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Bad diarrhea

Hello everyone, I just got back from the bathroom and I have two stories for you all. Firstly I just let loose some MAJOR diarrhea into the toilet. About four waves ov soft sludgey diarrhea. I filled the toilet twice and had to flush midway through pooping. Anyway, I have another story from my thirteen year old cousin. He got into some trouble recently and is in suspension. In his school they put suspended students in a room in the office that is also the bathroom. The bathroom is in its own separate room, a room within a room basically. So he was sitting there when a teacher that he says is "attractive", he says she's a healthy wait, red hair in a pony tail, and is very open to all the students. She comes in to use the washroom, and he hears her poop. She dropped three large sounding turds. On the way out she smiled and waved. Thirty minutes after that he said another girl came to use the bathroom. This time a student he has a crush on. She comes in says hi and goes into the bathroom. He says he heard a strong stream of pee that lasted about a minute. Then she ripped a fart that reverberated in the bowl. After that she dropped two turds and grunted the whole way through. On the way out she said bye and left.

Another story happened to me. I was in the ???? museum and I was walking arround admiring the fossils when I felt an urgent need to take a dump. I was in the middle of where the nearest bathroom ahead and behind me were. Just my luck. So I head into the gardens that they have and sneak off the trail when no one is looking. I find a far off spot and then I look and see an old pile of turds. It's huge! Just then a gardener finds me. She gasps and asks me what I'm doing. I told her the truth and she told me hers. She poops here regularly and burries most of it, and was about to take another dump. So we buddy dumped. She let loose a long coiling turd maybe two feet in length and I drop three thick turds. I asked if this hurts the plants and she told me no, that it actually helps fertilize them and it's why she pools here instead of the bathrooms.
That's all for now, BYE!

To Leanne

Hi Leanne - good story about your much-needed after-lecture poo. I have a few questions - perhaps you could answer them. How many days worth of poo did your after-lecture poo consist of - was it 1 or 2 days-or more?
Were each of the 4 soft logs that came out rapidly fairly large e.g. 6-8 (or more) inches or were they small e.g. 4 inches or less? Or did you pass a mixture e.g. 2 large soft ones followed by two smaller ones?
Did they make a crackling sound when they came out, i.e. did they contain a lot of gas? Also, how far into your 1 hour lecture were you when you became aware that you needed to poo?

Love your stories - keep them coming


Toilet Habits

Just a quick survey

How often do u go pee?

How do u take to pee?

Do u pee loud or quiet?

Girls do u keep ur legs together or open when up sit to pee?

How often do u poop?

What is ur poop like?

Do u fart alot when ur pooping?

Well. Hi all. Im back. Freya is nearly 5 weeks now. My pooping has finally returned to normal with me taking around 3-5 mins to go. No exciting experiences to report though. Myself and Matt have decided to start trying for a family asap even though weve only been together 2 months, as we want a baby together, although Freya feels like his, and we want all our kids to be close together when they are growing up. I hope if it does happen soon for us that im not constipated like before. If i am though i shall enjoy sharing the experience of my constipation problems with you all like before. Anyway not got much to say except that ive been reading this forum when i have a spare minute and its made for great, entertaining reading. Gotta go. Just letting you all know whats happening to me. Hope to post a poop story soon. Until then bye bye.

Lynn: I did not think I should say anything. I hate it when people tell me how to raise my kids. I understand having a pee outside when there are no other options, but that child was so close to the restroom as well as mine and my daughter's picnic.
However, we went back to the park again a few days later and I saw the same mom, her son, and this time she had a little girl with her who appeared to be six. We were having another picnic and again they were right next to us. This time, the little girl said she had to pee. Her mom told her to go on the tree. She lifted her dress (she had on no panties) and squat down and peed right next to us again. Some puddled onto our blanket. The boy started to pee too. Well, two peeing children right next to my daughter's lunch was too much. I asked the mom why she did not have her kids use the bathroom since it was so close. She said that it was none of my business. I replied that it was my business since my stuff was just peed on. I told her that I would let my daughters pee outside, but in a secluded spot, not in plain view right by everyone. She said that she normally only lets her son pee outside, but did not want to get up to walk her kids to the bathroom! I think my daughter and I will stay away from this park for a bit.


Post Title (optional)omg

Hi im a 23 year old model who lives alone and takes care of herself! since i live alone i have the privalage of sleeping nude!! well one night i had some friends over and i ended up passing out in myold pair of pink spandex tights! i was beat so i just took off my t shirt and fell in bed!! i dont know how long i had slept when i woke up with a severe stomach cramp! i knew i needed the bathroom now!! i was hoping not to poop on the floor on my way to poop! i made it just in time as i sat on the bowl a big long hot gooey turd smeared all over my butt because i forgot that i had my tights on! omg it was so gross i sat in it as long as i could before showering and disposing of my poopy pants

Kate the Soccer Mom

Yoga Class Accident

Hi everyone,

It has been a long time since my last post. Luckily, there hasn't been much to report between myself and my 10 year old daughter, Chelsi.

...that is until this past weekend at my yoga class...

I started going to a yoga class with my good friends Nancy and Erin. We went last Saturday (March 24, 2012). For our yoga class I was wearing light gray yoga pants with a white tank top. Underneath I was wearing a white bra and white bikini panties.

Half way through the class I started getting some bad cramps. My period was about four days away from starting at that point, so I figured that it was just some mild PMS cramps. It wasn't. With about 15 minutes to go in our class I got a really bad cramp and with it came an intense urge to go diarrhea. I tried clenching my butt cheeks and to maintain the position I was in. At this point everything became a blur and I had to stop what I was doing in order to not have a severe accident in front of my yoga class. As I was getting up a wet diarrhea fart slipped out and splattered the seat of my white bikini panties. I froze right where I was. Nancy asked me if I was okay and I whispered to her that I needed to get to a toilet. As I bent down to grab my towel and yoga mat, another cramp hit me and I started filling my panties and yoga pants with a huge amount of wet diarrhea. I could feel the mess filling up my panties in the matter of seconds. It was horrible! I just kept whispering "Oh god, oh god" over and over again. I ran as quickly as I could out of the room and to the ladies change room, pooping my pants the entire time.

I got to the change room and grabbed my bag out of the locker and went into an open toilet stall. This was the first accident that I had in quite some time, but I have pooped my pants before. Even still, I was in shock and not quite sure what to do. I opened my bag, pulled out my jeans and hung them on the door. I looked in my bag and to my complete horror, I realized that I had forgotten to bring an extra pair of panties to change into.

The door to the change room opened and I knew that the yoga class I had bailed on had just ended. I could hear some of the women talking about me any my accident. I over heard one woman talking about pooping her pants once herself. I then heard Nancy and Erin talking close by. I opened the stall door just a crack and called them over. I told them about my predicament of not having any clean panties to wear. Nancy said that she had a few extra pairs in her bag, so she gave me a pair of pink bikini's to wear home. When she handed them to me she said, "Okay, so these have some stains in them... Period stains, diarrhea... They ARE clean. But don't worry if you have another accident on your way home." I said "Thanks" and proceeded to clean myself up properly before going home.

I did have another accident on my way home as well. The cramps started again and a huge wave of diarrhea poured into my, well, Nancy's bikini panties and spread all throughout my jeans. Again, I was a complete mess. The next day my period started and it has been heavy all week.

Anyway, that's it for now.

Thank you,
Kate, the Soccer Mom


Re: Andrea

Hi Andrea. What an interesting story about your pee adventure, I enjoyed reading it. Do you more pee stories to write? If so, please write them :) Thanks!


To Troy

See a doctor. Paracetamol and codeine both have a constipating effect: they will probably give you something like Lactulose to soften the poo and make it easier to go.

Also up the fibre intake in your diet - dried fruit (apricots, figs, raisins, prunes) are a good starting point.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Amber as always another great story about your big poops and it sounds like you hyad a pretty good dump to bad you couldnt enjoy it longer but at least you felt better afterwards and left your calling card for everyone else to see and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Thirty Something Female as always another great story it sounds like that dump felt great to bad it wasnt in the toilet and you were right there near a bathroomI guses karma wasnt on your side or just playing tricks on you at leastyou had spare panties which is good and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: UKNGuy as always another great story I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: jacob great story about you seeing that girl pooping outside and I bet that memory will last forever.

To: Jessica as always another great diaper peeing/pooping story it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lily first welcome to the site and great live report and great poop by poop coverage it sounds like a pretty nasty dump I hope you feel better and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Andrea first welcome to the site and great peeing story and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Karen as always another great story it sounds like that was a pretty good dump and yep corn is the gift that keeps on giving lol and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great pooping story it sounds like you had a pretty good dump and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great story it sounds like that outdoor poop felt pretty good to bad your panties had to pay the price and at least the second load didnt happen in them but on them instead and it sounds like you felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Darryl great story about you hearing that girl take a very nasty dump and it sounds like she really had to go and bad at least she kinda joked about it and please share anymore stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: CarMom as always another great peeing story it sounds like your house got a good soaking and it sounds like Lorie and Kaitlyn had alot of fun with you and Kaylee and also it soud like Laura had fun to and as always I look forward to your nex post thanks.

To: Martin great story about you hearing that girl pooping and I look forward to anymore stories like that thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Blind Guy

Saving Money on Pampers

Greetings. I am writing this with Jessica in mind, but perhaps others will find it useful. Whether buying adult disposable diapers or baby diapers, on line shopping is by far the cheaper option. I don't know if you use on line services, but they are well worth trying if you haven't. The diapers are shipped, sometimes in plain brown boxes if you go with a company that offers discrete shipping, directly to your door. I know that there is one specific site that offers decent deals on various sizes of Pampers. I don't know if the moderator will allow me to name the site, but it rhymes with ????. It's well worth a look if nothing else. By the way, if Jessica has spina bifida as I suspect, she is definitely among the luckier population with this condition. I knew a girl with spina bifida in high school who possibly wore diapers, (she never told and I never asked but she was on a set schedule and I suspect it was either diapers or cathing) and she just went around like everyone else. People thought she was SO very brave to be like that, but I'm blind and get the same nonsensical reaction constantly. All the same, good for you! All the best.

Little Mandi

Disturbed while pooping

Friday I was sitting here listening to some music,when I got that familiar feeling in my stomach. My mom was in the shower,so I just held it. I hoped she was done soon,cause I really had to go. Finally,she came down and I went up. I sat on the toilet and not even 2 minutes later my mom came in. (My bathroom has no lock) I got mad at her,cause I was in there and I can't poop with people in the bathroom with me. I just grabbed some toilet paper and pretended to wipe from going pee. My mom knew I had to poop but I wouldn't admit it to her. My stomach felt a little bloated. I didn't feel like waiting for my mom to finish getting ready for work so,I decided to walk to my grandmoms and go since I was going there anyway. I yelled up to my mom that I was leaving and started walking. It felt a little funny to walk,cause I would feel the poop right there.I walked as fast as I can. Luckily my grandmom is only a few blocks away from me. As soon as I got there I went up to the bathroom. I had to push a few times as always to get it started and at first it wouldnt come out.I re positioned myself on the toilet and pushed again and finally 3 soft logs came out. It burned really bad for some reason. Probably from the Chinese food I had. It was a little spicy. I wiped and flushed but I still didn't feel completely done. I sat back down and another medium sized log came out of my burning butt. After that I was done. My butt burned for a little while after that.

a "held it too long" story for TSF

hey there, been enjoying your posts lately. Also a female in my 30s...I don't have a problem quite like yours to where it's a constant thing i deal with- not saying you're constantly wetting and soiling yourself just that it seems to be a more common occurrence for you than it is for me based on your stories- but i have been victimized a number of times over the years from being to shy/stubborn to use public bathrooms from "number two's." It's such a funny thing really that so many people have that problem, and it's so hard to shake it even when, like me, you've paid the price with a humiliating accident in your pants. But for whatever reason, my automatic response to a pressing need to poop when I'm not home is "hold it in. Poop at home." Of course, i definitely allow myself to use public bathrooms for pooping if i know i won't be able to wait that long, i just do so reluctantly. And the problem arises from occasionally putting off plan B for too long until my body can't get me there. Here are two examples from occasions that stand out in my mind because i was overwhelmed by the mess. Haha, not trying to be gross, i just read so many stories where girls poop their pants and it's miraculously all neat and tidy in their undies and ready to be dumped in the potty with minimal skid marks in them, so i want people to know that that doesn't always happen!!! Here goes. This one was bad. It was after college and i had gotten together with some girls as a little reunion, and we had a long brunch then went shopping for the upcoming wedding of another friend. It had been a few hours and we had already eaten, shopped for dresses and shoes and we were on our 3rd store shopping on her various gift registries. It was macy's. If you've been to macy's you know it's your typical maze of a department store layout where if you don't know exactly where something is its going to take some serious trial and error to find it without help, and help is NOT easy to come by there... while we were there, i came to accept that the need for a BM I'd been supressing all afternoon was done being supressed, and i was going to have to settle for pooping in a public toilet otherwise it was gonna be my panties in the car in a futile attempt to get to my home toilet. So i started looking for the bathroom. I looked. I looked some more. I followed over head signs that said "rest rooms." Nothing. I was starting to panic. I had to GO. i angrily meandered through, searching. I found an employee somehow. She informed me that they were located in the hallway that's next to the elevators...the elevators I'd walked by TWICE because the bathroom signs lead there but this hallway isn't very obvious without walking up to it, so they need to sign better. Anyway, i went back to the elevators and i was able to find the hidden hallway to the bathrooms, but by then I'd held it waaay too long... my abdomen was completey tense like it was trying to push everything out and i could barely move my legs properly, and i was having uncontrollable flatulence as i approached the door. I opened my belt and unbuttoned my jeans as i went in the door, and waddled into a stall fully clenched and trying to keep what was forcing it's way out of my butt to just gas. I slid my jeans halfway down my thighs, and EXPLODED. just...there is no other word for it. An atomic bomb of poop went off in my i stood in front of the toilet with my jeans halfway down. There was nothing i could do but stand there. Sooo much poop came out of me soo fast because I'd held it too long, it filled my panties in every direction and was loose enough to go all down my legs too, into my jeans and further yet down my legs. I was basically covered in my own poop from the waist down. It was a pretty surreal moment. Those are the moments where you find out who your real friends are... if you can shit yourself that badly in public and the people you're with stick around to help you clean up, keep them in your life forever!!! I'm lucky my friends did. They helped keep people away from the bathroom, they bought me pants and underwear, they got me the trashcans from both bathrooms, they kept a constant supply of wet paper towels going into my stall. Seriously, they were great, they were like a well-oiled machine for helping young adult women clean themselves up after shitting their pants, it was almost uncanny. They made fun of me the entire time, but my god they were so helpful. I was so lucky they were there, since i wasn't so fortunate to have a neat, tidy little solid load that nestles comfortably in my panties that so many others seem to have. Man that was a mess, so glad i didn't have to shamefully walk through the store to my car covered in a mess like that..

As for my other "mega mess", i wouldn't be as lucky to have all my friends there to was about 4 years ago, i was 32. I had a pretty good paying job at a law office. Well, to get to the point, I'd had to poop most of the day. I realized some time after lunch that i was gonna have to do it work, i wouldn't make it home. But, naturally, i couldn't help but keep putting it off. I was finishing up a phone call at my desk when it just kind of hit me, "i have to poop really bad." I closed out my email and got up, and as i stood i just felt my bowels drop in my abdomen... they gurgled, i grabbed my stomach and went into full clench. I took two frantic steps toward my office door when my stomach gurgled more, and i just stopped. I closed my door slowly and proceeded to take a huge shit down my pantyhose. Yep. Held it too long again, resulting in another underwear poop bomb. It was bad. I could feel it sloshing around everywhere in my panties, and it was all down my legs inside my pantyhose feeling wet and disgusting. It was basically diarrhea... i got hit with a second wave and made the mess even bigger before coming back to my senses and trying to figure out what the hell to do... i had one thing going for me. It was winter and not only was i wearing a full length skirt, it was leather AND it was brown. So there was absolutely no visible bulging, staining or wetness, and they covered my legs totally so you couldn't even see that my pantyhose were filled with wet poop from my ankles up. So i decided i could make it to my car without anyone noticing a thing. Only problem was i smelled like a port-a-potty. So, i was too scared to leave my office...i wound up staying in my office with poop all over myself for nearly 90 minutes! I pretty much just sat there intermittently spraying perfume on me and in the air while i had my windows open and the fan running facing the open window, as i tried to come up with some brilliant escape plan. I even had my office phone off the hook so people would see my line lit up and my door closed and assume i was on a call and not bother me. Finally i knew i had to just go for it. I actually practiced pacing across my office a few times to get a good walk down that didn't scream "i just shit in my pants." I sprayed another cloud of perfume around myself, put my coat on, grabbed my stuff and got the hell out of there! I didn't make eye contact with anyone on the way out....for a while i figured i was in the clear, but as i drove home and realized just how awful the stink was and how little the perfume helped, i figured i definitely left a bad smell behind as i walked through the office and the whole being locked in my office alone for hours before suddenly leaving without talking to anyone coupled with that smell probably made it pretty easy for my colleagues to realize I'd shit myself in my office. So that was a took forever to clean up, i messed up my bathroom almost as bad as i messed up my pants just from trying to get my pantyhose off. The whole thing was a nightmare. At least my colleagues allowed me to keep some of my dignity by pretending they didn't know what i did, but i could tell they knew... doesn't matter now, i have since moved because of better job offer and i seldom see those people.

Those were my two most notable accidents as a result of holding it too long. I guess becaue of the sheer mess factor. i've had others that weren't so bad, i will share more later. Bye for now.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


First standing pee attempt

Hello. I have been a long-term lurker here, reading posts, mostly interested in peeing mind you. I'm female bodied but identify as genderqueer, leaning heavily towards the masculine side. So, having heard on here that it is possible for a woman to urinate standing without any kind of aid, I thought I would have to try for myself.

So. Two days ago I was sitting at my desk studying and felt my morning coffee had worked its way to my bladder. This tends to result in a sudden and urgent need to go, perfect if you're about to try something that might otherwise cause sudden bladder shyness. I went to the bathroom, raised the toilet seat and squatted over it with my labia spread and urethral opening raised - or so I thought- expecting a nice forward jet. This didn't happen: despite my urgency to pee, sympathetic innervation to my internal urethral sphincter was clearly stimulated by this new experience and involuntarily shut off the tap. I couldn't urinate with force and instead a pathetic trickle ran down my thighs and into the toilet. I turned around and sat to relieve myself; leaning back to get a better view of the anatomy down there. Immediately a forceful jet shot up above the toilet bowl and onto my jeans. How frustrating!

More luck this evening. I'd been studying again (I'm a medical student; we tend to do that a lot) and had been unaware of my growing need to have a wee until suddenly it made itself known. I figured I needed a shower so might as well make only one trip to the bathroom. I squirmed for a minute to help hold my full bladder then undressed to my underwear and got my stuff to shower. Entered the bathroom and became vaguely aware of a warm wetness growing in my crotch. Oops. I crossed my legs until the flow cut off, leaving a considerable wet spot in the gusset of my underwear. Tensing my gluteal muscles and pelvic diaphragm and adducting my thighs to avoid losing any more precious urine pressure, I raised the toilet seat and assumed my position - squatting over the bowl with labia minora spread and pulled superiorly to raise the urethral opening. My bladder, though very full, had suddenly become shy again and I had to wait a few seconds for it to release - then quickly cut off the flow as my wee jetted forwards, hitting the raised toilet seat and rebounding onto the floor. It seems I'd been too effective. I quickly cleaned up, aware that time was short if I were to avoid a full-scale puddle, stepped into the bathtub and turned the shower on. Then I stood with my pelvis tilted forward, arranged myself to go again, and released. This time I'd clearly got it wrong and was rewarded with a stream of warm urine down my leg. Cutting off again, I repositioned and finally managed a forward arc before my bladder decided all this messing around was getting silly - and refused to let any more urine out until I was finished showering and seated safely on the loo. Then, having finally finished my wee with a powerful jet into the toilet, I cleaned the bathtub and returned to my desk.

Hope you enjoyed that - I know I enjoy hearing about all your peeing encounters. Does anyone have any tips for accuracy / consistancy when trying to urinate standing as a female?

Anne- david's wife

No embarassment to me form doing big poos

I enjoyed reading Ambers' post "Big poo at the swimming pool". I have done turds that big in Public Toilets, in the Girl's Toilet at school, in the Ladies' Toilet in pubs, restaurants, shopping malls etc, and of course at home, since my teens but unlike Amber I would not take the risk to doing a poo in my panties out of any embarrassment from passing a jobbie so big that it stuck in the toilet pan and wouldn't flush away. If someone else sees the turd I have passed that is no problem to me as we all poo. As I posted a few weeks ago I did have a big accident in my knickers as a teenager when I very unwisely didn't use the Girls' Toilet at school and tried to hold it in till I got home but lost the battle and filled my knickers. I certainly didn't make that mistake again! I can only imagine being embarrassed by doing a panbuster poo if it was in some posh person's toilet in their house for example one of the managers from your work etc, but in a public toilet such as the one Amber describes I can't see the problem.


Short Rant

Okay, so some of the girls who live on my hall are very disgusting! They pee on the toilet seats, and several times I walked into a stall to discover someone else's shit in the toilet. Someone even pooped in the showers twice-on purpose! Yesterday, I went into a stall to discover poop smeared on the toilet seat and poop at the bottom of the toilet bowl. There was no way in hell I was going to sit on that! The worst part about it is that they don't have any seat covers in the restroom, so I have to make my own with some toilet paper. I have seriously got to invest in some disinfectant wipes! I know that dorm restrooms aren't exactly the cleanest, but come on, ladies!

Okay, rant's over.


Big poop at the swimming pool

I'm back and I have another story to share. I was fourteen and it was a hot summer day and I had gone to the community pool for their afternoon swim session. Jumping right in to the cool water felt wonderful. After I had been swimming for a good while, perhaps forty-five minutes give or take, I was beginning to feel a need to poop. Having to unleash a beast in the pool's toilets was the last thing I wanted that day, so foolishly I tried to hold it back. Before too long, I knew that I was focusing more on holding it then I was on swimming, and that was my sign that I had to give in and just go.

I exited the pool, and dried off a little, then walked to the locker room. There were several other girls and women getting out to go home around that time, and both the toilet stalls were taken. I felt I could still hold back my poop for a little while longer, and so I took my time drying off and changing into my street clothes. Hoping to wait until the room was mostly empty before I pooped had backfired, because the session was over by then and a large number people came into the locker room. Being fully dressed then, plus having a turd dangerously close to coming out in my panties, I could delay no longer.

One of the toilets opened up and I went in and sat down. I farted a few times and then began to push out my turd. It came out fairly quickly, despite the fact that I would have liked it to go slowly to pass more time and have less people in the room when I exited the stall. I stayed sitting for a few more minutes even though I had finished, before eventually wiping up. I didn't even try to flush as I could see my twenty-inch long whopper of a turd had surely blocked up the toilet. I left the stall and scurried out of the locker room and went home.


to Lauren

You weren't wrong to be upset. It's a common sight for men to pee outside at a local commuter train station. They could cross the street and use the restroom at a fast food place, Or, they could walk past the fast food place, through a supermarket's parking lot, and use the restroom at the supermarket. The restrooms in the supermarket are plainly marked. Customers don't even have to ask to use the restrooms.
Men relieve themselves in public at the train station because the're lazy, and maybe that's how they were raised.

Also, there aren't many trees at the train station. There isn't much room for trees, so men can't hide what they're doing.

When the boy that you saw at the park grows up, he will probably end up peeing in public like the men at the train station, just like he was raised to do.

The next time you see something like that, why don't you speak up, even though the mother likely will get angry.

Thirty Something Female

Back with another story

Hey everyone! Been too busy to post lately but I've still been following along. I'm back with another holding too long story for you from my past. I got to thinking about this story the other day because of spring break.

My sophomore year of college I was 19 years old and finally had a car (freshman were not allowed to have cars on campus so I had been waiting a whole year). For spring break I was driving back home to visit my family. I left right after classes on a Friday afternoon, grabbed lunch for the road, and hit the highway. It was a six hour drive if there was no traffic problems so I was hoping to get home in time for dinner.

I should have gone to the bathroom again after class but didn't want to waste time and I'm a holder, so I didn't, meaning I hadn't gone since getting out of bed that morning. After a couple of hours on the road I started to really need a bathroom stop. I had to drive for a while to get to the next exit and by that point my bowels and bladder were both very ready for relief and it was getting harder to hold in either need. I got off the interstate and stopped at a fast food place and ran inside only to find the ladies room was disgusting, like it hadn't been cleaned in weeks. No way I was using that. I hurried back to my car and hopped back onto the interstate, squeezing my butt and thighs to hold everything in to the next exit.

The next exit had no restaurants or anything to stop at, just a road, so I had to keep going. By then I knew was getting close to an accident. I was wearing a loose floral print skirt and white bikini panties, by the way (I remember well!). After a few more miles I lost a squirt of pee and the end was drawing near. There would be a rest stop coming up in about 20 minutes if I could just make it that long. I squeezed tighter, driving with one hand on the wheel and one tightly pressed into my crotch. A little later another squirt of pee escaped and that time I could feel dampness on my fingertips, which were stupidly pressing my skirt into my crotch. I looked down to find a small wet spot on the skirt where I had been pressing. I pulled the skirt up and pressed my fingers direct against the panties instead. I had already pulled the back of the skirt out from under me by that point so that I wouldn't be sitting on it if I had an accident. But all that focus on holding the pee made the poop harder to stop and soon I felt my anus open and the poo start to push and I couldn't stop it before it made its way out enough to "touch cotton" but thankfully the car seat offered enough resistance to stop it there and I was able to pull it back in after a few tense seconds, though I knew my panties would be stained brown.

I finally got near to the rest stop, my body on the verge of losing control (I knew the feeling well by that age!). My legs were bouncing, my fingers were pressing, my butt muscles were squeezing. I could barely drive. As I neared the exit I lost another squirt of pee. I decided I would need to change my panties anyway so I would get out of the car, open the trunk, grab a clean pair, then go inside to the bathroom. I don't think my brain was working properly by that point!

I made it into the lot, slammed the car to a stop in a space, took a deep breath, squeezed everything tight, and climbed out of the door as quickly as I could without losing all control, shut the door, scampered to the back of the car with my legs squeezed shut, unlocked the trunk while dancing in place, my desperation at a 9.999999 out of ten. I lifted the trunk, lost another squirt of pee, leaned forward to unzip my suitcase, lost another longer stream of pee that started to run down my leg, got the suitcase unzipped, lifted the lid, reached in to dig for a pair of panties, and... that was all I could hold.

The poop came first, a giant, solid, semi-soft load that just shot into my panties like a rocket and filled the seat in less than a few seconds, spreading rapidly into a big, hot pile. Then my bladder sprayed full force through my panties, down my legs or straight through, splattering loudly onto the pavement between my feet. The relief was great, but I couldn't believe I had gotten so close and was now standing there in a rest stop parking lot wetting and soiling myself. Thankfully there were few people in the parking lot and I don't think anybody saw the accident happen.

It only took less than 30 seconds from start to finish, though it certainly felt like longer - as all accidents do. I pulled the clean panties out of the suitcase, zipped it closed, stuffed the panties into my purse, closed the trunk, and waddled as close to normal as I could into the ladies rest room and into a stall. I carefully took off my skirt just in case, hung it on the door hook, and then even more carefully lowered the soaked and full panties, but everything stayed inside them until I could dump it into the toilet. It took me a few minutes to clean up wiping and wiping off my wet legs and feet and sandals. I pulled on the clean panties and cracked the stall door to see if there was anyone else, then hurried to the trash and dropped in my soiled panties and washed my hands.

The rest of the trip home was uneventful, I just made it with one less pair of panties than I left with.

I'd love to hear more "held it too long" stories from others!



My Morning Dump

Good morning, all! And for me it is a good morning, because I just came back from the bathroom after having one of the more satisfying dumps I've had in a while.

I had been having a growing urge to poop since I was in the shower, but I was sitting here internet surfing and drinking coffee, when about halfway through my first cup, I decided I needed to go now. I went to the bathroom, dropped my shorts, sat down, and opened up the sports section of the morning paper. I was reading about the Women's College Basketball Tournament when the tip of my log poked out and began to emerge.

It took a little bit of straining, but the log slowly came out. Without even seeing it I knew it was a long one. Finally it slid out and landed in the bowl silently. I finished skimming through the sports section, the dropped the paper and started wiping. After about 4 wipes, I was clean.

I stood up, pulled up my shorts, and saw a 18 inch long, 1 1/2 inch thick log, coming up out of the trap. It had broken in half, or else it easily would have broken the water line. I flushed and away it went.

Time to get ready for work. Have a great day, folks!


Reply to David-Anne's Husband

I remember when I was little I had a seat like that for toilet training, too, a little plastic one that went on top of the seat and had a splash guard sticking up in front for when you didn't manage to aim down into the bowl. It had a picture of Peter Rabbit on it so for a while our euphemism for going to the bathroom was "go see Peter."

Just a guy
Meg, that was a great story about you and your friend, Elly. It sounded like you both had good dumps after your class. I'm glad your post was successful and look forward to more stories from you, your friend, Leanne, and her friend, Emma.

Darryl, Great story about Gabrielle. She surely didn't seem to be shy. It must have been a strong smell to linger for an hour!

Summertime and parks

It's been sunny recently in the UK and this leads to increased liquid intake. During the summer large parks often have many people picnicing, drinking throughout the long afternoons and evenings. With the tory budget cuts, a large number of public conveniences have been closed or had their opening hours cut. Of course this will only lead to more desperate wees in bushes and so on.

This evening was an example, I walked through a large local park. I could see a couple of the trees had damp patches where presumably guys had had a pee against them. I reached the top of a hill and sat down on a bench for a while. After about 10 minutes I heard footsteps approaching and rustling in the bushes next to me. I stood up and could see over the top of the bushes a teenage girl with long brown hair, wearing a white summery dress, squatting with her white knickers at her ankles and making a very large puddle and hissing sound to go with it. She must have been bursting! After a while her stream died down and she let out a fart. I wondered if she might be about to poo but the urge obviously wasn't there as she pulled her knickers up, straightened her dress up and went back to the path.




I had surgery on my knee three days ago. I have been taking pain medication. I have not had a bowel movement for 4 days now. I don't even have an urge to poop. I am concerned because I have been eating ever since the night I had surgery and I usually poop everyday. My abdomen is starting to get a little bloated. I have tried several times to push and make myself go without any luck. At this point what should I do?

hey guys srry i havnt posted in a while, i have been in the bahamas for a week and a half.
anyways i have been reading all of the posts and keep them up guys.
so here is another story.
in september of 2011, my grade went on a field trip to im not really sure but it was in florida and about an hour or two from orlando. anyways it was like camping kind of. we all had cabins near the woods but their were no bathrooms. the counselors told all of us that if we needed to go more than pee to dig a hole, go and cover it up. we were there for 3 days. well i didnt mind bcuz i have camped b4 but some of the girls in our grade were not happy. anyways on the 2nd day, and i felt the need for a crap, so i walked back into the woods with some degradable tp and looked for a suitable spot to poop. i spotted a group of bushes that looked promising and when i was walking near them i heard someone breathing heavily. i crept around to a hole in the bushes and there was the hottest girl in our grade with her pants down squatting pushing out a log. me being the voyeur that i am, didnt make a noise and settled in to watch. let me describe her. she is tan about 5'6", long blonde hair, bubble butt, and prob a c-cup, athletic build. she strained and i saw her hole open and a turd about 1 and a half inches wide crept its way slowly out. when it was about 10 inches it fell out and then she dropped a lot of little rabbit turds i lost count how many. well then she peed and started to wipe and i took that as my ticket out and walked away quickly. i had forgotten about my need and the urge ad gone away but by the time we got home i was desperate. well i ran into my bathroom sat down and three 10 inch turds plopped out in quick succession i wiped and was done.
i have peeing and pooping stories about boys and girls so just give me suggestions and i will do the best i can.

Now for a survey that i created so if u feel the desire or are bord plz just fill it out

describe yourself

How often do u poop? once or twice a day

how often do you pee? once a day

how much poop is there when you go? usually one big log

are you gassy when you go? yes

does it smell? yes

would u let others watch you poop or pee? yes

does peeing or pooping turn you on? yes

have you ever had a peeing accident? yes many times

have you ever had a pooping accident? same as above

thanks guys and will try and post soon


Weekend Update

It is lovely here today, so after church my brother and i (who drove separately) went right to a nature center to walk. I still had my skirt and pantyhose on, but the trail wasn't muddy and i had shoes in my car. It was a pleasant walk, halfway through i took a huge pee in my Pampers. My diaper sagged a lot but my pantyhose top helped hold it up. I told my brother i needed a change, he found some porta potties. Better than nothing! I went in and dropped my skirt and could see through my sheer pantyhose top how soaked my diaper was. I rolled down my hose, removed my diaper and tossed it into the liquid muck below the toilet seat where it landed outside up, the characters on the diaper smiling at me as it floated. Poor diaper! You did your job well. I taped on a fresh Pampers and left. My brother went in after me to pee. I heard the pee start then stop except a few more trickles. I asked him about this, he'd tried to sink my diaper with his pee! We didn't even leave the area before i took a huge and much needed dump in my new diaper. I felt like i made a huge bulge in my diaper, if anything my pantyhose top helped smoosh it. It was easy to change and i dumped it on top of my first partially sunk diaper. And Duchess i will check into that, my Pampers are sooo pricey!


Going poop

This is my first post but I've been reading this site for a while.
I haven't gone poop in a few days, and I can feel a big one needing to come out. I just pulled down my panties and am sitting on the potty.
It's been two minutes and nothing is coming. I peed a little.
Oh, yep it's coming now. Unh mm ugh I can feel my anus opening. I'm pushing hard and grunting. The head is popping out. Mmmmm ugh it's really hot and sticky. Four inches hanging out now. It smells so bad.
Five inches just broke off. The spash was so big it hit my butt cheeks, and more is coming. Ouch it's gotta be at least two inches wide. Ugh ohhh more peepee is coming out. Mmmmm this ones coming out fast, crackling loudly. Splash! 7" of poop just dropped. Now there is runny poop coming. It's squirting out of my ass. Ow oh god.

How you do select the public toilet stall you use?

Of the items listed below, what 3 are the most important in your rejection of a public toilet stall:

bad lighting
blood on seat
crap on seat
cold seat or bugs on outdoor toilet
filthy floor
no door on stall
no stall panels
no soap
no ass-gasket for the seat
no toilet paper
pee on seat
toilet not flushed

I'll start: blood, crap or pee on the seat. Actually, last week I used a park toilet during a softball tournament. The flusher was busted and several users had peed in it to the point where the bowl was almost orange. I adapted by sitting my butt down just over the very front of the seat so that my crap wouldn't hit the pee in the bowl and splash it back onto me.

My nmae is Andrea and i live in the UK.I am 17 and love to pee outdoors when i can.The last time i did it was two nights ago(Friday).I was walking back from a friends house and realised i needed to go.It was dark and quiet,so i spotted some large dust bins nearby.The perfect place to pee i thought.I went round behind them and pulled down my jeans and then my knickers ,then squatted down.I began peeing immediately and boy did i pee.There was a large puddle beneath me and i must have peed for about a minute and a half.When it finally tailed off to a trickle i raised myself up and shook off the drips before pulling up my knickers and jeans.I felt very relieved.The rest of my walk home was uneventful.
As i type this,i really need to pee,so i will go for a walk into the woods which are on the edge of the small village where i live.I have peed there many times.Can't wait to get there and find a nice spot to do it.
Bye for now
Andrea xx


Corny Blowout for Brandon

Hi Brandon, the best I've got this time is probably pretty boring, but as you know yesterday, Saturday, is my diet cheat day because it's when I do my big depletion workout for the week. Anyway, after I got home I got invited over to a neighbor's for a cookout dinner that was to take place later and since the weather was warm and it was still early in the afternoon I offered to bring homemade vanilla ice cream when I came over, I've made it before and their kids just go nuts over the stuff, I knew they'd love it. I decided to let the ice cream be my post workout high calorie shake, the carbs go straight to the muscles I've worked to help them grow and also keeps my metabolism from getting lazy since I eat pretty low calorie the rest of the week. So I went to the store to get the stuff, made four quarts of ice cream, took it over at around 7pm, and ate 1 hotdog, 1 cheeseburger, some potato chips, and 2 corn on the cob, and softened ice cream in a tumbler that I drank through a straw like a thick milkshake.

Had musical gas most of the night, probably the onions. This morning I had a couple of corny blowouts. As for details, sounded like tin horns and trumpets. If my bathroom were big enough, I could've brought my drum set in there and recorded a Spike Jones number. It came in gradually diminishing splashes. Had more of the same while I was having my coffee. The interesting thing about corn is that after eating it, no matter how thoroughly chewed, the empty skins have a funky way of refilling with fecal matter so that in the toilet the kernels look uneaten, ???? and full you know. Note to self: Next time don't use so many jalapeno peppers on hotdog;; fiery bum no fun.

Adrian: "One to miss" is right! Those vitamins I talked about, two words: VITAMIN TOXICITY. Took a while for the toxicity to build up I guess; felt fine when I first started taking them. Tried skipping some nights and felt fine. Last time I took one was Tuesday evening and I got sick as a a couple hours after dinner, see my earlier post. Remember when I posted some time ago about what happened to me after I ate at Coco's? Again, two words: VITAMIN TOXICITY. Now I realize after reading some negative reviews of this vitamin on the web.

Nicola: Oh my! Haha. I've been in similar predicaments so I can definitely put myself in your place. Glad for 'ya that at least you had some semblance of privacy when it happened. It's times like that when you're glad you always keep a few Kleenex in your pocket like I do.

Lauren: As long as there aren't other people within shouting/seeing distance I don't think there's anything wrong with letting the little ones do what they have to do, and let me tell 'ya I've seen some pretty filthy public bathrooms at times I wouldn't let my boys use either. No telling what type of communicable germs are likely lurking in there. Once when I took my boys out to go riding ATVs with their uncle (my brother) the younger one needed to peepee and he was like "but mom, what about those people over there?" so I assured him that we were far enough away that the people wouldn't know what he was doing. The older one followed suit. I waited my turn on the cycle and drove clear out of sight, found a bush, then I took care of my business.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Hi again everyone!

Today I needed a poo in my afternoon lecture. It was only an hour long which was lucky because by the end I had a very big load ready to come out and I'd got pretty desperate. I went to the toilets and found two of the four cubicles were free. I hurried into the nearest one, locked the door, and pulled down my jeans and knickers. As I went to turn around and sit I noticed the problem- no paper! I had to go to the other cubicle, but as I stood there I suppose I had relaxed knowing I was about to be on a toilet and I could feel my poo moving very rapidly towards its exit. I clenched my anus shut and waited until the pressure reduced a bit before pulling up my jeans again and leaving the cubicle. While I was in there though someone had taken the other cubicle! I stood waiting for someone to come out, very desperate for a poo now. I could feel myself losing the battle and my poo was starting to poke out. Someone else came in behind me and went to go in the free cubicle before realising I was waiting. I told her there was no paper so she joined the queue. I got a cubicle then and sat down and unloaded four soft logs in rapid succession. Two more pieces came out and then I farted under cover of a hand dryer going off. One final piece of poo and I was done feeling very relieved!


Big relieving accident

I hadn't pood since Sunday and today's Saturday, so I really needed to go. I went upstairs and got a toilet roll from the bathroom and went out to the woods to have my poo as I knew I'd block the toilet up if I used that. I found a nice private spot to release my huge load and lifted my skirt and lowered on knickers to my ankles. I squatted and pushed but nothing came out. I pushed harder but only got a few tiny pebbles out. I peed a little bit but that was it. I gave up and walked home via the shops to get some exlax and ate 3 squares which was probably too much but I needed to go so badly I had to get some relief. I left it untill after lunch and felt my bowels churning so I knew it was working. I left it untill I was busting to go, as it would be more effective that way and went back out to the woods. Well in the 5 minutes it took to walk there I was getting desperate and as luck would have it the woods were full of people enjoying the warm weather now spring is finaly here in the UK. I couldn't find anywhere private to relieve my urgent need and after 6 days of holding it I began to regret eating 3 pieces of that exlax because I was about to make a huge mess in my knickers! I searched for half an hour for a secluded spot to relieve myself but everywhere I tooked there were people. I was clenching with all my strength and it was tiring. I felt My bowels pushing against my will and I couldn't clench hard enough to keep my anus closed. I was exhausted and couldn't do anything to stop it coming out into my knickers. Still I tried to clench against the advancing poo but it was hopeless. I had to admit defeat and relaxed, allowing it to fill my knickers very quickly. When it stopped my knickers were sagging heavily and I still had to go! Fortunately there was no one close enough to see what I'd done but I was still dying to go. Eventually I found a large clump of bushes and couldn't see anyone around so I hid behind them and removed my bulging knickers. They were full of poo and with more inside me I squatted over them and pushed. Another big load came flowing out and it was twice as much as the first. The relief was out of this world and once it was all out I wiped myself clean using most of the toilet roll. I made a huge pile and he anyone saw it they'd think a horse had been here! I let my skirt fall down and left the scene feeling a lot better.

Hi again. Haven't posted in awhile because I haven't had anything new to say. Today I was at the park with my youngest daughter Story. We were having a picnic in the grass next to a mother and her son who she told me was four. We were eating when the little boy next to use said he had to go pee. She told him okay, that he could go by the trees which were between our blankets. Now we live in Arizona, so they are thin palm trees. He stood there, pulled down his pants and began to pee, right next to my daughter in plain view of everyone at the park. I am all for kids peeing in public when they need to but it needs to be done discreetly. Furthermore, there were bathrooms at this park. Right there!! It would have taken him 15 seconds to walk to one but instead his mom had him go practically in my lunch. I have let my daughters pee in parks before but only when there was not a bathroom. What do you all think? Was I wrong to be upset? What go you let your kids do?

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