Mega Girl


Hello again i have two stories to tell today. The first one happened when i was about to break up with my boyfriend after hearing him say it while i was in the bathroom. On the day he was going to let me know i clogged every toilet in his house with diarrhea. He told me we should see other people, and i told him he should go see a plumber. It was funny as hell.

Another story didn't actually happen to have anything to do with me actually, this happened to my 13 year old nephew. We share secrets and often they are quite weird or inappropriate. He went on a field trip where the kids re-enacted the ecosystem pretending to be predators, prey, and omnivores, etc etc. My nephew was a predator and was hiding in a tree when a group of cute girls came towards his hiding spot. Two said they needed to poop. They pulled their pants and panties down and pooped three mid-sized turds each. He was not caught and wasn't sure what to think about that situation.

Thanks for all the kind replies and i'll be posting again soon. Mega Girl, OUT.


My name is Skye i am 5ft 4 and medium size.
One summer afternoon i was at my friends house. My friend and i were out in her garden sunbathing when all of a sudden i had a huge urge to pee, almost uncontrollable. I ran to her bathroom to find the door locked, her brother was in the shower. I could have peed myself right then, however i managed to get back out into the garden. When i felt a squirt come out. I was frantic and looking for somewhere to go to pee in private, then my friend said run behind the shed. I got behind the shed pulled shorts down and just then a huge gush which i could not stop came pouring out, I wet my knickers.

Shane (female)


Ok, remember when I said I was constipated? Well, I still haven't pooped yet!! I'm having severe stomach pain, mainly on my right side. I'm worried it might be my appendix. My anus hurts too, it's terrible! Please let me know what you think! My 15th birthday's coming up next week, and I reeaally don't want to end up in the hospital during then!

Another thing I want to add:
On my post from a few days ago, after I put my name at the end, it put a bunch of replies to people I never replied to. Sorry for any confusion, lol. For future referrences, I end every post with "--Shane" or something on those lines. So if you ever see a post from me that has more after that part, that means there was a mistake. Just clearing that up.

Thanks soooo much for your time and help, it'd be greatly appreciated!!!!
--(worried) Shane

Here it is, straight from the guvment'.Located at

I think I'm finally back to normal! I've been pretty constipated all week. This morning I woke up and about an hour after being up I needed to go. This is totally normal for me. It took me a few minutes before I was able to pass two small hard pieces. I was still full and I knew I wasn't done. I stayed and decided to be patient. Several minutes later my guts were pushing pretty hard and I knew something was coming. Finally a log came out. It was very hard and only a few inches long. My movements are not usually hard. I sat for a little while longer but nothing else happened.

A few hours later I was at work when I started to get a sensation below. It wasn't exactly an urge, but I figured that I should try. I went in and right away I was able to pass a decent sized log. It was hard but it came out pretty easily.

Later this afternoon I was driving home from work when I started to get a slightly upset stomach. I felt full and as soon as I got home I went to the bathroom. All I could pass was a lot of gas. I figured I was fine but I waited about 20 minutes to be sure.

Once I decided that I was okay, I went to the store. It's only about a 10 minute ride but about 3 minutes into it my stomach started to gurgle and feel a little funny. Once 5 minutes hit I was feeling sick to my stomach. About 8 minutes in I was getting close to the store. I broke into a cold sweat and my stomach was turning and I really had to use the bathroom. It was churning and I had to go really badly. I pulled into the parking lot and walked to the bathrooms as quickly as I could. Thankfully, they were empty and I took the first stall since it was near the wall. I latched the door, pulled my pants down and sat. The second my ass touched the seat I started to go. It came out quickly and easily but it kept coming out. Finally, I felt like I was done. I turned and looked and there was a long rope almost a foot long and a few smaller ones that were a few inches long each. It was soft and more like the consistency I am used to. I still didn't feel well so I waited a few minutes to see if I had to go some more. I didn't. Walking around the store my stomach was turning and felt sick. A couple of times I debated going back to the bathroom but I decided against it. I finished my shopping quickly. I felt sick the whole ride home and went straight to the bathroom when I walked in. I sat and passed a lot of gas but nothing else. It's been about an hour since I got home and I still don't feel well. My stomach is turning and gurgling and just feels icky.



Okay, first of all I'm a 25 year old, and this story is from when I was a teenager. I used to live in a house that was designed for two families to live in, both seperated by a wall. I talked with their daughter, Melissa [not her real name].

One day her parents were out and I was sitting in the bathroom, just relaxing and doing nothing. I forgot to mention this but said seperating wall was really thin, it wasn't noticable in most places but the wall in the bathroom was the weakness and you could hear everything. Then I heard the fastest door opening ever along with the sound of a skirt and panties being pulled down, accompanied by some tiny farts. It was silent for a moment, then I heard a very loud PFFFFFT fart and a huge plop, and some groaning.

It was silent for a moment, but then I heard the loudest, longest, fart I've ever heard. It seriously could've gone for 40 seconds, accompanied by a moan [It went like PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT]. It was followed by rapid fire plops and tinier farts [pff]. I was surprised that such a cute, thin girl could even do this.

I had nothing better to do, so I sat there. I heard wiping and a skirt being pulled up, then a LOUD gurgle and a light "Oh crap!" and her skirt quickly being pulled down, and then tons of BRAAAAP farts and lots of plops and some groaning. I never have had a BM that big.

I heard her say "I haven't taken a dump in 3 weeks" [something along those lines]. pff pff pff pfft braap. Just tons of mid range farts. I was beginning to even smell it.

Then, loud grunting and the sound of pushing really hard. I heard "It's stuck!".

After about 5 minutes of grunting and groaning, a GIGANTIC splash, accompanied by some big PRRRRRT farts.

I heard her whipe once mor, an even louder gurgle and a wet BRAAAAP and then explosive diarrhea. She just sat there for 2 hours, farting really loudly. She was finally finished, I heard some gurgles and farts as she stood up, but she didn't sit back down. She was in there for 4 hours.

At school the next day, she went to the bathroom a lot, farted loudly a couple times [She was red in the face]. I felt kinda bad for her butt for having to take such a horrible dump.

Question for everyone: when is longest you've been stranded on the toilet? Telling your story in detail would be nice.


Pooping on a boat

A few summers ago, my friend S invited me to come on a boating trip. Also on the trip was E (she's the unnamed friend from my previous story). The three of us had a great time and we stayed out for several hours. We had to pee over the rails into the water a couple times, but we didn't consider the possibility of one of us having to poop.

And, as it just so happened, S did have to poop while we were out. She was hesitant, but eventually realized there was no other options. She took off her bikini bottom and hung her butt over the railing, the same as if she had to pee, and let loose several logs into the water. None of us had anything for S to wipe with, but she decided to get into the water and clean her butt that way, and then we all had a swim.


okay i peed on the floor

everyone has that moment where it hits you that you are dieing to go well i will tell you a story

i was messing about with one of my friends talking about funny things that happened in the past i said to my friend stop talking about funny things so what did she do carry on one of my other friends were using the toilet and i had to pee so i pulled em down and peed on the floor


Smelly Shoutouts

Naomi- loved your story about stinking up the "fancy bathroom". Don't be embarrassed! I sure wish I was your lucky co-worker who got to follow you in afterwards. He may have enjoyed it. Who knows? You said you often take stinky shits. Please tell us about them! Also, a little description of yourself would be nice if you were so inclined...

Tim- Your story about Karen was great. The smelliest girl I ever experienced was also named Karen. However, I enjoyed every moment of her odor. In fact, I have NEVER smelled a woman's shit that was too "bad" for me to enjoy. If you have any other stories like this, please share them.

Edward- You are a lucky guy. Do you enjoy your wife's aroma? Does she usually stink or was it just the .Mexican food? She is really open with you. Please keep the stories coming.


Another chat with C

Today C and I were chatting and one of the things we talked about was how she was making dessert for her bible study the next evening. That led her to remember she hadn't been to the store to pick up the ingredients. She apologized and said she'd have to cut our chat short and go before the store closed.

Later that evening, she messaged me and said she had made her pie and could talk for a bit, if I wanted to. So we did. The first thing she said was "I had to drop the Cosby kids off at the pool while I was out, but I took a picture for you."

She send me two pictures, one of her sitting on the toilet. Her panties were around her knees and she was flashing a cheeky grin. The next one was of her dump. She had done a longer turd about ten inches, and a shorter one, about four.

I still haven't gathered up the courage to ask her about doing a video chat while on the toilet. I'm not sure how she'll react, but I mean she voluntarily shows me pictures of her dumps, so I guess I should just ask. Worst case scenario, she says 'no', right?

I went to the campus gym this evening for a workout. After an hour and half of running and lifting weights I went back to get changed. I was using one of the small remote gyms which is usually not very busy compared to the other on campus. The changeroom is fairly small and has one large toilet stall in the middle offering little privacy from those around you. It was late afternoon and the gym was nearly empty. I was planning to shit in the toilet stall provided nobody else was around since I needed to go. Since there is just one toilet it is quite awkward to be relieving yourself while while everyone around you isn't. If there were a few more toilets it would be okay but I needed shit so I would go anyways. I went to my locker and started to pull my stuff out.

Shortly afterwards a guy in his mid 20s came in and quickly put his stuff in a locker and went to the stall. There are a few urinals around the corner by the sinks so I knew he was going to be taking a shit. I would have to wait for him to finish. He pulled his trackpants down to his running shoes and seated down on the toilet. He let out a few high pitched farts before I heard some turds dropping. I walked over and had a hot shower which is located around the other corner from the toilet. I was about 5 minutes into it and I still hadn't heard the toilet flush so I continued showering until I couldn't hold it any longer. Drinking a lot of fluids meant I had to pee pretty badly too. To great relief I finally heard him leave to the gym a short time later. I dried off and slipped on a clean pair of boxer briefs and heading straight to the stall. Inside the guy had left a pretty good mess. He never flushed the toilet and the bowl was full of his turds and toilet paper. The smell was still pretty strong too. I didn't understand why he didn't flush his load down. I pulled the lever and nothing happened. Just under the stall partition was a white piece of laminated paper face down. I flipped it over with my foot and saw it read OUT OF ORDER. Somehow the sign must have fallen off. I needed to go now though so I didn't care. Thank god there were toilet liners which I placed down before slipping my briefs to my ankles and sitting down on the still warm toilet. A moaning fart came out of me almost instantly as I pissed and farted uncontrollably. That was quickly proceeded my the sharp pain of a large turd dropping out of me that I pushed out with little effort. It felt really good and I didn't need to wipe much either. My fat turd dwarfed the other guys small turds that scattered the bowl. Either way it looked like someone had released about a weeks worth of shit in one sitting. I got changed and got the hell out of there before someone else came in to shit.

To "Lady Caca":
I think your boyfriend would consider himself blessed just to see you poop at all. I know I would if my girlfriend were to offer. Don't worry if you can't live up to the measurements seen on this forum. The thing to remember is that most posters here don't measure the shits they describe, and can only make their best guess, so it may not be 100% accurate to the real size.

There really is no 'magic bullet' to make you poop bigger turds. You can try eating foods with high fiber content, such as split peas, artichokes, or other fruits and vegetables. However, this will likely just make you poop more often, and not really increase the size.

If you decide to increase your fiber intake, be sure to also drink plenty of water, or all you'll do is make yourself constipated. Also of note, don't overdo it. If you take in too much fiber, vital nutrients your body needs to function can get flushed out along with your turds.

Abbie, Leanne, Martin, Mega Girl- I really liked all of your latest posts. You must really enjoy your room being where it is, Leanne!

Two stories from me today. The first was from Thursday at school where I had a small accident. By break I needed to have a toilet break to have a wee and a number two, but I didn't have time to go because the bell went while I was queuing. I thought I could hold it ok through next lesson, and I did, but by the time the bell went for lunch I needed a wee very urgently and my poo was beginning to poke out of my bum. I got to the loos as fast as I could but they were really busy. There were lots of girls needing to go and the queue was pretty long. At first it moved ok because not many girls seemed to be having poos, but then the line slowed down. I was fourth in line and bursting for a toilet so I could relieve both urgent needs. By the time I was second in line my poo was really poking out and I couldn't wait more than another couple of minutes. Everyone seemed to be going poo now because nobody was coming out. After a couple of minutes I almost completely lost control. I managed to hold on, but half of my first log had slipped completely out of my bum before I could stop it. I clenched as hard as I could and it broke off in my undies. I let out a spurt of wee as well but with difficulty stopped the flow after a couple of seconds. Finally a couple of toilets became free and I dashed in and hitched up my skirt and pulled down my tights and purple knickers and got on the loo. The rest of my first log came right out, followed by another as my bladder released too with a hissing stream. Two more poos came out before I finished my wee and now I felt soo much better! I wasn't done going poo, though. I felt pretty embarassed because my poos made loud plops and my wee was loud and since both started immediately it was clear I'd been desperate for both things when I went.
I had three more small poos and a soft fart to produce, then I was done. I examined my undies. There was a piece of my poo in them and some brown stains, as well as a pretty big wet patch on the front. I got some paper and removed the poo and the worst of the marks, and then wiped myself, using quite a lot of paper up! When I came out after ten minutes there was still a queue of girls, so I was lucky- any later and I'd have been stuck in a bigger queue and would have completely pooed and wet myself!

My other story is from Friday at school. I was needing a poo again badly by lunch. In the queue I heard two girls in front of me talking. They were in year 11 and were talking loud enough that I could hear them being right behind them. One, quite tall with brown hair, said to the other, 'Ugh cmon! I'm about to piss myself!' The other one, shorter and with black hair, replied, 'at least you're not desperate for a poo!' They both laughed, and I agreed with the second girl- I was desperate to poo and not enjoying it either! They both got cubicles and I heard the second girl drop three loud, rapid poos very soon after she went in. I got a toilet and got sat down. I pushed out two big poos with very loud plops and then two more smaller ones a couple of minutes later. This time my red knickers were clean!

Hello everyone! I'm Leanne's friend Megan and I believe I've been mentioned in a few of her stories! Last time we met she told me about this site and I've been reading some old posts recently. Now when I finally decide to post I see that someone with the same name and initial as me (Megan W) has posted a story! So I'll just call myself Meg for clarity :)

I'm a student in England and I'm 5ft 6, shoulder length red hair and green eyes. To describe my body- nobody but me would say I was overweight but I'm convinced I could lose a few more pounds! I have a normal sized bum for want of a better term! Now to the toilet- how often I wee depends on how much I drink, of course, but maybe 5-6 times a day normally. I usually go poo once a day but sometimes (especially certain times of the month!) I will miss a day or two or end up going several times a day. Often at the weekends I end up going more than once for some reason, and always after I've been drinking! Once I start to need to go it's usually not long until I'm desperate for it, which can be awkward! I've been enjoying Leanne's stories (of course!), as well as Martin's, Abbie's, Brian's and Amylee's. Hope you all like mine!

Anyway my first story. On Friday afternoon I had a three hour workshop for one of my classes. It was after lunch and I'd not been the day before so when the urge to go number two arrived it came in force! There was a while left in the class and to make things worse I needed to wee as well. As the end approached I was getting pretty urgent to go to the loo. Needing both productions made holding on more awkward, but it was my need to go number two that was worse by quite a way. Finally the workshop ended and I headed to the little girls room. So were a few other girls, however. There were only 3 cubicles in the nearest toilets and I couldn't wait so I got there as fast as I could. Luckily only one cubicle was taken when I got there so I took one and pulled down my jeans and my green knickers. Sitting down opened the floodgates both front and back and I began weeing as my bum opened and a soft log emerged quickly and quietly. Another followed as someone else took the open cubicle. This one plopped. Four more poos came out slowly as the other girl began to poo. A short queue was forming for the three cubicles but two of us were having poos so it was moving slowly. After five minutes I had unloaded those 6 logs. Three bits of stubborn poo were next but they didn't want to come out so another 5 minutes passed before I was done pooing. My neighbour had been replaced twice in this time so it was a bit embarassing to come out after such a relatively long time on the loo when there were still two or three girls in need of a seat! I tend to take a while to have my number twos which is why when I need to go in public toilets I prefer ones with lots of cubicles so I don't deprive someone else of a perhaps desperately needed toilet!


The loose shits

One day i was at school and my friend britteny and i had to take a shit really bad so as we are in class britteny lets out a huge nasty stinky fart and everybody gave her a digusting look as class was Finally over she ran to da bathroom and pulled down her underwear and sat down on da toilet all i heard was moaning big nasty ploops and shit fallen in da toilet she was in the for 45 mins

I was out in town again today and after having lunch I soon got an urge to have a substantial bowel movement. I'd only been once yesterday instead of my usual twice. I knew I needed to go soon but I didn't want to have to wait in the same Mcdonalds I used last week because it was very busy at the weekend and I was already wanting to go quite badly. I looked round a record shop while I tried to think of another place to go. There is a KFC nearby so I popped in but as I did so I saw a mother and two kids going into the single-occupancy loo so I knew it would be a sifnificant wait so I left. My poo was pushing hard by now and I couldn't think of another place I could use so I headed into the Mcdonalds. Sure enough both cubicles were in use for number twos already and a boy of about 14 was waiting to go. I was really needing a seat right away by now but 5 minutes passed before the boy got to go in, leaving me waiting for the other cubicle to open. A few more minutes passed with both occupants dropping pretty regular logs. A man came in with his young son and said, 'you just wait behind this man if you need to go poo,' and he went to the urinal while his son stood by me. Finally the other cubicle opened and I went in and sat. Two logs eased out rapidly with loud crackling and plops. I farted and let out some soft mushy poo. More logs followed, three in total, and a couple of small pieces.

This is a rundown of what a typical week has looked like for me during the last 6 months. (Ever since Vegas, which I posted earlier)
Last Wednesday: I woke up in the morning and had my coffee. About 20 minutes later I had to go to the bathroom. I sat and a bunch of soft pieces came out quickly and easily. About a half hour later I needed to go again. This time a sticky rope came out. I had to wipe a lot and it left marks in the toilet. My stomach hurt all morning, and at one point I had to use the bathroom at work. More sticky shit came out. Again, I had to wipe a lot. My stomach was still hurting and upset.
That afternoon I was with a disabled client who needs to be with someone at all times. I was alone with her in the van, and my stomach was really bothering me. Finally I knew I had no choice, I went into a store and brought her with me. I went into a stall and left her by the sinks. I was embarrassed to go, knowing she was right there, but my stomach was killing me. I sat and a long sticky rope started to come out. It kept coming and coming. I pushed and finally I was done. I looked and it was one continuous piece wrapped around the bowl twice. I had to wipe a lot. My stomach was still upset, but not as bad.
I got home that afternoon and made another trip to the bathroom. This time it was softer, mud like consistency. It came out in a flop-osh. I looked and the bottom of the bowl was splattered with gooey nasty pooh. It was not solid but not liquid. My stomach was still unhappy. I had already shit 5 times. No more movements that day.
Thursday: In the morning I took a sloppy shit. It was very soft and loose, but mostly solid. Then about a half hour later, I had another one. I had an appointment and when I got to the office I had to go to the toilet again. This time not much came out, but I had to wipe a lot. I went again that afternoon. Finally I was done for the day.
Friday: I had a soft but solid movement around 6:30. I went again around 7. I got home in the afternoon and went again, still soft but solid.
Saturday: Two movements in the morning, soft but solid.
Sunday: A movement in the morning. Ran errands, came home and had another soft movement. This time a lot came out.
Monday: Woke up with a stomachache. Took 3 shits before I left the house. All smallish, and very soft but had form. They fell apart when they hit the water. Stomach was upset off and on all day.
Tuesday: Stomach was uneasy. Had a big movement in the morning. Then, had another big movement about an hour later. Got in the shower and had to get out to go again. Only a little bit this time. Felt sick off and on. Driving home late from class (around 9 pm) the urge hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to go NOW! I barely held it until I got to a D&D. I ran in, yanked my pants down and relaxed. It came out in one huge volcanic rush. Whooosh, and I was done. I looked into the toilet and I filled their toilet with shit. I couldn't believe how much I went. It was soft but solid.
Wednesday: No movement in the morning. Had a small movement at work, soft but solid. Had a slightly bigger movement at home in the afternoon. Stomach started hurting before dinnertime. Later, I sat down to watch a movie with my husband and it was getting worse and worse. Finally, I had to make him pause the movie. I went to the bathroom and at first only a little bit of sloppy shit came out. Then, it was like a cork was pulled. Stomach cramps started, stomach was gurgling pretty loudly. Waited a minute or two, cramps getting worse. Stomach lurched and a wave of liquid diarrhea came out. Stomach turned, another wave. Shifting around to get comfortable. Felt pressure, another wave. Finally, I couldn't go anymore. Stomach was still hurting.
The last 15 minutes of the movie my stomach was doing summersaults. I somehow made it, and excused myself to the bathroom. I went to the farthest one since I had the feeling it would be a long and loud session. I sat down and relaxed. Stomach was aching. It took a minute before I started to go. First wave was small, but as I went they got larger. I must have spent almost an hour on the toilet, wave after wave of diarrhea coming out of me. My stomach was in knots. At the end I felt like I had dry heaves out of my ass. My guts were pushing with everything they had but only drops were coming out. I went to bed miserable. Didn't go the next day.
This seems to be typical for me now. I have stomachaches 2-3 times per week. I've had diarrhea at least twice a month, if not more. Sometimes when I get diarrhea I will go 5-6 times in a day. My record is 8 times in a day. Otherwise, when its solid, if I don't go 2-3 times in a day, I am surprised. The volume has also increased a lot in the last 6 months. Ever since I got sick in Vegas, it's like my guts are totally different.
I've gotten over my fear of shitting in public. Since my urges have been more severe, I've taken massive shits in restaurants, gas stations, at work, at school. It doesn't seem to matter anymore. One day I exploded into a disgusting gas station toilet. I had no choice. I sat down and a torrent of chunky diarrheal shit just erupted out of me. I spent a good 10 minutes in there shitting my brains out. I had to go again a few hours later at school. I guess I'm getting used to it.
This week has been the exception. For the first time in 6 months, I've been constipated. I haven't had stomachaches; then again, I went 2 days without shitting. I went twice on Tues as per usual. I didn't go Wed or Thurs. Friday I had painful little bee-bees. They were all tiny little balls that hurt when they came out. About an hour later I had a softer movement, but it felt like lava. 20 minutes after that the urge hit me like a ton of bricks. I started to go. It hurt and kept coming out. I couldn't even feel the texture since it hurt my ass so badly. All I knew was I just shit, finally. I looked in the toilet and it was exactly like poop looks like in cartoons. It was a steaming soft pile sitting on the bottom of the bowl. I almost took a picture. It still didn't make up for the movements that I haven't taken the last few days.
Saturday I had a small movement in the morning, nowhere near enough seeing as I haven't gone much. I usually shit a lot, and I've barely shit at all. Sunday I had a small soft movement in the morning. Then I got the urge when I was getting ready to shower so I squatted in the tub. A few tablespoons of brown liquid squirted out but that's all. I've had a stomachache since. I guess I'm back to normal?


Smurf Poo?

Hi, I've been reading this for about a week. I like some of the stories, and I think it's cool that there's a place to talk about something that's almost more taboo than sex. I'm an adult male, still a little shy so not using my full name.

A few days ago, I cooked blue pasta, coloured with curaçao. I had seen it in the store and bought it as an interesting novelty. Anyway, it turned the cooking water bright blue. I left the water in the pot so other people could admire it. A friend who came and visited a few hours later informed me that curaçao keeps its colour on the way out--- she had experienced this and been really surprised. Sure enough, two days later I had noticeably bluish poo. At first I thought it looked like Pepto Bismol dark poo but I hadn't taken any Pepto Bismol recently and it was actually a much bluer colour. I bet it would be a lot more intense if you actually drank the stuff.


Comment to Evelyn

Evelyn, my childhood might have been a bit like yours in some ways, although different in others. My parents were certainly not religiously or politically conservative, but they were conservative in other ways and had a really profound discomfort with a lot of things having to do with the body. I have some sort of weird memories of toilet training that I might save for another day, but then I went through what I guess is a pretty normal kid phase where I had fairly recently mastered it and was interested in the subject, but my parents got really upset and didn't want me to talk about toilets, etc. It left me with a lot to sort out as I got older. More recently, I've been watching a nephew grow up and been struck by how much more open things are in his household, and how nobody makes a big fuss when talking about farting, pooping, peeing, etc.

Monday, February 27, 2012

John H

comments and saying hey Post Title (optional)

Hey all I havent posted for a while because I have been busy with one thing and another.
I have been dropping by to read every day though and I have been enjoying all the storys.
I have also been reading some of the older entrys and its good to see alot of the old names starting to post again.
now a few comments.
To: Shortie congrats on your baby beeing borne and Freya is a lovely name. glad it went well for you and i am sure your looking forward to your poos getting back to normal.
To: Megan W hey that really sounded like a messy accident and it was lucky you made it to the locker room before it came out. Good you managed to get it all cleaned up without anyone walking in. you handled it well, was it something you ate that made you have to go so bad? did you leave the poo in the shower?
To: Little Mandi Hey that sounded like a very big load you had to get out. you must have felt alot better afterwords. let us know how you get on with the prune juice.
To: Evelyn hey and welcom glad you can enjoy taking a good dump now without feeling bad. I was raised in what sounds to be a similar way as you but I would think its even harder for a girl to talk about toilet matters in general as society always is tougher on girls and expects you to be ladey like and super clean at all times where as its a bit more relaxed in the way it expects boys to be. Anyway that sounded like you really needed that poo and thanks for sharing the story with us.
To: Office Worker Hey I have to say I can understand where you were coming from in your last story. Ive never been in a situation like that but I know I wouldnt be happy sitting next to my boss while dropping a load in the toilet and making small talk. glad all toilets have doors where I am from.
To: heyitspoop Hey really enjoyed your story about hearing your friend taking that massive dump. looking forward to hearing more and do let us know if you do get to watch your friend dropping one of her large logs.

My own dumps have been a bit runny the last while, i'm not sure why but it could be because I have been drinking a bit more.
They have been returning to normal again over the last week and its good to be able to relax and let a nice thick log strech my whole as it slides out of me.
anyway thats all for now talk soon,
John H

Office Worker-I imagine that would be an uncomfortable situation, taking a crap in a doorless stall right next to your boss. Were there other guys on the other toilets? That could be uncomfortable for all of you. And who finished first? Did your boss also get to see you on the toilet, or did you get out of there before he got up? And finally, did you have your clothes arranged as you normally would, such as all the way down, or did you keep your trousers and underwear up higher for modesty?

I've never been in that situation. I have had a boss come into the restroom and ask me a quick question while I was on the toilet, but that was about it. In college, I used to see one of the professors seated on the toilet on occasion, He wasn't my teacher, though. The stalls on the first floor of this particular building didn't have doors on them, and I would sometimes need to take a dump in them. It was actually the first place I saw a guy standing while wiping. He was standing up with his jeans and red briefs down at his ankles, and he had his t-shirt pulled up, exposing his abs. He was reaching around and wiping. I tried it and still stand to this day.


School bathrooms

I graduated high school close to ten years ago, but I vividly remember how awful the bathrooms were. I've not been back to that school since, but I hope for the students' sake the quality has improved.

When I was attending, there were three toilet blocks that I used throughout the school day. Each of them had at least one stall with no door, and most of the stalls had little to no paper, unless you went early in the morning. The worst toilet to have to use was the one in the girls' changing room. It was just a filthy toilet sitting in the corner of the room, in complete view of everybody. I recall like three times during all four years that somebody used that toilet. Each time is was an absolute emergency and they were on the verge of soiling their shorts.

I was on a schedule for my bowels and pooped every day during lunch hour. The bathroom closest to the cafeteria had four stalls. Two of them had no door. The third had a door, but it couldn't latch all the way and it would just swing back open unless you held it closed, so most people used it as if it were another doorless stall. The fourth stall was the only one that actually had a door that functioned properly. However, most times I didn't get to use that stall and had to settle for one of the others.

Even back then, I wasn't super shy about using the toilet around other girls, but being on display while I was pooping seemed a bit ridiculous. I learned to use my panties to preserve as much modesty as possible, by lowering them just enough to go. Other girls would have a friend stand in the doorway while they went. It was not a fun experience and I'm glad I never have to go back there.


To Just a Guy and Clint

To Just a Guy - Courtney works in our office. I posted about her previously on pages 2043 and 2051.

To Clint - I posted about stomach bugs on pages 1974 and 2010.

Abbie- Another fun story from you! Yes, my housemates Natalie & Amy don't poo very often and have quite difficult poos when they do go so they get embarassed at needing to strain to get it out. Everyone else in the house goes more regularly and usually have less trouble at going- doesn't mean they grunt or strain less though!

While I was in a lecture yesterday all the water I'd been drinking caught up with me and my bladder became rather full rather fast! When it finished I left the lecture to go wee. I got a cubicle and had a very long wee (for me at least)- nearly 90 seconds to empty my bladder. I didn't need a poo at the time but I did later at home where I pushed out a few logs in the upstairs bathroom because Amy was taking a long poo in the other loo. From the upstairs toilet you can see out the window across the city- quite a nice view while you're relieving yourself- certainly better than the blank walls in the other loo!

Hi everyone, I know it has been awhile, but I am back (although no one seemed to miss me.) I never quit reading, just took a break from posting for a bit due to nothing new to say.
Car Mom: I am so glad to have you back. You definitely were missed on here.
Well, if anyone cares, I last left off with my husband and I finding out we were expecting. I am now five months along and know we are having another girl. No names yet, but I would gladly take suggestions. Anyway, anyone who has been pregnant knows that around five months is when it takes its toll and both your bladder and bowels. The other day I was driving my husband's car to pick up my daughters from school. Waiting in the parking lot, I discovered I had to pee really badly and suddenly. If I had been in my car, I would have just went, but for those of you who have read my past posts, my husband does not allow us to pee in his car. I was going to get out and look for a bathroom when my girls got in the car. Jagger saw it was her dad's car and was very disappointed. SHe usually pees in my car as soon as she gets in. I told her I had to pee too, so just to hold on and we would be home in a sec. Well, surprisingly she said she did not have to go, she just wanted to. it was my oldest daughter Maysa who had to pee. Now, if you also remember, Maysa hates peeing in the car and will never do it/ becomes upset when her sister does. However, she told me that the bathrooms at school were extra gross today so she had held it, anticipating she would be able to go in my car. I told her to hold on, we lived pretty close to school. Well, halfway home I felt my bladder spasm, and all of a sudden I started peeing my pants. I could not stop. I was very surprised since I had forgotten about my need to pee when dealing with Maysa's. I did not say anything and continued to drive home. As soon as we pulled in the driveway, Maysa hopped out, squat in the yard and began to pee. I slowly climbed out and Jagger saw my wet pants. She understood of course, and both girls helped me clean their dad's car while my youngest napped. My husband came home and was not mad.
Well that is my latest tale. I am sure there will be more to come.

Hey there!! Haven't been on here in awhile, but I have a story to tell you all!! The other day, I was at my friend's house, and we were just sitting in her room talking. I had never heard this friend say anything about the toilet, let alone, heard her ON the toilet, but this day, I got the pleasure to hear her on the toilet. As we were just sitting there talking, she got off the bed and walked into her bathroom continuing talking as she did so. She turned the light on, and went to to the toilet leaving the door cracked open. I couldn't see her on the toilet, cause the door was blocking her, but I could hear everything, cause her bathroom was just a few feet from her bed. I heard shuffling of clothes, then the sound of her bottom flumping on the toilet. She had what sounded like a very satisfying pee and then I figured she would wipe and leave the bathroom, but after her pee had finished, she continued sitting on the toilet, and we continued our conversation like nothing else was going on. She sat for a good 2 minutes and then finally she took a break in what she was saying and gave a good NNNHH grunt, and then continued on talking. Every few seconds, she would take a break from talking to give a good NNNNHHH grunt. When I would be talking, I could hear her giving several pushes. A few minutes later, she shuffled around on the toilet a bit, but continued on with her grunts and pushes. After about being on the toilet for 8 minutes, her pushes were getting longer and more forceful. She would take a deep breath and hold it, and I could hear grunts while she was holding the breath, then after a few seconds she would let get with a loud grunt/sigh. Then after about 3 minutes, I heard the toilet paper being torn off. I hadn't heard any turds drop or anything, so I was really curious if she had actually pooped or not. She wiped like 3 times, and then pulled up her pants and flushed, and then washed her hands and came out and continued talking as if nothing had happened. As the morning went on, I felt the need to pee. I excused myself to the restroom about 2 hours after she had been in there. I lifted up the toilet lid, and to my surprise there was one long and thick turd sitting in the toilet. One end was hidden in the hole, and the other end was sticking out of the water. I had never seen a turd that long or thick. No wonder I had never heard it come out. I didn't know how she would feel with me asking her about it, but I took my chance, and called her in the bathroom. She looked down in the toilet, and apologized and said she thought it had went down. I then commented on the size of it. She said, "I always poop that way. The turds are always that long and that thick and take me a good 10-15 minutes to get the whole thing out. Its a great feeling having that thing slowly inching out of me." So we broke up her turd to get it to go down the toilet, and I then proceeded to take my much needed pee. It was a very great day indeed! I hope one day, I can watch that thing come out of her. That would be very interesting!! :) Happy pooping all!!


Diarrhea in a fancy bathroom

Hi everyone. I work for a catering service as a waitress. We serve high-end clients at

banquent halls or at their homes. I try not to have to poop while I'm at work, because my

poops are often very smelly and I don't want to stink out the bathroom of people who are

paying me. But, three days ago I just couldn't hold it. A few days prior, our company had

taken a job from a man who wanted to host a dinner for twelve in his home, and we set it

all up for him.

On the day of the event, I was going around the dining room, making sure everyone's drinks were topped off and that the food was to their liking. Everything was going well, until I began to feel like I had to poop. I held it for some time, but there was still at least another hour before the event was over, then the clean up process might take as long as another hour. I was sure I couldn't wait for two more hours, and had to just 'bite the bullet' and go. I excused myself to the kitchen and found my boss and asked for a break to use the restroom. He sent out another waiter in my place and I went to the toilet. I took some solace in knowing that at least this bathroom would only be used by the waitstaff, so none of the guests would have to smell my putrid leavings.

The first thing I noticed upon entering this bathroom was that it was very fancy. It's hard to describe exactly what made it so much better, but it just an appeal like that of a rich person's bathroom. But fancy bathroom or not, I was about to defile it. I sat down on the toilet and let off some noisy gas and loose stools. It was even worse than my usual stink and I kind of knew I'd be making another trip to the bathroom when I got home. I wiped myself thoroughly, flushed, and washed my hands very well before returning to work.

Upon exiting, one of my coworkers was entering. I was embarrassed that he had to smell what I had just done. I couldn't let that bother me too much, as it was already done. I returned to work and, as it turns out, I wasn't even able to make it until I got home before I had to poop again. I don't know what I ate, but whatever it was didn't quite agree with me. My boss asked if I was okay, and I said I was fine, blaming it on feminine problems. He didn't ask any more questions. I returned to the bathroom and again stunk it up with loose stools and diarrhea.

Casey N

Family road trip(:

Hi guys me, my mom, my twin brother Connor 14 ( mentioned in previous posts) , and my sister Caitlin 17 ( blonde hair, 5'8 , 130 lbs, and average built she also has freckles), went on a road trip to my grandparents house that is like 24 hours away from our house so we had a long two day drive! Our first stop was 3 hours in , Connor got a large soda, and Caitlin got a coffee. They finished their drinks in about 20 minutes so they had to pee already. Connor was already holding his crotch through his pocket. It was unfortunate because my mom doesn't stop until she has to pee so hey had to wait. Connor ended up falling asleep for about an hour so he was quiet and Caitlin was listening to music and texting plus she has a large bladder so she didn't care. When Connor woke up the first thing he did was grab his crotch and say " mom if we don't stop soon I WILL piss my pants." She said that she would stop at the next rest area which could be in 10 minutes or an hour. Caitlin said that she had to pee soon after and I agreed but we didn't need to go nearly as bad as Connor. We finally stopped about 20 minutes later at a small gas station with only one toilet. Caitlin decided to bug Connor by getting the key first and taking her pee. She peed for about a minute and then fixed her hair. Connor was basically crying and holding his crotch. She didn't lock they door so Connor finally swung he door wide open, opened his pants and stared to pee a strong stream. My mom finally closed the door laughing and smiling at him. We sat there listening to him groan as he emptied his bladder. Finally when he came out he flashed Caitlin a dirty look and it was my turn to pee. First thing when I walked in I realized he strong pee smell sat down and peed for about 30 seconds . The. Went to the car. My mom came out about a minute later and we continued our journey laughing at Connor and teasing that it looked like he lost weight! (:

Yesterday when we arrived we unpacked our stuff and immediately went to bed( we arrived late). In he morning I woke up to the bathroom door closing and the fan turning on. Then I heard a burp and immediately realized hat it was Connor . He sat down and peed a good stream for about 1 minute and let out a BRRRAAAAPPP fart. I heard a sub and Ben a big flooop. Then there was four or five medium plops and the. A little trickle of pee. He wiped about three times, burped again, and flushed. I heard the fan turn off and Connor came in to wake me up. ( I always sleep later than everyone). We chatted and then I said in my usual morning voice " uggggghhh I really have to pee". When I walked into the bathroom I smelled the strong poo smell he always leaves behind. I spayed air freshened, sat down and peed for about a minute.
So far we have had a great time enjoying the lovely weather and spending time with my grandparents! Well I'm sure I'll have more stories to come!
Love, Casey(:

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: NPU (noisy poopers united) first welcome back and as always annother great story it sounds like you all had fun and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Caroline great story about you and your friend Natalie pooping together it sounds like she was pretty desperate for that poop and I bet you both felt really great afterward mainly her after not going for 5 days and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: D.V. as always another great story it sounds like she really had to go and I bet she felt alot better after pushing those beasts out and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Why I Hate New Toilet Paper great story and that sucks hopefuly they will fix that.

To: Tim great story about you smelling that girls nasty dump it sounds like she can probaly clear a bathroom out with a smell like that and great story about that girl pooping herself during the fight it sounds like she was able to joke about it which is good and I look forward to your next story about girls pooping thanks.

To: Mommy To Be thats great that your not getting constipated and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: George wow your lucky to have a friend like that whos very open please share anymore stories about her thanks.

To: Jacob great story about and your cousins holdin contests and I look forward to more stories about her and other girls thanks.

To: Amylee as always another great tale from the ladies room and from the sound of it Debbie will really give Leigh a run for her money as a noisy pooper and I cant to here about in the bathroom at the same time now that will be a sight to see and hear and hopefuly it happens soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lady Caca welcome to the site and eat lots of fruits and drink plenty of water and I look forward the results .

To: Charles another great story about your cousin it sounds like you both enjoyed it and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alex first welcome to the site and you should do research about it maybe you can find something to help you and please post more stories thanks.

To: Brian great story about you and your girlfriend Carley I look forward to the next one thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story about you and your friends it sounds like you guys enjoyed it as usual and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Edward great story about your wife Carolines very stinky dump and then you wiping her please share anymore stories about her that you may have thanks.

To: Karen as always another great story and it sounds like that dump was pretty nasty but luckly those girls helped you out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shane (female) I hope you can poop soon and from the sound of it its going to bne big and I look forward to reading about it thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Mr. Clogs

I'm clogged!

Yes I'm clogged. I do move my bowels, since I'm not taking my psyllium fiber now, I noticed my bowels are not as full as they use to. I strain now to take a dump, I don't feel quite good afterwords. I need that fiber that was taking to get things moving. I'll be looking for my usual psyllium fiber when I go out in the morning. Keep the posts coming and hope everyone is having a great pee and poop day.


Just a guy
Caroline - great story about pooping with your friend Natalie. Gee, I can't imagine not going for 5 days. I usually go twice daily and even when I get constipated, I usually only miss a day or two. You said you it was 2 days for you - is that normal for you?

Tim - interesting post about your friend, Karen stinking it up. It was funny how everyone knew and she could just chuckle about it.

Amylee - oh, oh, it does sound like another Leigh in the office. As usual, another great story about your workplace. You mentioned a few ladies in your prior post - Leigh and Ann, but I don't recall Courtney - is she your co-worker who always farts before going - can you refresh my memory?

Abbie - great post about your sleepover. Ellie sounded like she really had to go! I'm surprised your friend Beth didn't go earlier after Ellie. I know when I get constipated & I feel I can go, I give it a try, otherwise, I wind up with worse constipation. Well, I'm glad she was able to go later.

Edward - liked your story about your wife's dump. Isn't it funny how the quiet farts sometimes are so much worse in smell.

Leanne - as usual, another great post! Your friend Charlotte really had to go! It sounded like you had a nice dump too. In your other story, it was nice you gave her encouragement.


Another Pub Poop

Hey all,

This evening for supper my mother & I met up for dinner out at a pub. I had fish and chips (3 pieces, fries) and a beer. She had a wrap, fries, wine.

She had an appointment and she was running a bit late, so she had to take off, leaving my to finish the last 3rd of my meal, and the last bit of my drink.

Not long after it, I could feel my stomach rumbling, and my anus opening slightly - time to poop. I finished my meal, then made my way to the restrooms. The men's was 2 urinal, 1 toilet. I hung up my coat, lowered my jeans & briefs, and sat.

I had a decent sized piss, which lasted a solid 5 seconds. As it ended, I could feel the pressure getting stronger at my ass. A minor push yielded 4-5 medium soft turds which came out with a plip-plep-plip. Very small plops, if that. I felt a bit more, pushed again, and farted. voottfff...and a final turd about half the size of a fist splashed out.

As I was bout to stand to wipe, I could hear the toilet paper roll, well, rolling in the ladies behind me. I froze, hoping to hear more sound from the other restroom. There was nothing for a good 30 seconds, then the toilet flushed. I still had to wipe, flush, wash my hands I was unable to see the lady who was in there. I barely heard anything, but figure I'd write it in. I like to think that whoever was in was constipated, or taking longer than usual, and got toilet paper ready in preperation for a long turd (which I did not hear. nor any farts, grunts, sighs, etc...)

Does anyone here get toilet paper ready BEFORE your poop actually comes out?

Some comments before I head off:

~Anny: Sorry to hear you are still bunged up. Looking forward to the resulting post!

~David: Like your style of posting. Would welcome more from your wife (and it's awesome she posts here too!), as well as about your sisters; and of course any other ladies you happen upon.

~Charles: Wow, lucky guy! (in regards to both posts) do post more! Do you / have you listen in on your aunt?

~Adrian: Was your semi liquid poo noisy? Also, sometimes I think if a load flies out of my butt like that, if I'm not completely covering the hole of the toilet (where you sit), some of the mess might escape the porcelain haha. One must be careful when hovering if one of those types of poo happen. Do you usually get panfuls?

~Edward: is your wife usually gassy? Or rather, is she usually smelly-gassy?

~Abbie: another awesome post! Sounds like Ellie had a good sized load that was barely kept in. Sounds like you had some good firm logs; probably quite large! Beth has a rare talent (maybe not so rare in women), where it seems if she needs to pee and poop, she can press 'pause' on the other!

~Brian: How open is Carly in regards to the subject matter here? I'd welcome more stories about her. I've never used the type of toilet you mentioned, but I've seen them before. Quite odd.

~Lady Caca: Not sure when you usually poop, but if you spend a day together, get lunch or dinner out, and hang out for a good 2-6 hours after that. If you're of the age (and like it), alcohol may help too (with nerves and your dump.)

~George: You're a lucky lucky man! Hopefully you get to 'see' her on the toilet (or however else she would poop for you.) Perhaps recommend the site to her? I say this because you talk online with her, and she seems comfortable enough to possibly post here. Either way keep *us* posted!

That's it for now, hope you enjoy, and I look forward to more posts! :)

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