Night Poop

I haven't pooped for two days and so I was in my room and felt a little bit moving down there. Then I squeezed out an airy fart and a wet one and thought I might be able to poop (Even though I almost never poop at night it's usually in the afternoon) So anyway I pulled down my pants and sat down for a little while and pushed out a small fart. Then I pushed a bit and strained a bit and then a turd started poking out of my butt so I kep pushing and it broke off and landded with a PLOP. It was small and I knew there was more that wanted to come out so I kept pushing but nothing came out,I really wanted to get some of it out so I kept pushing and I felt a turd coming so I pushed a little more and it came out. But there was still a little more. So I grabbed my stomach, leaned forward and pushed as hard as I could and it came out! There's still more in me but I'm glad I got that out :)

Bowl Report
Hi all. I've recently been having some huge and satisfying poop's after work, so I thought I'd try and share them with you when I can. I just got home now and can feel the crap pressing for release. Im taking my laptop in the bathroom with me...

...Ok, so, the pants are down and i've eased up. Just giving a bit of a push... I can feel it starting to come, bit more pushing. Its starting to crackle out...

After about a minute more pushing and crackling, its splashed out. I felt the relief of its exit shoot up my rectum. This time its all gone in one but I can feel that my butthole is quite messy. The bathrooms filled with a think, pungent poop aroma. The craps are quite small by my recent standards, two 5x1 inch logs and a little brown ball. I peed while I typed this last description. Ok, time for the wipe...

First wipe: The paper had solid lumps of poop on it

second: soaked solid dark brown

third: patchy light brown

fourth: same again

fifth: light brown spotting

sixth: Clean

Pants up and flush the toilet. Theres a skid mark on the back of the pan after flushing so im brushing it...

Clean toilet and emptly rectum. All finished.

Ill be back tomorrow for another Bowl report. In the meantime ill look out for anyone elses pooping that I see/hear/smell and describe it here.

Happy Pooping


Urgent Poo

I haven't posted for a while.

I just love it when I hear another woman taking a Poo, especially when it is an urgent one, and last weekend I witnessed one worth posting.

I was visiting a public garden at a beautiful village near where I live, I've taken up photography so I was snapping away when I decided to visit the ladies toilet. This was situated in a small lean-to attached to a tea-coffee bar in the grounds, it had a small wash room with 2 cubicles and was all very clean. It was about 11 am and the garden was fairly quiet.

I took the right hand cubicle, the other one was empty. About mid way through a long pee I heard a rapid click-clack of high heals as a woman entered and went into the other cubicle. There was a small gap under dividing wall and I could see red high heel shoes but nothing much else. There was a a quick pull down of clothing and then a settling thud as she sat down. Almost instantly I heard a soft high pitched squeal and then in a matter of moments a huge rush of what was obviously a soft Poo, it was very noisy, not really full blown diarrhea, more like a very rapid series of soft motions. This woman was desperate! The whole thing lasted just seconds - she sure wasn't constipated.

She sat there a short time and then I heard a soft wet fart that went on for a considerably time followed by a quiet sigh from the woman.
I was then hit by a very strong stink, slightly bad egg but also almost spicy, and there was a pervading smell of alcohol - I imagined the woman had maybe eaten a curry or something similar the night before and had plenty to drink. She started to draw toilet paper so I decided to make like I was leaving so as not to arouse suspicion, I flushed and went to the wash area. She had stopped wiping (I imagined she was very messy) but then surprisingly I heard a rapid plopping as more poo emerged. I wondered if she suddenly realized there was more to get out, it's happened to us all at one time or another I'm sure.

Anyway the smell was getting too much and as she was wiping again I decided to leave.

I took a seat at the cafe and kept an eye out for the woman as she left.
A couple of minutes later she emerged. She was a bleached blond, aged about 35 wearing wrap around sun glasses. She wore a leopard skin top and black leggings and of course the red high heels, she then took a seat at the next table and joined a man, possibly her husband/partner. It crossed my mind that the wrap around sun glasses indicated that she had a handover, because it wasn't especially sunny.

Anyway I bet she didn't tell him she'd just taken a massive and very smelly Poop! She already had a part finished cup of coffee which she quickly finished and her and her partner walked off. It's possible that the coffee had stimulated her bowel (maybe a hangover played a part) but whatever that gal must have felt pretty desperate.

After they left I waited a couple of minutes and went back into the toilets. A strong smell still persisted. Inside the left hand cubicle I could see that the toilet was a disaster area, with poo stains all down the back and bottom of the pan.

I loved the whole experience, and I hope you enjoy reading about it.

Hello everyone!

Let me tell you all a story:

First, I have 3 friends: Gremmie, Grimsley, and Klarion. People with odd names must magnetically attract eachother or something.

Anyway, this story is about Gremmie:

Gremmie is kind of like a stereotypical punk girl, dirty blonde hair, likes punk music, wears jeans and worn shirts, etc. She's also the least shy person I know, she'll announce she has to take a shit the second she feels the urge, even around lots of men.

Anyway, me and her were just wandering the city streets, occasionally stopping to take note of something.

Anyway, out of nowhere, Gremmie says...

"Damn, I gotta take a dump. Haven't gone in, like, a week." Let me tell you, she didn't whisper it or anything, and we were in the middle of a crowded street.

We looked for a bathroom. couldn't find one, and didn't hesitate to rip a fart, again, in a crowded street.

"Oh, #### this" she just sorta said and dragged me into an ally.

She pulled down her jeans and panties and squatted.

"Stay here so no one tries to kill me okay."

Her hair fell over her face and she sorta leaned forward and ripped some noxious wet braaap farts, not seeming to care that I was right there.

Eventually a turtlehead showed up and she started grunting and clenchinh her teeth, a 7 inch long 2 inch piece fell.

She let out a massive PFFFFT and some diarrhea came out, with lots of prrts and a terrible smell.

She stood up and started squatting again.

"Damn it, a two waver."

She made a pfft prrrt braaap braap PRRRRRRT and her face turned crimson and started grunting, letting a few SBDs go and a her butt started to stretch, and a HUGE poop slowly slid out. Eventually, it landed with a thud, about 4 inches thick and 12 inches long. Gremmie then had a fart storm, pfffffffff prrrrrrt braaaaaap brap brap pffff prrt, took some napkins from her back pocket, wiped aboutma thousand times, and redid her pants and panties.

"Damn, Anri, shouldn't eat so unhealthfully for so long"

The rest of the day was pretty normal.

Astro Boy

Good news and Bad news

Early one morning I had this urge to drink a lot of water, so that when I arrived to where I was heading, I would be busting and running to the toilet. I filled 2 empty 2 litre Coke bottles with water, and drank them on the way. It was a cold winter morning. I can only do these things in winter, otherwise I sweat too much. When I got there I fulfilled my wish, and I was busting and ran to the toilet. When I got to the toilet, there was good news and bad news. The good news was that I made it without pissing my pants. Now the bad news! I was pissing with my pants down to my knees, so I could fart without farting straight in my undies. But filling my bladder like that also put pressure on my bowels. When I farted, poop ran out in the form of diarrhoea into my undies! So I quickly sat on the toilet to do the rest of my poop, but when I got up I noticed a big lump of poop ON the back of the toilet seat. It must have shot out without me knowing about it, as I was rushing to sit on the toilet. I wiped the mess I made on the floor, with my undies. I put my jeans back on, which were now a bit dirty, and I got a bit of poop in my shoes. I walked out of the toilet with the lump of poop still on the seat, and my stained white undies on the floor. After I left, I was trying to imagine the reaction of the next person who would have gone to that toilet!
I would like to take this opportunity to warn people of the danger of drinking a lot of water like that. Not just the danger of making a mess like I did, but the danger of something else that eventually happened to me. Drinking all that water and holding it in increases the pressure of the blood, and one time I ended up with inflamation (inflamed blood vessels) around my right eye. It came good after a few days, but when I drank water like that again, it happened to me again. I fear overdoing this could cause those blood vessels to burst, and I could die from internal bleeding.
But I have since discovered that for some medical reason unknown to me, this doesn't happen to me when I drink a lot of alcohol. I have also since discovered that the best (and safest) way to enjoy pee desperation is to do it getting drunk! But I leave the car at home.

John H

comments and suchPost Title (optional)

Hey all. there has been some top storys on here the last few days. My pooing is a bit all over the place at the moment due to a change in my daly ruteen but as I type this I am letting out some farts and there is a load not far off I can tell. Will be taking a trip to the toilet as soon as I finish writing this.

To Little Mandi, thanks for your post and it sounded like a large load that yu released at your friends house. I know you may be shy about it but its better to get it out than hold that much in, and remember everyone does it.
To Punk Rock Girl thanks for sharing your story with us that sounded like a very tricky situation. You really done well to make it to a toilet in time and even though they sounded manky it would have been worse if you ended up not making it in time. You handeled the lack of toilet paper situation very well also. If it was me I dont know if I would have managed as well as you did. Im not a fan of starbucks either.
To The Listening Ear, thanks for your comments. I am looking forward to reading the posts you mentioned . My partners mum was like Fran in that I could hear both the splash of her pee hitting the water and the hiss of the pee leving her body at the same time. Its true that you don't get to hear both together at the same time often, there is a few possible reasons I can think of. One beeing that not all girls make the hiss or russle sound we are speaking of when they pee and another could be that if a woman has a strong streem hitting the water in the bottom of the toilet it may dround out the hissing sound. It may even have something to do with the angle a woman sits at or the volume of pee she releases. I'm only guessing though so maybe I am totaly wrong and there might be several other factors that I havent even considered. It would be good to hear from some of the ladys here on this as they are the experts in this area after all.

Well thats all for now, I am going to take a trip to the toilet.

Joseph W

With my sister at the park

Many years ago, when I was 10 years old and my sister Heather was 9, we had gotten permission to go to the park a few minutes walk from our house. After we had been playing for quite a while, it became obvious that Heather had to use the bathroom, but she didn't admit to anything and we kept playing. As time went on, she was farting quite a lot, and clearly getting more desperate. Finally, she said to me "I gotta poop, now!" and ran off towards the bathrooms.

I ran after her and when we reached the bathrooms, Heather tried to open the door but the ladies' room was locked. She was almost crying at this point and I when I realized the men's room was unlocked, I offered to stand guard for her in the men's room so she could go. She said okay and we went in together. The only toilet in the men's room no door and only a wooden barrier separating it from the urinal. Anyway, my sister practically ran to the toilet and within seconds had her skirt at her ankles and was peeing away. I stood guard with my back to her so no one who came in would see her exposed.

I could hear her pee stream die off and then she began dropping bombs in the toilet. Lots of little turds which made for fantastic sound effects as they splashed into the toilet. She sat for a few minutes before she wiped and flushed. She washed her hands and then thanked me for standing guard. Though as it turns out, no one did come in, and it was a moot point.

I have a few more stories about my sister, and several about other girls I've had the pleasure of listening to, or seeing, on the toilet during my life. But those will have to wait for next time, as it's getting late. I need to send this off and get to bed.


Emergency gym poo

Heyyy :-) so today I was in the gym as I do every Monday and Friday. I was about to Finnish my programme and I felt my rectum start to push. I didn't think it was serious so i carried on. When i went to the changing rooms after I felt the same urge again. But just after that I felt it start to move quickly out! I ran to the women's and ripped my lycra down and before my but touched the seat my 12 inch log was out! I panicked so much that after that I forgot to wipe and just changed and went home. I stopped in some public toilets on the way home to wipe, and as i was there I pushed a 6 inch log out too!!
Heather :-) XXX


Weekend morning poop, with complications

Hi, my name is Bryanna, I'm 17 very attractive(according to my teachers/friends)with brown curly hair down to my shoulders. Today it is Sunday and this morning I had a funny poop. Well today I woke up at around 6:00 and went down stairs to watch some T.V. before my parents woke up. While I was sitting there in my pajama pants and tang top I started to fart 3 times in a minuet and I decided to wait until the next break. The next break came along and I stood up to go to the bathroom. I stepped into the bathroom and pulled down my pants to my knees and waited for a couple minuets until I figured out I had a problem. But I dont poop with push I usually relax and wait for it to ease out it usually contains a lot of gas and time consuming but it's better than pushing. I sat there for farting away. I looked over at the table and there was a magazine sitting there so I picked it up and started reading. It was nearing 7:45 and I had sat down at 6:30 and this thing wasn't even hanging out yet. I heard my mom lumbering down the stairs and got a knock on the door. She told me she had to pee and I told her I was pooping. She told me to hurry up so she could pee. I farted to shoo her off. I got off the seat and layed on the ground with my butt in the air to get something moving but all I got was air. So I hovered over the toilet seat and pushed. The tip emerged from my straining butthole and a huge fart came out. My mom then popped the lock and me and found me hovering over the toilet seat with a tip of poop hanging out of my ass. She asked me if I needed any help and I said yes. She then turned my butt over and my mom leaned over and started rubbing it. She told me to take the position I had been in before when my butt was in the air. (she taught me that) So I did and she started rubbing my butt. She then told me to not worry if I pooped on the floor she would clean it up. Well my mom had to poop to so while she was on the toilet pooping I was getting my butt rubbed by her. We shared an hour of farts until my poop came out. My mom farted and started whiping my burning butt. My mom grabbed her stomach suddenly and a ripple of diarrhea blasted out of her butthole. She was in there until 11:00 leaving my with a sour butthole I couldn't sit down on.


Taco Salad ???? Shootout

Ever seen a taco salad come shooting out of a high pressure hose? Projectile defecation (if that's even a word)? Well I have. Had a great and most unusual BM and so here's a quick recap of my Saturday, diet cheat day and also heavy resistance workout day for the week. OJ and scrambled eggs for breakfast, power bar and an apple for a midmorning snack, beef stew over brown rice for lunch, powerbar and gatorade pre-workout. Off to the gym for leg press machine, abuctors, adductors, ab machine, and twenty minutes on the hill climber. Post workout shake consisting of 4 ounces natural peanut butter, a scoop of protein powder, two scoops of chocolate ice cream, mixed with whole milk. When I was ready for dinner I picked up a taco salad with the works to eat at home and had that with iced tea and a piece of peach pie. Took laxatives. Woke up at around 2am feeling kind of funny, so I went outside for a while feeling like I was about to be sick, but pretty soon that yuckish stuffy feeling turned into the urge to have a BM. Went back inside, sat on the throne, and the thing about this BM is that each time I would push a bunch of liquid BM would come shooting out, then I'd relax and push again and the same repeated itself. Lost count but I'd say this happened around six or seven times and I've never felt better. Before I flushed it away I just had to look in the bowl and what really stands out are the thin shreds of green lettuce half floating on top of murky brown. I'd ordered extra lettuce on my taco salad. Saw some little black and red things in there too that had to be the black olives and diced tomato. My bathroom smelled like a mexican restaurant. I could still smell the salsa from it. It was like: full-push-gush-empty; reload-push-gusher-empty; over and over. Not as much gas came out with it as you would expect in this situation, just all liquid. It came shooting out with considerable force each time just like throwing up except it came out through my bum. I felt great after I was done. I even had to clean the underside of the toilet seat of splash drops.

Just a quick update off topc; as you all know I've reached my new year's resolution goal, got my weight down to a little lower than hoped for, now working on building fitness and trying to put some muscle back on my legs and hips like I had when I was younger, hence the resistance workouts and high calorie protein shakes on saturdays; this seems to be working because my legs are getting bigger and stronger, cellulite is almost gone, while my waist keeps shrinking and my lower back doesn't bother me as much. I seem to have more energy also.

In Reply To Earlier Posts (sorry this is late, folks; taking advantage of the springlike weather here :) ):

Brandon T: The ultimate cleanout is right, that's for sure. Yep, made it to the toilet each and every time thank goodness. UPDATE: Even after the BMs stopped I still had horrible gas from those dried apricots.

Dan in NYC: Coffee has that effect on a lot of people. My ex-husband absolutely could not take care of what he called "his morning constitution" without a couple of good strong cups of Maxwell House. As for the green monster you asked about, I think it didn't really roar, more like crackled.

John H: I feel better, I'm back to my usual self now and thanks for asking.

Adrian: Hi, yeah, my stomach is fine now, it was those darned dried apricots that had me in the worst way. The prunes didn't do me in to such a degree as the dried apricots did. With prunes it was just a lot of comfortable BMs and I felt good . Now with the apricots, that's a different story, it was like a typhoon in my stomach, the gas pains and bloating were horrible, worse than beans. I was even wondering if I had gotten food poisoning but a google search put my mind as ease as so many others have reported this effect from dried apricots. I'd had dried apricots before but only as a component of a mixed fruit variety, never that many alone. Should'a got papaya or mango instead.


just doin somthin WEIRD

i think its funny when my dr asks me to go to the bathroom and pee in a cup. cause when you finish you push the slide storage on the wall to put your pee in there and you can see other kids urine in there with there name on the cup. yuck

It was a nice day outside so I decided to go for a afternoon run at a hiking trail I had never been to before, which was a 40 minute drive out of town. I was needing to go poop but not that urgently, at least not yet. I parked my car and noticed that there was a building that must have housed the washrooms. The lot was rather deserted with only a few other cars. After about 20 minutes of running I could feel my stomach start to feel queasy and I had to fart to relieve pressure. I figured I would need to go sooner rather than later since I hadn't had a good sized poop for a few days. It would be a much needed relief to sit down and unload. I saw an outhouse but didn't bother using it since it was quite dirty. I turned around to head back after another 15 minutes of running since the urge to shit was becoming quite overwhelming. I farted a few more times but it didn't help to reduce the urgency in needing to go.

I made it back to the parking lot just over an hour later since I had last set off and found I was the only car left in the lot. I made my way over to the men's washroom side of the bathroom and entered in. The washroom was surprisingly clean and had flush toilets. I took the handicapped stall and quickly sat down. I farted quietly a few times and pushed out a long turd with little effort. It felt really good and when I got up I could see why. Floating in the bowl was a turd that was nearly a foot long and quite thick. I finished up quickly and tried to flush it down. It got stuck on the drain and required another flush to go down. I washed up before heading back to my car for the drive home.


Big relief and accident in the woods

I hadn't pood for 3 days untill this morning but I didn't want to go in the toilet as it was likely to block up with a huge poo I needed to do. I was busting to go as you can imagine and I decided to go in the woods so I went up to the bathroom, took a toilet roll and left the house. I was dying to go and felt my bowels cramping up so I knew it wouldn't be long before I'd be having an accident in my knickers if I didn't hurry up. It only took me 5 minutes to get to the woods but my bowels kept cramping every few ,seconds and I almost lost control a couple of times. The pressure was trying to force my anus open against my will but I clenched against it and held it back but it wasn't easy. I looked around to see if anyone was about and my luck had conspired against me, because there were a lot of people out walking and I had nowhere private to relieve my aching bowels. I was was about to poo myself in big way but I was determined to hold it untill I found a quiet spot. I spent half an hour, searching desperately for a place to go but everywhere I looked there were people around and I was getting worried I wouldn't find a place and end up messing myself in front of a lot of strangers. Finaly I found a secluded spot and pulled my jeans down quicky but as soon as I tried to pull my knickers down I saw a woman running towards me. My hopes of relief were dashed and I had pull my jeans up before she saw me. She looked very stressed and when she saw me she muttered something that sounded like, "Oh no!" And She ran off. I waited for her to get far enough away from me and pulled my knickers and jeans down quickly and squatted just in time. Oh man the relief was so good. I let off a huge fart. Followed by a lot of soft mushy poo and I peed a lot as well. Then I wiped and pulled my clothes up and left the scene of the crime. On my way back to the path I saw the woman again. She was red in the face and was standing funny, with her legs bent with her hands on her knees. As I got closer I smelled poo and there was a brown bulge in the back of her grey leggings. Her legs were wet and the bulge was spreading out across her bum. I turned around and left her to it trying not to embarrass her but it was probably too late for that.


Girlfriend's big poop

When I was a junior in high school, I was madly in love with my girlfriend Donna. Or well, that's what I thought at the time. Looking back, it was more of what you might call "puppy love" and consequently, we didn't last even a year together. Regardless, we enjoyed our time together. She was a cheerleader at school, but she didn't really act like the typical cheerleader (i.e. she wasn't a total bitch). When she would hang out with me and my other guy friends, she wasn't shy about ripping a nasty fart or saying she had to poop.

I remember one day in particular, when my parents had gone out of town. They gave me the usual "No parties" spiel, but of course I didn't listen. I invited Donna to come over, and when she heard my parents were gone, she mentioned she knew a guy who could get her some beer, even though we were underage. Being young and stupid, I thought that was a great idea and she showed up with a 12-pack of beer.

So, we drank and had a great time and we were making out. All of a sudden she stopped and said she had to poop, then she grinned and asked if I wanted to watch. We walked to the bathroom and she unbuttoned her jeans and took them off, then she removed her panties and sat down on the toilet. She said "I haven't been in like six days, so this is gonna be a monster shit."

She started by farting loudly a couple of times and she spread her legs so I could see each log as it was coming out. She passed two logs that were pretty thick and each one maybe ten inches long. She pissed a gusher of a stream for thirty seconds and then another log exited her hole. It was probably six or seven inches. She flushed and said that was only the beginning. She deposited several more big logs into the toilet, and had to flush again. I thought surely she'd be done then, but I was wrong. I could see a thin log poking out of her. That log kept coming and coming. By the time it was all out, I'd say it must have reached a foot and a half, maybe even longer. Finally, she said she was done and wiped her butt about eight times and flushed the toilet one last time.

I was really curious and I asked her if that was a normal shit for her. She told me she normally goes two or three days between shits, but sometimes it's more like a week before she gets the urge. She doesn't take laxatives, but just lets it come out when it's ready.


Another Fantastic Dump..St. Patty

Hey all!

Hope you had a great St. Patrick's day (and weekend.)

I'll kick off with some comments & feedback...

~ Desparate to Poop: I know exactly what you mean. And sometimes a uge dump just feels so relieving, it feels good in another way... and of course, to me, there's nothing quite as arousing as a woman with her clothes to her knees or lower, sitting on the toilet, farting, plopping, grunting and sighing.
Your Long Lines post sounded like it was a close call! what was your dump like?

~Misty: That sounded like a great shit you had! Even with the 20 second pee, you had to go! I'm guessing that first turd felt great due to its size...?

~KW: Loved your posts, especially the first one. Sounds like you poop a lot when you go...please keep posting :)

~Just a Girl: I hope you feel better! And I hope your poops get back to enjoyable ones. Keep us posted though!

~George: WOW, awesome! She did it! That must have been incredible! Keep posting if she mentions pooping or farting, and better yet, does it on cam!

~Curtis: Good post and interesting scenario! Whenever there's ladies around, I always keep the bathroom door open a bit, so that they can see the door isn't closed when I have showers. Were you able to see her? (shower stall, shower curtain...?)

Now for my St. Patrick's story.

Some of the guys and myself went out for supper at a place specializing in BBQ & smoked things. I had: 2 beers there, 1/2 lb of ribs, side of onion rings. After the food, we went to one of the guys' place for a small party.

There, I had: 3 more beers, green vodka shot, and 2-4 shots of tequilla. Needless to say I was having fun. There were some pretty ladies there, too. I didn't witness anything firsthand myself (in regards to the forum), but at one point one of the guys opened the bathroom door, and there was 2 girls in there, one of which on the toilet. It was humorous (as sometimes that happens) because the girl NOT on the toilet was the one to yelp, and the guy gasped and closed the door.

Later on, another girl emerged from the bathroom (I didn't see her go in), and as she was leaving, I heard the fan going, and she shut it off as she left. I went in (I had to pee anyway), and there was no detectable odors, nor anything in the toilet.

This morning after I got home, slept and woke up, I had to poop. Badly.
I went in to my bathroom, pulled down my pj bottoms and sat on the toilet. I pissed for about 10 good seconds, then waited for my dump. Before a bit of pushing began, I let out a loud airy fart, which had a slight echo to it. I pushed again, and my poop started out: PLOP....PLOP...PLOONK....KER-SLOOMP-SSSHHH...PLUP
I still felt more in me, so I hung about. My ass opened wide and soft stuff came out. It wasn't loose, or diarhea, it was like mud or pudding type texture. The runny shit slid out of me for about 5 seconds straight. It didn't squirt or spray, it came out (straight down) as if it was a normal turd, but the texture was different. Feeling empty and relieved, I started wiping and flushed. It needed two. The toilet had about 3-5 medium logs, and 2 big ones, plus the runny poop covering one of the smaller ones. The toilet was literally filled with my poop; or at least the bottom portion was.

I'd love to hear your bathroom experiences from this weekend.

PS lately I tried a new way of pooping in public. This is handy if you don't want to sit on the seat, want to try something different, or aren't shy about going to the bathroom. You kneel over / hover over the toilet, while standing as much as possible (bent knees) with your butt etc facing the toilet. From that height, you get larger turds (they have more distance to fall vs sitting on a toilet), and the splash is louder too. Most of mine go SPLOOOONK! or PLOOOP! with a deeper splash.

Hi everyone. Just a Guy- Emma and Meg both tell me they posted a few days ago but it has not been put up on the site yet. At least one of my posts has gone missing too- not sure what's going on!

I'll just try a short story here to see if it will go through, then! I've just heard Kat have a big poo while I was sitting in my room. After she did a wee there were two big plops and I heard her sigh. A fart and a smaller plop followed, then another. A couple of minutes later there were two more plops and then I heard her wipe and flush.

And now if you'll excuse me, I need to do a poo of my own!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Christine it sounds like you might have been impacted. The next time that happens (which I hope it doesn't) you might want to try a two-quart enema or dulcolax suppository. those will get you unconstipated a lot quicker than the prunes or castor oil.

Little Mandi

poop at my friends house and response to pn

Hey all. I winded up not having to take the milk of magnesia. A little while after I posted the story I felt like I had to go. I sat on the toilet pushing really hard and winded up getting the thing out.

Now for my other story.
I'm spending the week at one of my friends house. A little while ago I decided to take a shower. While I was in the shower I started to feel a little gassy. I hada feeling I was gonna have to poop and sure enough I was right. I really didn't wanna go at my friends house but im here till Monday and Tuesday was the last time I went. I definitely didn't want to hold it especially cause I been having trouble with hard poops. I didn't wanna get constipated again so I sucked it up and just decided to go. Since I was already in the shower I could leave the water on without being obvious. I finished my shower dried off put my shirt on and sat on the toilet. I was really paranoid so I grabbed my spray and sprayed it around before I even started going. I was really nervous for some reason. It took me quite a while to get it started. I sat there pushing pretty hard and finally winded up getting 5 hard balls out. I still felt more so I pushed some more and got 3 more out. I wiped flushed and sprayed more spray even though there wasn't an after smell. That was only the second time that I remember going poop at a friends house.

Now for my response to pn.
As you can tell from this story im extremely shy about using the bathroom. Especially while going poop. Im usually ok with peeing but most of the time im shy about it. I don't like asking to use the bathroom while im at someones house. I get real embarrassed knowing people could hear me. Sometimes if im embarrassed enough it wont even come out.

Punk Rock Girl

Horrible experience this week. After several weeks of constipation (the usual state of my bowels) I actually had a couple of semi-normal dumps over the weekend. I should have known it was too good to be true.

Monday and Tuesday went by with no dumps at all. I didn't even feel the need to go. No more than a few little farts.

Wednesday - I'm on the subway. Suddenly, my bowels cramp up so badly I actually buckled over in my seat and groaned loud enough that the woman next to me asked if I was okay. I nodded yes, but got up, not even sure what stop I was coming to. I just needed a bathroom NOW.

The train stopped and I darted out, walking as fast as I could with my buns clenched together. I could feel shit bubbling just inside my asshole. I was positive I'd shit my pants before I ever made it to a restroom.

I got upstairs and quickly looked to see if the station had restrooms. It did. I ran to the women's room and prayed it wasn't locked. God must have been smiling on me, because it was open (only about 1/5 of subway restrooms are open in NYC). I rushed inside.

It has been years since I've used a subway restroom. I remember why now. It was filthy, my eyes watered from the smell of piss, feces and a faint whiff of vomit. There were two toilets - NO STALLS! Two toilets proudly sitting in the open eager to serve a woman with no shame who wishes to proudly display her bowel or urinary functions to whomever else may enter.

There was a woman at the sink splashing water on her face. I barely acknowledged her then rushed to the shitters. Both were splattered with dried piss, but only one was splattered with dried feces. I chose the feces free one. I looked around and saw one roll of toilet paper sitting on the floor between the toilets. I went to pick it up and immediately withdrew my grasp when my fingers sunk right into it due to the paper having been bloated and softened by sitting in a puddle of water. I would have at this point looked for another restroom, but a small amount of water poop escaping, stopped only by my clenched butt cheeks, made me change my mind. Disgusted, horrified, admitting defeat, I yanked my jeans and panties down and sat my bare ass on the sticky, filthy toilet seat.

My bowels erupted like a frigging shit volcano. A mixture of diarrhea and semi-solid chunks came rushing out in a matter of seconds accompanied with an ear shattering fart that seemed to echo throughout the room. There's no way the woman at the sink didn't hear it (unless she was deaf), but she was courteous enough to ignore it and go about her business. I sat there and let everything come out. Finally, the cramping subsided. I still felt like I had to go, but even when I pushed nothing came out, so I knew I was done.

Now my problem was a diarrhea smeared ass and nothing with which to clean it. I swallowed my pride and asked the woman at the sink if she might have any tissues or napkins. She very kindly told me, "Sorry, honey, I don't." I said thanks anyway. I slowly stood up. Allow me to describe the feeling this way: imagine having several tablespoons of tapioca pudding smeared all over your anus and inner butt cheeks. Cold, slimy, gross. I slowly pulled up my pants, walked to the second sink, washed my hands and left.

I decided to find another restroom where I could wipe my ass. With every step I took I could feel the shit-sludge being smeared even more between my buns. Quite a yucky sensation. I saw a Starbucks and entered. I went to the restroom and found it to thankfully be vacant. Plenty of dry, clean TP. I dropped my pants, astonished that I had managed to keep from smearing the seat of my underpants, and wiped my ass. I also wet a paper towel with soap and water and gave myself a little extra cleaning back there, as my buns and thighs had been in contact with putrefied piss.

I walked out of the restroom, so grateful to feel clean and fresh again I bought myself a cappuccino, despite my reluctance to patronize Starbucks (two of my favorite coffee houses closed soon after Starbucks opened up down the street).

My most exciting shit story in a while. Hope you found it entertaining.





Right now I am on my iPod at about 1:30 A.M. And since I am having trouble sleeping I thought I would post

I am sitting in bed and I am farting like crazy... My sister insisted I leave my door open since she is having Nightmares so I have to make sure I push them out slowly, otherwise someone might here me... I just had to pause typing so I could let ou three short farts, luckily I managed to keep them quiet...

As I am letting out these farts I can't help thinking about the dump I'll have to take tommorrow and personaly I can't wait. I am wondering if I should try to get it turtle-heading for fun because everytime I realize I just have to let out another fart and I don't want to get busted, partly for the iPod at 1:00 A.M. but mostly because whoever sees will be met with a horrible smell that most of you know to well as I have seen from your posts I hope I can post about the dump tommorrow, until then bye.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: NPU (noisy poopers united) as always another great story it sounds like your first shower poop was pretty interesting it was a combo poop diarrhea + solid it sounds like your body just had to get rid of something bad and it did which is good and I bet you felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: George as always another great story and wow you are lucky and probaly the envy of many others including me it sounds like C had a pretty good dump and felt pretty good afterwards and you got to enjoy the whole thing and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Laurel great set of stories it sounds like your first one was a sudden desperate one those can be anoying and your 2nd it sounds like another ambush poop your 3rd well since you were at the beach they might have thought it was water and your final story it sounds like a desperate ambush poop and a bad one to in all it sounds like you are do for some good luck and since its st patricks day tommorow I wish you alot of good luck and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Christine in FL it sounds like you were having a pretty rough time and but im glad you at last got some relief I bet that dump felt like heaven after not going for so long and you probaly felt lighter to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Just A Girl as always another great story it sounds like you were having the worst time with that nasty stomach virus it sounds like it hit you full force at least you made it to the toilet every time which is very good and with a stomach virus you dont have time to be picky about bathrooms anyone will do and I hope you feel better soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: KW first welcome to the site and great live poop by poop coverage it sounds like you had a pretty good dump and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Misty welcome to the site and gret pooping story and please share anymore you may have thanks.

To: Miss Mcdesperate great story

To: Car Mom as always another great peeing story it sounds like Laura still wants to be freinds in some way which is good and it sounds like you had alot of fun as usual peeing on stuff and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now and I hope everyone has a fun and safe st patricks day and PLEASE DONT BE AN IDIOT AND DRINK AND DRIVE and I bet there will be some great stories afterwards and I look forward to them thanks.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

My Shameful and Shameless Friends

Well over the past week I've been in the locker room at my school a lot more due to sports. Now I expected there to be guys pooping since it's after school and locker room. Well my very first week I had to talk with one of my teachers and so did my friend. He too is in sports and the meeting was short but while he was talking all I could think of was when was he going to shut up so I could get to a toilet. When he finally did I practically ran to the locker room to use the toilet in there. As I'm heading there I see my friend walking pretty fast to and mumbling under his breath 'please be clean please be clean'. I quickly realize he had to go too. Now I didn't want to make things awkward so I didn't immediately rush in like I wanted to. Seconds later he explodes and it completely caught me off guard since he is a very reserved person. Needless to say not to long after he came out I ran in to explode too.

Now my other friend is really outgoing and talk to almost anyone about anything, almost anyone. Apparently I'm the only person he tells he whenever he needs to shit and he says that the school toilets are so nasty now granted they kinda are but the ones in the hallway near the classrooms are fairly clean. But he is so convinced that they are nasty. Now he eats a regular amount of fiber at lunch instead of telling everyone that he needed to shit at the lunch table so I offered to eat his high in fiber food and to my surprise he was a little upset. I eventually persuaded him since I didn't want to have an accident because he doesn't get home until late at night. But I'm starting to wonder if he wanted to have one?

Can someone help find out if this was the case because I think it was and I'm fine with it but I don't know if he thought the whole scenario through?

Movie with toilet scene

There is a recently released movie called "Did You Kiss Anyone?" A romantic comedy about marriage. There is one funny toilet scene in it. It's not in theaters, and I'm not sure if it will be, but trailers from it are on line.

Some years ago, my house was being fumigated and I ended up staying with a friend of mine for a few days. During this period, I had a wonderful experience that will remain a cherished memory forever.

The first morning I stayed over I was taking a shower, much like I do every day, and about midway through I was interrupted by a knock at the door and my friend's wife asking if it was okay if she came in and used the toilet. I said yes and she entered. She sat on the toilet and I didn't hear anything for a bit. I guessed she was peeing and the noise was just drowned out by the shower. Soon I thought I heard a faint plop and wondered if she was pooping. My nose soon confirmed. There was several more plops and she apologized for the smell. I told her it didn't bother me. She let off a few more plops and then started to wipe. I had finished my shower and turned off the water, as she finished wiping and flushed. When she had left the bathroom, I exited the shower and dried myself off.

This proved to be sort a morning ritual for us, as the next morning it happened again. This time, she seemed more relaxed and comfortable about pooping with me in the bathroom, and we made small talk while she was pooping.

I really enjoyed those brief moments we shared together, though hopefully neither my friend nor his wife ever find out just how much I enjoyed it.


Live poop 2

So right now I need to poop its Friday at 5:00pm but my parents are still home so I've got to hold till they leave at 5:30 so I'll just waits and post soo. Okk
just peeing a bit push plop plop plop push fart rip push fart (from now just small ones) plop push push plop push plop plop lifts but cheecls a bit some poop falls push pee some push push plop push plop push plop plop plop push push push plop pee some push push grabs but checks farts plop plop push plop push pee some more push push plop plop pushing still plop wipe done 3 big turds and the rest small pebbles took bout 15 minutes

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