Sarah story

hey, i posted the other day about my ex girlfriend Sarah who has control issues. wanted to share a few stories, I'll start off with one i think about all the time. a few months after we started dating we went to a baseball game together in the city, and we took the train there and back. on the way back she was noticeably uncomfortable and said "do you think there are bathrooms on this train?" i said "i don't think so" because they are just local transit trains, not Amtrak or anything like that. they don't really ever go distances that take more than an hour at the most. eventually she got up and walked away. she came back after about 5 minutes looking discouraged and said "i couldn't find one in any of the cars back that way..." she stood in the aisle looking ahead and said "i guess i can check up there" but then she looked at me and held her stomach, and said "no, i have to sit down" and i moved my legs for her to slip by back into her window seat. i said "are you ok?" and she said "yeah its just easier to hold it sitting down..." i said "well our stop is in like 20 minutes, think you'll be ok?" she didn't answer, she just sat stiffly gazing out the window. every now and then she breathed loudly and leaned forward in her seat. when we were roughly 10 minutes from our stop she sighed heavily and mumbled "i don't think i can hold it much longer" and i just said "you'll be ok we're almost there" and after another moment of silence she said to me "no, i really can't." i looked at her and said "well what are you gonna do?" and she said "what do you mean? i don't have much of a choice." i said "are you gonna go between the train cars?" and she said "no way, everyone would see me...I'm gonna have to go in my pants and hope for the best...i just can't hold it anymore." i didn't know what to say to that so i just asked her to keep holding on, we were almost there. she just quietly said to me "its too late..." and had a funny expression on her face. i looked at her expecting to see a growing wet patch on her lap between her thighs and maybe a puddle flowing out from under her butt. but i didnt, i saw nothing. instead, i just heard her breath funny a few times and make weird face, then i smelled it. she was pooping in her shorts right next to me on the train. after a very awkward few minutes she broke the silence and said "that was unpleasant...sorry about the smell...i seriously couldn't wait another second." i just said "its you feel better?" and she said "kind of...I'll feel a lot better when i get home and change my underwear." with that there wasn't much left to do but ignore the smell and ignore the people around us trying to figure out "who farted?" when the train got to our stop she stayed seated until everyone around us was clear. then we got up and i stepped back in the aisle so she could get in front of me. she said "walk behind me and stay close." we had nothing to wrap on her waist to cover the evidence on her butt, and her purse strap wasn't long enough for it to hang over her butt. when she got up the damage was pretty obvious considering she had on a short pair of khaki colored shorts. there was a big, obvious oval shaped brown stain on her butt, but no bulge since she was sitting while she pooped so it all flattened and spread out in her shorts. but the stain and the smell were very telling. i did my best to stay close behind her to hide her accident but she was moving pretty fast so there was a few moments where there was a decent gap between us. some people at the train station definitely noticed that she'd pooped her shorts. finally we made it to the car and she promptly spread a grocery bag on the seat and got in. i got in a well and she sighed heavily and said " you think a lot of people knew?" i did think that. but i just said "nah, eitherway its not like anyone we know saw you." she said "i hope not...god i hate pooping my pants...sorry." i said "hey don't worry, i know it couldn't be helped." "thanks...its still really embarrassing but thanks for being so understanding." "no problem." we didn't say much else after that, but when i dropped her off at her place she was shocked when i asked if she wanted me to come inside. she hesitated but ultimately declined, saying she was just gonna change herself and go to bed. she thanked me again, and i settled for watching her waddle up to her house with poop filled shorts.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Shawty great story about you in that chair in the movie theater and I bet who ever sat there got a wet suprise and please post more stories thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great set of stories first great story about your friend Emma pooping and peeing in that bucket and you peeing in it aswell and great story about that open air toilet and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Poof Guy great story about you and your girlfriend.

To: Amylee first im glad your back and as always another great tale from the ladies room it sounds like bathrooms should be avoided for awhile after Pinky has them and do you even to ask if we want more stories of course we do and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster man that had to be beyond embarrassing and to have the picture put on the internetto.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

I was out driving on the freeway this evening and needed to put some gas in my car. I got off at the next exit and pulled into the gas station. After filling my tank I decided to go and have a poo since it would be at least another 45 minutes before I would be home. I went inside the gas station to find the washroom. I went to the very back of the store where there was only one bathroom with a woman in her late 30s standing waiting to use it. I went back up front and got a snack for the drive home and then went back to the lineup.

The door opened and a male in his early 30s came out and before the woman ahead of me went in. I could hear everything clearly from outside. She peed first and then silence for about 30 seconds. I heard a loud fart and then a loud kaplunk of a turd dropping into the bowl. Another minute passed before I heard her fart repeatedly before another splash of a turd hitting the bowl. She unraveled a lot of toilet paper and I could tell she was going to be a while. After another couple of minutes I heard the toilet flush and the sink come on as she washed her hands and then dried her hands with the hand blow dryer. She flushed the toilet again so I figured one of her turds must have not gone down. Another minute and she was still not out. Finally the door opened and she rushed out. I entered in and locked the door. The smell inside was pretty strong. When I approached the toilet I could see that the woman had blocked the toilet up completely. There were two very thick turds in a massively large pile of toilet paper. The water level was just about to overflow making it impossible for me to sit down and shit.

I exited out and quickly left to go back to my car. I drove to the next gas station just down the road. I parked my car and went inside. There was a single washroom right by the magazine stand. I saw the green vacant sign on the washroom door so I knew I was home free. I dropped my pants and sat down on the handicapped toilet before unloading a very powerful wave of soft and sloppy turds. The store was quite small so I knew anyone shopping around would be able to hear me. I continued to let out more farts that I had held in and couldn't believe how much came out of me. I got up and saw a bowl filled with two piles of mushy shit. I didn't take any chances and made sure the poop was all flushed down before I started to wipe. The toilet was a regular flush toilet just like the one in the last gas station so I knew it would probably clog if I flushed everything down in one go. A minute later I flushed again and washed my hands and left quickly back to my car.

mike b.


loved your story about your ex sarah. What were some of your reactions with her accidents,what kind of underwear did she wear? Love to here more

Anonymous Texan

Good to hear from you again, AmyLee

Hi there, Amylee.

And welcome back to the forum. It's awesome hear from you once again. I've missed reading the stories about you, Leigh, and the other ladies at your office complex. Your stories are some of the best I have read in recent years, and I've been a reader of this forum for more than a decade now - since late 1999.

I especially enjoy and miss those stories about your business meeting bathroom breaks - especially that one involving you practically filling the toilet one day with a seemingly endless, coiled mass. That story was simply amazing, and I have actually had dreams about it involving me helping you to 'deliver' your massive creation after not going for several days. Amazing, huh? And I realize just how much of a private and poop-shy person you really are - but believe me, that's how it all went down.

I definitely would enjoy reading more of your posts from the office. They're always exciting to read. But one thing I would like for you to do from now on is, if you can, describe the size (length and thickness) of your own turds and the ones you might happen to see in the adjoining toilets at your office.

I am told that some women, but not all, have this uncanny ability to produce much wider and fuller turds than what most men can deliver on a normal basis, and yet I have never seen proof of that with my own eyes - what a bummer! I would give anything to see one of my close lady friends 'deliver' one of their massive creations for me to watch and enjoy. Forgive me if I sound like I have a sick mind, but it's always been this way for me - even back during my childhood.

Anyway, girl, again welcome back and I look forward to reading any of your future stories from the office - or perhaps even from your home. That would be great as well. Take care for the time being.


Anonymous Texan


To Shawty

I loved the story, i love hearing when girls pee in cinema seats. I was curious though how did he know what you where going to do did you make it obvious like pulling down your panties or something?? Also was curious how old you where when this happened? Also did one tissue manage to clean all of you up since you where sitting in the chair while you did it I figured your entire butt got wet didn't it? Please post more soon, and hope you can make it a little longer and more detailed :-).


Being "just one of the guys" can lead to bad situations!

I'm posting this story about something that happened to my girlfriend years ago. She would kill me if she knew I was doing this, but it's a story that must be told.

I was friends with her for years before we started dating. She was always "one of the guys." She dressed like a girl, she was (and is) beautiful, but she talked like a sailor. She was very comfortable talking about sex, sports, movies, and she didn't mind if occasionally we grabbed her ass. In other words, she was the kind of girl/friend guys love to have around.

Well, one night we had a party and she was the only girl there. We all got quite drunk, but she went way overboard. This was after we'd gorged ourselves on nachos, chicken wings and other bar food. She wound up in the bathroom puking into the toilet. A couple of us were sitting in the bathroom with her, as we were worried because she was so wasted.

She puked again but this time she groaned loudly and yelled "I'm pooping!" She puked a few more times and we all could smell the poop over the smell of the puke. She kept uttering stuff like, "Oh no", "Oh God". She was pretty mortified. We weren't sure what to do. I thought, maybe she just farted. I asked if I could check her pants and she nodded. I pulled the back of her pants so I could see her butt and, yep, her underpants were full of shit.

Finally, when she was done puking I asked if she wanted us to help her get cleaned up. She said yes. We put her in the bathtub, took off her shoes, socks and pants, but left her shirt on. We got a garbage bag and very carefully removed her underpants and placed them in the bag. Luckily we managed not to spill any shit. I told her to get on her hands and knees which she did. I grabbed a hand towel and saturated it with soap and water and scrubbed her ass, then rinsed her off with water using the cup by the sink and dried her off. Since the guy whose apartment it was didn't have any shorts that would fit her we found a big shirt that covered her up. He was nice enough to let her use his bed. We put her in the bed and we slept out in the living room.

In the morning she came in and thanked all of us for helping her and not taking advantage of the situation. A few weeks later she and I had our first date. So it led to a happy ending. However, we have never talked about it!

Hi everyone!

Rachel & Abbie- more good stories from you both. I enjoyed your outdoor poo, Rachel!

Today I had a big poo. By the end of my one-hour lecture I had a moderate urge to go but I wasn't desperate. So I got some lunch and ate that to pass an hour and then my urge started to grow rapidly and soon I really needed to relieve myself. I went to the arts building since I had my choice of toilets and they are my favourites. By the time I got there the next lectures (and also longer two-hour ones) had finished and turned out so the loos were busy. I went to the first set of 6 cubicles that are together, but they were all taken which made a change- it;s not very often that I use these loos when they're that busy. So I headed further into the room where, at the far end, there are 12 more- 8 along the far wall and 4 tucked in to the left opposite the end cubicles. Out of these 12, 7 were in use and there were a couple of girls at the sinks and two or three more looking for a loo. I was surprised because normally when I use these loos I come from one the lecture theatres in the same building and thus arrive early and am in a cubicle before it fills up! Of the twelve cubicles, four of the ones on the far wall can be seen from pretty much anywhere in the large room so I didn't particularly want to use one of them. One of them was in use and I could see the girls' feet and her jeans and knickers down around them as I walked in. The other three of those cubicles were empty but as I got up to them I saw that there were others free further down so I went to them. There was one free on either side, the end one of the smaller set and the third one from the end of the larger set, so I took that one. I lowered my jeans and purple knickers and took a seat and settled in for a relaxing poo since I wasn't in a hurry! To my left was a girl with her tights and black panties down and to my right another girl with jeans and a pink thong. Both of them were taking poos of their own- I heard plops from them both shortly after I sat. I weed for a bit and heard doors closing further up and then footsteps down past me and into the end cubicle. My poo moved into position and then I pushed out two pretty big logs slowly. They splashed loudly into the loo. Then another followed. A minute later another one came out and then a few small bits. By now my neighbours had both left, so I carried on alone! After a few little pieces I was done. I wiped and left. By now most of the toilets were empty again but there were a few girls here and there, late arrivals or those doing big poos! I quite enjoyed it being so busy- I might have to go again at a similar time in the future!

urinal lady

do fatter girls piss more or less than an average girl?

sorry if im offending anyone but im just curious

Hi again.

The other morning, I was getting ready for school when I realised I need to poo. My mum was on a day shift and was due to start her shift at the hospital the same time me and my sister started school. As soon as I had put my shoes on, I went off to the bathroom. When I opened the door, I saw my mum sitting on the toilet, nurse's dress up around her waist, black tights and white knickers around her knees, with a pained expression on her face. When I heard a plop come from the toilet, I knew what she was doing. She asked me what I wanted and I told her I needed to poo. She told me she hadn't been for two days and would be on the toilet for a while. I closed the door and sat on the stairs to wait for her to finish. After a few minutes, I realised that my need to poo was becoming more urgent. I called out to my mum that I needed to go and she called back that she would be as quick as she could. By the time I heard the flush, I was desperate. I made it into the bathroom where my mum was washing her hands, pulled down my trousers and knickers and sat down heavily on the toilet seat. I let out two loud farts in quick succession, followed by a crackling noise and a plop. My mum commented that it sounded healthy. I lifted my bum off the toilet so she could inspect what I had done. She was surprised at the size of what I had done, but told me it was a healthy colour and not runny. I sat down again and passed another two sizeable lumps of poo before wiping my bum and flushing.

Some of you may find it weird that my mum is still inspecting my poo when I am 15. She is a nurse and, God bless her, she really cares, so I don't mind. At least if she spots something untoward, it will be spotted early and I'll have a better chance of something being done about it before it can develop into something more serious.

That's it for now. I'll try and post again soon.

Hello again, everyone.

After reading Rachel's last post, I had a think about some of the Girl Guide camps I've attended and the toilet facilities at each of them. One weekend camp that I attended had no toilet facilities to speak of - none whatsoever. If we needed to pee, we went off into the bushes and squatted there. If, on the other hand, we needed to poo, we went off into the woods, found a suitable spot, dug a small hole and pooed into that, filling in the hole after we had finished.

At one week-long camp I went to, we used toilets that were a large wooden box with a hole in the top, like the ones I described in an earlier post. However, instead of there being two of them in an enclosure, there were four, that is, four of us peeing and pooing together. Apart from some initial nervousness, most of us took to it pretty well. Most mornings, after breakfast, I would sit with my jeans and pants around my ankles, chatting to the three other girls who were in the enclosure with me. Usually, after a couple of minutes, we would all forget where we were and where our jeans and pants were. It was only when one of the girls started using toilet-paper that we would be reminded we were on the toilet. On one occasion, all four of us who were in the toilet enclosure were wiping our bottoms at the same time. The girls who were outside the enclosure, waiting to go, were very relieved when four of us came out together.

The other occasion I remember is a day camp when we used a trench as a toilet. It was behind a bush and there was enough room for three Girl Guides to squat side by side. There were no curtains or screens. We simply pulled down our jeans and pants, squatted down with our bottoms over the trench and did what we had to, using toilet-paper provided by the Girl Guide leader to wipe our bottoms afterwards. I had to poo and found myself squatting between two Girl Guides who were in my year at school. None of us had seen each other on the toilet before and it was a bit of an odd feeling to see each other's bottoms and private parts and see each other peeing and pooing. One of the other girls said she felt a bit sick when she saw me standing up, wiping my bottom. She didn't go to any camps after that because she left the Girl Guide troop shortly afterwards.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll try and post again soon.


To Anon (Caught short in public)

I don't think it can be illegal to go in your knickers if it's a genuine accident! The better solution if you tend to get caught short though is to wear an adult nappy or pull-up incontinence knickers like Tena pants. Then you don't need to worry about finding a loo as it's always with you and nobody need know when you're using it!


Reply to Nicola

Hi Nicola. Thanks for your latest stories which I've thoroughly enjoyed. Keep them coming! The story about Emma's poo in a bucket is, in some respects, not unlike one posted by Anne the Bus Driver around page 553, recounting a similar experience from her youth. The difference was that in her case she had to use the bucket, something which she was reluctant to do. In your case the reluctance was on Emma's part. I'm not surprised Emma did as a much as she did though, if she'd not opened her bowels for a week.

Also I enjoyed reading about your outdoor poo on the disused toilet of the school that was being demolished. That was certainly daring by any standard. At least it got one last use - albeit an unexpected one. You remarked about not having had a poo for 24 hours. Are you normally a 'once a day' person or do tend to feel the need more often? Typically I have two to three bowel movements a day but it can be more or less, depending on what I've eaten and my general state of health.

"have you ever gone to use the toilet at work and not used it because someone was stinking it up so bad. Did you know who it was?" - just a guy

Sorry it took so long to respond. I love all the support posts but sometimes I just skim through them. Anyways, yes this has happened numerous times. Here's the most recent:

I has holding my daily deuce through a whole meeting. We had a break and I headed straight for the bathroom. I was greeted by a distinct smell. It smelled like rotten eggs and BO. It stank like manure and a melange of several different animal poops. It was awful. It felt like I had stuck my nose right up somebody's asshole. It was too bad to bear, even with my nose blocked. Before I vomited, I left the bathroom. I'd rather go through another hour, dying for a shit than spend another second in that hellhole. When the meeting ended and I rushed to the bathroom, there were still remnant of the smell detected.

To this day, I have no idea who caused this stink. Part of me wants to know, part of me doesn't. I would never be able to look at that person the same ever again.

Michelle (Formally M.S)

Messy Walk Home

I haven't posted for ages due to illness and then I have been busy trying to catch up on all the days I had off from work but now I am better and found the time I thought it should be about time I shared one of my recent experiences with you all. It happened last week while I was walking home from work. I had been feeling rather gassy all afternoon but I didn't want to release any farts just in case I followed through and as some of you know from my previous posts my farts can be untrustworthy and I often shart. I waited until I was walking home from work to let out my farts but by then my stomach was hurting from holding them in and started to get some really bad cramps. After releasing a few loud and smelly farts a huge pressure shot through my bowels. I had to clench really hard but the pressure kept rising and I soon began to leak wet poo into my knickers. When the next wave of pressure hit me, a large shot of diarrhea squirted into the back of my knickers and I started to feel it soaking through to my work trousers and it was beginning to become obvious I had pood myself. The pressure eased off a bit but I still needed to go very badly. I kept walking for about 10 minutes before I felt more pressure growing inside me. This time it was really bad and I had no control of my bowels and a huge load of diarrhea exploded into my already soiled knickers. I began to wet myself too and had to finish my walk home with a smelly mixture of wet poo and wee. When I finally got home I went straight up to the bathroom. My knickers were full of runny poo so I had to throw them away as they we beyond saving. My bum was so dirty I didn't bother using toilet paper I just jumped in the shower.


John in Ohio
First off, I'm 25, 5'9, about 165 lbs with shaggy brown hair. I was driving on the highway to a friends house on Black Friday when I started to need to shit. I pulled into one of the rest areas on the turnpike and headed to the toilet. As I was walking in, another guy ran into me as he came in the door behind me. He seemed very desperate and quickly apologized and took the stall next to mine. He was probably 20 or so and had on emo type clothes. I sat down in my stall and let out some mushy shit that went on for a while. The emo boy in the stall next to me was frantically trying to paper the seat and let out a fart or two as he was doing so. As soon a as he sat down he let out a huge load of very soft diarrhea. As he was doing so, another guy came in and yelled "did you make it, asshole?". I heard him say pretty much, and his friend laughed. The emo guy said its not funny, let out some more diarrhea. I pushed out some more loose shit as well. His friend went into the third stall and started to piss. I looked under the stall, and sure enough, there was small brown stain on the back of his gray briefs. The emo boy was still having mushy diarrhea, and his friend asked if he wanted something to eat, and that he would wait in the car. I let out few more wet farts, and the emo boy was wiping now, as was I. I heard him take,off,his,pants and looked over and saw the gray briefs tosses on the floor. We both exited the stall at the same time, and he looked rather embarrassed.


Nice Week Poop-Wise

Well, it's been a very good week for me as far as laying cable is concerned. After all I ate during Thanksgiving, then getting back to eating a fiber bar every day and lots of fruit and vegetables, this week has been great for my colon. Each mo rning. I've produced a beautiful, nicely coiled deposit in the toilet. Main thing I can say is, I highly recommend fiber bars! They work great! Good luck with your own pooping!


Amyleigh, great to see you have posted again

Love your stories Amyleigh, but you never mention readers. Those who take reading material in the toilet with them.

I always like to know, so if you can mention if you or any of your workmates take the paper or a magazine when they poo that would be great

On Tuesday I nearly had an accident! I had just got over my diarrhea from the week before, an on Monday for whatever reason I didn't poo at all. I had quite a lot of pasta on Sunday night so I supose I was clogged up and missed a day, which is rare for me. So when the urge hit during a lecture on Tuesday morning,it hit hard and fast. With about 10 minutes to go I was absolutely bursting to empty my bowels. It couldn't wait long. y the end of the lecture I was dying to go so badly, but the lecturer ran over a couple of minutes. When I got out I went straight for the loos. The ones in the building I was in had four cubicles. I went in and saw all the doors were closed. I looked at the doors and they all had the little red tag on that makes your heart sink when you're desperate- all in use! I decided to check them in case one of them was experiencing that phenomenon where the lock is only half closed but it says it is locked. I tried pushing the first door- no luck. Same with the second. I could hear someone win the third but I tried it anyway. I wondred if the fourth one, furthest from the door, might be empty, but there was someone in there too. I moaned quietly and cursed under my breath. I didn't want to ask someone to hurry up- too embarrassing, even though they must have already realised how urgent I was to go because I had walked in quickly, tried all the doors and then swore! But someone had to hury up because I was on the verge of losing it in my knickers! I stood there desperately shuffling from foot to foot, tying to hold in my massive poo that was trying its best to emerge prematurely. I couldn't wait for long so I hoped some of the girls were only weeing. I waited a couple of minutes listening to at least one or two girls pooing, with my poo starting to poke out further and further. Finally after an eternity I heard someone tearing off some paper. I hoped they would wipe quickly because I was about to go whether I was on a toilet or not! I heard more paper being pulled off and then a flush. Not a moment too soon, because as the girl came out of the third cubicle and I hurried in behind her and locked the door my poo started to come out. I tightened every muscle and held on and stopped it. I wrenched down my jeans and knickers, turned around and started to sit. Before my bum hit the seat the first of my turds shot out of me and plopped loudly into the bowl. I sat down with a thump and immediately two more logs came right out. I groaned with relief. I'd only just barely made it- any longer and I would have had some cleaning up to do! I carried on pooing with three more big logs and then, after I relaxed for a minute or two, some soft poo that came out easily and then a few little pieces. By the time I was done I was alone, but it smelled like there were four girls pooing!! I looked at my substantial production, flushed it, wiped, and flushed again, feeling a lot, lot better!!

Just a Guy
Amylee - I'm glad to see you're still writing here. That was another great post. Your stories are so well written. Obviously, I be very interested to hear your other stories.


Latest poo at school

Hi, Abbie here with my latest news.
Ellie J- great story about your trip to France. You would have thought that communicating that you wanted to use the toilet would have been enough, it must have been really embarasing to then have to make it clear that you needed a poo!
Rachel- I enjoyed your story about your outdoor poo with Rhiannon. I know what you mean about wiping your bum on leaves, I've done that a few times too and it's never been that successful!
Anyway, back to my latest story. By breaktime today I was starting to need a poo quite urgently, I was having to clench my bum to stop the tip from poking out into my knickers. I thought back over the last few days trying to think when I'd last been for a poo and realised it must have been on Sunday, so I knew it would probably take a lot of pushing and straining to open my bowels. I decided not to go for my usual breaktime wee as I didn't need it that badly and knew I would only get frustrated sitting on the toilet wanting a poo and not having enough time to do it. By the time I got to lunch I was starting to get desperate for a wee and was losing the battle with my poo, I had a study period after lunch but I knew I couldn't wait that long so I went straight to the toilets. Unfortunately there was quite a long queue when I got there, a couple of Year 8 and 9 groups had just been let out for lunch and naturally a lot of girls were waiting and looking like they needed to get on the loo pretty urgently! I hoped the girls in front of me just needed a wee so I might stand a chance of getting a cubicle before my poo poked out too far and ended up touching my knickers, but luck wasn't on my side today, the queue was moving really slowly and by the sound of it I was a long way from being the only one who wanted a poo. I took a deep breath and clenched my bum as hard as I could, my knickers were rather tight and I wished I could pull them down a bit to move them away from my bum and the turd that was begging to escape. By now there were only two girls in front of me, I'd heard them both whispering to each other that they were dying for a poo so I didn't hold out much hope of either of them being finished quickly. By now I was starting to squirm around which was a bit embarasing as all the others were younger than me, one of the girls in front of me nervously started to pull her skirt down a bit so I guessed her poo was in danger of coming out as well. I finally got a cubicle at the same time as the girl who'd adjusted her skirt, in fact it was the one between her and her friend. As I locked my door I could hear that her friend had already started on her poo, there were a couple of loud plops and then she started to have a wee. The other girl was quietly saying 'Quick, quick, quick" to herself, I heard rustling clothing and then the sound of her sitting down heavily and a strong wee stream starting up almost straight away. I pulled my skirt down followed by my tights and pink and yellow striped knickers, I anxiously checked my underwear for marks but thankfully apart from a slight skidmark they were OK. As I sat on the loo I glanced under the partitions into the adjoining cubicles, I saw the first girl's feet shuffling around as she wiped and then flushed, on the other side her friend's skirt and yellow pants were at her ankles. I started on my wee, next door I could hear my neighbour's stream slowing to a trickle and then suddenly she did a loud fart, I felt really embarased for her as it happened when there were no flushes or hand dryers going off so everyone would have heard it. Now my bum was relaxed I could feel the tip of my turd starting to slide slowly out, next door I saw the girl going up on her toes and could hear some tense breathing so I knew she was straining to poo. I took a deep breath and bore down, as usual my turd was getting fatter and starting to become hard to pass. I waited until I heard a hand dryer or a flush before doing a really hard push so no-one would hear me grunting. I could hear my neighbour panting and groaning so at least I wasn't the only one having trouble. On the other side a couple of girls had just been for a wee so they were in and out quick, suddenly I heard the door lock and as I looked into the cubicle saw the girl's skirt followed by a pair of green knickers dropping down to her ankles. After she'd sat on the toilet she started to let out short squirts of wee together with some farts so I guessed she was pushing to poo, this was confirmed a few moments later when I heard some plops coming from her cubicle. After about 10 minutes of concentrated pushing my first turd was almost ready to drop, I pulled my bum cheeks apart and jiggled around a bit which did the trick and seconds after my neighbour's plops I made one of my own. Then it was my turn to feel embarased as I farted loudly, I could feel another log moving into position but not before another couple of farts escaped. Not wanting to be missed out my other neighbour then grunted and did a loud plop too, before she farted again! It was quite funny that all three of us ended up pushing out our poos at more or less the same time, by the time we'd done a few more farts and passed some more logs my embarasement had more or less disappeared, we were all in the same position and by the sound of it as I was wiping my bottom we were probably going to come out at around the same time. After I'd finished wiping I quickly pulled up my pants, tights and skirt, I ended up flushing first and was washing my hands when the other girls came out together. We all exchanged shy smiles before going our separate ways, I certainly felt a lot better and I guessed my two neighbours did too! Hope you enjoyed this, will try to post again soon!!


Post Title (optional)To Amylee

Hello Amylee:

fells good to have you back. Please post other stories about your colleagues pooping at work.
I missed you.

Hey again! After my last post where I mentioned my best friend Rhiannon, I thought I'd post again since we both pooed together yesterday. We're both at the same senior school now and we have a few classes together. We were in history class and Rhiannon asked me what time it was. I had to poo a bit by now, and I told her it was halfway through the lesson. She said she was dying to poo. I told her I needed to go too. By the end of the lesson and breaktime I was pretty desperate too. We went to the fairly busy toilets and took two free adjacent cubicles. I pulled down my trousers and green knickers and I saw Rhiannon doing the same with her trousers and purple knickers. After she sat there were a few seconds of silence and then a big plop. I did a quick wee and then Rhiannon made another poo and then started weeing. She must have been pretty desperate for her poo to come out before her wee! I produced two quick poos as she weed and then she pushed out another poo. After I did another poo Rhiannon grunted quietly and I heard some soft poo come out of her and then two more loud plops. Her poo was quite smelly, but then mine wasn't exactly flowers and perfume! She must have had to really go because she was producing a lot. I heard her make three more plops, while I farted and pushed out two more poos. Meanwhile someone had come into the cubicle on the other side of me and was having a long, loud, hissing wee. We finished at around the same time and came out together. Rhiannon told me she had eaten quite a lot the night before and had needed to go since the start of first lesson.

That's all for now!


More feedack (cont'd from previous posting)

oops, realized there was another page! continuing on with my feedback...

Carol Amanda M - i like Popeye's from time to time, aside from the fact that it gives me a good shit and awesome farts. Maybe I'll go there again has been awhile...hmm...

Kelly - goodness, a lot came out of you! Is the toilet still busted?

Sportsfan - I would say you were luckier than the boyfriend in this instance!

Goldeneye - That did sound like a good poop you had. Also liked your 'description' of your farts earlier haha. Do tell us about the last week of work (bathroomwise too, of course :P)

USA dude - would be interesting to think if you & that lady's 'situation' was switched eh?

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Butt of The Joke

Some Pooetry For You

If it is poop you have to go.

So your pants you won't blow.

Just run out of the class,

And relieve your ass.

Once you're on the pot,

Go ahead and squat.

Or you can enjoy the cold seat;

It takes just seconds to heat.

If someone stumbles in,

Just lift up your chin.

Take pride in what you made,

The magnificent log you laid.

If there arises a stink,

Run away and don't think.

But before evading doom,

Flush twice: It's a long way to the lunch room.


2011 Sprat & Winkle Run & Using The Public Ladies Toilets

The above is a classic vehicle run which starts from a location in Kent and finishes on the South Coast, it takes place in October, my husband & I made a weekend of it. My brother in law & sister in law meet us on the Sunday.

Trica my sister inlaw and I left the boys too it and drove along the coast to the next town. Trica is a couple of years older than me she is 62 but still quite fit etc just to give you an idea etc. As Trica drove us along I began to feel a little bloated nothing urgent so to speak, we were chatting about anything and everything as we drove. Following some signs to a car park & toilets,I sat in the car while Trica went to the machine to get a ticket, I noticed while she stood getting money out of her purse , that was rigging a bit. My urge became stronger, she arrived back.Both of us said it together must go to the ladies. Entering the ladies there were 8 cubicles in a line all empty I took 4 and Trica 6 . Bolting the door thinking umm shes leaving a buffer. Much to my amasement I her her say bloody hell there's no paper in here, she then went into to 5 the one directly on my right, I became double excited as I wriggled up skirt and slipped my knix down, this toilet had my favourite type of pan one of those that has afixed seat the 2 rounded wooden pices, I could hear hear buckle jingle and she rusttled down her jeans and knix. I was sitting listening, my pee began,Trica was silent, she softly sighed, then farted twice brup, brup,my business started, I did three pebbles, I heard Trica grunt again, I could hear this crackling sound and she edged a piece of her business out , it hit the water with a splash, I farted and let out 5 golf ball sized pices. Trica was grunting again and a loud splash as her piece hit the water. A tornet of pee flowed out of me, wi followed by another two golf balls. Trica had started to wipe, I pulled off a load of paper and wiped my fron t first, then pulled off another load of paper and stood to wipe my bum looking into the panmy pile of golf bals staring at me, I continued wiping my bum, Trica was doing the same. I flushed

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