Thank you to everyone who replied to my first post. It is great to see that there are people who enjoy the same things I do, and to get support from you guys. Well, I wish I could report things with my parents are getting better, but they only got worse. For Easter, my mom and I drove out to my grandmas house. My dad and brother were driving out separate because my dad was picking my brother up from college first. It is about a five hour drive from our house to hers. About an hour in I realized I needed to pee. I told my mom that I had to go, but it was not an emergency yet, so whenever we found a place to stop. She replied that since I liked to hold it so much, I could just wait until we got to my grandmas. She then told me that we had only been driving one hour so I must have purposely made myself have to pee by drinking a lot. I did not do that, but decided to keep quiet. An hour later, after we had passed a few rest stops, I reminded her I had to pee, but again she told me to hold it. I continued to hold, thinking my mom would have to stop soon to pee herself. Another hour went by and by now I was bursting. My bladder felt extremely heavy and I felt every little bump in the road. I was shifting my legs back and forth and I knew I could not wait another two hours. Again told my mom and again she told my that I must have been enjoying it. I started to cry I had to go so bad and told her that I was not enjoying it. She said she did not have to pee and we would not be stopping. Four hours into the ride and I was in pain. I had my hand shoved in my crotch and everything hurt. I read somewhere that if you have to pee while sitting, the best thing to do is spread your legs apart, which takes pressure off the bladder. I figured I would try it, but I think I was past the stage where that works. A soon as I opened my legs, pee started gushing out. I clamped my legs back together to try and stop, but it was no use. My pants were soaked, and so was the seat and the floor. My mom yelled at me to stop but I just sat there peeing. i must have peed for five minutes and it felt wonderful and shameful all at the same time. When I was done my mom yelled at me. She yelled for the rest of the drive there, which turned out to be about thirty minutes. When we got to my grandmas, my whole family was there. My mom made an announcement that I was a naughty girl who peed her pants on purpose and my whole family talked about how gross I was. I was not allowed to change and was wet and smelly all through dinner. The ride home was uneventful. I made sure I peed right before we left and although I had to go in the car, I was able to hold it until we got home.


Re: More Pee Adventures

Andrea. What a daring pee you did! Another great story you wrote. Fantastic :)


Bush relief with a friend

I remember when I was 12, I was walking home from school with my friend Laura when I needed to poo. I didn't say anything about it untill she said she was desperate to go herself and boy was she desperate. We found an alley with some bushes and Lauren ran behind then with me following close behind her. She quickly lowered her knickers and squatted right in front of me while I lowered mind. Before I could get my knickers down Lauren was already blasting the ground with a flood of diarrhoea. The look of relief was a picture and she let out a sigh as it all came out. When it was over she said she really needed that as she'd held it for 2 hours and was about to s?@t herself. I squatted over the Laurens brown pool and out a few turds and peed. I had some tissues in my bag and we wiped ourselves before going good very relieved.



anybody have fun ideas for deficating?

Desperate to poop

response to Jill and a story


Jill thanks for your response, for me I enjoy a good poop so I wouldn't want to never have to poop but I can see the benefits :). At the same time having to go constantly would ruin your life and yes the queues would be manic! (but good fun watching. If was one of the one's who never pooped I'd prob still join a queue to watch the expressions of desperation!

I had another desperation story for you. Travelling back from a night out with friends the next day and a little hungover. Whilst on the train I really needed a poop. It was only a 4 carriage train and there was only one toilet on the train as one was out of order. When I got there, there was a queue of one gent and two lady's waiting. The gent went in after about 3 minutes and just peed, this allowed a lady in her 30's to go in. She only had to pee as well or a quick poop and came out a few minutes later. This then let the lady in. I was getting ready for a runny poop and didn't want to have to wait much longer. Unfortunately the lady took ages! I waited for a good five minutes and then another lady joined me at the queue. She asked was I waiting and I said yes and been waiting a while. We waited a further five minutes and still no one had come out. The lady commented she was taking a long time. I was now getting more nervous as I really needed a pooh now. Another 5 minutes passed and I wondered if she would ever come out.

Finally after another few minutes, she came out and I was able to hurry in. The toilet seat was very warm and there were a few skidmarks and a definite poop. I was very desperate and quickly let go with a hot runny beer and food induced poop. The relief was immense and I really did get in just in time. My panties were a little stained but I got pretty lucky and was able to clean them up whilst I was shitting away.

After the first initial runny mess, It got a bit firmer and I started dropping a few more firmer logs. I had been in about 3-4 minutes and didn't want to make them wait too long, but I felt a bit more up there and new I'd need at least one more round of pooping. I savoured the feeling whilst I was pooping which was lovely. I finally felt done wiped up back and front and then flushed and left feeling very relieved.

There were 3 people waiting when I left and I smiled at the lady who I'd been chatting to before.

Happy Pooping


question for all females

I have a question for all the females sometimes when my lil sis is usin the bathroom n when she is goin poop she sometimes has to dig because her poop is to hard or big to come out n she wants to kno if she is the only female who has had to or still does so if your female who has had to dig before let me kno ..I'm woundring who else has ..females let me kno .....


Easter Candy Diet Cheat, Should've Eaten Some Food First

Easter Candy Runs

I bought a lot of Easter candy last week, to make up little gift baskets for some of the kids in my neighborhood who help me sometimes. Had a fair amount left over so I made use of the candy for my weekly cheat day, and let me tell 'ya did I ever cheat. Chocolate creme eggs, chocolate bunnies, and my favorite chocolate covered almonds with a candy shell that look like bird eggs. Got a pretty good sugar rush and a stomach ache. Probably too sweet for my stomach even with black coffee so I ate some hard salami and planned to go for a walk after I felt a little better to help burn off some of the sugar, but the runs were about to start, now this was hours AFTER I'd already done my morning constitutional. I spent some time on the pot with the runs, and it was pure brown water. Didn't come in the form of a blowout though, it just poured out of me like brown water from a faucet. Each time I'd feel a bad cramp more of the stuff would gush out. If I'd eaten lunch before the candy I probably would have been fine, but all that sugar on an empty stomach, oh man, I guess I was asking for it. Really took me back to childhood memories of overdoing it with candy on Halloween.

Brandon: haha, yeah, booty trumpet is a good way to put it, more like tin horn.

NPU: Already took care of it, been divorced for many years now. I wouldn't call him a bastard, just someone I can't live with.

Jill: Here's wishing you the very best for a speedy recovery from your surgeries. I like your method of visualization and I started doing something similar a long time ago. I had (and still do) the most awful fear about being in front of a lot of people but a friend taught me this, just flip the situation in reverse, that is, talk yourself into believing your're watching them instead, and pretend like they're the ones doing something they should be embarrassed about, not you. This works better the more you do it. Of course, when you get to be a grumpy old woman like me you begin to care less about what others think of you anyway :) Happy Easter, -Karen

Bob: You said you like stories with vomit, so here's just a couple you might find funny.

1. Dedicating this one to baseball season. I used to play a lot of softball and still do when I can, now this incident happened in 1972 or maybe it was 73, it was pretty warm out and I guess I couldn't handle being out in the sun with a full stomach, there had been a benefit BBQ lunch at the park between games, so a few innings into the second game I sat in the dugout where it was shady and soon I got that "oh no gonna throw" feeling so I walked out to the far edge of the parking area where I thought no one would see, which is ironic. I leaned back against the hood of my car while i talked to ralph york and then and only then I discovered a middle aged lady sitting in a car two over from mine who had been watching me the whole time and she was frantically jingling her huge keyring looking for a key and making a distressed whiney sound, I thought she was laughing at me at first but it turned out she was hysterical or having an anxiety attack or something, some people just can't handle when someone else loses their lunch. I walked over to apologize and see if there was anything I could do but she just rolled up her window really fast and wouldn't even look at me, I kept saying sorry but she just kept making those pathetic whining sounds and fumbling through her keys and when she finally found the right one she started up her car, spun a wheel backing out of the parking space, and you should have seen how she hightailed it outta there driving like the Little Old Lady From Pasadena. I sat in my car and cranked up the a/c until I felt better then returned to the game.

2. As a child in the 1960s, I played with the neighborhood boys and I could be just as gross as the best of 'em. When it was too hot for baseball we'd find other stuff to do, "messing around" as we called it. One day one of us got ahold of some old bread and we discovered that chewing up some bread and swishing it around with water makes a convincing looking fake throwup mess when spat out with a burp to make it more realistic, only thing missing was the terrible smell but who'd really stick around to notice. Me and five boys took bread and a canteen in a knapsack and took our turns grossing people out in a store parking lot until the manager came out and chased us away so we went to another store, it was one of those really small mom and pop IGA type grocery stores. There, I went inside with the stuff in my mouth, browsed around a bit, pretended to gag and burped through my nose then I ran outside with my hand over my mouth then I spat out the stuff in front of the store window while the rest of the gang hid around the corner. A lady that worked in the store came outside and looked at me and the mess, I was scared I was about to get in trouble so I did my fake crying act, then she told me to wait outside then she brought me a bottle of coke as a remedy and told me I'd better get home. Another of our gang thought he could get a free bottle of pop too so the little idiot went inside the store and right away spat the stuff all over the floor then asked the lady for a free root beer because he was "sick". The cover was blown, the lady chased him out and threatened to call the police, we hopped on our bikes and hightailed it outta there and we were pretty paranoid every time we saw a police car.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Victoria great story about that big poop you took at the library it sounds like you really had to go alot and its good that your not bothered by others comments about how long yo take its none of there business pooping should not be rushed because that can lead to other problems and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story about you seeing that girl peeing herself it sounds like she was pretty desperate.

To: Nicola as always another great pooping story it sounds like you made the right choice to poop in that diaper instead of contiuing to wait and risk having an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shaun great story about you seeing your cousin Merideth pooping it sounds like she had to go alot and I bet that memory will last forever and please share anymore stories about her you may have thanks.

To: Outdoor Service Crap great story about you seeing and helping your friend Janelle poop it sounds like she really had to go and gave you quite the show to and shes lucky to have you as a friend and please share anymore stories about her you may have thanks.

To: Noisy Poopers United (NPU) as always another great story it sounds like you had quite the dump it sounded like it was a strange one to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Christine as awlays another great story and WOW I bet you felt like heaven after getting that stuburn beast out and lighter to and I hope that dosent happen to you again and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Andrea as always another peeing story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Car Mom
Ok so Laura was over again, and she peed in my car this time. Only this time Laura was very different. A good kind of different. I suppose I might as well tell you that Laura and I did have a couple more intimate experiences together this last week, and I can't say it was a bad thing. Of course I won't get into detail, since that's not what this site is about, but I will say that I believe it was a good thing, and I think it sort of helped our relationship. It seems like whenever we allow ourselves to go that far, we then get along better. And to me that's a good thing, because if nothing else it means that more of Laura's pee will be absorbed into something of mine. And to me that's a good thing, a wonderful thing actually. And so we have pretty much reached an agreement, as long as it only happens once in a while. After all, she does have a happy marriage, and I have no intention of changing that. Anyway, I'm getting too much into it. Laura was over a couple days ago (Thursday I think) and so she decided that she wanted to do a pee in my car. Of course I told her she could. That's when she said something that was completely out of character for her. She said "and Megan, I was thinking, maybe it would be ok if you invited Lori or somebody over to pee with us." I couldn't believe it! Here was Laura, the most jealous person I know, actually allowing another one of my friends to come over and pee with us! I was shocked! I said "wow Laura, yeah of course. That would be great." Then she said "well, I might as well get used to the idea, right? I mean, I sit where they pee, so I might as well let them do it when I'm here, right?" I said "yeah, Laura, that's true. Oh I'm so glad you're willing to do it." She smiled. "well, I'm not always a b***ch, right?" I laughed.

And so I called Lori, and of course she was happy to come over. She of course had no problem doing a pee in front of Laura, and she also said "actually I've always wanted to do it with her, I just didn't think she'd ever let me." And so Lori came over, and we got in my car. We got in the backseat and Laura sat in the middle and I sat behind the driver seat and Lori sat behind the passenger seat. They were actually next to each other. I was so glad, it was like a dream come true. And so we all three began to have our pees. It began to hiss as it went into the seat. It was so cool to be peeing with both of them like that. Soon the seat was all soaked with our pee. Laura eventually got up and began to let her pee spray onto the console between the front seats and then after that she leaned against the back of the driver seat and peed into it. Of course Lori and I both watched her as she did all this. Laura definitely gets into it. She also farted as she peed, and of course I could smell it right away, seeing that her butt was right in front of my face. Her pee was also splashing a little on my leg, but I didn't stop her. I just watched her, and let her relieve herself. Then after a while we were all done. And so we all three did our business in my car. Then after that both of them went home. Maybe someday that will happen again. I have since tried to call Laura, but so far she hasn't answered. I'm hoping that doesn't mean anything though. Lori and I have done a couple more pees since then. We did one more in my car, and we also did two in her minivan, once with the kids and once with just her and I. I mentioned that her minivan is also a great place for peeing in. And its fun peeing in someone else's car too. Lori said she'd love it if we could get Laura to come over and pee in it with us. Hopefully someday that will happen.

Bye! :)


About my childhood

In the 60s and 70s, when I was growing up, our family was very open about pooping and peeing. The bathroom door was very rarely closed and everyone had seen everybody else on the toilet many times, so it was no big deal at all. I don't remember any specific stories to share here on the forum, but I will talk generally about what I remember about our toilet habits. I'll start with my mother.

My mother was very regular and would need to poop every evening after supper. Often times we would be talking about one thing or another and she would announce that she had to poop and we would continue our talk in the bathroom. Her usual poop consisted of three or four good-sized pieces, with a noticeable smell, but not overpowering which would last for a long time even after she had flushed. When she finished, she would always stand up and examine her poop for five to ten seconds then wipe while still standing and then flush. She believed that examining your poop was a good way of keeping an eye on your overall health.

My older sister Maria on the other hand was not very regular. She didn't really get constipated as she would usually poop once a day, but the times would wildly vary, and she would just go whenever the urge hit her. Her usual poop was many small pieces, I'd say eight to ten, and her stink was the worst of the family, but it would very quickly dissipate once her poop was flushed away. She would wipe while sitting and look between her legs to see her poop before flushing.

Now for my toilet habits. My sister and my mother would have to poop only once in a day, but I sometimes would go twice. Every morning I'd have to poop just after waking up. My poop was usually just one long piece or sometimes two, and the smell was about the same as my mother's, though my own smell never persisted as long as hers did. On the days when I had a second poop it came in the evenings and I would go right after my mother had finished. She usually wouldn't bother to flush if she knew I needed to go as well, and then I'd poop on top of her load.

To Christine in Fl.
Hey girl sry your having so much trouble with your pooping I've been like this before so I have some questions for u ok when u are on the toilet pushing is your pants Round your ankles or off n your legs are spread wide n also is your face all strunched up n red n u say that u felt like digging it out have u ever had to dig it out before ..let me kno cause web I get in this. Same prob n my poop won't come out I have had to dig it out after tryin so many other ways and it works fine after I dig it out let me kno if u have had to dig before or on this poop did u end up digging . Keep me posted girl .........


Aunt Hannah's post-easter dump

Hi all. I'd like to share a story about my aunt Hannah, my father's younger sister. She is in her 40s, has medium-length brunette hair and blue eyes. She is a little chubby, not really fat, but she does have a pretty big butt.

Hannah is staying with us for a while, as she recently went through a rough divorce. I've been paying attention to her toilet habits, as much as I can without seeming creepy. I noticed that she goes to the toilet each morning at around nine am. She spends about ten minutes in the bathroom before flushing, so I know that's when she has her morning dump.

Well, yesterday was Easter and we had a large dinner. As I watched Hannah eating a lot of food, I couldn't help but think about her pooping it all out the next morning. I hatched a plan to hopefully get to see her in action. In the morning, about eight-forty-five, I went to the bathroom and ran a bath.

As expected, there was a knock on the door and Hannah asked if she could come in and use the toilet. I said yes of course and she came in and sat down. I couldn't see her through the curtain, but I definitely could hear her pooping. She had a lot of gas and let off several turds, with a pause after each one. There was no smell whatsoever, so I figured that her butt had fully made a seal trapping the smelly gas inside the toilet bowl. After many minutes of pooping, she wiped and stood up and it turns out my theory was correct, as all of a sudden there was a hefty poop stink in the air. She closed the lid, flushed the toilet and sprayed a bit of perfume. Then she washed her hands and left the bathroom.

Her smell was only masked by the perfume, though truth be told it was kind of enjoyable, knowing that my aunt had produced such a strong stink. I continued my bath for a while and when I got out and had dried off, I decided to open the toilet lid to get a full whiff. Surprisingly, all of the poop hadn't flushed away. A decent pile of soft poop was still in the bowl, explaining why the smell hadn't dissipated. I enjoyed her aroma for a few minutes longer and flushed the toilet, sending the remainder of her dump down the drain.

Surely I will raise suspicions if I do this routinely, but it was nice this one time. I could probably go into the bathroom soon after she has finished, I guess. Though, I'm certain this dump was extra large because of the feast last night. I don't think her normal dump is a double-flusher.

Thirty Something Female

More holding

TSF here again with another story from my youth of holding too long.

I was 16 years old and home from school one afternoon by myself watching a movie on TV. I had come home and flopped straight onto the couch without changing or using the bathroom and I had already been needing to pee for the last couple of hours of school. Once I turned on the TV and got interested in the movie I didn't want to move. I did kick off my shoes, though. I laid there on the couch getting more and more desperate, soon shaking my foot, then pressing a hand into my crotch to help hold it, waiting longer and holding it because I didn't want to miss the movie.

After a while I was approaching the point of no return and I knew it but the movie was almost over and I figured I could keep holding it until then in my own house without any problem. Well, of course you know that was not the case. A few minutes before the movie ended I was so desperate my eyes were almost watering and my teeth felt funny (you know that feeling?) and my whole body was at its limit of holding.

I was still laying on my left side, both hands squeezing my crotch, both legs crossed, thighs and all other muscles squeezed tight, legs shaking, just wanting to hold on for another few minutes. Then my bladder spasmed and I felt a big squirt leak out and dampen the crotch of my panties pretty bad. I gasped and squeezed tighter but lost another big squirt and I could feel it on my fingertips that my jeans were now wet and I felt some trickle down the back side of my left upper thigh because of how I was laying. I knew I had waited too long.

I jumped up from the couch to run to the bathroom but lost another squirt when I stood, and felt my whole crotch turn warm briefly and some pee trickle down both legs. I waddled with both hands in my crotch towards the hallway. I made it to within a few feet of the bathroom when I knew with complete certainty that I had waited too long (again) and suddenly could hold it no longer. I reached out with my hands to steady myself against the door jambs to the bathroom, leaning slightly forward, the toilet in plain site only five feet away, and lost control. The urine flooded into my jeans and spread rapidly down my legs and out across my butt and crotch, soaking me completely. I just watched the stain spread and panted for air, heart pounding, as I felt the wetness spread and experienced the immense relief of letting go even though I hadn't wanted to have an accident.

After I was done I took the two steps necessary to get into the bathroom, shut the door, stripped down and hopped into the shower to clean up. I hid the wet panties and jeans in my closet until they had dried and then stuffed them in the bottom of my laundry so my mom wouldn't find out and question me.


Former car factory employee

The job's not finished until the paper work is done.

Years ago I used to work in a car factory, and I used to annoy people by acting silly and saying all kinds of disgusting things to them. I thought it was funny. One day I took things a bit too far when I found a piece of paper on the floor with some dirt(soil)on it. I went in the toilet and pretended it was toilet paper, holding it up in front of people's faces. The next day I had to go to the Personnel office, and I was told that three men said that I had soiled toilet paper and held it up in front of their faces. I told the Personnel people that it was just an old piece of paper I picked up from the factory floor, and I pretended it was toilet paper. They didn't believe me, so they sacked me. It was an instant dismissal.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


To Amanda's workmate

You really should encourage her to try an adult nappy/diaper or pull-up incontinence panties. Lots of adults of all ages wear nappies and they're not noticeable if you dress sensibly. A lot less noticeable than wet pants in any case!


Huge dump in library's toilet

So earlier this afternoon, I was at the library just browsing for some books to read when I felt the telltale signs that I needed to take a dump. I hadn't been in six days and I was looking forward to a big relieving dump. I walked to the bathroom and two of the three stalls were occupied and I went in the open one. I farted loudly several times before I even sat down and several more after.

I began my long pooping session by dropping a long log. After each log there was a short pause before another one would begin and I kept dropping off several logs. The girls in the other two stalls finished up and flushed then they left. After that I was alone for a while. Then I heard a crowd of like five teenage girls come in to the bathroom all at once, and they were talking to each other like they were friends. By that point, I had dropped off five big logs and decided it was time for my first flush so I wouldn't block up the toilet. Two of the friends took stalls and one of them was peeing but the other was dropping lots of little turds.

I too was dropping off more turds, but mine were making bigger splashes. The peeing girl finished and another one took her place and it sounded like she too just had to pee. The girls got hushed and were whispering. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but they giggled a lot and I assumed they were talking about me and how much I was pooping. When the fourth girl took the open stall, I felt mostly done but not quite and I needed another flush. I heard the second girl who had been pooping finish up and exchanged places with the fifth girl. She only needed a pee as well and both of the girls remaining flushed and left their stalls at about the same time.

They all washed their hands and left, but as they were leaving, one of the girls remarked, "God, is she still pooping?". I don't get bothered by comments like that though. I don't poop very often and so when I do it takes me a long time to fully empty myself. Once they had left I only had two more logs left and then I was actually done. I began wiping myself and a girl came in and started to pee. I flushed the toilet for the third time and set to washing my hands. Another girl came in while I was washing and she started to go into the stall I had just vacated, but saw I had left the bowl with many skidmarks after my huge dump and immediately recoiled and opted instead for the last stall. I chuckled to myself and then continued my search for a book.

Yesterday I was out walking down a local river in the evening. There is a section where the path joins with a large open park area. In the far corner of the park is a cafe building and an exit to the nearby street which I was taking. I was walking towards this, still quite far away, when a girl appeared from the street and ran to the cafe and tried the (locked) door. She then disappeared underneath the hedge which surrounded the cafe. As I approached, she stood up and ran back towards the street. She was maybe 18 or 19, with shoulder length brown hair, and wore a pretty floral dress and tights. Outside the cafe was a paved area either side, surrounded by hedges, where they have tables in the summer. There was a large puddle on the patio, and a discarded pair of white knickers which were wet. I presume the girl was running to use the cafe toilets, couldn't hold it in and squatted as she began to wet herself.


Pooing in a nappy

I woke up with a need to poo but put it off untill I'd been out shopping with Sarah because she wanted to go out early and she has a car which makes shopping so much easier. As we went round the isles I felt my need to poo getting worse and soon I was busting to go. By the time we got to the checkout I was getting desperate and as soon as we got through and paid for our shopping I told Sarah I had to go to the toilet and she looked after the shopping while I rushed into the ladies. It was packed as only one of the 6 cubicles was working. There must have been about 12 women in the que and I couldn't wait so I to the disabled toilet but that was occupied and I was getting really desperate. Out of shear desperation I went to the baby changing room and took the largest nappy I could find and squatted over it. I let out a load of soft semi solid poo and a lot of pee. It was such a relief and amazingly the nappy held it all. I put the soiled nappy in the ago and wiped my bum with the wipes that were provided and threw them in the bin and washed my hands and left feeling a lot better. Sarah was waiting for me outside and she was surprised to see me coming out of the baby changing room and not the ladies. We then loaded the car and took the shopping home.


my Easter

When I was at the train station today, a guy decided to pee, and didn't bother to do it behind a tree. He was about ten feet from me. I asked him several times to do that somewhere else, but he ignored me. To avoid seeing what he was doing, I would have had to walk past him to the other side of the train station, which means I would have seen even more.

Many years ago, my cousin Meredith and I were visiting our grandparents. I was 11 and she was 13. The adults were talking and the two of us left to find something to play with. I found an old chamber pot and I remembered grandma telling us about how they didn't have an indoor toilet, only an outhouse, and how she would use the pot if she needed to pee during the night. Well, I was feeling mischievous and I dared my cousin to do a poo in it, expecting her to refuse, but she agreed. She said she had already done a poo that morning and wouldn't have to go until tomorrow, and would do it then.

So the next morning about 10:00, Meredith came up to me and whispered in my ear that she really had to poo. She went to the bathroom to get a roll of toilet paper and we came to the room where I had found the pot. She reasoned that if she just pooed in the pot, everyone would know what we had done when it needed to be washed, so she began to line the sides with paper, as I made one last check to be sure we wouldn't be caught. The coast was clear, and so she pulled down her pants and sat on the pot.

I went around to her back to get a better view of the turds coming out of her butt. A good sized one emerged from her butthole and she pushed it out several inches. In addition to keeping the pot clean, the paper lining meant that the turd made no sound at all when it broke off. After that she pushed out two more turds pretty much identical to her first. She said she was done and stood up. I could see that she had made a nice pile of poop curled up in the pot, coming up to about a third to halfway to the rim.

We went to the bathroom with the pot and she dumped the contents including the paper she used to line it with into the toilet, then she sat down and wiped her butt a few times. She flushed the toilet and washed her hands, and we returned the pot to where we had found. Aside from a lingering poop smell, there was no evidence of what we had done, and even to this day my parents and grandparents have never found out.

Outdoor service crap in the toilet shack

This morning me and my sister Janelle had to leave at 4 a.m. for a sunrise Easter service sponsored by one of the largest churches in our city. It's in a huge park, on a bluff looking east into the sunrise, and there's probably about a thousand people that come. Most bring lawn chairs because the dew on the grass makes it too wet to sit on.

Janelle is 23 and has her own apartment about 30 minutes away. I drove to her place to pick her up. She was just getting into her long pink dress when I arrived and reminded her that our parents would be upset if we're late (we always are, but we try to do better). She said something as she was scrambling to find her purse about not even having had time to crap, but I just thought she was exaggerating as is often the case. We must have walked about a mile through the park with the lawn chairs mostly uphill to where the congregation was gathering. That exercise didn't help what was going on in Janelle's colon and she was really complaining for the last 10 minutes or so during the hike. It reminded me of a couple of the girls at my high school who would constantly complain of the bathroom lines and conditions, but found they couldn't make the lines go any faster. We finally found our family and Janelle saw a wooden toilet building about a block away that was no bigger than a storage shack. It had a big red T sign painted on its roof. Since our seats were safe, I told her I'd walk over with her. As we walked over she said she hadn't crapped since she was with her boyfriend at a baseball game Tuesday night and that it was knocking hard.

As we walked up a couple of cement steps to the building, a mother was coming out with a pre-school age daughter and lecturing the child about how she should have peed before leaving home. The girl was almost in tears. This was a one stall, one sink bathroom no larger than what we have at home. The toilet and especially the seat seemed bigger and higher than many of the ones I use at school. There was no stall; just an open toilet about three feet from the sink which was leaking. Janelle swore a couple of times as she started fumbling with getting her loose-fitting dress to cooperate. I moved over and pulled up one side while she pulled up the other. She used one of her arms to hold her side up as she struggled to pull down her thong. I pointed her toward the toilet and before she placed her butt on the seat, there was an explosion of gas that our little brother (he's 6) would have loved. Then a barrage of splashes into the water, while I walked around to the back of the stool and helped Janelle pull up more of her dress which was draped over the back of the seat and which I was afraid would get splashed. As she sat and continued to drop crap into the water, she said she hoped she wasn't going to pick up an STD or anything from the seat. I just laughed and said at least she wasn't going to explode her anus. She sat for another two or three minutes with a few more turds dropping, followed by about a 30 second wee.

Janelle stood and asked me to hold her dress up while she reached for the toilet paper roll. She complained that her butt was freezing from the seat (it was about 55 out)and it took her about a dozen wipes until she took off the last of the toilet paper. I noticed the toilet paper was piling up well above the water-level and a little higher than the seat. Janelle sighed relief when she pulled her thong up and I dropped her dress. The backside was a little more creased and it took me a couple of seconds to get it to fall.

Neither of us saw any need to attempt a flush and we got back to the service just as it was beginning.

npu (noisy poopers united)

The Never Ending Shit

Hello again, fellow toilet enthusiasts. I have a weird story today. I was home alone, minding my own beeswax, when I felt a sudden urge to poo. Being alone, i didnt need to worry about being heard, so i just went in the bathroom. I sat on the john and did my usual pee, a mefium, 30-second strong hissing stream. I pushed out a tiny lump of a log. I thought i was done and wiped. But just as i stood up, i got hit with cramps. I squatted over toilet and gave a wet, nasty fart. A couple of pebbes fell out of my hole, and again, i wiped and stood up. But i still felt full, and so i squatted for the THIRD time. I pushed and a grunt escaped my lips. A nasty squelch came from my ass. I was panting, and suddenly soft poo was oozing out of me. I moaned, because my stomach really hurt, and the poop gave a final splatter and was done. I gave one more disgusting fart, starting low but raising in pitch, that sounded like "brrvvmmsssSQUENCH!" I turned to look. Remeber all the paper i put in because i thought i was done? My pile of shit now rested on it, for all the world like a floatie in a pool. I started laughing, for some reason, and I am still giggling like a pubescent boy as i write(im seventeen). Good times, good times. Time to answer some questions:
Karen: Since there could be salmonella in your bastrad of a husband's shit, and he put the sponge back near where your children brush their teeth, could it be child
endangerment? Look into that for a divorce, if you so choose.
The Woodsman:Cool story bro. Please share more if you have any.
To Tech Guy: Where have you one? Does anyone know? His stories are great.
Question of the post: Someone mentioned portapottie stories. Im reasking that, and heres one of my own:
It was a peaceful day at the county fair. I had gone with some friends, and one of my friends moms ran a lemonade stand. So, of course, we drank it by the gallonful. I naturally had to pee REALLY badly. With my luck, of course, the ladies room was out of service and we had to go into the "mens," (a row of doorless portapotties). I didnt care. My friends and i ran down to find free ones, but we had to split up. I had just settled in, wishing for a door, when who should walk by but Drew, the school heartthrob. He walked to the stall across from me, unzipped, and had started to pee when he turned and saw me. I squealed, he shouted and almost shut his zipper on himself. But him, being a ridiculous flirt, had to stroll, unzipped, to the stall next to me. He then proceeded to chat the entire time we were there. We finished at almost the same time, but he remained unzipped. Totally on purpose. I finally said, "Drew, can you, like, zip up your fly?" To which he struck a provocotive pose and said, "Why? Do you find this-" wiggle"-distracting?" I live in a weird place. Ah well. Yours till the shit hits the fan, NPU

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Desperate Jill I look forward to all your stories thanks.

To: Karen as always another great story it sounds like you booty trumpet was giving you a noisy and smelly concert and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: The Woodsman great story about your freinds peeing habits she sounds very interesting and please share anymore stories about her that you may have thanks.

To: BowlReport as always another great live report and great poop by poop coverage as always and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shortie as always another great story and live reporting and poop by poop covergae to and it sounds like your friend Laura was pretty desperate to pee and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great story about you pooping in the river I bet it felt great and refreshing and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Christine in FL
I had been constipated for about four days before my stomach started bothering me. On top of that, my belly was bloated and swollen and I looked pregnant. That morning, i sat on the toilet and tried to have a movement, but I could only get about three pebbles out. I made sure to drink lots of water.
The next morning, I tried again, getting about a dozen or so pebbles out. I felt full and sort of sick. I drank lots of water again, and this time, I mixed in a fiber supplement to help me out the next day.
That night, my belly had a dull ache and i spent most of the night alternating between rubbing it and sitting on the toilet.
In the morning, I decided to suck it up and take a laxative, I spent the rest of the day waiting for it to work.
Sometime in the middle of the night, my ???? began cramping and I blearily made my way over to the toilet and sat down.
Slowly, the tip of a poo poked out. I pushed and strained, unable to get much of it out. I just wanted to dig it out with my hands or something because I felt so full and awful. It crawled out slowly, and when I looked at it later on, it was as thick as my wrist, almost black, and a conglomerate of small pebbles.


More pee adventures

Hi guys,
I'm back again with another peeing story for you.This one happened about 3 months ago.I was all alone in the house on a very wet and cold UK Saturday afternoon.I was lying on the sofa in my pj's being very lazy,when i realised i needed to pee.At first it wasn't too bad so i ignored it,but then all of a sudden BOOM!it hit me,i had to go.
As quick as i possibly could ,considering i was close to wetting myself,i got up off the sofa and litteraly waddled towards the back door of the house.I was holding my crotch as i opened the door.It was so cold outside and also getting dark.The back of our house faces onto fields and we have a high fence at either side,so no one can really see inside.
What i did next was very naughty but i like doing these things.I turned around,pulled down my pj bottoms and knickers i had on underneath and stuck my rear end out the door far enough so i wouldn't pee on the floor and in a half squat i pee'd onto the gravel path that runs up our back garden.It was such fun and i really peed a good 45 seconds or so.It made a splattering sound on the gravel.When i had finished peeing i shook my bum,then pulled up my things and closed the door.What fun that was and i hope you liked hearing about it.
Bye for now,

big thanks to Drainman

thank you Drainman for helping me find the clip. I am aware of the clip from Him & Her and it's great. There was another toilet scene in the fifth episode too.



Anon. I'd certainly advise your 'frequent wetter' friend to consider wearing protection. There's absolutely no shame in that sort of thing and it should help to boost her self confidence. I occasionally wear protection myself, not because I need to but because it helps to give me confidence when I know I'm likely to be away from a loo for a long period of time.

Nicola. Thanks for sharing your latest stories, especially the petrol station and pooing whilst swimming ones, although I probably wouldn't recommend the latter nowadays.

Anne (David's wife). I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your alfresco buddy dump with David in the woods. It's sounds to me as though you both probably needed to poo more than you realised at the time. You must have both felt tremendously relieved afterwards.

Happy Easter everyone!

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