Kelly P

pooping pants.

I've got a few stories to contribute. I'm 25, brunette, green eyes, about 5'4" 115lbs. i have lost control of myself a few times over the years so i know what many of you have been through- that mortifying, shameful "how could i let this happen?" feeling of accidentally pooping your pants. i can't say I've had an experience comparable to pooping my pants, its a whole different level of humiliation that just makes you feel so isolated and like you'd do the craziest thing to get away from everybody. your brain just goes into full flight mode as you try to comprehend what happened to you! if you're one of the readers here who it hasn't happened to, i don't know that any description anyone has posted is truly representative of how you feel when it happens, its such a unique thing. i remember the first time it happened to me in front of other people... yes, it happened in private before then, but that's a whole different thing. Anyway, i was in 7th grade and i was in gym class. we were doing a unit called fitness for life or something where we had basically just workout in a weight room and learn to use common exercise equipment. my stomach wasn't feeling too great but i didn't think much of it. i was with my friend katie and she was spotting me while i did this thing where you straddle a bench and pull this bar down behind your shoulders and it lifts weights that are attached to a cable connected to the bar. i did a couple and it was pretty easy, then katie increased the weight. when i went to pull down on the bar, it was heavy, and i strained and pulled myself up of the bench. i strained a little too hard though...and i farted. it was loud and forceful, it just burst out all quickly. my face went bright red! Katie covered her mouth and tried not to laugh, and as i tried to make sure no one noticed...but that's when i felt another big urge rush into my butt. i suddenly had to poop so bad i thought i was gonna explode. i had to put my hand on my butt to help hold it back, but it was no use. another fart burst out, followed by a couple smaller ones before giving way to a steady stream of soft, wet poop flowing into my panties and gym shorts. i couldn't even move, i just stood their holding my butt like an idiot loading my shorts with diarrhea! Katie just watched in disbelief, and after a minute i saw others watching as well. after that it was all a blur... i just remember people asking if i was ok, Katie walking me to the bathroom, having both hands on my butt and getting poop on them, to having to wait for a woman to come help me in the locker room get cleaned up in the shower then being sent home. it was like being in shock or something, i never really grasped the magnitude of what happened or came back to reality until later when i was home, and i spent most of the night crying in my room and barely slept that night, and i stayed home for school for the remainder of the week...when i got back i got tons of funny looks from people in the halls and in class, and heard people talking about it from time to time, but it blew over after a few weeks...I'd say the internal feelings i was experiencing were worse. that was the first time i ever pooped myself in front of people. prior to that i had twice pooped the bed at night randomly. the first time i was pretty young, maybe 7 years old, and i remember waking up in the middle of the night with a pretty messy load in my underwear. i didn't know what to do and i just took my dirty undies off and hid them in my room, and put clean underwear on without cleaning myself off and went back to bed. i have no memory of what happened after that. the other time i wss Maybe 10 or 11, and i woke up in the morning with an individual, solid log nestled in the back of my panties, and i got up and went to the bathroom, and it dropped right out of my panties into the toilet. there wasn't much of a stain and i just put the panties back on and went about my day. other than pooping the bed twice, i also pooped myself really bad waiting outside my house after school one day. i had held it all day, it musta been 6th grade, and by the time i got home i was prarie doggin it! but no one was home yet and i couldn't find the spare key, so i had to wait for someone to get home. after just a couple mins of waiting i couldn't hold it any longer and a really big, semi-solid load filled my jeans, creating a huge bulge. by then i was horrified of someone catching me with a mess in my pants, so i tried all the windows until i got one open, went in and changed my pants before anyone saw me.

anyway, I'm pretty tired so I'll share my other accidents next time. bye for now.

Punk Rock Girl
Happy Holidays!

Not even halfway through my week off and I already have a shit story: I sharted in front of my boss.

Yesterday morning, my boss called me and asked if I could come in for a few hours and help him with a few things. In return he'd take me out to lunch. I said sure, so I went in and we emptied some stuff out of an office and moved it to storage. Anyway, I bent down to help him pick up a heavy box and as I started lifting, I wet fart blew out of my ass. With it came a glob of shit.

He said, "Whoa! That sounded productive!" My face turned red and I asked if he could excuse me for a minute. I went to the closest bathroom, pulled down my pants and was not surprised to see a smear of shit in the seat of my underpants. I sat on the toilet and pushed out a little more gloppy crap, then wiped my ass about ten times and flushed three times to avoid clogging the toilet. I was a little too grossed out to wear even slightly soiled underpants, so I took off my pants and removed my underpants and folded them up and put them in my bag.

I put my pants back on and spent the rest of the day doing the female equivalent of free-balling (free-labia-ing?). Anyway, I got a fancy Turkish buffet lunch out of it.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday! Peace.


Here's wishing that everyone had a very merry Christmas.

To the poster who asked if there's any harm in putting a finger into the anus; doesn't sound like a healthy thing to do if you ask me, I wouldn't, just use an enema instead to be on the safe side. Butt if you do you might not want to have long fingernails.

Althea: Your plum experience reminds me of a mishap I had once, with prunes when I was about 12. I had tasted prunes at a friend's house and liked them so I picked up some of my own at the store and found out the hard way how they go right through you. Your oldest 4th cousin and I are pretty close to the same age. I hated those awful girdles, too, which my very old fashioned mom would force me to wear every time I had to dress in formal attire, it was the kind with the laces made me feel like the number eight. No trousers for girls in school back then, the exception was the slacks as part of my band uniform. After I graduated from high school I rarely wore skirts or dresses again. Now when formal attire is called for it's a pant suit for me, and I will wear pantyhose underneath the slacks. Like you, I wear full cut briefs, mostly black or beige ones, with everything.

Postman: Sorry to hear the bug got you too. I just got over it myself recently, too. Not much that can be done about the nausea except to let it out and at least get some relief for a while, but for the diarrhea part what really helps me a lot and firms up the stool is to nibble on cheese all day. As for being "bound up", I think it's really that since you're so empty after a bout of the bug that your body doesn't eliminate until it fills back up to normal capacity, kind of like an empty garden hose-you have to wait for the first water to travel to the other end before it comes out, right?

Kyle's Survey Replies:

1. Which member(s) of the forum would you like to see on the toilet?

2. Which member(s) of the forum would you like to see you on the toilet?
None, hopefully.

3. Which member(s) of the forum would you like to have a buddy dump with?
Not really into the bathroom buddy system thing!

4. What bodily function(s) would you like to see them having?
I don't think I'd want to.

5. What bodily function(s) would you like to have them witness from you?
I'd be more embarrassed about having a BM than a tinkle.

6. Where would you like to see, or be seen doing the bodily functions? (outside, home bathroom, public restroom, etc)
Well I would hope that they would be able to find a bathroom when they need one, but if they were forced to go out in the open I'd play by the golden rule and pretend I don't see them.

Richguy: I like your method of getting rid of telemarketers!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Hannah first welcome to the site and great story about your sister pooping her pants at least you were there to help her get cleaned up and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Noah first welcome back and breat story about that girlpooping her pants it sounds like she was beyond desperate and that other sounded like she just made it and please contiue to post more stories like that thanks.

To: Althea as always another great story and it sounds like you learned that to much isnt always good and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great story it sounds like you had a really good after christmas dump and it sounds like you felt alot better to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenny as always another great story it sounds like you had a good dump and I bet you felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stephanie From The UK great story about your desperate dump and please post more stories thanks.

To: Annonymous Poster man it sounds like you had a very very bad night with that diarrhea and im glad you finaly pooped after being backed and having to take all those supliments.

To: Claire great story and sorry about your ipnone.

To: Punki Rock Girl it sounds like you had another rough day but at least you made it to a bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Timee as always another great story and it sounds like you were in the right place at the right time to help that girl in need of toilet paper and always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great story it sounds like that girl was pretty despetate and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annonymous great set of stories about all the soft dumps you took leading upto your big blowout and please post anymoore stories that you may have thanks.

To: ToiletGirl first welcome to the site and great story about you and your freind pooping and I look forward to anymore stories you have thanks.

To: Shane (female) as always another great story and WOW I bet you felt alot better after getting that beast out and at least your mom was there to help you out and as always I look Forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Mr. Clogs

Longest pee in the toilet

Here is a quick post I have to share. I woke up and needed to pee. I staggered my way to the bathroom to pee, this time I didn't use my bathroom cups that I use to pee at night. I let out my stiff/hard wood out and peed a nice stream into the toilet. The first 1 was cool, but a couple of minutes it took like a long time to squeeze every last drop out my bladder. I would say like 4 or five minutes standing over the toilet to pee. I finished up, washed my hands and went back to bed.

waddling for toilet paper: Welcome and thanks for sharing your story, sucks not having any toilet paper when you needed to wipe. What ever happened to common courtesy? Ghees how hard is it to replace an empty roll of toilet paper on the dispenser?

Althea: Thanks for sharing about the girdle thing. You and my mom are from the old school and had to wear them. She still wears them to this day. You can still get them, you have to search far and near. Not too many women wear them now. Have you ever taken cod liver oil as a kid to relieve constipation? When you feel constipated, do you take laxatives for relief?

Car Mom: If you still out there, come back we like and miss your posts.

Wishing all here on this site a safe and prosperous 2012.


Mr. Clogs

Christmas dinner

How did everything go today with shitting out your Christmas dinners?

Think of all the work that goes into making Christmas dinner and the time it takes for the body to turn it into various types of shit.


Toilets & turds because you can't have one without the other

Hey all,

Hope everyone has so far been successful in producing remarkable post-Christmas yule logs. While you're sitting on the toilet doing just that, here are two related questions for you to ponder...

1) If you were to design a new toilet model, what features/functions would it have? Would it be a vintage style or more technological and futuristic? And what would inventing a toilet be without observing as volunteer participants poop in them in order to test them before they are introduced on the market?

2) What is your favorite type of poop, either produced by yourself or someone else? A thick, lengthy single turd? Or a big pile consisting of many turds of varying shapes and sizes?

Hi everyone its John from the UK. Trust one and all had a great Christmas. Althea and Adrian thanks for your comments about my dilemas at the bus terminus. Leanne a great post as expected I knew you wouldnt disappoint! Well yesterday, Boxing Day, I had a great post Christmas yule log session, four 9inch mid brown logs about 2inches round. Well anyway after that it was into the shower. As I was towelling myself dry my wife came in, it was around 10.15, pulled her jeans and white sloggies down to her knees and sat on the loo. Lets hope something happens now she said, she hadnt pooed since the 23rd! She started a tiny wee for about 5 seconds then folded her arms and leant forward and began to push. She started to go a bit red in the face with the straining. She sat back up and tried again this time raising her left buttock and leg and pushing with all her might! Ooh its a hard fella she said and at once PLOP PLOP two golf ball sized turds followed by an 8 inch log splashed in the pan followed by a gushing wee. There was 10 seconds of silence when my wife said "i've not finished yet" there was a tremendous wet fart and a large formless turd plopped straight to the bottom of the pan! By now there was a strong but healthy poo smell and my wife's ???? was visibly flatter. The clean up took about 6 or 7 wipes. So all in all one contented wife ready to face the rigours of the day which lay ahead and dare i say it one turned on husband! Take care everyone J x.


Post Title (Two Survy answers)

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great Christmas. I want to answer two surveys first today. First the one Bryan with a J suggested for the ladies.

1. What is the most comfortable position to pee or poop? (Sitting for
both, hovering when I am desperate, trying to make sure I go in the
toilet and not on the floor).
2. In normal situations when I am not super desperate to go, how far
do I pull down my panties? (To across my knees for both peeing and
3. Does my pee make a sound when it comes out, is it loud, hissing,
etc? (It normally sort of hisses and whistles a bit. With me it
also makes a difference if I have been sitting thighs crossed etc,
like in the cinema. Then when I pee first its like my labia needs
to come unstuck, the flow is spasmodic until I am open fully).
4. Does anywhere else apart from my labia get wet when I pee? (Yes,
some of my pee always dribbles down to my anus, the channel be-
tween my vagina and my anus acts like a conduit).
5. If somewhere does get wet, how often does it happen? (Every time
I pee).
6. How many times do I usually wipe after peeing? (Three maybe four
times. I also always wipe finally with a disinfected tissue).
7. In my memory when was the first time I ever needed to wipe? (Gosh,
I can remember Mam always wiping me when I was little, so even at
school as a young girl, I always wiped my vagina lips dry).

Now to Kyle's survey.
1. Which member(s) of the Forum would I like to see on the toilet?
(There are so many. Amylee, Leanne, Ashley, Gillian, Punt Rock
Girl. Not for any special reason except they tell of toilet
situations at work, and that's where most of mine happen).
2. Which member(s) of the Forum would I like to see me on the toilet?
(Amylee, Leanne, Punk Rock Girl).
3. Which member(s) of the Forum would I like to have a buddy dump
with? (All of them, male and female. But if I have to name some,
then, Amylee (and any of her office friends), Leanne, Punk Rock
Girl, and Brandon (Definitely Brandon, I love his comments and I
would love to have a buddy dump with him).
4. What bodily function(s) would you like to see them having? (No
doubt for me, having a shit, preferable a long, very loose one).
5. What bodily function(s) would I like them see me have? (Again
a shit, a loose one, also when I am menstruating, letting them
see me change my tampon, even getting some help from them).
6. Where would I like to be seen or to see bodily function(s ?
(Office toilet, public toilet, bathroom at my home or there's,
outside, al fresco. But in that order with office my favorite).

Finally friends I had the opportunity to help my best friend Avice at her home on Boxing Day. A few of our friends from work had gathered
to have a drink share some fun together. We were chatting in the lounge when I noticed Avice slipping away from the rest of us. She hadn't been looking very well for a while, pale, not her normal bubbly self. I went upstairs to make sure she was alright. I could see the light from under the bathroom door so I tapped and asked if she was okay. She told me she had a terrible stomach ache then told me the door wasn't locked. I went in and bolted the door. I could smell she had already started to shit, not a bad smell, certainly not foul like me when I have had a few drinks. She told me she had had the shits all day but now she felt sick to the stomach too. I got a bowl from the wash hand stand and knelt and held the bowl for her. She was sick into the bowl, retching and shitting at the same time. Really sick. I wiped her mouth with a tissue after she had looked up, then stayed with her until she said she had finished on the toilet. Then, without waiting, I ripped paper and asked her to stand and turn to the toilet with her bum out. Then I carefully wiped her anus, it took five lots of paper. Then I helped my friend to pull up her panties and gave her face a final wipe with a refreshing tissue. Best of all was when she gave me a lovely kiss and thanked me for being so understanding and caring.


Long awaited buddy dump

A couple of days ago, I got to hear my friend take a dump for the first time. I have been his friend for about 2 years now, and I've heard him fart about 10 times altogether, and I've caught a random squirt of a dump here or there, but the other day, we ended up in a public restroom together. At first there was an awkward silence for about a minute. I finally took the initiative to go ahead and drop the first turd. It was a nice thick dry one, that made a distinct "pinching" sound upon being dropped from my ass. That was all it took for my friend to loosen up and just let go. He started carrying on a conversation with me for a second or two, and then everything got silent as he released his first load of soft wet poo. It started out a smooth squirt and then two really HARD blasts. I joked "good one" across the stall, and he laughed. Then all was quiet again, except for the occasional couple of tiny turds, or maybe pee droplets, that came out. Then I thought he was done, and I was wipeing my bum by now, but then he caught his second wind. He let go of three loads of soft, semi-liquidy turds, all in succession. The turds sounded big and mushy. I was washing my hands when he came out of the toilet stall, and it looked like he had experienced great relief. It sure sounded like he did anyway. It was very nice to have finally got to satisfy my curiosity about what kind of poos my athletic, good lookin friend drops. Next time, I think I will ask him if I can take a look in the pot when he is done, because I would have liked to see that giant poo he took. And next time, I hope I get to drop a similar poo for his entertainment.



Lol I'm a lurker here, this is my first post in the awesome site! BTW I'm male.

Some Guy: I've tried it before, but used a sheet of newspaper. I thought that using paper towels it would be less space, if like u had diarrhea then it would just splatter over the towels and onto the floor.

Postman: I had it twice before, but not always 3 days. Sometimes it was a week and another time was a day. After those few days without pooping, I sortta became constipated on the first trip, then returned to normal after that. How did you manage to keep the diarrhea in for so long?

UKNGuy: I kinda consider you lucky, to be able to witness an accident. Over here (malaysia) people hardly say anything, nor can you hear the pooping sounds :( All you can hear is pants dropping, then later the ripping tp and a flush...

Jonnyyyyyyy: Lol hardly anyone over here asks me to go to the toilet with them :( So lucky!!

Kyle: Your survey:

1. Which member(s) of the forum would you like to see on the toilet?
Postman, Althea, Harry, Brian

2. Which member(s) of the forum would you like to see you on the toilet?
Jason (not Jas), Some Guy, Jonnyyyyyyy, Jas

3. Which member(s) of the forum would you like to have a buddy dump with?
I'm not sure.... maybe Brian, or people of the same sex

4. What bodily function(s) would you like to see them having?
Poop of course!

5. What bodily function(s) would you like to have them witness from you?
Depends what they want :) I dun mind.

6. Where would you like to see, or be seen doing the bodily functions? (outside, home bathroom, public restroom, etc)
presumably anywhere except places that have autoflush facilities, and places outdoors where there are lotsa people.

Happy New Year and Happy Pooping !!!


Christmas Dumps

Hey all!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and that things are going well in that window between Christmas & New Year's. I hope your trips to the bathroom have been plentiful, and above all, relieving.

As I write this, it's Dec. 27. This morning between breakfast & lunch (it's about 2pm) finally time to go. My stomach was grumbling a bit, so in I went, lowered my sweatpants and underwear and sat. Now i don't ever need to strain or force, but you know, you need to push a bit things moving.

Anyway so I gave a bit of a push and could feel my anus stretch a bit. Wasn't sure if it'd be one big one or many pieces, or whatever. A chunk / nugget splashed out, and another, and and other. They were pretty quick, like 5 secs between each, if that. I could feel more and 3 came out really noisily with various plops & splashes; pretty much all at once. They were thick firm & solid, so wasn't much 'mess'.

And, about 1 hour after, I had to go AGAIN! sometimes I have to go more than once in a day, yes, but never that short of a span.
Sitting again I pushed and a log came crackling out. I wasn't having difficulty but it took its sweet time. It landed with a deep splash, like a slight echo. A few seconds after that, another follwed with a quiet lil 'shlenk' type sound; as it 'rustled' against the water. I felt pretty releived but it wasn't too much. Maybe cus i pushed out some thick firm solid ones earlier? Anyway, I did 2 long logs - a good 7" long and 1-1.5" thick. They were slightly soft, but firm enough to have a shape of, well, a log haha.

Now I'm starting to get slow, deep zipper farts, with decent smell. In the next hour or two, I may have more to come out.

And for some feedback...

Noah - looking forward to more from the unisex. Those types of bathrooms are too uncommon...

Leanne - do you find the longer you put off the urge, the more poo comes out? Also, when you have the continuous soft load where it alll rushes out at once, do you usually get accompanying sounds? Sometimes I'll get it out with a very loud fart, or one could hear a loud wet rustling crackling sound, or if I have to bad enough, a splat (even though it's not diarrhea). I look forward to your next post, especially since you ate so much!

Jenny - wow, sounds like those were huge! If I try and take my time, I'm still in there for like 5 minutes max, as I don't require much effort. I require minor pushing, at best.

Kyle - sure I'll do the survey!

1. Which member(s) of the forum would you like to see on the toilet? I'd have to say Leanne, Michelle, Goldeneye, Eileen, Emma, Punk Rock Girl & Abbie.

2. Which member(s) of the forum would you like to see you on the toilet? Definitely a female poster. I'm more shy about being seen, as I see it as 'oh, my clothes are down / off' vs 'Yeah, I'm pooping'. Body shy vs poop shy lol.

3. Which member(s) of the forum would you like to have a buddy dump with? Any female who produces a large load and isn't TOO smelly. I have a strong tolerance, but if it's a pungent, sulphuric, egg type stink upon the nose, I dunno if I could stick around! Punk Rock Girl sounds like a great buddy dump-er.

4. What bodily function(s) would you like to see them having? pee, fart, poop.

5. What bodily function(s) would you like to have them witness from you? same as above.

6. Where would you like to see, or be seen doing the bodily functions? (outside, home bathroom, public restroom, etc) toilet

Punk rock Girl - I hope you're feeling better, and didn't shit your pants.

ToiletGirl - that quite the story in France! Things seemed busy in that restroom. Looking forward to more posts from you :-)

That's all for now, hope to post again before the New Year!

Desperate to poop

Marks and Spencers desperate dump

oooooh I had a desperate wait today for a dump. Had been shopping in Marks and Spencers and was having a cup of tea in the kitchen. I had been feeling the need for a dump when I got my coffee and the urge increased as I enjoyed the cake and tea. M+S was very busy and I contemplated going elsewhere to poo as I expected a queue but I didn't feel I'd be able to make it, so I decided I'd go at M+S.

I exited the Kitchen as the cafe/restaurant is called and went to the toilets by the Kitchen. There not the main ones and are a single cubicle each for male and female. Unfortunately when I got there 4 women were waiting. I decided I'd stay put and hopefully it wouldn't take too long as I expected a queue at the main ones anyway. WHilst they are only single cucibles they were Male and Female and there was 2 gents waiting too.

Waiting for the ladies were a young redhead in her 20's, two blondes in their 40's and a lady in her 30's. The redhead had to wait a few minutes and then went in and was only in a few minutes, which allowed the lady first 40 yr old to go in. I was hoping they would all only need to pee but no she needed a pooh! Unless she was taking her time doing something else. We waited for 5 minutes and still no movement or a flush. The one gent had gone in and out and the other gent was now in and another had come to wait, so it didn't look like we were going to be able to use the gents instead. Not sure why they don't just make single toilets unisex.

After a few more minutes we were still waiting and 2 other ladys had come behind us. My need was growing more and it seemed the 30 yr old in front of me needed a pooh too as she let a few squeaks out.

Finally the toilet flushed and a minute after that the lady exited, looking a little red faced. The other 40 yr old took her place as was only in for a few mins thank god, She was replaced by the 30yr old who had been doing more squeakers. I was now getting more and more desperate and was hoping she wasn't in for a long one. Thankfully she wasn't but she still spent five minutes in the toilet and 4 others were now waiting behind me. Finally the 30 yr old flushed and came out and I was able to hurry in, I dumped my shopping bags down, hurriedly got my jeans and knickers down and sat on a warm seat and let fly. I had a large serving of soft serve that went on for 30-40 seconds, with immense relief. I had a few more servings and then felt done phew. I wiped my messy backside, finished off my pee and the exited. There was a quite a queue now for both toilets but I left feeling very relieved :)

Happy pooping

Michelle (Formally M.S)

Response to Kyle's Survey

Hi, I love your survey and I just had to respond. I hope you like my answers.

1. Which member(s) of the forum would you like to see on the toilet?
If I was given the chance to see members of the forum on the toilet it would have to be Leanne, Nicola, Punk Rock Girl, Goldeneye and Abbie as I am a massive fan of their posts and it would help create a clear image of them in my head when they post future stories.

2. Which member(s) of the forum would you like to see you on the toilet?
I would love to be watched by Dan as he has stated that I am one of his favourite posters and I know he would appreciate it. I would also like Leanne, Nicola, Punk Rock Girl, Goldeneye and Abbie to watch me on the toilet as I am a massive fan of their posts.

3. Which member(s) of the forum would you like to have a buddy dump with?
I would most like to have a buddy dump with Nicola as we are quite similar with are toilet habits and post similar stories about having poos in different places. I would quite like to have a buddy dump with Dan, Leanne, Nicola, Punk Rock Girl, Goldeneye and Abbie.

4. What bodily function(s) would you like to see them having?
I would love to watch them poo as I love watching and hearing other girls poo especially when I am pooing too. I would also like to see them wee as most of their posts are poo related so it would be something different.

5. What bodily function(s) would you like to have them witness from you?
I would love them to watch me have a poo as my poo related stories is what I'm most known for on this site, but I wouldn't mind them watching me wee.

6. Where would you like to see, or be seen doing the bodily functions? (Outside, home bathroom, public restroom, etc)
Anywhere as I'm not shy about relieving myself whether it be on the toilet at home, in a public toilet, outside or in my knickers.

For all those who wanted an after-Christmas poo story, I have got one but your going to have to waited until next time because I have run out of time...sorry



5 accidents

Hi my name is Tim I live in a small town in massachuetts and I dated a girl named Kaitlin who I worked with. Well she had quite a few accidents she is 18 and can't poop in the potty lol nothing
Medically wrong with her
Well my first story happened at the mall/movies
Were in line at dunks and she was in need of a bath room and i new she did but wen we left dunks she said " I need the bathroom so bad" so we got back to the movie bathrooms and I sat waiting wen someone said " I can't beleave theat bitch is washing out her underwear in the sink she couldn't wipe her ass ant dump the poo in the toilet". She came out and she smelled so bad and I seas a wet and brown stain on her pants and I asked wut happend She fessed up she had to wait for a tiolet and didn't make it

My next story was at my house in march she was on the computer and smelled poop and asked if she smelled and said no but I knew she had either farted or pooped herself. A few min later she asked where my bathroom was and showed her and I did not see a lump on her ass but she was wearing dark blue jeans and I still smelled it on her ass and the chair she was sitting in. I herd The toilet flush and nothing but the sink run so I'm gussing she only peed and whipped her ass but I knew wut happend and she was leaning over in the chair and I saw her panties had a brown stain on her white underwear
She smelled the entire way back to her house and I went to say hi to her mom and as I left I herd her whisper to her mom and her telling her to go clean up and through the underwear away
My next story happened 2 months later agian at my house but this time in my room she waited to long I Guss cuz She told me she was going to pee and I herd her scream the f bomb and I knocked and asked if everything was alright and she just bumped her knee on the sink but I knew she shit herself agian wen I saw up her dress wen she came back with no panties on but b4 she did so I went in saw poop in the little pices of poo in the sink and saw the panties behind the toilet and she put them in her bag b4 we left cuz he said she had to pee again

The 3rd story happend at my house agian and her and her friend were over 4 my bday. They were in my kitchen wen I got a wiff and herd her say she had TO USE THE BATHROOM not pee so I saw her grab her ass with trying to cover up an accident or she held it too long with she always does from wut I heard. The a cupple second in there Kaitlin call her friend in the bathroom and told her wut happend and she went out to her car and came back with blue haines underwear the kind kaitlin wears and she helped her clean out her old ones and I saw the stain and she confessed that it was the third accident shed had at my house and said it was because she doesn't like pooing in boys houses or anywhere but her house and work. So she told me a few times she did it at her friends Jess and danielle houses and cleaning them out in their sinks
My fifth story happend after I dumped her for cheating and lieing and talking shit web I needed her and a kid who workes with us took too long taking his shit that she let it out into her underwear I had to work next to her and had to see the bulge and smell the shit of an 18 year old agian and she got cleand up and written up for not speaking up about using the bathroom
Well my point is DO NOT DATE KAITLIN ????

Tech Guy

Christine's Laxative Christmas Pudding

Our neighbour Christine was a teacher until she retired last summer age 60. Since she retired, she has travelled a lot. She misses her only daughter Carol who has grown up and moved away. Christine is very friendly with my wife Julie and she treats Julie like her daughter. I help Christine with jobs around the house or with her car or computer and she treats me like her son-in-law.

Soon after Christmas, Christine invited Julie and me to have dinner with her. Christine said that she had just returned from a Christmas 'winter sun' break in Turkey with her daughter Carol to celebrate Carol's 40th birthday. Christine said that they had a good time but they both had loose bowels. Then Julie said that was too much detail so we changed the subject.

Christine wanted to show us some photos from her new digital camera that she got as a retirement present but when she got home she found that her computer didn't work. I said that it might need a new power supply unit and I had a spare one. Christine invited me to come round for some lunch the next day then look at the computer.

The next day, I visited Christine while Julie had gone to London with her mother, hoping to find some bargains in the January sales. Before lunch, we chatted and I said I was surprised that Christine's daughter was 40, the same age as I am. Christine said that she got pregnant while she was at teacher training college then she took a break from her studies and went back to college to finish the course while her parents looked after baby Carol. Then I asked Christine to tell me all about what she mentioned last night, about how she and Carol had 'the runs' on holiday in Turkey. "Are you sure you want to know?" she asked. I said that I did. I told Christine that I liked her to talk about going to the toilet but Julie is very shy about such matters. Christine said that she and her daughter Carol are very open about toilet matters and she was pleased to meet someone else who thinks the same way.

Christine said that she and Carol shared a twin bedded hotel room with en-suite bathroom and WC. Carol told Christine that her bowels were really loose but Christine had a good stock of anti-diarrhea tablets and she gave some to Carol. I asked Christine if her bowels were loose and she said that they were. She said that sometimes she had a sudden and urgent need to open her bowels so she had to make a quick dash to the toilet a few times when they were out. She said that her poo was soft and urgent but not actually diarrhea so she didn't take any anti-diarrhea tablets, until the last day.

I asked her what happened on the last day and she said that she caught some sort of 'stomach bug'. I asked her what sort and she said, "You know, not just diarrhea but also.... do you really want to know?" I said that I would like to know all the details. Christine said that on the last day they had a free morning before travelling to the airport, so they went for a walk along the beach. Christine didn't feel well so she sat down on the sand. Christine's stomach was churning and she knew that she was going to be sick. Then she threw up her breakfast on the beach and covered it with sand.

Christine sat on the beach for half an hour until she felt a bit better but then she had a stomach cramp and she was bursting to go to the toilet. There were people on the beach so she couldn't do it there and the nearest public toilet was by the harbour about ten minutes walk away. Christine said she wasn't sure whether she could wait that long. She said that after giving birth to Carol, her muscles are a bit weak 'down there'. She said that she can hold her poo even if it's urgent but if she has really urgent and runny diarrhea, she has difficulty holding her muscles tight enough to stop it from leaking out into her panties. Christine was wearing a long skirt so she took her panties right off to avoid soiling them. She didn't feel like running so she and Carol walked briskly to the nearest public toilet. I asked Christine if she got there in time and she said not quite. "My diarrhea was starting to run down my leg", she whispered, "but no-one could see it under my long skirt."

The public toilet was a 'squat' type with a large flat toilet bowl set into the floor with footplates to stand on either side and a hole to aim at. Christine said that she was feeling a bit dizzy, so she asked Carol to come into the stall with her and support her to make sure she didn't fall over.

Christine said that she lifted her skirt but her joints are a bit stiff and she finds it difficult to squat down really low to get her bum right down into the squat toilet bowl. She stood with her feet apart, bent her knees a bit and leaned forward in a semi-squatting position, holding on to Carol for support. She said that in that position, she can normally hit the target with her pee and poo but not this time. I asked her why and she said that it was completely liquid diarrhea that missed the target. It squirted backwards and sideways onto the floor tiles and onto the bottom of the wall tiles. Fortunately, there was a toilet brush provided so after much flushing and brushing, she managed to clean it all up.

Christine and Carol went back to the hotel to collect their luggage and Christine took two anti-diarrhea tablets. She asked Carol for a panty liner pad as she doesn't use these any more. She positioned it strategically at the back of her panties and lined the seat of her panties with with a thick wad of toilet paper in case of leakage.

Christine said that in the taxi on the way to the airport, she was having stomach cramps and she was trying to hold her diarrhea but it was starting to leak into the absorbent padding in her panties. Carol noticed the smell and said, "Mum, do you need to stop for the toilet?" Christine said that she did and she couldn't wait so Carol asked the taxi driver to stop by the side of the road. There weren't any trees or bushes around but fortunately, as Christine was wearing a long skirt, she could take her panties down without revealing anything. "I was shitting water!" she said.

When they got to the airport, they had a two hour wait for the plane. Christine took two more anti-diarrhea tablets but they hadn't started to work yet and she was on the toilet most of the time. Christine took two more tablets just before they got onto the plane and she didn't have any diarrhea emergencies on the flight home. When the plane landed at London, Christine took two more tablets for the journey home from the airport. That was the maximum dose of 8 tablets in 24 hours. I asked her whether the tablets worked and she said that they worked a bit too well. "Like a cork up my ....... you know where!" she explained. I asked her if she felt okay since she got home two days ago and she said she was feeling fine now but she whispered, "Those tablets have made me really constipated."

We had lunch and for dessert there was Christine's large home-made Christmas pudding (plum pudding). She explained that she makes her own special home-made Christmas pudding every year. This year, when she got home, she made it with her own special laxative recipe. It not only had the usual currants and sultanas but also chopped figs, chopped dried apricots, chopped prunes and plenty of prune juice to make it moist. Christine said that when she is constipated, she prefers to eat some sort of laxative food rather than taking laxative pills because sometimes they don't work and sometimes they give her stomach cramps and make her run to the toilet.

Christine said that she had eaten a large portion of her Christmas pudding for breakfast and then she served herself an extra large portion for lunch. I asked her if it had produced any results yet and she said it hadn't. "I'll probably be on the toilet all the afternoon", she said. I asked if I could come with her; she smiled and asked "Can't you do that with Julie?" I said that Julie is very secretive about her toilet habits and she always locks the bathroom door when she is on the toilet. "Isn't it strange?" she said, "You two go to bed together but she won't let you go to the toilet with her."

Christine said that I could come to the toilet with her but only if I 'perform' first and do a 'number two'. I told Christine that I couldn't perform today as I was constipated although I wasn't really. Christine said that she had made more Christmas pudding than she could eat on her own so she invited me to finish it up. I put a large portion into my dish and ate it. It was delicious. Then I had another large portion. Christine said that much should certainly cure my constipation and it would probably make me run to the toilet after lunch.

After lunch, I fixed the computer and Christine showed me her holiday photos. I also showed Christine this web site and she said that she had plenty of toilet stories to tell. I suggested that she should post some here but she said that even although it is anonymous, she was too shy to do that so I asked her to tell me instead.

By this time, Christine's laxative Christmas Pudding was starting to take effect but I tried to hold it as long as possible. Christine noticed that I looked a bit uncomfortable and I was fidgeting and she whispered, "Are you OK?" I whispered in her ear, "I need to run to the toilet." I said that I couldn't wait long enough to go home and use my own toilet so I asked if I could use hers.

Christine led me upstairs to the bathroom and explained that she was having the bathroom refitted. While work was in progress, the bathroom door had been taken off but it didn't matter as she lives alone. Then she started telling me all about her plans for the new bathroom but by this time, I was getting desperate. "Excuse me", I said, "I can't wait any longer!" I pulled my pants down at the back just enough to bare my bum but I didn't need to wee so I kept them pulled up at the front to avoid revealing anything else to Christine.

I sat on the toilet in full view of Christine. I let rip with a fart and shot my runny poo into the toilet bowl. Christine smiled. When I thought I had finished, I looked for the toilet paper but there wasn't even a toilet roll holder on the wall so Christine went and got a toilet roll for me. I said that was the first time anyone had seen me sitting on the toilet since I was about four years old. I used to call my mother to come and wipe my bum for me, before I was old enough to do that for myself. Christine said that she used to do that for Carol when she was a toddler. I sat forward on the toilet seat and Christine looked into the toilet bowl and said, "There's a good boy, you opened your bowels for Auntie Christine." I reached for the toilet roll and Christine said, "Shall I do that for you? I know you want me to." Then she wiped my bum for me and it felt nice. I did a little more runny poo then I sat there for about 10 minutes while Christine sat on the edge of the bathtub and we chatted.

Then she said, "It's my turn now, hurry up, I'm bursting for a poo!" Christine reached up under her long skirt, took her panties down without revealing anything and stepped out of them. I stood up and Christine sat down, with her long skirt covering everything. I asked her to sit forward on the toilet seat and lift her skirt up at the back. She said that she didn't mind me seeing her backside as it's the same as mine although slightly larger, but she would keep her private parts covered at the front. I went and stood behind her and I said that I wanted to watch her poo coming out of her bum. Christine asked "Are you sure you want to see this? It's going to be messy!"

Christine relaxed her muscles and her soft brown poo started to slither out effortlessly. It gradually became softer and more runny then she grunted, pushed hard and farted. Her runny poo splattered the side of the toilet bowl and it was quite smelly so she asked me to flush the toilet and open the bathroom window. Christine sat there for about five minutes, trickling out a few more drops of runny poo then she asked me to pass the toilet roll to her. I tore of some paper and said, "May I?" Christine kept her legs tight together, tilted to one side on toilet seat and let me wipe her bum.

Afterwards, she asked me how much I owed her for the new part that I fitted to her computer. I said that she didn't need to pay me for it as she had given me a nice reward with lunch and her special Christmas pudding and the effect it had on both of us. I said it would be nice to do this again some time. Christine agreed and said that she would let me know if she had any other little jobs for me to do.


Survey response

1. Althea, Timee, Punk rock girl.

2. I think I'm too shy for that haha.

3. Althea, Timee, Punk rock girl.

4. Very Loose bowel movement, or a big dump.

5. See number 2.

6. Public restroom, porta potty, or bathroom at home.

to SomeGuy: i really enjoyed your post! that cool that you had a sucessful bowelmovement on Christmas Day! it sounds like you had a lot of delicious food that contributes to your sucess! please take care and God bless! i lookforward to your next post as well!
unknownperson: sounds like you had a sucessful bowel movement in the middle of the night! iam glad to hear that there were no major issues! i lookforward to your next post please take care and God bless!
to Hannah: welcome to the forume! congradulations on your first post! sounds like you really enjoy coaching your sisters soccer team! iam really sorry to hear about your sisters accident that occurred during a soccer tornaument six months ago! it also sounds like your a Good friend to her! she is so lucky to have a caring sister like you! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Noah: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you enjoyed seeing and hearing those two girls have an accident! your a lucky man! not many men can say that! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Althea: i really enjoyed your post! cool insight on your younger years as youth in junior high and during middle school as well! your a true survior and has what it takes to be brave in tought bathroom suitations! unfornatley part of life sometimes includes rude people in public bathrooms! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Leanne: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a good healthy bowel movement after Christmas! i lookforward to your bathroom outings that you and your friends have no matter where you might go! please take care and God bless!
to Postman: i really enjoyed your post! iam very sorry to hear about you coming down with the stomach flu! iam very glad to hear that you have fully recovered from the flu! its very interesting to hear that you havent had a good bowel movement for three days! if this continues any longer and than three days then i would make an appointment with the doctor! to be perfectley honest i have never heard of anyone who has not had a normal bowel movement after recovering from the stomach flu! please take care and God bless!
to Jenny: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like your enjoyed your most recent trip to the bathroom while in the comfort of your home! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Stephanie: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like your Christmas office party was a success! sounds like you and some of your other coworkers had a good healthy cleanout in the restroom at work! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!



Ps. Happy New Year 2012!!!!


She did it agian

Ok so I have another story about my ex gf
I found out from kaitlins friend Jess that she was at the movies with her me and jesses bf louis and the night b4 at jesses house Kaitlin actually made it and took so long that wen Jess was on the verge of having an accident Kaitlin took her time and Jess had pooped her pants and Jess was waiting for the bathroom with clean panties and pants. So the next night Jess went to the bathroom and did the same to kaitlin but Kaitlin didn't have any extra panties so she had to go calmando home and I saw she had no panties so I thought she enjoyed shitting herself. But I know from her friend Danielle that she has a lazy problom and does it on accident or doesnt know she did it until she smells it or someone sees a lump or stain on her underwear. Her mom is sick of her having accidents.

I was at her house about a mouth b4 we broke up. She had an accident and her mom thought it was her little brother. Her mom went to clean him up and found nothing. I knew the smell was from her but didn't say anything. Her mom came down and flipped. Told her to take her pants off. Nothing slid through, told her to take off her underwear witch had a big glob of poo in them. Kaitlin was told to while her own ass and she would was the underwear. Her mom said she was sick of her accidents at home and friends houses. I'm still trying to find out if she ever did it at school so I can tell more stories

One day at work Kaitlin came in I could see through her pants and I saw she was wearing panties. A cuple hours later I saw her rub her belly and ask to use the bath room but I was changing the trash so I couldn't take the headse and she told me to hurry up her stomach really hurt so I knew she needed to poop. She was grabbing her ass on her way in. She came back normal but took a little longer. At next look at her ass I saw she had no panties on. So I knew what happend. About an hour after my manager went to the bathroom and saw a pair of underwear in the toilet and saw kaitlin had no panties on and knew what happend to her and said she felt bad for her but It was not my fault hers for not taking the headset for the dt. Well Kaitlin ass was wet and had panties back on. Let's just say I know who had an accident

I really want to know if she likes pooping herself. I dont think she does thou cuz every time we did it I never saw stain in her underwear


Christmas Constipation

My last poop was on Christmas eve, 4 days of lots of rich food & a ton of chocolate was playing havoc with my stomach. I was out with girls in a trendy wine bar when I was needing to go. I quickly rushed to the ladies; the toilets were modern with a small hole. I had to really push, it felt hard long and fat. As it continued into the toilet I pushed harder as it kept going on and on. Finally I was done, after wiping I flushed the toilet. It overflowed as my poo was so fat and long it was too big for the toilet. Returning to the bar, i told the girls.they checked it out and were impressed and shocked by the size of my creation.


Comment and Story

To the Listening Ear- I loved your post! I can relate to waiting a bit after you fart to let the stench die down. That's what I always do after passing enormous, rancid farts.

Lately, my poops and farts have been normal lately. I have been trying to hold farts in longer so I can create a massive one when I am ready to push it out. So far it has worked. I have realized that it's sometimes hard to hold in lots of gas when you get bloated. I do let out a sigh and say "excuse me" every time I fart though, even if I am by myself. I guess it's a way to put a punctuation mark on the fart I just did.


Boxing Day poo

Hi everyone, Abbie here with my latest news, sorry its been awhile since my last post, I've been really busy.
Leanne- great story about your after christmas poo and before that when you had to go to the toilet at the shops. I agree with you, I love the variety on this site and reading about loads of peoples different experiances.
Rachel- great post about the poo you had at school before finishing for Christmas, looking forward to your next story. As you said, its a releaf to be off for a couple of weeks and not have to try to get your bladder and bowels to fit in with the school routine!
My story is from Monday when I was at my cousin Amy's, its actually been ages since I've seen her so I was looking forward to the trip. She's a year older than me (18) and in her last year of college. In some of my other posts I've mentioned that Amy can suffer from constipation too, she says the toilets at her college are gross and she always puts off going for a poo until she gets home which doesn't exactly help as I know from my own experience from when I was at my old school. Anyway, we ate a massive lunch round hers, my last poo was a couple of days before Christmas eve so I knew what the heavy feeling in my belly was likely to be and sure enough by the time it got to teatime I was starting to want a poo quite urgently. I didn't want to go to the toilet just before the meal (even though it was only sandwiches and stuff) otherwise someone would end up asking me where I'd been which I didn't really want to go in to. I ate some sandwiches and all the time my urge was getting stronger, so I shifted around in my seat and rubbed my belly. Amy was sitting next to me, I think she must have noticed as she asked me if I was OK and I whispered to her that I was bursting for the loo. Shortly after she said "Come on Abbie, lets go up to my room" and we both left the table and went upstairs. Amy has an ensuite so at least I wouldn't end up with someone waiting outside the toilet door for me to finish! When we got to her room Amy said "Actually I'm dying for a wee, do you mind if I go first?"
"No, go ahead, I need a poo so I might be a while," I replied. Amy went into her bathroom and left the door open, I followed her in and sat on the floor as she pulled down her black leggings and white knickers and sat on the loo. She groaned and I heard a strong jet of wee hitting the water. "Gosh, I really needed that," she said, "Another few minutes and I would have wet myself!" As her wee stream started to die away she farted loudly and we both giggled. "Actually I think I need a poo as well" she said, "But don't worry, I can hold it till you're done". She wiped and pulled up her pants and leggings. We swopped places, I dropped my jeans and pink knickers and sat on the toilet. I weed a bit and farted and then I could feel my poo poking out, I took a deep breath and pushed hard and it slid out a bit further. "How are the loos at your new school?" asked Amy, "do you still have to wait till you're back home before you go for a poo?"
"Actually they're not too bad" I panted, "I usually go if I'm getting uncomfortable which has made me a bit less constipated than I was." I paused while I pushed again. "The trouble is I've been eating crap and its been really busy at the end of term so I'm finding it harder to have a poo now than I was a couple of weeks back, I haven't been for about four days so I'm struggling a bit at the moment."
"I know what you mean," said Amy as I did my best not to grunt after a really hard push, I could feel the poo was about half way out but it was a hard fat one so it wasn't exactly coming quickly. "The loos at my college are worse than ever so I've got no choice but to wait till I get home before I have a poo, which is really hard as my normal time for wanting to go is about ten in the morning!"
"Yeah, I know what you mean, most days I want a poo around then as well and the trouble is I know there's only enough time at morning break to have a wee, so I end up putting off my poo until lunch and even then sometimes I don't get chance to go."
There was a pause in the conversation as I did another massive push followed by a grunt. "Sorry about that," I said, "I just want this thing to come out!" Amy smiled, "No problem, I'll be doing it myself in a minute!" I could feel the turd was nearly out, I jiggled around a bit and then suddenly it dropped with a loud plop. Straight away I could feel another poo coming out but this one only took a bit of pushing before it splashed down into the water, and then I farted another couple of times and finished with a bit more wee. I took some toilet paper and started to wipe my bottom. "Right, that's me done" I said as I finished wiping, pulled up my pants and jeans and flushed the toilet.
"I'll try to go just before bed, I don't think its quite ready to come out yet," said Amy so we went back downstairs and watched telly for a bit. About half ten we went back upstairs to bed along with everyone else and we both started to get undressed as soon as we got into Amy's room. As she was taking off her leggings she started to squirm and jiggle around a bit, she said "I'm bursting for a poo now, I'm going to have to go straight away." As I put my nightie on Amy went into the bathroom in her bra and knickers, I saw her drop her pants and sit on the loo and start to push straight away. She made a slight grunt after her second push and apologised just like I had. "Sorry Abbie, I haven't been for a few days as well so I'm probably going to struggle a bit," she said.
"No worries," I replied, coming in to the bathroom and sitting cross leged on the floor. Amy bore down hard and started to go a bit red, I was hoping she wouldn't have to strain too much. "Its my own fault," she panted, I needed to go Christmas Eve but I was out finishing some shopping with my friend Anna and so I held it in, then I lost the urge and so I didn't try yesterday." She took a deep breath and pushed again.
"I know what you mean, I hate it when that happens," I said. "One time a while ago I started to need a poo not long after I got to school but I just never got time to use the toilet at lunch break, I was going shopping straight after so I had to keep holding it but by the time I got home the feeling had gone away. When I eventually got round to using the loo the next day I had a really hard time pushing it out. I hate having a poo at school if I'm really constipated, its embarasing sitting there straining and grunting."
Just then Amy gave an extra hard push and couldn't help making a grunt. "Its nearly out now," she panted, reaching round behind herself to pull her bum cheeks apart. That seemed to do the trick, she jiggled around a bit and then sighed as I heard what sounded like a massive poo splash down into the toilet. She stayed sitting and farted a couple of times before making a few more plops a couple of minutes later. "Right, I think I'm done, thank god" Amy said, taking some toilet paper and starting to wipe her bottom. She finished wiping and flushed before pulling up her knickers and going back into her bedroom to finish getting ready for bed. Hope you liked this story, I'm going to stay round Lucy's tonight and haven't had a poo since Monday so I should have a story to tell when I get back!


Amanda's Accident

To Thirty Something Female - Great post about you peeing your pants recently. Indeed, you're not the only one who holds it. I know a few women who do this...

A few years ago, I went to Amanda's photography studio to look into getting pictures taken for a reunion. She had only been doing photos for a year or two, but she was an old classmate, and her work was good and reasonably priced. When I got there, Amanda was with another client, so I had to wait about twenty minutes. Then she brought me in and started showing me different ideas and packages in books and on her computer. It was then I started noticing that each time Amanda diverted my attention to something, she would press her legs firmly together and shoved one of her hands firmly against her crotch. After seeing her do this repeatedly, it was obvious she had to pee really badly. I figured she would excuse herself at any moment now, but she didn't. We finally agreed on a package/price, so I pulled my chair next to hers by the desk to sign the agreement. Amanda was in the middle of instructing me about something when she stopped in mid-sentence. I looked over at her, and her face turned beet-red as she was staring at me. I asked if she was all right, and she barely nodded. I wondered if Amanda had peed her pants just then, so I looked down and sure enough, there was a dark wet spot from the bottom of the zipper on her brown corduroys to the insides of her upper legs. When Amanda saw that I knew she had peed her pants, she apologized profusely and admitted she thought she could hold it. I told her it was okay and then signed the agreement. A couple moments later, Amanda got up from her seat (which was black and cushiony which absorbed a lot of the pee) and went to her copier, revealing that the back of her brown pants were wet from the top of her pants pockets to just above the back of her knees. There was no denying from the back Amanda had peed her pants. I asked if she had any other clients today after me or a change of clothes. She did not, so I remarked that at least no one else would see her like this. Amanda then told me that she had about a ten minute walk home from her studio. Hearing that, I offered her a ride, and after thinking for a moment, she accepted it. Amanda finished what she needed to do about ten minutes later. I put a plastic bag I had down on the car seat for her and she got in. On the ride, I jokingly asked her if this was the first time she peed her pants at her studio and she said yes. But then she followed up with the admission that she has peed her pants a few times on her walk home from the studio, usually on her porch. Amanda then admitted she often holds her pee a lot.

So you're not the only one...


Did anyone notice your sister's accident? I think it is more embarrassing when an accident is wet (pee or wet poop).

A sports writer wrote about a girl at a volley ball tournament who did a huge poop out on the gym floor. From what he said, she had to walk to the locker room like that. I don't understand why someone didn't find a towel or jacket to tie around her waist so she could be spared that embarrassment.

More stories about embarrassing, public accidents please! Also include people's reactions, what happened after the accident, etc.


Shane: After 2-4 days or more, you should have taken Dulcolax or went to the MD. That is what he would have given you. He did it for me. I have to keep myself regular and eat lots of fiber and drink lots of water. Cheese constipates me if I eat too much. So, I counter it with lots of grapes See my post of when I was in college and constipated. I took Dulcolax and my bowels smoked! It was thick and ropey. Then, all day long, it was loose and runny. I was glad to get it out of me. Natural fiber and water are the best. If they fail, then use the chemicals.

Harry: I enjoyed kindergarten. I wet myself 2x and then 2 more in grammar school. I never saw someone mess their pants. I saw plenty of girls and boys wet themselves. I felt sorry for them. The girls used to cry. The boys thought nothing of it. The custodian would just come in and mop it up. Many days, first grade and above, a girl would be running down the hall to the toilet. One afternoon, I went into the stall to find a toilet filled with liquid #2. Whoever had a loose stomach, one girl talked about how another "must have swallowed a box of Ex-Lax." One afternoon in 2nd grade, I had to pee. I went to the girls room when another girl walked in with me. She said, "I gotta make..." We were pulling up our cotton skirts and white cotton slips. My friend took a stall, dropped her white panties to her ankles and sat on the toilet. Her bowels just erupted like a little volcano. I just heard splat after splat and then it sounded like a fire hose. I took the next stall, let down my white panties, held my skirt around my waist, squatted over the toilet and let out my pee. It was a long one. I wiped myself through the front and flushed. I fixed my clothes. I hung around and talked to her. She was a happy child. I said, "Your stomach is loose." She said, "Yeah, I am making diarreah. If I did not get out of the class, I would have messed myself and my parents would kill me. My stomach is cramping me. My grandmother made me drink salts because I was constipated." Then, she farted with a blob noise. She reeled off paper and wiped herself. She said, "Now, my ass is itching." She took more paper and wiped. She stood up, pulled up her panty, let down her skirt and white slip and came out of the stall. She left behind a toilet full of nothing but brown water. She said, "I feel better now."
Another day in the afternoon, I was in second grade, my classmate had already gone to the toilet, saying it was an emergency. I later had to pee, so the teacher excused me.She asked me to look in on this other girl. When I got into the girls room, I saw two legs with white and blue printed panties at the ankles. I called for her and she said, "I got diarreah, Althea." Then, I heard two loud explosive farts and what sounded like a fire hose. She opened the door and the smell was overpowering, but she was none the worst. I took the next stall, lifted my jumper, slip, pulled down my taupe colored tights and pink panties to my knnes, sat on the bowl and peed for less than 10 seconds. She said, "I could not hold it any longer. It just sneaked up on me." Anyway, I wiped myself, fixed my clothes, then climbed on the bowl to look in on her. Her skinny behind barely covered the bowl and I could see nothing but dark muddy water still pouring out of her. She said. "Tell the teacher that I am sitting on the toilet with a running stomach." I washed my hands, returned to the classroom, told the teacher what the girl said and she said fine.

Molly: Leave the enemas alone. You will do more harm than good. I used to use a rubber douch/enema bag when I was a kid. You will have a prolapsed colon and rectum.

Jonnyyyyyyy: I remember those nights in GS camp when I had to baby-sit a girl who got sick in the night from eating junk food. They ate beans and drank soda. I told the scout leader at my church to go drop dead. I was 11. I tiod her that I was not eating that shit! I got a whipping from my mother for cursing the scout leader. See my earlier posts. In summer camp, I was constipated. I ate nothing. everything I drank just urinated out. I remember there was adjoining scout troop of Puerto Rican girls. I went to the outhouse to pee. That is all that I could do. I was undoing my green GS shorts and web belt and white panties to my ankles, when a girl from that troop entered. She did not look well. We spoke and she undid her same GS shorts. Only her panty was white and green print. She told me, "My stomach hurts. I have to make doo-doo," and on that note she sat next to me and pressed out a thick, creamy brown bowel movement. I could hear it running out and hitting the pit. She held her stomach, leaned over then tossed back her long brown hair when another wave of cream and chunks released. I asked her, "Did you eat that mess hall food, tonight?" She said, "Yes. I ate those canned beans." She asked me, "Would you keep me company? It is dark and I am scared." So, I did. She and I were the same age and we were fascinated with each other. I had long finished my pee and wiped my pussy from the front. But, I sat on the latrine to keep her company. We talked about how slow we were developing. She was 12 years old and was getting hair on her cat. Five more thick releases and lots of gas, she took from her roll of paper and wiped from behind. She used three good wads. She leaned over and wiped from the front to back. We pulled up our clothes, put our shirts in our pants and panties, fixed our belts and left the pit.

Timee(final change in spelling, girl but

Hope you guys and girls enjoyed your Xmas. I did Santa came down my chimney. I ate good and I shit good. I had turkey, ham, mustard greens, stuffing, sweet potato and cranberry jelly. I have been eating good. The last few days, I was eating lots of grapes. They have lots of fiber and potassium. Anyway, today before 6PM, I had to make #2. I was dressed in nothing special, just worn out pants a long sleeved t-shirt and a white FOL full-cut brief, which I dropped to my ankles and pressed out a soft, creamy brown Yule log. That was all the greens and grapes. I will pick up some more of these greens. I eat them raw. For breakfast, I had a slice of spelt bread, a piece of salmon and some raw greens with olive oil, vinegar and a cup of green tea with gound cloves. I will drink some more tea tonight.

Next day; I've been home and the weather is nasty. At about 2:00PM, since eating leftovers, I had a satisfying movement. I undid the same clothes, only a change of white briefs, I sat on the bowl and with no effort I let out a 24 inch length of firm brown thick rope. It was nice and smooth-no gas. I was only in there for less than 2minutes. I wiped and flushed the bowl. I am cleaning this place. Hear ya' later.

From NYC

Punk Rock Girl; All of the park toilets have stalls with locking doors, with the exception of one. The men's room has no doors or stalls. It will be demolished with the female. I wonder if the men's will be replaced with a modern no-door, no stall three toilet job for men. I must tell you. I am a kid in HS. I like that place when it is clean. I stop off their sometimes. Sometimes, I will take a shit with another boy my age from another HS and we will bond. I usually sit with my pants and briefs up to my thighs. My friend lets his to his shins. I'll tell you about me. I am white. My old man is but my mother is black. Go figure. Anyway, I am 16. I do not want to tell too much about my whereabouts on days. In urban public schools, our movements are restricted. School Safety Officers watch us. I hate them and the school. I'll only take a piss when I have the chance and I am desperate. I would not make #2. I've read in the forum where a girl, Timee was harrassed by SSO's. She was right. They do. They bang on the stall doors.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

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