You know what they say about corn ...

I used a technique I read about on the internet to check the transit time of my digestion. It called for eating a cup of corn but I ate the whole can and nothing else. The idea is to note the time when eating the corn and then count the hours until you pass it. I didn't take my laxatives for the purpose of getting a true reading for the experiment but I fasted through breakfast and lunch then ate the entire can of Green Giant corn with a low carb protein shake for dinner yesterday at five-thirty and then this morning at around six I expelled it all. It looked like corn mixed with chocolate pudding but most notable is the fact that even though I'd chewed the corn really well the corn I saw in the toilet looked ???? and full, no doubt reinflated with other fecal matter from inside my colon. The fact that I passed the brown stuff along with the corn tells me it's probably time to a series of enemas which I like to do a couple times a year and what better way to begin the new year than with a good colon cleanse. I use Ivory bar soap held under warm running water when I fill my enema bag. Beginning tomorrow morning. If anyone wants the gory details just say so and I'll post them.

Hey Postman, hope you're feeling better to start your new year off right! I've been going through a similar blackeyed pea ritual each year ever since our neighbors from the south moved here. As for the diarrhea I had on the boat, you're right it was probably just something I ate before the trip that gave me the runs or from handling ice with dirty hands or something like that.


Pre-Christmas Poop

Hi all. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Just before Christmas my parents, younger sister and I went to visit my great-aunt. As most of you will know, she has an outside toilet and, during the time we were there, I needed to pay it a visit. As I walked along the path, I heard a familiar voice call out to me. It was Kayleigh arriving with her parents. She caught up with me, gave me a hug and asked if I was going in my great-aunt's privy. When I told her I was, she said, "Good. Because I'm desperate."

We each went into our respective privy, pulled down our trousers and knickers and sat down. I pulled up my sweater and top and made myself comfortable and I could heard Kayleigh doing the same. After a few minutes, I heard a crackling sound coming from Kayleigh's direction and heard her let out a soft grunt. "How big was that?" I asked Kayleigh. The answer that came back was, "About six inches long and a couple of inches across". I said to her, "I bet it hurt when you were pushing it out." Kayleigh told me that it only hurt momentarily as the first poo slid out of her bum.

I felt the need to push and felt a fairly large poo slowly coming out of my bum. And before any of you ask, yes, it did hurt. My bum was sore for a minute or two afterwards. I heard Kayleigh pass two more poos and I passed two more as well. I checked the toilet before wiping my bum and found that I had produced a large poo and two smaller ones. I was standing, facing the door, wiping my bum, when the door swung open and Kayleigh stood in the doorway, trousers and knickers around her ankles. She had run out of toilet-paper and needed some to finish wiping her bum and private parts. I told her to come in and close the door, which she did. We then finished wiping our bums together.

Once Kayleigh and I had pulled our trousers and knickers back up, we poured water into the toilets to flush our poo and toilet-paper away.

On Christmas Eve, Kayleigh and I did some last-minute Christmas shopping in one of the shopping malls in Bristol. After visiting Burger King, we both decided it would be a good idea to visit the ladies' toilets. When we got there, a queue had formed. It was about 15 minutes before Kayleigh and I were able to find two adjacent cubicles. As I pulled my jeans and knickers down, I could hear some other teenage girls talking to each other as they sat on the toilet. One was in the cubicle to my left and I could heard the plops as she did a poo. I heard Kayleigh doing a poo and then myself. We didn't have time to chat. By the time Kayleigh and I had finished, wiped and flushed, the queue had grown.

That's all for now. Happy New Year all!


Same Shit, Different Day...

Hey all,

This weekend I'll be going away on business. not sure how often I'll b eon the forum, but will come when I can. Hopefully it'll lead to some good posts.

This morning I had a bowl of cereal, bagel, and some fruit. Shortly after my lunch, I could feel that pressure we all know and love. I took my seat on the toilet, and peed a good stream. Apparantly, I'd needed a long piss too. As it died, I released a wet fart that sounded similar to when a ketchup bottle is nearly finished. right after that, I pushed and a 10" long log, and about 1" thick (if that) slithered pleasurably out of anus. One final push yielded a quick whisper of a soft fart. Now I felt done. I had to wipe 4 times, as this log was a bit softer than usual for me. I flushed, leaving a good streak, and washed my hands and left.

It appears there's been quite some activity since my last post (or a delay in the posting of stories).

Leanne - sounds like you and Meg filled the toilets big time! Your latest post (doubled with the New Year;s story) sounded quite relieving. Sometimes I moan or sigh too like a good "ahhh" / "uuhh!" type sound. I'm glad you'd like to see me, and me see you!

Abbie - sounds like a relieving shift you had with Ellie. I find my fatter poos to have more sound, as they are heavier too. I've been fortunate that they don't hurt too often.

Stan - awesome show! also check out Dexter & Game of Thrones. Some of the best TV is on Sunday nights. Ever see your g/f on the toilet? Does yours & her talk of bathroom jsut revolve around the accidents?

Rachel - I love those hot loads, so relieving! You get those often?

Katharine - goodness, that was a lot of poop! And no wonder, 8 plates! Who much do you usually do, when there are no eating contests?

Natalie X - welcome back!! I missed your posts! Are you always noisy on the toilet?

Anonymous poster - what was your wife's load like? If she treats you again, be sure to treat us!

Kerri - wow what a post! Please do more?

Francesca - I would have said something as a left. That mom sounded like a bitch.

Shortie - is this the first you're with child? If no, what was the last time like, bathroom wise? Apologies if this has been covered, and I missed it a few pages back.

Little Mandi - must be relieving to have an easier shit. Let us know if it continues. Aside from texture, are the softer ones any different? I find my softer poop is longer, and the harder is smaller / shorter / fatter.

AmyLee - I've been curious, does Leigh usually stink up the rest room? I personally think a smell would be worse than loud sounds if I could 'choose', but I'm not in your shoes!

That's it for now, I'll talk to ya all after my trip (hopefully during!)



lee: lol I thought I posted a post without knowing it... same age and same name, same gender lol.... Your posts are cool!

garrett: lol np. Hope it was useful.

Some Guy: Pooping in a bathtub is ok, but then again its hard to take it out especially if it was diarrhea. Why not poop in a urinal lol. I tried it once in a chinese restaurant which didn't have toilets in the male restroom. I just squatted down and let loose. Mind you it depends on the consistency of your poop.

Amylee: embarrasing but really funny! lol are the walls like really thin?

me: why embarrased? lol if you gotta go you gotta go. actually i'd like to be in your position, to be caught by someone while pooping :(


my 12 year old is having accidents

hey all, i am a mother of 3 and recently my eldest daughter emma, 12, has begun pooping in her pants on occasion. it's rather concerning...she seems embarrassed and ashamed when it happens based on her facial expressions, but she doesn't really say anything, or seem too concerned about getting her undies changed. i dn't know why it recently started happening at her age. first, at the end of August just following her 12 birthday, we went to look at a model home for a subdivision that's currently under construction. as we were touring the model home, emma seemed disinterested and kept wandering off on her own and standing still far away from everyone. as my husband and i looked around and asked questions, she stayed back, then called out that she was gonna wait by the car. when we left, i saw her standing by the car and her cheeks were bright red, and she had her back to the car. i aked if she was ok, and she mumbled yes, but then as she turned to get in the car i noticed a really bad stain in the back of her tights. her tights were light blue but there was a large, yellowish-brown splatter right on her bottom with a streak going upward, and there was also a small lump in her tights in the middle of the stain. she had clearly pooped in her pants, badly!
needless to say, i immediately questioned her and asked what happened, and she just kept saying "i don't know" and "it was an accident." we took her home and i helped her get changed, her pink princess undies were badly soiled and i had to throw them out. i passed it off as an unfortunate accident that could've happened to anyone, and i left her alone about it.

but then a couple of month's later, she did it again. she was at the supermarket with me and and my 4 year old son. she seemed fine the whole time. as we were waiting in fhe checkout lane, there was suddenly a really offensive odor in the air, and after a moment i realized the smell was definitely either from someone having gas, or it was the smell of actual feces. it was so strong i felt that it was the latter. i promptly looked around to see if someone nearby had a baby with them that needed a diaper change, then i discretely inspected my 4 year old, and his pants were clean. then i looked at emma. she was standing much in the same way she was at the car that one day. her cheekss were blushing, and she had her back close to the candy section in the checkout lane. i stared at her waiting to see if she looked at me but she would not make eye contact. i looked at the people around us and others were looking at emma too. that's when she turned slightly, and a muffin sized bulge was visible in the back of her jeans. i couldn't believe it, she'd pooped her pants for fhe 2nd time since turning 12! and she just stood there pretending everything was fine. i kept my mouth shut waiting for her to tell me what happened. she stayed behind me the whole way to the car, then said nothing as she got it and sat right down in her mess! we started driving home and i couldn't take it anymore, and i said "emma, what is that smell?" with an accusative tone. she didn't reply, and again i said "emma? do you smell something what is that?" she was quiet for a moment, then said "i had to go to the bathroom..." i said, "
what!? what does that mean you HAD to go to the bathroom?" she got defensive and mumbled "i don't know...i couldn't hold it in i accidentally pooped my pants..." i just paused a moment then said "Emma..." with a tone of incredulity. she said nothing else the rest of the ride, and when we got home she went to change her pants and underwear, and brought them down to me to be washed. it didn't seem as messy as her previous accident, though it was hard to clean her undies because they were mostly white. again i just figured she probably just got unlucky again, and i didn't want to make her feel bad or embarrassed, so i let it go.

then she did it AGAIN yesterday. i went to pick her up after school, and she was standing unusually far away from all the other kids outside the school. i immediately knew something was up. she approached the car with an apparent waddle in her step and she had a pouty expression. i just knew she'd soiled herself again, and to my horror, she'd done it at school in the 7th grade... i stepped out of the car and asked her what happened before she got into the car and messed the seat. i looked and would see that there were brown stains on the backs of her thighs on her white stockings that were visible just below the edge of her skirt. that and the odor indicated it was either diarrhea or a fairly loose and wet BM, as it had soaked through her undies and stockings and leaked down the backs of her legs. she was a complete mess! i sternly said "get in." we were driving home and i was trying so hard not to get angry, because ifs she is having a legitimate problem holding it in and is shameful and humiliated about it then i don't want to make her feel more upset and self conscious. it was difficult but i tried to be calm, and i asked with a heavy sigh, "Emma...why do you keep pooping your pants???? you're too old for this, what's going on!?" she didn't answer me then after a few more times of me asking she mumbled "i don't know." i had no idea what to say. later after we got home i waited for her to clean herself up and change, then i questioned her again. all i eventually got out of her was that sometimes she doesn't realize how bad she has to go until it hurts, and the only way to make it stop hurting is to go, even if that means pooping in her pants. i didn't have anything to say besides telling her to go the second she feels the first urge, and she claims she tries that and it doesn't work. so, I'm at a loss. i don't know how to make her control herself and not wait until she's in too much pain to hold it to think about using the toilet. i almost threatened her with diapers, but i know she's at a delicate age for self esteem so don't want to make her feel worse than she does. thankfully when she pooped her underwear at school she was already outside when it happened, and she claims she was able to walk away from the other kids before she pooped, and then i got therea couple minutes later, so at least her classmates didn't notice. I'm just dreading getting a phone call fromnher school to come pick her up and finding out that she pooped in her pants in a class or something. i can't think of many things as devastating for a middle school girl as pooping herself in front of her peers, i would be so upset for her.

Five minutes ago

I just felt poop coming from my butt. I can feel it know im my pants. Oh no, i feelit... more poop. Suddenly its pouring diarrhea from my ass. Crap im putting diarrhea in my pants. Running to the toilet, diarrhea sloshing in my pants... pull down pants, aim for toilet, miss and splatter diarrhea everywhere. Now, i sit on the toilet, writing this and pouring water out my butt.

Just a guy

Leanne - Great stories as usual! I thought it was really thoughtful of you to stop mid-poo to let someone else use the toilet. I'm also glad you made it in time - a 15 minute wait can be agonizing at times. Also, enjoyed your story with your friend Megan. It sounded like you had a nice relieving dump, but from your story, she really had to go.

Amylee - Another great story about your workplace. I can't answer your questions about Leigh & I've always wondered why she grunts so loudly. Based on your stories, it doesn't sound like she's constipated or has hard dumps. Those are the only times I grunt & I won't do it loudly ever in public. Regarding the farting, I pass gas quielty if in public if I need to. But, when I'm on the toilet, I usually don't care if its quiet and sometimes it happens that I as I'm trying to poop, I pass a fart loudly even when I wasn't expecting it, so I can understand Leigh passing gas loudly normally. Of course, in the situation you described (where there are no doors & people are talking outside nearby), I would try to be quiet and based on your story, she made no effort.

Shortie - Wow, I felt bad for you - all that effort it took and then after 22 minutes, when you're finally making progress you get interrupted. I have to give you credit though, if I haven't gone atter 10/15 min, I give up, but it appears you were rewarded for your patience.

Rachel, Abbie, Desperate to poop - your stories are great too!

it has to be cut !!!!

So my little bro , big guy ... 350 lbs 6'5" tall and 16 years old no joke .. well at a few points in my life I was living with my mom and my brother ,.I say this cuz I wasn't raided by my mom but raised by my grandparents ...


While living with them in there small 2 bedroom one bathroom apartment and being pregnant had to use the bathroom quite often ... And way too often this is what I went into the bathroom to find .. after my brother had been in there to uh use it ..

It was the biggest shit I've ever seen in my entire life. I'm not lying had to be 3-5 inches around ... And I would say 6+ inches long but some of it was in the toilet hole , utterly disgusted and about to vomit from the smell worse than rotting flesh and rotting fish and anything else gross , I flushed the toilet only to have it bubble up and water starting to rise rapidly... I was not about to deal with it yelling for my mom... She got there thinking my water broke since i was pregnant .. once she saw she started yelling HE DID IT AGAIN ! HE DIDN'T CUT IT !! HE HAS TO CUT IT!!!
She got it fixed in a nasty mess of poo before it got all over the floor ..thank god but at this point i was out of the bathroom puking in my mouth ...

Once my mom was done and I had went elsewhere to pee she yelled at my bro for once again forgetting ...

I asked her what the hell do you mean cut it ??
She said your brother is so big he has to cut his poop more like dice it before he flushes or the toilet will overflow . I ask how the hell can someone shit so big .. she said hr gets so involved in his computer games he forgets , i then remembered that he pooped his pants till age 12 because of him being distracted and holding it .. I think my brother is a foul person and don't really like him anyways he's a disgusting spoiled rotten bitch ... Longer story than this one ..

My mom also said he won't poop anywhere but at home SO it builds up and becomes solid and huge . I would think that would tear his asshole but he is a big guy .. it would rip me in half I'm 100 lbs ! My mom said even if he shit regularly it would be the same Size..????ing nasty

So after all that .. he continued to forget every few days when he shit .. over time now 5 years later he still forgets sometimes .
But with my 6 months living there I learned he would forget because he doesn't wipe .. hr showers instead and gets out of the shower without a towel soaks the floor and don't flush and don't clean up his foul mess and leaves the bathroom. SLOB !

I have also learned that a box of disposable knives are kept under the sink and sometimes when he's done cutting he don't rinse it off in the toilet and puts it into the garbage , the garbage with no garbage bag and he don't even try to hide it or cover it up.
He does get really embarrassed when you mention something in front of his friend :) I love that part .. I'm hoping maybe with enough embarrassment he will remember to cut and flush and clean up and rinse and wipe !!!!

Now my question to you .. is my brother the only one in the world that has to cut his shit ? Have you ever seen or heard of this before ?


Bowel issues-Dr. visits

So I've been to the doc twice the past year for issues regarding my dumping. I had some slight blood while wiping back in February. The doc did an anoscopy and said I have a hemorrhoid that may have caused it. Otherwise looks ok. I went back to the doc about 10 months later, again with a bit of blood, but with constipation and loose stools intermittently. Another doc, another anoscopy, and another hemorrhoid diagnosis. Something doesn't feel right back there. I have some anal pain, but only on occasion.

Last week I was in the desert and I was a bit dehydrated. I always dry up in the desert, esp since I never drink enough water. I took two massive constipated craps that I thought were gonna cause me to pass out! By the time they passed, I was sweating and exhausted! Well of course, there was blood again. This time I had a definite reason. I'm sure I tore something when it was coming out. I had blood for the next couple of days when wiping, but now it seems ok. I've taken stool softeners and fiber to make sure everything comes out nice and easy. The doc recommended this and I will try it again for a bit before paying him another visit. Hopefully it is just an anomaly and all will be well again.

Jason - I have used a toilet that has no stall around it, but only the single toilet variety, not with more than 1 toilet. A few times I've been using the toilet and the door doesn't lock, so I have had guys use the urinal while I'm on the can. One time there was an old guy who just waited in the room with me until I finished my business. Another restroom I've used had doorless stalls that faced each other, which is a bit different, but you can still easily see the other guy.

Garrett - It's ok to take a dump with another buddy at the same time, as long as you are both OK with it. Treat it as if it is just natural, which it really is. You may be able to talk or dump in silence. This can be in adjacent stalls, doorless stalls, or even with strangers.

Im sat here with my laptop on the loo....been feeling ill recently and got well bunged up ,am sat here hoping to manage to do a poo....its about my 10th try in the last 3 days but i just cant go ,it wont come out:(


Massive Turd Story

Hello, everybody!

I don't know whats up with my intestines, but I've been producing some really large logs lately. Ever since I had the stomach flu and went through a few days of constipation afterwords, I've been cranking out long, thick , nearly toilet clogging turds.

Yesterday's was the ultimate. I'd gone a couple days with small, insignificant poops, then yesterday I got the urge to go NOW! I went in and sat on the toilet. I began to push, and the tip of the log protruded out my asshole, but it would go no further. I strained harder and a few more inches came out, then stopped. Everytime I would strain, then stop to catch my breath, the turd would stop. Finally, after straining and grunting a few more times, it finally slid out.

I wasn't done yet. I strained again and a second turd began moving out, easier than the first. This one finally slid out, and I was finished.

I wiped, then stood up to see what I had done. The first turd came up out of the hole, stretching straight up so that the tail end of it was sticking out of the water about 2 inches. The second was also partly in the hole, and laid across the first one. I'm guessing the first turd was maybe 18 inches long, and the second was maybe 9 inches.

I flushed, and surprisingly everything went down okay. I think it may be time for me to increase my fiber intake again, plus start drinking more water.

Happy pooping, everybody!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Tech Guy

Christine's Hospital Appointment

Thanks to Tom and the unnamed lady from Taunton for their kind comments about my post on Page 2143 about Christine's Laxative Christmas Pudding.

As I explained, our neighbour Christine has recently retired and she is very friendly with my wife Julie and she treats Julie like her daughter. Since my mother passed away last year, Christine has become like a mother to me and I am very fond of her. Julie knows this and she says that she doesn't mind as long as I don't go to bed with Christine. Julie knows that there is no chance of that after what Christine told her. Christine says she retired from that sort of thing a few years ago as she found that she was too dry 'down there' and it was rather painful for her. Nowadays, Christine only wants a platonic relationship with a guy.

Christine is old enough to be my mother but we like to hug each other and I like Christine to talk about going to the toilet and to tell me every detail about her digestive system. Christine grew up in the 'swinging sixties', she is very broad-minded and we can talk about the most intimate things. She has also told me about some of the 1960s pop concerts that she attended where she lost her inhibitions about going to the toilet in public but that could be a topic for another post.

Christine lives alone and I help her with jobs around the house or with her car or computer. Before Christmas, Christine told Julie that she had a hospital appointment early in January and Christine asked if Julie or myself could drive her to the hospital, bring her home and stay with her for 24 hours. Although Christine has a car, she was told that wouldn't be fit to drive home from the hospital and that she shouldn't travel home by bus or train either. Julie and I agreed that I would drive Christine to her hospital appointment and bring her home then Christine would come and stay at our house for 24 hours after the medical procedure.

Last Sunday afternoon, the phone rang and Julie answered it. It was Christine. Julie told me that Christine had an emergency with her plumbing and she asked if Tech Guy could help. I went to Christine's house and I asked her if it was an emergency with her household plumbing or her bodily 'plumbing'. She said it was both and she whispered, "It's rather embarrassing. My toilet is blocked up and I've got really bad diarrhea."

We went upstairs to the bathroom and the toilet bowl was nearly full of brown coloured water. Christine said that she hadn't called an emergency plumber because she couldn't wait long enough. "I'll shit my panties before he arrives." she explained. I offered to provide a 'while-you-wait' service and she said that it was so kind of me to do such a dirty job for her. I asked her what caused the blockage and she said that she was preparing for her hospital appointment on Monday. She said that she was having an Endoscopy and I asked her which 'end' the 'scope' goes into. She whispered, "It goes into my rear end so I have to empty my bowels completely."

Christine said that the hospital gave her two sachets of strong laxative powder with instructions. At 2 p.m. she had to mix one sachet with water and drink it. She said that her stomach started rumbling and cramping, then about two hours later, she had to run to the toilet. She said that she did a massive poo that was firm at first then it became very soft. She said it just kept coming out and she had never done so much poo in one sitting before. When she thought she had finished, she wiped her bum with a lot of toilet paper then some more poo came and this time it was runny diarrhea. She wiped herself again with a lot of paper but when she flushed, it blocked the toilet.

I said that I would go home and get some stiff wire from an old coat hanger. I came back a few minutes later with the wire, I bent it with a hook on one end and started probing around in the murky brown water in the toilet bowl. Christine asked how long it might take as she couldn't hold her diarrhea much longer. Then I managed to hook out some of the toilet paper that was blocking the 'U' bend and the water drained out of the toilet bowl. I flushed the toilet and the blockage was cleared. "Thank you SO much." Christine said. She gave me a hug and said, "Excuse me, I can't wait any longer, I must sit on the toilet." Christine lifted her skirt, took her panties down and sat on the toilet. She warned me that I might like to wait outside the bathroom but I said that I would like to stay with her. Christine did a loud wet fart and splattered the inside of toilet bowl with runny diarrhea. She flushed the toilet and apologised for the smell, so I opened the bathroom window.

Christine said she felt like she needed to sit on the toilet all the afternoon. I asked Christine if she would like me to go home now but she said that I was welcome to stay and chat as long as I didn't mind her having diarrhea from time to time. She asked me to get her a glass of water as she had to avoid becoming dehydrated. I asked Christine what sort of laxative she was given and she showed me the pack. She said that her friend Barbara in the US also had an endoscopy recently and Barbara had told Christine all about it. Barbara was given a different type of laxative that involved dissolving a lot of powder in four litres of water and drinking it all over the space of a few hours. "FOUR LITRES?" I exclaimed, "That's about a gallon!" Christine said that Barbara couldn't keep it all down and she threw some of it up but most of it passed through her system without being absorbed and it flushed everything out of the other end. Christine said that she felt lucky that her laxative only needed about half a pint of water although she had to take another pack later.

Christine asked me to get her another glass of water then I heard her passing water into the toilet. "Does it make you pee as well?" I asked. Christine replied, "It's like peeing out of my bum but at least it doesn't smell now." I went home just before Christine's next dose of laxative was due and I said that I would see her Monday morning.

On Monday morning, I called for Christine. She hugged me and said that Julie and I are very kind to her, just like a daughter and son-in-law but her real daughter Carol lives abroad, so it was too far for Carol to travel to take Christine to her hospital appointment. Christine walked to my car carrying a large bag. I asked her what was in the bag and she said that I might find out later. I opened the front door of the car for Christine but she said that she preferred to sit in the back. I asked her why and she said that I might find out later.

I asked Christine about her second dose of laxative. She said that on Sunday evening, she had to mix half the second sachet of laxative powder with water and drink it. Then she had to continue to drink plenty of fluids in the evening. I asked her what happened and she said that she was just shitting clear water. Christine said that she kept drinking plenty of water and she had to get up in the night to go to the toilet. At 6:30 a.m. Monday morning, she had to mix the other half the second sachet of laxative powder with water and drink it, followed by water or clear fluids. I asked Christine what happened and she said that she had to go to the toilet four times this morning but it was just clear water coming out the other end.

Christine said that one thing the bowel preparation instructions didn't mention was the practical point of travelling to the hospital for a morning appointment after taking half a sachet of laxative. Christine said that she had come prepared and she had brought her potty in her large bag. It was about a 30 minute drive to the hospital in morning rush-hour traffic in London and when we were about half way, Christine asked, "Do you mind if I sit on my potty?" I told her to go ahead so she put the potty on the floor in the back of the car, lifted her long skirt, took her panties down and sat on it. Her long skirt covered everything so people in other cars couldn't see anything although they could probably guess what she was doing.

I heard the sound of water running into the potty and I said, "It sounds like you're peeing." Christine said that she was peeing out of her bum again. We got to the hospital and then I walked with Christine to the Gastroenterology department and waited while she had her Endoscopy examination. When Christine was ready to go home, I asked her how she felt. She said that she felt a bit drowsy as she had been sedated but awake during the examination. She said that she got a clean bill of health and nothing unusual was found.

We got back to our house and Christine said that she felt bloated and full of poo but she knew she had no poo inside her. She said that they had blown air inside her as part of the examination and she felt like she needed to fart but she couldn't. I made some lunch for us and Christine was hungry after not eating any solid food the previous day. After lunch, Christine said that she felt cold so she sat on the sofa and I got a blanket for her. Then I sat next to her and we snuggled up close together under the blanket and we hugged each other. Then Christine said, "Excuse me, I need to fart." Fortunately it was a 'fresh air' fart with no smell.

We hugged each other all the afternoon but we stopped before Julie came home from work. I asked Christine if she had any more jobs that I could do at her house next weekend. She said there was one small job. The overflow pipe from her toilet cistern was dripping and if we get some cold weather it would make made an icy patch on the ground. I asked her if she would like me to fix it on Saturday and she invited me to have lunch with her.

I couldn't wait for Saturday to come and I realised that I wasn't just fond of Christine, I was in love with her.


Emma's relief

When I was in college I brought my friend Emma home with me and as we walked towards my house I noticed she looked uncomfortable. She told me she needed the loo and I was expecting her to use my bathroom when we got to My house. When we got inside Emma sat down on the sofa and I was surprised she didn't go to the toilet. She was frowning and sitting right back on the sofa with her bum pressed firmly into the cushion, so I knew she was struggling to hold it. I asked her if she wanted to use my toilet but she said she could hold it untill she went home. I guessed she felt embarrassed to go away from home and but I knew she might not make it by the desperate look on her face. She stayed for about 3 hour and all that time she held it even though she was nearly pooing herself. When she got up to leave Emma let a fart slip out as she grabbed her bum. She went bright red and asked me if she could use my loo. Then she ran upstairs saying ooh ooh and I realised she was losing control. Within seconds I heard her dropping several turds. I counted seven plops and then silence for about a minute and then one very loud slop followed by a rush of smaller plops and then another big one. The toilet flushed soon after that and Emma came downstairs looking very relieved and smiling. She said she almost didn't make it and felt a
lot better.

single mom

its more embarrassing depending on who sees...

I've had two bathroom accidents in my adult life and even though both were HUMILIATING, i found one way moreso because of the witness. Its weird because the time i felt more embarrassed was when it happened in front of one person aand the first time was in front of dozens of people. when i was 16 my older brother dropped me off at the dmv so i could take the test for my learners permit. well you know how the dmv is...i was waiting forever! the bad part was, i eventually had to poop really bad, but my number was approaching so i didn't have time to go to the bathroom. eventually my number was called, and it turned out that was just to leave the main waiting area to go stand in a line and wait some more! so annoying...especially because i was having a harder time holding it in standing up. eventually, my fears were realized, as i stood in that line and i just couldn't hold it anymore...the poop pushed into my panties aand jeans with a crackle and formed a big, apple shaped bulge on my butt. right there in line surrounded by dozens of strangers! i dropped my ticket on the ground and ran to the bathroom, cleaned the poop out of my clothes the best i could and went to waait for my brother to come back. i made up a story about not having the right paperwork with me instead of telling him i didn't get my permit because i pooped my pants in line!

sounds likea embarrassing story right? i don't know why, but i felt way worse when the ither day i was caught in traffic with my 14 year old son in the car, and i had to pee so badly that i ended up wetting my pants really bad in the car. i was horrified! i felt so much worse than pooping myself in front of strangers...i guess since i had him when i was only 20 and its been just the two of us his whole life, and I've always tried to he strong for him and be a good role model, so for him to see me reduced to peeing in my pants was hard on me. but of course he understood and just consoled me. but its weird that that embarrassed me so much more than my dmv poop accident.

Hi everyone its John from the uk. Firstly to Leanne that was a great story about your desperate poo you had at the shopping centre and the description was marvellous - fluffy logs! I know exactly the type you mean but that could only have been a female description; the next time my wife does one like that that's how i'll describe it and await her reaction! Good luck to you and all your friends on your return to uni and keep those stories coming. To Adrian you can read about one of my brief (or should that be briefs, lol) accidental encounters with a woman on the toilet on page 2052 and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I experienced it! Love to all of you here on this site J x

John. It sounds as though you're a very lucky guy to be married to a lady who regularly lets you watch her toilet performances. I'd be interested to know though about some of your encounters, albeit unintentional ones, involving other ladies on the loo.

Anonymous poster. You really are lucky to have a wife who not only saves up her poos until she's really desperate (and who can poo for England) but also that you've discovered she's very open about it. I'd say she was one to treasure. As a matter of interest, does she go in for long farting sessions before her poos or do things not quite get to that stage?

Garrett. I'd say there was no harm in keeping a discreet container in your bedroom to pee in if necessary, maybe storing it under the bed. Take care to empty it and rinse it thoroughly the next morning though! Over Christmas I stayed with my brother and his wife and I took just such an overnight container so that if I needed to pee in the night I could do so without causing unnecessary disturbance. In the event I didn't need to use it, partly because of the sleeping arrangements they put in place. However it was there if I needed it. As regards buddy dumping, I'd say it was absolutely fine so long as both parties are happy and comfortable with the idea.

Nicola, I enjoyed your story about pooing in the rain. My guess is that it was probably Sunday because it rained hard in my part of England on Sunday afternoon and I know from weather reports that some other areas got it heavy earlier in the day. Also I liked the story about the woman who needed to poo whilst in the shop. Running out of loo paper at home is, I think, everyone's worst nightmare. If she was doing farts, my guess is the need had been building for some time and hadn't just come on suddenly.

Best wishes to everyone!


Post Title (optional)toilet buddy

I was round my mates house when i said can i go loo .
Yes he said i said i need a big dump ok he said. I went into the loo and began to pull my underpants down when he said ill stay with you and buddy dump. I said fine. I sat on the loo and he dropped his pants right by me . I spread my legs and he sat on my lap. Facing me. We both peed for a min then i let a fart and started to have a long fat poo . It hung then h went plop plop .he then got of me and wiped his poo hole. Then my poop droped a d i wiped . We enjoyed it together . Then we swoped underwear he had been wearing girls panties .


Post Title (optional)toilet buddy

I was round my mates house when i said can i go loo .
Yes he said i said i need a big dump ok he said. I went into the loo and began to pull my underpants down when he said ill stay with you and buddy dump. I said fine. I sat on the loo and he dropped his pants right by me . I spread my legs and he sat on my lap. Facing me. We both peed for a min then i let a fart and started to have a long fat poo . It hung then h went plop plop .he then got of me and wiped his poo hole. Then my poop droped a d i wiped . We enjoyed it together . Then we swoped underwear he had been wearing girls panties .

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