trip to the movie

Ever since I went to cinema. I've drink a big bottle of soda 750 ml and two bottles of mineral water. I brought 500 ml soda too in cinema.
30 minutes later,my bladder was very full.I've to go to the toilet! But but I dont want to miss any of the movie. But it's really not comfortable to sit there while my bladder was full.I crossed my leg and change my possition all the time. I cant even stand! If I stand I will lose it! Luckily three chairs around me was empty. So I move to my left.I was wearing mini skirt. I crosed my leg,smiled to the man next to me,he was staring at me so I said,"I'm sorry" politely. He knows what I want to do. I wait a little moment and jet of **** spurts out to the chair. The man was still staring at me but I dont care,I haven't finished yet. I **** so long. The man gave me tissue but I'm not totaly finished but I rechived his tissue. When I'm totaly done I ripped my *** with his tissue. Than I said "thank you" to the man,after that move to my previous chair and continue to watch movie. I'm sure now the peed chair must be soaked.


Hey all, im a bit shy and would like some info on how to overcome pissing infront of other people, like pissing in the urinal, i just cant as theres other people there or when out with mates on a road trip we all stop for a piss and just cant go, even tho im busting to go, just not in front of people..



Emma pood in a bucket

I brought my friend Emma home from school one day so she could use our toilet as it was nearer than her house. She was desperate for a poo and was close to doing it in her knickers. It took around 25 minutues to get to my house and poor Emma was holding her stomach with one hand and her bum with the other. As we approached my house I saw the bathroom fitters van parked outside and suddenly remembered we were having a new toilet fitted. Emma looked desperately at me and said she hoped the my toilet was working as she couldn't hold it much longer. When we got in she ran up to the bathroom to find the toilet wasn't even fitted and she came down crying because she couldn't relieve her desperate need. She was panicking, asking me what to do and I handed her the bucket we all used while the bathroom was out of action. Emma said, "You have to be joking right? I'm not using a bucket for a toilet. I'd rather shit my pants than do that." I pointed out to her that if she didn't use the bucket she probably would shit her pants and she wasn't happy. I asked the plumber if he could leave the bathroom so Emma had some privacy and she snatched the bucket from me and went into the bathroom. I heard her pee streaming into the bucket and then several plops as her poo hit the bottom. I heard her grunt a few times and then another plop followed by a few more. She really did have to go by the sound of it and when she came out she asked me not to look in the bucket. I told Emma I had to pee and would empty it down the manhole outside but I realy wanted to take a look at her creation. The bucket was a quarter full of pee but most of it was poo. There were about 8 turds of varying sizes ranging from 1 inch to about 8 inches in length so it was no wonder she had to go so bad. I took the bucket outside and emptied it down the manhole in the driveway and took it back to the bathroom. Emma looked super relieved and I had to ask her why she was so desperate. She went bright red as she admitted I haven't been for a week!

Poof! Guy

Crapping Too Fast

My girl friend and I are both away at college. She's from the other side of the country, her parents are out of the country on business, so I invited her to make the 400 mile trip to my parents' place for Thanksgiving. Dawnette and I have only known each other since the beginning of this semester, but we have fun together although both of us are in rigorous academic programs. She smokes, kind of heavily when, as she says it, she's bored and horny, and wasn't happy since I wouldn't let her smoke in my car. However, we took a few more stops at rest areas along the interstate so she could light up. She also seemed to urinate rather frequently because she gets scared when she sees a sign that says next rest area is 60 miles. By design, we started our trip back to campus late Sunday afternoon with the intention of driving all night. You make better time that way and there are less cops out. We were about 180 miles into our trip, Dawnette was getting more restless than usual, and I was starting to feel a crap coming on. I'm pretty regular--once a day. About a half hour later we came upon a rest stop right off the interstate. While the parking lot lights were on and there were some trucks parked there, Dawnette noticed there was no light in the restroom building. Dawnette immediately lit her cigarette after leaving the car and we walked a few hundred feet to the older looking restroom building. As we came closer to the building, an older trucker came walking through a doorway and wished us luck because he said the power was out. Dawnette, who had to urinate, said she was afraid to go into the other side herself so without thinking I told her she could come in with me. She grabbed me around the waist with her approval. We finally got to the bathroom, a fierce smell greated us, as I put my hands forward to find my way and at that point Dawnette pulled the lighter out of her jeans pocket and it helped illuminate things. This was a one-stall, one-urinal bathroom, and I immediately stood over the stool, dropped my jeans and boxers to the floor, and placed my butt on the seat. After two seconds there was a poof and I immediately stood, startling Dawnette. She helped my hand find the toilet paper roll, and couldn't believe that I had crapped that fast. She said she didn't think I was on the stool for even two seconds, but as I was wiping, she flicked her lighter on and placed it near the seat. I knew what she was looking for and I assisted her by putting the seat up and I could see how much in awe she was. In the bowl there was about a 3-foot coil of moderate width that was wrapped around like a garden hose. Again, I couldn't believe how surprised she was. Apparently, she had expected to see me sit, sigh, strain and in frustration drop small pebbles. I asked her for permission to flush. She reluctantly said yes, started pulling her jeans and thong down and placed herself on the toilet. I remember thinking how slow she was in placing herself down. The lack of light didn't help the situation. We must have talked for about 7 or 8 minutes as she sat waiting for her urine stream to start. She finished off her cigarette as he sat and she cursed when a couple of the ashes hit her inner thigh as she chucked it between her legs and into the bowl. She had a short coughing spell (I wonder from what!) and then I heard the patter of the urine into the bowl. It probably went for about a minute. Dawnette then slid herself off the toilet and pulled up her clothing. When I noted that she had forgotten to wipe, she abruptly cursed me and pulled her clothing up. She didn't wash her hands either, but I didn't want to make an issue of it. When we got back to the car, she put her knees up against the dash and slept for a couple of hours. Then we had to stop so she could urinate again. I didn't get out or go in or ask her about it. Then she slept for most of the rest of the trip. Yesterday she started teasing me again about my crapping. All I can say is that it is what it is.


Smelly Experience in the Work Ladies' Room

I haven't posted in a while because our work restrooms have been under renovation. But now there are a few stories I can relate. I work in a multi-story office building. The restrooms are located outside our office in a main hallway near the elevators. While the ladies' room on the floor above us was being renovated, so those women had to come down to use ours, and vice versa when ours was under reconstruction. The women on our floor got to know a few of the ladies from that floor by their restroom habits. One lady in particular was noticeable. She is nicknamed Pinky because she looks very much like the singer Pink. She seemed nice enough, but soon became known as "Stinky Pinky" on our floor because she would come down, poo, and leave the strongest, most powerful poo smell ever. It was just awful. One day I went to the restroom around 9 o'clock. There was one person already in a stall about 3 down from the one I took. I heard a small fart from her so I figured she was pooing. I needed to poo as well and got my slacks pulled down and was just sitting down when someone hurriedly took the stall next to me, ripped her pants down, sat, and virtually exploded into the toilet. It was a noisy, gassy, near liquid poo and she did a whispered, "Oh" when the rush subsided. I sat and before I could start my business, the worst poo smell I think I've ever experienced drifted into my stall. I almost gagged. I thought seriously about just pulling my pants back up and coming back later but I needed to go. The lady further down the line was wiping and flushed. She left quickly. I pushed and my customary pre-poo fart came out and a good sized poo crackled from me and softly plopped into the toilet. The lady who was next to me stinking so badly had been quiet since the first blast. I was amazed she didn't flush that smelly mess down, but she didn't. A few seconds went by and I heard her start to breathe heavily several times then a muffled "ummmmp" and another loose loud blast came out of her. I peed and wiped, and flushed. As I came out, one of my friends, Roxy, came in and looked at me, leaned over to my ear, and whispered, "My God, Amylee, what did you eat?" I whispered back that it wasn't me, it was whoever was in the second stall. Just at that moment, the toilet flushed and the door opened. Out stepped Pinky. I washed my hands and so did Pinky. Roxy left with me and Pinky came out right behind us. In the hallway, Roxy stopped me and said, "I need to shit like a wild woman, but I can't go in there with that stink. There must be something wrong with her." I said I'd heard she was smelly but I hadn't experienced it yet. Now I have and hope I don't again. I kind of feel sorry for her. Apparently she has this problem a lot and people talk about it.
I have a few other stories about our newly renovated restroom if any is interested.


response to anon regarding being caught short in public.

i went through an experience like this with my ex girlfriend sarah one time. she never had a very good grasp on her bowel and bladder control so she has a lot of bathroom emergencies, which resulted in a lot of situations where she would find a discrete place to go somewhere outside if she wasn't by a toilet, and of course she also occasionally failed to find somewhere to go outside and wound up wetting and/or crapping her panties. anyway, she had told me about a time she got arrested because she pulled over on the highway and peed on the side of the road, and another time where she got in trouble because a security guard saw her leaving a courtyard of a college campus after hours and knew she had just relieved herself in it. so we were well aware that going outside didn't require discretion just because of the embarrassment of being caught but because of the legal ramifications. well one afternoon sarah and i were walking through the city waiting for my car to be repaired and we were just finding ways to kill time. we eventually wandered into a pretty large park and spent some time watching these people doing some pretty crazy tricks with dogs and frisbees, then we moved along because sarah seemed anxious to keep going. we began to head toward the exit to the park and Sarah began to breathe a little heavy and i asked if she was ok. she told me she needed to find somewhere to go to the bathroom immediately. the problem was there were people all over the place, walkers and runners on the trails and people hanging out all over the grass, so finding somehwere to go outside was out of the question. as we headed toward the exit she moaned and whimpered a lot, and at one point she sped up and passed me, then stopped and clutched her butt with both ha nds, and she gave me a pitiful look and just said "i can't " then turned away again. the seat of her jeans abruptly tented out, then a big, egg shaped bulge quickly formed as i heard a squishy fart. as suddenly as the poop bulge inflated in her jeans like a balloon, dark, wet lines began running down the insides and backs of both of her legs and up the back of her jeans, soaking the bulge on her butt. she stood still and had her legs slightly set apart as her jeans got darker and darker and pee splashed onto the sidewalk. everyone around saw it happening agd people were clearing away from her. as soon as she was done pooping and peeing her pants, she just kept her head down and started walking toward the exit again, and i followed. that's when we heard a man's voice yell "excuse me miss" and we turned to see a police officer telling her to stop. he walked over and told her she was being cited for public urination! she burst into tears and started yelling at him, telling him it wad an accident and how she was already embarrassed enough. he just kept saying she was in the middle of a public area and was seen urinating on the sidewalk. we kept arguing and soon some passersby came to her defense as well, and eventually the cop let her off with a warning.

i couldn't believe it. i mean she had just had a humiliating accident in public and he was gonna try to fine her for it? what an ass.

anyway, we wound up having to go into a department store while trying to hide her soaking wet jeans, not to mention the bulge and now visible poop stain on her butt. as soon as she found a restroom she went in and i had to go buy her pants, underwear, shoes and socks, and some wet wipes and bring them to her st the bathroom. while she was cleaning herself and changing the car was ready, so i let her take all the time she needed while i went to get the car, and then picked her up.

i have other stories about sarah i will post, about her having to go outside or in her pants from time to time.


My Holidays

I hate to disapoint you all,But I haven't had any Thanksgiving poops,and on Black Friday,I didn't leave the house.

John in Ohio
First off, I'm 25, 5'9, about 165 lbs with shaggy brown hair. I was driving on the highway to a friends house on Black Friday when I started to need to shit. I pulled into one of the rest areas on the turnpike and headed to the toilet. As I was walking in, another guy ran into me as he came in the door behind me. He seemed very desperate and quickly apologized and took the stall next to mine. He was probably 20 or so and had on emo type clothes. I sat down in my stall and let out some mushy shit that went on for a while. The emo boy in the stall next to me was frantically trying to paper the seat and let out a fart or two as he was doing so. As soon a as he sat down he let out a huge load of very soft diarrhea. As he was doing so, another guy came in and yelled "did you make it, asshole?". I heard him say pretty much, and his friend laughed. The emo guy said its not funny, let out some more diarrhea. I pushed out some more loose shit as well. His friend went into the third stall and started to piss. I looked under the stall, and sure enough, there was small brown stain on the back of his gray briefs. The emo boy was still having mushy diarrhea, and his friend asked if he wanted something to eat, and that he would wait in the car. I let out few more wet farts, and the emo boy was wiping now, as was I. I heard him take,off,his,pants and looked over and saw the gray briefs tosses on the floor. We both exited the stall at the same time, and he looked rather embarrassed.

i went to my friends house for her birthday and i really needed to go shit but i don't like to shit anywhere but my own loo! i really needed to go so i went to her loo and had my shit which was about 3 inches wide and 20 inches long! i thought i was done so i went downstairs and sat on their white leather sofa and i could feel the shit pouring out of my but hole i left a big brown mark on the sofa so she made me buy her a new one and her sister took o picture of the brown shit mark and put it on face-book! mfg i just wanted to die!


Open air toilet

It was only 24 hours since my last poo but I was dying to go anyway. I decided to take a nice walk through the woods to the old school again. It was being demolished by now and the old toilets had been ripped out and all the old fittings were lined up in the playground ready to be taken away. There was no one around so I lowered my jeans and knickers and sat down. It felt really naughty to be sitting on a toilet in the open air and even naughtier when I began to poo it it. It was quite a big load and with no way to flush it I had to leave it there. I wiped with the toilet roll I'd brought with me and left the scene feeling so dirty and very naughty.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: USA Dude great story about you hearing that desperate woman having a very nasty dump in the mens room it sounds like was beyond desperate it was she did that then end having a very messy accident and it was also nice of to help her get out of there without being seen as the sayings go desperate times call for desperate measures and when you gotta goi you gotta go and please share any other stories like that you might come across thanks.

To: Noah great story about your friend Bea it sounds like she had a rough time and at least you were there to help her and she is lucky to have a friend like you and great story about your friend Kiki having a nasty poop accident and please share anymore stories about them if you have any thanks.

To: Dakota first welcome to the site and great story about you watching your friend poop and please sahre anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Sara firsrt welcome to the site and another great story about your sister Lisa and I bet she felt great after that and outside and nothing better then pooping outside its so refreshing and great story about you and Lisas big after thanksgiving dumps and it sounds like you both really had to go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Goldeneye as always another great pooping story it sounds like had some good after thanksgiving dumps and farts and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen it sounds like you had a rough time and I bet you wont do that again and great desperate poop story at least you made to a toilet and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Blueboy as always another great story about your aunt pooping and it sounds like you might have more stories to tell soon and I look forward to them and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: maya as always another great sory about you and your girlfiend Loreena and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sportsfan as always another great story about hearing a woman pooping and as I said before thats the great part about porta-poties and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rachel great story about you pooping in that garbage can because when you gotta go you gotta go and great outside pooping story to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kelly as always another great story its sounds like that toilet was probaly out of comission for awhile after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jessica great story about your wifes big thanksgiving dump I bet she felt great after that and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: CarolAmanda M great peeing and pooping story it sounds like you really had to go pee and at least you were near a bathroom because that poop sounded messy and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: R> great pooping story please post more thanks.

Well thats all for now

sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

to USA Dudes: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your wife had a Great time shopping at Target on Black Friday! thats very kind of you to let the woman use the mensroom ! iam sure your favor will be returned sometime in the future! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Noah: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and Bea had a Good time at the dance! sounds like you had quite an intersting experience relieving yourself in the janitors closet in the bucket! it also sounds like Bea experienced the same! its sounds like you guys would make a cute couple! i look forward to your next post! please take care and God bless!
to Dakota: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and Ashleigh had a good experience in the ladiesroom at the old western restaurant! its seems to me that you both had no trouble relieving yourself! it also sounds like Ashleigh has quite an appetite! iam very sorry to hear about your eating disorder! just eat a normal meal three times a day! you can snack too! dont let this kind of disorder take over your entire life! please take care of yourself! Dakota God bless!
to sara: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you and your friend Lisa had a Good time camping! sounds like you both had a fun time releiving yourself in the woods! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to J.W.: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you were constipated for several days while staying in the hospital! iam glad to hear that the nurse was very helpful and that you were finally able to go toward the end of your visit! i hope that you dont ever have to have any more operations on your back! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Goldeneye: i really enjoy your posts! sounds like you enjoyed a nice walk sounds like you also had to wait for a little bit to use a portaloo! iam glad that you didnt have an accident! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Karen: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a nice quite relaxing thanksgiving! sounds like also that you had sveral good bowel movements on thanksgiving! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Brian: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a fun time hiking! sounds like you and the other men had alot to get out of your system! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Sara: i really enjoyed your posts! sounds like you and your sistrs had an Good thanksgiving! sounds like your sister took one of the longest dumps of her life on thanksgiving night! sounds like you all like to pig out on thanksgiving! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Brian: i really enjoyed your posts! sounds like you had a Good Thanksgiving with your girlfriend! sounds like you had a decent size dump after eating all that good food! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to BlueBoy: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a fun time over at your Aunt's house! sounds like also that your aunt took a gigantic dump! iam glad that you both were able to spend thanksgiving together and eat all kinds of Good food! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!




Turkey Dump

Well, it finally happened...THE poop many of us have been waiting for.

The Thanksgiving one.

Had some friends over who live in Philly on Fri, then Sat was the dinner with the 'rents. OMG...did I *ever* poop.

Friday's dinner was the most pleasurable though. After turkey, mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, stuffing and apple & pumpkin pies for dessert, I was reading to do some damage. I could feel my stomach 'full', but I got a cramp / pressure quite suddenly, and had to shit about 5-10 min after that.

Upon entering my bathroom, I released a loud, long, flappy wet fart. I'm pretty sure I was 'safe' but checked my briefs just in case! (they were fine, no smudges. My asshole was moist though.)

I sat down and pushed, yielding a wet echo-y splattering fart. My anus felt prety wide, though there was no turd yield. i pushed again, and about 4-5 think soft, semi-solid logs of poop pushed out of my expanded hole. They didn't really 'plop', as slither and crackle, ending with a a plip. two more regular turds came out with a ploop. My bum felt a bit dirty and sticky, and the first few wipes yielded peanut butter or pudding esque residue. 4-5 more and I was clean.

My dump after the other dinner wasn't as eventful. Same as my usual ones, but instead of about 2-4 logs, I had a good 6-8, and they were a bit smaller, but had more of them. These turds were firmer, more solid and plipped, plopped, and splashed loudly.

Aside from that, that's it in regards to the's been a couple days so my exact memory is a bit off. I'll be sure to keep you guys (and ladies, of course) posted. Now for some salutations & board feedback.

Maya - aside from the fact that you get to watch / know about Lorena's bathroom habits on a level for the board, it's great that you two are comfortable enough to be open about. does she usually do a lot, or big loads?

Anoynmous - was your load diarhea or just a really loose soft poop? I can imagine that smile of yours being devious....

Amber - I'm sure for girls to pee outside / in public the most ideal situation is without underwear and in a skirt. I appreciate the ease of being a guy and pissing outdoors :)

Nicola - hope you didn't catch the bug! Were you automatic or semi-automatic with your machine gun dump? hahah. Sounds like a good one. No wonder you had to go so bad: 2 bowls and 2 oranges...whoa! Also, you almost got caught...yikes! Were you gassy leading up to the out of bathroom poop?

Marcy - welcome to the board, and thanks for your opening story! Looking forward to more posts :)

Jenny - geez, that was a monster you did! Are they usually like that, or was it from the Thanksgiving that did it?

That's it for now, hope all is well with everyone!

~ Dan


Black Friday Stories

USA Dude: Great story about Black Friday! You were in the right place at the right time. Surely there must be more Black Friday stories out there. After all it must be the biggest pooping day of the year!


Replies etc

USA Dude. The account of your experience at Target was certainly interesting. Although I realise that in your case it was the result of unusual circumstances (exceptionally high demand in the ladies) I've never knowingly encountered a situation myself where a lady's made use of the gentleman's toilets. With every respect to the ladies, I hope I never have an experience like it. There are some areas of life where I think the sexes need to be firmly segregated - if only to spare people's blushes - and public toilets are one of those. What happens in private is, of course, a different matter altogether.

Anon, the answer to your question may vary in different parts of the world. However to the best of my knowledge public pants wetting/soiling as such isn't illegal, in the UK at any rate. However excretion which involved any kind of exposure, i.e. a guy having his penis out of his pants, would be illegal. The illegality would stem from the exposure rather than the urination itself though.

Nicola & Anne. It would be great to hear more of your stories/experiences.

Claire N

In response to Carol

Am glad you like my posts, I enyoy reading yours. We are similar in having no inhibitions about doing our business outside home and liking it. Most girls poo in work every day where I work. I usually poo twice a day and second one is usually just before I leave the office, taking the opportunity to empty my bowels when having a final wee.

I note that a lot of posters are inhibited about having a number 2 outside of home. This used to be very, very much the case with me. I posted about this on page 1634 and how I overcame it. It finally struck home that it would have been so irrational to return home (pardon the punn) to poo, rather than do it in work and go straight on to town with the rest of the crowd. That was the turning point from which I have never looked back.

Everyone has time when they have to go, where ever they may be. This is not of any concern to anyone who regulary poops outside of the house as a matter of choice.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

USA Dude

Black Friday Restroom Incident at Target

I had quite a unique experience on Black Friday, the big USA shopping day after Thanksgiving. My wife wanted to go to Target very early on Friday morning, around 6 a.m. We went there and the store was packed. Most of the shoppers were women. We were there about 30 minutes when I got the urge to poop. The restrooms are near the front door, so I told my wife I was heading that way. When I got to the restrooms, there was a lady just in front of me going into the ladies' room. When she opened the door I noticed a line of women standing inside, indicating all the toilets were in use and people waiting. I went into the men's room and there was no one there. There were two stalls and two urinals. I took the first stall since the other one was handicapped. I had just sat down when there was a knock on the door and a woman's voice called out, "Excuse me. Is anyone in here?" I thought it must be a cleaning lady and said, "Yes, I'll be out in a few minutes." She said, "Well, the ladies' room is occupied and I have an emergency. Can I come in and use a stall?" I was stunned, excited, etc. I said, "I don't mind if you don't." She came in was walking to the stalls, certainly noticing my feet in the position of sitting on the toilet. She said, "I'm sorry but the line in the ladies' is so long I can't wait." She went in the handicapped stall and I heard her pulling down her pants. I could see under the partition that she had on jeans and sneakers. She sat and immediately released a torrent of loose, near liquid poop that lasted about 5 or 6 seconds, and at the end a splattering of gas. She said, "Excuse me! I'm so sorry." I said, "It's OK. I'm going, too. Sometimes nature's call is too strong to hold." She said, "Thanks for understanding." At that moment, a huge stink wafted to my stall. I was pooping myself, but the smell was definitely from her. Then the door opened and a guy came in and went to the urinal. I could see his feet from under my partition. He began peeing into the urinal and ripped a huge fart. I heard the lady quietly giggle, but not so he could hear her. I let go of my last bit of poop quietly, although it was noticeable hitting the water." Then the lady let out another barrage of loose poop with another loud fart. The peeing guy had gone to the sink and went "Humm" when he heard her blast. He didn't know it was a lady in there. He washed his hands and left. I started wiping and so did the lady. She wiped about 5 times then I heard her pulling up her pants. I flushed and went out as she flushed. She said, "Sir, excuse me, but could you stand watch so I can get out of here without anyone else seeing me? I don't want to offend anyone or get in trouble for being in the wrong restroom." I said I would watch out. I went to the door and looked out and called out to her that the coast was clear. She came out of the stall and went to the sink and I could then see her. She was about 35 years old with a very nice build, tight jeans on a very nice butt, brown hair. She was quite attractive. She washed her hands quickly and came to the door. I looked again and said, "All clear" and went out. She came out right after me, went by me and said, "Thanks." I said, "No problem." I caught up to my wife and she was not surprised to hear what happened. She said she'd seen this before when someone couldn't wait and went into the men's room after checking to see if it was empty. When we went to check out, a couple of registers down was the lady. I pointed her out to my wife. As we went out the door, the lady was right behind us. I glanced back and she smiled. A very interesting experience on Black Friday.


A Night with Bea.

So in my last story (The one about Kiki's accident.)I talked about my friend Bea and her twin brother, Troy. They are not from here. They were born in Australia and moved here when their dad (now deceased, sadly.) got a job in Maumee, near Toledo. They were both taller than me, Troy about 6'3 and Bea maybe 6'0. Troy, if I was a woman, would be considered attractive, but Bea was beautiful. So, I tried to persue her. Well, it had failed once, but then I asked her to this autumn dance. She accepted, and I was floating on air. So I went to pick her up the next Saturday. She showed up in a turquois dress with a sea foam green sash,, which made her beautiful eyes stand out like stars. So we walked to the dance (she lives, like, a half mile from the school.) and when we got there, we met up with Troy and his date, my sister Caroline. She's barely a year younger than me so it's not wierd or anything, besides, I trust Troy. So we walked around, but soon we lost Troy and my sister. That was no big deal, but I thought it was a big deal that Bea was distracted, fidgeting. So I asked her, "Are you okay?" she opened her eyes wide. "Oh no." she said. "I forgot to take my pill today!" By pill, I assume it was a pill for her digestive system, which, in the last story, stated was pretty out of whack. So I asked what that meant, and she said that the pill strengthened the muscles, and something having to do with her anus, and without it, its like it doesn't even exist. Then I realized it. She was going to have diarreha right there. "Okay!" I said, as calmly as possible. I grabbed her hand "Let's go over to the hallway." I said this because, thanks to my school house (A house system is at my school. I'm in the ????' house.) tried to get back at another house by shutting down the bathrooms with toilet paper and firecrackers. Sadly, I was one of those guys... -__- So we walked, albiet very slowly, to the hallway, and by then, Bea was publically holding her ass. On the verge of tears, she asked. "What are we doing out here?" I ran into the next room, the janitor's closet, and grabbed a bucket. "Go ahead. There's only one bathroom and the line is huge." She was going to say something, but I grabbed her shoulder and said, "I'll make sure no one sees." I smiled. She smiled as much as she could. But then, a loud gurgle erupted. Her eyes opened wide, and in one motion, pulled her panties down and dress up with one hand, whilst holding her stomach, and sat on the bucket. As soon as it hit, a massive fart echoed through the hall, and it sounded like she was peeing out rocks from her ass. She groaned in agony, and all I could do wascrouch next to her and hold her shoulders. It went on straight for twenty minutes, then it stopped. I asked if she was done, but she shook her head. "If I go any more the bucket will be full." So I grabbed another. After five more minutes of shitting, the bucket was half full. Then, as she got to stand up, Bea groaned. As she half squatted, a huge log inched out of her. Bea stood motionless, mouth open wide as her eyes, as the lumpy, thick poo reached at least a foot in length. It fell into the bucket, splashing diarreha on her and some on me. Then she sighed, then blushed red. "I'm sorry you had to see that..." She said. I consoled her. "It doesn't matter, as long as you are okay." Then, she kissed me on the cheek. I gave her some tissues to wipe with, then we took the buckets and hid them in the bushed behind the gymnasium. I was with her for a year until she moved out of my reach.

Mall stories????

Seeing as black Friday just passed, does anybody have any stories about peeing or pooping in a fitting room?


Various things

It's great to see a good selection of post Thanksgiving stories. Obviously all that turkey - and other food - had the expected effects. I ate a large plate of roast turkey at lunchtime as my local's getting into the festive spirit. At my own request I had a large portion of Brussels Sprouts in with the other veg and, as I write this, I can feel things starting to move down below. It won't be the first poo I've had today either!

Blueboy. You're certainly lucky to have an aunt who's as open about farts and dumps. Treasure her. I've got one who doesn't mind letting rip sometimes but she's never been that open with me. You're a very fortunate guy indeed.

Carol - The Lady of a Certain Age from the UK. As another UK poster, I particularly liked your story of the car park toilets poo prior to the rambling expedition. No doubt you felt a good deal lighter after releasing all those 'golf balls' prior to your ramble. You undoubtedly did the right thing in unburdening yourself before you set off, otherwise it could have been a little awkward.


Best Friend

Hi, I'm Dakota 14 about 5'4 and weigh about 115. I have read many posts on this site but I have never actually posted so here it goes (:
During the summer I went to a campground with my best friends Ashleigh's family. One of the nights we were there we went to a restaurant that was western themed so everything was sort of old fashioned.I ordered Spaghetti so did my friend.(by the way my friend is 14, 5'6, and weights about 110 lbs). She ate all of her spaghetti and the rest of mine( i didn't eat much because I had an eating disorder when i was younger so i don't have much of a appetite). After we were finished we went outside to wait for her parents and her brother to be ready to leave. we sat for awhile and chatted and then my friend began to hold her stomach. She complained that she was full and would need to poop soon. I said that I had to pee so we went inside to the bathrooms. I went first, peed for about 1 minute, and i was done. Then she sat down on the toilet and released a fart which sounded as if we let the air out of a balloon. We laughed and she peed for about 30 seconds. She sat there for awhile and by the look on her face she was pushing. She grunted and then I heard a splash followed by probably about 15 other little plops which came out very quickly. She let out a sigh of relief and wiped. Me and her are basically sisters, i am considered a part of her family so we have had many experiences with each other.


Camping story

During April of this year, my family went on a two week camping trip. There were no toilets though, so we had to piss and shit outside. One day, Lisa had to shit and I had to piss, so we went off into the woods together. When we found a good spot, we squatted down side by side and peed together. I finished up and wiped once then stood up, but stayed to watch her shit. She said she was having trouble going, and I asked her how long it had been since she last went. She told me it had been nine days, the longest she's ever gone without a shit.

She squatted for about a minute before her first turd emerged. It was a fat one, probably two inches wide and she pushed it out until it touched the ground, then a bit more before it broke off. A bit later, another turd poked out and grew to about the same length. When that one snapped and fell to the ground, her two turds almost looked like a 'y' lying on the ground. Her next turd was a bit skinnier and easier for her to pass and it grew to be much longer, curling around on itself after it touched the ground.

As she started on another turd, I really began to wonder where her body could hold that much shit. The turd hanging out of her was the widest one thus far but it wasn't very long. As soon as it hit the ground, she was already working on another one, very skinny and also very long. The pile of shit underneath her was rapidly expanding and she didn't show signs of slowing down or stopping. Three smaller turds rapidly shot out of her, and then her anus opened wide as a big turd, close to two and half inches around, emerged. She cranked it out, it touched her pile of shit and kept coming and coming.

After Lisa had passed that one she was finally empty and started to wipe. She wiped her butt seven times, throwing the paper off to one side of her shit. When she looked at all that she had produced, even she seemed amazed that she had shit so much.


Having the Poop Dug Out

Reply to Stephanie: I would help my worst enemy in the toilet, its just something I have learned from
my days in school.

I'd enjoy hearing an expansion on that theme, who did you have to help, or who helped you in your "school

My Story

I have what I hope will be an interesting story and that it will lead to some interesting comments. I was recently in Hospital for extensive surgery on my back, due to an old injury sustained when a kid in the
neighborhood ACCIDENTLY hit me with a bat.

Due to complications that seriously compromised my airway, I woke up three weeks later with a feeding tube in my gut. I have no idea how or if I pooped during that time, but when I came fully awake, about a day
later I had a serious turd stuck just behind my anus that felt like it should have been passed several days before.

I asked to use the bathroom but was informed that I was only allowed to use a bedside commode. Because of the drugs I was on there was a good chance that prolonged sitting up might cause me to pass out. To make
this story complete I need to tell you about where I was. I woke up in what's called a "Step Down Unit": a department of the hospital half way between ICU and general surgical rooms. Each nurse has only two patients and there are a number of nurses that "float" giving assistance where and when needed. When I asked to use the toilet, not only did my nurse come into my room but also one of the "floaters". As I got out of bed my knees did indeed buckle and both nurses had to hold me up. Once I got on the commode it became clear that the two nurses were going to stay, one on either side of me while I tried to have a
bowel movement.

I must say that I've always been a private pooper, especially when things get tough, I don't expect to struggle with my bowels with an audience. This bowel movement, I knew just by the feel of its point at
my anus, was going to be an epic struggle. I tried to bear down quietly, without grunting and without appearing to be straining. Nothing happened, I strained harder, minutes passed and nothing budged. What
I wanted to do was grab my ankles, pull with all my might and grunt this thing out of me, but I couldn't bring myself to do any of that while two nurses watched. At last I said I guessed I didn't really need to go and could I try again later. My nurse offered Milk of Magnesia, liquid colace, and liquid through my feeding tube. Over the next three days I took that and remained very uncomfortable, It felt like I had a pole stuck up my butt and I wanted it out. At one point I asked one of my nurses if she'd give me an enema, but she said protocol called for that only after everything else failed.

Finally, sometime on the fifth day my anus began to dilate on its own. I could feel the massive log begin to push itself just to the edge of my butt hole. I caught the eye of the head floor nurse as she passed
my room and asked if I couldn't please use the bathroom alone. It was embarrassing to say but I told her I really needed to bear down and push and I didn't feel comfortable doing that with an audience. No dice, the rules say: "In the step-up units you can't be out of bed alone, no matter what you're doing."

So once again my nurse for that shift and the "floater" came in, helped me onto the commode, and stood there watching. As soon as my butt was on the commode this monster in me shifted slightly and gave me the most
intense urge to bear down that I ever felt. As self-conscious as I was, I began to struggle. I pushed, grunted, and strained as hard as I ever have in my life!!! The mass came out part way and the just stuck there; no matter what I did, and I tried every trick I ever learned, rocking, leaning to one side and then the other, getting up on my toes...NOTHING WORKED!!!

Finally my nurse said "Mr W, you're badly impacted, get back in bed and we'll help you out." I told the nurse there was something half out of me and it might drop on the floor. She said that wasn't a problem, hat I needed to get "cleaned out" one way or another. So I crawled back in bed and my nurse proceeded to, first break off the log that was hanging out of me. Then she went on to put her fingers up inside and start to dig more out of me. After a few minutes of digging she said there was still more up there that she couldn't reach. She told me to bear down and try and move it down. I strained as hard as I could to move my owels and soon felt her digging more out of me. This was repeated several times with the nurse encouraging me to push as hard as I
could when her fingers couldn't reach any more poop. Finally what was blocking me was removed and I started to pass some softer poop. I stopped pushing at that point and asked to get back on the commode. The nurse said no go ahead and push it out right here I'll clean it up when you're done. So I bore down and hard as I could and passed what felt like the longest piece of poop of my life. When it was finally out of my the nurse said: "Wow your poor man, I know what being constipated is like, you must have felt awful.

I hope you all found my story interesting, trying to poop a constipated turd in front of two women was surely a different experience.

I have two questions that I hope those who enjoyed this story will answer.

1) Has anyone had to have a stuck turd pulled or dug out by another person?

2) This is for the ladies in the group that have been with guys when they poop. I've been in many restroom in my life, I can tell you for a fact that guys GRUNT when they poop. Ladies, in general, do you think guys grunt more the girls or have you heard "plenty" of grunts in the ladies room?



Good Poop

Thanksgiving left me with large poops and loud, gassy farts. After I ate, I went on a walk. Fifteen minutes into the walk is when I started letting out some powerful gas. It felt good though. The stench was evident even though I was walking. After passing gas left and right during my walk, the final fart gave way to a turtle head ready to come out. I was at a park by the time this happened. I saw a portable toilet and a guy was standing infront of it. Obviously someone was in the toilet. I decided to wait in line. I kept farting while in line though so much so that the guy infront of me let me go before him since he noticed my desperation. I told him thank you and apologized for my frequent farting and he told me not to worry, he knows what it's like. I finally got in the bathroom after the woman came out. I sat down and unbuttoned my pants. I let out a huge bubbly fart and started pushing out a solid long poop. Four more plops came after I released the first poop. I wiped and was done. Good dump indeed. :)

This week brings me my last week of work so I will not be afraid to poop in the public bathroom since I probably won't see these people again. Definitely will tell you how that goes!

Just a guy
Really enjoyed reading about the post Thanksgiving poops. Sara, your story about your sister was great. Maya, it sounds like Lorena and you had good dumps too.

Kelly - once again, an excellent story. Sounds like you had to hold what was a huge dump for quite awhile. It must have been a great relief when you finally were able to go, although, unfortunately you had to deal with your roommate's smell.

Sportsfan - another awesome story!

I only took one dump on Thanksgiving after dinner. It was a big one which was quite soft - a lot of chunks and quite smelly. On Friday, I had to take 4 dumps--one in the late morning, one after lunch, one after dinner, and one later at night.


For Trekkie

Hiya Trekkie, I love Star Trek, the old ones with Spock and Kirk, and both my boys were hardcore Trekkies growing up, too, and still are. I have something on-topic, but sorry no Black Friday stories as I now do all of my shopping online these days, and I spent Thanksgiving this year by myself. As you know, my TG dinner was a frozen turkey dinner meal. I made a chewy walnut pie for the neighbors and a few hours later they sent their kids over with some homemade cookies to give me.

The cookies had nuts, M&Ms, chocolate chips, and toasted coconut, and I should have known better because coconut gives me shall we say "PROBLEMS", but the cookies were still warm and so gooey and good that I couldn't resist. I ate the cookies and went for a long walk to work off the calories. Later that night at around ten-thirty the gas pains started, it had to have been that darned coconut. Thought a cup of hot tea might make me feel better, then I had to go to the bathroom. Sat there for a long time with gas and major cramping and sweating, then things finally began to move, starting with the gas. As soon as I began the labored passing of the gas one of my dogs who'd followed me into the bathroom got up and went to another room, deserting me in my time of need. As for the movement, I know many readers here like to know the details, but it came out semisolid at first, there's usually that "plug" of BM that's typically painful to pass and which comes out first any time my stomach's not feeling so hot, then it changed to mushy, then more liquidy, and finally the last of it that came out was almost like raisins, and some stuff that looked like mucous. Got the gas pains again in about twenty minutes so back to the bathroom for some more of this raisin-mucous BM. Seems the tea helped move things down because each time I'd drink more tea the gas cramps would start again. After my third trip to the bathroom in less than an hour the final painful movement it was all over, it came out clear watery liquid with the raisiny looking things and strings of mucous in it, then I felt great. Took a shower, watched a movie, and went to bed.

I was a tomboy growing up and played with boys more than the girls and we used to talk about lots of gross stuff, usually it had something to do with doo-doo. This forum really takes me back to an easier, fun time in my life and it's nice to be able to talk about things here with likeminded people where nobody would think I've flipped my lid. This site is one of the next best things to having a time machine.

MY TURN TO ASK SOME QUESTIONS!!! Have any of you noticed that:

1. When you have a stomach ache and have gas/diarrhea, that often it smells like, for lack of a better description "warm hardboiled eggs and fresh newspaper"? Or at other times the gas has a sort of "oniony" smell, even though you're sure you haven't eaten onions or garlic?

2. When you pass corn that you've eaten, even though you've chewed it up thoroughly, when it comes out the other end of your system, the skins have ????ed back up or "reinflated"? The same thing with English peas?

3. Why do they have to go and make Baby Ruth bars look so much like turds? You'd think by now they at least would have made them look more appealing, maybe more square or something. Wonder how much business they've lost to Snickers over the years over that one overlooked design flaw?

4. How is it that dogs don't have to use toilet paper yet stay clean after a BM?

5. Why do "gas pain farts" feel warm as they come out, unlike normal farts?


Caught short in public

If it's illegal to relieve yourself in public where you can be seen, then what if you do it in your knickers. Would that be legal? I'm asking this because there never seams to be a public toilet around when you really have to go.


To Nicola

Loved your post about pooping in the old school masters chair but I had some questions. First off do you always poop in your panties or do you sometimes drop them first(future suggestions might not work if you always poop through)? I was also curious if you plan on going back to that school for another dump sometime and if so if you might be open to suggestions? Some suggestions I would like to offer would be to try using the urinal in the boys restroom for both pee and poop, Also if you don't think the school will ever be used again might try pooping around in places in the kitchen area such as if they had a deep fryer for french fries(chips, if you are from the UK), in any deep sinks, in the cold storage area, or just take a long dump on the line where people would be getting their food if it where open(you would actually have to squat for this though probably). You could also try pooping in any stairwells or elevators they might have depending on how old the school is. I was also curious if doing these naughty pees and poops is just fun for you or if you find it sexually exciting if you don't mind me asking?
Hope to hear more stories soon

I had a free day without much to do so I went for a hike at a mountain trail about an hour and a half drive out of town. I left at about 9:00 am which would give me plenty of time to do the trail. There is also a hot spring on the trail that I was looking forward to going to. The hiking trail is in a large state park that spans a large area and is encompassed by several small lakes. I made sure to get a map and was well prepared with a lunch, lots of water and gear. The parking lot was about about a third full of cars. I went over to the group of outhouses and took a quick piss before I headed onto the trail.

The trail was quite demanding and more challenging than I had anticipated so it was taking a lot longer to do. The trail was quite empty though I did hear a group of people in the distance ahead of me. After about three hours I was getting rather hungry so I stopped and had the lunch that I had packed. I was also feeling the need to take a shit but wasn't sure where I was going to find a place to go. After almost another hour of walking, the trail became less challenging and started to descend towards the first lake. There was a cloud formation rolling in so I anticipated a rain shower soon.

I came to a rest area that had a few benches and a covered area as well as a building that housed washrooms. I was pretty relieved to take a shit and hopefully get away from the rain that was just starting to fall. I saw the group that was ahead of me just leaving the rest area. The men's bathroom was at the far end of the building and you had to walk all the way around to get to the entrance. Inside there were 6 toilet stalls and a few sinks but no urinals. I was quite surprised to find running water and electricity. I flicked the lights back on and made my way to the large stall at the end. I noticed the toilets were quite different. There was a large steel basin almost like a wide and deep sink that stretched all six stalls from wall to wall and was about as wide as the toilet seat. I looked around to see how the system worked. It looked like the water flowed from the last stall at one end from a large pipe and created a flow of water that carried all the waste that had collected in each stall to a large drain at the end of the basin in last stall at the other end. The basin was not filled with water so I was wondering how it well it would work. I noticed that a few of the stalls had turds in them. One stall had a pile of three or four turds and mound of toilet paper that was likely from the group of people who had just left. It looked like the water flowed out the pipe every so often to clear the waste that had been dropped into the basin since there was no way for a user to flush their waste away. The stall partitions were a bit strange because they had to rise up and over the basin to the wall since the basin was all once piece from end to end and had to go to all six stalls. There was a considerable space of about 10 inches above the top of the basin to the start of the partition so you could see someone if they were seated next to you. The toilet seat was mounted to the wall and rested on the front edge of the basin when it was lowered. I took the stall at the end where everything went down. The drain was large and must have been about two feet in diameter.

I locked the stall door and got ready to sit down. Just then I heard the water rush on. A strong flow of water quickly flooded the basin and I saw the stream of water quickly arrive to my stall carrying all the other turds from the other stalls. The water rushed for about 15 seconds and went down the big drain fast. It was a rather interesting process to see. I sat down just as the last of the water flowed down. I produced a rather noisy round of farts before I felt a turd come out of me rather quickly. It landed and fell into the steel basin with
a very loud thud. I started to piss which also echoed off the steel quite nosily. I heard the rain start to pummel the roof of the building hard. I was glad I was inside and not outside. I could hear thunder in the distance so I knew I might be stuck in here for a while. I could feel another turd but I couldn't make it move. At that point I heard the door open and someone come in and take a stall two down from me. He was breathing rather heavily so I knew he had just come off the trail. He unzipped his pants and sat down rather quickly. I heard him unload a ton of soft shits in quick succession. It slopped into the basin and it sounded like he had a bad case of the runs. After about two minutes of him shitting he finally stopped and started to wipe. It got quiet again and I could feel the final turd wanting to come out now. As I started to push the door opened again and I heard someone call in "hey Jeff are you in here"? The guy in the stall called out he was and then the other guy came over and took the stall between me and the first guy. I him fumbling with his pants as he told his friend how remarked how badly he needed to shit. I new he could see me seated on the toilet through the space between the partition. I looked over and saw his butt drop down onto the toilet seat before he started to strain. A few seconds later I heard a deep moaning fart that lasted about 5 seconds and his turd dropped out into the basin. The first guy finished up and left telling his friend he would meet him outside. The guy next to me dropped another turd before wiping quickly and leaving. It was still raining hard outside so I waited a few more minutes. I got up and saw I had produced one long and thick turd with another short but very thick turd. I sat back down and pissed some more before I started to wipe. It was still raining pretty hard so I stayed on the toilet until the storm passed about 10 minutes later. At that point I heard the water rush back on to flush the basin. The turds and soft shit from the adjacent stalls quickly rushed past after my turds were flushed down the drain by the torrent of water. I exited out and washed my hands before heading back to the trail to head home since I had a good couple hours of hiking ahead of me.

Monday, November 28 2011

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