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Morning Poop

Hey, everyone! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I woke up a little bit ago and took my morning pee. After that, I went to my laptop to check e-mail, Facebook, etc. Before too long, I felt the urge to poop. It was then that I remembered this site and the different ways people poop. So, I decided to be bold. I wasn't gonna poop in the toilet! :) I got my roll of paper towels, and took off quite a few sheets. Then, I folded them over, making a square, and put them down on the floor next to my bed. I then took off my PJ bottoms, underwear, and squatted. I could feel my poop making its way to by butthole. I got ready for the big event! I thought it would be a long, solid turd, but instead, it was a big pile of mushy poo. Most of it came out in one movement. Then a little more came out. I raised my butt to look at what I left behind. It was a round pile of poo around an inch high. I was amazed at how round it was! I keep baby wipes nearby for cleaning, and wiped my butt with those. I needed seven to get completely clean.

Thanks to everyone on this site, I had the courage to take this kind of poop. I think I will do it again. I have also become a lot more bold with pooping in public thanks to everyone here. I've posted before on taking a poop at Walmart and also when I was in college living in the dorm. Even though I don't miss the academic side of college, I did enjoy living in the dorm. It was kinda cool being around some guys who weren't all that shy about pooping. Hopefully I can find a girl like that. ;)

Happy pooping and peeing, everyone!!
-Some Guy

waddling for toilet paper
i got up in the middle of the night to go poo. i sat myself down on the toilet, pulled my pants down to my knees, and pushed really hard. i peed and pooed at the same time, then when i was done, i reached for toilet paper and there was a practically empty roll. i took what little was on there and used it to wipe my front. then i got up (And my pants fell all the way down to my ankles) and opened the bathroom door, and walked all the way across the house to find paper. but not only did i waddle there with my pants around my ankles, but i was also holding my bum cheeks apart so as not to make a mess. i felt so relieved when i was able to properly wipe myself. i went to throw the paper into the toilet, sat back down, flushed, then pulled my clothes up and came to write this

Is it ok if you stick your finger up your butt will it cause any damage?


First Story

Hi guys! My name is Hannah (actually not my real name...) I am 19 years old, blonde hair, green eyes, about 5f6, and 140 pounds. I played soccer all through junior high and high school. I am a soccer coach for my younger sister, Amy (not real name either.) She's 13. This leads to my first story.

It was about 6 months ago, Amy's soccer team was on a bus to a game a state over. I, along with the other coaches, were on the bus as well. As we were on the interstate, about half way to the game, my sister started to fidget around. I asked her, "Are you okay?" and she said, "No, I really have to poop!" She was going nuts, and I knew she didn't use the bathroom like the coaches told the team to do before we got on the bus. "Why didn't you go before?" I asked. She looked around to see if anyone was listening in. "I didn't want anyone to hear me." after saying that, Amy clutched her stomach with one hand and sat on her other one. "I can't hold it until the rest point." I wanted to scold her for not going before, but I had to be a coach. I stood up, walked down the aisle and sat next to the driver of the bus. I asked her when the next rest stop will be, because a player had to use the bathroom badly. She said "I'm sorry, but there is no rest point for about 30 miles, she just has to hold it." I went back to my seat. "What'd she say?" Amy asked, obivously on the verge of pooping. "She said there was no way, you just have to hold it." She barely got out, "But I can't hol-" When she involuntarily rose her behind off of the bench and grimaced. A loud crackle could be heard as she totally loaded her pants with a solid load. She even started peeing, drenching the seat and her bottom. When she was done, she just sat there, crying. She had to stay that way for the rest of the ride. When we got to the hotel I helped her change.


The Unisex bathroom montage.

Haven't been here in a while. School is a drag, man. But, since I was on here last, I took up going to the gym. That means the only bathrooms are family and unisex bathrooms. I had two recountable experiences around there.

The first was two weeks ago. I was in line for the bathroom behind this girl that I saw in the gym. (I saw here run on the treadmill for two hours on the same place. I could never do that lol.) she obviously needed to poop. She was fidgeting like crazy, holding her butt and mumbling, "Not here, not here." over and over. She had two people in front of her, but she couldn't hold it and farted really loud and started to poop her tight sweatpants. She kept going and going for 5 minutes. She stopped, and left with her head down.

The second was a girl who ran right through the entire line for a stall, very urgently, and exploded with the runs.

More later

to whomever wrote me about girdles: My mother cried when girdles were practically outlawed in this country, She used to talk about the girls in her office who wore NO UNDERWEAR. We knew the teachers who wore girdles or no underwear(the womens lib.). My mother used to say,"They ought to be ashamed of themselves. I remember those young women. Come to think of it, they were fast(if you know what I mean). I worked in a store with this woman aged 67 who wore a black straight girdle She used to stick her cigarettes boxes under the leg openings. I tried a girdle when I was pudgy. I was barely nine. I wore that thing one and off until 13. It was like a vise. I did not wear it continuously. I was happy for panty hose. My mother was not. She was wearing both the girdle and the panty hose. They were murder to go to the bathroom. I used to see my teachers frantically reaching under their dresses and skirts to pull down their girdles. There was a 1st floor girls bathroom. So, the teacher would use that one because it was near her classroom and she could duck in there to urinate. Many times, I was in that bathroom during lunch break and she would come in there. I used to see her reaching under her skirt and slip to unhitchher girdle to take a piss. I was in second grade. All I had to was a dress or a skirt to pull up. We wore no pants in those days. Sometimes, I would be on the toilet peeing when she would come in. All she would do was pee and break wind. She could pee like a fire hose. The boys and the girls would look up the teacher's clothing as they walked up the stairs to see what underwear they were wearing. My oldest 4th cousin, 61 wears a girdle. She was always a big girl. I have a collection of panties. I still wear those white full-cut panties that cover my navel. But, my navel sticks out. It pays to buy the best. We wore stockings in HS under our dresses and skirts. We were sharp dressers.

amber: forget about the rules. I was going to the bathroom. That is a human right All you had to do was excuse yourself.

Amelia: Bowel movements in junior high school were murder for me. I never did in school until 7th grade and that was in religious school. I went to a lousy public junior high. I hated it. The girls were bullies. I went in only to pee and get out. Hardly any girls ever made #2 in that place.

Ann and Adrian: In our city, transit workers must have toilets at all terminal points. My father was a transit worker. He put his way through college and law school driving streetcars and buses. If he had to go, he would stop the trolley, bus, or trolley-bus at a subway-el station or a restaurant. He never worked in the subway. The Greek owners were very friendly to the drivers. He refused to use a bottle. Our transit system has very primative rules. Station agents(what few are left) are forbidden to leave their booths. So, many of them pee in bottles. Some do not care. They leave the booth. Good for them.

Ashley: My mother and her doctor made me endure some brutal trials-the laxatives and the enemas. Dulcolax did it for me when I was 19. But, it is not good for occasional relief. It is good when you are badly constipated. I had it in college. What a relief, but with a price. Once was enough. Dark fruits would give me brutal diarreah. I still eat lots of plums. One morning at summer school, I was 18, I ate 10 plums on break. Within 60 minutes, while in class I got cramps and the urge to break wind. But, I knew what was coming. It was a long class. I quietly went down the hall to the female toilet. It was a brand new school. I took a stall, undid my navy cotton dress slacks, hung them on the stall hook, pulled down my pink panties to my knees and let out tiny pebbles and brown and purple water. It was one massive explosion that lasted for 20 seconds. The cramps were murder, but it was a relief. I knew I was being cleaned out. I sat for 10 minutes in pleasurable agony while the stomach gas subsided. Then, another explosion with more chunks and pebbles erupted. The chunks just rained out of me, pulsating my rectum. I pushed with my muscles because I was missing the lecture. When I was finished, I reached for toilet paper and wiped myself both front and back and under. I opened my legs and the water was brown, purple and foamy. Plus, I was stinking the place. Luckily, I was alone.I pulled up my undies, flushed the bowl and put on my slacks. The next day was the same thing. I ate 10 plums and I had another attack. The teacher saw me grip my stomach as I left the room. He understood. I returned to the same toilet, undid my navy cotton pants and just dropped them to my ankles with my egg shell colored band-leg panty. It was automatic: one massive explosion and dark purple chunks and brown foamy water. I sat holding my head thinking, "Never again..." The cramps and gas were excruciating. I was farting 10 seconds at a time for about 10 times. I opened my legs to see what I expelled when another release broke and I witnessed it. With my legs opened and my head down, I watched more brown water run out of me like a garden hose. I was on that toilet for 30 minutes when it was over. I wiped myself with lots of paper. The paper was wet because my stomach was loose. I had to spread my legs and wipe myself dry. I pulled up my pants and undies and flushed. I learned about what real roughage can do.

You probably didn't ruin your phone by peeing on it, cell phones aren't very happy with water in general.

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great Christmas! I was so busy before that I didn't have a chance to post, so Dan you are in luck because my post today is about my after-Christmas poo! Glad you, and others (Just a Guy, Rachel etc) enjoy my posts so much- I love yours too and I like the variety we get on here with so many people posting about their experiences in different countries and locations.

Well, on Christmas day of course I ate far, far too much as usual. Unusually for me I did have to go that afternoon (I normally don't go on Christmas day itself), but it was only a couple of small pieces. So this afternoon after I ate some cold turkey sandwiches and salad for lunch, I had a big job to do! Two day's worth of food, pretty much, wanted to come out and I couldn't wait! I went to the toilet and sat down. With my jeans and knickers around my feet I was ready to go! A slight push was all that was needed and a torrent of very soft poo started to come out. 30 seconds passed with poo coming out rapidly all the time. After that lot there was a significant smell arising in the bathroom! I pushed out a couple more pieces of poo over the next few minutes and then looked in the bowl. It was full of my poo! There was one big soft log that was about 8 inches long, two big ones of about 5 inches each, and three smaller pieces of a couple of inches, plus a few smaller bits hidden below the larger ones. Needless to say I felt a lot better after that! This evening I went to poo again and produced four medium-sized turds and a few more smaller bits. I'm looking forward to hearing other people's post-Christmas poo stories too!

Dan- To answer your question, I would say that in general, my first poo of the day is usually larger, although it can vary depending on what I ate the day before. Since I go twice a day my evening poo, I would imagine, is made up of my lunch from that day, whereas my first poo of the day is a result of everything I ate the day before since lunch. I usually eat a lot more for dinner than for lunch, so consequently my first poo the next day is usually bigger!
My favourite type of poo is one like I described above, where it is soft and all rushes out in one continuous load! Although I do enjoy the relief of getting any desperate poo out into the loo! Like I say I enjoy the feelings of pooing, and when I'm in public I like to hear other women going too!

I ate quite a lot today, too, and tomorrow Megan and I are going out bargain hunting in the sales, so I may well have another story to tell soon! Bye for now everyone!


Stomach flu and aftermath

Well, this past week I had a very rare (for me) bout with the stomach flu. Came on suddenly Wednesday after lunch. I was just going about my business, delivering my mail route, when suddenly my guts lurched. I spent the rest of the day trying to keep from crapping my pants. I finally finished my route and hurried back to the Post Office. I hurried inside, ran to the men's room, grabbed an empty stall, yanked down my pants, sat down, and immediately sprayed liquid diarrhea all over the bowl. I wiped, pulled up my pants, flushed, then punched out and went home.

Once home, I spent the rest of the night laying down, sweating and getting chills, and spending a lot of time running back and forth to the bathroom. I threw up twice and went to release some pure water from my ass about 6 or 7 times throughout the night.

After a restless night, I finally fell asleep, then called in sick the next day. After resting most of the day, I finally started feeling better later in the afternoon. 24 hour bug, apparently. By Friday, for the most part, I was back to normal, except for the fact that now I can't poop.

I'm now going on three days without a bowel movement. Just wondering, does anybody else get bound up like this after a bout with severe diarrhea?

Anonymous Texan

Reply to Shane (Female)'s latest story

Dear Shane (Female),

I read your most recent post earlier today, Dec. 24 - and all I can say is bless your heart, girl! That must have felt like childbirth for you, huh? OUCH!! Glad your mom was there to serve as your 'midwife' for that ordeal! And even if you have yet to bring forth your first baby, at least you're now somewhat prepared for what it would be like - all because of your 20-inch long by 3+ inch wide bowel movement.

Got a couple questions for you now. You were saying that the tail end of your most recent large BM was the thickest portion. Well, you also said that the bast majority of it was roughly 3 inches in diameter. How wide was the tail end, by chance? I'm guessing maybe 4 to 4-1/2 inches, which is massive by most people's size standards. Mine are usually no thicker than 1-1/2 inches, and have average lengths of 10 inches. The longest one I have ever had was roughly 18 inches, but it had only a 1-1/2-inch diameter. Unfortunately, my hole has never been that big around.

Are your bowel movements almost always constipated like this? Well, if so, it sounds like you're not getting enough fiber or liquids in your digestive system. You might start periodically taking fiber supplements and ask your doctor about what can be done to improve your regularity. I know that if I were you, I most definitely would not want to be having BMs that feel more like giving birth than they do getting rid of normal body waste.

All that aside, I still find your stories to be very interesting, especially when you talk about being constipated. But you've gotta admit it's not healthy to go almost two weeks between bowel movements. In fact, it's downright dangerous! And so, I strongly recommend you consider what I mentioned above. Fair enough? Besides, I wouldn't want to read about a youngster like you getting colon cancer. I had a friend who once had just that, at age 23, but thankfully she survived the ordeal.

Anyway, you take care and try to enjoy your holidays - despite of what you've already been through up to this point. Talk to you later, huh?.

Anonymous Texan

Yesterday I was sitting at my computer when the urge to take a dump came on rather strongly. I find it enjoyable to wait awhile before I go, so I just sat there for about an hour, farting occasionally. I felt it start to poke out of my butthole so I knew it was time to go. I went into the bathroom, and sat down. I let out a long fart (I always fart right before I poop), and the huge turd began to come out. It was very thick. It came out about 3 inches and stopped. I decided to sit for awhile and just read, so I did. Then I pushed it out a couple more inches and sat awhile longer. I pushed again and the end of it was in the water, but still hanging out. I sat this way about 5 more minutes, enjoying the feeling of my butthole being stretched out, but then it got to the point that I really needed relief so I pushed and pushed and about 7 more inches came out and dropped with a plop. Ahh, I felt better after that. I knew there was more in me so I waited a few minutes and let out a couple of farts, then pushed again and a 10 inch long turd came out, again very thick, and dropped. I like to take my time and just relax as I dump, so the whole thing took probably 20 minutes.

I like your stories toiletgirl. I hope you keep them coming. I was just wondering your age though.

Continuation from yesterday…

After 3 days of probiotics and fiber, I finally had the small movement on Friday that I described. I didn't go anymore during the morning or early afternoon, but my stomach felt full. As I said, I could finally feel things moving, but no more trips to the bathroom. After a couple of hours I started to get a really sour stomach. I felt a little nauseous. Not like I was going to vomit right away, but like I might if I wasn't careful. I ate a few crackers and they helped a little, but I still felt gross. I had no appetite, no urges and no movement. I finally decided to take one laxative pill and hope for the best. I took it around 2 thinking that it would kick in before I went to bed. It did not. I ate a healthy dinner. I made sure that there was a lot of fiber in it and I ate even though I wasn't hungry at all. I also drank a lot of water. At night, my stomach was gurgling a little, and got really distended. I crawled into bed thinking that I would have to go soon. I lay awake for a while and massaged it. It was hard as a rock! I drank a bunch of water, and kept rubbing my belly, which at this point was super swollen and not feeling great. I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I was still bloated and did not have any urge to go. I had 2 cups of coffee and waited. Finally, after being awake for a couple of hours I felt a small urge. I went and peed and pushed out two really small soft logs. Not enough, but I hoped it would get things going. I wiped and there was a ton of mucous on the tp. I still felt full. An hour later I went to take a hot bath. I rubbed my ???? and tried to relax. I finally got the urge and got out of the bath, soaking wet, to sit on the can. I had another small soft log. I could feel a lot more inside of me, but it didn't want to come out. A lot of mucous this time too. I got back in the bath with no more movement.

I watched a movie and hung out. My stomach started making loud noises that you could probably hear across the room. It was lurching around. I could feel it moving. I waited a little while, but no urges, just noise.

In the afternoon I went out to run some errands. On the ride I started to pass a little gas. This is the first time in several days that I had to. Eventually, I had to pee really badly so I headed home. I was almost home when I got a small urge to poop too. I went in, dropped my stuff and went straight to the toilet. As soon as I sat down a log started to come out. It was small and soft. Less wiping this time, and the log was more normal than it had been before. It was a normal thickness and even though it was small, it was more like I thought it should be. I can still feel more moving around now. I know I have to go again. I'm still swollen, it's still making a lot of noise, and I feel a full uneasy feeling in my gut. When I rub it it's hard. I'm also starting to get mild cramps for the first time.
Anyone ever have this happen before?

Merry Christmas. I want to hear about your Yule logs from your Christmas dinner.


Iphone troubles

Hey Claire, I'm told that the usual problem with iphones getting wet, is the docking connector. It's easy to find sites on the net where you can get replacement parts. If you're warranty has expired, it might be worth a shot. I got the part and tools for under $30 and did it myself. If it's under warranty, just tell them it got wet and see what they say (you don't have to, and they probably won't ask). Good luck.

At our office party yesterday. I enjoyed myself as I usually do at parties but then suddenly my ???? started to churn badly. I wanted to fart but tried to hold it, I could feel it was going to be a wet one. I hurried out of the office and down the corridor to the ladies room, trying to squeeze my bum cheeks tight together. I groaned inwardly as I did fart, not able to stop myself and then felt that horrible wet feel in my panties. Pushing open the outer door of the ladies I gave a sigh of relief only two of the six cubicles were engaged. I ran to the nearest vacant one and was lifting my skirt and scrabbling to get my panties down without shutting the cubicle door. Squirming desperately to get my bum over the toilet I managed to pull my panties down off my ass as I erupted with a loud gasp and shit all over the back of the toilet and onto the floor. My ???? felt like I had barbed wire inside me as I squatted and shit again in a second horrendous splatter. Only then was I able to reach for some paper and managed to at least wipe the top of the toilet enough to be able to sit on the seat. I felt so ill that I just sat hunched over holding my stomach with both hands. Breathing heavily but just a little relaxed I pushed the cubicle door closed not really having the strength or desire to bolt it. I stunk to high heaven and all the time there was no sound coming from the other two engaged cubicles. Then one of them wiped and flushed the toilet. I sat my ???? churning again wishing I had never indulged myself by eating and drinking so much. Then I guess everybody at times say to themselves 'never again.' I must have been on the toilet almost thirty minutes before I was able to wipe myself, take my dirty panties off and dump then in the sanitary towel bin. Somehow I managed to drive home alright but needed to dash to the bathroom as soon as I got home. So now I am looking forward to a nice Christmas and be sure I will not over indulge myself. Please everybody have a lovely Christmas holiday. Love Stephanie, from the UK.

Last week I was making a journey on the tube out in the suburbs. We were held outside the station I was getting off at because of a signal failure (London-based readers will sympathise with me here). After about 15 minutes waiting, some maintenance guys came and fixed the problem and we were on our way. We pulled into the station I wanted, which is outside, and has a toilet block at one end of the platform (next to where I was) and the exit at the other end. As I got off the tube I headed into the toilet block, and saw a boy who was probably aged about 10/11 running from another carriage towards the toilets end.

I entered the toilet block which looked to be quite old, it had a tiled floor, white washed walls, a urinal and two cubicles. I selected one of the cubicles, locked it, then lowered my trousers and sat down. Scant seconds later I heard the boy burst in, run into the other cubicle and lock the door. I could hear him panting, groaning and fiddling desperately with a belt, then he hopped from foot to foot and panted "Need-toilet-need-toilet-nee-aah!!" which was followed by a loud crackling sound which sounded suspiciously like he pood himself. He groaned, crossed his legs, and seemed to hold the rest in for long enough to get his belt undone, pants and trousers pulled down. I could see his feet under the partition, he seemed to stand up over the toilet and bend forward, as a crackling sound announced the second wave - only his aim was bad and one log landed outside the toilet at the side. Finally he sat on the seat and let loose several more logs before sighing. He took off his trousers and pants and rolled off lots of paper. At this point I concentrated on my own poo, a couple of minutes later I heard him flush and leave speedily. As I left and washed my hands I saw into his cubicle. To the right of the toilet on the floor was a log where he hadn't made it, but on the other side in the corner by the brush I could see what had been his pants, abandoned. They were plain red y-fronts, which had a huge brown stain all over the back, and a smaller dark stain at the front where I presume he'd wee'd a bit.

He must have been bursting for the loo, and then caught up in the delayed train and not been able to make it. He certainly seemed to have to go badly!



Nuisance telemarketers

To Rich Guy:
I love your idea of asking telemarketers about their bowel movements. They're so hard to get rid of when they phone up and I think that asking them an awkward question like that would definately put them off. I'll try that next time someone phones me trying to sell me something I'm not interested in. I love the way they tell you the call may be recorded and used for security or training purposes. Somehow I don't think they'll want to use a question about bowel movements in training sessions!

I've posted a few times about my constipation issues for the last couple of weeks. Well here is an update. I kept taking the fiber pills except I upped it to twice a day and I've been drinking a lot of water. I went the little bits that I mentioned before, but on Christmas Eve things didn't get any better. The last 2 days every time I eat I get nauseous (totally fun on Christmas, right?) and I have barely had any movement.

Christmas morning I woke up and had coffee (I'm a coffee addict) and a couple hours after being awake I had toast. I felt full and queasy afterwards and it was just a little bit of toast. My stomach was bloated and uncomfortable. I came home and went to take a shower. As I was getting ready to get in the shower I had a slight urge. I was able to pass a two small 2'' logs. They were soft, and there was a lot of mucus on the tp again. That was all I could do.

I had to eat two Christmas dinners and for the first one I was starving. After about 3 bites my stomach started to argue with me, though. I got queasy again. I managed to eat a normal amount (didn't want to worry my family) and the ride home I felt a little sick but fairly okay. A couple of hours later I had to eat dinner with the other family. I had no appetite, but again, didn't want to worry them. I managed to eat even though I felt full and a little sick. About half way through, I had to force myself to finish. By the time desert came I thought I might be sick. I ate a little and as soon as we were done I was miserable. It felt like I had a bowling ball in my stomach and no matter how I moved I was hurting and uncomfortable. We talked and the entire time all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and rub my ????. Once we left and I got home I put on pj's and realized that I was really, really, bloated. I felt awful. It was an effort to do everything. The bowling ball continued and my gut was making soft noises and churning around. I decided to go to the bathroom and try to go. I didn't know what else to do at that point. After some pushing (which almost made me vomit) I was able to pass a little bit of stringy stool. It was thin, and there was a bunch of mucous floating in the water. There were 3 small pieces, about an inch and a half long each, about crayon diameter. They were attached to each other with this long stringy pooh. I couldn't go anymore.

The rest of the night I held my stomach and hoped that I would feel better. No more movements. I crawled in bed feeling miserable. The bowling ball in my gut felt heavier and no matter how I lay it was just awful. I could feel everything moving around inside and there were soft bowel sounds. I fell asleep and woke up about an hour later. My husband was sound asleep. As soon as I woke up I felt nauseous. My stomach was full of acid and a couple of times I could feel the vomit at the back of my throat. I tossed and turned and couldn't get comfortable. Three or four times I debated going to the bathroom and just letting myself puke it all out. I could have if I tried I have no doubt. I looked at the clock and about an hour passed. I rolled onto my side and nearly vomited. I spent the next 10 minutes with the covers off of me just waiting until the urge got so bad that I had to run to the bathroom and be sick. It never got that bad. I fell asleep again at some point.

I woke up feeling a little bit better. I wasn't nauseous anymore. I didn't feel quite as bloated. Things were moving around; I could feel churning from the bottom of my sternum all the way down. I was on my second cup of coffee when I got the urge to go. It wasn't severe, but any urge was good at this point. I had my first normal movement in about 2 weeks. It wasn't huge, but it was a normal brown, normal thickness and consistency. It came out slowly, but it didn't hurt and I didn't feel sick. Two soft logs, about 3 inches each. There was a little bit of mucous on the tp but not nearly as much as before. It's been about an hour, and as I'm typing this I'm getting a bit off that queasy feeling again. I can feel a ton of movement again, all through my whole stomach. The stomach sounds are getting louder and I'm getting a little bit bloated again. I will only update if things get interesting. Sorry for the long drawn out blogs on this. It's been a very strange 2 weeks for me. .



Hi again, I was reading through some old surveys and thought it would be fun to create one of my own. Now I'm going to try and take a different approach with this one and make it more of a social one between members of the forum here. I will post my answers after this is posted, so all of our survey responses come in at the same time. Now here's the questions.

1. Which member(s) of the forum would you like to see on the toilet?

2. Which member(s) of the forum would you like to see you on the toilet?

3. Which member(s) of the forum would you like to have a buddy dump with?

4. What bodily function(s) would you like to see them having?

5. What bodily function(s) would you like to have them witness from you?

6. Where would you like to see, or be seen doing the bodily functions? (outside, home bathroom, public restroom, etc)

Hope to see lots of feedback. See you all next time.

Monday, December 26, 2011


iPhone Down the Toilet

A few months ago, while I was driving home, I suddenly had to go to the bathroom really bad. I was at least 30 minutes from home. By the time I got to my street, I was in tears I had to go so bad. I rushed to the bathroom, took my pants off, and sat on the toilet. Before I started to go, I saw my iPhone in the toilet. It had fallen out of my pocket, and into the toilet when I took my pants off. I stood up and tried to get it out, but then I started peeing. I tried to stop but couldn't. After I was finally done peeing, I slowly reached into the toilet to get my phone. It was ruined. I was so depressed and embarrassed.

Punk Rock Girl
Hey all.

Major issues with my ass yesterday. At work, my company was nice enough to throw us all a little holiday party and it was catered by a restaurant we've all been to. I don't know what dish it was, but something was either bad or just disagreed with me horribly. About two hours after lunch, I felt like a rabid porcupine was trapped in my intestines. I rushed to the restroom on my floor, which is a unisex, and was dismayed to see all three stalls were in use. I waited, clenching my buns for dear life, when finally a toilet flushed and one of my male co-workers exited a stall. He looked ashen and told me I might want to wait a few minutes before entering the stall but I said I couldn't wait.

I went in (yes, it stank), slammed the door, yanked my pants and underwear down and sat. I let out this enormous wet fart that hurt like hell, and it was followed by a few semi-soft chunks and then a long spray of liquid. I sat there for a good fifteen minutes until I felt it was safe to stand up. I wiped my ass and flushed and headed back to work. About a half hour later I was back on the toilet taking another wet crap.

I was far from the only one. About half my co-workers had explosive diarrhea for the rest of the day. Fun! Today is a half day and then I have off all week. I go back the Tuesday after New Years. I plan on shunning the internet, so any bowel related updates will have to wait. I'll make an exception if I shit my pants.

Happy Holidays and Peace to all.


A few weeks ago I was about to watch a movie with my husband when I had to go to the bathroom. I went and had a large BM. It was soft, and came out easily. It's unusual for me to go at night, but I didn't think much of it. I went back to join him and my stomach felt a little funny. We started the movie and I sat on the couch. About 10 minutes into the movie I started getting stomach cramps. They kept getting worse and soon my whole stomach was in knots. I couldn't take it anymore, I had him pause the movie with about a half hour left and I made another trip to the bathroom. First, a bit of soft but sort-of-formed stool came out. I had a terrible stomach cramp and doubled over. Then the diarrhea started. It went, sharp cramp, wave of diarrhea, sharp cramp, wave of diarrhea. This only lasted a couple of minutes and I was able to clean myself up and finish the movie. I sat down on the couch and my stomach was killing me. It felt hard as a rock and I could feel all of the muscles lurching. I somehow made it through the last half hour, and when it finished I tried to play it cool. I told him he could go to bed but I was going to stay up for a few minutes. I headed to the other bathroom so that I could have more privacy since I had the feeling it would be a loud session. I rushed in, tore my shorts down and threw myself onto the can. A huge diarrheal fart exploded out of me. I groaned, leaned forward and liquid diarrhea began pouring out. 10 small, but very sickening and painful waves later, and I was empty. I crawled into bed feeling sick and hurting. I couldn't find a way to lie that my stomach could get comfortable. I thought for sure I would spend the night in the bathroom but somehow I fell asleep. I woke up okay in the morning. Must have been something I ate.

My bowels have been pretty messed up the last week or so. I haven't had a real movement in about a week and a half. I didn't think much of it at first, but then on Monday I had a small lunch and afterwards my stomach started to hurt really badly. Then I remembered that I'd only gone a tiny bit every few days. It was definitely not healthy. I got a little bit queasy and just felt terrible. It was hard to make it through the next hour or so, driving for work. Finally, it got to the point that I couldn't take it anymore. I went into a public bathroom. I had to bring the kid I was watching with me, and normally I'm a shy pooper but my stomach was killing me and I didn't really care. I sat down and peed and my stomach was aching. I pushed and after a few pushes a bit of soft gooey pooh started to come out. It wasn't enough, as in not a normal movement size, but it was something. It stuck to the bottom of the toilet and required a lot of wiping. I felt sick to my stomach the whole drive back. I got home and tried to go again, but I couldn't. I didn't go at all the rest of the night. The stomachache finally went away before dinner.

On Tuesday I didn't go in the morning, and I didn't feel any need to. I ate lunch and noticed afterwards that I didn't feel any movement in my stomach. You know, when you can feel digestion kind of happening? It was totally still. I went the entire day with no movement and no urge.

Wed morning I woke up and felt like I should try to go before work. Not a real urge, but something. I sat and after some pushing a couple of tiny pebbles came out. They were like rocks and I couldn't go anymore. After work, I came home and tried again. Still, all I had was a small pebble and nothing else. I felt full, and my body was getting all of the side effects of constipation (minus the stomach symptoms). I gave myself an enema. Right away a few tiny nuggets came out. I couldn't hold them in the whole time, but I held the rest. All the sudden I had to go and I had to go now! I felt sick and got a pain in my gut. I sat and a huge rush of the water with a few small hard pieces came out. A second later, a second rush of water with nothing solid came out. I sat and a little more water came out in a few waves, but nothing solid. My stomach was hard as a rock. No more movements on Wed.

I looked online to see if those symptoms were normal and somewhere it said that it could be an imbalance and I decided to try probiotics. I took one pill on Wed, as well as a fiber pill and drank a bunch of water. Thursday morning I took another of each and drank a bunch of water. I felt constipated in my gut for the first time that morning. I tried to go but nothing would come. In the afternoon I managed to pass one small piece that was rock hard the size of a marble, that was it.

This morning (Friday) I didn't feel the need to go. I hadn't passed gas or felt things moving down there in quite a while. I took another probiotic and another fiber pill and went on with my day. Around 10:30 I started to get the urge. That urge that I hadn't truly felt in over a week. I went to the bathroom, sat down on the toilet and right away I started to go. About 10 tiny pieces came out quickly and hit the water like bee bees. A log started to come right after and it felt so good. After I was done I looked into the toilet and realized that the movement was really small. I thought I'd passed a normal movement but it was less than 1/3 of the size that it should have been. Less than a normal day, never mind after not going for over a week! I started looking online and ended up here. Now, I can hear my stomach gurgling and moaning. I can feel things moving. I have the feeling my dry spell is over and I will make another trip to the can today. At least, I hope so! After 3 days of probiotics and fiber pills, and eating right, if things don't get moving I will go to the doctor.


Back at last & gas station toilet

Hey everybody! I doubt alot of you will remember me as I don't see alot of posters that used to write here, and the fact that I haven't posted in quite a while (months) but for everyone i dont know too well I'm glad to see everyone's keeping the forum alive and the reason I've been gone is because I'm up to my eyes in applying for art scholarships and what not, and I usually only post when something interesting happens.

Now, my first post in a long time! I was driving home from the ski hill after I went snow blading and I felt a major disturbance in my bowels. I knew I was going to shit but I thought I could hold it until I got home. But as it seems my bowels had other plans and I needed a toilet in the next five minutes if I wanted to avoid an accident. I saw a gas station up ahead while driving so I stopped there. Im glad it was night out because I did not want anyone to see the way I was walking to the bathroom. I had my cheeks clenched tight, hand on my ass, and I was doing that desperate fast walk. But when I got into the bathroom the toilet was absolutely disgusting! It was filthy, the toilet looked like it was clogged for a long time and the seat was caked in god knows what. I was in no position to argue however as I was about to explode. I pulled my jeans and boxers to the floor and sat my bare ass on the crapper and had the most demonic case of the shits ever! It was like that scene from van wilder where the guy has explosive diarrhea in the trash can, except it was with a toilet this time around. I sat there for about five minutes blasting liquid and chunky shit into the shitter along with a barrage of farts. When o was done I cleaned up as best as I could and left. If theres one thing I'm sure of, it's that the toilet there is going to reek for a while!

Just a girl...: Do not take a enema. Hot tea w/lemon will do the trick. I know people who depended on enemas and they had prolapsed colons. I used to have those nasty viruses when I was a little girl.

Lurker in AZ: My mom bought me one when I was getting on the pudgy side when I was 9! It was like a vise. Mine was white. My mother and the cousins wore them in white, beige and black. You had to let it down to your ankles and open your legs to wipe yourself. If you were thin, then it slid down easy. If you were ????, then you had a problem. My female cousins wore them so their girdle slid off easy. The modern models are shped like a panty or a spandex short and slide off easy. My grammar school teachers wore them. I used to sit at their feet when they read to us and I could see them under their skirts and dresses. My father was a night school teacher and his female colleague in the english department wore one. They were shaped like boxer shorts and had elastic straps to hold up stockings. I used to like her taking a hitch at her girdle and slip. They were murder when you had to go to the toilet. If they fitted too tight, you had to squirm to get it off. If you were ???? like me, you had to sit on the bowl or squat or hover over the bowl with your legs wide open with this grotesque device around your ankles to urinate. I tried weariing one when I was a pudgy little girl of nine years and I had to urinate. I was sweating to get it off. Thank God, I did because I almost wet myself. See my earlier posts. Self-enemas are in a shower are unsanitary.

npj: No human being should have to live like that. Modern medicine has increased the quality of life. I visit the sick and it hurts me to see adults in diapers. I have seen the elderly in diapers and seen them being changed. It is the most sickening thing that I ever saw. I've been in elderly sickroom when they are being changed. The smell is horrible. This is not what a civilized society should be.

Holiday camper: I went to summer camp and I was constipated for two weeks except when I drank apple juice and ate apple sauce. I was miserable and nauseous in the weeks after. I was afraid to make #2 because it was so painful. My mother made me drink Castoria and take enemas. That was painful and frightening. My bowels were loose for days. That was after my bowel movement were thick logs in brown water.

I had to give toilet paper to a little Mexican girl at the local public library in recent days. I walked into the upper level women's room where I saw two little feet lifted off the floor with navy panty hose and white and light blue printed panties when a little voice called out. "Can you help me, please? I am sitting on the toilet. I just made a ca-kee and I peed. There is no toilet paper. Would you give me some?" I said, "Sure." I went into the next stall and took off enough for the kid. I felt sorry for her. She opened the stall door and I handed it to her. I gave her enough to wipe both her rectum and her cat.Her tight navy school jumper was around her waist. I saw her stools. They were dark brown and soft. They floated in the water with her deep yellow urine. She thanked me and smiled. I took the next stall to pee. I pulled down my work jeans and my red and green full-cut Hanes briefs to my ankles, hovered over the bowl, opened my legs and let out a full-fledged pee. I did not want to wet the seat, so I turned it up. It was a 60 second gusher. I had to pee badly. I reached for some paper and wiped my cat. The kid was squirming to wipe herself. She meant business. I finished before she did and flushed. While I was fixing my half-opened pants at the sink, she came out fixing her undies under her jumper. That was after she flushed. She said, "I like your panties. You really had to pee bad. I almost made in my pants You peed standing up like my mom and my big sister. You're a big girl."

1. What is your most comfortable position to pee? to poop? sitting for both. peeing, sometimes hovering or sqautting.
2. In normal situations when you are not super desperated to go, how far do you pull down your panties when peeing and pooping? below my knees to my ankles the maximum.
3. Like in the story, does your pee make a hissing sound when it comes out? How loud is it? Hissins when it is heavy and loud.
4. During a pee labia usually gets wet. Does anywhere else gets wet as well (pube hair, thighs, bum cheeks...)? Labia. sometimes hair and inner thighs
5. If somewhere does get wet, how often does it happen? it depends on how heavy.
6. If somewhere does get wet, how wet is it (just a dribble or drenched)? saame as above.
7. How many times do you usually wipe after peeing? (or do you air-dry it?) 3-4x. sometimes, I will let it drip dry, if I am in the park woods.
8. In your memory, when was the first time you felt that you definitely need a wipe after peeing/pooping? explain this question?
Merry Christmas guys and girls.


Girl with a load in her leotard

To the sports writer who saw the girl with a load in her shorts:
I once saw a girl at school with a load in her leotard. We were waiting for the previous class to leave the gym so we could use it for our netball practice. As the last class filled out I couldn't help noticeing one girl was lagging behind at the back of the line. She was a pretty 16 year old girl with blue eyes and blonde hard but by the way she was walking slowly and her with her face bright red I knew she had a toilet related problem. As she got closer I smelled poo and she had a big bulge in the back of her leotard. Her legs were wet and so was the floor so she must have been really desperate and couldn't hold it any longer. The teacher ushered her towards the changing room and said something about getting into the showers and cleaning up. The girl certainly had a big cleanup by the size of the bulge in her leotard.

Can movements be called diarrhea if they are way more frequent than usual, and very soft, but not liquid? I had something like that happen a few months ago. I go on average of once every day to every other day. No big deal. I've always done that. A few months ago I was on vacation and I went 17 times in 4 ˝ days. It was insane. Here is the rundown:

1. Tuesday night. It was evening and I was getting ready for bed. I had the urge and went and had a massive soft movement. It floated on the top of the water. There were a few soft logs, but most of it was soft bits that fell apart when they hit the water. I didn't have a stomachache, didn't feel sick, I just had to go and man did I go. I was happy thinking I'd been good on the plane the next day.

2. Wed morning. I woke up, sat down to pee and a bit of soft pooh came out with it. I didn't even get a warning, it just kind of came. Only a little bit, and I didn't feel sick so I didn't think anything of it.

3. Wed evening. Got to the hotel, showered after being on the plane and had to go. Had a small soft movement. Again, it kind of fell apart when it hit the water.

4. Thursday morning. Had to pee as soon as I woke up. Sat down and a bunch of very soft pooh came rushing out with the pee. I cleaned up and got a cup of coffee and breakfast.

5. Thursday morning. After breakfast, stopped back at the hotel and had another small movement.

6. Thursday evening. At the restaurant, before the meal came I had to go. Barely made it. Not a lot, but it was even softer than before. Rushed out of me again.

7. Friday morning. Same as the last 2 mornings. Small amount, but no warning. Had to wipe about 15 times.

8. Friday afternoon. At the restaurant for lunch, ate, before desert I had to go again. Went to their bathroom and a bunch of soft pooh came out quickly and easily. One big rush.

9. Friday afternoon. Hotel bathroom. Small soft movement. Lots of wiping.

10. Friday evening. Getting ready to go out. Stomach is so swollen that I can barely wear my dress. The dress is normally too big. Manage to push and go a little, but not enough. Feel full and gross. Stomach is majorly swollen.

11. Friday evening. Dinner. Nice restaurant. Had to go. Embarassing. Only went a little. Very soft, fell apart before the water.

12. Saturday morning. Woke up and had to go the second I got up. Not a lot, but very soft and rushed out of me. Left the hotel to get coffee and drank about half when my stomach started to feel sick. This is the first time that I felt sick.

13. Saturday morning. At breakfast. Just placed my order, stomach was sick. Food hadn't even come and my stomach started to turn. Excused myself to the bathroom. Had 3 waves of thick diarrhea. It wasn't really liquid, but it wasn't formed and felt like diarrhea. Looked like diarrhea in the water.

14. Saturday morning. Still at restaurant. Went again after I ate. Small amount, but same as before.

15. Saturday afternoon. Sight seeing. Urge hit me like a ton of bricks. I hate public bathrooms. First one I went to was out of order. Started to panic. Rushed into the second one. I was alone. Thank God. Sat down and right away soft serve type movement started. One continuous stream of thick gooey pooh for about 5 seconds, ended with a slurpsh. Stomach turned. Explosion of soft pooh. Soft movements kept coming, over and over and over again. I looked into the toilet. It was more full than I've ever seen it! Stomach turned again. Another explosion. More soft serve. I couldn't stop going! Another 5 big waves and my stomach was aching but I realized that people were waiting for me. Wasn't done. I pushed and for about 6 seconds soft serve kept coming. One more explosion. I cleaned myself up even though I felt more inside of me. I only spent about 10 minutes in there, but there was pooh coming out every second of it.

16. Saturday afternoon. More sight seeing. Suddenly really thirsty. Drank a huge bottle of water. Walking around. Suddenly got cold and hot, stomach lurched and I got the bubble guts. First time that the "diarrhea" bells rang. Knew I was going to have liquid diarrhea soon. Stomach was spinning. Felt sick. Excused myself back to the hotel alone. Almost didn't make it in the elevator. Made it back to my room. Stomach was in spin cycle mode and walking made it worse. Tore my clothes off on the way to the bathroom. Sat down and a torrent of liquid diarrhea exploded out of me. Several more waves and my stomach was aching really badly. Got in the shower.

17. Saturday afternoon. In the shower, hottest water I could handle. Let it hit my aching stomach. Gagged a bit. Threw up in the shower. Stomach hurt. Bells rang again. Still wet, shampoo in hair, threw myself on the toilet and exploded again. Sat there, had 4 huge waves of explosive liquid diarrhea. Stomach hurt the rest of the day. Felt sick. Cramps on and off. No more movements the rest of the trip.


Getting Rid of Telemarketers

When I was in the hospital in the summer of 2010 the nurses would ask me each day when my last bowel movement was.It occurred to me that I could use that question to get rid of telemarketers. Ive tried it five times so far.So far every telemarketer has asked me to repeat the question I guess because they were so shocked to hear it.

The first telemarketer was a woman from the Washington Post. After I asked her twice she said Oh my! and hung up.

Number 2 (pun intended) Was a guy from comcast. He also hung up after I asked him twice.

The next call was from a guy with Allstate Insurance. He actually told me when his last bowel movement was. I told him to let me know when he was ready to have another one so I could come watch. He hung up.

Next was a lady from Verizon with a foreign accent I asked her twice when her last bowel movement was. She kept asking me to repeat myself. I thought maybe since english wasnt her native language she might not know what a bowel movement was. So I asked her when she last went to the bathroom. She asked me did i want the service or not I said no and hung up.

The last and most interesting one was a woman also from comcast. She wanted to know if I had a land line phone. I asked her about her last bowel movement. She laughingly said I dont know about that and asked again if I had a landline. I asked her if she was having her period. She said no and still laughing she asked me again about the land line. I then asked her how long her penis was. Still laughing she gave me her phone number and hung up.


Kindergarten Chaos

I was in Kindergarten. it was fun, Ir was free. But then i HAD to go #2. I was too embarrassed to ask Mrs Morgan, so i held it. I thought i could hold it until the end of the day. But i was wrong.
Suddenly i felt a rush of solid poop go into my pants. it was terrible. I started crying but no-one noticed.
One of the kids went up to Mrs Morgan and asked her "What's that funny smell?" Fortunately she had a cold so she couldn't smell anything. I went up to her, sobbing, and said "can i go to the toilet" she said "sure" (not even noticing, Teachers these days!)
I went to the toilet to clean up but i needed help to get the solid poop out (i was 5 remember). so i left it and got dealt with at home. i had a bath and hugged mum before bed.
I don't think anyone else noticed, so i kept my friends and had a happy Kindergarten life until another accident, but that's another story.

Just a Guy
Hi - I haven't posted in a litle while, so some of my comments may be a little dated - sorry.

Leanne, Great post about your poo while shopping. Its terrible that you had such a long wait. Those were also great stories the other day with your friend Megan. Its terrible when you have an urgent dump and someone's taking a big one, but I'm glad you made it in time. It must have been a great relief to be able to get seated even if the smell in there was bad. I also enjoyed the story about the waitress - it sounded like she really had to go too

Nicola, You're right. Sarah did seem really desperate & by your description, it sounds like she took a big one.

Rachel, another great story. I felt bad for you having to wait so long, though

Mary Kate, If you have any stories about roommates, would love to hear them

Amylee, enjoyed your posts about Lisa and Barbara. Its funny because you're the one who's poop shy, but it sounds like both of them had much larger & what would be embarassing dumps if they were poop shy.

Paula-poo, Wow, it sounded like you really had a big clear-out

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