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Hello, I like to read the posts on this site. I have a few stories too. Just earlier this month I was returning from a long flight. I still had a long drive home after that, and I was really sleepy from the flight. I wasn't ready to sleep yet, so I figured I would drive and stop when I needed. I stopped to get a burger after about my first hour of driving or so. That awakened the rest of my bowels and made me feel like I had to poop. I just continued on my drive home hoping I could wait. After a little while I suddenly felt like I was about to fall asleep, so I pulled off on the next exit. Just then the urge to poop came back and became an emergency. I turned left at the top of the ramp, drove for a little ways, but didn't find a good place to pull over. My guts felt like they were going to explode. I turned back around and tried the other direction off the ramp. It looked closed from a distance, but to my surprise I was lucky enough it was just a small gravel road. I drove about 100 yards down the road and pulled over cause I couldn't wait anymore. I stepped out of my car, squatted by the door, relaxed my body, and instantly poop oozed out from under me. I pooed out a large, mushy, pile between my feet. I stayed there for another few minutes to bask in my relief. After that I had an adrenaline rush, so I continued my trip. Thanks for listening and keep up the good stories.

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To: Danielle first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping your pants and I look forward to more stories by you and Kaitlyn thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great pooping story it sounds like you and your freind Nikki both had a nice refreshing poop outside and it sounds like she really needed it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Alan great story about you watching your girlfriend Nina poop it sounds like she really had to go and please share anymore stories about her that you have thanks.

To: Karen as always another great story and it sounds like you have bad luck when it comes to getting diarrhea witch really sucks and I hope you got better quickly and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Michelle first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping in your car it sounds like you really had to go to bad you didn make it but at least you saved your clothes but your floor mat is another story and please post more stories thanks.

To: Sarah great atory about you and your friend saras holding contest and then you both pooping yourselves it sounds like you both felt really great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


cleaning lady

I was having a bowel movement in a department store restroom. There was a guy in the stall next to me and there were three empty stalls around us. The cleaning guy came in, cleaned the unoccupied stalls and then started working on the sinks.
I finished first and when I came out of my stall I found that the cleaing guy was actually a cleaning lady! It startled me for a second but then I realized it was no big deal. I thought about waiting for the other guy to ask him what he thought but I didn't know how long he was going to be.
Anyone else had experience with a cleaning person of the other gender cleaning the bathroom while you were in there?

mung bean

more stories about sarah

If you haven't seen my previous stories, Sarah is my best friend's little sister. She had a lot of "potty problems" as a kid. One thing that reminded me of Sarah was Danielle's post about her 12 year old daughter Emma on page 2147 having poop accidents. Apparently it isn't all that uncommon for kids to get constipated so badly that they end up with something called encopresis, where they basically poop their pants either without knowing it because the poop leaks out, or because it hurts so bad they end up going just to relieve the pressure.

I remember when Sarah was between 8 and 9, she had this. I overheard her mom talking to one of the other neighborhood moms about it, I guess they had to take her to the doctor because she didn't go for a long time. Sarah seemed quite proud to announce to any and all who would listen that she was "now allowed to poop her pants because it was better than being constipated and having to go to the doctor." I'm not sure how true this was exactly, she still got told off by her parents when she had an accident, and it drove her brother insane because he had to clean her up during the day in the summers while he had to babysit, although she did not get in nearly as much trouble as she used to before the doctor visit.

So anyhow, one weekend day around then (she was between 8 and 9, I would have been 13,) I was hanging out in the front yard skateboarding and waiting for my friend to come back from something or other. Sarah was riding her scooter up and down the street like she often did. I actually did a double take when I saw her ride by, as I thought at first she wasn't wearing any pants. Turns out she was wearing really short light blue jean shorts that looked a little too small for her, and her shirt almost completely covered them.

While she was riding around, I noticed her stop a few times and assume "the position," where she'd squat down a little bit and get that look of concentration that usually meant she was about to poop. This time, though, it happened 3 or 4 times over the course of maybe 20 minutes. The last time, she stopped her scooter about 15 feet away from me, and got the same look of concentration before lifting her shirt up and looking at her shorts. A moment later, a dark wet spot appeared and started spreading until a half moon from her legs to the middle of her zipper was soaked, and the streams of yellow pee running down her legs formed a large puddle around her sandals on the street.

Usually she'd smirk and get back to riding her scooter, but this time she stayed slightly squatting, and put her hands on her knees while her face turned red. It was readily apparent to anyone watching that she was pooping, except she stayed in that position for longer than I would have expected, and started sobbing and whimpering after tugging on the seat of her shorts.

I skated over to where she was, careful not to roll in the pee puddle, and asked her what was wrong. She sniffled a little and said "I have to poop really bad and it's stuck." "Stuck?" I asked? "Yeah, it won't come out of my butt and it hurts."

"Well," I said. "Maybe your shorts are too tight and the poop can't escape." She looked at me like I was insane, but I could see at least 2 inches of her underwear bunched up above her shorts. I am pretty sure the underwear was actually larger than the shorts she was wearing.

"Maybe you should pull your pants down a little to like.. make room.." I added. She considered this for a moment, then started to unbutton her shorts. "Wait! Don't pull 'em down in the middle of the road. Here, let's go over behind those bushes," I said, pointing at some large hedges that separated my yard from the neighbor's. They provided good cover from the street, so we went over there and she tugged her shorts down to her knees, then pulled her underwear back up tightly, sending a few more drips of pee down her legs. She pulled her shirt back up and peered down at her wet undies, which were white with pink trim and had strawberry shortcake cartoons, a little one on the front, and a big one on the butt.

Although it seemed to make sense at the time, I do not know why she didn't just pull her panties down and poop on the ground.. but as it was, she stood with her legs apart and her shirt up over her belly, squatted down a little and pushed with all her might. "It's coming!" she said excitedly. "Turn around, lemme see." She did, and I could see a small pointed bulge pressing out against the fabric of her underwear. She reached around and poked it, mentioning how hard it was. "Feel it, it's all hard." I did, and it was. "Eew." I said, and wiped my pee-dampened finger on her shirt. She giggled and resumed pushing, and the bulge got at little bigger, until with an audible crackling noise it finally emerged, leaving a lump the size of an orange. "Wow," I said, as she sighed in relief. "You really had to go, lemme see it." I pulled back the waistband of her undies and it was pretty big, dark brown, dry and solid. "I can see why you had trouble getting it out!"

I let the waistband of her underwear snap back, and gave her a playful tickle. "Nice work!" She giggled again, pulled up her wet shorts, then gave me a big hug and said "Thank you for helping me and not laughing at me!" After she buttoned herself back up, she ran back out and resumed riding her scooter.

My friend came by not too long afterwards, and I mostly forgot about it, although I saw her a couple hours later, still wearing the same clothes. The pee stain had dried out, but the lump in the seat of her pants was still obvious. I never found out if she got in any trouble from that, but after she hugged me and thanked me, I was always a lot nicer to her, and never made fun of her for her accidents after that.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Adrian, (and others) I hope this answers your questions.

Adrian, like you I wear woman's Sloggi Maxi Briefs as I find them a lot more comfortable then male underwear, (and I have read that quite a lot of men do so), and I seldom wear Speedos these days unless I am playing golf and have to get changed in the locker room in front of other man although there are very few differences between male and female underpants these days as Anne has explained and I don't wear pink ones although I do all the other colours such as light blue, yellow, skin colour (light tan) , black and plain white. I gave up wearing Y-Fronts years ago and have never liked Boxers at all. Anne and I take the same size in Sloggis so no problem. As to your Sloggis not lasting as long as you would like perhaps you need to wear a size larger than you do at present e.g. 22 instead of 20, (Anne and I are ???? so wear Size 24) as the cotton-elastaine fabric they are made of is under tension and the slightest pin hole or cut will spread and make them unwearable unlike cotton briefs where any holes do not usually spread and can be closed easily by a couple of stitches. The other possibility is for you to wear Sloggi Maxi Control Briefs which are made of slightly thicker material and less likely to hole or ladder.

Anyway, enough about panties and knickers and I hope the Moderator won't mind this small diversion for the main topic.

You asked about the big jobbie I did a few days ago as Anne related. It was typical of the big poos both of us tend to pass. We are quite ????, and eat a lot and have what they call a "Cast iron constitution" and I can't remember the last time either of us suffered diarrhoea and even a loose stool is a rarity I'm very glad to say. Our jobbies are long, fat and firm, sometimes slightly constipated, compacted and lumpy and take an effort to produce but are not usually uncomfortable nor painful to pass. The big one I did that Anne mentioned was about 15 inches long I would estimate and as thick as a coke can to begin with but gently tapered along its length to a pointed end which stuck up about the water in the bottom of the toilet pan when I had passed it. Anne's jobbies are often the same size and solidity etc as that. Both of us usually only do two or at most three motions a week so our turds are big ones.

As regards clogging the toilet, we have both done this quite a few times when at school, university, at work, public toilets, those in pubs, restaurants, hotels etc. At home we have three toilets, a downstairs cloakroom toilet, a main bathroom upstairs that stay-over visitors can use and our almost as large en-suite toilet and shower off our bedroom. If our jobbies stick we usually find that a number of flushes will remove them especially if one of us throw a bucket of water down the pan as the other pulls the flush. What often causes blockages is the toilet paper not the turds and we tend to flush the poos away before we flush the paper after it. The other approach is to leave the big turd in the pan for an hour or so. Poo is water soluble, indeed the large intestine works by absorbing the water from what is a liquid when it comes out of the small intestine. That's why if you eat or drink something that disagrees with your digestive system, fi example hot curry or very spicy food, or have an illness which affects the bowels, you get diarrhoea as the watery waste product from the small intestine is rushed through the large bowel too quickly for the water to be absorbed and the stools made solid and formed or if you use laxatives, which Anne and I never do, then these work either by irritating the colon (large bowel) and making its action called peristalsis much faster than it should be so the stools retain more water, Sennokot and Castor Oil work this way whilst others such as Epsom Salts block the absorption of the water in the faeces by osmotic tension and again watery diarrhoea occurs. So if a large solid turd is left in the water of the toilet pan it will absorb that water and get softer and be easier to flush away and if left long enough eventually swell up and dissolve but that would make a dreadful smell and be a possible health risk in summer with flies around. If repeated flushes and the bucket of water does not shift a big turd then I will push it over the "hidden bend" while wearing a disposable rubber glove and wash my hands well with germicidal soap afterwards. We don't use a plunger as that makes a terrible mess nor break the turds up for the same reason. Perhaps because we have a large toilet pan with a powerful flush in our en-suite toilet we don't usually have to pull the flush more than three or four times before it all goes away.

When I get a chance I will tell readers about the first time I heard Anne doing a motion and saw the big fat jobbie she had done and how we discovered that we were both interested in such matters.

Hi im jess. I'm friends with Kaitlin and danielle. Sence I was in the 6th grade I have loved to poop my pants. Kaitlin is the only one who knows.
My first story was the other night when I was doing homework, I got the urge to take a huge crap. I figured I'll play the holding game. After about 1/2 hour I really had to go and couldnt hold it and it all came into my panties. As I was grabbing my clothes to take a shower my sister was crying cuz shed just pooped her pants waiting for my mom to be done. So she asked me if I would help her I told her I would cuz I alrady had something in my panties also. My mom came in while I cleaned off her ass. She was in shock to see both her girls with pop in their pants. She ripped down my pants and panties to see I had the bigger mess. I told im cleaning her up then myself. I'm 17 not 13 I can do it myself.

Recently I was in one of those coffee shops in the city centre. It's above another shop, so you go in the door and straight up a set of stairs to the main area. Then if you carry on up you get to a second landing, go along a corridor to two toilets, one male one female. Waiting in the queue for the ladies was a girl of around 16 wearing a school skirt, tights, shirt and blazer, and an older girl maybe in her early twenties, wearing jeans and a university sweater. I went in and sat down and could hear the younger girl pulling her tights and knickers down and sitting down. There was silence for a moment, and then one of the loudest hissing streams I've ever heard began, and went on for over a minute. She then wiped, flushed and left, and the other girl came in. I could hear her fumbling with her belt for a while, then she pulled her trousers and knickers down and sat down. Almost immediately there was a heavy torrent of runny sounding poo, then she sighed, must have been relieved!


Rachel R

Skirts, dresses and panties

Answers to the survey:
Panties down to my knees.
Most of my panties are cotton or a cotton blend.
No it doesn't matter which skirt or panties I have on, it all goes about the same when I sit down on the toilet.

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response to online status question

Long-time reader, first-time poster, male (that's enough detail for now), decided to pop my posting cherry in response to the request for toilet-related status updates etc.

I'm Facebook friends with an ex-gf who knew about - and would occasionally, if not hugely enthusiastically (see final paragraph), indulge - my fetish for watching women pee themselves. A couple of years ago, she had a baby with her current partner, and while she was in the third trimester of pregnancy, she posted a status about how he'd made her laugh so hard that, with the effect of baby pressing on her bladder too, she totally wet herself.

You'll be pleased to hear that I refrained from posting any snarky comment :)

(Whatever. She wasn't into it, fair enough, I wasn't going to force her. It was enough for me that she tried it occasionally, I wasn't going to make an issue out of it.)

Tom my 18 year old son after a serious argument over his study, or lack of it, for his O levels. There had been a ghastly shouting match two days ago ending with him storming out of the house. We have always been good friends more than Mum and son, especially since my divorce, when he was just 11 years old. At work after the argument I just could not concentrate on my work, beside the row I had a bad ????, the start of my period, so I wasn't feeling on top of the world. I managed to work to lunch time but was feeling so grotty I decided to go home. On the twelve mile drive home my ???? started to churn badly. I was praying I wouldn't get stuck in a traffic jam. By the time I turned off the motorway and drove through the village to my home I was bursting to go. Scrambling out of the car, one hand tucked under my bum as I dashed in a crouch for the door. I ran upstairs, slamming the front door noisily. Getting to the bathroom I just made it to the toilet but as I pulled my panties down I was just to late to prevent myself from shitting in them. I bent over on the toilet as an explosive wave of diarrhea burst from me into the pan. I was sitting holding my stomach when I heard a knock on the bathroom door.


"What, Tom," I answered in a low voice.

"Mum, are you alright?"

"No," I answered, "I've got a bad stomach. I thought you were going to do some studying today?"

"I have Mum, honest," Tom's voice was soft. "I'm sorry about this morning, really I am."

"That's alright darling, I'm sorry t . . . ohhhhhhhhhh," I groaned holding my stomach as I shit again.

"Mum," I heard Tom's voice rising and as he tried the bathroom door it opened. I had forgotten to lock it.

He was standing in the doorway staring at me. I had my panties right down by my ankles. "Tom," I looked into his eyes, "please, I'm on the toilet."

Ignoring my plea he came into the bathroom and up to me. "Let me help you Mum please," he said.

I took hold of his hand and couldn't resist lifting my face and kissing his cheek. "It's alright darling," I squeezed his hand as I kissed him on the cheek a second time, "I'm glad you're here honey."

I was remember the times when he used to wait outside the bathroom door to listen to me on the toilet. It always thrilled me when he did that, made me feel so wanted, so needed. As I held his hand I shit a third time, not so explosively, but enough to make me gasp. Tom was crouching beside me now and he kissed me on the cheek then. I turned my head towards him and without thinking, our lips brushed together. Suddenly I was kissing him, and not at all like a Mum. I never wanted to stop then. I heard his voice, like it was in the distance, but he was saying 'I love you Mum.' Under his lips I was telling him I loved him too. Breaking the kiss, almost like coming up for air, I twisted my body to reach for the toilet paper. As I tore some from the roll Tom's hand stopped me.

"Let me, Mum," I looked up at him. "Please Mum let me wipe your bum?"

"Are you sure?" I said, my voice sounding strangely thick.

"Yes Mum, I am," Tom's voice was firm as he tore the toilet paper.

I lifted myself off the toilet as he knelt. I felt his hand sliding the paper between the cheeks of my ass. He was so gentle as he wiped me five times before cheekily slapping my bum cheek and saying 'you're done, Mum.'

I went to pull my panties up, then realised they were soiled badly. Tom bent right down and carefully eased my dirty panties off my feet. He stood up as I smoothed my skirt down. We held hands as we left the bathroom.

Adrian- Yes, as you say most gents toilets, except in really big shopping centres, airports etc, tend to have under half adozen cubicles because they're only needed for number twos. But then when you get more than a couple of guys needing to go, or pee-shy guys using them, you tend to get queues, or at least it seems that way to me!
My bowels operate on a rough schedule most days. I need to go after I eat usually, in the afternoon and then the evening, but exactly when depends on when I get up, how much I ate and exactly when I ate, but I usually go between noon and 2pm and then 7-10pm. I try to go at the same sort of time but it isn't always possible!

Today I was working on a computer project in the university computer lab. I was doing a tricky part so when I felt the need to go poo I ignored it until I had finished the work. By then I had to go quite badly so I packed up and went to the toilets. The two cubicles were in use. I bent down until I could see the feet of the guys in there to check if one was just pissing, but they were both sat down so I stood to wait. One guy came in for the urinals and after five minutes one cubicle opened up. I sat down and unloaded three turds under cover of the hand dryer.Another two followed and I was done.


Latest replies etc

Nicola. Thanks for sharing your experience with Nikkie from last winter. Goodness, I remember that big freeze well! It sounds as though Nikki needed to go just as much as you did. If the Met Office are right I'm told there's a fair chance we'll get another prolonged cold snap in February - the sort of weather which always affects my bladder if it does nothing else!

Francesca. I'm sure all the 'regulars' here (definite pun intended) are more than delighted to make you very welcome indeed. There's nothing wrong in enjoying bodily functions and being proud of our pees and poos. After all, there aren't many areas in life where we can all excel and call ourselves experts, but that's one of them!

Nick (ibs). As someone who occasionally suffers from mild IBS, I'd be interested to hear about more of your experiences. For someone in your profession I could well imagine it causing difficulties.

Karen. Thanks for your reply. I've been on this earth nearly fifty years so I've you've been eating fast food that long without occasionally encountering any ill effects up until now, I'd say you'd done pretty well. I'm nor particularly into nuts but, as you've suggested, the pecan pie might have been the culprit. I wouldn't expect the pineapple as such to have done you any harm - unless it had got contaminated with something else. Anyhow, I hope you're feeling much better and have made a full recovery.

I had another poo experience last night. Not caring much to cook for myself, I went out for a meal and had two glasses of diet coke plus ice and lemon with my food. When I got home I had to go straight on the toilet, releasing a clear torrent of runny poo in what can only be described as chunks. Needless to say I didn't need to pee that much as most of my fluid had taken a rear exit! Later, just before going to bed, I did a smaller poo of what can probably be described as soft-scoop ice-cream consistency. For what it's worth I don't think the diet coke was the sole cause of my urgency as I could feel something brewing down below earlier in the evening. However I think it probably gave matters a helping hand!

online status

With all the social media running rampant on the internet these days and people constantly writing updates about what they're doing and whatnot for everyone to see, i was wondering if any of the readers here have ever read any interesting bathroom related updates from their friends that they decided to share with the world? I've seen a few people either insinuate or flat out admit that they were posting from the toilet. Other than that, the best one i saw was today,a status update from a girl i graduated high school with who is having a baby soon. She posted "ugh...worst part of being pregnant? Peed my pants in the car was only a 20 minute drive :/" and i remember a few months back another girl posted "i HATE traffic on the turnpike aahhhhh gunna pee myself!" A lot of people "liked" the latter status which i found intriguing. She never did post whether or not she made it to her destination with dry pants.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Alyssa first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping in the trash can while your roommate was using the toilet and it sounds like you were very desperate and made the right choice the trash can was better then in your pants and at least your roommate helped you out and maybe one day you can return the favor and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To:Tom great story about you seeing and smelling the left overs that girls poop it sounds like she was despearate and please share anymore stories like that thanks.

To: Ashleigh D great stories I like your first one about you pooping on the floor and then the other one about you pooping in the garbage can and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lurker first welcome to the site and great outdoor peeing story an I look forward to anymore you may and do you have any outdoor pooping ones if so please share them to thanks.

To: Miranda first welcome to the site and great story your big cleanout it sounds like you felt pretty great after that and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Little Mandi as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Emma as always another great story it sounds like you really had to go but at least you made and yeah I bet it was easier to work without that load waiting to come out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stevie as always another great story.

To: Kaitlyn as always another great set of stories about you and your friend Jessie pooping together and it sounds like you both poop your pants alot and seem to enjoy from the sound of it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shortie I think congrats on finding out your having a girl and its to bad you coudlnt do another poop by poop report but I look forward to when your next one is posted thanks.

To: ADILA first welcome to the site and great story and I look forward to anymore you may have thanks.

To: Christine great story about your big poop it sounds like you to go alot and at least you made it to the toilet the first time its to bad you didnt the second time but it sounds like you were very desperate and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Rachel as always another great story about you and your freind Kate pooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great poop story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Bryana first welcome to the site and great story I bet you felt really great after not pooping for so long to bad it happened in your pants but it sounds like it was worth it because of the relief and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Assley first welcome to the site and great story I bet that fart was loud and/or long and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Karen im glad your feeling better and I hope you get back to being regular real soon and yeah it sounds like that burger caused it and it might be a good idea to tell them about it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Christine in FL as always another great story and WOW I bet you felt a ton better after getting that massive beast out and probaly lighter to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Michelle (formaly MS) as always another great set of stories and it sounds like both you and you mom were both very desperate and bth had a good cleanout and great story about you pooping at work and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Susan T great story about your giant poops it sounds like you have a mega colon and mega bladder to and I look forward to anymore stories that you have thanks.

To: Kaitlin as always another great set of pooping stories and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Tom- Great post about your encounter with Pam in the toilet after she'd left a little something for you! I must admit I too love to see or hear a girl going number two or see what's left behind after, and I have a few stories which I will post some time.

Scared- I too sometimes go into a cubicle for a piss if the urinals are all in use or whatever, but I just lift the seat and do it standing. Why, may I ask, do you sit down for it?

Lurker- I don't find peeing outside partiularly fascinating or enjoyable (probably because I'm a guy and it's so easy to pop into the bushes and whip it out), but I do enjoy pooing outside. I guess it's because it's a bit naughty! I first did it a few years ago when I was 16. I was on my way back from a friend's house where I had needed a number two but I didn't want to stink up her bathroom and let her know I was pooing so I held my load in. On the way back home I cut across a park and suddenly had to go really bad. I knew I wouldn't make it home so I found a quiet clump of trees, went in, dropped my trousers and squatted down to push out my poo. I found I really liked it and whenever I got the chance I would take a poo in the great outdoors!

HI, my name is Casey 14, dirty blond, 5'3, 109lbs, and i guess average for a 14 year old girl. I have browsed this site for about a year but I could never decide what to post!

My first story is about my twin brother Connor blond, 5'5, long i guess "Justin Bieber" hair that is dirty blond, about 109 as well and athletic. We go to school in a district where three towns are combined into one middle school so our bus ride is about an hour long and we have to stop at the elementary school to pick up kids .So we were on the bus and I could see that he looked like he was uncomfortable and less loud and obnoxious as usual.(you know what I mean average funny sense of humor for a boy). Anyways, he was sitting with his friend Tylar and they were just talking casually when I could see that he had his hand in his pocket. When Tylar got off of the bus I asked him if he was ok and he was like " I have to pee so bad", of course loud enough for his other friends to hear him and start to give him a hard time about it. So when we got to the elementary school, about half way into the trip he went up to the front of the bus and asked it he could get off of the bus and pee but the bus driver said no so he walked back to his seat. He continued to keep his hand and his pocket but kept talking to his friends ( they changed the subject because they could tell how bad he had to go.)When there was about 4 more stops left he jokingly punched his friend and his friend punched him back in the bladder forgetting that he had to pee so Connor yelped in pain and cussed. I felt so bad!
We were finally able to get off of the bus and Connor ran into the house and ran into the bathroom ( door open and everything) and peed for like two minutes i think I wasn't counting but he was in there for what seemed like ages. When he came out I swear he looked 20 pounds lighter. He told me that he learned to pee before we got on the bus (:

My other story is when me and my brother were walking home from our Grandmothers house that is like right next door to us so we can just walk through the woods but it takes like 30 minutes. Me and my brother are really close so if we use the bathroom in front of each other it is no big deal.Anyways, when we go to my Grams she always gives us a big lunch of the foods that we like so when we leave we are full. So we were probably halfway home when Connor said that he had to take a crap really bad and that he was going to go behind a tree. He wanted me to follow so I did. He pulled down his jeans and his shamrock boxers and squatted.He let out a big fart and then started to push out a HUGE log you could tell by the look on his face that he was in pain. So he sat there for like 5 minutes pushing out this turd that was 2 1/2 inches wide and about 9 or 10 inches long. Then he got up and peed on the tree for like a minute ( he tends to pee alot i have no idea why), wiped with its leaves about 5 times i think and pulled up his pants. We laughed and talked all the way back. When we go home it was almost dark and our Dad was like "what took you so long???" we just looked at each other laughed and said that we got distracted on the way!

Hope you enjoyed! I have many more stories and I would be glad to share more! (:


Not too much

Hi my name is Danielle. I'm friends with Kaitlin. I too have popped my pants. I don't do it alot but only if I can't hold it. I do it maybe once a month. I have done it once in school. Twice in my car. 3 times in my own house and 6 at Kaitlin's and 10 at jess's and all the rest from when I was younger.
First one was at school. I had to poop 2 periods b4 lunch and thought I could hold on till then. The middle of the next period I started to turttlehead. I was comming on fast but held it by just scooping the head off with my underwear. I then still had to go. I thought I could still make it. I went to my locker and grabbed my lunch. Once I bent down it all started to come out but I couldn't stop it from comming. I completely loaded my panties with a big thick log. I went to the nurse to see if she had any extra underwear. She asked why and I turned around and showed her my ass. She just said oh dear god and brought me into the bathroom and asked me to pull down my pants and underwear then to step out of them. She helped me whipe up and washed out my panties and put them in a plastic bag. She just told me to go home and clean up the rest. I got home and my mom was pissed to know I had a major accident in school.

The time I was driving home I had to go but there was traffic on the highway so I tried to hold it. 5 min later I really had to go. 5 min later It started comming out. I was sitting down so it didn't come all the way out. As soon as I got home I got out of my car and loaded them with a big mess and just to my luck as I was going into the bathroom my mom saw me and thought I was like Jess and does it on purpose

Skirts,dresses, and panties.

This is a question for the high school and young adult women that wear skirts and dresses without pantyhose but with just panties.
When you pull your skirt or dress up to sit down on the toliet
do you have your panties:

(1) At your feet down by your shoes?
(2) At your thighs or knees?
(3) Right next to your pubic area so no one can see anything if they
walk in on you?
Also what is the fabric of panties that you choose to wear and
does it matter on what skirt or dress that you wear?

John H

Going in the bath.Post Title (optional)

Hey all I posted this story around a week ago but for some reason its not up here so I will write it again.
Ive noticed alot of people here talking about going to the toilet over some paper touls or in the bath so it got me thinking and I decided to combine both ideas.
I have went to the toilet on some paper touls back when I was a teenager so I decided to give it a try again and let you all know how things went.
I had the house to myself for the day and I spent most of the afternoon cleaning.
I was holding back a load for most of the afternoon and as soon as I finished the cleaning I headed for the bathroom.
I went in and closed the door.
I decided to use toilet paper instead of paper touls as paper touls may have blocked the toilet.
I ripped off four bits of toilet paper each one about arms lenth.
Next I folded each bit of toilet paper in half to add thickness and layed each of the four folded bits of toilet paper side by side in the bottom of the bath.
I made sure there was no gaps between any of the bits of paper by slightly overlapping each piece.
Hope I am explaining this ok.
Then I took off my clothes and got into the bath.
At this point I decided I would like to try something a little bit different.
Instead of squatting over my TP toule I lay flat on my back with my feet facing towards the tap end of the bath.
I made sure my TP toule was well under my ass and then I lay back with one leg up on each side of the bath.
In the time it took me to get everything ready my urge to go had reduced itself a bit so I lay and waited for a minute or so.
I didnt want to push it out as I wanted to relax and let my body do it in its own time.
Soon I felt some movement and I heard my whole cracking open as a big log slid out of my ass and down on to the toilet paper.
It was so nice to just relax and let it flow.
It sped up as it made its way out and after a minute I pushed to see if there was any more and another load of soft poo came out.
When I was finished I got out of the bath and wiped my ass and then I folded the ends and sides of the TP toule around my load so that it was all covered up and dropped it into the toilet.
Well thats my storey, if you like it let me know or if anyone trys it then post and let me know if you liked it or not.
If you do want to give it a go then make sure your home alone as you would have some explaining to do if someone walked in on you.
Also make sure you have lots of toilet role and when you are getting out of the bath after be careful not to stand in your creation as that would make for a very messy and smelly end to the process.


wet at the hotel

It was few weeks ago whe I was out of town on a trip, After a day of work I decided to grab some beer and go down to the hot tub. After finishing up the beer I decided to head back to my room. When I got on the elevator I got a strong urge to go pee and did the pee pee dance all the way up. As soon as the door opened so did the flood of pee. All the beer and the buzzed state I was in, there was no stopping it so I just walked and peed all the way to my room. When I got to my room, I noticed I had a couple young girls (early 20's) following me and laughing. I fumbled to get my room door open and made it in the room. I grabbed a few more beers and started watching tv. After about an hour of watching tv and drinking, the urge to take a dump hit so i staggered my way to the bathroom was as soon as I reached the toilet the poop started coming out. It was kind of stiff coming out at first and felt warm nestled up in my underwear. Then the rest of the beer poop come out and it was soft and hot and filled my underwear front and back and come out both legs. Seeing that it was a lost cause, I sat on the toilet and finished pooping in my underwear and then started peeing. Good thing about a hotel, they have lots of hot water so I jumped in the shower and cleaned up.


Snow poo

During last winters snowy weather I was waiting for the bus to get home from work but it didn't arrive as the roads were all iced up. I was dying for a pee but the biggest problem was my urgent need to empty my bowels. One of the managers Nikkie pulled up in her 4X4 and offered to give me a lift home. I accepted at as soon as I climbed into the passenger seat couldn't help squirting a little pee into my knickers. It soaked through to my jeans making a wet spot about the size of a 50p in the crotch of my jeans. Felt the pressure in my bowels trying to push my poo out into my knickers but I clenched hard to keep it in. Nikkie could tell I needed the toilet and said she needed to go as well and offered to pull over as soon as we got near some bushes. I accepted her offer and about a mile up the road we came to a layby with a few trees and bushes next to it. Nikkie parked the 4X4 and we both got out. We hid behind a bush and I quickly pulled my jeans and knickers down and squatted. Nikkie pulled her suit trousers down and I was shocked to see she didn't have any knickers on. I was already peeing and was starting to poo as she admitted that she had to abandon her underwear when she had a little accident on the way to the toilet at work. She squatted next to me and exploded diarrhea into the snow and said it was the second poo since leaving work. I was pooing loads an it was a huge relief but then there was the problem of wiping afterwards. Nikkie went back to the 4X4 and came back with some tissues. It was so nice to be able to wipe property and Nikkie complained she had a sore bum. I suggested she wet some tissue in the snow so she could wash her bum to soothe the pain and when she did she smiled in relief as the burning was taken away completely. Once we were done went back in the 4X4 and I was dropped off at my house.



I just wanted to take a minute to say how much I appreciate this site and all of you. I have always felt weird for being into this stuff; like something was wrong with me. I could never share with anyone fo fear of being judged. Now I see there are a lot of people out there like me. This is the most non judgmental group and I feel like I can share anything with you guys. Thanks again and keep the stories flowing....


Girlfriend's al fresco poop

Last week, my girlfriend Nina and I went on a camping trip. One day, we took a hike in the nearby hills. After a while, we stopped and set up our picnic supplies and ate lunch. We ate, packed up, and continued our hike. Nina was cutting quite a few farts. They were loud, but didn't really smell that bad.

When we were on our way back, and still quite far from the nearest toilet block, Nina told me she needed to do a number two. We walked off the beaten trail to find some cover behind a bush, then she gingerly lowered her jeans and panties, giving me a full view of her great ass. She cut a blasting fart before squatting down. A thin log, somewhere between a quarter and a third of an inch around poked out of her anus. It wormed its way out slowly as it touched the ground and formed a pile. The log grew to be very long, I'd estimate two feet or perhaps more. When that log broke off, she followed it up with twin turds, each half an inch thick and about two inches long. She was done then and removed her panties, using them to wipe her dirty anus. She left them lying next to her sizable deposit and we continued back to our cabin. When we got there... well, THAT is a story for a completely different forum, sorry guys.

Nick (ibs)

Reply to Duchess

Hi Duchess,

thank you for your kindness. Yeah, this was one of the very worst experiences of my life to date......and due to my condition I have had a large number of accidents over the years, particularly recently.

My colleague who was driving was so supportive.....a very lovely person. She kept trying to calm me down while she drove me to the nearby supermarket. She then phoned work to say that I was ill while I went in to clean up. I was lucky it was early and there weren't too many people around. Clean-up was hard work.....I had to throw away my underwear and my trousers were a bit of a mess too......luckliy I never did get any on her car-seat as I don't think I'd have been able to look at her again. I'm finding it hard enough as it is now.

I am back in work at the moment. I teach in a secondary school and as you can imagine that is hard enough work. I have had an accident at school relatively recently as well if you were interested in hearing about that?

Got to say....I am a huge fan of this board and there are some people who's stories I love to read, especially Abbie and at the moment Thirty-something female.


Musta Been The Pineapple on Burgers

Dear Adrian and Mr. Clogs, I already had my obligatory stomach bug for the '11-'12 season so I would think I'm immune for another year. I don't know what it that got me sick but since I have been eating my favorite Coco's onion rings and cheeseburgers since before most of you were born and I have never gotten sick from their food before so I think it was most likely either the weird combination of pineapples on burgers though it tasted good at the time, not so coming back up, or the pecan pie, and I've never eaten pecan nuts before, I liked it at the time but the pie was so sweet that I had to order a black coffee to go with it. I met my brother, my sister in-law and my niece and nephew at Coco's and they were fine because after I got sick I called to ask how they felt and they were fine, I was the only one who tried the pineapple burger and pecan pie, so it was either the pineapple burger or the pecan pie both of which I've never eaten before. Everybody ate the crispy onion straws so I know it couldn't be those. After dinner I felt fine until I went shopping then I wound up getting sick to my stomach in the restroom in the store and had to pull over once on the away home to get sick again. Had profuse diarrhea most of the night after I got home. Felt like food poisoning which I've had a few times in the past. Either that, or I'm thinking more toward the pineapple on the burgers maybe gave it a funny flavor that my brain couldn't process and thought I was being poisoned; pineapple chicken from a real Chinese restaurant is one thing but maybe my body just didn't agree on pineapple on burgers, maybe my stomach has better taste in food than my appetite, hehe.


To Leah

How embarrassing!!!!! I bet you won't forget again about that key being out there! The good news is that you can look back on it now and have a good laugh.


Question and TWO story

Has anyone ever had a story where they had a embarrassing poop story in a car? Well I do...

I'm a 24 year old women who works at a local grocery store 20 minutes away from my place. About a couple week ago, I was working a 9 hour shift and was on my feet most of the time. After working for nearly 8 hours, I was very exhausted. As I was working at the cash register, while handling and scanning the groceries for a customer, a sudden discomfort in my abdomen came and suddenly felt a urge poop. I ignored it at first by not thinking about it for now because I was busy, but as more time had passed, it had gotten pretty urgent. By the time I had finally finished my shift, I quickly went to the back where the staff office is. The bad news was that the toilet was out of order at the time and to top it off, I've been constipated for the past 5 days, so I knew I had to go a lot.

Since I only live 20 minutes away, I decided to hurry up and drive back home and use the toilet there. Unfortunately that's easier said then done. I quickly ran to my car and started driving but sadly, it was still rush hour. So I was stuck in traffic which took me longer to get home. It took me roughly 30 extra minutes until it was finally lightening up but unfortunately at that point, the urge had gotten nearly unbearable. As soon as I had a chance to drive faster, I did. I quickly drove as fast as I could in order to get home but as soon as I was about only 2 minutes from my apartment's parking lot, the urge had gotten too bad and this very loud fart came out of me which I was not able to control. I just couldn't hold it and as that fart was coming out, I could feel this pretty thick hard solid poop's head was starting to poke out. With all my might, I managed to get it back into my system and hold it in until I got back to the apartment building.

As soon as I had parked into my parking space, my stomach was in so much pain that as soon as I tried to move, that's when it happened. This poop reemerged again very slowly and I just don't think I could stop it this time. I knew I just won't be able to hold it in this time so I quickly took off my shoes, slided my panties off and hopped onto my seat backwards while squatting while hovering my butt hole over the car floor, then just relaxed my bowels and just completely give into the urge. It was still slowly coming out, but as soon as I had adjusted my footing and took a deep breath, the speed had picked up and it was coming out faster. As it was coming out, I was pretty embarrassed that a grown women wasn't able to make it to the toilet. But the entire time I kept thinking how good it felt to finally let it out.

It became pretty long before it finally snapped into two poop and as soon as it was finally done, I felt so much better and actually enjoyed it because of how it felt. That was the first time I've enjoyed it because of how much it had to come out. I quickly went to grab some newspaper and a plastic bag from my apartment and went back to clean the entire mess up before anyone had noticed the smell, then I quickly went to dispose of it. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to try it again soon.


Two days ago, I was rushing back from my work again but I was only working for 4 hours. I managed to make it back to my place this time and I decided to not use the toilet this time. As I was quickly putting my stuffs away, I was thinking how to do it this time. I eventually decided to go grab my little wicket basket with a plastic bag in it, brought it right by the kitchen counter. Simply enough, as soon as I quickly took my panties off, I immediately squatted over it and released a slightly less forceful fart as last time, and comes this turd which wasn't as big last time but still felt pretty darn good. As soon as I was done, I took the plastic bag out of the basket and tossed it out into the garbage bin.

Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed my experiences, as I will post more later on when I have any.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


hOlding contest

It's now Tuesday and Sarah and me had been holding our our poo since the weekend. We decided to ban the use of the toilet untill one of us had an "accident" in our knickers. I was bursting to go and by the look on Sarah's face so was she. We held it for about 3 hours untill Sarah began to wet herself and it started me off. The two of us just stood there peeing down our legs and it felt great but there was something more pressing inside our bowels. As I saw it Sarah had lost the contest because she wet herself first but she insisted it had to be a pooing "accident". My bowels were aching from holding it so long and I was struggling to keep control but I didn't want to give up and prayed for Sarah to lose it first. She was holding her bum and I pulled her hand away to stop her from cheating. She wasn't happy about that and grabbed me round the waist and squeezed my stomach. I struggled free almost pooing myself in the process and Sarah grabbed her bum again using both hands. I tried to pull them away but she'd locked her fingers together and I couldn't get them apart. In the struggle I let a tiny piece of poo slip into my knickers. Sarah didn't notice but I could smell it. Then to my surprise she let go of her bum and I realise the main source of the smell was coming from Sarah. She had a bulge in the back of her leggings that steadily grew untill it was hanging downwards. She looked so relieved and she wasn't the only one because that was my green light to let go in my knickers. I simply relaxed and let my knickers fill to capacity. I kept going for about 30 seconds and it was the most wonderful relief I'd had for a long time.


Thanks Anne & reply to Martin

Anne. Thanks for your latest reply. I really loved reading about that account of your 1967 accident. Naturally I'd be interested to know if you've had any others - or near misses come to that - down the years. I'm relieved to hear that your parents wouldn't have been too hard on you if they'd found out. Although my own parents were pretty liberal about toilet matters, like you I grew up in the 1960s and 70's when discipline, both at home and school, tended to be a lot firmer than tends now to be the case.

Yes I wear Sloggi Maxi ladies knickers most of the time, although I have got a couple of pairs of male briefs and boxer shorts for use in emergencies. I was interested to hear that David sometimes wears your Sloggis and I can fully understand him finding them more comfortable than the Speedos. Anne the Bus Driver, with whom I had quite a correspondence on here during 2000 and early 2001, always wore Sloggi Maxi's and swore by them. I didn't try them up until about five years ago when I decided to wear some knickers just to see what they felt like, instead of briefs. I was instantly hooked, finding they were 100% more comfortable, made of better (thinner) material and held everything in nicely. The only drawback I've founds is that they seem to have a slightly shorter lifespan than briefs, but I suspect that's not unrelated to the fact that I'm a guy. As regards peeing, I found the change to knickers made no difference at all. With briefs I'd always found the flies badly positioned and worse than useless so I'd always pulled the crotch material to one side anyway to pee, instead of using the pee hole.

Thanks for sharing the account of David's motion with me. Do you think the brunch precipitated it, or do you reckon it had been 'cooking' for some time? It must have been a massive load to require several flushes to shift it. Have either of you ever completely clogged the toilet or had to break your poos up with a plunger in order to get them down?

By the way, I like the idea of a late brunch. Although I don't do it during the week (unless I'm on holiday) I love a full English cooked breakfast at weekends and it's a regular Saturday treat. One which helps, I believe, to keep me regular! Anyhow, I look forward to hearing about your latest big poo.

Martin. Thanks for the account of your latest shopping centre dump which I enjoyed. It sounds as though you were well ready for it by the time you tracked down a loo. 15 cubicles is quite a lot. Most of the gents I tend to use have half a dozen or less if that, the presumption being I think that gentlemen mainly want to do #1 whilst out and most are happy to use a urinal. Hopefully you felt suitably relieved when you'd finished. Do you tend to leave #2s until the need arises or do you try to do them at fixed times? I try to keep to fairly regular times but my bowels are a little bit unpredictable due to occasional IBS, so it doesn't work 100% of the time. Generally I prefer to poo at home or at my office if at all possible. I'm really not that keen on using public loos for #2s, although occasionally it's unavoidably necessary as was the case on Saturday night when I had to use my local's toilets. Hope to hear more about your exploits before long!

Hello I've followed this site for about a week and have decided to share my first story. Before i start I'm 5'8, slim-medium size, 23 years old and brown haired. Anyways yesterday morning I woke up and felt really gassy and also needed to poop. I put on a shirt and walk to are one bathroom we me and my room-mate have. I knock and my room-mate says she is pooping. My belly at this point made a big noise then i felt a great need to poop. I ask when she'll be done and she replied 5 minutes at the most. I couldn't wait that long, I was desperate. I grabbed our trash can pulled my pants down and sat on it. First a bit of diarrhea came out then i let out a really loud fart. My room-mate yells, what was that! I reply, I couldn't hold it I'm pooping in the trash can. My room-mate starts laughing and says she can't wait to see this. More poop comes out followed by another big fart, then alot of poop comes after that. For about 3 minutes i kept farting and pooping until my room-mate comes out of the bathroom and sees me squatting on the trash can. She says you can have the toilet now, but i reply I can't stop pooping just get me the toilet paper. She gets me the toilet paper and opens a window to air the place out. After a really big fart and a bunch of diarrhea more solid chunks start coming out as i push out a 4" log. After i let out another big fart and a 3" log comes out. Then more diarrhea comes with another fart. Another 3 minutes passed of farting and diarrhea and my legs were starting to give out. My room-mate asks if I'm gonna be alright and i reply ya just won't seem to end though. Another 2 minutes and i finally finished the poop. Morale of the story, wake up first.


Interesting Website

During my late a.m. hours surfing the web for (guess) I come across this and I take the survey and as I'm taking the survey it gets me thinking about my overall health and how I can improve it. Obviously, I'm not going to give my real name because that's private, that's the whole point of the internet, anonymous interaction. Throughout my 12 years of what can be found on the internet, I have discovered bodily functions can be used for entertainment purposes. Unfortunately I come from a family of old fashioned father-knows-best country-style values. They would never get this or understand this. And in conclusion, the out of control, completely mad and berserk with power Political Correctness movement, has forced America's moral fiber down into this bottom-of-the-tank moral sewer. Right now, I will admit it, I do find this perversely erotic, but when the night is over I do hope I, and others like me, will find our way out.

Why do you always get a case of the shits in the middle of the night? Woke up about 3 hours ago feeling kind of sick, started getting cramps, farted a couple times still half asleep, tossed and turned a bit, started to fart again and realized almost too late that what I really had to do was get on the toilet fast.

So I go to the bathroom and find out that the string on the sweats I was sleeping in was in kind of a knot, managed to get that worked out still super groggy and hold like a gallon of what turned out to be greenish brown water inside except for one squirt that got away lol (did't feel like much coming out but turned out it had splattered my boxers when I checked) while I did, sweating and with my bowels in knots that kept threatening to flood my shorts completely. Got my pants off finally and my ass on the toilet and let loose. The first load was like liquid-chunks-liquid-chunks and came in a single rush more or less.

Been back a few times since then. Its been a total emergency each time and never actually more than a couple squirts of slimy watery stuff and wet farts, but once I eat that might change so I'm calling in and hanging out wearing just my oldest, rattiest, would never be worn on a date boxers lol. Couldn't go back to sleep by now anyway so I've just been up, online, killing time and thought I'd post about it here.


"He's Watching You"

I read an article in my school's newspaper today titled "He's Watching You", about a string of bathroom intrusions on campus: in two different incidents reported to campus security, a man has been caught peeking on women in toilet stalls. In the first incident, two women in adjacent stalls noticed that a man was holding a camera phone under the partition. In another, a woman noticed that a man was peeking into the stall from over the partition.

Reading this article triggered me to recall an incident that happened a couple of years ago. I was on my way home from a party, and on my way, I stopped at a subway station to use the bathroom. Soon after I picked the farthest stall from the entrance and sat down on the toilet, a man (whose feet were not visible when I had entered the bathroom; presumably, he was standing on top of a toilet waiting) started peeking at me through the cracks. I felt very afraid, and lifted my jeans, which I had lowered to my knees, almost all the way up. When I acknowledged his presence by saying something, he said "you finish?" to which I replied "there are four other stalls here", he began to flee. I pulled my pants up, and started chasing him before he could get out of the bathroom. To get away from me (he didn't know if I was armed or what), he hid himself in one of the stalls. I considered contacting the police, but I didn't. Why didn't I? Well...

Plot twist #1: I'm a guy.

I have a pretty good idea why I didn't report the incident. I know it had something to do with the embarrassing nature of the situation: personally, I'm embarrassed to be seen, or even thought of, sitting on the toilet. The position itself feels intensely personal and vulnerable for me. But that might just be me, I really am not sure where it comes from. It's compounded though, when you consider societal expectations: when you're a girl and you're sitting on a public toilet, you're probably peeing, and there's no big shame around urination in Western society. Not REALLY. When you're a guy on a public toilet, though, you're probably pooping, and that's gross! No, I don't understand the shame that surrounds pooping in our society, but my subconscious has bought into it anyways.

Plot twist #2: I was going #1.

Yep. I'm a guy who sits down to urinate. And that in itself carries a great deal of societal shame: one of many irrational claims to uniqueness as a gender that men think they have have is that they're capable of standing up to pee. We flaunt this ability as if girls don't have it too (a lot of them do, and it takes more lower body strength for them than it does for us, but never mind). So when a man sits down to pee, he is looked on as being inherently feminine and therefore, inferior. So, when a guy sits down on a public toilet, he's either a public pooper, or a sitzpinkler, neither things that a man wants to be identified as. I think it's for that reason that women take less care to not be identified as the person in stall 1, or whatever, why more men wait until the bathroom is empty to leave their stall than women do.

This sort of story is not new: a man sneaks into a women's bathroom to peek at unsuspecting girls while they pee. Men's bathrooms have a considerable lack of privacy for people who are just in there for a pee: there aren't 'urinal stalls' (at least not in my experience), and there's not a lot you can do to prevent the pervert at the urinal beside you from having a field day. What I'm wondering is, are similar stories in which the victim is male just as abundant, but not reported? Considering my own experience, I would not be surprised.

Thirty Something Female


Anne - thanks for sharing your great story about your accident from so long ago when you held it for too long.

Thanks to everyone else who posted nice comments about my last story. Glad you enjoyed.

Leah: that was a cute story about your accident in the shed/garage. I found it humorous as well and could see something like that happening to me!

Nothing big from me in the last couple of weeks, but over the weekend while at dinner with some friends of ours I did get into a laughing fit at dinner and suddenly felt a leak and had to excuse myself to the restroom, my friend following. We each took a stall and sat and began peeing. She said she barely made it without damp panties from all the laughing. I replied that my panties weren't so lucky and that I had peed a little at the table and we laughed some more. The wet spot was about the size of an egg but it didn't show on my jeans, which were a dark blue anyway. This friend knows I have accidents from time to time so she wasn't surprised by my admission.

Later, when my husband and I got home from our dinner the kids were asleep and we were a little frisky... after helping me out of my jeans he discovered the wet spot which was still damp and visible on my pink panties and just shook his head and I had to admit that I had leaked a bit while laughing at dinner. Thankfully he's used to my "incidents" and it didn't put the kibosh on the rest of our plans. :)


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