I found this site a while ago and I find myself coming back to it whenever I'm bored. I think it's sort of cool that there's a place where people feel comfortable talking about this kind of stuff. So now I guess it's my turn to tell people about my poops.

Ok, on Sunday I was fooling around on the computer waiting for dinner to get done when I started feeling the urge to go do a poo. So I sit down and start pushing the first of my poop out and no sooner than that I hear my mom calling me to the dinner table. So I just decide to ignore her, I'll just got dinner after I'm done , right? So another minute goes by and I hear her calling me again. So now I wish she would just leave me alone and let me poop in peace but I can hear her moving around the house saying "where is she?" and then she knocks on the door and says "Maddy, dinner is ready." So I scream at her " I KNOW MOM I'M GOING TO THE BATHROOM!!" So she opens the door on me and yells at me. I tell her to close the ????ing door so she walks into the bathroom and tells me to watch my language. So I'm like "go away!" and she's like " No, I was just letting you know dinner is ready there was no reason for you to scream at me like that. It was uncalled for. I don't want you talk to me like that ever again, do you understand?" I said yes and then poop fell out of my butt and landed with a plop in the toilet and my mom says "ohhhhh. Look, I'm sorry I walked in on you but its not nice when you scream at me like that." I finished pooping and went to dinner. It was embarrassing.

So the next morning I was getting ready for school. I had just eaten breakfast and I started feeling like I might need to poop soon so I decided it might be nice to take care of that before going to school. So sit on the toilet and read for a few minutes. I got pretty absorbed in my reading and sure enough some poop started coming out. And then my mom knocks on the door "Sorry to bother you again, but you really need to get going you're going to be late." Apparently this is the week of people bugging me on the toilet! So not wanting a repeat of yesterday I just say, "OK mom I getting ready." I pinch off my turd, about 6 inches, suck the rest up inside and wipe. I really didn't feel like I was done but there really was no time so I left for school. Towards the end of my first block I start feeling the urge to go again. I decided if I didn't then I was going to end up extremely constipated later on so as soon as that block ended I went straight to the nearest restrooms. Unfortunately, all 4 stalls in this restroom were taken and there was line of about 5 girls in front of me. The good news is that most, if not all of them just had to pee so the line moved pretty quickly. The bad news is that still didn't leave with very much time. By the time a stall opened up for me I only had a couple minutes left but I needed to pee pretty bad now anyway and I'm usually a pretty fast pooper so I didn't think it would be a big deal. Unfortunately, my shit had gotten kind of hard since earlier that morning so I had to push a lot to get it started. I got about 3 inches when the warning bell went off. I tried to pinch it off again but since it was hard this was now a point of no return shit. The other girls that were still in the restroom finished up and left leaving me alone and desperately trying to get the rest of this turd out. I managed to get another few inches out when the final bell went off and after that one of the hall moms came in knocked on my stall door and basically told me to GTFO. Definitely the week of people bugging me on the toilet. I said, "alright I'll be out soon I'm just about finished in here." I could see her eye peering through the gap at me. "OK, but hurry up, you're late." So just to make things even more awkward she then proceeds to just stand in side the bathroom waiting for me to finish. My turd breaks off and lands in the toilet with a loud plop, splashing my backside and embarrassing me. Even though i felt like I could do more, I wipe up and as I'm leaving the hall mom smiles and asks me if everything came out alright. I just walk right past her but then she says, "hey, you're forgetting something." And I remembered I forgot to wash my hands, so I went and did that and then got to class tardy. Wow, that was embarrassing. I spent the rest of the day feeling sort of constipated but not particularly like I could go very easily. I ate a lot at dinner though, and not long after I felt the urge to go poop really bad. Only problem was I was in my car on my way to my part time job at the time. So as soon as I get punched in and ready for work I raced to the restrooms and got on the toilet. Nothing like getting paid to poop, right? But remember what I said about this week? Well, as soon as I sit down my manager comes on the stupid walkie talkies they make us carry around and asks "Maddy, what's your location?" To make matters worse there was someone else in the bathroom with me hearing this. So at first I decide just to ignore it, I'll find out what she wants after I'm done. I push out most of a long turd and then again, "Maddy, what's your location?" I let the turd break off before I respond, "I using the restroom." "I'm sorry, get in touch with me when you're done." I push out another smaller turd and feel empty for the first time all day.

Tuesday was much better. I pushed out a turd first thing after getting up that morning. It was one of those poops that comes out at the same time as your peeing. There's no better way to get clean than taking a shower right after you poop. I did another one right as soon as I got home from school. And I did yet another poop that evening in the ladies room at work during my break, bringing me to 3 easy poops that day. What an improvement!

The next morning for some reason, I needed to shit right after I got out of the shower. There's no better way to mess yourself up again after taking a shower than taking a shit. I went out to dinner with my boyfriend that evening and the food was so good, I ate a ton! I had to poop really bad after that. So I excused myself to the restroom since we we're planning on going to a movie afterwards. It was big, it felt so good! The movie stunk, though, much worse than the poop.

Thursday, I needed to go rather bad that morning at school so I decided to ask for a hall pass during second block instead of risk a repeat of Monday. I took a big ol' dump in the bathroom by myself with no one around and it was so good I did it again the next day.

Today I worked out, and that work out seemed to push the poop right through me. I did 3 big logs in the bathroom this afternoon. It felt so good.


Nick (IBS)

(To the moderator--this is the correct post)

Hello Nick (IBS)

Thank you thank you thank you for replying to me. I work at a school as well, but due to the way the school is set up I would be able to make it to the bathroom just about anytime I needed to. I apologize, I don't have problems with my bowels or bladder, but if I did the school I work at would probably be one of the best places to be.

I would be interested in any and all stories that you want to share.

I do have a question that I hope does not offend you. Would it be better for you to wear protective undergarments when you are in a situation where an accident would be particularly embarrassing? I understand it could get expensive if you don't have these kinds of accidents all the time, but you could wear them while you are out or anywhere that you could be embarrassed by an accident. In situations like this that I know of (and the few that have happened to me) I have been concerned about the person's dignity. I know that there is embarrassment associated with wearing protective undergarments, but wouldn't that be better than having someone see you have an accident, or see the accident on your pants, etc? I am asking, because you would know better than I would. I know you don't know me (I guess this is my mothering side) but I always wonder what accidents like yours does to a person's emotional well-being. I always thought some sort of protection would minimize the embarrassment.

I am glad your friend was very supportive. I would hate to think how you would feel if she wasn't. If I were you I would talk to her as I always had before the accident happened. Apparently she is a friend and it would probably make her feel bad to treat her as anything else. Hell, I might would buy her a small gift.

Thank you for sharing your story(ies). I hope you are able to find a diet, medication, or other treatment that will help you achieve a quality of life that you find satisfying.


Wet my pants

lately i've been leaking right before i get to the toilet, but last night i totally soaked myself i went to fart and a gallon of pee came out instead. wet past my knees so i decided to put on 5 pair of underwear and a pad, when i woke up this morning i must have leaked a little because the pad was soaked and yellow but my underwear,pants and bed were dry so i couldn't have leaked that much considering i used a period pad

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mung Bean as always another great story about Sarah it sounds like you were really there for her this time and really helped her out and I bet she was happy you were and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jess first weklcome to thew site and great story about you and your friends pooping your pants together and as always I look forward to stories from all 3 of you thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story about your son helping you out in your time of need he sounds like a true son and sounds like he will always be ther to help you and that a very good thing it shows how carring he is and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Shipping wars pee scene

The Jennifer character on Shipping wars was seen in the latest episode peeing in her horse trailer. She was seen getting in with a handfull of napkins complaining the gas station bathroom was too dirty. She tells the camel in the trailer not to look.


New routine

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted for a while, I've had loads on at school and haven't had time.
Jas K- thanks for your reply, in answer to your question the loos at my school are reasonably well cleaned and in good condition, but they must have tried to save money on the cubicle partitions- they're really thin and flimsy and there's a massive gap underneath them so you can easily see into the next cubicle. Also in some of the cubicles theres actually a gap between the partition and the wall so you can see other girls bums while they're sitting on the loo! But as you say, if you're desperate to go or trying to releave a bad belly ache because you need a poo then you're not too bothered about what state the toilets are in. Personally I'd rather have a clean loo which doesn't have brilliant privacy rather than a filthy toilet which is fully enclosed, what do you think? As we both said, theres usually enough background noise what with flushes, hand driers and banging doors plus other girls chatting in the queue or between neighbouring cubicles (normally about how desperate they are or how releaved they are to finally be on the loo!) and like you said, even if you're having a poo and needing to strain and push hard to get it to come out its not that embarasing as you can often hear straining noises and farts and plops coming from other cubicles.
The other question you asked was about routine toilet users, this got me thinking and after I read what you'd said about getting to school early and trying to force a poo before lessons I thought I'd try to do the same. My constipation isn't as bad as it was before Christmas but I'm still having to spend a while on the loo and only seem to want a poo every three or four days which isn't brilliant. Since Monday I've been catching an earlier bus and arriving at school about half an hour before registration time meaning I can go straight to the toilets. Some days I have actually felt like I need a poo on the way to school and wish I'd gone at home, but what with four of us trying to share one bathroom I wouldn't be very popular if I was on the loo for a while! I don't like eating first thing in the morning but I've read that its easier to have a poo after a meal so I've made sure I eat a cereal bar on the bus. The only loos open at that time in the morning are the ones near the canteen, there's always a huge queue at lunch break so I've never used them but on Monday morning I figured it should be a bit quieter, anyway it was them or nothing! As I walked past reception I saw a girl looking really smart hanging round looking nervous. I smiled at her and she looked over at me and said "Hi, I'm new, this is my first day."
"Hi, I'm Abbie," I said. "Are you OK?"
"Yeah, just a bit nervous. And, well actually, I really need the loo, could you tell me where they are?"
"No problem, that's where I'm going" I said. We walked out towards the canteen towards the toilets.
"By the way, I'm Alex," she said, by now she had her hand on her belly so I could tell she was desperate.
"What year are you in?" I asked, to try to take her mind off it, I knew how embarased I'd feel if it was my first day at my new school and I was bursting for the loo.
"Year 10" she said, as I pushed open the door to the toilets and we went inside. I saw that there were eight cubicles, four on each side, I was suprised to see they were all taken and two girls were waiting, they were in Year 9 or 10 and had been on the same bus as me.
"You go first," I gestured to Alex, she looked releaved and whispered "Thanks" to me. My last poo had been on Friday and as I stood there waiting I could feel a small urge beginning so I hoped I'd be able to go. By now the other two girls had managed to get cubicles so it was just Alex in front of me, there were another three now standing behind us. I realised most of the girls were having a poo, there was a moment of silence after the hand driers went off and I could hear some grunts, farts and plops until suddenly two toilets flushed next to each other and shortly after their occupants came out. Alex went into one cubicle and I took the other, there was a strong smell of poo and some dirty toilet paper still floating in the bowl. I lifted my skirt and pulled down my tights and green knickers before sitting on the warm seat. Just like the other loos there was a big gap under the partitions, to the left I could see my neighbour's shoes and trousers just above them but not her knickers, however as I looked towards Alex's cubicle on my right I saw her trousers drop down to her shoes closely followed by a pair of pink and yellow spotty knickers. By now I'd started to wee, I dribbled some out before my stream dried up, I'd been for a wee just before leaving the house so I didn't really need to go. I settled back and started to push, for a while nothing happened apart from a few farts. To my left I could hear some plops, I heard Alex having a short wee and then she stayed sitting so I knew that she obviously needed a poo as well, she had a big skidmark in her knickers which must have been her poo poking out as she was waiting. As I pushed and did my best to keep quiet I started to wonder how many girls get to school early to give them time to open their bowels before the school day starts, there are always a few having a poo in lunch break but never this many! By now I had worked a few inches of my poo out, I was having to push quite hard but I suppose it wasn't too bad. Next door I could hear Alex straining and making soft grunts so I guessed she had a big load to get rid of, shortly after I heard a plop and a moan of releaf. By now I had a new neighbour on my left, I heard her lock the door and then watched as her skirt appeared at her shoes followed by her tights and yellow knickers. Just then my poo dropped and made a loud plop. Alex did a few more plops and then I heard her taking some toilet paper and starting to wipe her bottom. On the other side there was suddenly a barrage of farts and plops and squirts as the poor girl unloaded the contents of her bowels, she must have been really bursting! I pushed out two more poos and then I was done so I took some paper and quickly wiped my bottom. Alex took a bit longer than me to wipe so we were both pulling up our pants and then flushing the loo at about the same time. We came out and washed our hands next to each other, I thought I'd let Alex speak first as I didn't want to embarass her. As we went out of the toilets she said "Thanks for helping me out, at my last school I always used to go to the loo before school so I didn't have to ask to go during lessons, most teachers didn't let you anyway."
"Well I've just decided to get to school earlier so I have time to go before lessons start, sometimes its really hard to hold it till lunchtime!" I replied.
Just then Ellie and Beth walked by, realising Alex was in Beth's year I introduced her to Beth and then went off with Ellie to get ready for first lesson.
Tuesday morning I followed the same routine and ended up queuing for the loos with exactly the same people- Alex and the two girls from the bus. I tried to have a poo but nothing was forthcoming, however on Wednesday morning I had better luck and managed to push out a couple of poos which was good. By the end of the week I'd got to know Katie and Georgie (the two girls from the bus) a bit better and we were all saying it was better to go on the loo before lessons. I'd had a cubicle next to them a couple of times and realised that they were going for a poo as well. Friday morning I couldn't poo either but I must have stirred something as by lunchtime I had quite a strong urge and I managed to go then which was good. Will have to stop now, hope you liked my post. Bye for now, Abbi


Nick (IBS)

Hi Duchess,

thank you for your kindness. Yeah, this was one of the very worst experiences of my life to date......and due to my condition I have had a large number of accidents over the years, particularly recently.

My colleague who was driving was so supportive.....a very lovely person. She kept trying to calm me down while she drove me to the nearby supermarket. She then phoned work to say that I was ill while I went in to clean up. I was lucky it was early and there weren't too many people around. Clean-up was hard work.....I had to throw away my underwear and my trousers were a bit of a mess too......luckliy I never did get any on her car-seat as I don't think I'd have been able to look at her again. I'm finding it hard enough as it is now.

I am back in work at the moment. I teach in a secondary school and as you can imagine that is hard enough work. I have had an accident at school relatively recently as well if you were interested in hearing about that?

Got to say....I am a huge fan of this board and there are some people who's stories I love to read, especially Abbie and at the moment Thirty-something female.

Hello Nick (IBS)

Thank you thank you thank you for replying to me. I work at a school as well, but due to the way the school is set up I would be able to make it to the bathroom just about anytime I needed to. I apologize, I don't have problems with my bowels or bladder, but if I did the school I work at would probably be one of the best places to be.

I would be interested in any and all stories that you want to share.

I do have a question that I hope does not offend you. Would it be better for you to wear protective undergarments when you are in a situation where an accident would be particularly embarrassing? I understand it could get expensive if you don't have these kinds of accidents all the time, but you could wear them while you are out or anywhere that you could be embarrassed by an accident. In situations like this that I know of (and the few that have happened to me) I have been concerned about the person's dignity. I know that there is embarrassment associated with wearing protective undergarments, but wouldn't that be better than having someone see you have an accident, or see the accident on your pants, etc? I am asking, because you would know better than I would. I know you don't know me (I guess this is my mothering side) but I always wonder what accidents like yours does to a person's emotional well-being. I always thought some sort of protection would minimize the embarrassment.

I am glad your friend was very supportive. I would hate to think how you would feel if she wasn't. If I were you I would talk to her as I always had before the accident happened. Apparently she is a friend and it would probably make her feel bad to treat her as anything else. Hell, I might would buy her a small gift.

Thank you for sharing your story(ies). I hope you are able to find a diet, medication, or other treatment that will help you achieve a quality of life that you find satisfying.

Hi im back. So the last 3 times I've pooped my pants at Kaitlin's have all been her falt cuz she was pure lazzy.
The first was when we first met in the 8th grade. I did not realize I had to go untill Kaitlin did. She said on the bus she had to poop really bad. Once we got back to her house. She didn't use the bathroom, then as we were on the computer, I got a pain in my stoumch. Kaitlin did also, but after a few min the room started to stink. Kaitlin stood up and I saw the biggest lump in anyone's pants I've ever seen. I didn't want to have her feel embaressed so I let mine loose. Her mom came home and came in to say hi when she smelt a big poop in someone's underwear. She first grabbed Kaitlin off the seat of the computer and looked down her pants to find it was the biggest load of poop she'd have to clean out of her underwear. I was off Scott free untill I got home. I went to take a shower. I stripped down and just took my pants off and left my underwear in my room on the floor and forgot to close the door. My mom knew I had an accident and left them
In my room. She knocked on the bathroom door luckily my ass was all clean. And my mom asked why I had an accident and I told her cuz I didn't want to embaresse kaitlin and I don't poop in public or friends houses.
The next time at Kaitlin's was tge next year our freshman year of hs. It happened cuz Kaitlin held it too long and as she went into the bathroom I saw it comming out and b4 she even opened the door she was standing still pooping herself. Her mom was on her way up the stairs while I was going in to use the bathroom when I opened the door bam her mom saw kaitlin cleaning her bum and the undies on the floor and flipped and told kaitin to wipe her own qss as she began to clean out the underwear my turtlehead was pocking out. I said forget it and pooped my pants. I got a chance to clean myself up. My thing is dump the poop into the toilet and use tp to get out the stain. I did that then her mom asked if I was ok and I said yeah. I cleand up then pulled up and went on with my day.


RE: Online Status

Just saw this, and had read your post, so deiced to share...

One of my friends FB status just read "This would only happen to me when I had a fun night planned! Fml. Sideways and bent over." which doesn't really sound toilet related at all, but then after a few people asked what was wrong, and told her it'd be alright, she posts "No it's not. I can't do anything without puking or shitting my pants. Not happy."

To give you guys a visual, she's 20, about 5'5" or so, just over shoulder length brown hair. I can't quite decide what to post to try and get more details out of her... Don't want to come off as a creep or anything...

I just figured I'd share this, as this is the first time that i've seen anything toilet related at all... Maybe with some kinda luck, she looks here too and will post something...


Bookstore Poop

Hey everyone, hope your week is going well so far(t).

Today I was meeting a friend of mine up for lunch & a movie after. It was in an area I don't frequent, so I showed up a bit earlier than expected.

To kill time, I was browsing through a bookstore. This bookstore also had a coffee shop, with 2 single occupant bathrooms (and no gender identifiers on the doors).

After a few minutes of being there, I got a pressure around my anus that it was time to shit....but I held off - I was hoping to go in after a lady came out of one. So I waited. And waited. The urge slowly became stronger, and I got the feeling of a need to fart. And my hole was getting a bit moist too.

An older woman of about mid 30s to early 40s went in one. She was decent enough looking; I wouldn't mind seeing or hearing her take a poop or fart haha. After a few minutes, she came out, and I waited a few seconds before going in. There was no evidence of a poop - either it was a very quick one or she took a lengthy piss. I did notice some toilet paper in the toilet though.

So I took my seat, and released an incredible feeling fart: VRROOOTTT! Shortly thereafter, my bum crackled a bit and my load began making its way out. It felt like I was passing a few decent sized pieces. They were firm enough that I had to wait & push minorly a couple of times. They weren't noisy or anything, just a bit of a crackle and some slight hitting the water sounds...not even plops. As I was working on one, I heard someone attempt the handle, and then go into the other bathroom. I thought 'shoot, if that's a pretty lady, it'll be my luck I missed out on knowing'. i listened intently, as it was quiet in my bathroom (no fans going etc...) I finished up shortly, wiped, flushed then made my way to a spot where I could see the bathroom entrance and still look at books. A good 1-2 minutes later, out came a cute girl in a skit with some shopping bags. She looked young - I'd give her anywhere from 17-25 base don looks. I waited a few seconds, and made my way in there.

I could smell either the air freshner, or some perfume she may have sprayed. I noticed the toilet seat was up - could have been from a previous male occupant, and given her shopping bags, she may have changed in there or something. In the toilet tho, were a a few poop marks. Not 'skid' but some markings.

After being in there for a bit, Grabbed some toilet paper, and pretended to be blowing my nose upon exit, should anyone notice me going into a bathroom twice...

Before I give feedback to various posters, I'll ask the ladies a question - when you go to the bathroom, home or public, pee or poop, do you have stand / hover / bend over a toilet as opposed to SITTING on it?
I think, maybe, the lady in the skirt took a shit, but lifted the seat and either stood with one leg on each side, or bent over it. I'm curious what our female posters have to say.

Oh, btw my poop was a 12-14" log, and about 3 smaller chunks..all in that in between stage of soft and firm.

Now for some comments:

Michelle, formerly MS: I love your posts ;) Welcome back! Sounds like a relieving, orgasmic poop you had round Christmas. Do you experience 'splashback' often (as per your Jan 12th poop)? I do but it's rare.

ASSley P. closet farter eh? Let it out out :) Gradually around the b/f, just to see how responsive he is towards it. I can't deny that I wouldn't mind a girl scrunching up her face / straining, blasting a ripper and then 'ahhh...'
One thing I do for 'proper comapny' (as open as i am about this forum related stuff, there's some people one doesn't want to fart etc around), I go into another room and let it out there. Or maybe the bathroom, but leave the door visibly open a crack so he may come in if he's up to it...

Bryana - wow!! was that one turd or multiples? i bet it felt great, despite not quite making it..

Leanne - hope your exams went well! Was your load noisy??

Emma - sounded like you had a nice urgent, relieving, and dare I say orgasmic dump? I bet you didn't have to wait once you were on the toilet!

Ashleigh - I've never pooped anywhere but a toilet! When you shat on the floor, did you find it came out better because of your position?

Alyssa - Welcome to the board! Wow, how much did you fill the trash can? Do you usually fart and poop that much??

New Michelle - i love to hold my poop for (almost) as long as I can. I find I get more poop (bigger and more pieces, one or the other) and pre-poop farts as I hold it.

Nicola - sounds like a good fun poop you had! Oft times, going outside like that can be unpleasant...sounds like you had a big relieving load.

Adrian - torrents can be awesome relieving, yet dangerous...they're nice and loud that's for sure!

David - looking forward to more posts about you & Anne, as well as bowel / toilet habits.

That's all for now. Hope you all have a great weekend and fantastic toilet trips - if that's where you like unloading ;)

Brandon T
wwe diva Natalya farted on the latest wwe smackdown episode and apparently it really stunk


Reply to Dan

Dan- My huge dumps are usually just one big thick one that clogs the toilet. Although go figure, I've had dumps that huge since I was a young kid, as young as 4 years old.

I made chili for dinner last night so I hope between last night's dinner and having leftovers of it tonight that I will have a good poop ;) I've been farting up a storm. Even my husband is surprised at the size and loudness of my farts.


Food court

I was drinking a caffeinated drink at a food court the other day. I really had to poop after that, so whenI was finished the drink, I rushed to the nearest bathroom. I entered a stall, pulled my pants down, and sat on the toilet. A really long poo started to come out. I looked between my legs and saw it coiling around in the toilet. I was peeing as I was pooing. When I was finally finished the super-long poo, I peed a lot more. I looked at what I had done before I wiped, and I was impressed at how long the poo was! I then wiped, flushed, and washed my hands.

Just a guy
Its been a long time since I posted, but I have been reading everyone's posts - just a few quick comments (sorry if some of them are old)

Emma - in your last story, it sounded like you had a nice relieving dump after a long wait. I also really enjoyed your story about the dump on the plane.

Leanne - as usual, I enjoy reading your stories. You mentioned in the last post that your dump was a smelly one & you were glad, no one came in. I know what you mean. I go at least once every day at work and am not embarassed, but when it's smelly, I'm glad when no one else is around and I can escape without being noticed.

Rachel - I enjoyed your post about you & your friend Kate's dumps.

Abbie - I enjoy reading your stories, especially the one at Ellie's.

Katharine - wow, you and your friend had some really large dumps after the eating contest!

Tom - great story about Pam. I'm surprised she didn't use the spray to cover the smell.


I am home from school on intersession. I was to work at a job today. I felt lousy so I stayed home. I ate raw garlic and onions. That will knock it out of me. We've had a change of weather. My bowels are in check. I've been drinking lots of tea. This week I made #2 where I worked. I went into the toilet closet at work, hitched up my blue denim dress, pulled down my dark nude panty hose, purple FOL brief and sat on the bowl. I had to clean the seat of urine and spray it with Lysol. I had a 20 inch brown snake to let out and did it feel ever so good. Plus, I laid a buzzing 10 second fart. I was in there for 5 minutes. I wiped myself easy. took a look at what I released and flushed the bowl and returned to work. I hate the job. I will only be here until the end of the month.

Next day Saturday: I stayed home. I was better than yesterday. I called up that stupid place and quit. It was not for me. I drank a homeopathic for my bronchial passages and lots of tea and ate many fruits, grapes, oranges. Around noon at home, I let down my pj bottoms and white FLO briefs to my ankles. I squeezed out a semi-hard rope of about 18 inches. It was dark brown and I stinked the bathroom. I was glad because I thought that I was going to be constipated. My movements have been getting firm lately. I am on intersession. I have the opportunity to take an accelerated class for 3 credits. I want to get out of school early. I am tired and I am going to sleep. I think I am run down due to the change in weather and attending lots of classes.

Postman: Massive turd story. I've had the same thing lately. Enjoy it. You are truly regular. Your intestines are opening up and expelling all the bad toxins in you.

Hi, Paris. I'll answer for you. I'm new to this.
Longest fart you've ever done? I fart when I am making a real heavy messy #2. Today, I made a 10 second one. I timed it when I was putting out the garbage.

Largest poop you've ever done? Whenever I eat a lot. The morning or day after a party, I will make a lot of #2. Longest, in terms of what time or physical length? Recently, I ate lots of salads at a party and the next morning, I sat on the throne and expelled muddy chunks for 30 seconds. I can't describe it, but it felt relaxing.

Longest pee you've ever done? many times in the morning when I awake. I always pee, first thing in the morning. I pull down my panty to my knees or ankles, open my legs or close them and spread my ankles and urinate. That takes 30-60 secs.

to am I normal: This happens in many public schools every day. I went to school where there were stalls and doors. Only, we were timed. I did not like being with the girls in the bathroom. They were rough ho's! I could only pee. I think I made #2 at school when I was in third or fourth grade once. I hated those days.

Using a cup or a garbage can especially in your house is nasty. Failing to use a toilet in the house is just plain nasty.

Anne (David's Wife): I would have paid a million buck$ to have a bowel movement like that in my high school. Many girls would do so. I could not. Guards would harass me just to take a pee. Thankfully, I used to make #2 in the morning before I left the house. I could wait until I got home or I would go to the library to study or stop off at a department store. The guards knew me because I once had to use the toilet there and they allowed me in w/out an adult.

Jasmin K: I attend college. So, I come and go as I please. Most of the toilets are clean. I see the same girls in the women's toilet daily. Our bowels and bladders are like clockwork.

Proud to Pee
How many girls and ladies pee standing and how do you do it?
I'll answer. I do when I am pressed for time or the toilet is questionable or I just feel like it. I will stand over the toilet, if I have to pee badly because I just want to get my clothes undone and my underwear down. In fact, I have peed 3x within 90 minutes tonight. I went to Bible Study. I ate good, lots of Indian food: chicken, salad and curry salad. I'll shit good in the morning. When I got home, could only raise my brown woolen skirt, yank down my brown pantyhose and plaid Ambrielle boy short panty just enough, I stood over the bowl with my legs slighty apart and it was ecstasy. I peed for almost 30 secs. with force. As I was approaching the bowl, I was about to wet myself. 2x at church-same thing. I have been drinking lots of water and tea. I'll squat many times, with my panty below my knees, if I am wearing a dress or a skirt. I learned that from Tyra Banks and older females. Sometimes in grade school and HS, I would not sit on the school toilet. I would just lift my jumper, skirt or let down my pants and stand or squat over the bowl and pee. I was not the only girl, but I was the odd one. On Saturdays, I studied for my GED at this old city hs. The toilets were old. So, I would turn up the seat and either squat or hover. Some toilets had no seats. That porcelain was cooooooooooooooold! Some girls would sit on the bare bowl or they would put paper on the top. I like answering the surveys.


Skirts,dresses, and panties.

This is a question for the high school and young adult women that wear skirts and dresses without pantyhose but with just panties.
When you pull your skirt or dress up to sit down on the toliet
do you have your panties:

(1) At your feet down by your shoes? Yes
(2) At your thighs or knees? Yes
(3) Right next to your pubic area so no one can see anything if they
walk in on you? Sometimes, if I am in a strange place rarely.
Also what is the fabric of panties that you choose to wear and
does it matter on what skirt or dress that you wear? I wear dresses and skirts short to medium length. I wear slips for church and formal occasions. Short skirts, I loosen and pull down below my knees. I like silk and nylon under my slip for dress occasions. Otherwise, I like my cotton and microfiber. I wear my panties a size or two larger, so that my vagina will have air and I will not get a yeast infection. I have a small waist 26 inches.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


More replies to richguy, Martin, David & Anne

richguy. It sounds as though you had an interesting experience! In my experience of public toilet use in the UK, men aren't generally allowed to use the gents if a female attendant is cleaning, and they usually have to use the disabled facility if there is one, hold it, or go elsewhere. Whether the same restriction applies to ladies if a male attendant is cleaning their facility, I'm not sure.

Martin. Thanks for the information re your bowel opening habits. I try to maintain a schedule of sorts with a poo either before or after breakfast, another teatime or early evening and another closer to or at - bedtime. Unfortunately my bowels don't always oblige. I may not be able to do anything first thing but then have to go at work around lunchtime. Today (Sunday) I've been very constipated although not too bothered about it as I managed to drop a couple of decent loads yesterday.

David. Last but by no means least. It's a pleasure to encounter another guy who also likes Sloggi Maxi panties. I've not come across pink Sloggis yet. Most of the ones I've got are white with a few pairs of fawn and the odd pair of black in the past. Points noted about size. Being a well built man (who likes his food) I generally try to get size 26 ones although I can get away with smaller. The last ones I got were size 28 so hopefully they should have a longer life than some. I live in a fairly rural area though and most of my clothes shopping is done in a small market town, so what I can get depends largely on local availability. I find if they happen, pin holes tend to develop near the crotch elastic - presumably because that's where I pull the fabric aside when I need to pee. Thanks for the advice re other sorts of briefs - I'll have to experiment a bit.

Also, thanks for sharing the information re the big jobbie you did the other day. A fifteen inch stool the thickness of a coke can sounds pretty impressive! You and Anne are even luckier to have such robust constitutions and even luckier to only need poos a couple of times a week. Do either of you ever get to a point where you're smelling or doing farts? On rare occasions I've done that, particularly in my mis-spent youth, but nowadays I tend to be wary of farting unless I'm actually on the loo at the time. I eat a lot but on the whole my bowels are fairly active and at least a couple of good poos a day are fairly common for me. As has been the case today though, there are some days when I get to do little or nothing - although I tend to make up for that the next day if it happens!

I'm not surprised you've clogged toilets a few times. I've come close to it once or twice. Like you guys, if I've dropped a particularly big load, I tend to flush first before wiping, wipe and then flush again. Thanks for the information re the water solubility of poo. It makes a lot of sense. Like you I avoid the use of laxatives because I believe that though constipation can be irritating, it's a self limiting condition which generally sorts itself out. If I feel a helping hand is needed I'll either use a bulking agent such as Fybogel or eat a good helping of prunes, a remedy which seldom fails to work for me.

I look forward to hearing about the first time you heard Anne doing a motion, saw her creation and discovered your mutual interest. Also I'd love to hear about any good poos either of you have had in the last couple of days.

Hi again. This evening I went out for a meal with my friend Beth and then we went to see a film. By the time it finished it had been nearly 3 hours since we ate and I really needed to take a big poo! As we came out I said to Beth, 'I need to stop for the loo before we go,' and she said, 'me too, I'm dying to go poo!' I said I was too and we joined the queue for the 8 cubicles in the ladies. There were 5 people waiting and ten minutes passed before two girls came out together and we got two cubicles next to each other. I farted and produced four logs and I heard Beth make five plops of her own. Good job the film wasn't any longer!

To the anonymous poster qho asked about skirts. I don't wear them very often, really (I usually wear jeans, or shorts in the summer) but when I do I usually lower my panties all the way to my feet when I'm pooing and just below the knees if I'm only having a wee. It doesn't matter what material they're made from for me either.

John H

bursting to goPost Title (optional)

hey all just a quick post.
I have just finished a large meal and I have been holding back what feels like a very large log for the last 2 or 3 hours.
The meal has made me want to go all the more so think its time to head in the direction of the bathroom soon.
Its been a while sence I have wanted to go this bad but I want to hold on as long as I can.
I want to get the washing up done and bring out the bins before I go but dont know if I will make it.
Its taking all my consontration to hold it in at the moment.
Will let you all know how I get on later


question for Michelle

Did your poop land in the floor or the seat of the car? also did you pee some while pooping in your car and if so did it go in the floor or seat?

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