Natalie X

Valentines shit

This day wasn't actually on valentine's but I celebrated it a day later as I had work. On the wednesday I had work in the day, on my way in I was so hungry as I skipped breakfast, so I decided to stop at a burger van on a road side (that was the worst move I made that day). I had this foot long chili dog, eating it was embarrassing enough! With it I had some onion rings. Loved it to be honest but god knows at that time what damage it was about to do to me. I got back in my car and drove off to work as usual, burped a bit on the way but nothing from the other end, yet. I was working from 10 til 5. It was about 3 I started noticing this little twinge in my lower stomach, thought it would pass. It did but only for a bit. My boyfriend, well the guy I'm seeing said I'm going for dinner at his as soon as I get off work. I hit a dilemma, should I go at work or do the business at his. I was happy with neither, especially seeing as this movement would be very active. I could feel it building up as I was at work. I decided to go to the toilet as I really wouldn't feel comfortable ruining the guys toilet on our special night. My need wasn't urgent but I wanted to get it over and done with and I knew it would only get worse in a matter of time. I made my way over to the ladies, pulled my tight jeans and underwear down, really bad day to wear them lol. All that came out were wet farts out my ass, grumbles of my ???? and moans from my mouth lol. So I was sat there in pain, farting like mad looking like an idiot and praying that poo would come out. But it didn't, I reluctantly gave up and continued to work til 5 when my bf picked me up. When he picked me up I still felt heavy but still no clear sign that I was gonna poop soon. I got to his safely, we started making out and then my stomach rumbled extremely loudly, he asked me if I was ok (IT WAS THAT LOUD) I was about to say yes, when it rumbled again very forcefully. I needed a poo badly, it was clear to the both of us, very awkward. I just said I was hungry. He said he'd dinner and it'll be 20 mins. I was left in the lounge. I was tempted to go but I was really scared. I wouldn't of minded taking a normal shit at his. But I knew this one would be long, smelly and very very messy. But I couldn't control myself! As he was in the kitchen I decided to get up and go, I stood and realized how badly my urge was. A little wet fart crept out my ass, my hand went straight to my hole in fear. I was waddling to the toilet with my hand up my crack and my other hand on my stomach. Wincing on the way, I heard my bf say dinner ready soon don't take too long. My face went red. But I had no choice. Either his toilet or my panties. Really didn't want to ruin my red lace frenchies. I wore them for him obviously. But now I needed them off, and a toilet under me asap. I got to the bathroom, with the toilet behind me. I was really bursting now, had to pull down my really tight jeans while trying to hold in this horrible shit that was killing me. Didn't even care about getting my jeans and underwear past my knees. Half way down I farted a horrible wet one, I moaned, I was really scared. As soon as my jeans past my crack I sat down and let go. But alas my panties weren't completely down and poo exploded on to them, I soon realized and ripped them down, as well as ripping out my ass at the same time. I dunno what was louder the poo exploding out of me or my winning from it! It was horrible, hated every second. It was as I expected loud, messy and stinky. It was basically the consistency of wet mud, very sticky and noisy on its way out. I was afraid my bf could hear me from the kitchen. The chili dog had its revenge, it was shooting out of me at such a pace. Just as the poo was beginning to slow down my stomach gurgled and I lighted pushed, a giant wet fart whipped out of my exit and the commotion started coming out again, if anything even softer this time. Felt like paste pouring out of me. It slowed down again, I pooed out a few sharts as the session was coming to an end. I sat there sweating, hair a state and smelling of poo. I was as expected covered in it too! My ass was just mud. Literally had a layer on it lol I was almost gagging from the smell. Usually my poo's smell but peyewww, this one was devastating. I let out another couple of big farts, some squirts of poo echoed the bowl when my bf yelled dinner. I was in a state, the toilet was destroyed and my ass was history. I dunno how it covered to be honest! Just one second I yelled. Quickly I flushed once for all the poo I had placed in the toilet then I sat back down to wipe my poor butt. It took over 20 wipes, not exaggerating. I got some air freshener and spayed the entire room. Didn't really help but it sort of blocked the poo smell. I came out looking so relieved he asked hows your crap, I slapped him jokingly but still embarrassed. We ate, watched a film, 3 hours later my stomach was going hay wire again, I thought this may be the onion rings. I had to take another shit right away, this wasn't funny. I lurched forward holding my stomach made my way back to the toilet I had once destroyed, had a mini diarrhea session and went back to bed. I'm not gonna forget that date and neither is that guy. Luckily I'm not seeing him anymore though, maybe my poo put him off me, but hey we all gotta do what we gotta do. I do regret it.

Love you all
Natalie X

Tom Tit

A holiday experience

I thought that it was about time I did one of my occasional posts.
I have just returned from a holiday in Africa and whilst there were one or two interesting events while I was there, one in particular is worthy of reporting.

I was walking one day along the beach on the hard sand between the soft
sand and the water determined to reach the far end of a very large bay,
several miles away. I had gone past the point were there were a few hotels and therefore a number of people about and was entering the very quiet area were there was almost no one.

Ahead of me however were two people, a man and a woman sitting with a
large green bucket and when I passed, I saw that this was in fact full of ornamental shells which they were hoping to sell. I looked without altering my pace and declined their offer to look closer saying that I was not interested, whereupon the woman got up and started to walk with me in an effort to get me to change my mind. Once she realised that I was not interested in her shells and we had by now gone some distance away from her bucket, she changed her tack and started a more general conversation, asking me my name and where I was from etc.

She then advised that she lived close to a building which she pointed out which was probably about three quarters of a mile ahead of us and that I was welcome to accompany her there for a rest and a drink. Again I declined. This was followed by an offer of a massage and her offers became more and more explicit until the point where she was virtually begging me to go to her place for sex. Each time however I refused sticking to my insistence that I was determined to reach the end of the bay.

Now anyone that knows me will find it hard to believe that I was declining the offers from this lady who was probably mid thirties and not unattractive but the truth of the matter was that I was having a holiday romance with a very attractive girl of 23 and at my age it takes all of my energy to keep up with the demands of a young lady of that age.

Anyway, by this time we had walked a very long way from the point
where she joined me, too far in fact to see her former companion with the naked eye and by this time my stomach was churning and I was getting very desperate for the toilet so I decided to bring this situation to an end. So I stopped walking and turned to the lady and told her that she was very nice etc. but I was not interested in her offers, I was going to continue my walk but first I was in urgent need of the toilet, so I was going to walk up the beach and into the trees beyond to find somewhere to go.

Her response to this was that she knew a good place and she starts leading me up the beach, slightly to the left to a spot where there was a path into the trees. She did indeed seem to know where she was going, she made a couple of turns and onto path which led to a dead end with a large tree at the far end which would offer me some support and shelter from the hot African sun.

Upon reaching the tree she told me she needed a pee pee and down came
her knickers and she had a pee. Unfortunately, nothing was visible due to the African style dress she was wearing. Once she finished, she urged me to have my crap saying "Go on, you go, no worries, this is Africa, no problem".

I had little choice apart from messing myself so I unbuttoned my shorts in front of the lady and squatted down against the tree and had my crap. She did not stare at me the whole time but alternated her gaze from me to keeping a look out for any passers by. It was however still very embarrassing.

Fortunately this was not a messy one but a good solid log which didn't
require too much clean up. So I wiped and pulled up my shorts and we
made our way back to the beach.

I did manage to get rid of this lady but only by doing something, that I had vowed not to do i.e. give her a small amount of money to let me get on with my walk.


I finally asked C

So, yeah, I finally got up the courage to just ask C if she'd take the toilet with her into the bathroom. She said she needs to think about it, which I suppose is better than an outright 'no', but I don't know if she'll actually do it.

Also, C sent me an interesting picture recently, but it wasn't of her poop. She had come across a magnificent turd in the bathroom at her university. Some of it was hidden around the bend of the toilet, but what I could see must have been at least two feet long, curling around the outside of the bowl, and it breached the water at two separate points. If I hadn't seen the picture, I wouldn't have believed such a turd could be passed by a human being.

npu (noisy poopers united)

All's fair in love and crap:My first buddy dump

Greetings, fellow toilet enthusiasts. Its time for another story. The other day, i was at my boyfriends house, watching movies. We were about halfway through The Kings Speech (Which I highly reccomend, by the way) when i felt the urge to go. I didnt want to scar my bf with my noisy bowel movements, and decided to hold it. But as it turns out, i didnt have to. My bf began to shift uneasily in his chair. "Whats wrong, Jimmy?" I asked innocently, even though i knew EXACTLY what was wrong. He glanced at me, blushing. He blurted out, "I really need to shit!" I replied that i, too, needed to take a dump. I was just glad that i wasnt being wierd by taking a poo. But Jimmy had other ideas. He grinned slyly. "Wanna buddy dump?" He mumbled. We were alone. I cautiously agreed, for this fair, pure maiden wishes to remain pure. We went to his backyard, which is nicely seccluded by trees. Jimmy let me go first. I turned my back to him. I pulled down my means and green thong and squatted down. I did a quick pee, and i began to bear down. I grunted loudly, but only a fart came out. Jimmy quickly came to my aid. "Ill hold your shoulders so you can push your stomach." He said. I agreed, and the crap came much quicker. I said alright just as the poo came. Jimmy rocked back on his heels to watch. I farted a quick 'vuuuuuurt-' that was interrupted as my first load came out. It took a while, with many grunts, and in the end, i had pushed out a load of lumpy poo. Jimmy exclaimed that it was his turn. He dropped his pants, and i guess held his, ahem, penis in the other hand as to prevent me from seeing it. This was confirmed when his pee shot straight out. He then gave a wet fart that splattered the ground, followed by a long, sticky snake. Luckily, i had grabbed a roll of tp before heafing out. We wiped, cleaned up, washed our hands (duh), and then cuddled the rest of the movie. Btw, if you read my latest post before this one, this is the same Jimmy. Why, you ask? I blame puberty. Here comes the question:who was your first buddy dump, or who do you want it to be? Yours till the shit hits the fan,NPU

Just a guy
Michele - great first post. Its terrible when you really need to go, but can't. How long did you have to wait for your break? It sounded like you had a nice big dump when you got to go. Sorry to hear your roommate was sick. Those stomach bugs are awful, but fortunately, they don't usually last too long. Look forward to your next post.

My bathroom habits have been kind of odd recently. Usually I go twice (once in the morning and once after dinner) or sometimes 3 times a day (if I go after lunch). One week in work, I kept on getting an urge after lunch and sometimes one that made it feel like it was going to be an explosive dump, but when I got to the bathroom and sat down, I just had gas, which is odd for me. I usually only have gas at the beginning of a dump or during one or if I get constipated, but I still was going once or twice a day, so I wasn't constipated. Then one day more recently I ended up going 5 times in the day. My morning dump was normal. I then had 2 very small afternoon dumps, but they were smellier than usual, despite being small. Then I had 2 larger dumps after dinner. These were very smelly. These were soft dumps but still solid. The next day, I was back to normal.

Amy L.

Did I harm my bladder? Story and a question!

Hi everyone I am new here and have a story and question. Something really weird happened today and I don't know if it is normal. I was at my desk doing stuff for school and I drank a LOT of coffee. I had to pee but kept ignoring it and ignoring until it got to that point where it was really bad. I went to go pee but my sister's boyfriend was in the shower!! And I couldn't just walk in and pee in front of him. So I went back to my room and waited for him to finish. This is when it got bad, my bladder was filling up super quick from all the coffee and I had to go soooo bad!! :( About 30 minutes passed and the pressure was unbearable. I didn't even consider that I could be harming my bladder I was just so focused on holding it in. Then my bladder suddenly got tight and rock hard, and it freaked me out and I decided that I HAD to pee now or it was gonna burst or something... I went to get up and was hit with SEVERE pelvic/bladder pain. I couldn't even stand!! I hobbled bent over to the bathroom and luckily my sis's bf had just gotten out. Long story short, I peed a LOT and the pain instantly dissapeared. Is that normal?? Did I harm my bladder or something?? I am so worried!


First Post and Poop in Shower

Hey Guys! First a little bio. This is my first post but I've literally been reading for years. I'm 14 and about 100 pounds (and a guy). I've never had an accident that I can remember. I don't remember before potty training, and I haven't had an accident since. I peed in the bed once but I was awake. I love this website. I might crap myself on purpose soon. This website has made me consider it since I am alone for about 2 hours 2 days a week. But I always though I would get caught. Any tips on how to dispose of underwear? Anyway I followed standard procedure. Rex isn't my real name. Now onto the story:

By the way, since I have been reading for a LONG time, a couple of years, I have some old posts I need help finding. If someone could help out that would be great but I'll tell more about them later.

Pooping in the shower.
So today I was in the shower and got bored. I remembered some poop in the shower stories so I decided to try it. It was really hard to go. I didn't actually have to go, which didn't help. The warm water hitting my back actually didn't seem to help either. All that came out was a pebble. I squeezed really hard, straining so that it hurt. Another pebble. I picked them up and tossed them in the toilet. I actually enjoyed picking them up. It was warm and a little squishy. I got down on all fours, water still going on my back. I squeezed some more. Eventually I pushed out a 3 inch long squishy long and a bunch of pebbles of varying hardness. I then scrubbed my hole and cleaned up, putting anything big in the toilet. (Should I wash it down next time? Will it stop it up?) I guess I didn't have to go today, I didn't really eat anything and normally I fill up the bowl. Anyway I am going to either hold in everything for a few days or eat a lot of stuff to give me diarrhea tomorrow. Either was it will come out in the shower. What can I eat? I will post again after it happens! I'm glad to finally be part of the group I've read about for so long! Thanks everybody and God Bless!



Put witch hazel on gauze and apply it to the affected area. First, take a hot bath and wash the affected area with a mild soap and rinse thoroughly. You will be fine. Repeat until discomfort terminates.


no showers at night (aka never again)

this was a month or 2 ago.

my dad got home from work. he told me he gets woken up by my nightly showers. everything goes as normal until im the only one up. then the pain im all too familyer with shows up. i just sat on my bed, hopeing it would go away. of course it doesn't and i end up going in my pants like always. that happend about two more times. i pretty much had to sit in my own yuck untill 7:30 that morning. after saying to myself "not doing that again" , i started my nightly showers again.


To Car Mom

Dear car mom. I love weeing and pooing in mi girley boxers and other stuff that sucks it. When girls come to pee in your house its ok. But do any of them ask if they can do a poo? X x x i love peeing and pooing x x

@Brandon T- Don't have anymore stories (sadly), I have some about me though.
More about me: I'm 25, female, 5'6, thin (forgot exact weight), brunette, and wear glasses.
This story is from when I was 16:
I was at home (a different one from the previous story), reading magazines.
I got the familiar message that I had to use the toilet, so I went to the bathroom, not having gone in about a week and a half.
There was a note taped to the tank that is broken, please hold it (accompanied by a smiley face).
I didnt have to poop THAT badly, so I went downstairs and played some videogames.
The urge left me after half an hour and assumed I was good. As I know from this experience and reading stories, this is never the case.
An hour later I got terrible stomach cramps and kept ripping SBDs. I couldn't sit on the toilet because it, you know, is broken.
I eventually got a huge urge to use the bathroom. I sat on the couch, squirming and trying to let it loose.
Eventually, I decided to give in and use a bucket, clutching my butt and stomach to grab some toilet paper.
I pulled down my pants and panties and sat myself down on the bucket I keep for when I am throwing up.
Almost immediately, I farted a huge BRAAAAAP fart and felt like a train was moving through me. I felt awful, and kept releasing toxic gas from my ass.
I thanked the gods I was all alone at home, because this would be a nightmare.
I immediately felt a ton of pressure on my butthole. Nothing was coming out, so I pushed and strained. I was in tears and probably red in the face. It was comig out, then going back in. I eventually got it out, and it landed in the bucket with a huge thud. I moaned and there were a ton of SBDs.
I then felt a giant mass, bigger than before, fall. I released a PFFFFFFFT fart and my anus stretched. I was sobbing and 6 inch thick ball fell out after lots of grunting and straining. I was in there for an hour so far.
I felt more pressure and then PRRT prrt prrt prrt braap pfft, tons of tiny balls just fell out with lots of loud farts.
I got up, whiped, then ripped a huge fart, it lasted, like, 10 seconds and was real loud (BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP).
The smell was overwhelming and sat back down and released nothing but noxious farts and diarrhea.
After that, I was done, the bucket was almost completely filled. I had to dump it out in the woods after whiping, I hope there's never a broken toilet when I need one ever again.


Various replies

Dan. There are various causes of anal itching, although it could be an infection. It would be worth seeing your family doctor if it doesn't resolve itself in a day or two.

Anne C. Thanks for sharing your account of using the derelict toilets. In your position I think I'd just have found a corner in the park or a shrubbery in which to attend to matters. I'd counsel against using TP which has a dubious history too as well. Better to go unwiped I think in those circumstances.

Nicola & Sarah. Thanks for your latest stories. I hope you're both feeling better and back to normal after your stomach upsets though.

Big Bladder Problems

So I've always had a big bladder and have always been one who usually never has to pee in public because I can go pretty much go the whole day without peeing. Well the minute I got to school the other day I realized I really had to go but have never even been to the bathrooms at my school, so I tried to hold it (I have a really strong bladder). When 4th period got out I just could not wait any longer! I ran to the bathrooms and really wasn't thinking of anything but releasing my bladder, so I didn't even notice that 3 of the most popular girls were doing their hair at the sink!!!! I immediately began peeing a super loud stream that went on for about 3 minutes. Normal for me but not for the popular girls. Now they tease me in the halls and everyone at my school knows now. :(


story about my aunt

Hey guys today i decided to post a story about my aunt. (ok so she is almost my aunt. she and my uncle are engaged. we are very close.) anyways she is in her thirties, very attractive. she is about 5'6" large breasts and bottom, brown hair, and not skinny but not overweight.
well one thanksgiving, my family went out to this place in the woods and she and my uncle came. well everyone ate a ton of food.
well there were no bathrooms and so the next night around 10 i got a bad urge to crap. i took some tp out into the woods and looked for a spot. i found a good one a bit away from the camp and i dug a big hole cuz i knew there would be a lot. i pulled my shorts down and squatted and soon a huge rope of poop started coming out. well soon i heard a rustling near me and then she came out of the bushes holding tp. as soon as she saw me she jumped in fright and started apologizing saying she was looking for a place to go. i told her not to worry. she said she really had to go and would i mind if she used my hole. i didnt mind sharing with a beautiful woman so i said sure. she lifted up her skirt and pulled down her lacy thong and squatted. she started farting really loud and stinky trumpet farts. i looked over and she had a long turd about 3 inches wide and 15 in long out. by this time my turd was about 2 feet and still coming. she farted loudly and her turd dropped. then she had 6 or 7 8 inch poops and then another 15 in turd come out. i had gotten to 3 feet now. she started getting very gassy and wet and all of this soft serve really smelly mush started pouring out of her ass. i was done and when i looked down there was a 2 in wider coil about 3 and a half feet long. i wiped and when she was done pooping she peed for about 2 minutes. she wiped and stood up and told me not to tell anyone and that she enjoyed pooping with me and maybe we could do it again. (we have multiple times). by this time i was very aroused (if you know what i mean) and she saw it and winked at me. we then went back to the camp and finished the thanksgiving break and then went home.
keep the stories about pooping coming guys thanks!



Poop in Shower 2

Hey guys~ I'm back with yesterdays story. I was waiting for my first post to go through but as of now it hasn't. Oh well. AND i got a great idea I'll tell you after the story. Anyway here we go.

In the morning, I could feel the beginning of cramps. In fact, the whole day it was constant, but it got worse very slowly. I never actually HAD to use the bathroom. Anyway, after 12, I ate only things like fruit and yogurt. I wanted a wet poop. At around 2:30, I ate lots of grapes and a cup of cherry yogurt. Later, blueberry yogurt. Unfortunately, we didn't have a whole lot of fruit left so I was kinda limited. I kept eating and eating. I'm underweight, and I don't usually eat allot, but I always have tons of poop. Actually, it normally takes me like 30 minutes to have a BM because I feel empty and then I as soon as I finish wiping (alot, I like to be totally clean) I have to go again. So i kept eating and finally it was dinnertime. I had spaghetti. Afterwards I had milk and a pickle. (hoping the acid and base would mix things up). The thing with me and milk is, I drink like half a gallon a day, so it doesn't really affect my bms. Anyway I grabbed some clothes and headed to the shower.

After getting undressed, I farted alot. I didn't really have to go, just a tiny feeling. I quickly and happily depleted my air cushion. I looked in the mirror and could see my hole opening. I pushed a little, and a head poked out. I was dissapointed that it wasn't soft, but at least it wasn't really hard either. I pooed some more, standing up and not in the shower by the way, and quickly had a 2inch by 2inch head sticking out. I shoved it back in with a finger. (is that harmful?) It actually felt pretty good, so I kept playing around, pushing out then shoving in. I soon realized that the turd was really thick. 2-3 inches. Finally, I got in the shower and prepared for my dump. I actually jumped out a few times to make sure the door was locked, and to turn on the heater for extra cover incase I had any loud farts. I washed up a little and turned with my back to the showerhead. I could feel the poop only right above my hole, but I still didn't have to go very much. Oh well. I squeezed together my cheeks with my hand and kind of make a barrier with me hands, to see if I could keep it in. I pushed hard. It kept coming, and I felt it squeeze into my hands and through them. I let go with my hands, and the turd broke off. I looked down to see a huge 4 inch by 4 by 2 at least mound. It isn't very impressive, buy this was one log squeezed together. I pushed again, but nothing would come out. My experience had ended. D= While I finished showering, the thing started floating! Anyway, I sprayed some air freshener (glade)under cover of the shower and the heater all throughout the bathroom. I got out, turned off the shower and began cleaning up. I put the turd in the toilet. I washed out the bottom of the tub, removing any trace there was poop. I washed anything I had touched, and then!..........I realized I had dropped some brown water on my socks on the floor. I quickly washed them off in the sink. Luckily, I always get the floor wet, so its not unusual for all my clothes to be wet. My sister came and banged on the door and scared the crap out of my (pun intended) I wished it was literal, because I normally poop so much more and really wanted to. After I had completely cleaned up, I got out to find that my dad had brought home like a million grapefruits. I'll try again tomorrow!(actually, i guess that means today)

Yesterday morning I got a great idea. I wanted to experience a crapping yourself incident, but I was worried something would go wrong. I couldn't think of a way to dispose of the undies without someone finding out. Thankfully, my brain pulled through. What if I could come up with something else to go in. Something that wouldn't stain, and mabye was reusable? I finally got it after thinking about some of the best stories I read here over the years. Someone had once gone in a plastic bag (a lays chip bag in i remember correctly), well actually they had taken the bag from their friends hands, dumped the chips on him/her, and pooped in it in absolute desperation. of course, i read this several months ago. Anyway, what about a big ziplock bag? I discovered that I probably could squeeze into a gallon (we were out of bigger sizes, so I have no choice even though its really to small) by cutting on leg holes and mabye a little at the top. It sounds weird, but hey, if it works, who cares. Im gonna try it out today. You could poop, clean it out, and reuse it. Then hide it away so no one could find it. At least I get to try. I'll finally get to experience pooping myself anyway. i'm gonna tape up the exits and mabye poke a small hole for air to escape. I also thini i'm not gonna pee today and try to have areal accident out of desperation.

Anyway guys thanks for reading! Until Nextime! God Bless!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Poopergal great story it sounds like you had a really rough day and I guese you have learned not to ignore your body because in the end your body will win and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anne C great story about you pooping in that nasty run down bathroom and also seeing that other lady poop as well as the saying goes when you gotta go you gotta go and at least you had a kind of toilet if could call it that which was better then nothing and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ben great story about your wife Christina pooping herself in the car it sounds like she was beyond desperate at least you tried to help her and not make a big deal of it which is good and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Michele first welcome to the site and great story about your dump at work it sounds like you felt great afterwards and it sounds like your roommate was having a nasty time with that stomach bug at least she is feeling better and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Goldeneye first welcome back and great story about that dump you took it sounds like you felt pretty good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nadja-Theresa great desperarate pee story it sounds like you really had to pee to bad you ended up peeing your pants abd please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Carmom as always another great peeing story it sounds like Sofia and Leticia gave your couch a real good soaking and it sounds like there friend might be interested in trying it to and I bet they are gald you let them do that, that way if they ever need to go and are near your house they are in luck and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Big Green Monster

So fellas, here's one I hope you'll get a kick out of. The other day I decided to do a refeed from my diet to keep my metabolism from slowing down, basically I just ate a lot of carbs and stuff, trying to stick to the complex carbs for the most part, lotsa fiber you know. In summary, I had a big bowl of old fashioned oatmeal with raisins and cream and sugar for breakfast, then I got a couple of burritos supreme with the works for lunch with a side of refried beans and guacamole, and for dinner I made a greenbean casserole and rotisserie chicken and pistachio pudding for dessert. A lot of green stuff. Then I took a laxative before bed and the next morning I was not surprised when I released a very massive, very GREEN jumbo. The shape of it was very much like a turtle, a large and flat mass on the bottom of the bowl, complete with a peak that rose up above the water very much like the neck and head of a turtle! Talk about relief! The consistency of the jumbo was much more firm than my usual, I would say about the stiffness of peanut butter. I thought I might need to use the plunger when I flushed but just as the water level rose to too high for comfort, suddenly the pipe unstuck itself and with a mighty suction action my masterpiece was swept away. I did have to flush again though to get rid of the straggling remnants. I didn't know this before, but did you know that toilets these days don't hold as much water nor do they flush as powerfully as the old ones that were around when I was growing up.

BRANDON: Yeah, I was fully expecting something to be missing from my purse, but those girls have restored my faith in today's youth, they seemed genuinely concerned about my well being. I venture to say that today's youth is an improvement over, say, those of ten or twenty years ago.

TIM: You had me in stitches with your post about my name clone :) Here's a tip, next time somebody smells up your bathroom you can get rid of it by lighting a match and holding it in the toilet just above the water. The smell comes from methane and once that is all burned off you've eliminated the source of the smell, my brother taught me that when we were kids. Ever had the pilot light go out in a gas range? Same principle. My boys used to tell me that my poop smelled worse than my (now ex-)husband's!!! How do you like that? They said mine smelled more like cow poop, whereas their father's smelled more like horse poop. Go figure.

This morning I had consumed some bran cereal for breakfast. A few hours later during class I was needing to go poop but there was still about 45 minutes left. I held it in as best as I could but it became quite excruciating for some reason and uncontrollable. As soon as class was finished I left to find a toilet. There was a small bathroom that wasn't too busy at the other end of the floor near the professor offices. I went in to the empty bathroom and took the handicapped stall. Thank goodness I had made it this far without shitting myself. It sure was a relief to have found an empty washroom because I really needed to go. I was wearing a new pair of jeans and briefs that were quite tight and uncomfortable around my waste causing a lot of pressure on my gut.

As soon as I dropped everything and sat down it already felt a lot better. I farted a few times quietly as I felt my butt stretch quite wide as the turd started to move out. It came out with little effort but was a bit painful since I hadn't had a decent shit in a few days. Shortly afterwards a small load of soft shit came out which was no doubt caused from the bran I had eaten earlier. I spread my legs and peered down to see quite a thick turd floating in the bowl. I wiped for about 5 minutes before flushing the toilet. The turd got caught and didn't go down on the first try so it took another flush for it to go down leaving a lot of skidmarks on the bowl. I washed my hands and left to go have lunch.


Cloth Diaper Disaster

If you look back at my other posts, I require diapers for pee and poo due to a medical condition, and I almost always wear Pampers except at night, when I wear adult disposables.

In any case, I still live at home but buy my own diapers and they can get SOOOO expensive. I've tried cheaper diapers, they're not as nice as the Pampers and don't work as well.

In any case, my mom tried to be nice and bought me three cloth adult diapers, with a plastic colored shell, velcro tabs and a nice cotton inside. She said these would save me a bundle and I could wash and dry them at home.

So last weekend I tried them. I put one on, very comfy! It wasn't too bulky and when I slipped some nice pantyhose on over it, it fit great and was well disguised. I wore a dress and we headed out to eat as a family. It was buffet, I ate more than I should have. While at the restaurant, I peed. My diaper soaked it up ok and no leaks, but I didn't feel nearly as dry. And when I changed in the bathroom I now had a wet diaper to cart around in a plastic bag. But I changed and went back to the table.

Shortly after leaving the restaurant, I stopped and stood aside as I began to have a BM. A huge, messy BM. I stopped in a bathroom at the shopping center to change. I carefully pulled my pantyhose down and dealt with the diaper. There was no way I was carrying it home - I wrapped it in a bag and chucked it and the first wet one in the trash, and changed into one of the Pampers I still had in my bag, and when I had a second poop 20 minutes later it felt really good to be able to just roll it up in the Pampers, wrap it in a bag and chuck it.

My mom was mad as I guess the cloth diapers were pricey but after that incident I will gladly pay a premium for being able to dispose of every pee and poo in the garbage can.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Unidenified flying Pooper

First Time

I just found this website and I'm so freaking glad I used to feel like I was weird for liking this stuff. So heres a story:

One day I was at my school (I was in second grade) and I must of had to poop and I like half-went. So I go out for recess and just when they blow the whistle i cant move! So of couse everybody makes a big scene and I get in trouble.then I go to have a bm and I must have been in there for at least 7 minutes and that is long for me!!!
Love me

Bye! Happy pooping!


Catching up after a week away

Charles, seems I made a mistake and thought it was your Aunt who left her jobbies for you to see when it is actually your female cousin. Anyway you are lucky to have such a cooperative relative who is at ease with you seeing her motions.

Adrian, I haven't seen M & S maxi pants, are these Men's or Women's? As you know I wear Women's Sloggi Maxi Briefs size 24 as does my wife Anne (we share our knickers) and I sit down to pee in a cubicle/stall rather than stand to do so at a urinal. There are many reasons for this, it's easier for a start, safer in public toilets and I have found that my Sloggis don't ladder or hole as you mentioned yours do. Just a thought.

Mark, your experiences seeing the "panbuster" turds your Aunt passed when they stuck in the toilet pan is very similar to those I had at home as my Mum and occasionally my two sisters as they grew older did big poos like this, as I was to do myself from my early teens and ever since.

Mum like many women of her age tended towards being a bit constipated. This didn't worry her unduly as she said, "I'll go when I need to go" and she never used laxatives to make her go so her motions were always solid and formed. As a result she did big fat jobbies and I'd listen through my bedroom wall as the toilet was next to my room to all the sound effects. Sometimes she would pass two or three turds, big fat floaters some of which would stay behind when she had pulled the flush but on other occasions, quite often, it would all come away in a big lump as a single very long and fat panbuster log and I'd see it stuck in the pan. Depending on when in the day she did her motion and what she had been eating in the days before she did it her big jobbie could be dark or light brown, smooth and easy or hard, compacted and knobbly but always long and fat and I would see and admire it when I went into the toilet after she had ineffectively pulled the flush, washed her hands and come out of the bathroom and if I needed a poo myself I'd buddy dump , although I didn't know that expression then, my own smaller jobbie on top of hers.

Reading back through "Old Posts" here I can see that lots of other boys had such experiences in their youth involving their Mum's motions or those done by an Aunt or Sister, for example Tony (Scotland) who used to post here, Chocolate Dreams and CC (from Australia I think) who mentioned such events in their posts.

Finally, I am still asking Anne to post about her recent big Constipation event but like her poo she will do it when she is ready.

AP (Anonymous Pooper)
To Candace and all of you posters out there: Keep the stories coming!


Anal Itching

i recently developed anal itching probably from hitting my rectum. has anyone here ever had ttlhis or know something i can do?

p.s. I'm only 14.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jacob first welcome to the site and great story about you seeing your cousin poop outside it sounds like she really had to go bad and I bet she felt great afterwards though and I look forward to reading all your stories about your cousins and aunt and other girls thanks.

To: Only Female great poop story please post more thanks.

To: Chico great stories it sounds like that girl is pretty interesting please share anymore stories about her thanks.

To: Mega Girl as always another great set of stories it sounds like your cousin had a bad day and great story about you getting revenge on your exe and it sounds like your nephew got quite the show and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Michelle (formal M.S.) as always another great set of stories it sounds like you were beyond desperate for a poop to bad most of it ended up in your pants but at least you got to finish in that bush and that lady should have just minded her own business and great story about your other desperate dump at least this time you nade it to a bathroom and I bet you felt great after that dump and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Candace as always another great set of stories it sounds like you had a pretty nasty dump at home and great story about your dump at your friends house it sounds like you really had to go and good thing your freind was there to get you the toilet paper and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great story and it sounds like you guys were having a very nasty time stomach bugs suck and great outdoor dump story to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping together and it sounds like you guys all had a pretty good dump and had a good time to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shortie as always another great story and great poop by poop coverage as usual and it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt amazing afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: UKNGuy as always another great story it sounds like that girl was beyond desperate and really had to poop she made the right choice to use the mens room instead of risking an accident and from the sound of it would have been a reall mess and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Prisiclla great desperate pee story I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Trina first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty nasty day at least you made it every time and didnt have an accident and it could be that your alergic to something or your stomach just dosent like a certain thing you ate or drank it sounds like you will need to do trial and error to find out what or it might have just been your body having a major clean out you will just have to wait and see and great post about all the poops you took during the week and please post more stories thanks.

To: Skye first welcome to the site and great story about you peeing your pants and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Shane (female) it could be your apendix but also could be all the backed up poop my advice if the pain gets worse go to the hospital and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anri first welcome to the site and great story about you hearing you neighbor pooping it sounds like she really had to go and I bet she felt a whole lot better after that and please post anymore stories about her if you got any thanks.

To: Mari great story about you peeing on the floor and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nadine great story about you pooping on your friends boat and I look forward to your next story thanks.

To: George another great story about your online friend showing you her poop I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rachel as always another great set of poop stories I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Meg first welcome to the site weve heard alot of stories about you from Leanne im glad you decided to join the fun and post your own and great stories by the way and I look forward to reading more of them from you thanks.

To: Christen it sounds like your friend really had to go but at least she made it without having an accident and please share anymore stories you have thanks.

To: Tamara first welcome to the site and great story and yeah school bathrooms can suck and please post more stories thanks.

To: Leanne great peeing story and its nice to see friend Meg start posting and always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that all for me now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Brandon T
wwe diva Natlya farted again on this weeks smackdown this she was in the locker room with another diva they were talking and eve the other said something like he stinks then natyla farted and no that stinks causing eve to gag



My lifelong list of bowel disasters is pathetically short. For whatever reason, my personal poop history has never been particularly interesting or of note beyond the usual "had-to-hold-it-until-I-got-to-the-bathroom-then-let-it-fly" diarrhea stories. Nothing that qualified for a film at eleven.

But there is one incident that remains forever emblazoned in my memory. It was the only time I courted disaster, and disaster returned the courtship ring in a spew of fetid matter beyond my body's capacity to control. I shall recount it here.

It was back in 1992, when I made my fourth trip to the beautiful Himalayan country of Nepal. My travel companion was a friend from my previous job at a science museum and the perfect good-natured hiking buddy. The magic of this land in southwest Asia had enchanted us. We had spent a week in Kathmandu and surrounding areas, hiking, walking, and eating local food with no health repercussions. Then we went to Pokhara, in western Nepal, and hiked for days in the foothills that ring the snowy Himalayas -- Annapurna, Machapuchare -- at altitudes of 9,000 feet.

We returned in fine spirits, spent a few days poking around the bazaar in Kathmandu, and then decided to take a shorter, more relaxed hike around the Kathmandu Valley. So we hired a local guide and porters to lead us on a three-day walk into the hills and villages surrounding the valley.

The morning of the trip, as we ate breakfast in the small $10-a-night hotel, I had my first inklings that there was a sea change going on in my digestive tract. I had that vague malaise feeling as I sipped my tea and nibbled on dry toast. "Damn," I thought. "I better not be coming down with a bug."

We'd been careful to wipe down silverware with alcohol swabs, to use water purification tablets, to buy bottled spring water, to eat fruits that had thick peels, to swab edible fruit skins with alcohol, to wash our hands and to keep them out of our mouths, noses, and eyes -- the whole hygiene we learned in Girl Scouts and Home Ec. This was, after all, a developing nation, and cleanliness was an issue when it came to street vendors and unwashed surfaces. Just a day before, my friend and I had sat high on the steps of a Hindu temple in Durbar Square and watched a man drag a freshly-butchered hog, draped over a rickshaw, across the stone pavement, leaving a trail of blood and gore behind. We'd also seen men peeing in the corners of the market area, taking dumps in the alleys (sans toilet paper), spitting on the stone steps, and blowing snot out of their noses onto the streets. It made us wary of everything we touched.

But we'd remained unscathed for nearly a month, and I was not ready to accept that I could contract any ailment at this stage of the journey. Using the power of denial, I decided to go ahead with the trip. We'd paid in advance, and I didn't want to back out. We took a cab to the edge of the valley, backpacks at the ready, and met our guides in a small village at the base of the Himalayan foothills.

It was a splendid day. Clear skies. Autumn daytime temperatures in the sub-tropical country were in the pleasant 70s and low 80s. Perfect for a journey up to a picturesque village above a Buddhist monastery in the mountains. With our Sherpa, Newari, and Gurung porters watching us expectantly, my friend and I hoisted our packs and prepared to set out.

Then the alarm bells went off in the recesses of my gut. Nausea flooded every inch of my gastrointestinal system, from esophagus to rectal sphincter. It was as though a cement mixer had pulled up, inserted a spout into my mouth and anus, and started pumping thick sludge into my body. I started to panic as I felt the horror of a simultaneous surge: I was about to erupt from both my mouth and my butt. A veritable Mount Vesuvius of vomit and crap.

What to do? There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. We were standing in the middle of a village, with thatch-roofed adobe homes surrounding us. The only object even remotely resembling an outhouse was a large haystack to my right, in front of one of the humble houses.

As my gorge surged in both directions, I made a dash toward the back of that house; but I got only as far as the outhouse before a projectile stream of barf exploded from my mouth and into the stack. At the same moment, a scalding river of white-hot liquid poop shot from my sphincter, finding temporary lodgings in my underwear. I continued my bolt behind the house, leaving my friend and a circle of bewildered locals to draw their conclusions. In back of the house were a few straggly shrubs and trees and a small hillside overlooking more houses. No one was there. Good. I pulled off my pack, squatted to remove the soiled clothes, and dragged out a plastic bag, a box of tissues, some wet wipes, and a clean pair of skivvies. Thank goodness the poop hadn't seeped through the nylon hiking undies -- my pants were spared.

I began the grim task of cleanup. Halfway through, I looked up to see a young boy standing a few yards away, staring at me in blank-faced curiosity. My guess was that he was amazed that foreigners pooped just like he did; or maybe he was wondering why someone would crap in his neighbor's backyard. I mean, how rude is that? I felt bad about it, but...

When I finally came waddling out from my ablutions, my friend and the now-perplexed guides and porters were pacing around. I felt a lot better after voiding the noxious mix of body fluids and semi-solids; but I was still rocky. We decided to return to the hotel, where just one antibiotic pill completely purged the evil E. coli that had plagued my bowels. I discreetly disposed of the plastic bag containing a bounty of loathsome thing: the soiled underwear and the box of wipes and Kleenex that restored dignity to my diarrhea-slathered exit door.

To this day I marvel at the power of projectile vomit and poop, the natural wonder of the body's ability to forcibly evict offending substances that threaten its wellbeing. I just wish that I had heeded the signal it had tried to send me earlier that day that an emergency evacuation was imminen.

To Shane (female): Are you a male or felmale? Because I'm confused

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