Lovely girl has a noisy, smelly dump

Last year, my family was host to a foreign exchange student, an Australian girl named Gabrielle. She was a cute girl who had a cheerful attitude, plus I just loved her accent.

Well anyway, one day the two of us were in the basement preparing to watch a movie. She said she needed to go to the toilet before we began. I should mention that our basement was being renovated at that time and the bathroom had no door, just a curtain. So, continuing on, Gabrielle went over to the bathroom and didn't seem fazed that there was no door.

I could hear every noise she made, starting with her sitting down on the toilet and farting loudly. She continued to blast noisy farts and let off many plops and splashes. In no time at all, the smell of her dump was wafting out to me and it was very intense (not that I really minded, of course). There was a brief pause followed by the bathroom fan turning on. After that, the noises were less pronounced, but still audible. It sounded like she was having a very much needed dump.

Some minutes later, I heard the toilet flush and she washed her hands, turned off the fan and came back out. She said "Sorry. I really had to go." and we started watching the movie. The smell of her dump persisted for at least an hour. I was quite impressed by Gabrielle's ability to stink out a room like that, considering she was a small girl.

Car Mom
Ok so yesterday (Friday) Laura called again and asked me if she could come over again and do another pee. Of course I said "sure Laura, of course you can." But the only thing was Lori and her daughter Katelyn were coming over too, and they were also going to do some peeing. And they were going to be there any minute. And so I told Laura and she said "so you mean they'll be there the whole time?" I said "yeah, they probably will" and she said "well can I come after they leave?" I said "yeah Laura that's fine." Then I said "or if you want you can do it while they're still here, its up to you." Laura said "come on Megan, you know it doesn't work that way." I said "well, it could if you want, you know." Laura just said "See Megan, this is why we can't have a relationship. You always want other people there peeing with you. This is why we never worked out." I said with a sigh "I know Laura." Then she said "well, its true Megan. You always want other people to come and pee with you. We could've just had each other. But you wanted more. I thought we had a good thing, but you wanted more." I said "fine Laura, so do you still want to come over or not?" She sighed and said "yeah I do. I'll still be there." I said "good." I was really trying to be as nice as I could so that she wouldn't change her mind about coming over. I still wanted her to come over and have a pee. I know Laura can be difficult sometimes, but I do still enjoy her pee, and so I didn't want to ruin any kind of opportunity to get some more of it soaked into my furniture. And so I told Laura I'd call her as soon as Lori and Katelyn left, and then she could come over. I asked her "do you have to pee now?" she said "yeah I do, why do you think I called?" I said "I'm sorry" although I probably shouldn't have. Laura just said "well if I get a bladder problem it'll be your fault." I said "I'm sorry. Do you want to pee now and then by the time you come over you'll have to go again?" she said "No its ok. I've been saving this." I said "ok Laura. I'm sorry. I'll call you as soon as they leave." She just said "fine" and then we hung up.

Almost as soon as I hung up the phone Lori and Katelyn showed up. Lori's other daughter Emma and my daughter Kaylee were at another friend's house by the way. And so Lori and Katelyn decided that they would come over and have a pee with me. When they got there Lori said "Kate has a new idea if its ok. She's been doing this at home but if you don't want her to do it here that's ok, we understand." I said "oh ok what is it?" Lori said "tell her Kate." Katelyn smiled and said "I've been peeing on the wall." I said "oh you have?" and she said "mm-hmm." Then she giggled. Lori said "yeah she likes to pee against the wall. She says it makes a waterfall." Katelyn giggled again. I said "well, if you want to make a waterfall then go ahead and make a waterfall." Lori said "are you sure? it'll all go in the carpet." I said "no its ok. I don't care about the carpet." Katelyn jumped around excitedly. Lori said "ok then. Go ahead honey." Katelyn smiled and said "thank you" and then she got ready to have her pee. She took off her pants and her underwear and then she walked over to one of the walls in the living room. Lori then said "I don't know about you, but there is a cushion on the couch with my name on it." I smiled and said "yeah mine too." Then we both pulled down our pants and we each sat on the couch. Meanwhile Katelyn had begun her pee. She was leaning forward against the wall and she was peeing right up against it. Her pee was hitting against the wall and it was making a little waterfall down the wall. It flowed right down to the floor below her where it soaked into the carpet. Lori and I also began to pee. It felt really good as it soaked into the cushion I was sitting on. Lori and I both went a lot. Then after a while we all three finished our pees. I'm pretty sure Lori let a fart into the cushion, and I know Katelyn let one as she finished peeing against the wall. Then we were all done.

Luckily for me Lori and Katelyn had to leave right away, and so about a half hour or so later I called Laura and she came over. Of course Laura looked over at the couch and saw the two wet spots in the cushions where Lori and I had relieved ourselves. She asked me "so is one of these yours?" I said "yeah" and she said "which one?" I pointed to the one on the left. I probably should've been mean and pointed to Lori's, but I decided not to. Laura then began to feel my wet spot. Then she said "I do miss your pee sometimes." Then she said "I'm just gonna go in the chair again ok?" I said "sure Laura." Then she went over to it and she took off her pants/underwear and she sat down in the chair. I asked her if she had gone after we had hung up the phones. She said she hadn't, and that she really had to go. She then looked down at herself and let herself relax. Then Laura began to pee. She began to pee right into the cushion. I watched her for a while from where I was standing, and then I asked her "um Laura, is it ok if I come over by you and watch?" she said "yeah its ok Megan. Come on over." And so I did. I went over to the chair and I could hear Laura's pee hissing into the chair cushion. I could also see a dark wet spot appearing between her legs. Laura then lifted herself up and I could see her stream of pee flowing out onto the chair below her. It was actually beautiful in its own way. Then a few seconds later she stopped herself from peeing. She then got up and went over to the armrest and sat down on it. Then she began to pee again. Her pee went right into the armrest. She also let a fart as she peed. Then a few seconds later she was done. She got up and let another fart while she was getting up. Then she said "thank you Megan for letting me do this. I know I'm kind of a pest." I said "no no Laura, you're definitely not a pest." She said "well thank you anyway. I wish like hell I could do this at home, but I can't. So thank you." I said "no problem Laura. You know that." Then she said "I wish so f***in bad I could do this at home. Sorry Megan. But I just do, you know?" I smiled at her. "yeah I know. Well you're always welcome to do it here." Then she said "thank you Megan. Then she left, as she left, she almost looked as if she might cry. I couldn't tell for sure. Anyway, that was that. More pee in my things, and so it was a good day!

Bye! :)

Today my dad and I went to a bike race meeting at a track near where we live. It was a fun day and in the afternoon after we'd eaten our sandwiches I had to take a poo. I offered to get us ice creams and while I was gone to go to the loo, so I headed off. Nearby was a grandstand with a few portaloos behind it. I saw a couple of them get taken as I walked over, and as I was approaching so was a young girl of about 12 with long aubern hair. She went in one and I took the only one left which was on the endnext to hers. I heard her pull down her shorts and underwear and I pulled down my jeans and boxers and sat on the surprisingly clean seat. There was plenty of paper too. We both weed and then I heard her drop two logs of poo. I pushed out one piece that was basically two or three joined together that all came out as one continuous bit without making much noise. I heard the girl drop two more pieces of poo and I pushed out one more little piece and I was done so I left her to it. As I wiped my bum I heard her drop another piece. She was still in there when I left so she was clearly having a substantial poo!


irritable bowel

years ago I dated a woman who had irritable bowel syndrome.
There were three things I learned very quickly, as she ran quickly to the toilet:
1. when there were at least 3 farts in a row-fart-fart-FART- she had to go. When she sat down on the toilet, just plops-plop, plip,PLOP.
Then she was done.
2. single farts meanst she had to go the same day. FART.
3. she just went: usually 2 or 3 farts before the poop came out.
4. sometimes she had to run, and there was an explosion: Fart-splash-fart.
These are the three things I learned about irritable bowel syndrome.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mega Girl as always another great set of stories your first one sounds like like a pretty good dump and into to a trashcan to only place better then a toilet and great story about your elevator poop it sounds like that one was kinda desperate one but at least you had that bag other wise it wouldve been the floor but what could you do when you gotta go you gotta go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Katie Pie your friend dosent sound like a friend but then again you were young so who knows and as alwaysI look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen as always another great set of stories it sounds like you had some really bad luck with nasty dumps that first one sounded interesting you pretending to bomb boats and the other one diarrhea and constipation bad combanation you dont know what to expect nothing or everything or a little of both and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Christine In FL I hope you feel better soon it sounds like something nasty is brewing in you lets hope your on the toilet when the time comes and please post about what happens and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Joseph W another great story about your sister.

To: ashley as always another great set of stories your first one sounded pretty interesting it sounds like you had 2 pretty good dumps and it sounds like that little girl really had to go and really stunk it up and I guese the saying iss true big stinks can from little packages and also great story about that major dump you took stinking out that bathroom it sounds like you left something for everyone to admire and as always I look forward to your next post thanks and god bless.

To: BowlReport as always another great live report and great poop by poop coverage as usual and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great desperate poop story it sounds like you were beyond despertate and it sounded like it was a nasty dump to.

To: Stella first welcome to the site and great story about you and you sister Chelsea pooping together and great descriptions it sounds like you both had to go and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to any more stories you and chelsea may have thanks.

To: Meg as always another great story it sounds likeyou and Elly both had pretty good dumps and felt pretty good afterward to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Saturday, March 24, 2012

David-Anne's husband

The big poo I thought I had done but didn't.

I also enjoyed reading the posting by Amber "Tales of a big pooping girl" but I need to correct what could be misunderstood in my wife Anne's post in reply to her.

Anne was toilet trained by her mother by example by watching her sit on the pan doing both her wee-wees and as the Scots like Anne call them her jobbies and as she was the only girl in the family this was acceptable in those days. I was also toilet trained by my mum but as that would have been in 1953 or so she did not do so by letting me watch her sitting on the toilet pan doing a motion, I should have been so lucky, as this simply would not have been what was done in those days. She did sit me on the toilet using a special small size seat that clipped on over the normal adult size one so I could sit on it without falling down the pan and I soon caught on to what was required of me. Apart from the odd "accident" in my underpants that most youngsters suffer from time to time I had no great problems with Toilet Training, and like Anne I enjoyed doing a good solid motion especially when I passed a big turd.

Like Amber I used to see the big turds my mother passed, as she usually only had about two motions a week, and did correspondingly long and fat jobbies (although I didn't call them that then) when she did go and these where often too big to flush away and I would see then stuck in the toilet pan. Having read Amber's post about similar events reminded me of a toilet related incident which occurred when I was about 9 years old. One Saturday just before noon my mum had done a motion and I had heard her straining as she passed it and then the loud "KUR-SPLOONK!" as her big turd plunged into the pan. She had pulled the flush and come out and when I went into the toilet a few minutes later I saw that it hadn't been big enough to be a panbuster and had flushed away. My two sisters who were at home that day used the toilet soon afterwards too but only for a wee-wee and they and mum went out shopping and I stayed at home. After a short while I also felt the need to do a BM and I hadn't done one for a couple of days so hoped it would be a big turd.

I went into the toilet and there was nothing in the pan. I pulled down my short trousers and underpants, in those days white cotton Y-Fronts (jockey briefs), and sat on the toilet, did a pee then passed what felt like a fat and quite long turd which, after the first few inches came out quite easily and quickly and went "KER-SPLONK!" as it dropped into the pan. I got up off the toilet to have a look at what I had passed and saw a long fat turd a lot bigger than I usually did at that age and was delighted to have done it. It did go away when I pulled the flush. I was not however to do one that big again for a few years, even if I hadn't had a BM for a couple of days, until I was about 13 or so when like Anne and Amber I did begin to pass big turds as long and fat as my mother's.

It was not until many years later that I worked out what must have really happened that day. My mum had passed a single big turd but it had been of a size that meant that it wasn't long enough to visibly stick in the bottom of the pan but was still too big to go over the "hidden bend" ("U" shaped gas trap) in the toilet but had lodged just out of sight. There was no tell-tale light brown discolouration of the water in the bottom of the toilet pan, which often occurs after a while if a jobbie sticks just out of sight as my two sisters had flushed the toilet after doing their wee-wees. When I did my own motion my turd which was a good solid formed one came out quite quickly after a slow start and must have shot up the bend in the outlet of the toilet pan and out of sight, what happens when you do what is called the "Phantom Poo" when you know you have passed one but there is nothing in the pan when you look. In this case I can only think that my own smaller turd had dislodged my mum's bigger one and it had slid down back into sight in the bottom of the toilet pan and of course I thought I had done it.

Has anyone else here had a similar experience when doing a motion?

Mega Girl

Another long time no see

I dont consider my self a regular poster, but im still here posting posts for you all to read. Yesterday while taking a walk in the park i felt the neeed to poop and maybe pee. so i looked arround for a secluded spot and then i thought, "you know wheree the best plave to hide a poop, garbage cans!" so i found a garbage can off the trail and sat on the edge i peed into the grass then started pushing out some logs. about three logs maybe a foot long each.

Another story happened to me in an elevator. it stopped and i called the emergency line and they said they would get me down in two hours. i had to poop and could not wait that long. so i took out the stuff in my shopping bag put it in another and pooped 4 turds into the empty mag. they were soft and after that a little diarheah poored out of me making a pile of mush. two hours later the smell subsided and they started it back up again. i left the bag in the garbage and continued my day. BYE

Katie Pie

Strange Friend...

So, another strange potty tale of me in the fourth grade...

I had this friend, and I was spending the night at her house. So I told her I have to go pee and she FOLLOWED ME IN!!! She closes the door, and locks it. Then I finally get the nerve and pull down my pants and sit on the toilet. She proceeds to tell me the toilet is broken and does not flush and I have to either pee in the bathtub or the sink. Well the door on the tub was closed and I didn't want people to know I peed in their tub so reluctantly I sat on the sink and peed, she then chuckled as I used the water to wipe, and then wash my hands vigorously. I pulled up my pants and we were leaving the bathroom when I had an idea, I reached over and pulled the lever on the toilet.... it flushed....


Stomach Culprit Found, and assorted reminiscence of poop

Rabbit Buttons Versus Shiny Slippery

I haven't gotten "rabbit buttons" very often in decades due to my ample fiber intake from the right foods, but during my childhood and early teens I was nearly vegaphobic and I'd only eat such things as peas and carrots and corn, and often my crampy constipated stomach would be followed by a BM that consisted of round hard things that varied in size from peas to marbles to malted milk balls. Sometimes these would come out clumped together in a solid bar that looked not unlike a Baby Ruth candy bar, other times I would pass the lumps loose and unbound. Then, one summer I decided I wanted to slim down a little, so the doctor told me to drink a lot of water and cut out the greasy junk food, and after I started eating lots of salads and stuff, the diet worked super and this also addressed my tendency toward constipation to a certain extent, but constipation still remained a problem. If I didn't take my laxative then after a day or two my BMs that would have normally come out like babyruth rabbit bars, were now easier to pass, they slipped out more easily and were more flat and soft instead of round and hard with nuggets clumped together . Of course if I took my laxative then in every case I could count on a watery blowout. With laxative, healthy food came out in a mostly liquid blowout, while junk food resulted in a fusillade of mostly rabbit pellets shooting out of me in rapid succession like machine gun bullets accompanied by brown spray, complete with the most awful sound effects. When I was little I used to pretend that I was in an airplane and firing down on enemy boats. Mom wasn't too thrilled when she had to call a plumber one day because I was responsible for major clogging of the toilet with some miniature paper boats I had made and kept especially for the occasion, I launched the boats in the bowl, took a seat, cleared for takeoff and commenced firing complete with dialogue I'd recited from a war movie about bomber pilots. Hey I was only five so give me a break! Stomach cramps are much less severe for me with the healthy option than the rabbit pellet option,, kind of ironic if you ask me because you'd think that "rabbit food" such as lettuce should result in rabbitlike droppings.

To Amber:
Up until my mid to late teens when I got really into eating a lot of fruits and ???? and drinking plenty of water, I was a real meat and potatoes kind of girl. I was a little on the heavy side up until about age sixteen, I was really physically active at the same time and had the appetite to go with it. Mom made something homecooked for dinner each and every night, pretty heavy stuff that could lead to constipation for someone like me that didn't eat enough ????. Sometimes I'd pass so much BM that it would clog the toilet and make it overflow when I tried to flush it down. I think I was around eleven or twelve when my appetite grew such that my BMs started getting so large that they simply would go down with the flush, of course this was before I started taking nightly laxatives and often I'd go for two, three days sometimes without having a BM but when I did, oh man, better look out Mr. Tidybowl! After a few incidents mom would tell me that when I pass a brown baby boy that I should not try to flush it and that I should go to my father to take care of it for me because it was a man's job. Dad would use a stick we kept propped up in the bathroom corner by the toilet next to the plunger and bowl brush in an old bucket for that purpose which was to break up my log to smithereens and then flush it down, and stand by with the plunger just in case it still wouldn't go down. I couldn't do my own turd whipping myself, I just couldn't. I tried to do it myself but it made me sick to my stomach it was so nasty, alas I became immune to that once I had kids.

Vitamins Causing Constipation, Atomic Poots, and Stomachaches

My vitamins have been causing me stomach problems of late. I won't mention any brand names but it's the women's vitamin you take on a daily basis. It seems that it's the iron that's been doing a number on my stomach, according to similar reviews I've read.
I did an experiment over the past several days alternating skipping the vitamin and comparing it with how I feel when I do take it, but after Tuesday night I'm thoroughly convinced it's the vitamin. When I skipped the vitamin I felt great, but when I took it again Tuesday night to see how I felt, I felt pretty lousy when I reintroduced that junk into my system. Took one with dinner tuesday at about 6pm and about an hour later the gas started and my stomach hurt a little. Later, nausea did me in so I went to buy a gingerale to settle my stomach. Around 9pm after I came home, while sitting in the backyard with my gingerale I saw the neighbor's cat devouring my slightly used Italian eggplant dinner in the bushes;; personally I thought it tasted a lot better going down than coming back up, but I'm glad he enjoyed it. Went inside and threw the rest of the vitamins in the garbage. Oh, and by the way since I'd taken laxative right after I ate my dinner, I could just picture what that human sized dose of Dulcolax did to the poor cat haha. Must have made for an interesting litterbox deposit the next morning. Anyway, it's now Thursday morning and I've had nary a digestive issue without the so-called vitamin. Gas is a non issue today, BMs looking good, all is well.

Hi, Long time lurker, first time poster after a long time

Karen, are you the same Karen who posted around page 1660s ( your sister was kathy and you had a friend called sue?)


Christine in FL


I overate last night - I had a large pizza with extra cheese, an entire pan of brownies, a bag of chips, and lots of pasta. I'm too old to be eating like that, and of course, I paid for it this morning. I woke up with the most awful ???? ache and knew I was going to have an day of belly troubles. My stomach was cramping badly as I got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I was holding my belly in both hands. In the middle of the hallway, I let out a squirt of liquid diarrhea.
"oooooo," I moaned, I could feel it soaking my panties.
I hurried to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. My panties had a large blot of brownish liquid on them, and I tossed them into the waste basket.
I was bloated and felt terrible.
I doubled over with a cramp and tried to push.
A small wave of brownish liquid came out, and then nothing else would come. I wiped and returned to bed.
I laid in bed and massaged my belly. It was cramping and churning.

Thanks for the replies, and the stories. Ginny, sounds like that other woman was relieved and probably felt good. Also liked Amber's story and others. The discussion of dried apricots is reminding me of when I was on a long-distance bus going across Argentina. I brought along some dried pears as snacks, and after I had eaten quite a few of them I suddenly really had to go, and that meant I had to use the sort of gross bathroom on the bus, because there was only one short rest stop and then a short station stop on the whole overnight ride. Not that much poo actually came out, and it wasn't very wet, but it was just about the most gas I've ever had. I'm usually not very gassy, but this was a pretty impressive volume. It hardly even seemed like ordinary farting. Then we got to the station in Mendoza some time in the middle of the night and stopped for a while. I had to go again. The bathrooms in the station were sort of gross, too, and a lot of people also got off the bus to go, so it was pretty crowded, and also it was the kind of bathroom with an attendant who hands you toilet paper before you go in. I found that a little embarrassing, and I was worried there wasn't going to be enough. By that time I was a little more runny. But I somehow managed--- don't remember much more detail, and then we got back in the bus and continued across the Andes into Chile, reaching the foothills just around sunrise. I think I was fine for the rest of the trip. But, I guess the amount of dried pears I ate must have been the equivalent of about four or five whole pears all at once, with all of their fiber.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: amber as always another great story it sounds like you got your mothers big poops to thats something to be proud of because it sounds like you both enjoy them even though you block toilets up oh well its the companys fault for not making a toilet that can handle big ones and it sounds like your friend was pretty impressed and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: PooperDoodlzes great night poop story at least you got some relief.

To: BowlReport great live coverage and great poop by poop coverage to I look forward to your report from the bowl thanks.

To: Ginny first welcome back and great story about that womans desperate poop it sounds like she a major cleanout and I bet she felt great afterwards to and I look forward to your post thanks.

To: Anri as alays another great story it sounds like your friend Gremmie had a pretty nasty dump outside I bet she felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Joseph W great story about you hearing your sister pooping it sounds like she really to go and please share anymore stories like that thanks.

To: Heather great story about that big poop you took and the second one later on I bet you felt pretty good once you calmed down and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bryanna first welcome to the site and great story about your big dump at least your mom was there to help you out to bad she got hit with a dirrhea attack I hope you both feel better soon and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Karen as always another great story and that sounded like another pretty nasty dump but i bet you felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great story it sounds like you and that lady had the same idea I bet if she came upto you while you were going she probaly wouldve joined you to bad it didnt happen like that and she had an accident and I bet you felt great after your dump and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Matthew great story about you seeing your girlfriend taking that big dump it sounds like she really had to go and I bet she felt great afterwards to and lighter to and I bet that memory will last forever and please share anymore stories about her if you have any thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Joseph W

More stories about my sister

As promised, I've got a few more stories to share with you all. Growing up, Heather and I were very close to each other. Sure we fought sometimes, but on the whole we got along quite well. A couple years after my last story, about a month after Heather's fourteenth birthday, she broke her right arm while playing basketball. For about two months, she wore a cast and had trouble doing many things she had taken for granted, including wiping after pooping.

It had been close to two and a half weeks since her accident, and it was my parents anniversary. They were apprehensive about leaving the two of us alone, but I talked them into going, since they needed a nice night out. They agreed, but gave me the number of the restaurant they were eating at, and made sure I knew all of the safety procedures and such. They left and maybe an hour later, Heather came to me and told me she needed to poop, and didn't know what to do because mom had been helping her wipe, and they weren't home yet.

She wasn't happy about it, but I said I would help her instead. I helped her lower her pants and panties and then left the bathroom to wait in the hall while she pooped. Though I couldn't help listen to her go. She grunted periodically and there were some big splashes. After several minutes she called me and said she was finished.

I opened the door and I rolled off paper and wiped her, trying to be gentle. She said I wasn't doing as good a job as mom did, and I said I was doing my best. When I had finished, she thanked me for helping her with something so gross. I told her I wouldn't be a good brother if I wasn't there for her in her time of need. She stood up and I got a glimpse of a very sizable load in the toilet before she flushed. I figured the pain medication had made her constipated for a few days, but I didn't want to embarrass her by asking. I helped her put her clothes back on and we left the bathroom.

Unfortunately for me, that was the one and only I time I was required to help her wipe. However, it would not be the last time I would have a toilet-related experience with her. Some time after this incident, when I was sixteen, we went out to a restaurant and after eating, Heather said she was going to visit the bathroom before we left. The rest of us gathered our coats and we preparing to leave when I realized that I also kind of had to poop. I headed off to the bathrooms, and I found two unisex bathrooms, one of which was marked "Occupied".

I figured that was the one she was using and so I opened the other one. Well, turns out I was wrong, as I opened the door and saw her sitting there. She gasped and I said "Sorry" and immediately closed the door. I waited a couple more minutes for her to finish. When she came out she seemed embarrassed she had forgotten to lock. I went in and closed and locked the door and let out several turds of my own and then I left and met my family in the car.

I have one last story before I submit this post. Heather and I are now adults, and she has a teenage daughter of her own, named Alisha. This past Thanksgiving, it was my turn to host the feast and so I had a packed house. Heather, her husband, and Alisha stayed the night at my house to be rested for the long drive home, as they've moved to a nearby city over an hour's drive away.

Before leaving, they all used the bathroom, and I casually observed that Alisha spent the longest in the bathroom. Some hours later, I visited the bathroom to pee, lifted the lid and found my toilet plugged up with three fat turds, and each of them probably reached seven or eight inches in length. Alisha certainly did a huge post-Thanksgiving dump, at the expense of my poor toilet. Though I had to get the plunger and toilet brush and flush many times, it was completely worth it in my mind, to be blessed by the sight of such a dump. I had read about dumps of that caliber on this forum for years, but I always believed it was embellishment. I'm definitely a believer now that I've seen it with my own eyes.

Well, that's all for today. I'll post again in a few days with some stories that aren't about my sister.

hello everyone! i have been really busy with life and things in general! so on March 3rd: i got off of work early like 3:30pm! i headed home and took a nice long warm shower! i decided to head over to the softball park that is close by to where i live! when i arrived there was a huge softball game going on! the place was compltely packed! so i went and sat on the bench infront of the fountain cause i knew that the stands would be too crowded! after like 2 hours i felt the urge to pee it was slight! so i knew the smart thing to do was go ahead and find the bathroom! i slowly but surely made my way to the bathroom! when i arrived the ladiesroom was extremely smelly it seemed to be coming from the handicap stall which is the first stall! i heard a woman probably 31 years old with her son on the outside of the stall! i headed to my usual third stall but noticed that it was filled with a mixture of unflushed urine and feces! so i went to the fourth stall and saw that it was in Good clean condition! i immediatley closed the stall door completley shut! this particular day i wore a sporty outfit! i wore a green shirt and pink softie shorts with pink undwear on! i sat completley down on the bowl and began pulled down my pink underwear and green softie shorts completley down to my ankles! i started peeing instantley! it only lasted 2 seconds! when i was completely finished i decided not to wipe! i got up and exited the stall without flushing! when i went to the sink the woman was still in the handicapstall and her son was outside! the stench from the handicap stall was noticable throughout the entire bathroom! i walked by her stall and smiled and waved by to her son! the little dude said bye bye! i made my way back to the bench where the fountain! @ 7:30pm i felt a huge motion i knew that i was in dire need of a shit! i started walking quickly up the walkway to the bathroom! 5 minutes later i made it to the restroom! this time i noticed young girl(toddler only like 2 years old run in front of me! i stopped slowly to let her go infront of me and also prevent myself from knocking her down! i made went down the line of stalls i went found that the fifth stall was clean! i quickly got in the stall and complteley shut the door! next door i could her the sound of the the young girl( toddler) she was grunting and making all kinds of other noises! i pulled down my outfit to my ankles! my pee stream started slowly and then proceeded at a normal speed! next door the toddler was plopping away instantly! at this point in time my pee stream had completley stopped! i could feel my first turd making its way out! next door the girl was still pooping and it was starting to smell! she was passing gas as well! now my second turd was making its way out! i could hear more people enter ! i heard a couple of teenage girls come in both commented on how bad the bathroom smelled! one of the girls said i wonder what the other ladies ate that is making this bathroom reek? by this point the toddler got up and unlocked the door she didnt flush the tiolet! she ran out of the bathroom! the two teenage girls went down toward the end they said it smells better down this end! one of them said lets gets this over with! they both began peeing! i heard laughter out of both of them! i was completley done by this point! i decided for the second time not to wipe! i stood up and saw that there was a huge log that was 15 inches long! then i saw a smaller shaped turd that was fat and like a half pear! i also saw a turd that was thick and only 7 inches long! i exited my stall without flushing! i went to the sink and washed my hands! moments later on of the teenage girls came to the sink she had blond hair she said hi " i like what you left in the tiolet" i left a gift as well! we smiled at each other! i told her Good Job! we left the bathroom together and exited the right side!




Traveler's Constipation (diarrhea/consti combo?)

Before todays post I'd like to thank everyone for having me. This forum makes me feel like a kid again. I think David would agree, right Dave? David, you put it this way : "…the turds they had produced giving physical, emotional and psychological enjoyment …" , that pretty much sums it up. Growing up I played with the boys more than the girls and my pals and I were always talking about disgusting stuff like this. I think we all see humor in this stuff and only with the right kind of company can we talk about what naturally tickles our funny bone. I guess my two boys were lucky to have a tomboy for a mom, I never discouraged toilet humor in the home, I even participated in it, but I drew the line at "'nuff's -e- nuff" sometimes,, can't go overboard with it you know. But forums like this are a safe outlet!

In response to recent posts:

Richguy: Hey Rich, you remind me of my brother with the way you write. Sorry about your bout with the runs and I hope those weren't your favorite pants haha. I had an accident like that once while going commando in a pair of all-cotton khaki safari type pants, the stain wouldn't come out completely despite a few washings. I sharted because I'm not really used to drinking beer and I drank one at a barbecue after a softball game. I loved those pants they were so comfy and had a lot of handy pockets. I ended up turning them into shorts and since the stain just wouldn't go I dyed them dark green and I still wear them for working in the garden.

Blast From The Past

Okay, no new incidents to report so here's one from way-back. As a child and all through my teens, during long car trips I used to get really terrible gas pains that more often than not ended in diarrhea. I guess about the only good thing about those horrible gas cramps is that it kept my mind too occupied to get carsick like most normal kids. Just something about sitting in a car for a long time would cause such severe gas pains or "air cramps" as my mom would call them. Going to the bathroom was all I could think about in a car. As a matter of fact, only after a good long farty diarrhea session would I get any relief so when I felt like that I actually welcomed the diarrhea because it would make me feel better. Dad would usually get really annoyed at having to stop at gas stations where I'd sit on the toilet for nearly an hour and he'd make comments about time and miles lost, and mom wasn't very sympathetic about my problem, either, telling me something to the effect of "if you'd taken your laxative earlier last night like I told you would have used the bathroom early this morning and gotten it over with before we left and then you wouldn't be upsetting your father and me", etc. But I was always afraid to take my laxative the night before a long trip because I knew it would only make my problem worse so I always skipped it.


The most miserable car trip I ever had was when we moved cross country by car. By now you know I've been prone to constipation since childhood. The trip took IIRC four or five days, this was in the 1960s so the roads weren't as good as what we have now and it took longer to get where you were going. We slept in cheap motels and ate cheap food which probably wasn't helping my gas and diarrhea. It IS most certainly possible to have constipation and diarrhea at the same time believe it or not,, or I guess I should say all the pain of constipation combined with the inconvenience of diarrhea at the same time. The gas pains began in Pittsburgh where we stopped to get gas for the car not long after we left where I must have cost my dad almost an hour and nearly a hundred miles time on that stop alone, and I had more of these incidents at various service stations and eating estab lishments along the route. My family would eat while I sat on the crapper with my comic book having blowout diarrhea, and they'd get me a burger or a hotdog or something wrapped up to go with a bottle of pop and I'd eat it in the car to save time, and if I didn't feel like it then my brother would. No teenager enjoys getting chewed out by her parents so I would try not to ask to stop and instead I would just tough it out until dad stopped to buy gasoline or it was time to eat, then he'd get mad when I wouldn't finish up in the restroom quick enough. It was funny now when I think back and hearing him cursing to my mom "she's been in that g** d*** bathroom for almost an hour",, talk about a dent in your self esteem. I remember sitting on the can at service stations and hearing others knock who needed to use the bathroom outside the door waiting for me to get finished and get out, they'd knock to get me to hurry up but I'd just shout "Sorry, my stomach is upset, it's gonna be awhile", and most just gave up and left. Sometimes it was the other way around with me knocking on the occupied restroom door and shouting "Could you hurry up please, my stomach is upset!!!" and that usually worked like a charm. I think I had my last service station toilet marathon in Phoenix then slept the rest of the way and woke up at our new home town. You might say when we stopped for gas it was in more ways than one. I still remember during one particularly harsh toilet session, it sprayed out of me so hard that some of it splashed out of the toilet, between the gap under the toilet seat, and landed on my white sneakers. Actually it went out all sides but it's funny that a drop of it even came out of the front side. The orange stain remained on my shoes until I wore em out. It was the rightside shoe. I was constantly looking at that stain every time I wore those shoes. I used em just for gym class.

hello everyone i have a cool story for you guys!on Friday March 9th@ 11pm: i stopped by the gas station i felt a strong urge to have a massive dump! i worked from 7am till 1:45pm then i went out for the remainder of the day! when i arrived at the gas station i headed to the ladiesroom , i noticed that the door was open! close behind me were two ladies probably my age or older both had light brown hair ! i also noticed that they probably were lesiban like i was! i entered and took the first stall! the other woman went in the handicap stall !the second lady just stood at the sink! i was shitting my brains out! the woman in the handicap stall was pooping as well! she was giggling which caused me to giggle as well! there was s strong smell coming from the handicap stall i let the stench go up my nose! the woman in the stall wiped quickley and flushed the tiolet! she went to the sink and washed her hands! then the woman outside by the sink entered the handicap stall! she said " it totally reeks"! then she started peeing instantley! moments later she was done! she flushed the tiolet! she washed her hands! as they were making their way out they both said whoever is in the first stall is smelling up the place badly! 5 mintues passed i was still pooping like crazy! it felt like i hadnt had a good healthy shit in like 2 months! then two girls enter they both said" someone one really must have to poop"! they both went into the handicap stall! they were giggling! they said" whoever is in the first stall is gonna suffer badly! i was done by this point! i stood up and looked in the stall it was completley filled two the top! i didnt attempt to wipe! i exited the stall without flushing! i washed my hands and went outside! i decided to leave the younger girls alone so that they could have privacy! i left the gas station and headed home!




to Jessica--the one who wears diapers for medical reasons


I have been reading your posts. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

I was just wondering. You have talked about having to wear diapers for medical reasons and how costly the good ones are. If you are wearing them for a medical reason, can't your insurance company (be it private or state assisted) pay or help pay for them?

Also, I don't blame you for not disclosing what your medical condition is, but often there are organizations for different medical conditions that help people with the costs of their supplies.

Well after the usual St Patricks day excesses my bowels closed up on Sunday and I didn't poo at all, which is the opposite of whar usually happens to me when I drink a lot, but I suppose the snack foods and things balanced it all out. On Monday, however, I did. In class on Monday morning I began to need a big movement. I was desperate by the end with two days worth of poo needing to come out badly. I headed to the nearest toilets. Both cubicles were in use so I stood waiting an agonising minute or so until one guy who was only using it for a piss came out. I replaced him quickly and got sat down. Two large, soft turds slid out quickly and made loud plops in the bowl. Three more followed quickly and then came a loud fart that I held in until the other toilet flushed. Two more soft pieces came out and then four or five small bits and then I was finished.

Bowl Report
So i'm back from work again, and having finished late I then had to go food shopping. Im finally home now and as well as the food im also carrying what feels like a massive log... the pants are down and im sat comfy. Relaxing my anus, I can feel the tip of the poop slowly sliding out a bit at a time... Its stopped now, but I can still feel it hanging there. Giving a slight squeeze has only moved it a bit... Its starting to go... Its gone. As it slid out I felt my butthole get spread completely wide open and it felt like forever for it to seep out. It hit the water with a splash that wet my butt cheeks. Not feeling completely empty I gave another squeeze and felt another,smaller poop drop out. There are two turds. One is bent in a backward C shape around the edge of the water. Its a good two inches wide and at least 9 long. Within the backward "C" is a little ball about 2 inches wide. It smells less pungent than yesterdays but the distinctive poop musk is still there. Anyway, time for a wipe...

wipe 1: Solid brown. paper feels sticky when i wipe...

wipe 2: A lot lighter brown.

Wipe 3: clean. mustv'e been a dry poop...

Pants up and flush. I noticed the smell of the poop more when I stood up after wiping. Still need to scrub the skid marks off the pan...

All done. I hope you've enjoyed this second bowl report. Ill be back as soon as i have another poop to report on.

Happy Pooping

I once really had to go poop while I was at school, but was to embarassed to use the bathooms their beacause of the fact they don't have doors on the stalls. I thankfuly never was stuck going to the bathroom with the exeption of one miserable time where I was forced to drop a major load in the girls room. I had bowel cramps that day which caused me to fart very loud and stinky. I knew that after school since I was getting picked up an hour after that I had to brave the bathrooms since I was about to go in my pants. I went over to the boys rooms but thier were a ton of bullies in the bathroom. I nervously walked over to the a stall but one of the guys ran over and stood in front of it as did all the other guys with the other stalls, they told me I was going have to shit my pants as they could see my look of desperation. I had to go BADLY but was not going to go in my pants in front of evereybody, I was out of options and without thinking I ran into the girls bathroom while the bullies fallowed close behind laughing I reached he toilet just in time which also did not have a door and started exploding and dropping major stink bombs into the toilet. Unfortunately their were two other girls in there that when they saw me in they screamed and than started laughing at my machine gun plops that were stinking up the girls room. Embarassment could not even descirbe how I was feeling I felt like the guy from american pie only far worse since they were watching m, they couldn't stop laughinbg at all of the loud plops and farts and at the smell. After I was done they saw my incredibly massive poop and I had to wipe in ffornt of evereybody. I left on the verge of crying while the girls and guys commented some more. Word got aroudnd and it ruined whatever reputaion I had. At least I didn't get suspended but that was the worst moment of my life. Way worse than if I had crapped my pants

Constipation Victim

Response to Bryanna

i enjoyed your story about your poop with help from your mother. However, could you give a little more detail? Where on your butt did she rub (hole, cheeks, ect.) and what made it hurt so bad? Was it big and thick or were you just sore from all the straining?
I'd love to hear more stories from you and any other user who has been "helped" by a parent.

My sister Chelsea and I both read the site and we've been thinking about posting for a while. I think we have a story you'll like. Earlier today, after we had eaten dinner, we were hanging out in our bedroom and Chelsea was farting a lot. She said she had to poop and we went into our attached bathroom. She sat on the toilet and pulled her pants down to her ankles. I'll try to type out her sounds.

Pffffffrrt. Brrraarrt. Plop. Splop. Kkkrrrkkl-sploosh. Nngh, mmmmph, splunk. Floomp. Ploop-ploop-splop. Nnnhh, nnh, sploomp. Brraaappppp Pfffffffft Pppprrrtt. Splunk. Ploosh. Krrrkkl-kklll-lll flump. Pffrrtt Braaaaaapp Splonk. Sploosh. Plop. Plip-plip-splip-sploomp. Pfffffft. Sploosh.

She wiped herself four times and let me see her poops. She had pooped many small pieces and the bathroom was very stinky. She flushed the toilet and her poop turned into brown mush and was sucked down the drain. By then my own need to poop was quite extreme and so I sat down and began my poop.

Ploonk splop plop plop. Prrrt-rrrtt-rrrraarrt. Mmmph, nngh, kkkrrklll-floomp. Pfffffffffffrrt. Pffffft. Splonk. Splooomp. Flump. Sploosh. Nnnhh, splunk. Sploonk. Plop-plip-splip-ploop. Braaaaaarrrt Brrrrttt Pffffft. Sploonk. Plonk. Ploosh. Ploop. Floomp. Nngh, Nggh, Splooosh. Splop Sploop. Ppprrrrrraaaaarrrt.

I wiped myself five times and then got up to let Chelsea see my poops. I had also produced a bunch of poops. I flushed the toilet and let my mess get sucked away, then we washed our hands and left the smelly bathroom.

messed my pants

God, i reek
. Gotta get cleaned up before gf returns

Just a guy
Leanne - Sounds like you heard your friend, Kat, having a great dump. Hope yours was just as relieving. I'm sorry to hear your post and those of your friends didn't make it, but I'm glad you're still posting. I hope that you and your friends, Emma and Meg, don't get discouraged and continue to post too. I wonder if Abbie is experiencing the same problems as I haven't seen any posts from her recently.

Amber - welcome to the site! I enjoyed your post.

Ginny - interesting post. You are right that woman sounded really desperate!

I've had some interesting dumps recently. My poops are usually not too long, but the other day I dropped a succession of poops - most were small, but the one in the middle was about 8 inches long. Then the other morning I had a poop which consisted of only 2 pieces but the one was at least 12 inches in length. It was thin, but I was surprised how long it was.



Ginny. Thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds as though the 'blonde bombshell' dropped a massive load. She must have felt hugely relieved afterwards!

Karen. I enjoyed reading about the Taco salad experience, although it sounds a bit like 'one to miss' personally. I'm glad you've recovered from the pooing ordeal after the apricots and hope very much that you manage to avoid further problems.

David & Anne. Hope you're both keeping well - and regular!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anne(and David)

From Big pooping Girl to another (Amber)

Amber -the Big pooping Girl. David and I thought we were reading a biography of our own childhoods as both of us had Mothers, espacially David's, who often did big long fat turds which would stick in the toilet pan after they had pulled the flush and we grew up seeing our respective Mother's big jobbies. Both of us grew up as you say expecting such big panbusters to be usual for adults and when we were in our early teens we both started to pass large turds like this ourselves which stuck in the pan. Speaking to David about this we both agreed that we have seldom if ever been embarrassed by doing big toilet clogging jobbies as everyone defecates from the famous and mighty to the man or woman living rough on the street . We have both enjoyed doing so and when we met and came together as teenagers , also from watching each other doing our motions. David and I are both big and ???? and eat like horses as you have put it so what goes in must come out which it does as long fat turds every couple of days for both of us. In both of our homes the toilet pans were large and of an old fashioned design with a long drop from the person's bum (butt) to the large water filled sump in the bottom resulting in tremendous "KUR-SPLOONK!" sounds when the user passed a large fat jobbie and it plunged into the water. Sometimes however the turd would be so long that the start of it was already the water but the end was still up the doer's back passage and it would then make no sound or a quiet "FLUMP!" when it slid out, .and these were the panbusters. Both of our Mothers did these as have David and I since our teens and we still do.

Neither of us get embarrassed about defecation whether someone seeing the turds we have passed or hearing the sound effects and if this gives them a thrill that's ok. As long as a public toilet is clean, has a bolt on the door of the stall, and hand washing facilities then using one is not a problem for either of us and aa he has already posted David prefers to use a stall (cubicle) bolt the door and sit down to pee, drying himself after he has finished his pee.

Well like Leanne says my last post seems to have gone astray! Hope this one will get through.

Today I was in a lecture and needing a poo before the end. I was sitting with my friend Elly and she told me she had to have a poo too. When the lecture finished we headed over to the little girls room. There were two cubicles and they were luckily both free, so we went in and sat down. I had my jeans and green knickers around my feet and I saw Elly's jeans and purple knickers around her feet too. We both weed for about 20 seconds and then I heard a fart from Elly. I started pushing out my poo and I heard a soft crackling from Elly as her first turd emerged from her bum. It made a loud plop and then I pushed mine out which did too. Elly then pushed out two more pieces. I pushed out two more of my own and I was done, but Elly farted again and produced three small pieces. We left feeling better and went to get some lunch!


Tales of a big pooping girl

I don't remember much about my early childhood, but the parts I do remember are vivid. In particular, I remember when I was like three or four, and being potty trained, I would often accompany my mother when she would go to the toilet. My mother, from what I remember, was a pretty regular woman, she would poop most every day, or on occasion every other day, but she would leave behind large turds in the toilet pan. I grew up thinking those turds were normal for an adult and couldn't wait for the day when I would produce big turds like my mother's, for then I too would be an adult.

Then when I became a teenager, I was very physically active and was often described by my friends as "eating like a horse", in terms of the quantities I would eat at each sitting. As a consequence I was finally passing turds that rivaled the ones I remembered my mother doing. The only problem was I found I was not proud of my ability as I had thought I would be when I was a child, but rather I was very embarrassed. I would clog most any toilet I had to use, except for at home. (as I would later learn, my mother had a high-powered toilet installed for her own convenience as she too often clogged the toilet prior to the upgrade)

I tried to hold in my turds and go only at home, and over time my body developed a schedule where I would have to poop first thing in the morning, which worked out well for me. As my teenage years passed, the embarrassment faded and I learned to enjoy passing a large turd. Same as my mother, I ended up having to purchase a high-powered toilet to accommodate my turds, but that aside, pooping is now a pleasure again.

I'd like to share one specific story now. When I was seventeen, some friends and I went on a 'camping' trip. I say that in quotes because although we were at a campsite and we spent some time in the woods, the site had toilet blocks with fully functional indoor plumbing, and we stayed in cabins too, so it didn't feel like camping to me. Well, the first day we were there, after eating lunch, I was feeling full and knew I'd be needing to poop shortly. We were planning a hike, so I said I needed to use the toilet and I'd catch up.

I headed off to the toilet block and, mercifully, I was alone. I took the middle stall, pulled down and got ready. I wished I had something to read as my turds sometimes take a while coming out, and this one was no exception. I could feel it up there but it was slow to emerge and even once it did, it was still slow coming out. I sat pushing out the turd for several minutes and when it finally ended I felt amazing. I heard the door open and one of my friends called my name while I was wiping. I responded and she said she was worried about me because it had been like ten minutes. I told her I just really had to go, that's all and I was fine. I pulled the lever to flush, in vain, as I knew I had blocked it even without actually looking at my huge turd.

Sure enough, the toilet was thoroughly stopped up with my inch-and-a-half thick, sixteen inch long turd. I exited the stall and my friend was standing waiting for me and when she caught a glimpse of what I had left behind, she was amazed and couldn't help going for a closer look. After seeing it up close, she said she gets constipated too sometimes and told me not to be embarrassed. Then she asked me how long it had been, and I lied and said three days. It was less embarrassing for me to lie than admit that I pump out a log like that each and every day. I asked her not to tell anyone about it, and she promised she wouldn't. We returned to the group hike and, true to her word, not another word was said about my huge turd for the rest of the trip.

After that first time, I stole a toilet roll from the supply in the toilet block and kept it in my bag and then pooped in the woods for the remaining four days.

Best wishes,
Amber the big pooping girl

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Little Mandi as always another great story it sounds like that dump at your friends wasnt very satisfying but at least you were able to poop a little bit and as always I look to your next post thanks.

To: Punk Rock Girl as always another great story and it sounds like that dump was a very nasty one at least your underwear didnt get messy and have you ever considerd carrying a roll of toilet paper with you and this goes out to everyone else as well that way if come across a bathroom without paper or you need to go outside at least you will be ready for it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: G2G great story please post the results thanks.

To: Curtis great story about you seeing and hearing your friend poop you guys must be close if she felt comfortable enough to that in front of you and that memory will last forever.

To: KW another great live pooping story and great poop by poop coverage as usual and as always I look forward to youir next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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