npu (noisy poopers united)

sleep over drama

Once in like sixth grade, i was a friends sleepover party. Which was great. Except i had to poo. See, i am a loud pooper, with a lot of grunting and farting going on. So i didn"t want to go with all my friends right there. I waited until the last possible moment. And the toilet was busay. So i ran outside. It was late june, and a house committed to demolishen in august stood next door. I ran in, desparate for a spot. Nothing good down stairs, but upstairs, a dusty old bed stood in the corner. I ripped off my pjs, got on the matteress, and squatted. And i began to take a dump. It was not pretty at all, and by the time i was down a long turd lay coiled on the bed, along qith a lot of nuggets, soft mounds, and splatters that came with farts. I then peed, right on the bed, on top of my poo. I had grunted to wake the dead, and now i needed to wipe. So i ripped off a cirner of the cutains, then anorher, and another... tou get the idea. I then sneaked back to the party. No one ever knew. But till this day i love poopoing in unusal places. Please post some of yours, and i will post some of mine. Till then, keep pushing,grunting,farting, and crapping. -NPU

Hello I've been gone awhile because of internet problems but I'm back for another story. I don't really have interesting stories like many of you but two weeks ago i was baby sitting a little girl i know. She is going through toilet training. We were watching TV and she says she needs to use the toilet. I take her there and she says she wants me to go first. I say sure and sit on the toilet. She just stared the whole time and was fascinated with how the big girls do it. I finished leaving a 9" poop wiped and was about to flush but she wanted to see it. She was like wow! I flushed then she took a pretty big poop for her size. Well until next time.


Ace hardware desperation

First,I'm sorry about my english

I was at Ace Hardware finding things for christmas. I must have gone to the toilet but I ignored it. I kept on finding things that I really have to go. I dont found any toilet in here but I still keep on finding toilets. I saw buckets there. So maybe I've to let go in the buckets. First, I choose the expensive bucket,than I take it to a place that have no crew or anybody else except me. I think twice, it's so expensive,the colour is gold. What if someone cought me than I've to change for the bucket... I decided to let go on the floor,well it was carpeted floor,so I slowly opened my pants and just let go. I cant stop,I cant controll my bladder,so I try to relax and the carpet was getting darker and darker when I was peeing on it. After I'm done I wear my jeans and shopping back....


Pooing in a bucket

I hadn't pood for a couple of days untill tonight, when I got home from work bursting to go. I had an upset stomach and I almost lost it on the bus. When I got off the bus I had to walk slowly in small steps to keep it in. I got indoors and knew I wouldn't be able to get up the stairs without doing t in my knickers and I remembered that time when Emma had to go in a bucket and thought it would be fun to do it myself. I went to the kitchen and got a bucket from under the sink and took off my knickers and jeans. I quickly squatted over the bucket and instantly relaxed allowing my bowels to release thier mushy contents into the bucket. It was such a relief I almost came and after peeing quite a lot as well the relief was complete. I half filled the bucket and took it to the bathroom and emptied it down the toilet before wiping myself a few times. I washed the bucket in the shower with the water as hot as it would go and almost scalded myself. I bleached it afterwards and plan to use it again.


Is Car Mom gone for good

Seems like it has been a month or so since she has graced us with her stories so I was just curious if you are gone for good Car Mom or just taking a leave of absence?


Dorm Accident.

So I've always been a little hesitant when it comes to using the bathroom to poop when other people are in there. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't have this story to tell you today.

I live in a college dorm room with a roommate. Last night, I fell asleep after trying to poop but to no avail. I had been farting all night, though, and this morning, when I woke up at 7:30 I felt a real urge to poop and I could tell it would be a soft one. I had class at 8, ran back to my dorm to get ready, and was in class after that from 10 to about 2. I hadn't had the chance to poop, and by now I really had to go. I held on until after a meeting at 4, and then I was really desperate. I went to the community bathroom, but there were a few other girls in there. So I went back to my room, where I struggled to hold on. Finally, determined to find somewhere to go poop, and determined to avoid an accident, I left my room. The head of my poop had poked out a few times and I knew I was losing the battle. I was getting closer and closer to letting it slip out. I hurried down the stairs, clenching my buttcheeks tightly. By the time I reached the door to the laundry room, about 35 feet from a private bathroom, the feeling had gone away. I relaxed, feeling relieved; the bathroom was in sight, I had made it. Big mistake. As I began to approach the washers and dryers, I lost the battle. The poop began to slip out. I waddled as fast as I could to the bathroom door, but just as my feet hit the tile in front of the toilet, the poop slipped out into my grey and white panties. I did my best to clean up, and no one saw, thankfully.

Hi everyone. There has been some talk lately of movie theater pees, which reminded me of something that happened a few months ago. But first, Car Mom, are you still out there? Haven't read anything from you in awhile. Hope all is going well. Anyway on to my story. I was at the movies a few months ago and sitting next to me was a mom and her daughter, who looked to be about eight or nine. Anyway, about half way through the movie, I heard the daughter tell her mom that she had to pee. Her mom told her to hold it because she did not want to miss any of the movie. She was quiet for another couple minutes and then I heard her tell her mom again that she really had to pee. I looked over and saw she was very fidgety. Her mom told her to lift up her skirt and pull her panties to the side and pee into the seat. The daughter protested and her mom said she could either do that, hold it, or pee her pants, but she was not taking her to the bathroom. The girl sighed and pulled up her skirt. I saw her reach down and pull her panties to the side. She looked down as she peed and judging by how long it took her to look back up and fix her panties, she had to pee very badly. I let my girls pee in my car, but that is my property. I would never tell them to pee into a movie seat where someone else has to clean/ sit after. The seats where the kind that fold up, so someone who went to sit there wouldn't know it was wet until they were already sitting in someone else's pee. I was very upset with the way this mom handled the situation and felt bad for her daughter. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


response to mike b. plus more stories

hey mike b, thanks for the feedback. i was always relatively indifferent to her situation. i found it interesting because its not everyday you meet an adult who has such a hard time getting to the toilet in time, so when she told me about her situation, and subsequently when i begun to witness her problem affecting her, i was always interested to see what went on and how she handled it, and i had a lot of questions and suggestions for her. i was never grossed out or embarrassed by her, and it never really made me "excited." just fascinated and sometimes amused. as for her underwear, she pretty much just wore panties. she hated thongs so she didn't wear them- i always figured one reason for that was because she didn't want to have an accident while wearing a thong as it would probably be a lot messier inside her actual pants. or maybe she just found them uncomfortable, i never really asked. she didn't wear anything like boyshorts ir whatever either- just bikini style panties. all different brands, styles, colors... some were very small and some left more to the imagination. one thing i can say for sure is that she had two underwear drawers, and one of them had only white cotton panties, and the other had all of her colorful and more stylish panties. she always wore white cotton panties to bed and during that time of the month, because she didn't want to risk ruining any of her good panties, since getting up in the morning was when most of her accidents would happen. needless to say, there weren't many pairs of panties in that drawer that were completely white.

i have another memorable public poop accident of hers to share. we went to a party once that her friend was having, and the place was absolutely jumping there were people everywhere in the house, and outside around the house outside. there were two bathrooms and both of them were constantly in use because people were drinking a lot. i noticed sarah in the bathroom line late in the party, and i started thinkin to myself i hope she gave herself enough time. i went over and asked how shs was doing and she said "I'm ok as long as the line keeps moving." after a few mins, i could tell she was getting more desperate and the line was slowing. i tried to help scout out a discrete spot, but I'm not kidding when i say people were all over the place outside. then i had an idea. her friend's pool was still open, but it was early fall and somewhat chilly so no one was swimming. so i told sarah I'd jump in the pool and try coaxing others in, then she could get in and pee in the pool. she smiled at me, then said "thats sweet, but i think everyone would be freaked out if i shit in the pool." i nodded, not realizing she was in need of a bm. a few minutes later i looked over and she was out of the line, but people who had been ahead of her were still there. i went looking for her and i found her outside in the street standing by our car. she had that look on her face so i knew something happened. i walked up to her and i said "do you need to get home?" and she said "...yeah. i didn't make it." i asked if i could inspect the damage. she hesistated then turned around. she had really tight jeans on that were dark blue, and i couldn't even see a bulge or stain. i said "it doesn't even look like you went" and she then lifted her shirt a little to reveal that some poop had squeezed out of the top of her pants and was smeared on her lower back, because her jeans were so tight and she had pooped with such force. it seemed kind of luck diarrhea too. anyway, i took her home to get cleaned up, and she actually let me come in that time. she had cotton panties with yellow and white horizontal stripes, and when she got her jeans off they were pretty wrecked. they were just painted brown in the back all the way up to the waistband.


To Amylee and my latest coiled creation

To Amylee: I love reading your stories,especially about Leigh. In your last post, Was that the first time seeing Leigh in a doorless stall? It must have been interesting to see her face while doing her noisy poo.

Today my poo was my usual long coiling production. This time at home, since my last posts were at the store restrooms.The toilet in my apartment in kind of small as I am a 6'1" brunette with a stocky build and a big rounded bubble butt.After my morning coffee I got that urge to take a good healthy crap.I could tell by that feeling in my butt that it is going to be a big rip roarin' shit.
I sat my big cheeky charms on the small toilet seat and had a nice long pee and then a nice big pre-poop blast of a fart that actually I felt vibrate the toilet. I just relaxed and slowly my butthole puckered up nicely to exit this 2" thick dark brown crackling poop that felt nice as it was slithering slowly and starting to coil in the water below.It had a strong meaty smell to it as the aroma rose to my nose. It took a good 20 seconds to get this all out. I went "Mmmmmmm" as I just had one of thoses perfect craps.I stood halfway up to look at my creation and saw a massive coiling pile of poop which I estimate was a good 4 feet of healthy crap.
Now for the wiping which I knew is going to be quite a chore since there is a lot of butt mud in my rear.I wiped a good five times,flushed and only about half the water came back, this means that it's close to being clogged up. I waited for the tank to refill and flushed again and to my relief seen that everything finally went down and the toilet went back to normal water level.
I was standing halfway up and still had to wipe another five times to get clean enough and pulled up my panty girdle and jeans and washed hands and now ready to take on the new day.
Have a great day everyone


Postman: When I am constipated(rarely), I have to push it out. A hot cup of water and lemon get it going in the morning. Once the hot water and lemon gets in my stomach, I get good movement in less that 30 minutes and everything comes out. I mean everything. Sometimes, it is that one small piece that drives you crazy.

Janie: I took my kid cousins and other kids that I babysat to the toilet with me. They watched me pee and make #2. I was not ashamed. Boys and girls saw me. See my earliest posts. I had to. Otherwise, they would get into mischief. Although, some of the boys would spy on me. I did not care. I was like an older sister to them.

Postman: Sounds like you are constipated. You have an incomplete bowel movement. They are annoying. I've had them. Drink some hot water and lemon every morning and you will be cleaned out. Whatever you did not evacuate, will be. You will be suprised.

Shane (female): I am sorry for your bout of constipation. Your MD may have to give you a brutal laxative. Take it, if needed and you will be really cleaned out like I was when I was 19. Dulcolax might do the trick. You will stink good. I did, but it was a relief; although I was going all day, it was a great "load" off of me.

Ellie J.: That was an outhouse. My mother and father took me into them on church outings upstate. Well, they were separate for males and females. They are more enlightened in Europe about bodily functions and the like.

Kelly: You work with some real clods. I had the same thing once in HS when I had a heavy bowel movement at the outset of my period. They are ignorant. No one likes the smell, but...

Afroman: Sure, I have walked in on plenty on the toilet. When I was in college, the girls had some wicked bowel movements. I was a tomboy. The boys in HS, I knew were atrocious. In college, we were using a rented annex. One afternoon, I went to take a piss bet. classes. I went to the bathroom and in a stall were two shapely legs of a black girl and she was having diarreah like it was going out of style. It smelled and it was loud. There were plenty of "OH's. splats, plops and blats." She was really emptying out. I could tell that she was nicely dressed by her black laced oxford shoes. I took a stall, lifted my blue plaid jumper, white slip, let down my light blue cotton panties and took my simple piss. I wiped and flushed. A few minutes later, I saw the girl dressed nicely like me in a brown jumper, black slip and panty hose leave the bathroom and go to her class while she was hitching her clothes and underwear. I later heard another girl describe her having a belly.

I've been walked in on by my parents, cousins and friends. See my earlier posts. I was at party at my grandmother's first cousin's house with lots of adult and kid relatives. I was 6 years old. I was with three other girls in the bathroom. We kept each other company. Plus, we liked to compare our undeveloped bodies. I was urinating. My gray corduroy jumper was bunched around my waist and my light blue printed panty was at my ankles. I was talking with two older girls 8, 9, 10. A boy cousin, a brother of one of the girls in our age range, was curious, I guess or he wanted to use the bathroom and he saw me. I did not care. We stared at each other then I kept talking with my cousins. He was curious. When I finished, I wiped between my little girlhood and that was it. I washed my hands and resumed playing with my cousins.

jacqueline: When I was 18, I took my neighbor Rochelle who was 12 years old everywhere with me. It was summer and I had some lousy jobs. So, I would work, make a pile of money and quit. We were company for each other. See my earlier posts. She could make heavy #2. Her body and intestinal tract were still young. We were coming from upstate and we stopped at my cousin's house. Rochelle said, "Althea, I have to go to the bathroom." She did not want to go on the train. She said that she could hold it. So, I knew that it was #2. We got off the train and as we were walking, it was getting worse. She saw a park and said, "I'll go in the nearest large bush." I told her, "No, you will not." She gulped and held it in until we saw an open female toilet with one stall and no door in the park clearing. A partition gave privacy, but her feet could be seen. We went in. It was clean and had toilet paper. She undid her dark green shorts, light green cotton briefs to her ankles and green sneakers, parked her scrawny hind quarters on the elongated bowl, slightly opened her legs, crossed her arms over her little stomach and started to fill the bowl with huge thick brown pieces of #2. "Blop. plop, plop, plop, crackle, wet buzzing fart, then a thick silent smelly creamy wave." I asked Rochelle, "Are you alright, your stomach hurts?" She said, "Yes, it does. I ate too much." I told her, "Sit there until..." She said, "I just want the cramps to go away" and I told her "Take your time" and I pet her on her blonde head. After almost 30 minutes the kid was finished when she took from the full roll of white toilet paper and proceeded to wipe herself. She leaned off and worked from the front to the back. She dug in good. I taught her how to wipe and told her not to get it near her vagina or she would get an infection. She dropped that wad in the bowl and took another and repeated the same. She stood up, reached down to pull up her briefs, then her pants, which she zipped up and closed the belt. She took her foot and flushed the bowl. We left and proceeded to my cousin.

Another day, at my house Rochelle had to go real bad. We had went bike riding. We got home, dropped our bikes in the cellar and came upstairs. She was sweating to go and knew where the bathroom was. She was sliding down her black elastic waistband cotton gym shorts and pink cotton panties off of her white moon-shaped backside. She partially closed the door, got her pants down to her ankles, opened her legs tip-toed. Her bowels exploded with chunks. I asked her, "Rochelle, everything is alright?" She said, "Yeah, Althea just my stomach hurts. Give me a comic book or your mom's women's magazine, please?" I gave her both and she pulled open the door. She grabbed my khaki shorts and asked me to keep her company. I sat on the bath tub edge. She told me that she took a Feen A Mint because she was constipated. She was talking to me while reading. Suddenly, she handed me the comic, grabbed her stomach and I heard this loud plop and fart. I could see bet. her legs just light brown chunks and mud. She said, "It is really thick and hard. It feels like a rock in my rectum. Sometimes I have to make #2 at school in the afternoon." Then, she said "One more has to come out." It was a wave of thick mud. I saw tears in her eyes. She said, "I am scared. My stomach hurts so bad." I told her, "Your her body is changing. Are you having your period, yet?' She said, "Just a little. I am still a little girl." The kid stinked the bathroom good. After 30 minutes, she took toilet paper and wiped herself good with two small wads. She reached into her gym shorts, pulled up her briefs, then her shorts, put her polo shirt in her panty waistband and flushed the bowl. She washed her hands good and went home.

Another time, at my house, I was fixing my hair in the bathroom when Rochelle came in and asked, "Althea, can I use the toilet? I have to make #2." I said, "Sure." She unsnapped her gray plaid shorts and web belt, pulled down her pink panties all to her ankles. She grabbed her stomach, on her tip-toes and pressed out five long pieces of number 2. They crackled out and hit the water silently. Then, she peed real loud and long. It was evening and she stayed with me while her mother was out. Rochelle said. "I ate and drank too much today." I asked her "What did you eat?" She said, "Three BK Whoppers, fries and coke, plus ribs and potato salad for dinner." She sat on the bowl for a good 15 minutes until she wiped herself and flushed.

One day we were in a local park and we both had to go. So we found the female toilet that had two toilets in a broken stall with an outer partition but no inner partition. I only had to pee. She had to move her bowels. The toilets in this large enclosure were clean. I peeled off my royal blue with white piping gym shorts and pink FOL full-cut panty to my thighs, while the kid slid down her gray gym shorts and nylon pink panty with a red embroidered rose to her ankles. I took a long pee, while the kid started squirming and pressed out these heavy brown chunks. I could tell that it was difficult for her. I could look at the space bet. her legs or behind where she sat on the bowl. She dropped eight medium-sized chunks and stinked the place. She said, "My stomach hurts real bad." I wiped myself and sat on the adjoining bowl to talk with her and keep her company. She did not fart. It was a quiet movement. She then took a loose roll and took a few sheets in a wad and wiped herself from behind. Then, she took another wad from the roll and wiped herself again, then pulled up her shorts and panty and I did the same. We flushed the bowls, washed our hands and returned to the playground.

Just a guy
A lot of great stories recently. Really enjoyed the posts by Amylee, Leanne, Emma, Kelly, Rachel and Abbie. Kelly - thanks for your reply to my question. By the way, I've never had the experience at work where I didn't go take a dump because someone was stinking it up so bad, but I've had 3 similar experiences. One time I was mid-dump, when someone came in and when they let go, it was a terrible sewer-like smell. I was surprised they didn't flush and I had to cover my nose to avoid gagging. I hurried as quickly as I could to get out of there. I also recall 2 other occasions, where it really stunk, but I only had to pee, so I quickly did that, washed my hands and bolted for the doors, but if I needed a dump I would have waited or gone to a different floor depending on the urgency.

I was out doing some errands on the weekend and had to take a dump quite urgently. I remembered I had to get a few things at Home Depot for a school project that I was working on. When I got to the store it was pretty empty. I made my way to the very far end of the store where the washroom were located. Inside the bathroom was empty except one toilet stall. I took the handicapped stall at the far end next to the stall that was being occupied. I had trouble locking the door but eventually got it locked. After putting a toilet seat liner down and making sure there was enough toilet paper I dropped my jeans and underwear before sitting down on the wall mounted toilet. I waited until the guy next to me finished and left. I farted about three or four times and then got to work pushing the load out. First was a small thick piece that fell into the bowl loudly. I pushed again and in quick succession two more small but fairly thick turds dropped into the bowl. I started to pee and waited to get up because I could feel more coming. I gave one more push for a final turd to come out. In all I had dropped three very short but thick turds. I wiped a lot and then flushed. The toilet had no trouble flushing the thick logs since it was very powerful and flushed for about 10 seconds. I exited and washed my hands before heading out to shop.


Pooping with aunt

I am 18 year old girl and I have read this site almost 2 years, but this is my first post here. About a month ago I went swimming with my aunt and her younger daughter (12 yr old). We were in the locker room and when I was undressing I realized that I needed take a shit, actually kinda badly. We all were stripped down and ready to take swimsuits and go to shower. I told my aunt that I had to go toilet first. She looked at me and smiled saying that she would have to go also. Her daughter went beforehand to the shower room when I and my aunt marched to the toilet, I ahead and she following me. My aunt is her early 40's. She has full, round figures and she is a bit ????, but not fat, just little overweight.
There were four stalls and all of them were free. I took the nearest stall and my aunt entered adjacent stall. Toilet seat looked clean but I tear of few pieces of toilet paper and wiped the seat. We were having a nice talk as we both sat down simultaneously. Shortly after my bum touch the toilet seat I let out a silent, hissing fart immediately followed by a little noisier one. Because we were sitting in adjacent stalls I am sure that my aunt must heard them, at least the last one. As my aunt started to pee I farted again, did a tinkle and then I felt a large log stretch my hole and slowly emerge. It was hard but it got softer as it emerged.

There was a high gap between the floor and the partition wall and you could easily see your neighbour's feet. As my aunt finished her pee I noticed how she went up on her tip toes so I figured she had to do number two as well. And I was right: I could hear her poop coming out of her. That crackling sound was ever louder than mine. As our logs were easing and crackling out slowly we were talking! And she was willing to keep talking while we were pooping. I pushed out one long sausage and four smaller chunks with loud plops. My aunt did two really big plops and then there were a lot of (maybe 10-15) light splashes within 10 seconds of each other. I wiped three times, my aunt took at least 6-7 wipes. When we came out of stalls I was a little embarrassed, but my aunt was acting like nothing has happened.

Jack and Coke

To Leila

Great story. Keep them coming.
I too have pooped in the shower, both on purpose and accidental. It really is a different feeling.

Felicia: Your brother was cruel. I would have left him with your two sisters and tell them stay where they were or take the two girls with you.


I Am The Toilet Trumpeteer Today

Hi, hope everyone is well, I'm dealing with the stomach flu right now. Woke up last night at about 4 in the morning with a sick stomach and been throwing up every half hour until late this afternoon. Thank goodness that part of it seems to be behind me now and I can keep down soup and gingerale but there seems to be no end to what's coming out the other end. I'm on my third roll of toilet paper now. When the diarrhea first started there was a lot of gas but now when I go it's usually false alarms or just a little liquid. I'm scared to fart unless I'm sitting on the toilet!!! My stomach still feels a little sick but overall I feel okay other than the loose bowel and crampy feeling, but should be nothing that lots of cheese and crackers and Pepto won't fix. I hope none of you get this.

let the fit hit the shan
do not have liquid in your mouth when you read this, too funny.
visiting my sisters ranch is always entertained with a large ranch style breakfast. this morning we were departing for home, a distance of 75mi.
we ate and got in the car and left.
the night before we had the ranch favorite 'wagon wheels'. this meal consists of baked beans, biscuits, cheese.
so the two of us are driving down the road about 45min into the trip when the rumbling started in my gut.
now at home and on a regular routine i always leave a dump at around 10 in the morning. just looked at the time and noticed it was about 10.
i said to my wife as she was driving, "i forgot to use the toilet before we left the ranch". she asked if i could wait 10min til we reach the rest-stop cuz we just got on the freeway, in a land with NO trees. i said I THINK SO.
I wear a large and long pad because of drips and stains, (over 50yrs old).
she said "well at least you have the extra thick pad on". i said "yeah well". She asked "well do you have to pee or the other?"
I sheepishly replied, "the other". she said well youll just have to hold it.
as the white stripes disappeared under the car at 70mph i could feel the rumbling and the gurgling and the pain of shi* coursing through the twists and turns of my bowels. i knew this was NOT going to be solid, no.
the pressure was starting to build in the lowest parts of the bowels.
i felt as if my entire pelvis was getting blowed up full of gas and shi*. she looked at me and asked if i was alright. I was skirming in my seat trying to get some leg room so i could cross my legs trying to hold my butt hole closed. trouble is at this point that i realize the rectum is designed to let that shi* out, and it doesnt matter how hard you squeeze your legs together, it WILL come out and if its mostly liquid... well it would be like trying to stop a fart from stinking up a grocery store isle by waving your arms around.
i was starting to sweat badly. she said there you can see the rest-stop, its just 3miles down the road we'll be there in two minutes.
with that i popped that seatbelt off slid the seat back tilted the seat back, reached in the back of my pants and tried to pull a wedgey up my butt with that pad so as to block some of the inevitable. i had my legs squeezed together so tightly my jeans looked like one legged pants.
well the pressure was unbearable and then my body started doing that grunting thing that says "im gonna shi* NOW" i felt a warm mass come out and was squeezing so hard. then she pulled up to the curb at the rest-stop.
the grunt thing had stopped just as i openned the door. as i got outta the car i had that walk that said get-outta-my way i just shi* my pants and im going in the mens room.
i got into the last stall, the handycap stall.
i turned around and took my pants down. what a relief, the pad stopped the wet shi* from getting on anything else. however the pad was lying there in my pants and if i tried sitting it was going to get on me and my clothes. besides i believed my but cheeks were covered to some degree.
I decided to remain standing and just let the shi* drop into the toilet, and take my chances with the water splashing.
I grabbed both cheeks to hold them open, i didnt feel any shi* residuals so i pulled both cheeks well apart, squatted a little and gave a push......
wow it was like Mt ST Helens1111
THE GAS, LIQUID, AND SHIT came out my butt with such a force...
that stuff hit the wall behind me with such a splatter it covered the wall and pipes for three feet in all directions.
i busted out laughing and wiped my ass with a huge wad of toilet paper, pulled the pad outta my pants and tossed it on the back of the commode.
when i got to the car my wife asked WHAT HAPPENED IN THERE. apparently three men came out of there with terrible looks on their faces, eyes watering, and dying for fresh air.
we laughed our asses off for days.
i think they had to call HAZMAT


Post Title (Communal Toilets)

Hi Everyone,

I am thrilled to bits by Amylee's latest posting, all of her posts really. But the last one of the large school toilets, no doors, just made my heart beat so much faster. I thought of all the ladies rooms I had been in in the UK, by far the biggest, and most luxurious, was the Ladies in Harrods, London. This one, on the second floor of the huge store, has 20 ordinary cubicle, three disabled cubicles, three especially for tampon or towel changes, four baby changing rooms, and a complete shower complex. Alas their are doors on the cubicles, but the partition are about nine inches off the floor so its easy, and lovely to see panties around the ankles, if you bend further forward its possible to see more. I know I would have died with excitement to have been with Amylee that day in the school. Please honey keep your wonderful pposts coming.

I have only had the privilege once of being in a ladies with no doors. That was only because the toilets on the M5 motorway between Newport and Usk were being refurbished and because it was a bank holiday they had remained in use. I went in and saw two ladies already on the toilets, there was a bank of six, and these ladies were on the farthest ones from the entrance, they were both peeing as I went in. As usual, with me, I wanted a shit, quite badly, it has to be the weather or something because whenever I have to travel I always seem to get the runs. I went to the next toilet beside the two ladies already there. Unlike Amylee I have always looked upon the need to go, whether peeing or shitting, to be a natural consequence of life. I just unbuckled the belt on my jeans and pushed them and my panties down to mid thigh, squatting and shitting before I was sitting, just hovering because I had a sudden sharp pain in my ????. At least my aim was good, I shit straight into the pan, I was so accurate that the water splashed up and gave me a wet bum. I love toilet as anyone will tell you, but hate that feeling, the cold water on my bum cheeks, running doiwn the crevice and wetting my cunny. Both the other women were only peeing and they were already pulling up their panties muttering to themselves about how awful it was to have toilets with no doors. I just sat and massaged my ???? as I peed and shit a second time. I was sitting waiting for another rush when a lady with a child came in. The child said 'look mummy, there's a woman on the lavatory, oh mum she stinks.' The woman calmly asked her not to embarrass the lady then zhe came over by me and took her dress up and slipping her panties right down sat on the toilet. The child took the toilet beside her. She apologised to kme for the remark her daughter had made. I answered and told her it was okay, that I was sorry I was making a smell. She laughed and said that it happens. Then she was peeing, I heard her grunt twice, could see her thighs sort of tighten and then she shit as she pee'd. The daughter was calling out that she had a belly ache and couldn't go. Her mum looked at me and muttered she should be so lucky, its dropping away from me. We both had the runs pretty badly and talking to each other took our minds off the aches we were feeling. The child quickly finished, just a short pee then asked her mum if she could go out and wiat in the car. We sat shitting comparing diets just chatting about the holiday whatever. We both finished at the same time, I was wishing there was a cafe or somewhere nearby, but it was just an unfinished motorway toilet, so we just went our separate ways. But it was a lovely experience to be able to share with her and to take our minds off a stomach ache.

Anonymous Texan

Important Message to EVERYONE

To Everybody:

Please disregard part of the story from my next to last post, regarding where I said I have yet to see proof of certain women being able to produce massive turds when going to the bathroom. In the most recent post about one of my lady friends, I mention the proof clear as day after seeing one of her creations being so large that it wasn't even flushable in my toilet.

It was late at night whenever I wrote that post, and apparently my head wasn't screwed on straight. Forgive me, please, if you would - and no, I was NOT drunk whenever I wrote my my most recent post before this one. I don't get drunk and I intend to stay that way.

From now on, I will be more careful with my posts. That's all I've gotta say for now.


Attn: Amylee

Amylee, sorry about your embarrasing experience at MacDonalds, but did you girls look at the "entry door plaque" I think you were in the mens restroom, because I have been to MacDonalds with that design of 8 stalls without doors in the "mens" room while my wife says the "womens" room all had full locking stall doors... Women are required to have doors... cute story though ..

Anonymous Texan

RE: More Sarah Stories, etc.

Hi, Randall.

I just got done with reading your latest post about all the trouble your friend Sarah would have, regarding her urgency to go to the bathroom. Even though you are no longer seeing her, at the time you were and had I been you, I would have allowed Sarah to come into the bathroom with me and shared my facility. Ever thought about doing that?

And now for a story of my own.

I have one anonymous female friend who would have no problem doing this with me, since we're both adults - although we're not married, nor were we ever planning on marriage. On occasion, not only would she allow me to see her 'creations', but also I would get to do the honors of wiping her butt after she had a large BM. And I thought this was really cool, since she believed it would not be fair to force me to wait until after marriage before I could experience something like this.

And let me tell you, for a woman being 5'7" tall and weighing almost 200lbs, she has a VERY NICE butt! The one thing that kept her and me from tying the knot was the fact our hobbies weren't often compatible. Other than this, she has always been a good friend. She also doesn't want any children of her own (and I do), and thinks of kids as being too much of a financial burden. They're not always, thank the Lord, but her point of view disappointed me big time.

Anyway, while this girl was over at my place one afternoon, she told me she was needing to use the bathroom and wanted me to come in with her. She was holding about two weeks worth of feces inside her gut, and was ready to get it out of her. Before she sat on my toilet, though, my friend got fully naked to prevent her pink dress from getting stained. It took her a few minutes to get her BM started, but once it finally began coming out there was no stopping it! And it was also quite thick in diameter as well, measuring up to almost 4 inches in width. That's almost 4 times the width of anything I can produce regularly. Her BM was also relatively painful to push out as well, and I gladly coaxed her along. Basically, I played the role of her midwife.

Halfway through this ordeal, my lady friend said she needed a short breather. In the meantime, I drew some warm bubble bath water for her to soak and relax in once she was all finished. After a few minutes, she began to push and strain once again - and, believe it or not, the turd increased in diameter from almost 4 inches to 5. It wasn't that much of a size increase, but enough to make her cry out in pain. It was then I reached in between her thighs and began to help by pulling the turd out with both hands. By that time, the mass was so doggone heavy it began to move on its own until the end finally fell into the toilet bowl. By then, my lady friend was crying almost nonstop, and so I gave her my shoulder for reassurance.

Afterwards, the toilet was so full of my lady friend's poop that the latter portion was well above the water line. It was by far one of the biggest loads of crap I had ever seen to be produced by any female!! And MAN, did IT STINK TO HIGH HEAVEN!! It smelled almost toxic - not the usual poop smell most everyone is used to smelling after a trip to the throne, but rather like a cross between propane and natural gas. Yeah, THAT BAD!! Either way, we had to get this massive load outside - and FAST!! Since I was still dressed, I took some old newspaper and wrapped up my lady friend's mound of BM, and then headed outdoors to the place where I normally dump old cat litter. I was just hoping this mass would not be stinking up my back yard later on.

Anyway, by the time I got back inside my lovely lady friend was already in the tub relaxing her tired body. Poor thing - she looked as if she'd just delivered a newborn. She did say she'd ask me to join her, but was too tired to move at that point. And so, I offered to wash her myself - which she kindly accepted. I asked my friend about how well she was able to wipe her butt afterwards, but before getting into the tub she stood in the shower to rinse her body off.

Anyway, I got my friend all cleaned up and smelling the way all ladies should smell - like feminine body wash. I keep some female body wash at my residence for occasions just like this so that my lady friend is guaranteed to smell like a lady after taking a bubble bath immediately following a major bowel movement.

That's my story for now. I probably won't be posting for a while since I no longer regularly associate with the girl mentioned above. I have a new lady friend now, but she's far more private about bathroom habits and whatnot. There's probably no way I will ever be able to convince my new lady friend to be more open, and so you likely won't be hearing any stories about her going in front of me, unless sometime down the road we decide to get married and begin raising a family.

Anyway, take care and happy pooping to everyone.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Randall as always another great set of stories about Sarah great story about her peeing outside between those 2 cars and great story about her pooping her pants and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leila first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping in the shower for the first time and your right it all goes to the same place and its an easy clean up and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Unknown poster great story about you watching your mom pooping I bet that memory will last forever and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Thirty Something Female as always another great story and it sounds like you were beyond desperate to pee at least most of it ended up in the toilet and at least nobody saw you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Unseasoned Wetter first welcome to the site and great accident story it sounds like you were really embarrassed and please post anymore stories that you may have thanks.

To: Amylee as always another great tale from the ladies doorless story I dont like them and its sounds like Leigh didnt really care about the comments and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: BF great story it sounds like that girl had a very bad night puking in the toilet while pooping herself to.

To: Leanne as always another great pooping story it sounds like you felt pretty good after that and also hearing those other girls go to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Aimee as always another great set of stories it sounds like you just made it lucky your mom finished when she did and great story about your camp experinse and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kelly as always another great story and it sounds like whoever left that stink might have been sick or just take really stinky dumps and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Michelle (formaly M.S) as always another great story it like you had very bad day and as always I look forward to your next p[ost thanks.

To: Emma as always another great story it was lucky you you made it to a toilet without having an accident it sounds like you were very close to it though and lucky that girl came out when she did and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story it sounds like youi just made it and also hearing those other girls poop as well to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rachel as always another great story it sounds like you and your friends Rhiannon both really had top go and also both stunk up the bathroom to and as always I look forwar to your next post thanks.

To: Carol great story about watching your sister in law Tricia pooping and please sahre anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Various replies

Urinal lady. As to the question of whether fat women pee more than average ones, I'm not aware of any research that's been done into the subject to either prove or disprove it. I'm inclined to suspect that fat people tend to poo more on the grounds that they probably eat more, although there's an element of 2 + 2 = 5 in that theory as metabolic factors, hormones, steroid use etc can effect weight as well as diet. With regard to peeing, what is known is that for reasons not yet fully understood by the medical profession, people with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of more than 30 (and that includes me) have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and one of the symptoms can be frequent - although not necessarily high volume - urination. It goes without saying that if you, or anyone close to you, has any concerns about that, it's worth discussing them with your local doctor.

Michelle (Formerly M.S). Thanks for sharing the experience of your rather messy accident with us. I'm sorry to hear you've been unwell though. I've had my share of ???? bugs over the years and know from long, bitter experience that they're no joke. It can take a while for the body to replenish its nutrients as well as get properly rested after something like. Anyhow I hope you're soon fully recovered.

Emma. It sounds as though you had a really close call after that lecture. I'm glad you made it though, if only just. It's rare for me to 'miss a day' when it comes to pooing but it does happen occasionally and, when it does, I've found nature's been very keen to clear the backlog.

Carol. I enjoyed your account of the comfort stop you and Trica took on the 2011 Sprat & Winkle Run. Perhaps you should rename it Splat & Tinkle Run! Only joking. It sounded as though you both needed to go although, on the basis of how you described things, I get the impression your need was a little greater than Trica's. Had you had any breakfast before setting off? I often find that I don't particularly need to do #2 when I first get up (although a pee's always necessary) but after breakfast, particularly when I've drunk a pot of hot tea, it's not unusual for me to need a good poo.

Inconsiderate Bathroom Users

I've never been in a fight. I'm an honors student who has been in a couple of talent pageants and I'm in lots of school activities, but that's why it's probably so hard for me to take a simple piss or crap at school. The queues, there are students who cut and let others in by just opening the stall door and letting them avoid the line by sliding in and there are the bells and teachers, many who refuse to give us a break by letting us be late or leave class to use the bathroom. That just so sucks. Since September I've given up on the much larger bathrooms which are located at the ends and in the middle of each of the four floors of my school. The queues are too long and some of the users are unreasonable on the amount of time they spend in the stall and on the toilet. Too often I'm standing there thinking Hey *****! Get up and let someone else have a chance at it, but they just sit there totally aloof to the others. In each of the past two weeks I've had accidents of various sizes and this is in the best bathroom I've found in the school that has 15 girls rooms. It's a two staller located in the performing arts wing and it's used by journalism, music art and debate students. The problem is that it's attracting a lot of use from students such as myself who have classes nearby. Many of the users are quick to sit and pee and then they hurry out. Neither stall has doors. I've heard they were taken off several years ago because they were abused. At 11:55 a.m. I came into the room, heard a girl with a long skirt around her dropping crap into the second stall so I knew she would be awhile. I focused on the first toilet. What looked like a freshmen and the slowest person I've ever seen had a long roll of toilet paper wrapped around her hand and she was tearing it off and trying to place it over the seat. For every two she laid down, one would fall off and when trying to correct it, another would slide off. Then, to my surprise, she started a second layer. This time with longer strips of paper and she even got down on her knees to make a couple of adjustments. I can be a very sarcastic person when I'm mad and I admit I swore at her and made her mad by saying she was building a bird nest. She must have been there 10 minutes before I saw the other girl starting to wipe and I got my hopes up. When I told the crapper I was about to blast out in my pants, she quickly pulled up her jeans halfway and then reached down and pulled up her pink underwear to the same level and she stepped to the side of the toilet. I wasted no time in pulling my thong and jeans down to floor level and I threw myself onto the seat so fast that the loose black seat moved an inch or two. There were three or four blasts as my three-day load exited in about five segments and splashed against the other girls' BM which was very apparent with the smell it gave off. After about a minute on the toilet, I pulled at the toilet paper but nothing came down. I asked the girl on the other side of the stall if she could spare some and she seemed really pissed because I asked. Like her butt was too important to be seated on a toilet. I smelled something a little different and looked between my legs and saw a deposit of crap about two inches long on my pink thong, so I stepped up, got out of my thong and threw it over onto the girl who was seated in the other stall. She didn't say anything back so I don't think it hit her. Then I pulled up my jeans knowing that they were going to be smeared, but I didn't see an alternative. I left the stall and went to the sink where the girl was just sitting there on her paper nest. When I got back to class and told my friend Megan about what had happened, she said that she would have sat right down on the girl's lap and eith shitted or pissed on her. I thought it was so funny that I immediately laughed out and almost got a detention from my teacher. If that girl were to be in there again and cause me to have another accident, I think I could hit her.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011


more sarah stories

one thing of particular urgency for Sarah is getting to the toilet in the morning. when we were together we did spend some nights at each other's houses, and every morning was an adventure for her going to the bathroom. i pretty much had to wait for her to wake up and go to the toilet because if i happened to be in there when she woke up she was gonna have an accident waiting for me, or have to go outside in her underwear to look for a discrete spot. since she has a hard time holding it in, those morning urges are difficult since they're usually strong. she always would get up and hobble to the bathroom as fast as she could the second she woke up. one morning i got up and without really thinking about it i went to the bathroom, and i was in there for a few minutes. when i came out i saw Sarah wasn't in bed anymore. i looked around for her, and then i heard my front door shut. i went over and saw her coming back in looking bashful. i said "where did you go?" and she said "i had to pee and you were in the bathroom." i said "oh sorry. did you find a place?" and she said "i just had to squat between our cars, i didn't have time to find a better spot. I'll hose off the driveway when i get dressed.." and i said "no problem." it started to happen roughly 50% of the time we spent the night together, where in the morning she'd wake up when i was in the bathroom and she'd go pee outside. i mean i always tried to wait for her to get up first but i am an early riser and i would get tired of waiting for her and just go, and then of course that's when she'd wake up and need the toilet right away. once when i was at her house, i was laying awake for like 2 hours when i finally decided to go to the bathroom. when i was done i opened the door to see her standing with her legs pressed together and her hands pushed into her crotch and there was pee cascading down her legs and splattering onto the carpet. she looked at me like i had run over her puppy or something. i just said "sorry, i was waiting for you to go all morning..." there was also a time where she came back in the house, from having apparently gone outside to go, but when she came in, her white panties were wet and see-through and contained a pretty big, mushy load of poop. she blushed and said "i think one of your neighbors saw me pooping and wetting myself on your front step..." i said "are you serious?" she said "yeah...i went out to find a place to go, but i saw a lady outside next door and i didn't know what to do because i don't have any pants i panicked and just stood there and went in my underwear...she kept glancing over at me.." i couldn't help but chuckle, and that annoyed her, as it was of course my fault it happened to her. we eventually got into a groove with how to handle it, i realized that when i got out of bed it woke her up, so instead of going to the bathroom first when i got up i would go start making coffee, and by the time i was done with that she'd have gotten to the toilet without incident. but it took quite a few pee stains on my driveway and a few wet and/or soiled pairs of Sarah's panties first thing in the morning before we got the system down.


Bad Constipation With Help From My Brother - Part 2

Part 1: Page 2133

Anne here! Sorry for the delay, I'm having trouble finding posting time between school work, practice, and my part-time job.

OK, on with the story:

Me: What's all this for?
Eric: You'll see.
Me: Is it going to hurt?
Eric: Remember, Anne, the last thing I want to do is hurt you, but I also want to help you through this, so you're going to have to trust me.
Eric told me to try pushing, and once again, nothing happened. He handed me the belt and told me to strap it around my stomach (NOT my waist) as tight as I possibly could
Me: Ow! This hurts a little bit!
Eric: It should help you push, now keep pushing!
This treatment was beginning to hurt so I asked Eric to try something else. He had me take off the belt, stand up, and then squat down so that my bottom was hovering about 3 inches above the floor.
Eric: This might make it easier to push
Me: It isn't working!
Eric nealed beside me and spread my butt cheeks.
Eric: This may hurt a little but it should help expand your butt hole.
Me: Ow ow ow! It's starting to burn! This isn't working either!
Eric told me to lay flat on my stomach on the floor, and he stuck his finger into my hole. This made me squirm around and my eyes began to tear up.
Eric: Sorry, sis, you've got quite a build up in there! This may be harder than I thought!
Eric took his finger out of me and instructed me to lay across the counter with my butt hole precisely under the sink.

Sorry I have to stop there. Hope you enjoyed!



My First Time Pooping in the Shower

Hi my name is Leila and I'm a very shy pooper. I have to share a toilet with 4 other people in my house so its just awkward trying to poop in there. Our toilet and bathroom are in separate rooms so theirs no privacy in my house! So today I tried something new, heres the story.

It was about 11:30 in the morning and my morning poop was coming. There was a bunch of people in the house and it wasn't a good time to be pooping in the toilet, because everybody would hear it and it would be awkward, I wanted a little more privacy. So I went into the bathroom and shut the door. I turned on the shower and striped off all my cloths. Once the water was hot I stepped into the warm shower, and squatted. I relaxed and started to pee a long yellow stream of piss down into the shower. After my pee tinkled to a stop I relaxed and let a good 6 inch poo slowly slide out of my asshole and onto the shower floor. Now that I was done I sat down in the shower and used my hand and the water in the shower to wash out my asshole. Then I had the problem of getting rid of the poop. This might seem a bit gross but I used my hands and broke the poop into little pieces and pushed them one by one down the 8 hole drain in the shower, then used the shower water to clean up any trace of my poop. Afterwards I stood up and washed my hands really well, and got out of the shower feeling great and empty :).

I think I will do this every time I need to poop when theirs lots of people in the house, its really easy to relax in the shower with all the warm water going down on you, and the water cleans your ass better than toilet paper does :).

This was my first story by the way, I might make more with more detail if I get some good comments :P

My first experience

When I was a kid (around5) I began to notice that when my mother went into the bathroom, I would hear these loud farts. I was intrigued. I would get close to the door when she went in. When the two of us were at home alone she never closed the door completely. One day I got up the courage to ask her if I could come in with her when she had to go. To my surprise, she agreed. The next time she went into the bathroom, I followed her. She pulled up her dress (she didn't wear panties) and sat on the toilet with this thick black bush between her legs staring me in the face. I asked why she had hair there and she said that all adults have hair between their legs. As she talked, I could hear and see the stream of urine splashing into the toilet water. She let out a couple of farts as she pushed the urine out. I was so excited. I became even more excited as she let out a barrage of farts follwed by the noise of the shit plopping into the water. She continued to talk to me while she farted and shit. She wasn't inhibited at all. When she was done, she grabbed some toilet paper and reached between her legs to wipe. She got up, let her dress drop back down and flushed. I could see the urine, the shit and the shitty toilet paper all in there as she flushed. She washed up and we left. This practice of me going in with her continued for a couple of years then she stopped it. I have always been fascinated by the sound of women shitting. She also used to have my father give her an enema once a month. I couldn't go in when he was giving her the enema but I would listen at the door.


Black Friday Stories

Hi all-

I went to a midnight sale on black friday and I saw some restroom incidents, one involving me. First I noticed the lines to both the mens and ladies rooms were unusually long, and later I discovered that the store closed its other restrooms and only left the small front restroooms open. I did the whole standing in line for a deal thing for about 2 hrs, by the end I needed a piss fairly bad. I checked out and put my packages away and then attempted to use the bathroom. I had to wait in line for about fifteen minutes, and when I got in I saw it was a very small room with two urinals and one toilet. The toilet was open so I ran in and had a very needed piss. The toilet was so disgusting, it was covered in piss and some diarrhea was dripping on the back of the seat, I was glad I only needed a pee! While going I heard two guys come in and start talking about how they were almost doing it in their pants, one used the urinal and one couldn't make it and used the sink. I was finishing up just as a guy rushed in and started pounding on my door saying he was about to explode. I came out and he rushed in, without shutting the door he ripped his pants down and sprayed piss all over the floor and toilet.

I went shopping again later that day, and I saw two kids pee themselves in the aisles because their moms wouldn't stop fighting for deals and take them to the toilets. Also, I went in and took a leak and a guy came in with a wet spot on his pants, he smiled at me and said he had been waiting in line way too long.

Old Fart

RE: accident in public

Been there done that, once couldn't make it from my seat to the bathroom in time at a Mariner's game. On the way out to go home cops stopped me and came close to arresting me for intentionally causing a public health hazard. (Crapped my pants. It would have never made it through court, too much documented medical history) Only shortly before at Seattle's Seafair parade there was a guy that need to piss and porta-potties were near non-existent. He went to an alley a couple blocks off the parade route, in the middle of the ally pissed between 2 dumpsters. The 2 cops that followed had to get right up behind the guy to be sure what he was doing. The was charged and convicted of urinating in public. Added to the sentence do to being within 1,000 FT of an event where children could be expected, registered sex offender, exposing himself in front of a minor. The guy was a doctor, end of career. This was late 80's or early 90's.
The law was used in the early to mid 90's to try to force homeless people out of town. All this is in old newspaper articles as well as television news footage if that is still archived.

Thirty Something Female

A new story

Thank you to those who have responded kindly to my stories. I have a brand new one now. It is kind of liberating posting on here, knowing I'm not the only adult who holds it too long, and that there are others who are accepting of it.

Anyway, this is a very fresh story, you could say, since it literally just happened earlier today. I have the day off from work and was out running errands, doing some Christmas shopping for the family while I had time alone, and met a friend for lunch, then out for a little more shopping. I hadn't gone to the bathroom since I left the house this morning and after a good five hours later, some coffee, water, and a tea at lunch, I was pretty desperate while finishing up my shopping but, as usual, I just held it because I didn't want to waste time or leave my buggy outside the store bathrooms and just intended to hold it until I got home.

That was the plan, anyway. The reality was that by the time I was back in my SUV driving back home I was so desperate I was about to burst. The seatbelt pressed right over my bladder. I even unbuttoned my jeans to help. I had my thighs squeezed together, my left leg bouncing as I drove, and my left hand pressed into my crotch to help hold it. A few minutes from home, however, I felt a spurt escape and knew my Hanes Her Way's were going to be wet. A short time after that another, bigger spurt escaped and my crotch felt very wet and I could feel dampness on my fingertips on the outside of my jeans. I took a quick peek but couldn't see the wet spot yet. I redoubled my efforts to hold, not wanting to wet my car seat.

I made it home and pulled into the garage, closed the door, slid carefully out of the SUV still holding my crotch, and shuffled my way into the house. I turned towards the master suite and our bathroom but another big squirt came out and I had to stop to control it, legs crossed, half bent over, feeling a trickle run down my left thigh. I knew I didn't have time to make it to our master bath, so I had to change direction and duck into our hallway bathroom that the kids use instead. I made it into the bathroom before I felt a longer release that took me a couple of seconds of frantic dancing to stop, then very quickly shoved my jeans and panties down to my knees in one motion while sitting and releasing a flood into the toilet, barely getting my pants out of the way or my butt over the water before it began flowing.

I released a big sigh of relief as I finished peeing and surveyed the damage. My pink panties were soaked and dark in the crotch from front to back. My jeans had a large wet spot the size of a dinner plate on the crotch and lower butt and then down both thighs, though more down the left leg than the right. Certianly not the biggest accident I've ever had by far, but it was a very noticable one if anyone could have seen me. There would have been no hiding it from behind, especially, and even the front of the jeans it was evident I had peed myself.

I wiped and flushed and just stepped out of the wet clothes and carreid them to our room and hopped right into the shower. At least nobody saw me wet myself today.


unseasoned wetter
sooo... its a pretty major experience to wet your pants for the first time...i'm 22 and i, for the very first time in my post-diaper wearing years, peed in my pants yesterday. and i was totally sober, too... it's still so weird to think about, like I'm having a hard time believing it actually happened. it certainly took me by surprise... what happened was myself and three of my friends had a girls night planned. we were gonna do some Christmas shopping then go back to the apartment of two of my friends, danielle and maria, who are roommate, and make drinks. well, we spent hours shopping, and somewhere in the mix of everything my bladder had gotten pretty full and i didn't really notice how bad i had to pee until we were already in the car heading to maria and danielle's. i didn't think much of it, i was just uncomfortable and felt a bit anxious to get there. but then it got a little strange. the urge would get really intense every few minutes and it would feel like i was on the verge of leaking or squirting a little into my pants. i would have to concentrate hard on holding it in and i was wiggling in my seat and crossing my legs alternately back and forth and rubbing my feet together a lot. and it just kept getting worse and worse, and before i knew it i was sitting perfectly still, very tense, with my teeth clenched and just really hoping to get there before my bladder literally burst. it was the most incredible need to pee i ever felt, you'd think i had just had 2 gallons of water to drink. anyway, we were a couple of minutes away when the feeling of being on the verge of springing a leak kept intensifying every few seconds instead of every few minutes, until suddenly a hot squirt of pee shot into my pants and i felt it trickle down my buttcrack (i hate that word but i don't know what else to call it). that's when my brain went numb and i just froze and awaited disaster. after a minute, another hot jet of pee escaped me then a third, then a fourth. by then i was starting to feel dampness in the crotch and seat of my panties and jeans. my mind was in like...a state of suspended reality, refusing to believe that i was starting to pee my pants in the back seat of my friend's car at 22 years of age. finally, a 5th squirt of pee came out...except it didn't stop. i just started completely wetting my pants, one long continuous flow of pee soaking my pants underneath my butt and thighs, and a hot tingling feeling enveloped my crotch. i just sat in stunned silence with my heart beating out of my chest as i tried to comprehend what had just happened. after a few minutes my soaked pants started to feel more real, and i started to accept the reality of having pissed myself. i didn't know what to say but i knew i couldn't hide it, so i just had to confess. i actually made myself start crying. i didn't actually feel like crying naturally, but for some reason i decided it would be less humiliating to tell my friends I'd just peed my pants if i could get some sympathy. and so...they asked why i was crying...and so, i said..i just peed my pants. they reacted mostly with shock, then concern as if i had gotten hurt or something. then they kept trying to reassure me that it was no big deal and it could happen to anyone...all in all they were pretty great about, but i still felt like all of my pride and dignity faded away as my pants grew wetter and wetter. my friend Danielle tried to make it seem like a fun opportunity to go back to her place and try on a bunch of clothes, but i had her take me home. peeing my pants for the first time was enough excitement for one day... when i got out of the car my legs felt weak and wobbly at first, then i got my bearings and walked inside. the feeling of wet denim rubbing together between my thighs was pretty awful... it was really good to get changed. even after writing all about it, it still feels so surreal that i actually wet myself yesterday.


Terrible Restroom Situation

I, along with several of my coworkers experienced a terrible restroom experience a couple of Saturdays ago. Our industry has a required half-day training session we must attend, which is administered by an industry firm, not our company. The one we were assigned to was held at a high school about 15 miles from our office. Strange setting for a training session, but that's where they had it. The training was from 8-noon on Saturday. I went with Leigh, my noisy pooing boss, Roxy, Ann, Courtney, and Barbara from our office. There were other people from other competing companies at the session as well. In all, there were about 40 people in attendance; all but about 10 were women. We carpooled in Barbara's van so we could all ride together. We stopped at a McDonalds near the school and all of us used their facilities, so we went straight to the classroom when we arrived at the school. At 9:45, the instructor called a break. I was in desperate need to poo and still being poo shy, was concerned about going when I knew the restroom would be full of women. I headed to the ladies' room along with the roughly 30 other women, went in and was shocked at what I saw. I've read on this site about schools having stalls without doors due to vandalism, etc. but hadn't actually seen this until this day. There were about 8 stalls, all without doors, which obviously had been removed sometime in the past. Right in front of the toilets were the sinks with a mirror that ran the length of the counter and the line of toilets. So when you sat on the toilet, you could look straight into the mirror in front of you and see other women sitting on toilets up and down the row. I couldn't believe it, and really understand why girls on this site report about how terrible their school restrooms are. I was one of the first 5 or 6 to enter the restroom and we all kind of froze at the no-door issue. Leigh was with me and I wondered how she'd do since she grunts and groans, farts, and splatters so loudly at our work restrooms. Finally a few of the women went to the far end and filled up the last three stalls. I took the one in the middle, Leigh was next to me, and then the others all filled up quickly and a line formed. When I turned around to sit I could see the women in the mirror in at least three stalls either side of me. And I could see the line of women waiting. I pulled down my jeans as best I could without exposing myself and sat down. While not staring at the other women, it was had not so see that they all did the same thing. Leigh sat down and immediately started peeing a torrent. I thought maybe she wouldn't make a spectacle of herself here. I could hear other women peeing. I thought, "Am I the only one who needs to poo?!" Then I heard the woman on the other side of me, a lady about 30, attractive brunette, fart pretty loudly and go "UMM" then I heard her dropping poo into the toilet - PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, then she went "UMM" again. Leigh finished her river of pee and lo and behold, went "UHHHHHHH!" very loudly and farted and unleashed her usual loose gassy poo. I heard one of the ladies in line say, "Oops!" and several laughed. I then heard a loud fart from one of the first stalls. That must have been a bad place to be, where the line of waiting women could see you sitting there farting and pooing. How embarrassing! I finally pushed and did my usual pre-poo fart and crackled out a long log. Then I got a cramping feeling and a huge urge to push, which resulted in a loud fart and some soft poo coming out with it. I was humiliated. Just as I did that, Leigh did another "UHHHH" and farted again with more loose poo and the lady next to me did another pretty loud fart. One lady in line said, "Go girls!" and everyone laughed. Some of the ladies who only had to pee had now gotten up and were at the sinks and they were replaced by other women from the line. The lady next to me was wiping and got up and flushed, and another woman about 40 years old rushed to replace her. She sat and I could hear her crackly poo coming out immediately followed by a whispered "Ohhh". I peed and was done and had to wipe my butt about 5 times, which was embarrassing. I just didn't know how many of the women might be watching me while I went to the bathroom. I flushed and went to the sink and a lady replaced me on the toilet. I saw in the reflection that Leigh was pulling toilet paper and she leaned forward and rose her rear off the seat, reached behind her and began wiping. I finished washing my hands and saw that Leigh was still wiping. I went out of the room and back to the classroom. In a few minutes Leigh came back and was talking to me. Several women came back in and were staring at Leigh and talking quietly. I'm assuming they were talking about her grunting and splattering. So that's the story. Leigh is not bashful anywhere she goes, even when others can see her. It amazes me she is so open. We all have to go but she takes the cake.

Post Title (optional)Female Urinary Device (FUD)

Have any woman ever used a FUD? Did it work, or did pee just run down your leg? I have seen them advertised for peeing standing up, but don't know anyone who has tried one.

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