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Response to a survey

Kyle's Survey Replies:

1. Which member(s) of the forum would you like to see on the toilet? If dreams come true, now let's see...Cherly, Carmelita, Althea, Car Mom, Women pooping, Desperate to poop, Nichola, Punk Rock Girl, Karen, Michelle (Formally M.S), Hairy Anne, Rose

2. Which member(s) of the forum would you like to see you on the toilet?
I don't know if any are interested, we'll see.

3. Which member(s) of the forum would you like to have a buddy dump with? Carmelita, Althea, Punk Rock Girl, Rose

4. What bodily function(s) would you like to see them having? Cherly, Carmelita, Althea, Car Mom, Women pooping, Desperate to poop, Nichola, Punk Rock Girl, Karen, Michelle (Formally M.S), Hairy Anne, Rose to do pee and poop!

5. What bodily function(s) would you like to have them witness from you?
Probably both, if anyone is interested

6. Where would you like to see, or be seen doing the bodily functions? (outside, home bathroom, public restroom, etc) I like to see all of those who I've mentioned in question 1 do their pee and poop outside, at home in their bathroom on the toilet. If at their house, I would like them to use a bucket to pee and poop, a cup to pee in at night or if daring take a dump in it. Using a chamber pot to pee and poop into it (does anyone know or use one to this day)? Using a wide mouth vase either glass or ceramic as a thing to pee in or poop. The old trusty trash can when the bathroom is occupied or broken. On the floor.

Well hopefully you like my response and hopefully witness this in real life, LOL! Anyways have a safe, prosperous and joyful 2012!


Still Too Fast and the Problems Mount

Two days ago I went to the airport to pick up my girlfriend who was flying back to campus after visiting her parents on the coast for Christmas. Dawnette's flight was scheduled to arrive at 9:14, but it was just over an hour late. I knew I should have crapped before leaving home, but I just figured it was more important for me to be there if she arrived ahead of time. Of course, I was wrong. After I parked and looked at the flight board, I went to the first bathroom I came to. There were only about five or six stalls, and there was a queue waiting. Pretty much right behind me I heard a father arguing with a boy about 5 or 6 who was trying to use a urinal, but who was just too short. The fight escalated when the dad heard the boy say he had to poo, something I could see frustrated the guy greatly. The dad pointed to the queue I was in and told his son to stand behind me and wait. The dad then moved closer to the urinal and and prepared to piss. The stall door in front of me opened and a guy about 35 came out. Immediately after entering and noticing the seat was down, I latched the door, dropped my boxers to mid-thigh level and seated myself on the white seat which by the way was quite warm. After about five seconds, my first of two one-foot logs slipped out and within a couple of seconds I was wiping. I flushed, and immediately yanked my jeans and boxers up and did the zipper routine. As soon as I opened the door, the young boy rushed in, dropped his sweats, and threw himself onto the stool. His speed was a fast as mine and I was proud of him. Suddenly, his dad walked to the door, banged on it twice, and when looking in, started yelling at his son for not following instructions and waiting for his dad's instructions. Get this, the dad forced his son to stand up, while dad reached behind the toilet and pulled off one of those ass-gaskets from the wall. Then while still yelling, he had the boy sit down on it. I felt bad at the sink as I was washing my hands when I heard the boy continously cry and I think all his dad is doing is hurting his self esteem. The boy, who had been frustrated at the urinal, now we also frustrated on the toilet. I told Dawnette about it as I was driving her home. She agrees with me.

Desperate to poop

didn't quite make it and shocking toilet

Hi all

Merry xmas, I remember I think it was Brandon that I often just make it well there's 2 old stories of when I didn't quite

One was walking in Yorkshire hit with sudden urge to poop, it was a long walk and no sign of toilets, held on for dear life until I got to an area that at least had cover. Hurried behind the trees but as I was frantically pulling my cargo pants and panties down I left rip with a fart and some soft sludge half hit the floor and half landed in my soiled panties as I hadn't quite got them down. The relief I remember was immense, but I had to bin the panties and used them to wipe my bum

Second one was a festival with a huge queue and I was getting more and more desperate, I had to wait nie on an hour to get to the front of the mega long queue and nearing the front I let a small but annoying burst of pooh into my knickers. I waited another 10 mins holding back round 2 before I finally got in and let the rest out. There were a few other very desperate ladies and gents that day I can tell you. Surprised no one lost it big time but I expect my panties weren't the only slightly soiled or stained ones that for sure. Didn't help that it was morning and quite a few were in for their morning consitutional

Today I used what was one of the worst toilets I've seen for a while. Having a walk down in my local village by the river, when I got a severe urge for a poop, last nights food wanting out I guess. Unfortunately the cafe was shut so I went to the public conveniences, not used them before. One toilet was in use so I had to use the other one, it was awful I tell you, wet paper on the floor, in the toilet, muck all over the place, some shit on the back of the toilet, a nappy on the floor and a used tampon in the toilet itself along with a load of toilet paper and some poop and pee. It was truely revolting. The lady on the otherside was pooping and I politely asked would be she be long and was the toilet any better. She said this was one pretty much as bad but she couldn't wait.

I was in the same position so joined her, I usually like to sit down when I poo, but the seat just looked to bad and I didn/t want to touch anything so I squatted, I farted and as I did some poo splattered over the back of the toilet. Oh well it was already gross. I continued and pushed out some more softserve and a nice couple of long logs. The lady next to me was having diarreoh. It stank.

We finished about the same time and thankfully the sinks were clean. We commented on how gross the toilets were but I said better than loaded panties! she agreed and we both left mighty relieved

Happy pooping

Accidental Tourist

Bed wetting

When I was a young child (before the age of 6 or 7) I was a bedwetter. At that time I can remember wetting the bed while awake because I was afraid of monsters on the floor and my parents wouldn't come every time I called. So I would wake up and need to pee, and be afraid, and pee my pajamas and the bed, and then go back to sleep until the morning when my mother would need to change and wash my bedding and my pajamas.

At that age, or a little younger, I also wet my pants a lot, out of convenience or because I didn't want to stop playing. The pants wetting disappeared for many years until I was a teenager and became fascinated by it again and began to wet my pants occasionally on purpose.

As an adult, I can remember wetting the bed twice. Both times I awoke to a completely wet bed with no memory of having peeing dreams or anything. One time was after I'd ridden my bicycle about 40 miles and maybe had a beer or two. The other time was similar; I was living overseas, I'd had a lot of exercise and maybe had a couple beers or glasses of wine. But that last time was almost 30 years ago.

Which brings us to this weekend. We had family visiting and so my wife and I gave up our bed to guests and slept in the family room. She slept on the couch and I slept on an air bed. The first night (Friday Dec. 30) neither of us slept well because I was cold and she was on this narrow couch.

Last night (New years eve), we stayed up with our guests to watch the ball drop. I had a beer while making dinner, a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, sipped another wine over the course of a few hours and one glass of champagne at midnight. I don't usually drink much, so this was a lot for me, but I didn't feel drunk at all.

It came time to turn in, and my wife and I decided to set the heat a little higher. I went to bed in the airbed and she on the couch again. It took awhile to get to sleep, but it must have been very comfortable. And I must have slept very deeply. At some point in the night (which turned out to be about 5:30 am), I had a dream that I needed to pee, so in my dream I peed. I finished, and tucked myself back in my pants, when I thought to myself, "I need to pee some more", so I stood at the toilet, and pulled myself out again and (in my dream) began to pee again. I immediately felt warmth and woke with a start and I was peeing full force. I managed to stop. Miraculously the bed wasn't wet at all but my underpants were soaked.

I went to the bathroom and took my underwear off and peed in the toilet (for real this time), but my underwear were simply drenched with pee, way too wet to put back on. I hung them on the back of a chair, changed into an old dirty pair, checked the bed again carefully (dry), and tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't, partly out of excitement and embarrassment and partly out of fear that it might happen again. Due to my lifelong fascination with accidents, I wasn't able to get it off my mind (still haven't). It is so rare for me to have a true, genuine accident -- it is kind of the Holy Grail for me, as opposed to my deliberate pants wettings and soilings. I have been analyzing the experience; although completely unpredictable, it shares the characteristics of previous bedwettings of a mild alcohol buzz, and either lack of sleep, exercise fatigue or stress. I hope to repeat it someday with a full on wetting that I wake up from at the very end (and just let go out of sleepiness).

I debated telling my wife about the bedwetting in the morning, but since she doesn't share my fetish (she knows about it but disapproves), I hesitated. But I really couldn't keep it to myself. So awhile later, while we were getting dressed and folding up the bed, I asked her how she slept. She said better than the night before, and asked me the same question.

I said, "Well, OK, but not really." She gave me a quizzical look. I said, "actually, I slept really well ... a little too well." Another funny look from her. "Because I wet the bed!" Her eyes opened wide. "Really?" she asked. So then I told her the whole story. "Are you sure you didn't get the bed wet at all?" "Yes, I managed to stop." "Wow," she said, "if it had been me I probably wouldn't have been able to stop."

Later today I took all the sheets and my still damp underwear and other laundry down to the basement to the washing machine. We exchanged a look as I went downstairs with the pile of laundry; she was glad I was taking care of cleaning up after my accident, and I was telling her with my look that that was my intention. But when I got downstairs, before I loaded the washing machine, I took off my pants and underwear, put on the damp pair and a dirty pair of jeans, stood in the laundry room and pissed my pants. Then I stripped down, toweled off with a pair of her dirty panties, put my dry underwear and pants back on, loaded the washer and started it, and went back upstairs.


Stupid me

I had to pee really bad and I held my dick with my hand well I got to the bathtub and let some out I thought then I could make it to the toilet so I put my dick in my underwear and relaxed then I looked down and saw that I was pissing my underwear!! I ran to the toilet but only a little pee came out in the toilet (most was in my pants) I am so embarrased I need support!!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Speedy Pooper great story

To: Kimberly first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you took the dump of the year and I bet you felt good after wards and will make sure your taking the right thing next time and please post anymore stoires you may have thanks.

To: Kelly P first welcome to the site and great set of stories about you pooping your pants it sounds like you were lucky on some that it wasnt a messy one but unlucky on others being messy and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Punk Rock Girl as always another great story your lucky it wasnt a major wet fart and please any good poop stories you may have like if you took a really big and/or really nasty one or just post once just once a week because your stories are really good and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: John great story about your wife it sounds like she really needed it and I bet she felt great afterwards and please post anymore stories about her thanks.

To: Steaphanie as always another great story it sounds like your friend was having a bad day but at least you were there to help her out and shes lucky to have a friend like you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop as always another great desperation story it sounds like you just made it and it sounds like you werent the only desperate one at least that other woman made it to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Michelle (formaly M.S.) I cant wait for it so I look forward to it

To: Tim great story about your friends accidents it sounds like she is very unlucky or enjoys having accidents or something else.

To: Tech Guy great story an yep you got a special present and please post anymore stories like that if any happen thanks.

To: Angela great story I bet you felt great after that beast came out and it you also impressed your friends and anyone else who went in that bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: GoldenEye keep up the farting and pooping and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and you friends pooping together and it sounds like you both really had to go and I bet you both felt really great afterwards especaly since not going for those few days and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: RB great story about your friend peeing her pants please share anymore stories about her if you have any thanks.

To: Althea another great story from the queen of this site and it sounds like you made a friend back in the day and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Timee as always another great story and it sounds like you had a good after christmas dump and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hi everyone its John from the uk and first of all a happy new year. Desperate to Poop your story was great the reason being because it was no ordinary poo it was a M&S poo! Take care guys J x

Speedy pooper. I loved your description of your poop. Sounded like a nice clean log. I would have liked to have seen it resting in the toilet. Italian food leads to good turds.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Speedy Pooper
I had an excellent poop on Christmas morning. On Christmas Eve we went out to a nice Italian restaurant and I had a big bowl of spaghetti and a slice of cheesecake for dessert. On Christmas morning, after a breakfast of scrambled eggs and coffee, I felt some pressure in my butt-nothing urgent, but it was clear the spaghetti was ready to make its exit. I sat on the toilet and relaxed. A wave of pressure quickly moved through my stomach and, without pushing, a solid turd slid out, breaking into four pieces as it did so. Plop-ploonk-ploop-plop in quick succession, and my stomach felt empty. I pushed a couple times and released a few soft bits that were left inside my butt, and then wiped three times. True to my name, like the majority of my toilet sessions, this one only took about two minutes including the wiping. When I inspected there were four medium poops in the toilet, all coiled together like the spaghetti I had eaten. I had a large barbecue dinner last night and feel some pressure this morning, so am looking forward to what happens today.


The pooping blonde


Porta Potties at the Work Site

A couple of years ago I was involved in a volunteer home building project with a well-known organization that provides affordable homes to many people around the world. This particular event was in a major US city, and the group of about 250 volunteers was building several homes on a block in one week. It was a very fulfilling experience. I'd worked on the roof on the first day, meeting a lot of great people who were also volunteering. One was a young woman named Kelly (name changed). She was very friendly and quite a character. She told me she was 33 years old, but she looked about 20, wore skin tight jeans and was a cute woman with brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes. The restroom facilities for the week were porta-potties located at each end of the block. There was a large tent at one end of the block for the group to gather and have meals and hear announcements from the organizers. We were bussed to the site each morning from the hotel. I'm a guy who is a bit poop shy and I was concerned that I'd have to use one of these portable units. They are placed against one another and are unisex. There were two of them located across the street from the tent, about 100 yards away. On the second morning, I had breakfast in the tent with all the others and afterwards, around 6:30 a.m., I noted there was time before the morning announcements would be done and I felt the need to poop come on pretty strongly. I went outside and it was still quite dark. There was no one around and I headed down the gravel path toward the two porta-potties. I was about half way there and I heard someone call my name. I turned around and saw Kelly coming about 10 steps behind me. She caught up with me and said, "You going to work already?" I was a bit embarrassed to say I was headed for the restrooms but didn't know what else to say, so I said, "No, just going for a pit stop before the day gets going." She said, "Me too." I kind of froze but a part of me was excited. She playfully grabbed my arm and said, "Escort me to the bathroom!" I laughed and said, "OK, come on." By that time we were crossing the street and arriving at the porta-potties and I saw that they were both vacant. She opened one door and entered and I went in the other one. The service had just cleaned them and they were still wet inside from the disinfectant. She said out loud, "Well, at least they're clean." I said, "Yes" and wondered if she was planning to hold a conversation while in the toilets. The sound travels very well. It's about like being in a stall next to someone in a public restroom. I pulled down my jeans and I could hear her rustling around like she was doing the same thing. It got deathly quiet as we both sat down and then she said with a strain in her voice, "Well, are you ready for another day of working on the roof?" I thought, well, she IS going to hold a conversation with me while on the toilet. Then I heard PLOP, PLOP, KER-SPLASH, PLOP. She was obviously pooping. I said, "I guess so." She said, "At least it's not too hot so far." I said, "Yeah, that's true." I couldn't wait any more and pushed and a dry turd started inching out. It came out slowly and finally fell off with a very loud KER-PLUNK. She giggled and said, "Hello!" I was a bit embarrassed but kind of laughed as well and said, "Sorry." She said, "Hey, no problem, I'm going too" which I already knew since she'd let out about 5 loudly splashing poops. About 15 seconds passed and she said, "Uh-oh." I said, "You OK?" She said, "Yeah, but I need to fart." I was a bit taken back, wasn't sure what to say to that, so I said, "Do what you need to do." A few seconds passed and a slow low volume, but certainly audible BAAAAARRRRRPPPPTTTT came from her. She said, "Sorry about that" and giggled. I didn't respond. I was amazed I was sitting next to this attractive woman who was so open about having a BM. I pushed out another log which splashed and then heard her do another round of PLOP, PLOP, KER-PLUNK, PLOP. She was taking a big dump. She signed and started peeing. I was done and was peeing as well. I began to wipe and only needed a couple. I heard her pull paper three times by the time I was pulling up my jeans. I unlatched my door and she said, "Hang on a minute. I'm done and I'll walk back with you." I said OK. I could hear her pulling toilet paper a couple more times then I could tell she was pulling up her jeans. She opened the door and came out and said, "Whew, I really had to go this morning. I feel much better." I said that was good. We both washed our hands at the portable hand washing station then headed back to the tent. She was talking about the day's upcoming activities and I had a hard time concentrating on what she was saying after this experience. We worked together with about 8 other people on the roof of the house all day. I couldn't help from thinking about the interesting experience that morning at the porta-potties several times that day and the rest of the week.

I just read the latest post and have to tell how I go to excited about TechGuys buddy dump with Christine. It reminded me of the first time I had a sort of buddy dump with my Gran. My Mum is an avid reader and has posted here, but she doesn't know about me being a reader. I have tried one post a few weeks ago but it never got published. Still I hope this one gets through alright. My Gran is a feisty blonde haired lady in her late sixties and apart from Mum my best friend. Mum has to work away a lot, she is an accountant and has to travel to various stores carrying out audits. When she is away I either stay with her best friend Avice, or with my Gran. This time I was with my Gran and it was Saturday, no school, so we had the day free. I wondered if she would go shopping, she always buys me something, nice jeans or some shoes, so I was looking forward to that. But I had woken up with a bad stomach, it was aching horrible as I dressed. I wasn't sure if Gran was up, although she is normally an early riser. Anyway I went straight to the bathroom. I had forgotten to bolt the bathroom door and was sitting pushing hard when the door opened wide.

"Oh, Tom, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were in here."

"It's alright Gran," I smiled, but I guess I was blushing a bit too.

Gran moved to the bathroom door at once. "That'll teach me to knock next time," she smiled. I guess to ease my embarrassment.

The strange thing is that I wasn't embarrassed. I love to listen to women and men on the toilet and at school lots of my mates have seen me on the toilet, I have sneaked into the girls toilets more than once, even been caught by some girls, including a couple that asked me to stay with the. Somehow I wanted Gran to stay with me.

"I'll go downstairs and start the breakfast Tom," Gran said starting to close the bathroom door.

"It's alright Gran. I don't feel hungry, got a belly ache."

I waited hoping she would stay. She did standing in the doorway. I was trying hard to go then and grunting, "Nnnn,hhhhh, ughhhhh, plop plop plop," I sighed as I started to poop at last. My belly rolled and I farted really loudly.

"I'm going downstairs Tom, leave you to some privacy," Gran said and went out of the bathroom.

I was feeling awful, bad ???? pains and so constipated. I must have been sat on the toilet about ten minutes, straining, resting, pushing, when I heard Gran coming back upstairs.

She tapped on the bathroom door, "Tom, are you alright, in there?"

"Yes," Gran, I answered. "Got a bit constipated I think."

Gran opened the door and came in. She came over and sat on the edge of the bath beside me. She started to massage my ????.

"It'll be fine darling, she murmured in the softest words. "It'll come out fine," she whispered.

I clutched her open palm across my ????, loving her gentle way. As she was gently massaging my ???? I started to poop. Now it slid out of me really good, no pain. Just plop, plop, plopping into the toilet. I must have pooped what they call a pan-full in the UK.

"That sounds as if you've had a really good turnout Tom," she smiled.

Gran was so close to me that now with the pain in my stomach gone I was aware of the lovliness of her. Her blonde-grey hair brushing my face, the smell of her perfume, the closeness of her breasts, taut against a lovely pale green blouse. I turned my face up to her and then she kissed me, softly on the lips. So sweet, so loving. Without being asked she tore toilet paper from the roll and asked me to stand up. As I did she bent me forward a bit then I felt her wiping my bum. I don't know how it happened but next thing I was blurting out that I wanted to see her on the toilet. In know it sounds really stupid and it was. Except that Gran was not fazed by what I had asked her.

"Why would you want to see me on the toilet, Tommy?" She always used the word Tommy instead of Tom if she was sort of questioning my maturity.

I just blurted everything out. How I listened and watched the girls in school, and Mum and her friends when they were staying in my house. I told her a couple of the girls at school let me stay in with them too, and how excited it made me feel.

Gran was silent for what seemed like a lifetime but was only a few seconds. Then she hugged me to her breast and kissed my head. "Ohhhhh, my god, Tommy, I thought I was the only one!"

"You like to listen and see others on the toilet, Gran?" I asked with ever widening eyes.

I remember that day that Gran and me went into town shopping and when we got home as she cooked the dinner I watched as she went upstairs heading for the bathroom. I know I called out can I come to her. I was in seventh heaven when she smiled and said yes. Although she only had a pee I was able to watch as she lifted her skirt and slid her panties down. Listening to the splattering, splashing sounds of her pee on the toilet bowl. When she ripped toilet paper to dry her vagina lips I could only stare trying not to show my disappointment because she only had a pee.

Then as she pulled her panties up, she kissed me on the cheek and whispered, "when I do number two next Tom, you can come with me."

Gran was a s good as her word. That same Saturday mid evening she had do do a poop. But that's for another post.


Sleepover toilet story

Hi everyone, happy New Year! I hope you all have a good one and lots of interesting toilet experiances!
I said in my last post I was going to be staying round my friend Lucy's on Thursday night and that I was likely to have a story to pass on. Well in actual fact we ended up at Katie's instead, Lucy's parents were due to be visiting friends but they were ill so they had to cancel it and we didn't really fancy having to share the house with them! Lucy texted us all and it turned out that Katie had her house to herself, her parents were away and weren't due back until the next morning so we decided to go round there. Katie has moved recently and her new house is massive, as well as the main bathroom her parents have an ensuite and so does she, she's also got a huge bedroom that was easily big enough for the four of us (me, Lucy, Katie and Olivia) to sleep in. We all arrived about three in the afternoon and just chilled out in Katie's living room chatting. As we were sitting there I felt a stirring in my bowels and realised I'd probably end up having to go for a poo before too long, the last time I had one was round Amy's on boxing day so I knew I shouldn't try to hold it in. We started to chat about school and soon the topic came on to the state of the toilets, apparantly at my old school the loos have got even worse according to the other three. Olivia said, "I'm really not that fussy about public loos, I'll go more or less anywhere but at school its beyond a joke. These days I only ever have a poo at school if I really can't wait, the other day just before the hols I was bursting so I had no choice but to go. I eventually found a cubicle that would lock, the loo had a seat and it wasn't too filthy so I decided to use it, I was part way through pushing out my poo when I noticed there was no loo roll! Luckily it was quite a dry one so it wasn't the end of the world, but theres just too many things to check now before you go and when you're desperate you're bound to forget something!"
"I know what you mean," agreed Lucy. "The other day I really wanted a poo by lunchtime so I went to the humanities block toilets but even they are getting pretty bad, the only vacant cubicle that would lock and had toilet paper was totally blocked so I had no choice but to hold it. By the time I got home my poo was starting to come out and I had to change my knickers."
"Oh I hate it when that happens," said Katie, "Last year there was this one day when I started to need a poo just after break but I was determined to hold it, anyway by last lesson it was sticking out quite badly and we had PE, I was wearing white pants which were really tight and I knew they'd be badly stained so I had to get changed with my bum against the wall!"
Anyway, before long it was tea time, we really pigged out on pasta, salad and garlic bread followed by ice cream and then we decided to go up to Katie's room to relax for a bit, she had set up three airbeds which we had dumped our sleeping bags onto earlier. As we started to go upstairs my belly cramped a bit and I realised my need for a poo was getting quite urgent, I hoped no-one else needed to go. As we went into her room Lucy said "I've eaten so much I'm going to have to take my jeans off, they're really digging in me." She sat down on her bed and unzipped her jeans before pulling them off and then she laid back and stretched out, her tee-shirt rode up and I could see her yellow pants. "Good idea Lucy, mine are feeling pretty tight too," said Olivia and quite soon she was lying on her airbed with her orange pants on show as well and started chatting to Lucy. Katie said to me "I'm just going to the loo a sec, I'm really bursting."
"Er… what do you need?" I asked her, my poo was close to poking out and I didn't want to end up with dirty pants.
"Just a wee, why, do you want a poo?" she asked.
"Yeah, its going to start poking out any moment," I said.
"OK I'll be as quick as I can," said Katie, pulling down her leggings and chucking them onto her bed. She must have caught me looking at her rather tight pink flowery pants and blushed. "Sorry about these, all my decent pants are in the wash," she said. She walked over to the bathroom and said "You can come in with me if you want, those two are like a couple of old grannies chatting away" and she pointed over to Lucy and Olivia.
"OK, hang on a sec, I'll just take my jeans off," I said, I knew how the others were feeling as mine were digging in me as well. By the time I got into the bathroom Katie was already on the loo with her pants round her thighs having a wee, it went on for ages and she farted a couple of times before her stream slowed and dribbled to a stop. She wiped and then we swopped places, I pulled down my purple and yellow stripy pants and sat down. I weed too for a bit and then I could feel my poo starting to come out, I took a deep breath and pushed and it inched out slowly. "Sorry, I got a bit constipated at the end of term and it's still hard work," I panted as Katie sat on the floor next to me. "Don't worry about it, I usually take awhile to have a poo myself," Katie replied. Just then Lucy and Olivia came shuffling along on their bums until they were opposite the open bathroom door. "Are you going to be long Abs, only I need a poo as well?" asked Lucy, she was jiggling around a bit and was looking uncomfortable.
"I might be a little while yet, its only just started to come out and I was just saying to Katie my constipation isn't great at the moment."
"You can use the other bathroom if you want," said Katie.
"Well I will if I get really desperate but I don't want to make a mess in there," Lucy said.
"I'll try to be quick," I said, straight after I did another push and felt the turd move out some more but it was coming really slowly. After about five minutes of pushing and straining I could feel the widest part was through and knew it wouldn't be long before it dropped, which it did a few seconds later with a loud plop. The others started to giggle and laughed even more when I did a loud fart just after.
"I'm nearly done, just a bit more to come" I said to Lucy as I pushed out a couple more poos which splashed down into the bowl. By now Lucy was standing up and pulling her pants out away from her bum.
"I can wipe standing if you want" I offered and Lucy nodded, quickly dropping her pants and replacing me on the toilet seat. As Lucy started to wee I took some toilet roll and wiped my bottom.
"Just move forward so I can chuck this paper away" I said, and Lucy shifted forward on the seat so I could drop the paper down. As she did so I noticed the tip of a fat turd sticking out of her bum.
"Abs, you're not the only one who's constipated at the moment," said Lucy and then she gave a massive push followed by a grunt. "Sorry girls, its going to take a lot of effort to get this one out, its been inside me for five days!"
"Just take your time," I said, "That is unless anyone else needs to go!"
"I had a poo after lunch, so I shouldn't need to go again for awhile," said Olivia.
"Yeah, me too" said Katie. Anyway, after about fifteen minutes of Lucy straining and going red in the face she said "Thank god its coming now" and shortly after we heard a sploosh as it flopped into the bowl. Lucy finished with a bit more wee and then wiped her bottom. As she started to pull up her pants she said "Oh great, it did end up coming out in my knickers, can I borrow some of yours Katie?"
"Yeah but the only clean ones I've got are really old and grim" said Katie.
"I don't care as long as they're clean," said Lucy. Katie opened her underwear drawer and Lucy took out a pair of pale blue knickers and pulled them on, they were really too small for her but somehow she managed it. The rest of the evening was really fun, we got ready for bed and then watched a film on the massive telly Katie's got in her room. Hope you enjoyed this story, will do my best to post again soon, bye for now!


Poop smell

We were at my house in april, I smelt poop agian. I think her fb is mor important than her bowels. I asked if she ever had an accident b4 with pooping. She said yeah, a cupple days ago on her way home from school. See she asked if she could use the bathroom and was denied by the teacher and almost did it there in his face and make him clean her. She held it till she got on the bus then started to fart about half way to her stop. She got off and was prerry dogging on her 2 min walk. And a little skid into her panties followed by a larger piece. By the time she got home her mom was cleaning up her brother who shit himself playing outside. But then just as the door opend she went in but her brother was still getting cleaned. And she had a huge shit her panties. Her mom said " geat now I have to change my 18 year old" to her friend on the phone so her mom told her to go get clean cloths and meet her back in there. And her mom made her take off her underwear right in the hall and stay there for a min. Till her brother was done. Katlin was showed by her mom how to use a toilet later that night. Anyway my mom came in to see If we wanted to go out with her and smelled in the room and smelt poop from a girl. And asked Kaitlin if she had an accident and she denied and said she farted so my mom brought her to the bath room and saw a big poop in her underwear. And asked if she needed help but she said no and cleaned herself and panties up. She went calmando for about a half hour till her panties were clean and she could put them back on. I never asked y she always had to do it in my house.

One more time. She was going through some sycological issues and was in a hospital. I went to visit her and her roomy came in to meet up with us and talk. When her rachael ( her roommate) gave me a funny look then gave it to Kaitlin cuz she rembered the smell from the bathroom the night b4. And then people told me I had to leave cuz someone needed to shower. Her roommate snitched on her but I found out a cupple of weeks ago from now that she saw a bulge in her pants a lot there and even was alone and went through her bag to see if she had any stains but it was more than stains. She never cleaned them out.

Last summer i was visited my aunt for a weekend.
Aunt Anneliese is not really my aunt,she is the sister of my stepmother,but i have a really good relationship to her

she is 56 years old,but looking 10 years younger at least,curvaceous,broad-shouldered,a little bit busty,neck-length dark hair,broad face,maybe her nose is a little too big,but her face is dominated from her expressive iceblue eyes,wearing glasses.i think,she is approximately 5.7 ft,about 165 lbs.
she is divorced and has no children.

At the weekend of my visit we made a trip in the alps.We rented two rooms in a guesthouse in a village and wandered to a chalet higher at a hill.Anneliese wore a combination of a traditional suede jacket and knee-lenghth tight suede pants,neck scarf,knee socks and hiking boots.
After two hours we arrived the chalet and take a lunch.

After the wandering-tour Anneliese was really hungry and eated a big meal of sausages,kraut,potato dumplings.after the meal we drank coffee.
After about a half hour,Anneliese asked for the toilet but already came back after not even two minutes."we have to go back to the village" she whispered "i have to poop,but there is only an outhouse and i dont wanna use it..its too filthy!"

"Think twice,Anneliese!" I answered to her "it would be two hours back to the guesthouse.Can you make it such long? How bad is it?"

"mmmh...i think,itīs a 6 or 7 on a 10-scale..."she said "i donīt have diarrhea or so,but it felt like iīm having a huge turd.but i should be able to reach the village in time...but we have to go immediately !" answered Anneliese.

So we started our way back to the valley.after just about one hour,Anneliese was in serious problems.She walked in front of me,so i had her buxom cheeks in my sight and she grabbed her butt more and more often with one hand,accompanied by some muffled little farts.

10 minutes later,Anneliese moaned and clenched her cheeks with both hands." I need a short break,i have to sit down for a moment" she said."
I adviced her"Go to the bushes!"
"No,i canīt do that...even when i was a child,i could not do that...and now i canīt do this less than ever!" she refused.
"Things are get better surely,if i sat down..."she claimed and squatted down hastily on a bolder at the wayside.

I sat down on her side.
It was quite obvious that Anneliese was fighting hard with her shit.She was gritting her teeth and was sweating heavily.

"Come on Anneliese,go behind a tree,things will not go better,they will get worse..your guts are jam-packed with poop...the urge will not go away,no matter what you tried to make belief to yourself..."

But she was stubborn and still tried to make it somehow to the guesthouse.

After a few more minutes we left the tree- and rock-area and was walking over a big hayfield and in the distance we could see the steeple of the village.

Although Anneliese obviously had to pull out all the stops to prevent herself from shitting herself,at this time she was constantly sweating and gasping and the frequency of her pre-pooping farts was alarming,this sight let her got a second wind.

"There!..I...mmmh...told you so..oooh!"said Anneliese with strained Voice.."I was right!"

"Don't halloo till you're out of the wood!" I warned her "Itīs still an half hour at least until the guesthouse and your turd is hanging by a thread!"

"Blah!"bragged Anneliese "You h..h..have got to..uuuh...ffssst... be kidding me! I know my guts...mmmh..better than you!That little pressure canīt bring me not s..seriously into..aa..ah..a predictment!"
I am 56...i will never...oooooaaaaahhhhh,noo,stop it!

A huge crackling fart ended Annelieses boasting abruptly.she trampled frantically and yelled:Oh no,nooo,...aaaah shit..itīs poking out..uuuh,aaah,ooooh,oh god...donīt let this happen to me..pleeeaaaase!
i cant stop it,itīs coming out...oh my god..its already between my cheeks!!!"

With open mouth and wide-eyed she looked for a covered spot,but there was just grassland.Then she tried to get a few steps away,but it was no time left for this.

Not even 10 ft away from me,Anneliese fumbled with her belt to get down her pants,while she was shivering all over and doing a desperate poo poo-dance.

She managed it to pull down her pants,presenting her white buttocks.
A huge log was hanging out of her ass.As she bended over to squat down,the log broke off and fell down.

As Anneliese squatted,i could peak into her underwear and saw that she was far from to got down her pants just halfway in time.
fat brown lumps was builded up to a huge turd in the seat of her panties.

There was no large-leaved plants around and so i ripped out some tufts of grass and brought them to Anneliese.She mumbled "Thank You" with blushed face.
She was still about to pushing out another turd,surprising in fact of the enormous turd in her panties and the long big log in the grass.
I stepped a few steps aside,on the one hand hand to gave her a little bit of privacy,but mainly because the odor of her turds.

After she finished her business,she wiped her butt with the grass,dumped out the lumps out of her panties.
Then she pulled up her pants and we walked on...

After 5 minutes she mumbled:"Okay,you was right,it would have been better for me to go in the outhouse or in the bushes..."

I joked:" Oh yes,your panties would have been thankful" She smiled and said"Without Doubt..."

Because the odor of her poop still wafted strong out of her trouser legs,i teased her"Do you have a new perfume,Aunt Anneliese? Throw it in the trash can,it smells as if someone donīt made it to the toilet in time.."

She grinned and pulled my ear"Don't be so cheeky, my dear"


Replies & Happy New Year etc

John UK. I enjoyed the account of your wife's massive poo after not having done anything for several days. She must have felt massively relieved afterwards. I know I would!

Tech Guy. Thanks for sharing your story re the laxative Christmas pudding. I really enjoyed it. The time between Christmas and New Year is, I think, the optimum time for poo stories due to people eating large quantities of the sort of food they generally don't touch the rest of the year. I spent a few days over Christmas with my brother and his wife, during which I was very well fed. You could say I ended up farting and pooing for England! My festive indulgences aren't quite at an end yet either!

Nicola. I love your stories. Keep them coming!

Finally, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year with plenty of memorable pees and poos!

Hi my name's Kimberly, I'm a 17 year old girl who's 5 foot 7 and I'm of course blonde! I went on holiday to Turkey last year and my mom said to me watch you don't get the Turkey Trots and I was like don't worry mom I'll be fine. But I wasn't! About a week into my holiday I started to have diarrhea, really bad diarrhea! I was shitting like 6 times a day for about 2 days and then I took some diarrhea relief tablets, or did I. I took 3 and it turns out I'd taken the laxatives! I then spent about 2 hours on the toilet and the shit was literally gushing out of me. I walked out and said to my mom 'I think I just shit my guts out!'
Kimberly xxx

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