The Stinky Snowbunny

Hi all. After a few close calls and near misses, I am finally back with an experience worth sharing. This past weekend, I went camping with some friends. My one buddy and his wife own a cabin out in the woods. It is nice and comfortable but definitely rustic. The cabin has oil heat but for economic reasons, my buddy prefers to heat it with a wood stove. There were 5 girls that went. One of them was a young lady named Pam. To say that Pam is "hot" is to do her a disservice. "Angelic" is a better word. She is in her early 20's with long, curly blond and a face like, well, like an angel. She is well built with decent bosom and a "bubble butt". It took us well over 2 hours to drive there and as soon as we arrived the guys started building a fire. The bathroom is fully but simply furnished. In order to get to it you have to walk down a long and sloping hallway so I guess it is kind of underground?? Anyway, after we got a nice fire going and the place warmed up, everybody was able to get out of their winter jackets. I was kind of keeping an eye on Pam as it was and I saw her head towards the bathroom. She was wearing tight designer blue jeans, a sweater, a little knit hat and a pair of gray, high heeled boots. After she was gone for about 5 minutes, I started to get very interested and made my way down the hallway to where the bathroom was located. Now, the heat from the stove doesn't make it down into the hallway. There are baseboards but, like I said, my buddy prefers not to run them. It was so cold in the hallway that I could see my breath. I crept up to the door for a listen. The only thing I got there in time to hear was the toilet flush. I then heard the rustle of clothes and Pam's heels on the tile floor. She washed her hands and then the door opened. I stepped far enough back so it wouldn't seem like I was listening. She saw me standing there and gave her killer smile and said "I left the seat nice and warm for you". I smiled back and watched her behind for a few seconds as she strut up the walkway. I couldn't believe that she made that last remark. I went into the bathroom and shut the door. Good God! It was obvious that she had just taken a wicked shit. The bathroom reeked of a combination of rotten eggs, burning trash and overripe fruit. Unbelievable that such a beautiful creature is capable of producing such an aroma. I walked over to the toilet and looked in. She had left the lid up. Seemed like the entire toilet had been painted brown. There were tons of tiny dark brown hashmarks around the hole and longer and more pronounced ones the higher up the bowl I looked. Best of all, not everything went down. There was a small, dark brown, compact piece of feces floating in the water. I stayed in there admiring her leavings and smell for as long as I could. The thing that I liked the best is that she had shit nasty and obviously didn't care. She didn't bother to make sure all her shit went down. She didn't use the cotton scented "shit spray" on the back of the toilet. And she certainly didn't bother with the toilet brush that was right next to the pot. The story is not over. The next day I overheard her telling one of the girls that she had to go outside periodically to fart, her farts were so stinky and she didn't know what she had eaten. What a girl! I hope I see her again soon...

I'm 25 and I was on my way home from the store then suddernly I had to take a dump because I had some food that didn't agree with me I rushed home pulled down my pants then let lose it was like a explosion

Ashleigh :D

Wanted to experiment.

I always enjoyed pooping. I'm a 17 year old girl who goes to school, 5 ft 10 in, pretty slim.

I've always wanted to use something else besides using the toilet instead of the washroom, so one day about a week or so ago when my parents was away for work for the entire day, I decided that in the morning I would be using it to do my morning piss.

I woke up before they did and did my morning piss, I immediately went to eat some breakfast. After my parents had left for the day, I could already feel the urge. Throughout the entire day I tried to preoccupy my time with chores and homework. Had lunch, then watched some TV, chatted with friends, and did other things to keep my mind off of the urge. After holding the load for about 7 hours straight, the urge had gotten really badly. I decided that I should find a good place to finally get relief. I didn't think about where I should go, so I decided to hop onto the kitchen counter, hover my butt over the edge where the floor was and started to relax. As soon as I was doing that, this thick poop started to come out. I immediately felt so much better to let this out.

As soon as the poop came out, it was followed by a shorter turd and a few tiny ones. I sighed of relieve because I was felling so much better. I enjoyed it so much, but as soon as I was done, I had to quickly clean the entire mess up because once I was done, my parents called and said they were going to come home soon, which left me very little amount of time to clean up my mess. But luckily I managed to finish before they came and I got away with it. Anyways, although it was kind of a messy work having to clean it up but I enjoyed it so much because it felt so relieving.

Recently I was heading back home to my apartment from work and I had to take a crap really badly. The bad news was the toilet is broken so I have to wait for it to get it fixed. And to top it off, the I've been constipated for 5 days. As soon as I had gotten there, I quickly got myself in and locked the door. I quickly grabbed the waste basket, slide my panties and pants off, then I squated over it. Without much hesitation, I let loose a really loud fart and this poop started to emerge. It was so thick and solid. Then once I was done, I quickly took the plastic bag that was in the waste basket out and tossed it inside a large plastic bag and took it out to the garbage bin.


in response to Tim

I have been lurking around this site for quite some time. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with peeing outdoors. It all started as a kid. I was walking home from school one day with my friend and got to my house to find my mom running late from work. No one was home and I was about 8 and didn't have a key. My friend was over for a play date and suggested we just go play in my back yard until my parents arrived. We went into the yard and that was when I told my friend I had to pee very badly and didn't know what to do since no one was home. She told me to pee in the yard. I had never heard of such a thing. I had seen my mom pee outdoors once and that was on a road trip with no place to stop and my dad pulled the car over and my mom pulled down her shorts and panties and peed right next to her car door. I knew nothing about peeing outside. My friend Allison walked over to some big bushes that were in my yard and told me to follow her. I did and watched as she pulled down her pants and squatted to pee. She finished and at this point I was nearing wetting myself. I pulled my pants down and squatted and peed a torrent of piss, half of which ended up on my clothes. My mom came home a few minutes later and asked why my pants were wet. I told her and she said she was sorry for running late but that peeing outside was not lady like and I wasn't to do it again. Too late. I was hooked. Almost 20 years later, I still enjoy it.
To answer Tim's little survey...
Yes, I have peed in my pants. Out of desperation not pleasure. I was about 6. We were at Disney World. We were walking to the car after the park closed and I told my parents I had to pee bad and couldn't wait. My mom walked me in between some cars. My dad was telling her to take my pants off. Even though there was no one around, my mom didn't want me exposed. So she told me to wet myself. I had to go so I did. They changed my clothes once we got to the car. I peed my pants again at about 25. My husband and I were driving home one night and got stuck behind an accident. I had a few beers that night and my bladder was swelling. We were on the highway, without any bushes or trees for me to squat behind. Knowing the inevitable, I climbed into the backseat and sat on some old beach towels. Finally I couldn't hold it anymore and let it go. It soaked my jeans, panties, everything.
I last pooped my pants when I was a teenager. I wanted to know what it felt like so I took my jeans off in my bedroom and let go in my panties. The poop was solid so it didn't make a mess but I didn't anticipate my pee releasing itself while squeezing out poop. My piss puddled the carpet beneath me. I had to clean it before my parents found it.

I have lurked on this forum for quite some time, and very much enjoyed the stories posted here by all. I finally felt it was time make myself known, and post a comment.

ASSley P: I very much enjoyed your post; and hope you continue your series. I am going through a similar situation with my girlfriend right now; trying to get her to open up more. To me, a girl doesn't have to be "feminine" all the time. Everybody poops, pees and farts; its natural, so why make a big deal of it and let's all be comfortable? But, like you, she is reserved around me, although she has farted accidentally, but was very embarrassed. I would love to hear how your tale develops, and how you overcome the identity crisis so I might help my GF do the same.




I am 29, San Francisco California, athletic and built girl from San Francisco, California. Just yesterday, i was in an crowded Starbucks waiting in a long line to order cafe mocha and coffee cake. I had a very strong urge to poop and pee heavily. Felt like it was about to explode in many pants, but managed. I got to the restroom initially and only pee a very dark yellow urine but refused pooping and held it in. I finally was able to order. before I even drink the cafe mocha and eat the coffee cake, i took a laxative perhaps Metamucil. Then i drank the strong caffeinated coffee behind it and held on. I waited for about another 30 minutes in there on my wi-fi.I even bought some green tea and drank it behind.

Boy it felt good and i had some tight blue jeans, my hair was blonde colored, and my make and toenails were purple colored. after a while, the strong urge came and it was overwhelming.

made it back to the restroom and lots of poop came out. it was very messy and stick. It was runny and rathr explosive. it started sinking down. I lean against the toilet paper roll and bend to get it all out. boy, the experience was magical and I was there for about 10 minutes. it was so messy and stick. I had to wipe about 7 times. I also drink plenty of water while pooping to make it keep going. buy more and more came. I had to flush several times because it was so sticky to the toilet. To clear the smell, i sprayed some strong perfume to freshen it up. It was a great experience of caffeine and laxative metamucil.

Little Mandi
I don't wanna jinx myself but I think my poops are finally back to normal.
Lately they been coming out smooth with no problems. Sometimes I don't feel completely empty when I go,but it feels good to go without pain and a bunch of pushing and straining.

I have a story that could have turned out to be extremely embarrassing.
Last week my friend and I were at a hockey game. Normally,I don't use the bathroom there unless I have to go badly. This was one of the times I had to use it. I actually didn't have to go but,it was my time of the month and it was really bad so I needed to get changed. During second period intermission I got up and walked to the bathroom and joined the long line. Finally,I was next. I took one of the stalls,hung my bag on the hook and sat on the toilet. I must have not latched the door all the way cause well it opened up a bit. I quickly grabbed the door and pulled it shut. Good thing I have good reflexes and wasn't actually going yet or else that would have been super embarrassing for all the other girls in line to see me sitting on the toilet like that. I sat back down changed and winded up peeing. I've come to realize that when its my time I pee more.
Well, thats all for now.

Today I was in university doing some coursework and had to go poo badly. Just after lunch while I was in the library my bowels started moving very fast and I found myself wanting a very urgent toilet break! I went to the ladies but found both cubicles in use by girls who were going poo as well. They'd only just got seated I think because there were regular plops from both of them, and I really needed to get a seat myself! I had a big, soft load wanting to come out very soon. Ten minutes passed with many plops and farts and I had to let out a couple of trumps myself to relieve pressure! One of the girls was grunting softly every few seconds, straining to get her poo out. I didn't want to ask them to hurry but someone needed to get done soon because I was having trouble stopping my poo poking out! After another minute or so one of girls started wiping and I was near relief! As soon as I parked my bum on the seat two long, soft logs shot out of me. As the girl dried her hands I produced a coil of mushy poo and three more bits. The other girl left and I finished with another turd. I got a lot more work done after that relieving dump!


If you could see (or smell) me...

Most days I walk the dogs around 10:00 before eating lunch and going to work. Last week as I walked the dogs, I also needed to poop. Returning home, it was necessary to stop and clench to keep the poop from escaping into my string bikini underpants.

As we entered the house, my mum informed me that I was wanted on the telephone. It was a contractor I was communicating with. I want to build a garage. As I stood in the back room talking with the contractor, I relaxed and some poop escaped. It was only a small amount at first, and then a little more. I reached behind and felt the clump of poop as I continued the conversation. It felt about the size of a golf ball.

When finished with the phone call, I went to my room, gathered clean clothes and went to the restroom. I finished pooping myself before taking a shower.


Reading a few recent posts about school toilets made me want to post some of my own stories from school. Firstly, my first secondary school poo.
In my secondary school there were two sets of boys loos and two sets of girls, plus a separate one only for 6th formers. There was one set in each of the two main buildings. One was by the science department and had 8 cubicles and a trough urinal. The other was by the humanities area and had 3 cubicles and another trough. There was also another toilet area by the sports hall but it was only urinals, so if you had to crap you had to go to one of the others.
At primary school I was fine with using the school toilets to do my big business. They had 5 cubicles and were nice and clean and I would poo there perhaps twice a week or so. The main difference at secondary school, as I found out, was that none of the cubicles had doors! When I went in for a piss on my first day I discovered this with a shock. Where was I meant to go poo? I couldn't do it in a doorless toilet!
For the first week I never pooed at school. Once or twice I got a bit of an urge near the end of the day but I made it home ok. But on the Tuesday of the second week, just after break I started to need one. By lunch it was really urgent that I got on a toilet. I knew I'd never make it home so I had to go at school. I wanted to wait until next lesson so I could go when nobody was there, but the pressure building up down below made sure I couldn't wait that long. I had eaten my lunch which made it worse, so I went to the humanity block toilets which were closer. I went in. There were lots of boys at the urinals, and to my surprise, two boys waiting to get a seat on the toilet! Three guys were occupying the cubicles to do their poos. From the queue I could see one of them in the first cubicle with his school trousers and pants down to his knees and looking at the floor. I heard some logs falling as I waited. Amazingly none of the guys going to use the urinals seemed to care that people were in the doorless toilets and that others were waiting. One boy left and I moved up a spot. The guy in the first cubicle wiped and left and the boy in front of me went in, turned round, pulled his trousers and pants down and sat in one swift movement- obviouly experienced at doorless number twos! The middle toilet became free so I hurried in, still very embarassed but less so than I was expecting to be. I sat down and let go three turds very quickly. I wiped and left as fast as possible.
The next day I needed a number two again, this time at morning break. I went to the science block loos with 8 cubicles. There were 5 in use but the three near the door were empty so I went in and sat. I was pushing out my first piece when I realised there was no paper! I tried to stop my poo but it was sliding out and it dropped with a plop. I had another three to come out. I sat for a minute until I remembered I had a couple of tissues in my bag so I grabbed them and cleaned my bum as best I could while a young boy waiting for a seat watched me. After that first week whenever I needed a poo I would usually go for it because it wasn't as bad as I'd expected.

On one school trip at primary school our class went to a local forest for some wildlife walks etc. After a talk with the gamekeepers and a cooked meal in the cafe we went off on a walk and I needed to drop off a load badly. I was embarrassed to tell the teacher but I would have to before I went into the trees on my own and also I would need something to wipe with. I told my friend Adam that I needed to do the big one badly and he said so did he! We decided to tell the teacher. 'Um..miss?' Adam said when we caught up to her. 'We need the toilet.' She said, 'well you can nip into the woods and catch us up.' Adam looked at me and then said, 'but...we need to sit down miss.' Realisation dawned and she said, 'well there's a car park over there with toilets. You can go there and take care of it and come back.' She told the guide; 'these boys need to go for a poo. Are there toilets at that car park?' He said yes and so we went over there. There were three toilets so we both sat down. I heard loud crackling and plops as Adam went, and I unloaded lots of turds myself. We both had big loads to take care of so we were there for almost ten minutes. Then we caught the rest of the class up. Later a couple of girls were caught short and ended up urinating in the bushes!


Thanks Adrian

Adrian, thanks for your reply and I am glad you liked my story about doing a big jobbie in my knickers as a teenager. My parents would not have been to hard on me to be honest. A bit disappointed that a girl of my age should do a poo in her panties but this can happen to anyone. My young brother would probably have given me a bit of ribbing about it though and might even have mentioned it at school so I was lucky the house was empty when I got home and nobody knew about my big "accident" in my knickers.

It's interesting that you wear Sloggi Maxi briefs, I take it you mean women's briefs like mine? David also wears them as well as his Speedos and he too finds them more comfortable than male underpants such as Y-Fronts and he detests Boxer Shorts and I don't like the look of them either. David and I are the same build so my panties fit him and vice versa. I have read that many men wear women's Sloggi Maxi Briefs instead of male underpants and nowadays there is almost no difference between Men's "Slip" type briefs with no fly, elasticated leg openings, a double gusset and coming in many colours and patterns, and women's full brief panties such as Sloggis.

I haven't done a motion today and probably won't do one now till tomorrow and it should be a big one. David did one at home today about noon after we had eaten a late brunch. I accompanied him to the toilet where he pulled down his jeans and the pair of pale blue Sloggis he was wearing and sat on the pan. He did his wee-wee then farted a couple of times and with NN! UH! OH! grunts as I gently pushed his belly, and his big fat knobbly log slow lid out of his rectum and into the toilet pan with a "Floomp!" as it was so long that the pointed last couple of inches stuck up above the water in the toilet . It took quite a number of flushes before it eventually went away over the hidden bend.

My jr year of hs I didn't take my morning poop. I held it for about 3 periods. During 4th period my Stomach started to hurt. By lunch i didnt even wat cuz of how bad my Stomach hurt. I don't like pooping in school so I held on. During 5th period It was starting to make its way out into my underwear. I asked if I could go to the bathroom but the teacher said no. I finished my first log out to try and gain controll for the rest. Big mistake it was only 1 swerly log in my underwear. My teacher was handing out homework and when she smelled me out and asked me to go with her. She brought me to the hall and told me to clean myself up. She called the nurce to come and give me new pants and underwear. It wasn't as bad as I thought. Wen I got home my mom saw me with a plastic bag and saw my pink sweatpants in them. I told her I peed my pants at lunch laughing. She isn't stuped and grabbed the bag and saw the big poop I never washed out and the stain on my pants and just washed them out.

I don't no wut took her so long but I pooped my pants agian while she was cleaning that pair. I don't no why I can't make it. I don't like doing it but I do have a question. Is it normal to if my friend likes to do it. Jess and I do it about the same amount of times in a year but mine are genuin accidents. Like about a year ago I was with Jess and we both needed to poop. As she was driving Jess farted and said whoops looks like someone wants to poop. I was starting to get that fealing in my Stomach. I told Jess me 2. Jess took the long way to her house so we would poop our pants. Jess said im done playing this game, lifted her ass off the seat and loaded her underwear with a big poop. I held on till I got to jess's then once I stepped out of the car I loaded my underwear with a solid poop. Jess's mom was inside doing dishes and looked up and saw just the back of my pants and screamed for me to get down and see her. She then told me to go grab a new pair of pants and underwear so I could get changed. She laid down a towel in the bathroom and asked me to lift my legs. She pulled down my pants and underwear then started wipping my ass. She dumped the poop out of my underwear and washed out the stain. Jess's mom was going back down the stairs but then saw Jess's sister who is 14 ass with a lump in her pants so quickly grabbed her pants snapped them back and saw a load in them and did the same prossess that she with me. Jess thought she was safe but after they left the bathroom Jess did not know but her mom was comming in to clean her room and saw 2 pairs of underwear with poop in them from at least 2 days b4 and smelt poop in the room and knew she had an "accident" and went through that same thing her.
My other story with Jess was a cupple months after this. I was in need of a poop and went in and i was constipated and Jess also needed to poop and asked how long I was going to be and I gave up. I pulled up my pants and underwear and let Jess go. Of course the turn for the worse she couldnt get her jeans button undone. She was trying but wen she unlocked the door she was dogging. I tried to help her but nothing happened and she pooped a load in her underwear. We got her pants down to clean up but then I all of a sudden started to go in my pants. It sucked cuz if I had let Jess go first I wouldn't have shit myself. I did not have any extra underwear or pants do I borrowed Jess's. Her mom never found out. The next night I went on a dubble date with Tim, Jess and her ex bf louis. We both needed to poop so we went to the food court bathrooms and they only have 2 stalls. One girl about my age went in with us and pulled her pants and underwear to her ankles and I saw a big brown poop in them.( not a stain) Jess said fair is fair cuz I went first last night she went in and sat there for maybe 10-15 min the other girl was still going and still had a mess to deal with in her underwear. Jess was done going but I think she wanted me to go in my pants cuz as soon as I said it was squeezing out she decieded to whipe. well I loaded my underwear agian. I made Jess go into Marshall's and get me a new pair of pants and underwear. I stayed in the bathroom and cleaned up. Jess came back and I changed. During the movie Jess needed to poop and so did I. But I made her hold it. She was squirming in her seat. But then tickled me till I was about to turtlehead Jess already was. And let her first log into her underwear. Then told me first one out. Then I let my fist go. Jess and I went to go finish up. But on the way in 2 girls neededing to poop were waiting for stalls and I just said ???? it and shit my pants. Jess was able to hang on till a stall opened then as the girl walked out she was shitting her pants. We both dumped the poop out of our underwear and wiped our asses and went back to the movie. After the movie we were going home and I went to get clothes for the next day cuz I was staying at Jess's for the night. During the night I woke up to smell a big poop in Jess's pants. I just said ???? and fell back asleep. I woke up in the morning to Jess asking why her panies were full of shit and mine too. I don't no y or how we both shit the bed.

I have shit my pants at Tim's house almost everytime I'm there. My first time there I needed to go and wanted to hold it cuz I won't poop at my bfs houses. After an hour I pooped my pants and asked where the bathroom was and showed me I whiped my ass and dumped the poop out of my underwear. The next time I was over. We were making out and I needed to go. I was trying to hold back but couldn't. This time was worse it was a bigger and more of a mess. I washed my underwear out in the sink and wiped my bum agian. His birthday was the best one. I accually planned this 1. I had been cheating on him and wanted him to break up with me. I was on Facebook and pushed and loaded my underwear. This time I told him i needed to poop and asked if he wanted to watch. He said ya. He came and as I pulled my pants down he said wait I though u had to go not already go and I said ya I and accident. He didn't break up with me he just helped me clean up. He did break up with me a month later.

I have had accidents at home waiting for the bathroom. My mom is always pooping when I get home. I make it 25 percent of the time. The other 75 I poop myself. My mom was thinking about putting me back in diapers untill I moved in with my dad.
Can any1 help me with my problom. Btw I've been to a doctor and nothing is wrong with me.

Some quick replies:

Tawnie-No, ive never dug it out before. Dont really think i'll do that though. I would find it a little bit weird. But thanks for the advice even if i dont take, i appreciate.

Ashley-Thanks for the congrats. Im having a girl. Ive got the name all picked out and bought so much pink stuff. I really cant wait.

Speaking of the baby. Yesterday(Saturday)i thought i was in labour. I went to the hospital and was told it was Braxton Hicks contractions. Its my bodies way of preparing for labour. Just over 3 weeks to go which is good. I just want to meet her now. Anyway the point of this is to say that whilst i was at the hospital i was given another enema. I hadnt been since Tuesday and i was glad i was given it. This was after i was told of my false alarm and about half and hour before i was discharged. So i'll have no live pooping story for you for the next few days which im sad about. I like giving a poop by poop story for you all.

So hopefully until next time, BYE, BYE

Hi, i go out for walks every day and i have to urine-pee and defecate. Iwas on a long walk and i was not near any bathrooms, i had to go very badly of all of my bodywaste. I went on the street walk way to the park plaza there was no one around. I went in a cement ditch next to some soft ivey leves. I removed my gem shorts no under pants nealed down legs spread wide apart as far as they would go vagina and rectum on touching the ground on some soft leaves. I then had a larg river of urine-pee from the rectum that was warm-hot. Having to defecate i was still going urine-pee just isaw light tan bowelmovement-stool with urine-pee coming out the vagina and the rectum at the same time i was now going very badly, there was lots of waste coming out of the body. The load was very large it then stoped. I waited and more bowelmovement-stool with urine-pee was coming out it kept coming i could not stop. Then no more came out i used some deorderant wet wipes to wipe and clean the body, just then i was having my final last urine-pee and bowelmovement-stool with urine-pee i was done . I wiped my vagina rectum and bottom beteween the legs as i was finishing two young women walked by and said hi and went on. I put my shorts on covered my waste and was on my way after 25 minuts of having my waste i returned to my walk. I LIKE GOING TO THE BATHROOM-TOILET OUT SIDE AND IN PUBLIC. iT IS FUN WHEN YOU HAVE TO GO. I know someone will clean up my mess and my waste will decompose. I go when i have to any were outside-outdoors. I am an outdoor person.


poopy time!

i was at a chinese resturant and i ate this fish that was really good.five minutes later my stomach was in pain.I excuse my husband.and went to the ladys room.noone was in here.i walked to the first stall droped my gray pants,and pink knickers,and sat on the toliet.uuhhhhhhh i was groaning.then i stop and then a bunch of turds came out at once.i crossed my legs and pooped some more.PPPPPPPPPPPPP.a big fart came out.i didnt feal good so knowmore came out.i pulled back my pants on and leaved.we went in the parking lot and a urge to poo was unbearble.first when i sat in the passenger seat i pooped loudly and then i closed my eyes and relaxed till my pants get filled.we went home and i was embarrased so bad my husband was laughing his ass off i hated that day


To Nick (IBS)

I am sorry you had such an embarrassing accident in front of the person you were riding to work with. What did you do after the accident? How did you clean up? Did you mess up her car? Did you still go to work? How did she react? Are you okay?

Martin & ASSley- welcome to the site! I liked all your posts, especially your festival poos Martin!

Well on Friday I had a sleepover after school at my friend Kate's house. I'd not god the chance for a poo at school because of the queues so by the time we walked to her house I was desperate. I told her so when we got there. She pointed out the bathroom and asked me to hurry up because her bladder was full! I went in and sat dwn and pushed out four poos and then a little piece. Kate had a wee then and after we ate fish and chips for tea I needed another poo. Kate had to go first, though, so I waited ten minutes while she did her poo. Then I went in and pushed out another five poos.
The next morning we both weed but I didn't need to poo until I got home.

Some quick replies:

Tawnie-No, ive never dug it out before. Dont really think i'll do that though. I would find it a little bit weird. But thanks for the advice even if i dont take, i appreciate.

Ashley-Thanks for the congrats. Im having a girl. Ive got the name all picked out and bought so much pink stuff. I really cant wait.

Speaking of the baby. Yesterday(Saturday)i thought i was in labour. I went to the hospital and was told it was Braxton Hicks contractions. Its my bodies way of preparing for labour. Just over 3 weeks to go which is good. I just want to meet her now. Anyway the point of this is to say that whilst i was at the hospital i was given another enema. I hadnt been since Tuesday and i was glad i was given it. This was after i was told of my false alarm and about half and hour before i was discharged. So i'll have no live pooping story for you for the next few days which im sad about. I like giving a poop by poop story for you all.

So hopefully until next time, BYE, BYE



I Read the story's on here all the time so funny intell they happen to you I'm 14 and I was at my friend's and I dreamed i was peeing I woke up mid piss and
THEN it Happen I put my hands on my thing
And still pissing and letgo of my
Thing let all my pee out on the bed so I chand spots and
Pjs with him and to this day she thinks she
Pissed the bed


Hi all!

Martin- welcome to the toilet! Glad you enjoy my stories. I really enjoyed yours especially your festival experiences! I've been to a couple myself so I know what it's like- in fact I posted not too long ago about one where my friend and I used a camping toilet for our number twos! I look forward to more stories from you!

Michelle- I liked your last post but I'm sorry you had a bit of an accident.

The Clovis Kid- I posted once ages ago about an accident but that was because I didn't realise I had to go much! I have been in my knickers once or twice in the last few years so I'll try and post a story for you soon.

Well on Friday I had my second and final exam. About half way in I found myself wanting to poo quite badly. By the time I finished I was pretty urgently needing to unload so I got up and left before the end. I went to the loos and took one of the 5 cubicles and pushed out 5 wet pieces and a bit of mushy poo and some farts. It smelled pretty bad and luckily nobody came in while I was doing it!


new poster

Hello everyone, this is my first post here, I am 35 and male, I have had many pooping accidents as a kid, for some reason I got early morning diarrhea so I had plenty early morning poop accidents. I always did have fun with it though and did it on purpose many times, esp after I was grown up and had my own place and privacy. One of the first times after getting my own place, I had a strong urge to take a dump so as I got up to go to the toilet, I sneezed so hard I filled my underwear with a large load.

I also enjoy wetting myself also,esp when I am sitting out on the patio drinking. I just sit in my favorite chair and pee away and blame it on the beer when my wife asks. She also has pissed herself while coughing or sneezing, she keeps apologizing but I keep telling her thanks for the show. well more post later, I have many experiences and I am enjoying reading every ones post.

To: Kaitlin... Sounds like you have some great friends with cool moms. hope to get more stories from you.

Michelle: glad you like my posts too and I enjoyed your latest one.
Adrian: It was a big shopping centre! And yet in total there were only like 12-14 cubicles in the men's in total. But in the shopping centre I went to yesterday one bathroom alone had more than that! No wonder there were queues!

As I said I went out to the big shopping centre on the edge of town yesterday. On the way over having eaten lunch I started to be needing to go for a number two and 20 minutes later when I arrived I knew priority one was to find the men's loos and take care of my urgent business. I went in and started looking for the nearest one. I followed the signs but they were taking me right to the other end of the place. I turned off and found another set a bit closer and went down the corridor. I walked past the ladies assuming the mens was at the end, but then it turned out to be baby changing. I thought I must have gone past it, and sure enough there was a staircase up to the mens with a sign I had completely missed. A couple of teenagers were going up there so I followed them, hoping they weren't going to take the free cubicles! I needn't have worried. Although they were both there for a 'sit down,' there were (I think) 15 cubicles in all. 8 on the far wall and then 7 opposite them except for a gap where you walked in. The two boys went in adjacent cubicles and then there were 7 or 8 in use. I picked a nice clean one on the far wall and got seated. Three pieces came out together and then over 5 minutes I produced another three.
After I did some shopping I went to Mcdonalds for dinner. After a quarter pounder with cheese and fries I needed to get to a toilet again. I went to the ones near the food court. These had 8 cubicles but only 2 in use so I picked one and let out three more little bits of poo.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Replies and a story of my own

Bryana. Thanks for sharing your story. Being stuck in traffic when you need to poo is no joke, although I'm not surprised the need was as great as it was, given you'd been constipated and not done anything for three days. Although you didn't quite make it to the toilet, you must have felt incredibly relieved when your bowels evacuated. I know I would under the circumstances!

Karen. Your ???? upset could have been a bug, although judging from what you've said, I suspect it may be something you ate. Hope you're feeling better now. The important thing is to get re-hydrated and drink plenty as well as rest if you can.

Michelle (formerly M.S.). Thanks for sharing your post Christmas pooing experience which I enjoyed reading about. It sounds as though your mother was as badly affected by the excesses of the festive season as you were! I spent Christmas with my brother and his wife, during which time I was very well fed indeed. Fortunately I didn't get constipated and managed to keep things moving, but when I went to the loo I was pooing for England, just like you.

Susan T. Although you give an indication of the age you were at when your toilet habits were at, you don't say how long ago that was, although I'm assuming it was a fair while. Although most people need to go to the toilet far more often, it's perfectly normal to only poo twice a week and/or pee twice a day if that's what's usual for you and you're not under any undue strain because of it. Some people (like me) are fairly frequent visitors to the loo whereas others hardly ever seem to go at all. Both are perfectly normal as, indeed, is every permutation in between. It's also normal for your toilet habits to change at different points in life as they're affected by all sorts of things including biology, metabolism, diet, exercise, career changes and stresses of various sorts.

A story of my own, from Saturday. It's not normally my custom to have a main meal at Saturday lunchtimes. However, on Saturday I met a lady friend I have in a local market town, for lunch at a pub which has just had a refit and been taken over by a chain - Marstons I think.
We decided to go for the chicken & vegetable pie with chips and peas as it was on a menu offering two meals on a special deal. As expected it was microwave food but fairly substantial and perfectly okay for the price. My friend passed on the pudding, settling for a coffee. I, however, could not resist the chocolate ice cream sundae which was also quite filling.

Having finished the meal completed my business in town, I then caught an afternoon train to a local cathedral city as the choir were singing some favourite music mine at Cathedral Evensong. Before Evensong I had to take my afternoon meds so that necessitated a cup of tea, and a cafe near the Cathedral is currently offering a deal where it's possible to get a cake and tea or coffee at a special price. Needless to say I had the pot of tea and two small mince pies - on top of the lunch I'd consumed. Before the service I sensed that I was feeling under pressure down below and thought about going to the Cathedral toilets for a good poo, something I've done before and been reasonably happy about as they're clean. However I decided to hold instead which wasn't a good idea. I lasted okay through the service despite the pressure 'down below' and called as usual for a hot chocolate at Cafe Nero on route to the station.

Luckily I made it back to my village without any further problems. Alas, I then made my second big mistake of going straight to a local hostelry for my evening meal instead of calling at home first. Seriously under pressure, I got through the soup okay, before embarking on a large chicken & leek pie with potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage - and the famed sprouts which I love. Struggling, I got half way through my main course when I realised that either I'd have to leave the rest of it or make a necessary adjournment to the pub toilet in order to create some space! Not willing to waste food, I decided the only thing for it was to use the pub's toilets. Unfortunately the pub toilets are not the cleanest or most modern and badly in need of renovation - a job which will, I'm sure, be done when funds and opportunity allow. Reluctantly I went into the cubicle, dropped my trousers and pants, and had a major poo, doing a big panful. Fortunately there was paper to wipe with and a basic handbasin where I could wash my hands after a fashion, although not quite in the way I'd like. Relieved of my load I felt much better and was able to complete the meal. Arriving home, I had to go on the toilet again, passing another enormous panful of thick brown turds, after which I felt somewhat better. However on Sunday morning I felt full and had four good poos before the day was out. Perhaps it will teach me not to eat too much!

Bryana from U.S

Finally unplugged....

I'm 32 year old mom, 5'11, slim, blond. I was just looking around the internet one day in the past and found this site, since then I've been reading quite a bit of stories. I want to share one of my own.

About a week ago, I was driving back from work but I got stuck in traffic. I was stuck for a good 30 minutes before something came up at a really bad time. I felt this discomfort in my bowels and about a few moments after, I felt this urge to poop. The bad news was that I was constipated for the past 3 days and I knew that there was a huge amounts that needs to come out. As more time had passed, I had gotten more and more urgent and by the time the traffic was finally lightening up, I was already in a very urgent state. As soon as I could drive faster, I did, but unfortunately after driving for 20 minutes, this discomfort in my stomach came up that forced out this loud fart out of me and that's when it slowly went downhill. I immediately felt my bowels moving and then suddenly this thick solid turd's head started to come out. With all my strength I managed to stop it from coming out any further but the bad news was I was still 10 minutes away from home and I wasn't sure if I was going to make it, but I immediately start up the car and drove as fast as I can.

At the fastest speed I could go, I managed to make it back to my house without much problem, but the load was being very determined. I immediately shut off my car and went straight to the washroom, but that's when it completely went downhill. As soon as I had gotten out of the car, this thick turd had slowly started to come out again and this time I was not able to stop it. I quickly unlocked the door and slowly made my way to the bathroom while the turd was making it's way into my panties. My stomach was in so pain that I just didn't care anymore, since my kids and husband wasn't going to be home for another little while, I immediately pulled my panties and long skirt down and just squat over the floor. Without much hesitation, I relaxed my body and this turd just came out so much faster. It was so thick and solid, and after some time had passed, I was finally finished. I immediately ran to the toilet to take a piss and went to clean up my load, which was huge to be honest.

When my family came home, they never even noticed a thing, and I doubt I'll ever going to tell them.

Mr. Clogs


kaytlin: Nice post about you peeing into the trash can at Midas, I'm surprised that they didn't have a bathroom to use. Hey you do what you got to,

Poo girl: Here some things you can use to go the bathroom in your room. Assuming you take a dump in your room while peeing in there, you can try going to the bathroom in a wide mouth cups, jars, pitchers, and vases. Old shoe box my work. If you into antiques and vintage stuff, you can get you a chamber pot to use to go the bathroom in. Hope this helps.

Ashley: Happy 2012 to you and I'm glad you enjoyed my posts, yes I did fill up that cup up to the top. I'll keep you posted if anything comes up, stay tuned! Have a great day and God Bless you and the family.

Karen: Great post about the fruit and vegetable cleanse. Natures own laxative!

That's it for now. Catch you all later.

Mr. Clogs

My next story happened about a month ago. I was at jess's house and her sister was in the bathroom showering and I needed to shit. Jess said she had to go also. She decided to have a holding contest with me. At about 6 I was starting to clinch my cheeks together for the hold back. About 30 mints later jess started to clinch. At 7 I we were both dying I was ready to give up but didn't. 10 mints later I let loose and loaded my underwear with solid poop. I went to go clean up and jess went in with me and let hers go. Hers was a solid also and filled her underwear right up. She was taking her underwear off when her mom opened her bedroom door and swa jess's underwear filled with shit and messy ass and fliped out and told her to sit her ass on the toilet while she got her a new pair of underwear. During the clean up she told her mom she likes to do it. Lucky for me I was all clean. I got caught by her mom once and it wasn't pretty.

To Ashley no I'm too young im 18. It was my bros wedding I ment my brothers exwife she did it during the cermamony


A Dump and a Grunt / Groan

Hey all!

At long last, my latest story.

During my business trip, myself and some employees went out for a dinner and some drinks at a pub to discuss things. There was myself, my co-worker (and 'partner' at the company), his girlfriend, one of her (female) friends who live din the city.

After 2 drinks and my meal, I had to take a massive dump. I wasn't desparate for it, but I could gradually feel it pressing against my anus, making it loosen slightly and damp. So I went off the restrooms. The restrooms are down a floor, and there are two single toilet bathrooms. I tried one of the doors, which was closed; and locked. When I tried there was no call from within, so I guess they locked securely enough that te occupant would not hear nor see someone trying to get in. I went in to the other one which was free, and blasted a wet, juicy fart; like SPLLLLTTT.....
I got into position and had a minor piss. As it died away (it was a trickle, not a stream), a long log which was between soft and firm eased it's way out of me nosily. It landed with a nice deep THOONK sound. I felt like more so I pushed and a few smaller pieces / chunks came out: ....PLOP...PLUNK-PLOOP...PLUP..PLEP.
Feeling done and empty, i stood to wipe. 1 long 9" log, and one that broke in half, a tad bumpier and tapered, and two tapered golf balls. Everything was gathered & clustered in the hole, the smaller chunks just a bit outside of it. During that space where you put the last piece of toilet paper in the toilet, and flush; I heard a female sound from next door. The walls weren't paper thin nor nothing, but I could hear the one sound. It sound like a strain, a grunt, or a sound of relief. Hard to put into words, but it was like "Uuhhh...!" Not even 3 seconds later, I heard her toilet flush. Once I was done in my washroom, I looked up the stairs to see an average height brunette, shoulder length brown hair, rimmed glasses. She was curvy with good sized breasts and an ass that looked fantastic as it swayed in jeans going up the steps.
Feeling aroused at her appearance & the sound she made, I had to investigate the washroom she used.
In I went, turned the light on, and bolted the door. Then I peered in the toilet. There was a minor smell, also. We're talking BARELY noticeable. In the toilet was a single piece of toilet paper stained light brown, almost yellow, and that was faint. Most like her final wipe.
On the bottom of the toilet was the same color streak, about the size of a pinkie.
I left the restroom after a good 30-45 seconds, then went up stairs to rejoin my people.

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