Thank you everyone for your kind words. I really appreciate them. I am not sure if I have anywhere else to go. I am 17 and I graduate high school next month so I figure I can just wait it out. To the person who asked how I poop at home: I try to go at school when I can, and I can usually hold it over the weekend. But last saturday I really had to go. I tried to sneak into the bathroom but my mom caught me. I told her that I did not need to pee, but poop but she did not care. Back to my room I went. i knew I could not hold it so I placed a plastic bag in my trash can, squatted and pooped in that It was quite uncomfortable and smelled awful. When I was done, I threw the bag in the trash outside.

Hi my name is Alix and I am new to this site. I am 12 years old and female. I really like Car Mom's and Lauren's stories. I wish my mom let me pee in her car. I did once by accident and she was really mad :( Anyway the other day I woke up in the morning and had to pee really badly. I got up and grabbed myself through my pj pants. I ran to the bathroom, but my little sister was in there. I knocked but she had the shower running and the door locked. We have another bathroom in my parents room, but they were asleep with the door locked as well. I knew I could not wait much longer, so I frantically looked around. I was going to pee into a glass or something but then got an idea. I went into the living room and took the couch cushion and flipped it over. It is a leather couch, but fabric on the other side. I pulled down my pants and undies. As i was bending down to sit, I started to pee. It shot out behind me and hit the cushion. I quickly sat and peed more. My butt was getting soaked because I was going faster than it could absorb. I finally fished, pulled my pants up, and flipped the cushion back over. I went back to my room. I love peeing in weird places and will try it again when I can.


Shed relief

I was out in the garden tidying up the garden after I'd cut the grass, when I felt a very big urge to have a poo. I was going to go indoors but when I looked at the black clouds coming over I knew we were in for some heavy rain so I held it untill I'd finished. I finished after about an hour, just as it started to rain and by then I was getting really desperate. My garden is quite large and I was about 80 feet away from the house when the heavens opened up. It was like a tropical monsoon and the shed was right next to me so I dived in there for shelter. I looked out of the window to see the rain running down it like a waterfall and I'd not seen rain that heavy for a long time. There were puddles on the lawn and I knew the rain wasn't going to stop any time soon. That was a problem because I was about to poo myself and I had nothing to go in. There were some rags under the bench and a pile of old newspapers so I bent down to grab them but that made me unclench for a second and I almost went in my knickers. I stood up quickly and regained control but it wasn't easy. Once I felt confident enough to move again I put some newspaper on the floor and pulled my jogging pants and knickers down and squatted over the paper ready to relieve myself. Within seconds I'd produced 2 large turds an what a relief it was. I needed to pee and couldn't help soaking the paper. Once I finished I wiped myself with the rags and bundled everything together, into a neat parcel and waited for the Rain to stop before taking it out for the rubbish.




My name is Mark, I am a 39 year old athletic Afro Caribbean currently living a working in Shanghai. I am very particular with keeping fit and my diet also. Since being here, 4 months now, my BMs have been really messed up, no regular pooping, usually my poos are long, hard and thick and always enjoy checking them, however, here, due to the change of diet, they are usually soft. When I do have a good poo they are very long, hard and thick though, anyway, had not been for four days then had a good lunch at work which must have brought on the BM because half way through the afternoon I went and sat on the toilet, did not take long before 3 long 8 inch logs came out one after the other followed by some softer poop. Now back in the hotel and just felt the need to poo again.

My first time to post on here but the stories are great.

Happy Pooping boys and girls


hangover explosion poo

Oh I had a really nasty poop today.

I'd been out all day previously drinking and was very hungover and not feeling well.

I'd had a few stinky dumps in the morning (as well as being sick)

To try and help recover I went for a nice walk my with my girlfriend along the coast. I still wasn't feeling great but the walk did me the world of good and I started to feel better. After the walk we went for fish and chips and I felt well enough to give some a go. It was actually really nice and I did the me the world of good. At the end though I got another severe urge to have a pooh. The drinking and food from the night before again coming back to haunt me!

I made way to the toilets which were one female and one male. Both were occupied and a lady and gent were waiting so there was not quick entry for me. The lady got in quite quickly which made me feel better as I was getting ready for a big poop and wasn't going to be able to hold it for that long.

A few minutes later the gent went in which gave me two toilets to go for as I was desperate enough to use the single seat gents if I had to.

A few minutes more passed and both toilets were still in use and another lady had now come and joined the queue. I was letting of SBD's which was a bit embarrasing as they were very stinky.

A few more minutes passed and finally I heard the ladies toilet flush and a minute later the lady came out at the same time as the gent flushed.

I rushed in quickly took my jeans down, knickers down and sat down and well the whole world literrally just fell out of my bottom! It was hot, but the relief felt amazing. Just then I heard the other door lock and wondered whether the lady had taken it or whether she was actually still waiting. I had a couple more waves as I had a really good shit. I felt really good and I didn't rush it and just let it come out naturally. I finally felt done after six minutes and very relieved. I flushed, exited and another , but different, lady was waiting so the other lady must have used the gents (after all it was a single cubicle) so why not.

Happy Pooping all

Mr. Clogs


Cheryl: I like your post about your cowoker Anita and her huge bladder. Thank you for describing in detail how long it took to get all that pee out. I guess it will take that long if you haven't gone for a long time.

Sarah: Great post about you having to poop in your room in a trash bin. Wow must of been a lot of poop you made in the bin. I was wondering if had to pee as well and did you wipe after pooping in the bin?

bri: Sorry to hear about your girl friend pooping in her underwear, I bet she liked it but didn't like the messy cleanup.

Nicola: Nice post and I'm glad that you've enjoyed it, I enjoy reading your posts about you and your friend.

A quick post. I had a big poop into the toilet yesterday which was Saturday. I went to the bathroom, took off my pajama pants and underwear off and plopped on the bowl. I let the poop slowly come out of me. I let the first load out which filled the bowl with the brown smelly thick rope. I relaxed a little bit, and slowly let the next load out meanwhile I haven't peed yet because I'm squeezing out this massive poop load. Then I peed into the toilet once I evacuated that massive load of turds out my body. I was pleased by what was produced, I sat there relaxed and enjoyed the moment. I wiped up, put on my underwear and pajamas on and washed my hands and flushed the poop down the drain.

Enjoy your day.

Mr. Clogs

observant guy

Hearing my neighbors

Hello everyone,

I have some stories to share, one from last year and one from more recently…

First story:

Last year a new tennant moved into the apartment above me. Her name was Brenda. Brenda was about 5 foot 6, 160 pounds and african american in her mid to late 40s, divorced and attractive. She worked as a manager to a local business. She normally worked the afternoon to closing at her business and she took pride in her work. at one point in passing one day she mentioned to me that she was going to work the day shift for a while to fill in for another manager while he was away on vacation. One morning while I was cleaning my bathroom, I heard Brenda make a quick dash with heavy footsteps to her bathroom. Immediately after I heard the door close and steps toward the toilet, I heard what sounded like a booming fart. It was the kind of fart that was easily amplified by the toilet bowl because of the size of her butt. There was the sound of peeing and then it got quiet for about 10 minutes, after which I heard the toilet flush. It then dawned on me that Brenda was having her morning poop. I got her to admit that she was a morning pooper later on during a visit to her apartment for some conversation while I waited for my wife to get off of work.

Second story:

My next door neighbor is a slim mexican lady who works for a local company. She is about 5 foot 4 and Im guessing to be about 25 years old. She travels alot on business so I don't see her often but when I notice her presence I have heard her use her bathroom. One evening while I was cooking I noticed her park her car and enter the building in a rush from my kitchen window. I decided to go in my bathroom to see if her rapid movements suggested a need to use her toilet.

Sure enough she entered her bathroom. I could hear the door slam and the clicking of her heels on the tile floor. Next I heard her get close to the wall meaning she was near the toilet. I heard the faint sound of peeing and then a somewhat audible toilet amplified fart. Not quite as large or as loud as Brenda's but noticeable. About 15 minutes passed and then I heard the rumbling of the toilet paper roll (being that the holder is on the shared wall) then just before she flushed I heard her say "wow that stinks." After I guess she washed her hands before she left.

From either woman all I wished was that I could find a way to catch a whiff of their motions, but it was virtually impossible.

I hope you enjoyed my stories.

Ps to Sarah,

In all my experiences with women pooping, I have noted one thing: If a woman doesn't fart much outside of pooping, then they tend to do it more often while pooping and thus leaving a stronger smell of poop in the bathroom than if they didn't fart while pooping.


Post Title: Elderly Accident

Hey everyone,

It's been a long time since I posted last, but I just had something happen to me about 15 min. ago that I wanted to share. I was just in the local Dollar General store and had to piss real badly, so I went up to the front and asked the clerk for the men's room key. Went to the back, put the key in the door and found out it wasn't necessary because it was ajar. Opened it up, and what should be there before my eyes but a ???? elderly woman standing with her back towards me, buck naked from the waist down with her shoes off and her pants crumpled in a heap on the floor. She had a wad of paper towel in her hand, and the air reeked of shit. It was quite obvious that she had had an accident and shit her pants.

She let out a gasp of surprise, and I apologized quickly for invading her privacy to which she said that was all right, and I shut the door. I then called through the door and asked her if she had had an accident, to which she responded yes. She told me that there was another bathroom right next door, to which I responded that my key wouldn't fit because she was in the men's room. She let out a huge shout of dismay at that point "I'M IN THE MEN'S?!!" I told her yes, and she let out a large gasp. I then asked her if she needed anything, some clean underclothes or something like that, and she said no, she had it handled.

I stood there on the pretense of waiting for her to come out, and I could hear her working the paper towel dispenser, tearing off sheets,running water in the sink, wiping shit off her legs, and flushing the toilet, in that order.

I stood there close to 5 minutes, then decided that I'd better not look too obvious. So I went up to the store clerk and explained the situation. She insisted that the lady was in the women's room, and that I had the right key. So I went back again, and met what I was sure was the same lady in the aisle, talking with her young grandson. As I walked past her, I could smell the odor of heavy perfume-like deoderant that she must have used to cover up the smell. I went to the men's and it was empty, sure enough, she had been the one. The room reeked of her bowel movement, and there was a scrap of paper towel stuck to the front inside of the toilet bowl. I took my piss, then washed my hands.

Peering into the garbage can as I threw out paper towel, I could see the evidence of her accident very clearly-an adult diaper turned inside-out filled with fresh, brown and smelly diarrhea. On top of it, a few wet paper towels lay. It was obvious that she had a pants-shitting problem. I finished my business, and exited the restroom to find her still out in the aisle, a little ways from her grandson. I apologized again for barging in, and she just said that she couldn't believe she was in the men's john. I then told her not to feel bad about having an accident, that it had happened to me as well. She gave me a half-smile and said that she wouldn't. I then returned the key to the clerk and left the store.

To Victoria

T.M. Hi Victoria - I really liked your story about your library dump. It would be great if you could share some more. It's good that you disregarded the girls comments - they were being immature and rude. Everyone needs to poo; I'd say the only thing entitled to pass comment on what was coming out of your bottom during your visit to the library bathroom was the toilet bowl you were relieving yourself into - and that can't speak....
I have a few questions for you - if you care to answer them. What is the familiar feeling you get that makes you realise you want to poo? Is it increasing pressure in your bottom - which is what I get. Or is it something else - perhaps cramping in your stomach? Also, was it painful or uncomfortable when the first log came out due to it stretching your bottom or did it slide out quite easily? I just wondered because that really did sound like an enormous load you needed to release - do you eat a high fibre diet?

I was heading to the front of my office building for a meeting with my client. The elevators were right next to the security gate, where you had to have a badge or an escort to get past the turnstiles. I decided to stop at the rest rooms next to the elevators before heading to my meeting. As I passed the security turnstiles, I saw a young guy standing with his legs crossed, looking a little frantic. I really didn't think much of it as I went in to the bathroom and stood at the urinal. This was a very small bathroom with the two urinals nearly on top of the two stalls. In mid-stream I heard the bathroom door slam open. I looked towards the door to see the guy who was in the lobby rushing in. Nothing was going to stop this guy from getting to the toilet. I don't think he even noticed me at the urinal. As he slammed open the door to the stall, I heard him groan. It was the kind of groan you usually make from the relief of making it to the toilet, but he wasn't there yet. He didn't even bother latching the door. He was doing whatever he could to get his pants down. I heard him drop on to the seat and groan again as shit splashed in to the bowl. He repeated the same groan from moments ago. As shit continued to pour in to the toilet, I think he began to get his bearings because he latched the door. I was finished so I headed to the sinks to wash my hands. Even as I dried my hands, shit continued to splash in to the toilet. I didn't stay around long enough to find out if he actually made it, or if that groan was because he didn't make it. I didn't want to be late for my meeting so I headed up the elevators.


Popcorn Confetti Poop

Popcorn Confetti Poop

Wanna hear something funny? I have this popcorn popper that pops the kernels with just hot air, so it's fat free. Had it for a long time, found it while straightening up in the attic. Picked up some popcorn at the supermarket just to test it out and it still works like a charm even after a couple of decades in storage. Great low cal snack high in fiber, good source of complex carbs so it it's perfect for me. Not exactly Crunch N Munch or Fiddle Faddle, but it'll do just fine.

So I snacked on a whole bunch of this stuff last night, and this morning all I can say is man oh man, what a cleanout! especially in conjunction with my nightly laxative. Felt like a million bucks. I looked in the bowl after I was done and the hulls or skins of the popped kernels were floating on top of the water in the bowl looking like confetti almost or the stuff that comes out of those little champagne bottle party poppers, you know, that have the string that you pull. Came out easily with no straining. It was my usual liquid gassy blowout type BM but the popcorn confetti was a new twist on an old tune. The looks of it would have passed for throwup if you weren't sure what it was. More than anything it reminded me of what you see when you look through a kaleidoscope, like the opening to the old TV show Family Affair, if you can picture that in poo poo colors.

DID YOU KNOW that there had actually been a medical study conducted (our tax dollar at work, yay!) which concluded that popcorn is a great tool for promoting regular bowel movements? I distinctly remember an article I read in the World Book Encyclopedia's annual Year book or the Science Year, probably the Science Year, these used to come out each year with gummed stickers for annotating your basic set of World Book encyclopedias. It's the best we had for looking up information before we had the internet. Forgot the exact year but it was one of the early eighties editions. Anyway, this article mentioned something to the effect that " popcorn also increases the size of the stool, thus making for a more easily passed stool" or something close to that. Basically the bigger the BM the less time, at least in theory, it would stay in the colon before the urge to have a BM sets in, the same principle behind Metamucil. Would be great for kids who are fussy eaters to help combat constipation because they don't eat enough ????. Talkin' to you moms out there, hello!

Ashley: Sorry to read of your trouble with the salmon, I'm crazy about baked Alaska wild salmon myself, ????! You were probably dehydrated from chucking so much is what caused your headache. Out of curiosity, did you have any milk or dairy with the meal? Or ice cream for dessert? The reason I ask is that I for one can't mix seafood and milk at the same meal, else I'm sick as a dog later. I didn't know this until I began school, first grade. You see, each Friday they would always serve some kind of fish in the cafeteria for the benefit of the Catholic students, usually a breaded fish fillet square deal on a hamburger bun or fish sticks and of course there was only milk to drink, this was the 1960s after all. The teacher discussed this with my mom after noticing that I get sick and have to go home early only on Friday afternoons, but it was found through experimentation that if I drank something else other than milk with the fish then I was fine so I was allowed to. This teacher had known about this phenomena about milk with fish through years of teaching and many many students before me and she'd seen some other cases of it. I'd either bring my lunch on Fridays, or I would bring Donald Duck Orange Juice on "fish day".

Sarah: As for farting, I can only speak for myself, maybe it has to do with the type of food. I fart a lot on weekends, that's when I do my biggest workout, the most important one of the week, to glyco deplete so I go to the gym to use the machines, seems to happen the most while I'm using the leg press or the abductor machine, but it's so loud in there no one knows. I drink a big shake with a lot of maltodextrin in it right after I work out. I eat a lot of all kinds of carbs on the weekend but stay low carb during the week, and I find that carbs now put me into maximum fart overdrive when they didn't used to when I ate junk all the time. I don't particularly enjoy farting, but the weekend carbups are what the plan calls for so I guess I'll just have to take it.

Brandon and Bob: Hey if you guys want some more vomit stories let me know.

Timee: You Asked, I Answer:
1. Where do you use the toilet? At home, work school, the woods...? home, a lot at school, park, library, church, dep't stores, book stores, supermarkets, woods in the park to take a pee.
Pretty much anywhere I need to go, I do it, but I try not to away from home unless it's an emergency. If the restroom is filthy I just hold it.

2. Do you let others in the room with you? If yes, who? parents, friends, classmates, team mates when we share a hotel room.
Well, I've never invited anyone to come in the bathroom with me, not that anyone would want to, but in a public bathroom or at school what can you do to keep them out. I've been walked in on by every member of my family at some point.

3. How did you find this site?
I put "toilet" in the search engine.
I stumbled across it when I got back on a health kick after a hiatus while searching for info about fiber, constipation, bowel health, and stuff like that.

An old girlfriend from high school came to visit me for a long weekend. We had a great time reliving old times. On Saturday we went out for breakfast, then went hiking on one of my favorite mountain trails. After hiking for awhile, breakfast started to work its way through me, looking for an exit. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do. I didn't say anything and just kept hiking, hoping a bathroom would come up soon. It was all happening too quickly. I knew there were no bathrooms close by, and we were too far away to get back to the start of the trail, where the bathrooms were. I finally told her my problem, that I had to take a shit really bad. She laughed and told me to find a place to go on the trail. But there was very little cover. This was not a heavily wooded trail, and the weekend traffic made it tough for me to hope for any privacy. I was near panic at the thought of crapping my pants in front of a very close friend. By now I had stopped walking because I was squeezing my butt so tight, trying to stop the inevitable. I quickly looked around for any type of cover, trying to act normal as a group of hikers passed us. I ran out of time. A quick burst of shit filled my pants before I could stop it. I was out of options. I ran behind a very narrow tree that offered little cover, and told my friend to watch for other hikers. I was embarrassed but desperate as I dropped my shorts and squatted behind the narrow tree. Shit exploded out of me, noisily splattering on the ground. My own groans of agony and relief joined in. My friend asked if I was okay. I told her I was sorry. She laughed, said it was no big deal, and made a comment about me having a cute butt. I felt like there was still more to come but she warned me there were some hikers coming. I quickly pulled up my pants and rushed back to the path, acting like we were just stopping for water. Once they passed, she asked if I was okay. I told her I thought I would be okay. She asked me if I wanted to keep hiking. I thought it would be better to head back. By the time we got back to the start of the trail, I had to go again. I hustled in to the bathroom and sat on the toilet for another few minutes, letting out the rest of my breakfast. While I was finishing, I wiped my underwear, then cleaned up my butt. When we got back, I immediately got in the shower and cleaned up. I apologized again. She laughed and said it was kind of funny. Eventually I laughed too.

This weekend I'm volunteering at a local community project with my school by helping to clean a park and repair some of the wooden structures. I went with my friend Ben who I knew from some classes we had together. It was a pretty warm day which made it good weather to work in. I noticed the park didn't have any washrooms and since the park was somewhat isolated I was wondering where I was going to go to the bathroom. About half a hour after we arrived they dropped off two largish porta potty building. I knew it must have had two toilets inside but I could only see one door to get in. Around 10:30 I needed to piss because I had already consumed a few coffees. They had placed the porta potties across the park near a small treed area.

I went over and entered into the unit that had been labelled men's only on the right. There were two toilets in the unit but they both shared one very large tank. A plastic wall divider came up from the side at seat level for privacy but there was no full stall enclosure. I took a piss in the urinal and left. After a large lunch I could feel I was going to need to shit fairly within the next few hours but I was somewhat unsure about doing it in the odd porta potty. I couldn't remember if the door locked or not. There were about 50 volunteers and about an hour after lunch I could see that there was already quite a lineup for the washrooms. I would have to wait until it wasn't as busy to go. The hours passed by and it became increasingly more uncomfortable to hold it in. As the day came to an end I was needing to piss and shit pretty bad. I snuck away and went to take a dump since there was no lineup. Just then I heard Ben call out to me and asked if I was heading to the washroom. I reluctantly said I was and he came with me. I was going to shit no matter what, despite the little privacy the unit offered but I would rather shit next to someone I knew rather that a complete stranger. When I entered in I noticed the door didn't lock. Instead there was a switch by the door to flip indicating that both toilets were occupied. I dropped my pants and prepared to sit down. I lifted the lid and saw a lot of poop had been dropped since I had come in earlier in the morning. I lined the seat with paper and sat down. Ben was already seated. He farted and started to drop turds one after another. They landed in the tank with a loud and pronounced thud one after another. I started to push and farted as I let out a good piss that I had been holding in for a few hours. A good sized turd came out with little effort. I hurried to finish and get out of there but it took a few minutes to wipe. I exited out and told Ben I would meet him back at the worksite.

Brandon - Thanks. I've never been in such a situation before. Had poos that floated sometimes but never anything like that.

Mandy - Lol. When I moved into my flat, the water to the toilet can be controlled so it is warm in the winter to stop condensation. I've forgotten how to turn it back to cold so it's warm water all the time.
I have done the same as you and find it a funny and invigorating sensation. Lol

I am more of a flusher than a poo-er, so my experiences are probably a little unusual for this, but I will try to describe more of body function if I post again

Just a guy
Desperate to poop - great story about your poop on the train. You really had to wait a long time for that lady to come out. I'm glad you made it in time.

Shortie - I'm glad you are still posting and that your bowel habits seemed to have returned to normal.

Vincent - great story about your friend Susan having a good dump in the unisex bathroom.

Someone posted that they missed Abbie's stories - I can second that. I also miss those of Leanne, and her friends, Emma & Meg. I know they had problems with a few posts, so maybe the got discouraged & stopped posting, but their stories as well as Abbie's are missed I'm sure by several readers.

By the way, I've traveled on the train several times and recently I had an interesting experience. There was a cute girl on the train - I would say probably college age, but I didn't pay much attention to her initially. When it came close to my stop, I got up and she did too. She went between the cars and I followed. I noticed she looked back & looked a little disappointed. I also noticed she was crossing her legs a quite a bit. When we got to the station, she quickly went for the bathroom. I assumed it just for a pee & that's why she was crossing her legs. Since I had to wait in the station, I kept an eye on the bathroom. She was in there for a good 7 minutes, so I assumed she had a dump, which then made me wonder if she wanted to fart in the middle of the cars. I know I've been around some girls who have farted on the train, but even when that fart smells, it usually doesn't remain in the air that long & in the middle of the cars, if she was by herself, she probably could have easily gotten away, even if someone came in seconds later.

Not looking forward to going back to school. Bet that ill have to poo there first day back


Double Nice on Sunday Morning

With the nice weather, I went to one of our local garden centers on Sunday morning. The center has a lot of plants and a pottery section in a pretty large building. As I was browsing, I got the urge to pee. I thought I'd wait until I went home, but with the morning coffee, I decided to find their restroom. I went inside and there was a door marked "restrooms." From a distance, I saw a woman, another customer, go in the door. I followed a few steps behind and when I opened the door, I saw they had two unisex single restrooms where you went in alone and locked the door. The lady was just locking the door on one, and I saw the other one's door was closed and I could see the light from the crack under the door. Just then I heard the door being unlocked and it opened and there was a young woman who works at the garden center coming out. She pulled the door behind her in a closed position but did not latch it. I've seen her many times when I've been to this garden center. She's cute and very friendly, and she paused and said hello and how's it going. I said fine, and she asked if she could help me with anything. I said, no, just browsing and nature calls. She smiled but looked a little embarrassed and said OK, and went out the main door. I went in the restroom she'd just vacated and was met with a very strong poop smell. I closed the door and locked it and went to the toilet. The girl had put the lid down so I raised the lid and the seat to pee. The toilet was completely streaked with skid marks. She must have taken a huge dump. Little particles of poop were still floating around the water. At that moment, I heard a woman clear her throat. I looked around and saw that there was a vent grate at the top of the wall opposite the toilet, and I could see the light from the other restroom through the louvers of the grate. The woman who'd gone in the other restroom when I came in was the one clearing her throat. I stood there a minute and then I heard a grunt and a loud fart and an immediate torrent of mushy poop coming out, followed by another big wet fart and the woman loudly whispering "Oh, my God." I peed and flushed, which I'm sure she could hear. As I was drying my hands I could hear her pulling toilet paper. She wiped at least 4 times before I left. I went outside and stood nearby to see what she looked like. A couple of minutes later the main restroom door opened and out came the woman, about 35 years old, nice looking, tight jeans, very nice butt. She walked by me and made eye contact and said hi. I said hi back. I thought, wow, a double whammy. The cute girl leaving the smell and skid marks in the restroom I went in and the other lady having a loud BM that I could plainly hear. All in all, a great Sunday morning.


Friend's Accident

A little background, I'm fourteen year old and I'm a guy. Today, my friend I decided to go kayaking. It was low-tide, so we had to go climb through knee deep mud for more than a quarter mile to get to the water. By time we got to the water, it already took thirty minutes.
One the way back we decided that it would be quicker to go to a dock at the harbor and then carry the boats a few block home. So we got to the harbor and my friend says, "I have to pee really badly." So I say, "How long do you think you can wait? Ten minutes?" He says, "Okay." So we are lifting the kayaks out of the water on a dock we aren't supposed to be on, we get out to the parking lot and we are holding the kayaks when he drops the kayaks and starts running towards a port-o-potty that he saw across the parking lot and on the other side of the street. He runs about 15 feet and then realizes that this isn't going to work. All of the sudden, pee rushes out of his pants (which are already wet) and goes all over the floor, his legs, underwear, and shorts. We get home and he has to throw out his clothing.


Some short stories

Hi everyone, thought I'd introduce myself and share some stories. Great to see you all talking so freely here!

I am a 39 year old guy who has been kind of accident-prone all my life. There have been quite a few occasions when I didn't make it to the toilet in time. It happened again today which is what prompted me to write this It's actually really hard to write about (even harder to talk about). I was just walking home, I farted and had an unfortunate explosion!

This also happened on holiday once. I had been drinking tequilas and just got the urge to poop all of a sudden while being driven by my friend. I had to ask her to pull into a gas station, and walking through the kiosk I lost control and had an accident. How I covered that up from my friend I'll never know, well at least I don't think she suspected. Maybe she did but was too polite to say anything!

But the most embarrassing time ever was in a Tescos, when I audibly farted in the line, followed by that familiar feeling when you realise more than you expected came out.

I have also wet myself on occasion when seriously desperate, once on the London Underground which was not fun at all.

I seem to have accidents a few times a year, not enough to cause a big problem in my life but still enough to be something of an issue. I did once see a doctor who said because of the irregularity of it, it was probably nothing to worry about. I could have gone on to get it checked out further, but never did. My dilemma is whether to wear any kind of protection on the offchance it might happen, but it seems a bit excessive wearing it all the time when most days I won't need it.

The other dilemma I have is whether to mention it to people or not. Everyone likes honesty and openness, but there are limits to how much information people want :-)

It's just nice being able to discuss it with people who understand. Keep up the good work folks, and if you want more details or more stories let me know.

To Blind Guy and Car Mom,

I too wondered about clean up and smell. If you do clean up have you had any particular success with a certain cleaner?



1 accident and 1 "accident"

Ok so i was in class and i got a rumble and asked to u use the bathroom but the teacher said no. I thought i could hold on but after 5 minuts i realized i couldnt. Then the teacher call me up to the board and i bent down to do my problom and let out my solid stinky poop into my underwear. No1 realized wut i did exept for when i was leaving the class this ass hole came up to me and pantsed me and the whole class saw tge mess i made uggg. Luckly tge kid is now suspended. I didnt cry i just went all tge way home and took a shower i left my underwear on the counter and my step came in and saw them and she asked what happened and i told her then she washed them out while i cleaned my ass off.

My accident was when i was 18 and it was my ex boyfriends birthday. Me and danielle were at tims house. And i got a need to poop on the way there but held it till i got there. I continued to hold till i was ready to come out. I was on my way to the bathroom before i left i ws struggaling to get my pants down and pooped my pants. I called danielle into the bathroom to tell her i needed a new pair of underwear. She went out to her car and gave them to me i whiped up and put my old ones in a bag for mommy to clean. I still felt something was wrong on the way home. I got home and looked in my panties. Theyhad a skidmark. I forgotto whipe



hey long time read first time posting hope you like it but this is the first time ive told this story. it starts at a communion party for my cousin. it was on a golf corse so thats where all the kid where(btw im like 10 im now 15). so out there i start getting cramps but the idea of holding poop or holding going to the bathroom always facinated me so i hold it. so like 30 minutes later my cramps come back but X50 so i start to run across the abandoned golf corse hands up my but clenching as hard as i could but it was to no avail. as i make it to the hall it starts coming out! i run to the bathroom but it was to late. i paniced and did not know what to do. except i had a felling. i was kinda turned on by this felling of poop. so anyway i just empty out my tighty whities and go comando the rest of the party. i stayed close to the toilet just in case i have to make another load. so that was my first accident and man i never knew it would change my life like that. i know probaly most of you think that it is gross that watching desperation and panty pooping turns me on but it feels good to get off my chest. so if any of you couod put some accident stories. well i hope you liked my first post ever.


Been a long time

I've been lurking a while over the last couple weeks, but was away from the site for some years. The last time I posted was in the early spring of 2001. I was just shy of 39 when I first stumbled on y' I'm 50 (Yikes). In the interim we moved across the country, and I went straight through a Bachelor's then a Master's program in my field so got kinda busy. I'm gay, whiskered, pretty athletic build still, and with the same guy I was back then. We've kept each other company while taking our dumps since we were first together and enjoy the good intimate male bonding of it with a few good buddies too.

One of my first posts was about the open showers, urinals and toilets at the university's old athletic complex, where I did my first (incomplete) stint of college. Talked about how much we'd like to build a military style toilet setup or some such, but we never did get the money together. So we've gotta be content with an open-door policy and some good man-to-man visiting while one of us is bare ass and doing his business. Whatever works, eh?

Not sure who remembers me from back then, if anyone, but if anyone does, let me know. Did a name search of some of my old comrades here (Buzzy, Redneck, Bryian, Jarod, Plunging Plop Guy) but not much luck in the recent results dept. Oh well. Glad this forum is still here, though.
Thanks, folks.

Mega Girl

I'm back

Hello everyone, I'm back! My internet has been down because of a virus called "Windows Component Protecter". It passes as legitimate software and blocks almost all programs so beware! I just got back from work and while I was there I took a monster dump! I was just helping out the last of my customers when an urge started to bother me. So on my break I let go the mother of all turds. Maybe four inches arround and almost two feet long. It felt GREAT to get it out.

My first story took place while camping a while ago. (Great weather where I am) So while out there I accepted that there wouldn't be a toilet and brought toilet paper. On the first day I sat on a log and shit out some diarrhea all over the ground, maybe three waves of soft serve and chunky crap. On the last day I woke up with a load in my panties! More soft serve and I had to throw out the pair I was wearing.

My second story took place while I was out with my fourteen year old niece. Me and her have been very open to each other since the incident at Halloween last year. (I've mentioned it earlier) Anyway we were playing some Wii having a great time when my niece said, "I need to shit!", she has told me since the accident she has became quite fond of pooping herself, so she just let it out. It looked like she was growing a tail until her pants squished it against her butt. I grabbed a bowl that I usually puke in when I'm sick and squatted over it and let out three soft turds.

My last story took place at a caf. I was drinking some coffee when an urge to poop started bothering me. I headed into the bathroom into the strongest stink of poop I've ever smelt! As soon as I walked in a blonde girl maybe 16 came out of a stall and walked out without washing her hands. I checked her stall to find a half flushed coil of one continuous turd. I couldn't help but giggle. I sat down and pooped about two feet of my own coiling poop and left.
That is all for now BYE!!!

Panty skidmarks at school

I too have a similar situation with getting skidmarks in my panties. I poop between class alot too, and know what u mean when u say there isn't enough time to poop and wipe too, even when there is TP in the stall. So I just poop as fast as I can and get up and pull my panties up in a hurry, usually I'm fastening my belt or arranging my skirt as I'm running out the door back to class. I almost don't make it back to class even when I poop and don't wipe, I can't imagine I'd make it on time always even if I were to do a single wipe while pulling up my panties. Plus, there isn't much point to wiping just once. When I poo at home I stand there and wipe as many times as I need to until the paper comes away clean, but at school I don't even bother. BTW I'm not the only girl I know who does this, one of my friends moms jokes with her about her schoolday skidmarks and is very cool about it, other than kidding that people are gonna call her stinky butt, she tells my friend it's better to poop and not wipe then to hold it and get constipated, and that's why we wear underwear, so that our stains don't get on our clothes. My mom never has said a word about mine, and I know she gets them too because I help with the laundry and her panties have skidmarks sometimes. I do have a solution to the problem, but u gotta do it before school. I tried putting an ultra-thin pantyliner farther back then usual, and my skidmark ended up on the maxi instead of my panties. But it felt weird having it that far back and I only do that if I have an afterschool sport where I can go to the bathroom right after school, wipe good then discard the skidmarked pantyliner, then I don't have to worry about other girls in the locker room seeing my poo stained panties, though I've seen lots of other girls with skidmarks too, even ones that show through the back of their panties. btw I'm 15 and a HS freshman.

Monday, April 16, 2012

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