Hi im a 5"8 girl blonde and slim

Once i was in france and i had a really bad cramp so i went to the toilet which was about half a mile away when i got there my cramp was awful i knew that somthing wanted to get out my bum.I saw the que to the toilet which was a unisex bathroom.There was 15 people lining up so i joined the que and the girls ahead of me said that they were dying for a poo.45 minutes had passed and i was the third person in the que i was holding my bum closed to stop poo from going everywhere.when i was at the front of the que and a boy asked me if i can hold his toilet paper so i was standing there holding toilet paper and my bum.Then about 15 minutes later the boy got the toilet paper and wiped then a lady took the one that he was using and the only one unoccupied was one with no door.It was a squatting toilet i was so desperate that i just used that one.I didnt squat over the toilet i leaned my lower back on the wall so i unzipped my jeans and pulled my knickers down and pushed about five turds came out and then i farted along with some runny poos.About five minutes later a woman stood in front of my toilet and i did a massive fart and that got her attention so she turned around and saw me leaning on the wall with a 7 inch turd hanging out my bum she went into the stall next to me.I then dropped my 7 inch poo then another woman about 15 years old went in the cubicle next to me.She started out as a loud fart and then a few runny poos.Then in my cubicle i remembered that i didnt bring any toilet roll with me so i waited to ask someone if they could give me some toilet roll.The girl next to me was plopping away i could see her poop going into the toilet there was then a pause and then a loud fart and i could hear her pushing really hard there was a turd coming out but very slowly.She cept pushing there were many loud farts and then the poo came out she then wiped and passed my cubicle and i asked her if i could borrow her toilet roll she gave it to me and i wiped it took me about five wipes and then i left and went back



Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: ASM great story about that woman peeing her pants I bet she learned not to drink so many energy drinks without being prepared and please share anymore stories thanks.

To: Ashley as always another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks an god bless.

To: Suprise In The Restroom great story about you hearing that woman pooping I bet that memory will last forever and please share anymore like that if any happen thaks.

To: Amelia first welcome to the site and great story about you and your friend pooping at school and also seeing that other girl pooping to it sounds like you all really felt great after that and please post more storeies thanks.

To: Amber great story about you pooping your pants it sounds like you had an ambush poop that hit without much warning but at least not very many people noticed and if you tell your boss why she should understand maybe just say you had an accident or something like that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great pooping story it sounds like you and that other lady had a good dump and I bet you both felt alot better afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great story it sound like your friend Sarah was beyond desperate and it sounds like she really had to go and I bet she felt alot better after that and lucky that you got home when you did other wise she wouldve had an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Christina first welcome to the site and great story about you liking to hold your poop in it sounds like you will fit right in here and have some interesting stories to tell and I look forward to them all thanks.

To: Hermes as always another great story about you hearing a woman poping it sounds like she really had to go and I bet she felt great after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Heres a story about a dream I had last night I went to vist my elementry school and but it looked alot different kinda high tech so I was talking with my one of my old teachers as she was showing me around we ended up in the bathroom which had a big screen tv and doorlesss stalls and the toilets were recliner toilets and I saw another teacher on one of them im not sure if she was peeing or pooping but then the teacher that was showing me around pulled her pants down and sat on the toilet and I heard what I thought was peeing but then came a bunch wet farts and splattering poop one of my favorite teachers was having explosive diarrhea in front of me and not seeming to mind I was right there in front of her and then I woke up but man that was a good dream I hope to have another one like that soon.

Well thats all for now and I wont be posting again until next tuesday because the library is going to be closed the next 4 days and I hope everyone has a sfae and great holiday and eat alot so you can give birth to a giant yule log.


PS. I love this site

Shane (female)

Mom Helped Me Get my Poop Out

Hey, it's Shane. Sorry it's been so long, life outside of the bathroom has been pretty rough on me lately, but I think it's ok now. Alright, I was constipated for 13 days and finally pooped earlier today. Here's the story:

I was chillin' at home, and I finally felt like I could poop this afternoon so I went to the bathroom. I pushed and pushed and pushed, but nothing wanted to come out. My ????? was extremely swollen and my butt felt like it weighed 1,000 pounds. I put a finger up my butt and fellt around for a turd. It was about 3 inches up my butt and it was even harder than a rock! I was getting kind of nervous, because I knew this would hurt. I pushed for about 4 more minutes and grunted as well. "Uuuuuggggghhhhhhh! HHHHHMMMMMMMM!!! Ooooooooohhh! Uh! Ahhh!" This monster slid down right to my anus, but it wasn't poking out quite yet. The pain was making me groan like crazy. My mom knocked on the door and said, "Shane, honey, are you alright?" "No, mom," I said. "I'm really constipated, can you please, please help me?" She came in and I showed her the turd. She poked it and said it felt like concrete. She had me lay on my back on the counter with my butt over the sink. She massaged my huge ????? while I pushed. "Oooh...Enh!...Agghhh! Oh, ow! OW! OWWWW! Try something else!!" It was now out 4 inches and about 3 inches wide. Momm had me sit backwards on the toilet. Then she wrapped her arms around my stomach and squeeeeeezed while I puuuushed. That hurt so bad, I burst into tears. The turd was 7 inches out and still 3 inches thick. Next she tried pulling the turd. She grabbed onto it and began pulling it like a rope. It just kept coming and coming, causing SEVERE pain!!! I was instructed to push, but I couldn't, it hurt so bad. "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH!! OHHHHH!! STOP!!!!!!!!!!" The very last part was the thickest part. I screamed at the top my lungs when it passed my rear. "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" The turd ended up being about 20 inches, that's almost a record for me I think!! Mom rubbed lotion on my butt to help take the pain away. I've been laying down taking it wasy with an ice pack on my butt ever since, and that was about 4 hours ago.

That'sit for now.



Hi im a blonde girl 5"8 slim

I was at my child's birthday party it was at a shopping centre the children were aboyt five years old and there was six of them.I had a really bad cramp and felt a really big urge to poo.We were eating at a resuarant and i looked for a toilet and i couldent find one.I had to eat some of the childrens leftovers that filled my stomach up.I said to the children that i needed the toilet but i didnt say i needed a poo we looked for about 30 minutes and i was trying to stop poo from going all in my knickers.We were looking for 45 minutes and we finely found a toilet.The children said that they all needed to poo aswell.When we wnt in the toilet there was only one stall and the children asked if they could go in the same stall as me.I wanted some privacy when i wanted to poop but i let them in the girl who first used the toilet had brown hair and she was wearing a purple skirt.She lifted up her skirt and pulled down her pink knickers and sat down she did a fart in the first five seconds and her freinds started laughing and she went really red.She leanded forward and pushed i could hear her straining then a poop fell out and made a loud splash she was still pushing and and then she did a big fart and then she wiped and the next girl sat down she was wearing jeans she said that she really needed to poo.So she sat down and did a really loud fart along with some runny poos there was a pause and then a big plop followed with some farts she then wiped.I really needed to poo and i was quite embarresed that i had to poo in front of my daurters friends.I pulled down my jeans and knickers and i did a really loud fart and followed by some runny plops.The girls were laughing at my fart.There was still some poop wanting to come out i leanded forwards and pushed the poop wasent coming out so i pushed as hard as i can and i farted and a really long poop came out my bum.I then wiped and flushed and the girls were talking about my poop IT WAS SO EMBARSSING


Various replies

Punk Rock Girl. Thanks for the information re toilets in NYC. I'll know to have nerves of steel if efer I'm caught short there.

Nicola. Thanks for sharing the story about Sarah's desperate poo with me. I think it's a good idea to always have a set of keys with a neighbour in case of emergenices. It sounds as though you and Sarah are particularly well matched on the toilet front.

J. Thanks for sharing your London bus driver experiences with me. I think carrying a handy container was wise. Although it must be ten years since I last encountered her on here, I remember Anne the Bus Driver's stories with great affection.

Karen. I hope you've finally got rid of that bug. It can leave you feeling weak for a while though. Bland foods are good for getting the stomach and intestines working normally again. I'd be wary of reaching for dairy products too soon after a stomach upset though - they're best avoided for a while.

A Happy Christmas to everyone!


Guy Friend's diarrhea during Camp

So Christmas is coming everyone, Merry Christmas in advance! This story I am about to post would be my first, because this was a never before experience I had, and definitely true and legitimate!

Just a few days ago during my camp, this guy friend of mine, Terry, who is usually really talkative, suddenly became really quiet and seemed uncomfortable(He is of lean built, pretty tall for a 14 year old high schooler).

Earlier on, he told me he was really hungry and drank almost the whole 1.5litre bottle of cola and ate about 1 can of beans. I probed and probed, already guessing that the beans might have given him gas. It was more than that! *winks*

Finally, he opened up to me that he had a stomach ache and wanted me to accompany him to the bathroom. It was one of the worst cases of diarrhea I've ever heard. He started off being really quiet in the cubicle for 2 mins and suddenly he groaned slightly like "tssszz, oah" and liquid like turds dropped into the bowl. I could tell he was holding back. The turds just kept coming out one by one, I did not do a count but I can say for sure I heard those plops for more than 10 times!

His groaning never did stop. I asked ," Hey terry, are you ok? need me to inform the teacher?".. He replied,"Erm, there's no need to, I think it's just the beans, I'll be alright".. And then another "aaoohhhh" and a resounding "pzzzzssss" of gas came out of his butthole followed by several bursts of liquid poop which carried on for about 10minutes.

I think he had really bad diarrhea because at times it sounded like he was urinating at intervals though from the sounds of it the liquid was REALLY THICK and definitely not the consistency of urinal fluids!!

When he came out he looked slightly pale. He had spent approximately 15 minutes inside. He was later sent home because he stomach ache was persistent and he had developed a fever. Poor Terry!


Out and About

This was a few years ago when me and my Mom and Brother and my Kid Sister Mayla was out running around.We went in one store too look around,I was looking at a few books and my sister that was 8 at the time asked me how long are we going to be in here,And I said I didn't know.A few minutes later my Mom took her in the bathroom and a few minutes later they came out of there and Mayla shouted I SHIT!

And another year later we was at the same area but diffrent store.But it was just me and mom,and sister.It was on a Monday and my sister was going to have the rest of the week off because they where closing school because of a viruse that was going around.Well anyway we was in a store and my mom said we had to leave
I asked what was wrong and she said that Mayla's stomach was hurting or she just had to fart,she didn't really know.Well on the way home I laughed about it a little and Mayla poked me in the back for laughing.


Quick feedback; real post soon

Hey all,

Just a quick feedback post amongst the holiday bustle. I hope to post JUST before or JUST after Christmas.

Bryan With a Y: well, I'm a male, but will answer your questions, as applicable:

1. What is your most comfortable position to pee? to poop? Staning for pee, sitting for poop.
2. In normal situations when you are not super desperated to go, how far do you pull down your panties when peeing and pooping? no panties, but my pants / udnerwear go to my knees / shins.
3. Like in the story, does your pee make a hissing sound when it comes out? How loud is it? n/a
4. During a pee labia usually gets wet. Does anywhere else gets wet as well (pube hair, thighs, bum cheeks...) definitely n/a
5. If somewhere does get wet, how often does it happen? n/a
6. If somewhere does get wet, how wet is it (just a dribble or drenched)? n/a
7. How many times do you usually wipe after peeing? (or do you air-dry it?) n/a (shakedown!)
8. In your memory, when was the first time you felt that you definitely need a wipe after peeing/pooping? If it's a soft dump.

Ashley: glad you liked my post! From time to time I'll have a mega load ;)

Amelia - sounds like I'm not the only who poops big! I can eat quite a bit sometimes, which leads to amazing shits. Sounds like you can fill a toilet with poop, and farts. Do post after Christmas!

Leanne - ah, one of my fave posters! Which poop of the day do you find to be your largest (or 'more') ; the first or 2nd / last?
I've asked you stuff in the past, but what's your fave fart & poop to do?? and what about using the bathroom do you like the most / least? (other posters, feel free to answer of course). Looking forward to reading your post-Christmas dinner poop.

Nicola - how big / what was Sarah's turd like??

Christina - you find you get larger dumps the longer you hold?? I do, either one large poop or LOTS.

That's all for now! f I don't post till after christmas, I hope Santa drops a big load under your trees; and the Christmas dinner goes well.

Best wishes to all!

Her first answer was true--she did spill something on herself. It was just her bladder! <G>


First enema

Hey guys I posted on her a while ago about my first attempt at a enema and nobody has come back of ways to have homemade enemas and yea I'm just askIng for ideas and help.

Merry Christmas and happy pooping :)


Questions for car mom


I have a couple of questions for car mom

1. Do you like cleaning up all the pee in your car
2. Have you ever had a boy pee in your car
3. What kind of car do you have

So just a couple of questions for car mom

Friday, December 23, 2011


good excuse for being late

i was the manager-on-duty at the store where i work tonight and i got a pretty interesting phone call from an associate. this girl, she's in her mid-late 20s i guess and shes pretty cute, not the prettiest face but a fine body, especially her butt, called to tell me she was going to be 45 minutes to an hour late. i was pretty irritated because its the week of Christmas and we need as much staff on hand as we can get at all times. so i told her it better be a good reason. she was reluctant to tell me, so i said i was gonna have to report it to hr because she'd been late a few times recently, unless she had a solid excuse. she seemed a bit upset and told me she'd tell me when she arrived. i agreed and got off the phone. finally, when she showed up, i took her aside and she reluctantly informed me that she was so late because halfway to work she had to turn around to go home and change her pants. out of curiosity i pressed for more info, and at first she said she spilled something on herself. i could tell by how much she blushed and the way she mumbled it that it wasn't entirely true, so i grinned at her and told her to tell the truth. that's when she went into the details of how she was tired, and needed a pick-me-up before work and for her 45 minute drive, so she drank a can of monster energy drink. she described its effect as having gone "straight to her bladder" and she couldn't hold it in for the entire drive to work, so she accidentally peed her pants in the car! how embarrassing and demoralizing for her, but i told her it was a good excuse and i wouldn't report her!

Bryan with a Y

Behind the bathroom doors + survey!

Hi, I come back to share more stories.

Two days ago my roommate had his girlfriend come hanging out together with several other friends of ours and we all had fun. We had games, XBOX, drinks and talkings going on. During the middle of the talk his girlfriend went to bathroom. Our apartment has the guest bathroom on the first floor right beside the living room, and the door is rather thin so we could hear everything inside. For some reason our conversations suddenly died down and the room went a lot quiter instantly. Exactly at this crucial moment, we heard a loud hissing sound coming from the bathroom as my roommate's girlfriend started peeing. I caught a quick expression of laugh on two of my guests' faces before it vanished as the "ssssss..." sound from the bathroom echoed in our room. Together with it there was a loud splashing sound "flflflfl..." as the pee hits the water. There was no way that anyone could miss the sound - it was as if being broadcasted through a loud speaker. The "ssss...." sound went on for 30 sec, then there was a quick pause of about 2 sec, then there was the loud "ssss..." again. This went on for about 2 minutes.
We had both guys and girls coming over, and in front of that loud hissing peeing sound the girls looked at each other with an amusing smile as if saying "Hmmm, I know how that feels" and guys looked at each other with an attempt to hold back laughter, hesitating whether or not to make a comment about girl's pissing sound in front of her boyfriend and other girls.
Slowly the peeing sound died down and we heard her pulling TP. All of a sudden I came to realize that two of our friends were actually playing Call of Duty on XBOX the whole time! In case you don't know, Call of Duty is a first-person shooting video game in which there is a lot of gun fires and explosions, and in spite of all that we still heard such clear sounds from the bathroom. That had to be the loudest pissing sound I've heard in my life.
After she came out, my ear caught her asking her boyfriend if she was loud in the bathroom. She asked "... Did anyone hear my noises in there?" But before her boyfriend could answer, the soldier character from Call of Duty replied "loud and clear!"
Then I rushed into bathroom because I was laughing so hard.
The whole party was fun, but this story had to be the little highlight of the night!

Now, for some surveys: I posted a similar one a while back. People said they were interested for more so here it is again. It is mainly for ladies.
My thanks to Stephanie who answered! :)

In the most usual cases:
1. What is your most comfortable position to pee? to poop?
2. In normal situations when you are not super desperated to go, how far do you pull down your panties when peeing and pooping?
3. Like in the story, does your pee make a hissing sound when it comes out? How loud is it?
4. During a pee labia usually gets wet. Does anywhere else gets wet as well (pube hair, thighs, bum cheeks...)?
5. If somewhere does get wet, how often does it happen?
6. If somewhere does get wet, how wet is it (just a dribble or drenched)?
7. How many times do you usually wipe after peeing? (or do you air-dry it?)
8. In your memory, when was the first time you felt that you definitely need a wipe after peeing/pooping?

That'll be all this time. Thanks for reading and answering!

hello everyone!

yestetday i was at a softball park nearby where i live! i stayed there from 1PM till 5:55pm! i purchased a 24oz of ice tea at the gas statation nearby! i refilled it several times with water! at 2:33pm i made my first visit to the restroom! about 10 mintues before i made my first trip to the bathroom i noticed a small group of teenage boys one of the boys had a basketball! my guess is that the group of boys ranged in age from 13 to 16 years of age!~ when i made my first trip to the restroom i immedaitely saw the the three boys enter the ladiesroom! that made me really angry! so i headed back to the seating area and moments after i sat down i saw a field officer ! here's where i made the mistake! at the same time the field that i was closest too had a worker there so i went up to him and said to him " i told him that i saw the 3 teenagers go into the ladiesroom! what i should have done was tell the field officer ! next time i will use the better judgement! i think that the maintence worker on the field must have said something to the manager! cause later on when i went back to use the bathroom! the manager was out there and the three teenage boys went inot the mens rooms like they were suppose too! so at 2:45pm i headed to the restroom! i took the middle stall! i was wearing a light violet shirt and a menturnity skirt! i like wearing skirts! the skirt was army green! i had on a white pair of panties! i pulled them down all the way and immediately began peeing! it lasted only three seconds! i wiped and put the tiolet paper in the tiolet! i exited the stall without flushing! i went to the sink and washed my hands! i will conclude this story about my second half of my trip at the softball park for next time! Happy Holidays!



Punk Rock Girl
Hi, Adrian

Well, if you have nerves of steel and a high tolerance for embarrassment, there are plenty of "comfort stations" (as they're called in NYC) that do the job. They are mostly kept surprisingly clean considering the sheer volume of people who use them everyday. But many of the women's rooms have no doors on the stalls, and my male friends have told me that some of the men's rooms have no stalls at all! I mean, if I'm just peeing, hell, I'll go behind a bush. But if I have to have a major BM, I'd rather at least have a wall on either side of me. Don't need my ass crack visible when there's shit oozing out of it.

Plenty of Starbucks, however. Their coffee sucks and their bathrooms are usually nasty, but beggars can't be choosers when in a pooping emergency!



Only five days to go until the big day itself! How are all your preparations going? I'll bet there's been some interesting "visits" with all the pre-yule celebrations and all that entails! Adrian, thanks for your comment on my post, I make you right that couple of hours extra probably did help. It may be of interest to you Adrian that I was a bus driver in London for almost 15 years (remember Ann, course you do) and the shift system caused some erratic timings for ones bowels; towards the end of my time on the buses I was on a permanent late/night shift which did tend to help matters somewhat! When I was driving the "nighters" I carried an empty 2litre plastic milk bottle in the cab to enable me to pee whenever I reached the terminus at Trafalgar Square. I would park up in Northumberland Ave and go halfway upstairs and position myself so passers by couldn't see me and neither could the on-board CCTV! Anyway that's a distant memory now and it just remains for me to say take care one and all and hears looking forward to the post Christmas posts, lol. Adrian, there were some good festive posts around the pages 132 - 135 area if memory serves me correctly! Bye for now, j

To Rachel: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your other classmates had to wait in a long quque for the loos! iam glad that in the end that you didnt end up having a major accident! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Karen: i really enjoyed your post! Good luck with your New Years resolution! i have faith that you will succeed! sounds like you had a good bowel movement at home! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Dan: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had an awesome time at the christmas party! sounds like you took quite a dump in the unisext bathroom ! iam glad that the food at the christmas party didnt make you too ill! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Desperate to Poop: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had to wait for quite a while in long quque at unisexs toilets! iam glad that you didnt have a major accident! sounds like the 20yr ???? blond left quite a smell behind! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Althea: i really enjoyed your posts! sounds like you had some rather rough episodes when you were 18 years old! it funny when you look back on old previous bathroom experiences and now you can laugh some of them Good and some of them bad! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Adrian: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like the brussel sprouts made you gassy! sounds like you enjoyed the other kinds of food that was served at the annual christmas party! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Whoever talked about there friend sarge taking a really huge dump at the concer: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you left the tiole without flishing after you peed! i just ingore people rude comments! you did what you wanted and felt like doing! sounds like you also had a blast at the concert! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Karen: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had some explosive results from the low carb diet that you experienced while on the akins diets! before you start a diet make sure that it is the proper one for you! everyones body is different and what Good results will happen for one might not exactly happen for another person! i hope thatyou find the right diet that will work for you and that your body adjust to it well! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Brian:i really enjoyed both of your posts! sounds like you had some amazing experiences with other men! i lookforward to your next post take care and God bless!
to Bean: i really enjoyed your post! sounds the barbaque french fries affected you a little bit! iam so sorry to hear about your sore bum! i guess now you know that the food that you ate from the restaurant is not for you! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Brian: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a really cool experience with your girlfriend in the washroom! i believe that most guys would love to have many experieces with there girlfriends in the bathroom! iam glad that you both enjoyed your hike! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Whistler: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a really hard time finding the restroom at the doctors office! iam glad to hear that you didnt have an accident! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to PunkrockGirl: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a good wee at the buffeet restroom! sounds like you had a good bowel movement at home! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Ki: i really enjoyed your post! iam really sorry to hear about your massive dirreah! i hope that it clears up for Christmas! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Leanne:i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had some really cool experiences at the bar like restraunt! sounds like the 14 year old girl had quite a huge bowel movement! sounds like the 8 yr ols left the tiolet and didnt flush! i also enjoyed hearing about your roommate megan! sounds like you both had a really good bowel movement at home! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Goldeneye: i really enjoyed your post! congraulations on overcoming your fear of using a public bathroom! Good luck with your new job! take care and God bless!


Ps. Merry Christmas!

Surprise in the Restroom

I saw the story from one poster about a woman asking to use the men's room on Black Friday due to the women's being crowded. That reminded me of a situation I experienced a few months ago. I was driving in town and felt a dump coming on. I saw a section coming up where several nice hotels were located. Thinking this would be a good, clean place to stop, I pulled into a large one, a world-wide chain, and parked. I went in and there wasn't much going on. I saw the restroom sign pointing down a long hallway. I went toward it and when I got there I noticed the doors to the restrooms only had the male and female figures - no "Men" or "Women" written on the signs. I looked carefully and went into the one with the male figure. It was set up differently than I've ever seen a men's room. You went in and there were 5 stalls. The urinals were located on the far end past the stalls so you couldn't even see them when you entered due to the stalls. For a quick moment I thought I was in the wrong room but a guy stepped around the end stall from one of the urinals, so I knew I was right. I went into the second stall. I'm a bit of a shy pooper but I figured the guy would leave quickly and he did. The stalls were pretty nice, with partitions that went to within about 3 inches of the floor and the doors were full length to the floor with those wooden louvers. The doors had no cracks around them. I began to pull down my pants when I heard someone else come in, footsteps clicking on the floor. The person went into the 3rd stall, right next to me. I heard a bit of rustling of clothes. Then I heard a clearing of the throat - it was a female. I froze a bit as I heard her sit down. She coughed lightly and again cleared her throat. There was no doubt it was a lady there. I waited to see if she was going to do a quick pee. She began to pee. She peed for about 10 seconds then the drips stopped. I didn't hear her unroll any toilet paper. I heard her take a couple of deep breaths then a "ahhh" and a small fart then crackling and a heavy PLOP, another "ahh" another crackle and plop, then quiet. I was about to burst so I let out my long wet poop which surely she could hear. She then took another deep breath, exhaled and whispered "ummmmpp" and another small but noticeable fart came along with more heavy sounding ball-like poop plopping into the water. It sounded like she was a bit constipated but needed to go. She must have dropped 15 or 20 of the small turds. She let a squeaky fart halfway through the barrage of plops. I was now done and peed and began to pull toilet paper to wipe. I heard her unroll some paper as well. She wiped 4 times then stood up at the same time as I did. I was very curious what she looked like so I decided to go out while she was still in the room. At that moment, she flushed and immediately opened her door and went to the sink right in front of the stalls. That was my cue. I flushed and opened my door. I now saw her - about 30 years old, with a short skirt on, heels, great legs and the skirt highlighted her nice butt. She had long brown hair and a very pretty face. When I came out she was looking down but raised her head and saw me in the mirror. She gasped and looked at me. I pretended to be surprised as well and said, "Looks like one of us made a wrong turn." She said, "Is this the men's room?" I said I was pretty certain it was since there was another man in here when I came in. She turned red and said, "Oh my God, I'm so embarrassed! I'm sorry; I thought this was the women's room." I said something about the signs not being that clear on the doors since I looked at them for a moment before I came in. She wasn't really hurrying along to get done washing up. I washed my hands and then she then laughed and said, "I can't believe I just came in here and sat right next to you. I hope you're not too upset about it." I said not to worry about it. We both got paper towels and were drying our hands when the door opened and a middle aged man came in. He stopped and looked startled when he saw the two of us. She said, "It's OK, my mistake. I'm in the wrong room." She then went for the door and I followed. Pretty exciting event, totally unexpected but enjoyable.


pooping at school

Hi guys! i love this site so i thought i would start posting. so im a 13 year old girl and im about 5' 4'' so im about average height for my age. So here is my pooping story. I was in school and i suddenly felt the urge to poop. I asked me teacher if i could go but he said class was almost over so i held it in. after class was over, it was lunch. i told my friends that i really had to go to the bathroom and to meet me at lunch. i ran to the bathroom closest to the classroom. there were four stalls. two of them were occupied and two were free. I ran into a free one, pulled down my pants and sat down. I farted a little but no poop came out yet. i sat there for a second and listened to the person next to me. she was quiet and it seemed like she was listening to me. i pushed a little but the poop still wasnt coming out so i pushed again and let out a loud grunt. i kept pushing and grunting. i could feel the poop inside me but it wouldn't come out yet. the other person on the other side of me flushed, wiped, then left without washing her hands. now it was only me and the person next me. i pushed again really hard and grunted louder than i had wanted to. i pushed again really hard and let out an even louder grunt just as someone else walked in. there was a silence again as the new person sat down. i just sat there, determined to push the poop out. it was still silent, the new person was obviously waiting for her pee or poop to come out. i strained and grunted again, breaking the silence and i felt a single nugget push out of my butt. i stood up and looked into the toilet. the nugget was very hard and about 2'' thick and 1'' long. i realized that i was missing lunch so i flushed and decided to finish pooping later. i ate a big lunch and i could litterally feel more poop building up inside me then i went to two more classes. after that i had free period. I still could feel the poop in me so i decided to go poop at free period because it is an hour long so i would have plenty of time to go. i said to my friend, kaylie, "I need to poop and it might take a while, can you come with me?" kaylie agreed saying that she had to poop too. we went to the closest bathroom that had two stalls without doors. one was occupied by a 6th grader had her eyes closed but when i looked between her legs i could see a quarter of a hard poop log hanging out of her anus. i told kaylie she could go first because i would probably take a long time. kaylie pulled down her pants and sat down on the toilet in the doorless stall. she had a concentrated look on her face and she pushed a couple times. i looked down between her legs and with each push and grunt i could she a poop slowly become longer as it came out from her butt. she gave a final push and the log plopped into the toilet. i peered into the toilet. the poop was medium sized. about 2'' thick and 5'' long. kaylie said, "one second, i feel some more coming." she sat back down, pushed once, and two logs plopped into the toilet. they were both medium sized logs. about 3'' thick and 4'' long each. kaylie said she was done and she wiped and flushed.and while kaylie was washing her hand, the 6th grader in first stall finished and wiped, flushed and left. i said,"im going to poop now." and kaylie said"ok." i pulled down my underwear and pants then i sat down in one of the doorless stalls. i spread my legs apart and pushed. i felt the poop move the tiniest bit. i pushed hard again and grunted loudly, the poop didnt budge. i pushed hard again and grunted. i kept pushing and grunting loudly. kaylie just watched me. she said,"is it coming out yet?" and i said,"almost. can you see it?" kaylie looked down in between my legs and said,"i see a little bit but i can barely see it." i looked down and saw she was right. the hard of the poop was barely visible. i looked up at kaylie and said,"should i push harder?" and kaylie said,"yeah, you probably should." i pushed hard and grunted very loudly and i felt the poop move out a little. i pushed and strained again, this time moving my legs and feet around. the poop moved a little again. i looked down and i saw that the poop was still barely out. i said to kaylie ,"its not coming out yet." and she said,"keep pushing because i can see about a quarter inch of it coming out." i pushed again. someone came in. it was another 6t grade girl. the 6th grade girl took the doorless stall next to me and sat down. the bathroom was silent again so i pushed and grunted loudly. i pushed and grunted again. then, plop plop plop! three little nuggets came out of my butt. i sat up and looked into the toilet. there were three very hard nuggets and all of them were about 1'' thick and 2'' long. i knew there was still poop in me but i didnt want to push it out now. i said to kaylie," lets go." but she said,"are you sure you are done?" i said,"no, but i will poop later." i wiped, flushed, and washed my hands. i looked back at the 6th grader who was peeing now. kaylie and i left. after break we had two more classes then we had study hall. i had finished all my homework so i decided to poop. kaylie was in a different study hall then me so i went to the bathroom alone. there were five stalls with doors. two were occupied and three were free. i walked into a free one, closed the door, pulled down my pants, sat down, and pushed. i pushed and strained again and i grunted very loudly. i pushed and grunted loudly for the next 10 minutes and i managed to squeeze out two nuggets that were 1'' thick and 1'' long. i pushed and grunted again then the girl next to me said,"are you pooping?" i was like,"um yeah.. duh!" then she said,"i can hear you pushing, is it a hard one?" i said,"yes." and she said,"me too." i wondered how she was pushing without making so much noise but i pushed and grunted again. i looked down in between my legs and spread my legs apart even more. i pushed again and looked down as i watched a long big hard poop slide half way out of my anus. i pushed and strained grunting louder then ever and the poop slid three quarters of the way out. i heard a plop from the stall next to me and the girl who had talked to me said to me,"i'm done. bye." she flushed washed her hands and left. i looked in between my legs and i grunted and pushed hard again. i felt my anus stretch and i watched as the poop was squeezed out of my butt. i grunted and pushed again and some soft poop came out. i sat up and looked into the toilet there was one big log. it was about 3'' thick and 7'' long. there were four small soft poops too. i wiped my butt and dabbed my vagina because some pee had dripped out while i was straining so hard. i pulled up my pants and washed my hands then i left. i felt good for the rest of the day and i was proud i had finally pushed out that turd.

To KAREN: i really liked your post and the diet you are doing sounds good
To Dan: i liked your poop story and i can't believe you ate some much food!



The Listening Ear


I've been enjoying lots of stories here, too many to mention. I attempted to post a while back saying I particularly liked Emma F's plopping quartet at uni, but my post didn't reach the site for some reason.

Last night I produced two unusually satisfying and memorable farts. I'd been feeling bloated for most of the evening. After my wife had gone to bed I found some rubbish that needed putting out. The wheelie bin was already out the front for emptying today, and as I walked down the front path and along the road I felt the pressure building up. After dropping the rubbish in the bin, as I turned to come back the gas inside me finally found its exit, and since there was nobody about, I let rip. Punctuated by my returning footsteps it went BRRAAA-brraaa-brraaa-brrooo-brraaa-brrooo-brrooo-rrrrrrrrrvvvvvvvvvvvvrrrrrRRRUMP! By the time I reached the front door, the product was seeping out from inside my trousers, and the stench in the still night air was horrendous - like rotting fruit! I had to wait a while for it to disperse, otherwise it would have followed me into the house.

Before going to bed I worked on the computer for an hour, and when I felt the pressure building up again I went into the bathroom, to take advantage of the extractor fan if necessary. I perched my bottom on the edge of thelinen box (a two-foot high lidded box where the washing goes), waited for maximum pressure and then pushed gently. The box evidently acted as a resonator and then transmitted the amplified vibrations into the floorboards, because the result was a massive BRRRMM-BOB-BOB-BOB-BOB-BOB-BOB-BOB-BOB! reverberating throughout the house.

After that I finally felt empty, but I had to do quite a lot of wiping to get clean!


Thanks, Althea, for your comments. I didn't see panty girdles until I went to college in the upper midwest, and they seemed to be an automatic when women wore stockings (which was all the time then). The girls in my Texas high school rarely wore stockings, but white ("bobby") socks instead. And they wore the large white panties that came up to around their navels.

The panty girdles I remember from that time also had attached garters, which is why they did double duty. Most of them were discretely attached up and under the leg, while others had them attached at the bottom. With those it was easy to see the tops of women's stockings, the garters to which they were attached, and also the exposed skin that wasn't covered by either stocking or panty girdle. The under-leg garters didn't allow for so much exposed skin, although it was relatively easy to see the darker tops of the womens' stockings. If I had a chance to look up a woman's skirt, that was all there was to see if they were wearing the girdles.

I often imagined how hard it must have been for them to pull all that stuff down when they had to pee or poop. It must have been even more difficult when their needs were urgent.

With the popularity of pantyhose starting in the late 1960s, most women were liberated from their girdles. That was also the time of the burn-the-bras movement among womens' libbers.


oops i crapped my pants!

a bit of an homage to the famous SNL commercial there in the title...but i actually did. at work. completely and utterly mortifying! i work at a department store where we do bridal registries and ia m a bridal consultant. this time of year is slow for weddings and people registering so ive mainly been helping out on the salesfloor but i did have a couple come in to register tonight. i first noticed a mounting pressure in the depths of my abdominal region as i was finishing up with setting up their registry in the computer, and later on as i was escorting them through store helping them learn about our selection and pick out the types of things to register for, i kept getting bad cramps in my stomach and i was starting to feel a bit of urgency to get to the toilet. as a consultant you really need to remain with your couple throughout the process though unless they request to go off on their own. of course, they didn't want to be left alone...they were pretty needy. i tried to rush them along, and finally after what felt like hours, they were ready to stop for the evening. i still had to go back to the computer with them to review their registry and wrap things up. by then i was about ready to explode and i was starting to get really anxious that i was gonna have an accident...i sat down at the computer trying to get through the final steps, but i was quickly running out of time. i seriously could not hold it in anymore..i could tell i was speaking awkwardly like i was distracted, and they sensed something was wrong and asked if i was alright, just as a sharp cramp shot through me. i winced and raised my butt slightly off the chair. i knew i was at the finish line as i felt my load pushing on the exit, and i said "i'm so sorry, but i need to use the bathroom!" just as the sentenced finished rolling off my tongue, i stood up and...*blllrrrpppllt*....a wet, bubbly fart exploded from my butt followed by a big blob of soft, mushy poop, filling up the seat of my underpants and causing my gray dress pants to bulge out and show a wet brown mark on my butt. i completely froze in terror. i didn't even feel relief from going, just an uneasiness from losing control...the whole load came out really fast and all at once, that one noisy blob...i didn't know what to do or say and i felt like i was in a bad dream! after a minute i came back to reality and quickly apologized, and apologized again profusely, and i covered my butt by holding my binder behind my back and waddled to the bathroom, where i did nothing but formulate my escape plan...i wound up texting a friend of mine from another department to get my keys, purse and jacket from the breakroom, told her about my dilemma, and after bringing me my things she helped create a diversion while i slipped out the front door, my squishy load sloshing around in my undies as i waddled to the car. what a mess! sitting down was pretty horrible, it was too bad you can't drive standing took me nearly two hours to get myself feeling clean enough to go about my day and now I'm dreading going to work tomorrow! as far as i know, that bridal couple and my one friend are the only people who know i pooped in my pants at work, but god knows who she's gonns tell and what I'm gonna say to my boss when she finds out i ditched work early tonight!


Today I went to do some Christmas shopping. After a while I had to go for a wee. It was relatively early so when I arrived in the toilets there was a cubicle free that I took. The other two were occupied. To my left was a mother and her young daughter. The daughter was having a wee when I arrived. I sat down and started my own wee. Then the mother replaced the daughter on the toilet. I saw her lower her jeans to the floor. She had a wee and then I heard two plops. The daughter said, 'are you going poo poo?' and in a strained voice she replied that yes, she was. I heard another, louder plop and then I finished my wee and left. I ate lunch in Burger King and soon after I knew I was going to need to take a big poo. About an hour after I ate I got an urge, and within ten minutes it was very urgent. I needed the toilet urgently, so I made my way to the same loos I had used earlier. But the shopping centre was really busy now, and there was a huge queue outside the toilets, so I went down a floor where there were more toilets. I went in and just around the corner of the corridor leading to them was another queue. It was far shorter, though, so I decided to wait because I really had to go and I didn't know where there were more toilets. There were about ten women ahead of me. After a couple of minutes I entered the toilets. There were six women ahead of me now and four cubicles. Five minutes passed and only one woman had got into a cubicle. There were still five others ahead of me and I was getting worried now. I had a big load knocking hard at my back door, and I really needed to get on a toilet and take a crap. So, it seemed, did at least a couple of the women ahead of me and all the women in the cubicles at the moment. Five more minutes passed, then another five. Fifteen minutes later there were still two girls ahead of me. They were both friends and about my age. Both were quite ???? and very cute; one was blonde with glasses and one was a redhead. I heard them talking about eating in Pizza Hut and how they were both dying to go for a poo! I knew how they felt, and I was envious when the redhead went into the fourth cubicle. A minute later the second cubicle opened and the blonde girl went in. I was hoping I would get the cubicle in between them, and a minute or so later I did. I hurried in and got sat down as fast as I could because I was desperate. I only had to give the slightest push and a huge log started to slide out. It hurt a bit at its widest point but it quickly narrowed and then sped up and came out with a huge splash. After that most desperate log was out I could relax a bit. Both me neighbours had their jeans and panties around their feet, and so did I- my panties were black, the blonde's were red and the redheads were pink! I heard some soft-sounding poo from the redhead and some grunts from the blonde. Then she followed up with a louder grunt and then a very big plop and then a fart. I pushed out two more pieces of poo. Both my neighbours were pooing away and I produced two more logs and then a smaller piece. A couple of farts and a bit of strangely soft and wet poo and I was done. The redhead left at the same time as me but her friend was still going!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Rachel as always another great story its sounds like you were pretty desperate but at least you made it and it sounded lots of girls had the same idea as you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen as always another great story it sounds like you gave yourself a good cleanout and nothing better then the feeling of a good dump to make you feel great and I hate messy dumps like that you just have to keep wiping and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Dan great story about you hearing that woman poop and please share anymore stories like that thanks.

To: Desperate To Poo as always another great story it sounds like that one woman or girl must have been taking a good dump and it sounds like yours was pretty good to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Audiroium Piss great story it sounds like your freind really had to poop and it sounds like you had a pretty good piss and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Brain great story it sounds like your girlfriend Carley must have really had to go and please sahre anymore stories about her that you may have thanks.

To: Whistler as always another great story and it sounds like that woman had a pretty good dump and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great story and it sounds like you felt pretty good after your poop in that bucket and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story about you seeing that gril poop her pants and it sounds like was very desperate and probaly wasnt alowed to go the bathroom by the coach.

To: Punk Rock Girl as always another great story it sounds like you were beyond desperate at least that resteraunt let you use there restroom other wise you wouldve had an accident by the sound of it and you made to a toilet for round 2 and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ki first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you and your aeirobics teacher were both very desperate and at least you both made it and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great story it sounds like that one girl was probaly constipated and it sounds like you had a pretty good dump and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: GoldenEye as always another great story and it sounds like you had a pretty good dump I bet you felt pretty good after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Sarah's enormous poo

I'd just arrived home from work tonight when Sarah from 3 doors away came running up to me with a frantic look on her face. She was holding her crotch with one hand and her bum with the other so it was obvious what was wrong. She said she'd lost her front door key and was desperate for the loo. I let her in and she ran up to my bathroom and within seconds I could her peeing a flood into my toilet. Then there was a fart and 2 loud plops followed by some loose diarrhoea and then a further 3 plops. Then there was silence for a while and then another loud plop and a pause. Then one final plop and she wiped and flushed. When she came down she looked very relieved and thanked me for letting me use my toilet. We keep spare keys to each others houses so I gave Sarah the spare to her house so she could get in. She told me she'd waited an hour for me to come home and was about to poo and wet herself by the time I came home. She went home after that and I went up to the bathroom to pee and found my toilet was heavily stained below the water with thick streaks be poo from Sarah's huge dump. There was also a turd that hadn't flushed away completely and I had to flush the toilet again to get rid of it. Boy she must have been realy desperate to poo like that.

I was at the mall doing some Christmas shopping when I decided to take a shit before I left to catch the bus to go home. It was 3 pm and the place was packed. I went to the men's washroom on the main floor but all of the 8 stalls were occupied with people pooping taking shits. I walked down to the next floor where it wasn't as busy. The men's washrooms was near one of the exits to the street where I was going to be taking the bus so it worked out better anyways. Inside it was a little less busy but 4 out of the 5 stalls were occupied. As I entered in a teenager probably about 18 years old was coming out of the handicapped stall. I entered in and locked the door.

It smelled pretty bad and there was part of a his turd that didn't get flushed down. I layered the seat with a lot of paper and flushed before taking a seat. It was pretty noisy with toilets flushing and sounds of farts and plops of turds being released so I wasn't concerned about letting out a very loud and booming fart before pushing out a medium sized turd. Someone came rushing in and tried to get into my stall just as I started to fart again. Shortly afterwards the person next to me finished and they came rushing in. They had a bad case of diarrhea and let out a lot of shit in just a short period of time. The smell was pretty overbearing as well. I wiped and flushed quickly because my bus was arriving shortly. I'll remember to try and find a bathroom a little less busy if I have to come back here again.


holding it in for fun

I love having to Poop and then not allowing myself to. What I will do is build up a Poop, have a VERY strong urge to go, and not allow myself to go. If it starts pushing out a little bit, what I will do is close the toilet lid, put a tissue down, sit on the tissue. So when my hole is trying to force it out, it can't go anywhere. There's so much pressure in my stomach. It will be poking out but held inside for as long as I possibly can stand it. I will time myself sometimes to see how long I can. When the pressure becomes even more, ill try to lean to the side and let out a couple farts. Once the pressure inside me is only Poop waiting to get out and the pressure becomes unbearable, I will let the Poop out into the toilet. That buildup of Poop is so big and long. It normally wont flush. It all comes out if me in one piece, solid, but so quickly. I feel a sense of relief, and eat as much as I can so I will need to soon Poop again. Sometimes when I want to do this I will take milk of magnesia and force myself to have to Poop and hold it in. I like hearing stories like this one. Thanks!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


At work today

Hello Everyone!
Hope you are all well and OK.
I am "in the desert" at the moment with nothing major to report.
However whilst at work today I had reason to visit the "East Wing" to get some paperwork.
It is in the East Wing where the "Toilet of Terror" is situated and I have submitted posts about it before.
Ms Black (name changed) is a woman in her late twenties, tall, rather plain-looking,and has short black hair.
Anyway as I was coming down the stairs I saw Ms Black, who was wearing black tights, black skirt and red blouse disappear into the disabled toilet at the bottom of the stairs.
Having need to tie up a shoelace(!) I stopped briefly outside the toilet door in the foyer.
I got there just after she sat down, and through the door I heard a PHUUTT_BRUUUUMP as she farted on the toilet.
This was followed by a heavy sounding and very rapid KERSPLOSH-KERSPLONK_KERSPLUUUUNKK!
as it sounded like she quickly pooed out three watermelons!
There was then a rapid rattle of the toilet roll holder and I decided to beat a hasty retreat back to the West Wing.
I hope you all have a pleasant XMAS and wish you all well for the New Year.
Looking forward to all your posts to this site as ever.
Take care

Hermes x

Well we broke up from school yesterday and I took my last school poo of 2011! I had two uneventful poos earlier in the week at school, although on Tuesday I was caught short before break and had to ask to go to the loo because I was about to wee myself; on the other days I didn't need to go until I got home. But yesterday we finished at lunchtime. By break I was feeling very gassy and had a pretty strong urge for a crap. I'd eaten quite a lot the day before. I went to the nearest loos and all 4 cubicles were in use and there was a big queue. I joined it and stood in the queue letting off farts and hoping the queue would move quickly; I really didn't want to have to hold it through our last lesson, and since I'd used up my weekly toilet break I would have to. Time passed and lots of girls were making number two, and then the bell rang and I wasn't even close to getting a seat.
My last lesson was geography and we just watched a film, so it wasn't too bad because I could focus on holding in my poo, and also now my wee that I was also getting pretty desperate to do. Half an hour in I was crossing my legs in a way that helped me hold my wee and also my poo. By the end of the lesson my bladder was aching to be emptied and my poo was getting ready to poke its head out. I got to the loos as fast as I could, but still had to wait because all the cubicles were in use and two girls were waiting. I was really desperate to do both things by the time I got into a cubicle. I pulled down my trousers and white knickers and sat. My wee began immediately and very soon after two poos shot out. I weed for a minute and then pushed out another three pieces of poo. I went home after that feeling much better and glad to be on holiday!

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