Little Mandi


TOILET / General

1.Where are you most comfortable using the bathroom? (home, work, public....)
At home is where I'm most comfortable using the bathroom.

2.Do you wait to find a good bathroom, or typically use the first one you come across?
I try to avoid public bathrooms but,if I have to use them,I take the last stall on the end if its open.

3.How do you 'position' yourself & your pants etc when you sit?
Usually,I pull my pants down to my knees and sit with my arms in my lap.

4. does the time of the month affect going to the bathroom, pee/ poop wise?
My time usually doesn't effect my pooping but,I noticed I pee more when I have it. you use a lot of of toilet paper?
Not usually.

PEE / #1, etc

1.How often do you pee?
I don't keep track. It depends how much I drink. I don't go very often.

2.What color / shade is it?
The normal yellow color. If I drink a lot of water its clear.

3.Do you pee a lot in one go?
Yeah,most of the time.

4.does your pee make any noise?
Just the normal splashing sound. Sometimes when I have to go real bad, it makes a hissing sound.

5. what time of you day you usually pee?
No set time. Always in the morning though.

6.Do you enjoy peeing?
I don't enjoy it but I don't mind it.

1.How often do you fart?
I don't keep track.

2.What type of farts do you do? (silent, loud, wet, dry, smelly,
All different ones.

3.What's your favorite fart to let out?
I don't have a favorite.

4.Are you shy about doing them?

5.How would you react (in your head, and how you behave) if someone farted around you?
I don't care if people fart around me. I actually think its funny.

6.Do you fart on the toilet? If yes, do tell!
Yeah I fart on the toilet. If I'm on the toilet and I have to fart I just let it out. They usually sound airy.

7.Do you enjoy farting? If yes, what about it?
No not really.

8.Do they smell?

POOP, #2, etc..

1.How often do you poop?
I don't poop very often. Maybe every 3 or 4 days.

2.What foods etc make you poop more than usual, or change your dumps?
Nothing. I swear I have an iron stomach. lol you eat certain things knowing you'll have to poop sooner than usual, or that change your dumps?
Nope. Nothing upsets my stomach.

4.What types of poop comes out? (chunks, logs, pebbles, semi-solid, rock-hard / bumpy, mushy or loose...)
My poops are usually almost always hard.

5.What's your favorite poop to do?
I don't have a favorite.

6.What size are they?
I don't know.

7.Does a lot come out?
Not really.

8.When you poop do you require effort?
Yeah most of the time.

9.Does your poop smell?

10. What's a sign that you have to poop? (farting, full stomach, grumbling, pressure in your anus...)
Usually I fart a lot and occasionally I get stomach pains.

11. What time of you day you usually poop?
No set time.

12. Is there any noise when you poop? (such as farting, your load crackling out, plops, moaning / grunting...)
Occasionally there are some farts and crackling. I almost never grunt though unless I'm really constipated.

13.Do you enjoy pooping?
No. Its really embarrassing.

Raincitys survey
1. If not in a hurry and you sit on a toilet, do you prefer to pee with your legs...
b) slightly apart

2. In private toilets (like at home) how far do you pull down panties?
b) to knees

3. Does your answer to the question above changes when in a public toilet where there might be others close by?

4. In most usual cases, do you have a stable pee stream or an unstable one? Does your stream change directions as it goes?
I guess its pretty stable.

5. Does your pee stream sometimes dribble or overflow onto anywhere else on you?


The first time I saw one of Anne's big poos

I posted a longer version of this a few days ago but I assume it was too long so I have abridged it here but hope it is still interesting to readers.

I will now relate how I first had a toilet experience with Anne first met Anne and her young brother, my brother-in-law for 40 years now, when her family came down from Glasgow to where we still live outside London as her father was a new manager in their factory in our town. They moved into a house in the street behind ours. Anne and her brother went to the same school as myself and my sisters and as she is 6 months older than myself she was in the same class as my sisters and her brother was in my year. I was about 16 at the time and I must say I found Anne attractive from the word go. She was and is pretty, with long blonde hair and was like myself chubby, in her case with large breasts and bottom .. Even then looking at her build and big ???? bottom I thought to myself "I bet she can do a big poo" and fantasised about seeing one she had done. Little did I know how soon this dream would come true.

Our families liked each other and my sisters and Anne got on well as I did with her brother. One day after school I was at Anne's house with her brother, Anne had gone out to the Girl Guides with my sisters. I needed to use the toilet for a pee and I went in lifted the toilet lid and gasped. There was huge turd lying in the bottom of the pan , long and fat and mid brown in colour and a bit knobbly with a tapered end. Something just told me that Anne had done it. I only needed a pee which I did then when I pulled the flush but when the waters settled the big fat log hadn't moved an inch.

I came out of the toilet and mentioned to Anne's brother "There's a big turd in the toilet pan that wouldn't flush away" but he replied in matter of fact voice "Oh Anne would have done that. She's always laying big poos like that. I'll get rid of it later" and we returned to playing with his train set although my mind was elsewhere.

The following week Anne came home with my sisters and went into their room. I wondered if she had done a motion and hoped she was needing one now. After about 30 minutes or so I heard my sisters' bedroom door open and one of the girls say "Anne, it's just across the hallway there". I got onto the bed and out my ear to the party- wall of my bedroom with the toilet. I heard Anne enter and walk to the toilet pan, lift the lid and then the rustle as she hitched up her grey pleated skirt and pulled down her knickers, white ones she later told me, and sit on the pan. She farted a couple of times, an indication that she was going to do a motion and I heard her wee-wee tinkle into the pan. When it ended I heard Anne give a grunt "NN! UH!" followed by a "PLOP" another grunt NN! NN! and a "PLUNK!" and I knew she was passing a hard rather constipated motion . I imagined her sitting there with her knickers at her knees and red in the face and wished I could be on there with her. As I then I heard her take a deep breath, fart again, then bear down with a sustained "NN! NN! UH! AH!" as she was obviously straining to pass a big solid log. She stopped, there was a moments silence, then "KUR-SPLOOMP!" as her big turd dropped into the pan, then a few seconds later another "PLONK!" as she passed what must have been the end of her poo. Anne then gave a long sigh of relief and I then heard her wipe herself, pull up her knickers, smooth down her skirt, pull the flush twice and wash her hands and come out. As soon as she was safely in my sisters' room I went into the toilet. The smell of a healthy solid poo hung in the air and when I lifted the lid of the pan again I saw her big fat log lying in the bottom of the pan, long and fat and darker brown this time but as before a bit knobbly but this time with a blunt end, the three smaller turds she had passed had flushed away. Anne was later to tell me that she was a bit shy to tell my sisters that she had done a poo which wouldn't flush away. They wouldn't have been bothered as I sometimes did them that size at that age and our mum was often a bit constipated and as she didn't use laxatives but she often did big long fat logs which stuck in the pan. My sisters did think it was one of Mum's big turds when they saw it stuck in the toilet after Anne had left. I was well excited by Anne's performance to say the least!


bf shit his pants

I am this sit because last week I learned my nd likes to mess himself
He did it in front of me
I couldn't believe it. He completely filled his pants..I actually found both the act and smell to be a turn on
Man, his underwater was totally trashed and the place reeked. Tool him 30 minutes to clean up. After the fact, the room smelled for a long time

bus ride

When I was in third grade I was on the bus ride to school when I had a huge urge to poop. I went to a school where I had to take a bus to a high school then take a different bus to the elementary school across the street. I felt very sick and I barely made it too the high school. Then I got on the second bus. As I was walking down the aisle I felt a turd slip out. I sat down and on the way to the school I realized it was probably the biggest poop I ever had. I then exploded in my pants. I realized as I was getting near the school I wasn't even halfway done pooping yet. I finally just let it all go as I was getting off the bus. I went to the bathroom and emptied my pants. Amazingly by some miracle there wasn't a single stain.

The Questioner


Have any of you ever peeked on someone pooping? Intentionally? If so, pls. share.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Weird dream

I was at a lab class at my college, standing by a table, and suddenly I had an overwhelming urge to pee. I tried to hold it back but I started peeing my pants, right in front of my classmates. After a few seconds I managed to stop the flow before too much came out, but I still *really* had to go. No one seemed to notice, but I was terrified they would see the wet patch on my jeans. I tried to cover it up with the long jacket I was wearing, and as soon as the instructor stopped speaking and went to talk to some other students, I ran out to find a bathroom. The toilets were all out in the open with no stalls, and a girl was already sitting on one of them, but I plopped down on one of the others and finished my piss.

When I woke up I really did need to go pee, and I was really weirded out by the dream because I've never wet my pants before, even when I was a little kid, and I was scared that maybe the dream was trying to tell me I was sick, like I have a kidney infection or something. Pretty sure I'm alright, but still strange.

Anyone else have a dream like that before? What do you think it means? I read on one dreaming website that it could symbolize feelings of inadequacy, but it may be something else.

Thanks for all the welcomes.
Marika-Like i said, we grew up and got busy. I am not sure what happened to Kendal and Lawn Dogs Kid. We never had any contact outside of here and the last you guys heard from them was the last time we did. I often think about them and hope everything is okay.
The Listening Ear- You are right about their riveting saga! I would love to hear from them again and see how things are going. I am so glad you agree with me about the sense of community. Not that I am not happy to be back and there are some great posters on here now, but I really miss that about the site back when I was posting.
Well I told Louisa and she might start posting with her girlfriend. Kev and I have settled down over the years. Except for the occasional standing pee when the toilet is dirty or I am outside, I really don't do anything interesting bathroom wise anymore. Out of all three of us, Lou is the one that has continued on.


Camping again

Here is another camping poo

Once my family went camping and my friends were there to.Once we got there we set up our tent and had lunch.Then my sister who was called daisy and she was six.And she said she really needed a poo.We looked for a toilet it took about ten minutes until we saw a beautiful blonde girl holding some toilet paper.So we followed her and we saw the toilets.They were four holes next to eachother in the middle of a maze thing.The blonde girl pulled down her light blue jeans and pink knickers and squatted she pushed out five solid poos and farted and pushed out five more and wiped.Daisy didn't want to poo with her watching.Daisy then pulled down her jeans and purple knickers and a stream of pee came out and it made a loud noise as it hit the soil.The stream of pee stopped and a huge turd came out it was five inches long and the she farted really loudly and two solid poos came out.She said she was finished and she wiped with a leaf she found and we headed back to camp.We played with our friends until it got dark and then we sat around the campfire and told story's and then we went to sleep.The next day I woke up and heard my friends playing outside I was going to play with them until daisy said she needed a poo again so we grabbed some toilet paper and went.At the time I didn't need to poo.We made it to the toilets and all of the holes had someone pooing in them so we waited for someone to finish and it took about two minutes.Daisy pulled down her trousers and knickers and let out a fart and two soft poos and she said she was finished so she wiped and we went back to camp to have breakfast we had toast beans and cereal.I then had a small urge to poo but I held it in.I went to play with my friends and a few hours later I had a really big urge to poo but I held it in for a bit longer.After a few hours we had a huge dinner and it didnt make me feel any better it was still bright outside so it wasn't very late.Then lia came into the tent and started to play with me for half an hour.Then I couldn't hold it in much longer so I got some toilet paper and ran to the toilet.When I got there Laura who was Lias mum was squatting over one of the holes she had her brown trousers and black knickers down to her ankles.I went to the hole next to her and pulled down my jeans and white knickers and a stream of pee came out.I then heard Laura grunt and a poo come out and it made a loud thud when it hit the bottom.I then pushed but nothing happened and I pushed harder again but still nothing happened.Laura then pushed and a really long poo came out and then she did a fart.I was still pushing but nothing was happening and I grunted loudly but I only did a small fart.Laura had finished her poo so she pulled her trousers back up and left.Then my mum came round the corner and I was so embarresed she squatted over the hole and just did a pee and left.I was then on my own so I grunted loudly and I could feel a poo coming out I pushed more and it slowly came out I pushed more and it dropped and I felt way better so I wiped and went back to my tent.

Thank you all

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Maddy great pooping storyabout you and your friend Katie and wow thats fast which is good that way people waiting dont need to wait long and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mytery Poster great story about you hearing you nanny pooping and then getting to see the poop in the toilet I bet that memory will last forever and please share anymore stories about her if any come up thanks.

To: Blythe great story it sounds like Dean is a keeper and that hard to find he sounds like he is going to be there for you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kim first welcome to the site and great accident story at least nobody noticed and please post anymore stories that you may have thanks.

To: Musician first welcome back and great story and I look forward to more stories from you thanks.

To: Alan great contiuation about the first time you saw Nina on the toilet and as always I look forard to your next post thanks.

To: D.V. first welcome to the site and great revenge story and I look forward to more stories form you.

To: Hannah as always another great story and it sounds like you really hasd to go and discoverd that its fun and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shortie as always another great story and great poop by poop coverage as usual and it sounds like you really had to go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Revenge poo

I was walking home from school today when I really needed a poo. I'd held it all day as I don't like pooing at school so I was was feeling very uncomfortable. I wanted to do it in The woods but it's been so cold lately I waited untill I got home. I went straight up to the bathroom but my sister Joanne was in there having a poo so I had to wait. She takes ages to poo and after twenty minutes I was getting desperate. I heard a loud plop and then another and a sigh of relief. I really didn't want to hear that as it made me even more desperate. Still I waited and after another twenty five minutes there was a loud plop and a couple more followed by another sigh. Finally she flushed the toilet and I was so glad as I was about to poo my pants by now. Joanne didn't come out though. She ran a bath and I told her to let me go to the toilet before she got in but she wouldn't unlock the door. I was so desperate to go and just when I thought I could get to the toilet my hopes were taken away from me. Joanne didn't care that I was about to mess my pants. In fact I think she wanted it to happen. She got in the bath and I had to wait while she washed her hair and then soaked for an hour. I don't know how I managed to hold it somehow I did. By the time she came out I'd been waiting for two hours and my belly hurt. I rushed straight in after her and found she'd left her clothes on the floor. I got my my revenge though. I took all my clothes off and put Joanne's knickers on and sat on the toilet and pushed all my poo into them. I peed in them too and it was such a relief. When I finished I took them off and laid them in her school skirt to make it look like she'd had an accident. Then I wiped and too a shower to set my bum clean. Once I was dry I wrapped a towel around me and went to my room to get dressed. About an hour later my mum went to the toilet and shouted at my sister for pooing and wetting her clothes!


Making a doo-doo

once when I went to the Men's room at the mall there was a little girl in there with her father. As the were leaving the little girl saw my feet and asked "Who's that Daddy?" Daddy said "shhhh! It's a man. He's making a doodoo." It was funny because the Dad was whispering so I wouldn't hear but it was a pretty small bathroom and I had no problem hearing him


Toilet car

So, my "shit in the pants" story happened decade ago. I was at the local Christmas fair with some friends and we took a ride on one of those ranger roller coasters. Everything went fine with the ride - no vomiting or pooping. but like 10 or more minutes later, i got really bad cramps in my stomach so i went for a toilet and pooped a bit. When I came back to my friends, it was time to go. one of them was with a small european car and all 5 of us got in. It was ride of 15 min to my apartment. well, in the middle of the ride i got this cramps and i felt a real nasty pressure in my bowels as shit wanted to come out. I was thinking it is only like 10 min more i can hold it. and i was holding it although the pressure was horrible. at one point my sphincter couldn't hold any more and i shit myself there in the car on the back seat while two friends were sitting by my side. It stung so much and everybody started laughing "haha who farted" and we opened windows (and left the window open for the whole ride and it was ????ing freezing outside). and i was just praying that this ride finish. and then a second wave came, i couldn't hold it at all and i pooped myself again. so when we were near my house and we stopped at the traffic light, i was like "ok i can go here out". and my friends were like "no,no we will take u home", And i got out of the car like crazy (they looked at me like i am deranged). but as i had shit in my boxer, i couldn't move otherwise as i was affraid it would slip down my pants before them. so i was standing in the middle of the three-lane road, waiting them to leave and waiving them like "bye see u", while other drivers were horning and by-passing me. when my friends were finally out of sight i went to the sidewalk and just shaken my pants and this huge load of crap came out and fell on the snow. it was steaming. and the horror doesn't end here since i did not let my friends drive me home, i had almost ten minutes walk to my place. i do not have to tell u how is to walk when your inner side of pants is full of shit from butt to ankle and shit gets cold as it is freezing outside. when i came home i just removed jacket, glows and hat - and hit the shower in clothes and got undress then in shower. till this day i was wondering what were my friends thinking and did i left a stain on the back seat.nobody ever mentioned anything.


Strange Encounter in the Woods, X2

So this is my second post, I plan to post one a day until I run out of stories (I only have about 2 or 3 more), as I have been quite lucky to get even that many, after that I will post as they come. Anyway, this comes after my first story, quite recently, as I had written the first story on the day of as kind of a journal thing, so I just copy and pasted it in.

Anyway, on to the more recent, but shorter story.


On my way out to lunch I had to piss quite badly, so much, that against my pride, I took a detour into this unpopulated area where there is a water catchment nearby. That sucked because there was practically no cover, but I figured it was better than nothing. I ducked behind the only small tree and began to go. Right after I finished, a classmate of mine walked in. She said sorry and she was quite desperate as well. I told her no problem and I would be out in a sec so she could go. She asked me to stay as she had nothing to prop up against and she couldn't stay up for very long. From this information I guess she was going for a crap, and she asked for help, but told me not to look. I figured at first she was lying and just trying to get me to stay for whatever reason, but I agreed anyway.

So she grabbed on to my arms and took her squat, I was quite happy at this moment so I was kinda glad I was turned around to avoid her noticing a certain thing. (Which I'm sure you'll figure out). Anyway, after that I figured out why she wanted me to stay, we ended up there for almost 30 minutes, and throughout that time, she was going through infrequent waves of almost liquid "refuse". After each one came her saying "Don't go anywhere, there's still a bunch more". After we were done she thanked me with a kiss on the cheek, completely unexpected considering I didn't even really know her that well, and apologized for making me late (Which didn't actually happen, we got back on time).

Anyway, in fourth period, I noticed her fidgeting a lot (I had moved beside her in class, as I decided she was a pretty awesome person to have as a friend if she was that open about things), and asked her what was wrong. She said that she had to go again, which surprised me considering what she just cleared out 2 hours ago. I asked why she didn't just go at school, and why she didn't go there the first time, and she said it would be too embarrassing. I figured she was right and left it at that.

I'll leave it at that crappy cliffhanger and post part 2 later, until next time. (Pun intended).



Constipated on my period

So most of the time my bowels are quite regular. I usually take three dumps every day, except during 'that time of the month'. During my period I tend to get constipated. It's rarely bad enough that I have to take a laxative (I only resort to that if it's been three full days since my last dump) but it's never exactly pleasant.

Today (Friday) I woke up with stirrings and thought I might be able to take a dump. I had last been on Tuesday night, over two days. I sat on the toilet and began with my morning piss. I passed some gas but no poop. I could feel the mass inside me waiting to come out, but it didn't actually want to leave my bowels. I had time before I needed to leave for work, so I grabbed a book and just waited to see if I could push something out.

After ten minutes, when I was about to give up, I felt movement and pushed. Nnnh Nngh Ngggh. The tip of a turd emerged and I pushed to coax it out more. Nnnnggh Nnnh Nggggh Nnnnh. More of the turd came out and soon it was coming without me having to strain. When the turd ended, I wiped twice and stood to examine my creation. It was about 3 centimeters around and 25 centimeters long. Quite a good result for two days of constipation and nearly fifteen minutes of effort.

School toilets survey

Hi, from reading some posts about dirty school toilets or people kicking you out when the bell rings, I'm pretty curious about how most schools handle all things toilet related. So, here's a little survey to that effect:
1. What level of school do you attend(high school, college...)?
2. Is it a public or private school?
3. Is it coed?
4. What gender are you(in other words, is there any truth to the myth that girls bathrooms are cleaner than guys)?
5. How large is the school(in terms of number of students and campus area)?
6. How many bathrooms are there for each gender?
7. Are they kept clean?
8. Are they well stocked(toilet paper, etc)?
9. Are they normally crowded?
10. Do they provide suitable privacy(stall doors or no stall doors)?
11. Does someone kick you out whenthe bell rings?
12. Is there any time of the day when you are not allowed to access the bathroom? If so, when?
Here are my answers:
1. High school
2. Public
3. Yes
4. Male
5. Lots of students, relatively large campus
6. Three boys and three girls :/
7. Somewhat, but not as clean as I would like
8. I've never been without toilet paper
9. Oh heck yes. There's only like 4 urinals and 1 stall in each so it gets quite crowded at times
10. Stalls have doors, but the partions are quite high and the urinals are uncomfortably close
11. I have never experienced this
12. They are locked for the first fifteen minutes or every class period


Strange Encounter in the Woods, Part 2.

Okay, first off sorry about the title ending with "X2" for part one, it wasn't supposed to be split up but I had to walk my dog before it got dark outside. This is part 2, where the second situation takes place.


So after she said she had to go again, I told her that if she didn't want to go now she could either go in the spot again, or I could walk her to my house to go there, as my house was much closer. She said she would go to the catchment again, and apologized as she would need my help again, as she didn't want to ask anyone else since she was already embarrassed about having to ask me for help. So after school she seemed really desperate, like REALLY. So I started to walk her to the spot. When we arrived there were kids playing there, which I hadn't accounted for since I forgot they get out an hour earlier than us. She said she couldn't wait much longer and asked to use mine. (At this point I thanked god my brother wasn't home) I said yes and were started to go out. We took frequent stops in which she did a mini double over, I felt so bad for her that I asked if she wanted me to call for a ride. She said no, and soon after that she bent down, threw up a little and ended up opening the back door at the same time (Which is funny cause my grandma said that that would happen to me at some point in my life, even though she was off on the person). She stood there crying so I offered her my sweater to cover up with, which she wrapped around her waist and we ran to my place. I told her I could wash her clothes off quickly in the bathroom but she could go first to get into the shower and clean up herself if she wanted. She said it was OK for me to come in (As long as I didn't look) since we had already gone through the process 1 and a half times. She got in and I washed her stuff off, and after that it was pretty much just her apologizing and thanking me at the same time before I walked her home. Thankfully no one at school saw so she ended up better than the person in my last story, BTW shes been a lot nicer since then.

That's the end of my weird story with a girl I barely new, but at the same time I think its one of my favorites.

Until next time.



Poop out side with my sister

I say sorry. I am from Russia my English may not be good. Now my story. I and my sister Elena walked home from gym and she say she need to make poop. There is no toilet close so I tell her must make poop on ground behind bush. She not want to make poop out side and keep walking. Later she can not wait and say again she need to make poop. This time she do go behind bush and take down pants. She get down and start to pee and then do two poops on ground. I and she has no paper and she can not wipe. She pull up pants and we walk home rest of the way.

Gene Rugburn the 2nd

I remember the episode of match game youre talking about. She was a rather cute girl. A really funny moment indeed and surprisingly she was rather open about considering she was on national television. Something you just didnt see in that day very often.

Fulfilled one of my greatest fantasies of all time last week-had always hoped that one day I might get lucky enough to actually shit in an old-fashioned style pull-chain toilet, but I thought that if I did, it would be a modern-made replica, not an original actually made back in the day. Well, fantasy of fantasies, my wish actually came true.

I am staying with my sister and her husband for a couple of months while I'm waiting for a job to start up at the end of March. Relatively unfamiliar with this area, so I went into town to explore a bit. There is a genuine restored theatre/opera house dating from the 1890's there in town which serves as the local performing arts/cultural center.

Well, no sooner had I stepped foot in the front door and talked with the receptionist and received a tour guide to the facility, than I felt the urge to both poop and pee. So I politely asked the receptionist for directions to the mens room which was in the basement, and started down. Little difficult finding it, as there were two ladies rooms, but at long last, I found the proper door on the left. And there it was in all it's glory-an ORIGINAL porcelain throne with the most ornate of etchings inscribed into it and a wooden seat, which was up. And high above it, on the wall, connected by what appeared to be a genuine brass pipe which was darkened from age, was a genuine wooden cistern, with it's pull-chain dangling from a rod which appeared to be see-sawed on the edge of the tank.

Stepping closer, I could see that the bowl was very much oversized compared to today's standards, large enough in fact, that one would literally fall into it if they were so foolish as to attempt to sit on it without the seat. This, as I have said, was wooden, and upon pulling it down, one could see that it was oversized as well in order to cover the large diameter of the bowl, with it's hole cut in the middle, no doubt reminiscient of the outhouses which this fixture had recently replaced when it was brand-new. Peering down into the bowl, I thought that the water must be cloudy at first, because I could see no hole in the bottom, so I automatically assumed that the cleaning lady had just been there with her brush.

Anyhow, to the business at hand. After turning around, I closed and latched the varnished wooden door of the all-wooden stall, unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans, slid them and my Fruit of the Looms down to my knees, and sat down on said wooden seat. As I sat there, I tried to imagine myself as a Victorian gentleman (or lady), called away from my seat upstairs by the sudden discomfort of my bodily functions to come down and relieve those feelings down here. I could almost hear the sound of the opera music streaming down from upstairs as the turds fell from my anus and my penis drained a steady flow of urine into the bowl below me.

Finally, it was time to end the fantasy. But first, before wiping, I had to see the product of my labors in the bowl below me. That's when I found out that it really wasn't so much of a bowl as a pan. What I had mistook for cloudy water was actually the FLAT porcelain bottom of the fixture, on which my pile of turds lay mounded up. But where was the hole that they flushed off to? I decided to commence with the business of wiping my ass before flushing, so I sat back down and proceeded to unravel some toilet paper from the dispenser, which was the only modern fixture in the entire restroom (even the sink and the urinal were vintage), and wipe my ass clean. Then I stood up, pants and undies still down around the knees, and pulled the chain. The moment of truth.

As the water gurgled from it's outlet under the back upper rim of the bowl (there were no other holes around the rim like on modern-day toilets), it spread out in a fan across the flat bottom of the bowl and carried the waste and paper forward on a thin sheet and pushed it over a waterfall-like edge at the extreme front that had been hidden from my view initially by the large, overhanging rim. It reminded me of the books I have read about Roman flush toilets, where the water ran in a constant stream under a whole row of asses, carrying the turds of an empire away.

So that was the secret!!! After allowing the cistern to refill, I sat my bare ass back down on the seat and pulled the chain again, this time feeling the cool mist and hearing the refreshing, flowing sound of GENTLY flowing water under my buttocks. Then it was time to pull up my pants, make myself presentable, go back upstairs to the Victorian opera that was going on in my head yet, and sit down in my seat next to my partner from the Gay 90's, who had waited patiently for me during my abscence. In my mind, she whispered in my ear, asking me if I felt relieved, to which I whispered back a "yes", as she patted her gloved hand on top of mine with a smile and settled back to enjoy the rest of the show with me.


poop bucket

I am new to this site and this is my first post. Here goes.

One time when i was 12, i went to the doctors because i had been constipated for a long time and was having painful stomach aches a lot. My mom was worried so she took me to a doctor. When i got into the doctors office, he asked me some questions about my problem and then gave me this special drink. The drink had laxative in it and was supposed to make me poop. Well, i drank it and after about three minutes, i had to poop really bad. I could tell it was going to be a big stinky load because all the poop that had been clogging up my system was going to come out. The doctor told me to go sit on the toilet. I ran in to the bathroom but to my horror, the toilet was broken. I came out and told the doctor and he told me that he forgot that the can was busted and I would just have to go in a container and then he would dump it. I wasn't comfortable with this, but i REALLY had to go. So i pulled down my jeans and got in a squatting position. The doctor placed the bucket firmly under my butt and told me to just relax and poop. I pushed a little and farted. Then a long, solid log of poop slowly slid out of my butt and plopped into the bucket. it was dark brown and really stinky. It made a coiling motion like a snake. I pushed some more, and more turds came out and plopped in the bucket. I felt weird pooping right in front of the doctor but I also felt relieved and besides, i was desperate. The doctor asked me if i was almost done. I said, i think theres a little more in their. so i pushed a little more and a loud fart came out followed by a little turdlet. Then i said i was done. i went into the bathroom and wiped and put the poopy toilet paper in the broken toilet. When i came out of the bathroom, the doctor had opened the windows to let some of the stink out. i saw the bucket and couldn't believe the load of poop that was in it. It was like a big smelly, brown moutain of poop. The doctor looked at me and said: You really had to go! Well thats the end of my story


Christinaīs Bad Day

Hi...Nice Site

I have a story that happened to my best friend Christina last year in may.

At this day i was standing at the bus station in the late afternoon while waiting for my boyfriend.
I was waiting and smoking a cigarette.after a while i saw my best friend Christina coming along the way.she is a year older than i,at this time she was 19 and i was 18 years old.
Iīm a slim petite blonde while Christina is taller,around 5,7ft,more the curvy type with a JLo-like butt.she have a pretty face and blue eyes

Christina wore tight blujeans,white sneakers and a grey hoodie sweater.she had her long brown hair tight to a ponytail.
I asked her if she have time to smoke a cigarette and a little chat.
She hesitated one moment and said:"Okay...but just one cigarette,then i go home...i have to poop...and i need the bathroom pretty soon...

While we smoked it became clear that Christina didnīt overstated.She was shifting from one foot to the other and let out some muffled farts.
As she was about to grind her tab-end,the bus came in and my boyfriend Lars got off,followed by his buddy Jan.

At that time,Christina had a crush for Jan and now she wasnīt not in the mood to go home anymore and as Lars dug out his cigarette packet,she took another cigarette.
Christina tried to chat relaxedly with the boys and donīt let show her urges.but her voice sounded a little bit strained.

But she took a third cigarette from Lars,although she was started to sweat
" have to poop badly... go home,before you poop your pants!" i said softly to her.
"Hush!...keep quiet!" mumbled Christina.."the boys should not notice that...i can still hold it for a while!"

Later she told me,due to the fact that her house was a few minutes away,she had thought,she would be able to make it home in time if the things got worse for her....

And so she even smoked a fourth cigarette,sweating and shifting constantly from one foot to the other.

Have i said,Christina smoked a fourth cigarette?
No...because after just a few draws..."pfrt..pfrrrpf..pfrrommmpfrrrp"
With a cry of dismay Chrissie threw her halfsmoked cigarette away,as if she had burnt her fingers.
Then she hasted behind a warestore that was about 50 ft away.

As did not came back after 10 minutes,i followed her and found Christina leaning at the wall with half-closed eyes and open mouth.
"Too late..I did not made it..." she muttered.Her jeans was lowered to her knees and her thong was buried under a huge solid turd.

Just a guy
Leanne - enjoyed your post about you and your friend Beth - sounds like you both had nice relieving dumps

Emma, Rachel, Abbie - enjoy your posts about your pooping experiences at school. Abbie - I hope your new routine works for you. I don't know when it happened, but at one point I started taking an early morning dump (maybe in college) and to this day, I still do. I will often take another dump in the evening (after dinner) and occasionally even after lunch, but my morning one is almost a guarantee.

Shortie - sorry to hear you're still having constipation issues. Well hopefully those issues will be behind you soon

Gwen - cute post and going with your little daughter at Walmart

Amylee - nothing interesting happening at your workplace? I miss your stories and look forward to your next one

Dan NYC - the only thing that makes me shy would be the smell when I leave behind a bad one - although its infrequent.


At the doctor's

I was at the doctor's office and after my appointment, I needed to pee. I walked to the bathroom and there was a hot girl a few steps ahead of me. She was in very good shape and couldn't have been much older than 20 or so. The bathrooms at the doctor's office are back to back and connected by a vent system, so I could hear every glorious sound she made on the toilet.

I began to pee and I heard her sit down and do the same. When I was done and about to flush, there was a sharp plop from her side. She continued to pee for a good while after I had stopped and she was dropping turds every so often as well. Her pee stream did eventually end, but she kept on pooping. In total I heard twelve very pronounced plops. I don't know the size of the turds she was depositing, but it still seemed like a huge load, especially for a thin girl like her. I stayed in the bathroom until she had wiped, flushed and left.


More Survey

Hi everyone! You like survey and I like making surveys, so it's quite good huh?
For girls and women who are willing to share, what is your pee stream like? :) and of course other toilet habits too.

1. If not in a hurry and you sit on a toilet, do you prefer to pee with your legs...
a) tightly closed together
b) slightly apart
c) rather apart
d) wide open

2. In private toilets (like at home) how far do you pull down panties?
a) right next to vulva, bearly enough to go
b) to knees
c) to calf
d) to ankle
e) take them off
and why?

3. Does your answer to the question above changes when in a public toilet where there might be others close by?

4. In most usual cases, do you have a stable pee stream or an unstable one? Does your stream change directions as it goes?

5. Does your pee stream sometimes dribble or overflow onto anywhere else on you?

That's all. Let me know if you enjoy the survey!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

John H

college pooing Post Title (optional)

hey all have really enjoyed the stories here the last few days.
Particularly enjoyed Kim, alan, Hannah and Shorties storys.
I have been going to the toilet alot more the last few days.
I normally ttake a dump once a day but the last week has seen me heading to the toilet for a dump twice most days.
I dont know what the reason for this could be but at a guess it could be that I have been eating a bit more than normal the last week.
I eat alot though generally so I cant be sure.
I am pritty thin for the amount I eat.
Anyway I rather go to the toilet when I am at home as I can relax and take as long as I want.
If I feel the urge in college and its late in the day then I hold it until I get home.
my body is now used to pooing in the evening time but during the last week its been hitting me in college earlyer in the day and when you have to go you have to go.
Last Wednesday after lunch I felt a movement coming on.
In the first class after lunch we were split up into groups and we had to go around the college to do a survay.
By this time I needed to go but I decided to get the survay out of the way then go and find a bathroom before heading back to class.
A few of us walked outside and some people from the class were having a smoke. not many people were in the mood of going around trying to get the survays filled in so a few of us just filled in each others survays and after chatting for another few minutes I said I had to head back in and I went up stairs to the bathroom.
The down stairs toilets are cleaner but as this was late in the evening that part of the building was closed so I had to use the less cleaner ones.
There is 4 toilets and a urinal in the up stairs toilets and they are very old.
There is always a strong smell of pis in the air and dirty toilets in the cubicals.
They all have dorrs with working locks and lots of toilet paper though and thats all you really need.
The bathroom was empty when I walked in and I chose the third cubical.
The toilet wasnt the cleanist so I lined the seat with toilet paper and I also put some in the bottom of the toilet to reduce splash back.
I let down my trousers and boxers to just below my knees and sat down.
I began to push and I felt my whole opening and the tip of my log making its way out.
As it made its way out the log got thicker and I had to push some more to get it moving.
It streched my whole so wide.
I had to stop for a moment and enjoy the feeling then I pushed a bit more and my ass opened even more as my load just kept coming out.
It was pritty solid but not hard.
The tip of the log was in the bottom of the bole before it finally dropped from my ass.
it made very little sound as it hadnt far to fall and also the toilet paper that I had put in the bole before hand helped.
After sitting there for a minute I pushed again to see if there was any more and to my surprise another deasent sized log slid its way out of me.
It didnt strech my ass as much as the first one but it was still large enough.
I thought there couldnt be much more but another smaller lump of poo came out and that was followed up by some mushy poo and finally I was empty.
I dont know where it all came from but it was very enjoyable and one of the largist movements I have had in a long time.
I was half tempted to leav the toilet without flushing but I decided that would be mean.
I wiped, flushed and washed my hands.
I was afraid the toilet might block up but it didnt.
I went back to class feeling alot better and later that night I took another dump at home.
Thats all for now.
Talk soon, John H

Desperate to poop
Response to Dans survery


TOILET / General

- Where are you most comfortable using the bathroom? (home, work, public....) all 3 but I do enjoy doing it in a public toilet and listening to others

- Do you wait to find a good bathroom, or typically use the first one you come across? if I'm desperate don't care. If I have time will find a favourite one (and sometimes one where I can hear others)

- How do you 'position' yourself & your pants etc when you sit?
Pants down to the ankles usually sit unless it's really dirty and then squat
- does the time of the month affect going to the bathroom, pee/ poop wise?
Yes sometimes more diarreoh or a little constipated
- do you use a lot of of toilet paper?
I try to be conservative but it depends on how runny/messy the poop is
PEE / #1, etc

- How often do you pee?
twice a day
- What color / shade is it?
- Do you pee a lot in one go?
- does your pee make any noise?
Only when it hits the toilet
- what time of you day you usually poop
Mid Morning, sometimes afternoon
- Do you enjoy peeing?

- How often do you fart?
every day
- What type of farts do you do? (silent, loud, wet, dry, smelly,
all and often smelly
- What's your favorite fart to let out?
a good smelly one after a curry
- Are you shy about doing them?
No but I try and avoid loud ones in public
- How would you react (in your head, and how you behave) if someone farted around you?
Depends on the situation
- Do you fart on the toilet? If yes, do tell!
Sometimes a runny fart will be accompanied by a far which often then sprays the poop round the bowl
- Do you enjoy farting? If yes, what about it?
It's fine
- Do they smell?
POOP, #2, etc..

- How often do you poop?
once a day normally
- What foods etc make you poop more than usual, or change your dumps?
Curry, Spicy,
- do you eat certain things knowing you'll have to poop sooner than usual, or that change your dumps?
If I have a curry I know there'll be a smelly dump the next day
- What types of poop comes out? (chunks, logs, pebbles, semi-solid, rock-hard / bumpy, mushy or loose...)
Sometimes runny, sometimes soft, sometimes nice logs. Not usually pebbles
- What's your favorite poop to do?
A big long one in public which teases my asshole
- What size are they?
between 5 and 10"

- Does a lot come out?
Sometimes yes a couple of 10" or soft serve
- When you poop do you require effort?
Not usally
- Does your poop smell?
- What's a sign that you have to poop? (farting, full stomach, grmbling, pressure in your anus...)
I get a feeling in my stomach or sometimes in my bum
- What time of you day you usually poop?
Mid Morning/early morning sometimes afternoon
- Is there any noise when you poop? (such as farting, your load crackling out, plops, moaning / grunting...)
Sometimes farts and crackling, definitely moaning (But I often do something else)
- Do you enjoy pooping?
Oh yes

When I was in year 6 of primary school we used to go to the swimming baths once a week for swimming lessons. They were adjacent to the school, really on the same site. There were seperate boys and girls changing areas, which has a large central room with lockers and benches for changing on. In each corner of the room was a door, one went to the main hallway of the baths, another went to the swimming pool, a third to the showers, a fourth to some toilets. The toilets had 2 cubicles and a trough style urinal. We went every wednesday after break but before lunch, usually people would get changed then have a pee before the swimming lesson. After the lesson we had 10 minutes to get changed and then had a break before our next lesson. One particular day some guy in our group had been acting up so the teacher kept us behind to lecture us about behaviour. Despite it only being one guy she kept the group of 4 behind and told us we would have to do a detention. Whilst the rest of the group were getting changed, we had to pack away all the things, and then we would go when it was done neatly. I was paired up with another guy, and the idiot who caused the bother was paired with another guy. The guy I was with was someone I knew vaugely. He said "come on, let's get everything done quickly then we can be away, I need the loo!". "Hey, should have gone in the pool!" I joked, but he shook his head and said "It's not that...". After he said that I noticed he'd keep crossing his legs and holding his ass whenever possible. However just as we were finishing, in his hurry to finish he knocked over not only the things we'd packed away but the other guys stuff too. The teacher told us we had to re-stack everything and couldn't go until it was finished. The other guy was clearly in agony and desperately needed the toilet. Eventually the teacher said we were ok and could go and get changed. We walked quickly into the changing rooms and he waddled towards the toilets, hand on his ass. He took the first cubicle, the larger of the two, didn't even lock the door. He hovered over the toilet, the wrong way around, and pulled his trunks down. I could see that there was a small piece poking out. This erupted into a huge poo which came out very quickly considering the size. I stood at the urinal and had a wee, as I left to get changed the other guy was turning around and sitting to wipe.


So far this week I've pretty consistently been doing my poops sometime in the morning, either right after I get up or not long after breakfast.

I actually just got out of the bathroom from taking a poop right now. This was right after I had gotten back from hanging out with Katie, a friend of mine. Let me tell you a little about her first. The first thing anyone probably notices about her is probably her height. She can't be any taller than 5 feet and she's also quite skinny. She's also really loud and hyperactive. So basically she's tiny and nuts. Some people think she is annoying. I personally find her ador(k)able. I saw her when I went to use the restroom to pee at school today. It was after 3rd block and I was in a stall peeing when someone entered the stall next to me. She pulled down her pants and got up on the pot and I could tell right away by her shoes and how her feet were sort of off the ground that it was Katie. She has very distinct bathroom habits and this time was no exception. She started out with an intense torrent of pee that splashed noisily into the bowl. This lasted for about 15 seconds. While she was doing that she tore off some toilet paper in preparation fro what came next. As soon as she was done peeing she grunted, "uhngh!" followed by a short spliii-plop-plop! She then immediately wiped her front once and her butt twice with the same wad, pulled up her pants and flushed. Done. She is officially the fastest pooper I've ever known. This is usually what she does when she goes to the bathroom. Later after school we went out to get something to eat and before we ordered our food she said she needed "to take a PISS!" Yes, just like that, with piss in all caps. The thing about her though, is "piss" usually doesn't mean just peeing. I felt like I could go, too so I went with her. And sure enough, torrent of pee, two small plops, just like before. I mean its not unusual for me to go more than once a day, but it seems like every time she goes to the bathroom she poops at least a little.

Nanny Taking a Dump

I just got home from school and my nanny went right into the bathroom after we got in the house. I was able to stay quiet enough so I could listen :D At first I heard her peeing which lasted at least 16 seconds and it was really loud. She really had to go. By the way she's 25 and has red hair. So after that I waited hoping she'd poop. Soon after I heard a squealy fart and a few bursts of gas, followed by one long low fart. Then she started grunting a little bit and I could hear the crackling of it coming out her butthole. Believe it or not, it actually stunk so bad that I could smell it through the door. I heard a bunch more turds plop into the water and then the sound of pulling off toilet paper and wiping. Finally, she pulled up her pants and washed her hands. But she didn't flush! All of a sudden the door opened and she saw me. The smell was way more intense with the door open and I gagged a little. She laughed and said "were you listening to me poop?" I had to nod yes. I was embarrassed. But what she said next surprised me. "Do you wanna see the turds then?" she asked. I nodded and smiled. She let me in. There were about 5 thick but long greenish turds floating there! Anyway we left it that way :) as we left it unflushed.

Paul S

Kims Survey

I think the worst place to Poop Your Pants is School. I pooped in my pants in Eighth grade real bad wearing White Pants in Class. And I also did it coming home on the Bus from a swimming meet. Kim; I know its embarrassing but hang in there. If anybody asked you about it just be honest and say it was an accident and you just couldn't make it. Hey it happens and you'll get over it. Other question; could you give more details like what color shorts you were wearing and what did you do after it happened. Like; where did you clean yourself up at? Was your shorts stained brown when it happened. Once again don't worry about it. It truly can happen to anyone and at some point in our lives it usually does; Really. Take Care; Paul.


Date with Dean

Hello again. Thank you all for your warm welcomes. Brandon T. you said that it sounds like Dean would care for me like Cassie. You were absolutely right. I had a chance to see that on our date a couple days ago. Let me start at the beginning:
I was excited for my upcoming date with Dean. The day of, I felt really strange. I was queasy and gassy all day. I did not want to cancel though, I was too excited and afraid I would not get another chance, so I got ready and went anyway. We saw I movie first and I felt much better being out and around him. We went out to eat after the movie. My original plan was to get something light, but I felt much better so i ordered my favorite pasta dish; big mistake. Halfway through the meal my stomach cramped up and I got really nauseous. I went to the restroom and sat on the toilet, but could only pee. I finally gave up and went back to my date. We got in his car and the feeling of needing to poop came back quite strong. We were almost to my house though so I was not too worried. Well Dean had a different idea and turned left when we should have went right. I asked him what we were doing and he told me I would see. This made me very nervous, which made my stomach feel worse. We pulled into an empty parking lot of a building that was demolished and Dean told me to look up at the sky. The parking lot was in just the right place that the stars and moon were super clear. it was also in just the right place that we were miles from a bathroom. Normally I would love something like that, but I knew I had to poop, like now. I had pooped myself on a date before because I was too shy to say anything (I will post that story later) and I did not want it to happen again. I sheepishly told Dean that I needed a bathroom. I thought about going in the lot, but I knew it would be messy and there was no where to take cover. At that point the pain had let up a bit so I figured I can make it home. Dean started driving to my house. We were about halfway there when I felt another huge cramp and before I could stop it, I started to poop my pants. It was hot and sticky and smelled really bad. I started to cry because I was so embarrassed and uncomfortable. Dean was really nice and stroked my leg and told me to let it all out. We drove the rest of the way home with me sitting there shitting myself. When we got to my house I expected to just have Dean drop me off but he wanted to walk me in. Luckily my roommate was not home and I went straight into my bathroom. Just then another wave hit me and I pooped in my pants some more. I was so nauseous and weak I did not know how I would clean myself up. Dean told me he owed me one for cleaning up Cassie and told me to turn around. He helped me take off my soiled clothes and gently cleaned up my butt, which was a mess. I was so embarrassed for this to be happening on a first date but was too sick to protest. Dean helped me get into the shower and then put me to bed. He helped me fall asleep by telling stories of accidents he had in his life. We have plans to see each other next week :)


peeing sitting


I also sit to pee. it is easy @ home IU just let go with door closed. that way no missing the bowl, Also I pee in the shower, just let go & it goes down dtain.

When out n public if I can't use a stall I use a urinal. no gig deal

Never encountered any thing like you did. someone tapping foot under stall.

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