Thought I'd answer the school survey for my old secondary school.

1. What level of school do you attend(high school, college...)?
Secondary school
2. Is it a public or private school?
3. Is it coed?
4. What gender are you(in other words, is there any truth to the myth that girls bathrooms are cleaner than guys)?
5. How large is the school(in terms of number of students and campus area)?
Maybe 1500-2000 students
6. How many bathrooms are there for each gender?
Two blocks for boys plus one of just urinals, and 2 bigger blocks for girls
7. Are they kept clean?
They were ok usually
8. Are they well stocked(toilet paper, etc)?
Quite often there was no paper
9. Are they normally crowded?
Usually very busy
10. Do they provide suitable privacy(stall doors or no stall doors)?
The cubicles were all doorless
11. Does someone kick you out whenthe bell rings?
No but a teacher would check them a couple of minutes into each lesson
12. Is there any time of the day when you are not allowed to access the bathroom? If so, when?
For the first fifteen minutes of every lesson you weren't allowed to go


To Jessica

You've got me intrigued. I don't suppose you'd want to elaborate just a little more about your "condition".

Hi again everyone.

Dan NYC- yes, most of us are fairly open about needing the loo etc. However two of my housemates, Natalie and Amy, don't like people to know they need to poo or to hear them. Too bad for them I can hear things from my room! I didn't go into the toilet after Hannah's poo for half an hour when I needed a wee so I didn't smell anything!

Hpwever today I did go in shortly after Kat had taken a poo. I heard her come out of her room and go in. After a wee I heard her grunt softly and produce a big plop. By now I was in need of a poo myself so I decided to go in after her. She let go another three turds and then there were four rapid small plops. A minute later she wiped and flushed. After she came out I gave it a minute before I went in. I pulled down my jeans and knickers and sat on the warm seat. There was a smell of her poo but not too strong. I let out two big logs and then a quiet fart. Two more pieces of poo followed. I needed only three wipes, strangely; felt like it would need more!


Fantastic Survey for the Girls

(1) Do you text or talk on the phone while you poop?
(2) Do you apply make up or smoke while you poop?
(3) Have you ever pooped in the presence of someone else (excluding in public restrooms)? If so, whom?
(4) Do you usually fart while pooping?
(5) Is your shit usually very stinky?
(6)Do you read while you poop? If so, do you usually wipe immediately after you drop your turd(s)or read a while longer before wiping?
(7) After you poop, do you wet your toilet paper or use wet wipes or use dry toilet paper alone?
(8) What is your age, height, body style (heavy, medium, slender), and general location (e.g.-Southeastern US)?


To that 16 y/o boy: I go to school with Asian girls. They have wicked stomachs especially in the morning with their plops, farts, gushing muddy brown water and smells..I guess their digestive systems work overnight and it is their bowel transit time. I know for me, I evacuate when I awake, if not when I get to school. Their stomachs are always loose. They are never constipated. Rarely am I. I am laying these smelly SBD's at home.

TOILET / General

- Where are you most comfortable using the bathroom? (home, work, public....) home, work school, any clean public toilet with paper. I like being able to go at school. I never could when I was younger. I like theaters, dept. stores and church and certain public libraries. When I travel the city, I know where the good bathrooms are. I do not like eateries, like Mc. Donald's, etc. They are horrible. My public college system has clean toilets. I can visit any of them with my ID.

- Do you wait to find a good bathroom, or typically use the first one you come across? Yes, I prefer a clean toilet. I will use otherwise and I will squat or hover.

- How do you 'position' yourself & your pants etc when you sit? my pants and underwear come to my ankles. If the floor is not clean, then up to my thighs, shins or knees. My legs are either apart or together. I am skinny, so I put my knees together and my ankles apart. At home, when I am casual, I be in a shirt and my underwear-bra, panty and a slip, if it is before or after a function like church or party.

- does the time of the month affect going to the bathroom, pee/ poop wise? I pee a lot and my bowels do not change, most of the time. I drink a lot of water. If I am constipated, I drink more, which loosens my bowels to the point of diarreah. I rather it soft and loose than hard, tight and difficult.

- do you use a lot of of toilet paper? Yes, sometime if it is wet or messy.

PEE / #1, etc

- How often do you pee? 3-6x or > daily

- What color / shade is it? clear to light yellow.

- Do you pee a lot in one go? yes.

- does your pee make any noise? yes, lots of noise.

- what time of you day you usually poop early in the morning when I awake and then anytime after. Sometimes, evening or late at night after a large large meal at a party.

- Do you enjoy peeing? Yes, especially if it I hold it too long. It is a relief and I like the noise when it hits the water. Today, when I came home, I peed and farted silently. I let down my light blue woolen and white Vanity Fair
full-cut nylon panty to my ankles and hovered. It is warm at home. So, I kept my pants open while I am on my computer. My room is large enough for a bed and a sofa. I am on the sofa.

- How often do you fart? as often as needed.

- What type of farts do you do? (silent, loud, wet, dry, smelly,
etc....) any of them. Wet, if I ate something that loosens my bowels.

- What's your favorite fart to let out? dry and loud or wet and loud.

- Are you shy about doing them? yes, I do not in general public unless I am in a bathroom. When I sit on the toilet, I will let it out or if I am just standing around.

- How would you react (in your head, and how you behave) if someone farted around you? It might bother me under certain circumstances.

- Do you fart on the toilet? If yes, do tell! Yes, when I pee and often when I move my bowels. My bowels are usually soft and loose. When I have a loose or soft movement, it is wet and loud. Occasionally, when I have a thick hard movement, I might fart at the outset.

- Do you enjoy farting? If yes, what about it? It gets all the gas and #2 out of me when I am sitting on the toilet. I love the sound when I am on the toilet.

- Do they smell? Many times, yes.

POOP, #2, etc..

- How often do you poop? 1-3 or more x a day

- What foods etc make you poop more than usual, or change your dumps? Lots of liquids, greens and fiber and spices. If I eat cheese, I will be constipated. So, I add lots of fiber and spice to loosen me.

- do you eat certain things knowing you'll have to poop sooner than usual, or that change your dumps? no. I always eat lots of fiber.

- What types of poop comes out? (chunks, logs, pebbles, semi-solid, rock-hard / bumpy, mushy or loose...) Sometimes logs or bumpy, mostly soft chunks, semi-solid, mushy and loose. Christmas week, my stomach was bumpy from all the grapes that I ate.

- What's your favorite poop to do? many good smooth logs or a two big ones, or I am used to semi-solid, mushy and loose.

- What size are they? hard to determine. It is mostly loose.

- Does a lot come out? sometimes

- When you poop do you require effort? No, unless I am constipated or I have pebbles or chunks in loose movement.

- Does your poop smell? sometimes, not often.

- What's a sign that you have to poop? (farting, full stomach, grmbling, pressure in your anus...) farting, and anal pressure.

- What time of you day you usually poop? early to mid-morning.

- Is there any noise when you poop? (such as farting, your load crackling out, plops, moaning / grunting...) farting, crackling, plops, splashes.

- Do you enjoy pooping? Yes.

Raincity:1. If not in a hurry and you sit on a toilet, do you prefer to pee with your legs...
a) tightly closed together
b) slightly apart
c) rather apart
d) wide open
any of the above.

2. In private toilets (like at home) how far do you pull down panties?
a) right next to vulva, bearly enough to go
b) to knees
c) to calf
d) to ankle
e) take them off
and why? e-if I am bathing
a-c, if my pants are skin-tight or my episode if imminent
d. my favorite position
I have nothing to hide.

3. Does your answer to the question above changes when in a public toilet where there might be others close by?
No, I have nothing to hide and everything to show. I am proud of my underwear. When I was in elementary school, I used to keep my panties close to my cat. That was when I wore a skort. Then after a few days in 1st grade, I wanted more freedom and leg room when I sat on the bowl. So, I let down my skort and panties to my ankles. If I were wearing my skirt or jumper, then I would let down my panties. I was little. So, I sat with my feet barely touching the floor.

4. In most usual cases, do you have a stable pee stream or an unstable one? Does your stream change directions as it goes? stable pee, sometimes my pee wanders to the left or right, if I am peeing a lot from a full bladder.

5. Does your pee stream sometimes dribble or overflow onto anywhere else on you? rarely, does it dribble. It will overflow, if it is really heavy. I pee neat, most of the time. If my bladder is really full, I will squirt out 3-5 times before it is steady. When I was in HS, I could not hold my pee any longer when I arrived one morning. I had to fight a security guard to get into the girls toilet. When I did, I lifted my khaki skirt as I raced for the stall, dropped my books on the floor, pulled up my skirt, let down my pink Flirtitude panties to my shins, all in one motion, squatted over the bowl. My legs were splayed open as I held my panties. I was wearing a tight skirt. Girls walked by and could see my girlhood through the crack of the stall door. My pee squirted, "flish, flish, flish" with pauses in between, then a steady torrent of pee just gushed out for almost 60 minutes, some of it down my inner thighs and legs. It just poured out to a trickle and stopped. What a relief! I reached for toilet paper and wiped my cat and between my legs with two small amounts of paper, dropped them in the bowl, fixed my clothes and got to class. I was a senior and I wanted to get out of there. So, I got a GED. One Saturday morning, I was studying at this old girls HS for my GED. I liked that place. You could come and go as you pleased. I was studying and I felt the urge getting greater. I was squirming in my seat. So, I asked the teacher to be excused and she let me. I went to the girls toilet. It was an old place with four stalls. I found the second stall from the entrance, lifted my red and gray plaid skirt, pulled down my gray panty hose and dark pink VS bikini brief as I entered the stall to my ankles and closed the door. No sooner than I squatted down, my pussy flished out five squirts of pee, then I was peeing for almost 60 seconds. It just would not stop and I was not letting it, either. I peed with great strength. Plus, I farted twice. When I was finished, I reached for toilet paper, took a few sheets and wiped my young girlhood, dropped it in the bowl, flushed and returned to class. The next Saturday morning, I had the same sensation and I was excused to use the toilet. I raced through the hall to the bathroom. I walked to the stall lifting my black and red skirt, exposing my black panty hose and red and white printed Jockey cotton bikini briefs. I came close to wetting my panties.I brought down my underwear to my ankles over my black oxfords, spread my legs slightly apart. I sat on this small circular bowl with a black cutout seat. I was so full of pee, that I squirted out five times. I breathed a sigh of relief as my pee just flowed out. It hit the water so hard and just tinkled for 60 seconds. When I was finished, I breathed another sigh of relief and sat for another minute. While sitting, I felt pressure in my rectum and I let it out. I was a series of gassy farts. I reached for paper, just a few sheets and wiped my cat, fixed my skirt and undies and flushed, washed my hands and returned to class. Even while I was fixing my clothes and washing my hands, I was still breaking wind.

If applicable, what about using the toilet makes you shy?
is it the smell? Someone seeing you in the state of undress? Seeing WHAT you did? Or the Sounds? I am not shy. After what I have seen, I am not shy or surprised. My underwear and "stuff", if you know what I mean, has been seen by females and guys who want to be females. I have shared hotel rooms on athletic meets with other girls. They saw me on the bowl. My father routinely sees me on the toilet at home. I let him in voluntarily. Usually, I am having my Sunday morning bowel movement before we go to church.
That's all. Let me know if you enjoy the survey! I do keep them coming.

Punk Rock Girl

I've had more than my share of shit-related misadventures. I've taken dumps and then realized there was no TP, I've taken dumps in doorless stalls, I've shit in the woods, I've shit in front of other people, and, yes, I have shit my pants on a few occasions.

However, this is a new one! This past weekend, my guy and I were at a party at some friends of ours. By the time there was a good-sized crowd, I really, really had to take a dump. I've never been too bashful about shitting at a party (or anywhere else for that matter), so it was no big deal for me to drop a load in a strange toilet with a dozen people hanging around right outside the door. You gotta go, you gotta go, right?

So, I dropped my jeans and underwear and sat my mare ass on the toilet and unleashed a large amount of semi-soft crap. No farting, tolerable odor, it was not the worst dump one could take at a social gathering. I wiped my ass, flushed the toilet and pulled up my pants.

As I was buckling my belt I saw that my shit had smeared almost every inch of the bowl as it whirled down the vortex of the flush. I couldn't leave the toilet in that state, with what looked like a Rorschach of shit smeared all around the bowl. I looked for a toilet brush, but couldn't find one. I could not bring myself to clean the shit off with TP, so finally I lowered the lid and opened the door, hoping that the hostess would be within earshot. I spotted her across the room and called to her.

When someone is leaning out the bathroom door whispering to the owner of the house, you assume some toilet or bodily function-related mishap has occurred. However, this was less embarrassing that having to shout, "Do you have a toilet brush so I can scrub my shit remnants from your crapper?" I quietly asked her if she had a toilet brush and she said, yes it was under the kitchen sink. I explained to her what had occurred and she said hang on.

She adjourned to the kitchen and returned with a stack of towels from the linen closet. Hidden between them was the toilet brush. I thanked her for her discretion and set about cleaning my shit from her toilet.

Funny, I don't mind people seeing me on the toilet, hearing me fart or hearing my poop plop in the water, but I have a thing about anyone (even Colin) seeing my shit. Does that make any sense?

Well, anyway, my bowel-related disaster was averted!




FED UP!!!!!!!

Hey all. Havent really got a story as such as i havent pooped since Monday night before my date with Matt. But i have been reading a lot of stories on here the last few days. Cant really do much else. I have randomly selected pages from years ago even.

Also Matt and i ARE officially a couple. On Tuesday we had THE talk and we agreed to become a couple. Made me so happy. He has to be serious to take on my baby as well which is my main priority for the rest of my life. Matt even joked that we could have a baby together soon which id be ok about as long as im not constipated like this time. He has also agreed to be at my side during the labour and birth as well as Laura. I also had a checkup this morning but my midwife gave me news i certainly didnt want-im probably going to go give birth late. I wont bore you with all the details but basically when she did a detailed check of me she found that by now, baby should be getting in position for birth as im only 6 days away from my due date but shes not so it may be a long wait yet.

Sorry for my lack of story. Just been nice catching up on some stories from year ago. Anything to stop me going mad. So hopefully ill have another live poop story soon or even just a poop story. Until bye.



Do fat girls poop bigger and smellier than skinny girls, I know its true with us guys, the big guys always have the biggest dumps, I wonder if its the same for women too. And I know everyones poop stinks, but why can some people stink up a bathroom more than others, how can they poop so bad it stinks up a whole locker room, does this have anything to do with being fat. I got a job at a resturant today, Im suppose to periodically check the bathrooms, well I went in to clean it after this tall girl my age came out, Im 16 by the way, then I recognize her shes one of the cheerleaders at my high school, shes reall tall about 5'10", sorta cute not really, braces and a big nose.
I went in the clean the bathroom and a wave of stench hit me, my poo has never smelled that foul. Too bad I couldn't have seen how it looked


A Surprising Discovery

A few seconds ago, I went to the restroom to pee. As I went into the first stall, the first thing that I noticed was the biggest turd I've ever seen sitting at the bottom of the toilet. It was as wide as the hole in the bottom of the toilet and about 6 or 7 inches long. I also noticed that the water was slightly red, presumably from blood. Whoever pushed that thing out must have a really sore butt now! Maybe the person didn't flush it because they thought that it would clog the toilet. After admiring it for a few more seconds, I flushed it and surprisingly, it went down without clogging the toilet. I then peed quickly, flushed, washed my hands, and headed back to my dorm to type this story.

The End


Dirty pants competition

Browsing through old posts, I came across one from 1999 (Page 207) in which poster Mark referred to a 'dirty pants competition' from school days. Has anyone else heard of such a thing? The reason I ask is that I babysit for three boys who have all been clean in the 7 or so years since I have known them but in the last 6 months all have started to have dirty undies, ranging from little marks from not wiping to fully messed pants. Their mum is getting really upset and nothing seems to work for her. She's tried talking to them all, has checked their diet and tried monitoring them but to no avail. Anyone have any ideas?

The Listening Ear

Symmetrical Poo

As many of you know, I love poo sounds. I don't normally report on my own, because they aren't usually very interesting. But I've just done a beautifully symmetrical one, with discrete plops at the beginning and end, and multidrops in the middle.

It went:
Plop . . . plep . . . . . . . . pffloomp-a-chip! pfflomp-a-chip! . . . . . . . . plop . . . plep.

To me as a musician, that is very satisfying.

DV, I loved your stories about A at camp. It just sounds so incredibly sweet, her asleep, head on your shoulder, soaking wet and peeing

Brandon T: The mystery poster was me. I forgot to type my name, oops, oh well.

DAN NYC: The dinner date poster was me. To answer your question, definitely the looser side of things, especially with things like ice cream.

I went poop Sunday morning right after I got dressed. I went again the following morning right after breakfast while I was brushing my teeth. I had to rush through it so I could get my butt on the pot and take a crap. Later on at school before last period, I was in the bathroom taking a piss. I farted and realized I also needed to poop again so I quickly put some toilet paper down on the seat and sat so I could be sure I didn't get it on the floor. It wasn't huge but it really wanted out. I didn't go at all again until Wednesday morning when I was nailed with the urge as soon as I got to school. Luckily I was somewhat early that day so I had time to go. At this particular point in the morning the bathrooms were too bad. I took a huge shit, one long turd and 2 medium ones. I felt like I had to go again at the end of my day but held until I got home. By the time I got there the urge had sort of gone away so I went and sat on the toilet and read for a bit until it returned. Later on that evening, I was hanging out with my friend, Jennifer at this one restaurant we like to got to and I had to pee. She said she had to go to so we went to that places bathroom and took the only 2 stalls there. I hovered over the bowl and peed and I could tell that she was doing the same. So I figured she just had to do the same. But then after we were both done she just stayed there silent for a bit and then she did a quiet fart. She grunted quietly and then I could hear poop crackling out. It broke off and landed in the toilet with the loudest splash. We both started cracking up. Then the rest of her poop came out and landed with an equally loud splash. We laughed again. She said, "what? I had to poop."
And I said, "it's not that. You didn't sit down and your poop made the loudest splash. Did you even get it all in there?"
"Yeah! I have good aim."
"Let me see."
"Hold on, let me wipe."
She wiped, pulled up her pants and unlatched the door. "No way! You got it all in the toilet!"
"I know, I told you."
"You probably got your butt splashed really bad, though."
"Actually no, because my butt was too high to get splashed."

1. What level of school do you attend(high school, college...)?
High school
2. Is it a public or private school?
3. Is it coed?
4. What gender are you(in other words, is there any truth to the myth that girls bathrooms are cleaner than guys)?
5. How large is the school(in terms of number of students and campus area)?
It's pretty big. I don't know, thousands of students.
6. How many bathrooms are there for each gender?
A lot. Over a dozen for each gender.
7. Are they kept clean?
Surprisingly yes.
8. Are they well stocked(toilet paper, etc)?
See above.
9. Are they normally crowded?
They can get pretty crowded. Depends on the time of day.
10. Do they provide suitable privacy(stall doors or no stall doors)?
The stalls have doors.
11. Does someone kick you out whenthe bell rings?
Yes. They have a real issue with people being in the restroom during class time. Basically, if you don't have a hall pass, you can't be in there during class.
12. Is there any time of the day when you are not allowed to access the bathroom? If so, when?
Not that I'm aware of.

Embarrassing accident.

I was on a girl scout trip to an amusement park. On the way there which was about 3 hours I had to poop really bad! I decided that I just had some bad gas so I farted and poop exploded in my pants. The whole van we were riding in stunk! Plus it was hot out and there were no windows. The girls located the smell to me and the chaperones made me take off my pants and wear my under wear the whole trip! It sucked! :(


To Jessica

Why do you hafta wear adult diapers for?I don't mean to be personal.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Alexandra great stories about you and your friend Melinda pooping together and then later on her pooping that big one during your sleep over and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jessica great story about you pooping in a diaper it sounds like you enjoyed it and great story about you walking in on you roommate at least she didn make a big deal out of it and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and you friends pooping together you really lucky to have friends like that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: D.V. as always another great set of stories your first one about you friend Amy peeing outside and then great story about Amys night poop at camp and great story about hearing those girl having nasty dumps it sounds like they probaly felt alot better afterwards and finaly great story about your frind peeing herself on the bus and I look forward to more of your stories when ever you have some thanks.

To: Shortie as always another great story and great poop by poop coverage as usual and a great pee to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great story it sounds like your dream was trying to tell you get up and go but with dreams the message isnt always clear as the saying goes if you poop in your dream you might just poop in real life and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rachel M great story anout you peeing your pants in the office and what her reaction to it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Blythe as always another great story and JP turned out to be a real jackass but luckily you found Dean who understands and is considerate and helpful and as I said before your lucky to have him and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T
PS. I love this site

Friday, February 10, 2012

Abbie- enjoyed your post. Sounds like you were pretty desperate to wee!

Leanne- I bet you're glad your room is where it is! I'd love to be near the toilet used by so many girls all the time!

Adrian- Yes, the station toilets were cleaner than most. I'm not familiar with the city but from what you say I'm glad I went where I did! A 40% cut in public loos in Britain is pretty drastic if true and must leave lots of people desperate- but then you'd have to be desperate before you used most of them! The ones in my home village have closed, although they were very grim indeed!

Today I had a big poo at university. I had a two hour long lecture after lunch and halfway in I got some stirrings in my bowels that told me last night's Chinese takeaway wanted to come out. The urge wasn't strong until about half an hour from the end and by the time it finished I was holding on tightly with my poo ready to leave. I knew I had to get on a loo fast. The lecture was in the basement of the building and there were toilets nearby so I followed the line of people filing out of the room and heading to them. There were plenty of guys going in so I was glad there were plenty of cubicles, 6 in all. Four were taken and two guys went in to the others as I came in. There were two more guys waiting so I joined them, needing a poo quite badly by now. Luckily not everyone in the cubicles was doing their number twos and were only peeing, so I got a cubicle within a couple of minutes next to one guy who was seated and also taking care of his big business. I got sat down and out came two long, thick turds. I pushed and another followed, then two smaller ones. A minute after I produced a final small piece. I wiped and left feeling a lot lighter!


Tales about my friend

Hello everyone. My best friend, Melinda, is kind of gross. She always has been, even back when we were little girls and we first met. She takes pride in blasting a long loud fart, and she never hesitates to announce that she has to poop. We get along well, even though I'm not as outgoing as she is, with regards to announcing my bathroom trips, but she grosses out many other people. I'd like to share a few stories about her, if you all don't mind.

One day, when I had just turned ten and Melinda was nine (it's almost fifteen years ago, though it seems just like last week to me), we were out shopping on a Saturday. We didn't have any money to actually buy anything, but we had fun nonetheless just looking at nice things. While we were there, Melinda announced that she had to take a crap pretty bad. She didn't say it really loud, but I was still embarrassed. Nobody else around seemed to care though, and I told her I too had to poop. We walked for a bit until we found a single occupancy bathroom near the food court. We went in and closed and locked the door.

She said I could go first as she could hold it. I asked if she said she was sure and she said yes, so I sat down. I sat on the toilet and pulled down my panties and then my jeans. I peed a hissing stream for quite a long time and then pushed a bit and let out three medium-sized turds. I wiped twice and flushed, then stood up and Melinda sat down. She pulled down and unleashed a long buzzer-like fart. A silent burst of gas followed as she began to bear down and push. She had told me before that she only craps every other day and lays down some big cable when she goes, but I was about to see that she wasn't exaggerating. I heard the log emerge with a crackling sound as she peed a little. Her stream wasn't as strong nor as long lasting as mine. But she continued to grunt a little as she sat. She sat for at least five minutes until at last there was a flump. She blasted one last fart and peed a bit more. Then she wiped once on her front and used the same paper to wipe her butt just one time. She stood up to show me her "masterpiece" and boy was it impressive. It was quite thick and one end was poking out of the water and the other end was lost around the bend of the toilet. It didn't look like a toilet clogger, big though it was, but I guess this toilet had a weak flush. Because when she flushed, the toilet did almost overflow. The water rose higher and higher until it finally gurgled away, leaving remnants behind that needed a second flush. Well, that was when Melinda was nine, and her turds have grown since then.

Another memorable time was when we were fourteen years old and I was staying over at her house. It was called a "sleepover", but we really didn't sleep much. About 1:30 in the morning, she told me she needed to take a crap. I suppose her bowels had no sense of schedule whatsoever. She just had to go when she had to go. We'd gotten in trouble before for going to the bathroom together, and her parents strictly enforced a one occupant rule for the bathroom. But they were sound asleep so we had no plans of obeying the rule. We tiptoed in the halls to not wake them and didn't fully close the bathroom door. She pulled down her pajama bottoms, and she wasn't wearing any panties. Normally she grunted as she pooped, but not that day. She was silent, though I could see she was concentrating on pushing out her monster turd. When she was done, she wiped one time on her front and her butt. Her turds must not usually be very messy. I know mine frequently are. The whopper she had laid that day was quite a sight. It formed a large 'u' shape and none of it was obscured around the bend. She gently closed the toilet lid and we went back to the room and finally slept about half an hour later. The next day, Melinda told me about the conversation with her mom about not flushing the toilet. She said that she apologized to her mom, explaining that she had to go use the bathroom in the middle of the night and didn't want to wake everybody with the flush. I think her parents suspected that we had gone to the bathroom together, but nothing was ever mentioned about the subject.


Pooping in Pampers

Hi I'm Jessica, I'm 100 lbs and age 20 with brown hair, brown eyes. I'm reasonably cute but have a condition that means everything, pee and poop, goes into disposable diapers. I live with my parents and younger brother and attend community college. The adult diapers are a pain but i deal with them, the biggest thing is the expense and bulk, i hide them under dresses with tights or pantyyhose to help cinch them in and avoid a bulgy butt. But last Sunday i tried something new, size 6 Pampers. I read on a site they'd fit, so i bought a package. Getting ready for church i taped one on then pulled on my best.Hanes pantyhose (good control top), then my dress. I had awhile before wed leave, while waiting i did a heavy pee. My diaper got heavy and sagged a bit but no leaks. I disposed of it and put a clean one on then packed some for church. During the service i peed again and slipped out for a change. After the service there was a potluck lunch. I ate too much. On the way home i peed and as soon as we got home i changed. Id no sooner pulled my hose over my new diaper when i could feel a bm coming. I thought about trying to save a diaper and sit on the toilet but that was risky so i did the BM in my Pampers. I held my dress up and my pantyhose were sheer enough where i could watch the BM in the mirror. It was a massive poop that quickly filled and bulged out the diaper, even with the hose pushing against it. But it held in the mess! I think Pampers will be my new diaper of choice.

Anonymous Texan

Message for David & Anne and a quick update

Hello, David & Anne, as well as everybody else.

David, I must say I am highly impressed by the stories you post here about your wife Anne. I'm also amazed by the fact her BMs have always been this big, going back to her days as a girl, and that you also like to share the actual size of both yours and her BMs. I admit that I'm mostly interested in reading about Anne's BMs, though, since I'm also a straight man and prefer the ladies.

An anonymous female Flickr lady friend of mine has also told me about the size of her large BMs as well, although she hasn't told me the actual dimensions yet. I am very anxious to learn that information, whenever she can gather up the courage to tell me. And like you and Anne, she's also large in size with a nicely-sculpted shape to her entire body. This lady's breasts measure 40DD, her waist I'm not so sure about, and her hips 50+ inches around. Like I said, she's a BIG girl. My friend is 48 years old and close to turning 49 (while I'm 41), and yet she also has a young-looking face. She's what I would call a goddess of pure feminine beauty. Too bad this lady is not my soul mate. If she were, I would pamper her life with sensual love and silky-soft luxury.

Anyway, now for a quick story before I head off for supper. My meds have really been taking their toll on my GI tract. I've been taking a med called Sertraline, and it is an IBS treatment. Lately, it has been making all my BMs come out as VERY STINKY diarrhea. I am certainly glad that nobody lives here with me while this is going on. Even my friend from Flickr would be grossed out, and yet she says BMs don't bother her all that much. But if the stink emerging from my toilet is grossing ME out this bad, it likely would gross her out also.

And because of my IBS symptoms, I have found myself frequently having to clean beneath my toilet seat of diarrhea spatter! YUCK!!! This has been going on for three weeks now, and sometimes the stains are so dark they will leave an almost permanent stain on the seat's underside. I had just as soon see poop stains on my Flickr lady friend's bottom. It would look oh, so much better on her derriere that it would my toilet!

Okay, guys and gals, that's all from me at this time. Keep all the good posts coming, and I will report back whenever I can.

Hugs & Kisses,
Anonymous Texan

Why I Wear A Skirt

I'm new to the site. Most of us who go to school know that we have to use toilet rooms that often lack privacy and that get busier and dirtier as the day goes on.

My school has just over 2,000 students, there is at least one toilet room on each floor. If there's 15 stalls, there's three times as many of us in the queue for each. Some stalls don't have a door or the door doesn't lock or is bent. So this year Mom bought me more skirts and I wear one at least four days a week. This enables me to use the doorless toilets and avoid the longer queues and still keep more of my privacy.

My boy friend usually comes over to my house right after school to study. Before we get the books out on the kitchen table he's in the bathroom taking his crap. He holds it all day because he says none of the toilets have doors.


Story from today

Hi everyone, Abbie here with my latest story. This morning I woke up late and was worried I wouldn't be able to catch the earlier bus and have time to use the loo before school, I quickly threw on my uniform and rushed out to the bus stop and was only just in time for the bus! As I sat down I suddenly realised I was dying for a wee, I normally go straight after I get up but waking up late meant I didn't get chance and now I was bursting. I jiggled about for the short journey and squeezed my legs together, as soon as I got off I walked towards the school gates as fast as my aching bladder would let me. I also thought I was starting to need a poo but my need for a wee was so great I wasn't totally sure. I finally made it to the loos near the canteen and really panicked when I went in and saw there were four girls waiting for a cubicle. From my experiance last week I know that nearly all girls who use these toilets before school want a poo, the advantage of this is that you're unlikely to be farting, grunting or making plops on your own but the drawback is that the queue moves really slowly which is bad news if your're desperate. As I waited I couldn't help letting a few spurts of wee out in my knickers, I felt them getting damp and knew I wasn't far from a full blown accident, which would be majorly embarasing! Just then Alex (the girl I met last week) came in and stood behind me in the queue, I started to chat to her which took my mind off how desperate I was. I noticed she was squirming a bit and she said she really needed to go as well. By now there was only one girl in front of me which was just as well as I knew I couldn't hold on much longer. Just then two adjoining cubicles became vacant, I took one and Alex took the other. Now I was away from everyone's eyes I really started to hop around, I locked the door with one hand and held myself with the other, as soon as the door was locked I lifted my skirt, pulled down my tights and pants in one swift movement and crashed onto the loo, I started to wee straight away and it made a loud noise as it fizzed into the bowl, what was more I couldn't help moaning loudly. I looked at my yellow pants and saw they had a damp patch but it could have been worse. Once my wee was finished I stayed sitting to see if I needed a poo, I looked under Alex's cubicle and saw her trousers and pink and blue stripy pants at her feet and noticed she was going up on her toes as she strained to push out a poo. I pushed a bit and farted but nothing seemed ready to come out so I gave up and wiped. Just then I heard a couple of plops from next door and Alex taking some toilet roll to wipe her bum. I pulled up my pants and tights, let down my skirt and then opened my cubicle door, by now the queue was even longer! I washed my hands and then got on with the rest of my day, I eventually went for a poo when I got back home tonight. Thanks for reading, will post again soon, bye for now.


Re: Constipation Victim

Boy can I relate!!! My Mother used to watch me poop when I was a kid and I HATED IT!!! I think my Mother CAUSED me more constipation problems than she cured because I could/would never bear down hard enough when she watched. I'm a grunter and I HATED having to strain so hard that I would grunt with her watching.
You wrote:
> I am often constipated and I think that may be one reason why my mother > feels the need to watch, help, and keep track of when I go poop.
How did your Mother "help" you go poop?
My mother used to say "bear down really hard for me" or "Try hard and push it out your bottom". Please tell us more.-- JW


Camping (Last set of my saved up stories)

So first off, thanks for Brandon T (and everyone else) for the warm welcome. Anyway, this is the last set of my stories that I had prior to today, so they are going to slow down after this. (These are 4 semi-short stories).

Backstory: Our grade 7 class went camping for 3 days, I got a little mischievous, and ended up getting quite a few good moments.

1. On the way up to the campsite, I was paired with a girl (that appears quite often in these stories, so I will label her "A" for privacy reasons). It was about a 3 hour drive, and I was in her car with her parents which spoke no English. You can probably see where this is going, so I'll finish this up. At the food stop we made near the start she grabbed a large drink, as did I, however, I have a LOT of control over these type of matters. So by the time we got up to the campsite (we were the first ones there) and she REALLY had to go at this point. I would feel bad for her if I wasn't secretly happy about this whole thing. Anyway, I told her I'd help her break into the restroom as the main teacher had the key (Personally, I had no idea how to break in but I didn't want her to run off yet). So after about a half hour of pretending to know what I was doing picking a lock, she ended up pulling down her pants and just pissing right there. When I looked over she laughed and told me not to look. On the bright side, she wasn't mad at me.

2. The second one takes place at night. This is where my evil side played a part in my happiness, because prior to camping I had made a fake 15 minute web page about a ghost story to the location, and showed everyone before we left. Despite my crappy (pun intended) web design, it fooled (and scared) the whole class, I guess no one figured a 13 year old could do web design. Anyway, at about 1:00 in the morning, I hear someone trying to open my tent, so I got up, opened it, and found A standing outside. She asked if I had any toilet paper, and I laughed before telling her that I didn't. She asked if I would help her find some, I said I was tired, and said "Just watch out for the ghost I showed you all" and after that, there was a zero percent chance of her going by herself. She came into the tent and told me that I had to walk her to the bathrooms. I laughed and said that I was tired, but if you need to go that badly I have a bucket for dousing the fire she could use. She said no and that she wasn't leaving until I walked her there, since it was about a 10 minute walk, I didn't really want to go. I replied with "You will eventually, or the result of your first venture will happen again, really either way I'm happy" with a chuckle. I laid there for about 5 more minutes with her staring into the wall, then she said "fine" and left with the bucket. I awoke about 5 minutes later with a splash of water from the lake nearby. I gotta hand that one to her, I didn't see that coming at all. She told me I had to walk her now otherwise I would be sleeping in a wet tent. I told her just to use the bucket, but she said she had more to do than piss. I submitted, as I had enough making her wait, and walked her there. She was in there for about 15 minutes, and made no effort to hide the fact she was taking a crap. She was talking to me almost the whole time, and if it's possible to hear talking in there, believe me, the sounds could be heard for a while down. At the end of her "work" she shouted "Shit" and I joked back with "yes, I smell it". She did a sarcastic laugh and told me that she needed toilet paper, which I said I WOULD get, except for the fact that I'm all wet and cold and it would be unsafe for me to go anywhere. She told me she was serious and there was quite a mess to clean (an exact quote). I reminded her that I didn't have any and that I'd get some leaves if she needed it that badly. So I ventured out for another 10 minutes to get some ferns, and returned to her with them. After she was done she came out and said thanks, and on the way back I admitted to making the story up, which made the story so much better from my opinion.

3. On the second night, I got really bored, so I took my laptop out and started playing while I waited for morning. I got int erupted by my annoying chaperon that wasn't even invited, so I packed my things secretly and headed to the bathroom (which as I forgot to mention before, are unisex). I said down in the out of order stall, as I wasn't actually planning on using it, and got to gaming. After about an hour another friend of mine (lets call her B) came in and sat down. I considered letting her know I was here but I decided I could always feign something later, like being sick. So she sat down and started taking a really gassy crap, which almost fumigated me out of there entirely. Throughout the night another 3 girls came in and I never warned any of them, yet they all must have ate something bad since they all smelled worse than my family at home.

4. Lastly, at the water rafting thing we did on day 3, I paired up with A as per her request, and as we were drifting down towards the area I asked her what her hurry was to pair with me. She reminded me it was a six hour trip and she had 2 reasons. First, if she had to go I had already seen her piss and crap, so she wouldn't be as embarrassed, and second, she wanted to get me back and some point for making her wait on the first night. I laughed and wished her luck, for she would need it. After about a half hour, she admitted to needing to pee already. I said that I couldn't really stop the boat so she would have to wait until I reached an island to rest on. After another 15 minutes I stopped on this tiny little island, and she was pretty worried looking. I asked her what the problem was, and she wait that I would have to cover her in case someone else came down and saw her. I agreed and she did her thing before we went on our way. At a slow patch, around the 2 hour mark, she said she needed to go again. I told her that she would have to wait again since there was no area to go in sight. To keep conversation going, I asked her why she always seems to need to pee. She didn't have any medical issues, according to her, but she did seem to drink a lot in retrospect. After another half hour she said she would go over the edge, but I would need to hold her from falling. This ended up being a nice front view of her going, although I did feel really bad for her condition as she did seem REALLY embarrassed. Lastly, at the end, she had pee quite badly. We had already jumped in the water to swim the last few seconds in. Smartly enough, I went as I was walking in, so she never actually got me back :D. On the bus ride back, which was another 2 hours, she was shivering and whispering to me that she really had to go. I told her to pretend to sleep, so she put her jacket on my side and "slept" there, and I told her since she was already wet just to go there, no one would notice. She objected but gave in once I explained that I did it as well, just in the water.

So anyway guys, hope you liked my last batch of stories for now, I am continuing a good friendship with the girl from my Wood encounter story, so maybe I'll have something with her in it soon. I also did end up dating "A" after about a month later from the camp trip, and continued into grade 8 for a while. Although I only have 1 more story from her that is incredibly short so I will save it for another time when I have a long time without a story.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mystery Poster great stories about all the poops you took that first one sounded like it felt pretty good and then next one it sounds like kinda like you were desperate kinda but at least the line moved quickly and the last one it sounds like you really had to go and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: John H great story about you recording the sound of you girlfreind peeing to bad she didnt poop.

To: Alan great story about Ninas big dump after the super bowl and it sounds like she was pretty desperate and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great story about you hearing your firend Hanah pooping from the of it she must have been pretty desperate and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tim great story about you seeing that woman pooping.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story about you and your and I look foward top your next one thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great story at least you didnt have a full blown accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: David great story about you seeing Annies big poop I bet that memory will last forever and I look forward to more stories thanks.

To: Weird Dream great story I dont what to tell you but something simular happened to me a long time ago I was half asleep and needed to pee but didnt want to get up I think I was in mid dream or something so I ended up peeing my pants even though I couldve gotten up.

To: Ellie I hope your the start of a trend of old posters returning here which would be good and I look forward to your stories thanks.

To: PooperGirl as always another great story it sounds like you and your friend Laura had a good outside poop even though it sounds like you were constipated a little and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: D.V. great story about you helping your classmate out it sounds like she was beyond desperate and you helping her get cleaned up later on and it sounds like it brought you both closer together as friends to and please share anymore stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Cathy great story and I bet you felt great after getting rid of that beast and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kristina first welcome to the site and great story about your outside poop with your sister and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Pat great story pleas post more thanks.

To: Melanie great story about your friend Christine pooping her pants at least it wasnt a messy one and please post more stories thanks.

To: Geoff great story about you hearing that woman pee and poop at your doctors office.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Poop at the hospital and other stuff

On Saturday night Matt asked me out. He said he liked me and wanted a date if i wanted one. I said yes and arranged a date for last night(Mon). More on that later.

On Sunday, I thought i was in labour again. The pain started at around 4.30pm and it was stronger than my false alarm from before. I hoped it was the real thing. I got to the hospital at around 5.10pm as the 'contractions' continued. I was 1 week and 2 days early. Once i was in a gown and in the bed the pain began to subside until it completely stopped again. I knew it was 'Braxton Hicks contractions' again and the midwife confirmed my suspicions. I was kept in over night and my family, Laura and Matt left. My midwife came in to check me over again and asked me a ton of questions including my bowel movements or lack of should i say. She saw my medical records which showed my 2 enemas recently. She asked me when i had my last bm and told her Tuesday. I said i tried last night(Sat)but nothing came out after 30 mins of trying. She asked me if i had an urge to go now which i said yeah a big urge. She brought me in a basin like thing for me to use and pulled the curtain across even though it was a private room. It was to help with the privavcy and make me feel comfortable going like this. She left me alone for a bit and i got comfortable hovering over the basin thing whilst at the end of the bed. I began pushing, uhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhh and nothing was happening. The midwif returned and sat on a chair at the side of the bed i was at, facing me. I had been on my own for around 10 mins. She could see my butt where she was sitting. She began talking to me and said it would help me to have a conversation as it is known to relax a patient and give them something else to focus on. We talked whilst i went uhhhhhhhhh constantly, only pausing to catch my breath. We spoke about this being my first pregnancy and how ive coped, her kids which she has 2. She also told me she is 5 weeks gone with her 4th. I spoke about my struggles with 1. I told her about my friend laura being pregnant and how she is also my birthing partner. I was really pushing whilst talking so the converstion was very stilted at times whilst i pushed and groaned. My midwife kept checking to see if anything was coming out and finally after 23 mins of us talking, me pushing, straining and groaning the poop began to emerge. She told me she could see the tip. She could see more emerging as i continued to push. UHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHH and then a small plop noise could be heard as it dropped into the basin. More came out and it plopped down as well. No more came out and i gave one final uhhhhhhhhhh and knew i was done. The midwife gave me tissues to wipe with and went to clear it all away. By now it was approaching 10pm and i was knackered. I got into bed but didnt sleep mush due back pain and the baby kicking me all night. She never let it up and i was exhausted by the morning. My mum came to get me on Monday morning and drove me back to my flat. My sister has moved in with me until the birth in case i need a lift to the hospital. I was exhausted but had something to eat and then watched a bit of tv until i needed a pee. I needed a poop as well, realising i wasnt done after all at the hospital. So i sat down and peed a good stream lasting about 15 seconds. I pushed but nothing came out and i gave up as i needed a sleep. I slept for most of yesterday but the urge stayed until my date with Matt last night.

This is continued from the beginning of this post. Matt thought we should cancel the date until after the birth but i have been waiting for him to ask me out for months, nothing, not even being heavily pregnant, exhausted and fed up, was going to stop this date. I finally pooped though about 10 mins before he showed up to collect me. I pushed for around 20 mins and the first bit dropped out with a splash-PLOP and i breathed a sigh of relief that my date wouldnt be interrupted with my needing to poop. A second and third bit came out soon after. I flushed, washed up and waited for Matt. We had a lovely night at a beautiful restaurant and as he dropped me off we shared a kiss. I guess we are now dating.

I have 1 week to go and as i left the hospital the midwife told me it may be longer than the week until she makes her entrance and i should just be patient but my goodness i really need this to be over and soon.

That's all for now bye bye


My weird dream

To the person who had the weird dream about all the toilets being out in open with no privacy.
Well I was reading your story last night and I went to bed thinking about it. I had a dream of my own that a bit like yours. I dreamed I was at school and desperately needed to poo. I was wandering around looking for a the toilets and found a corridor with a line of them all along one wall. They were completely open with nothing for privacy and I couldn't use them. I was super desperate by now and had to find somewhere fast. I went to the sports department at the other side of the school in the hope of finding somewhere private but the toilets there were just the same as the others with no privacy. I felt the poo pushing on my anus trying to force its way out but I clenched hard against the pressure and just about held it in but I was sweating with all the effort and with the pressure growing I knew I would have to relieve myself soon but where? I walked back to class holding my bum and the whole class could tell I was about to poo myself. I sat down at my desk and felt the pressure in my bowels increasing rapidly and I sat in agony for about 20 minutes before it got so bad I couldn't hold on any longer. I ran out of the room pulling my tights and knickers down as I went and took the nearest toilet in the corridor and sat down. Everyone could see me but I was too desperate to care any more and sat pooing my brains out. I was a huge relief and I when I was finished I woke up to find I'd totally messed myself in bed. It was all soft and mushy and I had to change the sheets and clean myself up.

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