Laura, I'm looking forward to reading about Tom pooping during your weekend together. Did you listen to him as he did when YOU were pooping?? Tony, sorry for being a spoilsport but I doubt the members of my family would care if they could hear me pooping or not. Frankly, they are not at all into that sort of thing. Anyways, I like being discreet like that, as it makes me more comfortable. Alex, I agree with you that it's hard for people to believe that women would actually be interested in bathroom situations but, surprisingly, many of us are. Bob, I would love to sit on the edge of the bathtub to keep you company while you are pooping especially since you have to grunt and strain a lot. These are some of the things that turn me on the most about pooping.

Thom, Your posts are incredible. Your dumping experiences are very interesting and remind me of my own. I am very often constipated and have always had that problem. I find when I am constipated that I actually prefer to dump with a friend or in a public restroom. I have lots of stories... some from childhood, some from teen years, and a lot from adult experience. I had a cousin who I used to dump with. He was a gorgeous creole muscular guy and he too had constipation sometimes. It is funny, but nneither of is were inhibited about grunting, groaning, farting, and rocking. We dumped together off and on throughout our teen years and into our early twenties. I remember one time he was spending the night with me. It was late and we had gone to bed. I thought he was probably asleep and I went into the bathroom whhich was just off of the bedroom. I knew I was terribly constipated, but I did not realize how bad. I sat there straining for about ten minutes and couldn't do a thing. I stared slowly rocking pushing I started farting dry farts. When I am really plugged I have to grunt... it helps like nothing else. In fact I usually have to make some audible groans to get things moving. I started grunting and he asked me how I was doing. I said that I didn't realize he was still awake (fart). I said I was having an unusually hard time. He said he could tell because my grunts were very audible - louder than normal. I said I hope I hadn't awakened him and he said he couldn't sleep anyway. He had just been lying awake listening to the sound effects. I prceeded my struggle to shit. I farted a lot, but could not do anything. Then I stood up slightly, leaning forward, massaging my buns, trying to get the urge. At last, I started to feel a dull movement in my lower gut. I leaned forward,pushed till I saw stars, and a dry cannonball plopped out of my ass. I heard my cousin make a chuckling noise. I repositioned, sat up straight, and pushed with my back straight against the toilet tank. I dropped two more marbles and sighed. I massaged my gut and played with my navel. It sounds strange, but it always helps if I insert the sharp edge of my fingernail into the very center of my belly hole and press till I feel the pain. I felt my gut growl a little and I leaned forward. I dropped about five more very hard cannonballs. My cousin said it sounded like I was making progress and I laughed and told him I was, but Christmas would probably come before my bowels emptied. I was getting sweaty and My ass hairs were wet from all the toils. I farted several more loud expulsions and dropped one more pebble. I felt only minor relief, but it was late and it hhad taken me about 30 minutes to do that much, so I decided to call it quits and hit the sack. I figured I might be able to do some more in the morning while he was shaving, toweling, or checking his furry pits as I rode the pot. Thom - tell me more about your buddy shits with your brother. I would love to hear all the details of one of your marathon experiences. Carlos I repositioned,

Randi P. (43)
Here in Southern Indiana I've noticed that some of the toilets in parks are alot different from what I've seen when I first saw them. In some there are no restrooms at all and then some have toilets with no doors. Even one I saw yesterday had the metal bowels and no doors. It used to have doors and the regular type bowels. I was just kinda looking around while driving in the car and waiting for appointments. Has anyone else in their community seen changes in their parks toilets?

Shit Radar
After my morning coffee its time to force it out, but I dont usualy have to force anything, coffee as the famous effect to be laxative and I just have to let go it will splash out . But this morning I felt a big one pushing so it was not to be a liquid splash but a hard one but I also felt the pressure. I sat down and let go with no force. It came out very fast and it was a big long turd that was projected right to the back side of the bowl and was stikking out of the water. It all ended with this enormous fart. usualy big hard ones comes out slow but this time it was projected with gaz force ... nice fealing ! Happy splashing !

Hi! I haven't posted in a while but have enjoyed all of your contributions, from new and old alike. It's really like family here, isn't it? (By the way, "Thom," who sometimes posts here, and I are not the same person.) The other day I was in a building I visit only occasionally and realized that I needed a pee. I noticed two women standing in the hall between the "Men's" and "Women's" rooms. They were conversing, but one of them looked at me nervously as I approached. Just as I turned and put out my arm to open the men's room door, it opened from the inside and out popped a woman in her 30's, much to my surprise. I recalled that that men's room has a vintage, free-standing urinal. It's about mid-thigh in height on me and the opening is shaped like a large key hole. It was late afternoon and most people had left the building, so I guessed that the woman just coming out had used the urinal. Thinking fast, I went for it, saying, "That's it. I like a woman who stands up for her rights!" The gales of laughter from the woman and her two friends told me that either I'd scored a bullseye, or, at least, they enjoyed my remark. Inside there were no telltale signs, so I guess I'll never know for sure. I once read that Celtic warrior women stood up to pee. Has anyone else ever heard that?

Hi everyone. I have a post in which some of you may have an interest. Many of you know I am close friends with Alex and Steph, two frequent posters on here (they introduced me to this site). Although they are my best friends (I think it is possible to have more than one best friend), I've never gone to the bathroom in front of them. It has been brought up a couple of times over the last year, but we've never gotten around to it. Anyway, I planned to meet Alex and Steph over at Steph's house this afternoon. Steph has her own basement semi-apartment at her folks' house, complete with her own bathroom. I had to crap pretty badly, and I decided to wait until I got over there and offer to let them watch me. I got over there and told them of my plan, and boy did Alex beam! "Really, Jodi!?," she proclaimed. I've never seen anyone light up the way Alex did after I gave her my offer. Steph was more subdued, but still noticeable excited. The three of us went into the bathroom, and, after I pulled down my pants and sat down, Steph asked me "Are you sure you want to do this, Jod?" (She always calls me "Jod," rhymes with cold) "You're my best friends, and I know how much you like this stuff, so why not?" I sat there and peed a little bit, but then had trouble moving my bowels. Alex than said "Why don't I leave? I think you'd go if you had some privacy." One thing about our friendship is that we're always honest and respectful of each other. I appreciated the fact that both of them were willing to back off and leave, but I wanted to do this, so I asked them to stay. A couple of minutes later, after pumping my abdomen a couple of times, I started pooping. Though I'm lactose intolerant and prone to runny BM's, I've been good about staying away from dairy products, so this crap was somewhat on the hard side. I got up about 5 minutes later and, knowing from here how much they love looking at poop, let them have a peek. "Wow, Jodi, that's a good one!," said Alex. "Do you always do that much?" asked Steph. There were six long jobbies in the bowl; I commented that, perhaps because I'm two inches taller and 15 pounds heavier than them (they're about the same height/weight), that's the reason I go so much. I knew also to flush the toilet before wiping myself, four times. After flushing a second time, they both wrapped their arms around me and told me how proud they were that I was able to go in front of them. Unfortunately, neither of them even had to pee at that time, but they promised me a "raincheck." The only other person (up to that point) who has seen me go to the bathroom is my sister, Briana, and my friend and track teammate from college, Christine, has seen my poop (I posted a while back how we let each other look at what we just dumped, although we both went in separate stalls with complete privacy). Thanks for letting me share this special moment with you. Love Jodi

Still Horrified
My God. At last a forum to psychologically relieve myself, so to speak. It was over ten years ago...I was about 17, an age when a young man takes himself oh so seriously. Anyway, I was at my cousin's Dave's ball game, observing, when I got that serious rumbly feeling that announced an imminent bowel movement. Not imminent like, "Dave, let's get in the truck and find a restroom," but, "MUST FIND PRIVATE EXCRETING AREA ...NOW!!!" Where to go? Ah, the clubhouse toilet...CLOSED! The women's then? No time for gender niceties...CLOSED! f???! The panic was on me now. All, right, Option B...outdoors. This was in a town that has a lovely climate in the summer, but is rather dry and, hence, largely absent of ground cover, or foilage, or more to the point, bushes behind which one could take a shit! It was coming! Urrghh!!! In exquistite agony, I -- very carefully -- ran/limped (tightly Kegelling all the way) to the nearest house. My plan was to knock on the door and beg (br! ibe if necessary) to use the bathroom. I knocked. Interminable wait...I rang the bell...the sound of footsteps. Blessed relief soon! The door opened, revealing the mildly confused face of...AN EXCEPTIONALLY PRETTY TEENAGE GIRL!!!! OH THE HORRORS!!!! THE HORRORS!!!! "Er, hi,"I said. "Um, this is incredibly awkward but, um, I really need to use a bathroom." "A bathroom?" she frowned. "I'm so sorry," I blathered, wincing in agony. "I am prepared to pay you, I know how odd and awful this must seem...." Then...HORROR PART DEUX! ANOTHER, YOUNGER PRETTY GIRL (evidentally a sister) appeared! "What's going on?" said the younger girl. "He wants to use the bathroom," said the older girl. "Right away," I said, embarassed beyond all possible mortification and humiliation. "PLEASE." "All right." The door opened...I scurried in the direction of a pointed finger. After the deed was done, I let myself out, leaving a ten spot for the trouble even though the older girl said, "Geez, it's all right." How awful. It occurs to me that my wife wonders a lot why I am such a seemingly confident guy to the point of being embarassingly publically inappropriate. The reason is probably because I had my sense of shame burned out of my through overuse on that day, more than ten years ago.

I'm back. First I was sick, then my computer got screwed up (Jim's fault), but now everything good. I don't have time to tell a big long story, but jim wanted me to post this (he's in Plam springs with Donna. Im envous as hell). Any how, here's a couple of examples of girls & bathroom related stuff in comics (yes, jim reads comics.) I'm just going to say what he told me. Dosn't make sense to me, but whatever. Jonny Double #1: (new Series. In stores now): Jonny comes into the bathroom and Pees (you can see the pee) and the toilet flushes and a girl comes out of the stall.
Dark horse presents 100 #2: in the Bitchy Bitch (that's funny) story, the girl (Bitchy bitch, I'm guessing) starts talking about how Macdonalds food gives her gas and constipates her.
Gen13 year book: One of the Girls is on the toilet pooping and one of the guys sets off a smoke bomb in her toilet and blows her off the can.

Yep, jims a real geek. See ya'll later! Lisa

Hello People. I know I have not posted for a while, but I still visit this site regularly. Just a quick word on public toilets in Ireland. They are mostly filthy places, & I try to avoid them unless it is a emergency. I will not sit on a public toilet, only squat over it. If posible I will either wait or if a pub is open, go in there. It is a lot easier for a man to use a toilet than a girl, so why do girls leave them in such a mess? I once went into one that had been blocked with what looked like a babys nappy. Despite being in dire need of a pee, I could not use it. In the end I squatted down behind some bushes ( the toilet was in a park) & had a much needed pee. I felt it was better to pee outside & risk being seen, which I was not, rather than try to use that dirty toilet. But, it still makes me think, as girls mostly sit to pee, why do they leave the toilets dirty?

I have just returned from a holiday in the USA. I was in the Chicago and St.louis area and was there for a Drag Racing event. The weather was 90-100f++ and was really humid. As I come from the UK I wasn't used to the heat.I spent all day drinking and only had a light breakfast and a small evening meal,but wasn't really hungry most of the time. I was shitting about three times a day and I think it was because of the heat and the amount I was drinking. It made me laugh because the American toilets are different to those in the UK, they have more water in them and when they flush the shit swirls round and round before it gets sucked away by a sort of vacuum. Sometimes I had to flush more than once to get rid of all the little "floaty" bits. I have enjoyed reading all the recent posts especially those by Laura, I would love to watch you do a shit you seem real "nasty". I must go now I'm short of time I'll post again soon, keep 'em coming!

Saturday, July 18, 1998

In answer to names that I have problems with. I think a toilet is a toilet not a lavatory.
Restroom - bit confusing realy going to lie down?
Tinkle - bit sissy and girlish.
Poo - Poopy - no problem.
No 2's - why no 2 if all you want to do is poo.
No 1's - why is peeing no 1? are we ashamed of our bodily
functions or something and afraid to say what they are. does no one else do the same thing we do.
Wee (Wee Wee) is okay as is Pee (Pee Pee.
Wizz - latest word so others don't know we want a wet on the wall.
Piss/slash - bit common?
Crap/shit - same - bit like swearing I suppose.
I use most of the above words at sometime - depends on the company.

Hi everyone, I do have another story about Tom defecating on our long weekend together, but I don't have time now, so I will post it later on. What I wanted to tell you now, is that I have to go under a medical exam today, where my bowels would rather be empty. i.e. I don't have to have an enema, but it would be better if I was empty. Of course, as a result of knowing that and of my parents returning to my home, I couldn't go yesterday morning. I tried eating some prunes and drinking a lot but just couldn't. In the evening, I drove my parents to the airport, and then decided I should try having spicy food. I asked Tom to go to a Mexican restaurant and so we did. When I returned home (alone) I finally had the urge to go. It got stronger from minute to minute, and when I finally set on the bowl, I could feel how I was DYING to defecate. My anus began to open and I could feel the poop starting to slide out. It has slide out for a few seconds and then it just stopped. I started pushing and str! aining, but there was no advancement. Just me, sitting there with my ass hole being wide open by a turd that doesn't slide out... I felt so much pressure on my rectum... I felt that I was loaded with this warm SOFT shit, that somehow didn't want to come out. I can tell you that wasn't very pleasurable as I was so much wanting to defecate and couldn't... I had no other choice but pushing the turd back in and waiting for it to come out on it's own pace. Today, after my morning coffee, the urge to go came again. I went and very easily pooped a lot of soft turds. They just kept on sliding out, turd after turd, with no effort at all..isn't it strange? After 3 hours the urge came once again, and only 15 min. ago I was sitting on the toilet with a mirror, watching how my bowels emptied some more brown soft turds so easily and joyfully... I love watching my rectum pop out, open up, and I love seeing my brown turds starting to slide out.. and most of all I love the sensation of the full strech of my anus and then the anticipated relief as my turd droppes into the water with a splash... Of course now I'm as light as a feather, and ready for my medical test. I really have to go now, and I'll talk to you later.

To answer "a girl" yes, I HAVE actually measured my number 2's with a measuring tape on a number of occasions and I'm sure others who post to this site have done likewise. Most of the time I however I just estimate its length and thickness from previous experience and I presume others do likewise. You think that's dull, well, that's your opinion and you are welcome to it. Like many who use this web site I find the size, thickness , solidity, colour etc of both my own and others jobbies, (particularly women's)anything but dull. To Bridget DONT BE A SPOILSPORT! Running the bath tap to mask the sound effects of doing a motion indeed. Lot's of us enjoy hearing the "OO!s and AH's" of someone trying hard and of course the "Plonk!s and Ker-sploosh!" sounds as their jobbies drop into the pan. If Laura's boyfriend Tom enjoyed hearing her perform then I say good luck and dont ruin his fun. I certainly agree about the disgusting state of some Public Toilets, but it better to use one than have a big accident in ones underpants or knickers. I make a point of knowing where decent , clean , Public Toilets are located, and those in Pubs (Bars), Shopping Malls, etc are usually a lot cleaner. One advantage howeber of Public Toilets to me is that I can listen to others doing a motion and often see really big jobbies which havent flushed away. I can confirm Moira's comments that Men's Public Toilets are usually dirtier and smellier than Women's as on the odd occasion I have had to use the Ladies' Toilets if the Men's have been out of order or otherwise closed and I have been desperate and its the prsence of a Urinal which causes this. We dont have these in the bathrooms in our own houses and I too would like to see these removed from Gents Public Toilets and replaced with more WC cubicles as both excretory functions are catered for by a WC. As I have posted previously when at Primary (Grade) school I had a big accident in my underpants because there were only three cubicles in the Boys' Toilets and all were occupied at the time. A few more cubicles as there were in the Girls' Toilets instead of the urinal would have made the difference.

Hi guys. Welcome to the group, Laura! I liked reading your couple of posts. There seems to be a misconception (by not only you, Laura) that it's somehow "unfeminine" to enjoy going to and/or thinking about going to the bathroom, that if a female likes this stuff, she is somehow a "tomboy." I consider myself fairly feminine; soft-spoken and somewhat bashful, except around my close friends. Not that I go around advertising my interest in the toilet (except on here, and with a few close friends, Jodi, Steph, and Laura), but I think most would be surprised that someone of my "demeanor" would even think of enjoy going to the bathroom. We all have to do it, so I figure I might as well enjoy it :) Tyler, hearing a toilet flush is funny, in a perverse way. Archie Bunker flushing the toilet on "All in the Family" has become a well known, er, institution. To "a girl," I estimate how long my shits are (when I post about them on here; I'll have a story further down). George, I am an American, and have always "taken" a shit (although I just "pee"). Hello to everyone else- I may not answer everyone personally, but please know that I read literally every post on here and enjoy most of them!!! When I got home from work this afternoon, I had to do "both." I didn't shit this morning, so there was a lot of pressure on my bowels. I sat down on the toilet, and after peeing, let out some very "stringy" crap. My "jobbies" [couldn't resist, Pooping Girl :) ] are usually fairly solid, and at least 1 inch wide. This particular shit wasn't diahrrea, but was softer than usual. I counted ten 2-3 inch long, 1/2 inch wide jobbies, and as I said above, the best way to describe them is "stringy." I had to wipe six times afterwards. I haven't eaten or drinken anything out of the ordinary, so I don't think it was due to digestive problems. Lots of love, Alex :)

poop snooper)
THIS IS A GREAT H.S. POOP STORY My girl freind was a soph. i was a sen.she was tall,thin,and had brown hair.she came to my house one day and we were going to go fishing,there was a lake 20 min from my house,on the way,we stop and pick up some fast food burgers and fries,on the way to the lake she said ...i have to pee,so we pulled into the only gas station around,she went in and somebody was useing the bathroom already,being the shy person that she was,she said i can hold it till we get to the lake. Well we get to the lake and the bathroom is pad locked up,so i said you can pee in the lake,when she didnt wanna do that i figured she had to poop. Now she looked nervous like she might not be able to hold it in,she was crossing her legs back and fourth,real fast,then i heard her fart,i was really getting turned on,she had her hand on her crack like she was closing her little ass cheeks. Now she said i need toilet paper,i had some but ddidnt hurry to get it,she said oh god i gotta go real bad,please hurry.It wasnt a min later she please dont look,but i watched as the biggest turd came slowly out of her butt,she tryed to turn away but i seen it,it was so big and hard,and WOW WAS I .

Great Idea about having a guide to toilets. "The great big world wide guide to big jobbies and little wees". We could give the location and rating (* to *****) of all public toilets. It would help from getting caught out and would encourage better standards of cleanliness. One volume per country? On the web for reference as well.

Ferris Re "Girls pees a river and boys pees a lake" I really don't see why. Surely it depends more on (i) whether the ground is soft (lake) or hard (river); (ii) whether the ground is flat (lake) or sloping (river)? Most people pee against something - e.g. a wall or a tree - and then I think you can work out girl or boy according to whether the wall/tree itself is wet (boy) or not (girl).

Jillian (Guildford UK) In reply to the posting from Mark and one or two other enquirers about constipation and enemas. I suffered badly from constipation blockages as a child and also a bit later on into my teens. My mother became aware of my discomfort and helped me ease my bowels by inserting a small piece of soap into my bottom and pushing this up inside me. This was usually quick to work and nearly always did the trick. Sometimes after inserting the soap she would then push some vaseline into my bottom. She would tell me to hold in the soap for a while and then sit on the toilet and gently push. This should help constipation sufferers get some relief. I still sometimes use a piece of soap, though certain types of soap can sting a bit when pushed up inside the rectum. As for enemas, these I remember well. My mother had a bulb type enema syringe with a black nozzle for insertion into the bottom. I can remember being made to lie down on a towel on my bed or put over her knee when I was smaller. She used a soap solution and I can remember feeling the water gushing into my bottom as she squeezed the bulb. She would put enough solution into me until I complained of discomfort, she then stopped and told me to try and hold it in for a while. I remember finding this difficult and mum would tell me to squeeze my bottom hard to help retain the solution. She would then guide me gently into the toilet and sit me down on the loo, I was then able to empty my bowels easily and without any discomfort. Having an enema was not so bad after all, as I found sitting on the toilet straining and getting knowhere rather painful. The enema worked so quickly and smoothly. Last year I again suffered some serious constipation and this started to make me feel miserable. I discussed this with my husband who suggested I start taking laxatives. These helped a bit, however I thought I would try relaxation from an enema. I purchased an enema and douche kit from a local chemist. I gave myself an enema and this quickly cleared up the problem. So those of you who are regular sufferers, give it a try, there're not really so bad and there is no need to insert loads of water, generally just a pint of warm water containing either a soapy solution or some bicarb should sort the constipation out quickly. It is truly amazing what the colon and bowel retain and I am begining to realize that a good clean out from time to time, does one a lot of good. I always feel a lot brighter and chirpier after I had an enema and my hubby says they are also very good for cleansing toxicity from the body. Enemas don't seem too popular these days and I know of few people who take them. Perhaps more do, but don't speak about it or discuss it. But from a personal point of view I do find them refreshing and can only add I do feel so much better after taking one. I asked my doctor for some advice on enemas and at she seemed rather surprised I was using them. (I am 29) She then went on to tell me she only thought it was 'Old Matrons' who still used them. However she was helpful and advised me saying there was no harm in using them providing I didn't rely too heavily on their laxative properties. She thought only for quite severe constipation and never more than once a month. I thanked her for the advice and she told me if I saw the practice nurse I could be given a leaflet on what to use and how much to administer. I was given a three page set of instructions which suggested either soap or saline solution and an quantity of one to three pints. I have never used more than two pints. Hope this helps some of you who have not yet tried these methods. P.S. I'm told they are wonderful for bad hangovers!

Thursday, July 16, 1998

a girl
How do you people know exactly how long and thick your number 2 is anyways?? Do you take a ruler or something in? No offense but that is really dull!! I NEVER think of MEASURING my #2 because that is really wierd!! Okie dokie thats all I have to say!

I am amazed at the number of people on this page who complain about getting constipated. I keep a detailed diary of my bowel movements, I have done it for the last 4 years and during that time there was ONE day only when I did not shit. Most days I shit twice. It must be a question of diet. I eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and fiber as well as meat, fish, chicken etc. On the other hand, that kind of diet does not make for log-like turds. My jobbies are very soft, dark and small (though there are a lot of them!). On another matter, namely what to do on the toilet. Reading is a good habit, honored by tradition. But using a cordless phone or laptop computer on the toilet at least enables us to keep in touch when we are defecating. There is a story told about Winston Churchill, who was always constipated and spent hours in the toilet. So they installed a special phone in his toilet in the underground war cabinet office, so that he could keep in touch while doing his (other) business.

Hi all! Belief it or not... During the "Loveparade" in Berlin last weekend I saw a girl(!) in the bushes, that took photos of peeing boys/men. (Perhaps one of the female readers of this site hunting for a new title-picture ? :-) I thought funny idea - so I took also a pic of a peeing girl - but she saw me..... After finishing her pee, she came to me asked "Do you took a pic of me in the wood?" I said "Yes", and thought now she will kill me... ..but absolutely nothing happened - she turned around and went back to her friends. I have never seen so many females and males peeing like last weekend in Berlin. I was surprised at - more than 50% of the girl were not shy at all. A lot of them just squatted one ways through the wood to do their puddle right there. After some hours I did also a pee behind a bush and two girl squatted direct next to me. The city-goverment of Berlin released a statistic that says, that the people pee during the Loveparade 750.000 liter of pee. On my way home (next day, 100 km away from Berlin) I went in a forest along the road to do a BM. And hell it was my really fastest(!) shit I did ever - because the wood was full of gnats !! Bye, Ferris.

Hi! Itīs me again. Some days ago my girl said "Girls pees a river and boys pees a lake" (on plain ground). Hmmm, what you all think - is this statement correct ? Bye, Ferris.

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