Worst accident eva

It was year 4 and i had just started the school year again, i was very shy when it came to personal requests so i tended to go to the toilets during breaks or so. But one fatal day i couldn't control my bowels especially after my mum made her strong curry. So anyway i was in class and i held on desperately to hold it but it was getting out of hand. My anus contractions were getting wider, i shyly asked the teacher if i could go and she said wait till the end of the lesson. I quietly continued with my work until, i felt that moshy feeling move out and at that point i started sweating. Then slowly after the first log i gently started to release the second. By the time my bowels were settled the smell was around the table and everyone started to ask, that's when the teacher investigated and came to me and smelt my surrounding. She understood but tried to show some anger she pointed me out of the classroom. I waited for few minutes until she came out and asked me 'áre you feeling alright'. I shyly nodded my head but thats when she asked me to turn around. I did so and thats when she grabbed the ends of my pants and stretched them and she peered down into my brown stained underpants and thats when she said 'you sure do have a mess down there'. After that comment she took me to the nurse and then the nurse told me to take off all my clothes. At that time i was so embarrassed that i couldn't. Thats when she took it off for me and she peered at my accident and went 'gotta clean that up'. So she took me into the toilet and cleaned me. That was the most embarassing day i ever had :(



uhhhhhh!!! I just took the biggest dump. it was so long!!!!! and it stunk really bad. btw, i am 13 and in 7th grade. it was like a long fat snake. the biggest poop i have ever seen.

Tia W
I forget to post about the other poop I had yesterday! I was feeling a little pressure in the afternoon, so I figured I should head to the bathroom and try to poop. It took a few minutes to get started. The first piece of poop fell into the toilet with a faint splash. This was followed by another couple of pieces. A few more minutes pass of me pushing and grunting, and I managed to push out two more pieces. As I am working on the next load, I push and I hear some crackling. That usually means a poop is pretty much ready to come out. So I pushed a tiny bit and the next piece just fell right into the toilet, onto my ever growing pile! The last piece was a doozy! I could feel it right there ready to come out, but try as I might, it just wasn't moving! So I bore down and got ready to push real hard. I pushed, I grunted, I moved about on the toilet, and finally I heard a plop! below. After 15 minutes on the toilet, I felt like I was finished, so I wiped and was done.

I never did go again last night, and this morning I woke up with some gas, so I guess there's a poop in store for me today :)

Brandon T

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To: Lauren as always another great peeing story it sounds like you really had to pee to not even wait for your husband to set the trashcan down and also peeing in your car aswell and CONGRATS and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amber first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping in that bathroom and then hearing those girls poop as well it sounds like they both really had to and it sounds like the 3 of you had fun and please anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Mung Bean as always another great post about your friend Sarah pooping herself it sounds like she dosent really mind of care that people see and smell her accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Unknown New Poster first welcome to the site and great accident story at least it was solind and diarrhea or soft poop and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Little Julie first welcome to the site and WOW from the sound of it you have a mega colon there were others like you here such as Kim mainly and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pooperlady great outdoor peeing story and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tia W as always another great story im glad you had an easy dump and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shane (female) as always another great story I really hope your able to get back to having noramal poops and having trouble going and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jerry great story about you seeing your firend Tracys big dump and its true what they say dont book the cover or in this case the size of the poop by size of the person because big things come in small packages and please share anymore stories about her that you may have thanks.

To: Rachel as always another great pooping story and it sounds like you were desperate but at least you made it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stephanie as always another great story it soundsa like your were beyond desperate and it was sure nice of that woman to help you out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Holding too long

I have been reading the messages here from time to time since I came across this site nearly a year ago. Why I am writing my first post now is the recent message from Thirty Something about how she still holds on longer than she should.Well, I am a Forty Something (Just 43 to be exact) and I am very like her and have been since I was very young. I think it was mainly because I am rather shy about admitting my need, especially if there are men or strangers around, and so I just hang on.
When I was a little girl and into my teens I sometimes ended up with wet knickers. My Mother was actually quite sympathetic and did not make a fuss or issue threats. As a teenager, I used to hide the evidence but one day - I must have been about sixteen - I had been shopping with my Mother and put off going for a wee. On the way home I couldn't wait and had a big wet accident in my knickers. That led to a Mother/Daughter talk. There was another one when I was 22 but I will leave that for now. Usually I am a bit more careful but still find myself putting it off until disaster is imminent. At work, I sometimes dash to the loo at the last minute. While I make it just in time, my knickers are sometimes a bit damp. As Thirty Something said, we are not quite so good at holding it as we get a bit older. Quite often my knickers are damp by the time I get home. If anything happens to delay me it can be quite an emergency. Probably two or three times a year I can't make it and totally soak myself. Arriving home and doing it on the doorstep is where it is particularly liable to happen. I am glad to find I am not the only one.

Hey again!

Yesterday I had to take a very desperate poo in the engineering building toilets again! By the end of my two-hour lecture I was absolutely bursting to go after a curry the night before and I was watching the clock with great urgence! Finally the lecture finished and I got to the loos as fast as possible. In my desperation I completely forgot about the other set of toilets that Emma showed me last week, so when I went in and found both cubicles in use I had to just stand and wait! One of the girls was dropping a few bombs and the other was taking a long wee. I hopped from foot to foot in desperation until someone else came in and joined the queue. She looked like she was about to have an accident and she swore quietly under her breath when she came in. 'Can I please go first! I'm really desperate!' she said. She certainly seemed it and I wanted to let her go but I was close to pooing myself too and I didn't know if I would be able to wait if I let her go. So I said, 'Sorry, but so am I!' She said, 'ohh!' and put her hand on her bum. I did the same to help me hold it. It wasn't long until the peeing girl came out and I rushed in behind her and shut the door. I pulled down my jeand and knickers in one swift movement and sat and then a volcano of poo erupted from me and spattered the bowl loudly! Hearing this evidently made the other girl almost lose it because she knocked on the other cubicle door. As she did so the other girl started wiping and a minute later she was replaced on the loo by the desperate girl who immediately had one of those poos where most of it comes out at once! We both unloaded into the toilet for a few minutes and the smell was intense!


A Blast From the Past, and I do mean BLAST

During the 70s and into the 80s, I used to use a laxative called Feenamint. The box was black with white dots all over it, ironically, the reverse of how the toilet bowl looked after a BM with black dots on a white surface but more on that later. Feenamint came in the form of peppermint flavor candy coated gum like Chicklets. And Feenamint was powerful, causing what my sons termed "blowouts"; "It makes you have a great big blowout", "it's big liquid farts". Chewing two pieces of this gum before bedtime would guarantee a noisy, loud, gassy, forceful torrent early next morning. I switched back to Dulcolax again because the Feenamint would give me such bad stomach cramps; it was just too powerful though I liked that it came in chewing gum form. To give you an idea of the strength of Feenamint, the BMs were always liquid, always forceful, and caused black dots over the inside of the toilet bowl that flushing wouldn't always completely take away, so I'd have to use a bowl brush and scouring powder on a daily basis. Feenamint worked maybe too well, about three or four big blowouts in the morning was typical and I think this caused potassium depletion because it'd often leave me feeling weak until I ate a good breakfast to put back what i'd lost.

"Hey, Mom's having a BLOWOUT! OR "Mom's blowing up the toilet", Get the recorder!" they'd say most mornings, and I thought it was funny too. They couldn't get a decent quality recording from outside the bathroom door so at times, and I made them promise that it was to be our secret and not let their friends listen to the tape I was about to make, I took the cassette recorder into the bathroom with me and put the mic as close as possible for a good, almost near-studio quality recording which they treasured. They played it over and over again and never seemed to get tired of listening to it. I recorded myself throwing up a couple of times also and they liked those too. Topping it all off with recordings of my now ex-husband's snoring made it complete, nearly ninety minutes of bodily sounds.

I don't think they even make Feenamint any more as I haven't seen it in stores for years.

hello everyone!
so i ended up hanging out with my friend Barron(lastname)!he is disabled and cannot do alot of things like everyone else can! he will unfornately never live on his own do to his medical conditon! i spend as much time as i can with him! however this week was one of his better weeks that he has had! barron was born with a brain tumor and has type 2 diabets! well on monday we hungout for a long time! we stopped at walgreens! we were there for a little bit! 3 minutes after i arrived, i said to barron " i need to find a tiolet"! so i headed toward the back! i found the womens! when i opened the door i was hit with an immediate strong odor i also noticed a young lady of about 20 years old with dark brown hair she was wearing tight jean shorts that were dark blue and a dark pink shirt with a heart shape symbol on the front! she said to me " sorry about the smell"! i said its doesnt bother me at all! it justs puts me in the mood to go! there were only two stalls available! her friend was in the first! i took the second! i was wearing a dark purple shirt and tight blue jeans! i immediately locked the door pulled down my dark green panties and jeans all the way to my knees! meanwhile the girl in the stall next to me was taking her sweet time! i began peeing! it lasted only a first few seconds! then it stopped! next i let out a small fart! next i could feel a huge turd making its way out! then it made a loud splah in the tiolet. my next door neighboor told her friend iam almost done! i could here her wiping she then flushed the tiolet and met her friend at the sink! after the two girls were done by the sink they exited the bathroom! i found myself all alone! i was still crapping my brains out! seconds later i started wiping! i exited and left the tiolet without flushing! i met barron outside and we continued browsing the store!


hello everyone! i have a cool story for you guys! so i was hangingout with barron on tuesday! we ended up going to Panera Bread for dinner! we arrived there i had chicken ceaser salad with a wheat bread! i also had a medium dr. pepper! barron had chicken grilled salad! we ate our meal and chatted for a while! five minutes after i arrived i noticed a heavy set women who had blond hair and a light pink highlight! she was texting and i noticed that she went to the ladiesroom! i then continued to talk with barron for a while! 45 mintues later i got a huge urge to pee! so i told barron" i have to make a deposit"! so i headed for the ladies! i entered i was hit with a strong perfume smell! my nostrolies detected it was coming from the first stall! i could see that there were eight stalls altogether! i took the third stall! i was wearing tight a small mini skirt! i was wearing teal blue panties! i pulled them down to my knees! i began peeing ! it only lasted 48seconds! i began wiping! i pulled up my panties! i exited the stall without flushing! then i went to the sink and washed my hands! then i headed for the door the perfume smell was replaced with a distict smell of poo! i went back and joined barron! 30 minutes later i felt another urge that was a little stronger! i told barron " i have to take a shit"! i went back to the bathroom! when i opened the door several stalls were taken and there was an odor in the air! i went down the line and found myslef at the sixth stall! i locked the door and sat on the seat! i pulled down my teal blue panties! i let down my miniskirt all the way! then i started peeing! it lasted like for a minute! then i let out a blast of gas! the other person in the stall next to me started giggling! i then began pooping! moments later i heard the door open it sounded like to me that it was a couple of girls one sounded to be about 12! the other sounded to be about 16!
the 16 year old took a stall right next to me! her sister took the right next to her sister! the 16 yr old said i have to poo badly! she immediately started crapping her brains out! her sister in the stall next to her was peeing slightly! she exited the stall quickly and didnt bother wiping or flushing! she then proceeded to the sinks! her sister meanwhile was making grunting sounds! i was still blasting away too! the 16 yr old girl said iam about done! then she said to to me" who is next to me"? i told her who i was! she said to me" i love your outfit"! i told her thankyou! i was about done! i started wiping! moments later i exited the tiolet without flushing! i proceeded to the sink! i saw the the girls sister she said hi to me! i said hi back! i then proceeded to leave! moments later i rejoined barron! i just told him that i feel awhole lot better! we continued talking and left not too long after!


Heeey! Today at school I actually didn't have to go at break, not even for a wee! By lunchtime, though, I was desperate to do both things! When the bell went I told my friend Chandni that I needed the loo before lunch. She said she had to go as well, so we made our way to the main toilets with 8 cubicles. There were a couple in use so we picked two next to each other and went in. We both hitched up our skirts and lowered our knickers to our feet and sat. I could see Chandni's pink knickers under the cubicle as she sat back on the loo and spread her feet. I started my wee, but Chandni didn't need much of one as she immediately pushed out two poos. Then she timed a really loud, wet fart with a flush nearby so that only I could hear it! Her family are from India and as a result she eats lots of spicy food which results in her taking big soft poos and lots of farts! Like me she usually has to do a number two at school most days. I joined in then with a poo of my own. It was quite long, but nowhere near as long as the one I posted about before, and it made a plop when it landed! Two more followed quickly. Chandni farted again and then produced three rapid plops. A quick burst of three or four little bits and she was done. I had another two poos to push out and then I was done too. Then we left and went to lunch!

Yesterday (Wednesday) I had to make number two at my normal time, though. Luckily I got there fairly early and so was able to get seated right away and unload with plenty of time to spare before the bell went!

This evening I was hit by a sudden urge, one of those ones that you have to answer within about 5 minutes or disaster will strike! i quickly went to the loo, sat down and out came five rapid poos and then one very long, loud fart! I felt a lot better after that!

I thought I'd tell another story from one of my gitl scout trips. Having read Ellie's and read about the type of toilets you used, I thought I'd tell another of my own. From what I understood reading your post, Ellie, the toilets at your camp were like the ones I described in my post only they were sit-on toilets and there was no partition curtain in between them. Well, when our troop went on a week's camp with a couple of other troops last year, the toilets provided were exactly like that! So as you sat on one toilet you could see the girl on the one next to you. There were four 'enclosures,' each with two toilets connected, presumably, to one big pit. Like you, when we first arrived we were a bit nervous about using them once we found out how they were set up, but by the end of the week even the shyest and most constipated girls had had to poo at least once or twice, and wee a lot more than that, that it lost its novelty!
When we first got there I really needed a wee after the long journey. After the introduction and being shown around we had a bit of time, so I told my friend Kate who also needed to do a wee, and we made our way to the loos along with a few other girls. We were a bit nervous about other girls seeing in but we were both comfortable in seeing each other on the loo so we went in and did what we had to do. There was hardly any wind at all so nobody saw in then! That evening I didn't need my usual poo, just like when we went this year, because of the excitement I suppose. But the next morning I did! Kate & I had already been for a wee so I had to go alone. I made my way down there. All the toilets were in use after breakfast so I waited with a couple of other girls, none of whom were from my troop. They all seemed in pretty urgent need of a toilet, and so was I because my poo was pressing hard! Eventually someone came out and I was up next. I went in and was confronted with one empty seat and one girl with her knickers and jeans around her ankles and the sound of wee spattering into the pit below coming from beneath her. She smiled nervously at me and I smiled back and braced myself for it and dropped my jeans and knickers and sat next to her. I had a quick wee and we both finished weeing at the same time. Neither of us moved. I really had to poo but I didn't want to do it with a stranger right next to me, even though if she left I knew someone else I didn't know would replace her! Then she said, 'do you need' 'Oh,' I said. 'Yes, do you?' She nodded. I was relieved; at least I wouldn't be doing it alone! We both started to poo then. I could hear the poo crackling out of her bum and I knew she could hear mine doing the same, but I didn't mind because it was less embarrassing than if the other girl had only been having a wee! Our turds made soft 'flump' sounds as they fell into the pit below. There was some wind but it didn't blow up the outer curtains, although at one point it did blow up one of the partition curtains and I could see the two girls in the next pair of toilets sitting there! We both ended up wiping together and leaving and she went off to her own troop. The next couple of days passed uneventfully. I pooed with Kate a couple of times in the evening and with strangers in the morning because Kate didn't seem to need to go then. Then one day there must have been something wrong with the food they served. I went to bed feeling a bit odd but I'd already had a poo that evening so I didn't think much of it. When I woke up, though, I knew I was in trouble. My stomach hurt really bad. We went to breakfast but I couldn't eat anything. Then afterwards I got a sudden urgent need to get to a toilet right away! I hurried down there and luckily there were a few empty toilets so I picked one pair that was empty and got sat down as fast as I could. Immediately I started a torrent of really smelly chunks of poo. After the first wave my bumhole started to sting and hurt really badly but the poo kept coming. As I sat there I could hear some girls in another pair of toilets start to whisper and giggle, presumably about me. But I wasn't alone for long because after a couple of minutes someone came rushing up to the toilets. I heard her pull back one of the other flaps and then say sorry. Then she tried mine. 'Oh thank God!' she said quietly and she came in, yanked down her clothes and sat. Immediately she exploded into the toilet as well. After she had recovered from the first round, I said, 'you too?' and joined in with my own load of runny poo. 'I don't think the meat was cooked properly last night,' she said. We kept blasting away, having diarrhoea together, for at least 10 minutes. Other girls came and went around us including a couple who started having similar-sounding poos. The smell was not nice, and my bumhole was really sore when I finished! While we were pooing my new friend started to cry, so I hugged her and tried to comfort her, which is probably the first and last time I will ever hug someone while we are both on the toilet and having diarrhoea! I felt like I was done but she was still going so I stayed with her until she finished. She told me her name was Emily and that she was a bit reluctant to go on the trip in case something like that happened! There were only a few girls who ended up with the runs from the dodgy food- I guess I was just one of the unlucky ones! After we finished and used up quite a lot of the toilet paper, we left and hugged again and she thanked me for staying with her and gave me her email address. We're still friends! I took a couple of the immodium tablets my mum had packed for me and didn't eat anything else that day except some bread in the evening, and I was ok the next day. The day before we went home I went for my evening poo and met Emily waiting in line for the loos. She said she felt fine now and that she was just here for a wee! I told her I had to poo so we waiteed for a pair of toilets to open up and went in together. I did my number two while we sat there chatting.
And there you go! Sorry this post was so long, I didn't realise it would take so long to tell my story! Hope you enjoyed it!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Okay, so, I consider myself bisexual, although I'm mostly into women. My girlfriend, Lorena, has a very hot body and she looks especially great when she's perched on the toilet, pushing out a big turd.

Today she came home from work and put a smile on my face when she said she had been holding it all day and had to take a huge shit. She slipped off her shoes and then we walked to the bathroom. She lowered her black work pants and silky white panties and sat on her throne. She let off a long hissing smelly fart as she undid her ponytail and let her ginger hair flow down her back. She sighed and farted again, a little louder this time. Then she spread her legs and I could see the head of a turd poke out of her anus. It retreated back up into her body, and she gave a small push. She eased out a squeaky fart and the head of the turd emerged again.

The turd continued to come out inch by inch. The head entered the water and then touched the toilet bowl as she churned more out. The turd snapped off and fell into the waiting waters with a sploop, as another turd began to crown her anus. This one came out faster than the first and broke off before touching the water. She let loose five machine gun like farts, and then peed for about thirty seconds before saying she was done. She tore off one square of paper and gently dabbed her vagina dry, then she grabbed more paper, folded it and wiped her butt. She repeated this two more times and stood up, and we examined her shit.

to Lauren: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a Good ultra sound exam! iam so happy for you! thats crazy that you peed in a trashcan! but sometimes in desperate situations you have to do crazy things! iam gald thought that you didnt have an accident! i lookfroward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Amber: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had an awesome time at the park watching the softball game! your story is similar to mine! sounds like the two girls were having a good time relieving themselves! iam glad that they both left the tiolet unflushed! iam glad that you left a good deposit as well! i cant wait too her your next post! please take care and God bless!
to MungBean:i really enjoyed your post! sounds like your friend sarah had some funny potty moments! it also seems that she was not shy about it! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Postman: i really enjoyed your post! seems like you had a hard time with your recent bowel movement! i hope that this problem can ease up in the near future! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Karen: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a bit of a delma on the way home! iam so glad that you didnt have a major accident in your car ! iam also glad that you made it home safely! i look forward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Little Juile: i really enjoyed your post! iam sorry to hear that you had to hold your bowels during a family camping trip! that must have been really painful! iam glad that at least you were able to go to your friends house and unload that massive painful load that you held in for so long! you definitely clogged her tiolet at her parents house! iam glad that you were able to be seem by a doctor and that you were diagnosed properly! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Pooperlady: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you had a strong urge to pee! thats really cool that you were able to relieve yourself behind a bush behind the pharmacy! iam so glad that no one caught you! please be careful if you may choose to do this again! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to TiaW: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you have pretty healthy bowel movements! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to Shane: i really enjoyed your post! iam really sorry to hear that you havent had the best week with your bowels! iam really glad to hear that your boyfriend was supporitive and there for you! sounds like you guys make a cute couple that will last a lifetime! iam glad everything will be ok! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!
to IllinousLurker: i really enjoyed your post! sounds like you enjoyed using the ladiesroom! iam glad that you had complete prifacy! iam glad that no other women gave you a hard time! it also sounds like you got a once in a lifetime opportunity that most men dont get! i lookforward to your next post! take care and God bless!

ps. black friday is coming up i cant wait to hear all the upcoming stories that are associated with the holiday! i hope that i can contribute one as well!




Pee in trash can

Hi everyone. I promised you another story in my last post and here it is. As you guys know if you have been reading my posts, I am pregnant with my fourth baby! A few weeks ago I had to go in for an ultrasound and as any pregnant women will tell you, you must have an extremely full bladder. It was never a problem with my first three; I have pretty good bladder control, but this time I was having trouble holding it in the waiting room. That coupled with my doctor running late and I was in agony. I went up and explained to the nurse and she handed me a cup and told me I could pee to the line, but no more. I was worried I would not be able to stop, but I had to do something. Just as I was headed to the restroom, my doctor called me back. I figured I could wait until after the ultrasound.
We go back and she puts the gel on my stomach and starts looking. I let out a squirt of pee into my pants, but was able to regain control. She told us everything looked good and left the room. Normally I take a minute to get up so my husband and I can enjoy the moment, but I shot up this time. Maybe a bit too quickly, because I lost control again, this time making a noticeable wet spot on my pants. I knew if I moved anymore I would completely lose control. There was no way i was making it to the bathroom. I told my husband to bring the trashcan over to me while I undid my pants. He looked surprised for a minute, but listened. I did not even wait for him to hand it to me or put it down and immediately began to pee into it while he was still holding it. It made a loud pattering sound. Halfway through the nurse walked in and saw me squatting over this trashcan my husband was holding. I was embarrassed but could not stop. She said it was okay and that a lot of women have done it so I should not worry. I finished my pee and we left. It was a good thing I drove because halfway home I had to go again, so I just peed into the seat of my car. Hopefully my next ultrasound goes better. If there is anyone out there who has experienced this or something similar I would love to read about it!
Til next time,

Hi I'm Zoe I'm 35 years old I live in Kent
I was going for a bath and striped to my underwear a White padded bra
And White silky panty girdle
And as I was running the bath I farted but was more than just a fart
I had pooped my White panty girdle It was ok not as bad as I thought it would be
Any one else done that


Names for pooping

I dont know if anyone else ever called it this, but I always say I have to 'go stinky' when I need to have a bm. lol My dad always used that term. It makes me laugh.

hey I've been lurking around here for a long time but never have posted before.
I have some babysitting experiences I can tell, but first I have another similar story that Ashley's softball game at the park reminded me of to tell

I really liked it btw.

ok I was at the park watching a game, after a while i felt the urge to go to the bathroom, so I told my friend "I was going to the toilet, and to make sure no one took my stuff" she told me ok and I leave for the toilet, the toilets are a small building with 2 doors on opposite sides Mens on one side and ladies on the other and is bit of of a walk to get to from the stands, I push open the door and find it empty, I take one of the 3 stalls at the end and tug down my shorts and panties and sat down started peeing letting out a few toots as I peed then I could feel it moving in me as it was getting ready to come out, so I gave it a bit of a push as it as poked out my back end a couple inches, my pee then slowed and died off, I just sat there letting it come out slowly on it's own, until I had to help it with push to get pass the widest part then plop down in the toilet it fell, I pushed out a few more small poos, then as I was letting out a good deal longer poo, I heard the door open and then I heard a couple of girls walk in, then "I'm about to crap my self bad" and then I hear a giggle from the other girl, the first girl seemed about 14 or 15, and the other sounded younger like 8 or 9. anyways I heard the 14 y/o go into the stall next to mine, I could see her feet as she was tugging down her pants and panties, and thew her bottom down on the toilet, I then heard pee hitting in her toilet then "I gotta fart" and then hear this loud long fart and then I heard the 8 y/o "that was a loud one sis" and she giggles, then the 14 y/o "that feels better" then the sound of her pee dies off, around this time I felt the last of my long poo fall out, it was long enough it hardly made a sound at all. I was done now but I stayed to listen, I look under the stall some and could see her pants at her feet and her light blue panties, I hear the sound of poo crackling out her then the 14 y/o "ouch" then I hear the 8 y/o asks "it a thick one or something?" with a giggle then I hear "yeah it feels really huge, and it hurts" the 8 y/o just giggles more then says "maybe if you would take a poop more often it wouldn't always be so big" then I hear this heavy splash and then heard her gasp , the 8 y/o "whats a matter?" then "I got splashed" the 14 y/o says and then the 8 y/o just bursts out laughing, then I hear more poo crackling out every now and then for a couple mins, but never hear a plop or splash then I hear her getting toilet paper and wipes about 3 times then I hear her pulling up her clothes and go out the stall and over to the sinks and the 8 y/o saying "that sounded like alot of crap!" giggling then then "you ready to get back?" the 14 y/o asked washing her hands, and the 8 y/o says "hold on, I going to use the toilet first" and she went in to the stall her sister had used then "whoa sis that is a very long turd!" she said giggling then I saw pink panties drop to her feet and then pee that lasted about 10 or 15 secs, then "you done yet?" the 14 y/o ask the hear "no, I'm about to poop!" then heard this soft very long fart that ended loudly, and then a moment later I hear splash! then hear the 8 y/o say "ow, that was big!" quietly to herself then I hear the 14 y/o giggle "I heard that!, maybe you should take your own advice." then giggling more, then "you still crapping?" then I hear "yeah I got more poop on the way" then i hear plop, plop, fart, plop, plop, plop then I heard the toilet paper being grabbed then more fart, plop, plop fart, plop "ok I'm just about done just have to wipe now" then see her get off the toilet and begin wiping then see a wad of toilet paper fall next to the small trash for tampons and stuff side the toilet, it didn't look very dirty, so it must have been pretty hard or dry, she wiped a few more times, the last one missing the trash again, it look clean, then i saw her squat down a bit as she picked them up placing them in the trash as I hear a small toot, then pulling her panties back up, "hurry up, miss gassy" the 14 y/o says giggling as she's coming out of the stall, "you wanna call me gassy huh?" she says going towards the sinks then I hear a short real loud fart and hear the 14 y/o "ugh it smell bad enough already!" then "ouch, that one kinda hurt" the 8 y/o says, "yeah it sounded pretty powerful" the 14 y/o said. I then wiped up and pulled my shorts up and stepped out and see the 8 y/o washing her hands and the 14 y/o standing next to her, they look over at me for a few secs then they both burst out laughing, then the 14 y/o says "so you think my sis is gassy?" I say "sounds like it" with a giggle, as I walk up the sink and wash my hands, then the 8 y/o giggles and I hear another sorta long fart rip "ok I'm gassy, hehe" then I say "sound like yall can do some nice deposits too, good job" they both say thanks giggle and laugh. then the 8 y/o then goes to the stall I had came out of and looks in the toilet, "wow looks like you too, thats a huge amount" me and the 14 y/o old laugh and then we talk a bit more then all leave the bathroom, when I got back my friend said "well that took a while hehe" I told her "I just really had to go", she jokingly ask "sure you wasn't just listing in on others again, hehe" I told her "ok maybe a bit of both" she knows me too well

ok well thats it,

mung bean

another story about sarah

This story took place when Sarah was 7 or 8. As I mentioned previously, Sarah was my best friend's little sister, and she had a lot of "potty issues." Between actual accidents and her propensity to go in her pants to get her brother in trouble, wet and dirty pants were a fairly common occurrence.

To describe her a little, she was a really cute kid, blonde hair that she kept in a bob cut (think Natalie Portman in The Professional) and bright blue eyes. Her hair turned darker as she grew older, but she's kept it in a similar style. She was always slight of build, and remains so to this day.

On this particular day, my friend and I were at his house watching cartoons. She came into the living room and stood directly in front of us, completely blocking the TV. "Get out of the way, doof!" he said and leaned off the couch to try and kick her. She turned around and made a face at us, but sat down on her knees on the carpet and we watched cartoons for awhile.

After about 45 minutes I caught a whiff of poo. "Did you fart?" I asked my friend. "No..." he said, then sighed. "Sarah, did you go in your pants?" "No!" she said, but the poo smell got stronger when she switched to sitting cross legged. "God, you're so gross!" He got up and felt her bottom, then said "Ugh! Nasty," as he discovered the load in her jeans. "Whatever. Let's go skate out front."

We all went outside, and Sarah rode around on her scooter while we skated, seemingly oblivious to the poop in her undies...

.. to be continued.


Interesting Fact!

Hello! I have posted a survey or two, and now it's my turn to share something about me and my discovery here.
Interesting fact: I am not making this up; this is from a legit experiment performed by a PhD (Dr. Baele I think his name is) in late 1980s. In the experiment twelve females of various ages were asked to pee. Before they peed, scientists taped a little cotton wool swab near each one's anus. Then they all peed and have the cotton swabs removed before they wiped. As it turned out, more than a half of the cotton swabs were soaked with urine. 3 out of 12 females had their little cotton swab soaked with more than 3ml of urine.
This piece of scientific fact aroused my great curiosity. Isn't it interesting that different women/girls have different pee streams? Some have strong and steady streams and some have weak ones; some have streams that go in one direction and never wet themselves much while some have unstable or multiple streams that can even flow to anus. I always love diversity and I like this fact. I am also curious about it. I wish to see more sharings on this topic - how's your pee stream like and if you know any, how are your friends'?
Oh I love you already!


Most annoying dump

I know for most people taking a dump is usually a very pleasant act. An ideal dump is one that requires little straining, makes you feel fantastic afterwords, and requires very little wiping. I just had one that was pretty much the opposite.

The dump I just took took quite a bit of effort to get out, and once it did come out, it just hung there without breaking off, requiring me to squeeze my anus together to break it off. Of course, the result of that was to wipe about 50 times before I felt somewhat clean. Then to top it off, I really don't feel much different now than before I went in to crap.

This brings me to another mini survey:

Which dump do you consider most annoying?

A. The never ending wiper
B. The dive-bomber (the one that hits the water then splashes back up and hits you square in the butthole)
C. Or the one where you spend 10 minutes pushing and straining and all you produce is a few pebbles.
D. Or one of your own choosing.

Hope you all have better dumps than I just had. Otherwise, Good luck!!


Answers to Amanda's Survey

1. How do you poop (secretly, scheduled whenever you feel, it when you are in a certain place etc.)
I don't advertise when I need to potty, but I don't take great pains to hide it either, abdominal pressure knows no shame. I pretty much have an established time, which is in the morning after my first cup of coffee. I prefer home but will go number two in a public restroom only in case of tremendous discomfort.

2. Do you poop in one location or wherever you are when you feel it.
If I'm not at home I try to hold it. (See question 2)

3. Do you bring friends with you or wait until friends have to go and then go with them (peeing and pooping).
I go it alone, that is, I don't seek out company when I go. If they follow me then it's not due to me inviting them. I've gone in and done my business before while my husband was in the shower, though.

4. What position do you poo Sitting. How else? Please be more specific.
On the toilet, sitting. Outdoors, kind of a "baseball catcher's squat".

5. Do you grunt, pull on your stomach, stick your fingers up your butt or anything else to help get the poo flowing?
If I have abdominal pains I tend to fold my arms over my colon and lean forward, it helps. Nothing goes up my chute, but I have used enemas before.

6. What do you do with the toilet paper, ball it up, fold it so it's like a thick napkin of cushybess, wipe one piece at a time etc.
Wad it for the first wipe, then flat folded for the rest. Usually do all my folding while I'm going so I have it all ready by the time I'm ready to wipe. The first couple of wipes get flushed down, and the rest of the wipes get placed in the wastebasket so as to avoid plumbing problems.

7. Where is the grossest place you've gone (quality).
In tall grass/weeds a few times while camping, I don't recommend it. Felt funky. Lucky I didn't get poison ivy or something.

8. Where is the grossest place you've gone (grossing you out because you shower there, eat there, sleep there or something to that degree)
Definitely a place called Whiskey A Go Go on a weekend night, haven't been there in decades though. Talk about nasty.

10. What is your worst expierience when going to the bathroom (inside or out of the bathrooms).
My worst bathroom experience would have to be the time I peed my pants while I threw up, then as soon as I got finished doing that I had the runs and while I was having the runs I threw up some more on the floor and I had to step in it. I think I ate a bad pizza.

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