npu (noisy poopers united)

pooing with hobos:my trip to dc

Hey, im back. To answer you question: ima chick, no, 42, team jacob, and ive never met johnny depp but i love his work.But enough about me... lets get to the story. In like eighth grade,we took a trip to washington dc. But we had to stay over night, and i was with a bunch of boys. Yay me. I really had to take a dump, but the boys all were brushing their teeth naked(long story, it involves a dare, fifty dollars, a viagra, and a thong. Stupid boys.) Plus, im not the most discreet pooper. I was so desparate, i ran out side. There had been a bunch of hobos outside the hotel, and i now ran into them. "Wassa matta, pretty guurl?" One of them grabbed my shoulder. The others told him to shut up. I was dancing by now, and i could feel my hold on my ass losening. "Bathroom busy," questioned one. i nodded, and he pointed to a trash can. I ran over to it, and let go as i held a sheet over myself. It was bliss, your typical held in dump. When i was done, i used a roll placed next to the can. When i was done, i walked back to my room. But not before i thanked the hobos and gave them twenty bucks. The boys i was rooming with, you ask? They got in trouble for "exposing themselves" when one of them ran down the hallway in the hotel, screaming"free hugs,freehugs," in a thong. Btw, i heard one of them take a dump when he thought we were asleep. He was also a member of npu, it seems. All for now. Post your funniest places you ever pooed. Keep pincing those loaves.-NPU(noisy poopers united)

Kelly P

Phone Cameras in the bathroom

Some of you might know from my previous posts that my husband and I like to share the bathroom, especially in the morning when we're trying to do our poo. When one of us goes away on a business trip it can be pretty lonesome. But we've just discovered that we can go together by video phone. Last week he was on a trip and we talked every morning. He just called me from his hotel room bathroom and we watched each other straining to poo. Awesome. If you spread your legs a bit and hold the phone near your crotch you can hear the other person's pee tinkle and poo plop (or not).

Anybody else every try this?

Story Teller
Another story of my childhood. I was playing baseball outside with a couple other kids from the neighborhood when we were visiting my favorite aunt. A word of advice: never play in the yard after it rains. Otherwise, you'll end up like we all did: covered in mud and with ruined clothes. Needless to say, my mom was not amused by my condition or explaination, so my aunt said I could take a bath before we went home. I sat there peeling dried mud off my skin (very painful). AFter I was doing this for a couple of minutes there was a light tap at the door and my aunt stuck her head in. She came in and explained that she just had to use the toilet real quick. She asked if I minded and when I said no she said I was a sweet young boy. She closed the curtain and I heard the shuffle of clothes before she sat down.

It was a few seconds before I heard a splash. Then another, and then another three before another moment of silence. Then was one last splash before she started pulling off tp. She flushed and I heard her pull her pants back up. She pulled the curtain back and thanked me for not minding. I experianced the curtain thing a few other times. Somehow they all thought it was okay that I could still hear them pooping, but not that I could see.

I just took the biggest dump. Well probably not, but it definitely beat my record lol. Well I was with my friend and we were at the woods near my house, and I go "I really have to poop. Super bad." and my friend says "me too, I swear I'm about to go in my pants." so we find a nice lookin tree and my friend farts like 6 times. So it takes me quite a while to get started, even though it felt like I was about to poop my pants. I let out a few small farts. And then, it all just slides out. It felt so good. Except I only pulled my undies down halfway, so I fair amount got on my undies.... Most of t didn't though. But it was like, huge. So I walked home with kind of poopy pants :) it felt good though. I know it's weird but I like the feeling of poop in my pants. I'm not so embarrassed to do it in public either, but it's more of a thing that I only do occasionally. Well, later guys. I <3 poopin!


Movie theater pee

Hi everyone. My name is Claire and I'm 13 years old. I have read this site but never posted before until now. I was at the movies with my friend. We had lunch right before and I had a lot tO drink plus I had a lot to drink before lunch too. We were in the movie and I was drinking another drink and all of a sudden I really had to pee. Like one second I didn't then I really really did. I tried to hold it but the need was getting worse. I couldn't remember a time I had to go so bad. I didn't want to miss the movie and I was embarrassed to tell my friend I had to go. I don't know why but I'm shy about those things. I had to go so bad though I couldn't concentrate. I remembered reading some stories on here about people peeing in their seat at the movies so I thought I'd try it. Even if I got up to use the barroom, I didn't think I'd make it at that point. I had a skirt on so I lifted it up in the back and the sides. I leaned forward a little bit which put more pressure on my bladder and I began to pee. A lot. It felt warm and wet under my butt. I kept peeing and it ran down my legs and into my shoe. I was worried my friend would notice so I cut my stream off. I figured out if I put my legs up on the chair in front of me, per wouldn't get in my shoe. I still had to go pretty badly so I started up again. It felt really good and really weird all at the same time. I was worried someone would see what I was doing. I finished my pee and looked down. My chair was soaked and so were my panties but my skirt seemed dry. There was pee on the ground. Worried my friend would notice, I knocked my drink on the ground and pretended it was an accident. Toward the end of the movie I had to pee again because of all I drank. I didn't want to because I was drying off and didn't want to be soaked walking out the movie so I held it. When the movie ended my friend and I walked out. She said oh Claire your legs are wet and asked if I spilled my drink there. I said yes. She then said she had to pee so we walked into the bathroom. I went into a stall and peed again in the toilet. I took off my panties and left them there and wiped my legs off, we left the bathroom and waited for my brother to pick me up. We got in his car and I was worried he or my friend would smell pee but no one said anything. I took a shower when we got home. Overall it was a weird and scary experience. I learned not to drink so much.

I have to take a really huge dump. I just got home from school, and on some days, this is the time when I usually make my poops. Speaking of school, I farted in the classroom today. Extremely embarrassing. We were taking a test too, so it was totally quiet. Well, I'm gonna go pop this poop out ;)

warm seat

warm and comfy

Hi my name is peter when i get home today my aunt was there making my clean up for the week ,she come every week to clean my house and i pay her to do that,anyway she said that she had the bathroom left that she have to clean now i said ok so she wen in and close the door so i wait for a few min and then i hear the toilet flush so i figure she had clean the toilet but ins ted of that she came out so i told her its about time because i need to go very bad ,she came red ,and i open the bathroom door and enter oufffff it smell rotten eggs but i had no choice i drop my pant and sit on the warm seat that she made and i sh...t for about 10 min and i was done clean my ass flush the toilet and open the window wash my hand and come out i feel a lot better .My aunt was sit in the kitchen waiting for me she ask if the smell was bad i told her it was OK and we laught and i pay her and she left she told me that she will be back next week

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Elise as always another great story about you pooping in front of your boyfriend to make him mad and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Terra first welcome to the and great story it sounds like you had a false alarm poop where you thought it would be one thing but it was another ive had that happen to me it can be annoying but its better to be annoyed then to have a major and messy accident and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Randall as always another great set of stories about Sarah and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shawty as always another great story it sounds like your friend Janette was really desperate to pee and lucky nobody noticed and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen first im glad your feeling better and as always another great story it sounds like you had a really rough school day but at least you made it to a toilet everytime and it was nice of your boyfriend to bring you food even though you werent in the mood for anything but at least he was there for you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as alwasys another great story it sounds like you and Sara really did a number on your toilet and as always I look forward to your next pos thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story about you and your friends it sounds like Lucy was having a tough time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great set of stories your first one it sounds like you were pretty desperate and it sounds like that other girl was to at least you both made it and great story about your despearte dump and that girls desperate at least she made it then you did to after a little waiting and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Michelle (formaly M.S.) as always another great story it sounds like you were beyond desperate and so close to the bathroom to but when you gotta go you gotta go and diarrhea waits for nobody and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

I had to write two final exams today and was up late studying. I woke up a bit late so I didn't get the chance to have a shit since my roommate Cory was in the bathroom showering. I didn't have to go too badly but I knew I would need to go before too long. The exams were held in the basement of the science building and the place is like a dungeon. There are about four exam rooms downstairs and all were full today since it is exam period. I remember using the washroom here a few months back when I was writing a mid term exam. I recall it having doorless stalls. I went into the bathroom to take a quick piss before I started the exam. The bathroom is very old and dated. There is a small hallway between the two doorways that you have to go through to get from the outside to the inside. This offered an extra layer of privacy that made it feel more comfortable to use. The large urinals are recessed into the wall and directly across the two toilet stalls. I couldn't help but notice two guys about my age both seated down taking shits. I peed quickly and made my way over to wash my hands before leaving to write my first exam.

The exam was a couple of hours long and I used all of the time up. It was lunch time and I didn't have much time to go and get lunch before coming back to write my second exam. I felt I could do with a shit so I made my way back to the bathroom to unload. This time again both toilets were being used so I headed to the urinal and took another piss. Since I could probably hold on for a bit longer I didn't go in search of another toilet to use in the basement of the building even though I knew there was one near the other end of the floor. After eating lunch I made my way back to the exam room for the second exam. After about an hour I could feel the urge to shit coming up. For the next hour and a half it was quite uncomfortable sitting in the hard seat. When I finished the exam it was nearly 4 pm I believe I was one of the last to finish up. I turned the exam in and hurried over to the bathroom. I saw a small handful in the exam room next door still writing but for the most part the floor was empty. I made my way into the washroom and this time it was empty. I took the handicapped stall. I seated myself down onto a thick layer of toilet paper since I knew the toilet was well used and quite dirty by now. I relaxed and push a long and smooth turd out rather quickly. It came out quietly and slid into the bowl. I felt quite relieved as I started to piss a solid stream into the bowl. I heard the door open and someone come in. They sat down on the toilet next to me just as I unraveled toilet paper from the holder. The guy strained hard for a few seconds before unloading a very noisy shit. I got up to see a very long turd partially entered into drain of the toilet. It stretched all the way out and across the bowl so it was quite massive. I flushed and watched the strong flow of water push it down quickly. I pulled my pants up and left before heading over to a friend's place.

Bethanny T

Mall poop

I am a teenage girl and I live in America. The other day my friend and i were out shopping. I hadn't been able to poop in days so I just let her know that, and knew I would maybe have to after we ate lunch. I ate tons of fries and a double cheeseburger for lunch. About an hour later I felt the urge to take a big shit! I told my friend and we headed towards the bathrooms at a department store. Crossing my fingers no one would be in the bathroom. I noticed 2 of the 4 stalls were taken. I took a middle stall and my friend took another.Everyone was peeing, and the lady next to me let out a huge groan. This actually made myself feel better knowing someone was on the same page as me. I breathed slowly and started to push..nothing. I couldn't get anything started. My friend and another lady in one of the stalls finished. My friend knocked and so I let her in. The lady next to me still was letting out some logs. I told my friend I was constipated and really needed to poop before we left. She said that's totally fine, take your time. I decided to lean forward and I grunted rather loud. Still nothing. Finally, I felt the tip poke out and slowly the turd formed. It took about a minute for it to break off and plop the water. We both giggled after it hit. Then I pushed and pushed and tiny turds were coming out. I still knew I had a big one coming. The lady next to me finally finished. Then another women came in. She was dead quiet so my assumption she was going to poop as well. I groaned and pushed and it was stuck!! My friend got up and slowly pulled my butt cheeks apart for me. Finally it poked out. It came down quick and splashed the water following another 3 turds. It took about 15 minutes but I was finally relieved!!


Using the loo at school and round my friends

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with my latest update. Today I started to get the urge for a poo not long after arriving at school, I knew I wouldn't get chance to use the toilet until lunchtime so hoped my need wouldn't get too urgent. My constipation hasn't been too bad lately but over the last couple of weeks its started to become more of a problem again, probably because I'm eating too much junk food and not remembering to drink enough water. As I was sitting in class with an uncomfortable feeling in my belly doing my best to focus on the work I wished I'd gone for a poo yesterday, I did feel a slight need by lunch break but stupidly I kept it in. I knew I'd be on the toilet for a while when I finally got chance to go, I hadn't had a poo since Saturday and that took quite a bit of pushing and straining which I wasn't much looking forward to having to repeat in the school loos. Putting it off till after school wasn't really an option as I was going straight round Ellie's house, as you may remember from my previous posts she has an ensuite loo and theres no privacy at all. Although Ellie, her sister and me have all pooed in front of each other before I would be really embarased if I had to strain and push too hard and I had a feeling that today wouldn't be my lucky day. Towards the end of the last lesson before lunch I was bursting for a wee and I could feel a big poo was definately on its way, I was just hoping I could get on the toilet before it started to poke out into my knickers. As soon as the lunch bell rang I went straight to the loos in the English block which are my favourites, although the cubicle partitions are a bit rubbish they are the cleanest toilets in the school and the seats are really comfy, pretty important if you know you're likely to be sitting there a while! Typically all the cubicles were in use when I got there and there were four girls waiting. I joined the queue and clenched my bum as the poo was in danger of coming out, luckily I managed to suck it back up. No doubt by the time I got to Ellie's I'd need another wee and I didn't want to get skidmarks in my knickers and then for everyone to see when I used the loo. It took ages for me to get a cubicle, these toilets are obviously really popular with girls who need a poo as I was certainly a long way from being the only one who had to do a number two! By the time I'd locked my cubicle door I was squirming around trying desperately to hold in the contents of both my bladder and bowels, somehow I got my skirt up and black tights and green knickers down and sat on the loo. Next to me I could hear a girl plopping and farting away, I could see her skirt, tights and white pants round her ankles. I relaxed and started to wee heavily, I could feel my turd beginning to come out but after the tip was out I had to start pushing to keep it moving. I knew it was a really dry and knobbly poo and was going to take some effort to pass, so I bore down as hard as I could and did my best not to grunt. After what seemed like an age of pushing, straining and pulling my bum cheeks apart I managed to pass the widest part of the poo and then it eventually slithered out and splashed into the toilet. I needed to do a bit more so I continued to sit and pushed out another couple of poos but they were a lot smaller and easier to pass. I took some toilet paper and wiped my bottom, I noticed there was some blood on the paper and my bum felt quite sore. I pulled my pants and tights up, adjusted my skirt and flushed before unlocking the cubicle and washing my hands, when I came out I looked a bit red from the exertion which was rather awkward but I don't think anyone really noticed. Anyway, after school I went back to Ellie's house as we'd arranged, I was really glad I'd already been for a poo because Harriet (one of Beth's friends) was also coming back with us and I didn't really know her that well. We all went up to Ellie's room, Beth and Harriet had both been complaining on the way home that they hadn't had time to go to the loo at school so I knew her ensuite bathroom would be in demand. As we went in Harriet said "I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to use the loo first or I'll end up pooing my pants." She took off her skirt and went into the bathroom, quickly pulling down her tights and pink knickers and sitting on the toilet. I heard her having a loud wee and then there was silence for a minute or two and some tense breathing, suddenly there were three loud plops followed by a sigh of releaf. By now Beth was squirming around, she had undressed to her underwear and was waiting to use the loo. Harriet quickly wiped her bottom and flushed before coming back into the bedroom carrying her skirt and tights. Beth pushed past her, dropped her purple knickers and sat on the loo, she started to wee a loud stream and then screwed her face up so I knew she was pushing to poo. She did some loud farts which made us all giggle and not longer after she grunted and then I heard a massive plop, she made a few more before wiping her bum and pulling up her pants. Ellie and I didn't need to go, I did have a wee just before leaving but Ellie didn't use the loo at all which was suprising, she must have gone at school not long before the end of the day. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon.


Lunchtime Poop

Hi all. Me again.

Yesterday, I went through the morning at school feeling rather uncomfortable. This persisted when I was eating my lunch. I mentioned my discomfort to Charlotte and Beth, who were experiencing similar discomfort. So, off to the girls' toilets in the Humanities Block the three of us went.

Luckily, there were no other girls in the toilets when we got there and, so, we occupied three adjacent cubicle. As I undid my trousers, I could hear Charlotte and Beth pulling down their trousers and knickers. Once I had my trousers and knickers pulled down and was sitting, I could see Charlotte's white knickers and Beth's black knickers around their ankles through the gap under the partitions. I know they could see my white knickers with roses printed on them because Beth commented on them.

Anyway, I heard Charlotte peeing. She must have had a full bladder because I could hear her pee hissing as it hit the side of the toilet bowl. Mine and Beth's pee, on the other hand went straight down into the toilet. The three of us stopped peeing almost together. Then there was a pause, followed by a really loud fart which, it turned out, was produced by Beth, who apologised for her toilet trumpet and had me and Charlotte in fits of laughter. I nearly fell off the toilet, I was laughing so much! Then Charlotte asked Beth if she could fart a tune. At that point, I fell off the toilet and onto the floor, I was laughing so much. That set Charlotte and Beth off laughing, too.

Eventually, I picked myself up off the floor and sat down on the toilet again. For the next ten minutes, the only sounds any of us could hear were the crackling of poo coming out of our bums and the plops as the lumps dropped into the toilets. I have to admit, the feeling of relief when I heard the last lump of my poo drop into the toilet was great.

Charlotte, Beth and me wiped our bums, flushed and left the toilets, laughing about what had happened while we were in there.

That's it for now. I'll try and post again soon.

Jack and Coke
So a quick story and some comments

Today as everyday this past week I was at my church working on the stage for Christmas, well I'm underneath the stage floor which is basically a crawl space (2 ft high with aluminum beams running throughout. I had to pee as I went under but thought "eh I can hold it." Oops, bad idea. I was somewhere near the middle of the the stage when I suddenly feel like I would explode. next thing I know my pants start getting wetter and wetter.. I then had to crawl out and figure out how to either explain it or hide it from everyone else who was working with me. Thankfully there were only 2 of the ladies around and only one noticed. I slipped outside to my truck and found my camo hunting pants and my extra boxers that I keep for hunting trips. I went back inside and changed then tossed my wet clothes in a bag and took them to my truck before going back in and working. My reason for changing pants was that the camo pants had more pockets to hold tools and such.

Nicola- Great toilet sharing story, hope your toilet can handle all that.

Abbie- I bet the thrill of getting caught in the woods woulda been kinda fun in its own way.

Karen- I know that feeling, I too was in band and had to "hide" in the bathroom b/c of a bug once only thing was it wasn't marching band and I had to run off stage to avoid crapping my pants.


Two day crap

Hello everyone,Paula-poo again
I am 40, 6'1" stocky brunette with a big ???? bubble butt. My craps are usually large,long and coiling and daily usually in the morning.But for some reason I skipped a day.
I was doing some very early morning grocery shopping when that all too familiar turtle head was knocking on my back door.I could tell by the feeling down there that this is going to be firm and massive. I have been making some very meaty smelling long farts leading up to this.The restrooms in this store are very clean and one of my favorite places if I have to take a good shit.
I took one of the two stalls and sat my ???? pooper down on the seat and relaxed. My anus puckered up and let out a tiny squeak as a 2" thick log started to slither out ever so slowly. It broke off at around 5" and made a loud plop splashing a little water on my rear. I knew this was only the beginning as my butt felt very full of nice solid logs. The next ones were crackling out very slowly and making around seven more thick sounding plops into the water below. The feeling was very nice as each log stimulated my anus and my butt emptied out nicely. Surprisingly there was not too much of a smell as this restroom is very spacious and just cleaned.Just a slight healthy poop smell.
I then wiped once and stood up to view the fruits of my loins so to speak and saw one of the most massive log piles I have ever made. There were at least 8 nice thick brown logs around 8" in length each.I flushed these down first so that I can continue my wiping. I wiped another six times until I finally ran out of butt fudge,it was a nice chocolate fudge color with each wipe.I flushed again and everything went down nicely. I felt nice and empty as I left that stall as I had a very satisfying two day crap.
Happy Holidays everyone, Later,Paula-poo


large dump

As i was slightly stopped up i got the urge to go after I had been up for about 30 minutes. I had drank a cup of coffee.

i raised the toilet seat and squatted over the bowl and i peed for about 45 seconds and then the monster in my butt had to come out. It was very knobby about 2+ round and about six inches long, wiped twice and washed my hands!!

Amanda M
My poops have been so hard lately. I guess it could be my fault cause of my shyness. I'll explain. Last week I stayed over my friends house for the week. On Wednesday I don't know what happened but I got a really bad stomach ache. I didn't have a strong urge to poop but I know if I sat on the toilet I probably could have gone. Being as shy as I am though I didn't want to poop over my friend's house. I was embarrassed about them being able to hear me and stinking out the bathroom. I doubt they would have heard me cause I didn't hear them and I could have used spray for the smell but I was too paranoid. Anyway the next few days my stomach didn't feel too good. It felt crampy and bloated. Friday when I got home the first thing I did was go to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and started to push really hard which I rarely do but it was the only way it was going to come out. It hurt but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. After 5 minutes I was done. When I wiped there was blood on the paper. Probably from pushing too hard. I hate when that happens.
On Saturday I had to go again. I wasted no time. I went up to the bathroom and pushed out 2 medium sized pieces. When I looked in the toilet I was surprised there was quite a bit of blood in the toilet. Maybe I pushed too hard again and didn't realize it. I try to be extra careful to avoid that. Anyway I wiped carefully and that was that. I didn't get any urges to go until today which is wednesday. This is normal cause I don't poop everyday. I went up to the bathroom and It was kind of hard for me to go. I didn't push hard. I waited till it was ready to come out on its own. Finally a long hard piece came out. It kinda hurt. When I wiped there was blood again. Probably cause it was really hard.
I wish there was a way for it to come out easier Im afraid i'm gonna hurt myself.

Poof! Guy

Dawnette's dilemma

I've written about my girl friend Dawnette before and how she teases me about being able to sit down and instantly with a poof pretty much fill the toilet bowl. While she pisses somewhat easily after she gets her stream started, taking a crap, especially in a public place, is a challenge for her. I know that she has to go, is uncomfortable and doesn't try to hold it, but once she gets to the toilet, sits down and starts to push, it has gone back up into her colon or something. She'll sit and piss a little but she can sit 10 or 15 minutes and nothing happens, although you can tell she's uncomfortable. And you can sometimes readily smell it. Such was the case this past weekend. We were at a basketball game at the civic where our college was playing and she went down twice, endured the queue and when she finally got onto the toilet, she was unable to produce anything other than a little piss. Each time she gave up in frustration because the queue was getting longer and some of those waiting were becoming more hostile. Someone even yelled in and asked her if she ******* died in there. At that point, she just got up and came back to our seats. We each had a couple of beers during the game so when we got out to the parking lot Dawnette said she didn't think she could make it home without going to the bathroom. I knew she was frustrated with herself so I didn't tell her to go back into the arena but remember that about a mile away there is a very popular recreational area that we could drive to. She always jokes about how beer goes right through her system so I knew her need was urgent. The road in was bumpy and we passed a few ice fishermen until we came upon the bathroom shack. The lights were on and she asked me to come in with her. Of course, I wasn't going to refuse. She led the way pratically running to the three-cubicle bathroom and putting her shoulder into the door of the first one. She whipped her jeans and thong down in record time and by the time her butt touched the seat there was a thunderous sound between her legs and she slid herself forward on the toilet three times as she let out obviously painful turds. At the same time, there was a heavy patter of piss into the bowl that seemed to last for well over two minutes. I could tell she was in pain because she threw her long hair forward and placed her face into her arms. Once the pain subsided, she reached into her pocket, pulled out a cigarette and lit it. It seemed to calm her down and I heard a few more splatters into the bowl. She sighed and said she had been waiting for that all day. She stayed seated and I held her smoke as she wiped. I think it was about five times. She pulled up her thong and jeans and left without flushing or washing her hands. I glanced back and could hardly see any water in the bowl because she had filled it. On our 20 minute drive back to campus she said it felt like her anus exploded. I didn't really know what to say to that. I asked her if the seat was cold and she said she didn't remember. It was about 40 degrees and the bathroom wasn't heated. But I didn't ask any more questions.


Pooing in the woods with Sarah

I had my last poo on saturday and by tuesday morning I was busting to go again. I was out shopping with Sarah and she said she desperately needed to poo. By the time we packed our shopping in Sarah's car I was getting desperate and by the strained look on her face I could tell Sarah was about to poo herelf. On the way back Sarah took a detour via the woods near our houses and she parked by the side of the road and opened the boot and took out a toilet roll before she ran into the woods holding her bum. I followed her and we found a secluded spot and pulled our jeans and knickers down quickly. Sarah was squatted and bent forward and immediately began to pee a long stream while a huge turd coiled up under her bum. I squatted next to her and had a loose but solid poo. It was a lot and I peed a fair bit too. It was such a relief and our piles were steaming in the cold air. Sarah wiped herself with the toilet roll she'd bought and handed it to me to wipe myself. We then went back to the car and drove round to Sarah's house and I took my shopping in.

I only like to date girls who aren't afraid to fart in front of me, and who openly talk about pooping. I like the "naughty girls" who take massive dumps and have loud smelly farts and do it when I'm there. Guys, are you the same way?


First enema, attempt.

Hey well today I had my first enema as i have been backed up for over a week now and i was getting worried but It was a kind of fail as I don't have the correct equipment.

I used a drink bottle :/ I lubed my butt hole then stuck the bottle in and squeezed the bottle. Half went in but the other half didn't. I waited 20min then sat on the toilet and let the liquid out. It felt so good! I completely cleared my bowls after 40min of pushing! I felt very clean.

I was wondering if other people have enema's? And if so what do you use?

Just a guy
Leanne -wow, since I last posted you had so many interesting stories. Your stories about yourself, your friends and even just other women in the restroom are very interesting. It sounded like you had 3 excellent dumps in one day! I'm glad you and the other girl who was desperate got to the toilet in time.

Rachel - your stories about yourself and your friends were great too!

Nicola - interesting experience with your neighbor. Kind of funny too.

Desperate to poop - enjoyed your stories. I hate those when you feel like you're done and you're getting up and you have to sit down to go again.

Timee - I enjoyed your stories with you and your friends.

Amylee - you mentioned you had a few stories about the newly renovated restroom - I'm looking forward to your additional stories.

Park Bathroom No Privacy at All

Others here have posted about their experiences pooping in either camp or campground settings. I rented a cabin a few years ago that did not have its own shower or toilet, instead this was in a building a short distance away.

This was a bathroom divided into two rooms. One room contained three shower heads and was one open area. The bathroom area consisted of two toilet stools with partitions between them that came out slightly beyond the front of the toilets themselves. There were no doors on the stalls. When you sat down you were facing a long bench and could see part of the shower room where guys would dry themselves off. There was no privacy at all.

I have always enjoyed having bowel movements in this type of bathroom. I have always liked to have bowel movements with no privacy. I would usually wait until another guy came in and sat down on the other stool.

One time I was sitting and a guy came in. He sat down and held some toilet paper in his right hand. We were having a conversation about fishing when he let go a long stream of diarrhea. I began to feel the need to have a movement, and I did with some farting. He let go another stream, and I crapped some more, all the while we were talking. I could see his knees and hands because he was leaning forward and the partition between us did not go very far. Wiping in front of others was also demeaning, so I usually scooted forward on the toilet and wiped my ass from the rear.

Another time a man brought his 4 or 5 year old son into the bathroom. The boy sat across from us on the bench, apparently he did not have to go. The father sat next to me an the boy was asking, why didnt the toilets have doors. The father told him "Its because we are in the woods". The son and he were talking, and then I heard the father have his movement and I also had my movement while the boy was watching us. I once again scooted forward to wipe, flushed, washed my hands, and left.

Not being in the military, I have never had the privilege of having a movement on a toilet stool without partitions or doors, but I imagine it must be great.

drunk and pooo
this past summer i drank a little too much.. i was throwing up all night. every time i stood up i felt like puking. i also really had to poop. i held it in for a pretty long time i didn't want to poop in my pants. i did all that i could. one of the times when i puked i felt the poop wanting to come out. i knew if i puked anymore i would for sure poop in my pants.i couldn't help it anymore i had to poop really bad. but before i could sit on the toilet i threw up and shit my self pretty bad. i was a mess and it stunk


to discovery kidd

That was a cute story!


Poo in the Renovated Office Restroom

I'd mentioned in one of my last post that our office was going through a renovation including the restrooms. One department from another floor relocated to our floor. Our restrooms are located in the hallway near the elevators, well away from the offices. When they changed them, they eliminated the main door from the hall into the restroom. So when you enter either the men's or ladies' rooms, you go through an "S-curve" into the area of the sinks and toilets. They also eliminated a lounge area which was near the old door and added two stalls to our restroom for a total of eight. So when you enter the S-curve, as soon as you come into the restroom there is stall #1. It is literally just a few steps around the curve to the hallway and with no main door, anyone walking down the hall can hear toilets flushing, and in the case of some noisy ladies, perhaps some pooing noises. One lady from the relocated department is named Lisa. She's about 35 with blonde hair and a cute build. I've seen her leave the office area before with either a magazine, a section of newspaper, or some work related material. I assumed she was going for a coffee break. I then realized that she was actually going to the restroom. One day last week I was felt the need to poo at about 9 a.m. I wanted to go ASAP because the restroom gets full at 10 with the poo-ers. I went into the hall and toward the restroom when I saw Lisa coming from the opposite direction, with a rolled up newspaper in hand. I figured she was going back to the office from the break room. I went into the ladies' room, found it empty and went into the third stall, which used to be stall #1 until the renovation. When I passed by the new stall #1, I glanced in and saw that it was full of poo and soiled toilet paper, so someone had obviously clogged it with a big bowel movement earlier. I latched stall 3's door and began to undo my slacks. As I sat down I heard someone come in. I heard a gasp as she obviously looked into stall #1 and the mess there. She took stall #2 right next to me. I saw her shoes and recognized them as Lisa who was coming down the hall. Then she dropped the rolled up newspaper on the floor as she got settled on the toilet. She was wearing a short skirt with low heels. When she sat down she reached down and picked up the newspaper off the floor. Everything got silent. Our restrooms have no background music, fans or anything to mask restroom noises. I could hear a few people pass by the restroom door in the hallway as they were walking by. Still overcoming poo-shyness, I waited to see if Lisa was going to pee and leave, but with the newspaper, I figured she was there to poo. I heard her open the newspaper, then a whispered "uhh, uhh, uhh" then a deep breath and a quiet "ummmmh" then a long wet crackling sound started from her. It went on and on and on, a full 10 seconds. At about the 8 second mark, I heard some male voices in the hallway passing by. Just then Lisa let out a splattered "SPPPLUUUUUUPPPPPTTT" of a fart with a whispered "ohhhh". I distinctly heard one of the men passing by say, "Uh-oh!" and the other guy laughed. I assumed they heard her. I decided I'd better start pooing myself since I was there first and Lisa was going too. I hesitated because just then I heard heels clicking on the floor as another woman entered the restroom. I saw through the cracks by the door that it was Barbara, a woman in our office in her early 30's. Barbara took the stall on the other side of me. Here we were, three women in an 8 stall restroom, all bunched together. I know Barbara pretty well, but had not been in the restroom when she did a #2. I wasn't sure of her business until she sat down and immediately farted very loudly and started straining. I heard a slight crackle and a heavy plop, plop, plop. It sounded as if she was a bit constipated. Lisa was still reading her paper and did a slow, low volume fart that went for about 5 seconds then I heard her do another "ummmmh" and more wet sounding poo came from her. I pushed and had my customary pre-poo gas, but it was a puffy one, one of those airy PFFFFFTTT sounding farts. I had to push very hard as my poo wasn't coming easily. Finally it started out and was about an 8 inch log and it splashed noisily into the pot. Barbara farted loudly again and more ball-sounding plops came from her - about 10 of them in rapid succession. She sighed. Lisa then did another soft but audible fart that was interrupted by some soft poo that kind of blew out of her and splashed into the toilet. I then pushed out another fairly long log with another splash and felt through, except for my usual "I'm done" pee. I peed and heard Barbara do another pretty loud fart and some more balls of poo. I began to pull toilet paper off the roll, and so did the other two ladies. I only needed two butt wipes, and one wipe in front. Lisa wiped several times, and Barbara only a couple. I stood and pulled up my slacks and flushed and went out. Lisa flushed a few seconds later and Barbara quickly followed. We all ended up at the sinks together. Barbara said hi to me. Lisa just looked at us and smiled and we all left the restroom.

To all those who have been in the bathroom with an adult: It was fun for me and adult female cousins. It drew me closer to them. My mother's 1st cousin and I used to share the bathroom at home and public toilets. We saw everything of each other. Then I was a baby-sitter for her son. I used let him in when I was 18 and he was 6. One day I was in my blue cheerleader skirt, white sweater at my house after a football game. I was lounging on the floor up against the couch with the little boy. My stomach was growling. Then I was breaking wind silently and audibly. The little boy started giggling saying, "You have to take an S-H-I-T?" I said, "I better." I walked over to the bathroom and the boy followed me as if I were his big sis. He said, "Can I watch you?" I said, "Sure, come on." I lifted by skirt and slid down my white cheerleader nylon panty under which was another pink cotton Carter's brief to my ankles, sat on the bowl with my knees together and my ankles apart. I dropped 5 dark brown logs and I peed for 30 seconds. Then, I broke wind and another piece dropped out. The boy said. "You had another piece in you." Then, I broke wind once more. He asked me questions about a girl's body and why I my pussy had hair. I told him that I was now an adult and my body was developing and that his would do the same. I did not start developing until I was 16 and that was with injections of hormones for 4 years. I reached for paper and wiped myself good. I pulled up my underwear, let down my skirt and flushed the bowl.

One Sunday, 4 years later, for an adventure, we took ride to our uncle's house. The kid liked the bus and train ride. We had lunch and dinner there. During the afternoon, I felt the urge because I was breaking wind until I almost did it in my underwear. Uncle had bathrooms all over the house-2 on the main level, 1on the mid-level, another on the lower level. I took the lower level, closed the door, lifted my red plaid flannel skirt, black half slip, pulled down my panty hose and pink band-leg nylon panty to my ankles. I let out a dry fart and then I dropped this huge 7 inch log. There was a knock on the door and it was the kid. I told him that I was sitting on the bowl. I opened the door and he saw me in this position. Then, I was squeezing out piece after piece 5 more times, plus a long pee. The boy saw all of this. I did not care. He and I were real close. He said to me, "You made a huge cockie doo-doo. Are you waiting for another cockie doo-doo? " Then, I let out another fart with a small three inch piece. I guess I ate too much. I was a like little girl letting in a little boy with me. I was in there for about 10 minutes. When I decided that I was finished, the boy even pulled off toilet paper for me. I took the paper and leaned off to wipe my behind clean. He gave me another and I repeated the process. Then, he gave me another to wipe my pussy from the front. I leaned forward, to stand, pull up my panty, panty hose, pull down my slip and skirt. The boy saw what I had done in the toilet and said, "You really had a stomach. You ate a lot." He flushed the bowl while I washed my hands.

I had an episode with my mother's 1st cousin who is just 9 years older than me. She was at our house. I was 9 she was 18. She had just arrived from Barbados and I was happy to meet her. In the afternoon, she asked my grandmother, "Where is the toilet?" So, my grandmother asked me to show her. I took her to the bathroom and entered with her. She said, "I have to make jobbie." She pulled up her red dress, white slip and pulled down her pink nylon band-leg panty to her ankles. She sat with this dress and slip bunched up in her hands with her knees together and her ankles apart. With no effort, she squeezed out a buzzing deep fart, then followed by six long pieces of #2, shaped like ???? hot dogs. They came out slowly but in succession, along with a wet fart. Then, she peed for a long time. She said, "This feels good, love. Nothing like a girl making a good jobbie." We were talking about ourselves being girls. I told her that I liked her white nylon slip. She said that she sewed it herself. I really admired it. I liked it and was lifting it up while she was on the bowl. Then, before she wiped, she said, "I have some more gas" and she broke wind. She reached for the toilet paper, held on to her dress and slip as she wiped from behind, then using another wad to wipe her pussy. When she stood up, pulled up her panty. let down her slip and dress, adjusted her panty waist band and hitched her slip shoulder strap. She looked at her bowel movement in the bowl and said, "That was a healthy jobbie."

Another day, the teenager came to visit my grandmother and I. I had eaten lunch earlier-five hamburgers with all the pickles and onions in the world and cole slaw.It was just before July and I was waiting for day camp to start. After eating so much. it shortened my bowel transit time about 2PM. I was in 4th grade going into 5th and I had these huge painful, noisy, and smelly bowel movements. I used to hold them back, but it was to my own harm and I paid for it with nasty stomach viruses, etc. and it almost cost me my life. So, I grabbed my Casper and Archie and Veronica comic books and headed to the one and toilet in the house, lifted my simple little girl light blue and yellow cotton dress and my white cotton full slip, pulled down my white cotton Carter's to my ankles. I sat on the bowl and strated reading my comics as I waited for my bowels to slowly release. It was painful. My little rectum was stretched out and then I started squeezing out four huge logs almost a foot long each. During the second piece, I farted like a tuba and it scared me. The bell rang and my grandmother answered the door. It was my teenaged cousin and her mother. They asked for me and my grandmother told them, "Althea's on the throne making #2. She was a greedy pig today. She ate big. Now she has to shit big." They busted out laughing. Anyway, the teenager came and knocked on the bathroom door and called me and I let opened the door and let her in. "Althea, you making a big jobbie, love?" I said, "Yeah. I go to school and I am afraid to move my bowels. So, I hold it until I get home. This is the result. If I were at school, I would be holding this monster in my stomach." The teen pulled her skirt and slip together and sat on the bathtub edge and kept me company. She asked me if I was hurting. I was not, but I felt pressure building up in me and I let out a deep buzzing fart that lasted for what seemed to be an eternity. So, my cousin and I kept on talking and then I reached for toilet paper. Talk about a tough shit? It was murder to wipe becuase it was so dry. I wiped from behind and between my legs. She asked me to let her use the toilet, so that she could pee. So, when I was finished, I pulled up my panty, let down my dress and slip and flushed. My cousin saw my bowel movement and said, "This child is healthy." Then, she hitched up her navy skirt, white half slip and pulled down her white cotton pak-knit band leg panty to her ankles and let out a pee that sounded like a wide-open faucet. She took toilet paper and wiped between her legs, fixed her clothes and undies and flushed. We washed our hands and joined the rest of the family with me in my cousin's lap.

The other day my cousins, aunt, and I went to a special party a store in the mall was having. It took place after the mall closed and there were specials and raffles throughout the night. We had been shopping for about an hour when my cousin Aubrie came up to me and said she needed to pee. I did too so we went and found my aunt and other cousin Grace. We gave them our raffle tickets in case our number was called and headed to the bathroom. Well because the mall was closed, so were the bathrooms. I was okay and that point, but Aubrie was pretty desperate. She was upset that the mall did not think ahead to keep the bathrooms open during this event. I asked if she could hold it until the even was over and she said she did not think she could and that her mom and sister would not want to leave because of the raffle. She was squeezing her legs together and said she did not even think she could make it back to the store. That is when she told me to move. I did and she spread her legs and peed her pants right there. A huge puddle formed beneath her and her pants got soaked. She finished and I looked at her surprised. She said she pees her pants all the time. It is not big deal and she learned that if she pushes while she pees with pressure that it does not make too much of a mess. Well watching her made me have to go worse, but I was not about to do what she just did. We went back to the store and found my aunt and Grace. They took one look at Aubrey and knew what happened. My aunt was not mad, but upset because she needed a pee too.
We shopped around some more and my need increased. I went into the fitting room to try on some clothes and all of a sudden I could not hold it anymore. I knew I had to find a place to pee and fast. I looked around the room but did not want to ruin the carpet or the clothes I was trying on. Then I got an idea. I took the shopping bag I had to carry the clothes and inspected it. It was made of what seemed to be water resistant nylon. Perfect! I held it under me and peed into it. I then put my clothes back on and discreetly put the bag into the trash can that was outside the room. No one knew any better.
The even finished and we left. At this point both my aunt and Grace were really desperate. My aunt peed in the parking lot by her car and Grace ended up peeing her pants on the way home. Next time we wil learn our lesson and pee before we leave the house.


Greatest Work Experience Yet!

Hey all, I just HAD to tell you about this great incident at work after lunch today. I was feeling a pretty big crap coming on, so I headed for my work "safe haven". It's a 2 stall ladies room that you need to climb a few flights of stairs for - way out of the way and when I'm busy, not a realistic option. But, things are slowing down with Christmas coming so I had a window of free time.

I made my way in and not surprisingly it was empty. One toilet still had the seat up - meaning no one had even used it since it was cleaned last night. I made my way to the far one, and found two tire tracks on the bottom of the bowl. Hehe I quickly papered and sat down with my usual pre-poop fart kicking things off. I started a gusher of a pee and was enjoying the feeling of emptying a full bladder. Completely zoned out, I then realized the door had opened and in walked another woman. Mind you, I was peeing at that moment so she very well may have thought I'd be wiping and exiting soon. So, she took the other stall, lowered the seat and cleaned it off. Just as she sat, my pee stopped and all was quiet for maybe a brief pause.

I really didn't think there was any chance this woman was in for a crap UNTIL I heard a buzzer fart and three heavy logs drop right away. I am talking within five seconds of her sitting, not even a pee. The small bathroom immediately smelled like healthy but strong poop. She flushed and began to pee, so I waited her out to see if she'd start wiping. Nope. More silence. I was getting uncomfortable, both at the stand-off and the tip of my poop just sitting at the edge of my butt!

So, I said to myself "eff it" and just let go. Out came a very long, healthy poop that made no noise, but I couldn't hold back an out-loud exhale after it. It felt terrific! I followed that one with a smaller poop that made an embarrassing kerplop, and I think I heard one from her side. This bathroom smelled like the devil had been there. I could only see shoes and imagined this woman being like 62...and that kind of grossed me out haha.

So, I started wiping and so did she! "WTF" I'm thinking hehe. So I tried to rush it and beat her out of there because I am still pretty shy when it comes to this stuff. I flushed, leaving a few streaks of my own, and exited. I washed quickly and as I turned to grab a paper towel, she flushed and exited. I shyly smiled since I couldn't avoid saying hi and she was GORGEOUS. I am heterosexual but this girl was a head turner. Maybe 24, great figure, long brown hair and doe eyes, and dressed sharply. She looked athletic and I can only wonder if playing on teams in college left her without inhibitions.

"You found my spot" she said. It caught me so off guard that I didn't really respond and then she hit me with "sorry that was inappropriate, I just trying to kill the awkwardness". For some reason this snapped me out of it, and I said "oh no, no need to apologize. I'm just a little embarrassed" and she said "yah me too" (which makes NO sense because she decided to come out of the stall with me still in there!!). I then went on to tell her that I only use that bathroom once in a while since it isn't near my desk, and she said it's her normal spot on most days as she sits one floor below. She went on to say today was an emergency and she isn't always that disgusting (her word). Again, I told her no sweat and said something stupid like "everyone does it". We exited together and said take care as we went off in opposite directions.

I am not positive, but this girl may enjoy our little interest, too. I mean, she was pretty bold about talking about it and seemed to enjoy our conversation once she saw I wasn't going to report her to HR. LOL! Maybe she's a lesbian? I guess it doesn't matter because I was totally blown away by that experience :)

OK sorry for the really long entry. You can see why I don't post often! Things with the roommates are going great and we are three healthy women :) I've almost gotten used to smelling and seeing the remnants of my friends' BMs. We are all very open and carefree about the subject, but no one has any interest in being in the bathroom while the other girl poops. OK bye for now all :)

- MK

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Further replies etc

JOHN. Hi. It's good to see another UK poster. Like you I used to post here regularly at one time but then found other things took priority so I too am a returner after a long absence. It sounds as though your Saturday poo was none the worse for being delayed a couple of hours. For reasons of personal convenience I think most of us are apt to try and train our bowels to perform at set times, although I'm convinced it can be more satisfying if pooing is left until we really need to go.

Nicola. Allowing Sarah the use of your loo just as you needed it was, I think, the ultimate in neighbourliness. However you were very lucky that the toilet coped with both of your loads before flushing. My guess is that maybe it was one of the good old fashioned sort with a chain or a fairly robust handle on the cistern. I hate the modern ones which are button operated and designed to flush on about a third of a litre of water - some chance.

Michelle (formerly M.S.). I enjoyed your account of that poo after your Birthday curry. It sounds very much as though it added significantly to the pleasure of the occasion. I don't think curry would necessarily have that effect on me though - although cooked tomatoes almost certainly would.

This morning i had a poop in front of my boyfriend. He has come to except me pooping in front of him, but he dosn't enjoy it either. He was brushing his teeth while i took a 9" poop. To piss him off i even farted once. I do wish he'd exept it more, I'd like to see him poop one dya but until next time.

I've lurked on this site for about two and a half years now and posted once under a fake name. Terra isn't my real name, but it's a variation of my middle name. I'm a black female, a junior in high school, will be 17 next month and I live in the Midwest part of the U.S. So here's my story:

I'm in choir at school and I have it first period. We performed last week and the director had leftover cookies, so I took one to try it (I was starving)! After I ate it, I started feeling sick. In my second class, I felt nauseated and I also felt like I was going to have diarrhea. So I put my head down and took notes, praying that I'd feel better by lunch. Today my school had a special lunch for some of the honor students. By the time lunch started, I felt better and I was really hungry (although I still felt like I had to take a dump. But I haven't taken a dump at school since the second grade...another story, lol). They served salad and pasta at the lunch. The lady who'd served my food gave me only a couple spoonfuls of pasta, so after I finished I got up again and served myself more pasta. I should not have done that! After I ate, I felt like I had earlier- plus bloated. After the lunch, we had some time to kill before the next period. So I walked with my friend Toni to her locker and on the way to class I told her I had to use the bathroom. I had to pee, but I still felt like shitting and I was still a bit nauseated. I went in the stall to pee and held back the dump I desperately wanted to take. I went to my next class and sat through that and the next one, which was my last class. When the bell rang, I put my stuff away quick (I was in band class). I usually walk home with my friend Kendall. She is hilarious! I live about three blocks away, but one street is really long. As we walked and talked down the long street, I felt my anus sort of holding the shit back. My stomach was hurting too. I was so afraid I was going to lose it! When I finally got home, I couldn't get my key in the lock fast enough. I quickly took off my coat, book bag, and purse and ran to the bathroom. I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. I let out a huge fart and it lasted for like three whole seconds. I leaned forward and I pushed to get some of it out. A few pieces came out but I felt a lot more in me so I kept pushing. I felt bigger ones come out. I looked in the toilet and was pissed. I went through all that pain and urgency for about five small-medium size pieces. I thought for sure I was going to have the runs (not that I was disappointed). But the best thing was, the diarrhea feeling was gone. I wiped, flushed and then washed my hands.

I have some more stories about me and my friends' pooping adventures, lol. I'll post them if anyone requests them.


answers to questions

Anonymous Texan: i never really thought about it. it was always early in the morning and i was still tired, so i wasn't really thinking "hey, Sarah might be out there needing to go, i should invite her in." she didn't knock or anything ever. she just got up, saw i was in there, and either attempted to wait or went outside.

duchess: she once evaded the topic entirely when i asked if she ever considered wearing a protective garment, and she seemed bashful about it. i don't think she felt comfortable wearing something like that when we spent the night together since it was an intimate situation, but thats just speculation on my part, she never indicated if to be the reason. besides, she never really expected to have accidents, circumstances just lead to those situations for her more often than for most people. additionally, besides the morning situation which i mentioned we eventually worked out a system for, it didn't happen as often as it sounds. i have quite a few stories because we were together for 6 years, so the accidents were all pretty well spread out. the morning situation went on for roughly 6-8 months after we started spending nights together before we got that system down. all in all, while it definitely would've benefited her at times, I'm not sure the use of such a garment would've been necessary, it wasn't a daily occurrence that she'd have to go outside or wind up going in her pants. I'm really not sure though why she never used them. I'd ask her now but it would be pretty awkward to bring up, as we've grown apart over the last couple of years and we're really just acquaintances now.

one notable thing about her going outside is that she usually only did that with pee. it was extremely rare that she would poop outside, so if she had to poop badly and wasn't near a bathroom it was pretty likely she was gonna do it in her pants. when she had wetting accidents they were usually accompanied by poop, not a lot of her accidents were just pee. i guess it was a lot easier to find a quick place to pee outside, but pooping was hard. her go-to pee spots outside were between cars, behind or between buildings where there were other things to block her like dumpsters, and if possible heavily wooded spots with plenty of growth, but we lived together in a pretty developed suburban area. i recall only one time she pooped outside. there were technically 3 times but two were on a camping trip we took so they don't really count since you go outside anyway. anyway, the story of when she pooped outside. it was the winter time and we had a snow storm that began while we were at her friend jen's apartment to watch a basketball game. the power went out because of the storm, and for a little while it was fun and we had an impromptu black-out party. one thing was, the building she lived in had electric pumps or whatever for the water, so no power meant no water either, and her friend made a point to say "no number two's!" if we used the bathroom since you couldn't flush (well, you could flush once but that's beside the point). anyway, after a little while Sarah suggested to me that we head back to her place before it got too bad and it was too deep to walk in. so we left, and started heading to her place. the snow wasn't too bad yet but it was super windy, which is probably why the power went out. we got like a block away when sarah said "I'm like... about to shit my pants." i said "aw man" and then she stopped. she said to me "just keep an eye out" and she went down the side of a store. she disappeared behind a wall that stuck out by a loading bay and a snowdrift, and it was dark because there was no power. she was back there for like 5 minutes while i tried not to freeze. she came back looking clearly relieved and said "I've made yellow snow before but that was new." and i just laughed, and we went home to her place. that's the only time i can recall her resorting to pooping outside, that i witnessed at least. she could've done it other times.

I'll also throw in a lone pee accident she once had in public. like i said she usual only peed her pants when she also pooped, otherwise peeing she was usually able to find a discrete spot to go. the morning she wet her panties outside the bathroom was one of just a handful of occasions i remember her only peeing herself. this one other time was when i had to meet her at her college one afternoon shortly after we got together and she didn't have a car. i picked her up and i started driving her home to get ready for work, then i was gonna drive her to work. we weren't driving too long when she sighed and said "i guess i should've peed before i left school." i said "can you make it home?" and she hesitated before saying "i don't know..i guess we should stop somewhere sorry." i said "no worries" and i pulled into the next shopping center and parked by a KFC. she hopped out of the car and didn't even close the door all the way and headed toward the restaurant. i stopped paying attention and kinda spaced out playing with the stereo, when after only like 30 seconds her door opened again, and she had a pitiful expression on her face as i looked to see a huge dark blue stain spreading down the front of her light blue jeans as she squeezed her thighs together firmly. the stain grew larger on the front of her jeans as squeezing her thighs together was probably causing it to spread that way. she just stood outside the car blocking herself with the car door and kept relentlessly peeing in her jeans for several seconds. when she was finally done she just said "sorry...i got to the door and i knew i wasn't gonna make it in time, so i came back to the car instead of peeing myself in the restaurant." i nodded that i understood, and she put a grocery bag and some inserted ads from a newspaper over the seat and got in, and i took her home to clean herself up and get ready for work.


More replies

Nicola. Thanks for sharing your poo in a bucket story. It sounds very much as though you're a lady who likes to put off pooing for a couple of days. It always pleases me to hear of a lady who doesn't go too often and then has a satisfying session when she does. I'm sorry to hear about your stomach upset though and I hope you're now fully recovered.

J. It could be that Car Mom has finished posting here, at least for the time being. However I think it's perfectly possible she may return at some point. People often lead busy offline lives and the run up to Christmas can be especially busy. As a returner to this forum after a long absence I know from first hand experience how other claims on my time can - and sometimes must - take priority.

Karen. I'm sorry to hear about your stomach flu and I hope you're soon a lot better. Having had gastric flu a number of times in the past I know from bitter personal experience that it's not pleasant. If you can keep them down bananas are a good thing to have after that kind of upset. Dry toast is also good as are poached eggs. It's wise to stick to fairly bland foods for a day or two whilst your stomach recovers. Plenty of fluids, particularly light fruit juice, are important. You'll have lost a lot of fluid and it's important to get re-hydrated. You'll probably feel very weak for a few days due to the loss of nutrients during the gastric upset. However that's fairly normal and hopefully you'll be feeling more human again before too long.

Anne. Thanks for sharing some more of your constipation story with us. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest.


To Rodger - clarification on my post

To Rodger: We experienced the doorless stalls at the high school, not at McDonald's. McDonald's restrooms had doors. I've seen several cases where ladies' rooms didn't have doors on the stalls, mostly schools, or at swap meets, etc.


At my Brother's BallGame

Back in 92 when my brother played for his school team in the 4th Grade,It was on a Saturday where Me,Mom and My Brother went to the MiddleSchool Gym.We saw Friends of ours' there too.We sat and Watched the game with them.One of our Friends which is Carson(I posted about him on here before which was 8) had his cousin Deny(which was 7) said he had to use the restroom.
They where in there for ten minutes,so Carson's Mom told me to go see what was the hold up.The Restroom had 4 stalls with no doors.The First stall had a load of toilet paper in it and in the Second stall had Deny sitting on it.I went to the first stall and flushed it and the toilet paper looked like soft served swirled ice cream spinning.And Deny Got out of the stall with his pants half pulled up.And he went back and sat down.
I left the bathroom,And Another 10 minutes had passed,Carson's Mom told me to go back down there and see what is going on.So I went down there and Deny was still on the toilet,I stayed With Carson and Deny.Deny kept getiing of the toilet and getting back on it.I didn't really remember how long that Ordeal took that day.



To: Brandon T,I read your letters... Thank you for liking my is my other story about my friend, Jannete. Hope you like it!

I went to mall with jannete. She drinks two glasses of ice tea. When we're choosing clothes, I saw her, she was holding her crotch. Than I asked her if she's okay, and she said that she was totally fine. So I continued to choose. She was kept on holding her crotch and no longer did the pee pee dance and said that she needs toilet. So we ran to find toilet. It was a long way to toilet. We ran and ran and suddenly she stopped. I saw wet spot on her jeans that grew larger and darker and land on floor. People was staring at us. She told me that it feels good for her. We go home using bus. She drinks so much water again. She relaxed and she **** on the chair. And I stared at her. she said "what's the prob?" But no one seems to see. She covered her jeans with jacket and bag and go home.

to NPU: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a good tinme at the sleepover with your friends! sounds likes to me that the farting contest was successful! i lookforward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Elise: i really enjoyed your posts! sounds like you did an awesome job potty training the young girl that you were babysitting! thats funny that she commented on the size of your load! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to JaneXO: i really enjoyed your posts! sounds like you had quite an experience doing some christmas shopping at Ace Hardware! thats crazy that you peed all over the carpet! iam glad to hear that you didnt get caught! normally in most cases you would have been arrested or permantely banned from the store however it sounds like you couldnt help the suitation that you were in! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Nicola: i really enjoyed your posts ! iam so glad to hear that you didnt end up having an accident in your pants! sounds like to me that your roomate was helping you out by supplying you with a bucket! i can recongnize from your previous posts that you enjoy relieving yourself in a bucket! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Whoops: i really enjoyed your post! iam really sorry to hear about your dorm accident! thank God that no one saw you having an accident! i hope that this doesnot happen to you in the near future! please take care and God bless!
to Lauren: i really enjoyed your post! thats crazy that you witnessed a young child having an accident while sitting next to her mom! i bet that was the highlight of the movie! i feel bad for the little girl but the mother needs to learn to listen better to hear child especially when it comes to empytying her bowels! i lookforward to your next post!



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