My friend David is a real mountaineer and he got me to accompany him on one of his trips. I'm normally not the outdoorsy kind of girl, but at 21 I'm not about to let myself get out of shape and so I'm a regular visitor of the studio in my neighborhood.
Talking about shape, I'm 5foot2, short black hair, small boobs but at least they r my own, a slim waist and a nice behind of the apple formed kind. A friend of mine, he's English, once told me I have a puckish smile.
I choose a pair of leggings and high cut shorts, a tanktop and my sturdiest pair of trainers for the trip. David didn't approve of my choice of shoes but the rest was ok with him I think, showing off my flat belly and round buttocks quite well.

We didn't do any climbing, just hiking up a narrow mountain trail, with a high rockwall to one side and a deep chasm on the other. Two hours into the trip my bladder made itself known. I'm a great fan of coffe and I had three cups this morning, plus most of my bottled water and some of davids tea on the trip so far. Like I said I'm more of a city girl and if the urge hits me I'm used to go right away, so I asked David when we would reach someplace with a bathroom. He told it would be another two hours to the next house, but seeing my worried expression he said we would reach a small wood in half an hour and I could go there if I didn't mind.
I wasn't thrilled about squatting in the woods but was sure I wouldn't last another two hours.
Even half an hour was calling it close, as we reached the wood I was so desperate I was holding myself like a little girl. It must have looked rather comical cause David had a broad grin on his face. He said I should go ahead he would keep watch but I shouldn't go to far.

These mountainwoods aren't really made for privacy, there r nearly no bushes and I was turning this way and that way till I found a place, I thought shielded from the trail.
I pushed my shorts, leggings and panties down to my knees, placed my feet apart and leaned a bit forward spraying my piss behind me, it felt really great to finally let go and my pee was hissing quite forcefully to the ground.
As I heard footsteps in my back I panicked, trying to yank my cloth up I couldn't stop the stream fast enough and peed all over them. Seeing it was David I yelled at him why he did sneak up on me like that, still fumbling with my now dripping wet leggings. He said that someone was coming up the trail and he just had tried to warn me cause I still could be seen from there, but as he called I didn't seem to hear and so he came a few steps closer.
It was true, in my desperate attempt to find a hidden spot for my wee I got turned around and the way I did stand there bent forward at the waist, my pussy and ass must have been in full display from the trail. But at that moment still in the rush of my unfounded fear, I couldn't see reason and needed someone to blame. I yelled at him that he had scared me and now I had peed myself and it was all his fault, hammering his chest with my fists quite ineffectualy cause David is at least a foot taller then me and well muscled. He pulled me close pinning my arms in a hug and made soothing noises till I calmed down.

Somehow it was feeling quite nice knowing myself in such a vulnerable and shameful position with my shorts around my ankles, my leggings and panties soaked with my own pee sticking to my pussy, but protected by a strong and caring male.
I looked up at him, slowly rubbing the inside of my thigh on his knee and said with a small voice and a mischievous grin, he should be careful I would get him all wet, but he told me with his deep voice he wasn't worried about that.
He hoisted me up in his arms and found a secluded spot for us where he peeled my wet and smelly cloth of and showed me that he wasn't afraid to get a little pee on himself.

We had quite enough exercise there and then for one morning, so we cut the trip short. David gave me a rain coat that he carried with him in case of wet weather and I wound it around my waist for the way down the mountain. I think it hid most of my little accident but I still got some looks from other hikers, so I think either it showed or it was my puckish smile. <


Sore Back

To the poster who talked about not looking at your shit: I always look at mine. I've never been tempted to not look at it. You can tell a lot about your health by the way your poop looks. Besides, after you've just finished cranking out a masterpiece, how can you not look?

Last week at work, I tweaked a muscle in my lower back. Besides walking around crooked and taking much longer to do basic things like put on my shoes, I've also found it's a lot harder to take a dump. For one thing, sitting is really uncomfortable, and any kind of straining puts pressure on my back, and hurts like hell. Not to mention reaching around and wiping, that's really been a pain.

Instead of taking my usual 10 to 15 minutes and reading the newspaper every morning while I go, the last few days I've been in and out as quick as possible. It's getting better, but I'm looking forward to being totally pain free so I can enjoy my BM's again.

I can feel something brewing down there right now, so I think I'll grab the sports section and give it a shot. I'll report back on how it goes.

Have a good day, and happy crapping, everybody!


To Jessica

Hi Jessica. I'm impressed at how well you seem to take this all in stride. Is it an issue that you've dealt with all your life, or something that happened later? I also love how you've described yourself. You go girl!


More experiences with friends and family

Hi everyone!, Happy Valentines Day! The last couple of weeks i have had a few experiences with my friends and family ( mostly my brother).

A few days ago my brother Connor, ( mentioned in previous post), had a meal at a restaurant we went to so he had been sick basically the brought him to the doctors and on the ride home he was farting like crazy! and was saying that he needed to poop immediately. Luckily we were only about 10 minutes away from home so he was able to hold it in.When we got home he ran immediately to our bathroom. He sat down on the seat with a loud bang, and let out a huge fart followed by a torrent of runny poop. He had never experienced it before so he was totally grossed out about it. As me and my mother laughed at him he let out two more torrents that were about 30 seconds long, peed, and flushed.He had gotten some medicine to help stop it and he has been fine since.

I also had my last basketball game recently, and i got a lot of playing time because i am one of the best on the team ( i score about 26 points each game), not to be cocky, so i rarely get a break to go pee. So it was the third half of our game and i had drank 3 Gatorade's, and had to pee extremely bad. Well, bad enough for my teammates to realize. My coach asked if i was ok and i said that i was fine.When there was about 9 minutes left in the game and i could barely hold it any longer so i ran up to my coach and asked if i could go pee. She said yes so i ran to the locker room. I pulled down my gym shorts and underwear and peed a steady stream for about 1 minute 30 seconds. When i ran back out i was greeted by my laughing teammates and coach. I actually did better with a empty bladder and we ended up wining 45 to 26!!!

My last experience is about my brother (again [:). We were taking a walk in the woods with my cousins Gabe 13, Cassie 11, Noah 14, and Payton 11. Connor and Noah always eat a lot ( we always have Stromboli) so they were full when we went on the walk. After about 10 minutes or so Connor said that he had to take a crap. Noah agreed with him and they both found a spot on a log to sit on. Noah started to go first, he let out a fart and then started to push out a BIG turd that was like 3 inches in width. Then Connor pushed out four medium sized turds landing with a small thud. The Noah finally got his 7 inch turd out with a huge thud on the ground. then they both stood up and peed. Noah for 30 seconds, Connor for like 2 minutes,and wiped with leaves.We continued on with our walk laughing and talking like it never happened(:

We are driving to Florida for a vacation which is like a 24 hour drive so i bet I'll have some stories for y'all! Love Casey


Back the the old toilets

Sarah showed me the pictures of her visit to old toilets and her creation in that girls underwear. It was a big load and it inspired me to try something new today. I needed to poo quite badly as I hadn't been for a few days but my need to pee was much more urgent. I had 4 cups of tea this morning and hadn't emptied my bladder since last night. I went to my bedroom and put on a pair of old knickers and a skirt to avoid too making much mess. Then I took a toilet roll and some wet wipes and left the house. I was desperate for that pee by now and began to to feel my knickers getting damp in the crotch. I went to The old toilets and found the girls underwear complete with Sarah's addition and lifted my skirt up and squatted over them. I peed through my knickers but held my poo as I wanted to wait a little longer. It felt great to wet myself on purpose but it wasn't easy holding my poo back. It was a big relief but I still had to poo quite badly. I decided to leave the toilets and look for somewhere better but as I walked out of the door I saw a young woman running towards me holding her bum. She saw me coming out and said, "Thank god they're working." I hung around while she ran in and the next thing I knew she was moaning about the state of them. Them I heard, "Oh no! Oh god please no!" I heard a wet bubbly sounding fart and then she ran out again with a very red face. She had diarrhea in her jeans and it was running down her legs a little. I went home after that and had a nice relieving poo in my toilet after that.

Abbie, Martin- enjoyed both of your last posts! Sounds like you were both needing the loo badly by the time you got a seat!

Today I had to take a very urgent poo while I was out. I was in a lecture and by the end I was bursting to have a poo. It was going to be a soft and mushy one and it was proving quite difficult to hold properly! I pressed my legs tightly together in my seat and as soon as the lecture ended I hurried to the toilets. When I got there I was so desperate to have my poo! I wasn't far from an accident. Luckily I was in the arts building, with its many cubicles. There were a few free so I took the nearest one, yanked down my jeans and knickers and sat.
Immediately there was a burst of wet, soft poo and I let out a quiet groan of relief. More urgent mushy poo followed. Over the next five minutes I unloaded a few more rounds of mushy poo and then two small logs and a couple of loud farts. After that I felt much better!

This evening I had another poo as usual and also heard two of my housemates pooing too! after making myself some spaghetti bolognese for dinner, I had to have another poo. When I needed to go someone was in the toilet and I couldn't be bothered to climb to the top floor bathroom so I waited. A minute later Emma came out after having a wee. I waited a minute before I went in and sat down. Once I started pushing two turds came out one after the other with two quick plops. Another, bigger turd moved down and started to come out. It made a much louder plop. I heard someone coming up the stairs while I was pooing but then they turned round and went back down, presumably when they saw that someone was using the loo. I pushed out three more little pieces of poo and let a fart out too. When I looked in the bowl there were two turds under the water and the bigger one on top- it was a good couple of inches across and about 10 inches long. I wiped and flushed. I went downstairs to get a drink. I bumped into Lizzi who was heading upstairs. I assumed she was going to the loo because she seemed to be in a hurry! I grabbed a drink and headed back up to my room. I could heard Lizzi weeing in the toilet and then she let out a loud fart and I heard a series of rapid, wet plops. She farted again and groaned and then there were two bigger plops. Over the next few minutes she let out three more logs and a couple of farts. It sounded like the sort of poo that would smell quite a lot and she must have been quite urgent for it! Ten minutes passed and then she flushed and left.
Half an hour later I heard Natalie come out of her room and go into the loo. She did a short wee and then there was one small plop and then silence for a minute or two. Then there were two more plops. A few more minutes passed until Natalie got the last of her poo out with a plop. I don't hear her go very often because like I said before she's quite secretive about her bowel movements, so it made a nice change to hear her go number two!

Thirty Something Female

Response and Story

rb - You asked:

"Thirty Something Female - likewise great posts about you "partially" peeing your pants recently on the way home and when our laughing with friends. Does that happen to you quite frequently?"

Partial wettings/leaks? Sure. I think most women who have popped out a kid or two leak a little more than we'd like to admit! :)

Another quick story from my college days. My sophomore year I had gone to a party with my friend and roomate Sheryl. We had a little alcohol at the party but not a lot and were not even really buzzed. But I had, as usual, held off on going to the bathroom for many hours and was quite desperate to pee by the time we left. After walking all the way across campus to get back to our dorm I was on the verge of an accident. Sheryl, knowing of my "condition" as she called it, was deliberately trying to make me more desperate - telling jokes, talking about water, faucets, toilets, etc. I had to hold myself and stop a few times to cross my legs to keep from leaking on our way across campus, eliciting stares from a few other students walking past us. Thankfully it was almost midnight and there were only a handful of people outside at the time, though there was still plenty of light to see from the lights on the path and street lights.

Anyway, we got almost to our dorm building when I felt the first squirt escape and dampen my crotch. I grabbed harder, crossed my legs, and bent forward - you know, the "Stop the Pee" pose. That only encouraged Sheryl who redoubled her efforts and kept me laughing. I hobbled forward a few steps to try and get inside but my body had other ideas and right there in the courtyard of the dorm in a well lit area in full view of a handful of other guys and girls hanging outside the entrance I fully peed my jeans - soaked them thouroughly and left a puddle at my feet and everything, laughing and red faced the whole time while Sheryl clapped and cheered and jumped up and down in celbration, getting a few of the other people watching to clap and cheer with her as I flooded myself like a little girl.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jessica another great pooping story it sounds like you had to go alot lucky the diaper held it all and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: John H I hope you have good luck and catch some good sounds.

To: Rachel as always another great pooping story about you and your friend Rhiannon at least she dosent need to worry about constipation which is good and great story aboutyour guys sleep over poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Daniell another great pooping story about you and your sister and it sounds like both probaly felt pretty great after wards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stella as always another great set of stories lucky for your friend you came prepared and great story about that desperate teacher who had to pee and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Christine in FL good luck with the laxative I look forward to read about the results of the laxative thanks.

To: Giordy first welcome to the site and great desperate poop story at least you made it and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicolas friend first welcome to the site and great set of stories it sounds like that one girl was beyond desperate and great story about your friend Clara pooping herself in front of you it sounds like she really had to go and lucky it wasnt runny or soft and I look forward to anymore stories you have thanks.

To: Timee as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

WWE diva Natalya farted again this time she was backstage talking to another wrestler and then cut one and then this other guy walks in and faints and look like a dead bug with his arms and legs sticking straight up and she blamed the smell on the first guy.

Well that all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Today I had a need to drop a number two while I was out. I had just finished a lecture and was going to thee supermarket to buy some food when I got a sudden urge as my poo started moving. It was soon quite urgent and I didn't fancy trying to hold it while I shopped, so I nipped in to one of the university buildings I walked past. I went to the nearest toilets but since lectures had just let out they were busy. Both cubicles were in use and two guys were waiting so I decided to go to the other set of toilets upstairs. There were three cubicles here and only one in use so I took one and sat down, letting out three soft, quick logs and a fart within a minute. Another log followed and after some pushing I got two little pieces of poo out as well.


Prom Poop

Here is a poo I had at a school prom

I was getting ready for my school prom I was putting on a really tight and really long white dress.And then my date arrived my date was called Tom.He said he would wait in the car while I got ready.I was putting my shoe on but it was really hard because my dress was so tight I could barely move my legs and the dress ended at my ankles.As i left I felt a cramp but I held it in.When we got to the prom everyone was there Ruby took me in and gave me a drink and she said I looked wonderful.After a few hours of hanging around and chatting the cramp hit me hard but Ruby still wanted to chat.Then after half an hour Ruby left me to talk to somone else and the cramp got even worse.I ran to the toilet but very slowly because my long and tight dress stopped me from running.I ran into the womans bathroom and ran into the last stall and there were four stalls.I tried to pull my dress up but when it was up to my knees tons of runny poo shot out my bum and covred my knickers and skirt with poo.It ws even worse because my dress was white and now it had tons of poo on the back of it.I quickly pulled up my dress and pulled down my poo filled knickers and about 40 seconds of runny poo came firing out.Most of the poo went on the floor.I then did two massive farts and tons more poo came out.Then someone came in and walked to the stall next to me it was Ruby because I recogniced her shoes.She went into the stall and sat down and two big plops came and a big fart.She then dropped two more big poos and farted again.I had finished my dreadful poo and I was going to wipe my bum but there was no toilet paper.I then asked ruby for some toilet paper and she said I could but she needed to finish her poo first so i just sat there.I lisened to Ruby while I was waiting.She dropped three more poos and did a long fart for five seconds and dropped two more.She said she was finished so she wiped and gave the toilet paper to me.I wiped it took me about twenty wipes but I couldnt wipe the huge brown stain of the back of dress where I pooed myself so I went out and I was so embarresed because everyone was laughing at me.

I thank you all for reading my posts

From PooperGirl

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not looking at my shit

For about 2 years when I was in high school I thought that I was thinking about going to the bathroom too much. I decided not to look at my shit I would wipe without looking into the toilet to see what I made and flush before getting up. During those 2 years there were 2 times where I got tempted and looked and for a few days I thought about what I made too much. Finally after 2 years I realized it was better too look at it each time I go. The first week I definately thought about it a lot and then it finally became normal for me to look and then after it the thought would leave my mind normally. Now I feel it is very normal to look and think about what you made and having this site makes it common.

Has anybody else ever tried not looking at their shit?


To D-Man

Great story about smelling that cheerleader's aroma. I used to have a job where I was required to check the ladies room on a periodic basis as well. If you play it right, you could have some very nice experiences and answer a lot of your own questions about female defecation. I used to think that bigger girls had smellier bowel movements than skinny ones but I no longer believe it is true. I have seen very obese women leave just a faint lingering odor and I have seen tiny girls destroy the ladies room. I used to know a Vietnamese girl named Diem. She was in her late 20s and stood barely 5 feet tall. She used to produce some of the most powerful stinks I ever had the pleasure to smell. I am convinced that some women just shit smellier than others. In college, I had a girlfriend who lived with 3 other girls. They all ate the same diet. However, one girl named Allison would leave an incredible stink behind while the others would leave a light or moderate odor. Anyway, happy hunting and don't forget to share any interesting experiences with the rest of us.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Leanne as always another great story about you and your roommate pooping I bet the seat was still warm from Kat which saves you from a cold seat and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Timee as always another great story and I look forward to hearing more stories about girls you have heard pooping and of course you own pooping stories as well thanks.

To: Punk Rock Girl as always another great story that sounded like a pretty messy dump in more ways then one and it was that she understood about it which saved you some embarrassement well at least more then you had already and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shortie again congrats and hopefully you will have at least one more story before the big and posibly one from that day since women sometimes poop during delivery and I look forward to them if if do have a good by then thanks.

To: Ciara WOW I bet your right and I bet they also felt alot better after getting that beast out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Maddy as always another great story about you and your friend Jennifer pooping together it sounds like you both had fun and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Embarrassing Acident great story it sounds like you got hit with an ambush poop its one that think is just a fart but nope its more and please post more stories thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



To answer the condition is related to my spine, it also affects my walking a bit, but not too much. I still consider myself pretty and fashionable and "normal" and lucky. I don't know anything about a roommate though?

In any case, the first week in pampers went well, I'm already on my second package. I was a little embarrassed about how the clear garbage bag full of the used ones just sat at our curb on garbage day. We need a can.

As far as poop experiences, i had a big one at Walmart yesterday. I was there with my dad when i felt it coming and soon a massive dump filled my diaper (id just changed a wet one when we got there) . I had on dress shorts and black tights and was glad my diaper held the poop until i could get to the bathroom. I wrapped the crap filled diaper in itself then in a bag with the used wipes and dumped it in the trash and my dad and i continued our shopping. I figure I'm saving 10 cents every time i change a diaper vs my adult ones, and they fit better. Still expensive though, i may try luvs.

John H

Comments Post Title (optional)

Hey all.
Thanks for the interest in my last storey.
To DAN NYc, thanks for your comments and I am the same as you when it comes to beeing invited into a toilet with a girl.
If i'm not asked in then I wont spy but would listen from outside.
That sounded like a very big and very enjoyable dump that you described in your last post.

To Brandon T thanks for your comments.
It wasnt my girlfriend on the recording, it was a friend of hers.
I will be leaving the recorder in the bathroom again so I may get some live pooping audio yet.

To Leanne, enjoyed your last post.
Its good for you that your room is so near the bathroom so you can hear all the action.
Please keep the storys coming.

To D-Man, good question.
Im not sure but one of my friends is a pritty big girl and one day we were in a friends house.
She went into the toilet which was in the hall so I could hear clearly from the kitchen.
She was in there a good five minutes and she was plopping away for most of that time.
It sounded like a larger than average dump to me.

To Jessica, just wondering why you have to have diapers on all the time?
That poo you took sounded enjoyable.
I liked how you described watching your bm filling your diaper in the mirror.

To Timee, I really enjoyed your ansers to the survay.

Shortie, best of luck to you and Matt and hope your baby comes soon healthy and well.

I have no stories as my pooing has slowed down after the few days of going up to three times in the one day.
I took a very smelly dump today though.
I drank alot of beer the night before and it was not to plesent in the bathroom today as a result.
Well thats all for now, take care all

Hey all,

Dan from NYC here.

I have an urge to poop, but am holding off as best I can. Been having wet, noisy & slightly smelly pre-poop farts.

Earlier today was at an outdoor festivity, had hot chocolate, french fries; then for supper was homemade shepherd's pie, and I had 2 beers. Already had a good, long pee. My farts have a good 'healthy' rich smell to them, meat & potatoes-esque (most likely from the pie).

I'll post my shit th next time I visit the forum.

Before I go, I'll ask something to all posters: Where do you reside? The reason for me asking, is because I see 'wee' 'loo' 'kickers' etc.. mentioned here so I'm curious where in the world you're posting from! I can understand if you don't want to answer, or keep that info as 'N/A'.

Some parting comments....

~ Leanne: Good to know about the openess. If you don't mind me elaborating, to what extent? I mean there's "I have to go for a dump" then there's "whoa THAT was huge!" etc. Love your posts about yourself and your flatmates (yup, I know some UK lingo!).

~ Timee: Thank you for answering my list of questions there! One of my favorite things which bring me here, is the sound of a poop. What makes me 'shy' about the toilet is the state of undress. Also, if *I* think my poop or farts are putrid, they usually are. There's the smell of something from your ass, then there's the 'oh god that STINKS!' Oout of 10 on the smell-o-meter, I'm usually between 5-7 I'd say.

~Punk Rock Girl: That is interesting! Is it because your loads are usually large? I myself am more conscious about the smell than anything (rare that it stinks).

~ Maddy: Ah, thanks Maddy for your answers! I look forward to more of your posts :)

~ Abbie: wow, you must have pissed a ton after being so desparate. If I let any out, I'd be afraid of it not stopping! Like the posts about you, as well as those about your friends. Looking forward to more, and more feat. Alex!

~ Jessica: When you walked in on your roomate was she pooping? I'm gonna guess 'yes' because of the warm seat.

Hope all is having a good weekend!

Just a guy
A lot of great stories, recently - here's a few comments:

Leanne - Great stories about your poo and those of your housemates. In the last one, it sounded that both you and Kat both had very good dumps. In your previous post, it sounded like Hannah had a good one too.

Maddy - I've enjoyed reading your posts & survey responses

Alexandra - You mentioned that your friend enjoyed blasting loud farts & will announce when she has to poop, but your stories are from years ago. Do you still see her and does she still do so? If so, do you have any more recent experiences to tell about?

Shortie - sorry to hear you're still having problems going. Well hopefully, it won't be for much longer

Alan - wow your girlfriend Nina really had to go!

Abbie - great story with your friend Lucy and you both having to take a dump.

Hi! Today I went shopping with my friebd Rhiannon. After lunch I had quite an urgent need to make a deposit, if you know what I mean! I was clenching my bum and waiting until we were near the toilets before I said I needed to stop, but then Rhiannon said she needed to go to the loo as well. I told her I needed to go do a number two and she said she needed one as well. She said she was quite desperate to do it and that she'd had a curry for dinner the night before. I told her we should get to the toilets so we headed there. We got a couple of cubicles and got sat down. I had my jeans and white knickers around my feet. I could see Rhiannon's pink knickers and jeans down around her feet too. We both weed and then I started pushing out my first poo. I heard Rhiannon grunt and drop some runny poo into the toilet. I heard her fart twice as I dropped my first poo. A few seconds later I farted myself and Rhiannon let out more soft poo. I pushed out another two poos while Rhiannon let go with two more loads of soft poo and two turds. I finished with three little pieces of poo and Rhiannon farted again. I wiped myself and heard her straining a little before she joined in wiping herself. I met her at the sink. She said she felt better but that she hadn't quite emptied her bowels.
An hour later I was feeling the need for a wee coming on. Rhiannon then said she needed to get to a toilet fast because the rest of her poo was wanting to come out badly. I said ok and we quickly went to the same toilets. We got cubicles right away and Rhiannon quickly pulled down her jeans and knickers and unloaded some spattery wet poos into the toilet. I did a wee while she finished emptying her bowels. Two more loads of wet stuff came out of her and a few farts and then a final plop after 5 minutes. Both times it sounded like she was pretty desperate to get on a toilet for her loose poos. She told me after that curry usually makes her have even more loose poos than usual but she really likes it so she has to suffer the consequences! Like me she usually goes twice a day at least, and usually at school. On Friday, our last day at school before half term, we both were queuing together for urgent number twos at lunchtime! I sat next to her while we both pooed then, too. We both had our skirts sround our feet while we pooed.

Tomorrow I'm having a sleepover at her house so I'll ler you know how it goes!


Re: Constipation Victim

Yea I can relate. My stepmom would often watch me on the toilet and it would take me FOREVER to go - a combination of anxiety and embarrassment. I'd like to hear more about your experiences, I thought I was the only one.

Hi im back. Last night i was out at the mall with my mom. When we were shopping i got hit with a big urge poop and there was no holding it back so i told my mom i was going to the bathroom. I ran like hell and grabbed my ass when i got in there. To my luck there was a line of about 4 girls ahead of me. Lucky for me that i had baught new pants and underwear that night. But i started to turttlehead wen i was first in line. I then scooped that pice into my underwear for safty. As i waited i pooped a huge load into my panties. I then squshed the bulge and went back to my mom. On tge way home she asked if i had an accident and i denyed. When we got home i went up stairs and git cleaned up. While i was doing that my little sister came knocking on the door saying she had to poop really bad. I told her to grab a new pair of clothes and i will help her get clean. She did that and pooped a bigger log than mine. She is a pain in the ass to get clean


Post Title (optional)I forgot it

I remember a bad experience aboutmy constipation. A long time ago, when I was a student, I had been constipated for 5 days : I tried to go for a # 2 every day, but I never succeeded. On day 5, I decided to take a laxative pill, but it didn't work. On the evening of day 6, I was at home and after a shower, I was wearing my underwear and pajama and I was dinning when my girlfriend called me on my cell phone to tell me she came back from her holidays and to have a date. During our long talk, I felt suddenly the urge to have a BM. I remember my laxative pill two days ago. It was now working and I thought : "OH NO ! NOT YET !" and i tried to hold my poo in. I felt a hard turd which was poking my anus. Five minutes later, I apologized : "I have some flu and I am so tired... I love you... See you later... Have nice dreams and so on." Then I ran to my bathroom, but I felt a great pain in my stomach which stopped me. I pressed my hands on my belly and I stood there, slightly bending my body, clenching the cheeks of my butt. I could not hold in any loger and a hard log slided out of my butt. I couldn't move, my bowels hurted and I knew there was more to come out. I decide to squat and to strain in order to have a relief and and with a pain in my rectum, I pushed a second log, a longer one, which made a bulge in my underwear. Then I stood and I waddled to my bathroom to end what I had started to do : I pushed out more poo, which was now mushy. As I felt my stomach emptied, I felt a good relief and I cleaned the stridmarks of my underwear. Fortunately I was alone at home. No more that kind of laxatives !

Nick (ibs)

Protection and a few questions


I've posted a couple of times before and some people have been very kind with their suggestions.

Adrian and Duchess, you have both suggested that I should wear some kind of protective underwear. I have considered this option but as I have said I am incredibly nervous of anyone finding this out. However, you are both right in the fact that it might save me from further embarassing incidents. At the moment I have a plastic sheet for my bed as I wet it frequently due to the stress caused by my condition. The doctor's have been helpful to some extent but their suggestions can only do so much.

I wonder if you have any suggestions as to the kind of protective undergarments I could go for?

In a response to Kim who posted a survey a few days back about the most embarassing times / places to have an accident. I remember wetting myself in Year 7 at school when I was bout 11 (I'm sure I am not the only person who has done that) and I think that memory will stay with me for is a terrible thing to have an accident infront of children of your own age. As I have already said I have had an accident at work as well (and ironically of course, that is a school).

I remember soiling myself in Church once when I was younger because I didn't want anyone to know I needed the toilet. This is a strange illoigcal thing I have and it has caused me problems throughout the years. Does anyone else have a similar issue. For some reason, my brain never quite manages to compute the idea that it will be so much more devestating for me to have a public accident then to admit that I need to go to the toilet. Does anyone else have this issue?

Love reading the stories on this site......thank you to those people who have replied to me for your support as well.



More holding

I have remembered two incidents which may be of interest. About three years ago, a friend and I went away for a weekend. We left the car at a car park a short walk from the station. As we were waling, I thought she seemed a bit on edge. Then she said "Will you get the tickets, please. I must dash to the loo, my ???? feels a bit upset." So I got the tickets and waited on the platform. She seemed a long time and I was beginning to think we might miss the train. About a minute before it was due, she arrived on the platform. I asked if she was all right and said I was starting to worry. She looked at me with a wan smile and said "It was dreadful. I had to wait for someone to come out and I'm afraid I messed my pants. It's a good job I had my case with me. I had to wash my knickers and get a spare pair out."

The other story was told me by a friend who is a teacher. A colleague of hers was badly needing to wee while teaching one afternoon. She tried to hold on till the end of the lesson but ended up wetting herself sitting behind her desk. She sat there until the last pupil had gone so that they did not realise what she had done.

Christine in FL
I'm going through another one of my constipation bouts. Thursday, I realized that it'd been a week since I'd had a decent bowel movement, though I'd been going a little every other day or so. One look at my bloated belly told me I was constipated. I groaned and massaged it for a while as I sat on the toilet. I didn't really push or strain too much, I just wanted some relief from the bloating. Friday morning, I woke up with a bad stomach ache, but decided to go to work anyway. Most of the day, I sat in my chair with my hands pressed into my swollen ???? while the contents of it sort of gurgled around inside me. About every two hours, I ended up on the toilet and passed gas, but no poo. Took a laxative this morning, we'll see what happens.


desperate shit

today i needed to go really bad, i was at work and i felt a knock on my back door, so i walked to the restroom. By the time i got there i was having to squeeze my butt checks together really hard, and then i saw a big sign on the girl's bathroom door saying: out of order. I suddenly felt a wave of semi-soft poo urging through my intestine and, as i had no other option, i raced into the guys room. lukily there was only one man there, taking a shit, and as there were 2 stools, i was fine, I got there just in time! close one as soon as i sat down, poop poured out of my butt. it was an amzing relif!
as you may have noticed i'm new to the site but ill post again soon!

Hi everyone! Like I said yesterday I had a sleepover with Rhiannon. Of course we both had to poo during it!
After dinner I needed to go right away so I went in and pushed out four poos. Rhiannon went a while later. When she came out I needed a wee so I went in. There was a weak smell of poo in the air still but nothing in the loo. This morning we had sandwiches for lunch and before I went home I needed to do another one. I went to the toilet and pushed out three poos and a couple of farts.

That's all from me for now!


Fart notes

This morning I got up and I farted one by one,and I made a song note from it and It sounded like the final part of the French National Anthem.

Constipation Victim


It is so nice to hear from someone who can relate! When I say "help" I mean it in a few different ways. Like your mother, my mother would prompt me to bear down and to push. But, she would also have to physically "help" on a few occasions. When I was REALLY constipated, sometimes she would have to "help" guide my poop to the exit. On a few occasions when I was scared to poop because I knew it would hurt, I would clench my butt shut and she would have to "help" force it open.

Did your mother ever have do anything like this to get you to go poop?

I would love to hear stories from you or other users who's mother has ever "helped" them go poop.

I will share stories later about my mother "helping" me go poop and other stories from the toilet.

Nicola introduced me to this site just before Christmas and I know she's been writing stories about our experiences. I don't mind that but I thought I'd write some of my own for a change. This one goes back to my school days when I was fourteen. I'd held my poo all day and by home time I was bursting to go. On my way home there were some old disused public toilets that had boarded up for years. The door was padlocked but the lock was broken off and out of desperation I went in. The toilets were all smashed up and so were all the sinks but there was some toilet roll in what was left of the cubicles. I went in to find a pair of soiled tights and knickers where some girl had messed herself in a big way. It gave me an idea. I took off my school skirt and my tights and knickers and put them carefully on top of the tank behind the toilet. Then I arranged the other girls messed in underwear on the floor so the crotch of her knickers was laying out flat on her tights and squatted over them. I had to piss and soaked the girls underwear before my poo came out. The girl had done a lot of diarrhea in her knickers and I thought about how desperate she must have been to have such a big accident. I wasn't far behind her and pushed out a seven inch turd and then a six inch turd. The next one was soft and came out fast but it was all mushy so I can't say how big It was. All I know is it was a lot and it was a huge relief after I'd held it all day long. I wiped my bottom clean and got dressed before taking one final look at our combined creation. There was a hell of a lot of poo in that pile and it looked as if a horse had been in there!

This is not an experience I lived,but a friend of mine did.her name is Clara and she's ever had bad toilet hurdles.Once we were in a dress shop putting on different clothes.Suddently she told me she had to get to the bathroom as soon as she could since she was actually crapping herself.
I didn't believe her first,but as soon as I saw her shit coming out of her butt while running,I realized she was not pulling my leg at all!
I straight away headed for the toilet,in order to see if everything was fine with her,but as you can think up,it wasn't.She was there,standing in front of a restroom door.What's wrong?I asked her(what a ????ing question I had splitted out);She then turned towards me while crying:How the hell do you believe I'm feeling???I just shat my se..she couldn't end up the phrase when an unbelievable turd fell onto the floor,getting through her underwear now very large..It's over I thought.Thus,she entered the toilet and I only was able to hear her moans and cants.

Dan NYC: That 10 sec fart was when I was in 5th grade. I had plenty of gas in me. I was sitting on the toilet. I routinely break wind. My female cousins and house guests break wind on the toilet. I have a female lover 37 years old and she breaks wind when she has a bowel movement. It is a squealing fart. Every mornings her bowel movements explode through the hallway of the house. I work with some Asian girls from law school. When I was in law school with them. They could make a bathroom sound loud. I still fart on the next to the last piece that I drop before I pee. Many of the girls in grammar school farted while sitting on the toilet. One Chinese girl let out a squealing fart everyday on the toilet. She was quiet and did not talk much.

David: I am glad that you and Anne have a good home life. She was like me when I was her age-the girl in the school uniform until I entered high school. I wore no uniform, but I liked my dresses, jumpers and skirts. My female cousins from England and the West Indies had these huge bowel movements. I saw it here and overseas.

When I was in HS, sometimes the cleaning lady would make her rounds. She did not bother us and vice-versa. She walked in on me many times in the unused girls toilet. I would be in the stall with my dress or skirt up, or my pants and underwear at my ankles having my daily afternoon bowel movement.

To that boy with the nanny: I had experiences both with an older female cousin whom I would find on the toilet when I came home from school. Then, there were my two kid cousins 6 and 12 years old who would find me on the bowl at their house or mine. They were boys. Then there was the neighbor's little boy who palled-out with my cousins. I was already in school and then college. See my earlier posts. My older female cousins and I had these huge bowel movements. We were healthy developed women.

Pat: I remember Gene Rayburn. He was a scream.

Dan NYC: If applicable, what about using the toilet makes you shy?
is it the smell? Someone seeing you in the state of undress? Seeing WHAT you did? Or the Sounds? I used to be afraid at school move my bowels because of the noise, the smell and the sight of my large, sometimes grotesque movements. I was afraid at first to pull down my panties below my knees because I did not want them seen. That did not last long and only to pee. I did not make my first #2 in school until I was 12. It was the most painful thing but a relief. I sat in class squirming at my desk on January morning. I could not take it any longer and I went to the girls toilet. It was thick and bumpy and did not smell much. See my earliest posts. When I worked in offices and dept. stores, I used to take off my pants, dress or skirt to have a bowel movement. I would be in my underwear only. I did not want to wrinkle my clothes. Sometimes, I would take off my slip or leave it on. I would leave my legs together with my undewear at my knees. Don't forget the pantyhose. That stayed on. In elementary school, girls would climb on the next toilet to get a look at me. I did the same to other girls. It was fun. I was not afraid to show my underwear. My cousins older and younger, boys and girls have seen me. I was not afraid to be in the bathroom with a boy or let a boy see me. I used to baby sit the neighbors' sons. One was 3 years younger, another 5 years and another was 12 years younger. So, they saw me in my school uniform, cheerleader uniform and regular clothes.

Abbie: When I was in school, I liked my skirts with or without tights. I wore a white or a black (in high school) half-slip or a full-slip underneath. I wore mostly white cotton band-leg panties. Some were light pastels and prints. I wore bikinis, as well as nylons and silks. My first black panty was in 9th grade. Even through college, I liked my nice skirts and dresses, even though I was a blue jeans kid. I would sit on the bowl with my panties at my knees or below.

I was hired by a local university law school to teach a jurisprudence class for one night. The assigned professor was away. Anyway, it was a good class and as I was teaching, a middle-aged woman broke wind as I was lecturing. She said, "Excuse me." I had tact and pretended that I did not hear it.

JW: My mother looked in on me and the mothers of my contemporaries looked in on their daughters when we were in junior high school because our bodies were changing ad we had some wickedly painful bowel movements. When I was in 6th grade, we were in a dept. store. I felt lousy and I told my mother. I went to the ladies room and left her outside. I was wearing light blue shorts and shirt, light blue sox, sneakers and a light blue band-leg panty. I took a stall, pulled down my pants and underwear, raised up my shirt and sat on the bowl with my pudgy self. I was constipated, nauseous and trying to squeeze out these hard logs and baked potatoes. My mother looked in on me, even made me open the door exposing my undeveloped girlhood. I had no pussy hair, no breasts. All she said was, "Press hard, Althea and it will come out." I was crying for the pain. I got out a six inch log and a baked potato. There was still matter in my rectum. It was a mess to wipe. I had episodes like this until 11th grade. This day, I got most of it out of me and wiped myself the best I could. I was constipated for the whole summer. Then before school, My mother gave me a painful enema to clean me out. See my earlier posts. I got relief, but at a painful price with that nozzle shoved in my rectum. When that nozzle came out, I raced to the toilet, sat with my head between my legs and logs and logs and brown water gushed out of me with explosive farts, watery farts and dry farts. My friend Lynn had the same experience. She was 2 years younger than me. See one of my earlier posts. Her bowel movements were real heavy, bumpy and and thick. She, like me, had an awkward body. Her mother had to be with her in the bathroom We were growing and getting our periods. We had to get injections, so that we could develop. Lynn is heterosexual. She was not surprised that I was bisexual when I told her 20 years ago. My father would check on me when I was in lower grades. He toilet-trained me. When he and my mother split up. I would go to his house when I was able to travel alone. I was a Girl Scout and I would visit him before or after meetings. Many mornings or afternoons, I would make #2 at his house. Sometimes, he would have to give me toilet paper while I was on the throne because it had run out. I used to stink the place good. I was not comfortable using his toilet. I felt rushed, although he did not rush me. I would be on the throne for 20 minutes or more. Girls, preteen and teen, spend a lot of time on the toilet with their bowels. I am surprised that I did not bleed. My bowel movements were huge and thick and painful. Plus, I had this green uniform dress or skirt bunched around my waist, with a white slip underneath and my panties at me knees or ankles. Many Saturdays, he would ask me if I did #2 at school. I told him no because I was too embarassed to go at school and this is the result because it was mid-day and that would be when I was holding it back until I got home. Then, in 7th grade I broke down and had to evacuate my bowels at school one day.

The Questioner: Question
Have any of you ever peeked on someone pooping? Intentionally? If so, pls. share. See my many posts. I did not have to peek. They were wide open.

Pat: I used to hate those pull-chain toilets. I was little. I preferred to use the toilet at home, but when you are in the DDS's office, you have no choice. I remember one at a cousins house. I only peed in there. It was a watercloset.

The Listening Ear: My bowel movements sometimes sound like a symphony, so said my HS and college classmates. My bowels have a rythmn of plops, chunks or waves. Plus, they said it did not take much to get me into a stall and drop my pants to my ankles. When the other girls and the coaches would enter the locker room, they knew it was me.

Maddy; When I was a girl, my friends and I would squat or hover if we were afraid of an unclean public toilet. That was one of my first posts. We had good aim.

I am doing well in college. I took a job as the building super where we live. It is fun. It is an easy place. I mop floors, sweep, put out garbage (which is not much), shovel snow, all the good things. I get a good salary for part-time work. Plus, all the shareholders (co-op) like me. They think I am adorable. I am on a fast. I just had a late supper. I had to get the work out. We are getting snow. I have been peeing all day. I made #2 twice today, once this morning and then this evening. The first was soft, dark brown in small pieces. Then, I was drinking water all day on fast. So, it was loose and watery. Both were at my house. I am ahead in school. I might graduate next year, June.

The Questioner: Question
Have any of you ever peeked on someone pooping? Intentionally? If so, pls. share. See my stories. I like those toilets where stalls face each other evenly. I had them at a school where I prepared for my GED. This was an old girls high school that was made co-ed. I was fortunate to use the original female toilets. The stall doors and dividers were low. The doors swung out to enter and exit and there were gaps in those doors. I saw plenty of pussy and underwear. I do not care if anyone peeks in on me. I have nothing to hide and all to show. I wear nice underwear on my pristine pussy. I was in a state beach where there were also low stall dividers and doors. In many public toilets, there are gaps at the stall doors and hinges. I did spy on a few girls in grammar school and high school. I have peeked on many females out of curiosity in public toilets.

I am taking probiotics. My stools are medium-size sausages. They are thick and semi-firm.

Monay, February 13, 2012

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