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re: worst time to poop pants

Oh wow, i can't imagine being caught in any of those situations! Oddly enough, i'd say for me it would be soiling myself in a car, with anyone really. I guess because when i was 15 i very nearly did that, and i remember feeling horrified about it when i thought it was going to happen. Fortunately, we stopped at a rest stop and i managed to get to the ladies room in the nick of time, turtle heading hardcore as i waddled to the bathroom as quickly as possible. My panties had a slight skid mark but other than that i managed to avoid making horrible mess in my pants.

I wasn't so lucky last spring when i had an interview for a graduate program... i did not poop in my pants, however...i picked a very inopportune time to have something of a bladder mishap... it was a very long process. There were 7 of us in what was essentially a group interview. It started out in a conference room and it was a very long, detailed discussion. There were refreshments, i was nervous so i kept sipping water and tea. By the end of that stage i had a fairly prominent urge to pee. We all got up and moved to a faculty office suite where we were all going to wait in a waiting room and have individual interviews with one of two faculty members. Unfortunately we didn't pass a bathroom on the way there... i was hoping they would specifically tell us to take a bathroom break, but they didn't, and i was too nervous to be the one to break off from the group or be the one to ask to go to the i tried to hold it. We were sitting in the waiting area and i took a spot on a small cushioned couch and crossed my legs. Once the interviews began i figured i could sneak off when the first two people went and go real fast, but they didn't really stick to the scheduled that was written so there was no telling when my turn would be. So i was too nervous to leave in case I'd not be there when they called me. So, i held it, and i held it, and i held it some more, my bladder growing achier and more bloated as each agonizing minute passed..soon enough it was throbbing in my abdomen and the pressure was almost unbearable, i felt the dam was on the cusp of bursting. I was screwed because I'd waited too long, i had a big window during which i should've went but now i could be called in any second. And so i sat there waiting, holding....until i couldn't...hold it...any longer... yep. It happened. In a waiting room outside faculty offices at a college, dressed in professional attire, among peers i was competing with for a spot in a graduate program, 25 years old...i began to wet my pants. First a few uncontrollable squirts trickled out, causing a warm tingling sensation before dampening my underwear...i froze in terror.and squeezed my legs together as tight as possible, but it was no use. Squirt after squirt trickled out, making my underwear wetter and wetter, until eventually i just started peeing a steady stream into my pants, the warm tingling wetness enveloping my crotch and butt as it drenched my underwear, soaked through my black dress pants and seeped into the cushion beneath my butt. I just stayed frozen in place, totally wetting myself...i had no idea what to do and i was in shock. "Why me? Why here? Why now?" I thought. But what was done was done. I just stayed totally still, prayed I'd be last, and that my black pants wouldn't show the wetness... thankfully, i was last, so there was no one else who would see me get up I stood and discretely placed a magazine down on the couch to cover the dinner plate sized wet spot left by my butt. I gingerly walked into the office, dreading the feeling of the wet fabric rubbing on my thighs, but even worse was my soaked panties riding up on me and sort of "ringing out" with each step, sending pee dripping down my legs as i walked. I couldn't believe i was going into my interview for grad school in peed pants. I just prayed that my pants being black made the wetness difficult to notice. I walked in and i was seated in a wooden chair by the desk, and as i sat there was a bit of a soggy "squish" sound that made me nervous. But i carried on. I tried my best to stay calm and focused, ignore my wetness and nail the interview. I thought it went pretty well, and even though i begun to notice a slight pee smell about halfway through, she definitely didn't seem to notice that i had wet my pants. But things went south after the interview.... as we got up and i stepped out of the office, the odor of pee was prominent in the waiting room. She seemed concerned by it then i saw her looking at the magazine on the couch, and there was definitely wetness visible underneath it. To make matters worse the wooden chair i had sat in in her office had pee on it too. I was about to have a nervous breakdown so i got out of there as fast as i could, and the look on her face told me she knew what i had done. I stopped by the nearest ladies room and to add insult to injury, i could tell looking in the mirror that my black pants did nothing for me... you could totally see the wetness, especially on my butt. I just cried and tried to calm myself, and when i was mostly calm i got the hell out of there and went home, and anxiously changed my pants and underwear. Needless to say, i didn't get into that program. Even if my interview was good I'm sure they were weirded out by the fact that i wet myself, got pee on two different pieces of furniture and made the whole office smell like pee. So while i know that doesn't exactly answer the question of the worst situation to poop your pants, but it was definitely a really bad time to pee my pants and i did it. Though i could imagine, had i been sitting in that waiting room for my interview and instead of a bladder about to burst i was turtle heading, and i wound up pooping myself on that couch, i probably would've just bailed and blown the interview anyway. But I'm glad i did not poop in my pants that day! Woulda been impossible to explain why i stunk and had a lump in my pants!

Hi everyone. I had some time so thought I would share the story I promised. If you remember in my last post, I had pooped my pants on a date in high school.
The story starts kinda the same as my last one. I was excited for my date but not feeling so well. I decided to go anyway though, because this was my first date ever. The guys name was Jean-Paul and he picked me up, we went to dinner, etc. I should have used the bathroom at the restaurant, but was too shy to say anything to JP or for him to know what I had to do. So I held it, figuring he would be taking me right home. Well, JP had another plan and drove me to this popular spot for make outs and such. I started to feel really sick and had to pee and poop really bad. Again, I was super shy so I lied and said I had a curfew to be home by. We started to drive home and at this point every bump in the road was felt by my aching bladder and I had my cheeks clenched together to avoid pooping myself. Halfway home JP hit a big bump and before I could gain control, I started to pee. Then I felt my butt lift off the sit a little bit and mushy poop filled my pants and panties. I sat there mortified, not knowing what to do. JP noticed a smell, turned on the inside light, and saw what I had done. He immediately pulled the car over and told me to get out. I had to walk the rest of the way home in wet soiled pants. When I got home, I was hoping my parents would be asleep, but my mom was up. She saw what happened and was really understanding. She even helped me clean up. I was so nervous to go to school the next week, but luckily JP never told anyone what happend, although we never spoke again. Needless to say he was not as wonderful as Dean is.


Super Bowel

Hey all,

Hope your weekend and week has been great so far!

I had an enormous, fantastic relieving post-Super Bowl shit yesterday. It felt great, and lots came out.

I was hoping for the Giants to win, and they did! Wasn't looking like at some points, but anyway.
I had pizza for lunch, then wings to snack on, then supper was Subway, chips, cookies, and of course - beer!

It was me with some guys so there was a couple burps going on and the odd fart or two, but not from me yet.

During the half-time, I could feel a big load making its way to anus, but held off for the game. I had some quiet, rumbling farts tho, such as BRRRR....BRRTTT..... and even some softer airy ones when I came close to pooping myself, but the urge went away came back, went away, came back...the airy ones were like FFFF...SSSSTTT and made my anus open pretty wide.

I had the guys (2 of my friends over, Raymond and Patrick) over at my place, so I wasn't too worried about my own bathroom or anything of the sort that one may experience with needing someone else's toilet.

After they left, I decided now would be a good time to shit. I wasn't desparate, and there was wasn't any current urge. I did nice long drawn out zipper fart as I made my way to the bathroom.

I lowered my pants & boxer briefs to my knees, and sat down.

I felt some pressure, and I pushed, opening my ass a bit. A juciy wet fart followed SPLLIIITTTTTT.... I started having a piss, and could feel the need to push some more, so did 'nn!' I could feel a bulky, bumpy turd stick out of started to come out slowly. One final push got it out: SPLOONK. My ass hurt a wee bit from the stretch, size and shape.
I could feel more, so pushed again...'mhph...' PLOP...PLOOP...PLUNK...and a fart OOOOO.... I dropped 3 pieces, some of which could have broken apart.
The final piece slid out completely on its own. No pushing, and no sounds, other than a wet crackling sound of it rushing out of my ass. No plops either.

Wiping, I needed 5 pieces of toilet paper, it was apparantly a muddy clean up job.

In the bow was one 9" bumpy / bulk log, about an inch thick (maybe 1.5 or two, hard to tell), 3 medium firm logs that looked broken off at the end but otherwise smooth, and a 6" 'snake' with no cracks, bumps or anything. Flushing the toilet caused the turds to move around (and 1 or 2 of the smaller ones explode), so when the toilet was done ts thing, there was some shredded remains on the bottom and a few good smudges.
My bum felt tender, and I felt really relieved.

~ unnamed poster who went on a dinner date: Thanks for doing the survey! much appreciated. Are you lactose intolerant on the constipation or looser poop side of things? I get the same 'signs' as you for needing to shit.

~ John H: oooh a secret recording! I agree with you completely with: "Now let me say at this point that as much as I enjoy the idea of a girl doing her stuff in the bathroom I would never spy or put a camera in a toilet as that would be an invasion of privisey of the highest level." 100%. I would never 'invade' a woman's privacy like that. I would to see / hear them on the toilet, but it would be preferable if she invited me in as opposed to resorting to trickey. Audio? Yes, same as being on the other end of the door...or down the hall.

~ Alan: could you describe Nina? I can understand the need for privacy, but I admit to being curious. Sounds like she can really load up the toilet. you're a lucky guy, do keep posting. Oh, and yay Giants!

~ Leanne: enjoyed the post about your room mate! Are you guys open to talking about that kind of thing? Also, did you go into the washroom not long after, either for relief or curiosity?

~ Pat: interesting! That's one old toilet. Were the sounds more different (example, well like, more 'hollow' etc...) not everyday one finds an original!

~ Scarlet: Welcome Back! Looking forward to posts from you :)

~ desparate to poop: sounds like you'd be great company for a buddy dump!

~Abbie: love hearing from you. Lucy sounded like she needed to fill the toilet badly, and that you had an awesomely large turd. I find if they're bulky or bumpy, they can be harder to get out, and even makes one's arse a tad tingly.

~ Nicola: sounds like a relieving soft dump you had...too bad about the underwear tho. Was it a noisy poop?

~ Little Mandi: thanks for doing the doing survey! Look forward to more of your posts!

~ David: WOW! Please do keep posting about Anne! You're a lucky son of a gun! Would love to hear more stories from over the years

That's all folks....


Walked in on my roommate

I live in a dormitory with a female roommate. Our living quarters aren't very large and we share one bathroom. We have a system to work it out though; if one of us is showering, the other can freely walk in and use the toilet. Well today I came back from class and really had to go number two. I heard the shower running, and so I opened the door, and she was sitting on the toilet. I said, "Sorry. I thought you were showering." and she replied, "I was, but then I had to... go. I'm just about done though." About a minute later, she returned to her shower and I sat down on the warm seat and went number two. I finished up, wiped, closed the toilet lid but didn't flush, then washed my hands and left the bathroom.

I had to write an exam this morning. I was a bit nervous because I didn't feel prepared for it, even though I had studied a lot on the weekend. I had breakfast and got ready to write at 8:30 am. I don't know why but as I was getting ready I felt the urge to take a shit. It was too late to use the toilet in my dorm because my roommate Cory was already have a shower. I headed to class wanting to relieve myself right now. I stopped into the men's washroom downstairs from my class. There was no handicapped stall, just two regular stalls. The handicapped washroom was down the hallway while I would have preferred to use that toilet to shit in complete privacy instead but I had to go so badly I didn't care at that point because I was having very sharp pains as I held the shit in. Someone had pissed all over the toilet seat so it took a bit to get the seat covered in toilet paper. After I dropped my pants and sat down I already felt relieved to have made it to the toilet in time and had time to unload before my exam. I relaxed and felt a turd make it way out rather easily without any effort.

I felt a lot better but I knew I wasn't nearly done. I felt a bit of resistance as I let blasted a few farts out and then a nice load of soft poop slopped into the bowl. I pissed as I started to unroll the toilet paper. Luckily it was still quite early and nobody else entered the washroom. When I got up there was a long turd stretching the bowl on one side with a pile of soft shit on the other. I wiped for a minute and pulled my pants back up. I flushed and a weak stream of water swirled around that amazingly was able to flush most of my load down. The toilet didn't really flush all that well and there was a bit of poop still at the bottom and the water was quite brown with lots of skidmarks on the bowl. I washed my hands and left to go write my exam.

After the exam I had to shit again. I made my way back to the washroom to find one stall occupied with the stall that I had used earlier vacant. When I entered in the toilet was filled with dark brown water just a few inches below the top of the bowl. Clearly someone had dropped a big load and backed the toilet up. I left and went over to the handicapped washroom down the hallway but it was locked. I decided to make my way back to my dorm and go there since my roommate and his girlfriend would both be in class by now. When I got in I bolted to the toilet without even closing the bathroom door and sat down on the toilet to release another load of soft shit. I felt a lot better and didn't need to shit for the rest of the day.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Replies to Martin, Nicola & David & Anne etc

Martin. It was indeed a strange dream that you had. Although I don't normally wet the bed (the last time was an isolated stress-induced incident in 2006) I tend to rather fear pee related dreams in case I wake up wet.

Thanks for sharing the experience of your dump at York Station over the weekend. I'm not an infrequent visitor to York and often use the station loos. In my opinion they're amongst the cleanest in town. The ones near Bootham Bar are old and pretty abysmal and, much as I love the Minster, the ones there are a bit grim by modern day standards. Consequently if I wanted a poo I think I'd definitely head for the Station! In actual fact I had planned to have a day in York myself last weekend but the snow put paid to it. I don't know when I'll next get but I suspect it will be nearer the end of the month - if temperatures creep up sufficiently to allow a thaw!

Nicola. I enjoyed reading your account of the mishap whilst on the shopping expedition. However I think I'd have been inclined to insist on having a poo before leaving home, for the sake of a couple of minutes. If I remember rightly, Sarah's had experience of close calls and accidents herself so she ought to have understood. She could have cleaned the snow off the car whilst you went for a poo. Unless you're absolutely driven frantic with constipation, I'd advise against using laxatives because I think they can cause as many problems as they're intended to solve.

David. Thanks for sharing your first experiences of seeing Anne's big pan-busting jobbies. Goodness that must have been back in the late 1960s going by what you've said. I'm pleased to hear that upwards of 40 years down the line, she's still doing good big poos to be proud of. I hope you're both keeping well and have enjoyed some good poos recently. I've been a little constipated if anything, which is a little unusual for me and I'm wondering whether it might be connected with the cold weather. Since Saturday teatime we've had ice and snow aplenty in my area and it's struggling to thaw. Although you're more than a hundred miles from me, I imagine London's had its fair share!

Yesterday I heard a report on local radio about a claim by the British Toilet Association that there had been a 40% reduction in public toilets within the UK over the last ten years. If that's true it's pretty alarming. The problem, I suspect, is that there's no statutory duty on councils to provide public toilets and, consequently, when money's tight and savings have to be made, they're a soft target for cutbacks. Closing public loos though is, in my opinion, a false economy as people still have to 'go' and if the desperate haven't got loos available, they'll go where they can - but probably shouldn't.

Also, there's an NHS radio advertising campaign been launched during the past week or so, designed to heighten people's awareness of bowel cancer and urging them to get checked out by the their local GP if they've experienced bleeding when doing #2s or had loose stools for a few weeks. On one level this is commendable. However I can't help being a little sceptical as some doctors have a tendency to dismiss symptoms which ought to be followed up by a specialist. My own mother died of a cancer (not bowel cancer though) which I think would have been successfully treatable if the doctors in her practice had taken her symptoms seriously enough when she repeatedly presented with them. Similarly I have a friend who lost his wife to breast cancer a few years back. She'd repeatedly gone to her doctor, concerned about a lump, only to be told there was nothing wrong with her - until it was too late. Naturally I'm justly sceptical about the bowel cancer campaign although, of course, I hope it will save lives. If a thousand people are referred to specialists for investigations which uncover nothing serious, it's worth it if one life's saved as a result.

On Thursday I took a shit while I was getting ready for a date. It was a pretty big. Three turds about 6" each. It was good to get that out of the way then. I was kind of worried that I might have to go after dinner on my date.

The next day I had just eaten my lunch at school and felt like I needed to poop. I had time to spare so I went to the restrooms. As expected for this time of day, it was pretty busy. All six stalls were taken and there was a bit of line, which moved fairly quickly. Judging by the sounds and smells, there was definitely some pooping going on in there but mostly all I could hear was toilets flushing and peeing. A stall opened up for me and I went in and got myself seated. I couldn't help noticing that the girl next to me was also taking a shit. I started doing my poop and I could hear one of the girls waiting in line say, "it stinks in here." I blushed a little. Of course its not like it was just me that was stinking it up but it was sort of embarrassing that she said that right as I started pooping. I finished up my poop and got out of there. I went again that evening at work.

Today I woke up at like 5 in the morning needing to pee and poop really bad. I peed and pooped out about 6 inches of poop. It's not unusual needing to wake up and pee but poop doesn't happen very often. I pooped again after I got home from my work out today. I never noticed how good post work out poops feel.

Response to Dan's survey:

TOILET / General

- Where are you most comfortable using the bathroom? (home, work, public....)
Depends on what I need to do. I'm perfectly comfortable using the bathroom to pee just about anywhere. I prefer to use the bathroom at home when I need to poop but I will use public bathrooms if I need to.

- Do you wait to find a good bathroom, or typically use the first one you come across?
I don't usually wait unless its really bad.

- How do you 'position' yourself & your pants etc when you sit?
I pull them down just past my knees and sit with my knees slightly apart.

- does the time of the month affect going to the bathroom, pee/ poop wise?
It causes slight constipation.

- do you use a lot of of toilet paper?
Not really.

PEE / #1, etc

- How often do you pee?
Frequently throughout the day. I drink a lot of water.

- What color / shade is it?
Kind of pale yellow, it varies though.

- Do you pee a lot in one go?
It really depends.

- does your pee make any noise?
It tinkles ; )

- Do you enjoy peeing?
Peeing's alright.


- How often do you fart?
Not sure. I'm not the most gassy person but probably not the least.

- What type of farts do you do? (silent, loud, wet, dry, smelly,
Usually silent and dry. I fart more noisily while I'm going to the bathroom.

- What's your favorite fart to let out?
I don't really have a favorite.

- Are you shy about doing them?
I try not to fart around others.

- How would you react (in your head, and how you behave) if someone farted around you?
I try to be empathetic. If they laugh about it, I'll laugh with them. If they seem embarrassed about it I'll try to pretend like I didn't really notice.

- Do you fart on the toilet? If yes, do tell!
Yes, I usually fart when I'm going poop. Not a lot, but usually some pre-poop gas as well as some gas behind it.

- Do you enjoy farting? If yes, what about it?
I don't have any strong feelings about it.

- Do they smell?
Most of the time the odor isn't too noticeable. Farts before or during a BM kind of smell like poop. Fortunately, I don't have rotten egg smelling ones I've noticed some people have. That must be embarrassing.

POOP, #2, etc..

- How often do you poop?
It can really be anywhere from 0-3 times a day. I'd say it averages around once a day but it's not unusual at all for me to go more than once. And sometimes I might skip a day.

- What foods etc make you poop more than usual, or change your dumps?
I'm mildly lactose intolerant.

- do you eat certain things knowing you'll have to poop sooner than usual, or that change your dumps?
I generally have a rather high fiber diet.

- What types of poop comes out? (chunks, logs, pebbles, semi-solid, rock-hard / bumpy, mushy or loose...)
Its logs. Usually logs. Sometimes chunks.

- What's your favorite poop to do?
LOL a big long one.

- What size are they?
It really depends on the last time I went.

- Does a lot come out?
Usually, yeah, kind of.

- When you poop do you require effort?
Not too much. A little push here or there.

- Does your poop smell?
Not too bad. I mean it smells like shit when I poop but it's not as bad as I've noticed in others.

- What's a sign that you have to poop? (farting, full stomach, grmbling, pressure in your anus...)
Feeling of fullness, farting, turtle-heading, butt sweating

- What time of you day you usually poop?
Different times but the morning is the most common.

- Is there any noise when you poop? (such as farting, your load crackling out, plops, moaning / grunting...)
Crackling, plops, farting, grunting

- Do you enjoy pooping?

John H

Recording girlfriend's friend peeing Post Title (optional)

Hey all.
The other day I was doing some cleaning in my bedroom and I found a small MP3 recorder in the bottom of a drawer.
A friend had given it to me for my last birthday and I couldnt find it for ages.
I went out and got some new batterys for it as the ones in it were dead.
I spent a while messing around with it and just recording randum stuff.
Later that evening a friend of my girlfriend called over and the three of us sat around drinking tea and chatting.
I had put the recorder in my trousers pocket and while it was in there I somehow managed to accidentally set it recording.
I didnt find this out until much later though.
After a while the girls decided to go to get some food in a place up the road and I decided not to go with them because I needed a shower.
So after they left I went into the bathroom and took off all my clothes and threw them in the laundry basket forgetting about the recorder in my pocket.
I took my shower then dryed and put on clean clothes.
Not long after my girlfriend and her friend came back.
My girlfriend's friend asked if she could use the bathroom and after a minute or 2 she joind us in the living room and we chatted for another while.
After she left I went looking for my recorder and spent around half an hour rummaging around before I remembered putting it in my pocket earlyer.
I went to the bathroom and sure enough there it was in my trousers pocket.
It was then that I discovered that it had been running for a long time but I thaught it had only been left switched on and not recording.
The batterys were almost dead.
I couldnt understand this at first as I had only replaced them earlyer that day.
Anyway I put in the other 2 batterys and thats when I discovered that there was a really long file on the recorder.
When I started listening to it I realised that it had been recording all that time in my pocket.
I could hear our conversation from earlyer in the day and then it hit me that my girlfriend's friend had used the toilet when they came back from getting some food so I grabbed some headphones and fast forwarded through the file.
It took me a few minutes to find it but i did at last and it was as if I had been standing in the bathroom with her.
You can hear her coming in and closing the door.
Then you can clearly hear her dropping her pants and sitting on the toilet.
She lets out a long streem of pee that lasts for around 20 seconds.
It starts off slowly and builds up and she even lets out 2 farts mid flow.
It was to good to delete so I saved it on my computer.
Now let me say at this point that as much as I enjoy the idea of a girl doing her stuff in the bathroom I would never spy or put a camera in a toilet as that would be an invasion of privisey of the highest level.
I was in to minds about posting this story here at first but the way I see it is that everyone on here is pritty open minded.
As its only audio its not like I can see anything, its the same as listening through the door or a partision as i'm sure most of us have done at some point or another the only difference is that the quality is really good as the recorder was in the room with her.
Also it wasnt something I planned to do but maybe I may do in future.
Well thats my storey.
Hope you all enjoyed it and if there is any questions or comments then let me know.

Brandon T

woman farts

about 30 minutes ago I was at a pet shop and there were a few women standing near me and I sundendly smelled a slight rotten egg smell aparently one of them let out an sbd it was cool to bad it was quite


"Super" ending to the Super Bowl

Yesterday was just an excellent day all around. I watched the Super Bowl and I was rooting for the Giants. It seemed like they were going to lose for a while, but in the end they pulled it off and won. So that was good in and of itself, but the real fun began after the game was over. Nina isn't really into football, so she went out with her gal-pals instead and did... something. Truthfully, I wasn't paying a lot of attention at that point.

When she returned, the game had been over for about half an hour. She came home and told me "I gotta go soo bad. I've been holding it for hours now." and off we went to the bathroom. Nina dropped her pants to her ankles and sat down on the toilet. She farted two times and then there was a heavy splash. She gave a small grunt and started to pee a dribbling stream. I heard a floomp sound, three more farts and two splashes. I was loving the stink in the bathroom by then. She delivered a low bassy, long, fart and three small splops. "That's not all, I still have to go some more", she announced. She sat in silence for some seconds and then she told me she was done.

Nina stood up and we examined her work. There was five small turds, three of which were floaters, a medium length thick log, and a skinny but really long turd which poked out from the hole at the back of the toilet, formed a 'u' shape at one end and doubled back on itself. She wiped her messy butt five times and flushed.

Brandon T
wwe diva natalya farted again on smackdown this time she was lifting weights and farted twice and again they stunk bad aparently and it seems like she will farting more on furture episodes

Hi all. Today I heard my housemate Hannah going poo. I was lying on my bed reading a book when I heard her come in from shopping. I heard her go downstairs and talk to someone, then put her shopping away. Then she came upstairs and hurried into the toilet. I heard her sit and have a wee for a minute, during which there were two loud plops. She must have been in urgent need of doing both a wee and a poo while walking back from the supermarket! After she finished doing a wee there was a sigh and a splattering of wet poo and another plop. I enjoyed listening- I assume she enjoyed the relief!

To the 'weird dream' poster- Funnily enough I had a dream involving wetting last night and it was very strange indeed! From what I can remember I was with a girl and we were being held prisoner or something because we were trapped in a room. After a while we lay down and started making out and then she began to pee herself. I felt her pee pooling around us and she kept saying, 'I'm sorry I couldn't hold it.' I told her it was ok and then my dream moved on to something else completely unrelated, as dreams often do! Like the other poster I was concerned I might have pissed myself or something, but I hadn't. Just one of those odd dreams! I often dream about needing the toilet, but it's usually for a poo. I sometimes dream about going into a mens room (or a unisex toilet sometimes) which is always vast and I wander around for hours without finding a free cubicle! Strange how the mind works!

At the weekend I went to visit a couple of friends who go to university in York. I got the train over there and we spent Saturday catching up and then went out to a club in the evening. After dinner I had a small poo, just a couple of logs, in the toilet in their house. The next day my friend made us up a full English fried breakfast, which cure my hangover! We went into town, got lunch in Burger King, and then I said my goodbyes and headed for the station. All that food, plus the alcohol from the night before, had taken their toll and when I got to the station to come back home, I had an urgent need to find a toilet for a big bowel movement. I found them and went in. There were only 3 cubicles and they were all in use, with one young guy standing waiting. I joined the queue needing a poo very badly. One toilet flushed immediately and the other guy went in. I heard him sit and unload some runny shit. After a couple of minutes of desperate waiting someone else came out and I got to sit. Immediately a long coil of soft poo fired out of me. Three sizeable logs followed quickly, then a loud fart. I had two more logs and then a few little bits of poo. After ten minutes I was finished so I left and went to wait for my train.

Social networks

Although I've never seen anything on Facebook, I have seen occasional references on Twitter. If you use the "search" option on that site you'll see various tweets, usually from people bursting for a wee and stuck in traffic/ on the bus/ in a warm bed etc.


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post quickly and let everyone know that I did a little research to find out more about the antique toilet that I had the pleasure of shitting in as described in my last post. It appears that it was probably a "Grand Niagara" model, due to it's flat bottom and waterfall-style flush. This type of toilet design was and I believe still is common in Europe, and the "Grand Niagara" was one of the few American-made toilets to copy this design. I envy our Victorian forebears for getting to shit in such a beautiful work of art on an everyday basis.


Just Comments

Stella - great posts about you peeing your pants in London and while on the phone with your brother. Did you tell him afterward that you had weed in your jeans?

Thirty Something Female - likewise great posts about you "partially" peeing your pants recently on the way home and when our laughing with friends. Does that happen to you quite frequently?


At a Super Bowl party

As anyone living in America can tell you, today was Super Bowl day. As I usually do, I went to a party a work friend hosts every year. The attendees were mostly men, but a few women came. Well, I had to go to the bathroom during the game. At the next commercial break, I headed off to the bathroom. My friend keeps the bathroom door closed pretty much all the time to prevent his dog from drinking out of the toilet, so when you're using the bathroom, it's important to lock the door.

And that leads up to this story. I saw the door was closed and couldn't see a light on, and so I opened the door. It wasn't locked, but there was someone inside. Much to both of our surprises, one of my female friends from work was sitting on the toilet, and the smell made it evident that she was taking a dump. She shrieked and positioned her hands to cover her vagina and I immediately apologized and backed out of the bathroom. As I was exiting, I heard a splunk. I closed the door and waited in the hall for her to be done.

Once she had flushed, washed her hands and came out, I apologized again, and she said it was her fault. She had forgotten to lock in her desperation to go. The situation worked out very much to my advantage. An honest mistake and no hard feelings, but I got a very pleasant sight out of the whole deal.


To Ellie

Hi! Not sure if you remember me, but I used to post a lot around 2001-2004, I think. I remember those that you mentioned. I'm still here and read regularly, just had so much change in my life that I haven't posted many stories lately. But I do miss the people that were here, I really enjoyed hearing from Noel, Bryian, jim and a few others.

I'm 28 now and married, I was only 18 and just starting college when I first started posting! So much has changed!

But I still enjoy the posts about accidents, mostly pee, but also solid poop accidents (or on purpose, as long as clothes are on). I'll have to try to post more often again. :)



Bad Girls Club pee scene

One of the outtakes from BGC season 8 shows two twins Danni and Gabi, peeing behind some bushes in the desert. They are driving when one tells the other to pull over or she is going to pee in the car. The first one gets out and is seen squatting. The second one follows and squats beside her. One comments, "I hope no one sees."

Constipation Victim

Parental Pooping

I am a new poster here.

Does anyone else' mother or father keep track of your bowel scheduele like my mother does? I often times have to go poop in front of her for many different reasons and occasions and I am still not comfortable with doing it. Does anyone else have this problem? I am often constipated and I think that may be one reason why my mother feels the need to watch, help, and keep track of when I go poop. I'll post stories some other time because I have a feeling some of you may be interested.

I was squatting down to go through some clothes today. I kinda had to pee but not that much. I let out a fart which must have released my bladder because I started pering my pants. I stopped it quickly and ran to the bathroom holding my froth and finished my pee in the toilet. There was a big puddle on my carpet. My mom came home and I blamed the dog.

Desperate to poop
Response to Dans survery


TOILET / General

- Where are you most comfortable using the bathroom? (home, work, public....) all 3 but I do enjoy doing it in a public toilet and listening to others

- Do you wait to find a good bathroom, or typically use the first one you come across? if I'm desperate don't care. If I have time will find a favourite one (and sometimes one where I can hear others)

- How do you 'position' yourself & your pants etc when you sit?
Pants down to the ankles usually sit unless it's really dirty and then squat
- does the time of the month affect going to the bathroom, pee/ poop wise?
Yes sometimes more diarreoh or a little constipated
- do you use a lot of of toilet paper?
I try to be conservative but it depends on how runny/messy the poop is
PEE / #1, etc

- How often do you pee?
twice a day
- What color / shade is it?
- Do you pee a lot in one go?
- does your pee make any noise?
Only when it hits the toilet
- what time of you day you usually poop
Mid Morning, sometimes afternoon
- Do you enjoy peeing?

- How often do you fart?
every day
- What type of farts do you do? (silent, loud, wet, dry, smelly,
all and often smelly
- What's your favorite fart to let out?
a good smelly one after a curry
- Are you shy about doing them?
No but I try and avoid loud ones in public
- How would you react (in your head, and how you behave) if someone farted around you?
Depends on the situation
- Do you fart on the toilet? If yes, do tell!
Sometimes a runny fart will be accompanied by a far which often then sprays the poop round the bowl
- Do you enjoy farting? If yes, what about it?
It's fine
- Do they smell?
POOP, #2, etc..

- How often do you poop?
once a day normally
- What foods etc make you poop more than usual, or change your dumps?
Curry, Spicy,
- do you eat certain things knowing you'll have to poop sooner than usual, or that change your dumps?
If I have a curry I know there'll be a smelly dump the next day
- What types of poop comes out? (chunks, logs, pebbles, semi-solid, rock-hard / bumpy, mushy or loose...)
Sometimes runny, sometimes soft, sometimes nice logs. Not usually pebbles
- What's your favorite poop to do?
A big long one in public which teases my asshole
- What size are they?
between 5 and 10"

- Does a lot come out?
Sometimes yes a couple of 10" or soft serve
- When you poop do you require effort?
Not usally
- Does your poop smell?
- What's a sign that you have to poop? (farting, full stomach, grmbling, pressure in your anus...)
I get a feeling in my stomach or sometimes in my bum
- What time of you day you usually poop?
Mid Morning/early morning sometimes afternoon
- Is there any noise when you poop? (such as farting, your load crackling out, plops, moaning / grunting...)
Sometimes farts and crackling, definitely moaning (But I often do something else)
- Do you enjoy pooping?
Oh yes


Replies to the anonymous guy in high school

1.High School
2.I think its private...
4.Male. Erm yeah. The girls toilets are supposedly clean and all usable, whereas the boy's toilets have muddy floors, smells horrible, the locks are broken etc.
5.Quite big. I think about a thousand in secondary and another 1000 in primary.
6.It depends. Most floors have 1 for each gender. While some floors have only girls bathrooms. There are like, more girls in our school, so there are hardly floors with boys bathrooms itself.
7.Some are. Or at least the cleaners keep them clean in the morning. Then after that the smell arrives and the students generally dirty the bathroom.
8. Not all are. They do have paper towels for wiping hands at the sinks, but some run out of tp, so we have to wait until the end of the day when the cleaners replace them.
9. During lessons, its really quiet. But at breaks its usually bustling.
10.There are stall doors, but some of them have no locks. So we usually have to leave our bags by the door, to show people we're in it.
11. Kick me out? Not really. You can stay in there as long as you want, until the teacher sends someone to look for you.
12. Yes. Sometimes certain teachers refuse o let you out. Other times, you're arent allowed out of the room during the first periods (after break), then at the end of the last periods.

Hope that help:) Lee


Latest news

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with my latest news.
Survey response- I wear a skirt every day to school and from about April or May until October I don't normally wear tights. I usually pull my knickers down to my thighs or knees when I'm on the loo. When it comes to underwear I rate comfort and price way above fashion, all my knickers are cotton girls bikini briefs which I find really comfy. If I'm wearing a skirt or dress I just make sure I wear a decent pair of pants (ones that aren't too tight and still have elastic so at least they cover my bum!) mainly in case theres a gust of wind and they end up on show!
Anyway, back to my latest story from last weekend. On Sunday morning I got up late and hadn't bothered to get dressed, I was lazing around in my bedroom just wearing the massive tee-shirt I use as a nightie when I got a call from Lucy, which went something like this.
"Hi Abs, are you OK?"
"Yeah, great thanks," I answered.
"Erm… are you in the house on your own?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Well… we've got people staying round ours this weekend, I need a poo but I'm really constipated at the moment so I know I'm going to be on the toilet for ages, which is going to be like really awkward if someone else needs to go."
"No problem, come on round, my parents and sister are going to be out for a few hours so you can use the loo here."
"Thanks Abs," said Lucy, "I'll be round in a sec."
About 5 minutes later the doorbell rang and I started to go downstairs to let Lucy in. As I walked along the landing I caught sight of my reflection in the big mirror we've got there and realised my tee-shirt was practically see through as it was plain white and quite worn, my pink and yellow stripy pants were clearly visible through it. As I opened the front door for Lucy I hid behind it and hissed "Come in!", she came in looking confused and closed the door behind her. "Sorry, I haven't had chance to get dressed yet and this tee-shirt is see-through!" I said as we went upstairs. We went into my room and Lucy started to take off her shoes and then her jeans. "I'm really bloated and these are digging in me," she said gesturing at her jeans as she pulled them down. She left them on my bed and went off to the bathroom, I followed her in and shut the door. She dropped her red pants, sat down heavily on the toilet and took a deep breath, as she started to push I heard a few dribbles of wee trickling down into the bowl. "I haven't had a poo since Tuesday when I got in from school" she panted, "I started to feel like I needed one yesterday evening but my uncle and auntie are staying round ours and I haven't got chance to spend more than a couple of minutes on the loo."
I tried to keep the conversation going as Lucy grunted away, telling her about my success in going for a poo before school. "You'd be amazed how many people get there early just so they can go on the loo before lessons," I said. "I'm certainly not as constipated as I was now I've been doing that for a week." By now Lucy was pushing so hard she couldn't speak, she just nodded and then reached round behind herself and pulled her bum cheeks apart. "I've … nearly … got … it … out" she panted and shortly after there was a loud plop, followed a few seconds later by a barrage of smaller plops and farts. I shifted around a bit, I'd been feeling a slight urge for a poo since I'd eaten breakfast about an hour earlier and now my need was getting stronger. "I think I'm done, I feel loads better," said Lucy as she took some toilet paper and started to wipe her bottom. When she was done she flushed the loo and pulled her pants back up.
"I think I want a poo now" I said, lifting my tee-shirt and pulling my pants down then sitting on the warm seat. I had a quick wee and farted a few times then started to push, almost straight away I could feel a big poo starting to come out of my bum. I kept up the pressure and it slid out really slowly, a couple of minutes later I felt it drop and it plopped down into the bowl. I groaned with releaf and Lucy said "Wow, that sounded like a big one!" I took some loo paper and wiped my bottom and then pulled my pants up. We went back into my bedroom, Lucy put her jeans back on and I got dressed. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!


Laxative near miss

The last time I had a poo was 4 days ago so I was pretty desperate by this afternoon. I tried to go this morning but I was so I took a laxative to get things moving. I left it untill about 2 o'clock when I was dying to go but just as I was about to go up to the bathroom Sarah came round to ask if I wanted to go shopping with her. I told her I would love to but I would have to go to the toilet first. Sarah wanted to leave straight away as she had to clear the snow off her car and warm it up before we could set off. Well I figured I'd be ok as I've held my poo for longer in the past. I helped her brush the snow off the windows while Sarah warmed the engine up. By the time we were ready to leave the laxative was working overtime and I was getting desperate. We had to drive slowly as the roads were covered in snow and it took about half an hour to get there. The carpark was covered with slushy snow and I had to walk carefully to keep my feet dry. I was close to pooing myself when I got into the store and I still had to find the customer toilets. I had to ask this fit young guy at customer services where they were and it was a bit embarrassing but I had to find them fast. I was hopping about as he gave me directions to the toilets and it must have been obvious I was desperate. When he finished talking I ran off to the toilets holding my bum as I could feel it trying to force its way out into my knickers. Family I made it without a second to spare. Only there were 5 people waiting for 2 nubiles and I could feel it coming out. I clenched hard but a small amount ended up in my knickers and it smelled. I had to wait about 10 minutes with this really poo in my knickers before I could get into a vacant cubicle and as soon as I got the door closed I locked it and ripped my knickers and jeans down in one go. I threw myself onto the toilet seat which was warm and relaxed releasing a huge load of semi solid poo. It was a wonderful relief after 4 days of holding it but my knickers were messy. I had no way to clean them so I just took them off and dropped them down the loo. Then I rushed out the rest of my poo on top of them and wiped myself clean before flushing and exiting. I rejoined Sarah in the store and we finished our shopping.

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