odd pooping places

Hi im a long time lurker. I have 2to stories to share.

My friend and I love to poop in odd places. 2 weeks ago we came home to my apartment and really had to go. I grabbed some newspaper that eas on thet kitchen table and laid it on the floor. I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and did a high squat over the paper. "Hurry up! I gotta go too!"! My friend said. I relaxed and a stream of owe trickled down, felt so good. I squatted lower on the floor as the poop began to ooze from my butt. I groaned with pleasure as the pile below me grew higher. I pushed again and farted, followed by more soft poor that plopped onto the pile below me. My friend and iuldnt wait any longer "screw you I can't hold it!"" Well there wasn't much news paper in the ground. She lifted up her skirt not knowing where to go. She hovered her butt over my coffee table and a long poo was dangling from her. It slithered and broke from her bottom and made a thud as it hit the coffee table. She moaned with pleasure as she grunted and a few small pieces plopped from her butt onto the table. Some pee dribbled from her onto of her poop. Her butt hole opened up one last time as a few more soft pieces fell onto her pile. We cleaned up our mess as went on our merry way for the day.

The second story is with my same friend. We were at the mall one day, at one of our favorite stores trying on some clothes. She said she had been holding it in and really had to go. She pulled down her pants and sat on the soft chair in the room. I heard a hissing sound as she peed into the chair. He then stood up and squatted a high squat over the floor. She grunted and moaned as her anus opened up and soft poop dropped from her ass into the corner. Let me join you I said. I pulled down my pants and squatted over the garbage can and pushed a small pile of soft serve poop into the trash can. We both sighed with pleasure as we pushed our poop out. My anus opened again and a long piece snaked out, plopping into the can. It felt so good. Please share your odd pooping stories!


Daring place to poo

I found a great place to relieve myself this afternoon. I was busting for a poo and and needed to pee so I grabbed a toilet roll and went out for a walk in the woods. I found a nice secluded spot to do my busines, but to be honest I was getting bored with the same old places and wanted to find somewhere totaly inappropriate but without the risk of getting caught. I thought for a bit as my bladder filled and not wanting to wet myself I squatted (I was wearing a skirt) and pulled the crotch of my knickers to one side and had a nice long and very relieving pee. It formed a large puddle around my feet before it soaked into the ground. While I peed I had an idea. There's an old School on the far side of the woods that they closed due to poor performance and I thought it would be a great place to relieve myself. I made my way over there and found a hole in the fence and climbed through. I was dying for a poo by now and walked cross the playground towards the main entrance. The doors were locked but a few windows were broken and I managed to get in through one. As I jumped into the classroom on the other side I almost pood myself so I had to find somewhere quickly. I decided to have a look around and opened classroom door which led into the corridor. There were other classrooms leading off the corridor and at the far end were the toilets on either side. I went into the girls but thought it too boring and walked straight out again. At the other end of the corridor was a set of double doors leading to the main entrance hall with the office and the School hall. I was getting desperate for that poo by now and it was so exiting. I went into the office and felt my bowels pushing against my anus so I clenched hard. There was a door at the far side of the office marked headmaster so I went over to in and opened it. Inside was a large polished wood desk with a big leather chair. I realy needed to poo and it was hard to hold back now. I went over to the desk and sat in the chair. I imagined myself relieving myself on that chair and it was so exiting I was tempted to do it. I got up after a minute or two and looked around the office for something to poo in. There was a waste bin by the desk but then I felt a cramp and my poo pushing out of my anus. I saw the leather chair and without realy thinking I sat on it squishing the poo between my buttocks. I suddenly realised what I was doing. I was actually pooing in the headmasters chair and it felt so good. I pushed but the resistance of the chair stopped it coming out further so I bore down harder but it hurt as it wasn't coming out. I had to lift my bum off the chair a bit and then pushed again. That realy did the trick and a thick rope of so came out quickly filling my knickers to capacity. I still had some more poo to get out but with no more room in my knickers I had to take them off and left them on the chair. I hovered my bum over my soiled knickers and pushed again and the rest came out adding to the smelly pile. I wiped a lot and soothed my skirt down and left the office without my knickers. I got out of the same window I used to get in and saw a security gaurd walking around the playground. I ran around to the back of the School and found the hole in the fence and got away. I wonder if he found my creation on that chair. I bet he'd be quite impressed by it because it was a big one.

Mister James

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures!

Hey there, I'm Max. I wanted to post something that happened to my sister a couple nights ago, something that made me smile at how desperate some people can get.

I was staying at my sister's place a couple nights ago, celebrating her new move to South Carolina and to say our last goodbyes before Christmas. We had quesadillas and tacos that night, which never agrees with my stomach and comes out about 3 hours later. Sure enough around 1 in the morning, my stomach is groaning and churning and I make a mad dash to the bathroom, without closing the door. I didn't bother to close the door behind me since I figured my sister was fast asleep and wouldn't barge in on me. I'm glad I got to the bathroom as soon as I did because I had a very messy and swift bowel movement as soon as I sat my butt on the seat. The first wave was over, but I knew it wasn't the end; tacos are a war tool that causes me to have at least three waves of diarrhea. I just passed the time reading a history book my sister got me for my birthday a few months back.

As soon as my second wave was about to start, I heard a door open from the distance. My sister woke up at the most inopportune timing and I had little time to stop her from barging in! I muttered a few curses before I quickly stood up, jumped to the door and shut it, then jumped back to the throne to get rid of my second wave of poop. She didn't knock on the bathroom door, so I assumed she just needed a glass of water or something. I didn't bother thinking anymore on the subject as I cramped up and started my third wave. After the last wave, I felt entirely empty and decided to head off to bed afterwards.

The next morning, I was talking with my sister about her new house and all that when she brought up last night and the bathroom door. She was extremely desperate to take a pee when she woke up and was in total shock when I shut the bathroom door. So what'd she do? She went to the kitchen, grabbed a large cup (about a liter size) and peed straight into the cup. I couldn't stop laughing at how desperate she was, but was amazed at the same time at her using a cup as a toilet. Anyone else have a sibling or a friend who was in the same situation like that?

Anyways, that's all for now. I hope everyone has a good rest of the day with no taco pains.

To Anonymous ("Big Dump Story"): Excellent story. Very well written and delightfully descriptive.

I'm happy to say the bathroom reputation I took on after my take-out induced performance a few weeks ago. Yesterday I went in for a daily dump, hoping it wouldn't stink the place out. At the mirror were to two other ladies, both gave me funny looks. I went into the stall and got set. When things started to get going, it didn't smell too bad. Then, the door suddenly bursts open and somebody rushes in. She takes the stall one over from me and immediately lets loose a wet barrage of liquid turds. She started letting out of moans and groans, ranging from relief to pain.

The stink was unreal. The door opened several times, only to be closed immediately with some remark regarding the smell. I tried to finish as quickly as I could while trying to breathe through my mouth and keep my nose clamped with my hand. When I finished up and left the stall I peered under the stall door and recognized the shoes as a coworker. Several minutes later I was at my desk when I noticed she left the bathroom, red as a tomato as several of the women eyed daggers at her. I felt bad honestly. Like none of these women ever took a smelly shit? Please.

I went into the bathroom to see the stall, just out of morbid curiosity. A woman washing her hands told me to avoid that one. I looked in anyway, and wow. It was the center of all evil in this bathroom. It smelled worse than any other turds I've ever seen. It was a collage of green turds and toilet paper. I nearly threw up. Suddenly, I didn't feel so bad for her.

Story Teller
Tom-wow, what a story. Can't say I have anything similar; my mom was open yet conservative and I lost the ability around the same time, haven't seen her since, though I did see my aunt a month or two ago (it's quite a few pages back).

I guess the closest experiances I ever had to that had to do with family restrooms, which is basically just a small toilet right next to the big one for a parent and child. So on occurence or two me and my mom would poop next to each other. My head was about level with her waist, so I always usually heard the show. These occurences also allowed me to see my sisters going as well. The only notable moment I can really think of (as far as my memory goes, we never used a family restroom more then 6 times), is that my younger sister took ages to go. She was first on the smaller toilet, but she took so long the rest of us had used the other one.


Mall Renovations

I will never forget the time a local mall was renovating. The bathrooms were located outside the main building and were closed. A woman came by with her newspaper in hand and when she noticed that they were closed, there was extreme disappointment on her face. She was about 30 years old and rather good looking. She looked as if she really had to doo doo. I saw her go into the mall, but with so many stores closed for renovation, I often wondered if she found a bathroom.

I would like to know how many people read while doo dooing. It was so common years ago, but I rarely see anyone take a newspaper or book into the bathroom these days.


Post Title (optional)To Wipe or Not

I am a 27 yo brunette ,5'5" average build and a large bust . I have been reading this site for a 6 months now and finally decided to post . Most of my adult life I have been interested in toilet habits and have always enjoyed pooping , in various forms. However what sparked to write this first time was I notice from reading other posts there are a few women who do not wipe .
When I was in my early teens my family had this east European girl staying with us . I think my dad had sponsored here to a course at a college. She was with us for one year ,her name was Magda. From memory Magda was medium height and had dark brown hair . She was always open about using the toilet and made no bones about what she was about to do .
However one day I was in the bathroom brushing my hair ,Magda entered the toilet and said sorry I need a shit . I sort of stood there gobsmacked as she backed up to the toilet and pulled down her jeans and panties. She lifted the seat ,so the back of her knees touched the bowl.Then she had this powerful piss ,like she'd been busting for awhile ,she gave her pussy a quick shake then I heard her grunt ,followed by a fart . Then I watched her ass through the mirror as a huge dark brown log started to emerge from her asshole . By then I lost all concentration on brushing my hair and was fixated on Magda having a shit .It must have poke out about 7 inches before it broke off and fell into the toilet with a loud splash. Then I saw her open her cheeks with her hands ,this was a precursor to another turd that started out. Magda grunted some more and a 4 inch turd came out and fell into the water with a not so loud splash. I then expected her to reach for the paper to wipe ,but she just pulled up her jeans and left without wiping . Over her stay with us I notice that Magda never did wipe after a pee or a poo . I was never had the courage to ask why .

That has always remained in my memory . I have tried it a few times ,like if I was in the middle of doing something and a shit was just an inconvenience .I sometimes have a quick shit and wipe later .

So just a quick survey .

1. How many of u women here don't wipe after a pee ??
2. How many of u women here don't wipe after a poo ??
3. Does anyone know a person who doesn't wipe ??
4. If there is not tp , do u go elsewhere, hold on or just pee and poo bear the discomfort of not wiping ??
5. Have u ever asked the person next door to give some paper ??
6. Have u ever done it in ya pants because u have held too long ??

My answers,
1. I very rarely wipe after a pee,just drip dry and give it a quick shake , I am very hairy so I just sit for awhile .
2. If I am really busy I just go have a quick poo and wipe later .
3. Just that girl I mentioned before.
4. I just go and have a shit or a piss ,pull my panties and wipe later.
5. I have once ,but she was in the same predicament as me .
6. Yes I have pooed my pants from holding on quite a few occasions. I tend to get involved with something and forget how urgent my need is. Just last week I'd finished shopping and was in a hurry to get home .I knew I needed a shit and could have gone in the mall where I was shopping, but was expecting a phone call .On the way home I was looking at my watch , got into my street and the urge became too strong . Parked in my drive, got out of my car and walked to the door when I just shit in my panties. Luckily it was hard so I didn't mind it. I brought in my shopping then cleaned up . But there are many more times I have done a poo in my panties through holding too long . If u like I shall tell u ??

Bye for now Marcy xx

Thirty Something Female


Thanks for the kind words everyone. Glad I'm not the only woman who still holds it longer than they should and has accidents as a result!

Someone asked for some stories. Well, there are plenty, I guess, but I'll post a couple for now, one each way:

1) One of the potentially more embarrassing accidents I've ever had, actually. I was 17 and in high school in the 90's. I hadn't pooped for a few days and had been holding it now most of this particular day while at school since I hated pooping at school. I made it to gym class after lunch and managed to pee before the class started but didn't want to take the time for a full BM so I just held that in and finished changing into my gym clothes. We all then walked out to the track and did our walk/jog/run whatever. While I was walking with a few friends my need to poo got so strong I just knew I only had a couple of minutes before it came out. I quickly asked the coach to go in to the bathrooms and after a little begging she let me go. I walked with clenched muscles back to the gym building, sweating and almost losing control. I got to the girls locker room and around the corner to where the toilets were when another cramp hit me and I instantly knew I was too late and suddenly a few days worth of mostly solid poo very quickly filled my panties. I just stood there as it happened, only feet from the stalls. It was a huge load but contained in my panties thankfully. I waddled carefully into a stall and spent the next 15 minutes cleaning up. I had to throw away the panties and go the rest of the day commando in somewhat short shorts, very worried I would flash people. Thankfully nobody caught me with my shorts loaded that day, but I was still super embarrassed to soil myself so badly at school at 17 years old.

2) This is a more recent story. I was on vacation with my sister and her husband and my husband and all of our children at Disney World a few years ago. I had, as always, been holding my bladder for a few hours and was desperate to pee. We were on our way back from the park to our hotel and my sister was teasing me the whole way back on the bus, but she had to pee, too. When we got off the bus we told our husbands we were going on ahead and the two of us took off running towards our room, grabbing at each other to take the lead, laughing the whole way, being stupid sisters. We finally got to our door and started "fighting" over who would get into the room - and thus the bathroom - first. This set us to laughing even harder. And that was all my bladder could take and suddenly urine was pouring down my legs as I just stood there laughing and completely, and I do mean completely, soaked my jeans right there in front of the door. But at least that also set my sister to laughing so hard that she also started peeing and wet her own jeans pretty badly, though she was able to get the door open and waddle into the room, hands in crotch, still peeing, and into the bathroom to finish the last half of her pee in the toilet. We both very quickly grabbed fresh panties and pants and hid ourselves away in the bathroom together to change just in time before our husbands and children got back to the suite so they wouldn't see us in our peed pants. We did have to confess to our husbands later what happened, which they both found quite amusing.


Family friend poops

When I was growing up, my mother had a very close friend who came over to our house very frequently. She was in her thirties, had a trim figure and a pretty face, and kept her black hair straight and hanging about half way down her back.

One of the memories I have of her that's relevant to this forum happened when I was 13 years old. I had just come home from school and dropped my bookbag off in my room and went to the upstairs bathroom to run a bath. I settled in and got comfortable and about fifteen minutes later there was a knock at the door and my mother's friend poked his head in and asked if she could use the toilet, explaining that the downstairs bathroom was busy. I said she could and she came in and lifted the toilet lid and sat down. There was no curtain on the bathtub so I had a full view of her sitting on the toilet, though I tried not to overtly stare. She pulled down her pants just enough to go and rested her hands on her lap.

I heard her begin with a hissing pee and then there was silence. Soon enough the smell gave away the fact that she was having a poop. After a bit, the smell grew and she apologized and I said it was okay. She continued sitting and pooping for a few minutes more and then when she stood up to wipe I caught a glimpse of her load. There were two long logs resting down the middle, one of them had an end protruding from the water a little. Plus another log curling around the rim of the toilet, almost like an upside down 'U'. She wiped her bottom several times, flushed, and had to flush again, then she closed the toilet lid and apologized again for the inconvenience.

Ellie J

School Trip to France

Hello again. Remember in my last post I said I'd tell you something about the sort of toilets they have in France?

Back in the Spring of this year, I went to France for two weeks with my school. We stayed at an agricultural college somewhere in Brittany that was closed between terms. The sleeping accommodation consisted of six-bed dorms which was cool. The toilets consisted of a single sit-on toilet and a urinal (Most agricultural students in France seem to be male.) We also found some strange-looking objects that looked like toilets without seats. It turned out they were bidets, but not before one of the girls deposited a large poo in one of them. We still don't know who was responsible for it.

One day, we went to a chateau and, on the way back to the agricultural college, we stopped at what was the equivalent of a country pub. The French seem very family-orientated and we saw quite a few families with children drinking beer and wine with their meals - children included. Whilst we were there, me and two of the other girls, Suzie and Cheryl, realised we needed to poo. We asked a girl, who must have been about 15, who was sitting at the bar where the toilets were. We had a bit of trouble making ourselves understood, but, eventually, she lead us out through into the back yard and pointed to what appeared to be a small circular drain grille at one end. It turned out to be a communal urinal where both men and women peed! We tried to make her understand we needed to poo, pointing to our bottoms to make our point. The girl finally understood what we meant and said, "Ah. Caca." Apparently, "Caca," is one of the words the French use for "poo". "Merde" means "shit".

She pointed to a small stone building a few feet away and gestured to us to follow her. When we walked into the building, we saw a wooden bench seat with holes in it running along one side. Sitting over one hole was a boy of about 9 or 10, who turned out to be the girl's younger brother. The girl said something to him in French, then pulled down her trousers and pants and sat down next to him. She then gestured to us to do the same. Cheryl and Suzie must have needed to go badly, because they pulled down their jeans and pants, sat down and started to go. I decided to chance it and waited until we got back to the agricultural college. However, I just about made it to the toilet in time because my bottom exploded into the toilet when I sat down.

Well, that's it for now. I'll post again soon. Bye.


Long time on the toilet

It had been a week since I last had a poo and I knew it would take at least an hour to empty my bowels. Rather than have everyone moan I was hogging the toilet I waited untill after midnight to relieve myself. Everyone was asleep so I sat on the toilet and peed for quite a while while I pushed down hard into my bowels. I sat straining hard for about half an hour before anything came out and it was huge and lumpy. I felt every inch and ever contour as it bumped its way through my anus. When it broke off it landed in the toilet with a heavy sounding PLOP and splashed my bum. Another poo quickly came out with another big plop and then another. My bum was dripping wet and I still hadn't finished. I pushed again for another ten minutes without success and was about to give up but I felt so full I had to get my bowels empty so I kept pushing. Ten more minutes and a poo began to emerge. It wasn't as big as the first three but it was still hard and lumpy. It was tapered towards the end and it began to speed up as it got softer. I stopped pushing and let it flow out under it's own weight. This poo was long and soft and it felt such a relief as it snaked it's way through my bum and coiled up in the toilet. When I felt done I looked in toilet to see it was half full with poo. In all I must have done about three feet of poo and felt so good. When I looked at the time I'd been in the toilet for over and hour.


Comments and stuff

Althea- Thank you for sharing! Your father sounded very cool. Let me know about the new toilets!

Dan- Usually my farts are audible. I rarely do sbds. My farts are usually a "brrrappp" sound or bubbly sounding.

I have realized that I have been having solid BMs lately with a lot of gas at the beginning. Oh and I am going to pose this question again. Do you say/do anything after you fart and what is that you do? For me, I fart, release a sigh of relief, and then say " excuse me."


Thanksgiving Question

As you can probably tell by the name, I've been lurking here for a while. I love this site, but I'm not sure what all I could post that would be interesting. Anyway, living in the states, I'm celebrating Thanksgiving today. So, with that, I've got a question:

Anyone got any Thanksgiving stories to share here?


Job interview desperation

I was 16 at the time and I'd just was on my way to a job interview when I felt a sudden and very urgent need to poo. I was nervous about the interview and it must have affected my bowels. I made it to the interview 25 minutes early to make a good impression so I should've had plenty of time to visit the toilet beforehand but as luck had it the supervisor had some spare time on his hands so he saw me straight away. I was so desperate to go but I couldn't very well ask for a toilet break in the middle of a job interview. I sat clenching as hard as I could for about half and hour while we talked. Then he wanted to show me round the place so I thought I was in with a chance. I met a few staff members and talked to them and a couple of times I almost lost it. I don't know how I made it through the interview but I did and when the supervisor took me back to is office and asked me when I could start I was thrilled. I told him straight away if he wanted but he laughed and said he liked my keenness. He told me there was someone leaving in a weeks time so I could start the following Monday. I was so happy I forgot about my desperate need to get to a toilet and left without visiting it. Then I felt a rumbling in my stomach and a lot of pressure in my bowels so I ran back to the building and had to ask where the toilets were. I needed to go so badly I barely made in time and found it was occupied. I had an agonising 5 minute wait to get in and when I did I ripped my trousers and knickers down together and sat on the toilet with a thump. Instantly my bowels pushed on thier own and I released a stream of diarrhoea into the toilet. I felt so relieved after that and after wiping and flushing I left quickly before anyone realised who stunk up the toilet.

Mung Bean

stories about sarah, contd.

Thanks Brandon and Ashley! I am glad you like the stories. Sarah really didn't give a "crap" about her accidents, especially when she was little. It reminds me a lot of Courtney's story about her and Jaque. Sarah had a friend named Emily who used to visit our street from time to time, and when they were together, Emily would occasionally end up with wet or dirty pants too.

Sarah stopped going in her pants frequently when she was around 10 or so, mostly for #2. I think she got tired of cleaning it up herself, plus her mom would make her wear a pullup for a day if she pooped her pants, and she started getting grounded. (I have stories about that too.) She still peed pretty often, but never seemed to get in trouble for it. She wore a lot of skirts and dresses when she was 10-12, and wasn't very discreet about it, so it was pretty obvious when she had wet underwear.

That reminds me of one particular incident, when she was 12 and a half. I remember this because we had all gone to the park together for a mutual friend's birthday, who was 13. I recall Sarah's mom commenting on the difference in "maturity" of the 13 year old and Sarah, with the 6 month difference. At any rate, me and my friend weren't paying much attention to them, but I noticed her standing off by herself on some rocks, not really doing anything. She ran off after a couple minutes. I didn't think anything of it, but maybe 15, 20 minutes later I noticed that the rocks were wet where she had been standing.

I spotted her playing with some little kids on the playground a bit later, and lo and behold, there was a CD sized wet patch on the back of her dress. I paid more attention to her after that, and made some excuses to bring her into our game. After we played together for awhile, I asked her if she had peed her pants. I expected her to deny it, but to my surprise she hiked up her skirt and displayed a pair of Barbie underpants, with a very obvious wet yellow stain in the crotch. "Yep!" she said, then ran away laughing like a banshee.

Difference in maturity indeed....

... to be continued.


To KatiePie

One year when I was in the sixth Grade,When School was about to let out in 30 minutes.I Needed to Pee really bad.I was going to asked the teacher but she wasn't in the I asked the teacher's aid,He was a young man under 25,He said no.His name was Mr.Hurst.
Well when school let out,I walked down near where my mom worked after school to meet her.I was going in one store near by to find a restroom to pee.
And I saw Mr.Hurst in the same place,and he was heading in the bathroom,it was a single toilet.I yelled Stop!I go first since you didn;t let me go earlier.He said uh ok then.After I let out a gallon,I saw poop on the door handle.I got a paper towel which was the last peice to open the door with.Then I left and he looked at me and smiled and noded at me.He went in.
Well anyway that was his last day at the school,before he moved on.And the day was one a Friday.

Emma F
Hey everyone! I haven't posted for a while because I've had lots of essays to do for uni. Earlier in the week I got diarrhea! I think it was from a dodgy burger I had on Sunday. On Monday I was walking between lectures when suddenly I cramped up badly and had to get to a toilet ASAP! It was so hard to hold so I went to the engineering building which was nearby and to the other, less-used set of toilets. I rushed into a cubicle and sat and exploded into the toilet immediately! I barely made it and it kept pouring out of me for 10 minutes. When I felt like I was done I wiped many times and went straight home! Half an hour later I was on the loo again farting up a storm and letting out runny stuff. Then in the evening I hadn't eaten anything but everyone else had. I had to go again RIGHT NOW but Lauren was doing a poo in the middle toilet and Lizzi was in the upstairs one so I held on desperately. Leanne came out and said would I mind if she went first because she was pretty desperate to poo and couldn't wait very long, but I told her I had diarrhea and couldn't wait at all! Lauren finished and I went in and just sat down in time and exploded into the loo again. After that I took some immodium and went to bed. On Tuesday I didn't go as often but when I did it was still diarrhea. Yesterday I felt ok and today I've finally recovered!

Leanne, Rachel & Abbie- great stories as always. Keep them coming! Rachel, Leanne & I can definitely sympathise with your after-dinner poo and having to wait for someone to come out!

peepee person

doing the peepee on a guy.

i was totally drunk, and on the bus home i REEEEEAAAALLLLYYYY BAADDLLYYYY needed to pee. so there was a guy next to me who was asleep. it was just him and me on the bus we were at the back of the bus, so i squatted over him and peed hard through my pants. i was wearing a thong, so naturally it didnt hold much.all that pee soaked his crotch completely. it looked like he had pissed himself. i took of mt thong and threw it out the open window next to me.he woke up shortly after and i pretended to be asleep. i heard him say "man how did this happen" and i grinned cos he thought it was him and it was me all along


Bad Constipation With Help From My Brother - Part 1

Hi, everyone! Anne here! This is my first time posting here (besides my comments on page 213o) This is a story that happened a couple years ago.

Me and my older brother have always been open about our poop habits. (This is probably because he's seen me go through quite a lot of constipation growing up.) It had been 9 days since I'd had a bowel movement and I was getting desperate. I took advantage when my parents left to go to a banquet for a few hours and decided to try to poop while it was just me and my brother home. I went into the bathroom and pushed and grunted softly for about 7 minutes with no results. I decided I was going to need a little help if I wanted relief before my parents returned home. I pulled up my jeans and knocked on my brother's door. I'll script out the next part.
Me: Eric, could I ask you something?
Eric: You OK, Anne?
Me: Actually no. I haven't pooped in 9 days.
Eric: Oh my god!
Me: I know. I was hoping to get it out before mom and dad got back but I can't get it to come out. I'm afraid if they notice my situation, they'll take me to the doctor. Could you help me?
Eric stood up and gave me a big hug.
Eric: Of course. Now you go sit on the toilet and push. Leave the door open and I'll be there in a minute
I went to the bathroom and did as he asked, still with no results. About 2 minutes later, Eric walked in wearing disposable rubber gloves and carrying a few strange items that included a belt, a bucket, a glass of ice water, and a jar of Q-tips.

Sorry to leave you at a moment of suspense but I have to go. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for part 2!


Ellie J

To Rachel

Hi Rachel. Saw you post about the Girl Guide camp you attended and the communal toilets you used.

The toilets we used didn't have a toilet seat fixed to the top; the wood the box was made from had been shaped around the hole to make it comfortable to sit on. Did the ones you used have a toilet seat fixed to the top or was it like the ones I used?

Also, I and most of the other Girl Guides found that our legs were dangling over the front edge of the toilets and we had to pull ourselves up onto the seat in order to use them. Were the ones you used like this?

On one of the days we were at the camp I mentioned in my post, we went on an all-day hike, which involved us walking across open countryside and through woodland. When we stopped for lunch near some woods, myself and some other girls went off into the woods to relieve ourselves. Two girls only needed to pee and so nipped behind a bush and did it there. However, myself and two other girls needed to poo and went further into the woods until we were a suitable distance from where the other Girl Guides were resting and eating their lunch. When we found a suitable spot, we calmly pulled down our jeans and pants, squatted down in a row and waited for something to happen. There was no giggling or silly jokes. We just chatted as we peed and also as we did a poo. We were still chatting as we used leaves to wipe our bottoms - in full view of each other. One of the girls I was with checked the poo we had done, just to make sure they weren't an unusual colour or runny. Luckily, they were all a healthy colour, firm and about six inches long.

Well, that's it for now. I'll post again soon.

I met Lorena at her work today and brought her a homemade lunch. She usually gets something quick and unhealthy for her lunches, so I try to bring her real food at least once a week. We ate together and talked for a bit. I began to feel a need to poop, so I excused myself to the bathroom. I would have loved for Lorena to come with me, but that's not appropriate for a work environment.

I walked to the single-occupant bathroom, closed and locked the door and sat on the toilet. I let off a few farts and pushed out a turd. It felt pretty big around and curled up in the toilet. When it broke off, I wiped my butt twice and then washed my hands.

I purposely didn't flush and told Lorena I had left her a present in the bathroom. I left for home and let her get back to work and she said she'd go right to the bathroom and see for herself. I don't know if she got to the bathroom before someone else went in and flushed it away or not, but I hope she did.

Shy Breanna

I hate being peeked in on!

My name's Breanna and I'm 15. I'm really shy about my body and for this reason I have trouble when I'm using bathrooms away from home. At my school I wait in the queue and when a stall opens I bolt for the toilet. Just about half the 20 or so toilet stalls on my floor have doors so there's more in the queues for these toilets. I use these to crap because that's when I have to sit the longest. Sometimes I may sit 5 minutes or so to get my bowels moving and yesterday during A block I had just finished pulling off toilet paper and wiping down the seat when I looked and saw an eye in the doorway that was following me. Then I heard this girl telling her friend that I had just wiped down the seat and that the noise wasn't me wiping myself. A couple of minutes later I saw an eyeball on me from the crack on each side of the door. I had a dress on that covered most of me up, but it still freaked me out. I immediately left the stall without flushing and got a pass from my Futures teacher to come back in. Since there was only one other user then, I was relaxed and had a good size crap. During lunch once last week I had to piss and the three doorless stalls out of like 10 were open. I wiped the seat, seated myself and immediately saw a queue forming as my piss stream started. Two girls closest to me continually invaded my privacy and I quickly pulled my jeans and underwear up to mid-thigh level. As I did, they snickered at one another and that made me feel bad. After finishing, I left quickly and didn't flush. I thought privacy was a right I had under the constitution, but I guess not.

Desperate to poop

Coating the toilet

Oh I gave the toilet a good coating today.

I had a runny dump calling and didn't want to stink out the ladies so decided I'd do it in a bit more peace and quiet in the disabled downstairs. Unfortunately it was taken. I couldn't wait as it would have looked a bit odd with the ladies next door so I waited in our work reception watching TV until I spotted a large lady walking out, I was quite desperate now so I walked past making my way to the lifesaver. It was quite stinky from the last occupant but the seat was warm :)

I nestled my butt on the seat with my trousers and panties down and let rip. I was splattering runny but not diarreoh poop and then I did a trumpet fart which coated the pan with poop. OH it was hot and runny from the previous nights endulgement :)

I wasn't in any rush as work was quite quiet so I took mytime to ensure I was fully empty and enjoyed the sensations of a nice poop :)

Happy pooping.


Very relieving poo at work

I had a very big relieving poo at work today. I hadn't been able to go all weekend and I had two bowls of bran and two oranges for breakfast. Well by lunch time I was getting desperate so I went to the toilet but Louise was waiting to get in. She was hopping about and holding her bum so I knew she was desperate. Luckily she didn't have to wait long and Louise ran in. 3 seconds later she was blasting the toilet with a torrent of explosive diarrhoea. It went on for about 20 seconds before it stopped. Louise was moaning as it came out and about 2 minutes later some more diarrhoea came squirting out of her. This went on for 15 minutes and by the time she came out I realy had to go. Louise warned me about the smell but I was too desperate to care and ran in. I quickly pulled now clothes down all in one go and threw my ass onto the toilet. The seat was warm and sweaty where Louise had warmed it nicely and I relaxed. My bowels pushed on their own and I had the most relieving poo I've had for quite a while. It came out like a machine gun and when it stopped I felt the most intense relief ever. It was absolute heaven. I wiped a few times and looked in the toilet to check out my creation. What a mess! The water was a muddy brown colour and had about 20 bits of fluffy poo floating around. When I flushed the water rose about half way up the pan before it went down with sucking sound. It took most of the water away with it and I flushed again as best I could as the cistern needed to fill back up. That restored the water level and I left and washed my hands thoroughly with lots of soap and water to make sure I didn't catch Louise's stomach bug. For good measure I used the alcohol rub and left.


Beth Has Not Bottled Out...This Time

Hi all!

Remember when I posted about Beth, one of the girls in my year at school who vowed to go into the boys' toilets at school and have a poo while boys were in there, but bottled out?

Well, she finally plucked up the courage and went into the boys' toilets in the Science Block when a load of boys were in there. Although she locked the door of the cubicle she was in, at least two boys looked over the top of the cubicle and watched her pulling her trousers and knickers down. One of them nearly fell off the toilet he was standing on when she pulled up her sweater and blouse and showed her private parts. Strangely, she sat chatting to the boys looking down at her whilst she had a poo and even when she was wiping her bum afterward.

We were surprised when she told us this and we checked with the boys who watched her just to make sure she wasn't pulling the wool over our eyes. She said she found the experience quite liberating and wouldn't feel so vulnerable when she had to pee or poo when she was out with her boyfriend and there were no public toilets available.

That's all for now. Bye.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: KatiePie as always another great story I had teachers like that when I was in school but luckly nobody had an accident that I know of and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amber great story you helping that girl go to the bathroom outside it sounds like she lucky to have someone so caring and helpful as a babysitter like you and as always I look forwward to your next post thanks.

To: Anonymous first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you felt alot better after a big dump like that and I bet everyone thought Melinda was the one who did it not you and it sounds like you enjoyed that part and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Maya as always another great story about you and you girlfriend Lorena first you peeing and then later watching her poop and you guys should really try buddy dumping and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Whistler as always another great story it sounds like your friends wife really had to poop bad and it must have been very embarrassing for her to know that you guys could hear everthing but when you gotta go you gotta go plaina and simple as that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wild One great story about you seeing and a hearing those girls poop I bet that is memory you will have forever and and please share anymore stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Karen great story it sounds like you had a very interesting time and I bet your toilet was avoided for awhile after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Althea as always another great story it sounds like you had fun going to the bathroom with your friends and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Roberr great story about you smelling your friends moms poop to bad you didnt get to hear anything.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and yopur friends going to the bathroom together it really sounds like you guys enjoy it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nanny Turds first welcome to the site and great story about you getting to watch you nanny poop and it sounds like you might have some good stories to tell so please share them if you do thanks.

To: Sunday Pooping great stories.

To: UKNGUY first welcome back and as always another great set of stories about women going to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Paula-poo as always another great story I bet you felt really great after a dump like that and also getting to hear that other woman poop as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tom first welcome to the site and great story about you watching and hearing your mom poop and please share anymore stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Unknown Poster great story about you helping your girlfriend poop on that bus she is very lucky to have someone like you who will be there to help her when she needs it and please share anymore stories you may have about her thanks.

To: Tia W as always another great story it sounds like you had a nice enjoyable dump and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Golden Eye as always another great story about you farting in the library and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kimberly great story about you pooping you pooping your pants in your sleep sometimes dreams are like that and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Story Teller as always another great story I bet the memory of watching you mother poop will be a memory that lasts forever and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop as always another great set of stories I bet who ever was next to use those bathrooms probaly had to go quickly so they could get away from the smell and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Marie first welcome to the site and great story and I look forward to anymore you may have thanks.

To: Canadian Kelly great story it sounds like you had a really rough time I hope you felt better soon after that and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Angelica as always another great story it sounds like you where beyond desperate but at least you made it to a bathroom and didnt have an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great story and I bet you felt beyond great after a dump that big to bad you did it in your pants but I bet next you take a laxative you will be more careful and make sure you are near a bathroom or at least some place you can go and as always I look foward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now and I hope everyone has a happy and safe thanksgiving and I look forward to everyones after thanksgiving dumps and I probaly wont be posting again until saturday and if I do post something it will probaly be something short because I ill be using my psp sine the library is going to be closed thursday and friday.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Mr. Clogs


Paula-poo: Wow, interesting pot about you and the other lady in the adjoining stall going to the bathroom. Both of ya'll seem to enjoy each others company. I really enjoy your post and keep the post coming.

KatiePie: Your teacher is definitely evil and cruel for not letting you use the bathroom to a point of peeing on yourself. Shame on that evil teacher.

Althea: Great to read your posts especially your time visiting your uncle in the West Indies (Caribbean) using the outhouse. I never used one but would like too. Keep the posts Althea.

Wild One: Nice post about your sisters wild friend using the bucket and the newspapers.

Nanny Turds: thanks for sharing about your Nanny and her interesting wiping and washing hands habit. Just be careful with her cooking if you know what I mean.

As for me, dealing with personal dealings with losing a loved one, and peeing to my cups at night. Nothing fun or interesting happening. I enjoy your post and keep the posts coming.


Mr Clogs

Thursday, November 24, 2011

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