Office Worker

Awkward moment with my boss

Alright, so I'm a guy and I work in an office environment. I don't want to put my name on here, but I'll share a short story that happened yesterday and was kind of embarrassing. Our office men's room has stall dividers, but no doors, so you're pretty much out on display for all to see. At first, that was hard for me to get used to, but eventually it became a fact of life.

What happened yesterday, however, was a little different. I entered the bathroom with the intention of just taking a dump, no frills, no fuss. I saw my boss sitting on one of the toilets, and things got weird. I mean, I know my boss has to shit, just like any other guy, but, well, he's my boss. It's just strange to see him in such a position, considering I also report directly to him. The only stall available was right next to him, so I had a seat and we made smalltalk while we were shitting, and I'm sure he could tell I was uncomfortable.

That was the first time I'd ever seen my boss in the bathroom. I sort of assumed that he had his own private toilet, but maybe he was caught short that day, and couldn't make it to his office. I'll never know for absolutely certain, but I can tell you it's not an experience I'm eager to repeat.

Shane (female)

A Bunch of Random Stories

Ok, so I thought I'd post some short stories I've heard in the past from friends and what not since I don't have any of my own right now. Alright, here it goes.

My friend said he used to date a girl who once gave herself an enema up her vagina. She didn't tell him the result though, but I bet she peed for like, 5 minutes.

Another friend said when she was little, she shoved a whole straw up her but and had to go to the emergency room to get it painfully pulled out. Yikes!

A dude I know said that one time, his friend dared him to eat something that would make him have diarrhea and rub hot sauce on his anus right before he pooped. He said he'd never been in so much pain his entire life.

I overheard a guy at my school telling his friend that one time after he pooped, he looked in the toilet and said his turd had a hole in the middle like a donut.

One girl I know said that one time she was constipated and when the poop finally slid out, it sounded just like a pig oinking.

My cousin knew a guy who mixed a little bit of rubber cement into his soda and drank it. He said his poop was stuck in his intestines and he had to have an operation to get it removed.

I know someone who was clever enough to hide a water proof camera in the inside of her toilet and video taped hours of her family pooping and peeing.

Well, that's all I got! Hope you likked them! Sorry I didn't really have any details. Let me know which one(s) you liked the best!


Being looked at while pooping

Shane (female)asks:
>>To Biffster: Why did your step mother look in on you? Did you find this uncomfortable?<<

Not really sure. When it came to me, we had an open door bathroom policy, supposedly because "boys don't clean themselves right." So she would look in on me when I was like 8 or 9, but this persisted well into high school and when I would ask for a little privacy, the response would be something like, "Well I've seen you since you were 8." Well duh - but puberty changes things. So when I got to be 13 or so I went out of the house a lot. But, if I was at home she'd pop in on me when I was shitting, sometimes look at the poop, and made sure I wiped properly. Embarassing.

Megan W.


I had the nastiest accident this morning! I was at school and the whole day I felt like I needed to poop, and my stomach was cramping but I didn't want too poo at school because I get embarrased. The urge went away for a bit towards the end of the day, so I had track practice and I changed in the locker room, now I was only wearing a thong, booty shorts, and a tank top, and as I was running on the track the urge came back strong and I farted and felt my "hole" starting to open and push I was thinking oh no please no, I ran to my coach and told her I needed to use the bathroom desperately and she said make it quick. As I was running back towards the locker room i let out a huge fart and my huge load started to squeeze out of my butt I got to the locker room still pooping myself, and poop slid out my shorts down my leg onto the floor and in my shoes I pulled down my shorts and let the rest out into the shower man did I have to go I finished my load in the shower, and got completely naked. I picked up my poop off the floor and put it into the toilet, and i wiped the floor with a towel and I showered and changed and ran back out to the field within 15 minutes, coach was suspsicious but i said my mom called me. Wow was that a disgusting accident I hope it doesnt happen anymore..

Little Mandi

Hard poop

A little while ago I had to go poop and I knew it was gonna be a hard one. I went upstairs and sat on the toilet. When I have a hard time I like to squeeze the wall in front of me. I grabbed it with both hands pushed and out came a hard ball. I knew there was a lot more to come. I took one hand and wrapped it around my stomach the other still on the wall and pushed a few times. Nothing would come out. Suddenly, I saw the door start to open. I got off the toilet to see if it was my cat but it wasn't. weird. Anyway,I sat back down grabbed the wall again and pushed. Nothing. I wrapped both hands around my stomach. Nothing. I could feel it right there. I got up and repositioned myself on the toilet. I grabbed the wall with both hands stared at the floor and pushed harder. Finally the thing came out. I probably could have went more but I didn't feel like pushing anymore. For being hard it was really messy. I wiped about 10 times and that was it.

I'm thinking about going to get some prune juice to completely clean me out. The thing is though prune juice doesn't make me poop. I know a lot of people get diarrhea from it. Not me. I drink a full glass of it heated and I'm perfectly fine. Only thing it does to me is give me gas. Maybe I'll try drinking more than one glass of it and that will work.

I found a private men's bathroom on the third floor of one of the science buildings at my campus. It is literally the perfect place to take a shit as it is very private. I think it is an unused faculty washroom that is simply not used anymore since they relocated to the fourth floor. A few days ago when I started using this washroom I noticed the toilet always has a large skidmark on the bowl when I've gone to take a shit after class so I knew someone else was using the toilet on regular occasion.

After a Biology class this afternoon I needed to unload rather urgently. I made my way to the private washroom down the dead end hallway. To get into the washroom you need to scan your ID card, something I figured would have kept me out but it did accept my card. Scanning your card unlocks the bottom handle and once inside you have to make sure you deadbolt the door so nobody else can enter in while you are inside. I unlocked the door as usual and entered in. There is a wall that you have to walk around to get in making it impossible to see the toilet with the door open. I closed and locked the door behind me and made my way to the toilet. When I went around I was startled to see a large guy who was about my age sitting on the toilet. Startled I apologized and turned around to exit out and wait until he finished. I guess he forgot to lock the door after he entered in, something he probably felt stupid for not doing. I went and grabbed a drink of water from a fountain and a few minutes later I saw him walking out of the hallway and towards the stairwell. I proceeded back over and entered in. I approached the toilet and saw it was full of skidmarks and it smelt pretty bad. I flushed the toilet before sitting down. I really needed to go so I sat down almost immediately. The toilet is positioned in the corner of the wall and directly across it there is a urinal and to the right of the toilet there was a large sink and vanity. I farted loudly and dropped a few small but thick turds. They plopped noisily into the bowl as my stomach groaned and I passed quite a few noisy farts before pushing a solid turd out without any difficulty. I unrolled several large wads of toilet paper from the dispenser and took a while to wipe before flushing. I washed my hands and left to go home. It sure is nice to have a private place to poop and I will be using the private bathroom again.

hello everyone! sorry it has been a while! i havent had a chance to post a story! i have been extremely busy with my life this past month! i have a cool story about a visit to the ladiesroom from about three weeks ago!

On Monday February 6 2012 : i had a free day to myself! so i went to the softball park that was less than a minute away from my apartment complex! i was there from 1:00pm i was suppose to leave at 6pm but a friend of mine called me at 5:55pm! i ended up talking for like 1.5 hours! while i was on the phone i was fidgeting up and down! i tried to ignore my sudden urge to pee but i wasnt able to completely do it! i didnt want to be rude to my friend! so i ended up completley peeing myself! that day i wore a long sleeve shirt with a femine design that had sequence on the front! i wore a green skirt! i had on teal blue panties! so eventually my friend told me that they had to use the bathroom! so i thought that it would be wise to go ahead and use the bathroom! so i started walking towards the restroom, as i got closer i noticed a lady who was around my age she had on a white tank top and black workout pants! she wore white socks with white athletic shoes! the woman had dark brown hair with blond highlights! she must have really had to go cause she was walking at an extremely fast pace! moments later i entered the ladiesroom! i made my way to the third stall and went in and closed the door tightly! to my left i could hear what sounded like a young child! moments later i realized that a 10 year old girl was in the stall to my left! she was wiping and finished peeing! seconds later she exited the stall without flushing! the young girl made her way to the sinks and washed her hands! meanwhile i was realizing my huge load! it was slowly making its way out of me! seconds later from my left i heard footsteps of what sounded to be a middle aged woman! she entered the stall to my left! she had to close the door twice to maintain extra privacy! she almost completley sat down on the tiolet when all of the sudden she said" oh God"! she quickly got up off the tiolet and rushed out of the stall and went into the fifth stall! i was still trying to get my load out! it was taking its sweet time! the older woman started making grunt noises! i knew that she must have had to shit badly! there was a slight odor in the air at this point in time! i knew that the burnette with blond highlights must have been pooing up a storm as well! with all three of taking a dump the air quality didnot smell too good ! the woman in the fifth stall continued making noises and she plooping slowly but surely! the room was very stinky at this point! the burnette with blond highlights was very quite! i was about done at this point! i decided not to wipe! i just pulled up my teal blue panties! i stood up and looked in the tiolet! there was a huge log that was 14 inches long! the other pieces were chunky and scattered around in several pieces! i exited the stall without flushing! i didnt even care to wash my hands! i will post again soon when i have a chance and have another experience to share! i love you guys! please take care and God bless! Happy pooing and peeing!




Replies etc

Anny. I was sorry to read about your continuing frustrations with your bowels. As someone who has unpredictable bowels myself, I can sympathise to some extent. Reading what you'd put though, I did just wonder whether perhaps you're trying too hard to perform. Maybe you're not meant to poo every day. There's no law about such things. Why not try relaxing and just going for a poo when you feel the need for one? If you only do it a couple of times a week that's perfectly fine so long as it's normal for you. Anyhow, let us know how you get on. I hope matters improve soon.

Charles. You're very lucky indeed to have an aunt who's as open as yours is about bodily functions.

Tech Guy. I enjoyed reading about your exploits with Christine and Paula when you were dealing with that frozen pipe for them. My goodness, they must have had a good time out the night before in order to be pooing and throwing up the way they did!

Nicola. I enjoyed reading about your latest exploits with Alex and your emergency visit to the gents. Although as a guy I'm not overly keen on the idea of women using gents toilets, I think there are occasions when an exception to the general rule can be justified. In your case I think it was a choice of either using the gents or going in your pants and the former would be a lot less hassle than a major cleanup.


Curious about this

I'm an eighteen-year old girl and I have more than a passing interest in going to the bathroom. I love the feeling of taking a good poop and I tend to look in the toilet after I finish. But this leaves me very conflicted as my family is staunchly Catholic and I even attend an all-girl school. As a small girl, my parents taught me that going to the bathroom was a very private matter and not to be discussed. Shortly after I began school, I was told not to say that I had to "poop" or "poopoo"; instead I should be ladylike and say I needed to "use the bathroom" or "use the toilet".

I can't say for sure, but perhaps it was because I was raised in this fashion that I developed a fascination with the bathroom. I never felt like I could tell anyone and for a long while I tried to fight these feelings within me, that I was wrong for feeling this way. But eventually I came to terms with it and I realized that it is okay to feel like I do. I'd also like to share a story, and what better to start with than the most recent experience I have?

Today I had an urge to poop around the time school let out. The girls rooms are often very busy right after last period, and I didn't have to go that bad, so I decided to hold it until I got home. During the twenty-minute walk, my need to go was rapidly growing, and by the time I arrived at home I really had to poop. As I was walking upstairs to my room, my dad called me and I had to take out the garbage. I asked, "Can it wait a few minutes? I have to use the toilet." and thankfully he said yes, I could do it after I was done.

I quickly walked to my room and dropped off my bookbag and then headed to the bathroom. I went in and closed and locked the door and sat on the toilet. I bunched my red plaid skirt around my waist, lowered my white slip and pink underwear and got ready for a much needed poop. It started coming out right away and I peed a little too. The relief was amazing and it felt so good. When I had finished, I stood to look. I had produced three medium-length, light brown poops. I wiped my bottom until it was clean and then closed the toilet lid before flushing.


Stomach Bug

Has anyone had that Stomach flu?I Had it Wensday,And it was like the Niagrah Falls coming out of me!At least I am dry now.

For Pregnat Girl:Hurry up and Deliver!


To Anny

Sounds like you're doing everything you can. I would suggest just keep doing what you're doing, and everything should work out. I've found bowel problems tend to go in cycles. Even though my diet doesn't vary much and I always try to get plenty of fiber, I'll often have several days of smooth, easy dumps, followed by a few days of stubborn ones. Just nature showing who's boss, I guess.

My back problems are over, so I'm back to my leisurely, newspaper reading dumps each morning. Only problem with that is, sometimes I get caught up in a article and lose track of time. That's why I rush around getting ready in the morning, and why I'm always a few minutes late for work each day. I've been doing it for so long, though, they'd probably be surprised if I ever did show up on time.

By all, and good luck with your crapping.


To Amylee

Hey Amylee...I was curious if you had any upset stomach stories. Have you and your husband ever been out in public and you all of a sudden had a stomach ache then had to have diarrhea? I think that would be a very interesting story if you had any.

to Anny: i really enjoyed your post! iam very sorry to hear that you are still battling with constipation! i hope that your battle will end soon! hang in there! things will get better! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Amylee: i really enjoyed your post! everyone makes the bathroom smell bad at one time or the other! that just part of life and its also part of using a public bathroom also! i really enjoy your weekly contribution to this forume! i look forward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Charles: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your cousin are into tiolet matters! sounds like she enjoys taking a huge shit and leaving unflushed! i love doing the same also! i wish you the best with living with your Aunt but i have a Good feeling that it will work out! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to TimW: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your brother had a good time shitting in your Grandmothers car! did your Grandma ever find out about what you guys did? i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Tawnie: i really enjoyed your post! thats very kind of you to offer Jasmine advice for her constipation! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to CollegeGuy: i really enjoyed yout post! sounds like to me that you have a little bit of fear of using public bathroom! iam glad that you are coming out of your shell! hopefully soon you will discover that using a public bathroom is nothing to be afraid of! iwonder if you had an bad experience growing up? i wish you simply the best success! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to MegaGurl: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and the teenage girls were smelling up the alley way! its sounds like you all enjoyed each others company! it also sounds like that cury doesnot agree with your digestive tract! be careful in the future! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!



Walk by

Accidental date

Hey guys,

I'm back! I hope you liked my previous story about the girl in the stained hot pants. I said I have a few more accident stories - which i saw or heard before - so here is the next one.

The next story happened a few years ago, in 2006. That was an ordinary spring weekend in May, so I spent the whole day in the city center with my girlfriend. Around 4 pm we waited for the bus at the bus stop (my girlfriend lived in the suburb), when I saw a girl from our high school. She was in grade 11 at that time (she is one year older than me), and she was very popular - but in not in that usual way. The girls usually called her a slut, because she always smiled at the boys, shaked her booty when she walked around and at every parties she was the most drunkest and easily kissable chick so far. So.. you know that type :)

Just a few words to describe her: she was about 5' 4' with rather small tits, but great figure and a tiny great ass. Originally she had just wavy brown hair, but that time she had afro hairstyle with blonde highlights. She had sun tanned skin too, so it matched to her very well. I don't remember exactly what kind of clothes does she wear that day, but I'm sure she had sunglasses and a light blue/green skinthight jeans. You know that hipster one with a light fading on the ass.

So she walked next to us with her new - probably - boyfriend, when my girlfriend started to laughing. I didn't know what was that funny, but then I saw the ass of the chick too. Man, there was a big, approximately 5 inch log in her pants!! I couldn't believe that, but when I saw that strange walk - high heels - and her continuous attempts for covering her ass with her bag the situation became very clear. Moreover the guy that time probably didn't know what happened, so I think that was a hell of a "fun" for her to hide her accident and save herself from the total embarrassment. She actually studies at a university, but I think she will never forget this date :)

Anybody had an experience like this?

Jasmin K

Responses Constipation and Mothers

Seems my last response didnt get posted

I never had enemas and on 1 occasion since potty training suppositorys were used to make me go. I was about 9 yrs old we were on holiday and I was very constipated I was told if I didnt do it that evening I was getting a suppository. As I remember it took 2 to get things moving, I still had to push hard. I was given another 1 just to make sure, Unfortunatly I didnt get it all out and had a rather messy accident during the night. Ive never used them since.

Shane (female) and JW

When I got badly constipated (pre 12 yrs Old ) I got kept off school and had to keep sitting on toilet for like 2 hour periods throughout the day and she would hold me open as I mentioned before whilst I had to (in her words) ''Strain harder Jasmin bear down hard push harder'' In between the toilet sessions sometimes I had to lie on my bed with a towel under me legs up and apart and she would massage and press on my ???? whilst I pushed and she would wiggle a finger inside my hole to ''loosen things up abit'' After 12 yrs old I was allowed to stay off school if its really bad and she will help if I ask.
Yea it used to hurt being stretched with 3 fingers but it did sometimes help when it was a large hard piece her fingers having cream on them to help them slip in and I was used to having it done. When It was a big hard piece if it was really hurting or splitting me or I was already split from a previous piece, as it came out I would stand and clench to stop the pain but also stopped it coming out.If she was holding me open it stopped me clenching and she would use her other hand to hold me down on the toilet. When I used a potty chair there was a tray and a strap that was fastened to stop you getting up.


Yes I do reach around and pull my bum cheeks apart, I can push really really hard this way, so hard it makes my bum bleed and bulge right out, (if I use 2 fingers on each hand to push my bulging arse back up and keep pushing the inside of it comes out like a wrinkled pink tube)I do the bend forward and pull apart method quite often, not just when constipated and also this works well if I have my feet raised up, I often wear high heels etc when doing this, Perhaps you could raise your feet up on something. I also find kneeling, body upright legs apart and pushing down is quite good then getting on the toilet as it starts to move. When I was still in nappies I did it this way when it was bad. My mum had some pics she showed me.

To continue about my new friend
I arrived early at school and got into a cubicle, I started straining hard whilst pulling my cheeks apart. Then drip drip drip as i strained my bum was bleeding which I confirmed by dabbing my swollen ring with my finger and looking at its red coating. I resumed pulling my cheeks open and strained hard again and after a few minutes the first piece - a hard knobbly log about 4 inches splashed into the water. I continued straining, a couple of small pebbles fired into the water and a lot of mucous/jelly/blood splatterd around the bowl during a fart. I beared down even harder making another fart and a pebble. Then I heard my name being called, am in the 2nd to end cubilcle I replied, my new freind Jade came in. I said I had a bit more to do and asked if she was needing the toilet, she said yes. I totally removed my knickers and put my feet up on the ledge and strained and strained, I noticed she was looking s I said 'it will be out in a minute' and sure enough amidst an other blast of wind/jelly/blood a load of pebbles fired into the water. I wiped up and pulled my knickers back on up to my knees and stood up put a wad of paper between my cheeks and pulled my knickers up, straightened my skirt and said to Jade, go on it your turn. She pulled her knickers down and i noticed they were a bit cleaner than last time, I said have you been since yestarday she said yes a little - oh you mean my knicks, yes, I washed them. She sat down on the un flushed toilet and gave a feeble push. I suggested she put her feet on the ledge so she removed her knickers dropping them on the floor and put her feet up and gave another push, I squatted down to see if she was doing anything and could see a log just protruding from her arse.I said do a hard push and get it out. She replied that she had ???? ache which hurt more when she pushed and that her mum had said to sit and let it come on its own. I asked if she wanted her ???? rubbed, yes, so I rubbed and pushed on her ????. I could feel her pushing but realised she was holding it.I said you really need to strain down hard and get that out, I can feel how hard your stomach is. She said yes I know and with that she really strained hard and made a noise UUUUUUGH UUUUUUGH the oooh oooh its hurting, I noticed that she pushed it so far out than when she stopped straining it went back up inside. I said you need to keep pushing untill its out. She pushed again and I pressed on her ???? and she strained again and it splashed into the water over what I had left there. She said she couldnt do any more and wiped and got up. I looked it was a solid piece about 8 inches long and quite thick.

More later

Jasmin K


Morning poop

Hello. My name is Emily and I am a 30-something woman. Two of my friends read this forum and they showed it to me. I've enjoyed reading many of the stories, some recent and some quite old, on here and decided I would contribute one of my own. To get things started, a brief description of myself. I am about 5'5" tall, and I have blue eyes and shoulder-length curly brown hair. I have a good figure overall and try to stay fit.

Now that that's done, on to my story. My daily routine goes something like this: I wake up, eat breakfast, then I poop and shower before I wake my kids up so they can begin getting ready for school. This morning was no different and I felt the need after eating. I went into the master bathroom, grabbed a magazine and sat on the toilet. I peed and read a few pages as I passed a smooth easy log. When I was done, I placed the magazine on top of the toilet and wiped two times. I stood up and looked at my log. It was kind of like a stripe down the middle of the toilet. I closed the lid and started my shower.


Speaking of Skinny Girls

I was at a lawyer's office this morning. They have a waiting room with a unisex bathroom off to the side. I went to the window, checked in and had a seat. I thought I was the only one there but after about 10 minutes I heard a flush and realized it came from the bathroom which was about 10' away from where I was sitting. I heard the sink run and about 1 minute later out walks this girl. She was in her late teens or early 20s, very light skinned African American and very petite. She must have weighed 100 pounds soaking wet and had puffed up, frizzy brownish red hair. She was very cute and was wearing extremely tight jeans, a black top and black high heeled boots that came up to her knee. As soon as she sat down, I was up and headed to the restroom. Upon entering, I was greeted with a nice, strong shit smell. I would rate it about a 7 on my scale. If you walked it there would be no question that someone had just finished taking a shit. It wasn't eggy or sulfurous. It was just a nice powerful shit smell. I looked in the toilet but didn't see a trace of a remnant. I enjoyed her smell, flushed the toilet for effect, washed my hands and walked out. She made some small talk with me and was very nice. She had to know that I had just gotten a good whiff of her waste but didn't seem embarrassed about it at all. I marveled that such a petite, slim girl could produce an odor like that. She made my day!


Constipated friend

This afternoon, a friend and I went to a nice sit-down restaurant to have lunch. The food and service were wonderful. After we had eaten and paid, my friend said she needed to visit the ladies' room before we left, and I said I had to go too. We went to the bathroom, which turned out to be one-person bathroom. I stood at the sink and fixed up my make-up as my friend lowered her jean shorts and panties and sat down.

She said "I've been a bit constipated lately. I feel like I might be able to poop though." and I said "That sucks. I hate being constipated. How long has it been since you last went?"

"About three nnh days. I took a laxative nnnh this morning, but I don't know if it's working yet" was her reply.

We continued to chat for a few minutes as she bore down and pushed. She rubbed her stomach to see if that helped, but she was only able to produce just a few small marbles. She wiped once, got up, then I sat down and peed for about forty-five seconds. I wiped my front and then flushed and we left to return to my house.

Later on, she said she again felt the urge to go so we headed off to my bathroom. My bathroom is a little weird as it has what looks like a separate room for just the toilet, and I think there may have been a door at one time, but if so it's gone now. Anyway, my friend again pulled down and sat. She began to push and rubbed her stomach and she finally was able to have a decent poop. She passed several soft logs and some diarrhea. She said "Sorry for really stinking it up in here." but I told her "Don't worry. I've been known to do a big stinker too. In fact, I have to go when you're finished."

Her poop continued and it didn't sound or smell pretty, but from the look on her face, she felt infinitely better when it was all over, to no longer have three days worth of poop in her body. She had to wipe many times and then she flushed her mess away. My own need to go was fairly strong by then, so I took her place on the warm toilet and lowered my skirt and thong. I began to add to the smell by pooping out a few logs of my own. When I had finished, I wiped and flushed, then we left the stinky bathroom together.


It's Been Awhile

Hey guys, it's been months since I've posted a story and yeah I need to be a bit more "regular". If you've read my past stories, you know my nice looking 39 year old Aunt and I share our farts and dumps for great laughs. She about 5'11 and 210 lbs, with a light-skinned color.

I was at her place playing her Wii while she was lying on her bed watching those silly reality TV shows. She called me to her room and said, "Hey, I gotta let it out. Hurry up." As usual, I laid behind her ????, round butt and she released a loud, bubbly fart that went for about 4 seconds long. Man, did it stank! We both laughed as she decided to try take a dump. I went in the bathroom with her and we talk as she handled her business. She dropped about 5 piece that were about 4 inches each. Not much this time and the bathroom had a light smell.

Any of you folks had female family memebers or friends that share and laugh at farts? I have a few female friends that do this with me for laughs.


Competion for Leigh

I was at break the other day when a lady I didn't know joined us for just a couple of minutes. Her name was Debbie and she came over from one of our other divisions in an office across town. She has now joined our office staff. I guessed she was about 40 years old. I found out later I was close, she's 39. She is very outgoing, pretty, married with a 12 year old daughter. She seemed to be "dressed young", meaning she had on a pair of skin tight beige slacks, with some really unique shoes that normally you'd see a teenaged girl wearing. She had on a black sweater. I noticed several men checking out her backside as she got up to leave a couple of minutes after I had arrived. Roxy, one of my friends, asked me, "What'd you think about Debbie, Amylee?" I said she was OK, I guess, since I really only saw her for a couple of minutes. Roxy looked at the other three and smiled and said, "OK, who wants to tell her?" I was wondering what was up. Roxy then lowered her voice and said, "Leigh's got some competition." I thought that maybe Leigh, our boss, was in some rivalry for her job. Roxy said, "No, that's not it. Debbie is right up there with Leigh in the bathroom. You'll see one of these days." The others nodded, so I guess they'd all been in the ladies' room with her already, which I had not. And if she rivaled Leigh that was saying a lot since Leigh is the queen of the loud poos. Well, that very afternoon around 3 o'clock, I went into the restroom to pee. One stall was occupied and I peed and flushed and came out just as the other person did. It was Leigh. She said she wanted to talk to me about something and proceeded to discuss a new procedure we were to begin. Just then Debbie walked in and went into the first stall. She closed the door, pulled down her tight slacks and sat, then she let probably the loudest fart I've ever heard. Leigh ignored her and kept talking. Debbie then started dropping logs profusely and loudly in the pot, grunting and sighing quietly the whole time. I tried to move my and Leigh's conversation to the hallway, and Leigh took the hint. We went outside the door, which is just an S-curve, and into the hallway. I heard another huge fart come from Debbie all the way out in the hallway. About 30 seconds later, she let another loud one, very audible in the hallway for anyone walking by to hear. Leigh kept talking and about a minute later, I heard a flush, then water running, followed by a paper towel tearing. Then Debbie walked out and smiled and went back to the office. Leigh looked at her and whispered, "Wow, I hope she feels better. That was a loud one." She giggled. I thought to myself, "You're one to talk, Leigh. You blow up worse than anyone here." But now maybe she has some competition with Debbie around.


Just a guy & Dan- Yes, it was a big relieving dump and like you say I do prefer that sort to the emergency poo! Out of all of us I would say Lizzi and Hannah have the loudest poos, and Lauren and Kat probably make the most noise with grunts etc! Emma & I are about average I suppose, although I usually fart a few times during a poo.

Some of us went out to a club last night and while we were there I started to feel a fullness down below. After a while I felt a load move into position for release! Soon I knew it was an urgent load that really wanted out and I couldn't hold it all night. There was no way I was going in the disgusting club toilets, not for a big poo! I told the girls I was tired and going home and went outside and into a taxi. It was ten minutes back to our house and when I got there I was desperate to go with the head poking out of my bum. I unlocked the door and got inside and straight up to the loo. I hurried in and pulled down my short skirt and thong. The big log that was poking started to move and I started weeing too because my bladder was pretty full. The log became a lot wider and quite painful as it passed with a plop. Two more logs shot out after. I pushed out five little pieces before I was done feeling a lot better!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Aunt Sylvia's large motions

So I've been reading this site for a while wondering if I should tell my stories. Like several other posters here, I had a relative who left behind huge 'panbusters'. When I was a young boy, my aunt would come over sometimes in the evenings to watch me when my parents wanted to go out, which happened at least once a week. On those days, my aunt would always need a poop in the evenings, and she'd usually come into the bathroom during my nightly bath.

The curtain was always closed to give her as much privacy as possible. I'd still hear her turning pages in whatever magazine she was reading that day, and sometimes she'd fart, but on the whole she was a fairly quiet pooper. After finishing she would close the toilet lid before she flushed. Once I was done with my bath, I'd open the lid and peek at her 'panbuster'. It appeared that the turd had mostly gone down but was stuck, and a second flush when I was done looking would send it on its way. But occasionally, it would be a really big one, even by her standards, and it wouldn't go away even with two flushes. On those days, I'd leave it and my mom would come home later and she wasn't happy. I didn't ask many questions, but her comments hinted that Aunt Sylvia had always left behind huge turds that blocked the toilet, even when they were kids.

Well guys and girls, im a mum. Freya was born last night(23rd feb)at 8.43pm. All in all it was just over 36 hours between labour started and she popped out. Ive written in twice since my labour began on wed. My posts dont seem to have been put up. My second post contained a live poop session whilst in labour. It was a good one and im sure you would have enjoyed imagining me pooping. It was the easiest poop ive done since i was 5 months pregnant. It took 10 mins to come out with 2 massive plops and 2 further small one. I need to poop again but its only a small urge so i may be okay until i get out of hospital tomorrow(sat 25th). Then ill ive poop again due to the missed one from yesterday. Been told by my midwife that until my hormones die down i may continue to struggle with constipation. Maybe 2 more months. Aah well. Its all worth it for Freya. Im so delighted with her. Matt loves her. Oh ive just farted. Maybe i need to poop more than i thought. Ill leave it though as im looking forward to live pooping.


In labour and live pooping

Well everyone im still in labour. Its now 3.30pm on thursday 23rd and my labour started nearly 31 hours ago. Im exhausted but im getting there. I will deliver today. Finally. Im in agony but im told it'll be worth it.

So for that reason ive been told to empty my bowels. My 2 midwives, mum and Matt have left me alone whilst i poop. I have been given a basin like thing like before and ive decided due to closeness of my contractions(every 8 mins or so)im going to squat at the end of the bed. It feels easier and its the postion ive been in for a while now as its making labour a bit easier. Im still typing on my phone whilst i do this. Here's hoping its quick but like i said yesterday i do feel like i could go very easily. I may get contractions through this so i'll write ohhhhh in its place and you can see when im pushing and when im contracting.

So uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, im a bit scared to push hard incase i start delivering so im not pushing as hard as i probably should. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, somethings coming. I need to stop though, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and breathe. Starting again. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes its coming, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and PLOP, PLOP. Wow that was quite quick. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, more making its way. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, PLOP, PLOP. Think im done. One more push just to see, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yes im done. Now im going to wipe. Im standing up, leaning on the bed and can see 4 very big logs. I pick it up and put in on the counter out of the way. Im done but ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh another contraction.

Well that's me done. Next time i write in i'll definately be a mother. Wish me luck and i speak soon.

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