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hi...I'm kayla, long time reader but i haven't posted. i'm 18 and even though its a really gross habit, sometimes if I'm like home alone I'll sort of...allow myself to go to the bathroom in my pants...if I'm doing something else and i don't want to be interrupted...anyway, on Sunday night my parents went to my uncle's house to help him clean up from a flood and they would be there overnight so i had the place to myself. i was hanging out in the tv room playing a game, and i started to have to poop. i just ignored it and kept holding it. well after awhile i got pretty desperate to go. i didn't want to stop playing my game so i just relaxed and pooped my pants. it was big and soft, and when it smooshed between my butt and the chair it really spread out in my light blue panties. the relif felt great, and i kept playing my game and ignored the smell. as i sat there, engrossed in my game with a big soft load in my underwear, i started to slowly let pee trickle out and begin soaking my panties. eventually it turned into a steady, strong stream and i completely wet myself. just then, i heard my garage door open into the kitchen! in a panic i hopped up from my chair and looked out the window to see my older brother's car in the driveway! he goes to college like 90 minutes away and he came home to have a quiet place to study for finals. anyway, there was nowhere to run or hide...he walked in and saw me in my soaking wet, poop filled underwear. i covered my face and ran upstairs hiding myself from him for the rest of the night....i was sooo mortified! i saw him one time the next morning and we made brief small talk and never brought it up...but it was sooo awkward! i don't know when I'll ever be able to face him again!


Restraunt Restrooms

I never been in a Resturaunt Restroom(In which its men's)That has more than two stalls,Unless it is a Restraunt made with Large Gas stations and what not.

Wild One

Some more goldies

Hi there! I like to continue and tell one story more about my sister and his friend. But first:

Mr. Clogs and Brandon T: Thanks! Iīm glad you guys liked that story.

Ok, so here we go again:

It was the same summer what was in my previous story. After the summer started and school ended my sister and his friend go to their new summerjob which was strawberry farm. They have great hopes but reality was not so roses. When they go there they notice that the boss was rude and nasty, the other workers were pretty much old alcoholics and the job was way out what this guy had promised when they chat on the phone. It was combination of some kind of social work when that guy taked those drunk guys there and it was same time summerwork for young people. Well, the truth was that there was lots of those drunk guys and very few young workers. Later found out that almost all of the young workers quit almost immediately.

It was pretty big shock for those young girls to notice that there was those old alcoholics working with them. They dont worked same place so they meet only in coffee and lunch breaks but even that was enough for them. The girls afraid that those old guys trying to became way too friendly (you know what I mean) and that was pretty much that what happened. When was even little change they try to touch them or sit near when was breaktime. There was toilet but it was old and pretty much trashy outhouse and the girls scared to use it because there was always lots of those old drunk guys near and girls afraid that if they go there those guys surely gonna try to watch them. So few times when they have started to work there and use that outhouse they notice that there was always someone or someones lurking and watching or trying to lurking and watching them. My sister was pretty much scared to use that outhouse and said it was pretty nasty thing when thereīs allways someone or someones trying to watch you somewhere there even under your ass. The boss just laughing when they complain about it and those old drunk guys dont listen nothing. My sisters friend was pretty much scared too but like I said in earlier post she was nasty talking and very naughty girl too so she start to tell nasty joke how it could actually be very fun if she have big load coming and she just have to use that outhouse and then notice that someone those old guys watching you under your ass when sitting there she would just enjoy pushing big and nasty brown load straight on drunk lurkers face or atleast soil him baddly all over and put some pee on dessert. We three laughing (me, my sister and this friend) pretty much that nasty joke but reality and just for safety reasons girls decide that if they still have to use toilet on working time they do it only for outside because there was riverside and grassfield and it offer more privacy and peace than this old and pretty too famous and public outhouse and they listen that other young workers do it same.

So one day they have to poop middle of the day so they decide to go. Like I said there was riverside where the grass grow so they decide to go there. They noticed that there were two fishing poles but because they dont see nobody on there so they dont walk any further and decide to go there (because they both have to go fast). They drop their shorts and panties, squat there and relaxed. The work was pretty lousy but atleast there was some privacy to poop and pee in peace atlast and the weather was pretty fine too. Sun was shining and it was warm. They dont have to wait long until both teen butts started to release some brown soft cables and piss. Because of hurry they both have missed the morning poo so there was big loads coming. They say that they enjoyed very much because there was fun to chat same time when pooping. So when they get the job done they wiped and this redhead friend of my sister change her sanitary pad too hiding her old sanitary pad in her big pile. So when they start to walk back in their jobfield there was two young boys (maybe 14-15 year old) walkin their way just there were girls just unload themselves big time. Girls nearly started to laugh same time and start walking faster. Those guys had a pretty strange facial expressions so girls think that maybe they have seen the whole show because there was old barn perfectly near that pooping place where those guys could have hide and watch. When girls walk little further they turn to watch those guys they notice that those boys watching and inspecting their loads pretty much enthusiastically. Girls just start to laugh big time and thinking that it was those guys fishing poles in there. The girls told that story on our home and we laugh very much too. We think that maybe those boys just couldīt believe that beautiful teen girls can really shit too and matter of fact shit big too.

Girls fight the whole month in there (like the contract was) but after that they quit.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Hi again everyone! I have a few stories to tell today.

The first is from the weekend. I have an exam tomorrow (Thursday) so I've been doing a lot of revision this week. On Saturday I went to the library to get some done. While I was there I got a some lunch from the cafe and after I ate it and drank a bottle of juice I needed a wee and very soon a fairly urgent poo. I saved my place and got up to head for the toilets. Each floor of the library has a set of men's and women's toilets and then on the other side in the hall by the lift two unisex cubicles that are for the use of people in the other side of the building. I went to the women's first, since they were closest, but there was an out of order sign on both them and the men's next door. So I decided to go to the unisex ones, but when I got there I found they were out, too. I guessed maybe the plumbing for the floor I was on was out of action, so I got in the lift and headed down one floor. The doors opened and I started to get worried, because both of the cubicles on that floor had signs on their doors too and there was a girl standing by them looking puzzled. She looked at me as I came out of the lift and I said, 'oh, are they closed on this floor as well?' She said yes and that she'd already tried the other ones on that floor. I said, 'well I hope there's some open somewhere in here!' and she agreed. We set off to ask at the front desk. 'Oh,' said the man, 'didn't you get the email? The plumbing's broken and all the toilets in the building are out of order. We're directing people to the student union.' We said thanks and headed outside. The union is only a few minutes walk away, but it was a few minutes I wasn't sure I could spare, especially if the toilets were busy when we got there. Luckily my new friend had an idea. 'Let's try the drama building,' she said. 'It's only over there.' We crossed the road and went up the ramp into the drama building. I thought this was a good idea, but then when we found the toilets, either lots of other people from the library had had the same idea, or a lecture had just finished somewhere in the building, because in the girls' loos both cubicles were in use and there were two other girls waiting. We joined the queue. Luckily for me they were all only in there for a wee, and soon I was sitting on the loo pushing out three soft logs and a few little pieces. My new friend had a wee and then she farted twice but didn't poo, at least not audibly.

Yesterday I heard Kat have a big poo. I know it was her because, although I was in my room, I heard her talking to Emma and then Emma went into her room and Kat went into the loo. I heard her sit down and have a wee and then I waited to see if she needed a poo. Sure enough after 30 seconds or so there were two loud plops and then she farted. After another silent spell there was another splash and then silence for another minute. Then I heard her grunt and there was another loud plop. After another minute Kat pushed out a final two bits of poo and then she started wiping. No doubt she felt much better!

My final story happened today. After another two-hour revision lecture in the engineering building I was dying to go to the toilet and have a poo that I'd been holding in for almost the entire lecture. I made my way quickly to the toilets but they were both in use. There was a very attractive woman of about 30, who I assumed was a (relatively) mature student, waiting. She was wearing trousers and a black top and leather jacket, and she looked pretty desperate. She had one hand on her stomach. I was getting some bad cramps by now so I joined in and put one hand on my stomach too! The girls in the cubicles were torturing us by pushing out poos of their own. A few minutes passed while they poos and I was getting more and more desperate and so was the other woman. While we were waiting someone else joined the queue behind me. After a couple more minutes one of the girls flushed and came out and the woman went in. I heard her quickly get seated and then immediately heard a loud crackling as the first of her poo came out. There were three very loud, rapid plops and then she sighed loudly. Then she started to produce a plop every 30 seconds or so. After a minute the other girl came out and I replaced her. I could see my neighbour's trousers and black panties around her feet as I pulled down my jeans and yellow panties and sat. I quickly produced two sizable logs and then a piece of mushy poo. My neighbour was still dropping turds every 30 seconds or so, and she produced 5 or 6 in total. I had three more pieces of poo to come out and we finished at the same time. We came out both looking and feeling relieved!

To Abbie, Rachel and Aimee- more great stories from you all! Keep posting!
Aimee- Yes, you mentioned using a sort of trench as a toilet- when I was in the guides we had a trench toilet at one day camp we went to as well. Surprisingly for me I didn't need to poo while I was there, but I had no choice but to go and wee and it was quite surreal seeing four girls squatting there in a row and peeing and pooing away!

Desperate to poop

Curry Shits

Hi all

Stephane - interested about Harrods and toilets specially for tampon changes, did they have anything special in them or was it just the other cubicles didn't have sanitory dispensors?

I had a few trips to the toilet today, Went out last night for my sis's birthday and we had a cracking curry and some beers.

Today I was in the garden centre cafe having breakfast when I felt the need a for hot pooh! I excused myself from my sis and girlfriend and made my way to the ladies. There was a queue of 2 people for 2 toilets and I had to wait. I was quite desperate and was glad one cucible became free quite quickly and a 50 yr old went in, she just had to tinkle and was out in a few minutes. This allowed a 40 yr old to go in, she had a long tinkle and then started to pooh. The other cubicle had a pooper in it too so I had to wait. The one had been engaged since I was in and she sounded quite loose. Thankfully the 40 yr old wasn't in to long about 5 minutes and I was able to take her place. I hurriedly got my jeans and knickers down and sat on the toilet before having a very loose pooop. It was quite hot and burning too. I shat for a good 7-8 minutes and had quite a wipe up experience

Afterwards we went shopping in Tesco and I got a second bout of curry poops and had to excuse myself to the Tesco's ladies. Thankfully there was one just becoming free as I arrived (last free stall) and I spent another 10 minutes filling that toilet, I even went to get up and sat back down again to explode.

Happy Pooping

Hello everyone,

About a week ago somebody posted about seeing his Mum on the toilet. My Mum is a regular poster here but this is my first time. After reading the post, I forget the name now, I have to write. When I was growing up Mum always took me with her into the toilet when we were out in town. I have memories of being in with her watching her take her panties down, the memories still arouse me (I am 19 now, still at home). When I was older, over six, Mum still took me to the ladies with her, but made me stay outside the cubicle door, Even then, if it was a busy toilet I often saw other ladies going into cubicle and leaving them to go and wash their hands. Occasionally I got a glimpse of somebody on the toilet this was mostly when they had a child or a companion with them. It was so exciting to me, but then came the time when I was old enough to stay outside the toilet and I only had delicious memories of those times left. Then, this was when I was 15, I went picking blackberries with Mum. She made the most lovely jam tarts and jam from the berries. We would drive to a disused ammunition dump nearby. It had really big berries on thebrambles, I think because it was still owned by the government and had become overgrown. This day Mum stopped picking the berries and told me she had to go to the toilet. She asked me to come with her and make sure nobody disturbed her. It was an odd request but one that again brought back earlier memories. I followed her as she went behind one of the old nissen huts, took a look around, then unbuckled her belt and slid her jeans and panties down, squatting and glancing around asking me to keep a lookout. I could see her peeing, a golden stream coming from between her thighs, I had never seen Mum like this, never seen her going to the toilet for years. I loved watching her bum, so round, the skin paler and darker where her bathing suit had covered her skin. She stopped peeing but stayed in a squat, I was trembling now, watching not the road but Mum. She bent lower and I saw her scoop her blouse higher and pull her panties toward her front. Then I watched as a turd started to push out of her bum. It was by far the most exciting thing I had ever seen. I could her Mum grunting a bit as she pushed to go, the turd starting to come out then seeing it break off, Mum grunt again harder now and push the rest out. She paused then for a second or so, then really pushed hard and I watched as another three turds came out. Without looking back at me Mum asked me to find some paper. I glanced around and saw some paper, crumpled, old chip paper, it was all i could fine. I went up and gave it to Mum. I wanted to watch her wipe her bum but I couldn't. I listened and loved the sound of the paper as she wiped herself. Then it was back to picking the berries, but I had another memory to cherish. Then, just a year ago I was home, studying my examination papers, I hope to be an accountant like Mum eventually. Mum was in the kitchen when I heard her mutter something about needing to run. Through the open kitchen door I watched as she undid her apron and running, draped it on the bannister at the foot of the stairs. She ran upstairs and slammed the bathroomn door. I started thinking of the berry pioking and seeing her lovely bum. As I was dreaming I heard her calling me, when I answered she asked me to fetch her a roll of toilet paper from the kitchen store cupboard. I got the roll of paper and went upstairs and knocked on the bathroom door. Mum said to come in, this was because the toilet is on the far side of the bathroom and it wasn't close enough for her to pen the door to take the paper. I went in and for the first time since I was a little kid I saw her on the toilet. She had her panties across her thighs and was sitting in a crouch with her hands folded across her ????. I went over to her and offered her the roll, without looking up she asked me to put the roll of paper on the empty holder for her. As I did this I heard her poop. This was not like in the woods, but it was a splashy sort of sound and then Mum sighing, not having to strain. After putting the roll on the holder I didn't want to leave the room so I started to ask Mum what she was doing that day. Mum talked to me about needing to shop in the afternoon, it was amazing, she was letting me stay as she had a poop. What is wonderful is that after that day a year ago we have just seen each other going to the toilet, not waiting for each other, but when one of us had to go and the other was washing, or whatever we stayed and chatted. I know Mum always liked to have a woman with her, in fact she often posts here about those times. It has brought us so much closer to each other, more loving. I feel, like Mum, that is natural to have a companion when going to the toilet. Everybody has to go there, its one of the most natural things we do, every person on the planet. I wish more people would be more open about the need to be with somebody when they go to the toilet. At university now I always try to have a mate in the next cubicle to me. When I am home I look forward to seeing Mum with her panties down more and more.

Abbie- glad you enjoyed my story about my outdoor poo! I liked your latest one too- it sounds very familiar to me! Glad you (and your desperate neighbour) made it onto a toilet in time for your poos. You said you have also used leaves to wipe with- I'd love to hear those stories (sorry ifd you've already posted them)!

Emma F- Glad you're feeling better now and glad you made it for your desperate poo the other day!

Ellie- Great story about your awkward experience in France! Like Abbie said, it must have been doubly embarrassing to have to explain that you didn't have to wee but poo instead! What a strange toilet setup they had there- like a huge outdoor men's toilet with separate urinals!

Aimee- I enjoyed your latest post, too! I can understand why your mum still checks your number twos, and as you say at least she will probably spot health problems a lot sooner than you would, but I would be sooo embarrassed if my mum kept looking into the toilet every night after I'd been!
I also read your post about your girl guide experiences and especially the one about the trench-type toilet which I will come to later.

First though I have another story involving Rhiannon and me. On Saturday we went into town to do some shopping together and had some interesting experiences! We rode the bus in and it was really bumpy- perhaps that contributed to me needing my first poo of the day almost as soon as we arrived! After we'd looked around for a while Rhiannon decided to try a few things on in the changing rooms of one store. I told her I was going to look for their toilet and she said she'd meet me by the changing rooms after. I headed off and found a sign pointing me to the back of the shop. I headed to it. There was a single unisex toilet there, but as I approached an attractive lady in her early 30s got there before me and went in. I stood nearby and waited. I could hear her adjusting her clothes and sitting down. She produced a stream of wee for twenty seconds or so and then went quiet again. A minute passed and I was getting pretty urgent to go when suddenly she farted really loudly and then there was a huge plop. A few seconds later there was another, and then another. Then another quiet spell and then two more quick plops. After another couple of minutes she started tearing off some paper and a minute later she came out. I went in behind her and there was a definite smell of poo in there but not as bad as I was expecting! I locked the door and pulled down my jeans and green knickers and sat. The seat was still warm of course and I had a short wee and immediately pushed out a fairly big poo. A few seconds passed and then I farted and pushed out another. While I was sitting there waiting for the rest of my poo to come out someone tried the door. I heard a woman's voice say, 'You'll have to wait Sarah, someone's in there already.' I assumed it was a mother and her daughter. I pushed out my final two logs and I heard the daughter say, 'Are they going poo?' I started to get embarrassed! The mother replied, 'Yes. they're going poo but it's not polite to talk about it.' I quickly wiped and flushed my load away. I washed my hands and came out. Sure enough, there was a mother with a young girl aged about 4 or 5. She mouthed an apology to me as I walked by so I just smiled. I met up with Rhiannon who was still trying things on and then after we went for lunch. We loaded up on food in KFC and shared it all between us. After that I was completely full. Soon enough I had to poo again. After a few more shops Rhiannon told me she had to stop for the toilet. I said I did as well, so we headed for some of the public toilets in the small shopping centre. They were busy and there were only three cubicles in the ones we ended up in. They were all in use and there was a queue- two middle-aged women, two girls about our age and a mother and her young daughter. I asked Rhiannon if she wanted to go to the other set of toilets at the other end of the centre but she said they were too far and that she was pretty desperate to unload. One of the loos opened and the firat woman went in. Then the other two did and the other woman and the first girl went in. None of the women who were in the loos to start with were pooing, but the two middle-aged replacements were! I could hear lots of plops from them. The girl came out and her friend went in and she quickly dropped a couple of pieces too. They were all in there for ages pooing and the mother ahead of us seemed quite agitated. Her daughter asked what was wrong and she said, 'It's ok, mummy just really has to do a wee!' Rhiannon whispered to me that she really had to go for a poo badly. I told her I did too, which by now wasn't far from true. The queue had got longer now, with a girl of about 10 and two more middle-aged women who were chatting to each other. One of the women finished and came out and the desperate mother took her daughter in. I heard her tell the girl to wait and hold their bags while she weed, then she opened up with a loud wee for at least a minute. The young girl came out then of the left cubicle and Rhiannon took her place. After a minute the other woman came out and I went in and sat in between Rhiannon and the mother. Rhiannon's jeans and pink knickers were down already and as I locked the door she dropped two loud poos quickly and sighed. The mother pulled up her jeans and told the daughter to go. I saw her feet shuffle round and then disappear as her mother helped her onto the toilet. She weed for a bit and I made two poos of my own. Rhiannon farted quietly and then pushed out three more poos and then farted again. Then she let out a soft poo and I pushed out another of my own. My neighbours were done and replaced by the young girl who was behind me in the queue. She had to go number two as well after her wee, and I heard a loud plop and then two quieter ones. I was done but Rhiannon was still pooing so I wiped, flushed and left and waited for her outside. A minute later she came out. She said her mum had made Mexican food the night before so she had plenty of poo to get out!

This story reminds me of one from over the summer, actually. I had been shopping with one of my other friends, Sophie, and we had said goodbye because she had to get a different bus home. We had eaten lunch and I was pretty desperate to go for a number two. I passed a shop that I thought would have toilets and went in there because it was quite far to the ones I knew about. I went in. Sure enough, they had a single toilet and sure enough, it was in use. Waiting outside was a mother and her young son. I joined the queue behind them and hoped neither of them needed a poo. Whoever was already in there certainly did, though. I heard a few plops from inside, and the young boy giggled. 'Don't laugh,' said his mother. 'Mummy needs to poo as well.' A couple of minutes later a man came out and they went in. I heard her tell the boy to go first and he did a wee. Then I heard her sit down. I don't know if they knew I was waiting or not, but she said, 'now don't mess about, mummy will be a while.' I was suddenly worried because I needed to poo very badly. I heard her wee and then nothing for a couple of minutes. Finally there was a plop and a groan. The boy laughed again and she told him off. She let out another few pieces over the next ten minutes and I was willing her to hurry because I was really desperate now. When she finally came outshe looked quite red in the face. I hurried in behind her and got seated. Almost immediately most of my poo came out in a hurry. I had a few more pieces to push out and I was taking my time until someone tried the door. 30 seconds later I heard a knock, and then a woman say, 'um..sorry, will you be long? Only I have to go.' I replied with the standard, 'just a minute!' and quickly pushed out my final bits of poo and wiped. I came out and was greeted by a woman of around 35 who looked pretty desperate. She said thanks and hurried into the vacant loo. She was on the toilet and weeing before I was out of earshot, so she must have needed to go!

Now to reply to Aimee's post. You mentioned a trench-type toilet that you had to use once at camp. Well, we used the same type of arrangement at a weekend camp I went to with some other troops. Like yours Aimee there was a trench behind some bushes and some toilet paper in a box nearby, and room for three girls to squat and relieve themselves at a time. Even compared to some of the other toilets we'd had where you could see each other sitting on them, this was even stranger because you could see the other girls wee and poo actually coming out because there was no privacy at all. If the toilet was full and someone else came to use it they would come round the bush, not knowing it was full, and see three girls squatting there, maybe all 3 with poos hanging out of their bums! On Friday when we got there I waited until bedtime before I went with my friend Kate to wee, which I was absolutely bursting for by then. The next morning I needed another wee but I didn't want to go because it was drizzling and if you needed the loo when it was raining, you got wet! I held my wee through breakfast and until lunch when it had dried up. After lunch I found not only was my bladder full, but so was my stomach, and soon I was bursting to make a number two as well. I had no choice. I excused myself from my friends and headed as fast as I could for the toilet trench. When I got there, there was a big queue- 10 girls at least were waiting to go; most of them seemed to be pretty desperate so I assumed they'd all held it in because of the rain or embarrassment too! 3 girls oing at a time wasn't enough and the queue moved slowly. Several girls were holding themselves to avoid accidents. I was dying to do both things and after 15 minutes I was next in line. One girl came out and I went round the corner. Two girls were there. One was having a wee and the other had a poo coming out. I took some paper and went over next to the pooing girl and squatted there. I started a long wee and then my poo started coming out. The girl next to me was having a big poo and I pushed out quite a lot too. It was pretty embarrassing but clearly all the girls in the queue were in similar situations so it wasn't too bad! I weed there 3 more times but didn't need another poo.

1. How do you poop (secretly, scheduled whenever you feel, it when you are in a certain place etc.) I go by myself. At school, there is a secluded toilet in the lower level at school. I have a set time: usually when I wake up or by 10AM, the latest. Then, another by 3-4PM and then maybe after dinner.

2. Do you poop in one location or wherever you are when you feel it. Wherever it is clean.

3. Do you bring friends with you or wait until friends have to go and then go with them (peeing and pooping) Rarely. Sometimes, I will with a classmate, team mate or another girl at church. I did have an episode overnight in a hotel on a swim meet. I have invited girls that I did not know and vice-versa with me at school or library or the swimming pool.

4. What position do you poo Sitting. How else? Please be more specific. I sit with my hands folded over my cat or my arms wrapped around my stomach or my chin in my hands. Sometimes my legs are together or apart. I will squat if the bathroom is questionable.

5. Do you grunt, pull on your stomach, stick your fingers up your butt or anything else to help get the poo flowing? I need no effort. Rarely, do I grunt. My bowels are usually smooth, soft and loose. Sometimes, I will sit on my tip-toes or scissors my knees together with my feet togther or apart.

6. What do you do with the toilet paper, ball it up, fold it so it's like a thick napkin of cushybess, wipe one piece at a time etc. Either ball it up or fold it.

7. Where is the grossest place you've gone (quality) Subways and some restaurants, they are horrible. During the summer, the parks get a lot of use. So, the toilets are horrible. If I have to I will hover or squat for a pee. Also, an old high school where I studied nights and Saturdays for a GED. This place was old, but the toilets were passable. I peed in there and there was plenty of toilet paper. That was it. On Saturdays, after study, I would go to the library and study some more. There, I would make more pee and then #2. Sometimes, I would stop at a dept. store or a hotel where it would be super clean. I go to the library on Saturdays to study and I can sit on a clean toilet. I only go to the best libraries either public or college. My college ID allows me to visit other colleges than my own and they have really clean modern toilets as well as old toilets, but they are clean. I like those large old porcelain bowls. One college that I study at has an old science building. The toilets are old and clean. The place is near a river. So in the winter, the heat is turned up high. I like a warm toilet seat. There is a park nearby that has horrible toilets. The male toilets, I hear have no stalls. The female toilet has no doors. It is liveable-barely. The place stinks all the time. It is slated for demolition and rebuilding. The girls prefer the school toilet. Who would not?

8. Where is the grossest place you've gone (grossing you out because you shower there, eat there, sleep there or something to that degree) Please be more specific. I've had to pee badly in restaurants. So, I had to squat or hover. I peed and made #2 in public pools, the toilets that is, and that was enough for me. I like the college swimming pool locker room toilets. Where I attend college, the facilities are new. I think I will stay until I graduate. I hate railroad toilets. The toilets on the commuter rail system where I live are horrible. If you are not the first to use the toilet on the train when it first comes out of the yard, you are in trouble because someone will make #2 on the seat or even just leave a stink. If I am travelling a distance in the morning, I make #2 and do my pee before I leave the house. So, if anything I am prepared. If needed, then I will take a pee when I get on the train. If the seat is clean, I will put paper on it and sit. Otherwise, I will hover or squat to pee.

9. Where is your favourite place to go School, library, church and the park. I like department stores, movies and hotels. My favorite place is a clean toilet with plenty of toilet paper. Nothing beats home, but I like using clean public toilets.

10. What is your worst experience when going to the bathroom (inside or out of the bathrooms) Please be more specific. Being under the watchful eye of a school safety officer who used to watch to see how long I was using the bathroom. I hated school because of those people. They used to write in their memo books who was going to the toilet and how long and would come in and itimidate us. All we wanted to do was tend to our personal hygiene needs. There were some girls that would loiter. It was an ordeal to for me to pee or change my pad or tampon. In 1st grade, the teacher took us to the toilet in the morning and the afternoon. That was not too bad. 2nd grade, we were on our own. That was when the ordeal started.

To Poop or Not to Poop
How do you determine when to poop?
Do you go when you are 100% desperate, or do you go when you feel the slightest need? I sometimes hold back, but I have learned not to delay a bowel movement. I used to hold it for a long time. I stopped. That is not good. I just make sure that I am near a toilet or know where there is a public toilet. Being that I urinate frequently, I now go when I feel the slightest need. I make every effort to get it out of me. Otherwise, it will build up on me and catch me all of a real sudden.
Are you like me and have restricted bathroom usage based on daily schedule? No, I am now in college, so I can leave the classroom when I want, unlike high school and elementary high school. I am blessed to have so many public toilets outside of home. I can slip into so many places like dept. stores, hotels, churches, theaters. When I am studying in the lounge or library, when I feel the urge I am not far away from a toilet. One level of the library has multi-stall female toilets, while other parts of the library have two stall toilets. Females are not without. The library is modern and so are the toilets.
How long does it take from butt on the seat to poop coming out of said butt? I am usually not constipated. So, it could be immediate, almost all the time. Rarely, if it is busting down my back door, then as soon as I sit, then it will evacuate with force. Some girls at school have a hard time grunting to squeeze it out. Some girls, like the Asians, (I go to school with lots of them.) have loud, loose smelly bowels. They evacuate immediately, as soon as they undo their clothes and hit the seat. On mornings, those girls are having their first pees or #2's and they can stink the place good. There are lots of grunts, moans, groans, squishes, farts and splashes. I like them. Those girls are my friends. A Dominican girl had finished taking a piss on morning at school and was washing her hands when she said, "Sounds like they are making lotsa loose ca-ca!" I will tell you about them another time.

Annie O: That's what happens when you go to those parties. When I get out of a party like that I either go home or find a public toilet, if I can't make it. Usually, the next morning is when I evacuate. I was not going to ruin good clothes like your friend did. Ribs, chicken and salads do it to me. Lots of salads, I mean. I went to a birthday party for an 18 y/o at college and her parents put out a spread of the same food and more. I ate until I was a stuffed little pig. When I got home, I slipped up my charcoal flannel jumper, unsnapped my suspenders from red VS panty from my gray stockings, holding up the jumper as I walked to the bathroom, I tugged down my panty to my knees, closed the door and sat on the bowl. I ate so much that my stools were bulky and thick that they dropped to the bottom of the toilet. I dropped 5 good sized logs along with a long buzzing fart and a pee. The psyllium in the colon cleanse helped as well. I did not have to strain. The logs were lubricated. I sat for a good 20 minutes before I wiped between my legs and from behind. I flushed the bowl, showered and went to sleep.

Leeanne: I have a classmate like Charlotte. She has some wild bathroom actions. Many of us know her well. They are starting to know my habits on the swimming team. I can get my swim suit bikini down to my ankles quick when needed. We have a girl on the team who has these real powerful bowel movements prior to practice or a meet. We think it's her nerves. She is from Poland. When we go into the locker room toilet, she is the first in a stall with her maroon bikini at her ankles. Or we will find her on the throne letting out her farts. I must tell you about some of the girls at my college sometime. Toilets sound interesting at your school. I presume that is what a typical college girls toilet is like. I visit other colleges for swim meets and stay overnight. So, I get to interact with other girls. Mornings in the bathrooms are very strange when you are away from home and it is cold. We went away for three days of swimming: Fri-Sun. Saturday morning, I woke up just to pee. It was 5AM. I was dressed in warm flannel nightclothes: flannel pants, long johns, long sleeved shirt and plush slippers. I was joined by another girl, a blonde from God knows where. She was in her nighclothes. She and I said hello. She said, "I guess we are going to the same place. The toilets are down the hall. I have to take a good hard shit." I told her, "I want to pee." She said her name was Genn. We took a stall each, rolled down our white long johns and white panties to out ankles. I said, "Damn, the seat is cold." She apologized saying, "In this neck of the woods, we get 9 months of cold." My pee let out while my friend started pressing out her logs. Genn started out with a fart that buzzed for about 10 secs. and then she was straining with lots of "uh's." I was still peeing like a hose until I stopped. The girl said, "I just want to shit this monster out of me and get back into a warm bed." It was not long until I heard a two small plops when she said, "Hope the rest comes easy." Then, I heard these small plops, then I loud fart and a loud crackle with a huge splash. Then, I heard another crackle and a splash, then a watery fart. She sat on her tip-toes. I asked her if she was alright. She said, "Yeah kid. I suffer with chronic constipation. It's like this every morning. I am glad it's out of me. My rectum feels like it was plowed with a pile driver." We sat on the bowls and talked about where we were from. She too was a swimmer and was on the lacrosse team. We forgot about how cold it was in there. We had enough and wiped ourselves. I used a few squares of toilet paper. My friend did not use much. She stinked the bathroom good. It was a typical weekend morning bowel movement for a young female teen. We did not even flush our bowls. We pulled up our clothes and left the stalls. I just had a light yellow pee. The girl left four little golf ball chunks, a foot long log and a mound of thick mud. She said, "I do not flush public toilets. I am proud of my bowel movements." We washed our hands and went back to our guest rooms. The next morning, after a large banquet dinner, it was me and other girls in the dorm toilet. I woke up at 6:30 and I went to the dorm toilet, pulled down my nightclothes pants and white and yellow printed FOL panty to my knees, put my legs together and I sqeezed out a soft easy bowel movement. It cold in there. I sat there and let it all just run out in silent soft pieces, chunks and logs. A Chinese girl named Amy from my team came in and called for me. I told her where I was. She said, "Can I join you?" I told her, "I can't stop you." She pulled down her winter nightclothes pants in the next stall and sat on the stall and then her bowels released hard with chunks, farts and water. She said, "I wish that I had my comic books. I aways read them or girls magazines while I sit on the toilet at home." Then, she lifted up her heels off the floor and was on her tip-toes and more chunks and farts and water flowed out of her. It was continuous for a minute: "Plop, plop, plop, plop,plop, blut, blut, phtuzz, fliiiiissshhhh!" I told Amy, "Sounds like we ate good last night. I hear you everyday at school in the morning." While I was sitting on the bowl, I let out a nice long pee. Amy said, "Did we, ever It was all that green salad and different vegetables. I can smell it in me. I apologize. I try to do this at home and not in public but I can't hold this in me." I told her, "If I cannot make #2 at home, then I do it at school. Everything is coming out of me loose." Amy evacuated another wave of loose chunks and farts, followed with a short pee. While we were talking about our bowels, the girl from Poland Josefina entered and took the adjoining stall. She was upfront, "I have to move my bowels." She lowered her long johns and pink Hanes Her Way full-cut band-leg panty to her ankles, sat on the bowl and pressed out these 6 long solid pieces with plops, as well as a long pee. As she sat on the bowl, out came these long buzzing farts. So, there we sat and talked until we were finished. Amy and I spent the most time cleaning up because our bowels were soft and loose. Josefina was finished in two wipes. We flushed our bowls and then headed to the showers. We had breakfast, went to church(I did), then had an afternoon swim meet.


what's your favorite type of fart to let out? a loud buzzing one. Those wet ones are dangerous because I can mess in my pants.

how would you react (in your head, and how you behave) if someone farted around you? it depends. I am shocked by some of thre people that do.

what makes you fart, and do you eat / drink it if you know you'll gassy later? lots of apple juice. If I do not eat for a long time, I will fill up with gas.


How many turds do you usually let out in a dump, and how large are they? 5-6 they are medium sized

Whats your favorite type to pass? soft and loose or thick and creamy or soft logs.

When you say 'big dump', do you usually refer to the urge, how MUCH comes out, or how BIG it is? This week I had a big one. I ate lots of lettuce and potato salad at a Halloween party. The next day, I just opened up and le out a thick load of mud that covered the bottom of the bowl at home.

Do you eat certain things knowing it'll change your bowel habits? (ie, ordering nachos even tho you'll have a looser dump) spices will make me loose, along with apple sauce or apple juice.

For the ladies: does your period affect your toilet habits? I drink lots of water and eat lots of fiber. So, there may be no change or I could have a bulky movement or I could be real watery loose. I hate constipation. It is painful. I was bleeding real heavily over the weekend and I got scared. I thought that I was going to die. I almost went to the hospital but I called a nurse at my church and she told me that I was normal and healthy. She is a good friend and does not judge.

I was reading in a newspaper how an urban public school has closed all toilets and students must use the toilet in the nurse's office. They line up many deep and wait for 20 minutes to use a toilet that has urine all over the floor. That is why I hated school. Urban public schools are horrible places. I went to them. The bathrooms are havens for crime and violence. I did not feel safe sometimes because I was having difficulties with my own sexuality and I was afraid for my own safety. No one knew about me and I did not want them to know. I would just pee and get out. That is no life for a kid. I lived it and it was not fun at all.

Brian: Your story reminds me of mine this summer when I had to pee in a subway toilet. Where I live the subway is very old with original fixtures, stalls with no doors. The dividers are sloped. Some toilet bowls are new in an old bathroom. There are about two stations that I will pee in. That is it. Not too many women use them. They are just horrible.

Ciara: That girl was having her morning #2 to start her day. I have been having solid movements lately. I take a colon cleanse in water, yogurt, ice cream, or a smoothie and I get 1-2 solid banana shaped pieces. Some times I get up to six of them. This stuff tones the colon.

megapoop: When I am loaded with chunks, it feels good to evacuate them. The shoot out of my stomach and I breathe easy. Lately, I have been evacuating thick and heavy logs and chunks.

Rachel: Welcome. I was not as fortunate as you to make #2. That teacher should have not chased you girls. They are doing the same thing in your country as here. It is good that you can make #2 at school. I hardly got that chance. You sound like you have good regularity.

Amber: Good story about the two sisters in the park toilet.

1. How many of u women here don't wipe after a pee ?? only, if there is no toilet paper or I am in the woods.
2. How many of u women here don't wipe after a poo ?? I must wipe or my ass and cat will itch.
3. Does anyone know a person who doesn't wipe ?? I have seen other girls not wipe.
4. If there is not tp , do u go elsewhere, hold on or just pee and poo bear the discomfort of not wiping ?? If I have to pee, will. To make #2, I must have toilet paper. I donot like to neglect wiping after I pee because the folds of my thighs will get irritated.
5. Have u ever asked the person next door to give some paper ?? No.
6. Have u ever done it in ya pants because u have held too long ?? I did at school and sunday school when I was in the beginning of my little life.

Leeanne: Good story about the busy female toilet and all that underwear at school. I am busy with last weeks of final work. I have been peeing a lot lately. I am drinking lots of water and tea. It is cold, so I wear heavy woolen tights with a long-sleeve shirt and a sweater. It is late tonight and I took a nice pee. I have to keep track of my pees. I simply went to the toilet at home. The lid and the seat were up. So, I let down my heavy navy tights and white FOL full-cut panty to my thigh, squatted and peed. I like the way it hit the water. I did not wipe because I will take a bath before bed. As I am still writing, I have to pee again. I will not drink anymore tonight.
Abbie, Ellie J and Rachel-same compliments. I went to school with French African girls who used the term ca-ca. Rachel, I pull down my skirts when I am settling in on the throne. I used to study on Saturdays at this GED school with a French-African girl. It was a public school and I would only pee there. I was not crazy about the place.

Randall: Subway trains do not have toilets. Commuter trains that carry a distance have them.

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