I have been lurking on this site for years. I come because I like to read pee stories. Before I found this site, it had never even occurred to me that adults could poop their pants. But since finding this site, I guess I have developed an odd fascination with it. Which I guess explains what happened to me last week. I was driving home from work, which is only a short drive. When I left work, I didn't need to use the bathroom at all. But during that short drive I suddenly had to poop so badly. Like, butt clenching bad. Taking all I could do not to crap my pants bad. Somehow, I made it home without pooping in the car. I parked, and sprinted inside. Butt and teeth clenched. I really do think I would have successfully made it to the toilet. But as I was sprinting, the thought came to me - what if I hadnt made it? Without a second thought, I kicked off my shoes and stepped inside the shower. I did not even have to push. I simply stopped clenching, and a large load of solid but soft poop immediately filled my panties. I had not even realized that I needed to pee, but I guess I did, because the first sensation I remember was warm pee soaking my feet. It was definitely the weirdest thing I have ever done.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Stevie I hope it isnt that but if it is I hope you get better soon.

To: Cindy Shitter man that had to be embarrassing lucky no one was there but when you gotta go you gotta go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Some Old Timer great story it sounds like your girlfriend had a really rough time it was probaly that water from the stream and please share anymore stories you may have like that thanks.

To: Amanda M as always another great pooping story and it sounds like you were having a pretty tough time I hope your able to have a real good poop soon which should make you feel alot better and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shawn great story and WOW I bet she felt better after that and I bet that will be memory that will have forever and please share anymore stories like that if have any thanks.

To: Tia great story about all that pooping you did and I bet it was your body having a good cleanout and I bet you felt great after it was all over and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Sydney first welcome to the site and great story it started out embarrassing but in the you got a boyfriend out of it and please post more stories if you have any thanks.

To: Noah as always another great story and it sounds like your friend is a very interesting person and as always I look forward to anymore stories like that thanks.

To: Nicola as always another great story and it sounds like you really enjoyed that big dump and its sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt really great afterwards even at the cost of your underwear and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kevin great story it sounds like your girlfriend was a having a very bad time and it sounds like that bathroom was a total mess and did you help get cleaned up and please share anymore stories about her if you have any thanks.

Well thats all for now and I may have a story about my dump later if its one worth telling or if something interesting happens later today.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Little Julie
Hi, When I was 14 years old I went on a camping holiday for two weeks.
The toilets were awful, so I held my poop in for the whole fortnight.
On the day we got back home, I visited my best friend. Whilst I was at her house I got a desperate urge for the toilet.
I sat on her toilet and began to push really hard. Nothing happened, despite the pain in my stomach getting worse. I then pushed even harder, I felt my bottom open up and experienced exterme pain as it shot out crashing into the toilet.
It was really long and wide, it tore my anus as there was alot of blood on the toilet paper. I flushed the toilet but it was too big to flush away. I left her house embarassed without saying anything.
This happened over thirty years ago, since happening to me, I have been diagnosed with a severe anal fissure - put simply I do very wide turds, that often are too big to flush away.
Due to this problem I poop in public as the toilets have a stronger flush. I will tell you more stories later


Really had to pee

A few days ago, it was really late at night, and I was on a long bus ride home, and I really had to pee. When I got off the bus, I knew I couldn't hold it until I got home, so I walked behind a pharmacy. There I found a grassy strip against a fence, with a large tree that would make me not able to be seen from the road.

I walked behind the tree and squatted. I put my bag down, and then I pushed my pants and underpants forward. Right away, a large, forecul stream of pee came gushing out, splashing onto the dirt and forming a large puddle. It kept coming and coming. It felt so good! Finally, I was finished, and I felt much better. I was able to walk home without it feeling like I was going to wet myself.

I do enjoy going to the bathroom in places other than the toilet, but I only rarely do it, for fear of getting caught.

Hi again everyone.

Dan- Well, Megan & I both have similar poop habits. We both usually poo twice a day and it's usually fairly soft from what I gather! I've only ever seen her 'productions' a few times so it's quite heard to judge which one of us does more! I think we can call it an honorable draw!

Time to do some surveys now!

1.Do you attend an urban public school and hate to use the toilet there? Not anymore, but I used to!
2.Are you harassed by school security guards? No, we didn't have any.
3.Do your teachers allow you enough time? Yes, although there wasn't really enough time between lessons if there was a queue or you had to do a big poo!
4.Do you feel safe in school bathrooms? Yes, they were always so busy that there were always other girls around! Most of the cubicles in my school were completely enclosed from floor-to-ceiling so nobody could peek in at you or anything.
5. Do the stalls have doors that lock? Yes, they all had doors except for one block which I had to use a couple of times in emergencies! most of them had locks but some were broken.
6. Besides peeing, do you make #2 and do kids tease you about smell or noise? I would often poo at school because I was regularly desperate to go since my first poo of the day always coincided with school hours! I can't remember ever being teased about it because there were usually other girls going as well and the sounds from the corridors would tend to make your noises only audible from adjacent cubicles.
7. Are they clean, stocked with toilet paper, soap, hot water and dryers? There were soap dispensers but they very rarely had any soap in them. There was almost always paper and always hot water and our dryers never broke that I know of!

1. How do you poop (secretly, scheduled whenever you feel, it when you are in a certain place etc.)? My poo usually follows a vague schedule. My first of the day will usually be some time between 11am and 2pm, and my second is usually within an hour of eating dinner in the evening.

2. Do you poop in one location or wherever you are when you feel it? If I'm out somewhere and I'm desperate I will just get to the nearest toilet, but there are certain public toilets in some of my university's buildings that I prefer to use. And at home, of course!

3. Do you bring friends with you or wait until friends have to go and then go with them (peeing and pooping)? Not specifically, but it usually works out that if I'm with a friend or a group of friends at least one of them will need to at least pee at the same time!

4. What position do you poo? I sit and usually rest my hands on my thighs. I usually end up leaning forwards too.

5. Do you grunt, pull on your stomach, stick your fingers up your butt or anything else to help get the poo flowing? My poo very rarely needs much help to get it started! I do sometimes sigh or groan during my poo.

6. What do you do with the toilet paper, ball it up, fold it so it's like a thick napkin of cushybess, wipe one piece at a time etc. I just scrunch it up usually.

7. Where is the grossest place you've gone (quality)? Public toilets in a park near my house. Absolutely disgusting!

8. Where is the grossest place you've gone (grossing you out because you shower there, eat there, sleep there or something to that degree)? I occassionally wee in the shower and that's about it!

9. Where is your favourite place to go? At home! Although I do like the toilets in the art building at my university.

10. What is your worst expierience when going to the bathroom (inside or out of the bathrooms)? Any time I have an accident!

Tia W

Pooping and Background info.

I noticed that there is another Tia on here. She posted quite a while ago, though. To minimize confusion, I will just add my last initial :P I used to be a frequent poster on here quite a few years ago as well. I just never kept up on posting after a while, haha

I just finished going poop, and the results were much better than yesterday's! Once I sat down, I pushed a little bit and out slithered 2 logs. These were followed by 3 more nice sized pieces of poop. I felt much better much better after having those out of my system, but I knew I wasn't done yet! For the next 15 minutes, I sat on the toilet pushing out plenty of tiny pieces. It didn't take long to fill the toilet! I still had to push and grunt a bit to get the last bit of poop out, but at least I feel empty :) I know that there is still some more inside me, but it wasn't quite ready to come out yet. I will post about that when it happens :)

Just going to give everyone some background info here. I know I posted this before, but it was quite a few months here goes! I get constipated a lot. You could say that I suffer from chronic constipation.In fact, most times I go to the bathroom (2-3 times a day), I am constipated. The closer I get to my time of the month (such as now), the more constipated I get. It doesn't matter what I eat (unless it's greasy/dairy), my poops are always hard to pass. It's been like that for as long as I can remember. On the rare occasion, I will have a nice big poop that comes out easily, but that happens only a couple times a month. Just thought I would let everyone know this, so I don't get comments saying 'eat more fibre...etc...etc.' I eat relatively healthy. It does make a BIT of a difference, but my poops are still hard to pass.

Well yesterday was definitely not a good day for pooping. I went twice, but with very little results :(
I went at around 8 pm, and I was on the toilet for a good 5/6 minutes and all I managed to push out were three little nuggets. I felt no where near empty after that...Then I tried again a couple hours later, and again only a few little nuggets. I was farting a lot though, but no poop was coming out. My poor butt was sore after all that pushing for nothing.

I do feel a little pressure right now, so hopefully I get better results today!

Shane (female)

A VERY Bad Week for Shane :(

Heyyy, it・s Shane. Just so you know, I・m still waiting on that constipation checkup.
Aside from that, I・ve had a really bad week. (No, it・s not that time of the month.) Let me explain:

It started off a few days ago. I had a bad stomach ache and realized that I had lost track of the last time I pooped. The stomach ache stayed for several days, getting worse and worse as time went by. Then one day, I really needed to poop. I ran upstairs to my bathroom and sat on the toilet. I thought it was going to be just a normal poop but man, I was sooo wrong! I pushed and pushed for over 15 minutes on a bunch of little turds. At the end, a normal sized one came out and I had to really grunt on that one. I looked into the bowl and almost none of the turds were bigger than my pinkie finger nail!

I had to poop again the next day and it was almost the same thing, but a little easier. Not by much though. I still hadn・t pooped a full load and I didn・t know how long it had been since I did.

The next day was the weekend and I got to spend some time with my boyfriend, Aaron. (I・ve posted about him once.) It wasn・t very cold out so we were messing around with a basketball in my driveway. We started passing it around and then we got silly with it and he tried to pass it to me really fast but I wasn・t paying attention so it NAILED me right in the stomach!! I dropped to my knees and doubled over while moaning softly. Aaron rushed over to make sure I was ok. It knocked the air out of me a little so I quickly muttered, :Get me to the toilet, quick!・ He carried me inside to my bathroom and stood me by the toilet. I dropped my pants and undies and sat down fast. I told Aaron to have a seat on the counter and started grunting haaard! Nothing was coming out but my stomach was absolutely KILLING me! After 20 minutes of nothing, Aaron laid me down on my bed and rubbed my ???? really hard. It wasn・t working, so we gave up.

The day after that (yesterday) had to be the worst day yet. I was just chilling at home still with one hell of a stomach ache, when I felt like I might be able to poop. I headed to the bathroom again. I spent a loooong time struggling on little tiny pieces. Then I felt a BOULDER moving down! It was the hardest, most chunkiest, thickest turd I・ve ever experienced!!!! I got it sticking out about 15 inches after I・d say 30 minutes, then I heard my mom come home from work. She heard me grunting and came to the bathroom. As soon as my boulder fell from my butt, my mom opened the door just in time to hear the LOUD plop it made. There I was: my face red, sweaty, tears down my face, scrunched up face, bent all the way over, and screaming in pain. She came over and hugged me and told me it was going to be ok. Then she got on the phone with my doctor and scheduled my constipation appointment to an earlier date.

I・m back on track today. I haven・t pooped yet, but that・s understandable since I pooped so much yesterday. My stomach ache・s gone, and I feel much better. Let・s hope it stays that way.

That・s all I got for now, hope you guys liked it!

Well It has been awhile since I have posted something just thought that I would share a short story. Recently I was driving between two distant towns and had had like 5 cups of coffee and had to pee and poop badly. So I was on the interstate and decided to take the next exit and find some where to go. There were no gas stations or anything so I saw the sign for a state park. I started heading there. Once I got there I found the male pit toilets locked but the female pit toilets open with no one around. So I took advantage of the womens and dropped my pants and dropped 2 large logs and a long piss and wiped and left. Have more stories soon!


Reply: Catherine's "Wiping Survey"

Do you ever wipe your bottom only once after crapping? It all depends, I wipe as many times as it takes until the paper is clean, thusly the minimum is never less than twice for me.

Do you fold or wad your toilet tissue? Wad for the first wipe always, then I fold the tissue to a flat surface for subsequent wipes, this allows me to better determine if I'm clean.

After a shit, do you wipe from front to back or vice versa? Front to back minimizes the chance of catching an infection, so that's the way I've always done it.

After a shit, do you use dry toilet tissue alone or do you wet your toilet paper or use wet wipes? No wet wipes per se, but I put Jergen's lotion on the paper for second and subsequent wipes until I'm clean as can be, then for my final finish I spray a bit of Lysol onto a flat folded piece of tissue and go over myself with that, to ensure I'm germ-free. I finish the ritual by spraying one hand with a quick squirt of Lysol and rubbing my hands together, then I wash my hands with soap and hot water for no less than time than it takes to sing a verse of Old McDonald Had A Farm. I'm a bit of a germophobe.

Do you ever sniff your used toilet tissue? No, not after going to the bathroom I don't because after my "ritual" it would be redundant to do so. But I admit, and maybe this is too much info, but sometimes and especially on a hot day or anytime i've been sweating and I don't really have time to shower, I wipe my private areas with a piece of tissue and smell that to indicate whether I should give myself the quickie treatment with a washcloth at the sink to avoid embarrassing myself lest others notice the odor; this is part of getting ready for social situations, typically in the evenings. To me, checking myself for body odor is just as second nature to me as making sure my hair doesn't smell, putting on clean clothes, having clean teeth, no bad breath, etc.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Don't Try This At Home!

Hi again.

As most of you will know by now, my mum is a nurse. She works in the Accident & Emergency Department at one of the major hospitals in Bristol. She and her colleagues have recently had a spate of men and women - mainly women - coming to the department to have their mobile phones (cellphones if you're in the USA) removed from up their bums. Most of them are there because the people involved have switched them to vibrate and stuck them up their bum to get a sexual thrill. Trouble is, once the phone disappears up the bum, it's difficult to force it out like you would a lump of poo, so you have to go to hospital to have it removed.

My mum tells me that some of the people's friends deliberately phone their number to make the phone ring. Can you imagine the Nokia tone coming out from someone's bum? My mum tells me that there is usually a lot of mickey-taking when someone comes in to have a phone removed from up their bum.

The usual ones are -

"What's the ringtone? Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum (Beethoven's No.5)"
"The emergency number is bum-bum-poo (112)" (If you're anywhere in Europe, including the UK)

My mum tells me they have to remove phones from up people's bums fairly quickly because of the chemicals in the battery. So, if by some sheer fluke of fate your phone disappears up your bum, have it removed pronto.

I'll post again soon. Bye for now.

Jason (different from Jas)

Walking in on my older brother

Hi all. This is my first post :) BTW I'm Jason but not the Jas that posts here. I'm 16 yr old, pretty slim boy from Malaysia.

On Saturday my brother came home from uk for a holiday. My mom decided to take us out for Chinese dinner. We actually quite a lot, including quite a few spicy stuff. Then after that we went home.

My brother and I still share a room even though we are grown up. So about 10, I wanted to have a bath and when I walked in I found my brother on the toilet. I was slightly embarrased, but he didn't appear to care. He was grunting and tried to his poop, but all that came out were farts. He told me to get a glove from downstairs and help him with his poop a bit...

Will continue the rest later. Ciao


Friend bombs my toilet

A few days ago my friend Tracy and I were hanging out at my house. We were just lounging around and talking when she ripped a huge blasting fart. That made us crack up laughing. A bit later, she farted really loud. Then she scrunched her face like she was gonna fart again, but nothing happened, and then she told me she had to go to the bathroom and off she went.

The walls in my house are very thin and the bathroom is close to the living room, so I could hear just about every noise coming from the bathroom. I heard her let off a few squeaky farts, lower the toilet seat and sit down, and then a low bassy fart. She continued to fart a lot and there were several pronounced sploonks interspersed. After about ten minutes, I heard her roll off some paper, and close the toilet lid. I noted there was no flush, and then she washed her hands and came out.

Some hours later, when Tracy had gone home, I scurried off to the bathroom eager to see her leavings. When I entered the bathroom, I noticed there was a definite poop smell, but not too overwhelming. I raised the toilet lid and my jaw dropped as I saw the bowl filled with her shit. There were three hugs logs, each one at least an inch around and easily a foot and a half long. It just didn't seem possible that all of that had come from my friend Tracy, but it had.

Dan- I've had lots of very relieving wees and poos, so I can't really pick a best one! But I have a few candidates so i'll tell the story of one later.

Earlier tonight I was pretty desperate for a poo. As I was about to head to the toilet, though, my sister Gemma went in before I could! After five minutes she was still in there and I was desperate so I knocked on the door and asked if she'd be long. She said she was having a poo and would be a while! I sat on my bed to hold it in until she came out a few minutes later and I went in. There was a fairly strong smell of her poo and the seat was nice and warm (the rest of the house was cold!) so I sat and quickly produced three poos and then a couple of smaller bits that came out quite fast. After a couple of minutes I finished my poo with another few small bits. I quite frequently have to wait for Gemma, or the other way around, in the evening because we both usually poo after dinner!

So to answer Dan's question, I have to go back a couple of years to a school trip. It was Year 7, and I had just started senior school. The school organised a trip to a zoo. It's a couple of hours drive from our school. When we got there we had our packed lunches and then I had a wee and tried to poo but I didn't need to. On the way back of course I started to need to go number two, and, of course, we got stuck in a traffic jam. By the time we stopped at the services I was absolutely bursting to go for a number two and I couldn't have waited more than another five minutes. My friend Nichola was in the same position and we got to the loos and sat down next to each other and both immediately unloaded our poo into the toilet! Naturally it didn't take me long to finish because it was one of those poos where most of it comes out in one go right at the start, but I was soo desperate to go and the relief felt amazing!


Helping hand.

Hi everybody, first an interesting survey request by Raincity. Here are my answers.

What is your most comfortable position to pee? (Sitting every time)

How far do you pull down your panties when peeing? Pooping? (Depends a lot on the urgency to go. If its just a normal pee then I take them down to my ankles, same if I am going for a normal poop. If its a rush and I need to go badly then its just far enough and I squat, rather than sit, at first, trying to make sure my aim is accurate).

Does your pee make a hissing sound when it comes out? (Again its a matter of urgency. If I desperately want to go it starts with a splashing rush, hissing quite loudly).

After a pee labia gets wet. Does anywhere else get wet by the flow az well? (With me I get a dribble of pee between my bum cheeks and onto my anus most times).

If somewhere does get wet, how often does it happen? How wet is it? (Every time I pee my anus tends to get wet by the dribbling, or overflow. If I am peeing in a squat it gets a lot wetter than when I can sit).

Do you enjoy the feeling of wet butt/anus/thigh by pee? (Yes, I don't mind it at all).

What sitting position will you most likely/least likely to wet yourself when peeing? (Difficult to explain. I get wet sitting properly, but naturally when I am in a squat, however low, then I get wetter. Sometimes, if I am in a half squat, my pee tends to run down my thighs, one of the reasons I always carry spare panties and stockings).

When you poo does your pee and poo come out at the same time, or one come before the other? (Urgency comes into the answer again. If I am desperate to shit then I tend to shit and pee at the same time. If its a normal shit then mostly I pee first and the shit comes later).

Went shopping in ???? on Saturday. I had been to the toilet as usual just after getting up and it was normal. But on the train to Bath I started to get a low stomach ache again. I held on and when the train got to Bath went straight to the ladies on the station, they were absolutely disgusting, dirty used, and unclean. I decided to go into Bath to go in the toilets there, they are always spotlessly clean. Its quite a walk from the station to the town centre and before I had gone half way my stomach ache increased. I was having a lot of trouble to hold myself, to stop shitting in my panties. It was so bad that I ran into one of the office blocks that are all along the road. Looking for the ladies I had to go up two floors before I managed to see the welcoming sign 'ladies' I dashed in and found two office workers at the wash basins. I stood still frantically trying to find my bearings, trying to find the toilet cubicles. They were through another door. I dashed past the two women in a crouch, holding one hand under my bum. This was one day I cursed myself for wearing slacks, having to fumble for the belt buckle and then the zip, I didn't make it. I shit my panties as I squatted over the toilet. Eventually I sat on the toilet, my shit bursting from me explosively. I managed to check my panties they were too dirty to be able to clean, I knew I would have to take my slacks off and my panties were destined for the sanitary towel bin. Whilst I was trying to undo my shoes and take my slacks off I heard the door open and then a voice saying:

"Excuse me, but you do realise these toilets are only for the office staff, do you?"

"No," I spluttered, then, "Yes, I do, but I am desperate to go."

"It's alright," the woman answered. "My friend was perturbed by you rushing past us like you did. I've been there myself, I know how you must be feeling. Is there anything I can do to help?"

I sighed with relief then. I asked her if she could help me get my slacks off. This is what I have always maintained, that all women, when another of our sex is in trouble, will always help.

She came into the cubicle and without saying anything, she knelt and eased my shoes off then my slacks, hanging them on the door hook. Then my dirty panties she delicately took off for me, making sure the mess didn't touch my thighs and legs. She asked me if I had a spare pair of panties. Normally I do, but for some reason I hadn't put any in my shoulder bag that day. She told me not to worry, that she had a spare pair in her bag and she would go and get them for me. It was incredibly kind of a total stranger to help me like that. I was still shtting in smaller diarrhoetic bursts then, but by the time she had returned I had finished and was ripping toilet paper to wipe myself.

Again she just said, "let me." She took the paper out of my hands and asked me to stand, then when I did she crouched and started by wiping the backs of my thighs and my labia, I knew I was dirty there, I had felt both my shit and pee running between my bum cheeks and onto my anus as they always do. She wiped me six times before on the seventh she bunched the paper to a point and cleaned my anus completely, a final wipe of my cunny lips, and then she asked me to step into a lovely pair of pale blue panties, silk. As I got dressed again she flushed the toilet for me and even wiped the rim of the pan and one side where my aim hadn't been good and I had shit on the side of the pan first.

I asked her if she would take something for her trouble but she refused. I even asked if she would like to come and have a cup of tea and maybe a cake, but she just smiled and said that it made her good just to be able to help a woman in trouble. We left the toilets together and as I started down the stairs to the street again she wished me a happy day, saying she hoped I would enjoy my day in Bath. I never even got to ask her name. I am hoping that if there is anybody from the ???? area, that reads Toiletstool, then they may remember the day a woman helped another who was feeling absolutely dreadful that day.


Just Some Farts

When I was around Six yrs old Me and my brother,Mother and Father was at the Drive-in.In the middle of the movie I got in the front seat upside down,and I let one out,It smelled pretty bad.30 min later another bad smell came back,And it smelled like rotting hot butter,and everyone thought I farted again,but I think it was comming from the snack bar,because we where close to it.
And when I was 11 I was talking to one of my friends on the phone after school,and he was on the toilet,and he wanted me to hear something and it was the sound of the toilet flushing.And I told him if he wanna hear something,I put the phone to my butt and them my mother caught me and she goes,Jason!That's is gross!
And when I was 17 Me and my Brother rented the movie called the Substitute with Tom Beranger,where on one part where a man lets out a long fart,we kept on rewinding that Fart Part.


A pee pants week.

I must have gotten a urinary tract infection because around Monday or Tuesday, I peed my pants. I was sitting at my desk and needed to pee. I waited a few minutes to complete whatever task I was doing and when I stood up, my left leg felt warm. I quickly made my way to the restroom, pulled my pants down and finished. I had several hours to remain so I checked the damage. The wet patch was only three or four inches down the left leg but clearly visible. I grabbed some roll paper and pressed firmly against the wet patch to absorb as much moisture as possible. The wet patch was still clearly visible so I pulled the pants back up and quickly returned to my desk. Luckily, I was able to remain at the desk until the patch was no longer visible.

The remainder of the week, I wore protective underpants and maintained my regular schedule. I peed myself several times on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Nobody knew they were talking to a person still wearing wet underwear peed five minutes ago, or five hours ago and ten minutes ago.

So far today, I have peed about every two hours but my underpants remain dry.

Arron O

really embarrassing

Funny quick story:

I was at the coffee shop with a few friends, when I started to feel gassy. Their was music playing so I let my farts go to the beat of the music to cover them. After I was feeling better, I finished my coffee, when I noticed that everyone was staring at me. That's when I realized that I was listening to my Ipod.


- Arron O

Cindy Shitter

loud diarrhea in public bathroom

I ran into a bathroom today urging for a poo. As i sat down however i realized how big the bowl was. I started to Fart and they were amplified almost like you could hear them outside of the stall. And my diarrhea was also amplified sounding like piss almost. I wiped and left after that.

Some Old Timer

A camping trip

A long time ago, I lived with my girlfriend. We were driving cross country. She got constipated a lot, (She later told me she had IBS) and when she can go she needs to right that second or risk an accident. During that trip we were passing through the middle of nowhere when we stopped to camp for the night. She drank some water from a stream near the area before dinner. The next day we were on the road again when she said her stomach hurt. We ignored it and it went away. Day 8 of the trip she said she hadn't gone in 2 weeks. Crossing some mountains she fell asleep in the back seat of her car. (I was driving). We stopped near a lake and went swimming, after about an hour we were drying off to get going. We both decided to change in the woods. She took off her swim suit and then doubled over. Her stomach pain was back. She squatted right there and started straining. She stayed like that for 20 minutes and nothing happened. We decided to move on with her taking a sleeping pill and. While she was asleep a gave her a laxative to help. We were at another lake in the area by dark and we camped there. In the morning we deiced not to keep going and stay there for a day. After lunch we went swimming again and after we got out she squatted again. Her anus stretched wide and a massive lump fell out. Then diarrhea shot out. She squatted letting it out and moaning for 20 minutes. Then she stood up and went back in the water to clean up. She dried off again and we got back in her car and finished our journey.


Bathroom moments

Well I've looked on this site for a while, and posted only once before, but I want to ask something. I'm a 16 year old male, and have a few tomboy friends. A lot of girls in my school are open about farting, burping, and using the toilet. They aren't gross, far from it, they just don't mind discussing about it.

While in class my friend was telling me how she hates to use the school toilets. Then she said one day she had a bad urge to take a dump, and went to the bathroom. She said she walked in on a girl having bad diarrhea(she explained the noises).

I also wanted to ask anyone here, have you walked in on someone taking a dump? What do you do, of anything?

Amanda M

Random story

I spent last weekend at my friend's house. On Saturday we went to a hockey game and out of no where I got this weird pain in my stomach. It wasn't like a normal stomach ache just an annoying pain that hurt worse when I stood up. I have no idea what it was from. I knew it wasn't from my period.It could have been gas pains but who knows. After a while it went away.

Anyway while I was at my friends house luckily for me I didn't have to go poop cause that would have been super embarrassing. As soon as I got home though I had to go. It was like my body sensed I was home. I put it off a few minutes cause I saw the package I was waiting for came and I was excited to open it haha. Finally I couldn't wait anymore. I ran up to the bathroom sat on the toilet and felt the poop start to move slowly. I pushed a bit and all that came out was a small golf ball sized poop. I knew I was no where near done. I gave another small push and another hard ball came out. I still felt a lot more in me but I couldn't get it out. I was getting kind of frustrated. Normally I don't like to push hard but I realized if I wanted to get it out I was gonna have to. I squeezed my lower stomach and pushed as hard as I can grunting the whole time which I never do and out came a good sized log. I breathed a sigh of relief but I knew there was still more to come. I pushed hard again and out came another log. I could have probably gotten more out if I tried but my butt hole was really sore and couldn't take any more pushing. I wiped 3 times and went in the shower.


Flushing a sausage

Hello peeps.

Shawn here. Haven't written a good poop story here in ages, but I finally had an experience today that's worth writing about.

I was at my friends house today with a girl friend of ours too. She had to go to the bathroom, so he directed her to the upstairs loo because the downstairs toilet was broken. I didnt give it any thought whatsoever until fifteen minutes later she came back downstairs complaining that the toilet wouldn't flush. He told her to wait five minutes for the cistern to fill again before trying. Okay, nothing unusual. Well ten minutes later she asks ME to flush it for her. Out of kindness I said I would. So I head upstairs to the loo expecting to flush a bowlfull of pee. First indicator that something wasn't quite right was the slight shift in air quality when I entered. I peered into the bowl to find a Yule log floating in there. It was dark brown, lumpy and looked to be about an inch and a half to two inches in diameter and about three feet long. The log sat there coiled up like a putrid snake as I grabbed the handle and flushed it. Couldn't believe that monster turd came from such a petite girl! And judging by the amount of TP in there, it was a messy one too.

I head back downstairs with a feeling of contempt knowing that I saw my friends poop. Definitely makes you see them in a different light.

Happy pooping. Shawn

two accidents on one trip

I'm 26 years old and i went most of my life without ever peeing my pants. i have an extremely vague memory of being on a playground in kindergarten and possibly wetting my undies then deciding not to tell anyone about it, and i was wearing a skirt so there was no visible wetness for anyone to see, but my mom admonished me when i got home. if memory serves though i believe i just did that because i was so young i felt it wasn't a problem to wet myself if i didn't want to go to the toilet, it wasn't like an accident or anything where i just lost control of myself. so, that was the last time in my life that i ever peed my pants- then i did it two days in a row at the age of 26. you can't predict life.

basically, i fell victim to long stretches of highway with no place to pee discretely. my long time friend brian and i drove across the country last week, east coast to west coast. just because. it just seemed like a cool adventure, and we're both young and unattached so we pooled most of the money we had and just went for it. we took the basic route google maps provides, which is pretty much I-70 to I-40- this route will take you through pennsylvania, west virginia, ohio, indiana, Illinois, missouri, oklahoma, texas, new mexico, arizona and into California. a long, long trip! most of those states you drive straight across, and they are BIG! you can't imagine how long it takes until you do it, but it is an adventure. but let me warn you....

once you hit say, Amarillo, Texas and are getting underway on the haul along I-40, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A WAY OF GOING TO THE BATHROOM IN THE CAR! Its lots and lots of desert, long long stretches of nothingness, and no bushes or anything to speak of on the side of the road. basically the perfect storm for a girl with a full bladder.... i had no conceivable way of going into something in the car, and i couldn't gather the nerve to do it on the side of the road without cover. we were about 110 miles out of santa rosa, new mexico, our next scheduled stop to sleep for the night, and i had to pee so bad that i couldn't even feel the lower half of my body. it was just the feeling of having to pee 50 gallons from my mid section to my toes, i couldn't even tell i had legs it just felt like one giant swollen bladder....i couldn't feel it at first. i didn't even know i was peeing, but i felt a warm and tingly sensation creeping along my butt crack. then this incredible sensation of warmth spread underneath my whole butt and underneath my thighs. i still didn't feel the actual sensation of peeing, just my pants getting more and more soaked. soon it felt like i was actually sitting in a puddle of warm water. i looked down and could see the dark wetness spreading to the front of my pants and down my inner thighs to my knees. when i started watching the wetness spread thats when i first started to feel the sensation of the pee coming out, but it didn't even feel that relieving. i sat there peeing almost non stop for like 5 minutes until it started to wind down to a few legthy squirts, then a couple of individual drops, before i was finally empty and felt somewhat relieved. my abdomen actually felt a bit sore from being so stetched out for so long with my over filled bladder. but man was i just glad i didn't have to pee anymore...for a minute. somehow brian didn't seem to notice the entire time i was having a monsoon in my jeans, but i was absolutely and completely soaked, and i started realizing that it was no little accident, i had peed my pants really bad and totally destroyed the carseat. after a couple of minutes of me sitting there speechless over my ordeal he looked over to see that my lap was a much darker shade of blue than other parts of my jeans... all he said was "aaahh, dude! i thought it smelled like piss in here!" and he started laughing his ass off.....I'm glad he was amused. i just kept telling him to "piss off" as a joke because he's obsessed with puns. needless to say he made fun of my relentlessly.

we came to a gas station and a diner like 45 minutes after i peed the car (what brian said i did). i got out and my jeans were ridiculously wet. from belt line to my calfs there was no dry spot on the back of my pants, and my shirt was even wet on the back. the wetness wrapped around onto my hips from my butt too. i was visibly wet from any angle you looked at me, so there was no hiding it when i went into the restaurant to change in the bathroom. that was the first time i felt pretty embarrassed...i didn't care so much about brian seeing it. but yeah, it felt so good to wipe myself down and get dry clothes on. some annoying old woman waitress said "oh hey,ya feel better sweetie?" as i was leaving. coulda done without the commentary....

i got to the car where brian was attacking my seat with a variety of cleaners he got in the gas station- he looked at me and said "we should probably just get the whole seat replaced!"

anyway, we cleaned as best we could and just covered it with a plastic bag and some towels. i made the remainder of the trip to santa rosa accident free.

the next day after spending the night in santa rosa i found myself desperate to pee again as we approached the arizona border. it didn't take as long and i never felt so desperate as i did the day before, but somehow i just couldn't hold it in again. it was kind of like my bladder had been weakened from what happened the day before. rather than just feeling it kind of flow out on its own like the first time, i actually started to lose little squirts and fight to hold on, and i pretty much just kept peeing and stopping little by little, i never fully let go and peed. at one point there was a pretty long gush that lasted about 10 seconds but again i stopped it and continued to pee in spurts. finally i was done, and i was all wet for the second time in as many days. i couldn't believe it. i sighed loudly and said "well i guess i should buy diapers for the ride back east. " brian laughed and said "are you gonna pee the car again?" i looked at him and said "i just did. he just kept laughing and saying "you've gotta be kidding!" and called it "priceless. i felt like a real winner. i didn't care as much the second time because i had already been humiliated about it, and at least this time the seat was somewhat protected from the towel and the bag.

so that was a pretty fun roadtrip, and brian has told the story to every single one of our friends who we've met up with out here. so after a lifetime of making it to the toilet without incident, the theme of my cross-country trip has become me peeing my pants. I'm gonna have to make sure for the trip back that i don't do it again....and oh by the way, the most stressful moment i had during the ride after my second wetting accident...i thought i was gonna poop, too. but i worked VERY hard not to. even though i was still in wet pants on the way to find a place to change, i did not even want to imagine pooping my pants, and i was starting to have to go pretty bad, but we got to a rest area before it got out of hand. i was probably more paranoid than anything because of my two wetting accidents...but i am very glad i did not poop myself as well.

Mr. Clogs

Morning brew made in the cup and comments

Bedpan's Rants: Nice story about you pooping in your pants, too bad your silk underwear were messed up. Nice description of your load in your pants. Liquor does have that effect.

Desperate to poop: Nice response to Erik's question, interesting encounters.

This morning I was really desperate to pee, my bladder full and a point I was going to pee in pjs! So I grabbed my cup, pulled out my semi-woody and peed into the cup. The pee was was rich and golden in color, the stream was steady and smooth, and the smell was great. I peed almost to the top about 26 oz since the cup is 32 oz. I dumped the cup in the toilet, flushed it and rinsed the cup out to use later.

Mr. Clogs


Just Random 8

To Erik:I like to think of girls in restooms too.At work When I see a girl go in the restroom,I would time them to see how long they stay in there.But it was mostley 3 min tops.

For everyon else:Today I ate chineese,and then I went in to one store and and to let a wet load out.The restroom was near the Employies' breakroom,I was on toilet and I heard people talking and laughing,I was in there all by my self,then I let a loud fart in the toilet.

Max from Italy

Outdoor pooping

Hi all, I'm from Sardinia (Italy), and i love to poop outdoor. I live near the countryside so I have many opportunities to do it, I go in the bushes about half of the times, especially when it's not winter.
I think it's more natural than going in the toilet and you can relive yourself easier this way. But it's hard to find someone who can understand this, most think it's a filthy habit and that i should be afraid to be seen by someone who is walking by, but flies and other insect decompose poop in nature, so after some days you hardly find any traces, and in almost 20 years I've been seen many times, and almost all the times whose who see me are more ashamed than me and say "sorry" like they had walked in a toilet when someone else was using it.
Luckily I live with my girlfriend and she understand me, she think it's strange but nothing more, and because i clogged the toilet 2 or 3 times (I usually do pretty big poops) she said that when I'm really full it can be a good idea to do it outside (she has looked in the bowl when i clogged the toilet and said that were "stronzoni giganti", that translated in english is "giant big turds").
Anyone else like to do it outside more than in the toilet?

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