Replying to Brandon T

Hi, thanks for the kind words, Brandon, and I feel back to normal now and can fart without being on the toilet! I get one of those bugs just about every year; just glad I got it over with well before Christmas this time.

Once in high school when I was in the band I got a bug like that and still had to attend a football game. I wanted to not go that night, but Mom made me, she said I had to learn to be responsible, but the only thing I learned from that experience is that the responsible thing to do is to home when you're sick, heaven knows how many others I probably infected. Before the game I sat on the school toilet forever, followed by marching with stomach cramps and clenched butt cheeks and I must have looked like a goose walking, feeling like I had to fart but knowing better than to chance an accident, and then dashing off to have a seat on the toilet every chance I got to have yet another bout of blowout diarrhea. I got pretty inventive at taking off my band uniform coat as a pullover without bothering to unbutton it. Remember this was an older school building and the bathrooms had the old style push-out windows that didn't seal out the outside air very well, and the heat was lacking and it was drafty, very drafty in there. To this day I remember the shock of the cold porcelain against my bare behind. Maybe a coincidence, but it seemed that only when I was in the bathroom sitting on my throne having yet another blowout would I hear the announcer indicate that our team had scored a touchdown. I went straight home after the game instead of going with the rest of the gang to our usual place to get something to eat. A friend from band came to my house later to bring me my favorite onion rings that I used to always get after a game, which was nice of him even though the last thing I wanted at the time was food. I remember just drinking the vanilla coke though.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kayla first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping your pants and getting caught and it seeemed like he didnt make a big deal about it he probaly thought you just had an accident and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: wild One as always another great story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leanne as always another great set of stories the first one it sounds like you made a new friend and bathroom buddy if your times of going match up and also great story about you hearing your friend Kat poop again and finaly great story about about your desperate poop and also hearing those other girls poop to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop as always another great story at least you made to a toilet everytime and good thing from the sound of it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story about you watching your mom poop outside and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Rachel as always another great story about you and Rhiannon pooping together and also hearing all those other poopers as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Timee as always another great story and other stuff you sure had alot to write which is good and we all enjoyed reading it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Jack and Coke

Stories and such

Hey y'all, couple a stories for ya.

1st one was a few weeks back. I was at the local store and had to dump something fierce, normally I'd go home but I was in the middle shopping so I headed to the bathrooms. When I got in the stall I dropped my jeans and boxers and sat down. unfortunately I'd had some food that'd give my mud butt. I first had to push out a hard turd then I had a a lot of mush come out. 5 min later I was done. (AHHH!! my dad just ripped ass in my face and I bout passed out) As I went to wipe I found there to be no paper. I had to wait 10 min before someone came in to go before I could get tp.

2nd one was last night. I was at church and had to pee. since it was late there was only me and 2 other people there. I was upstairs well the others were downstairs. As I headed downstairs I felt like being adventurous so I walked to the upstairs bathrooms(I just bout lost my supper cause my dad asked me to smell leftovers from Thanksgiving) and walked past the men's' room and into the empty ladies' room and into the 1st stall. I unzipped and peed in the toilet. I then flushed and zipped and left.

3rd one was also last night. I got home late and had to pee but I didn't wanna go in the toilet. I was in the process of washing my pillows and bed stuff that day but only got 2 pillows and 4 of 5 sheets. I grabbed my dirty pillow and blanket and laid the pillow where my butt goes. I then laid down on it and covered up. I then started to pee in my bed! It started out slow then came out full force it felt good peeing while I was trying in to go to sleep. After I was done I rolled over and fell asleep still in my wet pjs and on my wet pillow.

To Kayla: Other then being caught that sounds fun.
To Nicola: Great stories about the buckets. Keep 'em comin'.
To Leila: Please share some more stories.

Hi all its John from the UK here after a lengthy absence the reason being that nothing outstanding has happened to me on the number 2 front until about 30 minutes or so ago! My regular between 9.00am to 11.00am "event" failed to materialise today. I did my usual Saturday morning pub gardening job, mainly clearing leaves and general tidying up at this time of the year! Anyway finished at just after midday came home had a sandwich and a coffee. Around about 1.30ish I get an urge to dump, go to the loo combats and boxers to knees sit and start to piddle a copious stream which was followed immediately by two well formed logs which kurplonked into the water! They were the epitome of a perfect motion, well formed, not too hard nor to soft and a satisfying empty feeling to boot! The surprise to all this though was that the was ne'r a mark on the paper when I wiped, amazing! To Leanne and your "university family" great stories as ever and the same goes too for Abbie, Rachel , Amylee and indeed to all contributors to this unique site! It may be a tad early but I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all across the world a Merry Christmas and may the New Year be peaceful and all you want it to be! Love and peace John x

discovery kidd

traumatic dramatic body part moment

when i was 6 i walked in on my 15 yr. old sister pissing in the shower. i yelled,''daddy!, sarah's peter got cut off and she's leaking out her butt now and its hairy there!'' so me and daddy had a ''special'' talk and i found my sis and said''sorry, i didnt know u had a bagyna that p p comes out of...or boobies.'' it still seems funny.see ya later


2 girls 1 toilet

It's been a few days since my last poo and I was ready to have a nice big clearout. I went to the bathroom and was just about to pull my jeans down when there was a knock at the door. I was so annoyed I'd been disturbed but when I answered the door it was Sarah from 3 doors away. I let her in and told her I was about to have a poo when she turned up and she apologised. She said, "Wow what a coincidence. I need to go as well but I've run out of toilet rolls and wondered if I could borrow one." I handed her a toilet roll and she asked if she could use my toilet as she was desperate. I let her go first as I love waiting while someone's in the loo. What I didn't realise was just how badly she needed to go. For 40 minutes, I had to listen to Sarah dropping turd after turd into the water and her sighs of relief made me even more desperate than ever. By the time she came out I was about to load my pants in a big way and she hadn't even flushed the toilet. When I went in the smell was very strong and the toilet was half filled with about a dozen of Sarah's turds. I was worried about it blocking but I was so desperate I used it anyway. I sat on a warm seat that Sarah had prepared for me and relaxed. I huge load of soft poo rushed out of me and it was such a relief. I stood up to admire our joint creation and found the toilet was filled up with our poo. There was no sign of the water. Just our huge poo. I wiped and flushed the toilet and of course the water rose right up to the rim. But it didn't overflow. The water slowly went down but it sped up and about half way it disappeared with a sucking sound. There was still a lot of poo in the bottom but I waited for it to refill and flushed again. That took everything away leaving a lot of big skid marks behind.


Dreams, Diarrhea and Dirty

Hello all, how's everyone's poops lately. Hopefully there'll be some juicy stories after X'mas...

Does anyone like, dream that they have diarrhea, then actually wake up later and have it? Usually it happens to me when I'm about to throw up, so it was a bit surprising to have diarrhea after having diarrhea in a dream.

After all the drama in the dream, i woke up having a stomachache. I didn't think much about it except like i need to do a poo. So i sat down on the bowl, and this large turd just suddenly shot out, then i had the really watery poop flowing out. I sat there for like, 10 minutes until my bro walked in and got hit by the smell. I washed up then got ready for school.

About 2 hours or so later, we were having PE lessons. I was helping my teacher (male) carry some bats (for softball) when i got that horrible pang. I thought I could hold it in until I finished the task, but the pang was so painful I literally dropped the bats and ran to the bathroom. Unfortunately the toilets were being cleaned (damn!). My teacher had caught up to me and was midway telling me off when I couldn't hold it anymore and let out the watery poop. Immense relief off course, but so embarrassed as the diarrhea browned my PE pants and my white boxers. The teacher quickly pushed my into his office and gave me a bucket to finish my business. It was so loud that several teachers knocked on the door and asked my teacher what was wrong !!. After all the diarrhea, my teacher sent me home and the rest of the day spent my time on the toilet....

Merry X'mas and Happy pooping everyone~


Outdoor poo

Hi everyone, Abbie here again. I'll get on to my latest story in a sec.
Leanne- loved your stories about your latest poos, glad you made it on time after finding all the toilets were closed in the library!
Rachel- great post about you and Rhiannon going for a poo while you were out shopping. You said you'd like to know if I had any more stories about wiping with leaves and funnily enough I ended up having to do a number two outside last weekend, so actually its a pretty recent story! On Sunday I met up with my friend Lucy, I hadn't seen her for a couple of weeks, now we're not at the same school we're finding it harder to get together. We sat around in her room for a bit chatting and then decided to go for a walk. Lucy doesn't live far from the edge of town so quite soon we were walking through fields. After an hour or so we decided to head back, I was quite glad as I was starting to get desperate for a wee and was also beginning to want a poo. We walked for a bit longer and suddenly Lucy clutched her belly. "I'm bursting for a poo Abs, I don't think I can make it home" she said suddenly. "Well I really need a wee and I might as well have a poo as well, I could probably hold it but its starting to give me bellyache" I replied. We went off the footpath, luckily at that moment we were going through a wooded area so at least we wouldn't end up squatting in the middle of an open field! We found a small clearing and Lucy started to unzip and pull down her jeans, she then lowered her orange knickers before squatting down. I quickly pulled down my jeans and yellow knickers and starting weeing into the soil as soon as I squatted, I could see Lucy's bum as she was sideways on to me and the tip of a poo starting to make its way slowly out. When I'd finished my wee I started to push and felt a large poo starting to poke out. Lucy was straining and panting, her poo looked really fat and hard. I know she often gets constipated like I do so we were both likely to be there some time. "I'm still getting constipated quite a bit," Lucy panted, "I hardly ever get chance to go for a poo at school because the toilets are even worse now, so I've got no choice but to hold it till I get home." She took a deep breath and gave a hard push and I saw the poo slide out a bit more. "Sorry Abs, I haven't been since Tuesday so I might be a while."
"Well I quite often don't get time to go either, but the loos aren't that bad so at least I can go if I'm desperate" I said, pushing as hard as I could as soon as I'd finished talking so my voice didn't go funny. My poo was sliding out slowly, it felt hard and knobbly. I thought back over the last few days and realised my last poo was on Wednesday at school so my situation wasn't much better than Lucy's. Just then we heard voices close by us and we both froze, it would have been really embarasing if someone had come off the path and seen us both with our jeans and knickers down and big poos hanging out of our bums but luckily the voices moved away and soon it was all quiet again. Not long after I gave a massive push and my poo dropped with a thud, I groaned and then I felt a smaller one starting to come out. After that one was out (which luckily didn't take too much straining) I felt I was done. "Lucy, have you got any tissues or anything?" I asked. Lucy was in the middle of her hardest push yet so she just shook her head. "Oh great, I suppose we'll have to use leaves" I said, shuffling around to try to find some. At that moment I saw Lucy's massive poo finally drop, it was really thick and was so long it was almost touching the ground! She moaned and then farted loudly before a smaller turd began to emerge. By now I was doing my best to wipe my bottom with some leaves I'd managed to find, I can't say it was exactly successful but probably better than not bothering at all. Soon after Lucy was done, she searched around for some leaves and then she started to wipe her bum too. When I'd made the best job I could I pulled up my knickers and jeans, I made sure I didn't pull my knickers up too far so that hopefully I wouldn't get any skidmarks. Shortly after Lucy did the same and we went back to the path to continue walking. Later that day I went for a wee and thought I'd better have another go at wiping my bottom using toilet paper, suprisingly I only had a faint skidmark in my knickers and when I wiped the paper wasn't really that dirty. I know my poo wasn't a messy one but even so I didn't think the leaves would have worked that well, I was expecting my knickers to be so dirty I'd have to change them.
Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!

Hey again!

Rachel- I really enjoyed your latest post! Sounds like you were both pretty desperate for your poos!

Well today I had an exam and I thought I'd post again about it. It was only an hour long, but with 15 minutes gone I was getting a vertain feeling down below and sure enough, I had 40 minutes or so left to hold in a strong urge for a soft poo. I managed it ok but was desperate to go. I knew the toilets where the exam was would be busy so I went to the engineering building again. I was alone when I got there so I took a cubicle and took down my jeans and knickers and sat down. I quickly produced a wave of soft poo that crackled out loudly and felt good. Once that urgent part was over I relaxed a bit and took my time. While I was pushing out a couple of soft logs someone else came in and took the other tolet for a wee. When she had finished weeing someone else came in. I had a log hanging half out of me but there was total silence in there so I tried to wait! The new arrival tried the door of both cubicles and then stood by the sinks to wait to get on the loo. The other girl quickly wiped when she realised someone needed to use the loo, and under cover of her flush I pushed out the log that was waiting to drop! I managed another mushy piece too before the other girl left and it went quiet. My new neighbour had her tights and knickers down but I couldn't hear anything from her. I had more to come, though, so I went for it and pushed out another log. Once she knew I was doing a poo she seemed more at ease because she suddenly ripped a loud fart and then made three plops and then some wet-sounding poo. I had another mushy load to come and then a final piece. The other girl had another two to come and 5 minutes later we were done and came out together. She was a quite petit Indian girl, but her poo was anything but petite!

That exam was the last thing I had to do before the Christmas holidays, so I decided to go into town for something to eat and maybe some shopping to celebrate. I had a big meal in McDonalds and then looked in a few shops. But my bowels decided they weren't empty just yet, and after a big fast-food lunch the pressure was building, and building fast. I had to find a toilet soon, so I made my way back to the arts building and my favourite loos. Mistake! Lectures had just turned out when I arrived, with my poo too close for comfort already. I went in and saw with horror that every single one of the 18 cubicles was in use and there were numerous girls waiting to relieve themselves. A few looked like they were in urgent need of some relief of one form or another! I needed both, because the big coke from Mcdonalds had gone right through me and I needed to wee badly, too. I joined the queue for the larger set of loos, figuring there were more of them so turnover would be faster and that girls who only needed a quick wee would be using the set of 6 nearer the door. Indeed, there was a strong smell of poo in the air and lots of girls seemed to be unloading their bowels. Several more in the queue needed to as well. One girl was subtly trying to put her hand on her bum. I could tell she badly needed a dump- I felt sorry for her because there were 4 or 5 girls in front of her, but there were 10 in front of me and I was really getting urgent to go for my poo now! It surprised me how fast and strong it came on, considering I'd only been a couple of hours before. I figured it was probably just a small but very impatient load! Time passed and girls left and others joined the queue behind. I moved slowly towards relief, but it was agony because my poo was getting very hard to hold and I was having to clench my bum very hard! I really needed to pass some gas as well but I didn't dare risk it! The desperate girl made it ok and after 5 more minutes I was next in line for an urgent wee and a desperate dump! Of course, since I was next to go, nobody seemed to want to finish up! Finally someone did and I hurried in and replaced her. I got on the loo as quickly as I could and relaxed my bladder and began a stream of wee that started at the same time as I let out a big, deep fart that I'd been holding for ages! As soon as my wee was in full flow my first turd emerged smoothly and quickly and I joined in with my neighbours who were having poos of their own. I made three more soft, medium-sized logs and a few more farts and I was done after 7 or 8 minutes on the loo. This evening I had to go again, though, producing five pieces and one pretty hefty sausage in our toilet at home. More on the way tomorrow, no doubt! Bye for now everyone!

Hey I'm Morgan and I'm 14. This is a message for kayla. I have that same gross habit! Except I just haven't gotten caught yet lol. But the other day I was playing a video game and I just completely soiled my pants on purpose. And I pissed them really bad too. No one ever knew...

Kayla, you aren't the only girl your age with the gross habit of wetting or messing your pants. Getting caught at it is embarrassing, but your brother was probably as embarrassed as you were. It might be uncomfortable, but it should blow over after a few days.

There are others who do this and it is relatively harmless. Just be a bit more discreet about it next time.

Michelle (Formally M.S)

Present inside my knickers on my birthday

It was my 27th birthday on Wednesday and to celebrate I went out to a restaurant with a few friends. I ordered a curry as I enjoy the taste but it often plays havoc with my bowels and goes straight through me. About 30 minutes after I had finished the curry I started to need a poo, at first I thought I would be able to hold it but after 20 minutes I started to get stomach pains and it was becoming apparent I needed to go to the toilet soon but I was enjoying an evening out with friends; some of which I hadn't seen in ages so I thought I would wait until the end before I spent forever on the toilet. As the night wore on I sat there in pain, clenching as hard as I could but I was strangely enjoying myself reminiscing about our school days, it was approaching 9pm so we decided it would be a suitable time to leave as some of them have children who needed to be picked up from friends' houses on the way home. We, well I stay we but they paid for the meal as a birthday treat and then we said our goodbyes. I was on the verge of pooing myself at the point so I quickly walked to the toilet trying not to soil my knickers in the process but as I entered to toilets I let out a wet fart followed by a squelching sound as my poo filled my red French knickers. The squelching sound was very noticeable and it was clear to the lady standing at the sink that I had pood myself. I still needed to go so I decided to just finish what I had started and let out the rest of my liquid poo into my underwear in front of the lady. She looked surprised especially after hearing another horrible wet fart followed by liquid poo violently exploding into the seat of my knickers. She left at that point; trying not to look me in the eyes as she walked past me. Once I had finished loading my underwear I decided it would be easier to clean up at home so I left the toilets and restaurant stinking of poo. My bum was covered in poo so I was in no situation to sit down and drive so I left my car in the car park and started waddling home feeling excited about the possibility of being seen in public with my knickers full of poo. It was hard to walk properly as the mushy load was sloshing around when I was trying to walk. The runny poo was rubbing against my bum the whole time and it was a nice feeling as it was cold outside so the poo was keeping me warm especially when it started running down my legs although it did cause a lot of mess. When I got home I waddled to the bathroom and peeled off my ruined knickers. Inside I found a different sort of present. It was a complete mess; there was poo all over the back of my knickers, down my legs and even up my back. I got in the shower to clean up and while I was in there I needed to go again so I just let my bowels do the work and release a fairly large amount of runny poo into the shower. Once I was clean and sure I didn't need the toilet I went back to the restuarant and picked up my car.

What a birthday!!!


7 day back up

Hi I've been reding some of these posts for a while and I find them interesting and a good read so I decided to post my own story.

Well I was about 13 at the time and I was on a holiday camp which lasted a week. On the second day I felt the urge to dump but the toilets at where we were staying were horrible and didn't even look like that had been cleaned, ever!
So I held it in each time I really needed to go because I just didn't want to go in the toilets and this went on for the duration of the week.

After the camp and once I got home I went to the toilet and sat there for over 30 min taking this massive dump. I mean it was huge to the point it made me cry because my anus had stretched that much. Before I flushed I looked and there were 3 10inch tubes of poo and I just stood there and smiled then wiped twice and flushed leaving the toilet feeling fantastic.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


about Sarah

This is to the guy who had the ex-girlfriend named Sarah, who was accident-prone. You have told us about her public wetting/pooping accidents and that she was especially prone to accidents in the morning.

I am just wondering why she didn't wear some sort of protective undergarment to protect her clothing and her dignity. I am not judging her, I am just curious. Even some of the lower-quality protective undergarments would have allowed her to save her dignity and clothes at least until she could get somewhere and clean up.

Mr. Clogs

had to pee in the truck desperation

On Tuesday, I went to find the place I had to go for an interview on. Before my trip, I got something to eat, 2 slider burgers and fries, with orange juice. I ate my food and sipped on my juice in the truck and made it on my way. I found the place and now my bladder was in much needed relief. I had some water bottles that I usually keep in the truck just in case in an emergency. I didn't want to make what I was about to do obvious. I found a secluded space in the parking lot, I used the empty orange juice carton to pee in. I unzipped my jeans, slid my undies off to the side and put the mouth of the container up to my non-erect penis and peed into it. I filled the once empty carton up to the brim and wet the front of my jeans a bit. Now I need to get rid of the piss filled carton, I slid my undies back, and zipped up my jeans. I drove to next lot and found a trash can and threw it away. I had to drive home with the damp spot in my jeans, oh well.

janeXO: Great post about your Ace Hardware piss on the floor. Hope to see more posts from you.

Nicola: I enjoyed your post about you peeing and pooping into the bucket. Must of felt so good that it was a pleasurable relief.

Car Mom: Hope all is well with you and the kids.

Leila: Nice story about you pooping in the shower and flushing it down the drain. Hope to read some more posts from you.

Mr. Clogs

Mr. Clogs

The biggest bowel movement thus far (naturally)

Hello everybody, I hope all is well with everyone. Well today was a memorable in toilet land. It's Wednesday and I'm feeling golden today not just the golden liquid that comes out, LOL! Okay here was today story, I was on an interview today, interview went well. A little bit after 11 AM, I was getting desperate. The lady that I've interviewed was really nice. After I left her office, I found me a sandwich shop to do my business in. I asked the guy at the counter if I can use the restroom, he said "no problem, you don't have to buy anything." I said okay and proceeded to the Men's room. It's a single commode, sink, and paper towel dispenser.

I really had to pee bad and felt a bowel movement going on too. So I wiped the seat down. As I was wiping down and covering the seat with toilet paper, I was squirting a bit into my shorts that I had on under my dress slacks. I pulled my shorts and slacks down and plopped my butt on the seat. I first peed into the toilet, with little or no effort moved my bowels into the toilet. While pooping, the pee strain had stopped a bit until majority of the poop that was inside of me had stopped. This went on for about 5 minutes, I gave a slight push and a sigh to get the remainder poop and pee in my system. I felt empty and great after that, seems like I was pooping out at lot even though I didn't eat that much the day before, still don't know where all that poop come from. I wiped with several wads of toilet paper to make sure I was clean and not to mess up my shorts I had on. I got back dressed and looked into the bowl to see what I made. I can't believe all of that poop came out of me. Looks like a 6 foot long snake turd coiled in the bowl! I would say so far of my 31 years of living, the biggest bowel movement ever seen. Of course I washed my hands and ordered my a ???? sandwich for lunch.

Hope you all enjoyed my story, have a great day!

Mr. Clogs

I was stuck at school late today because while I studied some friends for a final exam that I have this week. It was nearly 7:00 pm and I was starting to get hungry so I decided to get something to eat. I went and got some pizza at a small shop a short walk from the campus. After eating two pieces of large pieces of pizza and drinking a large soda I studied a bit more while I worked on my laptop. The store was mostly empty except for the odd customer that came in and ordered before leaving. I would need to use the washroom to poop before I walked home since there was a washroom right behind me that was tucked away a bit from the rest of the store. A guy in his late 30s or early 40s who was sitting at the other side got up and walked around the corner where I was sitting and go into the washroom just behind me. Shortly after him entering I heard him start to shit quite noisily. I heard lots of plops and farts as he released what sounded like a big load. I then heard what sounded like a toilet plunger. I guess he clogged the toilet with his big poo. I was hoping to use the same toilet but I had my doubts. After hearing him flush the toilet about two or three more times he emerged and exited the store.

At that point the strong smell of his dump started to filter out from the washroom. I waited a few more minutes and then packed all my stuff up and headed over to shit. The bathroom was a bit dimly lit and dirty. I set my stuff down away from toilet and inspected to see if it was working. There were a lot of skidmarks in the bowl so I knew the single toilet washroom was well used. The plunger looked well used indicating that the toilet probably clogged regularly. I sat down and almost immediately pushed out a very solid and long turd that felt good since I hadn't gone in a few days. I got up to inspect a very long turd that filled the bowl up from end to end. I wiped a moderate amount before sitting back down and pissing for a good 30 seconds. I pulled my pants and boxers back up and flushed the toilet. The most weak and slowly moving stream of water slowly circled the bowl doing little to move the turd down. I could see that the toilet would have trouble even with a much small shit. I flushed again and took the end of the plunger to try and get everything down. After a few tries everything went down but when I flushed for the last time the water level rose up and did not go down. I quickly plunged the toilet and flushed again to make sure the toilet was operational. I washed my hands and left to go home.

Lurker in AZ

Good postings lately

I have been reading since about page 400, and have only posted a couple of times. But recent stories and posts have been good, and I want to comment on a few and add a suggestion.

Amylee, tell us more about your Leigh-sighting in the doorless stalls restroom. What was she wearing? How far had she pulled her clothes down? Did you see her panties? More description, please!

Paula-Poo, I haven't heard anyone refer to a panty girdle for probably 40 years! Do you wear them all the time? Are they panty-shaped, or do they have more of a "shorts" look? Colors? Are they easy to pull down? How far? When you wipe, is it difficult to spread your legs if they are tight and squeezing on your thighs?

And here's a suggestion for everyone who loves pooping. If you have a hand-held shower head, you can give yourself a water enema. It's one of the best feelings I know, and it completely cleans out your system. Best of all, you can just wash your production down the drain by directing the stream at the pieces themselves. (They all go to the same place once they go down the drain, you know.) And it saves on paper because you don't have to wipe. Try it!


To Rodger - clarification on my post

To Rodger: We experienced the doorless stalls at the high school, not at McDonald's. McDonald's restrooms had doors. I've seen several cases where ladies' rooms didn't have doors on the stalls, mostly schools, or at swap meets, etc.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: NPU (noisy poopers united) first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping on that old matress and are you male or female and I look forawrd to your stories thanks.

To: Elise first welcome back and great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: JaneXO great story about you peeing on the carpet in ace hardware and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great story it sounds like you enjoyed pooping in that bucket and now you have to use in emergencies or in the middle of the night and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Whoops first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping yourself just as you got to the bathroom at least nobody new about it and please post more stories thanks.

To: Lauren great story about you seeing that girl pee in the theater and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Randal as always another great story about Sarah and her pooping herself it sounds like that one was a nasty one as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Paula-Poo as always another great story and that sounded like a pretty good dump and I bet you felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Althea as always another great story about you and your friends pooping together it sounds like your friend Rochelle was having a rough day at least you were there with her and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: S.S. first welcome to the site and great story about you and your aunt pooping together and please post some more stories thanks.

To: Karen I hope you feel better and that the rule dont fart unless your on a toilet just in case and always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Let The Fit Hit The Shan great story it sounds like you were beyond desperate lucky your pad kept the first part until you got to a bathroom and I bet that bathroom was avoided for a while after that and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Stephanie as always another great story and it sounds like those comunal toilets are a good place to catch up on whats going on in your area and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annonymous Teaxan great story about your lady friend pooping and please share anymore stories about her you may have thanks.

To: Inconsiderate Bathroom Users yeah some are like that like not flushing sometimes there in a hurry or they want people or see it and other reasons why people like are anoying and great story about those ladies going to the bathroom.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Althea - It's a shame you feel that way about adults in diapers, it's just that society tells us they're for babies which makes it a lot more difficult for adults who have to wear them. In reality they're just another form of underwear that helps a lot of people live an active life without worrying about having wetting accidents, they can be very discreet these days and people shouldn't be ashamed to wear them!

Thirty Something Female - Maybe you should try some sort of diaper or Tena panty etc. when you're out and about if you tend to hold it too long? Then your wetting is contained and only you know about it, and you can change whenever is convenient!

Aimees Stories

I am quite new to the site so this is just a quick first post, but I really like Aimees stories, keep em comin

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