@Brian keep up the stories dude, always fun reading them.

This is my first time posting so hey everyone. Anyway I had to take a shit on campus just the other week, it was right after working out and I felt a strong urge in my gut. I used to never take public dumps but lately I just don't care. So I headed to the school gym's bathroom and found that only ONE stall had a lock. So, I went in and sat down on the toilet.

Not even before I let a fart out, a guy walks in and chooses the stall right next to me. He had gym shorts and basketball shoes so I figured he was on a sports team. I was nervous since I was probably going to be loud and didn't want it to be someone I knew. After a few seconds, I let out a nice big one that made crackling noises as it went into the toilet. Suddenly I heard him following after me, hearing a huge plop in the toilet water. That's when I started to loosen up and realized we were both going to be loud. Funny thing is, he would make a crap noise, then right after I would. I would let a fart out, then he would. It's like we were playing some kind of game lol.

I'm not kidding, this guy groaned and breathed pretty loud as he went. His breaths were actually shaky, like he was really trying to push it out. I have to admit I wasn't very quiet either though.

So towards the end after a few logs and farts came out, I started to wipe. Towards the end my poop was pretty mushy. I heard him starting to wipe too as I started to pull up my pants and grab my bag. I quickly washed my hands and left, as it would be a bit awkward if we saw each other.

So that's the end. I've been reading this site for a couple months now, and have been waiting for some kind of poop experience to come up. Now the wait is over and I can proudly say I have one!

Mega Girl

Long time no See

Hello everyone its been months since i last posted here and have loads of stories to tell. One of them happened at the Edmonton food festival. I was walking around sampling food when i smelled something foul, by the smell it was poop. I followed the smell down an alley until i came across to teenage girls probably 17-18 years old they were both pooping. We were all speechless so i broke the silence and asked if i could join in. they were relieved not just because of the diarrhea and turds sliding out of their butts but because i wasn't going to rat them out. some curry i had earlier was taking its toll on me so i squatted down and let it out, lots of diarrhea and two soft turds. i bid them farewell and left.

Another story of mine took place at the house. i was running on the tread mill and i was the only person home. i like to hold up on my poops sometimes and save them up for "special occasions" i had been holding a poop for five days at the time and an urge was to go was coming on, fast. i held it in for about an hour before it got unbearable and then i let it all out. i felt maybe three pounds lighter! i checked my pants out and it looked like i had a half inflated basket ball in my panties! Thats all for now, BYE


To: Jasmin K

You Wrote:
> in short I was 'made to go' whether i needed to or not and had to 'sit > there straining' untill I did enough poo.

That's exactly the way it was in my family. Before I did anything after breakfast I had to sit an try to poop.

You wrote:
> When I got badly constipated it was slighty different.

What did YOUR Mom do for your constipation? The rule in my house was "three days with no poop got me an enema". Did your Mom ever use enemas or suppositories to make you go?--

Constipated Victim- Please tell us more.-- JW

Just some guy
Natalie X,the #1 reason I check back here is because of you! Youre my definite fave ; )


The old toilets with Alex

After my desperate poo in the men's toilet this morning I needed to go again this afternoon so I went out for a walk to the old public toilets. When I got there I had a quick look behind the building to find the urinals from the men's toilet had been dumped there. I thought it would be great fun to do my my poo in one of them so I stood one up against the wall and squatted over it. I was just about to start going when I heard someone coming. I quickly pulled my knickers and trousers up in a bunch just as a girl about 19 came up. She saw me with my trousers all screwed up around my waist with about half my yellow knickers showing above the waistband. She knew straight away she'd disturbed me and said, "Hey don't mind me. I'm busting for a piss too." She lowered her jeans and squatted over the urinal and squatted over it and pulled her thong to the side and peed in it. I got quite turned on by it and wanted to join her but I didn't know her and felt embarrassed so I waited for her to finish. When she stopped peeing she started to strain and after a few seconds a turd emerged followed by 2 more. She looked so relieved and asked me if I had any tissues on me. Naturaly I'd brought a toilet roll with me and handed it to her. She thanked me and wiped her bum and gave it back to me. I felt more confident after peeing this and pulled my trousers and knickers down again and squatted over the urinal to add my own load to it. A fair amount of solid poo came out and the pile was quite big. After wiping we exchanged names and it turns out she was called Alex.


An almost embarrassment

Some years ago, when I was in college, there was a cute guy in one of my classes. We had been dating for a while and I really liked him and I think he really liked me. Well, one day we were out on a date, and we went to a restaurant and then to a movie. After the movie, I was feeling a need to use the bathroom... and not to pee. The lines for the bathrooms were incredibly long, so I decided to hold it instead. He invited me back to his place, and I accepted, forgetting about my need. During the ride my need returned and I knew I'd have to go at his house, something I really didn't want to do, but when ya gotta go...

We got to his place and I told him I needed to "freshen up" and headed to the bathroom. The first thing I noticed was that he had a tankless toilet, something I had never seen in a home before. My mind, however, was focused on other more pressing matters. I opened the lid, adjusted my evening dress, pulled down my lacy panties, and sat on the toilet. I was still very embarrassed about doing this at his house, though I had no choice. Luckily, it was fairly quick and soon I was done. I cleaned my bottom well and then it dawned on me - I hadn't seen a flushing mechanism. No handles, no levers, nothing. Of course I knew the toilet had to flush somehow, but I was beginning to panic.

I calmed myself and closed the lid, wondering if there was a button on the lid to flush. Well, as it turns out, the toilet automatically flushes when the lid is closed. Gee, if I'd known that I could have saved myself a lot of panic. Once that was over, I got perfume from my purse and sprayed some in the air around the toilet, and on myself, washed my hands, and left the bathroom, feeling much better and ready to, well, you know.

Hey all,

Got some poop stories for you.

Following the shepherd's pie I mentioned in my previous post, I had a large long soft shit. Most of it came out as one turd, but there were a few other globs towards the end. I needed to wipe my ass about 10 times.

Last night I had a mushy one (unusual for me). It was about two 'waves' and each one blasted out of me with a juicy, noisy fart which echoed quite well in the toilet. Had a strong smell to it, too.

Today, though, was a good solid one. Was about 5-6 medium sized turds, lumpy, and each landed in the toilet very loudly; with minimal effort or mess.

That's all for now, sadly, by way of stories about my self.

And now, for my fellow posters:

~Danielle: amazing your mom didn't know you shit yourself. Sounded like it was a good dump tho!

~Rachel: enjoyed both your posts, especially featuring your friend. Looking forward to how the sleepover went.

~Leanne: you msut have felt better after that massive, mushy dump. I bet you sounded like an orchestra of out-of-tune trumpets in there!
Sounds like Lizzi had an urgent dump too. Of all your flatmates, who is the noisiest in the bathroom? (yes, yourself included :P)

~AmyLee: like all your posts :) Looking forward to more featuring Wanda & Ann.

~Anne: love the stories by, and about you. Nothing sexier than a curvy woman seated on the toilet having a relieving (and hopefully noisy) dump. Looking forward to more. Sounds like you can definitely fill a toilet!

~Maddy: sometimes kids can be quite but annoying like that. Tell us more about this huge shit of yours that clogged the toilet! :O was it one massive turd?? Like your posts, look forward to more :)

Hope everyone has a good weekend, and I'll post again real soon. My stomach is already starting to grumble...

Car Mom


hey everyone!

ok so i know its been a while, so here i am at last to get caught up! first of all, for all the Car Mom fans out there, i am so sorry i havent posted.

a LOT has happened to me since i last posted. i dont really want to go into a lot of detail on one of the things, since this website is not the place for that. well it seems that a few months or so ago my friend Laura had managed to become a lot more than just a friend, and as i said i wont get into details on that. lets just say she finally shared with me her true feelings, which i have to admit i sort of suspected all along. she told me exactly how she felt about me, and so after awhile i eventually decided to give in to her. you could say we had a little thing. i cant say i didnt enjoy it, it was the first relationship i had since Kaylee's father. so lets just say it was good for me. and as far as peeing was concerned, it was like old times. we peed together in my car, in my couch, in my chair, in my bed, in my dresser drawers, and in some other places too. maybe sometime i'll mention some of those other places. anyway it was wonderful. we had so much fun, more than we ever had. we were like two teenagers. i wanted our relationship to go on forever. but realisticly i knew it couldnt. Laura is married, and her husband is a nice guy, even though he doesnt like pee. and not only that, but true to her nature, Laura began to get possessive again. she wanted me all to herself, just like she did before. i told her i still wanted to let other people come over and pee in places. when i told her that, she got bent out of shape. she said that i should only let HER do it, and no one else, not even kids. well i feel that what i do with my own possessions is my own business, not hers. and if i wanted my things to get soaked with other people's pee, then that was my choice.

then came the final straw. for the last couple months or so i have started to let the girl who delivers the newspaper come in and have a pee. her name is Sofia, and she is in her teens. she likes to use the couch best. i started to talk to her a few months ago, and as i got to know her i decided that it would be very nice if her pee got soaked into my couch. and so i eventually asked her what she did when had to go to the bathroom while she was making deliveries. she said sometimes people were nice enough to let her use their bathroom, otherwise she just had to hold it. thats when i told her that any time she needed to, she could come in and have a pee. she said "thank you" and then she also said "i do have to go now actually." and so i invited her in. now Kaylee and i had planned this perfectly. Kaylee was going to come out of her room at that moment and get ready to have her morning pee in the couch. and so she did. and i told Kaylee "Sofia's going to use the bathroom" and Kaylee said "ok im just gonna use the couch." thats when Sofia said "what? use the couch? what do you mean?" and so Kaylee told her. of course Sofia was surprised. she said to me "you let her pee in the couch?" and of course i said "yeah i do." then Sofia just walked over to the couch and watched as Kaylee began to relieve herself into the cushion. Kaylee smiled at Sofia and then she asked her "do you wanna do it too?" Sofia said "um i dont think so." then Kaylee said "are you sure?" Sofia said "yeah." then she said "is it ok that youre doing that?" and Kaylee said "yep i do it all the time. my mom lets me. its way better than in the toilet." then Sofia looked at me and said "is it ok that shes doing that?" i said "yep its ok." then Sofia said "her pee is going into the cushion. its not just going on top of it, its going into it." i smiled and said "yeah i know." then she said "and its ok that its doing that?" i said "yeah its ok. i dont mind." Sofia then said "so its ok that shes peeing into the cushion." i said "yep its ok. shes allowed to do it." then i said "do you want to do it too?" Sofia said "um well..." then i said "because if you do, youre more than welcome to do it. a lot of Kaylee's friends do it too." then she said "well um yeah. i guess so. if its ok." i smiled again and said "sure honey its ok. go ahead." and so thats how that started. Sofia sat down and soon she was having her pee into the cushion of my couch. she smiled. i could tell she liked what she was doing. since then she has become a regular. she always delivers the paper in the morning, so that means she comes very early, especially when there is school that day. usually Kaylee is still sleeping when she comes. but i make sure im awake. Sofia has been getting into it too. she likes the couch best, but shes also been in the chair, in my car, and in a couple other places too. she eventually decided that when she got up she would wait to pee so that she would have more to let out when she came over.

and so this was the last straw for Laura. there was this, and also there were all my other friends and acquaintances who liked to come over and do their business into my things. in Laura's mind i was cheating on her. and so we finally decided that the best thing would be to break it off. and so we did. she definitely went away mad though. she said she never wanted to see me again and that i wasnt the only woman in the world who would let her pee like that and that she would have no problem finding someone else. i just told her good luck with that. and so, no more Laura. its sad, and it took a little while to get over it. but i did, and i also realize that i dont ever want to have that kind of relationship with a woman again. i get enough enjoyment out of letting someone relieve herself in my car or into something else of mine. for now thats enough. i have enough friends who like to do that, as well as people i meet who just want to try it once and then i never see them again. thats all enough for me. and thats that.

one more thing that happened this last month. im sure you remember my friend Lori. she and her two daughters Katelyn and Emma had really gotten into peeing around their own house. they also posted a few times about it. well, if youll remember, Lori had also mentioned that she has a minvan, its a silver Nissan Quest (i dont know exactly what year, maybe 2004 or 5?). well Lori decided that her minivan would become another peeing car. and so she and her two girls have been trying out different ways of soaking that car with their pee. and now about a month or so ago, they invited Kaylee and me to come and do it too. we would be the first ones besides them who would do it. since then a few of the girls' friends have done it too, but so far i have been the only other adult. Lori is not quite as open to letting strangers pee in her car as i am in mine. she said she might eventually, but for now not yet. now for those of you who arent familiar with a Nissan Quest, it has a lot of features, which in some ways is a good thing but in others is not. for one thing it has a lot of storage compartments in it, which is wonderful because you can pee in those compartments. but on the other hand, you really have to be careful because all the accessories in it are power, like the door locks and windows and stuff, so you have to be careful not to pee into something electric. so we have to make sure the girls ask us before we let them pee somewhere. but its a great peeing car. the seats are cloth, so theyre very absorbant, and theyre a very light gray color so the pee spots are very visible. not only are the seats light gray, but also the carpet. there isnt a center console between the front seats which disappointed Kaylee a little bit, and the center console which is more under the dashboard has a lot of electric type stuff near it. but the seats have a lot of little pockets and stuff in them, and the back seats have drink holders on the sides. there are also pockets on the doors. and the backs of the front seats have pockets too. some of the seats also lean all the way forward so you can sit on the back of them and relieve yourself that way too. Lori said that when she bought this car she almost got one with leather seats instead of cloth ones, and she said that shes so glad she didnt because their pee wouldnt have been able to absorb into the seats as much, it would have been almost impossible for it to soak through the leather surface. so she is glad she got cloth seats, since they allow the pee to soak right through the surface and absorb its way into the cushions. anyway thats what we all did. we all had our pees in Lori's minivan. we peed right into the seats. i was in the seat right behind the driver seat and Katelyn was in the seat next to me. Kaylee and Emma were in the very back seats, peeing not only into the seats but also onto the floor and into the drink holders and against the sides of the car. Lori was kneeling on the driver seat peeing against the back of it. Katelyn also peed against the back of the passenger seat and made sure she got some of her pee to go into the pocket in the seat. it was wonderful to be peeing into someone else's car. i was so glad to be doing it. and it definitely helped me in getting over Laura.

well, i guess thats all for me for now. there have been a few more times that some strangers have peed in my car again. maybe next time i'll tell of those!

C M :)

Tech Guy

Christine's frozen pipes

As I explained on page 2105, our neighbour Christine and I are very close friends and I help her with household and computer type jobs. This winter, we didn't have any snow in southern England until the end of January and also very little frost. Then at the beginning of February, there was a few inches of snow and we had the lowest temperatures for many years. This caused some pipes to freeze that had never frozen before.

My wife Julie had gone to Austria ski-ing for a week with three other girls. On Sunday morning, I was expecting Julie to call from Austria so when I went to sit on the toilet, I took the cordless phone with me. Sure enough, just as I sat down on the toilet, the phone rang but it wasn't Julie, it was our neighbour Christine.

Christine asked me if we had any water and I said that we did. She said that she didn't and that she had an emergency with her plumbing. I asked her whether it was her household plumbing or her bodily 'plumbing' and she said it was both. She asked me if I was busy and whether she could pop round to use our toilet as it was rather urgent. I held the phone behind me as I farted. I told Christine that she could probably guess what I was doing at the moment and she said that was what she needed to do too but her friend Paula was staying with her. Paula had already filled the toilet up with a big pile of stinky poo and they didn't have any water to flush it away. I told Christine to come in using our spare key that she keeps.

A minute later, I heard Christine open the front door and run up the stairs. I had left the bathroom door open while I was sitting on the toilet and I invited Christine to come in. She asked me if I had been following her advice about keeping my bowels regular and if I had been taking the fibre supplement drink that she recommended and eating lots of fruit. I said that I hadn't and I was a bit constipated this morning so I needed to sit on the toilet for a long time.

Christine said that her bowels were very loose after her night out with Paula. She said that she couldn't wait any longer and her poo was starting to come out already. I said that she was welcome to use our toilet if she did it facing the wall so that I could watch her poo coming out and wipe her bum after wards. Christine asked me if I was sure I wanted to watch. "I've got DIARRHEA this morning!" she whispered.

Christine turned her back to me, lifted her long skirt, took her long-legged black panties down and stepped out of them. Then she sat on the toilet facing the wall, farted loudly and splattered the inside of the toilet bowl with smelly diarrhea. "I did warn you!" Christine said as she flushed the toilet to get rid of the smell. She said that she needed to sit there for a few more minutes as there was more to come. I asked her what she had eaten last night and she said that she went out for a meal with her friend Paula to celebrate Paula's 60th birthday. They both had a hot curry and a bit too much wine, especially Paula who got really drunk and stayed at Christine's house instead of driving home. Christine said that they both knew they would have 'the runs' the next morning but they didn't bargain for frozen pipes and no water supply.

Christine had another wave of diarrhea and flushed the toilet again. Then she said that she had finished and was ready to wipe so I made a pad of toilet paper and wiped her bum gently. Christine thanked me then she stood up with her back to me and put her panties back on. She asked me if I could recommend a reliable plumber who wasn't too expensive and I said that I couldn't but I could check it out for her.

Christine invited me to come to her house for breakfast and to bring some bottles of water for drinking and making tea. She also asked me to bring a pail of water to flush the toilet after Paula had used it. I took the water to Christine's house and the three of us sat down for breakfast. I asked Paula if she enjoyed her night out with Christine. She said that she did but she over-indulged a bit and she was regretting it as she had a bad hangover this morning.

Paula asked Christine if she had anything to settle her stomach. Christine said that she had a tub of antacid salts that usually work for her but if you take a larger dose it works as a laxative. Paula mixed a laxative dose and Christine asked her if this was wise, after what she did in the toilet this morning. Paula said when she feels like this, she usually feels better if she takes something that makes her have "a good clear-out" in the toilet. She drank the glass of fizzing salts and asked me how long it would take to get the water back on. I said that it depends how long it takes to thaw and repair the frozen pipe.

Christine had prepared a large dish of dried fruit for breakfast and had left it soaking in water overnight. It contained prunes, dried figs and dried apricots. She said that she wouldn't eat any as her bowels were very loose this morning and Paula wasn't having anything for breakfast but I needed to eat some. "He needs something to keep his bowels regular." Christine explained to Paula. Christine put a large serving of prunes, figs and apricots into a dish and told me that I must be a good boy and eat it all.

After breakfast, I took the pail of water up to the bathroom. I lifted the lid of the toilet and saw that Paula had been sick down the toilet and she had also done a big pile of poo. It was really smelly, even with the bathroom window wide open. I tipped a pail of water down the toilet to flush it. Paula apologised for the smell. She was still a bit drunk and she wasn't shy about talking about what she had done in the toilet. "I've been throwing up this morning and I've really got 'the shits'." she said.

Then I went looking for a frozen pipe. I worked out that the water had probably frozen where some pipes were boxed in behind the toilet in the bathroom. I took the cover off and sure enough, there was a pipe that hadn't been properly insulated. It had frozen and it had pushed a compression fitting apart. I said that it was easy to fix so I went home to get some tools and plumbing bits.

I turned off the water supply then I borrowed Christine's blow dryer to thaw the frozen pipe. Paula didn't look very well and I asked her if she was feeling okay. She said that she wasn't and the antacid drink had made matters worse in her stomach.

While I was working, Paula knelt on the floor with her head down the toilet. She said, "Excuse me" and she threw up. Then she told Christine that she needed a good dose of Milk of Magnesia to settle her stomach and she would probably be able to keep it down. It would also help to make everything come out of the other end. Christine fetched a bottle of Milk of Magnesia and Paula took a good laxative dose.

It took quite a long time to thaw the frozen pipe before I could start to reconnect the pipe fitting. The pipe was in an awkward place and I had to take the panel off the side of the bathtub and wriggle behind the bathtub. Meanwhile, Paula had put the lid down on the toilet bowl and she was sitting on it watching me work. Paula said that she needed to stay near the toilet in case she had an emergency at one end or the other. She burped a lot and I could hear a lot of activity in her stomach. I knew what would probably happen soon so I said that my fingers were freezing cold (which they were) and I was having difficulty getting the pipe re-connected.

Eventually, Paula said "I can't wait any longer or I'll explode!" I asked her if she wanted me to leave the room while she exploded. I said that although I wasn't quite stuck under the bathtub, it would take me a minute or two to wriggle out. Paula said that she couldn't wait that long. She said, "Excuse me" as she took her panties down and sat on the toilet. Paula farted loudly and exploded her diarrhea down the toilet.

At this point Christine came into the bathroom. "I see you two are bonding well." she said. Paula apologised for the smell and said that she hoped I wasn't too grossed-out by seeing, hearing and smelling her explode diarrhea in the toilet. Christine said that there was no need to apologise. She said, "He likes watching poo coming out of a woman's bum and if you ask him nicely, he'll probably wipe your bum for you!"

Paula said she didn't believe that I would do that. I managed to wriggle out from under the bath then I said I would prove it. I unrolled some toilet paper and offered to wipe Paula's bum for her. She accepted and said that even her ex-husband would never have done that for her.

I turned the water back on, checked for leaks and flushed the toilet. Christine thanked me and invited me to stay for lunch. She had bought enough food for two but Paula didn't want any lunch. After lunch we sat and chatted and Paula still wasn't quite sober. Then she announced, "I'm bursting for a shit! Are you coming upstairs to wipe my bum for me?" I said that I would be pleased to do that. Christine said that she also needed a shit.

The three of us went upstairs to the toilet. Paula took her panties right off and sat on the toilet facing backwards to give me a good view at the back as she exploded diarrhea down the toilet. I wiped Paula's bum then she flushed the toilet and Christine sat down facing backwards. Her poo was soft but not diarrhea and I also wiped her bum.

"It's your turn now." Christine said. "You ought to be able to open your bowels after what you had for breakfast." I said that all those prunes and figs were having an effect so I took my pants off, sat on the toilet backwards and did a soft poo. "There's a good boy!" Christine said. She tore off some toilet paper and Paula said, "Can I do that please?" Paula wiped my bum gently and said that she wished she had a nice slim bum like that as hers was somewhat larger.

Christine and I discussed our plan to go hiking for a day in a nearby forest. Paula said that she needed to get more exercise and lose some weight so she asked if she could come with us. We agreed to do this in the next week or two when the snow had gone.

To Dan NYC,

Yes the sounds in that old toilet were different, although the only hollow sound was at the moment when I released my bowels with an explosion, my usual gassy bomb that comes out like a cannon-it sounded much more muffled than in a standard toilet. Other than that, the toilet itself did have a deeper sound when the water first came out. Also the water sounded more like a running stream in the bottom of the bowl, which is essentially what it was. I did go back there and shit again so as to refresh my memory of the exact details, and one thing that I had forgotten in my first post was that it took about a full second or so from the time I pulled the chain to the time that the water actually started to come out of the outlet. Also, upon closer examination, I saw that there WERE holes under the rim for the water to come out of, although the main stream did indeed pour out in a large volume from the main outlet at the back of the bowl. I'm interested in knowing if there are any older members here who remember using a toilet such as this one, perhaps when they were a child-would be very interested in knowing what public restrooms and toileting habits were like back in the day-like say the 50's, 40's, and maybe even the 30's,-particularly for women, if there are any posters here that old.


Listening to Annabelle

After hearing Annabelle poop, I found myself struggling to think of much else. A few times I was tempted to hide in the closet again, though I could never get up the courage, because I considered myself fortunate to get away with that once and wasn't going to push my luck. But one day I had a revelation - My sister's room shared a wall with the bathroom. With any luck, sound would carry.

Eventually a perfect set of circumstances occurred. Annabelle had been over that day and she and my sister were watching a movie downstairs. I used the bathroom and Annabelle went in right after me. I could see my sister still downstairs and knew this was my chance. I snuck into my sister's bedroom and approached the wall. I put my ear up against the wall and I was disheartened because I couldn't hear anything, but then, clear as day, I heard a fart, so I continued to listen for a while.

I heard a slight dribble of pee and another echoing fart, then a heavy Floomp. Two more farts and a Splonk and then I heard someone coming up the stairs. I quickly hid under my sister's bed in case she was coming into her room, but instead there was a knocking sound and my sister said something, I couldn't hear what, then from inside the bathroom Annabelle's reply. I heard my sister going back down the stairs and again went to listen at the wall. There was another plop and then the rolling of paper. Annabelle wiped herself several times and then she flushed and closed the toilet lid. I left my sister's room then and went back to my own.

A bit later, when I was sure Annabelle would be back downstairs with my sister, I returned to the bathroom. Again, I opened the toilet lid to see if any residue had been left over. Compared with my first experience, there was hardly any skidmarks this time and the smell had mostly dissipated, I'd rank it around a 2.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Various replies

Sarah. Thanks for sharing your camping poo story. As you probably know I'm a great fan of reading about Nicola's experiences but it's good to hear about some of yours too.

Matthew. I occasionally buy Depends or a Boots own brand equivalent, not because I need to wear them regularly, but because they sometimes come in handy if I'm going on coach trips or know I'm likely to find myself without access to a toilet for some time. I tend to get the heavy duty ones as I know they'd be up to the job if I had to take a good pee in them. Stress and anxiety can be a cause of bed-wetting in adults, although the extent to which it's prevalent probably isn't well known as human nature is, in the main, to keep quiet about such things. There's certainly no disgrace in wearing Depends - or anything equivalent to them - whatever the reason. I imagine more people wear protection than is perhaps realised.

Anne. Good to see you. Thanks for sharing your first 'buddy dumping' experience with David. It must have been a really significant turning point for both of you. The Beatles Song "Penny Lane" was a big hit in the charts in 1967 - as you'll doubtless remember. No doubt it had added significance for you and David 'spending a penny' at each other's houses for the first time! You described noticing that David was doing farts shortly after he arrived at your house. My guess is that he'd had a growing sensation of needing to poo for some time before that though. It reminded me of the time my Aunt Anne needed to poo whilst visiting back in 1969. Although she only farted for 20 minutes to half an hour, I can't help suspecting that she'd needed a poo to some extent for most of the morning. Anyhow, great to see you back.

I had a semi liquid poo on Thursday night and really stank up the bathroom. Again, I think it was down to diet coke and hot food - including a generous quantity of sprouts! However I went to drop some good, firm, healthy looking loads over the weekend, including a particularly satisfying panful on Sunday evening. After a good lunch I'd felt the need steadily building and found it really satisfying when the time came.

I took a post-drinking shit just now. After a night out on the town with some friends I woke up today and lay in bed for a while letting off a lot of farts. Soon enough one came along that I knew was more than just gas so I got up and got on the loo. Three soft, wet turds came out with loud plops and more gas. After more farts five little bits of poo followed and I was done.

Yesterday I was caught short while I was out, as it seemed were lots of other people! I'd been down to the shops to look for a new shirt. I got a strong, sudden need to find a toilet for a big number two. But the shop I was in had no toilet and I didn't know where the nearest one was. I looked round, getting more desperate with each step. I was letting off pre-poo farts when I could to ease things up but I couldn't risk letting off a big one in case I got more than I bargained for. I was beginning to get quite anxious for a loo when I saw a Mcdonalds. I really don't like their loos but I couldn't think of another option so I went in. There were only two cubicles and both were occupied already so I tightened things up and waited. Both guys were pooing and taking a while. After a few minutes a boy of about 10 came running in. He was clearly urgent for the toilet, but for number 1 or 2? He answered the question immediately because he stood by me and asked if he could go first because he really needed a poo. I was desperate to relieve myself too, but he looked like he was about to go in his pants. Just then one cubicle flushed. I said ok and when the guy came out he hurried in. I heard him sit and unload a torrent of runny poo and gas. He clearly had the runs but while my poo was more solid it was no less urgent. After another few minutes of listening to him drop more wet poo I was regretting letting him go first because my poo was stsrting to emerge and I was barely holding on. Another minute or two passed and finally the other guy came out and I went in. The smell was intense and there was a puddle of piss in the corner but the seat was clean and I wasn't fussed by now. I got on the loo and immediately out crackled two loose turds. I did a loud fart at the same time as the boy and then pushed out another poo. The easy part over I settled in to get rid of the rest. With another log half out someone else came in needing a cubicle. They hurridly tried both doors and then stood in front of mine to wait, clearly needing a poo as well. My log dropped and another began to come down. The boy was still farting but seemed to be done pooing. After a minute and another log from me whoever was waiting tried the doors again. I wasn't done and another turd was easing out but he was clearly desperate. The boy wiped and flushed and was quickly replaced. The newcomer, also a young boy by the look of his shoes, sat and quickly let out a crackling log similar in sound to my first. Then someone else came in and tried the doors- a parade of poopers! My neighbour and I both let out another piece and I farted and fired out two small bits. One more piece finished my poo off and I quickly wiped and came out. A young man was waiting and went in. As I washed my hands another boy came in and stood waiting to go poo. It never stops- I'll know to avoid tht Mcdonalds in the future if I'm desperate!


Desperate poo while shopping

I needed to poo quite badly while I was out shopping this morning and by the time I got through the checkout I was dying to go. I don't like pooing in public toilets but I was desperate and didn't want to risk pooing myself in public so I quickly made my way over to the customer toilets. When I got there they were closed for cleaning so I tried the disabled toilet. There was a que of about 6 people waiting to use it and I was so close to doing it in my knickers by now. I knew there was no way I'd get home in time by bus so I phoned a taxi which was expensive but this was an emergency. The taxi office warned me they were busy as they were short staffed today so there was an estimated 1 hour waiting time. There was absolutely no way I'd be able to hold it for that long and told them to forget it and waited for the bus. One thing I didn't anticipate was that it was Sunday and the buses only run hourl. I could feel the poo pressing against my anus and it I had to clench hard to keep it in. Eventually, after a 45 minute wait the bus arrived and I was so glad to see it. I waved while some passengers got off and then the driver said, "Sorry luv, the bus is out of service now. It's my break." I could've cried because I really had to get home before I totaly filled on knickers. I didn't know what to do and out of shear desperation I went back into the store to see if the ladies were clenched and open again. I was out of luck because they were now taped off due to a leak and everyone was waiting to use the disabled toilet. I was seconds away from shitting myself (sorry for the language) and desperate situations call for desperate measures, so I decided to use the men's. I got a few funny looks from several men and was reminded that this was the men's toilet but I said I was desperate and had to get to a toilet. My luck was not with me today because both cubicles were taken and I had to wait an agonizing 5 minutes before someone exited. The smell was overpowering and the state of the toilet made me gag. I nearly walked out but I had to go so bad I'd end up doing it in my knickers if I didn't use it. I ripped my trousers and knickers down together and threw myself onto the the toilet. The seat was warm and as soon as my bum touched it my bowels erupted with a load of mushy poo. It was a massive relief and I was so glad I'd made it without having an accident. When I wiped it was messy down there and I used up a lot of toilet roll to get my bum clean. I flushed and to my surprise it all went down but some thick skid marks were left behind. When I left the toilets I got some more funny looks and it was embarrassing to have to use the men's toilet but it was better than doing it in my knickers!

Yesterday I went shopping with my friend Charlotte and we both had to go poo. I met up with her and we grabbed some lunch and, sure enough, soon after we ate I needed to go. Charlotte said she could use a poo break soon too, so we went to the toilets. There was a big queue and Charlotte told me she didn't know if she could wait that long to go. I was quite desperate too by now so we decided to head for another set of toilets. The queue here was shorter but there were still only 4 cubicles and 5 women waiting. Again Charlotte said she needed a loo sooner than that. I did too by now- all the walking to the loos had got things moving! I asked her if she wanted to risk going to the next set of toilets and risk there being a queue. She said yes because most of the women seemed to be pooing and she couldn't wait. So we moved on. At our third stop there were 4 cubicles but only 3 women waiting. We both agreed this would do, although we were both in urgent need of a toilet now. After five minutes Charlotte got to go in. I heard her lift her skirt, lower her knickers and sit. Immediately I heard two big plops- she was close! I was too now and really needed to sit down, but nobody was coming out. I held on but I got a sudden increase in urgency when I heard Charlotte's desperate poo coming out. She let out three more rapid logs and a fart. All the other women seemed to be needing their number twos as well. By the time a cubicle opened, next to Charlotte, I was touching cloth. I got sat down and opened up with a big, soft log that splashed down very fast. Two more followed quickly. Meanwhile Charlotte had done a few more farts and every thirty seconds or so she was letting out little plops- at least ten of them. I could see her purple knickers down around her feet- so were my jeans and blue knickers. She had her feet apart but it seemed like her knees were together- like mine. I unloaded three more turds and Charlotte finished going and wiped while I was mid-poo. I met her outside after and she said she hadn't been that desperate for a while!

One other time I remember her being very desperate was on a school trip. It was somewhere fairly close by, an old stately home. I had been for a poo while we were there. On the coach back to school she confessed to me she was in urgent need of a toilet. I needed to wee quite a lot too so I said, 'yeah I need a wee too.' But she sais that wasn't what she needed to do. She said she'd not pooed for two days and now it wasn't keen on waiting any longer and that she was close to pooing. I encouraged her while we drove but she was clearly getting more urgent for a toilet. By the time we got back to school she said she needed a toilet right now! I went with her into the school while most people went home (we were let out a bit early). As we walked in she was holding her bum and moaning. We were nearing the toilets when she stopped. I thought she'd lost control but she started walking again and said she was nearly pooing herself. We got to the toilets and took two cubicles. I heard her tear down her tights and knickers and pull up her school skirt. Before she even sat I heard a wet fart and a few wet plops and she sighed loudly as she sat. I asked her if she was ok as there were a few loud plops and she said yes, she'd just made it ok! Her yellow knickers had a noticeable poo stain on them so she must have had her poo poking out too! I weed while she pushed out a couple more turds.

Well im STILL pregnant. Now 6 days overdue. I did poop on saturday though. Havent been since. This poop on saturday evening came after a very spicy chinese. Im trying to induce labour. Spicy food is one recommendation to bring labour on. Anyway it took 37 mins to get going but when it did,3 very large plops came out. 2 medium plops came out after followed by 1 pea sized plop. Felt better after i can tell you. Now wish my daughter would make her entrance into the world. Tomorrow(tues 21st)im 1 week overdue with no sign of labour starting. Anyway until next time, happy pooping. Hopefully my next post will contain me being a mother.

This is a story from when I was 8 years old, in 2006. I remember it quite vividly as it was the first time I saw a female pooping. My sister who is nine years older than me, has a friend named Annabelle who was 15 at the time of this story. I remember I had a huge crush on her, but she didn't return my feelings. She was very beautiful, and had long legs which were often on display because she often wore skirts or jean shorts and very rarely wore full-length pants unless it was cold. Annabelle also was developing breasts at that time and they were about as big around as my mother's breasts, but they looked much bigger proportionate to her young, slim body.

Well, anyway, one day I was playing hide and seek with a friend. For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to hide in the closet in the bathroom. The closet has a door, but it's very see-through, as the door has slats running the full length. It never entered my mind that if someone entered with the intent of actually using the bathroom, I'd be caught. But my hiding spot worked for a while and I was about to give myself up because I was sure my friend would never find me. Then, while I was still inside the closet about to leave, I saw Annabelle come into the bathroom. She was playing with her phone and luckily didn't see me. I stayed hidden and didn't say anything. She walked right passed me, too busy with her phone to notice I was in the closet. She pulled down her jean shorts and pink-and-white polka-dotted panties to her knees and sat on the toilet. I was getting excited, as even though I couldn't actually see her I could hear everything. She peed for a while, starting with a small tinkle and building up to a waterfall that lasted for about thirty seconds. Then there was a wonderful sound as she let out a quiet airy fart. My heart was beating so fast and hard in my chest I almost wondered how Annabelle couldn't hear it. But she was still playing with her phone and let off three more farts, each one louder than the last. Then I heard several plops, not sure exactly how many. She farted again dropped four plops, another fart and two more plops. Annabelle was really stinking up that bathroom bad.

If I wasn't afraid of getting caught, I would have gone out for fresh air. Plus, she was still going. More plops and farts continued for some minutes. I heard a flush, but I hadn't heard any paper being rolled off. I thought maybe I had just somehow not heard it, but then there was more plops. I could hear her still playing with her phone, though I'm not sure exactly what she was doing. After another few minutes of listening to her glorious sounds of toots and plops and even a burp or two. From what I had heard, I figured she hadn't taken a dump in several days, as that seemed like a lot especially for a girl as young and pretty as her. Finally she rolled off paper to wipe with and wiped a bunch of times, then flushed again. She closed the toilet lid and washed her hands and again walked right passed me hiding in the closet. If she had looked up from her phone even for a second, she would have seen me. I considered myself lucky and as soon as I was sure she was out of earshot, I left my place in the closet. The stink in the bathroom was still very oppressive. Curiousity got the better of me, and I went to see if any residue had been leftover inside the toilet. Surprisingly, when I opened the lid, there was skid-marks all over the bowl. Opening the lid gave me a full whiff of her stink and whew! It was bad. Easily a 9 out of 10 on the stink-o-meter. I closed the lid and fled the bathroom.

I took a huge shit last night. The last time I went before that was Monday morning. It was sort of embarrassing because it clogged the toilet and I had to use the plunger to get it all down. It also took some time and a lot of straining to get it all out. It was one of those poops where you sit down and push a little of it out and it gets stuck. You have to push so much to get any more out but once you get past that point it is so much easier and feels so good. Unfortunately I haven't gone at all today.

Sunday was a better day for pooping but also a little embarrassing. I took a crap right after breakfast. I went to get some lunch with a friend and afterwards went to make a deposit in the poop bank. I had to go again that evening at work. I went in at the same time as a mother and her very young daughter. I took a stall pulled down my pants, sat on the toilet and started peeing. The mom was taking her daughter to use the restroom and I could hear the little girl in another stall ask, "what's she doing?" The mom just ignored the question at first but then she asked again and the mom said, "she's going potty like you." I finished peeing, farted and started my BM. I pushed out a medium turd followed by some more gas and the girl asked, "what was that?" Again the mom tried to ignore the question but the daughter was insistent so she whispered, "shhhhh, she's trying to go poopoo, don't bother her." I pooped out a smaller turd and started wiping my butt. By this point the little girl was done peeing and the mother told her, "OK, mommy needs to go pee, too." It was cute but I felt kind of put on the spot.

Just a guy
Amylee - another terrific story about a workplace dump. You've really had a lot of interesting stories from there. I am usually not poop shy, but the dump that you described Wanda having, are the type that get me embarrassed (although they are infrequent), so knowing she's the shy type, I can really feel for her. I'm glad you helped her feel more relaxed later.

Leanne - as usual, great stories and it sounds like you had 2 great dumps. The first sounded like you needed the toilet badly. The second sounded like a big relieving dump, the type I much prefer to have than the urgent one. Also, great stories about your housemates, Lizzi & Natalie. Based on your story, your friend Lizzi needed the toilet badly and I do agree that is the type of the dump that would smell a lot.

Rachel - great stories. It sounds like the curry really did a job on your friend, Rhiannon.

I was at the campus library this evening doing some work for a class assignment. I was working at a desk on the fourth floor. I had to take a shit as I hadn't gone today. It was about 9:30 pm when I packed my stuff up and headed to the take a dump in the main washroom on the floor down the hallway. The library closes at 10:00 pm so I made my way over to give myself enough time. My gut felt a bit unsettled so I wasn't sure if it was going to be a messy unloading or not. Ahead of me there was a guy who was also headed to the washroom. I entered in after him and saw him take a stall in the middle. I went over to the handicapped stall at the end. I had never used this particular bathroom before but it looked like a pretty good place to shit.

The washroom was pretty clean and since it was a upper floor it was rather private compared to the much busier washrooms on lower floors that I had used before. There were 6 stalls and the guy ahead of me was two down. I set my bag on the stall door hook before setting up to go. I set down a toilet seat liner before dropping my pants. I heard the other guy start to fart and shit rather noisily just as I sat down. My belt buckle clanged around as it hit the floor and toilet. The stall was really spacious albeit a bit dimly lit due to a burned out bulb in the overhead lighting. I felt a pressure increase as I let go and a very long turd came out with little effort. Boy did that ever feel good letting that one out. I heard the door to the bathroom open and someone came in to a stall further down. I got up to see a very long and quite thick turd curled around the bowl of the toilet. I sat back down and pissed before starting to wipe which didn't take very long at all. I flushed and pulled my pants back up. I was the first one to leave. The other two guys were still taking their shits. As I was washing my hands another guy came in and took my stall. He was seated on the toilet quite quickly as I heard him unload a noisy dump as I was drying my hands. I guess everyone makes a run to this washroom at night before the library closes up.


To Amylee

Glad to see you are back posting. I really enjoyed your last story. Please keep them coming. Have there been any recent "sightings" of Pinky? I would LOVE to get a whiff of the ladies after she was finished using it. After Pinky; who is the reigning "stink queen" in your office?

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