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Working Nights

Hi everyone havent post in nearly a year now so here it goes. I have recently started a new job in a factory, i work nights 10pm till 6 am at first i loved it but it really really messes with your body clock most of all your pooing clock. i had just finished my second weeks work and i went up the local pub with a few of my girlfriend, i was having a few drinks and really enjoying myself when suddenly i needed a poo REAL BAD it was strange because i had no warning at all, one mintue i didnt need it and the next minute i was busting to go. anyway it is my local so i know alot of people up there i really didnt want to poo in the pub but i had no choice i swiftly walked to the ladies room to find both toilet taken, i felt like crying as i really really need to poo. One of the girls was the barmaid kim, shes really pretty and the locals love her but she was really creating a stink in there lol, and the other person was a pregnent girl who was obvsiluly constipated. I was litterally so close to pooing myself when kim finally came out the toilet, she looked kinda emmbarrased because she was farting and 'plopping' alot i barged past her as she aplopgize for the smell, i just replied 'its ok its about to get alot worse' she just smiled and started to touch up her make up. i sat on the warm seat and litterally exploded farts poos squelches the lot. i was so relived i couldnt care less about kim still in the room i took me only 2 mins to finish up and i felt so much better. i exited my toilet and kim was till there. she was smiling at me and we just had a quick chat and left the constipted girl in peace.



Just Random 11

Where here is another boring story.It Happened in my childhood.I was 5 or 6 when my younger Brother was 3.My brother uses the pottychair all by himself.When he first started pre-school,A Woman from the school came to our house to talk with our parents.She was sitting in the living room talking and my Brother was in the bathroom on the pottychair,and he was playing with a Talking Casey Robot.And I went in the living room and told everyone that he is in there shitting.And the woman was trying to hide a grin on her face.

To Nate R.Funny Storie.One time 2yrs after the events on the top post,Me and my Brother went to my cousin's he was a few months younger than my bother,them two was in the bathroom and they was laughing at something and there was a 2 foot turd log in the toilet going around an around.And I asked my aunt,WHOS POOPIE WA THAT IN THE TOILET?


To Thirty Something Female

Just wondering, have you ever tried any form of protection, such as adult diapers, pull-up incontinence panties or pads?

You might think you're too young for such things but people of all ages wear them and they really could save a lot of embarrassment, they don't generally show and only you need to know about your little accidents if you're wearing them!


weekend camp diarrhea

I'm a very close friend of Nicola and anyone who has read her stories will know we are really close! I have an old story to tell you about when I was in the girl scouts. I was fifteen years old at the time and we went on a weekend camp where we had to dig a hole in the ground to the the toilet. I was ok peeing but pooing in a hole in the open air was something I was not prepared to do. I decided that I would hold it untill the Sunday night when I got home and let it all out in my own toilet but my luck wasn't with me because on the Sunday morning I got a stomach upset and had to go really badly. Like a fool I tried to hold it but by lunch time my bowels were churning and I knew I had to go before I totally messed on pants. I took the shovel and a toilet roll with me and ran off into the woods but as I ran I felt my bowels cramp up and some wetness between my bum cheeks. I was so desperate I didn't bother digging the hole and pulled my jogging pants and pants down and squatted next to a tree. Liquid diarrhea poured out of me and sprayed out all over the tree trunk. I can't even begin to describe how good that felt but my pants were messy and I had to take them off and go commando for the rest of the day. I knew that wasn't the end of it so I prepared a hole by a fallen tree so I could sit in comfort the next time I had to go. I was glad I did because two hours later I felt my bowels churning again and ran to my makeshift toilet holding my bum and clenched hard. I made it this time and pulled my jogging pants down and got seated over the fallen tree. I relaxed and this time it wasn't so runny so I had to push a little. It felt good to have a normal albeit soft poo this time and I felt a lot better after it. Once I wiped I filled the hole in and returned to the group feeling embarrassed but glad I didn't poo myself in front of everyone.
Unfortunately for me, that night when we were due to leave, Emma had to pee at the last minute and when she got onto the coach she mentioned she found my soiled knickers by a tree. She knew they were mine and told everyone I'd pood myself. I was mortified but denied they were mine and said they were someone else's.


Sigmoidoscopy prep

So in a week or so I will be going to head to the doc for a sigmoidoscopy. I've had a few before, so I know what to expect. The prep kinda sucks, though. I have to take a laxative and give myself an enema before i go. The bloating and gas is also uncomfortable. I had one once and ended up having to rush to a public restroom in order to prevent crapping myself!

Jasmin K

Constipation, Mothers and new friends

Its been a while since I posted so Ive a couple of things to tell

Firstly to Constipation Victim and others

Yes my mother used to help with 'having a poo' untill I was 12 then after that it was just a ''have you been ?''and a check of the contents of the toilet bowl untill I was 13 unless I was badly constipated then it was the previous 'help' ( am nearly 15 now) in short
I was 'made to go' whether i needed to or not and had to 'sit there straining' untill I did enough poo. She would go in with me,lift my skirt, pull my knickers down, tell me to sit on the toilet and tell me to strain hard( push/bear down etc) whilst doing that if nothing was coming out she would tell me to try harder.She would also feel my anus with her finger to ''see if I was about to do it''during which I had to strain as hard as I could.If it was a big poo and was starting to hurt so I would clench she would use 2 or 3 fingers to hold my anus open and would hold me down on the toilet incase I tried too stand to clench my cheeks. This was every morning before school and if I hadnt done enough I had to go again in the evening. On non school mornings I had to sit there untill I had done enough.When I got badly constipated it was slighty different. (my younger sister is still made to go)
If you want to know more ( or anyone else does for that matter then ask)

If you have read my previous posts you will recall that Ive taken to having a poo at school every day and that has lead to me becoming friends with a new girl at school who also is a regular morning toilet user.Basically she was waiting for a cubicle - I came out, she sort of went in saying 'thanks' and then she commented under her breath but loud enough to hear 'you might have flushed' or similar.Another morning I was waiting and she vacated a cubicle I went in and I commented to her 'oh you flushed it'and she replied 'I didnt do anything to flush'. This happend several times then one morning we were in the que together and when a cubicle was vacant I headed in and turned to her and I said 'Share it'? She said ok and followed me in, I introduced myself and she said she was new to the school,here name is Britney and she is 11 and 1/2 yrs old. Now I think I have mentioned before Ive gotten over being shy in the school toilets so I just lifted my skirt pulled my blue bikini style knickers down and sat down and started to push. I said to her that I had already done 'it' at home but wanted to get rid of some more. I strained really hard and a few pebbled splashed into the water,I peed, strained again did a few more pebbles and decided to wipe. She asked if I went every day - I replied I try to and she said she doesnt go very often then asked if I was on my period I said No why? She replied that when she had followed me in the cubicle before there had been blood in the water, I laughed smiled and said to her'there is now as well'then whispered to her 'piles'. I pulled my knickers up and moved round so she could sit down - I wasnt quite prepared for what happend next. She seemed a little anxious when I said your turn and whispered to me me '' You wont tell anyone what you see will you '' I said no - same goes for you. With that she fumbled under her skirt and pulled her knickers down, they were full sise white knickers,quite badly soiled - they had poo caked on them in a big skid mark and by the multiple stains up the front and all around the seat of them they looked like they had also been wet a few times. I asked if she had clean ones she replied she didnt as there were no clean ones for her at home. She sat on the toilet and peed and then seemd to concentrate and asked me what did I do when it hurts. I replied I ignore it and push it out and asked if she was constipated. She said she hadnt been for a few days. I asked again was she constipated and she said she didnt know It just was hurting. From the conversation that ensued in the following 10 minutes it turns out she habitually witholds her poo but having done that she is scared of it hurting when it comes out when she cant hold it any more and it just sort of leaks out which is where she was at that morning. It also turns out that when she does this she also has pee problems in that she has problems holding it and wets her bed and that one of the punishments she gets is her mum wont launder any of her clothes affected by her accidents whilst she is witholding.
She tried to push but said it hurt too much and as it was time for school to start she stood up and pulled her knickers up. I asked how she managed with wet knickers if she had no dry ones to which she said 'I just get dressed, the dry off whilst I am wearing them'
I said that I would see her tomorrow morning and that I would be in 20 minutes earlier.I will write about that next time.

Jas K

i was about ten and i went to the park with my friend, poppy. there was an outside election and it was crowded. poppy suddenly said "i really need a pee!" so i told her where the porable toilets were. but a loooooooooooooooooong que had allready formed. i said " why dont we wait on the monkey bars?" poppy looked reluctant but agreed. while we were hanging upside down i heard aa hissing sound and there was poppy hanging upsidown, an ark of pee shooting upwards from her bum. the next day we watched the film that dad had taken on his camera of the election and poppy was in the background, peeing for her life.



Wow. Lots of people like posts from Jessica. I guess I'll share mine then. I came across this site when looking up a medical issue. I'm in my twenties and lately I've been experiencing a little bit of incontinence. Especially at night. I went to the doctor and he said it's stress related, plus I caught a cold. He suggested I pick up some Depends. I haven't had an accident or wore a diaper since I was six. He said they have new ones that are like underwear and no one will notice. So I went to the pharmacy to see. I walked down the aisle and was nervous so I walked away and for some reason went down the baby aisle. Then I calmed down and went back. I noticed a girl about the same age looking at the packages too. Not sure what kind. She saw me and just smiled, so I smiled back and began looking around. I saw the Depends and there were the underwear kind plus some that looked like diapers. I took a closer look and the underwear ones were grey and had patterns. So I took the S/M and looked for the girl. She was at the pharmacist counter getting a prescription and buying a package of something. It was pink so I assumed she bought some too which made me feel better. I went to the main register and bought mine and saw her walking out. I didn't say anything, but seeing someone else buying them made me feel better. They fit good and no one can tell. It's a good thing I got the courage to buy them too. I had an accident last night a few close calls. I'm guessing the other girl might have had a bladder infection. So Jessica you are not alone.


Poop Stuff

Hey guys, sorry I've been busy lately. Hope you guys missed me :')

I was wondering, how do you get your friends, or another person to stay in the bathroom to hear you poop? Or vise versa- the person alllow you to watch them take a poop? Its because lately, while I reviewed all the posts, I felt kinda jealous that people have got the opportunity to do buddy dumps and so forth :( Moderator please dun delete this, I really'd like to hear from other people and feel less lonely :(

Anyways, today we had swimming gala. The bathroom was full house today, people changing and stuff, preparing for the competition. Doing the competition, it was rather quiet. I went there for a pee, and then decided to inspect the empty stalls. There are 3 stalls, 1) someone put a large of wad of paper at the bottom, so their poop was sitting visible on top. The poop was rather big, like a large rectangular box. 2) empty 3) full of mushy poop I think, the light was rather dim so I could only make out the shapes in the water...

Hope to hear from all of you, Lee

Lewis: (1) Do you text or talk on the phone while you poop? no.
(2) Do you apply make up or smoke while you poop? no. I do not smoke for religious reasons and health reasons.
(3) Have you ever pooped in the presence of someone else (excluding in public restrooms)? If so, whom? Yes, parents and teammate whil in a hotel room.
(4) Do you usually fart while pooping? sometimes.
(5) Is your shit usually very stinky? at times.
(6)Do you read while you poop? If so, do you usually wipe immediately after you drop your turd(s)or read a while longer before wiping? no, I do not read. I wipe immediately.
(7) After you poop, do you wet your toilet paper or use wet wipes or use dry toilet paper alone? If wet wipes are available, yes. Otherwise, I use dry toilet paper.
(8) What is your age, height, body style (heavy, medium, slender), and general location (e.g.-Southeastern US)?
20, 5'3", medium-slender, North Central state. Let's leave it at that.
When I make #2, l always look for blood. I am a woman now and I cannot take chances. Mine are usually soft and loose, but since I've been taking probiotics, my movements have been firm and thick. I am skinny, so I can hang my head bet. my legs while sitting on the throne or I can twist myself around and look in the bowl.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Amylee as always another great tale from the ladies room and it sounds like Wanda had to take a major and nasty dump and it sounds like you and Ann both had to go alot yourselves but not as much Wanda and it sounds like the 3 of you felt alot better afterwards mainly Wanda and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jay great story about you and your wife back when you were younger.

To: Gorgeous Grad Acident great story that had to be beyond embarrassing for Lauren but that the thing with diarrhea it dont wait it comes out no matter what.

To: Daves Friend great story about you peeing outside and it sounds like you and Dave had a great time.

To: Nicola as always another great story it sound like you and Stepahanie both really had to poop mainly her to bad she pooped her pants and at least you made it home to poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great set of stories it sounds like you were very desperate and lucky you made it in time because that would have been a nasty mess to clean up and great story about hearing your roommates pooping it sounds like it was your lucky day and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Thirty Something Female as always another great story and it sounds like like really had to pee and to bad you couldnt make it to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: PooperGirl as always another great story about your desperate poop at your prom at least most of it got into the toilet and it sounds like your friend really had to go to and at least she was there to help you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Hey all. Im STILL pregnant. 2 days overdue now. No sign of baby coming. My internet has been down again. Really been problematic recently. Got it fixed again. Hopefully for good. Anyway i last wrote in here 1 week ago to tell you i hadnt been since the Monday and that me and Matt were dating. Well i had a poop on Friday afternoon. Took 40 minutes to go. It consisted of 4 pretty big logs. Then i did another one on Tuesday night. It was my due date and i hoped to be in hospital in labour or even a mum by then by no, i was still very much pregnant. Anyway it took 45 minutes to go and consisted of 3 big logs and 2 smaller ones. I havent been since Tuesday, havent had to. I really wish this baby was out now. I had a check up this morning and midwife said i still look like having a few more days before baby makes her long awaited entrance. If there is no sign by Tuesday 28th i will be induced. By then im 2 weeks overdue and wouldnt like that. Id rather go naturally.

Anyway for now bye. Keep pooping everyone.

to Constipation Victim
To Constipation Victim:

My mom used to accompany me in the restroom to make sure I was able to go. Sometimes if I was in the bathroom for too long she would come into the bathroom with an enema and give it to me--when I got to be a teenager she trusted me enough to allow me to give myself the enema and take a suppository if I needed one to be able to go. I would love to hear more about your constipation.


Valentine's Day

I celebrated this past Valentine's day by wearing this pink courdoroy skirt ive had forever with a white sweater and these really cute white pantyhose (or really sheer tights, not sure which) that had little white hearts on them. I kind of felt like i was a kid but even my brother said i looked really pretty. AWWW! In any case the hose had a nice tight control top which minimized any bulge or noise from my Pampers. I had college class that morning and on the way there i took a HUGE leak. I headed for the bathroom right away, dropped my skirt and could see right away through my hose top that my Pampers was totally soaked. I carefully pulled my hose down, removed the diaper and rolled it up for the trash, then taped on a new one. I chucked my diaper in the trash, fixed my makeup and washed my hands, then went to a lobby to study. My skirt was fairly short so i crossed my legs, hoping my diaper wouldn't shift. But soon my breakfast ran through me and i had to stand up to take a major poop. It was sort of soft and there was a ton of it. There were two waves. First wave, no problem. Second wave, big mess, diaper leak. It took me all my wipes to clean up, and i had to flush my heart hose and put on cheap tan spares from my bag. But later i aces my exam.


When David and I had our first Buddy Dump

Apologies for taking so long to post but David and I have been on a week away from Computers etc.

David has told you about seeing my big jobbie in the toilet pan at his house when I had come home with his sisters. I didn't at that time know that he had seen it, not that I would have minded, anything but! I was aware that David also did big turds like mine as my brother who was in his class at school had seen them stuck in the pan in the Boys' Toilets and mentioned this to me. Like David I also been aroused by such matters since childhood and anyway I had taken a likening for David and it seemed he for me although at that stage we had no knowledge that we had an interest in common.We started to go out together, in those days 1967 a far more restrained courtship than teenagers these days and visited each other houses etc as both sets of parents approved of our relationship. On a couple of visits I noticed that David was interested when I went to the toilet for a motion and knew that he had been listening in the hallway outside the toilet and would go in after I had come out to have a look at my jobbie which usually stuck in the pan and this turned him on. I wanted to tell him that I too was fascinated by such matters but how to do so? The opportunity arose after a couple of months.

David had come round to my house one afternoon from school, my parents and young brother were out. We stayed in as it was raining and after a short time I noticed that David was farting, quiet but smelly farts. After he let a loud one go he blushed and said he had to use the toilet as he needed a poo. He left my room and went to the toilet and I slipped out to listen to him performing. Once he had pulled down his trousers and underpants I heard him do a pee then fart again and go "NN! NN! UH!" as he was obviously straining to pass a big solid turd which was confirmed when I heard him give a loud AH! followed by a loud FLOOMP! This form my own experience was the sound made by a long fat jobbie. He then wiped himself and I quickly went back to my room as I heard him pull the flush, wash his hands and come out. He was red faced when he came back and I said "Oh I bet you feel better for that?" He replied, "Yes but I can't get my poo to flush away". Taking the opportunity I replied "Oh don't worry about that David, I'm always doing big jobbies that stick in the pan. Let's go and have a look" and taking him by the hand we both entered the toilet. I could smell that he had done a good solid motion and sure enough when I looked down into the pan I saw his long fat jobbie stuck in the bottom its start up the hidden bend but the last couple inches sticking up above the water hence it making a FLOOMP! rather than a KER-SPLOONK!" sound when it had entered the water. "It's a whopper!" I said and as often happens I felt the need to do a motion myself so lifted my grey skirt and pulled down my white cotton knickers to my knees and sat on the pan with David's big jobbie beneath my bum. David asked if I wanted him to leave the toilet but I said "Don't be silly, stay and watch . Let's see if my jobbie will be as big as yours" I did my wee-wee, gave a couple farts the with an "NN! UH! AH!" pushed out a nice big long and fat log which dropped onto David's poo with a hardly any sound. After wiping myself I pulled up my knickers and we both had a look. My turd was a big as David's but a lighter shade on brown and slightly curbed like a brown cucumber while his was like a big carrot. Although we didn't know the expression then this ws our First buddy Dump. It took several flushes and a bucket of water thrown down the pan to get both big jobbies to go away. Afterwards we had a long talk about it and found we had this common interest and we have had this for 45 years.

I'll leave it at this but I'll do a separate post about a great Constipation story when I had a bad cold a couple of weeks ago and was bunged up for 5 days and did a huge solid load when I did have a motion.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nate R

please share more stories Jessica

I also want to hear more stories from Jessica.

Here's another story from me about when I was really young. Me and my cousin were playing at the park. Back then the park just had a tall fort like structure, a long slide, and fireman's pole. I was running around the bottom when I noticed a giant turd at the bottom of the fireman's pole and my cousin looking over the top with a big grin on his face. I was entertained and intrigued, but he swore it wasn't his. I really wanted to make a poop fall down the pole, or maybe the slide. That seemed so exciting to me. I put my pants down to my ankles and pushed and pushed, but nothing came out. I changed to the slide pushing more. I went back and forth still trying to push poop out. Finally when I was over the slide a slimy snake poop oozed out of my butt and down the slide. My cousin was laughing so hard at it, but I hurried back to grandma's house where I could wipe properly. I still feel guilty about doing that on public property though. Talk to ya all later.
Nate R



Does anyone know what Probiotic does to your poop? Been taking it for three days. Been having very, very smelly large poops. Does this get better over time?


In the Office Restroom

Monday at work, I had another kind of embarrassing poo experience. There is a lady who moved to our floor during the recent renovation. Her name is Wanda; she's 35 years old, dark hair, very pretty. She is somewhat shy. I've met her at break and she is nice but not very outgoing, which is similar to me. In conversations, she blushes big time when one of the girls says something about sex or our periods or going to the bathroom. She seems very uncomfortable talking about those things. She's married and a mom of two girls, 7 and 5 years old. Anyway, around 9 o'clock I got the urge to poo. I was happy it was at this time if it had to happen, since I don't like to go at 10 when the whole office seems to be pooing. I made my way to the newly renovated restroom and went in to find all 8 stalls occupied. Apparently there was an early meeting and they were taking a break. I waited and as I stood there, Wanda came in the room. She had on a nice black skirt that hit her a few inches above the knee, with low heeled shoes. She smiled and said hi. Just then there were about 5 flushes all at once, but only two doors opened right in the middle of the bank of stalls next to one another. I started into one and Wanda seemed to hesitate, but then went into the stall next to me. I saw the toilet was marked with a few streaks and I noted a slight poo smell so the lady before me was obviously doing #2. I heard other flushes and women coming out of the stalls and washing their hands. I pulled down my slacks and sat down. The seat was still warm from the previous lady. The room seemed to be clearing out quickly. I saw Wanda had sat down. Her heels and legs were butted together, indicating she probably sits with her knees together on the pot. It now got very quiet. I wasn't sure but I thought everyone must have left except Wanda and me and we were next to one another. I really didn't want to poo right next to her since I see her often on breaks and lunch. I just wasn't comfortable. I sat for a minute hoping Wanda would pee and leave. But she was quiet, so I quickly figured out that she must have needed to poo as well. I heard heels clicking on the floor as another woman came into the restroom and walked by our stalls and went in one down the row, either next to Wanda or further down. I saw through the crack in the door as she walked by that it was Ann, our human resources manager (I've posted about her previously). Ann took a seat and I heard a soft fart and PLOP, PLOP, PLOP quickly. Ann was definitely pooing and I knew she wasn't shy about it. At this point, Wanda and I had been sitting there for a good two minutes. Then I heard Wanda do a PFFFFTTTTT airy fart followed by a slow crackling sound that soon became a wet gush. She pooed for a good 10 seconds like this, then I heard her exhale. I relaxed and pushed a bit and as usual, let a pretty loud fart followed by a long turd (I always seem to have to do a pre-poo fart). My poo was rather noisy coming out of me but not as bad as Wanda's. I heard Ann let a slow but noisy fart that was interrupted by her pooing more. Wanda was quiet but then I heard her do another PFFFFTTTT fart and she let out more wet sounding poo that went on for another 6 or 7 seconds. It sounded like she must have completely filled the toilet with the two rounds of pooing. I also noticed a strong smell coming underneath the stall partition. I pushed out another turd that plopped, then peed. While I was peeing, Wanda suddenly farted loudly and gasped like she was embarrassed, then another round of poo came out of her. I remember thinking that she REALLY had to go this morning. Ann was wiping and I began to also. Then I heard Wanda pull toilet paper. I finished wiping and flushed at the same time Ann did. We came out to the sinks together and spoke, then washed up. I was standing pretty much in front of Wanda's stall. She wiped at least 6 or 7 times. I feared she'd clog the toilet. She flushed and came out as Ann and I were drying our hands. She smiled bashfully as Ann spoke to her. I decided to check my makeup and Ann and Wanda, after washing up, left the room. I could see in the mirror into Wanda's stall and the toilet water was brownish like it all didn't go down. I left the room and went back to work. I saw Wanda about an hour later on coffee break and she seemed to be a bit more bashful than usual. I can relate, being poo-shy myself. I struck up a conversation with her and she seemed to relax a bit.

My Junior year of college I met the woman who would eventually become my wife. I invited her to come spend Thanksgiving with my family since her family lived across the country and she couldn't afford to fly home. She accepted. Most of the five hour trip was pleasant and uneventful. About an hour from my parents' house, the delicious but extremely greasy chicken parm sandwich I had for lunch began wreaking havoc on my bowels. I kept praying we would pass a gas station or truck stop or rest area, but around every bend was just more open road. Finally, we saw a sign for a rest area. By this time, I had confided in my girlfriend that I desperately had to take a dump. She admitted to me that she had to pee. We were both relieved to see the rest area coming up. As we pulled in, we were dismayed to see a sign that said RESTROOMS CLOSED. After a few expletives were shouted, we both realized that neither of us could hold it anymore. I grabbed a box of tissues and gave her one to wipe with, and we then went behind different bushes to do our business. I dropped my pants, squatted and squirted diarrhea on the ground. I wiped and then covered my mess with a pile of dead leaves. I went back to the car and my girlfriend was waiting for me. We finished our trip without incident. But hey, at least we proved we were comfortable enough to pee and crap outside within a few feet of each other.


Re: Constipation Victim

Constipation Victim-- Thanks for acknowledging my e-mail, I have a number of comments to make. You wrote:

> Like your mother, my mother would prompt me to bear down and to push.

I've always found the wording here interesting, my mother NEVER referred to the active part of pooping as "pushing" always calling it "bearing down". I never heard it referred to as "pushing" until I was into my teens and started reading books that mentioned pooping. Even now, nearly 50 years later, the words "bear down" send chills up my spine as I remember how my mother and I would struggle together to get me to poop.

> Did your mother ever have to do anything to get you to go poop?

Just like your mother, mine had her "methods". She was fond of putting Vaseline on her finger, introducing it into my anus, and the moving it in a circle to stimulate my bowel. On more than one (many more in fact) occasion she would dig the first lump out of me with her fingers and then encourage me to get more out under my own steam. She was also quite fond of using an enema to get me going. The rule was that if I didn't poop on my own for three days in a row I got an enema. Actually this method often had its good side. If she was sitting with me while trying to get me to poop and it wasn't happening, she'd leave the bathroom to go and get what she needed for the enema. It would be then, while she was gone, that I could bear down my hardest, grunt, and finally get stuff to move. If she happened to have the enema stuff with her when we began our poop session I new I was sure to get one. I never bore down hard enough, with her present, to get a three day old turd out. It was just too uncomfortable, having her watch me, to get that done. In fact I can remember many times wishing she'd just go away so I could get what was stuck in me out!! The down side of the enemas was that if you've had warm soapy water up your butt you know when it come out you can't do anything BUT BEAR DOWN. That was the most embarrassing part of all!
My mother also believed in having me use a potty chair. Up until I was 8 or 9, if I didn't produce the desired bowel movement on the toilet, she would put me on my potty chair, and encourage me to lean forward and "bear down onto my feet".
Mom would also encourage me to take deep breaths and and blow out in between each push.
You also wrote:

> sometimes she [your mother] would have to "help" guide my poop to the exit.

How did she "guide" your poop?-- JW

gorgeous grad student accident

Spectacle of a lifetime the other day...i drive my girlfriend to a graduate class once a week. When i took her last, about halfway through her 3 hour class this girl Lauren emerged from the classroom. I met her before and she is nice, short and skinny with brown straight hair, an a really cute, fit butt. She had a really stressed look on her face. She hobbled out of the room and started rushing up the hallway with her butt obviously clenched. I watched her and about part way down the hall i heard a distinct farting sound coming from her direction and she gasped and put her hand on her butt. Just then she disappeared into the bathroom..i thought "damn she just made it!" But after several minutes the door opened slowly. At the same time another girl emerged from the classroom carrying a jacket and a bag, which she gave to the girl Lauren then headed back to class. A minute or so later, Lauren walked by me with a noticeable waddle in her step, and there was a bulge the size of a mango in the seat of her dark blue jeans, and a strong poop smell polluted her wake. The girl had to be 24, 25 years old and took a major dump in her pants while in graduate school, can you think of the horror she felt at the moment she lost control? Anyway, i later told my girlfriend about it and she said pretty much everyone in her class knew, because Lauren had suddenly gotten up from her seat and farted audibly, grabbed her stomach and rushed out the door. Then when she never came back and another girl brought her things to her, everyone pretty much drew the conclusion that Lauren pooped her pants on the way to the bathroom.

Little Mandi
I have nothing interesting to post. Everything has been normal. I'm bored so here are my answers to Lewis's suurvey.

(1) Do you text or talk on the phone while you poop?
Occasionally I'll text while I poop. Never would I talk on the phone.

(2) Do you apply make up or smoke while you poop?

(3) Have you ever pooped in the presence of someone else (excluding in public restrooms)? If so, whom?
Not that I could remember. I don't think i'd be able to go in front of someone.

(4) Do you usually fart while pooping?
Yes,most of the time.

(5) Is your shit usually very stinky?

(6)Do you read while you poop? If so, do you usually wipe immediately after you drop your turd(s)or read a while longer before wiping?

(7) After you poop, do you wet your toilet paper or use wet wipes or use dry toilet paper alone?
Usually I just use dry toilet paper,but if its messy i'll wet it.

(8) What is your age, height, body style (heavy, medium, slender), and general location (e.g.-Southeastern US)?
I'm a 5'2 20 year old from the United States with I guess an average body build. I think I'm a bit heavy but everyone tells me I'm not.


Update Post

So I haven't been able to get any stories lately, but I will have one soon. After continuing my friendship with Hale (Made up name, since I expect more stories with her and I needed something to refer to her as), the girl from my strange encounter story, she said that she was going to not crap for the school week, this week (she already started, but had not told me). After I laughed and asked her why, she said that she wanted me to watch, since I (and I quote) "really seemed interested the first time around". After joking around for a minute or two the truth came down, and it turned out good in my sense. Now I have something to look forward to, a five day sized crap from a person I find myself liking now.

Also, on a personal note, I am finding myself really cramped up, not constipated, but its like diarrhea (spelling)? mixed with the lack of being able to go a lot. Anyway, on friday once I return home I will post about this story, and I will also fill you all in throughout the week on my personal issue.

Constipation Victim

To Althea

Your comment to JW was very interesting. You mentioned that your mother always came into the bathroom with you in junior high. What did your mom do in the bathroom with you? Also, you mentioned your friend, Lynn's, mother HAD to come to the bathroom with her. Why is that? And what did she do in the bathroom with Lynn? And lastly, you mentioned that you had "wicked painful BM's" Could you give more details? Were they painful because they were big, or because you were just constipated and they got stuck?

I'd love to hear more stories from you and from other posters whos mother has accompanied them to the toilet to go poop.

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