ASSley P.

Fourth of July much?

Hi my name is Ashley and I've been reading your forums for years but I'm a first time poster! I am currently suffering through a problem of aan identity crisis and I thought of a wicked cool idea of a series of stories that'll take you along the journey with me!

I am a closet farter and that's a bad thing cause I grew up in a family that consisted of me, my dad and FOUR brothers. I was tormented with the face sitting fart torture all throughtout my teens and started to fart regurlarly myself therefore after at home but only home. That was then and now I am gtwenty four and living with my boyfriend. My identity crisis is I am a girl who farts, first and foremost but in front of him, then I turn into the girl who doesn't fart. I wish I could just let one out in front of him but I can't find myself to do it. So, here's part one of my series/journey to find my true identity.

Last night me and my boyfriend went out to an all you can eat China buffet, the first time for me might I add. I didn't eat all I can eat, as besides a closet farter I tend to be "feminine" too when I eat in front of him. After the buffet we go and do a little shopping for me as tomorrow (today) was the start of my newjob, so I needed some nice dress pants. We're looking together when I feel this sharp pain in my belly but I think nothing of it as it soon leaves. The pain returns off and on as a ill, sick feeling also sets in. I already know what it is, it's gas. The pain quickly becomes too much and so I grab the nearest pair of pants and excuse myself into the dressing room, trying to think how I'll let this go. Should I fart in the room or would he hear? I ended up deciding to wait until we get home I exit the room and make a dart to the cashiers. The pain isnow worse on the car ride home. I am paranoid at this point as I start to question whether or not he can here the gurgling sounds from inside my stomach, cause there were frigin' loud! I've been holding on for almost a hour now as we finally make it home. As soon as we step in the door he grabs me and throws me against the front door and kisses me passionately. I almost let go. The need to fart is driving me crazy and I don't know how long I can hold it in. It was late and I was hoping we'd go straight to bed so I can let it all out while he's asleep (my most common technique) but he seems to have other plans as his hands are roaming my body. I needed to get him out of the house so I send him to the store for some chocolate and whippped cream to "spicen things up".

He loves the idea and runs out the door. I immediately run up the stairs, slide my leggings and panties down with one swift motion and plop my ass on the seat. Immediately a cheek flapping fart rupts from my ass, followed by an explosion of farts that follow it. The farts come out one after another and this goes on for close to five minutes I say. It's stops but I'm not done cause I know there's still more inside. I wrap my arms around my stomach and lean over them as I squinch up my face and push. Immediately a wet fart sounds and again an explosion of wet farts follow in a chain. The relief is so good I am moaning so loud my boyfriend would think I'm having the fun without him if he heard. The chain of farts finally comes to an end after another five minutes but I force out five more farts. I get up and wipe cause those were some pretty wet farts.

The gas and discomfort return and so I tell my boyfriend I am not feeling well and the food must be messing with me. Poor him, he looked sad with the chocolate and whipped cream in hand. Another night, maybe without chinese? I only ate a little and it did this to me?!

(P.S. if you caught on, you'd realize I never tried on the dress pants as I wanted to get home and release my gas. I had to squeeze them on and they were skin tight, couldn't breth in them and I still had the discomfort so the waist band of the jeans cutting into my bloated belly sucked.)

Tell me what you think and I'll inform you of my progress with my next installment in my series!


Diarrhea Update

Just the latest update, I've been up all night but now my stomach feels a lot better now and the diarrhea has stopped and I don't feel like I'm about to start throwing up anymore. I can't help wondering if it was maybe the pecan pie I ate at Coco's that got me sick in the first place, it's something I don't normally eat but I wanted to try it as I like trying out new things, especially when it comes to food. Or maybe it was the greasy onion straw thingies I don't know. I've been eating at Coco's since I was a teenager and this is the first time I've ever gotten sick from eating there, it was my first time trying pecan pie. Maybe the pecans just didn't agree with me. As for the diarrhea, it was like every time I'd drink something it would go straight through me out my other end all night. The last time I had diarrhea was about three hours ago and it was just clear water. Gonna try to go easy today; got some hard parmesan cheese sticks, Wheat Thins, and gingerale to snack around on today to help stop the diarrhea, then go back to the induction phase starting tomorrow until I hit ketosis again, then pick up again with 25 mg of carbs a day.

Hey Tim, you know I didn't mean any offense about my last comment about your being the wedige sniffer, alright? I meant it in good fun. My ex-husband was like you, always sticking his nose between my big bum cheeks and the smellier I was the more he liked it, such as when I'd just come home from work all sweaty and gross. You're just a typical guy, as a matter of fact I'd be worried about you if you weren't a little weird like that! If I were 20 years younger I might even call you up for a date.

Christine in FL
I wrote before about how I'd been constipated for almost a week
I took a laxative Thursday, but it didn't help any on Friday. I wasn't able to go and just had this sick feeling in my stomach, sort of like my gut was a washing machine and there was all this liquid churning around inside me.
I woke up this morning bloated and feeling sick. I thought I was going to throw up as I got out of bed. I stuck my hand under my shirt and rubbed my belly, which felt hard and swollen. My family was home, so I had to deal with them before I sat on the toilet. I went to put on my jeans, but my ???? was bloated to the point where I couldn't even zip them up, let alone button them. They felt tight and uncomfortable. I was too lazy to take them of though, and simply put on a sweatshirt over the jeans so nobody would realize I hadn't buttoned them. I went to the kitchen and made breakfast for my husband and my two sons, and I sat down. For some reason, I actually ate quite a bit, and felt sick soon after. After the family was content, I went over to the bathroom and sat on the toilet.
I pushed and strained hard, and after fifteen minutes, I was red in the face and gasping. Still, I wanted the stuff out of me, so i strained for another five minutes. Still nothing. I relaxed and a small pebble fell into the water with a plip. I sighed.
I pulled my pants back up, still unable to button them and went back into the bedroom. My husband was waiting for me.
"Are you okay?" he asked.
"Yeah, fine," I replied.
"I heard you straining..."
"I'm a little constipated," I admitted. An understatement.
"Do you need a laxative?"
"I took one the day before yesterday."
"It didn't help?"
"No," I said.
I laid down on my side in bed and belched, feeling sick from breakfast. I rubbed my ???? and eventually dozed of, only to be reawakened by my husband. He'd brought be another laxative to take. I figured it couldn't hurt, mixed it in some water, and drank it.
An hour later, my belly was cramping and hurting.
I went to the toilet.
I pushed hard and slowly, a thick, hard turd started to slip out.
"Uhhhhh," I groaned, it was so thick it was hurting me.
Fifteen minutes later, I was sweating, but the first turd was out. It was about a foot long and and an inch and a half in diameter. I was still unbelievably bloated. I continued to push. Ten minutes later, I was done pushing out another turd, about the same size as the first. The next was about the size and shape of a golf ball.
My stomach cramped, and all of a sudden, I felt sick. I grabbed a waste basket and gagged a couple of times, but managed to keep my breakfast down. Next, I pushed out another golf ball sized turd. Five minutes later, I was done with the next, a skinny one about eight inches long. The next two came out fairly quickly, they were small and skinny. Lastly, a pile of mush came out. I felt good and empty after that, and I'm so relieved to be over this.

your name (Buggyoptional)

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I was at a speech and it was
My turn to talk and I got up on stage and boom I pee and crap myself for like 5mins all over !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle (Formally M.S)

After Christmas poo story that I promised

Sorry I have not posted in a long time I have been busy recently and had a lot of things to do. This post includes my after Christmas poo that I promised along with another incident that happened since my last post along with a few comments.

28th December - After eating for England during the Christmas period I knew it would lead to an enormous poo especially as I hadn't emptied my bowels since Christmas Eve. I was staying with my parents during Christmas and my mum and I were going to go shopping to find some bargains in the sales on the 28th. I woke up at 8am with an urgent need to poo. I waited a few more minutes but I became so desperate that I had no choice but to run to the toilet holding my bum tightly using both hands or I would have ended up with a load in my knickers. I just made it in time and ripped my panties down before sitting on the toilet. As soon as my bum touched the seat I started to unleash a loose poo that came rushing out of my anus like mud. There was so much poo coming out of me I thought it would never end but the relief was unbelievable. Once I had pushed the last bit out I had to clean my messy bum which seemed to take forever. When I looked in the toilet it was half filled with soft poo and it took 2 flushes to get rid of it all. As soon as I started to wash my hands I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and noticed it was my mum holding her bum. She rushed in after me and I could hear she was having a massive clear out. She even gave a sigh of relief as it plopped into the water. Once she came out we went shopping and found a load of bargains in the sales… I love the sales; but not as much I love this site;)

12th January - I was running late for work and didn't have time to have a poo before I left. I was bursting as I hadn't been for 3 days but I had no choice but to wait until I got to work. While I was driving I started to get more and more desperate and by the time I got to work I was nearly doing it in my knickers. I raced to the staff toilets and went into an open stall and locked the door. I turned around and started to undo the zip on my work trousers but I lost control and felt a warm solid log drop into my knickers. By the time I got my trousers down I had another piece of poo hanging from my anus so I quickly sat on the toilet just as it splashed into the water causing my bum to get wet. I then looked down at my knickers to see they were full to capacity which was odd as it was only half the amount of poo that I produced. I tipped the contents of my knickers into the toilet and was surprised to see that there were no major stains, just a few faint skidmarks as it was a fairly dry, hard poo so I decided to keep them on rather than throw them away. I quickly wiped my bum with a few pieces of toilet paper and pulled my knickers and trouser and flushed the toilet.

To Martin
Hi, welcome to the site, it's always nice to see a new poster. I am glad you like my posts and I am sorry I haven't posted in a while it's just I have a lot of things to do. I agree with you about preferring poo stories but I will post about pee stories if I need to. I look forward to your future posts.

To Leah
Hi, you shouldn't feel embarrassed or stupid about pooing yourself as we all have accidents (some more than others). Sometimes the poo just seems to slide out on its own and there's not a lot you can do… believe me I had been there loads of times. I look forward to your future posts.


Susan T

Huge poops

Hi guys!
When I was younger (around 10-15 probably), I didn't have to poop or pee very much. Overall, I was pretty healthy, eating normally. I seemed to colon though, as I'd normally poop about twice a week. It wasn't that I was constipated - my poop was a bit firm but not hard or uncomfortable by any means, but it would be huge especially for someone my size. They must have been at least an inch and a half across and weighed several pounds. I often clogged toilets, and thankfully we had a pretty powerful one at home. I could sometimes see a fair bit of bulging in the lower left corner of my belly when I hadn't gone for a few days, but again, it didn't feel uncomfortable or anything.

I must have had a huge bladder as well, since I didn't pee more than twice a day very often, but it would be at least two cups each time (I actually measured/estimated a few times), and it wasn't dark colored or anything.

What could be the reason for this? I never really knew what was going on, and probably didn't care much, but now I'm sort of curious as to why.

Ok so last year I was on a date with my ex boyfriend Tim. We were eating and I got a cramp. I really hate using public bathrooms for taking poops. Do I tried to hold it. About 30 mints later we ordered desert. He said he was going to the bathroom, I knew I was gonna shit my pants. When he came back I stood up to fix my wedgie. I felt a log of poop come with it. We paid the check and left.bon the way back to my hou, I let it all go. Lucky for me it was 50 degrees outside so we had the window down but was embarrassed of I've done agian. Well I went inside to my house. I got new my pjs and a fresh pair of underwear. As I was going to clean up, I forgot to lock the door and my mom came in and saw the mess I made she just told to sit down on the toilet and give her my underwear. She washed them out and then told me to whipe up. My 18th birthday is one I wanna forget. But my accident at Tim's on his 18th was better cuz now we hate eachother.

My next story happend maybe a mounth later. Me and Tim were at danielles house and she wanted to go for a walk. Well abou half way on the trip. I needed to take big poop. Danielle came up and wispered in my ear she had to poop. I told I did also. I looked down and I think Tim herd us because his dick was longer and harder than ive ever seen. We were Turing the corner to head back when Danielle let out a lil fart, I knew she was in trouble. Me I thought I was fine. But 5 minutes later I let my first log out into my underwear. Danielle smelt it and said u loose so she let some go and it stunk Worse than mine. Tim knew one of us had let loose not both. Danielle had to go so bad that as she was going up the driveway she let the rest go in her underwear, I couldn't hold on going up the stairs to her room. Danielle's mom was comming in to put away laundry when she smelt and saw both our accidents and told us to go with her. She cleans me up first then Danielle. Jess was over a little later that day. And alway shits herself because she likes to. Well she did it and Danielle's mom came in with food and asked if any of us did it agian and we all denyed. Jess was caught going to the bathroom by Danielle's sister. Her mom came and just asked to see her pants and underwear only to find a 17 year olds shit in them. She the cleanf her up and gave her a pair of Danielle's underwear.

This story is from a about 2 years ago wen I was at the movies with my then friend Tim. We were at the food court and I did not no it but I farted and completely loaded my underwear. It took about 10 min to clean up. Anyway I always carry extran underwear sence my first accident in school. I put on a new pair. And we went on to the movie. I ran into Jess, she was seeing the same movie we were. We both had to poop during the movie. I tried to hang on but lost controll twords the end but Jess let loose before I did lol. We both went into Marshall's and I got a new pair of jeans and underwear. I went into the bathroom and cleand up.

My next story was almost 2 months ago I was at work and we were in the middle of lunch. So I couldn't poop in the toilet. I held for maybe 10 min then I couldn't hold on any more and shit my pants. They sent me home.

My next story happened 2 years ago wen me and Danielle were driving and I then got the pain and this time it wasn't good cuz I knew I only had about 10 min to find a bathroom or I was going to have an accident. 5 min later we got to Danielle's house and to my luck her sister was taking a shit. I knew she was going to shit my pants. And did just that 5 min later. I got cleaned up by her mom and changed my underwear.


to Leah

Maybe you should try pooping in that room once a month or so just in case you ever end up stuck in there again so you will instinctively know what to do instead of loading your panties. Could be kinda like a fire drill for pooping of sorts. Might even find it enjoyable I know pooping in a squatting position is a lot easier to push poop out than on a toilet anyhow so might be a good thing to do if you are ever constipated. Loved the story.


Dreams to Reality

Last night I had a dream that I was at a Wal-Mart Bathroom and I went in the Womens' room by mistake.I saw a trail of poop in the floor and it lead to the big stall and it was full of logs.I left the restroom and saw a man go in there with a plundger.I said to my self in the dream.WAIT TILL EVERYONE ON TOILETSTOOL HEAR ABOUT THIS!
And today at work (In which our plummbing is out of wak) a Woman I work with said that she had to go in the mens'room and had to unstop the toilet the previous night because there was a large turd the volume of a can was in the toilet.And she said the guy who ever did it must've been gay because he wouldn't let a big one like that without tearing a new bum.(she didn't say bum though)Later at work the toilet wouldn't stop flushing,and the only way to get it to stop is to flush the womens'.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Poo Girl
1.flower pot
2.old back pack
3.a old shoe
4.laundry basket

To: Leah great story about you pooping and peeing yourself and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Martin great story about you and your freinds.

To: Karen as always another great story and it sounds like you got a good clean out and lost weight to both good things and I bet you felt super great after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natalie X as always another great story and at least you didnt have a full blown accident which is good and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Fruit first welcome back and great story and it sounds like you had a rough day but at least you made it to a bathroom without having an accident which is good and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Christine In FL I hope you get over your constipation real and good luck with the laxative and I look forward to hearing about the results thanks.

To: Leo great story about your friend Nicole its to bad you didnt get to hear her poop.

To: Anne (Davids wife) great story about your accident and I lok forward to anymore stories that you may have thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great pooping story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your freind and/or other girl pooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rachel hope to hear some great stories from you soon and I look forward to reading them thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Saturday, January 21, 2012

About six months ago I was with my ex boyfriend tim. We were at the mall and I had to go poop. We were at pacsun and my belly rumble. I just took a deep breath and said I'll be able to hold it till we eat. About 5 min later I smelt poop and saw a girl about my age with a bulge in her pants. Her mom came over and grabbed her by the back of her pants and saw a huge mess in them, and said "the third time in 2 days. Go buy new pants and underwear and go clean up and change." I thought I was safe to let out a fart and started to go in my pants. I finished my first log then went off to the bathroom. I got there and both stalls were taken I thought about just finishing off but didn't because I didn't have any other underwear or pants. So I waited about 5 more min then just finished off. I then remembered my underwear was white so I couldnt clean them out without my mom seeing the poop stain. I just stayed in my underwear untill I got home. My mom was pissed and cleaned my off in the bathroom.

My other story and my first accident in school. I was in 6th grade, me my firends Jess, Chris, and Steve were in class and I had to poop. First Steve asked to go when I told Jess I needed the bathroom. Then Chris left 10 min later he was gone 10 min. Then Jess got in on the fun left and was gone 10 min. There was 15 min left in class and I asked to go cuz I was about to have a mess in my underwear. She still said no. 5 min later I couldn't hold on and just shit my pants in the class. Jess smelled it and pushed and let go in hers to make me feel better. The teacher saw Jess get up and say y did u not clean up in the bathroom and then she said she didn't have to poop yet after she peed and then she saw my pants and smelled me out and told me she was sorry. I threw my underwear in the trash and wiped my ass.

The next year in 7th grade Jess was on the verge of pooping her pants at lunch and just let it all go. I had to go also but didnt realize untill it was too late. As I was wahing Jess's mess out of her pink panties I had no choise I just pooped myself, but it was for the best and I owed her 1.

The next year in 8th grade I moved and had to poop and just pooped my pants because I hated the teacher.

My freshman year I pooped my panties during an exam because the teaches don't let u leave during that block.
Sofmore year I had to poop between lunch class and went into the bathroom to find all 3 stalls taken with a line of 12 girls and I was not too desperate so I held it till It got to about 3 girls infront of me I was on the verge of yet another accident. The girl infront of me was grabbing her ass also but held on till she got a stall. She pulled her panties down to her ankles and I saw a big brown solid piece in her panties. They were all shitting and I had no choice I pooped my underwear.


Teriyaki Swiss Burger should be called Diarrhea Burger

I think I have food poisoning. I treated myself to a weekly cheat meal last night so I went to Coco's and got a Teriyaki Pineapple Swiss burger with crispy onion straws, and a piece of pecan pie for dessert before going to the mall. A couple of hours after dinner I started feeling woozy and then I vomited in the bathroom at the mall then after I got home I've been having diarrhea all night so I haven't slept all night. The burger was well done so I shouldn't totally blame it on Coco's but all I know is that I was fine before I ate dinner there. My guts feel like raw hamburger. I've got a good mind to go back there today and have a word with the manager.


pee story

Lol about4years ago I was going out with a girl one night we got back home after a party and we went to bed in the middle of the night she woke up as she needed a smoke anyway as she got up she woke me up as I looked down I saw all this piss running down her leg and she wet the bed I told her it was OK and she went back to sleep next morning we woke up and her knickers were wet as it appears she had peed her self after she changed but as she put new underwear on more piss came down her leg .


Assorted replies

Leah. Thanks for sharing your story. However accidents happen and you shouldn't reproach yourself over it. There's a saying "shit happens" and it's very appropriate on here. If I had a pound for every time I'd done something daft I'd be a very rich man indeed.

Martin. I enjoyed your posts - all four of them. Although I've no experience of going to the Glastonbury festival myself, my niece, who's now in her mid twenties, is no stranger to events of that type and I wouldn't be surprised if she's come across the sort of rudimentary sanitary arrangements you describe. For what it's worth I'm rather fond of my creature comforts and, at nearly fifty, a little too old for that sort of thing. However I admire those of a younger generation who are up for it. My favourite amongst your posts was undoubtedly the one where you recounted searching round three sets of toilets in a shopping centre in order to find a loo whilst you were desperate to poo. You were lucky to reach a free toilet in the nick of time by the sound of it. From the way you described things I got the impression there were rather a lot of other guys in a similar predicament and no doubt the Festive Season's over-indulgences contributed to that. Maybe I've led a bit of a sheltered life, but I don't ever recall going into a shopping centre which had three or four sets of toilets, although I'm used to supermarkets which have a gents, a ladies and a disabled.

Karen. That salad and fruit cleanout sounds interesting and I'm tempted to give it a try sometime, ideally when I haven't got to go far. I'm currently trying to lose a bit of weight and the practice nurse is encouraging me to eat more fruit and less 'junk food' for want of a better phrase. I'd been a bit constipated last weekend - at least I'd not 'done' as much as I like to do and on Monday night I had seven or eight prunes with some yogurt at supper time. My first toilet visit early on Tuesday produced nothing but a pee and a couple of farts. However after breakfast, I felt things rapidly and decided a trip to the loo was in order before leaving for work. Well, I went and had the most satisfying poo I've had for ages, producing a panful of mushy, smelly, dark brown poo. It came out rather like ice cream out of a dispenser - not liquid by semi-solid. Needless to say I felt a lot better and about half a stone lighter. Methinks the prunes might become a regular feature from now on!

Fruit. My bowels can be unpredictable at times to say the least. However I find two things help to keep them functioning tolerably well. One is regular meals and the other is going for poos at regular intervals each day. That way I've found my bowels get used to a fairly predictable pattern and they expect to be opened, with some success, at certain times of day. It's not 100% foolproof or failsafe. Nothing is. However it does help a lot. If you're not keen on bread in the mornings, why not substitute a few crackers or Ryvita and have those with butter and jam or marmalade? It's what I do most of the time.

Trucker guy from the UK. I enjoyed reading about your alfresco poo. Although I know truckers usually keep containers in the cab to pee in, I've often wondered what they do about #2, especially when parking up doesn't coincide with the ready availability of toilets.

John from the UK. I'm glad you're enjoying reading through the old posts. Although things are good now, I tend to think of the early days as the 'glory days' of The Toilet when there was such an immense variety of posters recounting their experiences on there. I posted quite a lot from around 2000 to 2002 and maybe into 2003 before taking a long break and only posting spasmodically. Recently I decided it was time to make a comeback and, although I enjoy most posts regardless of their origin, as a Brit I will say it's great to see a healthy number of UK posters back here now.

Anne (David's wife) from London. Last but by no means least! Thanks for your kind remarks - it was a pleasure to welcome you. I really enjoyed reading that detailed account of the poo accident you had in 1967. Although I'm sure you'd rather not have had it, you were lucky I think on more counts than one, your output being fairly firm, the elasticated knickers holding it in - and getting home undetected. Although I don't know how strict your parents were, I imagine if they'd caught you in that state you'd certainly have had a good telling off, even if you weren't actually punished for it. Managing to sneak home undetected was indeed a stroke of luck! Also your knickers were obviously in a washable state and got to see another day. Given the era, I think you were lucky to have the services of a shower too. Although I can't remember exactly when it was installed, I don't think my parents had a shower put in until either the late 1970s or possibly early 1980s. Prior to that it was a weekly bath - Ah how times have changed! I know that for understandable reasons you perhaps prefer not to have accidents. However if you've had any others, particularly since then, it would be interesting to hear all about them. By the way I wear Sloggi Maxis too. I bought some about five years ago, more from curiosity than anything else, and found they were much more comfortable than briefs. From that point on there was no going back.

The Clovis kid

FAO Abbie and Leanne

I always enjoy reading your stories, but it sounds like a lot of the time you only just about make it to the loo before having an accident, I'm just wondering if there are any stories where you haven't made it in time and have had an accident?

Now for my story, I was walking home from college with my friend Josh, whilst desperate for a poo, but I thought I would be able to hold it. Whilst walking I noticed Josh was walking really funny. I asked him what was up and he said he was urgent for a poo, and was about to have one in college but there was no toilet paper in the cubicle so he didn't. As we walked both our needs became worse and worse, but I had a lot further to walk then him! As we turned into his road, he suddenly stopped, and I realised that he'd had an accident. Poo started to sag out of his trousers.

I felt very bad for him as he started to cry, but was surprised when he said he was desperate still! We got into his house and he sat on the loo whilst sobbing and almost instantly more poo started plopping into the bowl, As he sat there I was fast becoming desperate for a poo myself. Josh noticed my discomfort and asked "are you OK?" I told him of my desperation and he suggested "why not try and get on the loo with me? We don't want both of us to have messed boxers". I was that desperate I did as he said, and even though it was a massive squeeze we both got on as I pulled my blue boxers down next to his black poo-filled ones. I started to poo almost immediately and was continuously pooing for several minutes, and finished just has he did after we both did a short wee. We both wiped and he then jumped in the shower to clean himself up.

He came out after a bit looking a lot better, and was thankful that I was so understanding. As he dried himself, I gave him a kiss and a cuddle and told him it had happened to me before, especially when I was drunk! We went to bed because we were so knackered after all that!

A guy named S

Public pooping

This morning i woke feeling great but didnt have my usual morning poop. I had to go to a store in my town its well know and big around the U.S. while i was in there getting a few things the strong urge for my morning poop hit me. So i went to the bathroom there were 4 stalls i took the 3rd one didnt wanna take the handicap incase someone needed it. I was the only one in there so i pulled my pants down and took a seat the toilet was freshly clean. I let out a few good farts then a thick solid 8inch turd then someone else came in and took the stall beside me they sat i could hear them farting and dropping there load as i continued to do the same i pooped out a couple more logs but there was still more to come when the guy next to me finished. He flushed the toilet 5 or 6 times then left, so i sat there for another 5 mins finishing my dump and i dropped 6 logs all solid and thick and felt much better i wiped and it was fairley clean so didnt have to do much i pulled my pants up and out of curiousity i was wondering what was up in the next stall where the guy was so i looked in and the water was at the top of the bowl about to run over so i quickly washed my hands and left to finish my shopping. I go to this place a good bit so next time i will have to see if they fixed it. But the guy seemed not to care nor tell anyone so who knows. Until next time Happy pooing

poo girl

poop in room

I like going to the bathroom in my room. ive tried bucket, trash can, bag, and container. any more idea or things i can make?


Answers to Becky S.

>To JW:
>1. What if I accidentally try to poop while the finger is inside me?

The doctor will feel you trying to "bear down" and likely just ask you to try and stop. He may tell you to "relax and not push" or "pant like a puppy".

>2. What will happen if they find poop in me? Will I be excused to the >toilet or will they "get it out"

I seriously doubt they would do a manual extraction. More than likely he/she will ask if your are constipated, do you think you can poop, and send you off to the toilet to try. If you can't go they may reschedule the exam or they could possibly give you a fleets enema to take to the bathroom with you.

Contrary to what oldpoop told you, I've NEVER had an instrument used on me for a simple rectal exam. If they plan to use a "scope" they tell you ahead of time and then give instruction to take a laxative before the exam.


i felt so stupid..

Today i did something really dumb, which resulted in something really embarrassing happening to me. I woke up and had to poop pretty bad. I went to the bathroom to find no toilet paper in there whatsoever so i had to clench my cheeks and rush down to the garage and get a roll. I hurried because i really had to go. I stepped into the garage and grabbed a few rolls, then turned find i had closed the door, locking myself in!!! It was a bad situation. It's not an actual garage, its like a makeshift storage shed that's connected to the house and it just has the one door between it and the house because the guy who used to live here was building it but a garage would violate some zoning code or something so he didn't finish it. So, with that door locked i had no other way out! I felt really stupid, and to make matters worse it was pretty cold out and i was only wearing a shirt and my panties. I had nothing on my legs and feet at all, it was freezing! And of course i still had to go to the bathroom.... well, as I'm sure you can imagine, as i stood there trying to figure out what to do, i kinda...sorta..well...pooped. Like, in my, a lot...and it was bad. I felt like a 5 year old girl.... oh yeah, and then i peed too...also in my underwear, and all down my legs. So i was stuck in my garage, in the freezing cold, wearing just my shirt and underwear, and now my underwear was wet and full of poop. It was such a bizarre set of circumstances that unfolded so quickly that i just started laughing hysterically for a minute. I then came to my senses and all the sudden i had all the ideas. First i noticed all our cleaning stuff was out there, including two big i definitely could've used one of the buckets as a toilet but i was too preoccupied with figuring out how the hell was i gonna get inside that i allowed myself to pee and poop in my underwear like a frightened child. Then of course i remembered we keep a key in a coffee can on the shelf for just such an emergency.... so, i got back into the house. All in all i was probably only "stuck" for 6 or 7 minutes, but that was all i needed apparently to involuntarily release the contents of my bowels and bladder into my panties. I don't ever remember having that "i can't hold it" moment, i was just trying to think how i was gonna get back inside and then before i knew it i could feel something warm and squishy expanding in my panties. It was a very weird sensation... anyway, i got inside and waddled back up to my bathroom, now with the goal of showering/changing my underwear. In the mirror the damage looked pretty bad. My panties were cotton bikini cut white and blue stripes. The white stripes were all see-through where it was just wet and stained complete brown where the apple-sized poop bulge was, and the blue stripes just looked a little darker where it was wet. I dumped the poop out of them into the toilet and cleaned myself off with the toilet paper i had gone on my ill-fated quest for, then took a long shower! Anyway, it definitely was a tumultuous start to the day, especially for my underwear, but i keep laughing at myself when i think about it because the whole thing was just so stupid! I hope i never have to go to the bathroom around other people and we find ourselves in any mildly alarming situation because obviously my body's first emergency response function is release bowels and bladder lol.


Trip Post

Hey all,

Had a great trip out of town. Hotel was sweet - a bathtub & shower stall (separate), queen sized bed...was a fairly nice room :)

Before I get settled back in, I'll comment on some posts...

TSF - wow, quite the post and a close call indeed! Did your dump make any sound as it exited you? Did you pass any farts also? I find if you fart when you're desparate, you may get more than air...

Abbie - Who is older, Ellie or Beth? It's cool the three of you are so open in front of each other. Funny...for the most part, girls (most girls) are grossed out by talking about peeing, pooping etc.. yet they're comfy being in the bathroom with each other while doing it! I did enjoy your post, by the way haha!

Katharine - sounds like your friend can fill the bowl quite well! If she's open enough, maybe tell her about the site? Are you usually noisy when it comes to using the toilet?

Desperate to Poop - 'something else naughty'? It may not be appropriate for the forum, but I like the sounds of that. When you made that poop sludge, were there any accompanying sounds?

just a girl - i hope an discomfort is gone! i get those poops sometimes - gassy, loud and soft. One push and it all, or mostly, comes out? Also, has your diet changed, or anything change din your life? It could be nerves.

Anny - welcome back! Glad you're feeling much better, and you're getting relief on the toilet. Are your huge dumps lots of turds, or one big one? I'm about 5'8", and weigh 150 or so (give or take a few pounds). I shit twice a day, and they're usually 1 long, thick log, or about 4-5 medium sized logs.

David and Anne, loved your most recent post!

Alice - 2 feet long? wow! Longest I can get is one foot!

Nicola - whoa, what a story! Did you or Sarah make any sounds whilst pooing yourelves? Farts even?

That's it for now, I'll post a story later, I need to unpack etc.

Hope all are well!

Jasmin K

School Loos


The loos at my school vary in cleanliness depending when you vist.

I tend to go first thing when I arrive at school as I get there about 1/2 hour early, A lot of us arrive early due to train/bus times. The loos are quite busy and sometimes there is a que as many stalls are occupied for a long time with girls having a poo. Like you said there are doors banging,driers going and chatter to cover noises made when straining. That said there are others making lots of straining sounds at that time. There are quite a few routine visitors who, like me, take the opportunity to try to force a poo before school starts constipated or not. There is always a lot of straining and sounds of passing wind and pebbles/logs splashing down, there is also the advantage that the loos are clean.
At lunchtime its ok, the loos are not to clean by then but when I am on my 3rd visit after unsucessfull visits first thing and at morning break to try to get a constipated log out I dont really care.

Had a good big poo this morning..

Do you have routine toilet users at your school? and how clean are you loos.

Gotta go now as free period is over.

Jas K


To Becky S.

When I had my sigmoidoscopy, the doctor used a thin tube with a light at the tip to check my lower bowel for polyps. A sigmoidoscopy is more than a rectal exam; it goes all the way up into the sigmoid area of the colon, which is the part closest to the rectum. The tube had a camera that took pictures of the inner surface of my large intestine. It was quite painless, and I could even see what the camera showed. Of course, I didn't know what I was looking at; but the doctor did, and she assured me that I was "clean as a whistle" down there, which was a relief.

What instrument(s), if any, your doctor uses will depend on where he's looking and what he's looking for. He may use only his gloved finger. Don't worry about it.

Hey again- one more post to complete my quartet! This one is about one of my festival trips-to Glastonbury Festival last year.

I went with two friends, one guy (Ashley) and two girls (Kathryn and Charlotte). I shared a tent with Ashley and Kathryn had their own tent right next to ours. Well the night we arrived we pigged out on burgers, sausages and stuff as well as alcohol of course!
The next morning I woke up and soon enough I knew I had to make use of the facilities to have a number two. It wasn't too urgent but I knew from experience that there would be queues! I woke Ashley up and found when I went outside that the girls were already up. I announced that I was off to the toilets, and Kathryn said she would come too and to take some paper with us. I grabbed a roll of paper and we set off for the nearest block. On the way she said, 'I hate this part of festivals. I always have to poo in the morning and the queues are always so big!' I laughed and said so do lots of other people. 'Do you?' she said. I said yes and she said, 'well then at least we're going together for moral support!' I asked her how much paper she needed. She said she would need quite a lot! I said, 'you'd better keep this then!' and tore some off for myself and gave her the roll.
Of course the queue was big. After about 25 minutes we were near the front and waiting for the 'long drop' toilets, which seem to be the favourites for those of both genders needing a crap! I was quite desperate now because I had plenty of sausages of my own to unload! So did Kathryn because she complained and said, 'I hope they hurry up!' Another couple of minutes saw us next in line. There were 9 toilets in a line and it seemed everyone was in there to do the big one! Soon enough a guy came out and I wished Kathryn luck as she went in! The guy was waiting for someone and soon enough a girl came out of the one to the left of Kathryn. I took it. The seat was actually clean so I dropped my jeans and boxers and sat. I looked down and saw Kathryn's feet under the partition. I could tell she was sitting down because her feet weren't quite on the floor! I heard a loud stream of piss from her and I joined in, emptying my own bladder. As I did so one turd slipped out with a disgusting wet splat as it hit the pool of filth below! There were plenty of other turds dropping and farts being released, and then I heard two plops from right next door. I pushed out four more turds and I heard Kathryn produce another two and then three smaller sounding bits. When I stood up and wiped I took a quick glance down into the depths to see if there was anything visible of our productions but all I could see was dirty water with occasional turds dropping in from other toilets!
I didn't poo on Saturday at all, and on Sunday I woke up with a strong urge to have a sit down, so to speak! I got out of the tent and Charlotte was there starting breakfast. She said Kathryn and Ashley had gone off to the loos. Then she said she needed to go and would I mind carrying on with breakfast? I told her I needed the loo as well. What to do? She asked me what I needed to do there so I said, 'I've got to do a number two.' She replied, 'oh well I only need a wee. Perhaps you'd better go first and I'll wait for the others.' I agreed to that readily because I already really needed to go. I grabbed some paper and went and joined the queue. By the time I reached the front about 20 minutes later I was desperate. It wasn't diarrhea but I could tell it would be loose. Once again there were 9 sets of wellies visible under the doors, and seemingly 9 people were making their own number twos! A few minutes later I got a seat and released six loose logs and a couple of mushy bits and felt much better after! And that was it for the festival!

Plenty more stories to tell so I'll post again soon. hope you enjoyed these!

Hey! I'm new to this site so I'd better introduce myself. I am a 21 year old university student from the UK, 5ft 9, brown hair and blue eyes and a few pounds overweight. I've been reading the site for a long time now and I thought I would start posting now too!

Leanne & Emma- I especially enjoy your stories since you're both at uni too! I also like Abbie's and Michelle's!

I prefer pooing stories (I guess because we do it far more often I find peeing a bit mundane!), especially from girls. My poos usually are solid (although sometimes soft, especially after I eat spicy stuff like curries) and pretty big since I tend to eat more than I should. I go everyday, usually twice- on the same schedule as you Leanne, once in the early afternoon and then again after eating in the evening! When I get the urge it usually takes one of two forms- one that I can be confident in being able to hold for hours, or one that comes fast and means I have to go within ten or fifteen minutes! On average I suppose it takes me 15 minutes to go unless it's one of those explosive ones that Dan was talking about where they all come out at once! By the time I get to a toilet I am often desperate!

Well my first story was from just before Christmas when I was at home. I had some shopping to do so I drove into the city to go to the shopping centre there. Of course it was really, really busy. I got most of my shopping done and went back to the car and put it in the boot, and then went to get some lunch. I ended up in a food court just over the road from the shopping centre (actually inside a smaller one) eating a cheap but delicious meal of a giant yorkshire pudding with sausages in and some chips and vegetables and then a slice of cake. I was pretty full after that, needless to say, and shortly after I developed a strong need to go for a poo. In this shopping centre there are four sets of mens toilets to choose from- I ended up on a circular tour of three of them in order to get the relief I was urgently seeking!
When my urge started to become strong I headed for the nearest set. I went in to find the three cubicles occupied and two guys waiting. There wasn't much room to queue so I just pretended I was in there to pee and went to the urinals and emptied my bladder- quite hard to do when you really need to fart and poo as well! I came out of there and had a think about where there were other toilets. I remembered a set on the very top floor so I took the escalators up and went there. There were only two toilets here and three guys waiting. I stood in there for five minutes but still nobody had come out so I abandoned that plan- I couldn't stand there indefinitely waiting for three other guys to go!
I came out and realised the nearest set to me now was at the other end of the centre to where the first lot were, so I headed that way, doing my best to hold in the big load that was knocking very hard on my back door. When I got there, all four of those cubicles were in use as well but there was nobody waiting for a change. I started a one man queue while other guys came and went to the urinals. After a couple of minutes one guy came out and I went in. I pulled down my jeans and boxers and got my ass on the seat. Two logs came straight out and then a loud fart and a spattering of mushy crap. Just then both cubicles on either side of me opened up. Straight away a father and his young daughter entered the one to my left and a minute after someone took the other one. Another turd came out after a minute and then I started work on a big one. The father was talking to his daughter but I couldn't hear very well because there was some quite loud ambient music playing and I couldn't work out who was going at any given time! The other cubicle opened then and someone went in, so there were relative newcomers in all four of them now. A few minutes passed and my big log came out with a plop. I could see the shadows of guys walking to and from the urinals under the door of the cubicle and also a couple of stationary shadows. I assumed these were guys waiting for the chance for a number two, and one was outside my cubicle- an interesting point for the ladies. When you are queuing for the loos, do you all queue off to one side or do you queue in front of the cubicles?
After a couple of minutes I had pushed out three more pieces of poo and had a little bit more to do. I could see the shadow in front of my cubicle moving around a bit. I pushed out another two tiny bits and that was it. I wiped my behind and flushed. When I opened the door there were three guys waiting. The one in front of my cubicle was a boy of about 12 in a tracksuit who must have arrived first because he took my cubicle and looked relieved to get it!

One more story today. After New Year I had some money to spend that I'd been given, and a couple of gift tokens, so I drove to a town that was about 30 minutes drive away but had a very nice posh shopping centre. I hoped to find some nicer clothes there than I would on the high street! I had lunch in a Mcdonalds (not very posh I know!) and after a pee in the dirty single occupancy toilet then started looking for something to buy. I ended up outside the shopping centre in a square just beyond the main shopping street. While I was in one shop I started to need a poo. At first it was a mild urge, although I knew there was a big load in the offing, but after I'd walked to another shop and looked around it was a strong one. I needed a loo badly now, so I left the shop and headed back to the shopping centre. It was only when I walked through the doors that I realised I had no idea where the toilets were! I wandered through the place until I reached the middle. There there were information boards and I looked at one and found out I'd just walked right by one lot! I backtracked but when I got to the apparent location I was none the wiser- I couldn't see any! I looked upstairs but it was just restaurants. As I came back down I spied another sign pointing left. I followed the direction with my gaze and realised they must be down the stairs to the underground car park (I'd parked in another nearby). So they were. I went down and found them and went in. Unfortunately being near the restaurants and cafes, not all of which have their own loos, they were busy. There were three cubicles with huge, thick wooden doors and a not inconsiderable gap underneath. All were occupied and three guys were hanging around outside. One man of about 40, one about my age and one boy of about 15. I didn't know where there were any other loos and I was desperate so I had to wait. I wondered if any of them were being used by shy guys for peeing since the urinals were busy, but it was not to be. After five minutes someone came out and the man went in. I heard him unbuckle his belt so I knew he was in for a shit. Another couple of minutes passed and then the guy who was my age got a cubicle and sat down and immediately let out a log. Another five minutes went by and I was getting more and more desperate, as was the boy in front of me. Another guy of about 30 came in behind me and I heard him tut. He stood next to me and said, 'typical. They're like the police.' I waited for the punchline; 'never available when you really need one!' I chuckled and agreed readily. He seemed relaxed about being in the queue for an urgent poo! A minute later the boy got to go in and I heard him quickly unload four or five bits of poo. Five more minutes elapsed and the other guy said, 'I don't suppose I could go first? I expect you're dying for it too?' I wasn't about to give up my place in line, certainly not as he was spot on and I was dying for a big poo! I said, 'you're right there, sorry.' He said it was fine. He was in luck, though, because two cubicles opened at the same time and the older guy and the one who was my age came out. 'Take your pick!' laughed the other guy. I took the middle cubicle that my counterpart age-wise had vacated and he took the one to my left. I locked the door and then realised it was quite a walk to the loo! The cubicle was oddly huge, with the toilet a long way back from the door, and I had to take a step or two to get there! I pulled my jeans and boxers down to my feet and sat down and so did the other guy. I hoped he wasn't about to continue his friendly banter while we were pooing; luckily he didn't! He let go with a quick loud fart and then two plops. I immediately let out three soft, short logs. After a trump I carried on going with another four pieces. The other guy was pushing out two more with loud plops. It was then I noticed a tiny hole in the cubicle wall on the other side. I couldn't resist a quick peek and I could see the boy with his jeans around his knees straining. He must have released most of his load but then been struggling to get the last bit out. Over the next five minutes I unloaded another three pieces and a fart or two. The boy left and was not replaced. The other guy blasted out some gas and then another two loud plops. I was done after about ten minutes and wiped and left. As I did so I heard him tearing off some paper but I didn't hang around to meet him coming out!

I might post again later today, but goodbye for now and I hope you've enjoyed my first stories!

Hi again! I've got loads of stories to tell so here are a couple more.

Reading Emma F's recent post about her poo on the plane got me thinking about holiday to Rome from a few years ago, although I didn't have to poo on the plane I did at the airport before takeoff.
I was in Rome with my parents and we'd spent a few days taking in all the famous sites (including the Vatican, where unfortunately I didn't even have to pee at all and thus didn't get to find out what their bathrooms are like!) and now we were heading home. Before we got the train to the airport we had lunch in our favourite restaurant. Of course in Rome the food is served in vast quantities- their starters would pass for a normal main course back home in blighty! I had a big bowl of spaghetti and then a huge pizza all to myself. Then we got our cases and went to the station. I could feel the pressure building up inside me and I guessed within the hour I would need to go. It turned out to be sooner- 30 minutes passed and just before we arrived at the airport I started to feel things on the move. When we arrived there was a big queue for checkin so I excused myself and went for a poo. Five or six big logs saw me right again!

Another similar incident happened this summer- when we went to Paris on another sightseeing trip for a few days. On the day of our return we ate a big breakfast in the hotel- croissants, cereal, fruit etc. Then we visited a couple of local sights because our flight wasn't until 7pm. We had lunch in a nice cafe- I had breaded veal and pomme frites and then we got an ice cream. I had only moved my bowels once the previous day, and hadn't been that day at all yet, so I had a very big one brewing up down below. We allowed plenty of time for the train journey out to Charles De Gaulle (almost 6 hours before takeoff we left, but we got to the airport just as checkin was closing and about 25 minutes before boarding), but to get from our hotel to the mainline station we needed we had to get the Metro across the city. But of course, part of the line was shut down due to a fire or something and that was causing massive delays. To get to the airport we had to get another line, change, get on a different one to bypass the closure and take us to the station we needed. This took a long time, of course, because there was a huge backlog of people and the trains were rammed full. Then when we tried to put our tickets in the turnstile it ate my mum's ticket and a man had to come and get it out!
By the time we got on the final Metro to the station which would take us to the airport I had the first urge for a poo. It was almost an hour and a half until we got to the airport, and by the time we did we were worried we were going to miss the checkin time- but I was also worried that I might not get to the toilet in time! I was afraid we would have to rush through to the gate to make sure we didn't miss the flight and that I wouldn't get the chance to stop for the loo and would have to wait until we'd taken off- and I knew I couldn't!
Luckily checkin was still open, just, so we checked in. I desperately needed a toilet now because I had a big load begging for release and it was getting rather hard to hold by now. Luckily we still had some time before the time boarding was meant to start, so I waited while my mum and dad went to the toilets and then suggested I meet them at the gate. They said fine and I headed into the loos. Luckily there were some free so I sat down and unloaded five logs and some tiny pieces as quickly as I could and got to the gate before we boarded!

A guy named S

Public poop

Today i was on my lunch break and went to restaraunt to eat. Well after i ate the strong urge to take a crap came upon me, so i decided to hit the bathroom. I went in there were 3 stalls and one was occupied so i took the fartherst one away and went in and locked the stall door. Well i cleaned the seat and pulled my pants down and i started my crap as i did i could hear the other guys pulling t.p. and flushing so i felt better that he was leaving so i could really blow it up. So as i was sitting there i let out 2 good farts followed by a long thick but kind of mushy tird. Then all of a sudden i heard a womens voice, she had brought her young son who looked to be 7 or 8 and i heard her say go into the stall and do your business i will be waiting outside the bathroom door on u. Well while she was in mid sentence i let out another ripping fart that echoed and i know she heard. Then i could hear the door close and her leaving well the kid got situated and by this time i had done let out 4 more good tirds and felt much better so i looked in the toilet at what i had done and wiped and pulled up and washed my hands and left. When i left she was by the door and i glanced at her and she smiled and said hey she was probably around 30 very attractive. So i went on and paid and left. I just thought it was kind of weird and embarassing that she probably heard me fart. But oh well im glad she did i like it when girls are cool with pooing and farting in front of me. But i guess thats it for now.


Comments and stuff

Garrett: About your question
1) Yeah I usually pee in the bath, its saves water in a way. Plus you don't really smell it. For pooping once only, but it was because it was an accident. A wet fart to be exact.
2)How to deal with it? Well if your poop is pretty soft, you just keep spraying water at it till its really runny then wash it down the drain. But if its solid, thenyou'd have to pick it up (gloves or plastic bag) and dump it into the toilet.
Hope that helps.

Hey all. Erm juz wanna say that I'm a mushy poop lover! Not just the feeling of it but the smell also, its cool. The other day I was with my uncle. We had lots of greasy food for lunch, then were stuck in a huge traffic jam. Just at that point my belly decided that its gonna have to push everything out. I'm 15, but somehow it felt a bit embarrassed to fart let alone tell my uncle that I need to do a serious shit. I was trying to hold back my fart when I saw my uncle start to scrunch up his face, like he was concentrating really hard. The end result? A seriously long loud fart from his behind. He was like smiling and said "that really feels better." I figured that I would be open as well, and the farts just came out when I pushed. My uncle was laughing, and holding his nose too. He was like" Lee, the lunch is really getting to you huh?" Then he scrunched up his face again, but this time he seemed to be holding it back. "I really need to take a shit now, *#!@ this jam' I decided i would tell him that i needed to go too. But it sort of came out as "why don't we poop here?" He looked at me and said if it was ok for me to mess up my pants. So I said its ok, I'll go first. I pushed really hard and all mushy poop came out into my undies. The smell to me is very nice but it was a bit smelly. I let out 2 more wet farts and another wave of poop. By then the seat was getting a bit brown too. My uncle was "Whoa, such a meal! Remind never to bring you along!" He proceeded to grunt and strain. Then he pushed down his shorts to an extent where you can see only most of his butt. From it there was a squelch and then a big brown log came out followed by a bit more watery poop. By then we really had to wind down the windows.

Ciao guys!

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