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car poo

Hi all:

I have been reading this site for a while now and never felt I had anything good enough to post until the other day. I was sitting with my friend in her car and we were waiting for this car shop to open because her car wasn't working and I met her there in my car because she needed a ride.

She was upset about having to sit there for a few hours and she mentioned a few times that she needed to use the bathroom but didn't sound real urgent. Then all of a sudden she was like "I'm gonna go the bathroom on myself" and her breathing was labored so I could tell she really needed to go. I offered to put her in my car (since her car was not working) and drive her to the nearest gas stations or mcdonalds and I would drive fast. She told me there was no way she could make it to my car without having an accident and she needed to do something fast.

I tried to be a good friend and just rubbed her back and told her to calm down and just relax that even if she did have an accident it would be okay. She kept telling me how badly she had to go and then she was like "I cannot wait anymore" and she asked me to leave her car and she'd find a bottle or a plastic bag to relieve herself.

I left and a few minutes later she looked so relieved and said she felt a thousand times better. I don't think I could ever poop in my car, pee maybe.


My Embarrassing Story!

After work yesterday I was bursting to pee but decided to wait until I got home. My bladder is strong and I can usually hold it for a while even after it becomes super full. I was in traffic of corse, but doing a good job at focusing on holding my bladder when an intense urge to have a BM hit me! About 10 minutes later I needed to release both my bladder and bowels urgently. I was squeezing my muscles and legs together like mad! Pulling in my driveway, I become very desperate. I didn't even have time to gather my purse and things I just grabbed the keys and made a mad dash into the house and a beeline to the bathroom only to realize my sister was using the bathroom. I banged on the door and screamed at her to let me in... but it was just too much. My bowels contracted and I had a huge BM in my pants, my bladder gave out as well and I completely soaked myself. My sister came out and saw what had happened. I was so embarassed!!! Why couldn't I hold it for another 2 minutes? I feel too young for this im 19!


washcloth pee

I have not posted in awhile, but figured I would check in and let you all know what I did last night. I was at work all evening and was drinking a lot of water because it was hot out. I got home around eleven and realized I had not peed since four that afternoon. All the water was catching up with me and I had to go pretty bad. But the feeling soon passed, so I took my dogs for a walk. The feeling came back on the walk and I had to stop every couple minutes to bend over or cross my legs. At one point I was doing a full on pee dance but it was dark so no one could see. I started to scope out a spot to go, but decided it would be more fun to wait and see if I could hold it. If i peed my pants it wouldn't be a big deal. I did not pee my pants and we made it home. That is when I noticed my favorite movie was on tv. I sat down to watch it, which temporarily took the pressure of my bladder. There was a washcloth on the table and I got an idea. I took off my pants and undies and put the washcloth in my crotch and under my butt like a diaper. I continued to watch the movie and soon i felt a spurt of pee escape. The washcloth absorbed it all. I let out another squirt, same thing. I slowly peed allowing the washcloth to absorb it. As long as I kept my legs together, I could control how much I peed. I moved my legs apart at one point to see how wet the washcloth was and I started going uncontrollably. I put my legs together and was able to stop. By the time I had emptied my bladder, the washcloth was absolutely soaked. However, it held all my pee. There was none on the floor or the couch below me. I was very surprised that it held all that pee, since I had been holding for about eight hours and had a lot to drink.

Daniel R. S.
Hi, I've read this site for a while now, but this will be my first post here. I'm a 17 year old guy, almost off to college. I hadn't had any stories to tell, but what happened today gave me the idea of posting.
Today my family took a trip to my grandparent's house, a little over an hour's drive, and before we left for home we ate dinner at a little restaurant near their house. I was very thirsty, so I had two huge glasses of iced tea while I was there, and for some reason I didn't feel the urge to visit the bathroom before we left, after all, it was only an hour or so til we got back home. Unfortunately, forty five minutes into the drive, I started to realize that I needed to pee. Ten minutes after that, it seemed like my bladder was going from 0 to full in record time. I was getting nervous, but since we were only a few minutes away from home I didn't say anything, I didn't want to embarrass myself by not being able to hold it for an hour trip. Sure enough, we got home within another ten minutes and I couldn't get out of the car fast enough. Unfortunately, my mom asked me to start some laundry in the garage for her, and that gave my dad and sister just enough time to occupy both our houses bathrooms. Feeling my bladder tense up, I quickly walked out to the garage while wondering what I was going to do. I felt like I was about to pee whether I wanted to or not, so I looked around for something to go into. Dancing like crazy, I couldn't seem to find anything that would hold liquid, until I noticed the big sink next to the washing machine that we'd never used for anything except holding dirty clothes occasionally. I grabbed everything that was in it and moved it aside as I frantically opened my pants. Hoping no one would walk in, I peed as hard as I could into the drain, and it felt like my bladder would never empty itself. Finally I was done, and I re-zipped my pants in case anyone decided to come in.
From now on, I think I'm going to keep an empty bottle in the garage and maybe in my closet, just in case I find myself in that situation again. Happy peeing everyone!


Really big accidents

I was in class and needed to poop. My teacher was being a real dick and wldnt let me go. I saw that the girl jen i mentioned in 1 of my first stories also had to go. Then a smell hit me and jen looked embaressed then i held on for dear life but couldnt and pooped my pants in the classroom. After class i went to my locker and sprayed tge back of my pants to hide the smell. I thought it was all good, but nope my next teacher saw my lump and sent me to the nurse. She had to call my house and i went home to change but my step mom told me to "get my ass" on the toilet. I sat down and she looked in my undies and knew that i had a good stain remover and washed them out for me. And then she came back in with a new pair of pants and a nice new pair of underwear. O god im nver pooping myself agian cuz i cant clean myself at 19

Desperate to poop

huge evacutation at dept store

I had a really big poop today.

Been out on a good night out the night before and after a nice breakfast a few of us went shopping in town. We were at M+S looking at the womenswear when my ???? decided it would need a pooh. I told my friends I was nipping to the toilet and would meet them in the cafe at M+S where we were going next.

I then started to make my way over the toilets, feeling a definite need for a good dump. I had jeans on and some frilly knickers and was letting of a few SBD's.

When I got there, there were 3 ladies waiting and 2 gents. They were single toilets, 1 gent, 1 ladies.

In the line was a 50 yr old at the front and two forty year old's behind them. A 30 yr old soon came in behind me. After a couple of minutes the ladies opened and a lady came out with a load of shopping bags. The 50 yr old took her place and now it was the two 40 yr olds between me and a desperate dump. Unfortunately the 50 yr old was taking her time. A few minutes passed and she was still in. The gents became free but then another gent came in so he took the free gents stall. I don't know why they're not unisex being single cubilcles but the ladies only had the ladies facilities I suppose.

After another 3-4 minutes, she finally came out and the first lady took her place. She only needed a pee and was in a couple of minutes and then the other 40 yr old took her place. She had to dump as well and we waited a little while. I was getting desperate and the lady behind was holding herself a little. I asked if she just needed a pee and she could go in front if she did. She thanked me and cut in. I was getting quite desperate but didn't want her to wet herself as I would be a while.

Finally after another 5 minutes, the 40 yr old came out and she dashed in, 2 mins later she came out thanking me and I got in. There were 3 people behind me but they would have to wait a few mintues.

I quickly got my jeans and knickers down a let a torrent of soft poop out. My knickers had a small stain but not much. After the first rush I then pushed out a few more firmer turds. The relief was great and as usual I ...

I finally finished 5 mins later and left feeling very relieved and happy

Happy Pooping

Well on Friday after my lectures I went to the park for a while with a few mates. We had a bit of a kickabout with a football and enjoyed the sun and got a burger from the van parked there for lunch. After a while i started to get the need for a poo coming on quite strongly. I knew there were no toilets in the park and it wasn't that far back to my flat, so I made my excuses and left.
I arrived needing to go quite badly so I went to my room and sat down on the toilet. I pushed out two big logs and immediately felt much better. Two more smaller ones followed and I was done, but it was quite a messy poo even though the logs were not mushy or anything. It just took lots of wiping to get clean.

Meg- Sounds like you both had good poos! Looking forward to more stories from you.

Meg- glad your post got through! Sounds like you both had to go!

To the toilet selector post- I would say the three no-nos for me are blood on the seat, poo on the seat and no paper. If there's pee on the seat I can just wipe it off with paper and then have a shower when I get home! But I would never go if someone had bled or pooed on the seat.

Amber- My story today involves me going swimming incidentally. Like you I don't really like having to poo at the pool but I have had to drop a few big ones there in the past. Like Anne I'm not particularly bothered about taking a big poo in a public toilet and I frequently do! If it's a big one then I find it's hard to hold until I get home and I have no choice but to go in a public loo anyway!
Today, however, when I went, I only had to wee. I'd been swimming for a while and my bladder was getting full. I got out and went to the changing rooms and took one of the two cubicles and weed for about 30 seconds. Feeling better I got back in the pool for a while longer. When I decided to go home I got dressed and needed to wee again so I went back to the toilets. One cubicle was taken by a young girl, by the look of her swimsuit around her feet, who was taking quite a smelly poo! I weed and then got some lunch from the cafe.

I didn't have to poo that afternoon at all, unusually. While I was sitting on the loo having a wee, though, Lauren knocked and asked if I would be long because she really had to have a poo! It wasn't until after dinner that my bowels began to move and I needed to go number two. Soon it was quite urgent so I went upstairs and into the loo. Unfortunately there was no paper- it must have seen some heavy use over the afternoon! I went up to the top floor bathroom to use that toilet, but the door was locked when I tried it. I could smell a faint smell of poo coming out and I heard Michaela say, 'just a minute!' when I tried the door. I asked her if there were any spare toilet rolls in there and she said yes. I asked if she could pass one out so I could put it in the other toilet and she said, 'ok, just a sec.' She must have had a log half out and needed to get it out before she stood up because I heard a plop and then movement. Then the door opened and she poked her arm out with two toilet rolls. I said thanks and went down to the toilet and pushed out seven logs over the next five minutes or so!



Oh god i was just driving to a friends for a takeaway when really needed a wee. Was about 10 miles from her house so had to find a place to piss. After driving round the block and all places overlooked i had to either do it in view or wet my pants;-(
So got out of car pulled knickers off (desperate now) down by a wall and let go, pissed like a horse for a good 10 mins, someone came out of house looked at me but i couldnt stop weeing! Best bit was when pee stopped shit started creeping out cant hold it so put three 10 inch logs near my neighbours driveway, i couldnt help it poo just kept coming proper ashamed!

mortified mommy

getting caught

So, i had a pretty embarrassing accident recently, especially since I'm almost 40 and i've potty trained 3 kids...i don't know how it happened...i just found myself in a situation while out shopping with my 4 year old where i needed a toilet very suddenly...and it was a little too suddenly, because in the chaos of trying to get her and everything in the car to get in and get home, i got particularly unbearable cramp, and as i stood outside my car wincing and holding my belly, i realized the only way to make the pain stop was to release the monster that was knocking on my back door. I swallowed my pride and i let go, and i started pooping into my khaki shorts right outside my car... it was a surreal moment.. it was the first time i just kinda pooped myself since i was a kid. What i mean by "just kinda pooped" is it was an accident with a regular load for no real reason, I've had a couple accidents over the years like where i was really sick and had diarrhea on myself, and an incident in college where i was too drunk to remember to use the toilet and just went right into my pants like it was no big deal. But this was just a normal, sober, middle of the afternoon, not sick, legit, bona fide poop accident, in front of my youngest kid no less. It came out fast and was warm and solid, and it mushed into a firm bulge in the seat of my panties and shorts, and i topped it off with some looser mush and i peed for a few know, some wetness to help the brown stain soak through the fabric of my shorts. So as soon as i was done humiliating myself and destroying my underwear, i sheepishly got into my car to face the music from my 4 year old...she was amused, and we had to make it known that what i did was the wrong thing...i basically spoke to her, in a childish manner which a parent would to a toddler, about how it was a bad thing that i did...i'll explain more in a know, in order to help her understand and to help make light of it and comfort myself. At least i was headed home to an empty house.

Or so i comes the REALLY embarrassing part...

We got home and headed inside. My daughter started telling me we left the stuff inside, and in the baby talk i was just alluding to i said " mommy has to go inside first sweetie. Remember mommy did a no no? Mommy did poo poo underwear. Remember we're supposed to change poo poo underwear right away"

That's when i stepped out of the hallway to find my brother in law. Sitting in the living room. Having heard everything i just said. Seeing the bulge and poop stain on my butt. Smelling my accident.... he has been staying with us recently while trying to get steady work, and he was supposed to be out that day doing errands and distributing his resume, but his ride didn't show up, so he was home. There to see me in my moment of glory....i just turned white as a ghost, said nothing and rushed upstairs with my daughter, wanting to die! It was bad enough that i pooped my shorts in front of my daughter out shopping...but coming home and my brother-in-law seeing me in my messed shorts and hearing me talk about it to my daughter like that...utterly mortifying. It was bad for him too. He got all red and embarrassed around me and had trouble making eye contact...he probably wanted to leave as much as i did!


Travel part 1

As some of you might know I did a post about when my class went to live with an Amish household and one of the girls there was called jessica and we went back there for a few days and here is the story

So we were going to see that Amish household again with my class and we had to leave at 5 am to get there.As I like to do a morning poo at about 8 am I had to hold it in for a while.The amish house was all the way across America so it was a very long drive.And mrs mullany said that we wouldnt be stopping for toilet breaks but she brought a few bottles we could pee in.We got into the car and I was inbertween ruby and lia in the back and I already felt quite desperate.I was talking to lia and ruby and I felt a cramp in my ???? and a little bit more desperate.Mrs mullany then said that we will be stopping at a service station in a while and I thought that would be a good place to have a poo.So when we got there there was a restaurant next to the gas station so mrs mullany filled up the car and then we went into the restaurant and mrs mullany said we can only be in there for five minutes.The first thing I did was go into the woman's bathroom and there were three stalls and two were out of order and there was a woman in the third one and it sounded like she was constipated.I was starting to get really desperate and I could hear that the woman wouldn't be coming out soon.I then heard a wet fart and a big splash and a sigh and then she started groaning again.I then heard a massive fart and crinkleing sound and some more groaning.The groaning started to get louder and louder and it was about as load as someone talking.And then she did some heavy breathing and some more groaning and it didnt sound like she was having a good time.I had been waiting in the bathroom for five minutes and I thought that mrs mullany will be coming in soon.The woman was doing really heavy breathing and I could hear her whispering to herself saying come on come out.She did some more groaning and was whispering to herself again saying come on you have to come out soon.I had been waiting in the bathroom for ten minutes and I guess mrs mullany forgot about the five minute rule.Then I started to get really desperate and the woman was still groaning and a little girl came in who was about five and said mummy daddy want to know how long you will be and she said back tell daddy mummy is just having some ???? troubles and the little girl said ok and danced away.I was quite surprised that that just happened and then she said to herself that was embarrasing and started to groan again.Then a man opened the door and said Sarah can you hurry up were getting bored and she said back sorry Tom but I'm constipated again and he said back you're always constipated and left.Then there was some more crinkleing sounds and she said thank god it's coming out.She then pushed and I could hear it coming out and she was breathing really heavily and then there was a huge splash and a wet fart and she said thank god and wiped her bum and it took five wiped and then she flushed and opened the stall door and she was blonde with a beutiful face and was wearing short shorts and she walked out holding her stomach.I went into the stall and it stunk and there was five chunks of green poo and just as I was going to sit mrs mullany came in and said we has to go now so I came out and got into the car and I was really desperate still.

Part 2 will be coming out soon


Young guy embarrassed at the beach

I was about to start my regular run at the beach, but first I went into the men's room in the parking lot to take my usual pre-run dump. This is the only men's room left at this beach that has open stalls. But it's convenient, and I certainly don't care. Because there are so many other men's rooms with privacy, I rarely see anybody else in the stalls.
But this time, as I headed to the third stall in, I was surprised to see a young guy, probably a teenager sitting there. I should say HE was surprised, because he jumped and moved his arms over his lap to cover up.
I don't understand - You're on the toilet and that's that. No one cares about seeing your junk.
So I just back away and say my usual, "Not much prvacy here."
I went into the middle stall, but as usual there was water all over the floor. So, as I walked to the front of the men's room, I said to the kid, well now I've got to shit in the first stall with no privacy at all. He didn't answer, but as I sat down I could hear him start to pull off toilet paper. He flushed and walked by me to the sinks. He was trying not to look at me, but I said well it's not really so bad.
He just shook his head and kept on walking to the sinks.


Girls accident while buying toilet rolls

I was in the local shop today when this teenage girl of about 14 or 15 was looking very stressed and smelt of poo a bit. I got the things I needed and went to the counter to pay and the girl was in front of me with a pack of toilet rolls. She had a bulge in the back of her jogging pants and she was fidgeting impatiently. The bulge was growing and so was the smell! She paid for them and it was my turn and once I left the shop I saw her standing outside crying. She was red as a beetroot and the bulge had spread right across her bum and was staining the back of her jogging pants. They were wet as well and she wouldn't look at me and turned away from me as I passed her. She must have been really desperate to have such a big accident and clearly she'd tried to go at home but had run out of toilet rolls.

I went out for some petrol this morning and I needed to poo quite badly but it usually only takes about half an hour at the most to get to the petrol station, fill up and get home again so I wasn't too bothered about getting to a toilet just yet. What I didn't anticipate was the horrendous que to get onto the fourcourt what with all the idiots panic buying fuel because of the threatened tanker drivers strike that turned out not to be happening anyway. Anyway I sat waiting in my car for over an hour and I started to feel the pressure building in my bowels and I began to worry about not making it home in time. By the time I got onto the forecourt I was bursting to go and I still had to get onto a pump. Once I got to a pump I filled up and almost went in my pants while I tried to get it to exactly £30. Once I'd got my petrol, I went into the shop to pay when I felt my bowels trying to push against my will. I had a job to hold it back and by the time I got to the front of que I was about to poo myself. I managed to hold it in but only just, so I decided I would have to use the toilet at the petrol station rather than risk having an accident on my way home. I made it just in time but then found it was locked and I had the embarrassment of asking for the key. I was given the key but had to pay a £30 deposit to make sure I returned the key. I didn't have it in cash so I had to use my debit card and everyone in the shop knew I was desperate for the loo. I took the key which was attached to a wheel trim to make sure it didn't get lost. I ran out of shop with the key and got to the toilet and unlocked the door almost pooing myself and then, finaly relief was mine. I pulled my knickers and jeans down and threw myself onto the toilet and the instant my bum touched the seat I relaxed and had the most relieving poo I'd had in ages. I peed a lot as well and then I pushed out the last of my poo which felt just as good. I felt so much better after that and after wiping a lot I washed my hands and returned the key and got my £30 put back on my card.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

To Leanne

Hi Leanne - good story about your much-needed after-lecture poo. I have a few questions - perhaps you could answer them. How many days worth of poo did your after-lecture poo consist of - was it 1 or 2 days-or more?
Were each of the 4 soft logs that came out rapidly fairly large e.g. 6-8 (or more) inches or were they small e.g. 4 inches or less? Or did you pass a mixture e.g. 2 large soft ones followed by two smaller ones?
Did they make a crackling sound when they came out, i.e. did they contain a lot of gas? Also, how far into your 1 hour lecture were you when you became aware that you needed to poo?

Love your stories - keep them coming


LIve poop again number 3?

So right now Im constipated and can feel the need to poop... Before I go an sit on the toilet I'm locking my bedroom door and turning my air con hot...I'm just pulling my short shorts down and pink bonds panties to revile my bare ass... Sitting on my foot/ knees with bum in the air facing mirror... (bum) I just farted parrrrrf pushing parrrrrf holding one butt check open and push butt hole opening up wide..... And a farting a lot fell like Im going to pee my self... Went to toilet to pee nd felt some poop start to move... But nothing... Back infront of mirror like before feel it coming going to bathroom locked the door and sitting on poot pushing crackling noise and it is staring to come out plooop and big noise some more pee trickled and plooop push lift butt checks up and pushing that's all wiping now 4 wipes and 2 big poops in total hoped you enjoyed

2 pee stories


1. me and my sister had to drive up north one time and for some reason i gulped down a huge 24oz soda before we left. at the time my sis was 18 and i was 11. my sis had been driving for about 30 minutes when the strong need to urinate hit me. i asked if we could stop and she got upset and said she would stop for a break in a couple hours. i tried to hold it and managed for a looong time but the urge was just sooo strong. i begged her please just stop really fast and that i was desperate, but she ignored me. I managed to hold on for another 30 minutes before it was too much. my bladder released itself and absolutely flooded her seat. my sister was angry... and at the time i felt so bad for not being able to hold it. i realize now that there was no way i could of, and am still mad at my sis for not stoping to let me go.

2. this didn't happen to me but a few weeks ago i was at the mall and had to pee. i found the bathroom, peed and was finishing up when i heard someone rush into the bathroom and run into the stall next to me. you could tell she was super desperate for the toilet and she was making gasping sounds as she tried to unbuckle her belt. finally i heard her pants fall to the floor and suddenly an extremely violent and loud torrent of pee could be heard. it went on FOREVER! I was shocked that anyone's bladder could even hold that much. Towards the end of this massive pee the girl gave an enormous sigh of relief (i dont think she knew i was there so i remained quiet to not embarrass her). I heard her wipe and start to pull her pants up only to quickly sit back down and release another quick gush before finishing for good and leaving the restroom. I could only imagine how desperate she must of been!


Field trip relief

I was on a school field trip in the woods near our school when I really had to poo. I hadn't been in three days and I had trouble holding it in so I asked if I could leave the group to answer the call of nature. I was given permission to go but only to pee and someone had to come with me. One girl, Emma said she needed to pee so she was sent with me. We both went off into the bushes and squatted and Emily peed a real flood and I only peed a little as my main problem was to poo but I wasn't allowed to do that. It was hard to avoid pooing while squatting especially when I was dying to go and I felt my anus open and the tip of my poo poked out a bit. I managed te suck it back in before Emily noticed but then she let out a fart and whispered to me that she needed a poo and couldn't hold it untill we got back to school. I was so glad to hear that and admitted she wasn't the only one. Emily said she wouldn't tell if I didn't and we both pushed out a huge load. It was a wonderful relief and by the look on Emily's face it was for her too. We wiped with some dock leaves and returned to the group but our teacher commented on the amount of time we took. I felt my face burning red in embarrassment and Emily went bright red as well.


Pooping standing up

The other day I thought it might be fun to try pooping standing up. So, when I had to go to the bathroom, I first sat down on the toilet and peed. I wiped myself, then lifted the toilet seat and put some toilet paper down in the toilet bowl. I took my pants off and stood over the toilet, with one leg on each side of the toilet. I strained just a little, and a medium-length poop plopped into the toilet. A little water splashed out, even though I had put toilet paper down. I then put the toilet seat back down and completed the rest of my poop in a more normal position.

Desperate Jill

Desperate on a school trip

I remember once on this trip I was sitting with this girl or across from her. It was like a 3 or 4 hour ride I think. We only got one 15 minute rest stop too. So at the rest stop everyone of course had to pee. So at the rest stop she got to pee. I don't mean just she got to pee but she alone got to pee. Like a minute or two after she peed everyone had to go back to the bus. So for those women at the end of the line too bad, no pee lol. So the rest of the ride I was sitting with someone who got to pee but I didn't and she knew it. She was chatting with me while I was in line then the call came.

Everyone I have told this to thought that all the women should have protested and refuse to get back on the bus until everyone had peed but I said that it was a school trip and there was two busloads of students. Altogether, I estimated that there were 60 girls and 60 boys on the bus. After the 15 min. break, the bus was full of about 60 boys who had peed, 20 girls who had peed and 40 girls who did not get to pee and that last group was the one I was in of course! This break was 15 minutes and two stalls so you could do the math. I'd say maybe only 20 women got to pee and I was like 10th in line when roll call came.
The worst aspect of it was everyone had to ride the bus knowing who got to pee and who didn't. And the girls who didn't get to pee would have to wait another 90 min. on a bus with men and women who had already peed.

I kind of wonder though if the girl next to me was interested in pee. She certainly mentioned it enough but as someone in a chat pointed out your mind gets fixed on it doesn't it. Maybe she just did it to bug me. Cause she knew I had to go before the break and she knew I didn't get to go at break and she did. She asked me ever few minutes "So do you still need to go" like she was interested. It's like, "Umm yeah I didn't pee it didn't magically go away!" Needless to say she was much more relaxed and chatty the rest of the ride than I was. You can tell just from that who peed and who didn't. But the real kicker was when we finally got to where we were going she got to pee before me again! So she peed twice before I went once!

Has anyone else been in a similar situation where others got to go to the bathroom but you didn't. What was it like?

Herb Toker

Women's Restroom in Office Out of Order

Hello everyone - Herb T. here. It's been a while since I've posted last, although I still read the posts here occasionally. Something interesting happened at the office I work in the other day that I thought I'd share. As I've posted before, my office is two stories and has two single person restrooms downstairs - one for men, one for women. Well the other day, I went into the men's for a quick piss, and I heard the women's room door either open or close as I was taking a leak. When I came out of the men's, a handwritten sign was posted on the women's door that stated "Out of Order."

Naturally, my assumption was that one of the ladies in the office just clogged the toilet with a big dump. I then wondered who it may have been. There could be several other scenarios of why the women's bathroom was out of order, but a clogged toilet was certainly a plausible and likely scenario. There are several women who sit right next to the restrooms, so they should definitely know who posted the sign. They were all at their desks when I came out too. I wanted to ask who posted the sign, but I didn't want to look like a weirdo. I also wanted to open the door to the ladies room and look in the toilet, but I definitely would have looked like a weirdo. Ahhh the excitement. You can tell my job is boring when things like that excite me, LOL.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? I don't take dumps at work, but some of the guys in my office definitely do, because I find the seat down occasionally in the men's room. I imagine that most women don't go poo at work, but a few probably do. In the 10 years or so that I've been at my company, I'm sure that at least a few times, a woman in the office has taken a dump in the women's restroom. Why does this interest me? What is wrong with me? I would even venture to say that there are a few ladies in my office that I'd love to see sitting on the toilet taking a poo-poo! But alas...


My Embarrassing Story!

After work yesterday I was bursting to pee but decided to wait until I got home. My bladder is strong and I can usually hold it for a while even after it becomes super full. I was in traffic of corse, but doing a good job at focusing on holding my bladder when an intense urge to have a BM hit me! About 10 minutes later I needed to release both my bladder and bowels urgently. I was squeezing my muscles and legs together like mad! Pulling in my driveway, I become very desperate. I didn't even have time to gather my purse and things I just grabbed the keys and made a mad dash into the house and a beeline to the bathroom only to realize my sister was using the bathroom. I banged on the door and screamed at her to let me in... but it was just too much. My bowels contracted and I had a huge BM in my pants, my bladder gave out as well and I completely soaked myself. My sister came out and saw what had happened. I was so embarassed!!! Why couldn't I hold it for another 2 minutes? I feel too young for this im 19!


Garbage Disaster

The other day the most terrible disaster happened with my Pampers. As in my already used Pampers that were out waiting for the garbage truck. It was very windy, and the garbage can my used bag of diapers from the week was sitting in blew over AND the bag came open. Suddenly there were at least 30 used Pampers all over our yard and street, including one that id had a very messy dump in that am. It took me forever to clean them up, and of course i totally wet the diaper i was wearing. Im sure neighbors wondered who the toddler was who wore size 6 Pampers along with my adult night diapers. I didnt realize how many diapers i really go through - LOTS!

As far as that mornings dump, id eaten breakfast and was fixing my makeup when i was hit with a sudden BM. It made the most disgusting gurgling sound as it filled my Pampers. I thought my gray tights I was wearing were a goner and they were, the left top of my tights was the victim of my leak guard leaking. Lots of cleanup, threw my tights away by wadding them right in the very messy diaper. I wore some black tights instead.


Ex Husband's Disgusting And Weird Bathroom Related Habits

1. Who's Been Using My Red Bag
Years ago when the boys were small my then husband spent a few hours in the tub one Saturday afternoon with the bathroom door locked. My two boys and I really needed to use the bathroom and no matter how much I knocked on the bathroom door, he wouldn't budge. I drove the three of us to McDonald's to use the bathroom and enjoy a milkshake. After DH finally got out of the bathroom my younger son went in there and said that it "smelled like doo doo" in the tub so I went to investigate. The tub looked like it had been scrubbed, no soap scum and it appeared to be sparkling clean, but just as my son had said, the odor of poop was definitely there so I scrubbed it out good with pine sol then bleach water and thought no more of it, UNTIL ….

A couple of days later when I was getting ready to use my hygiene kit I noticed that the bag was wet on the inside and there was moisture in the hose as if had been recently used and put away wet, and I always dry my bag thoroughly before I put it away and I hadn't even used it in weeks so it should be dry . The inside of the bag smelled like the tub did the other day. Well I put two and two together and the only way that the situation made sense is that he had been using my hygiene kit as an enema and had been releasing into the tub, that's why he felt the need to clean the tub spotless before he came out. We had a big spat over that that lasted a couple of days. I developed a terrible migraine from the constant fighting and crying so much. I called my dad to come get the boys to spend a few days at their house so I could get some rest.

2. Sponges Are NOT T.P.
Around the same time during those years my younger boy walked in while I was tidying up in the bathroom and told me that the sponge I was using is the same one that his father would wipe himself with after a BM. He said "Eww, that's the sponge daddy wipes his butt with. Yeah, first he wets it with warm water, wrings it out then wipes his butt. Then he rinses it and puts it back". I knew nothing of this and at first I was skeptical. I confronted my husband about this and he admitted it. He said that his hemorrhoids or his "piles" as he called them were so painful that he couldn't use toilet paper, so he used my bathroom sponge instead. This had been going on for years and I never knew. The same sponge I used for disinfecting the basin area where my precious little guys brush their teeth and wash up before eating. I had been handling that sponge with my bare hands happily spreading around e. coli and who knows what else for years not aware of the dual purpose of the sponge. I felt like such an idiot. Can you just imagine the germs that must have been on that sponge. I stormed out, went behind the garden shed and I literally got sick to my stomach. I went inside and again confronted him about it but he just sat there in his recliner with a big crap-eating grin on his face and chuckled as if it were funny to him, as unconcerned as can be about spreading germs,, wouldn't even give me the satisfaction of a fight. I was furious. From then on he was to have a special sponge for his own personal use. And I always bought different colored sponges for "regular" use, and bought yellow ones just for him, always yellow, to keep them from getting mixed up. The yellow ones were only for you-know-what.

3. Catch a Falling Fart And Put It In Your Pocket, Save It For A Rainy Day
Can any of you picture a grown man catching his farts in his tightly cupped hand and smelling it for enjoyment? That's exactly what my boys caught my husband doing one evening while I had gone out bowling. They told me all about it after I got home. The way they told it is that they were in the living room watching television, they were sitting on the floor and their father was sitting behind them, in his favorite chair. The boys heard the toot and turned around to see him holding his cupped hand to his nose, then he grinned with embarrassment as if he didn't expect them to turn around and look. He admitted to having done this as well, and the boys and I would constantly mock him by raising our cupped fists to our noses, I wasn't gonna let him live that one down. I was so disappointed in him. This ended one day when he'd finally had enough and exploded at me with one of his violent verbal abuse tirades, making it clear that he wanted to never hear of it again.

4. Nasty Pocket Knives Are Not For Food
My husband had a favorite pocket knife that he used for everything, and I do mean everything. Including cleaning out from under his toenails and operating on his ingrown toenails, often drawing blood. He never never ever washed that knife, he said it would rust. Then came the day I caught him using that filthy knife to slice off a snack for himself from my block of Velveeta from the fridge. Disgusting. I told my boys about this and forbid them to eat anything their father might have contaminated with that knife of his. Basically I trained them not to accept food from their father such as when he was slicing fruit and offering them some. I started pre-cutting all "cuttable" snacks into ready to eat bite sized pieces as soon as I got home from the supermarket and keeping them in containers and Ziploc bags in the refrigerator from then on.

His other disgusting habits include, but are not limited to, eating cake with a fork and then using that same fork to get peanut butter out of the jar. Swigging milk directly from the container instead of using a glass. Drying his hands on the bathroom curtains. Going through my underwear drawer and other clothes when I'm not home. When we were first married he was sitting on the can taking a dump once then called me into the bathroom and asked me to sit in his lap while he did his business, so I humored him. He had one of his tantrums when I refused to do this again. One night he came home plastered and urinated on the stove.

Well you get the idea. Sorry if I was ranting but thanks for letting me unload this. I feel better now sharing this here as it's something I'd never discuss with anyone in real life. Thanks again everyone.


Holding It Back Incident From Way Back

TSF: You asked for a "held it too long" story, well here's one that comes to mind. Some of the details are blurry because it's been decades but I'll try and fill in the blanks as best I can.

Once on a band trip back in high school, circa 1967, now keep in mind that this was in the days when I only took laxatives on an occasional basis instead of daily like I do now. I had not taken any laxative and neither had I gone BM for at least a day prior. I thought I'd be alright for the trip. The school we were visiting was very nice, the architecture, the landscaping, the way it was all laid out, the décor, there was just something about it that I really liked. I may be strange, but whenever I see or read about something I really like it sometimes stimulates my bowels to want to move.

I had now found myself in a position where I couldn't go to the bathroom right away so I just crossed one leg over the other clenching my bum really tight and stood there holding it back, sweating, until that wave had passed, then I was alright. Stomach didn't feel so hot so I didn't want lunch so I just had a milk. Uneventful bus ride back to our own school, then home, except during the ride a couple of friends kept asking me if I felt alright because I was too quiet unlike my usual self, I couldn't very well tell them it was because I'd been holding back my BM, so I think the excuse I cooked up was that I ate something that didn't agree with me, which is not entirely untrue when you reason that the waste wanted out yet I had wrongly imprisoned it and now I was paying for it so yep, that waste certainly was not in agreement with my decision to keep it in that's for sure.

At home in my room another sudden wave of "gotta go right now" took me by surprise and with such pressure that I didn't dare try walk to go the bathroom because walking meant that I'd have to unclench my bum and then I would lose control so I had no choice but to just stand there in a cold sweat with my cheeks in a deathlock and hope and pray that I would be able to control myself. When I was able, I finally went to the bathroom to sit down on the toilet I discovered that there was some BM smeared between my cheeks, but by some stroke of luck my panties were still clean. Now that I was on the proper receptacle, the BM just wouldn't come because by then I'd lost the urge so I got cleaned up and had a shower. I sure didn't want any dinner,, I had no room for it. At dinner mom and dad thought I was sick so I had to tell them. My brother got a good laugh at my expense and started making farting noises until my dad told him to knock it off. Mom had me take laxative right away and made me a hot bowl of tomato soup with cayenne pepper in it which I ate in front of the TV, which by the way is great for getting the bowels moving. It worked pretty fast too I remember, way before bedtime.

Looking back in retrospect, and if I had to chance now to relive that day, I would go ahead and just go to the restroom at that school when I first felt the urge, without asking permission I'd treat it as an emergency and just go, even if it meant getting in trouble. As they say, it's easier to get forgiveness than permission.


Selecting a Stall

Of the items listed below, what 3 are the most important in your rejection of a public toilet stall:

bad lighting
blood on seat
crap on seat
cold seat or bugs on outdoor toilet
filthy floor
no door on stall
no stall panels
no soap
no ass-gasket for the seat
no toilet paper
pee on seat
toilet not flushed

1st) I definitely wouldn't use a toilet that had blood or crap on the seat. 2nd) A toilet that won't flush would probably be a deal killer, because I really don't want to contribute to a nasty toilet, and 3rd) no toilet paper. I usually have paper in my vehicle for just those occasions, so paper usually isn't a problem.

I am ok with a cold seat, but I don't want to sit on any bugs. The lack of door or stall panels isn't a big deal. Most of the rest are ok to handle.


Porta Potties

Do any ladies have any good porta potty stories? I Recently had to use one while in a park and it was so nasty. It had one of the side urinals for guys and the seat was disgusting so instead of sitting i stood and arched myh stream into that. any ladies with similar stories?


Olestra Incident From A Few Years Ago

Olestra Incident From A Few Years Ago

So a few years ago one evening while watching movies at home I munched on Cheetos, it was the kind that were supposed to be healthier than the regular version. They were made with that fake oil called olestra. I ate maybe half of the family size bag. After a while I didn't feel so hot, so I decided to go lie down. Soon I had to expedite my hiney to the bathroom and got my sweatpants down with not a second to spare, then unleashed a raging river into the bowl like you wouldn't believe while simultaneously hugging the wastebasket. It was the orangewater rapids. All of it Cheeto orange in color. Just to be fair I felt like I might have been coming down with something but I'm sure the Olestra didn't help. Reminds me of an article I read once in Reader's Digest about an air force pilot that accidentally swallowed some jet fuel from his crashed plane while floating on the water at sea awaiting rescue, and he remarked that jet fuel makes a great laxative.

Kim: you asked: QT: "Karen, are you the same Karen who posted around page 1660s ( your sister was kathy and you had a friend called sue) ?" REPLY: Nope, sorry, different Karen. I don't have any sisters, just one older brother.

Joseph W.: Hiya, that was really generous of you to take the time to help your sister like that when she was injured. My brother once managed to end up with among other things two busted wrists, one actually broken but he was able to use the right one a little bit. Thank goodness he didn't ask for help in the bathroom I don't think I could have done that, I don't know how he managed. I drove for him, cut his food into bite sizes for him, and helped him get dressed a couple of times, buttoning his jeans and tying his shoes and stuff like that.

Postman: We've been standing here waiting, Mr. Postman oh so patiently. Good to hear from you again and congratulations on your nearly 19 inch gollywhopper of a masterpiece!

Jacob: You're awful! spying on that poor girl haha.

Describe Yourself: Caucasian, Five feet four inches, wt. from 120-135 lbs, dark brown hair, brown eyes, divorced.

How often do u poop? Twice or more but it's usually within the same hour when I'm having my coffee and listening to the news.

how often do you pee? About five or so I guess; it depends on different factors, how much I drink, how much I sweat. I pee less often in warm weather.

how much poop is there when you go? Well you'd have to measure mine in fluid ounces on account of most of the time it's runny. I take laxatives daily.

are you gassy when you go? Am I ever!

does it smell? I try not to smell it.

would u let others watch you poop or pee? I don't like it, but yes, I have.

does peeing or pooping turn you on? Not in a sexual way but if you mean it's a relief then sure.

have you ever had a peeing accident? Had a few when I was pregnant.

have you ever had a pooping accident? Yes. I've posted some of the worst ones so check back over the older pages.

The 3 biggest deal breakers for me would have to be a nasty toilet seat, bugs, and filthy floor. I'm never without Kleenex and moist towelettes anyways. As for those outdoor restrooms at parks, see one you've seen 'em all. I've seldom seen one that wasn't disgusting, years ago I stopped bothering to even go in those. Use the bathroom at home, only small sips during the game and chewing gum keeps the mouth moist, drink all I want afterward is what works for me. I never got dehydrated.

Mr. Clogs

Question to all of you and comments

I have a question, when you have to poop, or taking a dump, are they any smokers out there? This question is specifically for you, when you're going to the bathroom, do you smoke while pooping whether you're home sitting over the bowl, in a public restroom, outside, where ever in your house you poop in? Does it mask the odor so no one else smells your poop, and does it help you to relax and enjoy your pooping session? Your thoughts.

Lauren: Sorry to hear about your ruined picnic, people just have no respect anymore nor do their kids. It's sad.

poobutt: Nice post about pooping in those pink tights, please post more often.

Car Mom: Love your stories and keep the posts coming.

Little Mandi: I feel your pain, I'm like that too. I can't go to the bathroom while people are in the bathroom nor outside the bathroom making a lot of noise where I can hear it.

That's all for now, and catch you later.

Mr. Clogs


Enjoing pooping outdoor

Hi I'm Jessica, I'm an Italian woman (30 years old) and I love to poop outdoor, and I'm happy that I found someone here who can understand me.
I started when I was a girl and I was living near the countryside. One day I was out playing with a friend and she stopped saying that she needed to poop. I was thinking that she would have gone back to my house, instead she went straight to a bush near there. when i followed her i've found her already squatting and straining and i was speechless, i was 6 and have never seen anyone shitting. She wasn't shy at all and she let me watch all of it. She pooped two big turds about 20cm long (8 inches) and then sighed in relief.
From that day i have pooped many times outside, sometimes with her or some other friend and most of the times alone. I also do some pretty big poop, so doing outdoor i don't need to worry about clogging the toilet, it's only a little embarassing when i get some remark from a buddy dump friend about the size of my poos, but we are very close and we laugh of that.
I have many story to tell you, i hope you'll be interested. I read some posts and it seems that there are quite a few people like me, i'm happy to have company :).


To Lauren

Nah keep going to the park but next time that mom is there and you hear her say go pee on the tree speak up and tell her to have her kids pee on her own stuff this time.

Just a guy
Leanne - another great story, unfortunately it sounds like it turned into quite a desperate one. I felt bad that someone took the other unoccupied toilet on you. Well at least you made it to the toilet successfully and had what sounded like a very relieving dump.

Amber - another interesting story about your big poos, but I agree with Anne, you shouldn't be embarrassed.

Mike H

Question for Women and girls.

Have any women or girls on here ever watch themselves poop using a mirror?

Now approaching day 5 without a poop. Last bowel movement was Friday morning before surgery. Starting to get worried.


Desperate on my way to work

I hadn't pood since Sunday and by Wednesday morning I was dying to go but I was running late for work and had to leave in a hurry or I'd miss my bus. I thought I could wait until I got to work and go there but on the bus my stomach started churning which meant one thing. Diarrhea! I felt some cramps as well and by the time I got off the bus I was close to pooing myself. I could feel the pressure in my bowels building as I walked to work and clenched for dear life. By the time I got to work I was seconds away from losing control and barley made it into the toilet. I closed the door and locked it only to find there was no toilet roll. I looked on the window sill above the toilet and thankfully there were five rolls up there so I sat down and let rip. Boy was the relief good. It was more solid than I expected but still loose and there was a lot of it. I'd filled the toilet below the water and some had got on the back of the pan. I gave a final push and another load came out adding to my relief and that was it. I took one of the rolls from the window sill and wiped several times and re loaded the holder on the wall next to the toilet. Then I flushed and surprisingly it all went away first time. I exited the cubicle and washed my hands before going to the office to start work just in time.


to Lauren

The mother's behavior likely won't change... but at least you tried. Do you have a backyard you could have your picnics in? It's too bad that the inconsiderate, lazy women is at the park every day.

hello everyone! thanks to the modator for posting my last two stories! thanks to everyone for the kind comments! i love everyone on this forume!
to Lauren: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had an unfornate bad experience with your daughter at the park! the Mom should have been more considerate of your lunch! she had no right to allow her son and daughter to relieve herself right on top of your food! your very wise to not return to that particular park! if you ever run into this particular situation again it might not be a bad idea to report it to the management of that park! that lady should have been permantley banned from that park for Good! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to PooBut: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a bad experience at home! my suggestion to you is next time you feel a slight urge to relieve yourself then take adavantage of that opportunity and go straight to the bathroom! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Kate(soccerMom): i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you didnot make it through yoga class last weekend! that was really kind of your friend Nancey to lend you another pair of panties! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to BrandonT: thankyou for the kind comments on my last two stories ! if you have any stories i lookforward to them! please take care and God bless!
to BlindGuy: welcome to the formue! i really enjoyed your post! nobody should be made fun of with Spina Bifa! nobody should be made fun who has to wear adult diapers! How is Jessica doing? iam glad to see that both you and Jessica both take on life with such a positive outlook! that is what God truely wants us to do! despite the situation sounds like you and Jessica are doing just fine! Keep your head up! feel free to share your experiences here on the forume and Jessica is welcome to as well! i understand and welcome you and her with open arms! i would love to hear more on your outlook and experiences that you and your friend have had! i lookforward to hear from you soon! please take care and God bless! ps. i have a guy friend who is disabled and is a diabetic and was born with a brain ????or!
to Little Mandi: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like the chinese food that you had didnt agree with you! your best bet is to stay away from that kind of food! your truely blessed that your Grandma's house was right down the road ! otherwise you would have had a major accident! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to whatever female wrote a story for TSF: that was quite a bowel movement that you had at the department store! seems to me that the food that you and your friends consumed didnt agree with you! sometimes unfornately things like this just happen! iam glad that your friends where there to support you through your rough moment! iam not pleased to hear that they chose to make fun of you cause you had a major accident! it happens to everyone at some point in time! i also enjoyed your experience in the ladiesroom at your lawfirm! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Shadow: i really enjoyed your post! congradulations on your first attempt to pee standing up! you did a Great job on your first attempt! if you want to make this a regular habit of yours in your daily life you will have to practice daily! dont over do it! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Anne: i really enjoy your post! i totally agree if you clog a tiolet in public somewhere than you shoudnot be embarrassed! i wouldnt! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Ciara: i really enjoy your post! Women are nasty no matter what bathroom you choose to go in while out in public! the same goes for your roomates in your dorm hall! i do agree with finding poo piled in the showers that is totally disgusting! i know that i dont attempt to flush but that is just how iam! i mean no harm! everyone leaves something unflushed somewhere at some point in time! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!



npu (noisy poopers united)

Pooing on my friend

Greetings, fellow toilet enthusiasts. First of, dear moderator, this story is much more innocent than it seems. Please read through entirley before deleting or (hopefully) posting. In seventh grade, I was at a boy and girl coed sleepover. When you are a preteen, gender is huge. Anyways, it was great. Lots of gossiping, laughing, and maybe a teeny bit flirting. Happy? We ate a bunch of junk, pizza and soda and chips and icecream. We all had finally sat down to play truth or dare, when i felt a rumble. Ah crap. I needed to shit. But how can i look cool while pooping? I cant do itdiscreetly, as i am very loud. So, unwisely, i chose to hold it. The game was getting boring, and Kelsey finally suggested the boys dare the boys and vice versa. This brought giggles, as in those days, the boys' favorite form of entertainment was daring each other to ask girls out. Kelsey, being one of those nasty it girls, said the winner would begivin a kiss. Again, giggles. I was starting to lose hold of my load. Gianna finally turned to me and said, "Zoe, i dare you to do a jumping jack in front of Gowtham facing us." Gowtham was and still is my best guy friend. But the way Gianna posed it, id be doing a jumping jack with my but near Gowthams gace. I agreed. I wish i hadnt. I did one jumping jack and blew out a nugget of poo right in front of his face. Needless to say, everyone lost there mind, in cluding Gowtham. I managed to play it cool and slunk off to the bathroom. In the noise of the next dare, i pushed out a monster log. I slunk back to the party. The kids were trying to decide which dare had won: my daring crap jump, or Ryan runnimg into the hosts older sisters room in his briefs screaming "IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT!!!!!" I won, tomy surprise, and was pushed up to claim my prize, a kiss. The kisser was Gowtham, but we both blushed, faked it and gave each other a hug. And that closes this brave little tale, which i hope you find it more amusing and less embarrassing than i did. Ans now, some answers and comments:
Lauren: Youshouldhave peed on her blanket. No, im just kidding. But you should probably stay away, youre right. Or sit somewhere else.
Kate the soccer mom:My bowels are always wacked up before that time of the month. Sorry about that.
Finally, a survey to all the other viewers:
1. Where do you use the toilet? At home, work school, the woods...?
2. Do you let others in the room with you? If yes, who?
And finally, 3. How did you find this site? Looks like its time togo. Yours tillthe shit hits the fan, NPU

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lauren that lady was very rude to you and kinda lazy not taking her daugther to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Poobutt first welcome to the site and great story you made it to a bathroom and sat on the toilet but I gues karma wasnt on your side that day and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Kate The Soccer Mom first welcome back and as always another great story it you had a very nasty time 2 messy accidents in one day it sounds like your stomach was in a bad mood and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Little Mandi as awlays another great story at least you made it to your grandmas and you try to poop in front of someone maybe your mom first that way you dont risk having an accident just an idea and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Held It To Long great story it sounds like you had a pretty nasty time and right in the bathroom karma strikes again and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


What happened next.

Hi Again,
Firstly i'd like to say thanks for the comments about my post on here.I was surprised and very pleased that people liked it.As i said,i love peeing outdoors when i can.I also mentioned at the end of my post that i needed to pee again and was planning to go to the woods.
So here is what happened.As you may know,we have been having some really warm weather this past few daysand Sunday was no exception.I was wearing my shorts and tee-shirt as i walked up to the woods and with every step,the need to go became greater.So when i found the spot where i have peed many times before,i couldn't wait. any longer.I quickly pulled my shorts and knickers down and squatted in the long grass.Immediately i began to pee a strong stream,which hissed as it hit the ground.It felt so good to be peeing like this with the sun shining on my skin.I raised my self up slightly so that if anyone had discovered me,they would probably get a lovely view of my bum ,however i knew that no one was there as it was still quite early.Eventually the stream tailed off to a trickle and i shook myself to get rid off the drips.After pulling my undies and shorts back up,i walked back through the woods and home again.
I hope you enjoy reading this and i will try and post more stories of my peeing escapades soon.It's late now and i must go to bed.
bye Andrea.

College Dude


Nice story dude.. not everyday that you see a hot girl taking a dump!

Now to answer the survey-

describe yourself

How often do u poop? depends.. can be 1 to 4 times a day

how often do you pee? at least 5 times, i drink a lot of water and im active

how much poop is there when you go? huge logs

are you gassy when you go? yea

does it smell? always!

would u let others watch you poop or pee? yes something ive been curious about

does peeing or pooping turn you on? yes i admit (mostly with guys though)

have you ever had a peeing accident? yeah tons

have you ever had a pooping accident? nah but ive had close calls with diarrhea

Well thats it for now.. oh i kinda have a new story though. I went to the market with my family and eventually went back to the car cause they were taking too long. I had to take a huge dump but the bathrooms were closed down cause they were getting cleaned. The urge just kept getting stronger and i could feel my anus trying to open up to let my crap out! I just flexed my cheeks tho and held it in. During the next 30 mins I farted continuously to relieve pressure and eventually stunk up the whole car. When my family was finally done and opened the doors, they were like "it smells so gross in here like poop!" I couldnt resist laughing and told them its cause i had to use the restroom lol

I was a little embarassed but everyone has to poop right :)

Friday, March 30, 2012


Not embarrassed by my big poos

Like my wife Anne, I am not like some people who post here embarrassed by my big poos. If as often happens with both of us my motion consists of a single big pan-buster jobbie then I am quite happy at that and don't care if someone else sees it if I have done it in a public toilet of some type. Like Anne I would not take the risk of holding it in to avoid doing it in a public toilet and possibly have a mega accident in the seat of my underpants.

Many years ago I worked in a small factory before I opened my own business. Every so often there would be a blockage caused in the staff toilets, both in the men's and the women's. What happened was that someone would have done a big turd which wouldn't flush away as it was too big. Instead of just leaving it for the cleaner to deal with in the evening they would cover the jobbie with wads of toilet paper to hide it from view. This would then form a blockage in the toilet pan when they flushed it and be very messy to clear and often needed a drain cleaning company to sort it out, an extra unneeded expense for the business. Eventually the factory owner put a notice on the toilet walls telling people that "If the toilet did not clear on flushing" to leave it for the janitor to deal with and not clog the bog with large amounts of toilet paper". He also said that any future blockages such as this would be paid for out of our Social Club Fund if owing to staff carelessness and a plumber was required. This seemed to do the trick and I was pleased as I feared that someone would blame me for stuffing the pan with paper, something I would never do.

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