Toilet dare

The names have been changed....
Recently we were up at our holiday home (a static caravan) on a well-known holiday park. We had gone up for the weekend to start getting things ready for the holiday season, which involved such things as switching on the fridge and freezer, plus turning on the water and ensuring all the plumbing was working properly.
(In preparation for the freezing winter, all the plumbing is drained and blown clear, and some antifreeze poured in the toilet, sinks and shower drains at the end of November)

Now obviously someone on the road behind ours didn't do that, and their toilet pan had been cracked by ice. They had removed it and bought a new one, but at night the old one was left on the grass outside.
I said to my gf, "I'd love to just go over and leave them a present in that old toilet"
Anyway, my gf called her second daughter over...
"Carly, I'll give you a tenner (about $16) if you go and have a poo in that toilet"
"Really?" she asked
"Yeah, go on!"
So carly went over, stood with her back to the toilet pan and had her thumbs inside her waistband, then took a final look around to see she was unlikely to get caught...
But then she came sprinting back
"Their bathroom window is open and they're in there fixing the new one! I think they might have seen me!"

I was dismayed. Carly is quite athletic and does the most impressive poos, stench wise.
I've always wanted to see what sort of turds she produced, and thought this would be my chance.
But alas, it wasn't to be.
I don't think I'll get another opportunity like that for quite some time.


Just a Guy
Heidi - Welcome to the site. I enjoyed your post about what sounded like a very relieving dump.

Leanne - I miss your interesting stories about yourself, your house mates and your friends. Hope all is well and look forward to your next post. Also, haven't heard from your Emma in quite a while.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Listening Ear


Some nice stuff here this time. A few comments.

GEORGE: A webcam in the bathroom sounds like the ultimate delight as far as I'm concerned. Thank you for posting. All we need now is a description of your friend C, if you wouldn't mind.

KW and HEIDI: Nice descriptions of your dumps. What I like especially is that you describe how your peeing fits into the story as well. Some girls leave that out, and it leaves me wondering.

DAVID: Like you I usually use a stall for peeing in public toilets if there's one available. Apart from the privacy, the main reason is that I like to wipe, because at my age I tend to dribble a bit afterwards. It's a good thing we live in the age of absorbent toilet paper which effectively sucks the last drops out. I remember the days when it really was paper (Izaal Germicide usually) which would have been no use at all. One thing I don't agree with though is your statement that sitting down is better for emptying the bladder. I find the opposite. In fact there have been rare occasions when I have been unable to pee sitting down at all, and have had to stand. In public places I usually sit though, otherwise the noise makes it obvious what I'm doing, and then people might wonder why I'm not using a urinal - especially if they're waiting for a stall!

JOHN H and others: Like you I love the varieties of hissing, whistling and fizzing sounds that some women make when they pee. The loudest one I ever heard (Cath) is described towards the end of my post on page 2087, and the sweetest (Fran), together with some others, on page 2064. Fran was unusual in my experience in that I could hear both the hissing (or in her case rustling) and the sound of the pee hitting the water at the same time. More often I find that it's only peeing on the porcelain that hisses, not peeing into the water. I wonder why that is.


npu (noisy poopers united)

My first shower poo

Heyo, fellow toilet enthusiasts. Theres been a lot of talk on here lately of shower poos. I decided to try it. Let me set the scene: It was a peacefuls saturday. I was all alone in my house when i felt a gurgle. It was time to crap. I checked the time to make sure my parents wouldnt be home soon and went into the shower. Blah blah blah, i washed my hair. The usual. Then i squatted down. At first i just peed, a long time. But i started to bear down. Again, I was alone, so I panted and grunted a bit with no shame. I passed a wet fart the flapped my cheeks. I had given up when i felt it. My hole expanded and i strained unconciously. With a squirt i passed a load of diarrhea. Crap! And not the good kind! I freaked out and stood up, but more liquid rocketed out my ass and splattered the wall. I squatted, moaning, and passed another log, this time solid. I shut off the shower, cleaned up, and had just enough time to start my homework to look innocent when my parents came home. Weirdly, I didnt have diarrhea for the rest of the day. The stress, perhaps? Anyways...Heres my question to you:Have you ever pooed somewhere by accident? Besides your pants? And now to answer some questions:
Whoever asked about the fact that girls pee and fart at the same time: I guess its just that we figure to get rid of all the embarrassing stuff at once.
PN: Im shy about pooping, because it makes me pretty loud. Peeing, no problem.
Ah well, time to go. Yours till the shit hits the fan, NPU


Update about C

I was video chatting with C today and she said she'd be right back. The next thing I saw was her, in all her glory, perched on the toilet. She told me she had to go quite badly and hoped I'd enjoy the show. I replied that of course I'd enjoy it. We talked for a few minutes as she let off a bunch of farts, some loud, and some quieter. She gave a good grunt and said she was pushing out a big one.

I heard the turd enter the water with a floomp sound, followed closely by an airy fart and two smaller plops. After a bit, her voice became a bit strained but she kept on talking to me and then there was a splash. She sighed and said she was finished. She angled her camera so I could see inside the bowl. She had produced a fat turd, an inch or so around and about nine inches. Two smaller turds, each two or three inches and finally an eight incher. She sat down to wipe, and after we returned to chatting.

Before I go, a reply for Max:
The movie you're describing is called "The Change-Up". It's about two guys who switch bodies, kind of like that old movie "Freaky Friday", except with dudes instead of ladies. If you're interested, the actress from the scene in question is Leslie Mann.


response to Leandra + my stories

Leandra, that does sound like a terrifying accident... i definitely would've pooped and peed in my pants if that happened to me...i am a bit prone to accidents. I just can't hold it in very long when i have to go so when I'm caught in situations where i can't use a toilet for an extended period of time i am in danger of having an accident. I wet my bed daily until i was 15, but since then i now only wet my bed every once in while, i tend to bed wet maybe once a month nowadays....sometimes i fall asleep before using the bathroom and i may have drank some water, and that is a guaranteed formula for me waking up with a wet butt in a big wet spot on the sheets. I have shamefully peed in bed with boyfriends and my current husband in bed with me, which is pretty upsetting. When i was 19 the first night i spent at a guy's house, we were cuddling and fooling around in his bed and he took my pajama pants off. I had pretty tight gray panties on and a t shirt that covered half of my butt. He pretty much grabbed and squeezed my butt all night and we made out and fell asleep in his bed. I woke up with a sticky, clammy feeling all over my crotch, inner thighs, my butt, the backs of my legs, and about halfway up my back. I laid there frozen in terror because i could tell i'd wet his bed and i wet it really bad. I gently rolled slightly to my side and lifted my butt off the wet sheets and felt a swoosh of cold air against my wet panties. I got a whif of the obvious pee smell...i gently touched my panties to feel the wetness and sniffed by fingers to confirm it was pee and not just a lot of sweat...but it was pee. It was all up the back of my shirt too. My gray panties were now dark gray. The wet spot in the bed was enormous...he was pretty weirded out that i peed his bed and we didn't date for very long thereafter.

Aside from bedwetting, i also had an issue with traveling. I had a number of wet pants accidents in the car growing up, but the first time i remember pooping in my pants, i was 12 and it was in the car. We were leaving from my grandpas funeral a few hours away and we left at night not long after dinner. I felt a growing need to poop more intensely as the ride went on, and i remember it coming on kinda it went from manageable to urgent in an instant. I clenched hard but it was no use, a soft, chunky and moist load squelched into my flowery pink panties underneath my black knee-length skirt. It stunk up the car instantly, and i felt sucha relief despite the steaming mushy load in my underwear. That's when i found out pooping your pants is quite an interesting feeling.

When i was 17, i played field hockey at school. One day i had to pee so bad on the bus coming back from a game that i wound up wetting my shorts in the bus seat, and since my butt was all wet whenever the bus turned i slid in my seat and there was a big pee streak on the seat. Everyone was laughing. I also on more then one occasion i peed on myself while practicing, i just let it go into my shorts since they were black and it trickled down my legs into the grass. The worst moment though, during a game once i got a terrible cramp while on the field. I needed a poop crazy badly. I clenched hard and subbed out of the game, and once i hit the sideline, before i could ask if i could go to the bathroom, a solid but soft load began pushing out into my white panties. I couldn't stop it, and the poop just piled into a big bulge in the back of my underwear causing them to sag slightly. I had a skirt on though so no one could see the bulge, though it only took everyone a minute to realize i totally crapped my underpants in the middle of a game. That was super embarrassing!

When i was 21 i went to st. Lucia with my now husband. One day i was so comfortable while sunbathing that i got lazy and gross and i tinkled in my bikiki while laying there. It was medium blue so it was pretty obvious they were wet especially my butt, so i rolled over for the sun to dry my butt off. Of course just then another couple walked up and saw my butt was all wet, and the sand below my lounge chair. I was embarrassed yet again!

Finally, a pretty messy poop accident i had in public the other day. I'm 26 now so you know. I was shopping with my husband and i got a really strong urge to poop. It quickly grew into an emergency so i asked where a bathroom was. They said they didn't have one but the adjacent store i rushed out of the building and headed next door. I walked in and started looking for the bathroom, but i couldn't hold it. I ripped a loud fart into my panties and gray stretch pants followed by a continuous flow of warm, wet poop. I stopped for a moment and felt the hot sludge oozing up my butt crack and down the insides of my thighs, when i cramped up again and another wave gushed out, bubbling into my pants with a chorus of wet farts. My face burned red as i stood there like "oh my god i just exploded in my pants". It was bad. The stench was extremely overpowering, and there was such a load in my pants that it felf like a heavy, wet bag sloshing around on my butt when i moved. It was major diarrhea for sure. I did the waddle of shame to the bathroom..i caught a glimpse of me in the mirror and it was awful...the seat of my gray tights was bulging out bigtime especially downwards between my thighs with a yellowish brownish wet stain covering the couldn't be anymore obvious ad visible that I'd pooped my pants. It was really gross and embarrassing!


To Joshua

Joshua -

As far as going in my diaper, my body does push and sometimes strain.

To do a poop, i make sure I'm standing, kneeling, or seated in such a way so that the mess can enter the diaper easily, as soon as i feel it coming.

I don't grunt etc. I wear pantyhose or tights to help hold my Pampers and disguise the diaper (and they look nice). Sometimes these can push on the diaper too much and make it harder to go, but i tape my pampers lower in the back to create a sort of pocket for the poop to go into.

Family members are good about moving to the side when i pause suddenly, filling my pampers can make a little noise. After school today i took a BIG dump right in front of my brother with sheer hose on that weren't very tight, I'm sure he heard the crackle noise as the load filled my diaper, and I'm sure he saw me take it out to the trash right away - that sucker was FULL, and 20 minutes after i filled a second one. Good thing its garbage day tomorrow and i got more Pampers on sale at Walgreens over the weekend.

Christine in FL


I haven't been able to go in six days, and I feel sick.
I went to work this morning, feeling pretty awful. I went dressed in sweat pants as my dress pants felt tight and uncomfortable, and I could just feel my boss looking down on me for not being properly dressed. Around lunch time, I felt a gurgling in my stomach and a little bit of an urge, and I hoped to be able to sneak away and maybe get some relief from the awful constipation I'd been experiencing. I tried to dart away without anyone noticing so that I could use the bathroom in peace. Suddenly, my boss stopped in front of me and demanded to know where I was going.
"Oh, just over there," I replied.
"Where's there?" She demanded.
"To the bathroom," I said, unable to think of a lie.
"You can use that one," she said, pointing to a crowded and busy bathroom that everyone uses.
I'm not bathroom shy or anything, but I didn't want to go and let everyone listen to me groan and strain. So, I stepped in to a stall, peed, let out some gas - which I'd been having a lot of - and went back to work.
When I got home, I sat on the toilet, but the urge was totally gone and nothing was about to come out.
A little bit later, a friend called me up and asked if I wanted to go out. I replied sure. We went out, and had some coffee, and I got myself a huge slice of peanut butter pie. I finished it all, but felt sick after. I guess she noticed me holding my belly, because she asked if I had an upset stomach. I blushed and told her no, that I was constipated and having some gas pain. She nodded and asked if I wanted to go over to her place, so that maybe I could try and use the bathroom, and if not, she had some tricks to help me. I felt so sick then that I told her okay.
So, we went to her (Lindsey's) apartment. She told me to just lie down on the bed and make myself comfortable. I did. She came in a bit later and had me press a pillow against my bloated stomach. I did, my belly gurgled awfully, and soon the urge to pass gas came over me. A fart slipped out.
"Don't be embarrassed," she told me, "It's natural."
She rubbed my back a little bit and kept assuring me that it was okay to relax and just let go. I let out a few more farts. They were almost painful, and I could feel myself sort of forcing myself in an effort to get them out.
She asked me if I thought I could go, and I told her no.
She nodded and rubbed my belly for a bit.
It was uncomfortable and I moaned.
"Aww... you're really constipated, aren't you?" she asked.
I nodded miserably.
"Let see what we can do to make that better."
She went of to her kitchen, and soon returned with a HUGE glass of water and some prunes and some castor oil.
"One of these has to work," she said.
I took the castor oil first cause it seemed to be the most awful. I had two heaping tablespoons of the stuff. After that, I drank the water and ate some of the prunes.
I shifted my position so I was sitting cross legged on the bed and pushed my shirt up so it wasn't over my belly anymore, and rolled my pants down.
"ugh..." a groan slipped out.
Lindsey rubbed my back, "It's okay, it'll be out soon."
It didn't come out soon. A couple hours went by. Lindsey had popped in a DVD and we were both sitting on her bed watching it. When I'd feel really bloated or gassy, Lindsey'd rub my stomach for me a little bit until I at least managed to pass some gas. After four hours, I final decided to take a stab at going to the bathroom. Nothing.
Lindsey suggested that I squat in the tub, and maybe that would help me.
I nodded and got into the tub, and squatted with one hand holding me up and another hand pressing hard into my swollen ????. Slowly, my stomach started to cramp. I kept squatting in the tub,a thick but somewhat soft log came out slowly and curled onto the bottom of the tub. It was thick and long. I pushed another log out,this one was softer and thinner. Lindsey came then and helped me up onto the toilet. My ???? cramped up and a torrent of turds slipped from my bottom. It felt so good to get some relief.

Desperate to poop

Long lines

To Desperate Jill

One of the longest lines was probably at a music festival, had to wait an hour to get to the toilet

It was morning time and everyone also needed to go. I needed a big dump and got in line at the first sign, by the time I got to the end I was very desperate.

The lines were mixed gender, but I noticed many ladies jiggling there legs, some were holding bums pretty desperately, and some bending over holding ????, No one visibility lost it but can't help feeling a few would have messy pants waiting for son long

What made it longer as it was clears lots were pooping not just peeing.

Toilet I used was a mess, shit and pee everywhere and a used tampon on the top! gross but I had to go so just added to it.

Just a girl...
Over the weekend that stomach bug that has been going around finally caught up with me. It was bound to happen - pretty much everyone I knew had it. I had been out Saturday night and had a few drinks. I don't drink very often, and I did 2 shots, which I rarely do. Anyway, I woke up Sunday morning with a pounding headache, stomach pains and felt very sick to my stomach. At first I thought maybe I was hung over. I got up and went to the living room.

Within 5 minutes my stomach pains were pretty bad and I ran to the bathroom. I passed a really sticky log. It came out really fast and my stomach was still turning. About 20 minutes later I went back to the bathroom and had a large wave of chunky diarrhea. I wiped a lot, flushed, and barely had time to turn around a vomit a little bit into the toilet. I went to lie down.

Not long later I was rushing back to the toilet, this time the diarrhea was mostly liquid. I proceeded to puke my guts out. I made another trip to the bathroom and this time it was entirely liquid. I sat there and liquid just kept pouring out of me. Another trip like this one (large amounts of liquid) happened a little while later. Then I vomited a lot. I made two more trips with liquid diarrhea that afternoon and had one more vomiting session.

Finally several hours later I was able to hold down saltines and a little bit of chicken broth. I felt sick to my stomach again but was able to make myself go to sleep and hold it down. I had liquid diarrhea three times the next morning.

Yesterday I only passed a small blob of goo. It wasn't much and other than 'goo' I can't describe it. My stomach was upset on and off during the day. A few times I got really nauseous but I didn't vomit. I made several trips to the bathroom but only passed a lot of gas.

Last night my stomach was making a lot of noises and gurgling and moving a lot. When I went to bed it was lurching around and moving so much that my entire body could feel it. It felt like waves. It was so loud and upset that I couldn't fall asleep. I spent over 2 hours tossing and turning listening to my stomach. It has never been so active that I ever remember. It was actually disturbing.

This morning I had a small soft movement. It was very soft but had some form to it. I thought it was weird since it was so active last night, but whatever. About 30 minutes later I was back on the toilet. This time I had a bunch of chunky diarrhea.

All day my stomach was cramping and gurgling and just felt upset. I went to the bathroom a few times because I swore that I had to go but nothing happened. Finally, around 1:00 it started to turn again. I had to go. I hate the bathroom at work but I had no choice. I went straight for the stall and passed what felt like a lot of gooey pooh. When I looked in the toilet it was only a couple tiny squiggles. There was practically nothing there. I started wiping and felt like I needed to go again but nothing happened. I left.

On the ride home my stomach started to turn worse than before. I felt that familiar gurgle and it was spinning. I knew I had to go soon. I drove faster. I went home and straight for the toilet. I sat and had explosive diarrhea. There was quite a bit of it, and it was loud and gassy. About 20 minutes later I rushed back and had a lot more explosive diarrhea. It has been about an hour since my last trip but my stomach is making a ton of noises and still feels uneasy. I know that I'm not done.


Live poop

So right now I'm going to post for the first time and it's live. So about me anyway I'm a f 18 with blonde hair and skinny
So I'm just pulling down my Satan pink panties and short shorts I'm sitting down now
I'm peeing now uhhhh
I'm pushing RAGGGGGGG ARGGGGGGG I can fell somethhing moving ARRRRRRG plop a fat short poop pushing again AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR plop plop plop 2 short balls and 1 kinda long snake pushing again pharrrrt parrttt pharrtt 3 big stinky farts ARRRRRRRRGH ARRRGH plop plop plop plop plop 5 small balls ARRRGH ARRRRH ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH ARRRRRRRGH ARGH plop plop plop plop ARGGH ARGH plop plop 6 more 2 fat balls an 4 snakes about 8 inches peeing again twinkle I'm wiping now nope more there still ARRRRGH ARRRGH ARRRAGH plop plop plop 3 more snakes wiping now gotta pee one more time first but rrraaaaap raaaaaghp two big farts
A total of 20 poops 7 balls and 8 snakes and 3 pees hope this will flush

John H

comments Post Title (optional)

hey all have really been enjoying the storys here the last few days!
Just dropping in a few comments as things have been low key with me on the poop frunt so I don't have anything worth writing about at the moment.
To Nicola really enjoyed your last story, thanks for sharing with us. It was very understanding of your mum to leve the bedroom to let you poo in your pants while the toilet was beeing fixed. Im sure it was a big relief to let it all go after holding for so long. in conection with your dodgy burger story hope your feeling better now.
Haz thanks for sharing your story, it sounds like you had some major cleaning up to do after taking that dump in the shower. good nobody noticed anything.
To Heidi, thanks for your live poop. that sounded like some clearout. I love when a good large movement like that comes along.
To Karen hope your feeling much better than you were when you posted.
To Martin, there is nothing I enjoy more than taking a good relaxing dump. I can sometimes spend over a half an hour in the bathroom as I like to make the most of it. Also its nice to just sit and think without any distractions.
To David, thanks for your comment. good to know im not the only person who has noticed that sound.
to Leandra, I felt for you reading your story. They shouldnt have kept you standing around in soiled clothes asking you questions on the side of the road. that seems wrong to me anyway. Im sure they could have let you get cleaned up first but there is prob procedures that they had to follow. Firemen and the like do a very tuff job and im sure they understood your situation though.
To Ciara hey thanks for posting. that dump you described really sounded like a major one! havent had one like that in years myself.
To Anne-David's wife, hey thanks for posting. Was That the biggest poo you have ever made? You must have felt alot better after getting that out. you said one of the big logs was the with of a coke can, im not sure but at a guess I would say a coke can is over three inches wide so it must have hurt a bit passing that particular log.

Katie Pie

Work Buddies - and answer to PN

You know how some people have huge bladders? I'm not bad myself. However my morning pee is something I have to have, I can go a full 24 hours without peeing but when I wake up I have to pee. Today I wasn't able too because my home-schooled cousin decided to stink up and remain in the bathroom all morning, I have work, so I say, what could one day hurt? And I go to work... My bladder was hurting pretty bad, and for my job, I hang door hangers, that is 4-6 hours of walking, sounds easy but I live in a mountain area. Finally and totally embarrassed I asked to be driven(By my friend) to the near by Jack-in-the-box (Where I proceeded to use the bathroom and not buy anything>.>) Well you know that whole girls go to the bathroom in groups? She followed me in.

-- Dear PN --
I'm a very embarrassed bathroom person, I tell you guys here my stuff, but this is a fake name as I'm sure you all know. I will wait to pee until everyone has left, if I am mid-stream when someone walks in, I will stop it, and hold it, until they leave. I very rarely and only under emergency situations will use a public restroom...

-- Back to my story --
I play with the stupid toilet protectors, cause usually I just squat rather than sit but that would make my pee louder, and she is staying. I sit, I finally can't hold it and I pee, it's soo loud even with me sitting and I pee for like five minuets! So I'm sitting in there fighting with the toilet paper because it jammed so after I'm peeing it still takes me a while before I can finish up and then horrors upon unspeakable embarrassment of horrors, my stupid bargain brand pad falls out of my pants and out of the stall... She was kind enough to not say anything as I got a new one out of my bag, threw away the other one, and washed my hands. We didn't speak much the rest of the day.... So happy I don't have work tomorrow!!

misty ( not real name )
hi im 17 5"6 i have light brown hair i have white skin and i have a lovely body. this happened to me at school. i was at my secound class when i got this feeling in my gut that tells you you need to to get to the toilet as soon as posible i decided to wait till lunch well it was lunch time when i go to the restroom and find a que of 3 girls in front of me witch is becouse i really need to have a bm and to pee. the girl at the front was sqwirming around so she just needs a pee i hope and the 2 others where talking abouth how they need to poop. after abouth 10 minutes its just my turn to go thank god becouse i was getting really desprite once i enter the stall i qickly rise my skirt and lower my dark pink panties as soon as my butt hit the seat my pee stream started and lasted for abouth 20 secounds and i began to push as my first turd began to exit and iy felt great as it exited. followed by two more i wiped twice back once front. a good friend of mine told me abouth toilet stool. i love this site.

Mr. Clogs

Nice hearty dump in the morning

Hello everyone!

Keeping this post short and sweet, I took a nice hearty dump today. It would be cool to poop in something other than the toilet, but the toilet was okay. I had my 2 cups of coffee, the first cup had my table spoon of fiber milk and brown sugar, second cup with just milk and brown sugar. I can feel my bowels starting to move so I walked to the bathroom to take care of business. I pulled off my PJ bottoms and plopped on the bowl. Then this thick, juicy, stinky turds was filling up the toilet bowl! I felt relieved and satisfied. Very little pee that I urinated in the bowl. Once I was finished, I wiped with a few squares of toilet paper and didn't get much shit on it, the fiber stuff usually makes less mess between the butt cheek. I put my PJs on, washed my hands and left the bathroom, and of course flushed the toilet.

To all new and old, keep the posts coming!

Miss McDesperate

One night when I went to McDonald's in the city, I saw a beautiful young aussie girl (looked about 18) with her girl friends. She was slim, with long medium brown hair, and wearing very dark blue skin tight stretch jeans (very sexy) and I think she was wearing a cardigan. There was only one toilet there, for male, female and disabled. It was a large cubicle. She raced to the toilet, only to find someone was already in there! She went back out to her friends, and at a fast pace, repeatedly stamped her right foot on the floor, desperately trying to hold her urine in! I liked watching her sexy bum movements when she was doing that! Then I walked towards the toilet, somehow forgetting about her needing to go. A young guy walked out, and I walked in. When I was in there I heard her trying to open the door again, then she kicked the door with anger! A security man asked her "Are you alright?" Then she screamed at the top of her voice "I'VE GOTTA PEE!!!" Then there was silence. When I finished and opened the door she was right there looking at me, her face looking horrified in her desperation! She was bent over, holding herself with both hands! The man was standing right behind her, perhaps for two reasons. One, to make sure she's the next to use the toilet, and two, to hide her from being seen by people. As I walked out, he said to her "No more dramas." I guess she made it in time, and all was well. But what if I had taken the extra time to have a poop instead of a pee!?!

I've read many stories on this site about grown-ups having accidents. Now I have one to add of my own.

I am being treated for depression and I hadn't been feeling well so I went to my psychiatrist to see about getting my medication adjusted. The doctor suspected I might have a mild case of the flu in addition to the depression so she asked me if I had had diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, or fever.
No, no, no and no.
Shortly after I got in the car to go home one of those answers became a yes, I had diarrhea. It was only about a 15 minute drive home so I figured I could make it but I was wrong.
Halfway home I pulled into the library thinking I could use the bathroom there. But by the time I parked, I couldn't stand up without pooping myself so I sat in the car and tried to hold it.

While I was sitting there, I was thinking what I could do if the stall in the men's room was occupied. (There's only one) There is another restroom upstairs but I didn't think I could make it that far so I figured if the men's room stall was occupied I would just have to use the ladies.

It was a moot point. I pooped my pants before I ever got out of the car.
When I thought I was finished I just resumed driving home. But I wasn't finished I had to poop again before I got home. Since the damage had already been done, I went ahead and let that poop out. That actually felt kind of good. When I got home I managed to get one last little bit of poop into the toilet and then cleaned myself up.

Not as bad as some of the stories I've read here

Car Mom
Kayla: so far no one has done any poops in my apartment, only those very few times in my car. I don't encourage it, nor am I a fan of poop, so there haven't been very many times that people have pooped anywhere but the toilet. Glad you like my posts!

Well, believe it or not, the other day the great Laura came over and had a pee! She actually called me and wanted to know if she could. She said she just wanted to come over and do a quick pee and then she would leave. She was actually very pleasant. She said something like "I know we're not together anymore or anything like that, but I really miss having somewhere to pee, and so I was wondering if it would be ok if I came over and peed somewhere. I promise it won't take long." Then she laughed a little and said "And I promise I won't try to do anything else." I laughed when she said that. Then I said to her "sure Laura you can come over." And so she did. I was glad she was being nice about it. And I guess I was a little excited about it too. I liked the idea of more of Laura's pee soaking into something of mine. But I didn't let her know how excited I was, I figured it was better that way. The relationship is over and I know it's the best thing for both of us. But I was glad she was coming over to do a pee. And not only that, but she even let me watch her, and I was excited about that too. Laura decided to have her pee in my chair. If you'll remember my chair is in the living room and it's one of those cuddle chairs that's wider than a regular chair but not quite as wide as a loveseat. The fabric is green and blue plaid but of course its been peed in so many times so its all full of pee stains, especially the seat cushion and the armrests. Anyway Laura went over to that chair and she took off her jeans and her panties and then she sat down. She was all ready to have her pee. I watched as she relaxed herself. Soon after I began to hear a little hiss. Laura was peeing. She was relieving herself right into my chair. She let out a deep sigh. I could tell she was enjoying what she was doing. She continued to pee into the cushion. I was so glad to be able to watch her pee again. I could see the cushion she was sitting on getting wetter as she peed into it. Laura continued to have her pee. After a while she looked up at me and asked me for one of the couch pillows and of course I gave it to her. She then lifted herself up a little and she put the pillow underneath herself so she could pee into it. Then she said "do you have anything else over there?" I grabbed a canvas bag that was sitting on the coffee table. Laura put it under herself and peed into it. It made a louder patter against the material. Then after that Laura went back to peeing into the chair cushion. She kept peeing for a few more seconds. Then after that she was done. As she finished up she let a little fart against the wet cushion. She said "excuse me" and then she laughed. I did too. Then she was done. She smiled and said "thank you SO much Megan, for letting me do this. I really needed it. I wish like hell I could do this at home." I told her she was welcome to come over and do it anytime she wanted. She smiled and said "maybe I will sometime." Then after that she left. And so that was that. After she left I went over to the chair and I looked at her spot in the fabric. Then I pulled down my pants and I sat down in it. Of course her pee was cooled off by that time but it smelled fresh. I think I mentioned that Laura drinks a lot of coffee so a lot of times her pee has a coffeeish smell to it. Also the smell of her fart was still lingering a little. I was glad she did what she did. After a little while I decided to give it a little warm up by peeing into it. It was nice peeing into Laura's pee. I also let a little fart as I peed. Then I sat there for a while longer. I was glad there was now more of Laura's pee in my chair. Maybe there will be more opportunities like this in the future!

More to come!
C M :)

To Anri: Your name sounds Japanese; are you?

Casey N
Hey guys! Hope you've all been doing fine! Anyways, I have two stories to share (:

•1• it was just after we had eaten lunch at school and we had one period left, social studies, and I sat next to my friend Andrew(Andy) he has red hair that is long, freckles, about 5'6, 14, and about 130 lbs.He always has to use the bathroom during this class , but that day we had a substitute teacher so he rules had changed. She said that no one could leave their seats unless hey were vomiting or bleeding to death. When she said That I saw Andy start to bite his nails and he looked very nervous. A couple minutes later I could see that he had farted ( silent but deadly) to relieve some pressure. It seemed to work for awhile until his urge hit him again and he grabbed his stomach in pain. He asked he teacher if he could go and she said no because we only had 10 minutes left and he was old enough to hold it. The last 10 minutes were torture for him, he sat at the edge of his chair, holding his stomach and staring at the clock. Then finally the bell rang. Andy sprung up and rushed out the door. I grabbed his stuff, laughing historically , and went out in he hall to wait for him. He took about 5 or 10 minutes until he came out with a big grin on his face(: he said that he had like 4 turds that were 5inches long and 1 inch thick and he felt so much better.

•2• On Thanksgiving our family always eats a ton of our favorite foods potatoes, turkey, pie! So we are always full . My brother Connor, mentioned in previous posts, always eats the most other than my dad and grandpa. We were all sitting on the couch watching he football game when Connor got up and announced that he was going to take a big crap. So get walked to the bathroom , the room right next to where we were sitting so we could hear him. He undid his pants and belt and pulled down his boxers. He peed for 1 minute or so, then let out a loud fart which caused everyone to laugh a little. Then you could hear 4 or 5 plops followed by another fart, and pee. The let out one more big turd with a big " kerplunk!". Then he wiped, and flushed. He came out and told everyone how relieved he felt and continued to watch the game(: our team won!!!!!!!!!!

Well, gotta go! •God Bless• ,
Casey N

Desperate to poop

Response to Dan

I couldn't help but (if I go any further the post is normally not posted lol)

Had a good dump today at work, a nice couple of 8 inchers which I took my time doing over Lunchtime.

Happy pooping all


Sandy saw that post before, p692, I think, only last time it was a 60 year old lady not an 18-20 yr old bloke.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sandy as always another great set of stories it sounds like that guy was very nice to help you out and was a gentleman by blocking you form others and not peeking and great peeing stories your friend Linda must have really had to pee and it sounded you did to when you peed in the sink while your sister was pooping on the toilet and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Joshua great story about you helping your sister it was very kind of you she is lucky to have you as a brother.

To: Nicola as always another great set of stories it sounds like you felt really great after pooping in your pants and it sounds like you had a rough time after that burger it sounds like it was undercooked and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Heidi as always another great story and great poop by poop coverage to I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen as always another great story it sounds like your body is having the ultimate cleanout hopefuly you make it to the toilet every time with out having an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Little Mandi I hope your constipation ends soon and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: althea as always another great pooping story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: David-Anne Husband another great story about Anne I look forward to the next one thank.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Latest replies

I've been a way for a few days, hence the recent absence of posts, on my part. Anyhow, now I'm back.

Anne (David's wife). I enjoyed your account of the Turd de Force and yes, I particularly liked the detail concerning the white Sloggi Maxi panties. My goodness, you must have a felt a stone lighter after passing all that lot! I guess getting out and knowing you were finally empty when the time came felt good too. I hope you're fully recovered and over the flu.

David. As you say, I think it's very much a case of "each unto their own" when it comes to cubicles vs urinals. My preference is for the urinal any day, although I will use a cubicle in extremis. My most memorable experience of an "ambush motion" was on a trip to Alton Towers, over 30 years ago, when I'd just turned 18 and thought I was way too old for such mishaps! I've since discovered that they can happen to anyone - at any age.

Nicola. I was sorry to hear about your bout of the runs after eating that burger. Fast food, especially if it's badly cooked or prepared in conditions which aren't too hygienic, can cause those sorts of problems. You would end up feeling weak and dehydrated as under those circumstances the body loses a lot of fluid and nutrients within a short space of time. You dealt with it in exactly the right way.

Karen. Dried fruit snacks are a good source of fibre and help to maintain regularity. I try to have some every day. However, as I've found out from personal experience, they can be very unforgiving if indulged in to excess, particularly prunes. I hope your somach's sorted itself out by now and back to normal. When those episodes happen I think the only way to deal with them is by going on the toilet as often as is needed and let them self-resolve.

Martin. Reading through all the posts here in detail would be a mammoth task, one which I'm sure would take more time, patience and concentration than I've got. However in answer to your question, I think there are plenty of women (and men) who really enjoy their toilet sessions. I'm sure there are plenty of instances of it being referred to on here.

David, (Anne's Husband)


Martin asks why nobody has mentioned the enjoyment they obtain from doing a poo. Well Anne and I have done so since we were young experiencing enjoyment both from the sensations of passing a nice big solid jobbie ourselfs and the other sounds, sights etc associated with doing a good well formed motion or someone else doing one or seeing the turds they had produced giving physical, emotional and psychological enjoyment as far as we are concerned and reading though this Forum suggests to me that many others enjoy defecation too.

I was only 17 years old at the time and had quite a nice loo kin fugue wearing a semi short skirt.Waiting in a small country train station that is mostly deserted even during rush hour waiting for a train that was to be there in 5 mi nuts and felt a strong urge needing to poop very badly.I thought that i would wait till i got on the train and do it on the train, when i heard an announcement over the speaker that the train was running 75 mi nuts late.Well i knew that i couldn't wait that long so i had to do it at the station & do it quickly otherwise it was going to be in my panties very soon.Not knowing where there where restrooms i preceded to ask the only person around there (a man about 18-20years old) where the restrooms where.He told me that there where none.So i asked him what i could do,for i was quite desperately needing to use one and dearly could not wait much longer.He seeing the predicament that i was in,pointed to the corner wall and told me that i could do it over there.I then told him that he did not understand that it wasn't that i had to pee so very badly but that it was that i had to do a large poop
and that and didn't have anything to be Abel to wipe my but off with off with afterwords.So he said to me that's alright and hands me some Kleenex as he turns his back to me and helps to shield me from view of any others that could poss ably see what i was doing.So i meddle stooped down while pulling my panties down and skirt up and started a strong powerful stem of pee that ran accost the floor,then preceded to push out 10-12 large logs that dropped on the floor,then i wiped my but off good and though the ti sue on top of it all.As i was getting up and pulling up my panties ( feeling very much relieved)the man hearing me turns around and being quite astonished said to me "you where not kidding,you relay truly did need to go badly didn't you ? " .I told him YES and that i now felt very much relieved and thanked him greatly.

I was 7 at the time at my grandparents house with a friend named Linda who was 5 at that time.We where out with my grandfather in a large field weeding,when all of a sudden Linda announced that she urgently needed to pee right away and couldn't wait any longer.My grandfather immediately pulling her panties down,picking her up,cradling her in his arms so that she could ea sly and freely pee.I was in AWE seeing her pee gushing out of her in a very strong stream.I had never seen a girl pee before.She saw me in amazement as i was watching her pee and just grinned.Later on she secretly asked me if i Head enjoyed seeing her have to pee ? , embarrassed and blushingly i commented back to her that indeed i did.After that i the asked her wasn't it quite embarrassing to her to have to have peed openly in front of me as i watched her do so ? .She told me most defiantly yes it was ,yet if it had to someone ,that she was glad that it had been such a sweet and loving friend as i was, and that she was able to give me the thrill of doing so and then kissed me.

about 8 years ago when i was 7 and my sister was 10 years old.I had to pee extremely bad.I ran into the house and directly to the bathroom.The door was closed,i yelled out I GOTTA PEE REALLY BADLY !. My sister said sorry I'm in the middle of a massive pooping.Knowing it was my sister not my brother,i ran in pulling my panties down as i was getting up to the sink and immediately the dam burst with a very strong stream of pee coming out of me.Then my sister said WOW you really did have to pee BADLY ! didn't you ? as she handed me some tissue to wipe with.


A question to Jessica

You said that you poop your diapers because you have lack of control as I recall. I was curious if you still have to push and or strain to have a poop or if it just kinda slides out on it's own with no effort? If you do have to strain has anyone ever noticed you turning read faced or anything while you where standing or sitting around and figured out what you where doing? Also do you prefer to sit or stand to do a poop in your diaper, it seems to me that sitting might hinder the poop from coming out yet standing strait wouldn't feel natural so I was curious.
Thanks and happy peeing\pooping

I was 7 & my sister Debbie was 11 at the time & i had never seen a girl pee before.I got a call to meet my mom,that my sister was hurt at school in gym class & needed to be picked up & rushed to the hospital.She broken her right arm & lower left leg & had to have them put into casts.Two hours later we where headed for home when we hit the worst traffic jam on the highway & there wasn't any exits off for two miles & with the cars barley moving along.With Debbie my sister in the back seat with me wearing a short skirt leans over & whisper to me that she desperately needs to pee very badly & can't hold on very much longer. So that if i could look for something really fast that she could pee into.I pulled out of my day pack my EMT one quart water bottle, UN- screwing & taking off the cap to hand to her.She then said to me that because she was in the casts that i would have to help her by reaching under her skirt pull her panties down and hold the bottle up close to her.Well Natal i felt very awkward about doing that but she rendered me that there was no other choices.That even though it was going to be quite embarrassing to her,that it needed to be done & done quickly cause
she couldn't hold on any longer.As soon as i got her panties down i barley got the bottle up close to her & pee just gushed out of her getting a Little on the car seat before i could get the bottle close enough to her.Well she nearly filled up the bottle.As we where practical stopped in the traffic i then em tied the bottle out onto the highway.Yet just then she mentioned to me that she also needed to crap very badly & wouldn't be able to hold it in.I could already see it starting to poke out of her but & told her just to hold on title for a few secants while i gr abed a large covered plastic soup bowl from my pack that early had soup in that i had for lunch.I helped lift her up over the bowl & she let out 5 or 6 large logs that dropped in the bowl.
Then i took some napkins & wiped her the best that i could,putting the napkins in the bowl & putting the cap back on the bowl.The helped her by pulling up her panties for her.She than gave me a great big hug & thanked me for being such a great help to her in her time of great need.


question about shyness and gender

I'm curious about something: I've heard of other men being pee-shy to the extent of being physically unable to pee when someone is watching, no matter how full your bladder (I'm sort of that way--- used to be much more than I am now), but I haven't heard of this being a problem for women. I'm curious if that's generally a gender difference, or if it would be true for more women if they didn't have closed stalls. I also have some difficulty on moving planes or trains, even if my bladder is really full. Conversely, I've noticed a few women on this forum mention being a bit shy about pooping, although I gathered that's more a matter of being bashful about making noise rather than physically unable. My unscientific generalization from experience in men's rooms is that a lot of us aren't particularly shy about making noise, whereas I myself prefer to enjoy a contemplative moment alone. Any comments?


Permission to poo myself

To Kaitlin.
I once had an experience like yours. It happened when I was about 12 or 13. I'd just got home from School with a big urge to poo. I'd held it all day and was desperate so I ran upstairs to the bathroom to find we had a plumber fixing the toilet. I had to wait while he tried to get it to flush and after half an hour I was losing the battle. My mum took me to my room, closed the door and told me it was ok to do it in my knickers if couldn't wait and left me on my own to finish. I was reluctant to do it at first but I was too desperate to hold it any longer and just relaxed. It all came out quickly and the relief was out of this world. I totaly filled my knickers and when the plumber left my mum brought me a plastic bag for my soiled underwear and took me to the bathroom and cleaned me up. She never mentioned what happened to this day and only the 2 of us ever knew what happened.


Desperate Coffee Shit

Hey all,

Earlier today I was at a coffee shop because I was running early for an appointment. I had myself an expresso and a brownie. After awhile of surfing on my laptop, I felt an urge at my anus. It wasn't strong at first, but as I waited & surfed, it grew stronger..and stronger...until I could feel it at my ass. This coffee shop had two of them 'unisex' single occupant toilets. So I was holding it in hopes a lady would come out.
It wasn't long before medium height brunette emerged, shoulder length hair and aged 25-30 (maybe even 35). I waited a bit, and entered. There wasn't any scent, nor nothing indicating a poop in the toilet, but there was 'shredded' toilet paper in the hole.

I lowered my pants, sat down on the toilet, and felt my ass open up. Very slowly my load slither out. I couldn't the size of it, or if it took awhile to come, but it was between soft and firm. I had to push a little to get it started, but the more that came, the easier it was. It landed with a flink-sss. Very minor plop / rustle sound with some water contact. I stood to inspect and was about 9" long, 1-2" thick, and kinda carrot shaped. I only needed 2 wipes. ! really, but another to make sure.

That's about it lately worth reporting but I'll do some comments:

~Goldeneye: wow, sounds like quite the dump you had. As well as the farting session too. Look forward to more!

~Michelle (new Michelle): Sucks about your roomate :( luckily you didn't catch what she had. Sounds like you loaded that toilet all right! Do you usually? Look forward to more posts!

~Karen: wow that sounded like quite the green monster you did! Was it roaring on the way out?

~Jacob: your stories about your Aunt are quite good. Particularily in your description of what your aunt looks like, wow. Do post more :)

~Anri. Quite enjoyed your second post. You sound like a good looking lady, if I may say so myself :) One week without pooping?! wow, no wonder your load was amazing. How often do you usually go, and how much comes out?

~Nat X: your pooing prolly would have not put me off, and because of waht you went through, I'd make you feel better :) Back / ???? rubs...

~Katie Pie: Sounds like an interesting dump, too bad we can't see it (or have a ways to via the forum).

~Desperate to Poop: The relief was so good you couldn't help what, sorry? :P I think I know the feeling..sometimes it's hard for me to pull my underwear & pants up after...
If your load had farts, crackling and moaning, it sounded like quite a sexy dump :P

~Anne: Sounded like another awesome dump you had! Love the sound effects :) What's your average one like?

That's all for now, hope you all have great relief :)

To Zach: (Hottest Girl at School)
I've liked your story very much, i've witnessed something like that once.
How bad was the toilet after Tara used it? She left it unflushed? Did she clogged it or left any skidmark?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Leandra first welcome to the site and im glad you didnt sufer any serious injuries in that wreck and sure it was embarrassing that you pooped yourself but thats better then having a bunch of broken bones in fact one day you could look back on it and laugh maybe like the only injury I got in that wreck was to my pride which is better then the alternative and please share any more stories you may have thanks.

To: Thomas D great story about you and your cousin pooping in front of eachother in a buddy dump kinda way it sounds like shes not very shy about bathroom stuff which could mean more stories like that if so please post them here thanks.

To: Jessica as always another great diaper pooping story I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Millie I cant wait to find out what you did please post it thanks.

To: Sarah Nicolas Friend first welcome to the site and great story about the big dump you took to bad it happened in your pants but it sounds like you felt pretty good afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Karen as always another great story it sounds like those prunes gave a real good cleanout and it sounds like they did the job well and I dont watch much sports and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bursting Bladder great desperate peeing story please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Ciara first welcome back and as always another great story it sounds like you you took a pretty big dump and I bet you felt really great afterwards to and a little bit lighter to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: John H great story about hearing your girlfriends mom having a desperate pee it sounds like she really needed it and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kaitlyn as always another great set of poop stories it sounds like you really had to go in your first one and it sounds like your friends are true friends if one personed pooped themselves then they all do to save embarrassment you couldnt ask for better friends and as always I look forward to your next post thank you.

To: Anne-Davids Wife as always another great story it sounds like you really had to poop and alot to I bet you felt pretty great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Katie-Pie Great story about that big green dump you took I wonder if you didnt put the toilet paper in there and left it would somebody think it was a snake and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T PS. I love this site


Dodgey burger

I really had to poo very badly at work today. I had a burger from the van across the road and this afternoon I had to attend another meeting. I couldn't take a break during the meeting and by the end of it I was almost pooing myself. I walked quickly to the toilet and luckily it wasn't occupied so I went in and sat down. I relaxed and released a torrent of diarrhea into the toilet turning the water brown. It was a big relief but I had to sit there for half an hour releasing wave after wave of runny poo. By the time it was over the toilet was destroyed. My bum was sore and I felt week and thirsty. I didn't feel too good so I got a taxi home instead of getting the bus. When I got home I drank lots of water and decided not to eat anything for 24 hours.



I read a while back how someone said they pooped in the shower. I wondered what it would be like so today i tried it. Although it had to be planned because if my parents even knew about this site, they'd call it "porn" and take my PC away.

I ate Burger King today so i was pretty full. i felt a crap coming but i left it. soon enough i got desperate, almost.
I hopped in the shower and did my usual routine, washed my hair etc.
But then it got REALLY BAD!
I was tempted to go to the real toilet but i just stood there. once or twice i squatted but i didn't have the nerve to push, so i just stood.
But then my stomach gurgled...
I said "Grnnhrre" and a load of yellowish brown mush came out of me!

---WARNING very gory stuff coming---

I had to act fast to get rid of my turd. I tried picking it up but it was completely mush. So i just turned the shower off, got a cardboard tube (Toilet roll) and scooped it up like you would to your pet's sick.
I put it in the toilet and hosed down the shower.
I then got back in again, but sure enough...
"NRGHE!" a BEAST of a log came out! it was huge! I literally picked it up with my hand but dropped it on the FLOOR!!!
"Shit!" I said to my self.
I just picked it up with my hand again and got it in the toilet. I then wiped the floor where it landed.

I don't think my parents ever noticed, i did check the shower for any stains, but it was clean as a whistle.

Bye for now!

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