npu (noisy poopers united)

Crapping on a Yankees Cap:My Trip To Boston

Sorry for the delay-my computer crapped out(ha ha). But my class took a trip to Boston, MA, and something hilarious happened. There we were on the bus, when it started. Everyone was complaining that they needed to use the toilet. The teacher replied that the nearest rest stop was in a few miles or so. Andrew complained that he had to go, NOW. The teacher angrily said to hold it, everyone. We grudgingly agreed. (Except for Andrew. He couldn't hold it any longer and pissed into a bottle. He turned away from the aisle,shouted to everyone not to look, and unzipped his crotch. Just as he finished, however, the only gay student, Ryan, looked over at him and wolfwhisteled. It was really funny.) As we all rushed inside, we discovered that we had stopped at apperently the only bathroom in MA with a unisex bathroom. My bowels were aching,though, and I decided torisk being noisy and just go. It was crazily crowded. But some of us, me included, couldn't hold it any longer. Someone suggested we go on papertowels. We grabbed them. I began to squat. Luckily, I was wearing a long skirt that allowed me to be decent. This was where the trouble began. I was trying to be silent. So was everyone else. Then someone gave a great "Auuughh" and a rumble of a fart. Them we heard a squelch and a thud. We giggled. And then,one by one,we began to push. I had a satisfyingly large poop. Before we continue, I should note that I am the only Red Sox fan in my school. So of course, today Jimmy wore his Yankees hat. And apperently, he had taken it off to crap. I heard a great "What the F**K???!!!" I turned. There,on the brim of the hat, perfectly centered, sat my huge, sticky,smelly,steaming turd. I was a celebrity for the rest of the trip. So here comes my question: Have you ever purposfully crapped on someone else's belongings? Please respond in detail. Yours till the shit hits the fan,NPU


Poo with a friend

On Friday evening, my friend Natalie and I went to a movie and after, she said she needed to poo. The lines were far too long and she decided to hold it until we got to her house. We cut through a park to take a shortcut and she said she couldn't hold it anymore and hoped the bathrooms weren't locked. By that point, I was also feeling a small urge, but mine was still manageable. We went to find out and luckily they were still unlocked.

There were five stalls on the left and five on the right. Natalie took one and I took the one directly across. Because there was no one else, we decided to not close the stall doors and talk while we were going. As soon as she sat down, she was already pooing and remarked "Oh I really have to go quite badly. It's been almost five days since my last poo."

As I said, I only sort of had to go, so I just peed and sat for a bit. Her poo was noisy, with many farts and lots of splashes. As I was sitting there watching her go I noticed my own need was becoming more evident. I was able to push out a few logs and she was still in the process. After several minutes of her going quite a lot, there was a break in the action and she looked between her legs and flushed. The toilet gurgled and I thought it might be clogged, but it wasn't. She said "I'm glad that didn't block up the toilet, because I'm not even done yet" and returned to pooing some more.

Once I had squeezed out another log and she had delivered another cacophony of splashes, she finally she said was done. I told her I wasn't quite, and sat for a bit until I passed one final log. I hadn't pooed nearly as much as she did, but mostly because I had been two days ago, compared with her having five days worth to get out. We wiped our bottoms a bunch of times and then flushed the toilets.


Week Long Crap

So although I did say I was going to post a story about Hale's five day-held in poop, I was unfortunately grounded in the morning the computer on Friday for not completing my homework. I wouldn't see Hale for the weekend, and although I hated to ask, I asked to move it until Monday. She didn't seem either for or against it, but she agreed. So on Monday (it is Tuesday today) we had pretty much all our classes together. The class order changes each week as well, so we ended up having Socials, Math, Science, and P.E. She isn't in my Science anymore, sadly, as it was too full and she was transferred out.

Anyway, now it had become a seven day held-in crap, and she was starting to look a little phased by it. In the morning we were hanging out when she started fidgeting, and when I asked why, she said she couldn't sit down to piss since she wouldn't be able to hold in the crap. That was something I never actually considered, but it turned out to make it a two trip story for me. So during Socials, she seemed alright during it, although she was still fidgeting. To keep her mind off it (I admittedly did a terrible job), I asked her where and when she planned to go. She said she wanted to go to the area where we first did, but it was raining too hard and she wouldn't make it another day, so she wanted to go to her house instead. I agreed and when the bell rang, she seemed pretty desperate. Not from the #2 portion, but from the lack of bathrooms at all. During math she nearly caved. At lunch I told her that if she wanted to go outside I wouldn't mind, so she did. We headed off to a secluded area and she went. The strange thing is is that she went like a flash flood. It was about 10 seconds of hose strength flow, which is something I've NEVER heard of or seen. Even though it might not seem like much, she would have easily filled 1 or more big water bottles in that time. She stood up quickly and said that she almost let loose comepletly there, so she had to stand up quickly. I told her it was a good thing she can go that fast otherwise she wouldn't make it to the end of the day.

I didn't see her in science, but from her recount she had to piss again. Then came gym, which I felt terrible for her, as it involved lots of movement, running, and drinking water. During our warmup run we actually made a detour to piss again, and I went too this time. Another flash flood, meaning that it wasn't the first time shes done it like that. After school the sun was attempting to come out, and since it meant a shorter walk, we went back to the catchment.

Once we got within about 5 minutes of the place, she was already getting ready. No one was around, since it was an uncommon area, and her face was pretty red. By the time we got there her pants were already pretty much down, and she quickly squatted and released four turds almost a foot long each (again, I'm metric, so I don't take that for 100% accuracy). Not to mention, they were thick. Unfortunately I cant think today, so I have no real simile to how big they were. She stood up without wiping, which I commented on later, and learned that she rarely ever does. I told her thats probably unsafe but she said she showers after school anyway, so I left it at that. I hope we can continue our friendship the way its been going, and I hope to post soon.


Why I Hate the New Toilet Paper

I wrote before about why the toilet rooms in my school suck. The queues are so long that I now wear a skirt most of the time so I can use one of the doorless stalls, since they don't have much of a queue and I won't be late too much to class.

Now there's a new problem. Last week I saw some construction guys with a cart shutting down each of the toilet rooms for a period or so. Now we know why. They took out the regular toilet paper rollers because someone put a lighter to a couple of them and one of the fires did so much damage that the toilet room has been totally closed off.

Now each toilet has a metal holder about 2 feet high on the concrete wall behind the toilet. What you end up doing is pulling down a pre-cut square of toilet paper that's like 3 inches by 3 inches. They are so awkward to handle and I dropped 2 for every one I could hold onto. It also sucks to have to get off the stool, turn around and reach back and take one. Yesterday after I crapped I tried to use 3 and each time my fingers got some crap on them. It is so gross to use these. Some of my friends agree but not all of them have to crap at school. And they don't wipe after they wee.

I think my boy friend has the right idea. He holds his crap until he is out of school.


Smelliest girl ever

A few years back a friend of me invited me to a small gathering. The get-together consisted of other friends of my friend, so at first I didn't really know anybody. We played some board and card games and everyone was really friendly and soon I started to feel like I belonged. At some point, one of the girls, Karen, excused herself to use the bathroom. She was gone for a good amount of time and I knew she must be pooping. This made me happy as I did kind of have to go at that moment and figured I could use that as an excuse to go in after her and have a whiff.

Once Karen had rejoined us, I waited a little while so as to not seem too eager and then excused myself to use the bathroom. There was some laughter and I was informed that I probably didn't want to use the bathroom until at least half an hour after Karen had visited it. They told me she leaves a horrible stink behind and she was good-natured and confirmed it with a chuckle. The lady whose house we were at told me that if I really had to go I could use the toilet off of her bedroom.

I headed off and even just walking by the bathroom there was a definite poop smell. I couldn't resist and quietly turned the door. Now I usually enjoy a poop smell left behind by a woman, but that... that was something else altogether! That was easily way worse than any stink I had ever smelled before (or even since, for that matter). I closed the door again and instead used the master bathroom.

Upon returning to the table, I found out that they had indeed heard me opening and then promptly closing the door. I told them the truth, that I didn't believe that the stink could ever be THAT bad.

Mommy to be

Status update

Hi everyone. As of today I am sixteen weeks pregnant. I find that I am still having at least two BMs each day, though the days when I have three motions are becoming rarer. Before I was pregnant I only went once a day, so I figure as long as I can do that, it's not worth worrying about. I've tried to be careful about my diet and ensure I get plenty of fiber, which aids the flow of waste through the body.

My morning BM typically is one or two pieces and comes out smoothly with little effort. Later in the evening, usually after eating dinner, I have another BM and it is sometimes a little rougher coming out. My evening motion is rarely just one piece, mostly two to four smaller pieces. Overall, I'd say I'm doing well and hope to stay this way up until the end.


My online friend is very open

This story is about a girl I know. To protect her privacy, she will be called 'C'. I met first C many years ago when we went to high school together. She has since moved but we still talk quite frequently over the internet. I remember her being somewhat shy in high school, and I don't know if it's just because she feels totally comfortable telling me everything, or is just more open now, but she shares many details with me, and of particular note here are the details about her toilet habits. She often tells me she has to go to the toilet, and if it's to take a dump, she leaves no doubt in my mind that's what she's doing.

As an example, C and I were talking yesterday and she said "I had a big lunch yesterday and now it's knocking at my back passage. Be back soon."

She was gone for about ten minutes and when she returned, I asked her if she had a good dump and she replied "Yeah and it was a big one. Wanna see it?"

Then she sent me a picture of her dump. It consisted of four good-sized logs, each of them five or six inches long. I commented that she had indeed done a big dump and must have eaten a lot. She told me she had ordered sushi for lunch and meant to eat half and save the rest for dinner, but before she knew it, she had eaten the entire order.

We do video chats sometimes and I'm thinking about asking her if she'll take her computer with her when she takes a dump. That would be the best thing, short of actually being in the room with her, which is completely impossible.

Hey guys I have posted here like once before and i read them regularly but idk if i will become a regular poster. Anyways I am 14, from FL, 5'8", male, muscular, athletic, white, have blue eyes, and i have brown curly hair.
Well anyways onto the story: So a few nights ago, my cousin and i were at my grandparent's house. (my cousin is a girl, about 5'4", skinny, curvy in the right places (not trying to be weird just describing her) and she has blonde hair and blue eyes) Well we were eating ice cream and i forgot he was diabetic and so we both at a ton of it and then i realized it was sugar free. well for most people (for me at least) sugar free gives u diarrhea. anyways my cousin was unaware and i didnt tell her. She wanted to make some quick cash and so she bet me 40 bucks on a poop and pee holding contest. i accepted. well after a while of waiting, we got bored and she started farting like a lot. she was worried so i told her about the sugar free ice cream. well she wasnt very happy but she wanted to make more money so she challenged me to a farting contest. 1 dollar for loudest, 1 for the longest, and 1 for the smelliest. well we battled back and forth for quite a while. she really wanted to win so i saw her screw up her face and close her eyes and push. well i heard this amazing fart. it was like a gunshot except it lasted for 2 minutes and after like a minute you could smell it. it smelled like a hot porta potty after 5 days of being used in the sun. well at around the 2 minute mark, it started to sound wet but she kept going for it. well finally i heard a giant squelch and i saw a huge bulge appear on her butt. She couldnt stop pooping and when she poops, she pees and so i saw a giant wet spot appear on her crotch. well she was finally done and there was pee all down her legs and on the floor and there was a bulge of poop the size of a football on her butt.
well i won 37 bucks cuz she won the fart contest.
I have more stories to post about me, her, and other people.
Just let me know if you have any questions or want to hear more stories.
I like the stories about girls peeing or pooping so keep em coming.


Competion for Leigh

I was at break the other day when a lady I didn't know joined us for just a couple of minutes. Her name was Debbie and she came over from one of our other divisions in an office across town. She has now joined our office staff. I guessed she was about 40 years old. I found out later I was close, she's 39. She is very outgoing, pretty, married with a 12 year old daughter. She seemed to be "dressed young", meaning she had on a pair of skin tight beige slacks, with some really unique shoes that normally you'd see a teenaged girl wearing. She had on a black sweater. I noticed several men checking out her backside as she got up to leave a couple of minutes after I had arrived. Roxy, one of my friends, asked me, "What'd you think about Debbie, Amylee?" I said she was OK, I guess, since I really only saw her for a couple of minutes. Roxy looked at the other three and smiled and said, "OK, who wants to tell her?" I was wondering what was up. Roxy then lowered her voice and said, "Leigh's got some competition." I thought that maybe Leigh, our boss, was in some rivalry for her job. Roxy said, "No, that's not it. Debbie is right up there with Leigh in the bathroom. You'll see one of these days." The others nodded, so I guess they'd all been in the ladies' room with her already, which I had not. And if she rivaled Leigh that was saying a lot since Leigh is the queen of the loud poos. Well, that very afternoon around 3 o'clock, I went into the restroom to pee. One stall was occupied and I peed and flushed and came out just as the other person did. It was Leigh. She said she wanted to talk to me about something and proceeded to discuss a new procedure we were to begin. Just then Debbie walked in and went into the first stall. She closed the door, pulled down her tight slacks and sat, then she let probably the loudest fart I've ever heard. Leigh ignored her and kept talking. Debbie then started dropping logs profusely and loudly in the pot, grunting and sighing quietly the whole time. I tried to move my and Leigh's conversation to the hallway, and Leigh took the hint. We went outside the door, which is just an S-curve, and into the hallway. I heard another huge fart come from Debbie all the way out in the hallway. About 30 seconds later, she let another loud one, very audible in the hallway for anyone walking by to hear. Leigh kept talking and about a minute later, I heard a flush, then water running, followed by a paper towel tearing. Then Debbie walked out and smiled and went back to the office. Leigh looked at her and whispered, "Wow, I hope she feels better. That was a loud one." She giggled. I thought to myself, "You're one to talk, Leigh. You blow up worse than anyone here." But now maybe she has some competition with Debbie around.

Lady Caca

Clues for Poos?

I would just like to know what specific foods or physical regimen would be effective in producing larger, thicker turds? I plan on surprising my boyfriend by pooping for him, a request he has often alluded to, but I want to make sure it will be a memorable viewing that will impress him. I want this to be a "natural" poop, so pharmaceutical aids are not an option. Irregularity is not a problem for me, since I poop every day, but I have never quite been able to recreate the substantial measurements and amounts I have often seen described on here. And how long after the self-imposed dietary/fitness discipline can I expect to start seeing results? Just so it's easier to schedule the "special performance".


Another story with my cousin

Hi everyone. Three weeks ago, my aunt had dropped my cousin and I off at church for teens' bible study. We went to the lesson and it got done a little earlier than usual. My cousin and I were left with almost fifteen minutes, compared to the typical ten, before my aunt would join us for the church service. Well she said that she had to poop, and said she would go in the family bathroom downstairs by the nursery, as she thought that gave me the best chance to sneak in after she had pooped.

We arranged that I would go back in the bible study room and wait there. Some of the other teens from our group were waiting there and talking, so I'd not seem out of place. She left for the bathroom and I for the study room. Some minutes later, she returned and asked me if I was ready to find our seats, our code telling me to go to the toilet and have a look. I answered yes and we left the room together. By then though, my aunt would be there very soon, and I was running out of time. I told my cousin to tell my aunt that I was in the toilet, which was true, though not for the reason most people would assume.

I went downstairs to the bathroom and went inside and from the smell I knew that she production had not been flushed, and I was pleased. I went over to the toilet and saw a whopper of a turd. It was probably eight inches long and thick too. I flushed and went to the sanctuary to sit with my cousin and my aunt.

Later, once were at home, I told her that our plan worked and I had seen her production. She said she really likes those poops where they come out as one big piece, as they feel really good.


(1) Do you text or talk on the phone while you poop? I used to talk on the phone when I was in HS.
(2) Do you apply make up or smoke while you poop? I used to smoke in HS and college.
(3) Have you ever pooped in the presence of someone else (excluding in public restrooms)? If so, whom? Many, cousins of both sexes, mother, father, grandmothers, aunts, male and female classmates at my home or their home, playmates.
(4) Do you usually fart while pooping? In between my 4th-6th piece with a pee.
(5) Is your shit usually very stinky? Seldom.
(6)Do you read while you poop? If so, do you usually wipe immediately after you drop your turd(s)or read a while longer before wiping? I used to read when I was a girl. Sometimes or I will wait awhile.
(7) After you poop, do you wet your toilet paper or use wet wipes or use dry toilet paper alone? dry paper, then I use wet wipes. I tired wetting my toilet paper. It made it only sloppy and slimy. I prefer dry paper then a wet wipe, if nearby. I carry both in my gym bag and my waist pack when I run or use the gym.
(8) What is your age, height, body style (heavy, medium, slender), and general location (e.g.-Southeastern US)?
52, 5'7", medium, Northeast. I had to return home.
When I was in elementary school, I was afraid to look at my bowel movement for about a year in 4th grade. I used to have terrible stomach problems, sometimes diarreah, sometimes constipation and I was afraid of the results. I used to these mostly thick and heavy bowel movements that were painful. I used to press out these huge hardball-sized stools. I hated them Then, I worked up the guts, so to speak. I check my bowel movements for blood. Thank God, I see none.
Tom: I worked with a Vietnamese girl. She had some real heavy bowel movements that were loud and smelly. My lover is 37 and she has some loose movements in the morning before wemgo to work. We share the same bedroom, bed and bathroom. Every morning, we spend at dawn taking baths, showers and using the toilet.

Jerry: I took Dulcolax in college. I was constipated for more than three days, almost a week. I took the pill on Monday night and Tuesday morning, I got the results. AND DID I EVER! The school toilet was steaming! Then, it was diarreah all day, afternoon and evening. I was a college cheerleader. I cannot take those things anymore. I took too many and I ended up with a prolapsed colon because I was dependent on them. It has taken my years to get my colon toned. Use

Nate R

hey Jas

I was reading some old posts and I found one where you posted some quick stories about farts.

here's my quick fart story:
when I was in 5th grade I had a reputation in class for farting a lot.
That year during Easter celebrating the Saturday before Easter I was eating a lot of eggs at grandma/ grandpa's house. The next morning was Easter Sunday. My church was trying a new tradition. We gather up in the small room where you hang your coats with the lights off. I think I invented the term "silent but deadly" that morning. All those eggs I ate the day before visited me back with a series of horribly vengeful farts without a sound. I think the entire room was groaning in agony by this time. Honestly, as a little kid I thought it was pretty dang funny, but now I pity the people in that room. :O

Hi everyone. My name is Alex, and I am female. I found this site when searching online for people like me. I have a medical problem called voiding dysfunction. it is common in little kids who usually outgrow it. I didn't. Basically I cannot feel that I have to pee until I am basically already peeing and cannot hold it for long at all. My mom had trouble potty training me and I was diagnosed with this. She solved the problem by keeping me on a strict peeing schedule and reminding me. This worked well until I got older (I am sixteen) and started venturing out on my own. I would get busy and forget to pee, or be in a situation where I could not go. I had some embarrassing situations, but the worst was in sixth grade during a talent show. I forgot to go before hand and during a dance routine I was doing on stage, peed my pants in front of everyone. After that, my mom decided diapers would be a good choice. I now wear a diaper everyday, and usually take all my pees in them (I have no problem with poop and do that in the toilet.) This has made it very hard for me to make friends as I am so embarrassed, but it is something I have come to live with. Well that is all for now.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anny as always another great story and I hope your costipation ends soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amylee can wait until the next tale from the ladies room thanks.

To: Charles great story about seeing your cousins poop and I bet that memory will last forever and please share anymore stories about her if you have any thanks.

To: Mega Girl first welcome back and great story about you seeing those 2 girls having nasty dumps in the alley and then you joining and having your own I bet all 3 of you felt really great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great story and it sounds like you made a new friend and it sounds like you both had to go and seemed to enjoy it and great desperation story to it sounds like you were lucky to make it to the bathroom in time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Vera great story about you pooping at your bopyfriends house and I look forward to your next poat thanks.

To: Carmom first welcome back I really missed reading your stories as di many others and it sounds like a lot has happend its to bad about Laura but she showed her true colors and turns out she wasnt a true friend true friends dont make there friends choose between them and others but at least you had lots of peeing adventures and I bet your paper girl is really thankful to you and it sounds like you and Lori and the kids had alot of fun together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tech Guy as always another great post it sounds like Paula and Christine both really had to go and you got a great show from both of them and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Antonio first welcome to the site and great stories about listening to your sisters friend Annabelle poop it sounds like first time she really had to go and then hearing her again later I bet that memory will last forever and hopefuly you get to hear again andif so please post about them thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great set of stories it sounds like you and Charlotte had some good poops and it sounds like she was very desperate in your second story at least she made it with just seconds to spare and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shortie it sounds like your baby just not quite ready yet and gret poop story as always and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Maddy as always another great set of stories and yeah I know that feeling of pushing out a big log its great and little kids can be annoying sometimes but oh well at least she wasnt trying to peek in on you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bathroom Beaky first welcome back to the site I loved reading all your stories and great story about you really having to poop and hearing and smelling that other woman pooping at least you made it though without having an accident and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sarah as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty nasty time at least no one found out at least until your friend told em but still did they belive her and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K as always another great story and I really hope one day you get over your constipation trouble and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jesica as always another great diaper poop story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Anne as always another great story it sounds like David and you both really enjoyed your first buddy dump and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Jessica

Just curious but if you could tell a dump was coming on long enough to stand up why not just go to the toilet and do it and save your diaper? Also what have your boyfriends thought of this diaper thing?


fight induced pooping

Pretty funny and nasty thing happened to my younger sister jenna over the weekend..we had some people over and she and her friend mandy got into a wrestling match. They were just screwing around but actually getting into it on the ground. At one point mandy had jenna on her knees then kinda doubled over herself and pinned like that. Mandy's legs were across jenna's belly, and jenna's butt was sticking up facing everyone, unfortunately...because while jenna was stuck like that, groaning and struggling to get out, she must've strained a little too hard...because suddenly there was this mushing sound at the same time a big bulge grew on her butt. She started screaming and freaking out until mandy let her up and she immediately jumped up and turned away from everyone ok put her hands behind her back..everyone stared at her as her face grew redder and redder, and she started cracking up. She started waddling away as she announced "oh! I just pooped myself!" And the large bulge in her pants was no showing a very dark brown stain on the seat of her gray leggings. Everyone was in disbelief and it was hilarious and disgusting..she claimed the angle she was at, and adrenaline flowing and mandy's legs squeezing her belly made it tough to hold it. But regardless of those factors, my sister still pooped in her pants at age 19 while wrestling her friend.

Me and my girlfriend Carly went out to dinner at a Polish restaurant. We both ate a good amount and afterwards we shared some dessert. I was feeling quite full and knew I would need to shit right away, preferably before we headed back to her apartment. Carly told me she was going to go to the washroom at which point I finished up the desert and settled up the bill. Carly came back a few minutes later and I told her I was going to use the bathroom too before we walked home. She whispered into my ear that she had trouble with the toilet at which point she started to blush. She went and waited outside as I headed to the single unisex bathroom. I locked the door and I could immediately smell the shit.

I approached the toilet and saw the toilet was a strange design. It was a European shelf toilet where the bowl was flat and had a deep drop off at the front with a small pool of water where the waste would go down. On the flat bowl was a fairly thick and long turd that Carly had dropped a few minutes ago. I flushed the toilet but her thick turd was stuck to the bowl and wasn't going anywhere. I looked around for a toilet brush or something to clear the toilet but there was nothing around. With no other choice I reluctantly dropped my pants and sat down on the funny shaped toilet. I felt my bowels churn for a brief moment and then I slowly started to release what I knew was going to be a good sized turd. It felt quite satisfying as it made its way out albeit quite slowly. I felt some resistance at which point I realized the turd was striking the bowl and I had to unseat myself slightly to allow the turd to drop out. I sat back down as I pissed and farted quite loudly a few times. The smell was pretty bad and was filling the small bathroom up rather quickly. I got up and tried to flush my big log but it too was stuck and wasn't going anywhere. To make matters worse I felt I needed to shit some more. I sat back down and dropped out a final turd that was much smaller but still quite thick. The toilet was a mess and I hadn't even started to wipe. To make matters worse I needed to use a lot of toilet paper. When I was done I flushed a few more times in desperation to try and get things down to no avail. I pulled my pants back up before washing my hands. I exited out and into the hallway to see if there was a back door exit but there wasn't. I walked shamefully past the servers knowing we had made a mess of their toilet. Fortunately I had tipped generously because the food and service was good. I felt bad for the next person who needed to use that toilet or had to clean it.

Lewis: (1) Do you text or talk on the phone while you poop? no.
(2) Do you apply make up or smoke while you poop? no. I do not smoke for religious reasons and health reasons.
(3) Have you ever pooped in the presence of someone else (excluding in public restrooms)? If so, whom? Yes, parents and teammate whil in a hotel room.
(4) Do you usually fart while pooping? sometimes.
(5) Is your shit usually very stinky? at times.
(6)Do you read while you poop? If so, do you usually wipe immediately after you drop your turd(s)or read a while longer before wiping? no, I do not read. I wipe immediately.
(7) After you poop, do you wet your toilet paper or use wet wipes or use dry toilet paper alone? If wet wipes are available, yes. Otherwise, I use dry toilet paper.
(8) What is your age, height, body style (heavy, medium, slender), and general location (e.g.-Southeastern US)?
20, 5'3", medium-slender, North Central state. Let's leave it at that.
When I make #2, l always look for blood. I am a woman now and I cannot take chances. Mine are usually soft and loose, but since I've been taking probiotics, my movements have been firm and thick. I am skinny, so I can hang my head bet. my legs while sitting on the throne or I can twist myself around and look in the bowl.


Sleepover at Ellie's

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with my latest update, I'll get to it in a moment after a few comments about other posts.
Leanne- great story about the desperate poo you had after your lecture and then hearing two of your housemates on the toilet. Sounds like your room is in an ideal place for you to listen in! You mentioned that Amy and Natalie don't like other people to know when they want a poo, I was wondering if thats because they have to strain and push hard to get their poo out and feel embarased about making noises. When I'm constipated I don't like using the loo at school or at home when my sister has friends round, its practically impossible to push really hard and avoid grunting so I try to wait until I can have a bit more privacy or go round Lucy or Olivia's house because I feel comfortable having a poo in front of them even if my constipation is bad. If my belly is hurting so badly I can't concentrate in class I put my embarasement to one side and try for a poo at lunchtime or now I have some free lessons that's even better, I just make sure I do a hard push when a toilet flushes or a hand dryer comes on so if I make a noise no-one can hear it. Its easier now I'm getting to school earlier and trying to go for a poo before lessons start, for one thing I'm less constipated now than I was and also at that time pretty much all the girls who are using the toilet need a poo as well, a few times I've been next to girls who've been grunting and then I don't mind so much if I make a bit of noise myself!
Jas K- glad you've managed to get into a good routine for going on the loo before school and thanks for sharing your story about Britney, I feel really sorry for her having to wear dirty knickers to school. Sometimes I wet my knickers a bit if I'm really desperate for a wee and if they get wedged up my bum or my poo starts to poke out then I end up getting skidmarks, quite often I see other girls pants under the cubicle partitions and notice slight wee and poo stains too but I can't imagine what it must be like to have no clean ones to put on when you get dressed. I just hope no-one notices they're dirty when she gets changed for PE and makes comments, if all her knickers are white it must be quite noticeable.
Anyway, back to my story which comes from a few days ago. I was sleeping over at my new friend Ellie's house as we're on half term at the moment, I've used the loo in front of her and her sister a few times as she has an ensuite. We've all been for a poo as well as a wee in each others presence but luckily I've never been constipated, I don't think I'd feel comfortable if I really had to strain. We were up in Ellie's room when Beth said "I just need the loo a minute" and went over to the bathroom. She opened the door and went over to the toilet, pulling down her black leggings and pink flowery knickers and sitting down.
"Are you going to be long Beth only I'm bursting for a poo" said Ellie, shuffling around on her bed. I could hear Beth weeing heavily, her stream fizzing into the bowl. "You can go after I've finished my wee, I was going to have a poo as well but I can hold it and anyway you'll be quicker than me," said Beth. Her stream trickled to a stop and she wiped before pulling up her pants and leggings and flushing the toilet. "Thanks Beth" said Ellie as she dashed over to the loo, she quickly dropped her jeans and then her green pants before sitting on the loo. A few seconds later we heard a barrage of farts and plops and then a sigh from Ellie and a giggle from Beth. "Sorry, I really needed that" said Ellie as she took some toilet paper to wipe her bottom. When she'd finished wiping she pulled up her pants and jeans and flushed. I expected Beth to go straight back on the toilet for her poo but she didn't. Later on we had tea and then watched telly, about half ten we went upstairs to get ready for bed. By now I needed a wee pretty badly and also had a growing urge for a poo, as we got undressed I said to Beth, "I need the loo now but do you want to go first?" "Is it just a wee?" asked Beth as she took off her leggings, I noticed that her pants were a bit tight and were stuck up her bum. "No, I think I need both," I answered. "OK, go ahead, I think I can wait" she replied. By now I was just in my bra and knickers so I quickly finished putting my nightie on and then went into the bathroom. I lifted my nightie, dropped my purple and blue spotty pants and sat on the toilet, I started to wee almost at once and felt my poo moving down inside me and as I finished my wee I felt it starting to poke out of my bum. After the tip was out it started to get fatter and I took a deep breath and pushed, Beth was standing next to me brushing her teeth so I didn't want to look like I was having to push too hard. After a few hard pushes which I managed to disguise quite well I felt the poo move faster and not long after it made a loud plop as it dropped out of my bum and fell into the bowl, I heard Beth and Ellie giggle and could feel myself going red. I pushed out a couple more logs which made equally embarasing plops before wiping my bottom carefully and flushing. By now Beth was squirming around a bit, as soon as I was done she yanked down her knickers and sat herself heavily on the loo. I started to clean my teeth as Beth was pushing, her knickers were round her knees turned inside out and there was a poo stain in them which hadn't been there before, her poo must have been poking out. I felt a bit embarased for her as she was having to push quite hard, "Sorry about this, I haven't been for a few days, I think I'm a bit constipated" she admitted. After a hard push and a grunt I heard a splash and sigh of releaf, then she farted and a few seconds later I heard three plops one after the other. "Right, I think I'm done, that feels loads better" she said and started to wipe her bum. After she'd wiped, flushed and washed her hands she went back into the bedroom and opened her underwear drawer, she quickly slipped off her dirty pants and swopped them with a clean pair of white knickers before putting on her pyjamas. We went to bed and watched telly for a while before going to sleep. Hope you enjoyed this, will post again soon, bye for now!


Wife's stinky morning dump

This morning my wife Caroline and I were lying in bed. We were both awake, but neither of us wanted to actually 'get up', as it were. Caroline let loose a quiet but smelly fart, and playfully said "excuse me" before blasting a louder and slightly less smelly fart. Then she giggled, turned to me, and said "Guess I better get up before I take my dump right here."

She sat up and put her feet into her slippers, sitting for a few seconds. She farted, one I couldn't hear, but could definitely smell. Then she got onto her feet, lifted up her long tee-shirt to give me a good view of her delightful butt and let off a long hissing fart. Then she walked to the bathroom. I watched her walk into the ensuite and sit down on the toilet. She rarely closes the toilet door, because her dumps are even smellier than her farts. This convinced me to also get on my feet and I followed her into the bathroom.

As I was entering I heard a big splonk. The stink was good and plenty already, though I love it. I walked up to Caroline and gave her a kiss on the cheek. We talked as she continued to have her dump. Sometimes her voice would get strained and that would often be followed by a sound of a turd dropping in the toilet, plus she was farting quite a bit too. We had made a homemade Mexican feast last night and she ate a bunch of beans. After she had dropped many turds and stunk up the bathroom real well, she said she was done. Upon examination, the toilet was filled with about eight to ten small-to-medium sized turds. Then she lifted up her shirt again and ordered me to wipe her messy messy butt, in a royal-like voice. I obliged her and tenderly wiped her several times until she was sparkling clean.

Thirty Something Female

Response to question

npj asked if I ever use any type of protection.

Sometime I will wear a pad. But its not like I have accidents every day. More often than most women, I'm sure, but it is still only once a month or so, sometimes more, sometimes less. Not nearly often enough I'd consider diapers or anything like that.


Latest Story and Survey Reply

Had an incident last thursday. I'm semi retired but I do take substitute teaching gigs (mostly band, math, phys ed.) when I can, to supplement my income. The evening before I'd taken Dulcolax then shortly after I received a call to sub for a phys ed teacher who was sick and couldn't make it in, and I accepted. Well, I didn't have my BM as early as I'd hoped at home and I had to be there in time for first period PE. Long story short, the 10th grade girls were treated to listening to my explosive blowout with loud farting galore, in the locker room after class, I had cramping so bad that despite my best efforts, I couldn't make it silent. Nearest faculty restroom was too far away to chance it; a few of the girls asked me if I was okay, they thought I was sick with a stomach virus or something until I told them this was a normal daily occurrence for me because I have to take laxatives nightly. There wasn't any toilet paper so I did give them the key to the office and asked them to bring me my purse in which I keep kleenex and moist wipes, which they did without stealing any money from my wallet thank goodness. I tried to keep the situation light and jokingly, and I think they were more embarrassed at seeing me in that position than I was, but no more was said of it although even after I was done I could still hear muffled snickering until the bell rang for next period that had to be about "Ms. C taking a dump in the locker room toilet", right?

Hey Raincity, it never rains in SoCal, but I'll still answer your survey!:)

More Survey
Hi everyone! You like survey and I like making surveys, so it's quite good huh?
For girls and women who are willing to share, what is your pee stream like? :) and of course other toilet habits too.

1. If not in a hurry and you sit on a toilet, do you prefer to pee with your legs...
d) wide open

2. In private toilets (like at home) how far do you pull down panties?
a) right next to vulva, bearly enough to go
b) to knees
e) take them off
and why?
b and e. I don't know, I have a utilitarian mindset when it comes to most things, no frills just get 'er done I guess. Before I shower I'm in the nude anyways.

3. Does your answer to the question above changes when in a public toilet where there might be others close by?

Nope. I've always been a pretty simple person, what you see is what you get, and at my age (62 years young next month but looking more like 35, my hair is still mostly dark brown and I don't have wrinkles and I keep myself fit thank you very much), I find that as the years go by I care less and less about what others think of me. I still try to maintain as ladylike of a composure in all I do as possible though. I think that self-consciousness is one of the greatest enemies of a young person. As I've gotten more mature I've realized that others could probably care less, but that it's still important to maintain proper etiquette.

4. In most usual cases, do you have a stable pee stream or an unstable one? Does your stream change directions as it goes?

Well I have to admit that my stream isn't quite as strong as it used to be. My solution to that is to let the pressure build and build, then release it with a push. 99 percent of the time I get it all in the bowl. If I don't have to go badly then I don't, lest I risk a low pressure stream that winds up running all over my butt.

5. Does your pee stream sometimes dribble or overflow onto anywhere else on you?

See number 4 question above. When I was pregnant with my second son my bladder noticeably weakened, so I found myself feeling the urge to pee a lot more often. If I don't have a lot of pee to release and thus not a lot of pressure, well let's just say I don't enjoy caressing my butt with toilet tissue soaked with Lysol spray!

That's all. Let me know if you enjoy the survey!

How about a survey about poo?

Shane (female)

Really Badly Constipated!

Hey, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I'm really constipated, I haven't been in 10 days. The pain is just KILLING me! Hopefully I'll have it out soon so I can post about it. I'm getting pretty worried.

Consipation Victim: I know how you feel. My mom's always helped me poop because I get MAJORLY constipated! It's usually a long, painful process, but it works. I'm now 14 and I still need her help o go. Please post more stories, I want to hear about how she helped you. Take care!


To Biffster: Why did your step mother look in on you? Did you find this uncomfortable?

To JW: When I say "guide my poop to the exit" I mean that she would do as your mother would, and dig it out. You said your mother usually dug out the first chunk, mine sometimes dug out the entire load, This was usually when I was REALLY constipated. It hurt quite badly sometimes.

To: Jasmine K: You said your mother would open your hole with 2 or 3 fingers. That's a lot of fingers for an anus! Didn't it hurt you? Also, you said things were different when you were really constipated. Please do tell the forum what exactly you meant by "different"

To the annymous poster who wrote to me: You said your mother would give you suppositories and enemas. Did you find it uncomfortable having your mother putting thing into your bottom like that?

I would love to hear stories from other posters about their parent(s) "helping" or accompanying them on the toilet

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Various replies

Sarah. Thanks for sharing your camping poo story. As you probably know I'm a great fan of reading about Nicola's experiences but it's good to hear about some of yours too.

Matthew. I occasionally buy Depends or a Boots own brand equivalent, not because I need to wear them regularly, but because they sometimes come in handy if I'm going on coach trips or know I'm likely to find myself without access to a toilet for some time. I tend to get the heavy duty ones as I know they'd be up to the job if I had to take a good pee in them. Stress and anxiety can be a cause of bed-wetting in adults, although the extent to which it's prevalent probably isn't well known as human nature is, in the main, to keep quiet about such things. There's certainly no disgrace in wearing Depends - or anything equivalent to them - whatever the reason. I imagine more people wear protection than is perhaps realised.

Anne. Good to see you. Thanks for sharing your first 'buddy dumping' experience with David. It must have been a really significant turning point for both of you. The Beatles Song "Penny Lane" was a big hit in the charts in 1967 - as you'll doubtless remember. No doubt it had added significance for you and David 'spending a penny' at each other's houses for the first time! You described noticing that David was doing farts shortly after he arrived at your house. My guess is that he'd had a growing sensation of needing to poo for some time before that though. It reminded me of the time my Aunt Anne needed to poo whilst visiting back in 1969. Although she only farted for 20 minutes to half an hour, I can't help suspecting that she'd needed a poo to some extent for most of the morning. Anyhow, great to see you back.

I had a semi liquid poo on Thursday night and really stank up the bathroom. Again, I think it was down to diet coke and hot food - including a generous quantity of sprouts! However I went to drop some good, firm, healthy looking loads over the weekend, including a particularly satisfying panful on Sunday evening. After a good lunch I'd felt the need steadily building and found it really satisfying when the time came.


To Any and Charles

To Anny, don't let it worry you. I am like you and have been so since I was a kid too, passing big turds and from my early teens and to this day as big as the those you describe, a fat log that's 12 inches long is quite common for me and my wife Anne and 18 inchers are sometimes passed. If you are otherwise ok enjoy it, we do.

To Charles, you are very fortunate that your Aunt leaves her motions unflushed in the toilet pan for you to look at. As a kid I often see the big jobbies my mum did though not as far as I know because she intentionally left them unflushed for me to see. Like many women of her age, in her forties to her late 50s when I was a kid then teenager living at home she would usually be a bit constipated but didn't use laxatives preferring to let her bowels do their own thing. Either her turds would be big floaters and one or two remain behind when she had pulled the flush and I'd see them when I went into the toilet after she had come out, or she would every so often do a motion which came out as one very long fat jobbie, what I have read here is called a "panbuster", which was too big to flush away and again I would see it stuck in the bottom of the pan. When I got into my teens I also started to do panbusters and have done so ever since as was also the case with my wife Anne and as you will read from our posts here we accompany each other to the toilet when we care at home to watched each other doing our motions. If one of is out that time but coming back that day the other will leave their poo unflushed to be seen by the other when they come back home.

I also used to listen through my bedroom wall as the toilet was next to my room and only had thin wall when mum or my two older sisters were doing their motions and enjoyed the sound effects. My two sister's turds were fairly average size unless they had missed going for a day when they would usually do a bigger one but mum only had a BM about two or three times a week and produced masterpieces when she did go. If I was at home and listening through my bedroom wall I'd hear all the sounds, the rustles she lifted her skirt and pulled down her knickers or panties , her farts, the tinkle of her doing a pee or a wee-wee as she would have called it, her grunts "NN! UH! OH! as she strained to pass her motion, the Plip! and Plop! of the first little nuggets of poo then after more grunts and NN! UH! the depthcharge KER-SPLOOSH! and KUR-SPLONK! sounds as her big logs came out and dropped into the water in the toilet pan. After she had finished and flushed the toilet the smaller poos would go away but one or two of the big logs, fat knobbly ones about 7 or 8 inches long might well stay floating behind and to my pleasure I'd see them when I went into the toilet after she had come out. If however she did a single big fat panbuster of about 12 inches long there would be a lot of grunts but just a quiet "Floomp!" as her big jobbie slid into the water and although she pulled the flush I would see it stuck in the bottom of the pan when I went in. Eventually after a number of flushes by other users and herself if it was still there when she went later for a wee-wee it would go away or sometimes she would later throw a bucket of water down the pan to shift it. AFAIK unlike your aunt, Charles, she didn't deliberately leave her motions for me to see as she did pull the flush but I did certainly see and admire her big jobbies.


Still constipated

D-Man: To answer your question, not always. I'm a skinny woman and I have always produced huge shits, usually clogging the toilet. Mine are anywhere between 12 inches to 1 1/2 feet depending on what I eat and what time of the month it is. Around my period my body likes to clean itself out and I do gigantic shits. A lot of the time I have to plunge the toilet or else it will flood the bathroom. This has always been the case, even as young as age 4-5. I'm 5'10" and weigh about 140 lbs.

Lately I haven't had much happen on the pooping front. Last night I had a tiny bout of diarrhea. I feel overall "blah". Last night & today I've felt nauseous and finally did a bit of poop tonight, though it felt like rocks coming out of my ass. I've been eating bran cereal and drinking lots of water and taking my stool softener every day as per doctor's instructions but it's barely doing squat. What's wrong? Why isn't anything moving and coming out like it should? I wish my bowels would function properly like everybody else's. I wish I could go every day like everybody else. Grrr. So frustrating.


To Tom - Answering your question

To Tom: You asked, "After Pinky; who is the reigning "stink queen" in your office?" It's difficult to say. By far, Pinky is the worst. I've gone in the restroom a couple of times since my post about her when she was just coming out and the room was empty. The smell she left was just horrible. One day she came out of the room and I saw her returning to the office. I walked past the restroom (which now does not have an outside door to the room, just an S-curve) and the hallway reeked with her smell. So I'd say only Pinky comes to mind with consistent terrible stink, but I'd say a few others including Leigh, Courtney, and Ann also have left had their smelly days. But that's all part of using the ladies' room and I would add that on some days some girls might think I belonged to this list when I've had an upset stomach and had to go. But to answer your question, I think Pinky "outranks" everyone by far.

Hi everyone. I'm a 15-year old boy, and due to circumstances which I will not be discussing here, I am living with my aunt. I've been living with her for close to six months, and at first the transition was hard, but my cousin has really helped me and she has gone beyond the biological relation and I'd even consider us friends now. The fact that she is also somewhat into toilet matters helps too. She never lets me watch her actually going, but when she has to take a dump at home, she doesn't flush and lets me look when she is done.

Like one day last week, I had come directly home from school and I was just chilling in the room that I share with my cousin. Later on, she came home and upon entering the room told me she had to poop really bad and that she was almost going in her pants. She went into our ensuite bathroom and closed the door. About ten minutes later, she came out and said "Oh, that felt so good. Want to see it?"

I went into the bathroom and looked in the toilet. She had deposited four good-sized logs and left behind a definite poop smell, but not so much as too overpower me. I told her "That was a big one. You must really have had to go." and she responded "Yeah I did. I thought about going while I was out, but I didn't, and then on the bus home I had to go sooo bad" We took a last look at her creations and then she flushed them away.

Tim W.

Granny's Car

One hot Summer day when I was eight years old me and my brother came out of piano lessons to find that Grandma wasn't there to pick us up. After about an hour we decided to walk to her house, about two miles away from the studio. It wasn't long before we both felt the need to take a dump. About half-way to Grandma's we cut through a park. We both really needed to unload. But there were hippies hanging out in the park restroom so we decided to keep on trekking. When we got to Grandma's we could see through the window she was snoozing on the couch. We banged on the door but she wouldn't wake up. There was a bottle of booze on the coffee table. We were approaching the point of critical mass so we climbed over the gate and tried the back door. It was locked. So were all the windows. Suddenly I was in the throws of major turtlehead action so I ran into the garage and was about to void my bowels into an empty flower pot when my brother remembered that Grandma never locked her car doors. So we decided to teach the old hag a lesson. When we were done both back seats were covered in hot stinking turds. It wasn't long before the car was also filling up with flies. When about a thousand flies were swarming the inside of the car we shut the doors to trap them in. Then we hi-tailed it back to the piano studio and called our Mom at her job to tell her Grandma forgot to pick us up.

To jasmine k hey girl sry your haven such trouble with your popping Wat positions have u tried have u ever tried digging it out or bending over n reaching around n pulling your butt checks apart n push relly hard I use both ways that works for me tell me if u have n tell me how it works

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