Big Cleanout

Thought I'd report on what I call my salad and fruit cleanout. As you know I've been on Atkins induction and officially I'm on the OWL portion even though I cheated a little bit with a whole bag of salad greens with no dressing, and five oranges. All the meat and eggs and cheese that had been stuck to the inside of my colon came out due to the sudden introduction to all that fiber I've been missing. Also, I hadn't been taking my usual laxative during this stage as I feared it might interfere with fat burning. Even though I was able to have BMs, they felt "unfinished" like there was more in me that didn't want to come out, and what did come out was sticky and pasty, didn't leave me with the good clean feeling I expect after having a BM. Finally, the morning after I'd gorged myself on vegetables and fruit, it was a two-flusher, after the first few motions I thought I was done and just as I was getting up off the toilet I felt the rumbling in my guts again, sat down, then produced as much if not more than the first time. It came in the form of mushy piles. Was it worth it? Yes. I'm down nine pounds and I can fit into my favorite slacks I hadn't worn in a few years with room to spare. Even went jogging and it felt great.

Anny, the reason you produce such large BMs could be because your colon is clean as it should be and nothing gets left behind. You must be eating properly with enough fiber and roughage, that's a good thing. It has been said that people should have one bowel movement per meal as animals do. I can definitely relate to your troubles with irregularity as I've always been prone to such since I can remember. If I go a day without a BM I get cranky, then after two days I start feeling nauseous. As a child my mother would force me to take a liquid that tasted like licorice and prune juice. I continue to take laxatives as a nightly ritual, so that might be something you could try and see how it works for you.

Tim, you sick wedgie hound! Keep your nose to yourself! Just kidding; love your posts!

Natalie X

Survey and responses

1. Have you ever peed your pants? Yess.
2. How many times? I reckon from the age of 10 about 20 times, I have a rubbish bladder.
3. What ages? Thats between 10 and 18 ages
4. Short story: One time in the cinema I drank soo much pepsi and water that within an hour of the film showing I was in desperate need of a toilet, so badly needed to pee but it was such a good film I didn't want to miss a second of it. I cringed and said to my current bf 'don't hate me' and peed myself, as well as a little squeal to add to the embarrassment.
5. Have you ever pooped your pants? Ermm yess. Happens way to often for my liking.
6. How many times? Probably at least 10 times a year.
7. What ages? I think it was from 14 I started having trouble with my butt.
8. Short story: I remember my day in the library with the shits. I was in high school, I was 17. My stomach was acting dodgey, as I was studying I kept getting these awful cramps. I needed a poo SOO bad!!! Needed a/to fart constantly. I remember even if I did manage to let a fart out it would stink the whole area up and I'll only need to fart soon again! Action had to be taking place, action from my rear! Then decided it was best to take a break as 'to much studying can stress you out' lol So I did my best to walk casually. The librarian was looking at me funny. I was doing poo dance out and cringing holding my stomach, but still! The second I walked out no one was watching I could stick one hand onto my asshole hoping and praying it would not unseal from the mighty pressure that was of poo! Another advantage of being alone is I can let off the nastiest farts. I was letting off the loudest and wettest ones while running as I was now quite worried. It looked like my purple lace frenchies were in for a treat (SARCASM) They got absolutely destroyed! As I approached the toilet hallway, my stomach gave one final cramp and I involuntarily loudly released extremely sloppy poo. I was wincing and moaning when the shit made a gathering in the gaps of my asscrack and behind at the bottom of my rear. Standing in shame and pain, I farted out more sharts. Waddled to the toilet and let the rest go while wingeing to myself. It was a bad day for me and I had to get rid of my lovely underwear. Just had to keep my skirt down.

To Dan: Yes I am almost always noisy on the toilet, cant help it, its just my butt and the way it goes off!

Natalie x


Exam Stress!!

Hi everyone, I occasionally post on here I prefer a bit of lurking, but I sometimes have the odd story to lend. I'm into pee stories myself, but this is a story about my bowels I guess.

I'm 17, a female college student in the south of England.

So, let's start with yesterday: I am really off of bread at the moment, so I microwaved some left over stew before practically running to college to get there for 12, which was a bad idea, because I was full of food and didn't have time to poo before leaving. I got to college and I had an appt. with the counsellor there which made me nervous and I confided about my ever growing stomach ache to my best friend. Anyway we just laughed about it and the need went away. I then had revision for 2 hours after college that day, for the exam (which I took today) all of which was very painful, but luckily I got home, and when I did I gave birth to two giant logs, literally, they were massive, I thought they were never going to stop!!

So after that I felt a load better, and carried on with the evening. This morning I woke up and tried to go to the loo but it was just too early - I think my stomach was still asleep, so I just went to college. My first lesson was psychology, and all I could do was think about how hungry I was, and not focus on the exam prep we were doing. Then I thought I'd have a break of psychology, because you can miss morning lessons and go to the exam in the afternoon, but I wanted to go to Spanish so I did, I was again trying to keep my angry, growing hungry stomach quiet, but by the time it was 12:30, which is an hour before my exam, I was in real pain, and went very pale and was shaking.

Our teacher let us out a few minutes early, so I went to the toilets, saying I would go for a pee only, but I had massive cramps and had a mixture of solid stuff, soft stuff and completely runny stuff just fall out of me. Surprisingly quietly, quietly enough that I could hear two of my friends outside, and dragged my recognisable bag away from the partition with my foot, I was embarrassed because of how ill I was, not the fact I was using a loo for what it's for. I wiped and it took a tonne of that rubbish toilet paper they have! So I just waited there until everyone else left, feeling pretty bad still, I was sick a little. Then flushed and waited until I was sure I was alone and washed up.

Turns out I had no reason to worry and my psychology exam went well, but my stomach is still doing backflips now. I know it isn't the stew poisoning me, but I doubt microwaved leftovers help with these things haha.

Thanks for reading,


Christine in FL

Badly Constipated

It's been so long since I've had a decent BM. I haven't gone since last friday, so it's been almost a week. I didn't think much of it last friday when I didn't go in the morning like I usually do. I just figured it would all come out later on in the day or the next morning, and I would be fine. Saturday morning rolled around and I still had absolutely no urge to go. I still didn't think much of it, but I drank an extra glass of water during the day in hopes that I would go later on. I didn't, and I went to bed feeling slightly bloated. Sunday was terribly busy for me, and I didn't even have time to think about it. That night, as I was undressing to go to bed, I realized that it'd been a while since I'd gone and had a poo. My ???? looked a little swollen, but I didn't feel bad or anything, so I just went to bed. Monday morning, I made myself sit on the toilet for about fifteen minutes. I pushed a little, but nothing came out. By dinnertime, I felt full and bloated and a little sick. I couldn't eat much because I felt so stuffed. After a small meal, I sat on the couch and drank prune juice and massaged my belly. I stayed up later than I usually do, just drinking juice and water and massaging my belly which felt crampy. I sat on the toilet for half an hour before I felt tired, and nothing at all came out, so I crawled into bed and dozed of. Tuesday morning, i woke up with a swollen belly and cramps. I sat on the toilet in the morning, passed some gas, and nothing else happened. Wednesday and today have been much the same, and after spending an hour on the toilet today, I only had a few pebbles... I took a laxative today, hopefully, it'll help.

To shortie sry u are having so much trouble have u ever dried diggin it out Thas Wat I do when my poop is to hard or big to come out n I have to push relly hard it works for me .....let me kno ................

This girl i know, named Nicole (not her real name), was over at my house the other day (on the 15th), and was showing me a few comedy type vids on youtube. But, in the midst of watching the vids, i saw her grab hold of her stomach a few times, lifting her shirt.

I figured she just had a stomachache or something (which i know she used to get almost frequently), and so i just continued to watch the vids......and she did, as well, though she continued to periodically grab hold of her stomach, still laughing at the funny moments, but leaning forward a little more than usual as she was laughing.

At one point, as she was leaning forward, laughing, sometimes holding her stomach, i realized that the reason was that she had to take a dump, and that she was merely holding it in. Why she did so.....i have no idea. She could have paused to head to the bathroom at any time.....we have two of them.

But, anyways, she continued to hold it, and my little 'buddy' down below was getting hard, and i looked down, though i noticed with my peripheral vision that she was staring at me, while laughing at the vid (still holding her stomach, by the way), but thought nothing of it because she tends to do this periodically (she likes me). I`m actually in love with her, and i`ve told her this, but she is in a relationship, so i haven`t tried anything with her, though she does seem to flirt occasionally.

Anyways, after about an hour of watching the comedy vids, she had to leave, sadly, but i noticed that she had to stand up carefully, as if she was clenching her anus closed, and after pausing for a little, headed towards the door, stopping again. She seemed to struggle for a bit, knees slightly bent and then straightening up. I knew, however, that she was trying to hide her need for the toilet (at least any visible signs), but she still said "Does the downstairs bathroom work now?"

The downstairs bathroom had not been working through the end of november and the beginning of december, and we had it working on and off afterwards, but, as of this day in was fixed. So, i said' "Uh......yeah, it`s working now", and then she left out.

It was quite a turn-on watching her keep from shitting herself, but, a part of me wished she hadn`t made it. Oh well....there is always next time. More later....

John H

pooping in the bathPost Title (optional)

Hey all I have seen a few people posting about going to the toilet over some paper touls and I have tryed it before when I was a teenager but reading the posts got me thinking and I said why not try it again and post about it afterwords.
Before I get on with the story I would like to thank :Brandon T for the comments and if I get the chance to bring it up with her I will after a drink or 2 anyway for duch courage.
Glad you enjoyed the story and it really is something I will never forget.
As I said in the post I dont see her much so it might be a long time before I get a chance to but if it does I will be sure to post about it.
Also I really enjoy reading :Shortie's poop by poop Stories.

Ok So last week I decided to give pooping on some paper touls a go.
I had been holding back a load for a while as I was doing some cleaning around the house so when I got to the toilet my poo was banging to get out my back door.
I decided to use toilet paper instead of paper touls as paper toules would most likely block up the toilet.
I ripped off 4 long bits of toilet paper from the role, each one about arms lenth.
I decided to do it in the bath which I figured would make clean up easyer if anything went wrong.
Next I folded each bit of toilet paper in half to give more thickness and layed each folded bit side by side in the bottom of the bath.
I made sure there was no gaps between each bit by overlapping them slightly.
Hope I am explaining this ok.
The final result should look like a toule flat on the floor of the bath.
I removed my clothes and got into the bath and instead of squatting over the paper I decided to ligh flat on my back with my feet facing towards the tap end of the bath.
I thaught lying down would be a more relaxing and interesting way to try it.
I made sure one end of my TP toul was well under my ass and then lay back with a leg up on each side of the bath and waited.
All the setting up had reduced my urge to go a little but I didnt want to push as I wanted to relax and let my body do its work.
After a minute I felt some movement and my whole began to open.
The head of my poo cracked its way out slowly and it was so nice to relax as a large log slid out and down on to the paper.
It began to move faster as more of it came out.
After a few seconds I pushed to see if there was more and a large load of soft poo followed up my log leaving a nice big load sitting on the paper in my bath.
I got out of the bath and wiped my ass and then folded the ends and sides of my paper toul around my load so it was all covered up and then put it in the toilet and flushed.
Overall it was most enjoyable.
If anyone trys this let me know as I would like to hear how other people find it.
If you want to give it a go try it when your home alone as it would be a tricky situation to explain your way out of if someone walked in.
Secondly make sure you have lots of toilet paper and when you are getting out of the bath make sure you dont step in your creation as that would make for a very messy and smelly ending to the process.
Talk soon, John H

New to this site. I'm a 30 trucker from u.k. I drive all around England and the continent. I sleep in my cab Monday to Friday, usually in lay buys or rest areas. Often when I wake in morning I need to dump. This day where I had stopped was on a main road with no cover so I drove on looking for a garage. After about half an hourthe need was getting desperate so when I saw a parking sign I pulled in thinking if there was no bushes I would have to pull the curtains round the cab and squat over some newspaper.
The lay buy was long, leading onto a woody area. I pulled up, there were a couple of lorrys and about three cars.I thought this looked a great place for a dump so grabed a bog roll and headed off down to woods. I usaly do quite large soft shits,and by now really wanted to go. I found a wooded area, unbuttoned my trousers -dropped them and pulled my pants down as soon as I squated

hello everyone! Happy New Year!

to Thirty Something Female: i really enjoyed your post!~ sounds like you you went through alot of humilation and that unfornatley it didnot pay off at all! i hate it when that happens! i wonder if in the past you have had bad experiences using public bathrooms! sounds like the other woman had quite a smelly bowel movement! sometimes that is part of using a public bathroom! if you can in the future try to make it to the bathroom so that you dont have an accident! i hope that you can eventually overcome your fear of public bathrooms! i lookforward to your next post ! please take care and God bless!
to Kaitlyn: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had an awesome time at Midas! i guess you really wanted to pee in the trashcan! your very fornate that you didnt get caught or in serious trouble! if i were you in the near future i would think twice before doing something like that in public! i guess you really love being mischief! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Mr. Clogs: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had another successful pee in the cup! thats really cool that you almost filled it to the top! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Abbie: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a fun time at your friends Ellie's house! sounds like you and Ellie both had successful bowel movements at home! i really enjoy your stories! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Katharine: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your girlfriend enjoy having eating contests! sounds like you both had a fun time shopping at the mall! sounds like you both had some pretty awesome results in your bowels! well i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to millie: i really enjoyed your post! iam very sorry to hear about your pooing accident at school! at least you attempted to get into a stall a try to let everythingout! i hope that this doesnot happen to you in the future! in this case it was not your fault! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Ben: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you got a total thrill out of holding your pee for a long period of time! however in the end it can back to bite you! the fact that your left side hurts is an indication to me that your body is not use to this sort of activiity! if this kind of pain persits for the three more days than i would consult your doctor! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Kaitlyn: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a Good time hangingout with your friend Danielle! iam sorry to hear that you both had major accidents in your pants! iam really glad to hear that Danielle's mom was not mad at both of you! iam also glad that Kaitlyn your mom didnot get mad at you for having an accident! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Desperate to Poop: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you made it to the reststop just in time before having a major accident! at least you didnt have to wait too long! i lookforward to your next post please take care and God bless!
to Just A Girl: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you caught a horrible bug that on Friday The 13th! stuck with you throughout the weekend! also sounds like it affected your bowels! seems like you were taking a dump at least three or four times daily during the weekend! iam glad that this ended on Sunday! i hope that you stay well for the rest of the year! please take care of yourself and God bless!
to Lily: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like your had an awesome experience during a childhood girl scout troup! thats really cool that you and the other girl bonded and that you both stuck together ! iam glad to hear that you both didnot get caught for sneaking out! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Anny: i really enjoyed your post! iam so glad to hear that your bowels are on a good streak! it seems to me that your body just has a habit of producing so much at once! you must have a huge digestive tract! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Garret: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like your girlfriend Sara enjoyes relieving herself infront of you! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Tim: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like Katlin had quite an accident while visiting with your inlaws! at least she was able to cleanup! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Shortie: congraulations on your pregnacey! what are you having? sounds like had quite a cool bowel movement! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Jacqueline: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like your having a good time skiing in Utah! sounds like you and the other woman both had some pretty messy dumps! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Shortie: i really enjoyed your second post! sounds like you and Laura had a good buddy dump at the hospital! i want to wish you two the best in your pregnacey! please take care and God bless!
to Kaitlin: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like friday the thirteenth did end up being bad luck for you and your friends! iam sorry that your stepmom got mad at you! it wasnt your fault at all! it was the teachers fault! thats really cool though at the movies that you got to experience a mother telling her daughter that she could have an accident in her pants! sounds like it was the only thing to do being that the ladiesrooom was so jammed packed! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to ListeningEar: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your friends had fun tape recording some other girl going to the bathroom! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Lee: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you walked in on someone having bad dirreah ! who knows what might of caused it! however it seems to me that the individual or two individuals ate something that didnt agree with them! i hope that in the future that you and your family donot have this kind of misfornate incident again! please take care and God bless!
to KCGuy: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like your were a Good friend to a coworker of yours! that was very kind of you to take her to and from work! iam sorry to hear about the womans unfornate accident! iam so proud of you for not telling anyone about it! for the wise choice of yours you have made a good lady friend! she has such Great respect for you forever! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!



Brandon T

comment & stuff

To: Thirty Something Female as always another great story and it sounded like you were desperate but at least nobody noticed and it wasnt a messy one which is a good thing that way it was an easy clean up and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kaytlin great pee story

To: Abbie as always another great bathroom story about you and your friends it seems like your lucky to have friends like to shre your time with and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Katharine as always another great story about you and your friend it sounds like you both had to really poop alot and I bet you both felt great afterwards and a bit lighter aswell and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Millie great accident story

To: Kaitlin great story about you and your friend pooping in her old pairs of panties it sounds like you both enjoyed it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop as always another great story at least you didnt have a full blown accident which is good because it sounded like a real messy one and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Just A Girl damn it sounds like you are a very rough time but at least you made it to a toilet everytime and it sound like it could be a stomach bug or it just your body having a MAJOR clean out and I hope you feel better soon and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lily great story about you and that other girl pooping in those doorless stalls and it sounds like you made a new friend to its true what they you can make a friend in the most interesting place and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anny first welcome back to the site and great story about you finaly being able to poop I bet you felt great after wards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Garret as always another great story about Sarah it sounds like you got a pretty good show and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shortie as always another great story and great poop by poop reporting as always and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tim great story about your future sister in laws wedding and please share anymore stories like thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anne (David's Wife)

TSF Been there done that and I feel your pain.

First I must thank John H and Adrian for their welcome to "The Toilet" to my husband David and myself. Like David I have been turned on by defecation and its sights and sounds since childhood and I am now like David nearly 62. As he said we both do big solid Jobbies and if at home together or in a hotel with an en-suite toilet as most have these days we will accompany each other when one of us needs a BM, or as we usually say a Motion.

I was especially interested by the story by Thirty Something Female "Another Holding Accident Story" where she both wet and did a big poo in her panties, as it reminded me of a very similar incident which occurred about 45 years ago when I was in my final year at school before going to University.

It was as I recall a Friday and during the last class I felt the need to have a motion . As was then and now normal for me I only have a BM every three days or so I knew that it would be a big one and again as is usually the case a solid and formed one, even slightly constipated and that I would be able to hold it in till I went to the Girls' Toilet at the end of the lesson before I went home. I did however emit a couple of dry silent but smelly farts in the seat of my white cotton knickers, a pair of full briefs covering from crotch to belly-button with quite tight elastics through the bands round the leg openings and through the waistband. This detail of my panties is important as the type I was wearing which most girls, and even some boys,wore back in 1967 in the UK has a fortunate bearing in what was to happen later. I also needed to pee, or as I say do a wee-wee but again felt I could easily hold on till 4pm.

The bell went and I left the classroom and walked down the corridor to the Girls' Toilet only to see a line of younger girls queuing up to get in, some fidgeting about as they obviously needed a wee-wee quite desperately. I asked why they didn't use the other toilet in the Junior School to be told that it was flooded owing to a burst pipe and that the janitor had put up a closed sign telling all girls to use the Senior Girls' Toilet until the plumbers fixed it.

Although I felt that my need to have a pee and a poo was by then a bit stronger I decided not to wait in the long line but to head off home and I still felt I could hold it in till I got there.

As I set off home as it was this time of year, January, the darkness was falling and it was raining softly but I was wearing a navy raincoat over my blazer of a similar colour, pale blue blouse and knee-length grey pleated skirt , the fairly standard school uniform for British girls in those days, only boys wore trousers to school then. I got about half way home or so when the need to do a wee-wee became urgent. I was too young to go into a pub to use their Ladies Toilet and I don't suppose they would have served a girl in School Uniform anyway, and there were no Public Toilets in that part of town nor did I know anyone in the area who's door I could have knocked and asked to use their toilet . To add to my misery, and as TSF also experienced, the big fat turd in my back passage also decided to come down and join in the proceedings and push its way out of my rectum into the seat of my knickers and again like TSF as I tried to hold it in I lost control of my bladder and did a wee-wee in my briefs soaking the double gusset (crotch). I was lucky that it was raining quite steadily by then and the pavements were very wet so as I stood with my legs apart there was no tell-tale wet patch or puddle beneath me to give the game away and my stream of urine poured through the gusset of my knickers onto the ground not soaking my white knee length socks or shoes nor my skirt. I stood looking in a shop window and I am glad to say was ignored by the people hurrying home to get out of the rain. I had hoped that peeing my panties and relieving the pressure on my bladder would take away the urge to do a poo which I had managed to hold back so far but no sooner did I start to walk than I felt the big jobbie push down and dilate my anus and as we say in Britain "touch cloth" as the start of it pressed against the seat of my knickers. Realising that any attempt to hold it in till I got home was futile an as I had already peed my panties I stood again looking in a shop window further down the road and gave up the struggle and let the poo come out into my briefs. I felt it all come away in a big lump and slowly but surely slide out and could feel the lumpy and knobbly texture as it pushed away the seat of my knickers from my bottom. As I guessed it was a big jobbie long and fat, and had I done it in the Girls Toilet at or been able to hold it in till I got home it would have probably been too big to flush away and have stuck in the pan. Instead it was forming a big bulge in the seat of my underpants as I stood there desperately hoping that nobody who knew me came past. In that I was lucky and although it seemed to take ages to come out and took a lot more effort to finish owing to the resistance of my knickers, it was soon over. Now thankfully the type of underwear I was wearing and the fact that it was a solid poo and not a soft mushy or loose one, or even worse watery diarrhoea meant that the large faecal mass was contained safely inside my panties which now hung down at the back as if I had brick inside them, but nothing leaked out to soil my legs or my skirt, which being pleated and as I was standing didn't come into contact with my wet and loaded knickers which could have happened had I been wearing a tighter bum-hugging skirt as some of the senior girls at my school wore.

I made it home with my brown smelly "cargo" safely retained inside my briefs. Now another bit of good luck kicked in. My parents always went out on Friday evenings straight from work to the cinema and then for a meal and a drink before catching the bus back home and my brother who was two years younger than me always went to football training after school on Friday so I was fortunate to have an empty house with nobody to observe my big smelly accident in my panties.

Quickly I went to the toilet which also had a shower and took off my skirt which careful examination showed had escaped any wetting or soiling as had my socks and shoes which I also took off. Not so my knickers! I could see that the white cotton was soaking wet in the gusset and seat from my having peed them whilst the big lumpy brown bulge hanging down in the seat at the back showed though. I went into the shower and gingerly pulled down my loaded knickers and like TSF was pleasantly surprised that as my motion had been firm and solid it had not squashed up to any great extent but had rather broken up into a load of big lumpy balls and chunks, the boluses that had been compacted into the big jobbie and very little of it had stuck to the insides of my buttocks. I turned my knickers out over the pan and all the lumps dropped into the water with loud "Kerplonks!". I then had a long and soothing shower ensuring that all evidence of my "accident" were washed away and all nasty smells were replaced by nicely scented soap then I washed my smelly knickers removing all the pee stains and the skid marks from the poo and dried them over the radiator in my bedroom and they were dry long before my parents or brother came home. I changed into a similar clean pair of knickers and the skirt I usually wore when at home, and put my panty loading experience behind me.

I am not embarrassed to relate this incident of nearly 45 years ago and told David about it when we started to go out with each other, but I can't say I enjoyed the experience and I do not make a habit of wetting or pooing my panties preferring to do my wee-wees and jobbies down the toilet in the normal way or sometimes if outdoors on a walk I will do it behind a wall or shrubbery etc.

Hope this interests the readers here.

Hey again everyone!

Emma- great story about your airborne poo!

Abbie- enjoyed your latest story!

Dan- When I fart on the toilet it is usually a lot louder than if I'm just passing some gas around the house or whatever! How much of that is down to the acoustics of the toilet bowl and how much is down to me, I couldn't say!

Well we're back at uni now and in the middle of our exams. I had one today and sure enough, in the middle of the two-hour exam I got an urge. By the end as normal I had to get to a toilet pretty badly for a poo, and also a wee because my bladder was pretty full too. Unusually for me I used up the entire two-hour time limit writing my exam. Normally I've been able to finish and slip away ten minutes early to a pristine empty little girls' room to do my business! Not this time. I gathered up my pens and calculator and made my way out along with all the other people in the hall. The toilets nearby had six cubicles- I went in and they were all full already and there were three girls waiting. More followed me in and suddenly there was a queue of about ten girls for the loo! I heard someone say to her friend that she was bursting to wee. One of the girls in front of me looked quite desperate to poo and a couple of the girls already using the loos were doing just that. Luckily for her a couple of cubicles opened at the same time and she got a seat within a minute. I got mine three or four minutes later. I pulled down my jeans and pink panties and sat down. I emptied my bladder first which took about twenty seconds and then pushed out two soft turds and a wet fart. Another three very soft pieces followed and then I was done. When I came out there were still three girls waiting and one took my place. For my next exam (Friday), needless to say, I will attempt to finish early so that I don't have to queue for my inevitable poo!

Speaking of queing to poo, at the weekend I had to get a new handbag because the strap on my old one had broken, so I hopped on the tram to the shopping centre. I had yet to poo that day and I went and got some lunch first so soon enough I needed to move my bowels. It was a strong urge and as I made my way to the loos it got a lot stronger and by the time I arrived I was desperate and needed a loo within ten minutes. Unfortunately all four cubicles were occupied and there were two ladies waiting so I got into line behind them. One of them got a seat quickly enough but it seemed the other women were all pooing and taking their time about it! Five minutes later someone else came out and then I was at the front. I was really desperate for my poo by now and another two girl was waiting behind me. Then another woman came in and walked past me to the front of the queue. I assumed she was desperate and was trying to jump the queue, but just then the nearest loo to us flushed and someone came out. I made to take her place, but the new arrival said, 'Sorry love, I just need to fix the lock on this one!' Only then did I notice her jacket with the name of the shopping centre on it and the screwdriver in her hand. I wasn't quite at the level of desperation where I didn't mind if the door wouldn't lock (although I wondered what the previous occupant thought if she had actually noticed that it didn't!) so I just said ok and she went in and started working. Luckily it was only about a minute until the cubicle at the other end opened up and I went in quickly and locked it (making sure it did!) and put my bags on the hook. I got my jeans and yellow knickers down and my bum on the seat.
No pushing was needed to start things off- as soon as I relaxed my muscles a long, soft turd slid out, crackled and made only a small plop because the end was already in the water! This first turd was quickly followed by another much shorter one. That was the urgent part of my load out- now I could relax. I started pushing slightly and the head of another turd emerged from my bum. At that point I happened to glance at the toilet roll holder and I had a horrible moment when I thought there was no paper! It was one of those holders where, unless the roll is almost completely full, it seems like there is no paper in there because you can't see the roll. I felt up there with my hand and breathed a quiet sigh of relief when I realised there was plenty left! Finding out there's no paper is not something you want to do when half your poo is already in the loo!
My turd fell with a plop and I produced two more and also a quiet fart or two. When I'd wiped and pulled up my jeans I had another horrible moment when it looked like the toilet wouldn't flush. It was one of those buttons that disappear into the wall when you press them, and when I tried it wouldn't move! I did NOT like the idea of walking out leaving a bowl full of paper and shit for the next lady! I tried a couple more times and on the third go it worked and I breathed another sigh of relief!

I'll let you know how I get on after my next exam. Bye for now!

Nick (ibs)

In front of a friend

Hiya. I noticed there is another Nick on the board so I've changed my names slightly. This is a majorly embarrassing moment that I had last week.

I have recently started lift-sharing with a friend from work. She's a lovely person and I was horrified that this happened to me. Our journey to work is no more then 25 minutes which makes this all the more unpleasant.

I woke up in the morning and was feeling fine....had a slice of toast and a coffee before my friend picked me up from my house. We were chatting away for the first five minutes and had just got on the duel carriage way when I suddenly felt a desperate, and I mean absolutely desperate need to use the toilet. I have been desperate before (and had accidents) but I have never become so suddenly desperate so quickly before.

I very quietly and urgently asked my friend if we could stop off somewhere and find a toilet. She had already noticed that I had gone quiet and clearly realised this was a major situation as she started to accelerate. We both knew where we were heading to.....a large tesco not five minutes up the road. Well 5 minutes was not enough.

After a few minutes of me squirming violently I suddenly felt a spurt straight into my pants.....there was no holding it back. Two more quickly followed and I knew I wasn't going to make it. This crushing realisation must have made me relax as before I knew it I had surrendered control and completely flooded my pants with diarrhea......the smell was horrendous. I wound down my window and just sat in my mess, not knowing what to do. I think this ranks as one of the worst accidents I have ever had.

Hi all! Here's the second post I mentioned I might make. A couple more recent poos which involved waiting. Strange how, when guys only need the cubicles to poo (unless they're pee shy at the urinals), most times I have to crap in a public loo I find myself having to wait!

Last weekend I drove back up to uni from home where I'd been over the Christmas holidays. Since the weather was so nice and sunny I thought I'd take an alternate country route instead of ploughing up the motorway as normal. My grandad knew the route well and gave me good instructions so I knew where I was going when I set off at about noon. On the way up (it was about a 2 1/2 hour drive) I stopped for lunch after about half an hour. Since I had no food in the fridge at uni I thought I'd have a bigger meal for lunch and get a sandwich or something for dinner, so I stopped at a Little Chef. I had a huge burger with chips and beans, and then the 'classic' Jubilee cherry pancake! Before I left I stopped for a piss but didn't need a number two. I started driving again and about half an hour in started to get the urge. Within 20 minutes it was a strong need for a number two and it meant finding a toilet quite soon, certainly before I reached my destination. Trouble was, there were no services because I was in the middle of the country and had no idea where I might stop to find some public loos! Ten minutes passed and I passed a petrol station but it didn't look like it had a toilet so I carried on! I came to a tiny hamlet which had a car park. As I approached I saw the standard P for parking sign, and below it the most wonderful sign- one that showed the amenities- picnic benches, scenic view and the two most wonderful letters in the alphabet- W and C! I pulled in, got out and headed for the toilets. It was only as I approached that I saw the doors were locked and there was a sign- 'closed for winter.' Needless to say I was not amused. Looking around there was nowhere else that would have a public loo- not even a pub! I was starting to regret coming this route!
I got back in the car and carried on, with my need growing all the time. After another 20 minutes, and with my turds anxious to come out, I entered an actual, real-life town! It had a huge Tescos so I pulled in and walked inside as quickly as I could while still retaining some dignity! I made my way in and located the sign for the loos. Up the escalator I went, and along half the store before I found them. Outside was a mother and her son of about 8. 'Off you go then!' she said, and I found him leading me down the corridor to the gents. I thought 'just my luck if he needs a number two,' which of course he did. And he was far from the only one. We passed the door to the ladies on the right and kept going to the end of the corridor and the gents. Inside were three cubicles, which were of course occupied. We formed a queue and of course within a minute a cubicle opened up and the boy went in. I, on the other hand, had another five minute wait while he dropped piece after piece. I finally got to sit down and unload five big logs after waiting for about 7 minutes. Relief!

My next story is also from just after New Year. I still had some money left so I went into the city (same place as in my first story) to look for more stuff. Once again after lunch in Burger King and a curry the night before I had to go number two very soon. I was in a major department store at the time so I found their nearest toilets and went in. There were a few urinals and it was quite a long walk to the two cubicles tucked in the corner. They were side-on to the door so approaching you could see under the side wall of the first cubicle and see people's feet. But what surprised me most was that the cubicle doors and walls were made of translucent frosted glass! As I walked in I could see the silhouette of the guy in the first cubicle, and when I was standing waiting I could see both guys through the doors. It was a strange feeling, but the glass fitted well with the design of the bathroom and it looked quite good! I waited for someone to finish up but it sounded like they'd both only just got started so I had to wait five minutes or so. I didn't like the idea of pooing in a toilet with translucent sides and door, but I didn't know where there were others nearby and I really had to go, so I hoped the toilet in the corner would open up first, but of course it was the other one, meaning when I went in and pulled down my jeans and sat anyone who came in could essentially see me. I have used doorless cubicles before but not through choice!
I unloaded three quick turds and a blast of soft stuff and gas. While I was passing my next turd the other guy flushed and left and then someone else came in to the urinals. I pushed out another load of soft serve crap and one more small turd and I was done with the strange toilets!

My final story and the reason I decided to finally start posting here is a desperate poo from today. At the moment its the exam period at uni but I only had one and it was yesterday, so I took the bus to the big shopping centre on the edge of the city. I ate at Burger King and as I left and got back on the bus I got the first urge. It was an urge that built up fast. A big load was moving and wanted out. I had only been in the afternoon the day before so I had a day's worth to come out and it wasn't too keen to wait, and after a few minutes neither was I. I got off the bus after quite a long journey of about 35 minutes and told myself, 'gotta find a loo very soon!' This load was a big one and it really wanted release. I knew I'd never make it back to my flat because it was 15 minutes walk away so I had to find somewhere closer. I tried to think of somewhere but I couldn't! Then I thought of the railway station- not too far away! I started off in that direction and was there within five minutes. I went in and crossed the concourse to the loos. By now I was totally committed to using these toilets, so imagine my dismay when I realised that you had to pay! 30p required- a price I would gladly pay at this point! I fumbled in my wallet but I didn't have it! I was starting to worry now- I had to release my waste within a few minutes. I went into the newsagents and made a token purchase and paid with a pound which left me with what I needed, so I went back to the loos and went through the turnstile after a woman and two young guys. I followed them into the mens and saw three cubicles. Of course one was occupied and I prayed the two guys wouldn't take the others, but of course they did! I stood by the sink and waited, hoping someone would come out soon because I was really bursting to go. Five agonising minutes passed and then finally a guy came out of the cubicle that was already occupied and I went in and sat asap. A torrent of five soft logs came out right away. Three more logs and a fart completed my dump. Just made it!

Hi everyone its John from the uk. Noticed recently there seem to be quite a few guys with that handle on this site at the mo. Welcome to Dave and Anne really enjoyed your post and its amazing your wife's a Sloggi wearer too! We're almost contempories as I shall be 60 in March, Deo Volente, lol! As i've mentioned before I first saw my wife on the loo about 2 months into our relationship. Its now some 10 months since I first encountered this site and to get an idea of what it was about I took a couple of days out reading thru' from page 1 - 699. What impressed me were not only the stories but the different cultures and terminology! Certain names such as no.2, poo, jobbies, logs and turds were familiar uk terms as were the u.s poop, ka ka, dookie but the one i'd never heard before and its become my favourite is "soft serve" as used frequently by Jane, as in Jane and Gary; the reason I like that description so much is "its exactly what it says on the tin". Does anyone else out there have favourite expressions related to this topic? Take care and love to all. J x


Poo at school today

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with my latest story. After having a poo round Ellie's at the end of last week I made sure I found the time to go on the toilet over the weekend and try to open my bowels, but I wasn't able to do anything even though I pushed and strained for a while. I don't want to end up constipated again, my last poo was relitively easy to push out and I'd like to keep it that way if I can. Typically by lunchtime today I was starting to need a poo quite urgently so I went off to my favourite English block toilets and waited in the queue for a cubicle, I just hoped I wouldn't have to strain too hard as I could feel there was a big load waiting to come out. The queue was moving slowly as a lot of other girls were taking the opportunity to have a poo as well, I could hear a mixture of farts, plops and also some grunts coming from the cubicles. Just as I was starting to jiggle around a bit (I was also bursting for a wee) I managed to get a cubicle, I rushed in, locked the door and got my tights and purple pants down before sitting on the loo and relaxing. I started to wee a loud stream almost straight away and as I relaxed I could feel the tip of my poo starting to poke out of my bum. The girl next to me was also having a long and loud wee, I looked under the partition and saw her skirt, tights and pink pants at her feet. We stopped weeing at about the same time and I took a deep breath and started to push, I felt my poo slowly slide out but it was getting fatter and I knew I'd have to push harder than I really wanted to in public, I just hoped my neighbour might need to have a poo as well. As if in answer to my wishes she stayed sitting after her wee and I heard some hissing farts followed by panting and heavy breathing as she started to bear down. I'd worked about half my poo out when suddenly I heard a grunt from mext door closely followed by a plop and a sigh, the panting then started up again so I knew the girl wasn't done yet. A couple of minutes later I knew I had passed the widest part of my poo and it slid out faster and faster before splashing down into the bowl, I looked down between my legs and it was sticking right up out of the water it was so huge! I finished with a couple of farts and some smaller logs and then started to wipe my bottom, as I was doing so I heard a couple of louder grunts from next door and could see the girl was up on her toes and jiggling round, she was obviously having a hard time with her second poo. As I finished wiping I heard a loud plop and a groan and shortly after loo paper being ripped so the girl had obviously finished as well. As she was wiping her bottom I pulled up my knickers and tights and let down my skirt before flushing and coming out. There were still a few girls waiting in the queue, the one who took my cubicle looked pretty releaved to be getting on a toilet and I heard her starting to wee as I went to wash my hands. I felt a lot better after that big poo and was able to concentrate for the rest of the day without getting distracted. Hope you enjoyed this, will posta agin soon, bye for now.

Hi everyone! Well I've been back at school for a week or so now and I've unloaded my bowels every day while I've been there! I managed to poo at breaktime most days, but once or twice I had to hold it until lunch. The closest I came to an accident was last Friday when I was really bursting to let out a big load but the queues at break were too long. Then in the lesson before lunch we had a test that we weren't allowed to leave during, so I had to hold it in until I got on a toilet at lunch. Apart from that, nothing much to report yet!

Abbie, Leanne, Emma & Aimee- I've really enjoyed your posts since New Year, especially Emma's poo on the plane!

Thirty Something Female

Another Holding Accident Story

Stella - Thank you for sharing more of your stories. I look forward to hearing the others.

Here's one of mine, from my college days. I was a junior and 20 years old. To help pay my tuition I worked in the university library a few days per week, mostly reshelving books and things like that. One Tuesday evening after a busy day of classes I was in the library doing a lot of reshelving. I had been so busy all day that I had ignored my bathroom needs since after lunch in an effort to get to classes and such, so by this point, around 9 pm, I was quite desperate from both ends. It was going to be a solid poo so I just kept holding, discreetly grabbing my crotch when hidden by the shelves, crossing my legs and squeezing tightly during the strongest urges. I was wearing a skirt that went just past my knees and a sweater top, so my legs and all were mostly hidden.

I kept that up for a while, hoping to make it until my shift ended at 10pm so I could just go back to my dorm, but around 9:45 I had a strong urge hit me that resulted in a squirt of pee escaping and dampening the crotch of my panties before I could cut off the flow, also leaving a small trickle down the inside of my left thigh. I regained my composure, looked around to make sure nobody saw my suddenly blushed face, and decided I better use the library toilets instead. I walked as quickly as I could towards them with legs squeezed shut, but it seemed I could only focus on my need to pee or poop, not both at the same time. I would try to hold back the poo and another squirt of pee would escape. I would then try to stop the pee and the poo would try harder to force its way out and already I knew my panties would be marked brown.

I was nearing the bathrooms when I got another really strong cramp and I felt a sensation I knew all too familiar - it was too late. It was going to happen in milliseconds. I was too far away to make the bathrooms so I ducked down a row of shelves and was relieved to find it empty. I grabbed a random book from the shelf and turned my back to the stack just as my body gave up. Pee flooded into my panties and down my legs. I parted my legs to try to keep my dress dry. Though I held the book up like I was reading I was in reality watching the wet puddle growing on the carpet between my legs and praying nobody would come upon me in the midst of my accident. My heart was pounding and I knew I was bright red. After a number of seconds that seemed an eternity the urine stopped flowing and immediately my anus opened and a giant solid poop very quickly filled my panties and spread into its hot mound between my cheeks and weighed down my wet panties like an orange.

It was all over in less than 30 seconds and I quickly stuck the book back on the shelf and waddled around the corner as normally as I could with a giant load in my panties and made my way the remaining few dozen feet to the restroom. I found there was one other occupant in a stall already, and there were only two stalls. I reluctantly entered the open stall, locked the door, and momentarily panicked. If I pulled my panties down they would show under the stall partition, as my neighbors did around her ankles. I pulled up my skirt, found it undamaged, and slowly slid my panties down just to my knees and sat to begin wiping. Thankfully the poo was so firm it didn't leave much on my butt to clean off. Just then the toilet in the stall next to me flushed and my bathroom mate moved to the sink and I was free to dump the mound of poo out of my panties into the toilet. I almost decided to toss the panties, but they weren't badly poo stained, mostly just soaking wet, and I decided I could save them, so I slid them back up, damp, cold, and clammy against my flesh.

I moved carefully afterwards to keep my dress dry, went back into the office to clock out and grab my bag, pretending like nothing happened, and went back to my dorm for a shower and do some laundry. I heard rumors at my next shift that someone had peed on the carpet and joined my fellow staff in outrage that anyone could do such a thing!




Okay I was here at Midas, and I pissed in a trash can

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