that year, my then boyfriend had snuck me into a football game because I didn't have any money, so I knew a way to get in. I went around back and hopped the fence. It was difficult to do without pooping my pants, but I somehow managed. Then I made a beeline for the women's restroom and plopped myself down on a toilet.

The immense relief of pooping was so amazing! I just sat there pushing out logs for a while. Then I thought I probably should flush, but I had already pooped so much that flushing didn't even budge my load. I wasn't even close to done, so I had to choice but to sit back down and finish. I had many more logs and when I finally finished, I looked at my load and I couldn't see any water in the toilet, just my poop. I wiped myself thoroughly and then I hopped the fence again and walked home, feeling infinitely better.

I never found out who was responsible for unclogging that toilet or how much of a nightmare it was for him/her. I suppose they must have thought several girls had gone together without flushing for a prank. Nobody could even imagine so much coming from just one girl.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

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