My Thursday Dumps

Managed to take two dumps on Thursday. Normally I go once in the morning before I go to work, but maybe being on vacation this week has thrown off my schedule. Anyway, in the morning I went and produced a nice, thick turd that crawled up out of the hole and curved to the right, like a backwards J. Then in the evening, I went back in and dropped an even more impressive log, stretching straight up from the hole and coming to rest just over the surface of the water.

Twice in one day is rare for me. Must be why I didn't crap at all on Friday.

Ashley - Thanks for your kind words. Sounds like you and Barron had a great time. Sounds like you had a nice dump at the restaurant. Hope to see more of your stories.


Ever wet your pants in public and then have car trouble?

I was wondering. Has anyone ever wet their pants in public, then gotten in their car to drive home and the car wouldn't start? Or be driving down the road wearing wet pants and have a serious malfunction that requires pulling over and calling a tow truck? How did you or would you handle such a situation? Would you call someone to pick you up and take you home to change and then take you back to your disabled car? Wrap something around you and hope the tow truck driver doesn't notice? Not give a shit if the tow truck driver sees you in wet pants and hope that he will let you ride in his truck in wet pants? Or do you carry spare pants and underwear just in case? If so, what if you were not within walking distance of a public bathroom to go change in? Maybe you could bring along a thick dark blanket so you could get in the backseat, put the blanket over you, and change under the cover of the blanket (of course having a bag to put your wet pants in)? Has such a situation ever happened to anyone here and if so, how did you handle it? I have wanted to wet my pants in public, but have never dared to for many reasons, one of which is the possibility of car trouble while wearing wet pants.

Just a guy
Kelly - another great story. Of course, it would have been nice to have been able to take that dump without anyone noticing it was you. I always take a dump in the morning and I've been in situation where I'm taking the elevator in the morning and I could really use a fart to relieve some pressure but can't because of someone else's presence. Sometimes I'm on an empty elevator and do one let one go and if it smells I worry about someone having to get on the elevator as I get off and attributing the smell to me.

Tia W - enjoy your stories. Sorry that you often get constipated though -that's not fun. Sounds like at least one of one your dumps was pretty good though.

Rachel - your stories have been great. I can especially relate to your story the other day. I go at least twice a day (once in the morning and once sometime after dinner) and growing up I was often in the situation you are with your sister as my brother or I both needed the toilet after dinner and had to wait for one another.

Leanne - your stories are always great. I'm glad that both you and the other girl waiting made it to the toilet in time. It sounds like you both had very relieving dumps!

Hello! My name is Anne. I've been reading this site for awhile, and have decided that I should start posting stories of my own! My name is Anne and I've yet to graduate high school. I love reading stories from Shane (female), Emma, and Abbie. I'm interested in constipation stories and stories about going number 2 at school (I've had quite a few myself) I'm going to try to post as often as I can but I'm going to start with some comments:

Emma: your stories always some of my favorites

Shane (female): Have you had your appointment yet? I'm eager to hear how that went

Well that's it for now

Tia W
While on my period, my poops will be one of two types-hard to pass and constipation like or soft and loose. It will usually alternate between the two for the length of my period. Here are my first two poops of my period.

I was walking home from work today when I felt some pressure and some rumblings in my stomach. I knew I was in for a nice soft poop. Once I get home, I head straight to the bathroom. As soon as I sat down, a nice big poop slithered out of my butt. It was about 6 inches long and stuck out of the hole. This was followed by 2 more pieces both about 3-4 inches long. I felt pretty empty after that, so I wiped and flushed.

Second poop of the day was in the evening at around 8. It was pretty loose. Not quite diarrhea, but almost. It came out in a few loose chunks and there was a little bit of gas/poop combos. After I few minutes on the toilet, I felt better, so I wiped and flushed.


Fart Story

Well today I finally passed gas in the library. I was in a quiet section doing research. No one hardly is ever there. It was just me and this guy who was clear across the otherside. I got the urge to fart so I held it in at first. Thirty minutes later, the urge got stronger. I decided that I could not hold it and I farted an audible but short fart. The stench was pretty pronounced. The guy could not hear me when I farted and I know this because he didn't even move when or look around when I did it. I must admit that it felt good to fart in public. Should do it more often! :p



Ive been known for sleep walking ever since I could remember, im now 20 and living with my boyfriend. A couple weeks ago I must have been in a deep sleep and needed to go to the toilet, I just happened to imagine walking to the toilet and taking a crap.... When realy I was still in bed and shit myself! And not on just myself. Ahhh shame.

Story Teller
Amongst my best memories are the times at home when our mom would allow company while she was doing her business. Sometimes she would leave the door open or just let one of us go in and sit on the edge of the tub. It was fun memories, sitting on the edge of the tub and she would smile and talk to us and we could here the splashing of her poop in the water. Those instances probably perked my interest the most. There were some other instances too when she didn't openly invite us in. If she sat down for a long dump and the house phone rang, she called one of us to bring it to her. Though the task was usually shared, I took it more often as my interest grew. I'd take the phone in and hand it to her and stand there innocently while she talked. The whole time she was talking there wasn't any sound. Though once of twice I recall she would put her hand over the bottem of the phone and quickly push one out. I remembe two interesting times.

The first, she finished her business and tucked the phone in her shoulder while she wiped. She pulled her pants up and stood up without flushing and closed the lid and then flushed. I caught a very brief glimpse of a turd in the water.

Another time, the phone rang as she was wiping. She stood up and flushed as she walked out. My sister and me giggled as we watched three large logs swirl around before going down.

That's all for now, I will have more stories later.

Desperate to poop

3 smelly dumps

I had some rather smelly dumps yesterday, Been out for a few beers and stayed on my boat, when I left I forgot I didn't have my boat keys (only my partner) and I needed to use the toilet at the Marina for a stinky dump. Couldn't get back and didn't want to wake my partner who was off for the day, so I went to the public toilet I knew about, only to find it was shut (open at weekends only). Damn it I thought, I had no option but to continue on. I took a slightly different but not much longer route to work as I could pass by another place and use a public toilet there. I just managed to make it and into a stall to have some hot runny pooh! It was all over in about 3-4 minutes and I went on way

Later on I had to go again and I went to the disabled toilet downstairs in the office. God I feel sorry for whoever went in afterwards as it absolutely stunk after I had finished destroying it.

Finally in the evening I went to do some late night shopping and I was hit with a severe urge to destroy yet another toilet with loud hot dirreaoh. Unfortunately this time there was only 2 toilets (1 out of order) and I had to wait in a queue of 2 people. It was a struggle but thankfully after 6 minutes I got in and was able to relieve myself (in more ways than one!)

Another stinky shit again, but the toilet was already pretty pungent from the previous owner


First post

Hey everyone,
I followed this page for a week or so and now I want to post something. First abou myself, I'm Marie 15 and from Germany. I don't understand all posts but I find it cool. Today in school I went two times to the toilets. First was befor school started I went straight to the toilets, because I hand't much time in the morning at home. All stalls were empty so I decided one of my favorites, the third last in a row of 15 stalls. I went in closed the door and pulled pants and underwear down, it was clean so i sat down and peed. In my last breake I had a big urge to poop, but in the breake there are many girls in the restrooms and I nearly waited the half of the breake for an empty stall. I went in and pulled my pants emedetly down, I even didn't must really push.
I hope you liked it
Why are there so many girls who poop only once in a week here, I find it strange, I do it normaly every day

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Alice as always another great story it sounds like you had fun peeing yourself and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kelly as always another great story it sounds like your roomate and you have an interesting time her having it at night and then it hitting you the next day and from the sound of it that was a good idea to hold that fart in other wise you probaly would have had a big mess to clean up and I bet you guys wont be eatting that again and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Katiepie great story it sounds like that toilet can hadle big loads but at least you and your friend were able to get it to go down and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Ciara as always another great story and it sounds like your roomate can probaly win a farting contest with farts like those and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Paula-Poo first welcome to the site and great story about that big poop you took and also hearing that other woman poop as well and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Tia W as always another great couple of stories it sounds like you still having trouble pooping I hope you get back to regualr soon and also it sounds like you took a really good dump and I bet you felt great after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Courtney first welcome to the site and great story its to bad you and your friend Erika drifted apart but it seems you have made a great new friend and you both enjoy going in your pants and it sounds like you will have some great stories to tell which I look forward to reading and maybe you can tell your friend about this site maybe she would like to post here to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jacquline I bet you felt great after that big dump and please post more stories thanks.

To: Stella first welcome to the site and I look forward to any stories you have thanks.

To: Leane as always another great story it sounds like you both really had to go and it was lucky that other stall opened up so that other could go and I bet you both felt great and very lucky you made it an as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen great story it sounds like that was a unpredictable but also fun at the same time and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Ashley as always another great set of stories it sounds like you had some interesting time hearing that girl having a nasty poop and you having your own as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks and god bless.

To: Rachel as always another grewat story and it sounds like you had an iteresting time pooping wise at least you made it to a toilet always and didnt have an acccindent and also hearing your friend poop as well and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Maya great story about you watching your girlfriend Lorena pooping and have you guys tried buddy dumping it might bring you both closer together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Zoe thats the thing about farts you cant always trust them and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Jason (different from Jas)

Tales from the school toilet Pt. 1

Hey all, how's everyone's poop so far? I'm actually the type of person who doesn't go everyday, but when i go i create really big logs. its not really constipation, cos i eat lotsa vege too.

During my free period yesterday, I decided to lurk in the boy's toilet by the labs. This toilet is kinda the 'popular toilet' cos people mainly come here (its one of the cleaner ones too.) So after the bell rang, I hid the middle stall ( there are 3 stalls, a large urinal and 4 sinks) and took of my pants so not to attract suspicion.

About 5 minutes after I waited in the stall, someone came into the bathroom. He was shuffling slowly and moaning a bit. After locking himself in the first stall, he farted while taking down his pants then once he sat down he let out all loose poop. The partitions are a bit higher than usual so i saw his white underpants and a small brown stain. after 5 min or so he seemed to be done (he sighed while peeing) then started to wipe. By then he noticed the brown patch so he tried to rub it off with the tp. He flushed then left without washing hands :(. Right after that 3 guys from the senior year came in. 2 of them went to the urinal and the 3rd one went to the 1st stall. He unzipped and sat down. There was this long hissing fart along with long pee. One of the guys at the urinal was like "Dude I thought you just needed to pee!" The guy in the stall was like "Yeah, I just had to fart." He zips and leaves without flushing. The other 2 leave as well. About that time my bowels decide since its at the toilet its time to unload. I wanted to hold it in but the bathroom door suddenly burst open loudly with a crash, I suddenlty let go and dropped a large turd "KA-PLUSH". The few guys came in from PE. Most of them were at the sinks washing up and 1 came to the stall to pee. I let go a stinky fart and the boys were like "dude, that guy in that stall is taking a ******** shit!" They left quickly except for a few who were finishing washing up. There was one guy standing outside the first stall. I guess he had to go but didn't want his friends to know it. The other guys left eventually, and the boy went in quickly. There was this huge sigh, but then he started to groan cos he couldn't take off his pants. He started to moan somemore, then he coughed and semi-squatted and exploded. A lot of stinky farts and the diarrhea started to leak down his legs (slightly gross but i have experienced it). By that time his massive fumbling stopped, then he sat down on the bowl and started to cry. I in the next stall (just dropped a turd) knocked on the partition and asked if he was ok. He stopped crying a bit and said no, and asked whether i had seen the whole drama. I said i didn't really, but then we started to talk a bit. He was blaming the medicine he took for his cough, giving him the side effects and all. I was now sitting on the floor so i saw his face and he saw mine. His name was Terence from 9th grade. I rummaged in bag and produced a bag of wet wipes and a disposable underwear along with my PE pants. I told him to get changed and all then he can return the favor another day. He was in tears again (happy tears) and was thanking me over and over again. End of PT 1

Canadian Kelly

Canadian Thanksgiving: Diarrhea and a super heavy period

Hi everyone. It has been a long time since my last post. In fact, I think it has been over a year since I last posted. The last accident with diarrhea happened in July of 2010 when I was at work. I was standing at the printer and I had this really sharp cramp and started pooping my pants with really wet diarrhea. It was awful. I had to go home early that day to get myself cleaned up.

Anyway, for most of my post-pubescent life, my periods have been really heavy. I mean, I will go through an Always Maximum Protection pad in the matter of an hour or so on my heaviest days. However, as of this year, 2011, my periods have lightened up considerably. I still use a Maximum Protection pad on my heavy days, but on my lighter days, I have been able to downgrade to an Always Super or an Always Regular pad. It's nice because now I don't feel like I am wearing a diaper for the entire week I am on my period.

This all changed in October when my husband Scott and I went back home to Ontario for Thanksgiving. We took pretty much a week off and left on Wednesday the 5th and went home on Tuesday the 11th. We first went to Scott's parent's house in Kingston and got there late on Wednesday night. We then went to my parent's in Fergus, which is near Guelph on Friday evening.

Things were going well up until Saturday the 8th of October. We went into Guelph to visit my brother, Steven and his wife Dre (short for Andrea), and their three kids who are all under five. We went to Swiss Chalet for lunch and then went back to their house. My parents were coming out for dinner later that afternoon, so this gave us the day together. When we got back to Steven and Dre's house, Dre and I took the kids for a walk to the park.

The walk to and from the park was about 20 minutes. As we were walking to the park, I started getting cramps, but I thought that they were just PMS type of cramps. I said something about it to Dre and she asked if I was getting my period. I told her that it was and that I was expecting it to start on Monday. The kids played around at the playground for about a half an hour. At one point, the cramps got really bad and I then realized it wasn't PMS cramps. A sharp cramp ripped through my bowels and a wet fart splattered into my white bikini panties before I could get my butt cheeks clenched. I asked Dre if there were washrooms anywhere nearby and she said no. I told her that I needed to get to a toilet so she got the kids together and we left.

As we were walking, the cramps continued and I started pooping my panties uncontrollably with really wet diarrhea. Right when the first explosion was happening, I whimpered, "Oh god!" Dre asked, "Kel, what is is?" I said, "It's not my period." She said, "What do you mean?" I said, "I have the runs. I just pooped my pants." She said, "Oh Kelly! I am so sorry. Did you bring any clothes to change into?" I said, "No, I left everything at my parents. I wasn't expecting this to happen." She said, "Its okay. We can get you cleaned up at our place. I will give you some clean clothes to change into." I told her thanks as I continued to let our diarrhea into my panties and jeans as we walked.

By the time we got back to their place, I was a complete mess. The diarrhea that I had was so runny and wet that it looked like I had sat in something wet. We went directly upstairs to their washroom while the guys got the kids sorted out with snacks. Scott asked if everything was okay and I told him that I had gotten really sick in my pants.

The mess in my pants was overwhelming. The mess had leaked out of the leg holes of my once white panties and had gone down the backs of my legs. Like I said, it looked like I had sat in something really wet. Dre brought in a clean pair of flowery bikini panties and a clean pair of jeans for me to wear. She said, "The panties are stained, but they are clean. I messed myself one time in them. It was horrible, so I know how you feel right now… Oh! And don't worry if you mess these ones up." I said thanks and then turned on their shower, let it warm up and peeled off my panties and jeans. I balled them up and placed them in the sink once the shower was warm. Once I was cleaned up, I put my soiled clothes into a shopping bag to wash at my parent's house.

I ended up getting my period on Monday, Thanksgiving Day and it was heavier than it had been in several months. I didn't have any leaks or anymore diarrhea, so that was good.

We left very early on Tuesday morning from Pearson International Airport in Toronto. We checked our bags and I made sure to have a full stock of pads in my purse. In retrospect, I shouldn't have worn light coloured jeans, but they were the most comfortable pants I had brought with me.

The flight took off and about 30 minutes in, I felt like I needed to change my pad. I got up from my aisle seat, opened the over head bin where I put my purse when Scott said to me in a quite, yet urgent voice, "Kelly, sit down!" I said, "What? Why?" He said, "Just sit down, NOW!" So I grabbed my purse and sat back in my seat. I looked at him, concerned and said, "What is it?" He said, "Do you have anything, pants and whatever, to change into?" I said, "No, why?" He said, "Well, uhh… You've leaked." I could feel my face turn white. I said, "What?" Then I looked down between my legs and sure enough, my pad leaked. I had bled through the crotch and right bum area of my pants. I was so embarrassed. I was wearing a sweater, so I took it off and tied it around my waist.

Then, as luck would have it, we hit some turbulence and the seatbelt sign went on. It must have been from nerves or something, because right then my bowels turned to water and I needed to go diarrhea really badly. The turbulence worsened and I started pooping my panties and on my pad in my seat. Finally the turbulence stopped and after a few minutes the seatbelt sight was turned off. I got up and headed to the washrooms to get myself sorted out. Of course, I had to wait in a line for a few minutes, but I was still having the runs and letting it out into my pad and panties.

I finally got into one of the washrooms. I took off my sweater to assess the damage of my pants in the mirror. The leak from my period was bad. But not only did I bleed through my pants, I pooped in them as well. I pulled down my jeans and panties and sat on the toilet. I had bled over both wings of the Maximum Protection Ultra Thin that I was wearing. Also, the diarrhea had leaked onto my jeans as well. Cleaning up took forever and at one point a flight attendant knocked on the door and asked if I was alright. I said. "Yes, I'm fine. I'll be out soon." Finally when I felt clean enough, I pulled my panties and jeans back up, with a fresh pad of course. I tied my sweater around my waist again, washed my hands and went back to my seat. Scott asked if I was okay and I said that I was. Emotionally I wasn't though. I had to change my pad two more times on our four hour flight back home.

The rest of that day was, luckily, uneventful.

Thanks for reading.

Canadian Kelly


Shy pooper

I hate having to poo in a public toilet or anywhere but my own home really. If I'm desperate I'll use a public toilet but I have to be very desperate to do that. I never go at work as I try to go before I leave the house but there have been times when haven't been able to go at that time and had leave for work without emptying my bowels. When I do need to go I have to hold it because we only have one toilet and everyone would know I was having a poo. When that happens I get constipated and have a hard time getting it all out and have to use a laxative. I had an embarrassing experience at work today. I'd been constipated for three days and just before I went to work I took some exlax to get things moving. I thought I'd be ok untill I got home but it worked a bit quicker than I expected and by three o'clock I was getting desperate. I really didn't want to go at work but we don't finish untill five and I was worried I wouldn't make it home in time. I was about to swallow my pride and head to the toilet but we all got called to a meeting and I didn't get the chance to go. I had to work hard to keep it all in and the meeting went on untill seven o'clock at night. I was seriously desperate by then and my stomach hurt from holding it so long. I rushed to the toilet holding my bum which was embarrassing and made it to the toilet ready for some urgently needed relief. There was only one thing standing between me and the toilet now. And that was the man cleaning the ladies. The door was propped open as he was mopping the floor and he wouldn't let me in untill he was finished. I was in real trouble now but I couldn't argue with him as I didn't want him to know I was desperate. I got into my car and drove off praying I could hold it untill I got home but it didn't seam to promising. Every set of traffic lights were red and I got so desperate I had to stop at a pub to use thier toilet. The pub was full of men and as I ran towards the ladies I heard someone saying, "Blimy she looks desperate!" I was mortified but I had to use it or I would have loaded my pants. When I got into the ladies there were three cubicles and they were so clean they sparkled. I took the one furthest from the door as I felt it was more private and locked the door. I ripped my trousers and pants down and sat on the seat. The second my bum made contact with the seat I had a torrent of semi solid poo for about thirty seconds. I had a long pee at the same time and the relief was absolute heaven. When it stopped I looked at my creation and couldn't believe the mess I made in this once prestine toilet. I wiped and flushed before washing my hands and quickly left the pub. I'm sure everyone knew I'd had a massive poo but it was better than doing it in my pants.


Desperate laxative poo

This is quite a long story as it spans the last 5 days, so bear with me.
My last poo was on Sunday and by Wednesday I needed to go quite badly. I went to work and spent most of the day clenching while the pressure in my bowels grew at a steady rate. By the time I got home I was realy desperate had knew it was going to be a toilet clogger. It was too dark to go in the woods and I didn't want to block my toilet so I held it. After a couple of hours the urge went away and I went to bed at about 11 O'clock. When I woke on Thursday morning I had a desperate urge to poo and I got out of bed and had to clench hard against the pressure that threatened to force my anus open. I hadn't been for 4 days now so I knew this monster poo would block the toilet so I went downstairs and got a bucket from under the kitchen sink. I didn't want to have a poo in my kitchen so I took the bucket up to the bathroom and pulled my knickers down and squatted over it. I relaxed and was expecting to have a large relieving bowel movement but there was nothing. I pushed but still nothing, so I pushed harder. Still nothing. I bore down with all my strength but only managed to get a few pebbles out. I was so frustrated and so badly needed to empty my bowels. I hardly ever get constipated and this was one of those unfortunate days when my bowels decided to shut down. I felt litteraly full of poo but couldn't get anything to come out. I got ready for work and spent the whole day feeling bloated and uncomfortable. By the time I finished work I felt sick because of all the poo that was filling my insides up. I had to do something about this awful constipation so I took a laxative. By Friday morning I still hadn't been so I took some more laxatives. I went to work and felt so rough I nearly went home sick but I stayed at work. I tried to go at lunch time and managed to get about 3 inches to come out but I had to push realy hard and it hurt. I took some more laxatives which was probably a bad idea but I was desperate to get rid of this 5 day poo out of my system. At home time I felt movement down there and knew I was about to get some relief although I wasn't expecting too much right now. I caught the bus home and for the whole journey I felt my bowels turning over and over. I got to my stop and got off the bus, when I realised I realy, realy, had to go. I was begining to wish I hadn't taken so many laxatives because they were all catching up with me in a big way. That 5 day poo was quickly becoming diarrhoea and I was nowhere near a toilet! This was now an emergency situation I had to clench realy hard and pressed my fist hard into my bum to stop it leaking out. I could hardly walk for fear of pooing myself and then I felt my fist getting wet. I took my hand off my bum and when I looked it was covered in diarrhoea. My bum suddenly felt hot and wet, even though I kept clenching realy hard. I had no more control of my my aching bowels and just relaxed. Liquid diarrhoea poured into my knickers and down my legs and the relief felt so good I didn't care who saw me. It lasted for 20 seconds and I still wanted to go so I just pushed it all out. It made a huge mess and I was basicaly covered in poo from the waist down. It went up my back, down my legs and even filled my trainers. The stench was enough to kill a skunk and I felt sick. I felt my bowels churning again as the last of the laxatives took full effect. I needed to poo some more and pushed. This was a firm solid load and it was surprisingly big. It made my jeans tent outwards at the back and even in the front. It was such a relief and the sick feeling went away. I won't bother mentioning the clean up but it was a marathon task.
Take my advice. Don't overdose on laxatives when you haven't been for a long time. It makes a huge mess!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Movie theater pee

Hi guys thanks for all your advice. I made a follow up appointment with my doctor so we will see. Anyway, I have a question. Has anyone ever peed in the movie theater either on accident or on purpose? This is something I have always wanted to do, but never had the nerves. I would drink a lot of water before hand and get a big soda once I was there so I would really have to go. I would wear a skirt and pull it up so when I went it would't get wet and therefore not be noticeable when I stood up. I would hold my aching bladder until about halfway through the movie and then slowly let my pee go and absorb into the seat, wetting my panties and warming my bottom. I would sit in the back and go alone so no one heard me or noticed. Every time I go to do this though, I chicken out and end up peeing before the movie and after it. This is something I really want to try though, so I would love to hear from anyone that has done something similar.


For Shane

Shane, it's good that your mom got the appointment moved up. If you should have a problem like this again, you need to be careful. Being that blocked up can lead to bowel obstruction which can be very dangerous and could conceivably lead to a situation that may require surgery. I'm hoping that this appointment is with a GI doctor. Be sure to ask them what should be done should this happen again to minimize the danger of complications. I suspect that the thing to do after a couple of days of difficult bowel/ painful abdomen is to try several enemas with low volume and efforts between them to get stuff out, but don't force it. The idea is to get a little out at a time.

Sorry for the absence guys.

Today, I absolutely bombed the work toilets. It was so bad it led to the resurrection of of an old nickname by some of the female employees "Smelly Kelly." The stinking up the bathroom reputation is something that rotates around the women often. This time the spotlight's on me, I just have to wait it out and hope I don't have another repeat performance.

The night before I was working late. When I got home my roommate had ordered some some Chinese food from the local place. I heated it up in the microwave and chowed down after a long days work. The next morning I wake up and am greeted with the unpleasant stink of crap. My roommate was in the bathroom dropping some serious bombs. She said "Damn take out." I was on edge for the rest of the morning, waiting for the need to hit me like a ton of brick. I felt it hit me as I was walking into the office. I got on the elevator, which was of course crowded, and really needed to cut one. Not wanting to be "that girl" who stinks the elevator out, I held it in. When I got to my floor, the bathroom was in my sights. I hunted it down like a cougar in the wild.

I immediately rushed into the nearest stall and planted myself on the poor, unsuspecting toilet. I filled it up with gallons of hot, burning diarrhea and loose logs. The women coming in were smacked in the nose with the incredibly unpleasant stench I had been cooking up. I kept quiet, but was sadly recognized. I got funny looks the rest of the day. When I went in to pee later in the day it still smelled like my dirty deed.

In response to Postman's survey, I'd say these are my worst dumps. They require a bunch of wipes, stink worse than any other dump, and hurt like hell.


It's not just pregnant women. I went for my first pelvic ultrasound at age 50. I know i was I just wanted to get it over with so I could go pee. I think I ended up going to the bathromm 3 or 4 times in less than 2 hours that day.


Biggest poop ever

I just happened to find this site on accident, and it's really great to see other's love pooping as much as i do!

Anyway, about 2 months ago, I had been constipated for about 5 days. I'm one of those people who never takes really big poops, but when i do, they're humongous. And when i woke up that morning after being constipated and felt it in my stomach, i new it was going to be huge. I could've done it at my house, but my mom was there and i was embaressed and since i had it off i told her i was going to the store. I did and by this point it was like falling out of my butt. I saw the men's room and rushed in and as soon as i sat down i felt this gigantic shit fall out of my butthole. I looked into the toilet and in it was a shit that was seriously like almost 2 feet long if not that. And it wasn't skinny or anything ( Know what i mean?) it was a MAN shit like all thick and stuff. I took a picture of it cause i'm wierd like that and i still have it and if i could show it here i would! anyway i wiped and stuff and when i flushed it just barley made it and i knew that was probably one of my biggest shits ever!


A day with a friend.

So I went camping with my friends for two days, on the last day however, the bathrooms were closed. We went to their house to unload and I excused myself to the bathroom. I have very large dumps, my toilet at home has the power of an industrial toilet. I mean these suckers cane be talking to the toilet lid they are so long and half way down the drain pipe, the width of my arm. They flow out easily and always make my stomach hurt from the huge retraction. So today wasn't too bad, it was small for me but still really big for a normal person. Then I flushed, and there was no water pressure. My best friend lives with her boyfriend and his parents so I couldn't just leave it there, so what did I do? I went and told her, we had to open the back of the toilet, fix the chain and even then we had to use the plunger to break up the massive poo in to tiny pieces before it would flush. Most, embarrassing moment, ever. Just a couple of girls playing with poo.

This past weekend I moved dorm rooms to a different building on the campus that was closer to where I had most of my classes. I moved into with another student name Cory who was in a few of my classes for this term. The building in only about a year or two old and quite a bit nicer to the one I was in previously. It is also quite a bit larger and has two small but detached bedrooms and our own bathroom. A few nights ago I had come home at about 7:00 pm after going to the pub with some friends. Cory was already in his room with his girlfriend Katrina. His door was closed and I could hear them talking so I made my way to my room and went on the computer before starting on an assignment. Cory and Katrina popped into my room a short time later and we chatted for a bit. Cory told me they were going to go out for a drink and if i wanted to come. I told them that I had some work to do and maybe another time.

At about 11:00 pm I heard Cory come in and enter into the bathroom which was right next to my room. I had yet to use the toilet and shower in the dorm room myself and was actually getting ready to have a much needed poo and shower before I went to bed. It was pretty quiet and I could clearly hear him farting and shitting. He got up and washed his hands before going into to his room. A few minutes later I got up and went to the washroom. I locked the door and made my way to the toilet. It smelt pretty strong and when I got to the toilet I realized his load was still sitting in the bowl. Unfortunately, the toilet is an autoflush style and when the lid for the toilet seat is raised covers the sensor preventing it from working properly. Cory had dropped a pretty big turd so I pushed the manual flush button to get it down before I unloaded. The toilet was powerful and it disappeared quickly. I took all my clothes off and sat down. I pushed two medium turds out in quick succession and it felt hugely relieving. I let off some gassy farts before pissing and wiping. Again I had to flush the toilet manually because of the stupid sensor for the flush being blocked by the seat cover. The shower is quite large and is enclosed by tile walls on three sides next to the toilet but interestingly enough has no curtain or door on the front. I washed up quickly before slipping back into my boxers shorts and heading to bed for the night.


At Work Today

Here is something,but it isn't much.In the men's room where I work there is a toilet that had a lot of toilet paper in it,and two logs.I tried to flush it,the water kept going up and it was going out in the floor.I got the plundger to unclog it.But it din't help at first.I had to keep flushing it and used the plundger to keep those logs in the toilet.A peice of poop fell in the floor,But then it went all down now.


Latest Stories and More About My Roommate

Hello, everyone. I know that I haven't posted anything in a while, but I've been super busy with schoolwork. Here is my first story:
A few days ago, I was working on a paper when I suddenly had the urge to pee. I went to the restroom and was about to go into the first stall when I realized that someone was in there. I said sorry and I heard a male voice go, "Nope." I was a little freaked out as I went into the last stall. I peed for about a good minute, then flushed, washed my hands, and left.
The second story occurred on Monday night, when I was in my dorm room doing homework. I had the urge to pee and quickly rushed to the restroom. As I was urinating, I noticed a pair of feet in the stall next to me. The girl pushed for a little bit, then there were some loud plops followed by a horrid stench of poop. As I was washing her hands, I heard the girl answering her phone. She asked her mom what she was doing, and after her mom responded, she told her mom that she was using the restroom. I dried my hands and went back to my dorm.
I have another fart story about my roommate that occurred on Monday morning. She and I both woke up at around 6 am. I lied in my bed and played games on my phone while my roommate was on her laptop. As I was playing on my phone, I suddenly heard a loud fart from my roommate. A few seconds later, I heard another fart. I figured that she must have thought that I was sleeping, so she decided to let off some gas. About 10 minutes passed by and she let out a longer fart. We both nonchalantly acted as if nothing happened. A few minutes later, she let out a fourth fart. Then, at around seven am, she let out a fifth fart that was as long as the fourth. I am really amazed that someone as skinny as she is could fart so much.


The Nice Coil

Hi, my name is Paula, I am 40, have dark brown shoulder length hair,6'1" tall with a stocky build,I'm a little on the ???? side. This morning I left early to get some grocery shopping done at Woodman's Market when I felt that urge in my buttocks for a nice poop.I can tell by the feeling that it is going to be be one of those nice firm coiling craps. Upon arriving at the store I went straight to the ladies room and took one of the two stalls,pulled down my jeans and panty girdle and sat my ???? shapely bubble butt down on the cool seat.
I just sat and relaxed as I knew this was going to be an enjoyable slow poop. My anus opened slowly with a nice soft poof of a fart and I can feel a semi-solid poop start slithering and tickling my nice butthole as it made its way out.I was right! It was one nice long coils that didn't even plop into the toilet, just going round and round making a nice big cracking snake in the water below.Looked like a good 2 and a half feet of chocolate brown poop.
When my snake was halfway out a women was walking into the next stall. She must have been older as she was moving slow with a cane. When she sat down I heard a nice big puffing fart and the crackling and plop of three nice logs. By this time the aroma of my poop was rising fron my ???? thighs and it did not smell that bad,just your average poop smell, but the other lady flushed right away after dropping her load,she wiped four times,flushed and exited the stall.
Now was my time to clean up, I usually stand halfway up to start wiping and Wow! I had so much butt mud in my crack that it was quite a chore to get this clean. I wiped fives times,flushed,wiped another five times,flushed again,and finally after three more wipes was clean enough. Pulled up my girdle and jeans and left to wash hands and get the shopping done.Felt nice and empty after that and ready for the new day.
Have a great day everyone and I hope you are all regular...LOL

Tia W
It seems that I am still backed up. But hey, that's nothing new! I felt some pressure down below and I knew that it was the poop from this morning that never came out. So I headed down to my bathroom (it's sure nice having my own bathroom) and got ready for my first poop of the day. I let out 1 small fart and then two wet-sounding farts. Those seemed to get things going and I pushed a little bit and a nugget came out, followed by 2 more small pieces. Then I had a short pee, and another wet fart. I was really hoping these wet farts meant soft poop, but nope...just some more nuggets came out. I wasn't having to strain as much for these poops, but they did still require effort. I spent a short time on the toilet today (5 minutes), but I did count about 10 pieces of poop in the toilet when I stood to wipe/flush. Hoping there's more to come later on :)


New here

Hi everybody! I've been lurking for a few months now and I finally decided to post something. I have a lot of stories, and hopefully I'll be able to keep posting them, but I don't have regular internet access, so bear with me lol.

I started looking on this site after an incident that happened a few months ago with a new friend that I made in school. I'm 14, by the way, and so is my friend Erica, and she has a twelve year old sister named Jacque. Well, one day when we were hanging out at her house by their pool, I noticed that Jacque was was acting kinda funny. I didn't know what was up at the time, but after watching her for a bit, I noticed a bulge growing in the seat of her one-piece swimming suit. I couldn't believe it, she was actually pooping in her swimming suit. Erica saw it and groaned and sent Jacque back inside to get cleaned up. She didn't change though, and when she came back out, she had a giant brown stain in her yellow suit, but no more bulge. Erica told me that she was doing that kind of stuff all the time, and she thought that Jacque actually liked it. Then I asked Erica if she ever tried it, and she was all, like, "eww, no, that's gross", and we dropped it. A while later, however, I began needing to poop, and I thought about Jacque, and she looked like she had enjoyed it. I was wearing denim shorts on over my one-piece suit, so I thought I'd be safe if I tried it. Big mistake. It was soft, and spread out a lot, and it made a huge stain on my shorts, even through the suit. When we got up to go inside, Erica saw it, and I pretended to cry and said that I had an accident. We dropped it and that was that for the rest of the day.

The next time I came over, about a week later, we were outside playing again, and this time I was wearing a skirt. While sitting in the grass, I needed to pee, so I thought nothing of it and relaxed. Somehow Erica found out what I was doing, and she got upset and grossed out, but Jacque giggled and peed in her shorts. Over the next couple of weeks, I would occasionally go to the bathroom in my pants, usually after Jacque did first, and me and Erica drifted apart as friends, but I soon became good friends with Jacque. Also, their parents didn't mind either of us doing this, because they were just happy that Jacque finally had a friend (all of the kids in her grade made fun of her and wouldn't be her friend anymore). By mid October, I would go to the bathroom in my pants every time I was over, and sometimes while I was on the way over. Oh yeah, and my mom didn't care because I'm an only child and she pretty much lets me get away with a lot of things. After a while, I just stopped caring about where I was, and as long as I wasn't in school I'd go to the bathroom in my pants.

Fast forward to last week, and my point for posting here. I'm a little worried now because last week there were several times, mostly in school, where I never even knew I had to go to the bathroom until it was too late, and my pants were getting warm and wet, or my butt was getting sticky from poop. I don't particularly care, but it can be embarrassing some times, and I was wondering if anyone knows what could have caused this? Is it maybe because I've been so lazy that I just went back or something?

Hope you enjoyed, and maybe someone can help.

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