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Paper Towel Poops

Last week, I tried (and posted about) pooping on paper towels. I liked the feeling of squatting while taking a poop. So, a few days after the initial poop, I tried it again. My poop was the same consistency as before, but not the high pile it was before. It was more curved, almost like the letter C. The very end of the tip went off the paper towels, but didn't land on the carpet, thankfully. I threw it away in the trashcan, and tied up the bag. I knew I would be able to take it to the dumpster in a couple of hours. But, I don't think I will be doing this again. The smell lingered in both the trashcan and dumpster.

I will need to find more interesting ways to poo. I remember reading on here about someone pooping in the bathtub. Not too sure how I feel about it. Haven't had any interesting poops away from home, either. I try to poop in public whenever I can, but other than that, there's no variety. Any ideas? Any retail stores/chains that are known for having "interesting" bathrooms?


New Years Resolution

Hi my name is Brierley and I'm new here. My friend Francesca told me about this site. Im going to post about my new years resolution: to never use a toilet. Day one I woke up and peed into a cup I had by my bed. When at home I want to avoid the bathroom all together. Out at someone's house I can use a sink or tub and if I was in a public place I might have to hold it. Anyway day one I peed into a cup and then had my morning poop outside in the lawn. I peed the rest of the day in the lawn. Day two I woke up and peed into a towel I put on my desk chair. I soon had to poop so I went into my panties. I then got dressed and went to the store. I had to pee while I was there so I held it and peed into my car seat when I got in. It felt great and I know why do many people on this site do it. The next day was pretty much the same except I went to visit my friend. I had to pee at her house so I went into the bathroom and peed into the sink. I start school tomorrow so it may be tricky to keep this up. I may invest in diapers. If anyone is interested let me know and I will keep posting about the places I relieve myself.


Post Title (optional)pooing in my small potty

Hi im 15 and i still use the potty when im alone as i just like to do so.
The other day i felt i needed to do a big poo .
So i pulled my pants down and sat on the potty. I farted then slowely a big fat poo started to come out.
It felt good. I got up and looked at it big job i thought. Then i sqatted down and wiped my bum hole.


Leigh - AGAIN

I posted on page 2037 about my boss Leigh talking on a cell phone with her boss, Gerald, while both Leigh and I were on the pot pooing in our office restroom. I followed up on page 2042 about her getting in trouble with Gerald for doing this. On Tuesday after the New Year's holiday, we were back to work. I mentioned recently they have renovated our restrooms and there is no outside door to the hallway, just an S curve, so sound from toilets flushing, etc. can be heard in the hallway if you're passing by. I was going down the hallway toward the break room to get a soda around 9 a.m. As I was passing by the restrooms, Gerald, Leigh's boss (so he's my boss' boss) came out of the men's room. He's very nice, but I am a bit shy around him since he's got a pretty high position. He was heading the opposite direction from me, stopped and smiled and said, "Hello Amylee, how are you?" I stopped and said fine and he asked if I was attending the group meeting that afternoon. We were now standing in the middle of the hallway right between the doors of the men's and ladies' rooms. I said I was attending the meeting and he was making some small talk about the meeting when I saw Leigh coming down the hallway behind Gerald. She got to where we were standing and said, "Good morning and happy new year." Gerald and I both said hello and wished her happy new year as well. She then went into the ladies' room. It was very easy to hear her heels clicking on the floor and her closing and latching the stall door. Gerald then asked how my holidays were, etc., etc. As I was answering him, I heard a huge splattering fart and a big "UHHHH" come from the ladies' room. Obviously, Leigh was having one of her noisy, grunting poos. It startled me so that I kind of hesitated in my answer to Gerald and he kind of turned his head a bit toward the ladies' room then back to me as I continued to tell him about the holidays. He then started telling me about his family holiday tradition when there was another loud SPLLLLUUUUTTT and "UHHHH" from Leigh. We could hear her as plain as day. Gerald kind of looked around again and said quietly, "Maybe we should move over here" and motioned away from the doors. I was embarrassed for Leigh and embarrassed myself. How could Leigh just sit there and grunt and blow like that with us just outside the door? I realize she needed to use the restroom, but again, her grunting…………. And I wonder a lot why, even when she has a lot of gas, she can't let it out more softly so it isn't so loud. Plus, I know she would have had to be able to hear us talking in the hallway, so shouldn't it have been logical to her that we could hear her blowing up the toilet and grunting? I'm continually flabbergasted by Leigh's restroom antics. Otherwise, she is a very nice person, and a real knockout of an attractive woman. Ladies on the forum, what do you think? Have you experienced anyone of this type before? Now that the restroom renovation is done without the outside doors, this may happen more with Leigh (and quite frankly, several other ladies in our office).


to the pregnant poster

I'm really curious to know your thinking on enemas? I've had several plain tap water enemas since my stint in the hospital and they help me out every time I have to struggle. Why don't you try one instead of doing all that straining?

Little Mandi

Belly ache

Hey its Amanda M. I'm gonna start posting under this name now.

Today I went out to lunch with my friend Alexa. I had a salad and a piece of cake. I guess I must have eaten too much because afterwards I started to get a stomach ache. I ignored it and went to Target with my mom and grandmoms. As I walked around Target the pain got worse. I knew I was definitely gonna have to poop. I couldn't focus on shopping anymore so I found my grandmom and sat at the table and waited for my mom and other grandmom to get done shopping. While I was sitting at the table the pains got worse. They kept coming and going. I was almost tempted to use the Target bathroom because I couldn't stand the pain but I couldnt do it. I kept letting out small farts to relieve some pressure. At one point I almost lost it. Finally it was time to go. I really just wanted to get home but I figured while I was out id go exchange my shirt at modells. It didnt take lone but now I really had to go badly. The whole car ride home I sat on my hand trying not to poop myself. Luckily I don't live far from the stores. When we got home I went back to my grandmoms house. My one grandmom went up to pee. I asked my other grandmom if she had to go cause I didn't want to stink up the bathroom first. She said she was just going to get changed. I waited for her to come down cause I didn't want her to hear me. Finally she came down and I ran up as fast as I can ripped down my pants and a bunch of soft logs shot into the toilet. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. It felt so good to get it out. I didn't feel empty so I gave a few more pushes but nothing else came out. I wiped and flushed. There was a strong after smell so I sprayed some body spray. I hate stinking up the bathroom.
I was really expecting to have diarrhea cause thats how I felt.but that was actually the first time in a while I had a soft poop. Lately they've been really hard and painful.I really had to strain to get them out.

Once i farted and tgen i felt this huge thing coming from my butt. Ran behind a taco bell and dropped my pants and boxer shorts. I squatted for a second, and suddenly, solid poop was pouring out of my asshole. It lasted for like fifteen minutes and i was pissing and farting and grunting. I was about to call my friend and say dude youre not gonna believe what happened. But then a waitress opened the door and saw me, naked on my bottom half, still with crap pouring out of my butt. "Nice d**k," she exclaimed. I cursed and ranm still pooping. Pulled up my pants, filled em with poo. Damn.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Francessca great story that lady was beyond rude and you did the right thing by walking away and not starting something with her and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Zora first welcome to the site and great story about your big and stinky dump I bet who ever went in after was probaly suprised in more ways then one and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Calafornia Dude great story

To: Kerri great story and great poop by poop coverage it sounds like it was a good dump and I bet you felt great afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annonymous Poster great story about you seeing your wifes poop plesae share anymore stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Natalie X first welcome back and great story about your big nasty new years dump and yep you did ring in the new year with a bang or should I say a blast and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Katharine great story about your big dump after your big meal I guese the saying is right eat big shit big and I bet you felt great afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rachel as always another great story it sounds like you had a great new years poop and I bet you felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stan great story about your wifes accident please share anymore you may have thanks.

To: Shortie as always another great story and great poop by poop coverage and it sounds like you had another great dump I bet you felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story about you and your friends and your first school poop of 2012 and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Big shits after an eating contest

Two nights ago, my friend and I went out to a buffet and we decided to see who could eat more. I thought I'd win for sure as they had spaghetti and I really love spaghetti. I ended up losing to my friend, but I put up a good fight. I ate eight plates of spaghetti, along with plenty of bread and salad on the side. But she devoured nine plates, and it seemed to me that if I hadn't called it quits, she might have just kept on eating.

The next evening, all that food I had eaten was ready to shit out. I grabbed my book and sat on the toilet. I began with a long piss and some booming farts and then I felt my anus open. A turd about a inch and a half thick wormed out. I relaxed and read and let my body do its thing. I felt the turd keep coming and coming and it felt so good. After a long time, the turd ended, and soon it was replaced by another one. When that turd came to a halt, I felt empty.

I stood up to look at my shit, and it was big. I saw the first turd curled around the outside of the toilet. It went all the way around twice. Then my second turd was lying down the middle of the toilet and it disappeared around the bend. I had to flush twice to get my shit to flush down, then I wiped and flushed the paper away.

Then as I was getting ready for bed, I felt the need to shit again. I thought I had shit it all out earlier with that big load, but I sat down again. Lots of small turds shot out of me, with a barrage of plops and splashes. When it was all over, I had to look and see again. The toilet was full of my turds, varying sizes and shapes, but I hardly saw any water at all. I tried to flush and found it was clogged. I worked with the plunger and managed to unclog the toilet, then I set to wiping myself, which required a lot of paper.

Hi everyone! Happy New Year- and a late merry Christmas! I haven't posted in a while because of Christmas etc. My after-Christmas poo was surprisingly boring, just four big logs and a fart!

My first poo of 2012 came in the early afternoon of New Year's Day. We'd had a family party the night before and I'd eaten lots of party food and snacks. So when it rolled round to the next day I had a big load ready and waiting to come out quite quickly. After my sister Gemma had been for a wee I went straight in to the toilet and sat down. It was one of those ones where it all comes out in one big, hot load! When I looked in the bowl after only sitting there for 2 minutes, there were five decent-sized soft logs and one smaller piece.

That's about it for now. Back to school in a few days so I'll have more stories then no doubt!


Post Title (optional)caught pooing in high school

I was embarrised to go in the boys toilets at school .as there wasnt much day i went in cost i really needed a poo .
I pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet.i spread my legs and enjoyed a large poop. I forgot to bolt the door .my mate came in and saw a big fat poo hanging out my bum.oh he said then left just as i made a plop sound.


The Ameture's Guide to Failured Excretion ( My mistakes)

I have three of bathroom stories to tell, and most of them are from when I was a little kid; lke, 5 up.

I remember in the first house I lived in when I was just in grade one or two, something like that, and I was watching TV on the carpet. Back then, and I've learnt my lesson now, I had the habit to wait until the ads before 'making little islands'. But that day,I still remeber, it was the middle of a show or something that I really liked and I had to take a dump. Really bad. When the ads came a realized that something heavy and warm was in my pants, I looked down my undies and called ot to my mum. When she came in she was kind of annoyed,but cleaned me up afterwards. I ended up losing my favourite pair of undies that day; winnie the pooh undies, pretty ironic really.

The second story was when I was when I was a year older or so, I was at school and needed to pee at lunch. But I was playing some game with my friends and was in my mind like, 'I'll go after the game.' Or something like that. But when I decided to leave, I was literally walking with my thighs stuck together. Thank god the bathroom was close! When I finally close the door to my own lavatory cubicle, I pull down my pants quickly and begin pissing on the seat. Or, I thought it was the seat. I ended up pissing on the lid that was down. It took me only a second to stop my flow, flip up the lid and continue before it went onto my pants. I thought that I would catch some butt disease or something!

And last but not least, more recently, I remember when I took a large dump and when it landed the water splashed up onto my er... 'waffle' and was in there wiping it desert dry so I wouldn't get some kind of aids or whatever. I was just happy I wasn't in a public toilet, but now when i do go in a public one, I always lft my ass up a bit when I take a dump.

Thanks for reading my stories!


Thank u and a story

First i would like to say that thank you for all your help with me and lee thanks for your help i used your idea for my first question and it worked thankyu and now for a story

Ok so me And my family were out camping all together in a tent with my cousins in another and i had poo and pee so i told them then left the tent but when i left i saw my cousin (whos a girl) leave hers aswell so i called out to her "what you doing" and she said back "taking a dump" so i said. "can i with you" she said yes so we walked out into the woods were we found a spot she had the toilet paper and we both crouched andd started to poo first we both peed for 60 seconds then i heard her grunt i dont grunt i pushed a decent sized poo out and told her "one sown" she smiled and squeezed one out too then i had second done so i was done and wiped then waited for her looking at my masterpeace so then she stood up and said "ok dont tell anybody about us doing this" i said ok we went back to out tents

Thanks for reading


to Francesca: that mother was very rude to you

It was wise of you to leave.

It was the first day back to classes after the holidays and I woke up a bit late. I was going to have a morning shit in my dorm bathroom but my roommate Cory beat me it by having his morning shower. I took off for my first class of the day at 8:00 am. After a few hours of lecture I was amazed at how fast the time had gone and how long I had held my shit in. When I got up to leave I realized I was bursting to go.

To make matters worse I hadn't gone since New Years day so it was going to be a fairly big load. I went to the first washroom I could find just down the hallway. I entered in to a four stall bathroom with two of them being used. I didn't want to use the toilet right next to the sinks so I went to the handicapped stall that was vacant at the end. I went in and locked the door before sitting dropping down onto the toilet. The stall was very clean so I could see my reflection off the partition and tile walls. There was a large gap at the front partition due to a large support column that intruded into the stall a bit. I realized I could be seen from the outside quite visibly through this gap that was about two feet wide. I spread my legs apart and leaned forward to relieve myself of a buildup of gas that I had been holding in. I started to push the first turd out as it crackled and hissed before falling into the bowl. I grabbed the toilet paper and rolled a good amount out before continuing to push. More squeaky and noisy farts came out before I pushed two more turds out in quick succession.

It felt great but I knew I wasn't done. I waited a bit before I felt my stomach gurgle and churn. A few seconds later I blasted out a round of noisy wet farts before dropping a final load of loose stools. It took me a few minutes to recovery so I stayed seated at which point a few people walked past me peeking through the gap to see what was going on inside the stall. I got up and saw a bowl full of my shit. I waited for everyone to leave but other classes were finishing up so more people were coming through. Since I didn't have another class right away I stayed on the toilet as I wiped for quite awhile. It must have been nearly 15 minutes when I finally finished up. I flushed and watched everything spin around for quite some time before going down. Thankfully the toilet had a really long and powerful flush, otherwise I would have been in trouble. I got the hell out of there quickly as soon as nobody was around.

To Eddie

Amazing story, I would love to hear more, how old are you?


Toilet that pissed me off

Yo all, wanted to post this to see what people think of it...

Just before New year (30/12/11) I was hanging out with a friend at a mall when he started to squirm and hold his ????. I was really turned on cos I could finally get to hear someone poop. So I followed him into the bathroom and the first thing that I heard was the really loud music (those classical ones they play in the bathroom). I was a bit disappointed but nevertheless went into the stall next to my friend. The rustle of clothes was pretty much audible and of course the toilet seat hitting the bowl. From all the groaning and grunts (over the din of the music) I guessed it would be a single long monster turd. It was just getting to the finale (he was continuosly pushing)then someone from another stall flushed. The flush is really noisy but immediately after the shoosh sound there is a long hiss (like the hiss from steam coming from a kettle).... All I heard was the relieved sigh and the tearing of Tp. After we left, my friend said to me that the toilet was really good considering people won't be able to hear you do a really noisy poop.

Has anyone come across this sort of situation bfore?

Has anyone else had any experiences with overalls related to the toilet?

I remember a couple times, back in school, when I peed myself because I couldn't get the straps undone, or dropped the straps in the toilet, and whatnot. anyone else had experiences in Overalls?

(or dungarees, coveralls or whatever else they're called)

Anyone ever use a public toilet with no stall? I didn't know such bathrooms existed until I was driving out to visit my girlfriend. It was a very rural stretch of highway and I had to shit badly. I was thinking about just pulling off to the side of the road, but eventually I saw a sign for a rest area. I got to it and pulled into the parking lot. There were a few other cars in the lot. I entered the men's room and was struck by three things: it stank worse than any other restroom I've been in before or since, it was infested with flies and there were three toilets with no stalls, completely out in the open to the rest of the room (and actually visible to anyone outside when the door opened). There were three other guys in there, all three at the urinals. But by that time I was too desperate to wait any longer. I rolled off some paper from the dispenser on the wall, and laid it down on the seat. I pulled my jeans down and sat and had a huge, but fortunately quiet BM. I kept my eyes fixed straight ahead, not wanting to make eye contact while taking a dump in full view of other guys. I was hoping I'd be alone for a moment to wipe my ass, but the whole time I was on the toilet guys were coming in and out. One guy had to pee in one of the toilets next to me at one point. Finally, I rolled off some TP and wiped and got up and pulled my pants up quickly. I washed my hands and got out of there. The second time was in new York City of all places! I went into a public restroom in Union Square and saw that the toilet had no stall. Luckily, I just had a pee that time.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

John. It sounds as though you're a very lucky guy to be married to a lady who regularly lets you watch her toilet performances. I'd be interested to know though about some of your encounters, albeit unintentional ones, involving other ladies on the loo.

Anonymous poster. You really are lucky to have a wife who not only saves up her poos until she's really desperate (and who can poo for England) but also that you've discovered she's very open about it. I'd say she was one to treasure. As a matter of interest, does she go in for long farting sessions before her poos or do things not quite get to that stage?

Garrett. I'd say there was no harm in keeping a discreet container in your bedroom to pee in if necessary, maybe storing it under the bed. Take care to empty it and rinse it thoroughly the next morning though! Over Christmas I stayed with my brother and his wife and I took just such an overnight container so that if I needed to pee in the night I could do so without causing unnecessary disturbance. In the event I didn't need to use it, partly because of the sleeping arrangements they put in place. However it was there if I needed it. As regards buddy dumping, I'd say it was absolutely fine so long as both parties are happy and comfortable with the idea.

Nicola, I enjoyed your story about pooing in the rain. My guess is that it was probably Sunday because it rained hard in my part of England on Sunday afternoon and I know from weather reports that some other areas got it heavy earlier in the day. Also I liked the story about the woman who needed to poo whilst in the shop. Running out of loo paper at home is, I think, everyone's worst nightmare. If she was doing farts, my guess is the need had been building for some time and hadn't just come on suddenly.

Best wishes to everyone!

Happy New Year everyone! Since quite a few people are asking for stories of new year poos, I'd better post mine! I was at a party at my friend Tom's house. There were lots of people there, and with alcohol and party food flowing freely the two toilets were seeing heavy use! I'd been to the one upstairs in the bathroom twice to wee before midnight, and there was another toilet out past the kitchen which was being mostly used by guys. After midnight came and went and the party was still in full swing, I started to get some cramps and gas. Shortly after that I got the familiar feeling of my poo moving down quite rapidly into position and I knew I'd have to go poo soon! I really didn't like the idea of taking a poo in the middle of a party, but I knew I had no choice! I went upstairs and got in the queue for the bathroom. There were two girls waiting, and I got chatting to them, and then another girl joined the queue behind me. Someone came out and the first girl went in. After a minute the girl in front said she was dying for a wee. The other girl said she was pretty desperate too, and then she asked me how desperate I was for a wee and if she could go in front. I didn't want to say I had to poo, so I said sure and we swapped places. After a few minutes I was waiting for her to come out. Another two girls had joined the queue now. One of them seemed pretty desperate but I was really in need of a poo now so I really didn't want to wait any more. I went in and sat down and tried to get it over with quickly. After I started my wee my first log came out rapidly. Luckily the music downstairs was loud enough that I doubt anyone but me heard the plop it made! Then I gave another push and two logs shot out quickly, followed by a long, soft fart and then another piece. I wasn't done yet but the next girl was knocking desperately on the door already, even though I'd only been in there for less than two minutes. I thought I would be ok if I stopped now, so I stood up and wiped my bum and pussy and pulled up my panties and jeans and left. Luckily the smell wasn't noticeable, so when I opened the door and the girl said thanks and moved past me, she didn't notice! About half an hour later the rest of my poo went from being dormant to very much active, and I had to go back upstairs and join the queue for round two. This time it was just two more pieces of poo and I was in and out within a minute or so. And that was my first (and second) poo of 2012!

Yesterday I went shopping for some January sale bargains. After a curry the night before and then a big sandwich from Subway for lunch, I had to make an emergency pitstop for some very urgent business! When I got the urge it came on very fast and suddenly I badly wanted to relieve myself. I knew it would be loose and wet and I couldn't hold it for long, so I went to the nearest loos as fast as I could. Unfortunately there was a queue of two women waiting for the three cubicles. I was already desperate and it seemed that both women in front of me were wanting a poo. So it turned out, and so were two of the women already in the cubicles. After fifteen minutes I was clenching my bum as tight as I could and still slowly losing the battle! One of the women was having diarrhea and there were plenty of farts and plops from the others that didn't help! Finally one of them came out and I hurried in. The smell of her poo was strong but I didn't mind- I justed wanted to get sat down as soon as I could! I pulled down my jeans and white knickers and plonked myself down on the warm seat. The instant I relaxed my muscles a torrent of wet, soft and smelly logs poured out! It felt so good I couldn't help but moan softly as it came out. After that I pushed a bit more and got three more bits out. When I looked at my production I cuold hardly see the water for the multitude of soft, fluffy logs that filled the bowl! I wiped 6 times before my bum was clean.

I might post again today. Bye for now!


Pregnant pooping 2A

I was at the shopping mall with my sister getting things in for the baby when i felt the urge to poop. Not badly so i held on. Around an hour later i had a stronger urge to go. Clearly my live pooping experience number 2 wasnt finished. My sister was meeting her boyfriend later on and she decided now was the time to go and freshen up. I told her i needed the loo too and we headed to the loos. When we got there we saw that all 4 cubicles were full and there was 1 woman waiting. My sister asked me if she could go first incase Damien(her bf)showed up early. I said yes she could as i wasnt desperate and may be a while anyway. She knew what i was getting at as she knows about my pooping troubles over the last 10 weeks or so. 1 cubicle opened and the woman went in and as she shut the door another cubicle opened. My sister headed in as i waited. The other 2 cubicles opened almost at the same time and i headed into the corner one. I pulled down my underwear and sat. The toilet 2 down from me which my sister was in finished up as soon as i got in and she said bye to me as she had received a text message from Damien saying he'd arrived. She washed up and left. So now it was just me and the woman waiting ahead of us as we arrived, sitting on the toilets. I thought she must be pooping as she had entered before my sister and was still in there. Right enough as soon as i got comfortable and in position i heard a PLOP. I began pushing,uhhhh,uhhhhh as normal when a second PLOP was heard. I was silent pushing as i didnt want her to hear me grunt and strain. Next thing i hear is the rustling of tp and the toilet flushed. As it flushed i grunted nosily, figuring i wouldnt be heard. Nothing was happening yet as i heard her leave. I now knew i was alone in the loos and so pushed, strained and grunted louder and harder. Uhhhhhhhhh,uhhhhhhhhh was me for about 2-3 minutes on my own. Then the door opened and a woman took up the cubicle next to mine. I silently pushed again, not wanting to be heard. I heard a pee coming out of her and it appeared to go on for around 1 minute or so and then tp being pulled off. As she flushed i grunted loudly again. I could feel nothing at this point but the urge was there. The women washed up and left. Alone again i began grunting nosily. Uhhhhhhhhh,uhhhhhhhhhh as usual. Nothing. I felt like giving up as it wasnt coming out. I told myself to give it 5 more minutes and then give up. I leaned forward so far my butt was up in the air and pushed nosily again. I looked at my watch to see how long id been here and it had been 11 minutes of nothing. As i was leant forward i let a fart go. I thought 'oh this is this beginning'. But no. Nothing. I pushed and grunted for another few minutes and then i heard another woman come in. She was on the phone and stayed talking for a bit until out of the blue she says,"Im going to have to go, i need to shit". Well she didnt cancel the call immediately and i even heard her close the cubicle door whilst on the phone. She repeated,"I need to shit so im going now" and i could hear the person say they werent done talking. The woman said,"Sorry, i'll ring you again in 5 minutes or so. Now let me go im desperate". The person on the line said,"No, we can talk as you shit". This really surprised me. She said,"Ok, if you dont mind hearing me shit". I believe she thought the toilets were empty as i was silently pushing away and listening to this conversation. I heard her zip being undone and her plonk down on the toilet. They seemed to be organising a party of some sort for that night as i could make bits out. I heard her say,"yeah, that,uhhhh,sounds good,uhhhhhhhhhhhh. The person on the phone asked her if she was done and she said,"What do you think,no". Then more uhhhhhhhhhs from her and then-PLOP,PLOP,PLOP. I heard it coming from next door. Man i was jealous. What i wouldnt give to be able to poop so freely. I said id give up after 5 minutes but i had continued due to my fart. Here i was gruning and pushing with nothing coming out and she was brazingly pooping whilst on the phone to someone. She wiped i guess with her free hand and flushed. She left still on the phone. It was now approaching 17 minutes for me and i began grunting nosily again. I pushed so hard my face went red. My butt was still in the air and i stretched down with my hands and held my butt cheeks apart. More farts emerged. 3 in total. Im grunting,uhhhhhhhhhhhhh,uhhhhhhhhhhh when i feel the tip emerging and my butt starting to expand. I continue pushing and more emerges. Then a major inconvenience-my phone starts ringing. I think about not answering it but i look and its my mum. I really cant not answer the phone to her. She'd no something was up. I stop pushing and the poop goes back inside. GREAT i thought as i pressed to answer. I sat up straight and said hello to my mum. Turns out it wasnt a phone call that was urgent. She just wanted me to buy milk on my way home. She had rang my sister but she was out with her bf and wasnt coming home that night so she said to ring me. How wonderful. Here i was struggling for 22 minutes now to poop and just as i was getting somewhere my phone rings and im back to square 1. I said, "Mum im desperate for the loo so im going to have to go and she said, "ok, dont forget the milk. Speak to you later bye then" I got back in my position i was in before and starting pushing. My butt in the air and my hands holding my cheeks apart. Im pushing hard and nosily when another woman comes in and plonks herself down on the toilet. Im silently pushing again and after a minute or so again my butt starts to expand. The woman next door pees and wipes. I think shes done and then she shuffles her feet. She grunts and pushes and then PLOP,PLOP. I have no idea why she wiped and then started to poop. Whilst she's going my butt is really expanding and my poop is appearing. Im trying to be quiet but the pressure results in me grunting nosily. I dont really care though at this point. I want this poop out. Now this woman is grunting and so am i and it appears we are in competition. She grunts and then,PLOP,PLOP. Meanwhile my poop is slowly,slowly emerging. With more pushing,uhhhhhhhhhhhh,uhhhhhhhhhhhhh it finally breaks off and makes a massive splash as it goes PLOP. I push again uhhhhhhhhhhhh,uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and then PLOP,PLOP. By now i have the urge to pee and let loose. A stream came out of me and went on for aroung 1 minute but more poop was inside me. I grunted again and the woman next door stood up. I heard the rustling of tp and she flushed. I went uhhhhhhhhhhh,uhhhhhhhhhhhh loudly, not caring anymore. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh and then PLOP, PLOPPPPPPPPP. As she leaves another woman enters and they say hello as they pass. I grunt again knowing there is more. Nothing came out. By now i had been on this toilet for 31 minutes and i knew i waas far from finished. The woman went in next to me and said,"Excuse me. I dont wish to disturb you but could you give me some toilet paper. They appear to be out in here". I said,"Yeah, sure" and passed her some. I said,"Is that enough?". To which she replied, "I wont know until im done if you get my drift". I said, "Yeah, i do. If you need more just ask". She undid her zip and shuffled her feet into postion once she plonked down. I grunted again hard and nosily. She said,"That sounds like trouble". I said, "Yeah it is. Ive been sitting here for over half an hour just straining away". She said,"Wow, that is trouble". I said,"Im 34 weeks pregnant and ive been struggling to poop recently". She said,"Oh, Okay". Next thing i heard was a groan from her and her straining. By now my pushing and grunting had hit fever pitch and im still holding my butt cheeks apart. I felt the tip prodding my butt hole and im grunting to move it along. Only straining could be heard from the woman. I asked her,"Are uhhhhhhhhhhhh you okay"? She said she hadnt went in 4 days and was struggling. I said,"You should uhhhhhhhh try uhhhhhhh being me!!!!. We both laughed and that helped as the tip broke off with almightly splash-PLOP. She said,"Wow you must be glad that came out" and i said, "Well that isnt my first plop whilst ive been here but yeah im glad. I think im nearly done". She said,"I think uhhhhhhhhh im getting uhhhhhhhhh somewhere too uhhhhhhhh". PLOP was all i could hear from next door. Followed by 2 more - PLOP, PLOP. I strained again and my butt expanded more and quite quickly more poop emereged. PLOP PLOP PLOP. I gave one final push uhhhhhhhhh and realised i was done. I got up and admired my work. I wiped and flushed as the woman in the stall next to me straining some more. I asked,"Do you need some more toilet paper as im leaving now". She said,"Im done now. I'll use what i have and the you can more if i need it". She wiped but didnt need more. I dried my hands as she emerged from the cubicle. We shared a look as i left as if to say that neither of us would ever experience buddy dumping like that again. I took a look at my watch as i left and worked out i been in there 50 minutes. Wow, thats a new one.

So that is the conclusion to my Pregnant Pooping 2 story from Tuesday. I really thought i was done when i posted it but obviously not. It is now Thursday and i havent been since. Dont feel the need to. I should do maybe tomorrow or Saturday. I really enjoy my live pooping and felt down that the above trip wasnt done live. Here's hoping my next trip will be.

Until then thanks for the advice about ways i could stop my constipation and also for the welcome. BYE BYE



I am pleased to see several more references to people holding longer than they should. Why I still do it, even at 43, I don't know. It just seems to be my nature and because I am still a bit shy. With me, its wee rather than poo that causes me to have damp knickers and bigger accidents now and again. I do remember two poo accidents, one when I was about 14 and the other about 5 years ago. But yesterday I wet myself badly, really because I tried to hold too long.

In my other letter I mentioned wetting myself when coming home with my mother when I was a teenager. When I had changed she asked me about it. She wasn't cross, just a bit concerned. She said she knew I occasionally wet my knickers. (I thought I had hidden the evidence!)She wanted to know how often it happened. I told her once or twice a year, which was true in terms of a major wetting. I said I just held on too long. My mother said if it was no more than that then it was not really anything to bother about but if it was much more frequent then perhaps I should see a doctor. We left it at that. Then when I was 22 and in my last year living at home I arrived home one day bursting for the loo and just made it in time (well, slightly damp knickers gusset). My mother commented that I must have been desperate. Then she asked me if I still wet my knickers sometimes. I blushed a bit and admitted that I did occasionally, really because I just held on too long. She chuckled and then, somewhat to my surprise, said that perhaps I had inherited it from her. She told me that she has a tendency to hold on rather than admit her need and is sometimes very desperate by the time she gets home. I asked if she sometimes wets herself. She said that she leaks a little when bursting to go and from time to time fully soaks her knickers etc. That was more than twenty years ago. We have had a number of related mentions of it since. It has left me with a curiosity about the possibility of this being inherited and if other people's mums have been known to wet.

My husband and I were having dinner. Throughout the meal, he was rubbing his belly, which looked a little bloated, and I could tell he was uncomfortable. All of a sudden, he got up and ran to the bathroom. I followed him. He was in a hurry, and had left the door unlocked, so I went in. He had his pants and boxers around his ankles, and I could see a good bit of diarrhea in them. He had both hands pressed into his ???? and was groaning loudly.
A wave of diarrhea splattered into the toilet.
"Uuuuuuhhhh," he moaned as another wave exploded out of him.
I went over to him, rubbed his back, and asked him he had eaten anything wrong or if he was sick.
"Ugghhhh," he groaned as more diarrhea came out. It was thick, like pudding.
"I don't know," he said, "oh, my stomach hurts so bad, ugh." I could feel him pushing, but nothing more was coming out. He groaned again, "I can feel more in me," he said, pushing more. Still nothing came out. Finally, he gave up and went to pull his pants back up, and realized he had made a mess in them. I ran over to the closet and got him a clean pair, and then put his soiled ones in the wash.
He went to bed while I cleaned the dishes and put the kids to bed.
My husband was lying in bed, holding his ????, which had bloated up a little more. I laid down next to him and started rubbing his aching belly, and I could feel his ???? moving and churning.
"Oh," he moaned quietly while I rubbed his poor ????.
His ???? tensed and he let out a long fart. Brraattttt.
"Oooofffff," he grunted.
He started having bad gas after that, farting loudly over and over again. It seemed to hurt him a little, but also seemed to give him a little relief.
He got up suddenly, going over to the bathroom and had a single wave of diarrhea.
He wiped quickly, and said he felt much better, and thanked me for staying with him.

Hi everyone, Happy New Year to all.

My New Year started wonderfully. I had to start work on the Monday and wasn't feeling to good. The weather in the UK didn't make my day any happier, torrential rain and gale force winds that tore the rook off my garage and virtually destroyed the fence in my small patio garden. At work fortunately I was able to complete the work for an audit in Dorchester on Wednesday quite easily with no staff except myself in. I decided to see what stores had decided to open and if there were any nice sale items on offer. Few of the stores in Taunton were open and even fewer people around in the very bad weather. I had walked to the far end of the Brittania shopping mall when my stomach which had been aching most of the day threatened to erupt again, I say again because I had had a shit at home and two whilst in the office, I was grateful that I didn't have any real problem I knew the drink and rich food have given me the runs a bit. I decided to make for the Castle toilets, rather than take a chance on getting home alright. As I made mu way down the steps to the toilets a policewoman dashed past me, hurrying, and trying to undo her duty belt as she ran. As I went towards the cubicles she had reached the first one and was leaning with one hand on the wall, one hand pressed to her stomach, the duty belt still not undone. She had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily almost as though she was in pain (which I soon found out she was). I went up to her and asked if she was okay.

"No I can't move I gotta go so bad."

I put an arm on her arm and told her I would help her as much as I could. I managed to unbuckle the duty belt and nearly dropped it because it was so heavy, literally. It had the usual radio slot, handcuffs, TASER, flashlight, glove holder, places with Pen, pad, etc. I took the belt away and told her I would hold the cubicle door open for her.

She looked at me then with lovely dark green eyes that said thank you as she waddled into the cubicle with her legs tight together. "Ohhhhh, its no good, I'm going."

As she said that she stopped again and bent right over. This time I heard her fart loudly it certainly sounded wet and I guessed straight away that she had started to mess herself. I stepped into the cubicle with her and as she stayed bent over I managed to take her high visibility jacket off. I told her I was going to undo the belt of her uniform trousers and unzip them. When I did that I told her to turn around and I would ease her trousers and panties down as she squatted over the toilet. I held her as gingerly she turned and I managed to ease her trousers down to her upper thighs, I asked her to squat a bit and I would slip her panties down, as she did so I slipped her panties down to her trousers and told her it was okay to sit now. She sank to the toilet and I heard her shitting and groaning. Her panties were in a mess so I told her I would have to take her trousers off and then her panties. She just nodded as she sat uncomfortable moving her bum to try and make her aching stomach easier. Getting her trousers off was not easy because the trousers are quite narrow in the leg but I managed that and then I knelt and eased her dirty panties off. I told her I needed to go myself but I had a spare pair of panties and that when I was finished on the toilet I would help her to put them on. I went to the next cubicle and quickly lifted my dress and slid my panties down shitting as I squatted myself.

"You got the runs too?" the policewoman called out.

"Yeah," I answered, "but its just too much drink and rich food I've had over the holidays."

"I've been on duty all over the holidays," she said. "I think I've really got a bout of food poisoning."

"You need to see your doctor," I told her. Then I said, "I'm Stephanie ????????????."

"Yvonne ????????????Hayes," she answered. Then, "Stephanie, thanks so much for helping me."

"It's not a problem Yvonne, if we can't help each other when we are not well its a pretty poor job."

"Many wouldn't," Yvonne said. "I am so grateful."

We didn't speak then. I had several bouts of runny shit before I pulled at the toilet paper and started to wipe my bum. All the time Yvonne was shitting and groaning a bit. At least her shitting wasn't so heavy. I finished off and went back to her cubicle. She had took her radio out and was telling control she was ill and would have to log off. When she had finished I asked if she had finished on the toilet and she said I think so. I told her to stand and turn with her hands on the cistern so that I could wipe her bum for her. I had to wipe three four times and even had to wet some toilet paper to clean her bum properly. Then as she stood up and leant on my shoulders I slipped my spare pair of panties on for her. Easing them up and then her trousers. She turned and buckled them up. Then she just suddenly embraced me and hugged me.

"Stephanie, thanks so much honey." I felt her lips on my cheek as she kissed me.

Turning my face to hers I pressed my lips to her and kissed her softly, "Yvonne, its a pleasure."

Yvonne picked up her high visibility jacket and put that on but carried her duty belt as we both went to the wash-basin area to wash our hands. I asked her if she wanted a lift to the police station and she said to home if possible. That was easy because she told me she lived in White Lackington. That's a village on the way to Ilminster so I told her that I could give her a lift home. As I drove she asked me exactly where I lived. I just told her not even wondering why she had asked. But today with the first post I received a large box of chocolates with a lovely not of thanks and an invite to dinner, the note told me she was home for the remainder of the week so I phoned her and she is taking me to dinner in Taunton on Saturday.

The New Year has actually started well for me. I found a really nice new friend.



Happy 2012 everyone! Hope to hear good posts about new year poops!

Garrett: 1) Erm.. I tried this twice before, but eventually my mom found out about it and threw the equipment away. I hid some old newspaper underneath the bed, along with some plastic bags and some empty bottles. For a dump just poop on the paper then put in the plastic bag. Keep it till hte next day then dispose of it in the toilet or throw it outside...

2) Yeah its ok. But you have to be sure the other guy is ok with it... Like over here everybody refuses to do buddy dumps. If you manage to find someone who is interested to do it, then its ok.

npu (noisy poopers united): the best place? erm i guess it would be at a chinese restaurant. i find that you can hear pooping sounds better is you squat and do it.

Brian: keep up the good posts!!

Cheers to more great pooping experiences!

Mr. Clogs

Morning brew in the cup (full cup of pee)

I woke up about 8:30 in need of to pee. I was still half asleep and too tired to walk to bathroom to make my morning brew in the toilet. I grabbed my cups that I use during the night to pee in and peed into it. Since I didn't get up during the night to pee, I knew I was going to fill up the cup all the way up almost to the brim! It's one of those subway soft plastic cups. The pee was a nice rich golden in color rich in aroma too. At the brim made a nice foaming head that you get when you pour beer into a drinking glass. I finished peeing in the cup, I've placed the cup on my computer desk and went back to bed and got up later to dump the cup into the toilet.

Feral girl, where did you go? I loved your stories!

Hi its John from the uk. Many thanks to Dan, Brandon T and Adrian on their comments. I've known my wife some 31 years, 30 years married in March. I first saw my beloved take a poo about 2months into our relationship and that's a story for a later post when time permits but it'll be soon. Of course i've seen other ladies on the loo during that time but these have been by accident rather than design! Love to all on this site and take care J x

The cute tinkler- I liked your story and I like diaper stories (or really any about pee) so please keep posting.
My town does a local firework thing for new years It gets really busy so to get a good spot, you have to get there early and wait in line. I went this year with a couple of my friends. In front of us was a mom and her daughter who was probably about 4 or 5. Too young to stand in line for hours and then camp out until midnight I thought. We had been there for about an hour when the little girl announced she had to pee. Her mom told her she would have to wait because she did not want to lose her place in line to go over to the port a potties. The little girl was fidgeting a lot and told her mom she could not wait. Her mom told her to "squeeze your legs together really tight and then the pee pee won't have room to get out." The girl tried that but was still complaining. i told the mom that I would save her spot in line so she could taker her daughter, but she said she did not trust me to let her back in. At this point the daughter had her legs together and was bouncing around. she told her mom it was not working and the pee pee was going to come out. I told the mom again it was no problem to save her spot, but she started to curse at me and tell me it was her kid and her choice and that she could piss all over me for being so rude. My friends looked shocked. I was too. I was not being rude, but trying to be nice. The mom turned to her daughter and told her "go ahead, make your pee pee all over this rude girl." The daughter went to squat over my shoe but I moved. The mom told me if I was so concerned with her daughter's bathroom habits I could at least stand still and let me use her for the toilet I was. With that my friends and I left. There was no way I was going to stand there and her talk to me like that. I did nothing wrong. We told security on our way out and they went to talk to her. I am not sure what happened, but my friends and I had a great NYE at my house. None of us could get over what happened though.


To The cute tinkler

Would love to hear your diaper story - sure there's no problem with them here as long as they're not sexual or excessively AB/DL orientated. Always good to hear of adults who use them for need or convenience!


I had to really go, I held on too long

Yesterday, I was out with my girl friend & I had to get a few things at a few different stores. I had to take a dump before heading out the door, but was not in the space to go & was kind of in a hurry to get out to the store to get the things I needed. I had to go to Walmart to get new jeans, shirts, tshirts, socks, underwear, some winter boots & other clothing I needed, with the money I got for Christmas. I was just wanting to get some new clothes & to start the new year fresh!

When I got on the bus with my girl friend, I knew I had to shit & it was going to be a big one. We both had to stand together on a crowded bus & at first, I thought I was going to lose it in my pants! I felt panicky & was tempted just say to my girl "let's get off the bus sooner, so I can shit", but I didn't bother. I did a few big loud farts to relieve the pressure but it didn't help much at all. My girlfriend asked me if I needed to use the toilet & I said "yeah, soon". She patted my behind gently & I started to squirm some more & grunt again as I let out another loud big fart on the bus! I noticed people looking around on the bus & some gave me dirty looks, but oh well. The farts were stinky & made my urge increase somewhat for about a minute or two. But before getting off the bus, the urge started to decrease a bit, thank goodness!

We arrived at Walmart & I still didn't yet, go to take a shit right away, since the urge started to pass a bit more. I was thinking "thank goodness I don't have to go just yet". I looked around the store & was able to get over to the jeans isle & find the three pairs of jeans in my size that I liked & felt better. I then found some socks & underwear I liked, put them in the cart & then the urge to shit hit me again. I started to grunt & my girlfriend noticed. She said "Oh Eddie, let's go to the bathroom right now, so you can shit". I said "Ok, I will go this time for sure". I placed my items & cart in the next isle & started to walk slowly towards the washroom with my girlfriend following me. I started to fart again & I felt the pressure in my bowels get worse & I somewhat felt orgasmic & I told my girlfriend this privately & had to shrug it off, so I can get to the toilet. I couldn't find the bathroom & I started to panic & sweat. I had to ask someone where the bathroom was & sadly, it was in the other end of the store. I felt my butt wad just dying to release that monstrous load of shit & right away!

I felt worse & walked towards the bathroom. Now I felt like I was in trouble! I felt some shit touching coming out of my butt & it felt thick, longing to get out of my butt & in a hurry, though it was not diarrhea thank goodness! I held my stomach lightly & then I stopped in my tracks & grunted again, then shit started to fill my underwear, without effort! I could feel it coil up in my underwear & I could hear the cracking sounds of my shit exiting my butt & into my pants. A few big logs came out of my butt & the farts kept coming also. I just stood there & let it all come out into my pants. I needed relief & right now! I continued to grunt until all the shit was out into my pants. I am sure a few passing people saw me do this! I was embarrassed & I could feel the weight of the shit in my underwear & I felt my underwear starting to sag. I could feel the bulge getting bigger as I was shitting my pants! My girlfriend knew that I had shit my pants, because it has happened to me many times before, when I held it too long or just didn't want to use the toilet right away.

I was wearing somewhat baggie jeans, with a belt, that were black & luckily, there was no shit stains at all & it was all contained nicely in my underwear & I could then feel the shit going up to my genital area as I started to move around & walk funny towards the cart, where my new clothes were that I was going to buy. I had to try to ignore the funny feeling in my pants! It felt like so many gallons of toothpaste was evacuated into my pants!! Too thick & too many to count!

My girlfriend was comforting me & I acted like I never had an accident in my pants & I could still, feel the warmth, heaviness of the shit in my pants & how loaded they were! My girl tapped my butt gently, saying "I want to make sure it doesn't leave your pants & go down your leg". Usually when I take a shit in my pants by accident, it doesn't run down my leg & it is very thick when I go in my pants. I had close calls with diarrhea, but I always made it just in time to the bathroom!

So we went to the counter so I can pay for my clothes & other items and I am sure others could smell the shit I did in my pants. I was wearing briefs. I never wear boxers. I could hear others whispering, saying "someone really let a big fart go or they pooped their pants" I am not sure if anyone knew it was me or not. I was just wanting to get my things paid for & to head out of the store as quickly as possible!

As I was paying for my items, I let go another big fart in my pants & it sounded muffled. I grunted again & more shit started to fill my pants & I said "oh no, not again!" I think then, others in line started to know that I shit my black jeans, because they were standing close to me & could hear me going in them again. My girlfriend said "Oh Eddie, you shit again in your pants", without realizing her voice was easy to hear! I said "yes I did shit in them again & I wasn't finished my first load I started a few minutes ago" The cashier noticed & said to me, "I'm sorry you had an accident in your pants, happy new year" I paid for my items, then we left Walmart. I did notice that some people were looking at us funny, but I was not in the mood to be bothered with what anyone thought of me & my thick load of shit in my jeans.

We had to get a few more things at another two stores & apart of me was just in the mood to go & get them, to get them over with & to save more time. My girl hugged me & said the bulge in my jeans was noticeable & patted my butt a few more times at the bus stop. We got on another bus then, to go to home hard ware, so I can get a screw driver. I had to stand the whole way on the bus, to avoid my load being flattened & worsening in my pants or going up my back. Wise decision. While nobody was looking, I had to fix the front of my jeans & I could feel the weight of the shit on my private area & up my butt crack. It felt funny & awkward. I held my composure & my girl stood next to me, blocking me too, in case people noticed my bulge. Thankfully this time, the bus was not crowded but I had to remain standing. I had to not think of the shit in my pants bu it was difficult.

We got off at home hard ware & we went to get the screw driver I needed. I felt strange going into another store with loaded underwear & jeans. I farted again when I got into the aisle where I got the screwdriver. I let out another big muffled fart & I felt more shit wanting out of my butt! Just a bit more fell out in to my underwear this time & I knew, I was finished shitting, at least for now! My girl asked me if I was ok & I said "I shit again, a smaller one this time, to add to the mixture of before" I was anxious to get out of there & to get home to change my dirty pants! No line up this time!! I was feeling relief about that!

I paid for the screwdriver & we left the store immediately, though I was hungry for something to eat. But I knew not to eat after just doing a big shit in my pants, though I have done that before, like duh, stuffing my face while needing to shit &/or shitting my pants by accident, yet still needing to eat!

We once again, had to walk towards the bus to go home & I had to continue standing. I felt this time, the bus ride was so long getting home & I felt another small pain in my stomach starting to happen, but within a few minutes, it passed & I felt relieved, but frustrated that I shit my pants & I didn't get to the toilet before leaving the house, like I should have. I can be stubborn at times, about my shitting habits & I sometimes, wait until last minute to take a needed shit.

We reached the house, I was relieved, so I can get out of my shitty underwear & feel better again. Mom then asks me to take the dog out but I said "in a while mom, I need the shitter first" & I grunted again. Mom said "the dog needs to pee now Eddie, please take him out, it won't take long" it was already cold out & I wanted to get out of my dirty pants. I took the dog for his pee & made it quick. I went into the house & of course, mom was right there, under my feet. She started to sniff the air & noticed the smell of shit. She at first, thought it was the dog!

I was taking off my boots & my coat & then mom noticed the bulge in my pants!! She said "Eddie, did you shit your pants AGAIN? Oh my" I lied & said, "yeah mom, on the way in from taking the dog for his pee around the block". All she could do was look at me with disbelief & left me to be alone. I walked up the stairs & went to the bathroom right away to start cleaning up. It was a big clean up getting the shit out of my underwear!! I was able to dump some of it into the toilet & I decided to toss them into the garbage. I got new ones at Walmart already, so that solves that issue, until next time. More stories to share for another time. But I was relieved to feel at least 15 pound lighter when I took off those heavy underwear! I felt good to have a shower too!

A story about my childhood.
When i was 10 I would help out the janitors in the morning clean up the school before it started since mom had to drop me off so early. Christy, the lady I worked with wanted me to go to the boiler room to get some cleaning supplies. The door was propped open cause it locks from the outside. I went in and accidently tripped on the door jam and the door closed behind me. I couldnt get out, it was locked. I panic'd and banged on the door. I guess the panic attack made me have to go poop really bad, I had felt the need earlier but it passed so I didnt go. I started pooping my shorts uncontrollably. It was solid at first then soft, I must have filled my shorts up. Nothing leaked, I was wearing regular briefs that fit tight and had on faded red cut off sweat pants turned into shorts. Mom would take my sisters old seat pants that fit my waist and but them off to make shorts, we were poor. I walked down to the janitors room in the boiler room, there was a mirror in there. I could see the bulge in my shorts was really big and I stunk really bad. It was an hour before school started and the janitor didnt return to that room till then so I was stuck. I had to pee really bad that I was dancing after about 45 minutes. I let a few squirts out but was able to hold on. Now old faded sweat pants soaked up liquid and spread fast so a couple squirts looked like I flooded my pants. The janitor finaly came. She saw me holding my self and said what happend, I told her what happend and she spun me around and looked down the back of my pants as if I was a toddler potty training. She rushed me to the bathroom and I went in. She waited outside but yelled in a few times telling me what to do. I basically took off my undies and threw them in the trash, wiped my but a bunch of times and put my shorts back on. They really looked wet. I came out and she spun me around again and looked down my butt. She said I looked ok. It was now time for school to start, with all the excitment I forgot to finish peeing in the toilet cause I had just let those squirts out I felt like I didnt need to go anymore. ten minutes into class I let out several more squirts, my bottom was soaked, nothing dripped on the floor though. Class let out for recess and I ran around outside with my friends, they noticed I was wet but didnt make a big deal about it. Thank goodness. I decided since I was already wet that I would just finish going in my pants so as I was running chasing my friends I just let it out. It ran down my legs as I ran, no one noticed. It felt pretty cool. My shorts dried up quite a bit by the end of the day. I stunk like pee really bad though. Mom noticed right away when I got home and was sent to the bath.



To Karen - I liked your post about the black eyed peas. Sounds like they gave you a good cleaning out. The gas from beans, peas, etc., can be annoying. I get the same thing when I eat french onion soup. cooked onions of any kind give me the longest, loudest farts of anything else I eat.

As far as diarrhea from seasickness, I never heard of that. That was probably something you ate. Or you may have come down with a bug before you got on the boat.

To npu: Best place I ever pooped? I went camping once at a place that just had primitive outhouses, so I went out in the woods, dug a hole, and squatted over it. That was kind of an adventure, especially since a couple people went walking by about 15 feet away while I was in mid dump. I'm pretty sure they saw me. I never pooped or sharted in front of a crush, but if you do and they're cool with it, it must be true love.

That's all for now. Have a great day everybody.


to the pregnant poster

I have had 5 children and have experienced having constipation at different times throughout my pregnancies. What really worked for me was to take a small, plain water enema. I wouldn't advice taking any laxatives, or anything. Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of water and eating vegetables and fruits.

I had BIG problems with terrible gas while pregnant, and the small, plain water enemas seemed to help with that as well.

Alice T.

To The cute tinkler

I liked your story about your little tradition. Please do tell about your prom, or any other stories you might have! If I may ask, what age are you now?


Mr. Clogs

Response to Garrett's questions

To answer your first question, get a container hopefully a large one to contain all your pee or poop in and dump it in the bathroom later, don't forget the toilet paper to wipe with. For the second question, if you're worried about the stigma attached to doing a buddy dump with, then don't do it. If you don't care then go ahead have fun. Since I've never done a buddy dump before, male or female nor asked I wouldn't know. Well hope this helps. Your dad, respect him but he's overreacting.

california dude
Once, my girlfriend (ima dude) and i were having a farting competition in bed. I pulled down my boxer shorts, put my ass right over her face, and ripped a huge one. Five minutes later, she tried to do the same thing and pooped on my face.
To npu(noisy poopers united) wierdest place ive ever pooed has got to be in a pillowcase. Its a long story.
To Garret first one cant help you unless you have a bucket you could empty out. Second one, tho, its totally ok. As long as your not wiping him or touching him, its cool.


Live from the toilet

Hello all. I am sitting on the toilet right now with a very intense urge to take a dump. I've been holding it in all day and I absolutely cannot wait any longer. I peed a gusher of a stream and now I'm ready to start my dump. The head of a turd is crowning. Oh! It feels so good to let it go after holding it for so long. It's come out a little more. I'm taking it slowly and letting the turd come at its own pace. I'd say about four inches of the turd is hanging from my butt right now. I think it just touched the water in the toilet bowl. It's hit the bottom of the bowl and is still coming out.

The turd broke off and then I pinched off the remaining tiny bit of a tail was clinging on. I feel a fart coming on. Brrrrraaaaaaaaaaaarrrtt. Whew, that was a big one. A couple of more farts like Prrrtt and then Ppptt. A short turd came out of my butt and hit with a large splash. I have another turd peeking out now. It's growing pretty fast, it already hit the bottom of the bowl. More is still coming and I can feel it curling up inside the toilet. The turd snapped off almost in half. The other half is coming out a bit more. It too ended and now I think I'm done. Pppprraarrpp Brrttt Fffff Ffff. Wow, I have lots of gas tonight. Pfffft Brarrrt. Another fast turd shot out of me really quick. Ffffrrrt Pfff Pff Brrarrrrrpppt Ppppprrrtt. Don't know where all this gas is coming from. Two quick turds came in between blasting farts. guess I wasn't as done as I thought. Brrttt Brraarrtt Pffftt Prrrppp Pppptt Fffff Pfff Pfffrrrtt. Okay, I don't think there's any more farts left in me, so I'm going to wipe now.

Before I submit this post, I want to make a comment to fellow poster Garrett:

I can't offer any advice for your first question, but I can for the second one regarding buddy dumping. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a male buddy dumping with another male. What goes on behind closed bathroom doors is no concern of anybody else. If anyone gives you hassles about it, then tell them to mind their own business.

Anonymous poster

Watching my wife poo

I love listing to my wife when she's having a poo. She holds it untill she's busting and when she goes she really goes. I've always wanted to watch her go but never had the nerve to ask. Well this morning there was no toilet roll in the bathroom and she asked me to bring her some in to her. I got a roll from the airing cupboard and she unlocked the door so I could hand it to her. I don't know why but instead of just handing it to her and walking away I opened the door right up and walked in on her. There she was sitting on the toilet with her knickers round her ankles an pooing for England. She didn't object to me watching her and it was so hot to see her like this. She even let me look in the toilet to show me her load and it was big. It stank but it was like perfume to me. She admitted to me that she loved me watching her have a poo and wants to watch me next time I have to go.

Natalie X

New year poopper

Hey guys! I don't post here often, I would like to post more, I do have one quick story:

It was new years eve, the night was young and I was getting ready to go to a party at my friend Jess'. Before I set off I had some left over chicken roast from the night before. I was sure I heated it up properly but apparently I did not. It was 9 o'clock when I started feeling slight churning in my stomach, since I was on my way to my friends I thought theres no point turning back. Plus it wasn't too bad, though at the same time not that promising.

I was having such a great time with my friends at the party and almost forgot about my little stomach trouble at 9. Had brief moments of stomach trouble but casually waved off. Then about 11:55, my stomach reminded me of whats in store for me! I had such big cramps, I wanted to clench my stomach, but I didn't want to cause attention to myself. Especially seeing as there were guys in the group that I was chatting with at the time. I felt like I was going to burst. I had to let out a little fart to ease the pressure and subside the cramps. I thought I would be tactical and fart where it was crowded and quite noisy, so I walked into Jess' lounge and talked for a bit then concentrated on how I'm gonna ease this poo gas out of me. I leaned forward a little and let-her rip. It didn't go to plan. Not at all. What I produced was a forceful wet and loud growl. To put it frank it sounded like I had shit myself, but I hadn't, only a little as I later discovered on the toilet looking down at my helpless panties. I needed a poo SO bad! It was moments after the fart which I discovered to myself not to ???? around and get to a toilet!

I walked in panic, undoing my suspenders and waist belt on the way. I didn't care about people looking at me undress. I sat on the toilet and literally exploded. My butt was bursting out all kinds of BM noises, very embarrassing to say the least. About 20 seconds into the barrage of poo I started hearing the count down to new year. So I'm sitting on the toilet, sharting and pooing quite violently, the new year set off with literally a bang for me! Nice start to 2012, me on my friends toilet pooing my guts out!

That's my unfortunate start to this year, keep up posting people x

Natalie X


At the cinema incident

So this is my first post on this site :) Hope you all enjoy this story and I'll have more coming soon! I've been reading this site for a while and have been too shy to post... but here goes.
My little brother, Chris and I were going with our mum to watch a movie at the cinema. We were quite early as the movie was not going to be starting for a long time yet. Chris kept tugging on my mum's jacket telling her he had to go wee, but Mum really had to buy the tickets so she told me to take him to the bathroom. I said to my brother quietly, "I have to go first cause I have to do a poo." He laughed loudly and I told him off for doing that.
Anwyay we went off to the mens' toilets and Chris went into one stall and I went into the other. There was already a man in there next to me, I could see his jeans pulled down. He was farting and plopping away. I joined in as I started pushing out 3 logs that made loud plops as they hit the water and I groaned with releif. That made Chris go in hysterics. "Shhh!" I hissed at him. To make it worse this girl and her dad came in and I had a big poo dangling out my bum which I just couldn't stop. It broke off and landed with a plop and I quietly sighed. "Is that guy going poo?" the girl exclaimed loudly. Her dad exclaimed, "Yes but it's not polite to talk about it." Soon I had finished and I got up. I had done about six poos around 2 inches thick and 7-9 inches long. Just huge. I'm quite small for my age (14) but lots of people who've seen me poo (like my best friend, Jack, and my mum) often comment on how big my bowel movements are! Meanwhile my brother had finished his wee already and was waiting for me. I flushed the toilet but the mess wouldn't go away so I just left it and apologised to the girl's dad, "Sorry, it won't go down!" The girl ran over to look at what I had done but her dad dragged her back and said, "That's gross, Jessica, you don't look at other people's poos!" Christopher had gone to look at my creation and he said to the man, "My brother Samuel does BIG poos! I once watched him do a poo at home while I was in the bath and he was on the toilet!" (We'll save that story for my next post, perhaps...) The man just said, "Nice, kiddo," and I was so embarrassed, yet I'm often OK with pooing in public bathrooms. Later Christopher and I met Mum who had gotten the tickets and we went to watch the movie. Let me just say, I feel sorry for whoever had to unclog that toilet!
That's all for now! Enjoy :)


Big shits after an eating contest

Two nights ago, my friend and I went out to a buffet and we decided to see who could eat more. I thought I'd win for sure as they had spaghetti and I really love spaghetti. I ended up losing to my friend, but I put up a good fight. I ate eight plates of spaghetti, along with plenty of bread and salad on the side. But she devoured nine plates, and it seemed to me that if I hadn't called it quits, she might have just kept on eating.

The next evening, all that food I had eaten was ready to shit out. I grabbed my book and sat on the toilet. I began with a long piss and some booming farts and then I felt my anus open. A turd about a inch and a half thick wormed out. I relaxed and read and let my body do its thing. I felt the turd keep coming and coming and it felt so good. After a long time, the turd ended, and soon it was replaced by another one. When that turd came to a halt, I felt empty.

I stood up to look at my shit, and it was big. I saw the first turd curled around the outside of the toilet. It went all the way around twice. Then my second turd was lying down the middle of the toilet and it disappeared around the bend. I had to flush twice to get my shit to flush down, then I wiped and flushed the paper away.

Then as I was getting ready for bed, I felt the need to shit again. I thought I had shit it all out earlier with that big load, but I sat down again. Lots of small turds shot out of me, with a barrage of plops and splashes. When it was all over, I had to look and see again. The toilet was full of my turds, varying sizes and shapes, but I hardly saw any water at all. I tried to flush and found it was clogged. I worked with the plunger and managed to unclog the toilet, then I set to wiping myself, which required a lot of paper.

Hi everyone! Happy New Year- and a late merry Christmas! I haven't posted in a while because of Christmas etc. My after-Christmas poo was surprisingly boring, just four big logs and a fart!

My first poo of 2012 came in the early afternoon of New Year's Day. We'd had a family party the night before and I'd eaten lots of party food and snacks. So when it rolled round to the next day I had a big load ready and waiting to come out quite quickly. After my sister Gemma had been for a wee I went straight in to the toilet and sat down. It was one of those ones where it all comes out in one big, hot load! When I looked in the bowl after only sitting there for 2 minutes, there were five decent-sized soft logs and one smaller piece.

That's about it for now. Back to school in a few days so I'll have more stories then no doubt!


Post Title (optional)caught pooing in high school

I was embarrised to go in the boys toilets at school .as there wasnt much day i went in cost i really needed a poo .
I pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet.i spread my legs and enjoyed a large poop. I forgot to bolt the door .my mate came in and saw a big fat poo hanging out my bum.oh he said then left just as i made a plop sound.


Just random 10

For Garrett:I don't know what to say about taking a dump,just be carefull on what you eat at a certian time of day.If you need to pee just go in an empty soda bottle,and tighten the lid on it good and hid it.And then pour it out during the day like down the toilet when your dad isn't around,and wash it out real good so it won't leave any odor.
That is the only thing why I hate when camping with family memebers in the same tent.

For Everyone:One time back in 95 Me,My Friend Dan,his Brother Wayne,and Their Dad where all going out of town for a while.Dan had to use the bathroom so we stoped at a service station.And when Dan came out of there His Dad said,Dan?Smells like you brought the bathroom with you!And a few months later we was 10 miles from where we lived all of us went to one resturaunt and we all stoped in the bathroom first.It had only one stall and a man was on the toilet.I saw 4 other feet,small feet which is walking around in that stall.I then heard bllllllth bbblllllllllth.


Answers to Garrett's Questions

Hello ok i have some questions forball of you if you could tell me what to do ok

>>1. Ok so my first one is so my dad stays up late and gets mad at me if i get up so uasally i have to take a dump or piss in the middle of the night so do you guys have any ideas on how i could releave my self in my room and how to dispose of it<<

Why would your dad get mad at you for using the bathroom? If it's the flushing that annoys him then maybe you could just skip the flush. Maybe try training yourself to go during a different hour? As for relieving yourself in your room I think a BM is probably out of the question but let's just say as I guy you have it easy in the pee department, a container such as an empty jug might be what you need; be careful and aim and please don't let your parents find this though.

>>2. I was wondering if it alright if a male buddy dumps with another male <<

Sure, the marines don't have partitions in their bathrooms. SOURCE: movie "Full Metal Jacket".

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