Easter Sunday and Walk in the woods

Hi Guys!,
I haven't posted in awhile.I just recently got back from a family trip to Florida! I also had some experiences during Easter about my family so I will share those with you along with another from a couple days ago.

For Easter Sunday we always go to the sunrise service at church. It is at 7:30 in the morning so we all had to get up extra early and it messed up our usual morning routines. So I was sitting in church sitting next to my brother Connor (14 my twin so we are the same age) to my right and my sister Caitlin( 17) to my left. After about 10 minutes ( the service is 1hr and 30 min long) I felt Connor bouncing his leg up and down. I playfully slapped him and told him to stop. He said that he couldn't't and that he had to pee really really bad. Connor ended up sleeping later than everyone so he had to rush out the door once he woke up and had no time to do his morning pee. He continued to bounce his leg for about another 10 minutes when my mom snapped at him to stop. Knowing how strict my mom is about our behavior in public(especially at church) he stopped. After a couple more minutes he shoved his hand in his dress pants pocket so he could grab his crotch. I could tell that he was really desperate and that he was trying his hardest to hold back his big morning pee. He held on for the rest of the service and as soon as it was over he rushed to the church door, greeted the pastor, and ran to the rec center where we would be having breakfast. It took our family about two minutes to get to the rec center and when we did Connor was still in the bathroom! Finally a minute later he strutted out of the bathroom with his embarrassed red face and joined our family at the table.Shortly after he told me that he felt a million times lighter and that it felt so so so so good to release his pee. (-:

Last story is about my cousin's Drew and Lila. Drew is 9 years old, dirty blonde shaggy hair, and very skinny. Lila is 6, blonde hair also, and has freckles. I was home alone babysitting my cousin's. Me, Drew, and Lila decided to go for a walk in the woods since it was a warm day and we had nothing to do. We left after our lunch so I was expecting someone to have to pee or poop soon.When we were about 10 minutes into the woods Drew said that he had to pee real bad and poop too. Lila said she had to go pee too so I brought them behind the nearest tree. Lila went first, pulled down her shorts and purple panties and squatted with her back resting on the tree. She peed a little stream for about 20 seconds. Then Drew walked over to the same spot, unzipped his fly, and peed where Lila had. He is very outgoing and not shy at all so he was comfortable with peeing and pooping in front of others. Next he squatted the same way Lila did. He strained for a good 30 seconds before his first log slowly crackled out. It was skinny and about 7 inches long. Then he strained even longer for another HUGE turd ( at least for a little 9 year old). His face got red and his 2 inch wide turd began to creep out. He kept pushing for another 2 minutes before it finally tapered off at 5 inches. He wiped with leaves, admired his masterpiece ( which was stinky by the way!) and we continued on our walk. (-:

Thanks for reading! Love, Casey.N. (:


Baby Ruth Trick

The Old Baby Ruth Bar Trick

Anybody remember that one? My older brother got me good one time when I was four and he was seven. I'd never seen a Baby Ruth Bar until then. He pulled an unwrapped Baby Ruth Bar out of his pants, told me it was a turd and took a bite and then he tried to make me take a bite of it, chasing me all over the house until I cried, then when he cornered me and tried to put the poo-looking candy bar in my face I started kicking and hitting him, then mom got involved. I forget who got punished worse, probably me as usual, but I remember it not being a good day for either of us.

Mr. Postman: Transit time for corn through my system, well I had a couple ears of corn on the cob a couple of weeks back for dinner and bright and early next day it came right back to me. So, less than twelve hours but maybe that has something to do with the Dulcolax I take each night. IIRC I had two ears of corn, a hotdog, a cheeseburger, some chips, and some homemade ice cream because I was my weekly cheat meal. I'm intrigued by the way that corn, no matter how well chewed, the empty skins reinflate inside the body and come out looking like whole kernels again. The same is true for the English peas also.

Answers to Observant Guy's Questions:
1. Never really thought about it except I've thought that a lot of morning commuters and later day rush hour drivers could use more fiber in their diet.

2. Yes. They used to laugh at the sounds I'd make in there though and say things like "Mom's having a blowout". And that I made the bathroom smell like a cow pasture. I even caught them lighting toilet paper on fire and throwing it in the toilet to, as they called it "Burn off the stink". They even once said that my BM smelled worse than that of their father. I'm like "Well thanks a LOT".

3. A couple of times. I was typically already done before they needed it though.

Hey Brandon: Thanks for making us all feel welcome here, you always make my day
Got another throwup story for you, it might be kind of boring. I forgot what I'd eaten but I got sick while at a drive-in theater while I was dating my husband. It was pretty hot. First I got a headache that got worse and worse with nausea then I just slept through the rest of the movie. After he dropped me off at my apartment (well, okay, it was my parents' house, but I had my own private portion of it all to myself) I fell out of the car puking in the driveway. I think I left a trail of piles all the way to my door. I made him go home because I wanted to be alone and rest. Sometime late in the night I woke up on the sofa and threw up on the floor, then I hobbled off to my bed. The next morning the vomit was gone; my dog had eaten it. No carpet.

Skylar: I trained myself to go first thing in the morning. Laxatives might help, I take them in the evening after dinner and then I get the urge to go to the bathroom in the middle of my first cup of coffee usually.

The Pencil Effect: My reply to that is a resounding YES. It was a big problem all through my childhood and into my mid teens; I wasn't a big fan of vegetables and healthy food and I was a good bit heavier then. The pencil effect I'm convinced is due to a diet lacking fiber. Chocolate seems to make it worse as if it weren't annoying enough. Haven't experienced the pencil effect in many years, save for a few months ago when I did an all-protein diet to kick start me back into fitness. No carbs, not even vegetables or fruit just for two weeks. Let me tell 'ya, if you want the pencil effect eat boiled eggs all day and that'll do it I guarantee. I think the old folks called this constipation being "egg bound".

DNA: Check the pet stores for products that are made specifically for those odors.

Little Mandy: I'm sure the prune juice would help, but I know that a bowl of salad or some kind of vegetables works great for me. If you don't like salad, any kind of vegetable is good. Fruit also, eat the skin too from things like apples and pears. Brown rice is said to be the cure for constipation in some parts of the world; Minute Rice makes a brown version that's pretty good with chili over it.

The Listening Ear

Comments and an Old Story

npu: Please keep the posts coming. Your sense of humour really brightens the place up a lot.

The Pencil Effect: I know what you mean. It usually happens to me when a poo gets stuck and refuses to drop, and the only way to get rid of it is to squeeze like mad, which means the last tiny little bit goes back inside. I find the best thing is to do a reasonable amount of wiping and then give up. Then go back half and hour or an hour later, by which time the rest of the poo will have become more exposed and can easily be wiped clean. This may sometimes result in a little soiling, but nothing serious.

Little Mandi: I don't know if prune juice would help, but I'm sure fibre supplements would. Whatever you do, start with small quantities and build up gradually, so that you don't get a sudden change of habit thaht you can't cope with. Best of luck!

Abbie: It's really good to see you back, and I'm glad your new regime of getting to school early is still working out. I too am missing Leanne and friends very much.

Finally a story I've just remembered from long ago. I was in Victoria Coach Station in London, just watching the comings and goings. Alongside me were an Asian couple, waiting for someone or something. She was wearing ethnic dress, including a long, full skirt of quite thin material. Suddenly there was a splattering sound, and a puddle appeared between her feet and started to grow. When she had finished peeing, she stepped delicately aside and then the pair of them just continued to stand there as if nothing had happened.

That's all for now.

Myself and Matt spent last night at a hotel after his brothers wedding. My parents have Freya. Last night after the reception, Matt wanted a shower so i lay in the bed whilst he did. After he went in i heard him fiddling with his zip being opened. He farted and then i heard the toilet seat being lifted. Next thing, 2 plops came out. This made me need to go so i headed down to the hotel toilets and when i got in 1 was in use. I was surprised when i saw there wasnt a proper toilet, just what appeared to be a hole in the floor to crouch over. Apparantly all the hotels in this area have them. Well i got myself positioned over the hole and i saw the particians between cubicles were quite high and i saw my neighbour had a log hanging out of her butt. I pushed with a grunt and it came out. 4 plops emerged. Woman next door continued to have this log stuck. I wiped as she grunted. It fell out after 1 final grunt. I flushed and left. By the way Laura had a boy-Max-on Saturday. He's 7 weeks and 1 day younger than Freya.

Brandon T.,

Just wanted to let you know that I did run into that same lady again (I live in a small town), and she took me aside and thanked me for my gentlemanly behaviour in being discreet about her accident and also for volunteering to help her with clean underwear and pants. She confided that this has not been the first time she has shit her pants in public, she started wearing diapers after shitting in her best dress one Sunday after church when she was in the grocery store. She told me her name,I told her mine, she also gave me her phone no.and address-said she'd like to have me over for dinner sometime soon. She then took my hand in both of hers and gave it a big squeeze and told me to take care and please call her.


Latest Story

Yesterday, I heard a very interesting conversation in my biology class. A guy and a girl were talking about some restaurants when the girl said that one restaurant she ate at made her poop a lot. They both laughed, then the guy went into a story about how his wife likes to announce in public when she has to poop and how she likes to have someone to talk to while she's using the toilet. He even told a story about a time when his wife called him on his phone from the restroom to talk to him. The girl replied that she would have done the same thing since she likes to have someone to talk to while she's using the toilet. I thought that this was a very funny conversation.

On a side note, I saw a very funny sign in the dorm's restroom that said, "Does your MOTHER flush the toilet for you? Handle your business, please!" I thought it was hilarious.

The End

My Grandpa Merle

This story is about a grandpa Merle. He and I are much closer than my other grandpa and since he lives near us, we get together a lot more. He's in his early 80s now but still very active and I don't remember when he's not been a part of my life.

He's always been very open about going to the bathroom. He took me fishing about 10 years ago when I was 7 at the river. Both he and I had a lot to drink and luckily we selected a space near a restroom building that I think was unisex, although I didn't know what that meant at the time. He didn't want to leave me alone on the river bank while he went in and pissed, but I could tell he needed to. So he made up an excuse for me to go into the toilet, pull of some toilet paper so he could blow his nose and, of course, pee myself. He didn't see me look back as I was walking to the toilet, but I saw he put his fishing pole down, unzipped his pants and was peeing away into the water. I just burst out laughing, and luckily he couldn't hear me. I went into the bathroom, enjoyed pissing in this really large toilet all by myself, and then running back down to where he was. I had forgotten to pull off the toilet paper for him and offered to go back, but he said that wasn't necessary.

Around that time, I also realized that Grandpa Merle was a lot nicer to me than my parents. For example, when we were waiting for grandma's plane to land at O'Hare Airport, he let me go in alone and use the bathroom. I so much appreciated that. When I was with my dad, he would drag me into the mens bathroom and that was just so gross and embarrassing for me. Often, I wasn't able to piss much, if at all, in the mens bathroom and I so hated being forced to use the bathroom. Grandpa Merle understands how I feel. There was also a time when Grandpa Merle and I were at a Yankees game. While he walked me downstairs to the bathrooms and waited right outside the main bathroom door, he allowed me to go in and crap on my own. It made me feel bigger and not so embarrassed by having to walk by 10 or 20 guys standing and pissing into a trough. I made a mistake and sat down without checking for toilet paper, but I waited for the other cubicle to open and then and I quickly ran in and wiped.

Even now Grandpa Merle is so open in talking about going to the bathroom and his sometimes problems with constipation. Yesterday, we had a picnic in the park. He went in twice and tried to crap, but wasn't able to. So on our way home we picked up two large jars of prune juice. I hope it works for him.


Somebody must be accident prone...

The other day I was helping some friends of mine clean up the basement of their townhouse, as they were moving out. While cleaning up, one of my friends held up a plastic bag, inside of which was a soiled pair of underwear. "(Roommate) pooped herself at work a few days ago and wanted me to wash these for her, but that's not happening. Also, a couple weeks ago, she peed herself on the way home from the store. She sneezed and said, 'I think I tinkled a little' and when we got back to the apartment, she asked if it was noticeable, and I saw it running all the way down her leg," she said.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping together it sounds like you both really had to go you mainly and it sounds like you both fel pretty good afterwards and maybe next time you could try a buddy dump if you are close friends just an idea and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

I wonder where Upstate Dave and Wendy & Kirsty went there stories where great I hope they come back soon well thatats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Pooper Mom

3 stories

Hello, my name is Jane Doe and I have brown hair, attractive I guess, and am a mother of 4, two three year olds, a five year old, and a 12 year old.
My first story is about a camping trip that my family and I did together in the summer of 2011. We were staying in a pretty remote part of the woods so there really was no toilets around so we brought some toilet paper along. The first day we were there I felt a good urge to go to the bathroom. Since it was about 8:00 in the morning, I slowly and carefully creeped out of the tent and in to the fresh air. I walked over to our camping chest and grabbed some toilet paper. I went searching in the woods for a little while until I found a suitable spot and prepared. It was a small clearing with soft soil and huge trees surrounding it. So I used my hands to dig a hole in the ground. Once I was done, I pulled down my pajama bottoms and squatted over my hole. I squatted there for a good 3 minutes until a small turd dropped from my bottom. I farted a good long fart and with it out came another small turd. I had to reposition to let a small pee come out. Suddenly, I heard movement just outside of my clearing and my 12 year old son steps in. I looked at him and smiled as he stared down at me. I saw that he was holding a roll of toilet paper in his hand and I let out a small fart. He kept walking and found his own spot leaving me in peace to carry on with my poo. Yet another small turd dropped from my bottom and landed ontop of the others. My actual log came out after that accompanied by some farts. I looked down and saw the light brown and thick piece of poo sitting there. Over all, a healthy poo.

My second story involves my 5 year old daughter and diarrhea. My husband took all of the other kids to their dentist appointments which my 5 year old had already had leaving me and her together alone. We were watching a movie when I got the sudden and urgent urge to poo. I got up and went into the bathroom ( which is in the living room) and my daughter asks me where I was going. " Mommy is going to go potty, okay?" I replied. " Can I come with you?" she asked. I couldn't resist so I let her into the bathroom with me. I pulled down my panties a plopped my bottom on the toilet. My daughter did too on her smaller toilet. I immidiatly started exploding with runny, soft, and wet poos that came out with little farts here and there. My daughter laughed as she too exploded with poo. We had forgotten to close the door when we entered and I just realized that when I heard the others come into the house. They saw us and laughed abnoxiously at us.

My final story is about my 12 year old son. We are really close and sometimes poo in the same in front of each other. He is usually at the spectating side and that was how it was at our hike we took together in the forest we camp in. There are always checkpoints where there is an outhouse and sometimes a map. We had been hiking for a little while wheni got the urge to poo. We were nearing the checkpoint when we got there I stepped into the outhouse letting him in with me. I told him I was pooing and he grinned he always liked seeing me poo (considering my beauty :). ). I pulled down my pants and sat down staring right at his eyes. We get into this zone when one of is pooing and and it's kind of weird. He grinned as I farted and three rewarding plops echoed around the space. I started to push, groaning as I did it to add some drama. He laughed and a huge pllllloooooooppppppp!!!! Echoed around us as the smell settled down. I usually let him wipe so I bent over and he delacatly wiped my bottom.

Hope to hear some comments from you guys and suggest anything I could do to improve my pooing habits. Until next time, bye!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Corn Poop

Well, the nice spring weather is here, and with the early warm weather, the first corn on the cob is here, also. And we all know what follows corn on the cob: a nice healthy corn poop. Yesterday we had a little outdoor grilling session, with bratwurst !d about 12 ears of corn. I had 2 brats, 2 ears of corn. and a side salad. I ate at 8:00 last night. I took a dump at 7:30 this morning, and sure enough. there in the toilet lay a corn speckled log. 11 hours from mouth to ass! How about it, people? How long does corn take to go through your system?

The Pencil Effect

Has anyone else frequently encountered the pencil effect? This is a scenario where you've had a poo and are wiping, but no matter how much you wipe there's always more poo appearing on the toiletpaper? It's because you have more poo inside you and it doesn't want to come out, so every time you wipe there's more of it appearing on the paper. Seriously annoying, because it takes ages to clean up!


comment for Sarah

Great post on the room bin poop experience. Was curious if you peed in the bag too or did it before, it is my experience that most if not all ladies can't poop without at least leaking a little pee. Also if you did pee in the bag did it hold it ok or did it leak? Keep posting your off to a good start

Little Mandi
I don't have any stories to post but I wanted to mention something I saw on a website and ask a question. You know how people on social networks tend to make up the awkward moments? I read one that reminded me of myself. It was talking about someone not wanting another person in a public bathroom hear them pee and flushing the toilet to cover it. I know if its quiet enough in a bathroom I get embarrassed knowing the others can hear me peeing. Especially if its someone I know. Some mornings I like to go to the ice rink to see my team with my friend and I like to have coffee in the morning.Being there most of the day of course I have to pee at least once there. Most of the time me and my friend go pee at the same time and its only us in the bathroom and I get embarrassed knowing she can hear me. I just try to let it out slowly to make it less noisy but I think its pretty impossible to completely make pee quiet.

Now my question. Would drinking a small glass of prune juice everyday help make my poops softer? I hate that my poops are always so hard. I always have to push kind of hard which I hate to do and it hurts.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Skylar its nots fair your mom doing that to you.

To: Alix first welcome to the site and great story about you peeing in that couch cusion and I look forward to stories about other places you find to pee in thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great pooping story and it sounds like you got very lucky to find that shed and it sounds like you took a pretty good dump to and great story about that massive dump you took to bad it happened in your pants but I bet you felt pretty good and a little lighter afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Observant Guy great stories about you over hearing your neighbors going to the bathroom please share anymore stories like that thanks.

To: Pat great story about you seeing that womans accident and and her messy diaper in the garbage that had to be embarrassing for her but you handled in a good way.

To: Karen as always another great set of stories that poopcorn sounded pretty intersting and your puking one that sounded pretty messy and as always I look forward to your next pooping and puking stories thanks.

To: Whistler as awlauys another great story it sounds like you got very lucky smelling one girls poop and hearing anothers nasty one it soundss like she must have been very desperate and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kaitlyn as always another great set of stories and that guy was a jerk for doing that to you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mega Girl as always another great set of stories your first one sounds like you were having a nasty time and then your niece pooping her pants and you pooping in the bowl it sounds like you both had fun and it sounds like you had a good buddy dump on top of that other girls poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Noisy Poopers United (NPU) as always another great story it sounds like youstarted something in that bathroom cause when you started to grunt and poop all the other girls did to it was like a stand off and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sarah first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping in that garbage can it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt better to and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Bri great story about your girlfriend pooping herself while on the toilet it sounds like bad karma she made it all the way and even on the toilet but karma said nope.

To: Timee as always another great set of stories it sounds like you and other girl both had pretty good dump and both probaly felt pretty good afterward and great story about your desperate pee and finaly great story about you and that other girl having a good dump in that subway bathroom and it sounds like she was very desperate and close to having an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: John H great story about your friends long pee it sounds like she has a pretty good sized bladder.

To: Shortie as always another great story and great live coverage and poop by poop coverage to and it sounds like you werent the only one enjoying a nice poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in absolutely ages, we moved house last month and things have been so busy i just haven't had the chance, plus I've had loads on at school.
Leanne- I think it was a post from you I read recently, sorry to hear some of your posts haven't been getting through. I'd love to hear what's been going on for you lately in the toilet world!
Millie- sorry if you don't like pooing at school, I know what you mean. I've managed it by getting in early which gives me time to go for a poo before lessons start, but I live quite close to my school and I realise not everyone can choose when they arrive.
A couple of girls have posted about getting skidmarks in their underwear because they don't get enough time to wipe when they have a poo at school. I sometimes get the same problem, the school loo paper is horrible and scratchy and as you say sometimes I just don't get enough time to wipe my bottom properly. My poos tend to be quite hard and dry so if my knickers are marked it isn't usually that bad, but sometimes if I'm really bursting for a poo it starts to poke out of my bum before I have chance to get on the toilet and then its a lot worse. Most of my knickers are pale pastel colours or white so if theres a big mark it does end up showing through to the back. Like the last girl said though I know a lot of my friends get skidmarks too so at least its a common problem.
I've got a story about sleeping round Katie's the last weekend of the holiday, I've move closer to her so I've been spending a bit more time with her which is great. The morning after the sleepover we just lazed around in our nighties watching telly in Katie's room. I hadn't been for a poo for a couple of days and I could feel a big one brewing in my belly. Just at that moment Katie said "I'm dying for a poo" and went into her ensuite bathroom, I followed her in and sat on the edge of the bath. We can both get a bit constipated and are totally relaxed about seeing each other on the loo, I find it helps if I can chat to someone if I'm struggling to push out a big load, it seems to make it easier and takes my mind off it. Katie went over to the toilet and lifted her nightie, she had kept her white knickers on underneath which she pulled down to her knees before sitting and starting to have a wee. "Ah that's better" she sighed as her wee stream died away and I saw her starting to push, she farted a few times and we both giggled. I shifted position on the floor as I could feel the tip of my poo creeping closer towards my bum. "You're making me need the loo as well!" I complained as Katie bore down hard and let her breath escape with a pant. "Sorry Abbie, I've been a bit constipated this last week or so, I'm gunna really have to grunt this one out" gasped Katie and then pushed again. I carried on talking about nothing in particular to take her mind off it, eventually after several massive heaves and loud grunts there were some plops and shortly after that Katie took some toilet paper and started to wipe her bottom. By now I was squirming around, I could feel my poo starting to force open my bumhole and I was struggling to hold it back. Katie didn't exactly hurry to wipe, by the time she was done and had flushed I knew if I moved I would end up with the poo poking out into my knickers and getting them dirty. I stood up as carefully as I could but felt the poo slide out, I quickly reached up under my nightie and pulled down my pale green knickers but I wasn't fast enough and I noticed that I had a massive skidmark. Katie noticed and said "You should have told me you were that desperate, I didn't want you to end up pooing your pants!" "Don't worry, I need to change them anyway" I said, kicking them off and feeling my poo sliding out. As usually happens with me, it was starting to get fatter so it had soon stopped part way out and I had to start pushing. I started to wee as I did so and it went hissing down into the bowl. After a couple of hard pushes and grunts I managed to pass the widest part and it started to speed up again before splooshing down into the water. I did a few farts before finishing with a few smaller pieces which made loud plops, cue more giggling! I took some toilet paper, quickly wiped my bottom and then flushed, luckily it all went away even though it was a massive load. We went back into Katie's room to get dressed, I looked through my bag and realised I'd forgotten to pack any clean knickers. "Hey Katie, I haven't brought any clean pants, can you lend me some of yours?" I asked. "Yeah, sure, in that drawer over there," she said. "Sorry if there aren't any decent ones left" she said, sounding embarased, as I opened the drawer. I could see what she meant, there were a few pairs of massive white granny pants and that was about all, so I took a pair and put them on before getting dressed. Thanks for reading this, will post again soon, bye for now!

Observant Guy


Hey everyone,

I was in the car with some coworkers and I just happend to glance out the window at cars in the other lane, then I got to thinking about certain times when I am in the car...

1) Has anyone ever been driving in the morning and looked over and wondered if the driver (or passengers) in the other cars took a nice healthy shit before they started their day and morning commute?

2) Do any of the Moms who post here have any good stories about pooping before their children use the bathroom, and end up getting complaints from them about the smell of their shit?

3) on the same subject do any of the moms here find that they have to announce to their children to get in and out quick because you have to poop?

Hope to see some good answers.

Just a guy
Whistler - you've had a lot of interesting pooping experiences that you've posted about. As usual, your experience on Sunday, made for a great story!

Desperate to poop - sorry to hear you weren't feeling well, but it was another great post!

Ryan I would love to hear more about your accidents.

Panty skidmarks at school

I too have a similar situation with getting skidmarks in my panties. I poop between class alot too, and know what u mean when u say there isn't enough time to poop and wipe too, even when there is TP in the stall. So I just poop as fast as I can and get up and pull my panties up in a hurry, usually I'm fastening my belt or arranging my skirt as I'm running out the door back to class. I almost don't make it back to class even when I poop and don't wipe, I can't imagine I'd make it on time always even if I were to do a single wipe while pulling up my panties. Plus, there isn't much point to wiping just once. When I poo at home I stand there and wipe as many times as I need to until the paper comes away clean, but at school I don't even bother. BTW I'm not the only girl I know who does this, one of my friends moms jokes with her about her schoolday skidmarks and is very cool about it, other than kidding that people are gonna call her stinky butt, she tells my friend it's better to poop and not wipe then to hold it and get constipated, and that's why we wear underwear, so that our stains don't get on our clothes. My mom never has said a word about mine, and I know she gets them too because I help with the laundry and her panties have skidmarks sometimes. I do have a solution to the problem, but u gotta do it before school. I tried putting an ultra-thin pantyliner farther back then usual, and my skidmark ended up on the maxi instead of my panties. But it felt weird having it that far back and I only do that if I have an afterschool sport where I can go to the bathroom right after school, wipe good then discard the skidmarked pantyliner, then I don't have to worry about other girls in the locker room seeing my poo stained panties, though I've seen lots of other girls with skidmarks too, even ones that show through the back of their panties. btw I'm 15 and a HS freshman.


"Great" advice

Male college student here.

A few years back, I was working at a telemarketing company. I was sitting eating my lunch when I overheard a couple of ladies talking next to the break room. They weren't making any particular effort to lower their voices; I guess I could just hear them because of how close I was. Also, I probably had an ear for that sort of thing.

"I'm not sure what to do, though, it's been like this for days," the first lady was saying.

"Well, just make sure to stay away from foods with fiber in them, that'll just bulk up your movements (to be honest, I don't remember the term she used here, but it was somewhat obvious) and make them harder to pass," the second lady replied.

"Are you sure?" I heard the first lady ask.

"Yeah." The second lady certainly sounded sure.

When I heard that, I almost fell out of my chair. I wasn't sure what to do; on the whole, women seem more reserved when talking about the bathroom, and no one likes to be corrected, especially when they think they're right. But poor lady #1 was going to be in for a world of pain if she took lady #2's advice.

My guess is, lady #2 had tried fiber, but didn't drink enough water with it. Hopefully somewhere along the line someone set these two straight regarding fiber.

Has anyone ever been constipated due to fiber intake?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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