Best Friend

Hi, I'm Dakota 14 about 5'4 and weigh about 115. I have read many posts on this site but I have never actually posted so here it goes (:
During the summer I went to a campground with my best friends Ashleigh's family. One of the nights we were there we went to a restaurant that was western themed so everything was sort of old fashioned.I ordered Spaghetti so did my friend.(by the way my friend is 14, 5'6, and weights about 110 lbs). She ate all of her spaghetti and the rest of mine( i didn't eat much because I had an eating disorder when i was younger so i don't have much of a appetite). After we were finished we went outside to wait for her parents and her brother to be ready to leave. we sat for awhile and chatted and then my friend began to hold her stomach. She complained that she was full and would need to poop soon. I said that I had to pee so we went inside to the bathrooms. I went first, peed for about 1 minute, and i was done. Then she sat down on the toilet and released a fart which sounded as if we let the air out of a balloon. We laughed and she peed for about 30 seconds. She sat there for awhile and by the look on her face she was pushing. She grunted and then I heard a splash followed by probably about 15 other little plops which came out very quickly. She let out a sigh of relief and wiped. Me and her are basically sisters, i am considered a part of her family so we have had many experiences with each other.


Sister's and my huge thanksgiving shits

Hi everybody! I'm fourteen years old and my sister, Lisa, is thirteen. We share a bedroom and an ensuite bathroom. This evening we took our usual after thanksgiving shits and they were both huge. After eating dinner today, we went upstairs to our room and Lisa said she had to shit so bad.

We went into our bathroom and closed the door and Lisa sat on the toilet. She said she hadn't been for a shit since Sunday, and I had observed her absolutely stuffing her belly full of food at Thanksgiving dinner, probably eating more than I did, despite being a year younger, so I knew this was going to be a toilet busting, multiple flush shit. She peed a strong stream for about a minute and was letting off powerful blasting farts. I heard her grunting as she pushed out her first monster turd. She followed it with a second one and then she said was going to flush. I asked her to stand up so we could see her "round one" and she did. The two turds already in the bowl were really impressive, easily an inch and a half around and over a foot long each. For a normal person, that would be a big dump by itself, but I know Lisa can really crank out some huge shits, even when it's not Thanksgiving.

She was feeling the need to go some more, so she pushed the flusher and sat down as her turds swirled down the drain. The water hadn't even refilled and she was already pumping more shit into the toilet. She didn't grunt as much pushing this round out, so I guess they were easier to pass. After pushing out many more turds, she announced she was all done. When she stood up again, I saw she had filled the bowl with snakes of varying sizes and I could barely see any water. She flushed again and the load again disappeared down the drain, but leaving heavy skidmarks all along the bowl. She wiped her messy ass a bunch of times and flushed one last time, taking the paper away and some of the skidmarks too.

We left the bathroom until several hours later when I had to take my huge shit. Unlike Lisa, I empty my bowels more regularly. I had been for a shit on Thursday morning, so my load would just be impressive for a regular person. I sat down on the toilet and began to ease out a smooth turd about an inch thick and it kept coming and coming from me. I guess my shit was going to be all in one long turd. Finally there was no more to push out. I wanted to see for myself what I had produced. My turd curled around the toilet bowl, going all the way around one time and starting on an inner loop, making it close to a third of the way. I sat back down and wiped six times, then I flushed the toilet.

So, that's my story about our after Thanksgiving shits. I'm sure glad we have a toilet with a very powerful flush, because, especially on days like this, we really give that toilet a lot of abuse.


Any Black Friday stories?

Obviously all that turkey that went into you has to come out, but to me, that's not the truly interesting thing. Nobody asks about this: what about the bathroom situation during the day after, with all that shopping? On the busiest shopping day of the year, surely the long restroom lines, stores that will flood with people and never let you in if you give up your waiting space to go potty, and standstill streets and packed parking lots where you can't even get into a building (or even just out of sight) to look for a place to let out that Big Gulp you had on the way have given rise to no end of great stories. Let's hear 'em!

Anne, it's good to hear that you and your brother are so close, that he'll help you with even this and not be grossed out. I've always loved the sibling stories. You know, the obligation to take care of each other to that degree isn't quite the same as with parents - it's accepted that only the most psycho parent will go nuclear over your bathroom problem, and hey, they're who dealt with your poo or pee for quite some time until you could! But your brother or sister, especially one close to you in age, probably never did, and is also well within the rules when it comes to teasing, getting grossed out, or simply reserving the right to keep playing Grand Theft Auto and ignore the whole situation if you had an accident/were sick/etc. When one does the opposite, I find it really heartwarming.

With that in mind... Hope, if you're still here, I don't often comment, but I'm always glad to hear your stories. (Also, Dick and Karen, and Krissy and Candy, not seen since the 1700s in page terms: you are not forgotten, either.)


Shout out to Brandon T and Answers to Marcy's Survey

Hey Brandon, glad you liked it. Sorry no Thanksgiving poop stories, I told my boys not to come this holiday because of gas prices and not to waste their money. Had a Swanson's frozen turkey meal and that was that. Doing my blackfriday shopping online.

To Shy Breanna, life's too short to be shy. I used to be extremely self-conscious about my looks too until one day I realized there's nothing I can do about the bone structure I was born with, I'm an hourglass/pear, more of a pear, but everybody no matter your shape, can have good muscle tone and have a lean body, the secret is to find a plan you can stick with. My wide butt and thunder thighs are safety devices that keep me from falling into the toilet! Most people don't believe me when I tell them I weigh almost 130 pounds at 5'4". I live by the Jack LaLane teachings, and Clairol helps my hair stay my natural brunette.

Now for Marcy's Survey. Hiya Marcy!

1. How many of u women here don't wipe after a pee ??
I always have Kleenex in my pocket, so that's never happened.

2. How many of u women here don't wipe after a poo ??
See Q# 1

3. Does anyone know a person who doesn't wipe ??
Don't think I'd care to know those kinds of people!!!

4. If there is not tp , do u go elsewhere, hold on or just pee and poo bear the discomfort of not wiping ??
There have been times when I've just held it in until I can find a better place, yes.

5. Have u ever asked the person next door to give some paper ??
Nope, but I've had them ask me that.

6. Have u ever done it in ya pants because u have held too long ??
Came pretty close to doing #2 in my pants. The only thing that prevented that was that I'd already had a BM in the morning, but I now know that there is always some amount of BM in a person even when they think they're empty. The best incident like that I can remember is once in my younger days I thought of trying to get a job outdoors where the duties include climbing tall transmission towers, this was during the 1970s when it was the "in" thing for girls to try traditional men's jobs, the pay was great, so just to get the feel for it I went up with an experienced technician, old enough to be my father, who took me up with him to replace a part way up at the very top so we started in the morning after having breakfast biscuit sandwiches and coffee, put on our safety gear, he told me to lace up my shoes really tight and double knot the laces so they wouldn't come off, and he basically said "just do like me". The higher we climbed the scarier it got. So there we were at the top of this tower clipped on with our safety harnesses and even though the tower was in the countryside you could see the whole town from up there, the roads, and everything but you couldn't see the people as they were too small to see from that height. This guy had a wicked sense of humor. He was hooked on securely to the tower but he pretenced to slip and lose his footing, he was just dangling there by his harness and screaming and flailing his arms around. I almost passed out!!! He must have been sorry after he saw how scared I was. That's when I almost made a mess in my pants. I was clenching my butt cheeks tighter than I ever had before or since. After a long time he was finally able to coax me into relaxing my whiteknucle death grip and climbing back down slowly, step by step, and he later said I was as white as a sheet. Coming down was the really scary part, a hundred times worse than climbing up, and the whole way down he chuckled like it was nothing, and telling old Air Force stories, funny ones to try to calm my nerves. So after we finally got back on terra firma and ready to head back to the shop and civilization, I still had to BM really badly and there were no bathrooms in the woods obviously so I asked him if he would mind taking a walk so I could have some privacy, then I had a bad BM and a pee behind the truck. Wiped as best I could with the tissues I had. He returned after a while and I know he saw the mess I'd left behind the truck, he didn't say a word about it he just asked me if I was alright. On the ride back to the shop he kept apologizing for playing the prank and scaring me half to death. I was still shaking for the rest of the day. Needless to say I didn't take the job. I wouldn't do that job for ANY amount of money. Whatever they pay those guys it's not enough.

Since it was Thanksgiving I spent most of the day with friends. My girlfriend Carly has been gone for about a month now as she is on a school program in South America but I am looking forward to her return next week. After indulging and eating lots of good food and drinks I was ready to have a much needed poo. I made my way back to my dorm room at about 11:00 pm. The air was cold and even though it was only a five minute walk it felt much longer. I knew that my room mate Cory and his girlfriend Katrina had gone out as well so I hoped I could beat them home so I could unload before they arrived. I farted all the way home which was a sign a big dump was in store.

I unlocked the door and saw that Cory's bedroom door was closed. The bathroom door was open about a quarter of the ways and I could see that the light was on. I figured they must have gone to bed already and forgot to turn the light off. I opened the door and saw Katrina standing completely naked at the mirror. I was almost more surprised than she was and I quickly closed the door and made my way to my bedroom. She was just getting into the shower now so I knew it would be a bit before I would get to use the toilet. I was a bit embarrassed about the whole situation but my earlier thoughts about her being gorgeous were right. When she finished she came over to my room and laughed off about the whole situation. We talked a bit and then she left to go to bed since it was getting late. I went over to the bathroom and made my way to the toilet. I took dropped my jeans and briefs before sitting down on the toilet. Almost immediately a very long and thick turd made its way out with no effort and slammed into the bowl as I let out a few noisy farts. It felt very satisfying but it took a lot of toilet paper to clean up. The turd was very large and thick but the toilet flushed it down without any effort. I had a quick shower before heading to bed.


To Tina

Sounds like yall have fun pooping in naughty places, have yall ever been caught? What do your parents think or are you old enough to live by yourself?? Have any other friends ever joined you?


Kiki's Accident

I have this friend at school. I've known her since seventh grade, and we are really good friends today. Her name is Kiki. One day, in eigth grade, all of my friends got together at the beach. It was me, Drew, Kiki, Shannon, Bea and Troy just hanging out. We were all joking and playing around when the girls (Shannon, Kiki, Bea) said they were going to the toilet. So the rest of us decided to go. So, when we got there, Kiki looked pretty desperate as Bea and Troy used the bathroonm. They're twins, and both of them seem to have issues pooping, so they usually have to go first or they have an accident (learned that the hard way with Bea...) so we were just waiting when Kiki started holding her ass. "Shit! I have to go." She just kept fidgeting and squirming around when I told her, "Just go on the ground." Now, Kiki is really 'filled in'. She has issues thinking she's heavy, but I think women should be kind of curvy anyways ;). So she said no, because she didn't feel comfortable showing us all her ass. We said that we'd turn around, but she still said no. So, I had to pee pretty badly. So I decided to make Kiki more comfortable. So I went behind on of the port o potties, Bea's, and started taking a leak. It felt awesome, I hadn't gone all day. But, to my chagrin, I could hear and smell everything Bea and Troy were doing. It smelled horrible, but I never brought it up to them. But, as I came back around, Drew and Shannon were staring, mouths agape. I almost asked what was wrong, but that was until I saw Kiki doubled over. She was pooping her swimsuit. She kept farting and grunting, loose crap trickling down her legs and through her bottoms. Though it was technically her fault for not dropping trough and going, I still felt really bad for her. So, after Bea and Troy were done, Shannon went in with Kiki to clean her. And, as we walked home, we all stayed quiet about it, except for Bea and Troy, who could relate to being so close, yet so far.


Post Turkey Day with My Aunt

It's been awhile for me on the forum but I have been so busy. For those of you that can recall my earlier posts in the 1900-2000 pages, I have a really cool and nice looking Aunt that's 39 and think that sharing farts and dumps with me is pretty cool and fun. We ate for Thanksgiving at my grandma's house with my parents and other family memebers and we even did some Black Friday shopping together and she spent the night at my place. The next morning we both watched TV and were both releasing gas in the bed while laughing and tripping out. She had on her pajamas. None of them were really loud, just some smell until the end when it was time for us both to go to the bathroom.

I started it off by turning my butt towards her back and releasing three straight loud farts on her. She said, "Damn boy! Don't blow a hole in your draws! But I owe you." Twenty minutes later, my aunt told me to stick my head under the cover. So as I always do, I went with it and laid my head on her ???? butt under the comforter. She released this huge, loud fart that sounded like a duck quacking (I love the sound of those, any of you familiar with that type of fart sound?). It stunk so bad, but it was great! We were laughing as I took in the ambience under the cover and she said it was time to shit.

I told her you and me both and she said, "Great, we're a team today." I let her go first and there was no gas from her, she just started pooping. She released two 6-inch logs and bunch of pellets. The smell was not all that bad until I started. I flushed hers and then I started releasing. I dropped a 13 inch whopper and about 4 golf ball sized that stunk the whole bathroom up. We cracked jokes on each other and sprayed the bathroom with Lysol. My GF has been with me since Friday night and she's still loaded and hopefully she does something tonight. She did some very small stuff Thursday that she texted me a pic of but told me the holiday food is still in her.

Any girls or women on here that have stories when you purposely farted on someone or in their face for jokes and fun? Any guys that have stories of where they sniffed another girl's fart whether it's a friend or family member's?


To wipe or not

Marcy posted about wiping habits, particularly about the wiping habits of Magda, an exchange student who stayed with her family. She posted a survey aimed at women and their wiping habits. Although I am (obviously) not a woman, so I cannot answer the survey from a woman's perspective, I can relate a situation about a guy I work with. I am sometimes having a BM at work when he is in the adjacent stall. I would say that over the fifteen year period I have worked where I work, I have sat next to him maybe seventy-five times. I have my BM usually around 9:00, and he is on a somewhat similar schedule. I have noticed that he never, ever, wipes more than once. His poops are usually very healthy, somewhat gassy and loose. I know that when I have movements like this, I would never get away with only one wipe. This has always intrigued me. His routine always is the same: he enters the stall, drops his pants and underwear at once, takes a seat, then pushes. He usually farts, then pushes out a good sized volume of poop. He then sighs. He then lets out a pretty long wee. Then he takes a big wad of toilet paper, drops his right foot back, wipes once, stands up, pulls up his pants and underwear in one motion and then leaves the stall. Oftentimes, he does not wash his hands, which is somewhat strange, but not unheard of. He is well groomed and neat, and he emits no noticeable odor. I can only imagine what his underwear looks like. Several years ago, his wife left him and he was heartbroken. I sometimes wonder if she was disgusted by his underwear. Perhaps when doing his laundry, she noticed the skid marks and it led her to question many other aspects of him and his priorities. He has since remarried (very happily), so perhaps he has taken to doing his own laundry.

First off, I just want to say happy Thanksgiving to everyone here. Now, I don't have a lot of time to post right now, so I'll have to be brief. Lorena and I had dinner with her family and we both stuffed ourselves. This morning we both had wonderful, big poops, getting rid of all good food that we ate.

We both had to go at pretty much the same time. I went first because Lorena said she could hold it for a while. I pushed out three good-sized long turds. I wiped myself four times, let her see my creations, then I flushed and she sat down. She was having a bit of trouble going at first, but eventually eased out a bunch of skinny logs. I lost count of exactly how many, but they formed a messy pile in the toilet, obscuring most of the water. Surprisingly, she only needed just two wipes to get herself clean, then she stood up to see her turds and flushed.


Porta Potties at the Football Game

I went to a college football game on Friday. It was an early starting affair and the tailgaters were out early. I got there and was walking through the tailgating area when I saw a bank of about 10 porta potties lined up at one side of the parking area. I needed to pee pretty badly and thought I might have to crap, too. I walked toward the units and saw that several had red tags, meaning occupied but the first 4 or 5 were open on one end. I started toward the end one when a young couple came from the opposite direction. She was about 20, shoulder length blonde hair, very tight jeans - just a great looking young woman. She came in right beside me in the second porta potty. Her boyfriend backed away about 20 feet and was waiting for her, apparently he didn't need to go. I went in and so did she. I heard her hurriedly pull down her jeans and immediately a loud PLOP, PLOP, KER-PLUNK, PLOP, PLOP. Five heavy large sounding turds hitting the water. She did a whispered "ahh" after each one, like she was pushing hard to finish quickly (so maybe the boyfriend wouldn't know she was pooping?). There was a short pause then she peed. Then quiet for a few seconds and she went, "UHHH!" quite loudly. I finished peeing and decided I didn't need to go #2. I heard her stand up. I exited the potty. I decided to wait around the area for her to come out. Another two or three minutes went by. I thought maybe she got hit with the need to go more. Finally she came out and looked at her boyfriend and said, "I'm sorry." She used the hand sanitizer and they walked away. I watched her fine ass as they left. It was really a nice one and to think it'd just dumped a big load was exciting.


Pooping in random places

I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. I'm a 21 year old guy 6'1", fit guy. I love to pee in poop in odd places. tina's story inspired me to write. I used to work for a utilities company and my job was always done outdoors, alone, and in the middle of nowhere. I would literally wake up everyday and hold my pee and poop until I got to a place where I thought it would be fun to take a dump. One of my stories was from a time I was working on a home next to a creek. I finished my job and realized I REALLY had to take a shit. So I started heading to the woods. Now, I have pooped in the woods over and over again so I was looking for a tree stump or somthing fun to poop into or on. and Lo and behold, there was a creek. So I made my way to the creek looking towards the road to see if anyone was driving by, I pulled my pants down to my ankles and spread my legs over the two banks of the creek and squatted down and began to let out a 12 inch log into the running water. All the while, having fun aiming my pee far forward into the stream. After dropping one of the biggest shits I've ever had, I turned around and wiped and looked at what I had done. I headed back to my truck and waited for another day to poop whereever felt exciting!

@tina- if you have any other stories I would LOVE to read them. I am a huge fan of pooping in exciting places, and love to hear about girls who do it too!
@Nicola- I loved your story about the school, please post more!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jenny as always another great story it sounds like you felt really great and a little bit lighter after that big dump you took and I bet you also felt refreshed and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tina as always another great set of stories it sounds like your friend really had to go and it sounds like you both had fun to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great set of stories and I bet he was suprised and he would be more if he knew it came from a girl and great story about your desperate dump im suprised you held it that long with it being diarrhea I guese the exitement over powered the urge at least temporarly and also lucky you made it to a toilet in time as well and also great story about that big dump you took it sounds like you felt really good after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kelly as always another great story about you pooping and then hearing that woman take a nasty desperate dump I bet she was sick or had food poisoning and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Marcy first welcome to the site and great story about your friend pooping and not wiping maybe she has her own way of doing things and please post more stories thanks.

To: Thiry Something Female as always another great set of stories it sounds pretty embarrassing to poop your pants at school at least nobody saw and also great peeing story about you and your sister both peeing your pants trying to be the first to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kim great story about seeing your moms friend poop in the bathroom while you were in there I bet she better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ellie J as alwauys another great story it sounds like you had an interesting experecnse and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Zoe as always another great story yeah I bet you felt better after not going for that long and I bet you lighter aswell and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mung Bean as always another great story about sarah and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma F it sounds like you had a really rough few days at least you were able to make it to a toilet everytime and not have an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Peepee Person great sory about you peeing on that guys lap on the bus and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Anne its nice to hear a story from you and I hope everything worked out and I cant wait to find out thanks.

To: Maya as always another great story I hope she saw it and I bet she will leave one for to see later if your not with her at the time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks

To: Desperate To Poop as always another great story it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt really good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shy Breanna first welcome to the site and those girls should not have done that hopefuly they will get in trouble and please post more stories thanks.

To: Aimee as always another great story and finaly beth did it and I bet those boys will never forget that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Having to hold it as punishment

I spoke with a guy several years back that told me about his childhood and how his father made him and his brother and sister hold their pee when they were bad. They were not allowed to use the bathroom from several hours and if they wet their pants they got the belt, plus had to repeat it the next day. This took place in the 1960s in a small town. Everyone knew about it and no one thought anything of it. In fact if the punishment was on a school day the father would walk them to class and tell their teacher not to let them go at school that day. When he would pick them up he would ask the teacher if they caused any trouble. If they did he would add more time on. All their teachers want along with it because in those day other adults respected other parents wishes. The younger kids got a shorter time, but the older kids had to sometime endure it from the time they got up until they went to bed drinking a normal amount that day. Even if they didn't pee themselves they would get another day if they didn't stay still and kept complaining. He told me they would sometimes have to go shopping and walk around while holding it. He also told me he was sent to bed once with a full bladder and ended up peeing in a towel.

I couldn't imagine going through that. BTW at the time this guy refused to talk to his parents.

Rachel P

Urgent measures

I got home from work one night with a very desperate need to poo Zoe was taking ages on the toilet and I was too desperate to wait any longer, so I went into my room and squatted over my bin. The relief was so good I almost had an orgasm! But the smell gave the game away and I was so embarrassed. I know I shouldn't have done it in the bin but it was an emergency and it was either the bin or my knickers.

Ah, Thanksgiving. The thing I always find myself thankful for the most, above family, good health, and a steady job, is toilet paper. Around the holidays, we all need a lot of it. As the old saying for Thanksgiving goes, "no matter what color it is going in, next day it'll all be the same color coming out." Or in my case, the next few hours.

I stayed on the West coast for the holiday. If I went home for Thanksgiving, I'd be sacrificing a longer Christmas break. And I miss the snow so much! Fingers crossed I get to see some. Anyway, I went to my roommate's family get together. I felt like a bit of an outsider, but everyone was nice. She's got a very big family, 3 brothers and 2 sisters, plus a bunch of cousins. The place was packed and the food was amazing.

During the post dinner pleasantries I felt the need to take a shit bad. Real bad. But not only was their only bathroom almost always occupied, I didn't feel right dropping the annual huge Thanksgiving log in some strangers toilet. I managed to keep the yule log inside me for the remainder of the dinner. The second my roommate and I got into the car to drive home, she called dibs on the toilet when we got home. Apparently, she was feeling the need too and didn't feel right going either. We are too much alike. I lost the ensuing argument and was forced to wait when we got home. And man, was she taking her sweet time. I know these big dumps take awhile to shit out, but she must've been in there for 20 minutes. When I heard about 3 flushes and yelled at her to get out. I couldn't keep my hands on my ass forever. She got out and said the toilet's busted. At this point, I was willing to buy a new one.

I pushed her out of the way and settled down on the throne. Without any pushing, a huge, crackling log crept out of me. It added to the already present stink in the smelliest way possible. But I didn't care in smelled like a 100 year old outhouse, as I continued to unload logs into the already bombed toilet. When I finished up, seemingly an eternity later, the unclogging process was even more deadly. But at least I had my friend toilet paper to keep my clean.

Happy holidays everybody.

Story Teller
Our mom worked at an office, and one weekend there was a party of sort. Rather then leave us with the babysitter, she took us with her. We weren't the only kids there. All three of us spent our time at a table sucking down soda or pigging out on chips. Of course, that eventually caught up with us. After about an hour we all informed our mom that we had to go to the bathroom. So in usual fashion we went to the ladies room and occupied a stall while my older sister took one for herself. Despite the quantity of people attending, the bathroom was actually empty. Our mom lifted my sisters dress up slightly and sat her on the toilet. She quickly peed and gave a little push followed by a splash. Our mom helped her clean up and flushed. Then she helped me up onto the cold seat. I peed but only got a few nuggets out. My mom asked me if I still needed to go, but despite my efforts I couldn't. By this time my older sister was finished and flushed. As I pulled my pants back up the door to the ladies room opened and someone walked in. Our mom ushered us back a little and turned around. She lifted her business skirt slightly and pulled her underwear down just a bit before sitting down and peeing loudly. The new comer took a stall four ways down, although I couldn't hear anything. All my mom had to do is pee so she quickly wiped and flushed before standing up. As we exited the stall I could here a faint splash from the other stall. While we were washing our hands, the toilet flushed and a petite women with black hair came out. While we were walking past she commented on how cute my siblings and me were.

Just a guy
A lot of great stories recently - I will comment on some of them

Emma F - Enjoy your stories, but sorry to hear about your diarrhea. It sounds like it was pretty bad as Immodium always stops mine (unless I have a stomach virus). Usually after taking immodium, I'm unable to go the next day despite getting the urge several times to go. Well, I'm glad you're feeling better now.

Jenny - wow, that sounded like a nice big relieving Thanksgiving day dump, that you had.

Kelly - another great story. This time you had to witness someone else stinking up the ladies' room. I have a question for you, have you ever gone to use the toilet at work and not used it because someone was stinking it up so bad. Did you know who it was? I think Eileen H had a story about that where her friend and her waited to use the toilet.

Whistler - another great story. I felt sorry for your friend's wife. She was obviously embarrassed, but didn't seem to have a choice.

Nicola - I really liked your story about the interview desperation poop and the relieving poop at work. It must have been difficult holding such a big one back for so long and having to withstand the smell your co-worker made.

Kim - interesting that your mom's friend had the courage to go with you present.

Desperate to poop - as usual, another great story.

Paula-poo - enjoyed your story the other day


Post Title (optional) thanksgiving big dump

me and my wife went over to a friends house for thanksgiving and ate around noon we both ate a lot of food then we went to my family around 5:00 pm and ate agian about 2 hours later my wife said she needed to go home because she needed to take a big dump my wife won't poop any where but our toilet so we went home i unlocked the door and and my wife ran to the toilet and said this was going to be a real big turd so went in the bathroom with her and watched her poop she sat on the toilet for a while then she said she was done she got up off the toilet and said look at that big turd so i looked in the toilet and their was a real big turd it was about 3inches wide and about a foot and a half long so she wipes and flushes the toilet the big turd would not go down i had to get plunger and break the big turd up before we could flush the toilet agin had to flush 3rd time to get it all down

CarolAmanda M

Desperate to pee and a stomach ache

Last Saturday I went over to my friend's house. We spent the day watching sports. It was fun. While I was there though I had to go pee. I was embarrassed to ask to use the bathroom so I tried to ignore it. I had quite a bit to drink through out the day and I haden't gone all day since waking up so I was kind of desperate. I was really feeling uncomfortable.I was getting pains in my stomach and I could barely sit still. I still didn't want to ask to use the bathroom. Finally I was getting ready to leave and I had a long train ride home and there was no way in the world I'd make it home. Before we left I finally asked to use the bathtoom. I sat on the toilet and peed a river. It kept coming and coming for about a minute straight. It felt so good to finally get it out. I wiped and flushed and that was that.
I haden't eaten since 11am and it was now around 7pm so I was pretty hungry. When I got off the train I decided to stop at popeyes for some chicken. I got home and ate it. A little while later I got a phone call from my friends cousin. We talked for a while and all of a sudden I started to get a stomach ache. I ignored it but it wasn't going away. I thought maybe I should try to poop. I hung up the phone and went up to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and some soft poop came out. I wiped up and took a shower. While I was in the shower my stomach started to act up again. I had a feeling I was gonna have to poop again and sure enough I did. I ran back upstairs sat on the toilet and a mixture of soft poop and liquid came out followed by some wet farts. I pushed out a little more wiped up and that was that. My stomach still hurt but I didn't have to go anymore that night. I'm guessing the chicken upset my stomach because I was fine until I ate it.


Ladies Toilets on the Car Park

Hi I'm Carol a Lady of a certain age from the UK ,that enjoys this site & general toilet matters and have done for many, many years.

Recently I have joined a Ladies ramblers group, we meet monthly on a Friday around 1030ish, at location about 15miles from where I live on a car park near some woods. The route I have to take had some traffic rpoblems so I left earlier.As I was nearing my detination I was fealing an urge nothing too strong, being the first to arrive. Parking the car . I got out and headed for the ladies, the lady in the car next to me got out, she was quite a well built lady proball about 55 wearing a smart blue coat etc and followed me, she called to me are they open, I answered I dont know, she oh I do hope so. They are open we both walked in there are 4 cubilcles I took number 3 and she took number 4. slipping down my trackkie bottoms and my knickers I sat down ,she was still rustling her undies , getting comfortable on the seat. Listening to my neigbour her bum thump down on the seat, Immeadiatly her pee started, I started to drop golf balls, 5 in quick succession, there was a soft grunt from next door as her pee dribbled off follwed by a slighlty louder grunt, I began to pee, as I was peeing I farted twice which stank, I could hear my neighbour pushing out a pice of bussiness and crackled out as it splashed into the water she sighed. Looking between my legs there was a light brown small jeap of golf ball sized business, I pushed out some more anout another 3 golf ball size. I started to wipe myself I used three wads of paper . The other lady was still straining. I flushed and left to join mu rambling group.

After dinner I felt like going for a swim so I headed to the campus swimming pool only to find it was closed. I looked on my phone to see that there was a public recreational centre about a 10 minute walk from where I was so I decided to go there. When I arrived the place was absolutely empty and there were maybe only a dozen people or so swimming in the various pools. I needed to take another dump since I had eaten so much in the past day and despite having a good large shit the night before the pressure to unload again was mounting.

I made my way to the change room and got into my swimsuit before stuffing my bag into a locker. I made my way to the other end of the change room where the toilets were located and there were about 8 stalls. I took a regular stall in the middle next to one that somebody was using. I sat down on the toilet just as the person next to me flushed and left. I could smell he had taken a shit as it lingered over to my stall. Just as I was about to let two guys who sounded like they were friends took both stalls to the left of me. I couldn't hold it in any longer and let out a very loud fart before the turd slowly started to come out with little effort. At that moment both of them started to shit very noisily with wet and gassy farts and multiple turds splashing into the bowl. My turd slowly slipped into the bowl without much noise before I let go and started to pee. Feeling much relieved I wiped for a few minutes as the other guys finished up and left almost at the same time. I stayed seated and dropped one more small turd that took even more time to wipe up. Just then somebody else came into the stall to the left of me and shitted quite a noisy and smelly load seconds after they sat down. I flushed my big turd down and went to wash my hands before going for my swim.

Ellie- Yes, the toilets we used at camp were like the ones you describe, with no seat and so on. Perhaps they got them from the same place! We too had a hike/nature walk this summer when we went, but I didn't need the toilet during it and managed to wait until we got back to the camp. Do you have any other stories from similar camps you've been to?

Well this week I've been for a poo at breaktime ok every day, except yesterday. By the time I got there the queue was too big and the bell went before I could get a seat. So I had to go to lesson and try and wait it out. I actually did and went right away at lunch. Most of the 8 toilets in the main block were already in use but there were a few free so I took one and let out four medium-sized poos. On Tuesday I used the smaller toilets near the hall that only have 4 cubicles and my neighbour seemed to be having the runs while I was pooing! I felt sorry for her but, having been there myself once or twice, I could at least sympathise!

Speaking of hikes and things, I have had to go outside quite a few times over the years. Near my junior school is a pretty big park, with lakes and thick woods. One day in Year 6 when I was 11 there was an orienteering day. Everyone knew the park pretty well and the staff had been told to keep an eye out for lost girls and boys and the teachers spread themselves out along the route at the rest points. We split off into pairs and I went with my friend Rhiannon. We all set off; some groups were on different routes but we all had one destination where the coach would be waiting. We made it halfway to the lunch stop where we ate our packed lunches. Naturally enough as soon as I had I needed to make a number two. Rhiannon and I kept walking for a while, making the occasional wrong turn and passing a few other pairs and people walking their dogs. By now I was really uncomfortable and desperate for my number two, as well as a wee from all the juice I drank at the lunch break! It was getting hard to walk normally now but there were no toilets in this part of the park and it was a while until we reached the finish. I had no choice- I'd have to go behind a tree somewhere. I was too embarrassed to tell Rhiannon, though, so I just kept going! A few minutes later, though, Rhiannon stopped and said, 'I hope you don't mind, but I really need the loo and I can't wait until we get to the end!' I said, 'Actually I could do with stopping too!' We headed off the path and into the woods. 'I have to poo so bad!' Rhiannon said. I laughed and said I did, too. We found a good spot to do our business and Rhiannon hitched up her skirt and pulled down her pink knickers. She stood there for a moment while I hitched up my skirt and then she said, ' you have tissues or anything?' I said no. 'Oh..we'll have to use leaves then!' I didn't fancy that but we had no choice. I lowered my red knickers and squatted, leaning on a tree for balance. Rhiannon squatted opposite me. I could see her legs and her bum clearly as she squatted and I knew she had a similar view of me. I started weeing right away and my first poo started coming out slowly. Rhiannon did a short wee that spattered the ground beneath her and then she screwed her face up and groaned. Two big poos shot out of her. She giggled as they did so. I could see then lying on the ground under her bottom. I pushed out my poo then and then another small one followed. Rhiannon pushed out two more soft-looking logs of poo and then she did a very loud trump! We giggled again. While we were there pooing Rhiannon told me she hadn't pooed at all the day before, which was odd because like me she usually goes twice a day as a minimum! More poo came out of her bum as I pushed out some more of my own. She had to fart again, loudly, and when I finished she was still pooing. I got some leaves and wiped myself and got dressed. Rhiannon had one more poo to push out and I leaned on the tree to wait for her. She quickly wiped her bum and pulled up her knickers. We rejoined the path and headed off to the finish feeling much better!



I've had a couple of exceptional toilet related experiences today. Firstly, I woke early (around 5.20am) and, needing to pee, headed for the bathroom toilet. Aware of a sensation in the back passage I decided to make it a sit down job, just in case. As I sat there and peed, I also gave my bowels a good push, expelling some wind in the process. A small amount of fecal matter also came out but, annoyingly, instead of landing in the toilet I stayed stubbornly in my butt crack. I ended up having to get TP and break it off, before wiping thoroughly. A couple of hours later I had a perfectly normal poo though, following a warm drink - lemon in hot water.

This evening I had a meal at a hostelry in my village and, not being in the mood for alcohol, I had a couple of glasses of diet coke with ice. Walking back I felt the need to poo coming on and, within 5 minutes of getting home, I was on the loo having a very rapid - and very liquid (not to mention smelly) - poo. It's happened like that before after a hot meal accompanied by diet coke with ice, and I've begun to wonder if it's to do with the hot food and iced cold drink mixing with one another in my stomach. Naturally I'd be interested to hear from anyone who's had similar experiences.

Jenny, as a Brit I don't envy my American and Canadian cousins many things, but Thanksgiving is one of them. I wish we had it - a Bank Holiday with an excuse for a good feed into the bargain! It sounds to me as though you had a good feed on bowels which were already full and maybe hadn't been emptied for a day or so in order to do that amount. However it also sounds as though you were mightily relieved afterwards though.

Nicola, I thoroughly enjoyed all three off your latest stories. Your alfresco poo in the headmaster's office of the disused school was probably the most daring though. It's not something I think I'd have had the courage to do - you were lucky to avoid being caught by that security guard. The job interview desperation you described sounds like the closest of close calls, as though you were no more than a second or so away from having a major accident. However hearing about your poo at work the other day was interesting too. Somehow I think you and your colleague, Louise, are fairly evenly matched. It was good of her to give you advance warning of the smell she'd created - if your experience is anything like mine, a lot of people would no doubt keep quiet and let you find out the hard way.

Anne. Your account of being constipated for 9 days when you were younger - and the measures taken to relieve it - sound interesting to say the very least. I look forward to reading the rest of your account. Although not a record by any means, 9 days is a long time to go without doing anything. When I was younger I formed the opinion, based on experience, that holding it for two two or three days was fairly normal for the Aunt Anne I referred to previously. In fact I'm pretty sure she still does that sometimes. However a 9 day hold is a long one and not something I'd particularly recommend.

When I was little I was often constipated.. this was probably because i was too shy to use public toilets. On one such occasion nothing helped.. I hadnt gone in a week and no amount of laxatives helped. My parents tried to make me go, however i was too shy to push in front of them and though i knew i had 7 days of shit in me i just could not go, probably a mental block or something... when they tried to hold me to see i would pull away... i used to sleep on my ????... so while i was sleeping my parents unclothed me and while my mom held my butt cheeks open my dad forced his finger into my anus and pulled out the crap little by little while i screamed and my mom held me down... apparently the docs said nothing else could be done.... i still feel embarrassed everytime i hear this story....

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Big Thanksgiving Dump

I went to my relatives' house for Thanksgiving and while I was there I really needed to poop. I'm extremely shy about pooping at any place other than my own house, so I just held it. I had eaten a lot so I really needed to go. I was sitting on the couch talking to some family friends, and I could feel the poop pressing on my butthole. I squeezed my butthole shut, but every few minutes I could feel it trying to open again. On the long drive home, I was squirming and desperately trying to hold it in. I farted a couple of times which relieved some of the pressure, but not much. Upon arriving home, I went into the bathroom and sat down. I pulled down my pants and sat down on the toilet, immediately letting out a huge, very long fart. My butthole finally opened, and I moaned as the huge turd started to come out. It was about 3 inches wide and maybe 14 inches long. I didn't push, but just sat letting it slowly come out. It took about 5 minutes to come all the way out. Surprisingly, I didn't feel done after that. I sat, farting and reading a magazine for a few minutes, just relaxing, and then an identical turd came out. It felt really good with my hole stretched open. I sat for several minutes, with the poop hanging several inches out of my butt, as I read. Finally it dropped with a splash, and I let out a loud sigh of relief. I was done, so I wiped and flushed.

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