Fart question

Since reading this forum it seems like women are capable of bigger poops then men but my real question is are women also capable of doing bigger farts or farting more often?

My farts aren't that good unfortunately:( But are there any women on here that produce huge farts or fart a lot?

npu (noisy poopers united)

High School Musical (In the Bathroom)

Greetings, fellow toilet enthisiasts. Before i get any farther,i must make one thing certain: there will be NO singing in this post at all. Thank you. And now we begin. The girls bathroom in the junior wing has at least a foot gap under the partitions. You couldnt see anything,but every noise you made was practically broacasted to the room. I was in thereonce, and i came in and thought i was alone. So i procedded to be as noisy as i like. I was halfway through when the girlwho had been to my left the emtire time started grunting too. I froze. Crap! I had just made afool of myself. But i seemed to havebroken the ice, because them the girl to my right started too. It was really noisyin there, and it being a typical nyc public school bathroom, it all echoed back against the cneap tiles. I was rather proud that i had started it all and finished my dump. Good times. Time for some feedback.
Brandon T. :Dude, you deserve a shoutout. You make everyone feel appreciated and never get anything back. This ones foryou, bro.
Amanda: Sorry, that sounded like it sucked. At least he was cool about it.
Ashley: Good story. Slight question:why do you always use exclamation points. Im not trying tobe judgemental. Just curious. Youre a great poster.
Ah well, time to go. Yours till the shit hits the fan, NPU


Going in the bin.

COULD SOMEONE READ THIS AND COMMENT ON IT AS IT IS MY FIRST POST. Hello everyone, I've been reading posts on this site for a while but I've never actually posted something myself. Ok anyway, I was watching TV when i had an urge to go for a poop. The downstairs toilet was blocked so that was a big no no. The upstairs toilet however was fine except for the fact that it had a small tube and I knew it wasn't going to handle this poop. I began to get worried because sooner or later it was just going to come out so I took two plastic shopping bags and placed them in the bin in my room. Our normal bin was outside and was full to the brim so I couldn't do it in there. The bin in my room was about 1 ft high so i had to be careful not to break it. I placed the bags inside and I pulled up my skirt, pulled my panties down and sat down on my home-made toilet. The poop didn't take long to come out and I felt very relaxed afterwards. There were about 3 lumps of poop in there and the bag was nearly full. I took the heavy bags out and did my best to put them in the bin outside.

Hey guys i just wanted to let you know that the Jacob that posted about his aunt Hannah isnt me. So from now on i will call myself Jacob S.


wet bottom

I have a housemate that loves to come into the bathroom when im using the toilet she stands next to me with a big smile on her face as she flushes my bottom on the toilet. I used to hate it but I have come to enjoy the sensation of the cold lapping water flushing my cheeks. when the flush is over I pull up my pants & enjoy the wet sensation. when she's not home I like to sit down & flush myself I feel naughty

Brandon T

comments and stuff

To: Vincent great story about about you hearing your friend Susan pooping it sounds like she stunk the bathroom up and you were there to hear everything and it sounds like that memory will be with you forever and I look forward to anymore storeis like that you may have thanks.

To: Ashley as always another great set of stories your first one sounds like you gave quite the show to everyone and probaly stunk a few out as well and it sounds like you werent alone and you both left your poop for everyone else to see and great story about about you hearing that girl farting up a storm on the toilet it sounds like she must have been pretty gassy and that sucks about you getting sick from that tuna and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amanda great story about you peeeing yourself in your friends car it sounds like you were pretty desperate to pee at least he was kind about it and didnt make a big deal of it and thats a true firend and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenny great story about you massive poop at work and the toilet that decided to not work right at least your poop didnt end on the floor and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Cheryl great story about your friends super bladder I bet she is good on road trips and when she does go its like a fire hose and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Angela first welcome to the site and great story about you peeing in your car it sounds like you found something you enjoy and had a lot of fun to and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Myastery Posters with skidmarks in panties it sounds like you may need to try to get over your embarrassment of being seev it may be hard but its better then marks in your panties just an idea and plese share anymore stories thanks.

To: Karen as always another great pooping story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good outdoor poop and pee I bet it felt great and refreshing and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Blind Guy

To Skylar and Car Mom

Greetings. First of all, what Skylar's parents are doing to her is clearly abuse. If there is anyone you can talk to, I would recommend doing so. If you can, I would let someone know who can help you or interceed on your behalf, if this is at all possible. If you can escape from the living situation, I would do so, even though it will be hard and rough living until you can get on your feet. I know it's hard, from personal experience. What they are doing is not only cruel and, in my not so humble opinion, down right evil, but it could also be quite unhealthy for you as well. I also have a question for Car Mom. I am not trying to judge, but merely curious. How do you deal with the urine smell in your car, house and furniture? Do you thoroughly clean things after peeing in them, or just let it dry? I was thinking it would be best to clean up, because wet furniture and carpeting tends to get mold and mildew if it has no way or time to dry, which would only make the smell worse. I am wondering what you do to keep the smell down, and whether you have received any comments from others regarding any after effects of your escapades. have fun and stay safe. Have a pleasant day everyone.


gf shit her underwear

Title says it all. I've lived with my girl for 4 years, we have 1 bathroom in our apt. Last night we had friends over and plenty of cheap beer was consumed by all. I woke up this morning with a pretty pressing need for a shit, so i got up and went into the bathroom, took care of my business, got up and stepped out of the bathroom to find my girl standing there with a very anxious look on her face, and she was pulling her pajama pants down. She screamed "move! Get out" and as she shoved past me she ripped a really loud wet fart. I turned and watched her step into the bathroom with her pajama pants at her ankles, but a huge brown stain growing on the back of her white cotton panties. She just turned and plopped down on the toilet with her panties still on, rapidly ripping loud diarrhea farts as she took a massive shit in her panties. She just kept saying "oh my god...oh my god" as she sat on the toilet covering her face. I stood watching in disbelief. She said "i can't believe i just shit myself! Get me some paper towles and some clean underwear!"

Caroline: I walk near a park. I time myself in case I have to use the park toilet. I know the closing times. It only has two stalls at one station and three at another. When I was in charter school and HS, I would use that toilet on my way home. Sometimes I would meet a girl from another school or an adult woman. The women looked good. They were in their teens, 20's-50's. I made friends with transgendered guys and girls. No one bothered me. We could sit on the toilet and talk with each other. One half-day, I was in 6th grade and I walked through the park to go home and I wanted to pee. I had done my #2 in the morning at home. I met up with another girl from another charter school and we were talking. We both had to pee. So, we went into the bathroom, unbuttoned our coats, dropped our books on the stall hooks. We were outside the stalls as we lifted our jumpers. I was wearing navy, she charcoal grey, with both of us wearing dark pantyhose. Her panty was a FOL white cotton with red prints, mine a simple white cotton by Carters. We saw each other's cats before we sat and peed. We peed loud and long. It was a cacophony. We sat with our underwear at our ankles and legs apart while we talked.
She said, "Your cat is growing hair."
I told her. "I am 12. I see your cat has nice black hair. Strange things are happening with our bodies. When I make a hard #2, my nipples get hard"
She said, "You too? Same here with me and when I do #1(pee). My #2 comes out in hard logs and pieces and it hurts."
I told her, "Mine is always soft and loose. I am getting my period, so my bowels are hard."
She said, "I do not #2 at school unless I can't hold it. I usually wait until I get home or at the library."
We wiped ourselves spreading our legs wide.
She asked me, "How do you wipe?" I told her, "I open my legs and wipe through the front and I wipe from the front."
She said, "I do the same way."
We pulled up our undies, let down our jumpers and did not flush. We only peed. When we came out of the stalls we reached under our jumpers to fix our underwear and shirts. The girl let out some farts. She said nothing of it and we left and said good-bye.

Another half-day later in spring, I was in the same park when I had to make #2.I felt it in my rectum. It was loose. I stopped in the female toilet. It has two stalls. A female runner was on the bowl with her black adidas running shorts and black Jockey for Her panty over her green running shoes. I was still in 6th grade. I put my books on the hook, pulled down my white Hanes Her Way bikini panty to my ankles and sat on the bowl. The runner asked me, "Toilet paper in there, hon'?"
I said, "Yes, I have. Thanks."
"I don't want you not to have."
As soon as I sat, my bowels exploded soft logs with farts. Splaaaaaat!, Splat splat, splat. Then, there was another wave of soft pieces with another fart. The runner asked me, "You ok in there? You have diarreah?" I told her, "I'm fine. My stomach is always loose. They don't let me go at school. I can only pee there. I hate it." Then there was a series of soft plops. She said, "I have to empty out before I run. I had six pieces in me. I got one more." She peed real long for about 60 seconds, followed by fart and a deep crackle and a plop-splash. I then had to let out my pee. It was not long about 10 secs.Then, I let a wave of soft, loose chunks plop down. She told me how she is a marathon runner and an athlete and how many miles a week she runs. We were in there for about 15 mins. when we wiped ourselves front and back and bet. our legs. We got up and flushed the bowls and came out. When she came out, I saw this rail-thin brunette girl with long hair about 5'6" 100 lbs. with a firm stack under her shorts and black sports bra. Her nipples pieced the bra fabric. She was fixing her shorts, while I was pulling my shirt tail down under my jumper and adjusting my panty on my half-young smooth behind. She said, "Nothing like a girl taking a good hard shit." I liked that park toilet.

I am on a fast. So, I am taking psyllium and glutamine in water every morning, These last few days, my bowels have been thick and firm. I will fast until Easter.

Amanda: I fart a lot when I pee, especially when my bladder is full. I went to a funeral and burial. I was farting at the cemetary. I had to pee so badly, but I held it until I returned to the church. When I got back to the church, I raced to the women's bathroom, unhitched up my black skirt as I entered the stall, slammed the door, let down my white Jockey panty to below my knees, spread my legs and let my pee down in a straight line into the toilet. When I finished, after 60 seconds, I wiped my cat, dropped the paper and flushed. I did remain in the stall and examined the hair on my cat. I was 14 and entering HS.

When I took my GED test, I had to pee because I was nervous. I was waitng outside to be admitted. I was away from the crowd. I started farting as the pressure built up BRRRP, BRRRP, over and over again. I was happy when they let us in. I found the first girls room with lots of stalls. I took one, closed the door, lifted my gray skirt, pulled down my black panty hose and my black panty to my knees. squatted over the bowl and let out my pee. It came out in short spurts, then a steady stream. I had to fight to pull off the cheap toilet paper. I opened my legs and wiped myself, taking care not to irritate my cat. I took another strand and wiped again. Then, I fixed myself and headed to the classroom. I did not even flush. Even in the classroom, I farted a few times, but I did not stink.

I dreaded my first day of hs. I went to this brand-new school made from a former courthouse. I had very few friends there and I was always fighting with adults, teachers, guards, counselors. No one cared about me. I had contempt for them all. I had to pee real bad and I went to the girls toilet as soon as I set foot in the place, A guard asked me where I was going and I told her that I had to pee and she was not going to stop me. I went into the bathroom, slammed the stall door, let down my brand-new khaki skirt from my waist and my new Jockey Microfiber panty to below my knees, sat on the bowl, let out a few farts and peed for about 60 secs. While I was on the bowl, she and another guard came into the bathroom and saw me with my young 14 y/o girlhood exposed and said that I failed to obey. I wiped myself, came out of the stall and washed my hands while they berated me. I got hauled to the dean's office, then sent to class. I made up my mind to get a GED and leave early. If I had to use the toilet towards end of session, I would wait until I left and would go to a major dep't. store where I would be left alone or I would use the subway toilet, if was really desperate. It was an old station in a gentrified neighborhood. So, they steamed the station clean and made it decent. There were no doors but it served the purpose and the seats were always clean. One afternoon, I was in 9th grade. I had to make #2 and I was taking the train home. It was also my period, so my bowels were half-hard. I went in, took a stall, cleaned the seat with paper, dropped my books, lifted my khaki skirt, let down my black panty hose and black panty to my knees, sat on the toilet and pushed out two six inch brown logs and then some small hard chunks While I was sitting, a girl from the Catholic HS nearby entered, spoke to me, took the next stall and, lifted her black and white plaid skirt, pulled down her black panty hose and gray cotton brief undies to her knees, sat on the bowl and let about a series of watery plops and farts and a long pee. I was a freshman. She was a sophomore. While we were sitting, the station janitor looked in on us and saw that we had toilet paper and we told her that we were alright. Then, a transit policewoman looked in on asked about our well-being and she saw us with our uniforms around our waists and undies at our knees and our legs together. We told her we were fine and she said alright and left. The girl said, "I was on the train for one stop and I had to get off. I almost went in my panties. It felt like a diarreah." When we were finished, we wiped ourselves, flushed our toilets, fixed our uniforms and left.

P.N.: I have no real problem as a girl. Sometimes, I like to be alone. As you can see, some of us on the forum are self-conscious. I am glad I am in college and I can be who I am and not be harassed especially when I use a public toilet. I am not afraid to use the toilet in public, church, school, movies, stores, libraries, etc. I just wish that I could have sat on the toilet in public school and be left alone.

Sandy: You really had to make #2 at that rr station. What country are you in? Where I live the rr stations have toilets. I only use them when it is an emergency. Most of my skirts are semi-short. I wear medium-long skirts for certain occasions, mostly church. Long skirts and dresses, I wear with a slip so that it hangs good, My aunts gave me thier extras in white and black. Plus, I bought a few.

Jacob: I will answer your survey and make you happy.
describe yourself black female 20 5' 7" 120lbs.
How often do u poop? 1-3, 4, 5x daily
how often do you pee? many
how much poop is there when you go? moderate to large. It is loose and mushy. When I an having my period, then it is firm in chunks.
are you gassy when you go? sometimes, if I eat a heavy meal of spicy foods, meats. chicken and vegetables.
does it smell? not often
would u let others watch you poop or pee? yes
does peeing or pooping turn you on? yes
have you ever had a peeing accident? yes when I was very little and a few close calls.
have you ever had a pooping accident? not as a child of reasonable age.

Karen: EEEWWWW! How disgusting, no wonder he is your ex.

npu:Finally, a survey to all the other viewers:
1. Where do you use the toilet? At home, work school, the woods...? home, a lot at school, park, library, church, dep't stores, book stores, supermarkets, woods in the park to take a pee.
2. Do you let others in the room with you? If yes, who? parents, friends, classmates, team mates when we share a hotel room.
And finally, 3. How did you find this site? I put "toilet" in the search engine.

John H

friend taking a long pee Post Title (optional)

Hey again. Hope I am not bothering people by posting again but I Wont be near a computer for the next while so this will be the last post from me for a few days.

If anyone reads my older posts they will see that I have a small recorder that I put in the bathroom when I think I can record some nice peeing sounds. The first time this happened was a total accident but when I heard the results I had to try it again.
Around 2 weeks ago a friend was over for a night. I will describe her, she is small around 5 foot 3 with blond hair to her sholders and blue eyes. Lets call her Leasa.
My partner, Leasa and me went shopping early in the morning, well they went shopping I just walked around as I am not a big shopping fan. After a while we got hungry so we went to get some food. As we were eating we were talking about this and that and the conversation continued on long after we had finished the food. We did drink alot of tea though and when we left to go home I needed a pee. We took the train and by the time we made it back the need had gotten worse. I knew I wouldnt be the only one heading to the toilet as we had all drank alot and nobody had went to the toilet where we ate. I grabbed my recorder as soon as we got in the door and headed for the toilet. I Took a nice long pee and switched on the recorder. I put It behind the shower curten then washed my hands and left the bathroom. I was less than 2 minutes in the living room when Leasa excused herself and went up to the bathroom. After she came back we chatted a while and then I went back to the toilet and got the recorder. the recording starts with me in the bathroom so I skipped on to where Leasa comes in and closes the door. The sound quallity is very good so you can hear everything. You can hear her clothes russling and a belt beeing undone and the sound of her sitting on the toilet. As soon as she sits she begins to pee. Her pee splashes into the toilet and she pees a steady streem for over 30 seconds. Then the streem increases as she pushes the pee out. this lasts for another 10 seconds and her streem trickles down and stops. Then it begins again but not as strong and it ends with some small drops of pee. She must have got every last drop out as she stays sitting and lets all the little drops out. She must have been holding it back for a long time. She breaks off some toilet role and wipes and then you can hear her getting up and her clothes and belt beeing done. She flushes the toilet and leaves without washing her hands. I hope you enjoyed that. It would be cool if i could share the recording with you all as i am sure alot of people would love to hear it. Leasa cald me the other day and she wants to come and visit soon so if she does I will try and get more recordings and I will let you know how I get on. I may even get more than a pee next time.

Hey all. For the last while my pooing has not been as solid as it once was but today was very different and it turned out to be one of the best ones I have had in a while. When I was in bed last night I began to feel a poo coming on but it was nothing major, just a twinge and I was to lazy to get up so I just went asleep.
When I woke this morning I could feel something bruing so I knew it wouldnt be to much longer before I would be visiting the toilet. I was on my computer checking emails and stuff for a while before I got up and had breakfast. After breakfast my dump was heading for my back door and I had a feeling that it could be a big one. I sat on the toilet peed and waited.
Nothing happened so I gave a small push to get things started. A log began to push its way out. At first I thaught it was a bit on the soft side but as the log came out I soon changed my mind. It just kept coming and coming slowly out of me. The log broke and plopped into the toilet but it was still coming out of me. I relaxed and after another few seconds the rest of the log slid out and joined the first part in the water. A few seconds later another log began to crackle its way out and this one was even bigger than the first. It streched my ass and felt so nice as it just kept coming. after a moment it began to strech my ass even more as it got wider and the log stopped moving and I enjoyed it just hanging out of me for a few seconds. I opened my legs and the smell wofted up to my nose. it wasnt to strong as the log was well formd. I didnt want to pinch it off so I gave it a small push to help it along and it began moving again. It started to move quicker after the widest part but it still continued without breaking and I relaxed and let it flow. I sat back and I couldnt remember a time when I took a dump as big as this.
When it dropped in the water it didnt make much sound as the log was so big that it was already in the water so it didnt have far to fall. I relaxed for a minute and got my breath back then pushed to see if there was anything else waiting to come out. After a minute some smaller lumps came out. I wiped myself and then came the next surprise. It only took me 2 wipes to clean my ass. I was expecting alot more considering how large the load I just released was.
I Flushed the toilet and was glad of the strong flush as I didnt want to have a blockage to deal with, I washed my hands and left the bathroom.
The next surprise came before dinner when I felt some more activity going on in my lower body. I thaught there couldnt be any more poo inside me but maybe there may be a small bit that was left behind from earlyer.
I sat on the toilet and peed as a healthy sized log came out while I was peeing. This one was not as big or as solid as the earlyer ones but it left me wondering where all this was coming from as I am a thin person. I pushed again and another softer lump of poo came out followed by some farts. I could feel more and pushed again. More farts and after some more pushing some very soft hot poo came out. It burned on the way out but in a Nice kind of way if you know what I mean. I pushed one more time and a tiny bit of poo came out. I knew I was empty at last so wiped up. took alot more toilet paper this time and I could feel my ass tingleing for a while afterwords from the hot poo.
Thats all for now. Sorry for such a long post but I wanted to post that while it was fresh in my head. I have another story but I think it would be best to do a seperat post to save this one beeing even longer than it already is.


Massive poop accident

I hadn't pood since Sunday and today is now Saturday, so you can imagine how badly I needed to go. I went out to the woods to do it because there's no way my toilet would handle that amount of poo. I took along some toilet roll and wore a skirt as it would be easier to leave in a hurry if someone came along. When I got to the woods there were a lot of people about and I couldn't find anywhere private to do my business. I was really desperate and had to clench like mad to keep control. My bowels ached and I was worried I wouldn't find anywhere to go before it was too late. I searched for half an hour with an ever increasing urge to poo but there was nowhere private. I was sweating with the effort of clenching for so long and I felt the poo pressing down on my anus. It threatened to force it open and I had no more strength to keep clenching. I was about to poo myself and with all these people around I had to think fast. I panicked and ran around holding my bum in a desperate attempt to avoid pooing myself but it made the problem worse and I felt the warm sticky sensation of poo between my bum cheeks. I pressed my fist into my buttocks which spread it everywhere and with the enormous pressure of 6 days of holding it the mess was really bad. I gave up trying to hold it and removed my fist. Then with a big rush, my bowels extruded a huge mass of semi soft poo into my knickers, quickly filling the seat, then the back and finaly the front of my underwear. When it stopped I felt a tremendous relief but I wasn't finished yet. I still felt full but the aching was gone at least. My knickers were hanging off my hips from the weight of of all that poo and I wasn't even half finished! I couldn't take them off in public so I kept them on untill I eventually found a spot behind a large bushy area of the woods. Taking my knickers off was easy as gravity did most of the work. All I did was take my trainers off and let then fall to my feet. I couldn't believe how much poo I'd done. I'm a skinny petite woman but I like my food. There must have been about 3 pounds in those knickers and there was still more to come. I squatted over them and purge out another big load on top of the first which felt so good. Actually it was better than words alone can describe. It was almost like having an orgasm that lasted for several minutes. How good is that!?
The cleanup was quite a challenge. I had poo in places you wouldn't believe and I just got the worse of it off with the toilet roll and finished the rest when I got home.

I was in my last class for the day and had to take a shit pretty bad. I had been holding it in since lunch time and would need to go as soon as the lecture was finish. After class ended I went to my preferred restroom on one of the quieter floors above. There was a two stall bathroom that was usually always empty at this time. I took the handicapped stall and locked the door before setting my bag down. I noticed the toilet bowl had almost no water in it like it has been clogged but I didn't bother switching stalls.

I quickly dropped my jeans and boxers and sat down. I farted noisily which felt really good while I pissed. I strained and slowly started to push out the turd that I had been holding in all afternoon. It took a bit of effort to come out but landed into the dry bowl with a pronounced thud. I peered down to see a very thick and long turd sitting in the basin of the bowl. While I certainly felt a lot better, there was still a uncomfortable feeling like I needed to release more. I pushed again and let out a noisy fart as I released another turd that was just as thick but about half the length. I took a good amount of toilet paper to wipe. A guy came in and took a quick but noisy shit in the stall next door as I was wiping. I flushed and the water filled the bowl back up but stopped short of flushing anything down. I flushed again but the toilet seemed to struggle quite a bit to take everything down leaving a lot of skidmarks. I figured it was probably already clogged before I took a shit in it. I pulled my jeans back up and washed up before leaving.


Grad School

Hey all,

I haven't posted in ages but here is a quickie. I've been going back to school over the past year and have had the opportunity to hear and see lots of pretty you'd women peeing and pooping in the women's room. Just a few minutes ago I was studying in the upstairs floor of the library and finally have to give in to the urge to take a shit, which had been lingering for a bit, but since I was alone I put it off, not want to pack up my valuables ( it's a small And fairly safe school but one never knows, especially when it comes to something like a laptop). This is a common occurrence for me in the library, for some reason I ALWAYS need to shit there.
Anyway I go into the first stall, surprised to see a wad of toilet paper with a large amount of moist poop on it, but no poop in the toilet. It seemed like the first wipe you would take after a messy bout of soft serve shit, but we're was the rest? If anything a person maybe took their shit wiped a few times then flushed, but why would this extra wipe have SO much shit on it?

Also this may have been mentioned, but on Tosh.0 the other night there was a great clip of a woman pooping in the corner of a grocery store. It must have been urgent, because a huge pile of semi soft poop came flying out of her. Wondered if it was some sort of revenge on the store? Either way it was caught on camera and is on YouTube now.

Happy toileting


To Car Mom

Hey Car Mom,

I love your stories...could you possibly tell the stories about the pees you had in Lori's minivan!?


Well im currently writing this post on my phone at the hospital. Laura is in labour and im her birthing partner. I need to pee + believe i could poop so whilst Laura is being examined im heading the toilets. Feels strange being back on the maternity ward. 7 weeks ago today that was me in agony. Ive arrived at the toilets and i see all 4 are occupied. Ill be live pooping if i need to go. Oh a cubicle has become free. Heading in to the cubicle. Loosening my trousers and dropping my pants. Here goes-my pee first-pissssssssssssssssssss. Not overly long this time. Cubicle next to my right vacates and now just me and AN other remain. Going to try to poop. UHHHHHHHHHHH. Think i may need to go. Again. UHHHHHHHHHHH. Yep i do. Can feel it at the tip of my butthole. I can hear plops from other woman as i push. Again. UHHHHHH, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP. That felt good. More, keep pushing. I hear the toilet flush and woman leaving. UHHHHHH, PLOP, PLOP. Done. Now im wiping, flushing. Washed my hands and now heading back to Laura.


Spicy BM and Poot Mystery Solved

Mystery Solved!

Well, I've finally found out why I've had the really spicy BM's and farts. Pepperoni. That's right, the ordinary sliced stuff from the supermarket that goes on pizza. I've started eating it on Mondays after my weekend carb up to get back in ketosis faster because it's so high in fat. The pepperoni would also explain the red color in my poop too.

Adrienne: I like my crème eggs cold from the fridge. I bite off the top and eat the centers. By then the rest of the chocolate shell is melted and gooey and just plain ????. Always eat real food before though, unless you want to feel like you've been kicked in the stomach by a mule!

Brandon and Bob: So Brandon, I didn't know you liked vomit stories, you should've told me earlier. So I guess this one is for Bob and Brandon.
One time I did the ol' heave-ho in the kitchen sink, you know that feeling when you're about to lose it and you're afraid to move because you'd lose it for sure? That's what kept me from trying to get to the bathroom, I'd just gotten finished doing the dishes. I had to stand there paralyzed hoping the feeling would just go away. The sink had two compartments, the left is where I kept the dishrack for the clean dishes to dry after being washed. On the right side is where the disposer is, that's the side of the sink where I heaved ho into. Used the sprayer to rinse it down the sink, and the water wouldn't drain down. No problem, I'll just flip the switch and turn on the disposer. Big problem. I forgot to put the stopper in the left hand sink basin before I hit the switch and the water and vomit sprayed up from the left side drain like a volcano, all over the cabinets, the wall, the curtains, my hair and clothes, and I had to rewash all of the dishes in the rack. Some of it even managed to get inside the upside down drinking glasses that had been drying in the dish rack, it was the type of open bottom dishrack that suspends over the basin of the sink. Pretty nasty. Really took some effort to get the stink out of and off of everything.



I must have eaten really crappy (no pun intended) yesterday, because last night and this morning I had the worst case of diarrhea I've had in awhile.

It started about 5am, I woke up with a horrible sensation in my lower stomach. I'd had trouble pooping the day before, so I figured maybe it was just a fart. I tried to fart and let out a little one, but before I knew it a spurt of chunky fluid gushed into my soffe shorts. I wasn't wearing underwear, so I could feel the wet spot in the back of my shorts. Doing my best to clench my cheeks, I climbed off of my bunk bed (I live in dorms with a roommate who was sleeping quietly below me, thankfully I didn't wake her up), opened the door, and waddled down the hallway to make it to the bathroom. I unloaded the rest there, and wiped the little spot on my shorts with toilet paper. I then headed back to bed.

At about 8am, I awoke again to the same feeling of pressure. I don't know why, maybe I thought I'd have better luck this time than the last, but I tried to fart. I let a few escape and my stomach felt better, so I tried to fall back asleep. My stomach kept making gurgling noises, though, and about five minutes later the pressure was back. I tried to fart again, but this time another spurt of diarrhea flew into my shorts. I repeated the same ritual as the last time, heading to the toilet, cleaning up a bit, and then back to bed.

Finally, I woke up for good around 9. My stomach was still a bit painful, but I didn't have to go too badly yet. Still, I headed to the bathroom and let a little bit out before I heard footsteps and my roommate walked into the bathroom. I'm a bit shy about the whole pooping with others in the bathroom thing, so I wiped and got out of there before I finished.

I went back to my room and, noticing the small stain from before was visible on the back of my shorts. I slipped a pair of red sweats on over them, and headed downstairs to our study lounge to get some homework done. About an hour later, it got to the point where I decided I should go again. As I got up from the chair, I had to clench my cheeks to prevent any poop from seeping out. I headed to the door that led directly from the lounge to the laundry room (where the bathroom is), but it was locked. Getting pretty desperate now, I waddled out the front of the study lounge and into the laundry room through the hallway (the setup is hard to explain, but there are 2 ways to get into the laundry room from there). Of course, the bathroom is in the back of the laundry room, and about halfway there I started to go a little in my pants. I sped up and made it to the toilet. The stain in my shorts was getting bigger, but no damage had been done to my sweats, so I was in okay shape. I pooped all I could into the toilet, cleaned up, and headed back to the study lounge.

No joke about fifteen minutes later, my stomach started to gurgle like crazy again. I decided to fart and if some came out, by now it didn't even matter. So I farted into the cushion of the chair, leaking a bit of diarrhea. Then, I just decided to let a little more out. I lifted my seat from the chair and pushed. A gush of diarrhea rushed out, and I sat back down. I decided I better clean it up before it soaked through to my sweat pants. On my way to the laundry room, I walked awkwardly, I could feel the mess slipping between my buttcheeks. When I got through the door, I saw that a few girls had come in to do laundry (just my luck). I tried to walk and act normally, and no one seemed to notice anything. I made it to the bathroom, let out the rest of my diarrhea into the toilet, and wiped what I could out of my shorts. Pulling up my pants, I realized there was a small, brown wet spot on the back of my sweatpants. Wearing only a tank top above them, I had no choice but walk back through the laundry room and hope the other girls didn't notice I had just pooped my pants. I don't know if they did, but I walked back to the study lounge (which was empty other than me), where I stood behind a desk and took my pants and shorts off, balled up my diarrhea shorts, and put my pants back on. I went back up to my room, which was empty thankfully, and threw my clothes into the hamper, showered, and changed.

So, basically, this morning, I sharted a few times and pooped my pants with diarrhea both by accident AND on purpose. It's safe to say it's been quite an eventful day. My diarrhea has stopped, though, for the time being. My stomach doesn't feel quite perfect, though, so we'll just see if I have anything to report later on or tomorrow.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Well my last post seems to have gone missing again. It's happened a few times now- sorry if people are missing my stories, it's not my fault honest!

I wonder what has happened to Abbie- I haven't seen her post here for a long time. I miss her stories- if you're out there please start posting again!

Today I pooed after a curry yesterday. I was at home so I went to the loo and pushed out three wet logs and then a few farts. After a while two more pieces came out and then two tiny bits of poo and I was done.


Hiking in Germany

My story happened close to ten years ago now, but I still recall it as though it were just yesterday. I was spending several months backpacking around Europe. I met several interesting people in the hostels in several counties, but my favorite experience (and the part relevant to the forum) was in Germany. I was staying in a male-only room at the hostel, but both sexes shared a communal rec room. I became friends with a girl in her late 20s named Susan who lived in Germany until she was five, but had no real memories so she had returned to see her homeland.

A group of us, including Susan, planned a hike in the woods for the next day. We left early in the morning and we stopped at a picnic area for lunch. After eating, Susan said she needed to use the toilet and I said I did as well. The others said they would go on ahead and we could catch up. So Susan and I went over the toilet block, which was a unisex facility.

There were two stalls and a third "stall" with a urinal. I only had to pee, so I used the urinal and Susan went in to a stall. We began to pee at roughly the same time though she finished before me. I was zipping up when there was a sharp plop and a heavy smell emanated from her stall. I washed my hands as she let off a couple more plops. I really wanted to keep listening and smelling her poop, so I exited the bathroom but went in almost immediately after pretending to be a different person entering and I went in to the vacant stall and sat. She was still plopping away and the smell was incredibly intense.

After a while, she started to wipe and then flushed the toilet. She left the stall and washed her hands. After she had left the bathroom, I waited a little bit longer and then I too left. I caught up with her later and she seemed surprised as she thought I had left before her. I explained that I thought I was done, but turns out I wasn't. She said she hates when that happens and then nothing further was mentioned regarding toilet matters for the rest of the hike. (A shame, as I'd have loved to chat to her about her stinky poop)

hey everyone! hope you guys had a blessed and Happy Easter! ive recentley had some bad experiences to share with everyone involving food! On March29th 2012: iwas required to babysit my guyfriend who is disabled his name last name is barron: i have previously mentioned him in previous past events that i have shared on this forume! i was baby sitting him they had salmon for dinner! i had never had it before! so i tried it! it turns out barrons loved it! for me i could care less for it! i didnt like it at all! however my bowels are a different story! the salmon gave me awesome results for my bowels! at 11pm that night i stopped at the gas staion that is near my apartment complex! i went in and immediately saw that the door to the ladiesroom was open! i made a mad dash for the restroom! upon entering i took the handicap which was the second stall! immediately i closed the door and sat my self on the tiolet! i could almost feel immediately that i would be seated on this tiolet for quite somtime! i knew that there was too much in me that needed to come out! i immediately started peeing! my stream started out slow but quickly started picking up speed! this continued for only 10 seconds! then i could feel my bowels starting to activate! my first turd was slowly was making its way out! moments later i heard someone else enter the ladiesroom: immediately upon entering the woman said: "its smells horrible!" she then entered the stall next to me! i saw that the women was wearing black sandles and her toe nailswere painted a light violet color! she began peeing her pee stream didnt last that long! then immediately she began to poop! it didnt last that long! the woman began wiping! moments later she flushed the tiolet got up and exited the stall and went to the sink to wash her hands! then she left the bathroom! at this point in time i was still shitting up a storm! the woman was a burnette with darker hair than me! by now the bathroom was smelling extremely foul thanks to me realeasing my massive load! moments later another girl entered the bathroom she took the stall right next to me! she had on tennis shoes that were teal and turquiose! she had red hair! she looked to be about my age! she started peeing! her pee stream was quite loud and started very quickly! then it stopped! the redhead made let out a quick sigh! then she started moaning! i knew that she needed to shit badly! meanwhile i was still exploding allover the place! my neighbor was pooping up a storm as well! between the two of us the bathroom smelled quite awful! then my neighboor let out a quick fart! then she continued to moan! i looked at my watch it was like 11:35pm! i couldnot believe that i had been in the bathroom for over a half an hour! the redheaded began wiping! then she exited the stall without flushing she went to the sink and watched her hands! she said i feel a whole lot better! she left the bathroom! by this point i was almost done! i begab wiping! i had to use twice as much toilet paper to clean my ass! it took me 15 minutes to wipe myself! after finished wiping i deposited the tiolet paper into the tampoon despencer! i stoodup to look at what i created in the tiolet! i noitced that i completley filled up the tiolet! i wouldnt have flushed anway! i knew that there was no way that the tiolet would flush at all without overflowing spilling all over the floor! i just left everything the way it was! i immediatley exited the stall without flushing! i went to the sink to wash my hands really good! i spent probably close to 5 minutes washing my hands with soap and warm water!

On March 30th: the unfornate bad experience that occurred : i was out an about i voimted five times from the salmon! i was fine for the rest of the day ! later on that evening i got sick again and voimted several more times! i developed a terrible headache! i eventually went home went to bed! the next morning i was back to normal! from this bad experience i have learned not to eat salmon ever again!



Question for Skylar

Have you had to poop at home since your parents stopped letting you in the bathroom?

Brandon T

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To: Shortie as always another great story it sounds like that other woman was really desperate and having a pretty nasty dump and it sounds like you had a pretty good dump yourself and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great pooping story about you and your friend Laura it sounds like she beyond desperate and probaly just miliseconds awy from having an accident and it sounds like she really had to go alot and it sounds like you had a pretty good dump yourself at least you didnt have diarrhea like she did and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop as always another great desperation story it sounds like you got lucky that lady got done when she did other wise you probaly would hav had an accident from the sound of it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen as always another great pooping story it sounds like you learned your lesson and that sounded like a really nasty dump I bet you felt great to finaly be done and great puke stories to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great peeing story and it sounds like Laura is starting to enjoy it more and it sounds like you all gave your car seat a good soaking and had alot of fun to hopefuly you can do it again and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sandra as always another great pooping story it sounds like you your mom and sister all had different styles but it seems like you all were open about it which is good and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jacob great story about you hearing and seein your aunt Hannah pooping it sounds like she really had to go and then you seeing some of it when she was done and please share anymore stories you may have about her and/or anyother woman going to the bathroom you may have thanks.

To: The Thirty Something Female as always another great story and it sounds like you really had to pee alot and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


massive pee in friend's car

I had what has to have been my most embarrassing bathroom moment in my adult life the other day...i recently got a job across the country and it's been a tough couple of weeks with all the stress of getting things together and saying bye to everyone out here that i care about. One day i set aside to spend with a good friend of mine who i used to work with, he and i are a lot alike and we grew to be like brother and sister. Well we spent pretty much the entire afternoon together, we had lunch and then went somewhere else to pick up some stuff i needed then we had a couple drinks. After drinks, we were in the car and decided to go back to my place to hang out for a little while. So, we were in the car, on the highway stuck in moderate traffic, when it hit me that i had to pee, and i had to pee quite badly. I guess it was the buzz from the couple of drinks i had but my bladder seamed to go to red alert in a hurry. I was practically holding my breath i was working so hard to control my bladder. I had my legs crossed firmly and i anxiously bounced my foot on my top leg up and done and i subtly had my arms folded in my lap holding my bladder. I was sitting perfectly still and rigid, wondering how it was possible that i had to pee so bad. I legitimately started to fear that i was going to wet my pants, and that NEVER happens to me! I just stayed still concentrating so hard on holding it all in. I started feeling like i was tearing up and i started to breathe a bit heavy like i was panicking. I looked out at the endless concrete wall to both sides of the highway and cars all around, no exit close by and no where to stop and get out. It got to the point where every 30 seconds or so it felt like all the pee was surging up ready to start squirting out, and i'd have to struggle really hard to regain control, and when i did, a little pee would come out. After it happened for like the 5th time i began to feel dampness in the gusset and seat of my panties, and i came to terms with the fact that i was officially peeing my pants. I didn't let go just then...i figured i owed my friend the courtesy of a i said "um, I'm sorry...this is really must be the drinks i had but i have to go pee sooo bad right now.....and i think I'm gonna go in my pants." The second i finished saying it, a steady stream of warm, tingling pee started squirting into my pants. I peed at a good force for a few seconds before being able to cut off the flow, but i definitely felt the hot wetness spread over my whole crotch and under my bottom a little before i stopped it. My pants were already wet enough that it was an official pee accident, and i still had to go so bad and felt no relief at all, so i knew it was gonna be a lot... after my confession followed by the first big leak, he said "seriously? You aren't able to wait at all?" I looked at him, trying to fight back another surge and said "i tried...i'm already peeing...I'm so sorry...i really need to go..." i began to pee some more. I felt more tingling warmth spreading under my butt, and then it all just broke loose. I started peeing full force into my pants.... i was trembling from embarrassment! I just kept saying "oh god I'm peeing...I'm peeing...I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry!" I completely and totally wet myself. My entire butt was drenched all the way up to the waistband of my jeans in the back, and there was wetness spreading up onto my hips from underneath me and obviously my entire crotch was soaked and a large, dark wet spot was plainly visible in my lap. My jeans felt absolutely soaked, like i had fallen in a pool or something. If i had stood up i would've been dripping wet for a few was a major, major wetting accident to say the least.

I just sat there in shock, afraid to move, and my friend was clearly astonished. He was speechless at first and he had this sort of half grin on his face and a look of total disbelief, and i just mumbled "I'm so sorry..." a couple of times. Then he just very matter-of-factly goes "hey, when ya gotta go ya gotta go. And since there's no toilet in my car, well, what could you do?" I couldn't believe he was so understanding that I'd just peed like a gallon while sitting in his car and totally saturated the seat with urine. I told him "i cannot believe i couldn't hold it in...this is so embarrassing. I will totally pay whatever to have the seat cleaned...." he told me not to worry about it at all, that it wasn't my fault and that he knew how to clean it up without spending much money. Basically he went out of his way to try and make me not feel like a baby and a loser for wetting myself in his car, which was really sweet. I started tearing up, partially because i felt embarrassed and overwhelmed by my accident and partially because i was realizing just how much i was going to miss him...

After what felt like an eternity of sitting in the car in my pee-pants, we finally got to my house... we got out of the car and i started walking gingerly toward the house, i felt this unsettling woosh of cold air against the wetness of my pants as i got out of the car, and the sogginess and my jeans clinging to my skin when i walked felt really weird. As i approached the house he said "wow you really did have to go" and i said "huh?", and then he goes "your butt is completely wet haha, it goes all the way down to your knees. Not a dry spot until your shins! Wow!" I felt my face light on fire with embarrassment and i just said"shut up!!!! I did really have to go because of the stupid drinks we had." He just laughed again and said."ok ok. Do you have a wet-dry vac by any chance?" I did, and i told him where it was and then i went off to quickly shower myself and put dry pants and underwear on.... my once light gray panties were a nice charcoal gray from all the wetness, only the upper half of the front was still dry, and the narrow parts on my hips. But there wasn't a dry spot to be seen from the crotch all the way under and up the seat to the back waistband. They were so soaked that as i began to pull them down they just kind of dropped from the weight and splatted onto the floor! They were sopping wet and made a small puddle on my was so gross. after i was done quickly showering a threw my panties and jeans into the tub and changed the shower head setting to the high pressure massage spray and just blasted and rinsed the pee off them as much as i could, then rung them out and draped them on the sides of the tub to dry a little before putting them in the hamper to go to the laundromat. I washed my hands again and felt soo much better in dry, clean pants and underwear. I went outside and my friend had finished using the wet dry vac on the seat, and was applying an odor eliminator, and he asked if i wanted to see the pee inside the vacuum, to which i declined! Then he just told me how to clean the vacuum so it wouldn't smell from the pee. He used to detail cars and i guess he used wet dry vacs a lot and learned about that stuff, but eitherway, I'm so glad he knew how to clean the pee from the seat so well! I told him that, and he joked "well even if i didn't know what to do, at least I'd always have your pee smell in my car to think about you when you're gone!" I laughed half heartedly, and then we hung out for the rest of the day and i tried not to ruin what was an emotional day by peeing in my pants again. What a way to remember me before i head across the country...but he couldn't have been more understanding ad sweet about it. Which is why i'll miss him so much....


Accident at work

Last night,as I was leaving to lock up, I felt a growing urge swelling deep down and knew I had to go. I didnt want to have an accident in the car on the way home, so I rushed into the toilets, up down and wow, relaxed to feel something emerge and fall into the waters below. This was immediately followed by a second, which finally dropped after what seemed like ages. I wiped and stood to see an enormous poo sticking its head up, with a smaller one nestled alongside. In went the wad of paper, up down and flushed twice.

I turned and washed my hands, dried them on a paper towel, and checked the loo to see both poos staring defiantly at me. I reeled off a load of paper, lowered the lid (the toilets here get a bit splashy) and flushed continuously until the water ran out. Lift lid, argh, the big one remained although it was a bit broken up by the water.

The filthy toilet brush that sat in the corner must have been relieved not to become in touch with my poo, but there's no way I'm using that thing. Back to the problem..

More paper, lid down, flush to build up pressure and flush flush flush etc as hard as I could flush. SNAP! oh shit.. something inside the loo broke and the handle dangled limply, shit shit shit

I lifted the lid and was so happy to see clear water, my poo had gone, forever!

As I left knowing the water around the loo would dry up before morning and the loo would be repaired, I had a sense of success; I've flushed loads of things before, but never a poo of mine so huge. I skipped to my car feeling three pounds lighter!

Skylar, that's absolutely disgusting! Not allowing a child to use the bathroom, when they are clearly very distressed, and then shouting at them for wetting themselves? That's nothing short of abuse

srry i havnt posted in a while, ive been busy. anyways i have a story to tell about something that happened to my friend. she emailed me the message. btw she is british hence the mum and knickers. here is the email she sent:
Ok jacob, so this is a story for u, i was 14 when me and my friend Lyndsey were walking down the street, when I started to feel really bad cramps in my stomach. It couldn't have been the worst time, as she was making me laugh.
I pleaded her to stop making me laugh as I would wee my self (literally!) but she thought I was joking. So she kept on making me laugh. I laughed so much that I felt a dribble of pee, she made me laugh one more time and that just done it. I just stood there, in the middle of the street, peeing.
She didn't know what the hell was wrong, and I started laughing because of the expression on her face.
I felt something smooth pass through my cheeks, as I felt a huge amount of steamy dump fall into my little knickers. I could feel my face flush, I still had cramps in my stomach but I didn't care about them at the moment as I stunk of pissy shit.
As soon as I got home, I waddled inside with smelly dump trailing down my ankle and into my white socks, I went into the bathroom and turned the shower on, I washed my self down, gagging at time with the smell of shit.
I binned them clothes, which I dearly loved. My mum still doesn't know why and she never will, as I would die of embarrasment.

so there it is

hey everyone! i have a cool experience to share with everyone about a bathroom visit at a new resturant that i recentley visted! on March 30th at 5:00pm i went to Jasons Deli: this day i was there with some friends we were looking at menu items to decide whether we would eat here or not! while looking at the menu i delevoped a short urge to pee! so i told my friends that i was off in search for the ladiesroom! so i made my way down to the other end of the resturant i eventually came to a small hallway! the second door toward the end of the hallway was the womens bathroom! i opened the door and noticed that the bathroom was small! there were only 3 stalls! the first stall looked to be the handicap stall with the most privacy! the other two stalls were normal regaular stalls that you would find in a public bathroom! i decided to take the second stall! i quickly made my way into the stall and closed the door quickly and made sure that it was shut tight! i sat down and pulled down my multicolored underwear down past my knees! i started peeing! this time my pee stream started off a little faster than before! seconds later i heard the door open i heard the sounds off two girls one was the age of 9 and the other was like 13 years old! they sounded like sisters! the 13 year old had blond hair the 9 year old had sandy brown hair! the blond girl said " i need to shit" badly"! her sister started giggling! i was continuing peeing! the blond girl took the handicap stall! her sister was just at the sink being silly! the blond girl let out a good smelly fart! her sister was giggling! the blond girl said" sorry it just had to come out"! by this point in time i was completely done! i decided to wait and listen to see what else would happen! immediately i pulled out my phone and called one of my friends and told them i would be a while! they just told me to take my time! meanwhile the blond girl was letting out quite a bit! she moaned several times! her sister said how much longer will you be? the blond girl said: "i have no idea!" please dont disturb me!" the blond girl then let out another smelly fart! i began giggling quitely! i thought it was so funny that a young teenage girl with blond girl could pass so much gas while sitting on the tiolet! i noticed a strong stench coming from the handicap stall! i just enjoyed it as much i could! moments later the blond girl said iam done! she got up off the tiolet and exited it without flushing! then in a flash the two young sisters were gone! moments later i decided to leave as well! i just left my stall without flushing! i left the bathroom and went back out to meet everyone!



John H

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To The Woodsman, Hey enjoyed your story about your friend please share any more you have about her thanks.

To Karen, 20 years was a long time to put up with him but at least your free now and like you say you have your 2 children.

To Andrea, thanks for sharing your pee storys keep them flowing, pun intended haha. really enjoy them thanks.

To Shaun, thanks for sharing the story about your cousin pooing in the pot. If you have any more about her post them.

To Nicola, thanks for sharing your last 2 storys about pooing in a nappy and in the bush with your friend when you were 12. Top stuff as always.

To Thirty Something Female, Hey really enjoyed your last post. I know that feeling you get in your teeth when you have been holding back pee for a long time. Thaught I was the only one who gets that haha. Pitty you could see your toilet but not make it in time but it must have been nice to let the pee out after holding it in for so long all the same. Good you got away without getting in trouble. Do you still like to hold your pee these days?


replies and childhood stories

Skylar, I'm getting concerned now about the way your parents are acting, which is sounding seriously not OK. I hope there might be someone else, either in your family or nearby and trusted, that you can talk to? At any rate, I certainly hope things get better.

Sandra, it's interesting to hear you describe how open your family was. Mine mostly wasn't. My parents got mad when I talked about toilets once I got just a little beyond the toilet-training stage. But my dad has to have been the king of the noisy poopers, and also always took a long time. You could hear him farting away through most of the house. And for a long time I thought his poop smelled like matches, but eventually I figured out he was lighting matches as air freshener. I didn't have much awareness of my mom's habits until later in my childhood. I remember some other kids had tried to tell me that girls don't fart, and this didn't seem very likely to me, but I knew for sure it wasn't true one time when we were on vacation and staying in a hotel and I heard my mom in the bathroom let out three extremely loud farts in a row.

Later on, in high school, another boy and I were talking to this girl who was from South America (Venezuela, I think), doing that teenage combination of flirting, testing limits, and just learning how things work. Somehow the conversation got around to the bathroom. The other guy was asking how girls pee, and did they really never do it standing up, and then he asked how girls take a shit, and (I'll call her Alicia) looked sort of puzzled. He said, "do they make funny noises, like fart and stuff?" And I remember Alicia still looking puzzled and saying in her Spanish accent: "Everybody farts when they take a shit." And even though I already knew all of that by then, it was still a bit shrouded in mystery for me, and therefore nice both to have it confirmed openly, (by a real live girl! I had a bit of trouble really talking to girls back then...) and also to have someone else asking questions I was too shy to ask myself.


Coworker has a bladder of steel

About ten months ago, a new woman joined our office. Her name is Anita and she's quite friendly and easy to get along with. After a while, I started to notice that she never seemed to use the bathrooms at work, not even for a pee break. I knew she had to be going to the bathroom, but I never saw her even so much as display the slightest urge to pee. Well, one day in July, our whole floor was in a meeting that lasted all day.

It was a particularly hot day and everyone was drinking lots of water so bathroom breaks were given quite often. As in the past, I noticed Anita never left at any of the breaks, and as usual there was no hint she even needed to go at all. When the meeting finally ended, I had to pee again and surprisingly Anita was following close behind me. She selected a stall and I went in the one next to her.

There were several other ladies in the bathroom peeing and even one pooping, but Anita's pee stream could clearly be heard above all the others. I know it seems hard to believe, and really if I hadn't been there myself I doubt I'd even believe it, but her pee stream continued at that strength for close to ninety seconds. After that, her stream weakened some but she kept peeing for thirty more seconds, before tapering off and peeing in little spurts for probably another fifteen seconds.

Having heard this tremendous display of bladder capacity firsthand, I now understand how she can go all day without peeing. It would be kind of nice, I think, to have her bladder capacity. My own is quite tiny, and during the aforementioned meeting I had to pee at every opportunity and was awful desperate many times in between breaks.

Hi, I've been reading for a while and thought I'd post. I am actually one of those car mom fans, so bare with me. I'm 39yrs old. I've been a reader for a while, about 2 yrs or so. Your posts, car mom, are my favorite. when I was a kid I used to try to pee in different places and sometimes I would, but not very often since I didn't want to get in trouble. After I grew up I just never thought about it anymore. But then when I happened to find this site and began reading here, I found car moms posts and she brought out something in me that had been suppressed for all these years. I really liked the fact that car mom and some other people on here like to pee wherever they want. And so I found out that I really wanted to do it again. And it was all thanks to car mom. I thought about it a lot. But I didn't really want to have the mess, so I didn't really do it, I only thought about it and imagined it. I thought a lot about peeing in my car too. I had never peed in a car before, even as a kid. And so the thought of doing that was really wonderful to me. I liked the idea of using my car for a toilet, and just peeing freely into it, especially in the seats. By the way, my car is a 2005 Honda civic and its actually the same color as car moms neon, silver with gray interior. The seats are cloth too, which made me want to pee in them even more because the pee would soak right in. But of course I knew I shouldn't do it. I suppose if I had leather seats I would have done it right away, as soon as I got the idea, since it would have been pretty easy to clean it up when I was done. But my seats are cloth, and so my pee would've soaked right in, which is really what I wanted anyway but I was afraid to do it. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore. I really wanted to pee in my car. And so I decided to try to think of a way I could do it without making a mess. First I got the idea of putting down a big plastic sheet on the seat to protect it. And so I went and got some of those ones that you use for painting and I put one down on the backseat. It was clear so at least I could see the seat underneath. And so I sat on it and peed. It wasn't very comfortable to sit on, and it made a loud noise when I peed on it, which didn't sound natural to me. It didn't sound like I was peeing into a seat, so it just wasn't the same. I did that a few times, in different seats. But it wasn't what I had in mind. After I was done peeing I would just carefully take out the plastic and the seat underneath would be fine. It wasn't what I would have preferred. My next step was peeing into the console. I decided that I could pee in it, and then dump it out and clean it. And so I did that a few times. I did enjoy doing that. I was glad to be actually peeing into something that was actually part of the car. I can see why its fun for kaylee and her friends. But finally I decided that I still wanted to pee into the seat. Then one day I woke up in the morning and it was all I could think about. And I had to pee really bad right then. And so I decided to get up and do it. I got up and I went out to my garage. I was so glad to see my car. It was going to become my toilet. I was so excited. I took off my panties and I got in the car. I decided to do it in the front first. And so I sat down in the driver seat and I started to pee. At first I let a little bit out and then I stopped. It felt good because it went right onto the seat. Then I let myself go. I peed right into the seat. It felt so good. It was much better than using the plastic because my pee was going directly into the seat cushion. I also did it that way again next time I peed, and I also did it a few times in the backseat and one of those times I got up during my pee and let it splash onto the front seat in front of me. Now after reading car moms latest post, I'm going to pee onto the back of the driver seat like Laura did. I am so glad I decided to pee in my car. Thank you, car mom!


Pantee skidmarks OMG!

My parents are on a trip for 10 days. My aunt is staying to take care of me. On Tuesday my friend Sara and I were in my room after school and Aunt B called me downstairs where she was preparing to put the wash in the machine. She had 3 pairs of my pantees in her hand, standing right under the bright overhead light, and she pointed out brown skidmarks I had in each. She wasn't mad. She told me I need to slow down and wipe better. She said may be we should get a better brand of TP. I told her it isn't what we use at home but at school where I crap each day before 3rd hour. Our passing period is only 4 minutes. Waiting for a cubicle and getting seated takes time. Also, because of vandalism (some of which the police have been called in on) each bathroom of 10 cubicles will have 4 or 5 of those without a door. I always try to wait for one with a door, but when there is only 2 minutes or so left, I get out of the queue and will take one of the doorless cubicles when it becomes available. Often when I'm on the stool dumping, the 1-minute warning bell rings so if there's TP, I do one fast wipe and I make a run for class. Otherwise, I just take off. Aunt B says that's not as sanitary as it should be, but oh well, I don't want 4 hours of Saturday detention time. Both Sara and I are counting the days (39) until we graduate 8th grade. We hope high school will be better.


More replies

oldpoop. I think it's fair to say that the quantity and consistency of your poo changes at different times of life due to alterations in routine, diet and the demands placed on you - both physically and mentally. Stress can play a part too. However I think it goes without saying that if you experience a sudden and dramatic change in bowel habit or start to pass blood, it's important to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Troy. Consipation after surgery isn't unusual. Sometimes the anaesthetic can cause it. I remember suffering from it badly after a minor lower back operation in 1999 - it wasn't pleasant. Unless the situation becomes desperate you're generally best leaving it to mother nature to sort out when she's good and ready.

Nicola. Thanks for sharing the bush relief story. I really enjoyed it.

Karen. I've never eaten chocolate at Easter without eating normal food first so I can only imagine what the effects on your digestive system must have been. However I do like my Creme Eggs though but I'll resist parodying the advert by asking how you eat yours!

Mr. Clogs

Comments and stuff

Jas: I liked your post about you pooping into that cup with the poker cards on it. Check out some of my posts from the past of me pooping into cups and containers. I miss doing that.

oldpoop: Haven't seen your post in a while, yeah you're right about the meds effecting your poops, age, and environment too. Take care of yourself.

Skylar: Thanks for your posts, like many of us who post here, we do enjoy going to the bathroom especially in places and things we are not suppose to go in. Wow it's mean of your mother to not let you go to the bathroom at the rest stops on your grand parent's house. Having to be embarrassed by having to relieve on yourself and have to sit in that mess until you got home. Hopefully your parents would get over it and find forgiveness for you.

Karen: Great post about the Easter candy giving you the runs, didn't know that eating a lot of candy works like a laxative! Happy Peeing and Pooping.

Nicola: Great post about you and your friend pooping in the bushes.

Car Mom: Great post about you and Lauren. Has she invited you pee in her car yet?

Jacob: Great post about your Aunt Hannah using the toilet while you were in the shower.

Have a great day everyone, peace.

Mr. Clogs


Strange Salsa Smelling BM For No Apparent Reason

Mysterious Salsa Smelling BM

These past couple of days I've had a lot of gas that smelled like I'd been eating Mexican food, but I haven't. The same goes for my BMs. Haven't eaten anything with peppers nor onions.

This morning I had an unusual BM. Not liquidy as it usually is for me. It was the color and consistency of butterscotch pudding and get this; some globs of it even floated.

Tawnie: That sounds like what is sometimes called a "greedy bowel" or another way to describe having an incomplete BM. Probably not eating enough roughage. Your sister should try having an apple, skin and all, after each meal and that should fix the problem.

Something just happened which you'll probably like, I just threw up for the second time after trying a new low carb vanilla whey protein that I mixed with milk at around 6pm, stomach felt really full for a long time like it didn't want to digest, then it felt like a chunk of cement in my stomach, then I threw up the first time around 7:30. Felt better then after a while I thought I'd better get some nutrition in me so I nuked a meatloaf tv dinner, felt alright for about a half hour before it too began to feel like a rock in my stomach then I had to go get rid of that as well. It still came up mixed and mottled with the same white and milky looking stuff in the toilet so I guess I didn't get up all of the protein drink the first time. Don't know if it was the new protein that did it or if it was the milk, my old unflavored protein powder I used to mix with juice and haven't had any problems, but I've had issues with drinking milk before.

Today (wed) i took Freya to have her innoculations. After i dropped her off at my mums, as i was planning on doing a food shop and didnt want a grisly baby with me. Whilst there an urge to pee began to make itself known. With no toilet in the supermarket i had to hold on. I was feeling the need more when i was paying but believed i could hold on. I made it to the car and with a 20 minute drive i began to feel desperate. After driving for 5 minutes i got stopped by roadworks. Well thats the last thing i needed. The lights took what seemed like forever but by now i knew i wouldnt make it home. There is some woodland about 1 minute past the lights and i decided to stop. Id never had an outdoor toilet experience before. I pulled in, grabbed my pack of hankies and ran to a secluded area in some trees and released my very long stream. I hadnt pooped since monday and so decided to try and go. Well lo and behold i did need to go and after 2 very strong pushes, 4 logs appeared. I wiped, picked up Freya and went home.


Victoria- I loved your post about your library poo. Sounded like a relieving one for you after not going for 6 days!

Jacob- great post about your Aunt's poo. I wish I could be in the same room as an attractive woman while she has a poo! I came somewhat close yesterday.

Yesterday I drove my grandad to the hospital for an appointment. He went to wait in the waiting room and I told him I would meet him in the cafeteria after. Driving over my stomach had been telling me I would need a poo soon, and while we were walking through the hospital I had started getting the urge to go quite strongly. I hadn't been the day before at all. I headed towards the cafe, looking for some toilets. Down the corridor I came across a sort of nook with a toilet sign. I went over and found it was two unisex toilets set back from the corridor. They were both taken. I needed to go but I didn't know where there were other loos so I waited. After a couple of minutes I heard a flush and then a girl came out. She was about 20, tall and slim and very pretty with dark brown hair. She looked a little embarrassed to see someone waiting. I went in and immediately smelled her poo. I sat down on the warm seat and had a short pee then pushed out two pieces of poo. After a while another three pieces came out and I was done.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


In a cup Repost

There was one girl named Poopie Chick and then some truck Driver on here years ago who wanted a storie of someone pooping in an container or a cup.Here it goes again.When I was 6 my dad got a coffe cup at an convinince store it was the type of cup with the poker cards on it.I went in my back yard and my Brother followed me.
I crapped in it and it was a mid size turd.Then I put the lid on it and threw it down the hill into the woods.My brother told on me.And my Mom told me not to do that no more,and my dad said he Wanted to keep that cup.
Later on I still took some dumps outside ever now and then.I would crap in an center block.And I took my mossman action figure out side(mossman was an villian from he-man)I took a crap and didn't wipe and somehow I got a little poo stain on mossman,I don't know how.I gone back in the house to get ready for my bath.And my Mom goes,How Did you Shit in your drours!?


Life changes--poop changes?

In recent years I have undergone several changes--retirement, changes in health, changes in medications. In each case I have noticed whether my poop or my pooping habits have changed; for example, I am now on my fifth different pill to correct a heart arrythmia. All of the medicines affected my pooping, slightly but definitely. With the latest one, my poops have been slightly oftener (nearly twice a day now) and on average a bit softer, though still firm and normal.

How about it? What happens to your bowel movements when you take a new medicine, start a new job or school, eat a new food, move to a new town or neighborhood, or whatever other change you can think of or remember?

Just a guy
Victoria, that sounded like a great dump that you had in the library restroom. I'm glad you weren't bothered by the teenage girls' comments and just continued to go about your business. You said you don't poop very often - I know you mentioned this was 6 days, but what is normal for you? Also, along with you I thought it was funny that the last girl coming in was going for your stall, but then retreated.

Desperate Jill, I would like to hear some of your stories, if you want to share. I don't know if you're question was just mentioned for females, but I'm not fond of either scenario. I'm not sure I would want to give up pooping entirely, but going like 5 times daily, is way too much and having to go that many times in a day, you know some would come at inconvenient times.

To the person who provided the story about their sister, Janelle, that was a great story - sounded like your sister really needed that dump & I guessed she did as you said she hadn't gone since Tuesday.

Christine, I've had to dig myself out quite a few times. from the sound of your two recent posts, you get constipated a lot and get constipated very hard like I do. You might want to consider using enemas for immediate relief.

As of Friday, Freya was 6 weeks and myself and Matt felt now was a good time to actively start trying for a baby. We'd been sort of trying for the last 2 weeks when i was in the mood for that. As we went out for dinner we discussed starting trying. As we did we ate. Before leaving i felt i could poop but never had time. So i was needing to go during dinner. Once finished dinner i excused myself and headed to the toilets. I found 2 cubicles, 1 occpied. Positioned myself and with minimal pushing 4 massive logs escaped. In the next cubicle all the while i heard an explosion of farts and squelchy plops. I wiped, flushed and wiped my hands as they were still going. Upon leaving i found Matt had paid and was waiting to go home. My mum had Freya for the night and as we came home, things began hotting up on my sofa when Matt stopped. He needed the toilet. He said he had to poop and hadnt went since Wednesday. He went and i waited. I heard 3 plops in the silence. He came out relieved and you can guess what came next.



Thank you for the response to my constipation after surgery. I ended up having to take a soap suds enemas on day 6 of no poop. It took two to get me cleaned out. My rectum was sore from the huge poop plug that came out of me. I had never had an enema before but I knew I had to do something. The combination of surgery and pain med really bound me up.

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