One toilet for three girls

Hi everyone. I'm a 12 year old girl and I live with my 10 year old sister and my mom. All three of us need to poo in the morning, but we don't have a lot of money, so there is only one bathroom. We take turns for who gets to poo first each day and today it was my mom's day to go first, then I got to go, and my sister after me.

I woke up and went to the bathroom. My sister was already waiting and my mom had just started to poo. My mom dropped about seven poos in a row, then she peed a little, farted, and peed more. She farted loudly and began grunting, like she was pushing out a big poo. After that she farted a few more times, dropped two poos. She grunted again and I heard a big splash, then she started to wipe, her front once, and back three times. She flushed and washed her hands as I sat down to begin my poo.

I peed a hard stream and dropped five soft poos while I peed. I farted silently three times then dropped two larger poos. I gave a small grunt as I pushed out a long snaking poo. I could see my sister was getting pretty desperate, but I still had to poo. I let off a loud fart, peed a little bit more, then dropped three poos. I dropped one last big poo and farted a long trumpeting fart, then I was done. I had to wipe only twice to get clean. As soon as I had flushed and stood up, my sister was on the toilet, already pooing.

She dropped a bunch of poos really quick, at least ten. She held her stomach as I heard more poos dropping. She farted quietly but for a long time. Then she farted five quick quiet farts and dropped a poo. I was done in the bathroom and I left, but I heard her drop one more poo as I left.

Jasmin K

Toilet Trouble

I havnt posted in ages, not had time over Christmas and New Year - we have had a full house as my Aunt,her kids and my older sister all stayed and my aunt is still here. I cant wait to get back to school to have a decent poo without someone either coming in to talk to me, or have to wait untill my younger sis(10) and my cousins (7 & 9) who are made to go had done a morning poo. I had to supervise them whilst they were on the toilet to make sure they did it which took for ages as all of them are very constipated, (so were me,my elder sister and Aunt - not sure about my mum)-and deal with my sisters soiled knickers and change the 7 yr old out of her wet and soiled pullup.
But there was a consolation - my aunty always has loads of sweets and chocolates, her 2 are given chocolate bars and sweets to eat whilst on the toilet so was my younger sis and as I was there with them I tucked in as well (as well as all the rest of the time)a hazzard of Christmas, We were all watching TV on Christmas day and boxing day, complaing of stomach aches, all to full to move but still managing to munch through the contents of our selection boxes.

In my original posts I had said that I didnt like using schol toilets but had more recently started to go at school when I was bunged up and just before the start of the Christmas Holidays I had gotten into quite a routiene going to the toilet at school in the morning if I needed to get rid of any left overs after my sit on the toilet at home and/or during lunchtime to get rid of constipation.I have got to the point where I dont care if other girls at school hear or see me straining, the results of which I leave in the bowl for them or the next user to see.
Due to the full house have ive not been able to spend time having a good poo - even when my eldest sis pressed on my ???? and squeezed me whilst I strained, so will be doing that at school as my Aunty is with us untill mid January as her house is having work done on it.

I will write soon about what happens when I am back in school.

Today I went to lunch at a restraunt and after I ate I had to crap. I went to the bathroom and pushed out a big log. When I was done I looked at my log. It was nearly as wide as a coke can and about a foot and a half long. I wiped one time to get clean and placed it in the toilet, then I left without flushing. I was washing my hands and another lady came in and took my stall. I heard her whisper "whoa" before she flushed. I don't think she knew I heard her, but I'm sure she figured that I had just deposited that log.


Girlfriend's morning dump

This morning I was shaving and my girlfriend came into the bathroom. She lowered her panties and sat down on the toilet. She rubbed her stomach and went "ooooh" then a "nnh" and another "nnh". Then she had some loose poos that splattered in the bowl, after which she sighed and rubbed her stomach again. There was a couple more small splashes as she peed for about twenty seconds. Towards the end her pee stream died off but started up again, then tapered off. She wiped her front parts, then she grunted a bit, like "Nnngh Mmmh", and a heavier splash. She farted Ppprrrt and continued to rub her stomach as she let off a four small poos followed by two more farts Fffftt and Brraaart. Her dump was stinking pretty bad by then so she fanned her nose and sprayed some air freshner. It helped a little, but she dropped another two poos cancelling the effect. She sighed again and started to wipe, but then it turned out she wasn't quite done as there was another splash. She farted two big ones Brraaaarrrt, Ppprrraarrppp. Then she sat for minute or so and again farted two times back to back, Praaarrrrtt Brraaaaappp. She moaned "Ohhh", grunted, then dropped a big sounding poo and two littler ones. She rubbed her stomach, leaned forward, blasted a big fart Braaaattt and a splash. She sprayed more air freshner and wiped, and finally she was done. Then she closed the toilet lid and stripped naked, and hopped in the shower.

Mr. Clogs

Comments and stuff

Some Guy: Happy 2012 and great post about pooping on some paper towels. I've tried well with toilet paper in the tub in my bathroom to squat over to poop. I like it too because I don't put to much strain on my body when taking a dump on the toilet hence the name Mr Clogs.

Brierley: Happy 2012 to you, interesting new year's resolution of refusing the toilet. At home sounds interesting but in public, well that's going to be a challenge. Here are some ideas you can try, try using paper or plastic bags to pee and poop in, using your trash can in your bedroom as a toilet for #1 and #2. In a bottle, use a old vase or pot use for plants. Containers you store foods in and a pitcher. Hoping this will continue into 2013. Thanks for your post.

Rachel: Happy 2012 and great post about using your sister's toilet to do your poos in.

Has anyone heard of a school bus driver using her bus as a bathroom? Anyone from Milwaukee area that frequent this site can elaborate? I was searching for pooping in bags and came across this article and video links that caught the bus driver in the act. The most disturbing part that many people found was her depositing her poop filled bags onto the street for others to pick up and clean her mess. She blames the meds that she was on for the constant need to go to the bathroom on the bus in plastic bags (of course the bus was empty at the time of the alleged deed(s)). With that, the bus driver is out of a job, so sad, I feel bad for her and wish her the best. That's my cents here. Take care.

Mr. Clogs


Backed in Traffic

One time back in 97 Me,My Brother,My Friend Dan and his Brother Wayne and his Dad Lee was coming back From Gatlinburg.WE was on the Interstate when we all got stuck in traffic.Lee and Dan had to pee real bad.So we got on the shoulder and tried to drive on it,and a big semi truck wouldn't let no one pass.
An old man in another car on the passenger side goes,What's the Emergency?!Lee goes,GOTTA PISS!WHAT'S YOURS?!
An hour later we moved up and a man was out in a ditch peeing,And my Brother yelled,DRAIN YOUR LIZARD!?

Mommy to be

Pooping while pregnant

Okay, so, I'm eleven weeks pregnant (as of the 10th) with my first child. I'm concerned about becoming constipated as my pregnancy goes along, because my friends who have children all say they got bunged up during their pregnancies, so it seems like a common ailment. So far, I have noticed changes in my routine, but I find I'm actually going more often. Of course, I have to pee like every two hours now, but even my BMs are more frequent. Before my pregnancy, I was a once-a-day girl but lately I've been having two or even three good-sized motions each day. I've been farting a lot more than usual too, though, I do seem to be farting less during my BMs. Alright, well, I have to pee pretty badly right now, so I'll send this post off and go do that. Bye all.


Post Title (optional) For Danielle

Hi Danialle, Just a thought: does your daughter have any access to laxatives? I wondered after reading your post because what you describe os almost identical to a phase my cousin went through starting when she was 13. To begin with there were these high drama moments when she would cry 'Ooooh' and rush to the toilet then, later that year, accidents at school and sent home in borrowed knickers from the school nurse until, finally, in the summer vacation she developed such bad diarrhea that she was soiling up to 3 pairs of PJs a day. This went on for a week with my Aunt and Uncle very worried until she had a stool sample taken by the G.P.. At the same time I went to visit her (I was the same age; she was in bed, looking far from ill and whilst we were chatting she had to rush off. In throwing back the bed clothes she knocked a box of ex-lax that she'd obviously been hiding, to the floor. I picked it up and put it back in the bed pulling the covers over. She returned a long time later in new PJ bottoms. I don't think she had any idea that I'd seen the laxatives but I think that the stool sample called her bluff because the whole episode faded away. I also wondered about the possibility of laxatives when you described the loose movements your daughter had. More ..... concerning (if this is the case) is why? My cous initially seemed to like the drama of rushing out of the room in desperation - I remember that she was almost smiling- so the obvious inference is seeking attention (in a weird way). When it came to the diarrhea accidents I think the same was happening to begin with but somehow, the major, (week plus) soiling of PJs, bedding etc was different : Yes, obviously drawing attention but the loss of control was happening 'privately' (when Mum and Dad were out to work - which is another interesting pointer : not in the evening or at nihgt). I think it was a very sad and negative form of control : controlling father, lots of rules, shy girl, unsure if she was as attractive as her peers etc etc - it's a fairly well recognised pattern. In my cousins case, she never seemed to go back to the pattern after the stool sample but I've heard from my daughter of girls going on to become young women with laxative problems. Don't mean to worry you (you're obviously already worried) but I wondered if this was a possibility that you could keep a discreet eye on? I have the feeling that direct challenge wont help.
Good Luck, John

My second month of college I got drunk with my roommate and our new friends. We passed out in our room and I woke up a few hours later and had to take a dump. I staggered to the women's bathroom, entered a stall and pulled my sweatpants and what I thought were my panties down and sat. I started pooping and immediately realized I still had my panties on! I forgot I had shorts on under my sweats and I'd pulled them down but not my panties. That woke me right up. With some careful maneuvering, I managed to get my sweatpants and shorts off and dumped the poop out of my panties and took them off. I wiped my ass thoroughly and put my shorts and sweats back on and threw my panties in the garbage. I have always secretly wanted to tell someone about this, it is pretty funny, but was always too embarrassed. Nice to see there's an actual forum for such discussions!

Becky S.


Hello, my name is Becky, and I'm 15 years old. I've been reading this site for months now and I wasn't planning on posting, but I have a very important question to ask. Ok, so last week, I had a doctors appointment. He told me I was getting old enough for my first rectal exam and schedueled it for April. I'm SUPER scared! I asked my mother about it but she won't tell me what will happen becaause she is afraid I will refuse to go. That can't be a good sign! So my questions to all posters are as followed:

1. Have you eveer had a rectal exam?

2. Will they put stuff up your bottom? (what kind of stuff)

3. Do rectal exams hurt?

4. Will I have to poop infront of an audience?

5. Will they give me an enema?


Thank you and I just might post about it whhen it's finally over


To Danielle

To Danielle, i think you are overreacting.
Her accidents you describe as fairly loose or diarrhea, but have you considered the consequences if you punish her for them?
She might get locked up, sad and alone. Try talking to her about it, maybe its caused by some kind of disease, or a fever. Maybe she is to shy to talk to her mother, but try at least not to be mad, just let it pass, so to speak.

Emma F
Hey everyone! I haven't posted in a few weeks because I've had lots of uni work to do and then I went on a skiing holiday in Italy with my parents and brother after Christmas so I have that to tell you about now!

Well, on the flight out I started to need a poo after having lunch at the airport before we took off. Luckily it was only a small urge and I was able to wait until we landed, when it became much stronger. So while we were waiting for our bags I excused myself. There were plenty of cubicles to choose from so I took one and pushed out four soft turds. During the rest of our week's stay I pooed in the hotel every day and had to go up on the slopes twice. Once I almost didn't make it because when I got into the cubicle I relaxed a bit too soon, forgetting about all the clothes I had to remove before I could sit down!
Then on the way back we had lunch in the airport again- I had a huge plate of spaghetti and some garlic bread. Naturally enough, about half an hour after we took off I started to feel things moving quite fast down below. Soon enough I had a huge load pressing hard on my back door and I knew I had to make it to a toilet soon. There was at least another 90 minutes left in the flight and I had to go way before that, so I made my way to the toilet at the back of the plane. There was a young boy and a middle-aged woman waiting. Very soon someone came out and the woman went in. She took a couple of minutes and then the boy went in. After 5 minutes he was still there so I assumed he was pooing too. I was letting off farts with increasing frequency and I really needed to sit down soon! I hoped he would hurry up. I heard a couple of loud farts from inside and after a few more minutes he came out. I went in. It smelled a bit of poo but it wasn't too bad considering how confined it was! I locked the door and slid my jeans and panties down to just below my knees and sat down on the cramped toilet. While I had a wee my first turd started to slide out and then we hit some mild turbulence! I held on to the sink to steady myself as my first turd dropped. After this one was out the floodgates opened and two turds fired out in quick succession and then a long fart and a couple of wet pieces. Five minutes passed during which I unloaded three more logs and a little bit of soft serve poo. I wiped myself well, flushed the scary vacuum flush toilet, and pulled up my jeans and left. I don't like pooing on planes, but I had no choice and in the end it was a big load so it felt good and I really needed it!

Leanne, Abbie, Rachel- I've read through all yuor stories and they're great as always! Keep posting girls!

I'll try to post again soon. Bye!

So one day I was with my friends and we had like
So much fun....After a few hours my stomach was Growling and I ingnore
It. I never had stomach problems but I was constiped
and kept farting. I was rumbing my stomach at same time
having a weird look. My bf came and said are alright! And
I was like yah! but too shy to say I was constiped.
I whent to the batroom right away having all gases and farting noses
but no poop came out. I felt sick to my stomach and it became worse.
Me and my friends whent to the mall you know girls stuff with my bf. suddenly
I felt a sharp pain going to my stomach I rushed to the batroom with my bf ,to stand by me
and felt this watery poop diarrhea was coming out. And my bf said if I had food poising
I said no! But my stomach was relived and felt great
but still wondering why I was constiped


Blocked the school's toilet

Hello. In my last post I kind of hinted that I had blocked up the toilet at my school before. Well, here's the story about that day. I hadn't pooped in four days and I first felt the need before lunch. I'd never make it all day until I could go at home, so I asked the teacher if I could be excused to the bathroom. She gave me a hallpass and I went to the bathroom.

I picked a stall, sat down, and started pooping. I pooped a lot and when I was done, I looked and the toilet was full of my poop. I flushed, even though I was sure it wouldn't work. The huge mass shifted, and I think a little bit may have gone down, but the toilet was thoroughly busted. I switched to the next stall over to wipe and flushed. Nobody came in to the bathroom, so nobody knew it was me, but I was still embarrassed, especially since I went to pee at lunchtime and the stall door was closed with a sign taped on it that said "Out of Order".


Story and reply for Dan

When I eat the amount I usually do, I poop once a day and sometimes it's big, but never that big. I noticed though, that the relief of having dumps like that is amazing and unlike anything else.

Also, I really wonder what my friend's dump after the contest was like, considering she ate more than I did. It seems like she could do some really huge dumps, considering I don't think nine plates was her absolute limit for eating. Maybe we'll have another eating contest soon and I'll invite her over to spend the night after.

Now for my story, though there's not too much to report about. I pooped this afternoon and it came out quickly. Just a single turd, foot long, inch thick. Nothing spectacular, and the whole trip was over, from sitting down to washing my hands, in about five minutes.


To Danielle

Hey there, sounds like a tough one. I would pick a time that is NOT just after she has had an accident, and point out to her that if this continues, or gets worse, having accidents at school may have her being required to wear diapers at school. It's hard to know just what is the problem, but consider rebellion, upset over possible move, a medical problem that may also tie into her periods (if she's getting them yet). While once every few months isn't by any means frequent, the fact that has apparently started "suddenly" suggests that something has changed somewhere. Has she had any physical accidents - ones where she has hit her lower back really hard, or landed hard on her coccyx (tailbone)? That's a long shot along with the possibility of something called spina bifida occulta. The latter is something that would probably be more likely to cause urinary incontinence, and if it shows up, it's commonly during the growth spurt of puberty. The best thing to do is try and sit down with her at a "neutral" time and see if you can get anything more from her. If these really are accidents, she may be afraid of what it could be, or be afraid of finding out something that may label her as different. Let what has happened in the past go, and make sure that she knows that and start fresh. Maybe more later, I've probably said too much already. Good luck.


Bowel trouble

Hi there,

I thought I would try to share my recent experiences on this board.I'm a 26 year old male, and have recently started experiencing major control issues with regard to my bowels, something that has been of major embarassment to me.

To cut a long story short I was diagnosed with IBS a few months ago......and this has led to a number of problems. It also turned out later that I had somehow sustained some nerve damage in my rectum which also affected my ability to hold movements of any kind.

All this has naturally led to my having a large number of close calls and some genuine accidents over the last few months. Owing to the nature of my work (I teach in a secondary school) this has been a subject of major embarrassment to me and has really started to affect my life.

I will post some of these accounts if anyone is interested, and I would be very grateful for any advice anyone might have.




Latest story

Hi everyone, latest post from me. After having a poo at school last Tuesday I went to the toilet and tried to open my bowels on Wednesday and Thursday night as soon as I got back home, but nothing seemed ready to come out. On Friday I got to breaktime and I was starting to need a wee quite badly so I went off to use the loo. There was a queue, the girl in front of me was jiggling around and holding her bum and I heard her whispering to her friend who was also waiting, she said "I hope I get a cubicle soon, I really need a poo" and her friend said "Yeah me too." Two cubicles became free at once and the two girls shot inside, I heard the rustling of their clothes as they got their trousers and pants down and shortly after some farts and plops, they must both have been really bursting! The girl in the end cubicle flushed and came out so I quickly went in and locked the door, I had got quite a bit more desperate for a wee while I was waiting and I knew I was close to letting a spurt out. I quickly lifted my skirt and pulled down my tights and yellow pants, I sat on the loo and moaned as I started to wee a fierce stream. I looked under the partition and could see the girl's trousers and red pants down round her ankles, just then she farted and I heard another plop. I carried on weeing for ages and just as I felt my stream drying up I let out a loud fart which was a bit embarasing especially as by now the other two girls had finished their poos and were starting to wipe their bottoms. I tore off some loo roll ready to wipe my private parts and I could feel another fart coming, as I let it out I suddenly felt a slight urge for a poo so I thought I'd start to push, luckily I have a free lesson after break so I had enough time for a change. I took a deep breath and bore down, I could feel something moving down inside me and shortly after felt the tip of a poo coming out of my bum. Next door to me my neighbour flushed and left her cubicle and she was replaced by a new girl. As I looked under the partition I saw her trousers dropping down to her shoes followed by her pink flowery knickers. She had a short wee and then stayed sitting when she was done so I guessed she wanted a poo as well. I kept pushing and doing my best not to grunt and I could feel the poo slide slowly out, it was still quite hard work but thankfully a bit easier than the one I had a few days back, I could feel it wasn't quite as fat. Next door I could hear some panting and soft grunts so I knew my new neighbour was straining to push her poo out. Just then I heard the bell ring and the girl next to me sighed in frustration, she obviously had a lesson to get to and was worried about being late. By now I'd worked about half of my poo out and it was starting to slide out faster now the widest part was through. A few seconds later it made a loud plop as it dropped and landed in the toilet. I could feel another log coming out straight after, this one took hardly any pushing before it splooshed down into the toilet bowl about a minute later. The girl in the next cubicle was still pushing hard, she wasn't trying to disguise her grunts so much any more as she needed to hurry up and get to her lesson so I could hear her straining quite clearly and felt embarased for her. I started to wipe my bottom and just as I was finishing I heard the girl give out a loud grunt and shortly after her poo must have dropped as I hearda plop followed by a moan of releaf. She started to wipe straight away and finished at the same time as me so we ended up coming out of our cubicles together, she had blonde hair and glasses and looked like she was in Year 8 or 9, I noticed she was a bit red in the face from all the straining and she smiled shyly at me as we washed her hands. I hoped she didn't get in trouble for being late to her lesson or have any of her friends make fun of her for spending so long on the loo. Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon.

newby Post Title (optional)

hey all. its my first time posting here so go easy on me ha. I have been reading and enjoying all the posts here for the last while. I have always enjoyed taking a nice relaxing dump as far back as I can remember and its good to see that I am not the only one. Even when I was a young child I would often spend up to around half an hour in the bathroom, not because I couldnt go or anything but just because I have always liked to take my time and enjoy the experience. its still the same today and I still cant understand people that can be in and out of the toilet in less than five minutes. How can you get the job properly done in that little time?
I would rather hold on until I have the time to go in sit back and let it flow out. I love when I lay a nice thick log though it doesnt happen that way every time. I have plenty of storys but will keep them for another time as this is just a quick introduction. and also the house is silent as everyone is in bed so time for me to take a trip to the bathroom

When going on a public toilet, I never ever would take a shit. It's hard enough to hover while peeing. Also it's enough when i leave some yellow marks on the seat. No need for brown ones...

Hi again all!

Just a guy & Dan- glad you enjoyed my latest post! Dan, I like your description of the noise your fart made!

Today I went swimming at my local leisure centre. Towards the end of my session I started to need a poo. When I got out I went back to the changing rooms and found that the toilets were out of action because of some plumbing failure or other! I didn't badly need a poo yet, but I was quite desperate to have a wee. I didn't fancy using the single-occupancy toilet in the lobby because everyone there would know I'd been pooing. When I came out there was a decent queue for it anyway, so I went out ot my car. I thought I'd be fine for the ten-minute drive home, but as I pulled out of the car park I realised I was really bursting to wee, and to make things worse my poo was on the move now! Suddenly I doubted I'd make it home, so I had to think of alternatives. On the way back home I passed a petrol station, so I pulled in to use their loo. I walked to the back of the store where the loos were. There was one ladies loo and one men's, both disabled-accessible ones. The ladies was in use, so I stood and waited, getting more desperate to do both things as time passed! After a couple of minutes a man came over to use the gents. He said, 'oh, you can use the men's if you're fed up of waiting!' I wanted to, but of course I did NOT want to go in, spend ten minutes in there stinking it up, and then come out and face him, so I laughed and said that I was ok thanks. He went in for a wee and was out in a minute or two. Just as he did so I heard the ladies flush. A middle-aged woman came out and I went in expecting it to smell of poo, but it didn't. It would in a few minutes, though! I pulled down my jeans and purple knickers to my feet and sat down on the warm seat. I relaxed my aching bladder and a loud stream of wee started up and went on for nearly a minute. I felt very relieved after that! Once I was empty I started pushing my poo out. A decent-sized log eased its way out first with a loud crackling and a big plop. A few seconds after that a smaller bit came out, and then I heard someone go into the mens toilet next door. He was clearly there to poo as well because I heard the seat go down. After a minute I heard a couple of plops and I pushed out another turd of my own. Then I started work on a very big log that wanted to come out. I had a bit of gas first and then the tip of the log emerged slowly. It was taking its time when I heard someone walk up to the toilets. I heard a woman say, 'Oh, they're already occupied. Are you sure you can't wait until we get home?' and then a very young boy reply, 'no I have to go nooow.' The woman knocked on the door. 'Do you think you'll be long? Only my son really needs to go.' I felt embarrassed replying because I was straining to push out my big turd, but I said, 'I'll be a few minutes, sorry.' She said, 'did you hear that? You'll have to wait a few minutes.' I heard the boy reply, 'but I really need to poo poo.' There was no chance of me giving up my toilet this time because my turd was half way out of me. I pushed as hard as I could and after another minute or so it came out with a massive plop. 'See?' the mothher said. 'You're not the only one who needs to go poo poo.' Well that was pretty embarrassing! After another small piece I was finished so I quickly wiped and left. I assume he made it ok but I didn't hang around to find out!

Happy Dude

Comments & stuff

To Brierly: Please keep posting about your efforts to avoid the toilet at all costs. Sounds exciting!

To Tech Guy: had to get an endoscopy and had a laxative to take the night before. Pills. Two pills every 30 minutes with 8 oz of water. Not a fun night. Wife said she never saw me run as fast as I did when they started taking effect.

As for the stuff. Wife and I still use our pee bucket nightly since we sleep in the basement. It's been saving us money on water. It's a 5 quart bucket and we can usually fill it half full or more in two nights then dump it out on the third morning. It always turns me on watching her squat on the bucket and having a noisy pee.

Been having problems of my own pooping since a week before Christmas. I resisted all the cookies, chocolate, and junk that comes with the holidays until the week before Christmas. Then I just went hog wild! Everyday on Christmas week there was a new treat awaiting me at work to eat. The week after wasn't much better with the leftover treats everyone brought in to work from Christmas. New Years was the last hurrah. The entire time my bowel movements have been like passing dark matter out my butt. Not a pretty sight seeing as the blood from the hard movements look like Cool-Aid. The bleeding stopped yesterday, and I have been taking fiber pills daily for two weeks. Now I just remembered I have some sweet potatoes to make which should help. With any luck I should be back to normal in a week and be good until next Christmas!

I went for a work out today at the campus gym. When I got there it was absolutely packed so I decided to go to one of the small gyms at the other end of the campus that I had never been to before. I needed to have a shit and I figure I would be able to do so when I got to the other gym. When I entered into the small change room I discovered that there was only one toilet right in the middle of the change room for everyone to hear. It wasn't nearly as busy as the other gym fortunately but there was one guy seated on the toilet when I came it. I started to get changed into my workout gear and put my things into a locker nearby. I heard him straining before he let farted and a very loud plop of a turd dropping into the bowl.

I was almost done changing when I heard him finish up and flush the toilet. The guy was in his mid 20s and had a very athletic build who looked like a body builder wannabe. He washed up before getting his stuff out of his locker and leaving. The change room was empty now so I made my break to the toilet to unload. When I got into the handicapped sized stall his massive turd was still floating in the bowl. It was tremendously thick but not that long. I flushed but there was no way the toilet was going to push that behemoth down without a bit of help. Fortunately there was a plunger in the stall so I used the end of the stick to push the turd around as I flushed. The toilet didn't clog so I knew I was in the clear. Just as I was about to drop my shorts I heard a few people come in and start to change. I didn't feel comfortable shitting with them around so I simply took a piss before exiting out and starting my workout.

The gym was nearly empty except for a small handful of people. Two guys left as I was about halfway done. The place was now almost vacant with no other guys around, just two girls running on the treadmills. I finished and made my way back to the empty change room and back to the stall. The toilet was full of skidmarks and there was considerably less toilet paper on one of the rolls so I assumed a few more people had used the toilet after I left to go workout. I layered the seat down with a thick layer of toilet paper before sitting down. I farted and pissed before immediately forcing out two logs one after another. I spread my legs apart and peered through to see the decently sized turds floating. It felt a lot better but I didn't feel fully relieved. I waited about a minute before releasing some more farts and one final small and thick turd. I stood up and wiped for about 5 minutes before flushing my load down easily. I slid my briefs and shorts up before heading over to shower.

Hi I'm selena, I'm unerversity student. I try out for cheerliding
and got in. My hair is blonde, blue eyes and weight 110 ponds
So here my story when I got in! they ask me to go for cheerliding
and I was little shy. When I got there,my stomach started growling
alot. So I ingnore it. After 1 hour I stared to pass gas and farting it
was embarassing because my boyfriend was there
to cheer me up! when we took a break my stomach was
killing me! and when I was talking with my boyfriend I could
not stand it annymore so I told my boyfriend I have to go!
My face was turning red. I rushed to the bathroom with alot of
girls! And before I knew it I felt a sharp pain going to my stomach
saying I really have to go before I shit my self. So there was I privacy bathroom
That I could go! whent there pull off my pants and start pooping and
farting all does gasses in my stomach. I was there for one hour
I really had diarrhea I said :( when I was sleeping I got a terrible cramp
from the side of my stomach feeling of going again to the bathroom LoL !!

I really love a good shit.I have piss and fart first,i like to stand and push the shit down in my gut till its just starting to poke out of my arse hole,then sit down and just let it slide out.The other day i did one it stood up at the back of the bowl almost to the rim and a good 2 inches thick then another good piss,i was really proud of it

Monday, January 09, 2012

Post Title (optional)Paper towel poops

I used to do that before I moved into an appartment with a carpeted bathroom. What I would do was poop on the towels and then shake the poop into the toilet flush it and flush the towels one at a time.


to Some Guy

You mentioned that you like to poop in public, and are looking for some interesting places to poop. If there are any nature parks where you live, they often have outhouses. Maybe that could be an interesting experience.


Had to poop at school

Hi. Today I couldn't hold it and I had to poop at school. I'd been holding it back since lunchtime and when school finally let out, I was not going to be able to make the half hour walk home without pooping my panties. I don't like to poop at school, because I eat a lot and I go days between poops, so when I go it's really big and I clog the toilet. This time it had been about six and a half days since I last pooped.

I went into the bathroom and two of the five toilets were in use. I took the one furthest from the door and sat down. I farted several times and began to poop. It was a big one and it smelled too. I had been pooping for a bit when another girl came into the bathroom and said rudely, "Ewww! It stinks in here!", and I was thinking, "Well, duh, people poop here, so of course it stinks, dummy.", but I just flushed the toilet and didn't say anything. I still had more poop in me, but because I flushed, at least I wouldn't block up the toilet again.

The rude girl took the stall next to me and I hoped she wouldn't recognize my shoes. It seemed she didn't, as she just did a quick pee and then left. I continued to poop until I was done, and by then I was alone in the bathroom. I looked between my legs and saw a big pile of poop, so I flushed a second time before I wiped. While I was wiping, the janitor came into the bathroom and called out to see if anyone was in the bathroom. I said yes, but I'd be done very soon. He said okay and wheeled his cart back out. I finished wiping, flushed, washed my hands, and then left for home.

Today I went to lunch at a restraunt and after I ate I had to crap. I went to the bathroom and pushed out a big log. When I was done I looked at my log. It was nearly as wide as a coke can and about a foot and a half long. I wiped one time to get clean and placed it in the toilet, then I left without flushing. I was washing my hands and another lady came in and took my stall. I heard her whisper "whoa" before she flushed. I don't think she knew I heard her, but I'm sure she figured that I had just deposited that log.


To AmyLee

Hey girl, I wanted to respond to your questions about women that are a little excessive with noise in the bathroom. I obviously don't know Leigh, but something tells me she gets off on her public displays. Why else would she make it so obvious and gross? Hehe I have known a lot of girls who range from super-shy to not caring when it comes to pooping with an audience. I don't think I've ever known anyone like her though!

Usually when I sit down I let some gas go. It just happens, and I hear it from a lot of other girls/women. It's what happens in a bathroom. That said, it's very subtle and quiet. Then once in a while I'll hear a lady bear down and let a trumpet go. That's gross! Why force it out when someone else is in the bathroom with you? Also, no wants to hear grunting! A subtle sigh after a big one is acceptable I guess! LOL

I hope this helps. I've never ever been around a Leigh type! Just curious, why after a poop do you leave to wash your hands with the other ladies? Aren't you embarrassed?! Why not just stay behind and like play with your phone until the coast is clear?

Take care everyone! :)

- MK

anyone got a story about moms pooping

Thirty Something Female



I'd love to hear about your other accidents, even the two poop accidents. You are a bit older than me but I'm sure I'll still be holding too long in my 40s, too.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Brierly first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like your very adventorous and will fit in nicely here and I look forward to all your great stories thanks.

To: Amlylee as always another great tale from the ladies room it sounds like Leigh is going to stay a noisy pooper and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Little Mandi as always another great story it sounds like you had a very desperate dump and I bet you felt great afterwards and as always
I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kelly as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Garret great story about seeing your cousin poop.

To: Leanne as always another great pooping story and you getting to here more ladies pooping to and it seems like you have exactly when others have to it seems and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shortie as always another great story and great poop by poop coverage and also hearing that other woman pooping to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stella as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Steapahnie From The UK as always another great story and it sounds like you and that police woman were both desperate and her especialy at least you were there help her out and also you ended up making a new friend to and it sounds like you guys will get to know eachother better and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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