Last Feast of 2011, plus replies to Brandon and Adrian

Okay, so my latest BM report is from this morning. I made a big pot of homemade spaghetti day before yesterday, my last chance to indulge before my New Year's resolution to quit white flour and white sugar for 2012, and finished the most of it yesterday for lunch and a green salad for dinner, then much later I ate some air popped popcorn and four grapefruits while reading before bed. I always peel the grapefruit and eat the whole thing like an orange, I'm trying to follow a high fiber diet, gonna try to jump straight to the final phase of the South Beach way of eating without going through all the phases. What do you get when you eat a lot of constipating white flour pasta, then chase it with lots of fiber and a couple of laxatives? A major intestinal cleanout this morning! Oh what a relief. Summary: Wake up with a poky, full feeling. Feels like a beach ball in my guts. Drink coffee. Gotta go right now. Cramps. Sit down on the potty. Cramps worsening. An attack of the farts. Here it comes. Relief. Uh oh! There's more. Not done, literally feels like a softball moving down down down through my guts and out. More cramps, another softball moving down. Discomfort leaves with the last few watery squirts and farts. Grapefruit pulp floating visibly in toilet. Toilet paper clean even on the first wipe is a sign of a clean colon, yay! Feeling great, plus stomach noticeably flatter and smaller in mirror.

Adrian, thanx for the tips, I'll try them next year when I get the bug. My mom used to make me eat oatmeal and bananas. No milk. The way the bug usually affects me is that I'll go along feeling fine, then as the day wears on more and more symptoms appear, fever, headache, flushed face, etc. until finally the sudden vomiting that's when I know I've got it. The worst of the vomiting happens and ends before the worst of the diarrhea begins. There is some overlap though. The vomiting doesn't usually last very long, but the diarrhea can last a couple of days. Can't keep anything solid down until the worst of the nausea has passed so I don't even try, but when the diarrhea starts I'm able to stomach certain bland foods. There comes a point when the diarrhea is just clear water. What I've been doing in the past is sip things like tea, gingerale, soda, chew ice cubes, until I stop throwing up, then to stop the diarrhea even though I don't really feel like eating, I sit up all night watching TV while nibbling on cheddar or swiss cheese and crackers, white flour and cheese happen to be two of the most constipating foods, but useful for stopping diarrhea.

Hi Brandon, I'm actually a lot older than you might think (but still a kid at heart), the last post about my band incident happened during Lyndon B. Johnson's administration! And just in case you're wondering, I DON'T look like an old lady, I place great importance on my appearance, and try to keep active. Absolutely it was a rough day at school, even worse that night during the game. I remember it all too well. I was feverish, I had a sore throat, a headache, the sweaty chills, I was nauseous, legs felt shaky, and that gassy diarrhea feeling. Yes, I made it to the bathroom every time I got the chance without having an accident in my pants, hey I'm a poet and don't know it. But nausea got me a couple of times while marching with the band, I just turned my head to the side and leaned over and gurked it out and never missed a beat; lucky for me I didn't play a wind instrument or I could never have pulled that off. I managed not to get any of it on anybody, I hoped nobody would step in it and wind up catching my sickness. My Dad was all for letting me stay home that night but Mom forced me to go anyway, to this day I don't believe that had a positive influence on me whatsoever. I have NEVER forced my own two boys to go to school or anywhere when they didn't feel well. Oh, and the guy from band that brought over my favorite onion rings later that night, he wasn't my boyfriend (I WISH, he was a hot number)! He was just a good friend to hang out with. I never had a real actual boyfriend until well after my school days. In school some people thought I might be one of those girls that didn't like guys but I was just an overaged tomboy.


Christmas Party

Hey all! Tis the season to be busy!

I've been reading but haven't had a chance to post.

A quick story and then some feedback...

Yesterday at work was my Christmas party, for my building and other locations of the same company in the region. Luckily, lots of people came including very pretty women (despite rings and babies).

There was tons of food. Chili. Shepherd's Pie. Potato wedges. Macoroni salad. Chicken wings. You name it. And that's not counting dessert. I had 3 plate fulls of supper, and one of various desserts. Halfway through the dessert plate, I could feel some shit moving & brewing inside me, and I was beginning to let off many small, quiet farts. Once I finished, I decided it was time to let out my huge log. Or tons of turds. Or whatever it was going to be.

So I headed to the bathroom that was closest to where the food was set up. It's a one-room 'closet' type of bathroom, unisex. Someone was in there. Damn. So I headed upstairs to the men's, which has one urunal, one toilet. There also a ladies nearby, but its too far away toh ear anything through the walls or anything. Someone was having a shit. Damn damn.

There was one final spot to check before trying that first bathroom, waiting for the dude, or even trying the ladies, as it was becoming urgent, and my asshole was getting wet.

I headed downstairs 2 stories, where we have a unisex (there's 3 stalls, no urinals and no gender markings on the door, which is always propped open.) They were all empty!

I chose the stall furthest from the door, lowered by pants, and boxer briefs, and sat down. As soon as I did, I did a massive fart, like BROOO-OOOO-FFFFTTTTT. It was echoey, then went softer and quieter. I had to piss a bit, so did that. Upon the final drips, I could feel whatever wa sin my butt begging to be released, so I let it : a long, smooth, turd came out of me, and dues its size, it didn't plop or anything, jsut a very minor 'drip' as it made water contact. I felt more so i pushed: PLIP...PLONK...PLOP-PLOP-KERRR-PLUP! Ah, I was done and felt better. I stood to wipe and see. The first turd was about 2-2.5" thick, smooth, slightly soft and about 7-10" long. The others were smooth also, but not quite as soft, about 1-2" thick, and varried from 5-9" long. Before I started unrolling paper though, I heard footsteps. And not jsut any footsteps - heels. She entered the bathroom, and took the stall closest the door. Wanting to hear what a neighbour (and female neighbour) would do, I sat back down, and waited.

She started pissing, which was somewhere between a hiss & a gurgle sound for a solid 5 seconds. As her pee died down. she blasted a fart into the toilet. It sounded like a wet splat, the type of sound where poop may have come out too (slightly akin to the wet sound one can make by sticking their tongue out haha). After that, she exhaled, barely audible. A few seconds after that, I heard 2-3 regualr spalshes, about 3-5 seconds apart, followed a deep plop, like PLOOOP!. She wiped after that, flushed and left. Once I heard the heels disapper, I wiped by butt, flushed, washed etc, and left too. I don't think she knew I was there the whole time...

Kelly P - I haven't done, but it sounds quite interesting! Sounds like something to try via facetime. We could call it ass time!

Brian - exams, and tests etc. can be bad news for going to the bathroom. Sometimes if its a hard subject, or if you're extra nervous, even after going you, may find you still have the urge, but it's just nerves!

Bethanny T - wow, that sounded massive. Surprised the toilet could take it all! One time when I worked at a movie theatre, there was a burger palce nearby, and some co-workers and I would go there and try to order the 'biggest, mannest' thing we could. It was a BK, actually, and we did double whopper with cheese and bacon. Wow, never again. It didn't make me sick or anything, but slow and sluggish, and I could FEEL it digesting slowly throughout the day and shift. Good thing the exercise helped it its on way. The poop I took that day was a whopper

Abbie : great to see you are frequent! In regard to posts i mean haha :)
Sometimes knobby turds can hurt, especially if they're big, because the 'lumps' don't like the tenderness and softness of the anus / rectum. Some minor blood from time to time is normal. anyway, sounds like a big one you had! An apple a day keeps the constipation at bay, as they are good for fiber, and have water/ juice sin them which helps too.
looking forward to reading more about you and your friends.

Aimee : speaking of funny stuff on the toilet, I find the long, echo farts on the toilet to be funny. Aside it from being a humorous sound, I was in the bathroom about 10 years ago, a father and son where in a toilet stall, and I just finished peeing. Well, son was waiting for dad to finish. Guess dad was taking a poop, but I wasn't really paying attention. Dad did a a good 2-3 second long echo fart on the toilet, and son said "dad, as that ghost?" It cracked me up on my way out, because the fart / toilet sound sounded like "boooooo....."

Pula-poo : because of the length and size of your poops, i'm going to guess that they are usually soft? Also, are you usually a loud farter? Looking forward to your posts as always, but in particular, over the Christmas break...

Amanda M : I recommend the following to help with your poops : for breakfast, have something wheat (bread, toast etc..) or cereal. Good cereals are Shreddies, Vector, Raisin Bran, Cheerios (Reg, honey nut, multi-grain); and fruit, especially apples or pears. I hope that helps get those turds dropping, more easily, anyway.

AmyLee - quite the story! Do you like the new renovations?

That's all for now, I hope to be as regular as my bowel movements, and will post more more often, especially over Christmas break...I get 10 days off total! (not 10 working days)

Desperate to poop

Xmas shopping Poop

I headed into town today to have do some final xmas shopping. I could feel the signs of a poop when I left, nothing Major but knew I'd probably be in for a good poop at some point whilst I was out.

I had a good shop round and then retired for a tea and a cake at John Lewis's cafe. My poop had been ready for a while now and I the toilets there are quite spacious and well kept. I could see the toilets from where I was (2 unisex) as I was sipping my tea and enjoying my cake and could feel an increasing pressure on my anus. As it's nearly xmas the coffee shop was very busy and there was an inevitable queue for the toilets. I kept any eye on them but the lowest the queue got to was 2 people waiting and often 3, 4 or even 5. I finally felt I'd have to join the queue to avoid getting too desperate.

I finished up and headed over to join a queue of 4 people, it pretty soon became 3 as a gent existed and a lady in her 40's took his place. Another lady came up but she went and used the disabled. In front of me there were 3 ladies, all appeared to be in their late 30's or early 40's . A gent and his wife had also now joined behind me.

Soon after the lady in her 40's came and out the next lady went in. The other toilet had been full for a while now it seemed. The next lady in just needed a pee and she was only in a few minutes which allowed the other lady in who also only needed to pee and was only in a few minutes also. She was then replaced by the final lady a 40 yr old Blonde who had quite a few bags with her. The other toilet remained in use going on for a good 10 minutes now. I was getting a bit more desperate now and pretty aroused to see who was having a long one in the second toilet :)

The 40yr Blonde it seemed was pooping as she had been in 3-4 minutes and there didn't seem to be any sign of her leaving. There was now quite a queue behind me and the lady with her husband had been commented about the time it was taking with me. I said I'd try and be quick for her.

Another few minutes passed when finally the end stall flushed and a young but ???? girl in her 20's came out. She was a little hottie and I was excited and also relieved I'd be getting rid of my load in the toilet.

I went in and there was a strong poop smell and a few long skid marks in the toilet. I decided to take of my skirt completely and pulled my panties down. I nestled my butt on the seat and let out a few farts before some soft serve came gushing out. The relief felt really good. After the initial soft serve I felt a nice long log inching out and I savoured the feeling as it came out. I heard the other lady take the other toilet (following another lady who must have a good clear out).

I was trying to be as quick as possible, but was savouring a big log coming out and couldn't resist something else.

I finally dropped my big log, let a few more out and started cleaning up. I needed quite a few wipes at the back and then cleaned my front before putting my skirt back on and leaving very relieved and happy

Happy Pooping all x

Back in the Day part 3
Hello all , hey my friend Brandon T.

This is a survey on me I took on myself the last few years

Height. 5'0
weight. 105
status. married
location. Japan/USA

my toilet survey habits

do you poop in public ? yes
do you sit on the toilet bare bottom or cover the sit or squat?
In Japan it depends on what kind of toilet it is, but normal cases bare bottom.
Do you pee in public? yes

When you poop in public do you grunt and strain? no I just sit or squat and let it come out when it does and it don't take long
How far do you pull your pants or shorts and panties down? all way down

Do you like pooping? no it just something we all must do.
Do you like peeing? no

Have you seen anyone pee or poop on accident? yes my mom
Have you seen anyone pee or poop on intention? yes with my children, Have to wipe them but not anymore with my girl she old enough now.
Have anyone saw you pee or poop ? yes husband and mom.

What places you poop at beside at home? church, work, husband work place, malls, parks, friends,mom house.
Is there a place you have poop at but you won't do that again?
yes my husband church back home,we was dating at the time and I miss the preaching cause I had the stomach bug and I kept going back to the bathroom.

So is there anymore questions? no :)
Merry Christmas everyone

Brandon T

daily dump

I took a dump earlier today it was 1 log about 6 inches long and I can feel another one wanting out brb... im back it was a small log and some chunks.

Just a girl...: Do not take a enema. Hot tea w/lemon will do the trick. I know people who depended on enemas and they ended up with prolapsed colons. I used to have those nasty viruses when I was a little girl.

Lurker in AZ: My mom bought me one when I was getting on the pudgy side when I was 9! It was like a vise. Mine was white. My mother and the aunts and cousins wore them in white, beige and black. You had to let it down to your ankles and open your legs to wipe yourself. If you were thin, then it slid down easy. If you were ????, then you had a problem. My feamle cousins were thin, so their girdle slid off easy. The modern models are shaped like a panty and slide off easy. My grammar school teachers wore them. I used to sit at their feet when they read to us and I could see them under their skirts and dresses. My father was a night school teacher and his female colleague in the english department wore one. They were shaped like a boxer short. I used to like her taking a hitch at her girdle and slip. See my earlier posts.

Karen: I used to get those attacks in high school. So did my friends.I preferred that than having my head over the toilet. I went to an old city school that had those glazed push-out windows in the gym locker room and the bathroom. I later saw that boys could watch us getting undressed. The school was shaped like a "U." I had good times in that school.

Ki: I used to get those attacks in college and at work when I was much younger. Brown water used to pour out of me. I used to be miserable. Many times, I had to be excused and sent home. Same with co-workers. I was working in a department store when I was 18. It was after 6PM and we were open until 9. Suddenly, I had to move my bowels like I never did before. I went to the women's room, took a stall, closed the door, undid my navy cotton slacks and white Carter's cotton panty. I had these panties since grammar school. Down they came to my ankles and I just let it pour out like fire hose. Everytime, I thought I was finished another brown liquid stream erupted. A fellow saleswomen 28 years old came in and called for me. She recognized my shoes. Her name was Alice. I told her, "I have a sudden diarreah," at which point there was another eruption. Alice said, "I got to make real bad. I've got cramps." She took the next stall, fumbling with her gray pants and belt and light green bikini panty, she got them down to her ankles and. Her bowels exploded with liquid gas, then chunks and water. She said, "We sound horrible. I hope we are not coming down with something. Did you feel lousy today? I told her yes but not like this. She said, "I my stomach was loose this morning, but I did not think much of it. Now this." She sat on tip-toes and I heard some soft pieces with wet farts. We were in there for 30 minutes when we decided that there was none left in us. We wiped ourselves, flushed the bowls, washed our hands and signed out early "sick."


Further replies etc

Nicola. With your habit of holding on to your poos and then doing a big one every few days, you sound a bit like my Aunt Anne - in her younger days at any rate. I enjoyed your latest bucket poo story from Friday. Your comments about the method of disposal, i.e. in the garden, reminded me a little of a story written many years ago by a dear old lady (now deceased) who belonged to a writing group of which I was once a member. In her story she recounted a village childhood in which here family had an outdoor bucket privvy. Once a week she and her siblings had the chore of digging a hole in the garden and emptying the privvy bucket into it before filling it in. One day they were performing this loathsome task (none of them liked it) when the neighbour's dog ran through a hole in the hedge and fell into hole before they'd had a chance to fill it in. One of them bravely retrieved the dog whereupon it dashed back through the hedge and into the neighbour's house, whereupon a scream was heard. The neighbours were, apparently, a little less friendly for a while after that!

Punk Rock Girl. I enjoyed your story about the desperate toilet visit in New York city. I've heard that genuinely public toilets, i.e. ones not connected with bars, restaurants or retail premises can be hard to find there. As somebody with a weaker than average bladder and slightly unpredictable bowels, the thought doesn't particularly encourage me to visit.

On Friday night my form had our annual Christmas dinner at a local hostelry and, as a 'works do' it went pretty well. However as happens, some of the party weren't too keen on sprouts so there were quite a lot left in the dish as the main course drew to a close. Now despite their side effects, I absolutely love Brussels sprouts and, naturally enough, decided to polish the lot off. I was alright overnight but on Saturday morning I was farting and pooing for England! Necessity required that I went into town, but I had to take a dose of Imodium first to settle things down. I'm sure I'll overdo it on the sprouts again over Christmas and end up having a similar episode.

Municipal Auditorium piss

My friend Sarge and I got to go alone to our first concert last week. It was at our city's Municipal Auditorium. There must have been about 20,000 there and the bathrooms were huge and the queues were long for each of the toilets. Some of the toilets didn't have a door and there were less waiting for those. Sarge, we call her that because she just made Sgt. in our school's para-military ROTC, had to crap. We waited in the queue together; she had to crap and I had to piss. Although the place was noisy and the lines were moving, Sarge insisted on waiting for a doored stall just to our right. We must have waited about 15 minutes and I was getting really worried that I was going to burst. The girl in the stall with no door right in front of me was seated for about 10 minutes and I guessed she was crapping because she spread her legs and pulled up her dress to look into the bowl about three or four times as she sat. I heard Sarge close her door, plop her butt down on the seat and blast way while I was still waiting and worrying about pissing myself. Finally, this girl in front of me stood up and wiped like 9 or 10 times and then with her foot she flushed. But the flush didn't work so when I got in there, I immediately put my hand on the flusher and quickly yanked it down about three times. Then it worked. However, as I pulled by underwear and jeans down and was ready to wipe the seat, I noticed two things. First, there was liquid on the seat and I didn't know what it was. Was it splash from the flush or from her bladder. I reached for the toilet paper to wipe it off, but found she had used it all. I was in so much pain that I just placed my butt down on the very front of the seat and hoped for the best. My piss started immediately when I had contact with the seat. Sarge saw my shoes and was happy I was on the seat. She said she was completing her four day dump and that it was extra large and messy. Just then I heard another barrage of splashes into her bowl. My piss lasted about a minute and a half. I immediately pulled up my clothing and walked out. A girl standing in the open doorway cursed me when I walked out but I didn't care. I'm still pretty shy and doubt that's going to change.


Messy Poo from low carb diet

Weird BMs from diets

I did the Atkins diet once and let me tell you about the BMs. I did the early version of it when it first came out which is a lot more strict as far as vegetables not being allowed at first during the induction phase. It's pretty similar to the Dr.'s quick weight loss diet I did some years before that, the only difference is that with the Dr.'s quick weight loss diet you can have only lean meat and other protein as long as it contained no fats to speak of, but with Atkin's you have to eat fat as well in order to train your body to burn fat. I think the Dr.'s diet worked better and quicker, but the Atkins is less boring. Basically for the first phase for your meals you can only have protein and fat and no fruit or vegetables and boy did I ever over-do it on the deviled eggs. I was constipated in a big way. Anyway after days of pigging out on nothing but meats and boiled eggs and not having a movement, I took a laxative even though the laxative had sugar in it I was desperate so I went for the relief. The smell was unlike anything I can accurately describe. You know why you need eggs to bake a cake? To hold it all together. To bind it. And it also had a binding effect on my colon, too. When it came out it had a really weird sort of "chemical smell". The closest description is have you ever had a plastic toy land on a charcoal grill and remember the smell it made when it melted? That. I compromised the diet and took the laxative anyway, but the diet got better with the later phases that allowed salads without dressing, most vegetables, and then certain fruits. I know my intestines were gunked up from the early part of that diet because the wiping part of having a BM was a really messy ordeal, it was like thick melted chocolate literally smeared all over my bum and it took many, many wipes even with lotion on the toilet tissue to get myself clean and I felt like taking a shower each time after I took a dump. The third and fourth final parts of the diet allowed for liberal amounts of greens and I ate so much salad and took a lot of large volume enemas until my BMs were more easily passed and didn't leave a chocolate-like mess that would smear all over my bum. And another funny thing that happened when I lost weight is that my butt got smaller and I had to re-learn how to wipe myself without getting it all over my hand.

Several years back when I was in my senior year of high school I never pooped away from home. If I needed to go I would hold it in for the day and walk home from school and unload before my older brother or parents made it home. I tried to time my dumps so I would poop every afternoon after school and this worked most of the time. I remember one time I had to stay after school to finish an assignment that I had missed due to a dentist appointment the previous day. I remember needing to shit quite urgently because I had eaten a very big breakfast and lunch. After completing the work I bolted out of the classroom and made my way downstairs to my locker. I got my stuff to head home but I knew I needed to go too badly to be able to hold it in any longer. The hallways were empty because there was a staff meeting and it was now about 40 minutes past dismissal so everyone had left. Since it was deserted I made my way to the washroom to use the toilet at school to shit for the first time.

There were only two stalls so I took the first regular stall and quickly closed the door. After I sat on the toilet I noticed that there was a very large gap between the stall partition and the wall on the right hand side. It was so large I could see anyone coming into the bathroom and no doubt they would be able to see me. I got up and moved over to the next stall not wanting to be seen on the toilet. The handicapped toilet was very large and roomy but I had trouble locking the door. After fumbling with it for a bit I finally got it locked. I sat down and it felt quite comfortable compared to the cramped quarters of the stall next door. I relaxed knowing nobody was around and started to shit. It took a long time to push out the massive single turd. It was so satisfying to have been able to relieve myself and not have had to hold it in for the walk home. From that day on I started to take my dumps at school on a regular basis.

Last night I went out and ate some barb-a-que with red slaw and french fries. About ten o' clock or so I have to poop really bad. I lower my jeans and boxers to my feet and sit on the toilet while reading the comics section of the newspaper. As I am reading the comics, I start pooping this soft poop in the toilet, while farting too. After about 10 or 15 minutes, I'm done and my butt hole hurts from pooping so much. I wipe and pull my boxers and jeans back up, then brush my teeth. My butt hole still hurts from earlier.

Monday, December 19, 2011

I spent the day with my girlfriend Carly who just return from a school trip from South America. It was a decent day out so we decided to go out for a hike. We went to a state park that was over an hours drive out of town. I had been there a few weeks earlier but wanted to come back to go into the hot spring that I didn't get to go to the last time. When we got there we were the only car in the parking lot. We made good time through the first portion of the hike. Carly looked a bit uncomfortable and I wondered if she wanted to stop for some rest. We had a water break and a quick snack before continuing on. A short time later Carly asked me if there were washrooms anywhere. I told her there were some ahead about 20 minutes away. I wanted to take a dump before we continued on past to the springs and I figured she would need to as well. A few minutes later she revealed to me that she needed to go as well.

We made it to the rest area where there was a washroom building and some picnic benches. She went over the women's side but it was closed for repairs. She would have to come into the men's washroom. The bathroom inside is a bit different because there are no individual toilets. Instead there is a large stainless steel basin that spans all six toilet stalls and is flushed from one end and pushes everything across to the other end where it goes down a big drain. I took a stall and quickly dropped my pants and sat down. Carly took the stall next to me and I was a bit nervous about her beside me. It really sounded like she needed to go badly. She released a buildup of very noisy and smelly farts. A few moments later I heard the turd drop into the basin with a loud thunk. She sighed in relief and started to wipe. At that point I pushed out two medium sized logs one after another that felt really good to let go. I finished first and waited for her to come out a few minutes later. We continued on with our hike towards the hot spring.


Just Random 9

Ok!Here is some more stuff that caught my mind,Back in when I was in the first Grade,Me And some other boys took our bathroom break.We all went in there and In one stall I noticed feet hanging over the floor.Black Dress Shoes and I saw the pants and it was black dress pants.I paid no mind,but I noticed the stall door was half opened,I didn't want to look.But one boy Jeff finaly noticed and he goes,EEWWW THERE'S SOMEBODY IN THERE!
I looked by accident and saw a boy that I never seen in that school before sitting there,He was dressed in black pants,black dress jacket and a white shirt and a tie,and he had a black Derbi hat on.And he had glasses too.He was resting his head on his hands and had his elbows in his lap.He made eye contact with me,with a pissed look on his face.I walked off then I saw him put a bottle of perscription pills in the floor.I told a woman that years later,and she wondered why a boy in the grades between Kindergarten and 2nd Grade would have pills like that.


Woman at the Doctor's Office

I took my wife to the orthopedic doctor this morning. The office is a modern building with two waiting areas and down the hall between them are two unisex restrooms where either sex goes in and locks the door to use them. After they called my wife in, I needed to poop so I went down the hall. An elderly man was entering the second one. I tried the first one and found the door was locked. So I backed away to the end of the hallway. About 3 or 4 minutes later I heard a flush and in another minute, the first door opened and a very attractive young woman, maybe 21 or 22 years old, came out. She had on tight jeans and had shoulder length brown hair. She passed by me and smiled. I went in the restroom she'd vacated and was met with a very strong poop smell. I went to the toilet to drop my pants and saw numerous skid marks in the bowl. I sat down and the seat was very warm from the girl. I finished my business and went back to the waiting area. I noted the young woman was sitting with another attractive woman, perhaps her mother, who looked to be in her early 40s and was striking looking with blonde hair and tight stretch pants.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: NPU (noisy poopers united) as always another great story it sounds like you were embarrassed pooping in front of them but what else have an accident which would have been embarassing to if more and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kelly P thats an interesting idea and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Story Teller as always another great story it sounds like your really had to go and was also probaly constipated and as always I look forward to your next pos thanks.

To: Claire frist welcome to the site and great story about you peeing your pants in the movie theater at least nobody found out and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Bethany T first welcome to the site and great story about you and your friend pooping together and hearing those other ladies pooping to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping together it sounds like you all really had to go pretty bad and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Aimee as always another great story about you and your freinds pooping together and it sounds like you guys were having a fun time in the bathroom and it was lucky you didnt poop on the floor when you fell off which probaly would have been funny to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Paula-Poo as always another great story about you pooping and it sounds like you felt pretty good after taking a big dump like that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amanda M it sounds like you had a rough time and maybe you should try a stool sofener or something that way it will be easier for you to go and not hurt anymore and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Poof! Guy great story about your friend Dawnette it sounds like she was really desperate to poop at least she made it and didnt have an accident and you were there to help her out and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great story it sounds like you and your friend Sarah both really had to go and lucky she had toilet paper sure it was cold but its better to have a cold butt then a messy but and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Molly great story about your first enema and I look forward to anyother stories you may have thanks.

To: Amylee as always another great tale from the ladies room it sounds you and the rest of the ladies really had to go and I bet those guys talked about Lisas farts for awhile after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Althea as always another great story and you could be the queen of this site since you have been here the longest and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Francessca great story about you and your aunt and cousins all having desperate pees and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: MaryKate as always another great story it sounds like you had an interestin time in the bathroom and maybe found a pooping friend to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Big poo in a bucket

To Adrian:
You're right, I do like to hold my poo for a few days. I love the relief I get when I finaly go but it tends to be a huge load so I try not to use the toilet as it tends to block it up so I try to go in the woods if I can. The last time I went in the woods was on tuesday with Sarah and by friday I was busting to again. I was enjoying the feeling so much I went to work without going first and spent the whole day with this pressing urge to poo. By the time I got home I really had to go but it was freezing cold and raining so I couldn't go in the woods. Instead I got my trusty bucket from under the sink and went in that. It wasn't too hard and passed easily and the relief was wonderfull. I peed a lot while I did 5 poos ranging in size from about 6" to about 11" long and the bucket felt quite heavy with all that lot. Then there was the problem of disposing of all that waste. I just left the bucket in back garden untill tomorrow when hopefully the weather will be better and I'll bury it by the trees at the end of the garden.

saw a girl with a load in her shorts

i'm a sports writer for my college newspaper and in my sophomore year i covered an ncaa women's volleyball tournament. volleyball is a pretty great sport to observe if you're a guy because, well, things get a little bouncy even with sports bras, and the shorts...oh man, the shorts so many of the girls wear...just, form fitting spandex shorts and whatever, some looked like they just painted their lower regions the shorts were so tight. it was enough to turn me from a breast man to a butt man almost. but to my surprise, neither of those things were what got me the most excited that weekend. during the quarter finals, before my school's match, i was with some other people near the locker rooms waiting to see people we could talk to about the match, when all of the sudden there was a bit of a commotion up the hall. i looked to see this one girl from a different school making a b-line down the hall toward the locker rooms with her face bright red and tears streaming down her cheeks, and a trainer or something following her. people were staring in bewilderment and shock as she went by. i initially thought she was hurt or something, but when she passed us, my eyes were naturally drawn to her butt since she had a skin tight pair of shorts on, typical of volleyball girls, and what i saw blew my mind- a big, lumpy bulge in her shorts that stuck out inches from her butt and sagged down slightly. she had totally crapped her shorts big time, it was like a really big bell pepper was in her shorts (what the size and shape reminded me of). After she walked by and vanished into the locker room a lingering poop odor wafted by. i was totally not expecting that and my mind was kind of stuck in the moment like time just stopped. After comprehending what i had just seen, a pretty college girl who'd pooped her pants, i started to talk about it with some people around me who also saw. there was a lot of pity and sympathy being expressed for her embarrassing accident- but eventually i started getting bits and pieces of eye witness accounts. it had apparently happened during her match. people noticed her seeming distracted and looking like she was in pain and her team called time, and they subbed her out but she kept stopping and looking like she was in pain as she walked off the court then abruptly put both of her hands on her butt and crouched down, and some people surrounded her. everyone just thought she was hurt, then she suddenly got up and rushed out of the gymnasium with the visible bulge protruding from the seat of her charcoal gray shorts. i was pretty surprised to learn something new about myself that day, i was feeling pretty..stimulated from what I'd seen and the accounts i heard. I'd never even really thought about, let alone witnessed a girl pooping in her pants prior to then, so i had no idea it would excite me so much. ever since then I've been visiting sites like this to share the story... i wished i could've written my piece on the tournament for my school paper about that girl pooping herself during her match...but the editors probably wouldn't have gone for it...

Punk Rock Girl

Christmas shopping emergency


Close call last weekend! I was doing some Christmas shopping in the midtown area and started having intestinal cramps. I went into three stores in a row and asked if I could use their bathroom and all three said no. Finally, I went into a buffet-style restaurant and asked if I could use their restroom. They said sure, it's upstairs.

I ran upstairs and saw the sign for the restrooms. I rushed into the women's room. There were two stalls with no doors, a common occurrence in both men and women's rooms in New York City when they are heavily used by homeless people. I've never been too picky about public restrooms, and I never cared much if someone sees me on the toilet, so this isn't usually a problem for me, but I understand why some people might find it unnerving.

I rushed to the first stall, pulled up my skirt, pulled down my tights and thong and quickly sat down. My ass had barely touched the seat when my bowels erupted and diarrhea blasted into the bowl with a huge wet fart. I sat there for a little while farting and squirting until I felt it pass and figured it was safe to leave.

I wiped my ass thoroughly with TP and finished up with the wet wipes I now carry everywhere with me after too many predicaments involving a shit-smeared ass and no frigging paper. When my bottom was back to its pristine condition I pulled up my thong and tights and readjusted my skirt. I flushed, washed my hands and as a token of my appreciation for the use of their crapper I bought a cookie and an espresso.

I finished my gift shopping without any more bowel-related complications, though I took another wet crap when I got home. I'm back to my usual blocked up self now. This morning I took a rock solid dump the size and shape of a Hickory Farms beef log.

Happy Holidays and Pleasant Pooping to all!




All Night Long

First time posting. I'm 19, college student 5'10, female, 175 lbs, dark brown hair.

During my sociology class a couple of weeks ago, I was being bored to death with the lecture when my stomach started to gurgle and slightly cramp. I simply just brushed it aside, I had massive diarrhea around four in the mourning, but it was past noon and thought my explosions weren't to be a concern. Oh how wrong I was.

I continued to take notes, when once again my stomach twisted, painfully cramping and I could feel the swooshing going down in my bowels. I dropped my pencil and put my head down, wrapping my hands around my stomach. The cramps worsened and I booked it out of the class room, sprinting to the nearest toilet, unzipping my pants before even entering the stall I quickly shut the stall door behind me and squated on the cold toilet seat and let loose a volcanic eruption of liquid diarrhea.

I was grunting and in utter pain. My ass hole was on fire and I felt like this liquid explosion wouldn't ever end. After about five minutes I flushed, but my stomach continued to gurgle and cramp.

My stomach was dreadfully cramped and I knew there was going to be another attack, it was just a matter of time. When I heard the door swing open and someone else sounded like they too were in an emergency. Seconds later they exploded just like I did, groaning in pain just like me.

And then the second wave hit me more violent then the one before, the stench was pungently fowl, I grunted and groaned, as the girl next to me chimed in with her attack of diarrhea as well. Pushing, sweating, and grunting, unfortunately this was a bad case of the runs and not sex.

She eventually finished, and I waited for her to leave. Wiping and flushing, I realized I had spent twenty minutes exploding into that poor toilet. I went back to class, my profesor gave me a glare, but I honestly didn't care, some things are more important then a lecture.

I successfully made it through the rest of class, but as I was walking out I felt the need to go to the bathroom again, but this time three other girls followed in after, but my urgency to not shit myself outweighed the embarrassment of having them hear me, and this time, my third wave, was a cold hard bitch, loud noisy farts, lave like flow exiting my burning ass hole and my stomach ache would not cease.

I eventually did finish, after about another thirty minutes, quickly walked back to my apartment, where I spent the rest of my day on the toilet begging for a moment of no shit.

I never did find out what caused my stomach to betray me so, but I did find out who the other girl in the stall was, my aerobics teacher, who was forced into a meeting and had ate something terribly wrong and didn't agree with her. At least she had a reason, my body just decided to let loose. No pun intended.

Message for noisy poppers united: I went on that same field trip to dc. When I was there, I had to share a room with this obnoxious kid so I pooped in his bed and blamed it on him lol. I ended up with me being caught, but it was worth it because he had to clean it up.


Hey again everybody! I have a couple more stories to post about today. Since I have now finished university for the Christmas break, I visited my friend Megan again over the weekend which I will come to later.

First though, this evening I went out for a meal with a couple of friends from my course. The restaurant was really busy so we stood at the bar and had a drink while we waited for a table. By the time we sat down I needed a wee quite a lot. I noticed one of the waitresses, a very attractive blonde with glasses, seemed a little anxious. After we ordered our food I excused myself to go for a wee. Someone was in one of the three cubicles so I took a seat in the furthest one away and started to wee. Then someone else came in and took the middle cubicle. I could see it was the waitress- I recognised her shoes and trousers as they appeared under the cubicle and she sat down quickly. Very soon after I heard two big plops and a sigh as she had an urgent poo. After a few seconds there was a smaller plop and then she started tearing off paper. She had finished her poo and left before I'd finished my wee!
After our meal I had an urge for a poo coming on so I excused myself again to take care of business. As I went in I was joined by two young sisters, one aged about 8 and the other about 14. We took all three cubicles and sat down. The 8-year old was next to me. She did a quick wee while the older girl started up a much longer and more powerful stream. I had a little bit to get rid of too and my first log started working its way into position. The older girl finished and left and then said, 'Are you done, Becky?' The younger girl replied, 'no, I've got to do a poo.' Her sister said she would go back to their table and she said ok. She had her skirt and knickers both pulled down to her feet and I heard three plops from her. I pushed out two big logs of my own as she let out a fart and then immediately another turd. I produced two more turds and a minute later as I was wiping there was another plop from my neighbour. I left and went back to our table and 5 minutes later the young girl came out looking quite embarrassed at having taken so long!

So like I said at the start of my post I went to visit my friend Megan again over the weekend. I got there Friday afternoon. After we ate Meg immediately excused herself and went into her bathroom for a poo. I heard her sit down and I sat on her bed to listen in! She let out about 15 small plops, every 10 seconds or so, like clockwork! We talked a bit while she went and after 5 minutes she came out. Later that evening it was my turn. We were watching tv in the kitchen and I told her I had to go poo and went to her bathroom and sat down. I pushed out two decent logs and then four smaller bits. After that I rejoined Meg watching tv.
On Saturday morning we went shopping as usual and had to poo while we were out. We made our way to the toilets and took two cubicles next to each other. I saw Meg's jeans and yellow panties around her feet and I lowered my jeans and pink panties to mine. We both did a wee and I started things off with a soft log that came out smoothly. I heard some crackling from Meg's bum as her first turd worked its way out and plopped into the bowl. She quickly produced another two and I did the same. After one more log Meg was done but I had three little pieces to get rid of.
That evening before we went out I pooed again, but only two logs. Meg didn't go again. On Sunday morning I woke to the familiar sound of Meg getting up and hurrying into the loo to unload. From my sleeping bag on the floor I could see her pyjama bottoms hit the floor and then a loud eruption of soft poo from her bum and a groan. Several more waves of soft poo came out over the next few minutes, and listening to it triggered my urge for a poo. It was sudden and very strong and I needed to be on a toilet very soon. Meg didn't sound like she'd be done soon and I really needed to go. I got up and knocked on the door and asked if she was ok and how long she'd be. She said she was ok but she'd be a couple of minutes so I asked her to hurry up because I was bursting to poo! She quickly spattered more wet crap into the bowl. More wet stuff followed, and then a few more solid-sounding pieces. Meg was doing a really big load and I had to go so bad and she'd been in there for ten minutes already. I asked her to hurry but she said she had more still to come than she'd thought! The smell of her shit was pretty strong even from outside the door. She'd had to go bad- but so did I! She was still pumping out soft poo and kept going for another 5 minutes. When she finished I was close to an accident so when she came out I rushed in and sat. She'd flushed twice but still left some stains in the bowl! I quickly pushed out a load of nasty mushy poo and immediately felt better. More poo followed and then a few logs. My poo was a lot smaller than Meg's but I still spent ten minutes in there!


Last day at work poop

Hey y'all! Sorry for the delay in posting. Been busy lately.

I'm gone from my job now! On to bigger and better things at my new job in January. On the last day, I decided to take a poop in the public bathroom for once since I have been a bit afraid to do it at the office. I made sure I drank coffee before I went to work so that I would have to go. I pass some smelly gas after drinking coffee. I drank my coffee on my way to work and by the time I got to the office, I already felt ready to do a stinky. I decided to wait a bit to go to the bathroom so the poop could harden a bit more and it would be more solid. Two hours later, I had to fart to relieve the pressure from the poop that I was going to have. I decided that was my time to go to the bathroom and do my "Farewell Dump." I went to the bathroom and there were two other women occupying stalls. I took the last stall that was open and before I could even sit down, I let out a large before poop fart. It stank like rotten eggs. I undid my pants and sat down on the toilet. I could tell the other two ladies were having a poop because I could hear plopping, grunting and farting. I soon joined them and started pushing out the poop. It was a hard one to pass and it was large too. I pushed and grunted for about thirty seconds and finally the poop came loose and make a "THUNK" sound in the toilet. I felt so much better after that. I looked to see what I had created and I ended up creating a large, dark brown solid poop. It took the shape of a log. I wiped, flushed and washed my hands. The two other women had left by the time I was washing my hands. Great poop to leave the office with!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

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