Holding too long

My name isn't really Kim but I am 18 years old, average in almost every way, and am a senior in high school. I found this site after searching about holding too long and having an accident. Glad to know I'm not the only one it has happened to. But mine just happened yesterday.

I had to go at school but didn't have time between classes so I held it. I normally have no problem holding until I get home. I often don't go at school but wait until I get home and only sometimes feel desperate or have small leaks sometimes. But yesterday it started to seem worse than usual and by the end of the day I was really desperate but still had no time to get to the bathrooms before my bus would leave so I had to keep holding it. Worse, I had to both pee and poop really bad. Oh, I was wearing a white skirt, black tights, white panties, and a black blouse. It was a little cold so I had my school jacket too.

I got on the bus and sat down by myself with my bag on my lap so i could hold my crotch to help hold it. I sat with my legs crossed and holding myself praying I would make it but knew I didn't have much time. Before we got to my stop I leaked a little and my panties and tights felt damp. The poop was trying hard to escape and my butt felt clammy and dirty and I was worried my panties would be stained. Luckily most people were already dropped off since I was one of the last stops.

Finally we got to my stop. I stood up and when I did another strong squirt of pee came out and I felt my panties get wetter and some pee ran down my thighs but I tried to act normal but my face felt hot and bright red. I walked carefully as fast as I could down the bus and got off and started up my road. The bus only drops us at the closest road if we aren't on a main road so I still have to walk like half a mile after I get off the bus. I walked with my legs tight together, squeezing my butt muscles, and praying I could make it the rest of the way without any more damage. But about halfway to my house I had to stop and cross my legs and fight to pull the poop back in and not pee myself. I pretended I was looking at my phone. Then I started walking again and made it a few more houses but then I got another really strong cramp and I tried to hold it in like before but this time I couldnt stop myself and I flushed bright red and started sweating and just stood there on the sidewalk and partially squatted a little as all of the poop just shot out into a giant solid ball in my panties and the pee flooded down my legs and made a puddle on the sidewalk. I couldn't believe I was having an accident at 18 years old like a little girl. It didn't last very long. Maybe 30 seconds before i was done. I slowly waddled the rest of the way home with my panties and tights sagging down from the weight of the poop and wet and clammy from the pee. It felt so disgusting!

I made it home and into my bathroom. I checked my skirt and it was fine so I carefully took it off. My tights had wet streaks all down both legs but you had to look close to see them. The bulge in the back was huge, like an orange was in my panties, except it was a giant pile of poop! I peeled my tights off and saw how stained my panties were and how brown they were in the back and knew I would just have to throw them away. I carefully lowered them very slowly so the poop stayed inside them adn i carefully dumped it into the toilet. I saw my butt in the mirror and there was poop stuck to my cheeks. So disgusting. I wiped as best I could but then decided I just needed a shower so I flushed the toilet and hopped into the shower and washed off for like half an hour before I finally felt clean. I think next time I would rather miss the bus than risk having a giant accident again!

John in Ohio
I'm 25, 5'9", and about 165 pounds. A few weeks ago, I was sent out of town for work, and put up in a hotel with someone else from work, Scott. He is 27, about 6'3" and about 160 pounds. We ate at Pizza Hut for dinner. A little later on, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and stuff when he came in. I watched in the mirror and could see him undoing his pants. Then, I couldn't believe it, he pulled his jeans and green briefs down and he was turning around to sit on the toilet. He quickly sat down and suddenly I heard him let a wet fart. Then I heard some loose shit hit the toilet. He had diarrhea big time. It just kept coming out and every now and then he would let another wet fart with a bunch of diarrhea. He then tells me he almost didn't make it and shit himself again. I looked at him and said again? He told me he shit himself a few weeks ago. It was hot seeing him there, and a few days later, he got to see me.

To the poster who asked about using the restroom when the cleaning lady is in there: Yes, I find it awkward. I open at a gym with my boyfriend. Often times, when I need to use the restroom, the cleaning lady is in there. There are times when I am on the toilet and she is mopping under my stall! Also, if I am having a poop, I feel bad that she has to go in and clean after me. She also cleans the mens room. If my boyfriend is in there using the urinal, she will stand there and watch! Needless to say, he won't go if she is in there.



I've been visiting this website since 2000 (I'm 25 now) and have posted two or three times in years passed under names I can't recall. But the subject has been interesting to me my entire life, especially people wetting their pants accidentally. I didnt ever really wet the bed as a kid or have accidents, a handful of squirts here and there, and I didn't really have any friends that had accidents either. So I have no clue why, but the idea of wetting one's pants blows my mind, which brings me to my point. I've been with my girlfriend for over 4 years, we have lived together officially for about 14 months and slept in the same bed practically every night before that. Needless to say I know her pretty well, and I know of about 25 of her peeing accidents just since we've been together. They aren't always giant puddle producing accidents, but definite panty or crotch dampening at the least. From all the posts I've read here, I can't tell if that's normal or not, but I think sometimes she just tries to hold it too long. Recently she told me about an accident she had at work, she was closing down her store and counting money but she had to pee really bad and was crossing her legs etc, and ended up letting out enough pee that some went down her legs and into her shoe, but not enough to get on the ground. When she got home she showed me her underwear and told me what happened and I just thought, why? She's the manager, she can go to the toilet whenever she wants! But nobody ever found out but me. She's also peed herself trying to unlock the front door, from being tickled, while unwrapping a candy bar at home (by herself), while out drinking and other ways too! However, she's never wet the bed, even if she drinks 12 beers before hand! I've actually wet the bed a handful of times in the last few years from drinking, but never had any sort of accident otherwise since probably age 12 (aside from a shart at work in 2007 I'll never forget). Anyhow, I thought I'd share the one story and I'll post the others at some point. Sorry if I'm getting a bit long in the tooth, all the best!



To ASSley P.

You seem like a pretty gassy girl i was just wondering how many times a day do you usually fart? What do they sound like usually? and do you ever do any really long ones? haha

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sally great story about you and your friend both pooping on the newspaper it sounds like you both took a pretty good dump and I bet you both felt great after wards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lily great story that was some dump first starting with diarrhea to bad it happened in your panties and then that massive beast and then finishing with more diarrhea I bet you felt really great afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: KC Guy great story about you seeing your future wife pooping and now you are lucky enough to see her do that at anytime you want and please share more stories about her thanks.

To: Kim first welcome to the site and great accident story at least some of your friends tried to comfort you and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Gwen great story about you and your dauther pooping together please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story about you hearing the girl you like having a very nasty dump just like you I bet that memory will last forever.

To: Mommy To be I look forward to your next story thanks.

To: Shortie as always another great story and great poop by poop coverage to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ashely as always another great story it sounds like you had to go alot and I bet you felt great after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ellie first welcome back I wasnt here when you were but I have read all your stories and loved them all and I look forward to all your new stories thanks.

To: Rachel as always another great story it sounds like you were really desperate to poop but at least you made it without having an accident and it sounds like it must have been poop time for a lot of girls aswell and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma F as always another great story about you pooping and hearing another girl poop to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Althea as always another great pooping story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Stella great pants peeing stories and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Elizabeth first welcome to the site and great story about your mom pooping in front of you while you were in the bathtub and it sounds like she really had to go and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Needing to go to the bathroom on an old Game Show

I was watching an old episode of Match Game from like '75 on GSN. A woman named Susan won her game and got up to meet Gene for the super match. As Gene was saying farewell to the losing contestant, you could see Susan standing behind Gene shaking her hands up and down in front of her and mouthed the words "I have to go to the bathroom" to someone in the audience, followed by a deep sigh. I probably would have missed that if I was not paying close attention to her, because in a previous episode, when she got up after winning she had "popped her zipper". Gene then turned around to face her, and she placed both her hands in front of her near her belt. Gene asked if she was ready to play for the big money and Susan responded with "I have to go to the bathroom" right out loud, not like a whisper or anything. Gene told her that it's just a nervous condition and she really didn't have to go. Susan responded with "Yes I do" twice. Gene then said they didn't have a commercial here and asked if she could wait a little while and she nodded that she could. So they started with the super match, and Gene jokingly moved slightly away from her with the comment "I'll just stand over here" to which Susan responded with "I don't have to go that bad". Which was funny to hear her say, because a moment before it seemed like she was about to go in her light blue slacks. The rest of the episode went on with no further bathroom comments. But talk about an awkward moment for her!

The Listening Ear

Welcome back

To Ellie: I wasn't around when you used to post, but I've read a lot of the posts from that era, mainly to follow the riveting saga of Kendal and Lawn Dogs Kid. I do remember you and 'Little Lou', and I know what you mean about the community spirit. It's good to see you back.


First time seeing Nina, part two

Picking up from where I left off last time... after I had told Nina about my unique (now, as it turns out, not so unique after all, but I digress) interests, things between us were a little awkward. Nothing more was said about the issue for about two weeks, although I noticed she seemed to be going to the bathroom at home less often. And I didn't dare listen to her go anymore, for fear of making the situation worse. I left it to her to talk about it if and when she was ready, and then one day she brought it up and we talked about my interests in depth.

I got to make my case and help her see that it wasn't nearly as perverted as it sounds. I've heard about guys who will install cameras or hide out in women's bathrooms and spy on them, but I'd never do that. Listening from the other side of a closed door, sure, but unless a woman invites me into the bathroom with her, I'm not going there.

So, anyway, a few days after that, we were just lounging around on a Sunday afternoon and Nina cut a long smelly fart. I playfully fanned my nose, though the smell didn't bother me. Then she got a look of concentration on her face and blasted another fart. I said something like "Whew, you got a lot of gas" and she replied "Yeah, but that's not all I got. Wanna come watch?"

Of course I accepted and she led the way to the bathroom, spilling noxious fumes with silent farts as we walked. Once in the bathroom, she lowered her pants down to a little past her knees and sat on the toilet. She farted several more times, some silent, some not, but all very stinky, much to my pleasure. She peed for at least a minute and then began the plops. I counted six big splashes. The smell was very thick and highly enjoyable. She wiped herself four times and then flushed while sitting.

I love to watch my girl take a shit, she farts soo loud ! Btw she let's me wipe her ass ! Love her smelly ass !!!!


To Ellie

I didn't think, that I would see a post by you here. I remember reading your posts, they were awesome, but eventually, You, Lawn Dogs Kid and Kendal stopped posting. Are they okay, and how are they doing ?

I will start posting again soon, I haven't posted here for a long while, cuz I had a lot of personal problems and depression.

D.V. (First Post)

Vengeance on a mean girl.

Okay, to start off, I just found this site and didn't want to put off posting this as I might end up a permanent lurker here lol :P
Anyway, I'm about 5'9'' (sorry if I got that mark wrong, I use metric). and I have brown spiked hair, 15 years old, and a quite strong build. I also like to plan and think things through before I do them. I don't know what else to put here, but if you have any questions feel free to ask them, I have no issues sharing information as I am anonymous for the most part. (My name is true though).

STORY -------------------------------------------------------------
Okay, to start off, I probably miss spelled the title. Anyway, moving on, throughout my school year there has been this one, REALLY hot girl that I used to kinda like. Ever since the end of Grade 8 though, shes turned into a *****, I don't know what happened, but we were really good friends, and after summer, she hasn't said a word to me, and to everyone else shes been really mean.

Anyway, on to my part of this:

If you ask anyone of my friends, and they'll tell you, when I get even, I really end up putting myself ahead, and for that reason people generally don't bother me. I've also always been a schemer, dealing with things avoiding violence but using my mind instead.

Anyways, on to the story. (This all happened about a month ago, any times referenced are in relation to Jan. 12th)

So in my third period class, right after lunch (We only have 4 per semester), I noticed she always seems really desperate to go to the bathroom, my reasoning is it's full at the start of lunch and she doesn't want to leave her group of friends later. She can't go to the bathroom at the start of class as that's when the teacher explains stuff, so she goes about a half our in, barely making it every time. So I saw my time to strike, and I planned my attack in the first 2 periods, got my supplies at lunch, and prepared to strike. I got drinks at lunch for my friends, a couple 2 liters, and she got my friend to give her one as well, which was totally unplanned but only furthered my plan. So we got into the classroom, the teacher explained things, and when she was about to go, I asked first (Only 1 can leave at a time). This was only part one, because my friend had two parts in this, first was to make sure everyone knew what was going on, and second was to take my place at the 10 minute mark to avoid suspicion. Anyway, at the 15 minute point I sent my friend a text saying to ask now, he said he needed to go to the bathroom and the office to get something, so the teacher (who is actually a really nice one) let him go anyway. So I returned, ready to go, with the camera set up. So in short, she pissed herself from the wait.

I know I sound like a total douche right now, but I did what I had to. She's been mean to everyone of my friends, partnered up with people and forced them to do the work, owns a piece of blackmail on almost everyone I know, and dated people just to cheat on them for "revenge" for them breaking up with her friends. Plus the next part is kind of nice. Kind of.

Anyway, after everyone had their laugh I finally decided to end what I started, as it was going too far. I got everyone to calm down and apologized to her, she seemed okay with it though, because even she said she kind of deserved it with how shes been acting, she told me why she does it (which I won't post here for privacy reasons) and we ended off OK. I grabbed her some spare clothes from the lost and found and we went off with neither of us hurt, I kept her covered in the halls as she went off to get changed, and we ended up all right. I mean, we aren't friends or anything, but it's better than what I started off with.

It's interesting how I make friends, isn't it?


Had an accident.

So, I'm back! Yay for me lol. So, since I was gone a lot of things have happened. For one, at least the only one that is of importance in this board, is that I had an accident. Yes, a real accident.

It was two weeks ago and was walking down the street to a salon to get my hair done. As I walked, I felt a slight twinge in my stomach. I hadn't been in about three days (for various reasons) and it felt like it would be ready soon. But of course, the genius I am, didn't think of going immeadiately. So, I checked in and started getting my hair done. About five minutes in, the ain came back. It was horrible. It was this sharp stab every other second and my butt was just screaming for this avalanche to be released. I really tried to hold it, but I just didn't do it. I did, however, hold it until she got done with my hair. As I got up, walked (really wierdly) to the pay counter, I lost control. Instantly, a huge, at least two inch thick log pushed its way into my pants. It just kept going and going until it was over, then a pile of mushy stuff came out and filled my pants to capacity. I felt awful. That was, until I got used to it. It turns out, I really like this. I'm planning on doing it some more ;) More later.


Some stories, including pregnant pooping 5a.

To Mommy-to-be. Congratulations on the pregnancy. Good to see another pregnant woman writing in. I see you are pooping quite freely now. Well im due in just under 2 weeks and as i can see on here if you read back, ive been really struggling to go. My poops are taking ages to come out. I sincerly hope this doesnt happen to you. My best friend Laura is 5 months pregnant and she is pooping fine but i didnt begin to struggle until i hit 6 months. I dont want to alarm you, just saying. I hope you have an easier time of it. Good luck with everything and enjoy your pregnancy.

My 1st story took place last night(Wed)when one of my best friends, Matt came around to my flat and we watched a movie. We have been best friends for years but during my pregnancy he has been brilliant and i have really began to fall for him. He has been amazing to me and has been a brilliant stand in dad. Well last night during the movie i needed to pee so i waddled up the stairs and sat down. I peed a good stream and was washing my hands when Matt knocked on the door and instantly came in. He said, "Sorry, but i need a dump, if that's ok?" I said,"Yeah, go ahead im done anyway", as i finished drying my hands. He unzipped himself and as i left he sat down. I decided to listen just to hear this bloke i fancy doing what nature intends us. He grunt, uhhhhhhhhhh, and about 3 or 4 seconds later i heard PLOP followed by another PLOP. He grunted again, uhhhhhhhh, and then PLOP, PLOP. I heard the rustling of toilet paper and so i began heading down the stairs. About 2 mins later he came back into the living room and said, "Man, i need that. Hope you didnt mind?". I said, "No,no not at all. We all do it. So what if its someone else toilet!" I never told him i heard him and it made me fancy him more. I think he likes me to but im too scared to say anything unless he doesnt. I'll wait until my baby's born and i might say then.

My second story took place on Tuesday evening when i did a MASSIVE poop. Laura said she wanted to go late afternoon shopping to start getting things in for her baby and asked me if i wanted to come. I was tired but also fed up staying in apart from hospital appointments, so i agreed to go. As we left i felt i could poop again and my poop from earlier (the live one) wasnt all out, but i decided to leave it until i got home. Well as we shopped, the urge got bigger. I said,"Laura, i need to poop so we should head to the toilets." She said,"Yeah, okay, i could probably go poop as well." So we went in to the toilets which were all empty. I took the handicapped toilet as i felt i may be some time and i wouldnt want to hold anyone up. I know i shouldnt use it but this once was fine. Laura headed in next door to her cubicle and i started getting myself sorted. I pulled down my trackie bottoms and pulled up my tops as i sat down. I began to relax when i could hear, uhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhh, coming from next door. Laura was grunting. I began to grunt, uhhhhhhhhhh, when PLOP, PLOP could be heard from Laura's cubicle. A further PLOP came about 5 seconds later and then shuffling of feet could be heard. I guessed she was wiping and then the flush of the toilet. I was still grunting and pushing, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, when Laura knocked on the door and asked to come in. I opened the door and set back down as she came in and locked the door. She said,"You having trouble again?". I said,"yeah, i went earlier but i still need to go and nothing is happening." Laura,"Do you want me to help you again?". I said,"No, ill be fine.". So i continued. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, pushing harder now which Laura laughed at. I didnt care. I just needed to poop. I was getting warm in the cubicle now so took of my jacket, jumper and pulled my tight top over my bump. I also sat up dead straight on the toliet and rubbed my back with one hand and my ????? with the other. I looked up at the ceiling and began pushing REALLY, REALLY hard again. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, something began to happen, or so i believed. In the end all that came out was a very gassy and long fart. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFHHHHHHHHT. I really thought i was going to be poop. How wrong was i. The next door cubicle door closed and a pee could be heard, followed by 3 plops. She finished up and left as i continued pushing, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,nothing. During my whole time pooping 8 people came in. 5 pooped and 3 peed only. This was turning into a real struggle. I needed to go and nothing was coming. I UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH a bit more whilst rubbing my back and ????? when finally after 29 minutes of struggling a poop began to emerge. It came out slowly and 2 minutes later it went PLOP. It was massive, making a splash. I had to stop as i got a twinge after that. It went away and a few mins later i began pushing again. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, and a crackling noise could be heard as my poop emerged again. 7 mins after my first plop the second came out. PLOP. Knew there was more to come and so UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, started up again. I was continuing pushing when another bit began emerging. It came out with another almighty splash-PLOP. By now id been here for 45 mins. Laura said,"Are you done yet?". I said,"No, uhhhhhhhhh, there is, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, still more, uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, to come. Im so constipated. I want this to stop. Come on baby come out." I continued pushing, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, and rubbing my back and ??????. Soon more began to emerge and a few mins later PLOP. I began peeing and more poop slid out. I pooped 5 plops and after believing i was done i tried again but there was no more. I told Laura,"Im done, ill wipe and we can contiune shopping." I wiped, flushed and washed my hands. This was my longest poop session since i go pregnant-1hr 3mins. As i said to Laura i really want to give birth now as im sick of struggling to poop. Well thats all for now.

Bye Bye


Replies to Nick (ibs), Elizabeth, Stella, David and Anne

Nick (ibs). I was sorry to hear about your latest unwanted accident. For what it's worth, I'd start wearing an adult nappy under your normal clothes. They're very discreet and there's no reason for anyone to know you're wearing them unless you volunteer the information. As regards the IBS in general, is the situation being regularly reviewed by your GP? If not, I'd advise it. He or she should be able to advise you on the use of Imodium and other things to help control it. As regards the bedwetting, that's not an uncommon response to stress although the number of people, especially adults, who wet the bed either regularly or occasionally is a great unknown as it tends to not be something people in general talk about. If it's unwanted, getting it out in the open is the first step in dealing with it. If it's stress-related identifying and dealing with the source of the stress is important.

Elizabeth. I read your post with interest. It sounds as though your mother probably hadn't done anything for a couple of days in order to be that desperate and drop such a big load. However I think it was a bit antisocial of her to leave the toilet unflushed. I know I'd have had something to say to someone who did that!

Stella. Thanks for sharing your wetting experience. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it and I think it more than proves the point that whatever stage of life we're at, if we need to pee badly enough and can't (or don't) deal with it, we'll eventually wet ourselves.

David & Anne from London. Hope you're both okay and have managed to enjoy one or two more good, satisfying poos.


Questions for ASSley P. ; and others who wish to reply

Bad gas? Hopefully it doesn't smell too bad and leads to an awesome dump!

I've never dedicated an entire post to a single person before, but here we go!

I've been on the board for awhile, and have submitted a few surveys over time. since you're new-ish, I'll post them in all in this post, giving yourself (and anyone interested in responding who hasn't yet, over the months) a chance to.

Here are my surveys....


TOILET / General

- Where are you most comfortable using the bathroom? (home, work, public....)

- Do you wait to find a good bathroom, or typically use the first one you come across?

- How do you 'position' yourself & your pants etc when you sit?

- does the time of the month affect going to the bathroom, pee/ poop wise?

- do you use a lot of of toilet paper?

PEE / #1, etc

- How often do you pee?

- What color / shade is it?

- Do you pee a lot in one go?

- does your pee make any noise?

- what time of you day you usually poop

- Do you enjoy peeing?


- How often do you fart?

- What type of farts do you do? (silent, loud, wet, dry, smelly,

- What's your favorite fart to let out?

- Are you shy about doing them?

- How would you react (in your head, and how you behave) if someone farted around you?

- Do you fart on the toilet? If yes, do tell!

- Do you enjoy farting? If yes, what about it?

- Do they smell?

POOP, #2, etc..

- How often do you poop?

- What foods etc make you poop more than usual, or change your dumps?

- do you eat certain things knowing you'll have to poop sooner than usual, or that change your dumps?

- What types of poop comes out? (chunks, logs, pebbles, semi-solid, rock-hard / bumpy, mushy or loose...)

- What's your favorite poop to do?

- What size are they?

- Does a lot come out?

- When you poop do you require effort?

- Does your poop smell?

- What's a sign that you have to poop? (farting, full stomach, grmbling, pressure in your anus...)

- What time of you day you usually poop?

- Is there any noise when you poop? (such as farting, your load crackling out, plops, moaning / grunting...)

- Do you enjoy pooping?


That's it for now, will do a proper story soon :)

Thursday, February 02, 2012


Buddy dump with a friend

This is a story from like a year ago, but I didn't know about this site back then, so I'm going to tell the story now. Last summer my family was having a barbecue. I invited my friend to come and we both pigged out on all the good food. Afterwards, I went over to my friend's house and I stayed the night. Well, "what goes in must come out", and the next afternoon, I had to take a major dump. My friend also had to go at the same time and we couldn't decide who would go first. I had an idea then. Since my friend's parents were both at work, we could get some old newspapers and both go at the same time. We gathered up the papers and by the time we had layed them out, we were both about to burst.

We took off our pants and panties and my friend got down on her hands and knees with her butt hanging over the newspapers. I was going to squat, but that position looked like more fun, so I assumed the position next to her. Before too long, we each had a massive brown tail hanging out of our asses. I felt my own turd touch the papers and I kept churning it out. It felt good in a weird way to be pooping like that. When I had expelled all of my turd, my friend was still going. But soon she too had finished, and we stood up and looked at our big turds. They were both quite impressive and we wanted to know exactly how long our turds were. We got the tape measure and my turd was an inch and a half wide and sixteen inches long. My friend's was closer to an inch wide, but a whopping twenty-two inches long.

I wrapped our turds in the paper and took them to the toilet. I dumped mine first and flushed it away, then we bid her monster turd a final "adieu". We wiped our messy asses and flushed the paper down.

Mike (from Canada)
Scared: I can somewhat relate as I too am a guy who usually sits down to pee. I had a bad accident about 12 years ago in which I broke my leg. The leg healed although the thigh muscles are still atrophied despite over a year of physio. In addition I ended up with chronic pain. More recently I've been having problems with my back. So I find its much easier on my leg and back just to sit. Prior to my accident I usually only sat down first thing after waking up or in the middle of the night.

If I'm in a public washroom, I'll only sit down if the toilets are clean. If they're not, I'd rather endure the discomfort and stand.

The closest experience I've had to yours was back when I was in college. I was in an end stall having a dump when somebody came into the next stall. I didn't think anything more of it and continued reading the paper I had with me. At some point I got a weird feeling and looked down. There were no feet visible but it was apparent somebody was in that stall. I looked up and immediately saw a head go down. I quickly started trying to wipe but the guy jumped down off the toilet and bolted. Like you, I didn't report it to security either because I didn't want to have to tell somebody I was sitting on the toilet. A couple weeks ago I was in a campus washroom (had gone to talk to a former prof.) when I had to pee. I'd just finished getting the seat papered and was ready to pull my pants down when somebody came into the stall beside me. I was in the middle of peeing when I heard this tapping and looked down to see the guy beside me tapping his foot on the floor. I've heard this is what gay men do to pick up another guy and it freaked me out. I was getting ready to stand up when I happened to hear distant music. The guy, I'm guessing, was just tapping his foot in time to the music on his iPod and I relaxed. But for a minute there I was freaked out.

Over the years I've become a lot more comfortable with people knowing I was sitting on the toilet. I'm pretty sure if somebody ever tried looking through or over a stall wall, I wouldn't be afraid to report it now. The way I look at it, we all have to sit on the toilet at some point. Another thing I've learned is there are more guys than just us than pee sitting down. They've all got a reason I'm sure, though I've never asked even though an old friend used to as well. Why do you, if you don't mind me asking?

This is my first time back to the site in a number of years. I used to post a number of years back using the moniker "Nick (from Canada)" as that's my name but I've noticed there are a few others using "Nick" so decided not to confuse posters. I'm now slowing going back over some of the posts I missed in the intervening years. Where is "Thunder from Down Under" these days? I can relate to the constipation issues he lives with as a result of all the pain meds I'm on. Or Greg's Friend? Haven't seen recent posts from them. If you guys are still on here, post again. I enjoy reading your posts along with a number of others.

This is my first time talking about my pooping experiences.
So the other day, my dad made some really spicy food for dinner, and it was delicious. However about two hours later, I felt my stomach get really constipated. I ran to the bathroom, but I could feel very soft, runny diarrhea leaking from my anus. I closed my legs tightly and tried to stop it, but the poopoo just kept squirting into my panties. There was so much that it started to run down my legs. It was really warm, and smelled so bad. I felt bad that I had squirted poop into my panties. But I could feel I had a lot left in my stomach. I sloshed to the bathroom and took off my soiled pants and panties. I lowered my butt cheeks to the pot, and pushed hard. But the poop was very hard. My eyes began to water, and I grunted loudly. Some peepee dribbled down, but my poopoo was still inside me. My dad came in to check on me, and I told him my poop was too big to come out. I grabbed his hand and relaxed for a bit. Then I moaned and grunted and pushed and felt the tip of my poopoo emerge. It stretched my anus wide. But I could feel my poop hole stretching as the huge log slid out. It took 20 minutes until it plopped loudly into the bowl. I looked down and saw, it was about 17" long and 5" wide. Some more runny, yellow diahrehha exploded from my anus as I farted.

KC Guy

Nice Surprise

Back in high school, I asked a gorgeous girl I met at work for a date. To my astonishment, she said yes. We got to know one another and started seeing each other exclusively. However, she was still pretty shy about a lot of things. I'd never known her to go to the bathroom in the couple of months we'd been seeing one another. One day she invited me over to her house after school. Her parents both worked and didn't get home until about 6 p.m. We got to her house about 4, talked, listened to music, just chilled out. I drank a huge soda before I came over and about 4:45 I got the extreme urge to pee badly. I squirmed for a few minutes, and then, kind of embarrassed, asked if it was OK if I used her restroom. She smiled and said sure, then said, "Can I come with you?" I was a bit stunned but said, "I guess so." We went down the hall and went into the restroom and closed the door. She said she wouldn't peek. I stood in front of the toilet, unzipped and began to pee. It went on and on. She giggled and said, "Boy, you had to go." I said yeah, I drank a big soda a while ago. I finished and flushed and got my pants zipped turned toward the sink to wash my hands. She said, "My turn." Now I was really stunned. She said, "No peeking" but I couldn't resist. She had on a short skirt that highlighted her outstanding legs and butt. She pulled down her panties and sat down without exposing any of her private areas. She sat lady like with her knees together, looking fantastic. Surprisingly, I then heard a crackling sound and a big PLOP. I said, "Are you pooping?" She giggled again and said, "Yes." I was really turned on by this and said, "OK. I thought you just had to pee." She strained a bit and another crackling came with a second heavy PLOP. She sat another 30 seconds or so and then seemed to be pushing a third time. A small fart came out then another crackly sounding poop with a plop. She began to pee. She pulled toilet paper off the roll and reached behind her, rose up a bit and wiped her butt. She wiped three times, then once in front, then stood pulling up her panties at the same time. She reached back and flushed before I saw her output. She washed her hands then put her arms around me and kissed me and said, "Let's go listen to some music." We continued to date, got more serious, and several years later, got married. She's now my sexy wife who is open about pooping in front of me. I consider myself a very lucky guy.


Comments and Stuff 2

Flessum:I thought the Goonies where the guy on the toilet and the water presure pushed him up.(And if you whatch it on DVD.You Can slow that scene,and clearly see that man is still wearing shorts).

BrandonT:Years ago I remember seeing someone taping footage,and it had some WWE Wrestler on the toilet grunting.It didn't show him on the toilet.

Althea:Longest Fart was 30 seconds.


accident question

Started reading this page a few months ago after i had an embarrassing accident and i was surprised by how many people out there seem to have incidents where they poop their pants because I've never witnessed anyone else do it, i guess that's why i was so embarrassed when it happened to me. My accident happened because i needed to go really bad on a long bus ride for an away game for my high school soccer team. We were a couple hours into the ride and i was getting really scared about not being able to hold it. Finally we stopped at a small rest stop and got off to use the toilets. Unfortunately i was by the back of the bus and as a result i was toward the end of the line for the bathroom. It only had 2 stalls so it was taking a while for girls to filter in and out, and i couldn't hold it in long enough. As i stood in line with my teammates i felt my stomach tense up as an enormous pressure pushed on my butt, and within seconds a solid poop was poking out into my underwear, and i tried to fight it back but i just pushed involuntarily, and it shot out and made a little solid lump in my shorts. Then my stomach gurgled and cramped up again, and i started filling my shorts and underwear with a heavy load of mushy poop. It made a lot of squishing and crackling noises and i farted loudly a few times so everyone immediately knew i was crapping my pants. By the time i was done i just stood there in disbelief before i burst into tears. Some of my friends tried to comfort me but most of the girls just stood there awkwardly looking shocked or disgusted or horrified. I was so pitiful, i couldn't believe I'd pooped my pants in front of my team while in line for the bathroom! It was one of the worst experiences of my life and its kinda haunted me ever since. Reading this site has been very helpful though, knowing I'm not alone and others have pooped their pants before too.

So next i wanted to ask a quick question. From some stories I've read here and around the internet I've compiled a short list of the worst situations in which to poop your pants and was wondering what you guys thought was the most embarrassing...
1. Pooping your pants at school/on a school trip, like i did.
2. Pooping your pants in bed...with your significant other next to you.
3. Pooping your bathing suit while in a pool or hot tub.
4. Pooping yourself during some kind of performance.
5. Pooping your pants at work because you're too busy to get to a bathroom.
6. Pooping your pants on a blind date.
7. Pooping your pants at a formal event.
8. Pooping your pants while in a confined space with strangers, like in a theater or church, an elevator, etc.

Besides my accident I'd have to say the pool/hot tub one is pretty bad. Because it doesn't just mess up your own pants and cause you to have to leave in humiliation, but it messes up the water and no one can go in anymore and you're the one who caused it...i saw that video online a few years ago of that girl that messes her bikini while in a hot tub and a big brown cloud forms around her in the water, and everyone started freaking out to get out of the hot tub...i felt soooo bad for her! That has to be the most humiliating moment, especially since its been immortalized by the internet.


Answers, Responses, and Phantom Poop Story

Hi all!

First, to answer Paris' survey:
Longest fart: about 15 seconds.
Largest poop: lengthwise, maybe 30 inches. Girth, maybe 2 inches.
Longest pee: about 1 minute.

Christine in FL: Sorry to here about your constipation problem. Only thing I can suggest is adding some more fiber to your diet and drinking more water. Also try going to the bathroom at the same time every day. Your body will soon train itself to take advantage of the opportunity.

Karen: Liked the bucket story. Also, glad you're over the stomach bug you had. No fun, for sure.

Yesterday, I was drinking my coffee, checking my e-mail, when I began to get the feeling that it was time to take a dump. I entered the bathroom (with the sports section of the morning paper), pulled down my sweats, and sat down. I peed, then picked up the newspaper. I opened up the paper and leaned forward a bit, then let out a long fart that must have gone on for about 8 seconds. After the fart I felt the head of the turd pushing on my anus, so I gave a push and out it came. It slid out quickly, and felt pretty long.

I read for a few more minutes, then began to wipe. I stood up to check out my work, and there was nothing in the toilet! Obviously when the turd hit the water it was moving at a fast enough speed where it slid down the hole and went right over the trap.

Kind of disappointing to take a good crap and not get a chance to admire it! Oh well, there's always next time.

Bye for now.


I peeeeeed my self

Hi it's no
My story
Is about
When I
In class
In gr 10
So here
It is

It was 7th period and I had to piss I asked
If I could go and she said no so I sat down
And 1h later I asked she no 5Min's later
It all went down hill I let a little go and it
All let go for3Min's as I ran down the
Hall and Sins out with my mom

This is a question for the high school and young adult women that wear skirts and dresses without pantyhose but with just panties.
When you pull your skirt or dress up to sit down on the toliet
do you have your panties:

(1) At your feet down by your shoes? Yes
(2) At your thighs or knees? Yes
(3) Right next to your pubic area so no one can see anything if they
walk in on you? Sometimes, if I am in a strange place rarely.
Also what is the fabric of panties that you choose to wear and
does it matter on what skirt or dress that you wear? I wear dresses and skirts short to medium length. I wear slips for church and formal occasions. Short skirts, I loosen and pull down below my knees. I bought factor closeout white nylon and silk panties in a package of 10 for about $5. They had lace waistbands and leg openings. I like silk and nylon under my slip for dress occasions. Otherwise, I like my cotton and microfiber. I wear my panties a size or two larger, so that my vagina will have air and I will not get a yeast infection. I have a small waist 26 inches. I like letting down my panties to my ankles so that the other females can see. I like my underwear. When I was in grade school and high school, I would sit on the toilet to pee. My dress or skirt would be up around my waist and my panty would be at my ankles stretched out. Sometimes, I would squat or hover. I had enough room to wipe my cat. Or, my skirt and panties would be below my knees. Sometimes at home, I take off my dress or skirt and be only in my uderwear. I wore every color from whites pastels, prints and black, every make from FOL, Hanes, Jockey, VS, VF, Ambrielle, Flirtitude, every style except a thong.

cleaning ladies

very often i see a bunch of girls enter a bathroom, then the cleaning lady goes in after them. i think it would be very awkward to be on the toilet while she cleans the bathroom but some people are ok with it i guess

ASSley P.
Hi guys, it's me again with another story! First and foremost, can't remember who all commented on my first story but I thank you all! :D

It's been awhile since my last story and I still haven't farted in front of him yet. I also have no new story but I will mention I am having bad gas as I write this, luckily my boyfriend is at work. I actually called in because the cramps are so bad and I can't go five minutes without farting. Sorry but I'll inform you as soon as a story comes up! In the mean time, who has questions? Ask me a series of questions and I'll answer!

Nate R


Hello, it's me again. I'm still enjoying the great stories people post on this site.
So I just finished cleaning up a big mess. A little while ago I had gotten out of the shower, and sat down to eat a hotdog. I didn't bother getting dressed yet. I leaned forward to fart. I did have a hint that I would get more than I bargained for, but I leaned forward and released the fart anyway. I was right, a small puddle and some chunks of poo splattered out of my butt and into my chair. It was a really big mess to clean up, but I enjoyed doing it. My last post was an honest emergency too. I enjoyed that as well, and to be honest, for the longest time I've really enjoyed pooping games.
Thanks to: Sarah, mung bean, Danielle, Nicola, Michelle, Ashleigh :D, Lauren, Rose, Kaitlin, katin, caitlin, Katelyn =), Lori (Car moms friend), Car Mom and Brandon T. Brandon T, you always post compliments and I like to read them so I know what to look forward to in the stories on other pages. I really like these stories and look forward to more in the future.


broken lock on gas station bathroom

I was waiting for my car to be serviced when I needed to poop. The lock on the bathroom door was broken so I walked in on a guy who worked there who was also pooping. When he finished I went it and someone walked in on me. I wonder how long that went on.


Name Change - Dan NYC

So there's another Dan on here. I'm posting as 'Dan NYC' from now on..the other's first post was titled "RE: Online Status"

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: online status great one

To: Brad great story about you seeing you professors poop in the toilet.

To: Christine in FL I hope you get beack to regular pooping soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Blythe first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like Dean is a keeper and sounds like he would be there for you like he was for his little sister Cassie which is a very good quality in a person and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Althea as always another great post and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: PooperGirl as always another great set of stories it sounds like both you and Leah both had to go alot and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alan as always another great story it sounds like that memory of you seeing Nina on the toilet pooping first time will be a memory that lasts forever and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Chole great story about that massive dump you took and I bet you felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Haz that sounds like a pretty nasty experince but it could have been worse.

To: Maddy first welcome to the site and great set of stories it sounds like you had quite the bad luck with being interupted while pooping but at least you were able to get fully empty and made it every time without having an accident and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping together and it sounds like you both enjoyed it as usual and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Danielle as always another great story and it sounds like you guys are true friends who are there for eachother always which is very good and as always I look forward to your guys next set of stories thanks.

To: Dan another great story about seeing and smelling the left over a womans poop in the toilet and I look forward to the next one thanks.

To: Pooperlady as always another great story it sounds like you probaly felt pretty great after a poop like that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Timee as alwyas another great post and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great pooping story and it sounds like you and your friend Beth both really had to go and it sounds like you both felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: UKN Guy great story about you hearing that woman take a desperate pee and that other woman have that naty dump I bet they both felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Pooped with my daughter

Today I went to WalMart with my two and a half year old daughter, Valerie. She's nearly toilet trained, except that she still often waits until she really has to go before telling us, so if she says she has to go, she means now. Anyway, we were shopping and Valerie whispered to me, "Mommy, I need to go poo-poo". I wheeled our shopping cart to the nearest bathrooms and the two of us went in the family restroom.

Valerie pulled down her shorts and pink princess underwear and I helped her on to the toilet. She pushed out four turds and peed for a few seconds. She wiped herself on the front and then the back, then she stood up to show me her poo-poo. I told her I was proud of her for going in the toilet, and she went to open the door. I reminded her to flush. She did so, and then I said, "Okay, now mommy needs to poo-poo"

I only kind of had to go, and if I were alone I could have easily held it until I got home, but Valerie likes to watch me go. I started off with a pee and two farts then I sat for a minute before I pushed out two turds, another fart, then a longer third turd. I wiped and let her see my poo-poo as well, then she flushed for me.


Formerly 'Dan', now 'Dan NYC'

Hey all, Dan here.

The usual, longer-poster. There's another Dan on here, but I'm the 24 y/o (25 this year!!) from NY who provides some readers (especially the ladies, and about what leaves their bowels)

to kick off my first post as 'Dan NYC', I will provide feedback, then a story in another post.

Brad - wow, keep posting tales. I've known a couple janitors here and there, but none I was comfortable asking 'so, what's it like in the GIRLS room?' or 'who's messier' 'does more poop' etc...Please do share from where hardly any man has gone before...

Christine - I recommend cereal & an apple with lunch..may help...hopefully!

Althea - you did a TEN SECOND fart?!? That must have been epic. Were you on the toilet for it??

Karen - good of your son to have an emergency back-up plan! But not so good for you when you found it!

Poopergirl - Lia must have felt better, despite her embarassment.

Alan - looking forward to Nina stories - even those where you heard her, but didn't see her.

Chloe - once I had pooped in a clogged toilet. It was at college, and i had to go urgently. the only toilet in the bathroom I found was clogged (mostly tp if I remember right), so i hovered and unleashed a big, soft load into it. Once when I was done and came out, the janitor came in. I felt bad, but it was either my pants, the floor, the sink or the trash. Nonetheless, I said 'Sorry, but I didn't have a choice..' washed and left.

Abbie - welcome back, missed your posts! Hope you are well. Sounds like some people, which is good! A plus that they seem pretty open about taking a dump...imagine the convos people would have if everyone we knew talked about toilet habits & details as they do the weather?

Anny - i hope you post about the poop which had you blasting off all those farrs beforehand. An dangerous (yet 'fun', the ways of the forum) is chili AND beer.

Pooperlady - was your super-long poop also super-thick? Mine are usually about the same size, both ways.

Timee - welcome back! You're back with a blast - 20" poop and 10 second fart? Wow!!

Leanne - if you don't mind me asking, what film was nearly 3 hours?? Also, a wait that long & 4 logs? Sounds like it could have been a close one. They must have come out quickly.

***And now a question for all (incl. females of course!):***

If applicable, what about using the toilet makes you shy?
is it the smell? Someone seeing you in the state of undress? Seeing WHAT you did? Or the Sounds?
I'd have to say state of undress...sounds, we can laugh about, and I don't smell too often...but enough for one to know that I pooped ;)

messed my pants im front of GF

We were on the way home when we got stuck behind a traffic accident for over an hour. I couldn't hold it anymore and I asked her to turn her head. When she asked why I raised up in the seat and had a massive accident. The car smelled so bad. She rolled down the windows and looked away the entire ride home. The cleanup took almost thirty minutes. After I got out of the shower she teased me about it all night. It was so embarrassing that I cried in the shower.

On Sunday I had two normal bm's in the morning. By afternoon, my stomach was hurting a little bit. I went to the bathroom and tried to go, but I couldn't. It hurt off and on all afternoon.
Early evening I was finally able to go a little bit more. It didn't help settle my stomach.
Later, I was settling in, hanging out watching tv, stomach hurting, when I suddenly had to go. My body basically told me that I had less than a minute to get myself to a bathroom. I rushed in, and my ass no sooner than touched the seat when my guts let go. More shit came out of me in the next 30 seconds than I think I'd gone in the last week. It was solid but soft. It required a bunch of wiping and several flushes of the toilet. I couldn't believe how much came out! I felt kind of wiped out after that. My entire system purged itself in one fell swoop. An hour later or so I drank a bunch of water and went to bed.
2am: I woke up with a hurting/upset stomach. I drank a bunch of water and tossed and turned for a few minutes but fell back asleep.
4am: repeat of 2am, drank more water, fell back asleep
5:30: Woke up with a pretty nasty stomachache. Couldn't get comfortable. Decided to get up for the day.
6:15: Had to go to the bathroom - small movement, soft but solid. I was surprised I went at all after the night before. Felt like I needed to go some more but couldn't.
6:45: Had to go again - same as before.
7:30: Smaller than before, and a little softer. Felt like I needed to go more but couldn't.
10:15: Stomach was hurting, couldn't seem to get it to stop. Decided to take a hot shower and try to relax. Before getting in the shower I was able to go a tiny bit. Had a very strong urge to go more. I waited but I couldn't seem to go. It felt like my guts were pushing with everything they had, and I had to go, but nothing came out. Got in the shower. Suddenly the feeling intensified and I squatted down in the shower. I had to go and I had to go now! I couldn't even make it to a toilet. I squatted and everything was pushing, but nothing came out. It was like dry heaving out of my ass. I felt awful.
All afternoon I kept getting that feeling. I went to the bathroom a couple of times, but couldn't go.
4:15: Got the urge again. Went to the bathroom. Stomach started making loud gurgling noises. Was finally able to go. It was much softer than before, sticky, like a thick milkshake. It took a while for it all to come out. It kept coming, little bit by little bit. I had to wipe a lot. I went straight to the kitchen and drank a bunch of water. I wondered if it was thick because I was dehydrated. I shouldn't be, I drank a ton of water all day.
5:00: Stomach had been hurting since my last bathroom trip. Had to cook dinner. Went to start it and the stomachache started to get really bad. Started to get sharp cramps. Went straight for the toilet. Sat down and immediately liquid diarrhea started pouring out. I had to have been in there for 10 minutes, wave after wave of liquid diarrhea. It wasn't forceful; it came out slowly.
5:30: Eating dinner even though I wasn't hungry. Started to get the urge again. Stomach started making loud noises and turning. Was able to finish dinner without having to leave the table.
5:45: Back on the toilet with more liquid diarrhea.
6:15: Last trip. Only a little bit this time, but liquid like before.

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