Anne C.
About 20 years ago I returned to visit the town where I grew up. I decided to walk through the park where I used to go as a girl. While walking I felt the urge to poo. I remembered there was a public ladies toilet at the end of the park so I went in that direction. Sure enough the ladies toilet was there but what a shock. I went inside and it was disgusting. I couldn't tell whether it was being demolished or was heavily vandalized but the stall doors and partitions were missing and the 4 toilets were smashed. There was rubble, paper, poo and beer containers strewn over the floor plus it stank of poo and pee. It was hard to walk in the rubble in heels. But I had to poo so I squatted down over what was a toilet and started to poo. Just as I started pushing an elderly lady came in. She smiled and said hello. She squatted next to me and farted then did some diarrhea which smelled bad. I was now pooing myself. A long, fat poo dropped onto the floor. It was smelly. I asked the old lady if she had toilet paper but she said she hadn't. I picked up some used tissue from the floor and wiped. Then I left the toilet and continued my walk.


christina's accident

My wife of 6 months christina messed her pants really bad in the car today. She has a tendency toward stomach problems and she regular gets diarrhea or finds herself in situations where she needs the toilet immediately. It happened while driving back from her parents' house today. It's about a 90 minutes drive, and while on the highway she sounded pretty troubled when she said "I'm gonna need to make a bathroom stop." I said "ok i'll stop at the shopping center just off our exit." She sighed and said "i gotta go, number 2. We need to stop somewhere right now..." and she started breathing heavily. I said "are you gonna be ok?" And she said "I'm not sure, oh my god, i really have to go. Oh my god..." her face was getting red and she was tensely clutching the car door with one hand and her knee with the other, and had her knees pressed together. I started switching lanes to get off at the upcoming exit when she said "i can't make's too much" just as i heard a wet squishing sound followed by a long, muffled fart. She gasped and said "it's too late, I'm losing it.." and she continued filling her pants in the car seat. She covered her face with her hands and kept mumbling things like "it just hurt too bad" and "i can't believe this" as she sat with a hot, soupy load in her pants. She described as liquidy, and a lot. I stayed on the highway to our exit as she just sat perfectly still, and the stench in the car was incredible. She mumbled apologies several times and i just tried to reassure her. Finally we got home. She very slowly got out of the car, and as she raised off the seat the mess was visibly very bad. She had black dress pants but a very large wet brown stain was still visible on the black fabric. It was totally spread across her whole butt. There was even wet brown marks on her seat. she went into the house with a pretty exaggerated waddle in her step and grabbed clean pants and underwear on the way to the bathroom. I offered to help her get cleaned up and she reluctantly said ok. I followed her into the bathroom and she decided to stand in the tub to get her pants down. She had white cotton panties on with a colorful flowery design. The entire seat was stained wet, dark brown and was clinging tightly to her skin, and there were skid marks smeared all over the insides and backs of her thighs. It was definitely a major mess. She caught a glimpse of it in the mirror and almost had a mini meltdown, and then she decided I'd seen enough and insisted she had everything under control, and needed me to leave. So, i left. She spent another 40 minutes in there cleaning up.

I walk near a park. I time myself in case I have to use the park toilet. I know the closing times. It only has two stalls at one station and three at another.
Evelyn: You are few of today's girls that wear a slip under her school uniform skirt. I wear a slip sometimes under my skirt when I go to college. I always wear one on Sunday under my best clothes to church. When I use the toilet, I either pull up my skirt and let down my slip or vice versa or I will either lift up both or let down both. When I was in school, the girls either pulled up their skirts or let them down. Where I go to church, the young girls do mostly the same


Movie with woman farting in restaurant and drummer

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for the title of a movie with the following fart scene:

A woman has to fart very frequently, maybe because of some medical condition, and she goes on a date with a guy to a restaurant.

At the restaurant she tells the drummer who is playing there, to start drumming loudly when she raises her arm, so her farting won't be heard.

Do you know the title of this movie?

To: Office Worker ..

OK, so who stunk up the mens restroom up more? you or your boss? Which one of you was noisier? and last but not least....did your boss have skidmarks in his briefs (or boxers) ....


Fantastic dump at work & A sick roommate

Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I've known about the forum for a while, and finally decided I should start posting. I'm 25 years old, about 165cm tall, and I have green eyes and strawberry blonde hair which I usually wear in a ponytail. I have fairly small breasts, but guys often compliment me on my "great ass".

I typically take a dump first thing in the morning, but a few days ago, my roommate had a stomach bug. When I went in for my usual dump, she was sitting on the toilet having a diarrhea attack. She told me she was hit suddenly last night and wasn't sleeping well, because of having to get up every few hours to "shit [her] brains out". I asked if there was anything I could do, and she said no. I didn't have to poop super bad at that point, so I figured I would go in early to the coffee house where I work and have my dump there.

Turns out though, that many of my female coworkers also have their morning dumps at work, and I spent so long just waiting for a cubicle that I wasn't able to go. My need to go was getting bad, but I really had no choice, so I sucked it up and went out to work. As you can probably guess, a coffee house is very busy early in the morning, and that meant no time to sneak away to the toilet. I somehow managed to hold back my poop, while trying not to seem too obvious to the customers. Finally my break came along and I was able to have my dump.

I went to the toilets and took the cubicle nearest to the door. I hung my apron on the hook provided and pulled down my pants and panties to my ankles and sat down. I farted a few times and then let out a smooth turd. It floomped into the toilet and then I followed it with several more turds. When I had finished, I needed just two wipes, and then I inspected my dump. I had loaded the toilet with two very long turds and three smaller, but still quite long turds. I flushed and washed my hands, and returned to work feeling so much better.

After work, I went home to my roommate and she was still not doing well. She had been running to the toilet all day with nasty diarrhea. But the good news is, whatever bug she had left just as abruptly as it had came. The next day she was absolutely fine, with no sign of being even the slightest bit sick.


Palying catch up!

Hey all!

Wow, it seems the site was slow, or lots of people posted! Either way, I'll quite a few comments here! I'll start with them this time and have my post after...

~Naomi: Did you have the flu, or are your poops usually diarrhea? Hope you feel better and are relieved.

~heyitspoop: quite the story about your friend! Have you hung out with her since? I'm curious if she's opened up after that time you 2 hung out.

~Lauren: I haven't seen in awhile! Congrats on the girl! Bathroom habit wise, how is it different being pregnant? And, with the new girl on the way, are things different this time? Hope all is goes well!

~Leanne: (Lecture hall post) 90 second pee?! wow! What were the logs like you pushed out later?

~Trina: wow, those sound like incredible shits you had! Were they noisy / gassy? And when you are gassy, what are they like? (on and off toilet)

~Meg: based on your description you sound very attractive! Pretty neat that you & Leanne are open enough about the material on this forum to have discussion and post. What do you guys talk about?? lol.
how do your poos differ after drinking? Since you're new, I'd love it if you filled out my survey, found on page 2114; filled out Michelle (formerly MS)

~George: I'd say the best chance (or what I would do) when you talk to C next, when the topic of pooping or toilet comes up, say something like "aw, too bad I couldn't join you!" or "too bad i couldn't see it myself." something like that may work.

~Anri: wow that's quite the session you got to overhear! The lognest I've been was about 10 minutes. I had to poop, but it wasn't an 'urgent' pressure. I wasn't constipated, but because my poops were harder and bigger than usual they came out slower (and noisier).

~Abbie: aside from the frequency, have your poops changed lately? (size, texture?) That sounds like quite the big log you had! How big was it?

~Michelle: WELCOME BACK! Yes, you get a banner. I missed your posts. I enjoyed the stories in your return post :)

A quick story, as my post is running a bit long..

Last night after a big supper, I had a sensation in my anus. It was the type where you're not sure if you have to poop or not, but definitely fart. If it were to be a fart, it would have been a massive BRAATTT!! type. So I went to the bathroom, and sat on the seat; after lowering everything to my knees. I peed for about 15 seconds. During the last 3, my poop started to come out. I could feel and hear it as it slide out a decent piece. I'm not sure if it was long or gravity, but it suddenly dropped on its own. Then I farted, windy & deeply, causing a good 'VUUT!'. Was quick, and it had some smell to it. I pushed again, feeling a bit more, and a medium yet thick piece came out. I felt much better. In the toilet, was a log, but near the end it got skinny abruptly! Kind like a bull rush. I'd guessed that's what caused the sudden drop n plop. It was about 8" long, slightly thick and smooth. The other piece was chunky and almost the size of a fist.


Good poop

So sorry that I haven't posted in a while! Been so busy lately!

This morning was a great poop experience. I woke up gassy unleashing my morning thunder which is normal. I was watching TV and letting out loud farts for about an hour and a half. All of a sudden, I let out a stinky sbd fart which alerted me that it was time for a poop. I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I farted a few times as I started pushing the poop out. It was a hard an solid one. I just love giving birth to those types of poops! When it was all pushed out, it made a large "PLOP" sound in the water. A sigh of relief came from me afterwards. I wiped and then before putting the tp in the toilet, I looked to see what I had created. It looked like a brown, green grenade! I flushed feeling satisfied.


summer festival mishap

last year i was on a summer festival in our neighbor village. i am 23,long straight tawny hair,blue eyes,5.6 ft,measurements:40-25-36.
on this july evening i wore tight blue jeans,a snake skin belt,snake skin boots and a low cut sleeveless blue satin shirt over my white lace bra.
around a quarter to 11 pm i was standing in a long line at the toilet trailer.looked at my watch because at 11 pm my favorite local band had a gig and i want not miss it.
at 5 minutes before 11,at least around 20 women was in front of me.i was indecisive.i had to pee but i want not miss the gig.i had a few drinks and so i underestimated my urge and returned to the festival marquee.
but the start of the gig was delayed 30 minutes.i was annoyed about this,if i had know this before,i would have stayed in the line.
i left the marquee and looked towards the toilet but the line was even longer than before.
so i decided to go a few minutes before the end of the gig because then should be the most people in the fesival marquee and the line.
as the band began to play i had to pee pretty badly.i was clenching and crossing my legs.but i thought i could hold it for another while.
i climbed a table to have a better view.but i could not enjoy the music not much because my urge got more and more worse.
after a quarter of an hour i had to pee such badly that teeth were scattering.i began to realize that i would never make it until the end of the gig.i had to go earlier,i had to go...NOW!
but before i was able to make just one single move,a huge shiver ran over my complete body.i shivered so hard that the bracelets on my wrists rattled.two gushers soaked my panties.hastily i grabbed my crotch with both hands,imploringly hoping the crisis would calm down..but in vain.i could not hold back the flood.i must had presented a embarrassing sight,dancing around like mad,grimacing with gritted teeth while i was holding myself and squirting my pee over the table.
in my panic i jumped from the table,the people around was making hurrily room for wonder,because at his point,i peed so much that the stream gushed out through my heart was pounding wild.i could not believing what happened.i was about to peeing myself like a little girl,i was not able to stop the hot stream,what ever i tried,i was peeing more and more.
i was staggering against a tent pole and gave in.i could hear the blood singing in my ears.while the next minute i was leaning against the pole,half conscious from my embarrassement and finished my pee.
then i hurrily left the summer fest.
since that day i avoid to visit this village again...understandably

Car Mom
Hi everyone!
To all who responded to me, including Lauren, Brandon, and Nate, thank you so much! Just so you know Lauren, I missed you. :)
As you'll remember from my last post, lately I've been having the privilege of allowing a girl named Sofia to come over and relieve herself in my things. As you'll recall, she is the girl who delivers the newspaper, and so she comes usually in the morning, but sometimes she is also able to stop by at other times of the day, like after school. I found out that she's in 7th grade by the way, so that would make her about 13. Anyway, Sofia has been coming over and taking advantage of our different peeing places, and I'd say that her favorite seems to be the couch.
When Sofia first started getting into having her pees, she had asked me if it would ever be ok if any of her friends came over and did it too. Of course I told her yes, and that for the most part I would prefer girls only. She said she could understand that, and that she already had a couple girls in mind. And so finally last week she told me that she actually got brave enough to tell one of those girls about her pees. She then said that the girl was actually interested in doing it too, and so we set up a time for the two of them to come over.
And so the time came and Sofia and her friend came over after school. The friend's name is Letitia by the way, and I'm pretty sure she's in Sofia's class so that means she's about her age. She is also a very nice girl and very polite, so it was my pleasure to allow her to come and soak up my couch. Although I suppose even if she was a brat I still would've let her soak up my couch. After all, I always used to let Laura. ;) Anyway, Sofia and Letitia came over and so they got ready to do their business in my couch. Oh I forgot to mention, another thing Sofia sometimes likes to do is leave her pants on when she pees, and she said that Letitia wanted to do it that way too. Both girls were wearing jeans by the way, the kind with the low waistline, and Sofia said that Letitia really wanted to pee in hers. Well since they weren't on their way to school or anywhere like that, I told them they could. And so they both went over to the couch and they sat down on it. Sofia sat on the middle cushion and Letitia sat on the one to Sofia's left. Letitia then looked at Sofia and said something to her in Spanish. Both girls are Hispanic by the way, so sometimes they speak Spanish to each other. I don't know a lot of Spanish, so I don't know what exactly she said. I think it was something like "can I go now" and then Sofia answered "si" and then she said something else. Then after that they both looked down at themselves and they were quiet for a few seconds. Then I began to hear a little hiss, and then a couple seconds later another little hiss joined it. Sofia and Letitia were both peeing. They were letting their pee come right out into their jeans and underwear. I could tell by Letitia's expression on her face that it felt good to her. Both girls continued to pee. After a while it started to leak through their jeans and out onto the cushions. Then after a few more seconds it began to absorb its way into the cushions. The two girls kept peeing. I knew they were going a lot. They were showing that couch no mercy. But of course I didn't mind. Sofia and Letitia continued to do their pees into my couch, until they were all done. Then as Sofia finished up the last of her peeing, she let a fart. It made a loud bubbly noise in her wet jeans. After that Letitia also let one, since she then realized it was ok to fart in front of us, and it too made a noise in her jeans. Of course they both giggled. And so they were both done. They both slowly got up from the couch. Their jeans were absolutely soaked. I told them they could dry off as best they could against the dry parts of the couch and against the chair. They did, and it helped but they were still pretty wet. They said it was ok though, and then they left. I could tell they wanted to be a little wet. Before they left Letitia asked me if she could come back again and do another pee, and so of course I told her she could. I also told her that next time she could do it somewhere else if she wanted, like the chair. She smiled and said "ok." And so that was that.
Maybe next time I'll tell you about Sofia's younger sister Ana, although that will be very similar to this post in a lot of ways. Sofia also has another friend named Selena, who hasn't been here yet, but Sofia wants to bring her over. She also said that Ana has a lot of friends too. So we'll see what happens!
Bye now!
C M :)


A Thing Of Beauty

I had a really nice dump this morning. Lately I've had a fiber bar and an apple to go with my lunch each day, and they're making a difference in my BM's.

Within minutes of getting up this morning, I started feeling like I had to take a crap, but I showered first, made the coffee, let the dog out, got the paper, then went to the bathroom.

After sitting down, I farted a couple times while leafing through the sports section, then I began pushing. A turd began sliding out with a loud crackling sound, and kept on coming. Finally it began tapering off and fell in the toilet with a plop. I read for awhile, then wiped a couple times. When I stood up to admire my work, I was pleased to see a well formed, light brown, 2 foot long turd, coiled around in the bowl.

I flushed, washed up, and got ready for work. I left for work in a surprisingly good mood. Maybe it's just me, but a good crap always puts me in a good mood. Anybody else feel that way?

Have a good weekend, everybody!

Just a guy
Meg - welcome to the site! I enjoyed your first post - it sounded like a very relieving dump. I hope you post frequently like your friend, Leanne. She's had some great posts here!

Shortie - Congratulations! Great post about you and the other mother having dumps together.

Abbie - another great post with your friends.

Rachel - enjoyed your posts about the school dumps. Sorry you didn't quite make it the one day.

Naomi & Candace - interesting posts. Look forward to more posts.

Amylee - thanks for the references. As always, I look forward to your next post.

Sunday, March 04, 2012


paintball poop

ok hey guys i think i might start posting but idk
anyways i went paintballing recently and so we were at this ranch.
anyways i was going through looking for the opposite team with my cousin. anyways we were squatting in a bush and so i guess the position moved some stuff down so while we were there i let out a really loud fart and my cousin looked at me and laughed. well i guess that fart moved poop into place and i had to go. i told my cousin and she said guess what. i said what and she turned towards me and farted louder and longer than i did. she said she had to go too. well i decided to go first and she would cover me so i pulled my shorts and underwear down, held my penis so i would go on my clothes and i peed first. well it was a straight stream for about 30 seconds. then i started to poop, i had to push a little bit and soon i felt the tip come out. i pushed some more and and i felt more of it come out. It had been at least 3 days since i had gone and i usually go about once a day. anyways it was a long rope that coiled up under my butt. when i was finally done, it was about 2 and a half feet long. well it wasnt messy so i didnt have to wipe so i pulled up my pants and saw that my cousin had been watching me the whole time. well i didnt really care plus i liked to watch her. so anyways she went over next to my pile. she pulled her pants and panties down and squatted. i saw her vagina and i saw a spraying stream come out and it was about a minute before she was done. i asked how long it had been since she had pooped. she said almost a week. well she farted a punch of times and then she grunted NNNNNNNNGH. really hard. well this huge rope started to snake out. it was about 2 inches wide and it was smooth and dark brown. well she kept grunting and it was finally out. it was about 3 feet long. then she started pushing out a few bananas about 8 inches each. then she farted and started squirting diarrhea. well when she was done and it smelled really bad. i dont even know how to describe it. anyways she pulled up her pants without wiping her pussy or her dirty butt. well i ended up getting shot in the back and she got shut on her butt. but it was fun and worth it.
i have peeing and pooping stories about me, my cousin, my aunt and other people (mostly girls(i guess im just lucky)) so i will answer any questions you have and fulfill any story requests


i got the backpack

i have read this site for a while , and now id like to share one of my own experiences.
about four years ago, i went back to school shoping with my dad. we went to a staples. i found this awsome backpack , as we were getting in line, fecal incontinence comes knocking. there was one person infront of us. my dad pulls me out of line , makes me put back the backpack , then we head back to the truck. all he said was the lady behind us was making faces, and hes embarrassed to be seen with me when it happens.

Only female in a male business

I posted several times about three years ago and those stories are in the Old Posts in the late 1600 pages. I finished my high school graduation credits first semester so I'm not actually taking classes the second semester of my senior year. Rather, I've started a community college business program that lets me work in the city for applied business/service learning credits. And that's the problem. I work at a 20-employee distributorhip that sells parts to heating and air conditioning repairmen. We may have more than 100 service guys stop in a day to pick up parts and a majority of them immediately head for our single-stall unisex toilet. In the morning they are practically running for the toilet door at the back of our building because they've had a lot of coffee and they have to piss. Some of them have beers with their lunches so they are bursting when they come in at like 1:30 or 2 p.m. In addition to using our bathroom, most come to my counter and ask to buy specific parts that they will need for the next job they are about to go to. However, when I finally get away from the counter and go in to use the toilet myself, the seat's dripping from their piss and sometimes jammed up with two or three long logs sticking out. It's just so hard for me to go when the toilet paper is gone and I can't wipe off the seat before seating myself. Also I feel strange sitting and pissing onto someone else's crap. Right after lunch today I was ready to burst, so I went in, seated myself on the wet seat and hoped for the best. There was no toilet paper available and after I finally took my seat and started dropping logs, I saw my shoes were standing in piss at the front of the toilet. What' so hard about them lifting the seat if their aim is so bad and they don't care. The drivers for our city's largest service company are not able to use the bathroom at the homes they go into, so they hold it in and then are ready to burst when they make the run for our bathroom. I just hate having to sit in what they leave behind.


Drama Project

Hey guys, I just found this site while browsing for medical guides for a prank my friend was working on, involving sending a class out on a bathroom run. We have the same interest with people going to the bathroom, mine is strictly females, but I have no idea on his. Anyway, I am about 5 8, I don't use the Imperial system so sorry :/. Anyway, I have brown hair, kinda long, and brown eyes. Appearently I'm well built, but I keep denying it. (I'm in grade 9)


So today in school, being the big tech nerd of the day (Actually I was just the only person with a good camera and editor for a drama project), I was swarmed with requests to join peoples groups and such, and ended up with this really beautiful girl that I like and her friends (all girls) for a drama group. It lead to some short stories to post here, so here I go.

1. During the main filming session, one of the girls had to pee like 10 times during the whole trip, and one of the times her friend took my camera and ran up to her and laughing, making her do a bunch of random stuff with the threat of putting it on the internet. Funny enough, they forgot to delete it afterwards, and I was considering putting it at the end of the video for a laugh, but even I'm not THAT mean >:) (Or am I)?

2. We had quite a few problems on the serious scenes, since they were a group of highschool girl friends, and seriousness doesn't come naturally, or easily, in that setting. So I had to break the filming up to individuals, I was with the girl I really liked last, since she was at the end of the movie. Afterwards, as I was walking with her home, she said she had to take a crap. She had my memory card somewhere in her house, which was the reason (as far as she knows) why I was walking her home. By the time we reached her house a half hour later, she seemed desperate, but she noted that she was constipated. Once we got to her house she went in and said she'd get the card before she went. After a few minutes of her not finding it, she apologized and said she had to go poop first. She walked in to her room bathroom, left the door open, and sat down, right near me. I asked her if she wanted me to leave, and she said no, since she does this all the time with her friends (Which are all girls, from what I've seen her with). It felt awkward at first, but it got better in the end. She was there for about a half hour, before she got up and went to look for the card again, which she found and gave to me.

I still have no idea if shes interested in me or not, but I can still hope :).



More replies

Dan NYC. I wouldn't say the liquid poo on the occasion to which I referred was particularly noisy, although it can be sometimes. There's always a risk of it missing the porcelain if you hover. Personally I always sit for #2s. What I do find, is I do a good line in hitting the back of the pan. It doesn't happen every time but I'd say it was a characteristic of about half the poos I take. Whatever the consistency, I'd say I almost always do big panfulls, even when I go two or three times in a day.

Jas. I'm no stranger to stomach flu and the last really bad bout I had of it was in 1993. It was no joke at the time. You have all my sympathy and I hope you're soon feeling much better.

Brian & Anne. At the weekend I treated myself to some M & S maxi pants and I found them more spacious than Sloggies of the same size. They hadn't quite got the same sort of finish or elasticated waist to them though.

Mega Girl

Scared Shitless

I have a story that happened to me, my 4 year old niece and my 14 year old niece. Last Holloween we were all in a group i was a witch my 4 year old niece was a mermaid, and my 14 year old niece was a "ghost"/sexy ghost. We stopped by a haunted house on the way home and my 4 year old niece was sleeping in the car so only me and my 14 year old niece came with. It was a little cheesy until the end. a robot with a chainsaw popped up (fake chainsaw) and my 14 year old niece screamed really loudly, then started crying. i called her a baby but she turned arround and said she pooped herself. it was true she had a lump the size of a baseball in her costume and was close to leaking. we continued and three more parts of the house scared her into pooping herself again. Thats the end of my story . See you all LATER

Michelle (Formally M.S)

I'm Back

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while but I'm back and will be posting more regularly form now on. This post includes two stories since my last post along with a few comments.

Sunday 5th February - It snowed quite heavily in England especially in Sussex where I live. When I woke up on Sunday I opened my curtains to find the ground covered with snow. I hadn't pood for 3 days and I have always wanted to have a poo in the snow so I thought it would be the perfect day to do it. I got dressed in appropriate clothes for the cold conditions and grabbed some toilet roll and carefully walked to the woods. By the time I got there I was close to pooing my knickers. However there were loads of people especially children playing in the snow so I didn't feel comfortable going as I didn't want anyone to slide through it on their sledge or pick it up by mistake so I kept walking in the hope of finding somewhere more private. I had to clench hard to prevent this monster poo from pushing out into my knickers but it hurt to keep holding it for so long. I thought about just letting go but I wanted to have the experience of having a poo in the snow so I kept clenching in spite of the pain. Everywhere I looked there were people enjoying themselves but I was in agony after not going for so long. All I could do was pray that I could hold it until I found a private spot to relieve my ever more urgent need. After 30 minutes of searching with one of the most urgent need to poo I have ever had I was close to losing the battle with my bowels and I felt my anus being forced open from the enormous pressure behind it but I tried to clench harder but the pain was so bad and my bowels were so full I couldn't do anything to stop it happening. The relief felt so good and I just relaxed until my knickers were full of hot poo which felt amazing in the freezing conditions. I had to stop relieving myself half way through to avoid making too much of a mess but I felt so much better for it. I don't think anyone noticed my accident but I still needed to find somewhere to release the rest of my load and clean myself up. Eventually I found a spot that was far enough away from anyone to not be seen so I took my jeans and knickers off. My knickers must have weighed about a ton but I still had a lot more poo inside me so I squatted over them and pushed out another huge load along with a stream of wee that blasted out of my vagina for about 40 seconds adding to the already large steaming pile. Suddenly I saw something moving in the bushes. I felt sure someone was watching me but I couldn't see anyone so I assumed it was just the wind blowing the branches but I was wrong as a young teenage girl appeared with a shocked look on her face. She stood there for a while looking at me squatting over soiled knickers until she called me a "Disgusting bitch" and walked past me. As she started to walk away I told her to "F**k off and get a life, people have accidents and sooner or later you will too". Once I had finished I wiped my bum which was hard as my fingers were numb at that point and my bum was on the chilly side. I then had another problem as I didn't't want to leave it for children to accidentally pick it up so I quickly went home and picked up a plastic carrier bag and went back to the scene, picked up my soiled knickers and poo and disposed of it in a dog poo bin.

Friday 17th February - I went to Emily's (I have mentioned Emily in a few of my previous posts) house to watch a movie with a few friends. As we began to watch the film I started to fart and after letting out about 7 farts in 10 minutes I felt an urgent need to poo. I told the girls that I needed the toilet and we paused the film so I could relieve myself. As I made my way to the toilet I let out another fart forcing the tip of the poo to come out my bum, just as I felt it touch the seat of my knickers I managed to get into to the bathroom and lock the door. I went over to the toilet and slid my jeans and knickers down but before I could sit on the toilet poo exploded out of my bum all over the toilet seat. I still had more poo to release so I hovered over the seat and let out three more logs of semi soft poo and tons of farts into the toilet. Once I had finished I wiped my bum, cleaned the toilet seat which took a long time and flushed. In total I was in the toilet for 15 minutes so it was obvious I was pooing and queried why I took so long so I told them about the little incident that just happened but they weren't too bothered and just wanted to watch the film.

To Leanne
Hi, it sounds like you made a good decision to leave the club as you were only just able to make it to the toilet in time. If you hadn't't left when you did you would have probably had to have an emergency poo in the street or even a messy accident in your knickers.

To Shortie
Hi, congratulations on the baby. I hope Freya is well and the three of you have a happy life together. I love your posts and I'm looking forward to reading your live pooping posts.

To Megan W
Hi, I have a friend that runs for a local athletics team and she has told me about numerous occasions where she has been running and a desperate urge creeps up on her and she struggles to hold it in often resulting in a big mess especially when she can't get to a toilet in time and fills her knickers like in your case. I too have been in that situation too when I was out jogging but I was able to have a 'Paula Radcliffe moment' which I posted about on page 2116 and squat at the side of the road. You shouldn't worry about pooing yourself as we all do it.


PLEASE post more stories <3 i like buddy dumping stories or pooping in school/public places!!! plz post more stories

LOVE Katie !!!!!


Some stories

When I was fourteen, my older sister got married. She lived in a different city several hours drive away. My parents and my brother and I attended the wedding and we stayed in a hotel. The night before the wedding, my parents had gone out to pick up food and my brother and I elected to stay in the room rather than go with. Shortly after they left, I had to take a crap. I went in to the bathroom and sat down. I began to crap and it sure didn't smell too good. To make matters worse, the tiny bathroom had no windows, and no air freshener. The fan came on automatically with the lights, but that really barely helped the smell. When I was done, I wiped and flushed, but the smell persisted. I came out of the bathroom and my brother was lying on his bed. He took a whiff and said "Peeee-ewww. Geez, sis, what did you eat?" I was embarrassed, but didn't say anything in retort.

Another time, just a few months ago, I was at a friend's house and I had to crap. I was a bit constipated and I hadn't been in three days, so I knew this would be a difficult crap. I went to her bathroom and at first nothing was coming out. Then it started and just wouldn't stop. I kept crapping more and more. Eventually it was over, but I had left behind a huge load in my friend's toilet. I flushed twice and most of the crap went down, though some remained. I then set to wiping, but found no paper on the roll. I looked around every place I thought there might be some a spare roll in her bathroom and I found nothing. I opened the door and called out to my friend and told her I was out of paper. She asked if had checked under the sink and I said yes. She apologized saying she must have forgotten to restock her spare roll and would bring me some paper. She returned with two rolls, one for under the sink. I wiped myself until I felt clean and gave another flush to get rid of my big crap.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lauren first welcome back I missed reading a you and your daugthers
peeing adventures and great story about you peeing your pants in your husbands car and Maysa peeing in the yard and your husband understanding and for baby names Heather and Lindsay are 2 of my favorites and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Heyitspoop first welcome back and great story about you hearing your friend pooping and getting to see her big poop to I bet that made your day and I look forward to reading more of your great and I loved your all your other ones to thanks.

To: Naomi great story about you having diarrhea at work at least you made it both times without having an accident and its nice your boss understood and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Casey N great story please keep them coming thanks.

To: Shane (female) great set of stories as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan W as always another great story at least no one noticed and at least you didnt have a full blown accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Little Mandi as always another great story and it sounds like you had a rough time and please tell us if 2 glasses of prune juice works and I hope you become regular again soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ashley as always another great story it sounds like you went to ladies room at the right time and it sounds like you had a very nice and big dump and left it for everyone to see and as always I look forward to your next post post thanks and god bless.

To: Evelyn first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you felt pretty good afterwards and I look forward to reading anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Walk By great story about you seeing that girl poop her pants.

To: Jasmin K as always another great story it sounds like that one girl was having a seriously big dump and I bet she felt alot better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emily first welcome to the site and gret story about your morning dump I look forward to reading anymore stories you have thanks.

To: Tom great story about you smelling that womans poop and it seems like she wasnt really shy about it either.

To: Nadine great story about your friends big dump it sounds like she must have felt really great and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Blueboy first welcome back and as always another great story about your aunt farting and pooping in front of you and your lucky I wish I had an aunt like that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great poop story and I look forwad to your next one thanks.

To: Mark great story about you seeing you aunt Sylvia big poop and please anymore stories about her you may have thanks.

To: Shortie first congrats on the arrival of your baby and as always another story and great poop by poop coverage as usual and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Sarah's had the bug too

After my bout of diarrhea at work, I got a text from Sarah saying, "SORRY FOR NOT COMING ROUND. NOT BEING IGNORANT BUT I'VE GOT THE RUNS AND I CAN'T GET OFF THE LOO". I decided to go round to see if she was ok and used my spare key to get in to her house. She was still in the bathroom stinking it up with some nasty sounding diarrhea. When she eventually came down she looked ,relieved and said she was fine but really thirsty. Whatever was in our systems was out now thank god and we still went to work the next day.

Nate R

public toilets

Car Mom: Welcome back. You were missed. I've recently found this site, did some browsing, and posted a few myself. I love your posts!

Lauren: Welcome back. Congratulations on your daughter!

Now I just want to talk about public restrooms. It's very common for posters here to say they feel uncomfortable using public toilets to poop in. I will share my thoughts. The first thing is when I hear other peoples pooping sounds. I almost want to say something when I hear it, but nothing comes to mind. However, by not saying anything is just as odd when I think about it. I might as well just imply that I didn't notice >.>
The next thing is when I'm making my own explosive sounds. How can people not say anything like they don't notice? Well it's better than some things people do say. "Yea well..... good luck with that." Was the last thing I heard someone say after I exploded a shotgun blast of poo into the toilet bowl while in an echo chamber of a room. One time when I was in 8th grade I was pooping in the public library restrooms. I exploded a loud poop in those. When I left the room there was a cute girl standing outside. I wonder if she heard me?
The last thing I can come with right now is the toilet stalls that have such big spaces in the doors and walls. I don't know what is more awkward: when I make eye contact with someone while they're pooping in there, or they make eye contact with me while I'm pooping. Has anyone had this problem?
I remember one more thing. A turd burglar (someone who pulls on the door without knocking), or someone who frames me as a turd burglar by not answering when I knock.

This is the stuff that makes using public bathrooms weird to me. I hope you enjoyed reading.

Thursday, March 01, 2012


Bug at work

I had diarrhea at work today and I hate doing a poo at work. I tried to wait untill lunch time in the hope there wouldn't be anyone there but by mid morning I got so desperate I just had to go, so I walked quickly to the toilet trying not to make it obvious I was desperate. When I got there, it was occupied and I had to wait 10 minutes to get in there. Emma came out red faced and when I saw the state of the toilet I could see why. It was destroyed and the smell was pretty bad. I found her messed in knickers in the bin so I knew she hadn't made it. I was about to do via same in mine so I lowered my jeans an knickers in one in and sat down on a warm sweaty seat. I relaxed and sprayed the pan with my diarrhea. It was a huge relief but there was still more to come so I pushed. The poo got a bit more solid now but still very lose but it felt really good. I sat for a while in case there was more but I was done so I wiped and flushed. I exited and washed my hands thoroughly and walked out leaving one very smelly and messy toilet. On my way back to my desk, Angelica came running past me holding her bum with one hand and her stomach with the other. She was in a big hurry and I'm not even sure she made it because she went home sick straight afterwards. There must be some sort of bug going round at my work, but at least I didn't have any more attacks and felt fine but dehydrated.


Using the loo at the shops

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with my latest story. As far as using the loo at school goes things are definitely improving, I've managed to get into a reasonable routine for going on the toilet every morning as soon as I arrive. My ideal would be able to have a poo every day like Alex, a girl who I've got to know who is a regular early morning toilet user. Quite often I get a cubicle next to hers and every time I've heard her having a poo, sometimes she has to push a bit but she's always managed to go. On average I'm probably managing every other day which is a big improvement on sometimes going three or four days between poos, I've noticed I don't have to push really hard any more which is a releaf especially when I'm on the loo at school.
Anyway, this story is from today. I arrived at the canteen loos as normal and I was fairly hopeful that I'd be able to open my bowels, I hadn't been the day before and as I was on the bus on the way to school my belly started to send me messages telling me that I'd need to have a poo before too long. When I got to the toilets there was a massive queue for some reason, those loos are always busy as they're the only ones open and although there are quite a lot of cubicles everyone using them seems to want a poo so each cubicle is occupied for a while. I waited and waited, as I was standing there I could feel my poo moving closer to my bum and knew it was only a matter of time before it started to poke out into my pants, it was just typical that they were too small for me as I'd managed to shrink them in the wash so I had a pretty bad wedgie. I didn't really want to end up with dirty pants as I was planning to go to shopping after school with Ellie and Beth, I knew we'd end up in changing rooms and it would be really embarasing if they noticed my pants were stained, they were plain white ones so I knew it would show. I looked at my watch and realised I wasn't going to have time to use the loo as it was only about five minutes until the bell went, so I headed off hoping I'd have the chance to go later on. By lunch break my need had gone away a bit which I was annoyed about, I had loads on anyway so only got time to go for a wee. By the time I met up with Ellie and Beth after school I was starting to feel the urge again, as we were going into town I had to start clenching my bum to stop my poo from poking out and knew I'd have to find a toilet as soon as we got to the shops. Just then as if she'd been reading my mind Beth said "I'm dying for a poo, I'll have to go as soon as we get to the shops. I needed to go in lunch break but I never got time and now I'm bursting!"
"Yeah, I know what you mean, I'm desperate too," I said, "I wanted to go before school and ran out of time as well so I've been holding it since this morning!" As we got to the shopping centre I realised I was starting to lose the battle, I was clenching my bum with all my might but the poo was determined to come and was forcing its way out despite my best effort. We went straight to the ladies, I got a cubicle in between Ellie and Beth. As I locked the door I could feel the tip was already out and was touching my pants, I quickly lifted my skirt and dropped my tights and pants and sat on the loo. I relaxed my bum and the poo started to slide out, it slowed down as it got thicker and I realised I was going to have to start pushing so I took a deep breath and tried to bear down quietly. Beth was quiet but I could hear Ellie weeing and as she did so she farted a couple of times. I inspected my pants and wiped them out with some toilet paper, they were quite badly marked but I guess it could have been worse, at least it was a solid log. I could hear Beth grunting slightly too, on the other side Ellie had only needed a wee and just then she flushed. "See you when you're done, I'll be in New Look" Ellie said as she left us to it. I had a huge log sticking out of my bum and it was creeping out really slowly, I hadn't heard any plops from Beth's side so far. Just then there was some strained breathing followed by two loud plops from Beth. As I heard her weeing I felt my poo starting to speed up and shortly after it flumped down into the bowl too, it was so long it didn't make much of a noise but I let out the breath I'd been holding and ended up giving out a loud grunt by mistake, so embarasing! I pushed a bit more to check I was done and some smaller pieces plopped down into the bowl and I farted as well! I finished with some wee and then I started to wipe my bottom just as Beth finished wiping and flushed. I threw the last piece of toilet paper into the bowl and then stood up and pulled up my pants and tights. I met Beth at the sinks and then we went off to meet Ellie. Shortly after we were trying on clothes in the fitting rooms but luckily I didn't need to panic about my pants being dirty, as Beth took off her uniform I saw she was wearing white pants too and her poo had obviously been poking out as well as they were stained quite badly.
Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!


Outdoor poo

I really had so poo and pee when it got up this morning so I went to the toilet and peed a lot but I held my poo back which is quite was quite difficult seeing as I needed to go so badly. I didn't want to poo in the toilet because I was worried about blocking it with my huge poo, so I got dressed and grabbed a toilet roll and left the house to go to the woods. It was a little frosty this morning so I went straight back indoors to get a sweater and a scarf and went out again. The woods are only a five minute walk from my house which was just as well because I was getting desperate for that poo. I found a nice secluded spot by by a fallen tree and used it as a convenient seat to sit on and do my business. I lowered my jeans and knickers to my ankles and sat on the freezing cold log. I pushed but it was hard and knobly so I had to push hard to get it moving. It came out slowly and after ten minutes a 6 inch steaming turd lay on the grass bellow my bum. I pushed again and it got easier now the first part was out and I soon had another 5 inch turd laying next to the first one. I pushed again and in one big rush, a long soft rope about 18 inches long coiled up around the other 2. It was a huge relief and there was a lot of steam coming one the pile I'd created. I wiped myself clean and pulled my knickers and jeans and went back home to have my breakfast and get ready for work.


Hospital pooping

Well i never got around to live pooping on Sat as it was busy with people coming and going visiting but it didnt matter as i went on Friday night. I had just had a wash when i began to feel the rumblings of a poop in my bowels. I went back to the ward and saw my mum had arrived to see Freya. I had left her with Matt whilst i went to wash up for bed. I told them i was back to drop of my wash bag but needed to the toilet so i wouldnt stay long. Mum and Matt said they'd be just fine with Freya.

I headed off. Whilst in hospital i made friends with another woman who was in labour. We were in the same room - a semi private room. She delivered just around an hour or so before me - a boy, who she called Thomas or Tommy for short. Well i headed into the toilets and i saw her heading into them as well. She was needing the toilet as well. We both went in and took adjoining cubicles. I pulled up my hospital gown and my big knickers which the hospital provided, due to bleeding for the first 2 weeks after birth. I sat down on the toilet and i suddenly noticed i could see into the toilet. I havent been able to in so long. I began to pee and in the next cubicle i could hear a pee. She suddenly pipped up and said, "Hey, have you pooped since Freya was born as i havent since Tommy was born and feel like i could go now. But i dont know if i should as Tommy needs feeding and i promised hubby id be back". I answered back saying, "No, i havent pooped but do need to go now. Tommy will be fine for a few minutes, if you go now and quickly you could be back in about 5 minutes or so". She said, "Yeah, i guess. Do need to go and dont want to hold it. Havent been since Thursday morning whilst in labour". I said, "Okay, i havent been since Thursday afternoon and apolgise for any smell. Just hope its a quick one, although Sarah(my midwife)tells me it may be a struggle until hormones slow down". She said, "Don worry about the smell. I'll be joining you in one in a minute. My midwife told me it may be a struggle as well but i hope not". By now i had begun pushing. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nothing was happening. She said, "How is uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh little Fre uuuuuh ya doing?". I said, "Yeah, she's uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fine. Eating uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well and sleep uhhhhhhhhhhhh ing well so far. What about your uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Tommy. She answered, "Yeah, he's amazing. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh He's perfect. Everything we could have uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh asked for. PLOP, PLOP. She has some release as i continued pushing. I now knew what the midwife meant by contuing struggles for a while after birth. I wanted to get back to my daughter but i really needed to poop. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and then she went PLOP, PLOP, PLOP and then ahhhhhhhhhhhhh as she had finished. Mine however hadnt even started. She was wiping when she asked me, "Are you okay as you seem to be having some trouble. Either that are you are a silent pooper. I said, "No way am i a silent pooper. Its just i struggled to poop when i was pregnant from 5 months or so and it looks like it'll continue until my hormones go away." She flushed and i went uhhhhhhhhhhhh and suddenly felt some movement. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and then as she washed her hands, PLOP, PLOP, PLOPPPPPPPPPPPPP. She said, "hey, there you go, success. I laughed and PLOPPED again. I wiped and flushed. She waited for me as i washed up and we headed back to the ward. We made it back and she fed Tommy and i had a conversation with my mum and Matt before heading to sleep.

I left hospital on Staurday lunch time and i havent really had time to breathe since then as Freya has taken over my life. So i pooped last night(Mon)-2 big logs and 4 small ones. Quite a difficult one but not as bad as when i was pregnant. Maybe i'll live poop next time. Hopefully.

Until then bye bye.

Recently I was in town and needed the loo, so I went into a McDonalds restaurant. The toilets are upstairs, along to the back of the eating area, then up a further flight of stairs, then they divide into male and female facilities. I noted when I went into the gents that the ladies was closed for cleaning.

I was in the middle cubicle of 3 when I heard a commotion outside. I then heard a girl's voice saying "I can't wait, let's go in the mens". The door opened and she continued "Sorry, we're bursting, coming in!". I replied that it was ok. The cubicle on my right was slammed shut, and I heard a frantic undoing of buttons, then a pair of trousers and a pink thong appeared under the partition. The girl grunted then let loose a torrent of runny poo which continued for several waves. On the other side I could see that the person had a pair of pink and purple knickers and tights, they were weeing fiercely.

At this point I finished and left. A short while later I saw two teenage school girls leave the mens, looking very relieved.


Yesterday evening, I felt an urge to pee while I was cooking dinner. It was a dinner I had to watch closely to be sure it didn't burn, and so I held my pee. When I had a moment to go, I actually didn't feel the need to go anymore. That night, as I was getting ready for bed, the need returned with a vengeance. I headed to the bathroom, but my husband was in there taking a dump and he said he'd be a while. I didn't think I could hold it that long, so I went down in to the basement to use the toilet in the laundry room. My son was taking clothes from the dryer and folding them. He asked if I needed the toilet and I said yes, then he asked if I wanted him to leave. I said he could stay, but not to look. He looked away as he continued folding the clothes and I sat on the toilet. I hiked up my nightie and bunched it around my waist as I peed. I must have been for like two minutes. I really had to go, even more than I knew. When I was done, I dabbed my self dry and flushed. I thanked my son for not looking and left to go to bed.

I'm writing because about 6 months ago my bowel habits changed. I'm 30 and female btw. It all started on a long weekend in Vegas. I must have picked up a bug because I had really epic bathroom trips there. Actually, it started the day before we left. I'll give you the rundown below. Anyway, ever since I've gone from a once a day to every-other-day person to a 2 times a day person. I've also had diarrhea about 15 different days since I've gotten back. Can IBS show up after a stomach issue? I had constipation a lot growing up, so maybe it just changed from constipation to diarrhea? Nothing in my diet or habits changed. Sorry this post is going to be long.
Anyway, here's the rundown of the trip: I was packing and getting ready to leave in the morning when I suddenly had to take a wicked shit. Normally I go in the morning, but I didn't have a lot of choice in the matter. I went to the bathroom and took a huge dump, impressively big. It was soft but solid and at the time I was really happy because I thought it meant that I was cleaned out and wouldn't have to go on the plane. I felt fine, so I finished packing.
I didn't go in the morning before we left, or on the plane. I was happy about that. We got to the hotel and checked in and I felt okay, still no movement. We were getting ready for dinner when I had to go. It came out more quickly than usual, and was a little softer than usual. I felt fine. We went to dinner and after appetizers, but before our dinner came, I felt an urgent need. I went to the bathroom and shit again. Same as last time came out quickly and was really soft but had some form. I had to go to the bathroom at the restaurant again before we left. Less came out this time, but it was the same urgency and consistency as before.
In the morning I went to breakfast with my friends. I didn't go before I left the hotel. After breakfast I went back to the hotel and went a little there. Only a little bit came out, but same as the last few times. At lunch (at a nice restaurant), I had to excuse myself to the bathroom. It was starting to get even softer. I went two more times that day.
The next morning I had to go when I woke up. Usually it takes me an hour or so, but this time it was within 10 minutes of getting up. The urge hit me again at breakfast. I rushed to the bathroom and filled the toilet with sloppy shit. Mid-morning I had to go again, then two more times in the afternoon. Still really soft, but had a little form. Getting ready to go out that evening, I had to get dressed up. We had reservations at a really nice restaurant. I went to put on my dress, which is usually a bit big, and it was tight. My stomach was really swollen! I had to go again before we left the hotel. We got to the nice restaurant and I was horrified when I had to go when I was there. Here I am in a beautiful bathroom taking a very soft barely formed shit. I still felt okay.
The next morning I woke up and immediately I had to go. It woke me out of sleep. I ran to the toilet and loose shit came out fast. Only a little bit, but wow. I got dressed and went to get coffee. I was in line at Starbucks when my stomach started to hurt for the first time. I took about 3 sips of my coffee and my stomach started turning. I felt sick. I found my friends and we went to breakfast. I wasn't even able to finish my coffee. (I always finish my coffee!) We ordered and before the food came I had to rush to the bathroom. Two waves of mushy shit came out. I managed to eat some of my breakfast but before we left I had to go again. I had another wave of mushy shit. I still didn't feel great. We walked the strip for a bit and when we were in a really nice casino I felt really intense pressure on my bladder and bowels. I ran to find a bathroom and ran into the first stall and tore my pants down. The second my ass touched the seat it started. My bladder and bowels pushed with the most intense pressure I've ever felt. Piss and loose shit hit the bowl with massive pressure. Once I was done peeing, the pressure eased up, but I couldn't stop shitting. Wave after wave after wave of sloppy shit kept coming out. I turned and looked at the water and all of the shit fell apart in the water. My stomach lurched and I barely turned around in time when my bowels opened and thick diarrhea started pouring out. I was like soft serve that kept coming and coming. I don't think I've ever shit so much in one sitting in my life! When I looked in the toilet again, there was a pile of muddy diarrheal shit and a ton of brown water. I realized that my friends were waiting but I wasn't done. I pushed and more diarrheas came out. Finally I didn't have to go urgently anymore. I knew I was nowhere near done, but I was done for now. My stomach was aching and swollen and I knew I had a lot more inside me. We walked back toward the hotel and we stopped in a store. Suddenly I got really sick to my stomach. I got cold and hot and my stomach started spinning. I could feel the water moving through my intestines. This is the first time that I knew it was going to be diarrhea. I excused myself and headed back to the hotel alone (thankfully). My stomach was so upset; it was turning and gurgling, so the walk to the hotel was tough. The elevator ride was even worse. I walked back to my room, and somewhere along the way the urgency lifted. I got to my room, dropped my stuff on the bed and decided to get our tickets and start getting things together for checkout since I only had about an hour. The sickness came back and I tore my clothes off while running to the toilet. I sat and had 3 waves of liquid diarrhea. I felt horrible. My stomach was hurting and turning and it was so uncomfortable. I decided to take a hot shower to try and settle it. I got in and before I could even hop out I threw up twice in the shower. I waited a while for my stomach to settle and figured I was okay. I started to shampoo my hair when the urge hit me again. Soap still in my hair I dove for the toilet and had a few more waves of liquid diarrhea. I finished my shower and got my stuff together. I barely touched my lunch; I only took a few bites. I felt sick off and on all afternoon and on the flight, but I didn't get sick or have diarrhea any more after that.
Since that day I've had diarrhea about 15 different days. I've also had upset stomachs about 2-3 times each week. I've been going 2-3 times per day, usually in the morning. This week I've been constipated and have only gone twice in the last 5 days. Does this sound like IBS or should I worry?

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