Evil Teachers

Saw Brandon comment on my story so thought I'd do another XD It made me feel special >.>;;;;

So anyways, when I was in the 4th grade I had this evil teacher named Miss Miller. I told her I was really thirsty and asked to be excused to get a drink of water and fill my water bottle, she said no. Well this teacher hated me, and I had been sick so I really wanted water. About ten minuets later I asked to go to the bathroom, she said no because I just wanted to sneak off to get water, I said no I didn't, I really needed to pee, I'd even leave my water bottle behind, she once again said no.

I really was obviously going to sneak water however she pissed me off. I raised my hand and she ignored me this time. I said out loud to the class "Miss Miller, you know I have been sick, I really need to use the restroom! It's an emergency!" She said no, we still had an hour to lunch so what did I do? I said good bye to dignity and purposefully peed myself. My mom had to come bring me clothes and when I told her what happened she took me home too :) Got my water and a get out of school free card!!!

Hi again,
so in my last post I said I had some babysitting experiences I could tell, well here's one of them form a few months ago. when I had taken one of the girls I babysit to play at the park, (other side of the park from last post)

and on the way to the park she told me she needed to pee so when we got there we went to the restrooms but they was locked so I was taking her around to the back side of the restrooms and when we got around to the back someone was already there, some girl was there squatting peeing and pooping she was around 7 or 8 I think she was pretty embarrassed a first but I just said sorry and that she really needed to pee she was like "ok" but she was trying to hide her parts my girl had squat down a bit to the side of her and peed like no tomorrow I think it made the other girl a bit less embarrassed cause started chatting to us a bit she told me her name and apparently her brother was supposed be looking out for her
and he left seems he was too embarrassed to be around her while she was doing that hehe she seems to have had to poop alot mostly just lot of chunks I ended up giving her some wipes to wipe with I let her have her privacy after my girl had got done. I had told her I'd kept a look out for her around the corner had so I waited around the corner until she came around about 5 mins later she thanked me then went looking for her brother then I went back around to get pack of wipes I had forgot and I saw her pile there was a lot of chunks and a couple logs and the dirty wipes


Big Dump Story

BTW- Before I tell you this story, I'm a girl.

It was a normal day in school. Well, it wasn't that normal - I kept getting cramps in my stomach, signaling I would have to go soon. But I kept sucking in and kept my cheeks tight. It was during math class when the cramps became unbearable. I tried to keep my butthole closed, but it kept puckering, becoming ready to unleash the brown beast that lay inside. At that moment, I knew I'd have to go.

"Mrs. Smith, may I use the restroom?" I quickly asked. She nodded, but by that moment I was already bolting out of the classroom. When I made it to the bathroom, I quickly pushed into the closest stall. I managed to bring my pants off and take a seat on the bowl. I didn't even push when I began to go.

The sound was deafening; a mixture of loud squirts and thunderous toots echoed back and forth in the stall. The feeling was incredible as a river of brown poured out, carrying large boats on its way. I don't know how long I sat there, but when it was done, I turned around to examine my creation. In the murky brown water lay about five long, thick logs. I would say they were each five to nine inches long and two inches thick. Just huge. My embarrassment slammed me when I saw it. I wiped up fast and tried to flush, but the monster didn't want to leave. I tried again, but instead of flushing the water level rose higher and higher. I quickly ran out of the stall, scrubbed my hands, and left.

I looked at the clock when I returned to the classroom and noticed I had only been gone for about five minutes. As I walked down the aisle to my seat, I received a couple of weird looks. My legs were shaking and I think that's why. So, I sat in my desk and got back to my math work.

A few seconds later my enemy, Melinda, got up and asked if she could use the bathroom. The teacher nodded.

Uh oh, I thought.

Melinda rushed back to the classroom a few moments later. "Mrs. Smith!" she exclaimed. "There is this - well the toilet is clogged and it won't flush!" A smile crept across my face at the thought of Melinda uncovering the surprise I left for her in the toilet.

The teacher called up the janitor, and a few moments later I saw him come down the hall, saying, "Phew! Wow, unbelievable…" I felt bad for the janitor but just fabulous about Melinda. I still don't like pooping in public... well only if I can show it to someone I hate.


to the unnamed poster

I laughed out loud when I read your post about the conversation you were trying to have in a stall, with a woman who actually was on a cell phone!

Also, today I saw a man who had pooped his pants. He wasn't dressed that well: he probably was homeless. After I walked by him, I turned around and looked at his face. Only one of his eyes was open.


My Thursday Dumps

Managed to take two dumps on Thursday. Normally I go once in the morning before I go to work, but maybe being on vacation this week has thrown off my schedule. Anyway, in the morning I went and produced a nice, thick turd that crawled up out of the hole and curved to the right, like a backwards J. Then in the evening, I went back in and dropped an even more impressive log, stretching straight up from the hole and coming to rest just over the surface of the water.

Twice in one day is rare for me. Must be why I didn't crap at all on Friday.

Ashley - Thanks for your kind words. Sounds like you and Barron had a great time. Sounds like you had a nice dump at the restaurant. Hope to see more of your stories.

This morning, I awoke and was just enjoying watching Lorena sleep. I kinda had to pee, but I didn't want to get out of bed and accidentally wake her. About twenty minutes passed before she stirred from her slumber. I gently kissed the back of her neck, "Good morning" I whispered in her ear.

"Mmm... morning", was her response as she rolled over to face me. We shared a kiss on the lips then I informed her of my need to pee. I got up from the bed and she playfully gave me a swat on the butt as I walked by her. I lowered my pink pajama shorts as I sat on the toilet. An amber jet of urine flowed forth into the water, producing a tinkling sound. I continued to pee for about forty seconds, and towards the end my pee stream tapered off, gradually coming to a stop. I tore off some paper and wiped my vagina, and then I flushed.

After finishing up, I ventured out into the kitchen and poured myself a bowl of cereal. Lorena was already making the coffee, so within minutes we were having a satisfying breakfast. Once she was done drinking her coffee, she said she could feel her bowels activating and would needed a good shit. We adjourned to the bathroom and Lorena sat herself down on the toilet and raised her long tee shirt - she wasn't wearing any panties.

A puff of air exited her anus, accompanied a sharp plop, marking her first turd's emergence. A second turd shot out of her and landed in the water with a sploosh, then two quick sploops were heard. A slight delay before a turd crackled its way out ending with a shloonk. She then announced she was done and wiped her messy butt five times and flushed her turds away.


Nice Surprise While Doing a Chore

A friend of mine at work and his wife (who I had not met) are remodeling their older home. The home has two bathrooms, one in the hallway and the other in the master bedroom. The one in the hallway is currently completely out of commission due to the renovation. They are also working on the master bathroom at the same time, but it is functioning. My friend asked me to come over on Saturday to help him install a new sink and vanity in the master bathroom. I got there around 9 o'clock. He introduced me to his wife ("Kate"), a stunning lady (late 20's), blond, blue eyes, and dressed in very tight jeans. She was really a site to behold. Hot, hot, hot. She was nice but seemed very shy. We started on the master bathroom project. I noticed the toilet was in a small room by itself, with a door that closed for privacy. About 30 minutes into the project, I was lying on my back helping attach the sink to the vanity while my buddy lowered it into the vanity. In came Kate and said, "Guys, could you take a short break?" She looked very uncomfortable. My buddy said, "Not now, we're in a bind where we can't stop for a while." She asked how long. He said, "About 20 minutes or so. Why?" She motioned with her head toward the toilet (I don't think she knew I could see her face). He said, "If you need to use the bathroom, go ahead. You can close the door." I acted like I wasn't noticing. She kind of made a face and said, "I'll come back later." She left but came back about 3 minutes later and walked straight into the toilet room and closed the door. I could see from lying on the floor under the crack of the door. I saw her shoes position in front of the toilet. My friend and I kept on working when the sound of a loose torrent of poop hitting the toilet water came from behind the door. It went for about 7 or 8 seconds and then a spluttering SPPPPPLLLLUUTTTT of a fart then a sigh. My friend kept on working and talking as if nothing had happened. I was shocked. It was quiet for a couple of minutes, and then another sound of loose gassy poop being forcefully expelled with several farts came from the toilet room. It went for about 5 seconds or so, then she signed again. She began to pee then I heard her wipe her butt 5 times. She flushed and came out and quickly left the room without saying anything. My friend acted like nothing had happened. In about 30 seconds a strong smell of poop filtered over to where we were working. Finally my friend said, "Kate must have a stomach ache this morning. I said something like, that's not good. We finished the job about a half hour later, and I was leaving. Kate came in and said, "Nice to meet you. Thanks for help out" and came over and shook my hand. I said, "You're welcome" and left. It was really a nice way to spend a couple of hours that day!

Wild One

One story for my younger years

Hi there! I like to share with you one very nice story about my younger years.

It was nineties and hot summer. I was very young in those days just over ten year old. My sister and his hot and very open and dirty talking friend haved just end their primary school so they were both 15 year old beautiful teen girls. So speaking further studies, they decide to go school where they need to bake, make different kind of foods, cleaning and everything like that so they need to do so called "shit test" (testing salmonella etc.) just like everyone else who go that school and works with food and groceries etc. So when mail bring the papers that they haved both accepted in school they decide to do that test fast that it would not bother them later.

So one summer day they go into action. They eat and wait eat and wait so they could do it. Like I said before my sisters hot friend was naughty girl and very much dirty and open talking (can someone say that those facts was not enough to love her, hah ;)). We talked about everything very openly and she was no shy at all. We laughing and sharing stories and I have to admit I was secrectly crush on that red head girl. She was not fat but she was tall and big. So when they eat and wait to take some test material she start do descripe me how she´s always enjoy when she can or she have some kind of possibility to shit on somewhere else than nicely on toilet bowl. My sister and this friend decide to take their loads on newspaper, where they could poo, take the little test material part easy, then drop the load on toilet and flush and throw that shitty newspapers in the trash. Well this redhead said that she feel that there is a big one coming on her bowel and how she gonna make a good mess when she drop that monster out. She´s gonna spread the paper on toilet lid so it is under her ass and then she gonna take a satisfying big shit. After she take that test bit of that load she´s gonna close that newspaper, sit on top of it (her naked shitty ass) and squish and crush her pile on there for full weight for good so there will be a good shitty and nasty combilation of: big pile of spread shit, totally squished shitty newspaper and some toilet paper to clean her ass.

Yes, I was very young in that time but I was little bit (yeah, only a little bit right, hah) naughty all ready back then so you can imagine how tough it was to be cool and acting normally in there when hot redhead speaking so openly about her most private things to you face-to-face and you could crearly say she´s speaking her own fetishes same time when she´s speaking your growing fetishes. My sister was shy and she dont talk so much about the hole thing just listen and laugh on her fiends wild talks.

So when we wait a little bit my sister said "ok, now I have to go". She took the newspaper and this plastic test bucket and go in toilet to do some "test material". Her friend shout her "poop a big one girl!" when she was on the door but my sister wasn´t say anything just smile at him. So my sister go and we wait: chatting, telling jokes and stories like that. Well, my sister come out about half an hour later after she had done her job. This friend ask him immediately "all fine? Test good" and my sister said yes. When this friend ask was it a big one my sister surprisingly answer "yes, it was, I have eat a lot like you and laugh that it was very satisfying experience. Well, after that we wait some more and then it was time his frind to unload her bowel. She said "Ok, it feels like there is a big one coming so it´s my turn now" she take some newspaper and testbucket and go to the toilet. I just wondering was it true what was she talking earlier. Does she gonna do it?

Well my sister sit their and we start to talk everything but not much about that pooping experience. Well we wait and then she come out and right after this redhead get the door open she start to laugh and tell how she made a good mess in there and how nice it was to take a big and messy one. She descripe clearly how she do what she promise.

Well, of course I dont dare to ask him straight (straight talking and naughty or not) would she please show that all to me too but I have different plan. Girls throw those shitty newspapers first on bathroom thrascan and then they put them on different plastic bag before they threw that bag on outside trashcan. Well when I wait a little bit I decide go too and I get good reason to go there. I went there and open the door and the smell was pretty strong, but can you say girls (especially those shiny beautiful teen girls) poop smells so bad than others? I would say no very clearly. So I drop my pants and sit on the toilet. Then I opened the trashcan where was plastic bag and those shitty newspapers. I carefully and quietly opened the bag and took those papers out. It was easy to see which was this redhead magazine. My sisters one was very clean and not much dirty outside the shit sheet but this redhead paper was shitty all over and smell strongly because there was so much poo in between those sheets. Even the cover was browny shitty because she have sitting there on her shitty arse and you can clearly see her ass model on there because she have rubbed her beautiful big backside heavily against it. Well after quick check those I put those papers off, drop my own load and then go to continue chat with my girls.


I pooped my pants on the Trolly

This morning I took a Trolly ride; I had to go (I'm 43 years old) and I pooped in my pants! It was really embaressing. The poop had stained through my blue pants; there was no hiding that I had pooped myself real bad! I got off of the trolly and walked into an indoor mall and looked in a mirror were I noticed the back of my bum was all brown. More came out, I had no choice but to take the trolley back home. As I stood in the trolly I was embaressed because it also stunk! But I guess these things happen sometimes. Can anybody relate to crapping in thier pants on public transportation? I'm really ashamed because I pooped in my pants and everbody knew I did. Please tell your story; It will make me feel better. Thanks


school bus

one day when school was about to be over for the day i had to pee but i held it cause school was letting out and i had to catch the bus instead of being able to use the restroom, so then i walked to the bus and got on and went to near the back of the bus. I was waiting to get home and after a few stops i really had to pee and a spurt escaped into my pants then i crossed my legs to stop the pressure then after a few minutes another spurt of pee escaped so then i was thinking that i was gonna pee my pants and be emberressed but then i got a lil idea... i had a bottle with me then i got a cool idea and thought using the bottle was boring so i decided i was gonna piss on the seat in front of me, so i placed my backpack in front or like to the side of me so no one would notice then i unbuttoned my shorts and slowly unzipped my pants then i looked around to see if anyone was looking my way and i pulled out my penis and aimed it towards the seat...then i started to slowly pee on the seat and then after a few seconds the stream got more forcefully and fast, so pee was getting all over the seat and was trickling down to the floor and after about a minute my pee started to slow down to a trickle and peed a few spurts or so and then i was done. next i snuck my dick back into my pants and buttoned them then slowly zipped my pants back up then after i looked at the seat and there was like alot of piss on the seat and a small puddle i saw on the floor. then after a few more stops i got off at my stop and walked home


Questions about pooping for women

Just some quick questions for females, please answer with as much details as you can :)

# 1: Have you ever pooped before and not wiped? Explain.

# 2: Have you ever pooped before and not flushed the toilet? Explain.

# 3: Have you ever peed before and not wiped? Explain.

# 4: Have you ever peed before and not flushed the toilet? Explain.


Holding it in...

Hey all, Dan here.

So I'm at the computer and I have to take a huge dump. I can feel it begging to be released, and I have very small quick 'pop' type farts to kinda keep it at bay. To the bathroom I go....

Those expecting noisy farts and lots of plops will be disappointed. On my way there, I noticed my anus was moist. I sat down, and had to push minorly to get it started. A turd slowly crept out of my expanded hole for about 3 seconds, then broke off with a slight plip-plip, as I dropped a smaller chunk. I inspected before wiping. It was about 1-1.5" thick, and it looked like part of it was hidden inside the toilet hole, but what I could see was about 7". It was smooth, and solid. I only needed to wipe twice, but hung around as my bum had the feeling of 'hm...i stretched open....I might have a far tor another turd for you...' but nothing. Ahh...

And now for feedback.

Anne - welcome!

Tia W - your second poop 9of your latest story) sounded like a good one. i find those can be noisy and a bit smelly. Sounds you poop often!

Goldeneye - are your farts usually audible?

Alice - i worked at a movie theater for a bit, and all I can say is, don't. go in your popcorn when empty,or soda cup, but not the seat. I don't mind people using the restroom in other palces other than the toilet, but when others would be affected like that, not so fun. Imagine if you YOU sat in someone's piss-soaked seat. Good aidea, but an alternative perhaps?

Paula-poo - wow, you sound like a lovely looking woman! I look forward to more of yours posts. Yes, I'm very regular ;)

Leanne - like your stories like that. when you say 'bombs' do you mean big plops or farts? Sounds like a close call you had.

Maya - welcome to the board! Whoa, looking forard to more posts :)

That's it for now!



Stella. I've just spotted your post about holding for longer than you should. It is, I think, fair to say that more women - and men - do it than perhaps like to admit it. Like most things, I suspect holding's fine in moderation, although I wouldn't personally wish to take it to excess. I think it's true to say that the older we get, the harder holding on becomes. I'm a fortysomething (nearer 50 than 40) and I've recently discovered that if I wake in the night needing to pee, not an uncommon occurrence in men of my age, I've got to get to the toilet pretty quickly if my pyjamas are to stay dry. Occasionally a few small spurts have leaked into them but thus far I've managed to avoid a full scale wetting and hope that continues to be the case.

I'm an 'old timer' here who hasn't posted for a while but a couple of things I've spotted recently rekindled my interest.

Nicola. I've read and enjoyed all of your stories to date. I was particularly fascinated by your latest in which you ended up having a major accident because you'd not moved your bowels for 5 days and rather overdone it with the laxatives. It's a long time since I've been constipated for that length of time, but I know what it's like and it's jolly uncomfortable. However I'm inclined to take the view that laxatives, if used at all, should be used sparingly and only as a last resort. It's better to try and get things moving naturally with fruit and veg. I've found figs and prunes to be particularly helpful for getting things moving when I've been bunged up. Generally I find that nature sorts the problem out within a few days without any intervention being necessary. A fortnight ago I had a weekend away with my brother and his wife when we stayed at a B & B in the at a town in the north of England. Despite eating plenty, I just couldn't poo much at all during the entire weekend. No doubt a change of air, drinking different water and eating different food to normal all played their part. The small size of my en suite bathroom, which originally was probably a cupboard, didn't help either. However as soon as I got home I went on my own loo and, able to relax at last, had the most massive poo. Oh boy, it certainly felt great!

Anne. I liked your post and look forward to hearing some of your stories. As it happens I have a much loved Aunt Anne who's had a few near misses toilet wise over the years and because of it can claim some of the credit for my interest in bodily functions. Arising out of that I had quite an interesting exchange with an Anne who was a bus driver and who posted on here about ten or eleven years ago. If my memory serves me correctly our correspondence on here began around page 306 if you're interested in looking it up.


For Brandon T

Hey Brandon, glad you liked my posts! Another one from way back involves the spinach diet I was on, I tried all kinds of crazy diets when I was younger. Anyways, the idea of this diet was that you make five quarts of cooked spinach and that's all you are allowed to eat until it's all gone. You can eat as much as you like but you can have nothing but spinach. Anytime you're hungry, nothing but spinach. I used no laxatives because I thought what with the effect of all that fiber I wouldn't need them. I found out the hard way that too much fiber can also have a stopping up effect, like leaves clogging up a storm drain you might say.

So after about my third day I haven't had a BM so I took my laxative because I was getting scared at this point, but I was also happy because now I've finished all the spinach and I was feeling a few pounds lighter, my pants were looser so yay now I can go treat myself to a burger and small onion rings which I did. Hours later the laxative began to work and the spinach was ready to make it's exit with a vengeance.

Worst smelling thing ever! If you've ever driven past a factory where paper is made ... rotten cabbage soup. I got horrible belly cramps just before it came out, and it came in waves so that just when I thought I was finished another cramp would hit me and there would be another enormous movement. When all was said and done I looked in the bowl and it was just awful, the greenest BM I'd ever seen. There was so much stuff in the toilet that I had to use the plunger. Predominant color was green and of course there was brown. The best way I can describe it is melted chocolate ice cream mixed with algae. I felt great and I think the spinach diet had a detoxing and colon cleansing effect on me. This happened no less than two more times during the night. Cramp, BM, relief. I know this is gross but I knew it was finally over when I saw sesame seeds and tomato and pickle from that burger in the toilet, and it was less green.

Just a Guy: anwswer to your question about embarrassing dumps. See my posts about when I was in HS.
Loo-Dikrus, Aimee: I used outhouses in GS camp and in park preserves and down south and in the West Indies. They were fun to have a buddy with you or you made a friend from another scouting unit. See my earlier posts about my fellow scouts and the women that I shared an outhouse with. We have just about outlawed them in many places. I was a little girl and I used to share a nearby church outhouse with an older female cousin Marva. She lived down the road from my uncle's house. She was his daughter from an extra-marital affair. It was a poor community in the Caribbean that had no modern-day conveniences. We would take places in this outhouse with two seats, lift our dresses and make pee and sit and talk. It was always hot there. So, we wore just simple casual dresses with only a light colored panty or none. She was 3 years older than me. The last time I saw her I was 13 and she was 16. So, we were developing. She had a little hair on her pussy. I was just getting mine. So, we talked about it. My uncle had "indoor plumbing" so, I would take my #2 in his house. I liked to run around free with just a light-colored panty under my jumper or even no panty. One day, my cousin Marva and I were out and we stopped to use the local outhouse. So, we went in. We both had no underwear-at all, panty, bra, slip. We lifted our cotton dresses, put our skinny black half-young behinds on the cut-out holes and we let out our pees. Our short white cotton dresses were cut above the knees, so our hems were not too bunched up. In fact, we used to wear them as slips. Our hands were folded over our hairless girlhoods. We peed a good amount each. As we sat, Marva broke wind. It buzzed for a duration of time. Then, I broke wind. There was never any toilet paper in that place, except on church days. I said, "We'd be up the creek if we had to jobby in here with no toilet paper." Marva said, "Sometimes there is toilet paper. If have to do jobby, I bring my roll of toilet paper. School is great because the toilets flush. My jobbies are huge and loud. I make jobbie in the afternoon or mid-morning. Come to think of it, I have not jobby in 2 days. I will drink some salts tonight." The salts are a laxative. So, we just let down our dresses and left, not before we looked at each other's pubic hair or lack of it and our half-young breast nipples. I told Marva that my body felt funny and that my pussy was throbbing. She said, "Your body is changing." I felt sorry for Marva and her Mom, if they had to make #2. Well, they always carried toilet paper. Marva eventually moved to Canada for a better life.
In scout camp, there was a scout leader named Annie from another unit. She was 20, a blonde. One day I had to pee. I could not make #2 for 2 weeks because I did not eat the lousy food and I was constipated. I was11. We met up in the latrine. It was a 4 place outhouse. So we said "hi" to each other. She and I undid our green uniform short pants and web belts and slid them down with our panties to our knees. She was wearing an FOL white and green printed panty. I was wearing a white Carter's brief. As she was undoing her pants, she broke wind, "brap!" through her pants. She said, "I got gas. I have not moved my bowels since Sunday and it's Thursday." I told her, "I have not gone except to pee, either. I hate it here. I will be gone Sunday." We sat and let out our pees. She had a nice bush on her pussy. I told her. She looked me over and said, "You are getting there." We talked about what's it was like to be a adolescent girl. We agreed that when we got home our mothers would make us drink a fizzic to clean us out. For me, it was a brutal enema or Castoria, which I dreaded. Then we wiped ourselves with our legs opened, pulled up our panties, then our shorts, zipped them up and fixed our belts and went back to our activities. She was still breaking wind while her pants were still half-opened.

Janie: I took my kid cousins and other kids that I babysat to the toilet with me. They watched me pee and make #2. I was not ashamed. Boys and girls saw me. See my earliest posts. I had to. Otherwise, they would get into mischief. Although, some of the boys would spy on me. I did not care. I let them. I was like a big sis to them.

Just a girl...: Do not take a enema. Hot tea w/lemon will do the trick. I know people who depended on enemas and they had prolapsed colons. I used to have those nasty viruses when I was a little girl.

to Anon. girl
I was a teacher and we have such schools in my city and in quite a few others. I will not divulge their names and locations, however.

Just Jerika: How old are you, kid? I really feel for you. Can you go during gym class or study hall where you have more freedom and you're not rushed? That is how I did it. In elementary school, we had the freedom to go and not be bothered. In HS, they rush you in the public schools because you can only go during passing. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of the teachers and the school safety officers. They are are a bunch of heartless bastards. Your problems are compounded with constipation. Go visit a doctor and have a consultation with him. He might or she might prescribe Dulcolax which will really do the trick. I would just drink lots of water daily. In the morning, drink a cup of hot water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. That will loosen you better than the laxatvie which is brutal and it might frighten a kid like you with those nasty cramps. You may not need a laxative. Talk to a doctor. I think that the hot water and lemon trick will do the trick. I did not have bowel movements at school until 7th and 8th grade. Ninth grade was by chance, not by choice. By 10th grade, I had to one morning in gym and the rest was history. When I was in lower grades, I was afraid of the noise and the smell because my female classmates had noisy and smelly bowel movements.

Elissa: I was in 9th grade, a cheerleader and had to move my bowels. I was tutoring and reading to grammar school kids. I was alone in the hallway and could not hold it any longer and I ducked into a girls room, took a stall, lifted my black cheerleader skirt, pulled down my black nylon cheerleader panty and a white cotton Carter's panty underneath. I sat on the bowl with my underwear at my ankles with my knees together and my feet slightly apart. My bowels were loose pebbles that just poured out like diarreah. It was creamy and silent and lasted for more than 60 seconds. It was continuous like a faucet. I was glad because I was squriming and wiggling my legs and knees with my legs opening and closing in front of these kindergarten kids before and I did not want anyone to find me in the bathroom because I still had a complex about sitting on the toilet at school. I wiped myself from behind good, pulled up my underwear and flushed the bowl and returned to the kids. By 10th grade, I was moving my bowels during school session and gym.

Golden Eye: My father used to say, "Better to bear the shame, than to bear the pain," whenever he or I would break wind. I miss the old man for that. Rest in peace, daddy. I just installed a new toilet in my house that Daddy left me. He owned many houses and he never got to install it at his house because he was too sick. I will let you guys know how comfortable it is. I cannot sit on it for about 24 hours because the adhesive has to cure. So, I am using another in the house or I hover or squat to urinate. i moved into one of his buildings.

fred: The day that I wear a diaper is the day that I will shoot myself. I've seen adults in them and it breaks my heart.

Shane (female)
I was the same way until one day in 7th grade and I could not take it anymore. I had already wet myself the second day of school. By January, I could not hold a bowel movement any longer and I had to go. I was scared because of the smell and the noise, but I went through with it. I pushed out a lot. It was thick and muddy. I had another episode or two after that and I was fine. I just could not understand why anyone could move their bowels at school when I would do it at home, maybe at another home, church, park, movies, any public place. You will probably need a laxative like Dulcolax to clean you out. Be careful, it will sneak up on you. Take it and stay home or if you go to school, bring a note and quietly tell your teachers and the nurse so that you can be excused to use the toilet. When I taught, I had some girls and even boys who would confide in me with such a situation. I did not deny them. They could leave the classroom at anytime. They would bring notes or even tell me aloud that they had diarreah or they were on a laxative. I had to send home boys and girls who were really sick. They told me. "I am sick. I've got the runs" or "I have diarreah."

Nika: That happened to me. Read the above. The guys and girls in my class were supportive if me, even my mean teacher. I administer tests at schools. It is illegal to deny a child the use of a toilet. My story is is an earlier post.


In Responce to Claire N Survey

Claire Hi,
I have always followed your posts, Excellent responce to the survey.
Like you I always do my business at work, love to use the 2 public toilets in the town where I live, look forward to another account from you at work. One of my post's is 1975


About my friend's mother

When I was younger, I would sleep over at a friend's house quite often. The first time I stayed over, I woke up a good half hour before my friend and I really had to piss. I went out in the hall to their only bathroom and it was occupied, so I stood and waited. I began to notice a heavy shit smell seeping underneath the closed door, but I didn't think anything of it. A few minutes later, the toilet flushed and the bathroom door opened and my friend's mom came out. She saw me waiting and apologized for the smell. I went in and pissed, thoroughly enjoying the stink now that I knew it came from my friend's mom.

Every time I stayed over the sequence of events repeated itself, and sometimes I'd hear a loud fart or a sploonk, making the experience that much sweeter.


Latest update

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been really busy.
Leanne- great story about your desperate poo after your lecture!
Rachel- I enjoyed your latest story about you and your friend going for a poo during lunch break and about the loos on your girl guide trip. If you're away on a trip I know from my own experience you sometimes have to get used to some strange toilet arrangements. A while ago I posted about the trip to France I went on when I was 13- our dorm was supposed to have an ensuite bathroom, well actually all that meant was that a corner of the room was divided off from the main room to make the bathroom area. That would have been fine, but the dividing wall stopped about a foot below the ceiling, meaning what you did when you were on the loo could be clearly heard in the whole dorm!
Anyway, back to todays story. After school today I'd arranged to go round my friend Ellie's house to do some homework. As we were walking back I suddenly realised I was desperate for a wee to the point where I wasn't too far from wetting my knickers and I could feel I was starting to want a poo as well. I'd had such a full on day at school I just hadn't had time to use the loo since morning break. I hoped I'd be able to get on the toilet as soon as we got to Ellie's house but just at that moment Beth, Ellie's sister held her belly and said "I'm bursting for the loo, I needed to go in English but my teacher wouldn't let me." "I'm bursting too," I said. "Well fortunately I went at lunch," Ellie said, "So at least there won't be three of us trying to use the loo at once!" When we got to Ellie's house I realised I couldn't hold on too much longer and hoped Beth would let me go first. Although their house has got three toilets the one downstairs won't flush properly and apparently we're not meant to use the one in the main bathroom, so I knew we'd have to share the ensuite loo. As we were going upstairs the phone rang and Ellie answered, it was another of our friends from school asking about some homework so Ellie said she'd come up in a few minutes and Beth and I went upstairs. I panicked a bit as I felt a spurt of wee go into my knickers, luckily I was able to control it but I didn't know how long for. As Beth walked into her room she was already unzipping her skirt, she left it lying on the floor by her bed while she walked over to the bathroom. At that moment I felt some more wee escape and knew I was seconds away from totally flooding my knickers. "Beth, I'm really sorry but I'm literally just about to wet my pants, do you mind if I go first?" Beth paused at the bathroom door. "Is it just a wee or do you need a poo as well?" she asked.
"I can have a poo after you're done, I'm not too desperate for that at the moment," I said.
"OK, but be quick, I've been trying to hold my poo in for most of the afternoon!"
I quickly took off my skirt and tights, blushing as I saw that my pink knickers had a big wet patch. I pulled them down, sat and straight away my wee came flooding into the bowl.
"Wow, you really needed that," Beth said with wide eyes. I saw her looking at my rather damp underwear and felt myself go even redder as I said "Sorry, I just couldn't quite hold it."
"No worries, its happened to me enough times," said Beth. "When you're done you're welcome to borrow some clean pants, they're in the top drawer on the right."
"Thanks" I said as my stream came to a stop. I wiped and then pulled up my pants. Beth quickly dropped her white knickers and sat on the loo. She weed quickly and heavily before I heard a few farts, by now I was back in her room rummaging through her underwear drawer for some clean pants. I put some purple ones on and changed into the jeans and tee-shirt I'd brought. Beth called me back over, her voice sounding a bit strained. "Abbie, can you bring me my blue top on the back of the chair." I brought it in and saw that she was looking a bit flushed, she was clearly having to strain a bit. As she pushed she quickly took off her tie and school shirt and put on her top instead. I felt a bit less embarased when I saw that there were skidmarks in her pants. Shortly after I heard a volley of plops and a sigh of releaf. Beth took some toilet paper and wiped her bottom, by now my need for a poo was getting stronger so after she'd flushed I swapped places with her. I had to strain for a while too, as usual my poo was quite hard and wide but I got away without grunting which was just as well with Beth sitting next to me. I wiped my bum, pulled up my pants and jeans and we had just got back into the bedroom when Ellie came upstairs after finishing her phone call. "Actually I think I need a poo now" she said and started to take off her uniform. She walked over to the bathroom in her white bra and pink knickers and was soon sitting on the loo. Not long after I heard her farting and then seconds later there were some plops and splashes and a sigh of releaf. She quickly wiped her bottom and got dressed, meaning we were finally ready to start work after nearly half an hour!
Hope you liked this story, will post again soon, bye for now!

Max from Italy

Others commenting your poops

Today I was walking home with a friend, she was complaining that she needed a bathroom, so I had the idea to suggest her to go in the field near my house where I usually go when I poop outside. She doesn't know that I do it and I didn't tell her, I only suggested that there was this big field near the street and that she could do her business there if she was desperate.
She went in, unfortunately she didn't want company so I stayed at the start of the path that go inside the field waiting. After 5 minutes she returned and said "You know that I have seen a big turd in the bushes over there? I never imagined that someone can poop so near the street, risking that someone can see him". I started to think and then understood that she probably had seen one of my poops!

It was really exciting to know that a beautiful girl like her has seen my poop. After that we arrived at my home, I invited her in but she replied that she was too tired and prefer to go home, so I said bye bye to her. I was starting to climb the stairway to my apartment when I stopped and thought "5 minutes it's probably too much for only a pee, it's possible that she had pooped too?", so with this doubt I went back to the field and tried to search the zone where she went, and I found that I was right: near one of my turds there was a pile of fresh poop, and it was a big pile too! And there were no tissues or something similar so she didn't wiped herself, and probably that was the reason why she decided to return home.

But why she had to be so hypocritical blaming whose who poops outdoor when she does it too?

Nanny Turds

I'm a 15 year old boy and I walked in on my nanny taking a dump yesterday. It smelled awful. I started to leave but she asked me if I wanted to watch :D so I said yes of course. She told me I could come closer and that she didn't mind. She's 22 and has bright red hair btw. So she turned around on the seat and spread her butt cheeks so I could see it come out her anus. It was green! She squeezed out a few more and pulled up her panties without wiping (it made a squishing noise.) She said I could watch her any time and apologized about the smell. Then she left without flushing or washing her hands!

Sunday Pooping

Ooops! Forgot to post about my two poops from yesterday!
I hadn't gone in two days, so needless to say, my first poop yesterday was a big one! I did feel some pressure while I was surfing the web, so I decided it would be a good time to go poop. So off I headed to the bathroom. I peed first, and then a nice big log slithered out. I'd say it was 5 or 6 inches long. Might have been longer, but I never looked. It just felt like a long one when it was coming out. After that log was out, I still managed to push out 10 or so smaller logs! There wasn't much effort to push them out either. They all just slithered out on their own accord for the most part. The toilet was pretty full after all that poop was out of me, and the smell was horrible! After 15 minutes on the toilet, I was empty, so I wiped and flushed.

I was getting ready to have a bath when I felt the need to go RIGHT AWAY! I knew if I waited too long, a mess would occur! I quickly grabbed everything I needed for when I was done in the bath and made a beeline for the toilet. I sat down and I just exploded! Soft stuff splattered the bowl and I even felt a few chunks fly out of my butt! Luckily, I only had one wave of this diarrhea and I was done. I had to wipe quite a few times too. I felt much better after all that was out of me.

Stories from the past couple of months.

Hi all

I haven't posted in a while but here are some stories from the past couple of months.

Rachel, Abbie, Leanne, Emma, keep up the stories, they're great!

To the new guy who told a story about his girlfriend on the bus - it sounded like she was really bursting to have to do it on the bus, but I guess something like that makes you closer!

Speaking of the bus, here's a story I never knew the ending of. A few weeks ago I was on a bus going home, and there were two girls in their late teens opposite me. One girl was quite fidgety, and although she had her legs straight her ankles were crossing regularly. We got held up at some traffic lights and she said "Oh god how much longer?" to which the other girl said "Hey, should only be about 5 minutes now" - I realised she was bursting for the loo. Both girls were wearing student badges around their necks, so I'd assumed they had been at college all day and not got around to going. At the next stop, someone with a wheelchair wanted to get on, so the driver had to get the ramp out etc, the girl saw this and said that this always happens when you're in a hurry. Her friend comforted her, saying "When we get to the stop, I'll run ahead and open the door". There was more traffic and the poor girl looked in agony. They alighted at their stop and sprinted down a road and into a house. Unfortunately I never knew whether she made it or not!

I share my bathroom with one other room, where a young American student lives. Often I hear her walking down the corridor, opening her door, dropping her bags inside and heading straight for the loo. The other day, I heard determined footsteps walking up to the main door, and then a rummaging as if trying to find keys, with the sound of her hopping from one foot to the other - I realised she must be in urgent need of the loo. After a little while she got the door unlocked and then, slamming the door heavily behind her, made a beeline for the loo. From my room, I could her the click of the door, the lowering of trousers and pants, and then a very short time later an almighty PLOP and a loud sigh! A little while later two smaller plops followed, then a torrent of wee. She was obviously very desperate!

Earlier in the week I was in the local shopping centre and heading for the loos. It was almost closing time so there weren't many people about. The ladies' had a large 'out of order' notice on, and the gents a notice saying they were now unisex because of "essential maintenance work". For some reason these toilets never had any urinals, just three cubicles with sinks inside. The one on the left was out of order as well, and both of the working ones were in use so I waited. Very shortly two girls arrived, who I assumed were sisters - the older looked around 17, with long mousy brown hair, and had a denim dress and leggings on, the younger about 12 had jeans and a top. The older girl saw both cubicles in use and a queue and looked mortified "Ohh, there's a queue!". Just at that moment one of the people flushed, and I said "You go first, you look like you need it!" - "Oh thankyou so much, I'm bursting!" said the older girl. The second cubicle flushed as well, but nobody had come out - they were washing their hands, getting their things together etc. The poor girl was crossing her legs and bending her knees, poised to go into whichever cubicle opened first. As it happens both did, so we entered at roughly the same time, she slamming the door so hard the partition shook! Her leggings and pants came down with a snap and she landed on the toilet, and she had a very loud hissing wee and sighed deeply. Meanwhile I sat down, needing a number 2. After about 30 seconds her stream died down, so she pulled some paper off the dispenser and wiped. I noticed that she stood up to wipe and had her leggings, and a white thong at her ankles. The thong had a noticable damp patch, so she must have been in absolute desperation and leaking when she got to the toilet. She washed her hands then left the cubicle, said "Shall I wait for you?" to her sister, who said that she might be a while and she'd catch up with her. The older girl left and the younger girl locked the door, then seemed to hang up her shopping bag before unbuckling her jeans and pulling them right down, and her pink knickers. She had a short tinkling wee, then there was silence, so I assumed she needed to poo. Aptly at this point I dropped the first load with a satisfying >plop<. I felt mostly empty, but wanted to sit for a while to see if any more would come. The girl farted, then I heard a slow crackling as she pushed a poo slowly out. After a while she sighed and pushed again, after a short while there was a splash as it landed. She sat for a minute or so then a second smaller plop signalled the next bit. Then there was another pause and a series of short runny-sounding plops as she unloaded. This was all ended off by another tinkle of wee. All done, she flushed the loo before starting to wipe. She wiped a few times but then I heard the unmistakable sound of the last bit coming off the roll! I sat and wondered if she'd say anything - I've heard people ask for paper a few times before - but I guess she was too shy, and I didn't want to offer it. She sat for a while, presumably thinking about what she should do, before pulling her knickers and trousers up, flushing and leaving. Given the amount she did, and it sounded runny, she can't have been properly clean, so I guess she had to wait until she went home to clean up properly. I guess it would have been worse if she had a thong on like her sister though - do any girls find thongs get dirty more easily? I think they look awful and much prefer the look of normal pants on a girl anyway!



Another satisfying crap

I went to the large Pick N Save grocery store early this morning after eating breakfast at McDonalds.I was walking down the aisles when I got that huge urge to take a good healthy crap.I walked to the food court part of the store as the restrooms are located there.When I walked in the ladies room I noticed that they just cleaned it and it smelled good,I knew I was about to change that good smell.
There are two stalls I took one and pulled down my jeans and panty girdle and sat my ???? bubble butt on the seat when another lady walked in and took the other stall. We both peed at the same time and there was a brief silence, this room was so quiet you can hear a pin drop.
I relaxed and my anus puckered up nicely and let out a nice long hissing fart which was then interupted by the snap,crackle,pop of my long snaking soft serve poop which was coiling nicely into the water below. It felt like rope coming out of my butt. I couldn't resist saying a gentle "Mmmmmmmm" as my stimulating coil ended.The aroma got very strong,so strong that it could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon.
At this time, the lady in the next stall commented under her breath "Whew!Bet that felt good". I said "Ohhh Yeah". She grunted and strained a little as she was pushing out what sounded like a nuggety poop with several plop,plop,plop,plop,plops as she was making Milk Duds in the toilet.
Now was my time to wipe and I know it is going to be very messy. I stood up halfway to look down at my creation and it was a very large coiling pile that looked like a good three feet of light brown crap. I wiped four times scooping out wads of crap out of my large crack. I flushed and then had to wipe another four times to get clean.
I exited the stall to wash my hands and the other lady only had to wipe twice since her poop was so hard and nuggety. She came out to join in washing hands at the sink and we both smiled at each other and said "have a nice" day to each other. She was a very good looking lady with dark hair,in her 30s, with an absolutely gorgeous looking butt that men would certainly stare at.I recognized her as the lady who usually opens the food court each day at the store. We both walked out of the restroom which I had left stinking to high heaven and felt very good to take on the new day.
Have a great day everyone.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hi everyone. Here are my answers to a recent survey.

How do I poop? (I normally poop at least twice a day. Normally I have to
go when I get to work, I guess its my hot cup of morning
tea that gets me going. Then I often have to poop again
in the afternoon.)
Where do i poop? (Strangely its almost always at work or when I am in
shopping. So I often use public toilets or super
market and store toilets.)
Do I go with my
friends? (I have answered this in previous letters. I always
prefer to have someone with me, next cubicle, both of us
talking and chatting. At home my son often joins me in
the morning, if I have to go to the toilet, we chat on
the day ahead etc. I have always been brought up by mum
to take going to the toilet as perfectly natural.)
How do I sit? I like to sit always, not hover, but have my thihgs on
the seat. Sometimes, when I am constipated, I will get
off the toilet and squat right down, japanese style,
it is by far the easiest position when I have difficulty.
Noises? I grunt hard when I have to push, but mostly its a sigh
of releif when I can feel my poop slipping out of my
Toilet paper? I always wipe my bum front to back. I like to clean
my anus thoroughly so once or twice, depending how messy
my anus is, I ball the paper and push it into my rectum.
I have used a tampon or cotton bud when I have been
really dirty. This is mostly if I have pooped in my
panties and made my bum very, very dirty.
Worst place? I never bother about the ste of the toilets I use. The
hoary old chestnut about getting a venereal disease
from the toilet seat etc. has long been laid to rest.
I just find any place to avoid messing my panties and
then squat down and do it.)


I am (17 years old) a reader for a long time but never wrote until now. After reading Story Teller (2130) I had to tell about my Mum. I had seen Mum in the bathroom as I grew up but then when I got to be about 9 years old she started to ask me to wait outside if I needed to use the bathroom. That was the rule until one day I came home from school early and I wanted to go to the bathroom urgently, I ran upstairs and opened the bathroom door and Mum was on the toilet. It was so long since I had last seen her with her panties down like that. She had her panties right down and was sitting forward with her arms across her knees. She sat up shocked and told me to wait outside. I apologised from outside the bathroom door and Mum said she wasn't angry that it was her fault for not bolting the door. I told her I was pooping my pantis I wanted to go so badly and I begged her to hurry up before I did it in my pants. Mum told me to come in and to go in the bath as she would be sitting down for a while yet. I had never done anything like that but I was desperate so i took my trousers and pants and shoes off and stepped into the bath. I squatted down and my poop fizzled and plopped to the bath at the same time Mum was bent over again and now I heard her pooping with a lot of sighs and her poop was plopping into the toilet so quick in short flurries. Mum asked me how long I was going to be, she spoke without looking at me, and I (lied, cause I wanted to stay in the bathroom) I told her I had a bad ????. This made Mum giggle a bit as she saif she had a bad ???? too. I know it sounds crazy but as we both pooped we started to talk like it was natural to be in the bathroom together. I was hoping Mum would finish soon as I had but I wanted so much to see her wiping her bum. I was so lucky cause a few minutes later Mum was tearing paper from the toilet roll, I watched as she wiped first by dipping the paper between her thighs and wiping that way, each time she lifted the paper back to examine it before dropping it into the pan. After three wipes like that Mum lifted her bum off the toilet and wiped from the side, sliding the paper away from her cunny. She did this three times and then I saw her point a piece of paper and squatting a little she worked the pointed paper into her anus, finally she wiped her cunny, then she pulled her panties and jeans up. Then, for the first time she turned and looked at me and asked if I was alright. When I said yes she remined me that I would have to clean the bath after I had finished. Since that day, I am 17 now if I have been in the bathroom and Mum needed to go she would just explain to me that she had to poop or pee and then take her panties down. I know that since that early day I told you about we have been a lot closer, more loving.

I wonder if any young kids have had experiences like that.

I was barely sitting down when I heard a voice from the other stall saying,"Hi, how are you?" I'm not the type to start a conversation in the Ladies restroom but I don't know what got into me, so I answered, somewhat embarrassed,"Doin' just fine!" And the other girl says," So what are you up to?" What kind of question is that? At that point, I'm thinking this is too bizarre so I say," Uhhh, I'm like you, just traveling!" At this point I am just trying to get out as fast as I can when I hear another question. "Can I come over?" Ok, this question is just too weird for me but I figured I could just be polite and end the conversation. I tell her, "No.....I'm a little busy right now!!!" Then I hear the girl say nervously..."Listen.I'll have to call you back. There's an idiot in the other stall who keeps answering all my questions!!!"

Claire N

Answers to Amanda's Survey

This is an excellent survey and I have enjoyed reading the answers which have been interesting. These are mine, shining a light on my toilet habits/routine.

1. How do you poop (secretly, scheduled whenever you feel, it when you are in a certain place etc.)
I poo every morning. It is rarely when I get up, unless the urge is very strong. I usually wait until the urge is stronger which means using public facilities most of the time. I have no hang ups about this and like going outside the house, or in somebody elses. I have got into a routine of doing my busineess as soon as I arrive in work and before anyone sees me. I will use this as the opportunity to put on make up - sat on the toilet. I have more than one favourite cubicle. At home I let my hubby watch. He enjoys it and that is great with me. I nice not to have any inhibitions about making a noise and smell.

2. Do you poop in one location or wherever you are when you feel it.
Question 1 more or less answers this. I am happy to poo where ever I am and when ever I feel like, within reason. Making myself feel comfortable is the overriding factor. I am not one to hold it.

3. Do you bring friends with you or wait until friends have to go and then go with them (peeing and pooping).
I do not seek company, answer to question 1 excepted, but don't mind if anyone comes to the ladies with me. Another exception concerns pooping out doors. I live near woodland and this is something I enjoy in the warmer months. I will squat behind bushes with my hubby or a girl friend for a combined poo. I will sometimes go on my own.

4. What position do you poo Sitting. How else? Please be more specific.
I sit on the toilet and squat otherwise, for a wee or poo.

5. Do you grunt, pull on your stomach, stick your fingers up your butt or anything else to help get the poo flowing?
None of these, thankfully.

6. What do you do with the toilet paper, ball it up, fold it so it's like a thick napkin of cushybess, wipe one piece at a time etc.
I ball it up for the first two or three wipes and am careful to avoid spreading poo around. Following that I fold it up to give my hole a better clean, pressing my finger in.

7. Where is the grossest place you've gone (quality).
No where in particular springs to mind, but many public toilets have left quite a bit to be desired. Making myself comfortable overrides the quality of the toilet. I will wee anywhere, but if a toilet has no paper or is very, very gross I will put off having a poo unless really desperate.

8. Where is the grossest place you've gone (grossing you out because you shower there, eat there, sleep there or something to that degree)
Many years ago I used to go to an otherwise good club where the toilets were filthy and stinking. Never had a poo there, but after plenty to drink there was not much choice about having a wee.

10. What is your worst expierience when going to the bathroom (inside or out of the bathrooms).
It would have to be on a station platform when the train driver saw me weeing and would not let me on the train. The toilet was locked and I was desperate. I posted about this on page 1795. The friend with me was the one I poo outside with. This started it off the woods routine.

My First Post (On The Bus With My Girl)

Hi everyone, im 16yo from Liverpool, England. I've been with my girl, Faye, for about 5 months now. The other week I was going to meet her sister for the first time who lives in Preston (about 30-40 miles away)so we went together there by bus and sat at the back so we can have a bit of kissing hehe.

After being on the bus for about half an hour, Faye started to sweat a little bit so i asked her if she was ok. Faye said quietly "sorry baby, I need a poo, im a bit desperate" I told her not to worry and I comforted her.

She started to sweat a bit more and was holding her stomach and because we was nearly in Southport (a town between Liverpool and Preston), I asked her if she wanted to get off and find a toilet but Faye said "its ok I think I can hold it" so I put on my iPod on so we can pass time.

About half an hour later, Faye was holding her arse cheek and was holding my hand tight. She said "I need to get off" but we was on the motorway so she couldn't get off. I felt really sorry for her in a way, she was starting to cry. She said I can't hold it no more im gonna have to poo on the bus. I said fine because there was only a few people on the bus and I found a newspaper on the seat next to me so I gave it to her. I hepled her lay out the newspaper on the floor in front of her seat and I took a piece out for wiping. So he pulled up her goregous red dress and pulled down her stockings and underwear ( I got concerned about the stockings because they only we up to her thigh...hmmmm), so she squatted on the paper she was pushing and had a loud grunt I quickly put my hand over her mouth in case anyone heard it. After 5 minutes of that she looked so relieved and happy. We just put her shit (about 5 logs) under more newspaper and I said I would put in my bag for now, but I secretly put it in hers.

I have no idea why I helped her, I guess its because im in love with Faye.

Btw, her sister is a bit of a bitch and the reason why Faye was wearing the stockings was what I had in mind, so now you could say I have become a man.

Bye everyone

Courtney- Sounds like you have fun with your friend, I'd like to hear more about that. I'm not sure about your problem. Maybe you got a bladder infection from pooping your pants? I've actually heard of that. Just guessing though.

Alice- I've thought about doing that in a movie theatre before but not very seriously. I hope you find the courage to do it, it sounds fun! I think I'd be too scared and probably feel bad for doing it too.

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