Rightstuff(guy in PA)
Hi, I just wanted to say that I visit this site quite often and I find it fascinating. I generally just read the women's posts- I suppose I'm intrigued by how many women have posted details of their interest in bathroom use, particularly their self-consciousness about 'shitting' around others. I guess I sorta relate to that. I've often been very inhibited to use the bathroom around my girlfriends, especially early in the relationships. It seems that there's some connection about a person's finding pooping exciting to them and being self conscious about doing it around others. I've never told any girlfriend that I find my own pooping auto-erotic at times, nor would I ever tell a gf that I might be excited by their own toilet use. It's just one of those things. I guess that's what's so great about this site; it gives us a chance to share these ' deep secrets'.

It's been a couple of days since I wanted to react to the wonderful story of Jodi pooping in front of her girlfriends Alex and Steph, but I constantly had to put it off, because my wife was always around and she knows nothing about my interests in these areas. i'll try to sound as spontaneous as I was the first time I read the story. When I first saw a posting under Jodi's signature, I thought, "Oh..she must have gone to a Mexican restaurant again or ate a pizza and she has diahrrea...". Everybody who visits this site knows by now that Jodi is lactose intolerant. I remember a posting of her, about 3 months ago, when she made several trips to the bathroom at the middle of the night to release wave after wave of diahhrea. I also remember another story involving also Laura, Alex and Steph. All girls went for a trek and had to go to the bathroom. The one they found conveniently had 4 stalls: they all went #2 and I remember somebody observing that Jodi's poop really stank. Anyways, it looks loke she had, on the surface at least, a very peaceful dump. since there is not even a mention of the noise of her poops hitting the water (Ker-plong..). Also, nobody mentioned any adverse smell . My second observation is that Steph, who posts here ofter (and has consequently some readership..) is actually pretty shy when it comes to the real thing. I remember her mentioning that she would under no circumstance go in front of any bodyelse (which is fine), but in this instance, it almost looked like she was embarassed to have to accept Jodi's offer. I suppose attending such a show requires mental preparation, and Steph was cut short. My third observation is to marvel at how close friends you are, to the extent that Jodi's brother is a close companion to Steph...he even came close to the door while she was peeing. I am glad that Steph reassured him (which was the right thing to do), and she may one day be able to overcome mutual inhibitions and see to it that her male friend can watch her poop. My fourth (and last) observation is that there an apparent promise that Alex and Steph will return the favor to Jodi. If so, we should be in for some more wonderful stories. Jodi, I think you were just great on that occasion and everybody is proud of you. Take Care. Philippe.

To Curious I wear diapers at night because I wet the bed and so does my brother Jamie (11). We wear diapers to school and when we go out on trips because we wet poop our pants sometimes.

Hi guys. I haven't posted in a long time, but check in to this site quite often. Elaine, I'm a 17 year old male (same as your son)- will turn 18 in September. I'm of an "average" build, but I'm sure your son is similar to me that, as a teenage boy, he eats a lot and as a consequence, poops a lot. I usually have to wipe at least five times after pooping, but I still sometimes end up with stains on my underwear, but nothing drastic. With all due respect, Elaine, I just think your son is lazy in wiping his butt. I'm like my sister (Alex) in that, if I have to take a dump first thing in the morning, I'll do it before showering- that way I won't end up with any stains on my underwear. A couple of other things. I do enjoy listening to Steph peeing (she's behind closed doors, of course)- I'll admit to being interested in how the "other half" does their duty. To those who moderate this site, I hope you don't interpret my interest as being a "sexual fetish" or anything like that. This is a great site!!! :-) I'm going off to college in September and will confess to being worried about sharing a public bathroom. People who have been reading this for a while may know that I hardly ever took a dump at school (From Kindergarten-12th grade, I've probably used the stalls no more than 5 times, and only when I was about to go in my pants)- there were many times that I ran home from school to go to the bathroom. Some of my (male) friends were the same way- I've pooped at my friend's house or vice versa immediately after school. I know I will have to get used to going poop (and showering) in a semi-public restroom, but will be a little nervous at first. I'd like to hear from any college students, especially males, about their experiences in using the dormitory bathrooms. Thanks, Eric

Further to the "Girls pee a river, boys pee a lake", the test of whether the wall/tree is wet does not always work. A few years ago, passed a group of four young women coming out of an underpass. Inside the underpass were 3 obviously very fresh "puddles" against one wall. There were no other people (or dogs) around, so these women must have made the puddles. In 2 of these, the wall was wet. Not as high up the wall as a man would do, only a 3 or 4 inches. I have also seen the bottom of tree trunks being wet after women have peed against them. As for the women leaving the toilets dirty, an ex-girlfriend told me that she used to clean a local pub when she was younger and that the Ladies loo was often in a dirtier state than the Gents.

To Thom: Thanks for your comments about liking the story I told about my schoolmate Kevin. Yes; I did see your reply to me about your brother. I'm glad he felt he could turn to you for help with his enema. Like I said; I have lots and lots of stories about my fascination with my bowel habits and those of my childhood friends. I'm afraid that I don't have the time to post one now though...sorry! I do remember one more question that you had a of me that has so far gone un-answered. You asked if I still suffer from constipation in my adult life. The answer is no: My worst constipation was as a youngster; I couldn't go at all for well over a week...then; as a teenager my bowels started to function better...I had movements every few days up to a week, although they were often very hard and large. But at the end of my teen years and on through my life I have become very regular...not to the point of going the same time every day or anything like that...! but in being able to nearly always pass a comfortable, soft movenent with little or no thought or effort on my part. More Later,

pooping girl
Juan asked about sounds when I go to the toilet. I seem to be a very gassy person so there is almost always some gas getting out before I pass any jobbies. I also am a grunter on the toilet and some days are harder than others. I dont always have to grunt alot like yesterday I went to the toilet and gave a quick huuuuuuuungh and a big load of jobbies and gas came out all at the same time, not real big jobbies but alot of smaller ones. Usually before I wipe my fanny I will give one more push and grunt to make sure I am finished.

I love all the discussion about what names we give to the process of going to the loo. I guess that we are most influenced by our childhood experiences, and then later on perhaps by our peer group. I still, usually refer to "pee" and "poo" which is just as my mother taught me. I find most other words sound rather coarse in conversation, although "number one/two" seems harmless enough. I do occasionally use the word "dump", but "shit" is only used as a swearword. Actually, when I come to think of it, I don't often refer to the details of what I do in the toilet, and I just say "going to the loo".
To Jillian from Guildford. I do sympathise with you with your constipation problems. The use of an enema sounds a rather extreme solution, but I suppose it is perfectly healthy, and better than using medication. Wasn't Princess Diana an advocate of "colonic irrigation", which I guess is much the same thing? I find regular exercise to be the best form of prevention. I only seem to have difficulties if I slow up on the exercise, so I hardly ever get problems.

To add to the list Kevin gave. Sometimes I use the word log. I can remember when I was small (todler) I used the word Ka Ka for going poopy. Don't know why somebody must have taught it me. Bit confusing for everyone eh! Crap - from the name for the toilet - Crapper after its inventor. Simon

Jodi, congratulations on your breakthrough. It was really brave of you to finally agree to poop in front of Alex and Steph. They must have been very pleased, just as I would have been if I was in their position. It sounds like it was well worth looking into the toilet afterwards. Sara B, I know what you mean when you say that you wish you could be with your boyfriend when he is pooping. The question is, does he know about your interest or are you secretive about it? If he isn't shy, perhaps he would let you watch him or even accompany you while you go if you told him how you felt. Kristy, I guess you have a right to have negative feelings about this forum. After all, bodily waste and toilet habits aren't exactly subjects that appeal to everyone. While myself am fascinated by these issues I can see how you would not uderstand about some of the things we do or the things we talk about.

Randi P.: In Texas where I live our public parks have the normal type pressure-flush public toilets. As for our rest areas: The last rest-area toilet I used here in the Lone Star State was the stainless-steel type. I only had to pee, didn't have to do a 2 (thank God!!!). It flushed like most public toilets do. The first stainless-steel urinals and toilets I remember seeing were in Colorado. I think I was 14 at the time. This was back in the late 70's. I guess they did em that way because porcelain can fall victim very easily to vandals. Well nothing interesting to report poop-wise tonight! Maybe later! Mike Bacon

Tuesday, July 21, 1998

As promised here is the complete paragraph 4 from the site faq. Look at the old posts for the best idea of what gets posted, because the standards we used all still apply, no changes to the enforcement of the rules were made. Section 4.41 is now in writing. We didn't add this section to the general faq yet, but hope to tomorrow.

Let's see, Laura please stop by the courtesy phone

4. Sex
4.1 While we respect all natural acts here including sex and mastribation, this is not a sex site. Casual reverences to natural sexual acts may be included in your posts if needed, but keep them short and tasteful as the forums here are not for the discussion of sex, self manipulation, stories or fantasies about same. We support your right to partake in whatever consensual sexual activities you choose, that is your business, the key is, "we don't want to know" . We also don't want to hear about your 17", what you did; with how many women and or men at once or any other new fangled position, method or any other extreme/cutting edge sexual exploits you partook in that pushed the envelope.

4.2 Child Pornography/pedophilia We don't want it. It is illegal. Don't post it. The bath tub/potty chair photos that haunt every family album are one thing, but once you cross over into a sexual area children are unable and not meant to be able give adequate consent or comprehend. For those who will inevitably say that their kids are special or try argue we will say this to you right now; That includes all children even yours. Half the legal adults can't get that straight so you can be sure children won't.. Trust us on that."

4.3 Sexually related requests We do not and will not post any requests to engage in, watch, receive, etc. any sex act or sex related act. Period. This also extends to non sexual requests of this nature.

4.4 Fetishes Just because some mundane topics are associated with some form of fetish or sex elsewhere does not mean they are discussed in that context everywhere. Being turned or interested in something, A.)does not necessiarily have a sexual connotation. B.)does not mean something needs to be discussed in a sexual context C). does not mean that sexual aspects have to be mentioned. Please remember you are free to persue whatever fetish you want. The freedom you enjoy also grants us the freedom not to persue your fetish. Therefore, the forums here contain discussions without the sexual aspects of the topic. Just because there aren't people falling over each other to pick up a kindred spirit is not an invitation to start. (see 2.4)
4.41Drooling aka. stalking. This is the extreme form of the above. It is someone, usually male who posts an incoherant post about wanting a companion. That's really not what we have a problem with. It is the guys who post the same crap over and over. This isn't a bar, you are spamming.This is your notice because, we do not post, forward or respond to these type of submissions, wether it is your first or 10,000th.What's worse is that these are grown folks. and folks under 10 are capable of carying on a more intelligent discussion
4.5 Why won't you put up porn/pictures etc.We have no problem with pictures, but they are just out of place. Besides it has been done thousands of times. Putting up pictures is an invitation for thousands of people to run by for fast excitement. They fly right past any pensive content because pictures mean the thinking has already done. This site was created to get people to read, think, experience and remember, not look, read and have a moment of excitement and forget.

No we didn't spell check it. Yes, it sounds twisted, but for those 1 or 2 hard headed jokers, we put 4.41 in writing.

Kristy must have absolutely no understanding of human anatomy if she thinks that you can see a turd emerging from your anus by looking between your legs. You might just see it fall, but you could never see it coming out. For that a mirror is essential. On another topic, it's interesting that interest in shit and pooping is not an exclusvely male obsession. Clearly there are women who enjoy this topic too. Moreover, positive DISinterest in the topic extends to some men as well as some women. There is clearly no distinction of gender in an interest in toilet matters.

Hi guys. I decided to keep my lips sealed (or, more accurately, my fingers off the keyboard) until Jodi decided to post her story. I was so excited watching her go and proud of her for being able to do it!!!!! :) I would have loved to have taken a nice, juicy shit in front of her (and Steph), but unfortunately, didn't have to go. Kevin, it's nice that you and your friends are so open about pooping in front of each other. Lisa, Sara, and Tom, great to hear from you again. To Still Horrified, I can understand how embarrassed you were on that day you had to use the girls' house, but we girls also have to shit, sometimes urgently :) Some of you may remember I have a younger brother named Eric, 18 (I'm 20). Eric and Steph have been close buddies for a few years. He doesn't have as strong of an interest in this stuff as Steph and I do, but he has posted on here and does check in (to read) periodically. Steph was over my house the other day (this was after my last post but before Jodi took her surprise dump at Steph's house) and Eric, Steph, and I were hanging out. Steph excused herself to go to the bathroom and I went out to the kitchen to get us more drinks. About a minute later, I caught Eric by the bathroom door listening in on Steph. Eric blushed when I caught him listening. At that point, the toilet flushed, so Steph only had to pee. "Ooh, I'm telling," I whispered (in a joking manner) in a very soft voice. "Please don't," whispered Eric. Eric and I returned to the room and Steph joined us about 30 seconds later. "I think Eric has something to tell you, Steph," I said, not very seriously. "Steph, I was just by the door listening to you pee. I'm sorry." Steph gave him a couple of affectionnate pats on the back and said "that's fine. You can listen to me anytime you want." As I said, Eric and Steph are extremely close, and I knew Steph wouldn't care about Eric listening to her, but I wanted to see my younger brother blush :) Luv, Alex :)

Indiana Jones
I have been reading this site for quite sometime now and I have found it to be very interesting with all the different people telling about their experiences... I woke up this morning about 6:30 AM, as I felt that I needed to take a massive dump. I went on into the bathroom, pulled my shorts down and sat down on the toilet. About a minute later, I felt my bowels starting to move, so I sat straight up when my anal sphincter dialated to it's widest and felt the turd starting to slide out...After about 30 seconds time, I got up and took a look as it felt like I had passed a big one, and sure enough it was...About the size of the core tubing from a roll of paper towels, both in length and diameter...Shortly after that, I felt another movement coming down into my rectum, so I sat down again, and passed another turd, about the same diameter, but only about half the length of the first one, as I got up and looked at it...I wiped, and then flushed, and wasn't certain if it was going to go down...It did, but left massive skid marks as the bigger of the two swirled around before going on down...Fortunately one flush did it, but I gave the toi! let a second one in case it might have stopped further down the pipe...

Hello again folks, its Anne your friendly, sometimes constipated, bus driver. Im glad that readers enjoyed my post to this site. Juan asks if any of the girls who post here make sounds. Well, looking back at the old posts I read that women such as Moira mention the sound effects when they have done a motion and that they strain going "OO! and AH!" to get it out, and many male correspondents relate about being turned on by hearing both the straining sounds and the "Kerplonk!" noises when their sisters, mothers, wives or girlfriends are doing a big jobbie. In my own case I certainly do go "OO! OO!" when I am passing a big hard turd and it usually makes a resounding "ker-sploonk!" or the likes when it drops into the toilet pan. It doesnt bother me if someone else hears these sounds and if it gives them a buzz good luck. Likewise , as my jobbies often stick in the toilet pan, if others see them and are turned on by this , then be my guest. I have often heard similar sounds of straining followed by resounding "ker-sploosh!" etc type splash down noises when some of the other women have been doing a motion i! n an adjoining cubicle (stall) in the Ladies Toilet at work and have seen some of the big fat jobbies they have done stuck in the pan. For those interested my usual motions are from 10 to 12 inches long and 2 inches fat on average, and are firm to easy in solidity. Now an incident which occured last week. I was driving one of the school buses and when I got to the end of the service I had a 15 minute break before running back empty part of the route then in service as a normal bus route. I felt a motion coming down so went to the girls toilet in the nearby school, as this facility is available for our use. I went in to one of the cubicles and did a nice big fat 12 inch jobbie with a loud "ker-sploonk!" and it stuck in the pan. When I came out and was washing my hands a couple of the girls who had been present in the toilets at the time went into the cubicle I had used and had a look and I heard them saying "What a whopper! the bus driver did it. I bet she felt better for that!" Lot's of love and happy dumpings from Anne.

does or has anyone here ever worn diapers for convienance, bedwetting or because of accidents in your pants? just curious.

To Jillian: I'm interested. When you take an enema, how much solution do you use? Do you sit on the toilet for it? How many "squirts" from the bulb did your mother give you usually? I only use one when I'm very constipated. Thanks much, Marc

Well, I appreciate the one response about my son's soiling. He is doing it every day and his underwear is usually quite soiled, nearly always all the way thru. I dont know if it is due to his mates doing it too or not, he just started this about 6 months ago. Does anyone else have this with their son, and what does it mean ? Any ideas would be useful, as I haven't said anything yet but I don't like to see poopy underwear in the laundry all the time at this point. He was out of diapers a long time ago.

South Guy
Been reading this posts for quite some time. I've enjoyed every one of them, too. While growing up at home, my step-mother believed that I was constipated (even though I had a BM once or twice daily) and that I should have a "good cleaning out" at least every other week- usually on a Saturday. This meant that I was to receive a large dose of a laxative- usually Sal Hepatica. I don't think they even make the stuff any more. This usually gave me the runs for the majority of the day. This continued until I was about 16. About that time, I discovered an enema syringe in the back of the bathroom closet- I started experimenting when no one was at home- and have been hooked ever since. (I'm 32, now) I still enjoy enemas, but I also appreciate the virtues of a good laxative!

Monday, July 20, 1998

Hello. This is my first time posting here. I was wondering if any of the girls on here make sounds when they are going poop. To Laura I like your storie alot please keep up the good stories. I am a 21 male. Keep up the posts.

Hey Everyone, I have been on a 12 day business trip and just got home. I leave again in a few days so a short time at home. Loved reading all of the stories. Trevor C. I was interested in your story about taking the laxatives for fun. do you ever take them for constipation? I would like to hear more about your experiences. I agree with others that diarrhea is not a major point of interest (for me anyway) but I liked your story and would like to hear more. I did some kind or crazy experiments when I was younger too. I like the fact that everyone here is allowed to express their experiences, preferences, questions etc. even though they may not interest everyone.I was never interested in female stories until I happened upon this site and was able to learn about the female point of view. Keep the stories coming. Gary, I really liked your story about Kevin. Send some more. Did you see my answer to your question regarding my brother and the enema? I have been troubled with travel and stress related constipation but don't have any new stories to tell. Later Thom

Sara B
I've never posted to this place before but have enjoyed reading the many poop stories. I often wish my boyfriend was as open as some of the people here because I love hearing him poo and would love to be in the bathroom with him rubbing his ???? and helping him. I'd like to wipe him and look what he'd done too. I'd also like it if he'd do the same for me, I get quite constipated and would appreciate a bit of encouragement, a back rub would be nice from time to time, but he hates anything to do with pooping so I don't think it will ever happen.

Kevin (11)
I am responging to the same question Simon did. I agree restroom is not a room to rest in. Although you can sit in one. I don't like the name bathroom either, because when you go to the bathroom, it is not to take a bath. We (my freinds, brothers and I) usually use the word Pee for number 1. We sometimes say take a leak or piss, or make water. We don't usually use wee (wee-wee) or tinkle. Sometimes, we say go to the bath in the little way, too. When we are with younger kids, like my brothers we say go number 1 or number 1 or make number one. As far as number 2 is concerned, we usually say poop or poo-poo especailly with the younger kids. We also say make poop or poo-poo or poopie or dookee. This seems most accurate. Sometimes we say take a dump or crap, or just dump or crap, too, especially when talking with older kids. We also say go the bathroom in a big way. When we are outside by the beach, and we have to use the log we sit on to poop, we sometimes say go to the log or go in the woods. Usually we don't get humg up on the words we use. MNy freinds, brothers and I are really open about pooping in front of others. When we stay at each others houses, and have to poop, we just sit on toilet and go. We are just real careful when my friends sisters are around. That way we get our teeth brushed and can take showers and everything faster. Plus, if we all poop in front of each others, it is no big deal. When one of us makes a really big poop, we show the others. When we have to talk about this stuff with adults in a more serious way, like when we talk to mom and dad when we have the runs or when we see a doctor, we just say poop and pee. They always understand us. Besides, using other lanquage, like have a bowel movement just seems to make it harder to talk about it.

Kristy[aka a girl]
To Tony...thank you for answering me. I am glad you are not mad since I came here to call you guys dull for measuring your shit. I really really do think that but I won't call you anything worse than dull and wierd. I think this is the strangest thing on the internet because I never thought their would be a site for people to talk about #2 stories and listening to others go and esp about people measuring it!! I think that is a bit odd but do whatever you want. But no offense again but I really think that the person who said that you guys should get together and have a poop party with buddy dumping and stuff is really lame. If the person who said that reads this I am sorry for saying this. I am just saying what I think. I am actually surprised that the other one even got on here since i was being a bit rude to you. I don't have any stories to tell you[sorry]and also why would I?? If I do that then that also makes me lame doesn't it?? Also the mirror thing is quite wierd because why would someone wanna watch their shit come out?? My bro did that when he was younger(I am 3 years older than him)and all he did was sit with his legs spread open and bend over and look between them. Thats all you have to do. You don't need a mirror to do it so if you MUST watch it and you don't have a mirror then don't worry just do what my bro did and your dreams will come true?? But who would ever dream of watching shit come out?? from Kristy

No updates for the last 2 days, I hope there isnt a problem. I enjoyed Pooper Snooper's story about watching his girlfriend doing a big motion as this is also one of my pleasures like many of the men who post to this site and it reminded me of how I first saw my grilfreind Amanda doing a jobbie. I met her about a year ago and we hit it of from the start. She is in her mid twenties, a plain looking girl who is tall and quite ???? being about 5 foot 11 inches and 13 stone in weight with big ample breasts, a rounded belly and a big firm arse (or butt as you Yanks put it). Now to my great delight I noticed that often when she used the toilet at my flat to do a motion her jobbie would stick in the pan as she did really big turds. This of course turned me on but how could I explain this to her. Luckily for me she had obviously noticed my interest in such matters that I always hung about near the toilet door when she was in there to listen to the sound effects. One day she said, "Im going to the toilet for a motion, if you want to come in and watch me do so, but don't keep hanging about outside the door like a lost dog" I was taken aback by this but she said, quite patiently that she had observed this behaviour on my part and that I always seemed to go into the toilet after she had done a motion and this seemed to turn me on. I took this welcome opportunity to explain my feelings on this matter to her and to my delight she accepted this and said I could come in and watch her which I then did. She pulled down her jeans and her panties (pale blue maxi briefs as I recall) and sat on the toilet pan. There was a hiss and a tinkle as she did her wee wee , then she took a deep breath and went "OO! OO! AH!" I was standing behind her and as she sits forward and bends forward when she does a motion I could see what was happening. As her buttocks were spread I could see her sphincter which seemed to twitch and at first draw in then it domed and turned brown and I realised I was looking at the start of a very fat solid jobbie. As she pushed it out with an "OO! OO! AH! OH!" it grew in size and I could see it was going to be a big one and heard the "crackling" sound that many have mentioned as a turd comes out. Eventually as it grew smoother and easier it started to taper down from its 2 1/2 inch thickness and as she gave a final "OO!" it dropped into the toilet pan with a loud "Kur-sploonk!". It was a good 12 inches or so long and carrot shaped. Amanda got her breath back and then, observing the bulge in the front of my jeans, remarked, "well it looks as if you have enjoyed watching me do that as much as the relief I feel from passing it". She wiped her bum and got up off the pan and had a look at her big jobbie for herself,saying "Cor, it WAS a big one!" before pulling the flush but of course it stuck, requiring several flushes later before it eventually went away. Like Pooper Snopper I was well hard myself at seeing this and with the same mutually pleasurable result between me and Amanda. She says that she is not really "turned on" herself by defecation but does enjoy the relief and the sensation of passing a good big solid turd and if my watching her adds to our sex life that's fine by her. I am lucky to have such a to! lerant girlfriend.

Sunday, July 19, 1998

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